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#w&g: season 5

Okay so like we know we know I hate any episode that’s just a big parade of stroking Rachel’s ego but that wasn’t even the thing about Opening Night 

Surprise of surprises but I liked Rachel in this episode. She was cute and had good songs and Lea’s comedic talent was put to good use

Idk like it just felt so empty to me?? Like maybe it was different for other people but I literally never had a single doubt in my mind that Rachel was going to 1) have a good audition, 2) get a callback, 3) get the part, and 4) everyone loves her. Because it’s Rachel, so of course she gets all that. The only part that worked for a roadblock was the stuff with Santana as her understudy, and even that was more annoying than dramatic 

But okay so put Rachel aside for a minute, the Sue and Chris Parnell stuff was played so weirdly serious. Like it would be a touching story in literally anything else. But it’s Glee, and this is Sue, and the whole McKinley side just needs to be done with. We don’t need a touching B plot about Sue’s romance with a stranger who we’ve never seen before and don’t see after this. It’s just weird. 

But in general the whole episode was just. Hollow? Like it felt like the only people who actually had dialogue were Rachel, Sue, and Chris Parnell. Then Santana, Kurt, and Tina had like one little pep talk monologue a piece. And literally everything else felt like improv. I don’t know what was going on. I don’t think Mercedes or Sam even spoke. And the rest of the dialogue was like. Hey Rachel. You’ve got this Rachel. You were great Rachel. We love you Rachel 

And Rachel’s speech to Sue?? For why. This is a faculty member of your Ohio high school and you are a 19 year old semi-adult living in New York with a career on Broadway. You have nothing to lose or gain from telling her off. You never ever in your life have to see her again (unless y’know you roll up to your old school and decide to teach for some reason) it was just so blah. The only high points in that scene were Blaine’s reactions to coming in half way through the convo and not knowing what was going on, and Santana’s grossed out reaction to hearing that they had sex on the couch. Everything else was worthless 

Anyway yeah I did not like this episode wow. The songs were fun I guess. And the club scene. I’ll happily take that. The rest can go

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Season 5 Episode Titles

  1. Fantasmas (Ghosts) - Written by Ben Lobato and Dailyn Rodriguez - Directed By Ben Bray
  2. Me Llevo Manhattan (I’m Taking Manhattan?) - Written by Tom Garrigus - Directed by Ben Bray
  3. Episode 3 - Written by Matthew Lieberman - Directed by Darren Grant
  4. Episode 4
  5. Episode 5
  6. Plata o Plomo (Silver Or Lead) - Written by Mark Valadez - Directed by Leon Ichaso
  7. Episode 7
  8. Episode 8
  9. Episode 9
  10. Episode 10
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