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oh my gosh rosy you’re an angel i’m so glad you love them!! i love it when i see them on my dash bcs they’re always so accurate and i’m always like wow that’s crazy but they’re so cute too and a good way to get your mind off things!! i hope you’re having the loveliest sunday ✨

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omg rosy tbh i cringed too at first i was like wait what i didn’t expect that fkfjksjf i feel like paris has developed a bad reputation now since it’s such a popular destination for tourists and the people there are thought of as rude or impolite, but i’d still love to visit there at least once!! i really enjoyed reading the descriptions in the results, haha. it was kinda cute! ✨

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🌃October 7, 2020🌃

Plaguetober day 7: mushroom, ghost

Studyblr community challenge: what is your goal for your studyblr for the next two months?

My goal now, aside from keeping track on what I do academic related, is to post content that can help students like me, whether they’re original content or reblogged!

Please do not repost my posts, if you want to, make a tumblr or ask me first (and respect my decision if i don’t want to)

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🌃October 6, 2020🌃

Plaguetober day 6: flower, crown, law

I decided to draw Al wearing a flower crown since in his story he becomes a lawyer when he grows up

Studyblr Community Challenge: Why did you decide to do this challenge and what is your goal?

I want to introduce myself with the help of daily prompts, and I also want to show my appreciation for some of my favorite studyblrs! I actually have a draft before of studyblr appreciation but I didn’t feel confident just randomly posting it, so I’m glad I have a valid reason to post about how much I love them!

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🌃October 4, 2020🌃

Plaguetober day 4: wax, candle, spine

Felt a bit uninspired today so here’s all that I churned up. Will do better next time though ^_^

Studyblr community challenge: How long have you had a studyblr?

I actually had a studyblr back in grade 8, 2 years ago. I used to use it only for reblogging stuff and I deleted it at the start of ninth grade. Currently this studyblr has existed since February I think.

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Hi studyblr! This is my first time sharing a resource that I made as a template but here goes 乁| ・ w ・ |ㄏ thank you all so much for the 300 followers!!! Also thank you anon for motivating me to make my setup into a template!!!

Edit: the tumblr tagging system is being a problem so the link is now in a reblog

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