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leegoguen · 2 days ago
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I entered a Spoonflower challenge! It would mean a lot if you'd check out the contest and vote if you like my design! There are a lot of submissions, so you may need to scroll a bit to find mine! I'll be honest, I really just wanted to draw some kiwis. Voting ends Dec. 7th! Check out the voting here!
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j-us-issues · 18 hours ago
HuffPost Politics@HuffPost
PolIn the city where George Floyd was murdered by police last year, the measure called for local police to be replaced with a new department of public safety.huffpost.comMinneapolis Voters Reject Ballot Measure To Dismantle City Police DepartmentIn the city where George Floyd was murdered by police last year, the measure called for local police to be replaced with a new department of public safety.
11:06 AM · Nov 3, 2021·PubHub by BuzzFeed
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marvelsmostwanted · 6 months ago
Hey American voters! 🇺🇸
Guess what?!!
🚨 It’s time to start worrying about the 2022 and 2024 elections. 🚨
(Yeah. We really gotta do this. It's... not looking great.)
Long story short:
Republicans have been working hard since the 2020 election to enact voter suppression laws, overturn election results, and set themselves up to steal the 2024 presidential election if necessary.
You’ve probably heard about the Georgia voter suppression law. But did you know that “Stop the Steal” conspiracy theorist Republicans are running to be election officials like Secretary of State in several swing states, setting themselves up to overturn future elections? They are dismantling democracy before our eyes.
So what’s the worst case scenario?
...Well, let’s start with the realistic scenario.
Republicans are likely to take back the House in 2022. They are possibly capable of doing it through gerrymandering alone. Is it possible for Democrats to keep the House? Yes, but it will take a huge effort.
Republicans could also win back the Senate since it's currently 50-50 and Democrats only have a narrow majority because we won the presidency.
Even if Republicans only win back the House, the Biden administration would legislatively accomplish very little from 2022-2024. Republicans would have the power to impeach Biden for no reason and cause another constitutional crisis, enable gerrymandering and voter suppression laws, and block any Democratic priorities from becoming law (gun control, climate change, and healthcare are just a few things that would be off the table entirely).
Then comes 2024.
Donald Trump is the most likely Republican candidate to run and win in 2024. In a recent poll (May 2021), 66% of Republicans indicated that they would vote for Trump again.
Tumblr media
Yes, Trump can run even if he’s indicted on criminal charges. He can run even if he’s in prison!
Remember, although Biden won by 7 million votes, it was really a difference of about 44,000 votes in three swing states that prevented Trump from winning the Electoral College and becoming president again. That is a frighteningly small margin.
Even if the candidate isn’t Trump, this is still going to be a close election. 85% of Republicans say they would vote for a Trump-aligned candidate (same poll as above).
If Republicans win back or maintain control of Congress in 2024, this could set up an even more dangerous scenario:
The House has the power to choose the president if Congress does not award 270 electoral votes to either candidate.
How could that happen? Well, those "Stop the Steal" Republican election officials in swing states could refuse to certify the election, claiming fraud, and a close election could end up with neither candidate getting enough electoral votes. House Republicans could literally choose the next president without any input from voters and effectively end American democracy as we know it.
Because you know that Republicans will never let go of that power once they have it.
This is not far-fetched.
This is a realistic, highly likely scenario that will happen if we don’t do something to prevent it. Journalists and election experts are trying to sound the alarm, and we should listen:
New York Times - How Republicans Could Steal the 2024 Election
Washington Post - American democracy is in even worse shape than you think
Pod Save America - Stop the 2024 Steal (Discussion at 29:00)
LA Times - Trump’s allies are prepping to steal 2024 election
The only way to prevent this from becoming reality is to fight like hell against it. And I know we just did that in 2018 and 2020. But this fight isn't over until we restore and protect our democracy.
This isn’t about how much you like Biden & Harris, or even if you’re a Democrat in general. It’s about saving democracy in America.
What can we do about it?
Unfortunately, it’s going to be an uphill battle. But if we all engage in this fight, then we can make a difference.
TLDR, we need to raise awareness about the threat to democracy, encourage Democrats to end the filibuster and pass H.R.1 immediately, and organize, organize, organize to get voters back out there in 2022 and 2024.
Specific ways to help & additional resources below the cut.
How to help:
National Level:
*High priority: Call your Democratic Senator(s) right now and tell them to pass H.R.1, the For the People Act, with urgency.
*High priority: Call your Democratic Senator(s) right now and tell them that you are strongly in favor of ending the filibuster (Especially if your Senator is Manchin or Sinema.)
Call your Democratic Senator(s) and tell them to vote for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.
Call your Republican Senator(s) and tell them you are in favor of all of the above, especially if you live in a swing state.
State Level:
*High priority: Find out who is running for state legislature and other positions that have control over elections, such as Secretary of State. Donate or volunteer for their campaigns. Spread the word amongst your family and friends and make sure they know who to vote for and the date of the election.
If no one is running against the Republican, consider running! I’m not joking. Or if you know someone who is qualified and/or interested in running, encourage them to do so.
Local Level:
*High priority: Same as on the state level: Find out who is running and support the person who is supporting democracy. Local election officials can have a huge impact, especially in swing states and counties. Spread the word about this candidate, the election date, registering to vote, where to vote, etc.
Again, if no one is running, consider running! Incumbents often stay in power because they are unchallenged. And a local position is a great way to get involved in politics and help your community.
Additional ways to help:
Make sure you are registered to vote.
Check in with 3 friends/family members and help them register to vote if they are not already.
Send reminders to friends/family to vote on Election Day - not just in November, but for special elections, local elections, etc.
Volunteer with a group specifically working to help progressives win elections: SwingLeft, EMILY’s List, etc.
Donate to the candidates you support early and often! One of the reasons Democratic House candidates struggled in 2020 was that a lot of money came in at the last minute. Donating early and/or on a monthly basis ensures that they have the funds to run a long, successful campaign.
More Info & Resources:
Read: Washington Post - American democracy is in even worse shape than you think
Excerpt/TLDR: "The radicalization of the Republican Party has outpaced what even most critical observers imagined,” Georgetown University historian Thomas Zimmer told me. “We need to grapple with what that should mean for our expectations going forward and start thinking about real worst-case scenarios." - Perry Bacon Jr.
Read: New York Times - How Republicans Could Steal the 2024 Election
“It occurred to me,” [Erica Newland, counsel for Protect Democracy] told her colleagues then, “as I dug into the rules and watched what happened, that if the current Republican Party controls both Houses of Congress on Jan. 6, 2025, there’s no way if a Democrat is legitimately elected they will get certified as the president-elect.”
Listen: Pod Save America - Stop the 2024 Steal (29:00-36:27 covers the bulk of it, and they go on for about another 10 minutes after that)
Excerpt: "If you just watch what's happening... it is a very clear indication of a minority party that knows it has no path to majority status rigging elections at every level to set the stage for minority rule in this country. (...) People are not alarmed enough about [this]. The great asymmetry in American politics is that Republicans view power as an end in itself, and Democrats view power as a means to an end. Republicans are using the power they have to put in place laws that allow them to hold onto political power. (...) We need to raise the alarm. There are disturbing signs of complacency in our party." - Dan Pfeiffer
Register or check voter registration:
Support H.R.1:
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kropotkindersurprise · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ruthless Rhymes for Martial Militants. These conservative cartoons from ~1913 depicting angry suffragettes as brutal anarchafeminists were somehow actually supposed to make the subjects look bad, instead of amazingly badass.
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gallusrostromegalus · a year ago
OK So with the shit with the USPS going on:
Tumblr media
1. Check your Voter registration to make sure everything is up to date.  If you can, request a Mail-In Ballot.  I live in CO, where all elections are Mail-In only now, so I get one anyway.
2. Fill out your ballot per the instructions on your Ballot.  Some Notes:
Read Instructions thoroughly, and fill out your Ballot in private.
Do NOT post pictures of your Ballot as this may invalidate it.  DO Post pictures of your “I Voted” sticker.
Make sure to vote for all the offices up for election- as important as the presidential election is, your mayor, governer, local school board and sherrif have a MUCH bigger impact on your immediate safety and quality of life.  Google your candidates, look up the Leauge of Women Voter’s Guides for a reliably Impartial rundown of your local candidates. 
Remember also that it is better to have someone in office that is only moderately incompotent, than it is to have someone that actively wants you dead.  It is the first step to having someone worthwhile next time.
If you wanted a third party option, your local elections are the best place to do this- my own city council has several Green Party members and it got me city-sponsored single-stream recycling! Its also moving the state legislature significantly farther left.
They’re boxes you drive or walk or bus or bike or whatever up to and drop your ballot in, and the elections officials will have it that evening. Pros of Ballot Drop-Off:
Can be turned in the same day you reccive your ballot, if you want to get this over with ASAP
Open 24/7, so you can drop it off whenever
Absolutely guaranteed to get your vote counted, regardless of what Donald does with the Post Office.
No waiting in line
No exposing yourself to the coronavirus
Most cities will have several ballot Drop-Off locations, at places like the grocery store, the county courthouse, city hall, at high schools etc.  Google your town or county name and “Ballot Drop Off Locations” and it’ll give you directions even.
Absolutely Save the USPS, but this is the BEST way to make sure your vote gets counted this
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nowthisnews · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Voter deadlines for the general election, which is on November 3, are quickly approaching and vary based on state.
You can register to vote in 5 minutes or less at
Please check with your state registrar for specifics on voting in the upcoming election, as requirements might vary based on your voting method.
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Hey maybe direct action and voting aren’t mutually exclusive? Maybe you can plant a garden and take two minutes to fill out a form to ensure people don’t lose their rights? Maybe you’re feeding a very dangerous narrative by slapping an unnecessary binary onto political action with a “good” and “bad” option and making people feel they have to be limited to one or the other when both are necessary for change?
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traumagician · a year ago
 It looks like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THIS IS NOT TRUE. Voting laws vary state to state, and in some—such as North Carolina—poll workers actually HAVE to mark your ballot in order for it to be counted. If you pick a fight with poll workers about them marking your ballot in one of these states, YOU WILL LOOK VERY SILLY AND MAY GET IN TROUBLE.
Snopes has done a piece discounting this misinformational post and others like it. Tumblr doesn’t like links, but google ‘Snopes handwriting ballots invalidated’ and it will come right up. Here are screenshots of the article. I will reply to to this post with a direct link to the article.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please read up on your local voting laws. Don’t be fooled by seemingly well-intentioned posts that rely on your trust and ignorance to succeed. If it doesn’t have a source, try to do some research before you spread it around.
And, uh, please consider spreading this sourced post around, because I don’t want people potentially getting kicked out of the polling place over this.
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decolonize-the-left · a month ago
Remember when everyone said they'd hold Biden accountable of everyone voted for him and then he won and we asked when they would start holding him accountable and they said "can we have a second to celebrate please" and since then there's been an insurrection, ongoing mishandling of the pandemic, still kids in cages, ongoing police brutality, school shootings, and it's been almost a year since he was elected.
hahahahaha FUCK YOU
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wickedlybitter · a year ago
People shouldn't have to hide in their homes days, maybe weeks after the election in fear of protests in case Biden wins.
The LGBTQ+ community as well as poc shouldn't have to take extra precautions in case Biden wins.
My fucking friend shouldn't be calling me, sobbing her eyes out because she was trying to early vote with her older sister and Trump supporters barricaded them in, trying to hit their car and chase them off when they saw their skin color.
None of us should have to be scared for our fucking lives after the outcome of this election but at this point its 2020 and things were already fucked up once this year has started.
Please, I urge everyone to be SAFE out there when you're voting. People are fucking crazy.
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yesterdaysprint · a year ago
Tumblr media
The Mansfield News, Ohio, November 5, 1914
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theauspolchronicles · 17 days ago
Jacqui Lambie is asking people to tell her if she should vote for or against the voter ID bill:
The Liberals want to introduce voting ID laws which means remote communities or disadvantaged people are less likely to have the necessary ID required to vote. There's no history of voter fraud in Australia. There's no need for this. But it does ring the bells of how the Republicans in the US use restrictions on requirements to vote to disenfranchise groups who wouldn't vote conservative. The government has only JUST managed to scrape past into winning the past two elections (in part thanks to Clive Palmer's millions attacking Labor) so if you can't win elections fair and square - stop people from voting if they don't like you.
Jacqui Lambie is a Senator with the balance of power. If there's a split between Labor/Greens/Centre Alliance and Liberals/Nationals/One Nation then her vote can be the deciding vote. She's also very wonderfully decided to call on the public to help her make a decision on the matter which I respect quite a lot. Politicians normally vote on party lines but there is no one else in the party there's just Lambie, and Lambie wants to know what the public wants.
So tell her!
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