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(“Scars and Bars” video below)
You love to see it 😎
And as if that wasn’t enough, …..
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Idk his full political agenda yet, but I am absolutely loving what I’m seeing so far, and literally anything would be better than another conservative Republican (or another conservative “Democratic”) Senator in Louisiana. And the truly refreshing thing is, he is running the polar opposite of a weak campaign based solely on empty symbolic, “better than Trump” type rhetoric. If the DNC and the DCCC had any sense at all, they would be pouring support into the Chambers campaign. But I doubt they will. They’ll probably throw their support behind a slightly less conservative who calls themselves a “Democrat,” and push the, “be patient, be pragmatic and settle for the lesser of two evils” okie doke again. *sigh* I would love to be wrong about this. Speaking as someone who has lived in New Orleans, please believe me when I say that there are a lot of young Black and white reliable voters who would be HIGHLY motivated to vote for a campaign that is even remotely advocating for things like decriminalizing cannabis, voting rights and racial equality reforms.
Protect this man at all costs.
👉🏿 https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/593622-senate-candidate-who-smoked-blunt-in-ad-burns-confederate-flag-in-latest
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marvelsmostwanted · a year ago
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In case you were wondering what Republicans have been up to since losing the 2020 election, it’s doubling down on voter suppression - a blatant attempt to lock in minority rule and ensure that they never lose again, even though their party and positions are getting less and less popular.
Experts predict that Republicans could take back the House in 2022 through gerrymandering alone. That has dire implications - with the House, they could unjustly impeach Joe Biden and prevent any progressive legislation from passing, among other things. In the nightmare scenario where they win back both the House and Senate, our democracy is effectively over. Not being dramatic. Republicans are openly opposed to majority rule and fair elections. They will not make the mistake of allowing everyone a free and fair election ever again if they regain power.
So what do we do?
First, support HR.1, the For the People Act, a bill that has already passed the House.
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- Fight like hell to keep the House and Senate in 2022,
- Support abolishing the filibuster so Democrats can pass bills to protect voting rights, and
- Organize and volunteer.
I’m all in on our current fights - passing the $15 minimum wage and ending the filibuster - but don’t lose sight of the fact that we can’t even have those fights if Republicans get their way.
Voting rights must be our top priority in 2022 and beyond.
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goddess-help-us · a month ago
US Democracy: Close to Death
Pardon my language.
But we are f*cked. Yesterday (June 30, 2022), SCOTUS agreed to hear “Moore v. Harper” on its fall 2022 docket. This case deals with the authority of states to run elections (see more detail later on)*. The conservative-majority court will likely rule in favor of Moore, which would let Republican-held state legislatures appoint their own electors in the electoral college, ignoring the popular vote. In essence, Republicans wouldn’t have to repeat Jan. 6 in the future. They could simply use Republican-held statehouses to reject election results they don’t like, ending free and fair elections in the US.
Presently, there are not enough votes for Congress or the President to do anything to stop this. Congress could potentially impeach Justice Thomas for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection but the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority Senate vote to convict a sitting Supreme Court justice. Sufficient support for this does not exist in the Senate, and is not likely to exist at any time soon. 
There is only one real, legal recourse to this threat: obtaining a true Democratic majority in the US Senate, which we do not have. Senators Manchin and Sinema are unreliable at best and potentially plants at worst. They support neither the reform of or conditional exemption to the filibuster, nor “packing the court.” We need two additional Democratic senators to make their spoiler-effect opposition irrelevant. A 52-member Democratic Senate would allow the filibuster to be bypassed and open the way for the Judiciary Act to pass, which would allow President Biden to add four additional Supreme Court justice seats to reign in this current slow-motion right-wing coup. Don’t think abolishing the filibuster is right? See additional text later.**
How do we get two additional Democratic votes in the Senate? There are currently two highly-competitive Senate races for seats held by Republicans in the midterms this November: Pennsylvania (Dr. Oz (R) vs. John Fetterman (D)) and Wisconsin (party nominees undecided, primary scheduled Aug. 9, 2022). The Dems also need to hold onto every seat they currently occupy. This includes other highly-competitive seats in: Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. I’ve never campaigned for anyone in my life before but today I signed up to volunteer with John Fetterman’s campaign because I feel like this is important. 
I can’t tell anybody what to do this information, I can only provide it. But I hope that people who value laws, regulations, and policies that support the social, economic, environmental, and democratic wellbeing of a society can recognize when those things are at stake (and they are). The Republicans and their right-wing evangelical supporters know that the 2022 midterm and 2024 general elections are the last chance they have to impose their religious agenda on the country. They know the majority of Americans do not support an elimination of abortion, the banning of LGBT people from public life, or the continuous denial of the climate crisis. That is why they are using the Supreme Court to take action right before these critical elections. They should not get away with this. 
“I’m too anxious or burnt to do anything.” That’s true. It’s been an exhausting past two years. But, for myself, I hate to think of the regret I might have in 2024 when a Republican-held Court, White House, and Congress enact a nationwide federal ban on abortion or LGBT people. Do I want to ask myself at that time, “was there anything else I could have done?” “Electoralism doesn’t work.” I sympathize.*** Often times it feels we elect people who don’t ultimately do anything. But I guarantee that voting will become even more of a token gesture in the future under the likely Moore v. Harper ruling if it’s allowed to proceed unchecked. “The Nation is already f*cked, there’s no point in saving it. We should just let the inevitable balkanization of America happen.” While I think current inflation and supply chains are bad, I can’t imagine how much worse they will be when the nationwide networks of food, medicine, water, household goods, consumer electronics, et al. are subject to tariffs and various petty interregional conflicts that the federal government currently mediates. Yes, the US will cease to exist one day, but let that be a day when we decide that we no longer need the federal government to aid us in living healthful, rich lives, not because of a right-wing coup. 
Thank you for your time if you've read this far.
*Moore v. Harper is a Supreme Court writ of certiorari between Thomas Moore, the Republican Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, and Rebecca Harper, a North Carolina citizen who is collectively filing with other North Carolinians against the Speaker. The case has to do with a Feb. 2022 North Carolina Supreme Court decision that threw out the State Legislature’s election map as gerrymandered. The NC Supreme Court ruled that the maps adopted by the NC Legislature violated the NC Constitution. The NC Supreme Court adopted remedial election maps in their place. Speaker Moore, in turn, filed a writ of certiorari with SCOTUS that it accepted June 30. The NC Republicans believe the US Constitution does not allow state supreme courts jurisprudence over elections and that state legislatures should be able to run and organize elections exclusively. SCOTUS has continuously ruled, however, since 1916 (Davis v. Hildebrant) and as recently as 2015 (Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission) that the Constitution does not give unilateral election-running authority to a state legislature but rather to the public or a state’s constitution. The likely SCOTUS ruling in the fall on Moore v. Harper would overturn over a century’s worth of precedent and allow sitting state legislatures to blatantly gerrymander election maps and even the ability to ignore the popular vote.
**Don’t think abolishing the filibuster is right? The US Constitution does not support the use of the filibuster and does not require a two-thirds vote for laws. It only specifies that a two-thirds majority be used for: censure, expulsion, conviction, and treaty approval. The Senate has reformed the filibuster throughout US history. Senators used to be able to simply filibuster a motion out of the Senate without any accountability. In 1917, the Senate changed its rules to allow a two-thirds majority vote to end debate, the first such check on the filibuster. In 1975, the Senate changes its rules again and dropped this threshold from 67 to 60 senators. Clearly, the Senate has a history of changing its own rules as allowed by Article I, Section 5 of the US Constitution. It is perfectly reasonable and constitutional to either reform or end the use of the filibuster.
***Yes, electoralism is not the end-be-all of civic engagement. It is the bare minimum. If you want more than casting a vote then (good news): there’s a wealth of civil society and community-based organizations out there waiting for your talent, energy, and expertise. Getting involved can connect you to additional resources. And, yes, support mutual aid requests as you are able but mutual aid is not a replacement for actual, scalable human services, like medicine, professional care, electronic infrastructure and services, formal education, et al. that our federal state provides. This is not an “one or the other” decision. All of the tools are here. Use all of them as you are able. Campaign, vote, organize, donate, spread awareness. All of it. And anybody calling for a violent revolution is clueless. The right-wing white supremacists have been preparing for this moment four four decades, with ready-to-mobilize militias. There are no comparable and scalable left-wing militia organizations to counter this. Sure, join your local Socialist Rifle Association but SRA, as it stands now, is simply not comparable to the organization that right-wing extremists currently have. And once you have outed yourself as an active leftist gun user (in the same way that white militias use theirs), you can forget about your constitutional rights. The longer-term solution is to create locally-based power that can resist overreaches by state and federal governments.
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youjustgotlawyered · a month ago
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Roe is not the end. Not even close. Clarence Thomas filed a concurring opinion calling to overturn the right to contraception, same-sex marriage, and privacy in the bedroom. This is their ultimate goal. If Republicans gain a majority, they are going to attempt to pass federal legislation on these issues, no longer making it a states’ rights issue either. Get every person you know to vote in this goddamn election—not because we can vote our way out of fascism, but because voting is the bare minimum. Get involved. Wake up and realize how unsafe you are. I know this is Tumblr, but I am a real lawyer telling you the Court has signaled that your entire lives can be upended. Do not be complacent.
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beauty-funny-trippy · 7 months ago
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For the first time in history, the U.S. has been put on the international list of Backsliding Democracies. The new voting laws are "an unprecedented assault on voting rights...a voter suppression effort we haven't seen since Jim Crow" [U.S.News]. Will congress pass Voting Rights legislation or, will we be the generation that let democracy die because we remained silent while people's rights are being trampled?
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chucksrus84 · a year ago
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This is what JIM CROW looks like.
If you truly believe in 'Black Lives Matter,' then what's happening in Georgia and in 42 other states, should be on your radar. After all, Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock is up for re-election in Georgia, NEXT YEAR (2022); and Brian Kemp (Governor of Georgia) just signed into law provisions to make it impossible for Black voters TO VOTE. Fuck, he just signed a provision that makes it legal for a cop to arrest anyone handing out food and water to voters standing on line. Can you imagine that?
THIS is Jim Crow.
I expected every so-called progressive and BLM supporter, to be paying attention to this. Black people in Georgia are SCREAMING for help and I don't hear AOC or Bernie Sanders or any of these so-called progressives helping to bring awareness to what's happening.
All I hear/read is SILENCE.
We need people to VOTE.
We need people to call Gov' Brian Kemp at (404) 656-1776
Boycott companies who donate to Republican politicians who endorse voter suppression.
Follow STACEY ABRAMS on twitter and see what you can do to help. Abrams created 'Fair Fight' to help voting rights organizers to fight and defeat voter suppression in 43 states, including Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, etc.
If you want to help, please don't do a boycott. These multinational, billion-dollar corporations don't care as much as you think they do. If you want to help, invest in
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Quote from a Wyoming voter.
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lesbian-xenomorph · 19 days ago
Men in politics(in every party)should lose a teeth every time they say sexist comments toward women.
Starting with him and the men commenting(the women 😬)
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The women in comments really don’t understand even though you agree with them on their misogynistic takes they will never be on your side.
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terrywinfield17 · a month ago
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odinsblog · a month ago
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Ever since Citizens United, the Roberts Court has been actively chipping away at Democracy, but they have finally gone full mask off now.
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John Roberts has a long history of working against the Voting Rights Act, but legalizing Louisiana’s anti-Black, race-based gerrymandering is blatantly racist.
Roberts isn’t even being subtle about it anymore. It’s a naked power grab. He is using his Supreme Court to turn America into a patriarchal, Christofascist oligarchy.
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👉🏿 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/28/us/supreme-court-louisiana-voting-map.html
👉🏿 https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/06/27/politics/supreme-court-church-state-kennedy-maine-analysis/index.html
👉🏿 https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/02/john-roberts-long-war-against-voting-rights-act/
👉🏿 https://apnews.com/article/supreme-court-guns-decision-58d01ef8bd48e816d5f8761ffa84e3e8
👉🏿 https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2022/03/supreme-court-voting-rights-shredder-wisconsin.html
👉🏿 https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvny5w/supreme-court-alabama-redistricting
👉🏿 https://www.npr.org/2022/06/24/1102305878/supreme-court-abortion-roe-v-wade-decision-overturn
👉🏿 https://www.reformaustin.org/campaign-finance/u-s-supreme-court-backs-ted-cruz-dumps-campaign-finance-curb/
👉🏿 https://www.reformaustin.org/campaign-finance/u-s-supreme-court-backs-ted-cruz-dumps-campaign-finance-curb/
👉🏿 https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2005-jul-22-na-legal22-story.html
👉🏿 https://www.levernews.com/roberts-is-the-man-behind-the-curtain/
👉🏿 https://odinsblog.tumblr.com/post/684002755897163776/the-roberts-court-has-been-on-a-mission-not-enough
🗣The United States Supreme Court is a corrupt, depraved, illegitimate, Christofascist institution.
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karadin · 2 months ago
GOP’s voter restrictions now coming back to bite them - Republicans can’t figure out the new rules
As the report notes, several new rules passed by Texas Republicans in the wake of the 2020 elections put more stringent requirements on mail-in ballots.
One rule passed by Republican lawmakers is mandates that voters must put either their drivers license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number on the envelope containing their ballot.
This has led to a higher number of rejected ballots:
Republicans had a higher rate of error than Democrats, meaning there are thousands more Republicans in the state whose ballots aren't being counted in the primary election.
In March, during the initial primary elections, just 16 of the state’s largest counties had more than 18,000 mail-in ballots that were rejected because they missed the tiny fine print.
The first time Texas voted with the new ballot was March 1, so when the state passed the law in December, they had very little time to print the ballots and get them out to voters. But, two months later, for the run-off elections, the ballots are still a mess, the report said.
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robertreich · 5 months ago
How We Stop a Gerrymandering Catastrophe
Earlier this month, the Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s ruling and allowed Alabama’s egregious gerrymandered Congressional map to remain in place.
There’s no reason to sugarcoat this. Across the country, Republican state legislatures are using extreme gerrymandering to cement their power for decades, and the window to stop them is closing fast.
Btw, if you’d like my daily analyses, commentary, and drawings, please subscribe to my free newsletter: robertreich.substack.com
Senate Democrats must use every tool at their disposal to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act before the GOP rigs their way back to power in the midterms.
Know the truth about how we got into this gerrymandering mess - and what we can do to get out of it.
Our best shot at saving our democracy is right now. It’s time to act.
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1stpoliticalcartoons · 3 months ago
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