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sunflowerdales · 2 days ago
I stopped mid-episode just to draw this because I thought the "Boop!" was adorable
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r-h-e-t · 19 hours ago
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A reverse whisper. The audience gets to see this.
Eric’s TBD RPG, Episode 13 (Airdate: Friday, April 7, 2017 )
Critical Role, Campaign 1, Episode 94 (Airdate: Thursday, April 13, 2017)
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simplysparrow14 · 2 days ago
SHUT UP! Sam Riegal and his wife, Q, have matching Scanlan and Pike icons on their Amazon prime 🥺
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vethbrenatto · 2 days ago
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dinindourden · a day ago
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Vax'ildan in Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins III (2021) #6
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duganator01 · 2 days ago
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Scanlan is filming, and Percy shows up to set blushing like an idiot
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twinklestarss · 2 days ago
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“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the following hours. Do not go far from me. If we are out of earshot, you are too far from me.” -Vax'ildan
Campaign 1 Episode 40: Desperate Measures
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a-human-pippin-took · a day ago
the vox machina love potion scene is in fact the peak of critical role and possibly of roleplaying as a whole… everything about it is utterly perfect, from vax really making it seem like he’s offering to fuck grog to sam reigel putting his all into acting as horny as possible for percy to taliesin jaffe taking the funniest known nat 1 and just fucking rolling with it… acting peaked right then and there, everyone else should just stop trying
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novalyse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Vex'ahlia from Critical Role ♥
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narwhalpanda · 2 days ago
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ive been thinking about this scene for whole two days now a normal amount
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puwumats · 13 hours ago
campaign 1 theme: reviving/bringing back things that should never have been brought back
campaign 1 boss: THEE necromancer who brings back other bad guys way more times than necessary
campaign 2 theme: hunger/chains
campaign 2 boss: city who is (metaphorically) chained up by their own hunger for knowledge/power
campaign 3 theme: the color red
campaign 3 boss prediction:
Tumblr media
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sunflowerdales · a day ago
Let him have his chicken wine !
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violent-backed-starling · 2 days ago
Vox Machina as Birds
Percy: Snowy Owl 
Tumblr media
Vax: Blackish Nightjar 
Tumblr media
Vex: Square-Tailed Nightjar 
Tumblr media
Scanlan: Purple-Backed Thornbill 
Tumblr media
Pike: Sanderling 
Tumblr media
Grog: Greater Rhea 
Tumblr media
Keyleth: Green Kingfisher 
Tumblr media
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peantbutter-honeycombs · a day ago
Being a child member of Vox Machina and… | Vox Machina x child reader
Summary | Young reader is rescued by Vox Machina. After deciding to follow them in their travels they are somewhat taken under the wings of the group.
Genre | platonic, fluff
You were small when Vox Machina rescued you with a cluster of other children from the clutches of a vicious band of mercenaries that had decided to try their hand at child trafficking.
You were somewhat disappointed it wasn’t your parents who’d rescued you. A small part of you had hoped it would be them didn’t show, but now you had a chance at finding your family again.
Older children, teens really, took up arms, deciding to fill the new vacuum that would be left by the slaughtered mercenaries. However, they swore to do right by your saviors and tread a more righteous path, perhaps even free children less fortunate.
The younger were eager to return to their homes, and your saviors assured them there would be many to help them find their way in a near-by village. You were young, tiny. But unlike the other children, you had no place to return to once the dust had stilled and blood dried. No place you could name.
One of the roguish band seemed to notice you lagging behind the assortment of children trekking towards freedom. You were the smallest of the lot. Additionally, the unhealthy paleness of your skin suggested you’d been in captivity longer than the comparatively healthier looking younglings.
She offered you a spare cookie, so long as you promised, not let the others know. The wafer was dry and slightly stale, certainly not enough to satisfy your hunger, nonetheless you had something new to add to your very short list of favorite things in the whole world; cookies!
The band of rogues, or as they arrogantly called themselves Vox Machina, seemed nice enough in your opinion, a bit rough around the edges, funny. The biggest of the lot, from what you could tell, was a giant. They let a handful of kids use them as jungle gym as you all made your way. Conversely, the shortest walked alongside them, reminding the giant, buddy?, to be careful of the kids.
Then there was the purple short one and the person with antlers sprouting out of their head. They were funny to watch. The purple one swore he’d be able to help the antlered folk connect with kids, if they followed what they said exactly. Jumping ahead, the purple bard was now considered an easy tease, while the antlered one was particularly worshipped by the children of farmers after demonstrating her relationship with plants. (*Cough cough* peasants)
However, it was the other three you gravitated towards. The most level headed of the bunch, well as level-headed as one could be in this group of crazies. Ghost hair, pointy, and the kind one who’d given you the cookie. With the others corralling/entertaining the kids, they took up the lead, keeping a careful eye on the path ahead, weary of bandits.
You followed close at the heels of the kind one; you liked them the best. They didn’t seem to mind your presence, often checking for you when you began to fall behind. Ghost hair who walked by their side was distrustful, but the two waved off his concerns, poking at his mistrust of children.
You had never witnessed in your life such joy. Upon arriving at the nearest village, there were happy reunions as loved ones were reunited and hope was returned to those who received word of their family’s worry. The guards promised the remaining children they would be clothed and fed, then taken to their proper villages in due time. For the moment, the village had something to celebrate, and heroes to thank.
This gave you the perfect opportunity to disappear into the shadows. When the guards inquired where each of the unclaimed children were from, you were one who couldn’t put a name to the place, and unfortunately you couldn’t remember any landmarks of your home, just a river.
You didn’t know your surname, as your father had taken to calling you only by your affectionate nickname. Additionally, you didn’t know the names of parents. You were young. They were your mom and dad.
You refused to be hauled from village to village only to be placed in an orphanage when they couldn’t find your place. You wanted to find your parents; they had to miss you; you missed them.
You’d heard the purple one speaking, beastly spewing tales of the group's great travels across the lands. Vox Machina, a group of adventurers. Perhaps you could stowaway and use them to travel and find your family. (Thank the heavens you rolled a 19 + your stealth and everyone else rolled crap.)
Unfortunately after a half a day’s travel worth of walking your plan fell to shit when you sneezed.
“Vax, did you just sneeze out of your ass?” - Purple one
In a blink, Vox Machina took arms, ready to tear into the fool that’d decided to follow them. With your brilliant hiding spot beneath pointy’s, Vax’s cloak revealed you stood exposed with seven manners of weapons aimed at you.
You didn’t even flinch, instead waving, in the shy way children do. Your action managed to disengage all but one who’s weapon needed to be pushed down by the kind one.
“Hello darling.” - kind one Vex
After formal introductions were made, you felt comfortable making your plea.
There was an obvious split: Keyleth, Vex, Pike and Grog wanting to assist in your quest. Vex especially understood the hole that could be left by the absence of home. Conversely, Percy, Vax, and Scanlan wanted to return you to the village. Their line of work had no room for a child. Additionally, you would “cramp” their style.
Ultimately, Vax’s mind was changed after a private conversation with his sister. (You wished you had a sibling). Once Vax had been convinced, Percy begrudgingly followed only with the promise that if you caused them any trouble, you’d be turned over to the proper hands. Scanlan still swore your presence would “cramp” their style.
Now conditionally promised their protection, you decided to introduce yourself.
“They call me (y/n).” - You
Thus began your adventures with the group known as Vox Machina.
It wasn’t long before much of the group considered you a member of some status in their little group, though they’d never say.
Vex took it upon herself to teach you the basics of long ranged archery fighting. None of them allowed you to purposely engage in long ranged combat. Still, they armed you with a short bow and a slingshot.
When it was needed, you’d run healing potions to those who need them. Vax would, at some point, admit you were gifted with unnatural agility and speed. You affirm that you’d learned to be quick playing chase with your friend back home.
In terms of personality, you fell into a category with Percy. You tended to think highly of yourself and were quite intelligent. Scanlan Some would call you bossy, you preferred the term responsible. As Percy had conditioned, you couldn’t cause trouble, or they’d leave you behind. So you behaved doing your best to do as you were asked and staying out of trouble.
There was, of course, the naïve innocence that came with you. Everyone could only assume it was due to your time in captivity. There are times your inner child would make an appearance. You’d display your wonder in little jumps or squeals when something managed to excite you. Though you’d quickly regain a composure only comparable to that of a proper young lady.
If anyone it’s Vax, that brings out your childish habits, such a bad influence. He’s always poking at you, trying to convince you to assist him in his latest prank or con. Your cuteness makes you a great accomplice, when you do agree to assist. Partners in crime.
He lets you hide beneath the cloak when the sun is too bright, and snuggle in when the world is too much.
He reminds you of your friend back home.
Keyleth is eager to introduce you to the natural world and all it has to offer. But was disappointed to learn you have little interest in such things. When with your parents, you had heard once that druid magic was abominable. There’s only one magic that should be practiced.
Still, you’re very supportive of Keyleth. Always offering her a hand to hold when you notice her beginning to panic, politely listening to her ideas and rambles. You’re a good confidant.
You do enjoy the time spent with her, despite her antsy anxiety. There’s something about her that’s quieting, not disarming but quieting. Though you’d learned to look down on such tree huggers, you never forbid her from decorating your hair with flowers.
Grog and Pike, you quickly realized, are a friendship pair, the best of buddies, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for you in their pair.
Grog is basically an overgrown child himself. When you did unwind, was your giant playmate. Of the group, he was the only one to witness your hidden personality, the one even you yourself were not aware of, not the one you presented to please.
When the two of you would spar, he’d pretend your little punches were the stuff of legend, often letting you win just to see the lopsided smile on your face.
Furthermore, you both shared a love of meat raw or cooked. For one so small, you could certainly stomach your fair share. (He almost gave you ale once but was swiftly shut down by Percy).
As for Pike, she disappeared a lot, leaving much to be desired in terms of your friendship. Nonetheless, she had your back on multiple occasions, earning your admiration. Though you were small and young, she didn’t underestimate you, at times persuading the others to give your ideas a try.
While too much time around Pike would leave you with a headache and somewhat nauseous, presumably because of the long lectures about the Everlight and the righteous path (which bored you), you looked forward to her return whenever she was away.
Due to the risque nature of Scanlan Shorthault, most of Vox Machina did their best to prevent Scanlan from spending one-on-one time with you. They were concerned with what the bardic gnome might say, or teach you, while unsupervised.
Still, while you stayed awake on the dark nights, you couldn't help but listen to the soothing tunes he would strum while the others lay asleep.
Despite his rigidity, your second favorite member of the team was Percival. As mentioned, you two are relatively similar, both quiet, intelligent, and favoring dignified acts. You enjoy following him, attempting to replicate his mannerisms.
Initially, this had annoyed him, but you began to remind him of his younger siblings. Eventually he found himself falling into a certain pattern of behavior with you. “Don’t run too far (y/n),” “Don’t dawdle, (y/n), hold my hand.” Struggling to hide his panic anytime you were injured, checking on you while you slept.
He, of course, maintained his arms length attitude, knowing one day you’d leave the party and reunite with your proper family. Though he would never admit it, he had formed an attachment to you.
Knowing your love for cookies, Vex always has some on hand for when you’re looking down or do something worth rewarding.
Vex adores you. She’s made it her mission to return you to your rightful home. It led to some concern amongst her brother, who had to remind her on more than one occasion not to get too attached.
You care deeply for the strange group that’s taken you under your wing. But their care is conditional, temporary, you’re sure.
Now in Emon you spent much of your free time, usually the late nights, while the others got themselves plastered searching the signage for any inquiries of missing children and asking travelers in taverns about the river you remembered.
You hoped someone had some information that would spark your memory of home this time, as the group set out this evening. After all, this was the last tavern in Emon, hopefully things wouldn’t go sideways this evening.
But of course, your companions had to engage in a bar fight against an opposing band of adventures, all the while you sat peacefully at the bar enjoying some rough mutton. Their actions lead to the barkeep casting you all out to the curb and some questioning Vox’s abilities.
Fortunately, Scanlan discovered a help ad which directed you all to the doors of the palace. If only you’d known the direction, this act path would lead you toward. If only Vox Machina had known you better.
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dinindourden · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vax'ildan&Vex'ahlia in Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins III (2021) #5-6
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duganator01 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Completely unrelated to the Actor AU, I made a one of those Soulmate AUs where the flowers when the injuries
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ghostofwhitestone · 17 hours ago
Imagine if you will, Keyleth learns about all of the local plant life in Byroden and, as a housewarming present to Vax during their year in Zephrah, she makes a beautiful planter full of those flowers for the front of the home they’d share.
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demigoddessqueens · 2 days ago
Flowers 💐 for one you fancy 🌺
Tumblr media
Vax’ildan - aster (love, daintiness)
Keyleth - bachelor’s button (blessedness)
Vex’ahlia - calla lily (beauty)
Scanlan - red camellia (a flame in my heart)
Percy - black eyed Susan (justice)
Pike - white carnation (sweet love)
Grog - borage; pink camellia (blunt, longing for you)
Caleb - red carnation; chrysanthemum (deep, I love you)
Mollymauk - pink carnation (will never forget you)
Fjord - coriander (hidden worth, merit)
Jester - coreopsis (always cheerful)
Yasha - purple columblne (resolution)
Beau - white clover (think of me)
Essek - clematis (mental beauty)
Cadeuces - daisy (loyal love)
Dorian - edelweiss (courage, devotion)
Dariax - fern (magic, fascination)
Opal - fennel (flattery)
Fearne - geranium (folly)
Fy’ra Rai - gladiolus (flower of gladiators, integrity, strength, victory)
Morrigan - goldenrod (encouragement, good fortune)
Orym - rose 🌹 (romance, love, beauty, courage)
Chetney - hollyhock (ambition)
FCG - hellotrope (devotion)
Ashton - holly (defense, domestic happiness)
Laudna - honeysuckle (bonds of love)
Imogen - hibiscus (delicate beauty)
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romeoandjulietyouwish · 21 hours ago
If you don't mind, how about number 11 for the sleeping prompts for Perchalia.
letting them sleep when they should be awake
It's nearly noon, Vex having just returned to their bedroom after a long meeting. She got up at dawn, just like always, pressing a kiss to her husband's temple as she left. He just hummed softly and rolled over to face plant in her pillow.
Normally when Vex returns from her meetings, the room is empty, Percy having dragged himself to work in his office of his workshop. But when she opens the door, she finds Percy still fast asleep in bed, now completely on her half, her pillow squished to his chest. He looks adorable, his hair all mussed up and falling over his face, creases from the pillows and blankets on his cheeks and arms.
Vex smiles fondly, as she walks over to him, sitting down on the edge of the bed and gently running her fingers through his hair. He makes a soft, grumpy noise, squeezing the pillow just a little bit tighter. Then he blinks and sleepily looks over at her, "Morning."
Vex chuckles, "Afternoon rather. Just wanted to make sure you were still breathing."
Percy smiles, yawning softly, "Did I miss my meeting?"
"No, it starts in a little bit," she tells him. "But I'll go instead of you."
Percy shakes his head, "I can go."
"Darling," she runs her fingers through his hair again. "You clearly need sleep. Last night wasn't easy." Percy woke up twice in the middle of the night from night terrors, Vex spending a long time calming him back down enough for him to sleep. "Go back to sleep, Percy, I'll handle everything."
Percy snuggles back down into the blankets, "Okay. Love you."
Vex smiles, "Love you too, dear." She kisses his temple and adjusts the blankets so they're a little higher around his shoulders before pulling away.
She quietly closes the curtains so the light doesn't disturb him anymore. "Sweet dreams," Vex whispers as she collects Percy's notes and opens the door, taking a long look at him before closing the door and heading to the meeting.
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artistantlers · a day ago
I’m watching Vox Machina mess around for a week before they go to Whitestone to kill the Briarwoods and they don’t KNOW that Laudna is about to DIE
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