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exitwound · 2 days ago
There are no unsacred places; / there are only sacred places / and desecrated places.
Wendell Berry, “How to Be a Poet”
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firstfullmoon · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
[text ID: tweet by angel nafis that reads, “peace be to the poets. peace be to the tender see-ers.”]
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boybreed · a day ago
Is this what you call frail?
haechan x fem reader
wc: 500w
includes: face-slapping + spiting. both hc and reader are switches
“Is this the best you can do?” You jank Haechan down by his collar, sending a hard slap right at his cheek. He flinches at his side, the two arms supported on each side of your body slightly trembling. Haechan gasps, his cheek reddens, appearing puffy while his jaws hang open. He looks at you with a broken grin and thrusts hard, cock deep inside your cunt and balls squished in his own weight. He grunts, rocking his hips with so much force the bed bangs against the wall. He’s fucking you like an animal, practically slaming himself in evey move your crotch feels numb from all the hits you have been getting.
“Stop it.” Haechan pleads in a quiet voice, hurt by your words, by how he’s being dragged to no end until this no returning point. It’s exhilarating as much as it is painful. You pull him down again, opening your mouth when his lips are on yours. He spits and the sound of it is nasty.
“More.” You can’t get enough, you can’t get enough of his taste, of his body. Your legs are spread on the bed with barely force, the pain from stretching barely there as you get used to the position, and as you get to feel the painful rams of his hips.
You grip him by his collar, not letting him get away. Your mouth opens wide as Haechan dribbles more spit into it. His hands lay on your breast, getting squeezed and pinched freely. He lets out a desperate, filthy noise. Pulling away and spitting one more time on you and smearing it all over your face, caging you on his arms.
“C’mon, hit me.” Haechan delivers a hot slap right across your face. Your head swings, dizzy with the pain. Immediately, you move your head so he can send another slap to the other cheek. “More, another, more.”
He indulges, harder this time and you shout joyfully “More, give me more baby.”
Your face tingles, feeling somewhat sensitive and numb, and Haechan tries to maintain a slow pace with deep thrusts. He’s almost flat against you, ramming his cock deep in heavy grinds. You know the pain makes you cleach violently and Haechan can’t really keep up the moans that stifle from his lips. “I said I want more.”
Haechan groans, sounding like an animal. A furious one, like a tiger in a cage walking side to side angry ready to jump at his captors. Haechan grips the hair at the top of your head, standing up on one arm. He starts to slap your face consecutively, giving a new hit each time your head bounces back. Then, he slams down his hips hard. You whine, your head spinning and your view blurry, and before you get time to settle back to reality. Haechan changes arm and starts to deliver the same consecutive slaps in your other cheek.
You feel the tears pooling in your eyes but every hit feels better than the other one. The feeling of Haechan melting in your body, not being able to stand any further but not stopping to slap you. And you aim to resist until his paze comes to a stop and you listen to his high whine when he slams deep one more time and falls down on your chest. He buries his head deep in your neck and the hairs brushing on your cheek in delicate motion feel like the most aching hit.
notes: @neorule34 challegend1 me so i had to. this for u @neochan @c1ire <3
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bellagothofficial · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lyrics that make me burst into tears instantly
Sufjan Stevens - The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! // He Was A Friend of Mine (folk song) // The National - Friend of Mine // The Mountain Goats - Game Shows Touch Our Lives
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fearlastyear · a day ago
(...) a mother who knows nothing of how far away her daughter's bedroom has become.
Jennifer Lynch, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer
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burfee · a day ago
Tumblr media
– iphigenia among the taurians, euripides (trans. anne carson)
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derangedrhythms · 11 hours ago
Thunder is my keeper.
Taisia Kitaiskaia, The Nightgown and Other Poems; from 'No Ifs or Buts, Only Ands'
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findingstony · 2 days ago
Hey, can anyone please help me find a fic where Steve and Tony are soulmates and they start to share dreams ? The dreams start when Tony is born and Steve is already in the ice. Steve first sees Tony as a baby in his dreams
Sounds like you’re looking for “I’m Here” by iL0Vsuperman!
Don’t forget to bookmark, comment, and leave kudos!
On AO3:
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replanting · a month ago
Tumblr media
heather havrilesky
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ploymus · 5 months ago
at the dmv eating the licenses
this isn't funny stop putting it on your blogs
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firstfullmoon · 2 days ago
My life is a great disaster. It’s a cruel divergence, it’s an empty house. But there’s a dog inside barking. As for me—all that’s left for me is to bark at God.
Clarice Lispector, from A Breath of Life, tr. Johnny Lorenz
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fearlastyear · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
C.K. Williams, Misgivings: My Mother, My Father, Myself
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burfee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– iphigenia among the taurians, euripides (trans. anne carson)
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derangedrhythms · a day ago
My spirits have for many years now been excessively affected by the ways of the weather...
Susan Hill, from 'The Woman in Black'
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smokedsugar · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Yumi Sakugawa
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arthuriankings · 3 months ago
“China produces more rainbow flags than anyone. My nightmare is there is a factory with nearly slave labor, forced to live within the factory complex and get up every morning and have to churn out more and more rainbow tchotchkes.” He says he didn’t create the rainbow flag in order for others to profit off of “rainbow junk”.
He is horrified by some of the things he has seen. He says, “Walking down Castro Street, I can’t pay my rent, but I see rainbow dildos in the shop windows and rainbow keychains, rainbow rings, rainbow candles and so on.” He said it is similar to when the best music ends up as elevator music. He is gratified that the power of the rainbow caught on as rings, but that power can be diluted by over-commercialization.”
— gilbert baker, the creator of the rainbow pride flag
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