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Anne: If humans can’t see air, does that mean fish can’t see water?

Cathy: I-

Anne: And if humans can see water, can fish see air?


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Nero is either a really quiet, thoughtful drunk, or he’s genuinely quite pleasant.

Or sometimes he looks like he’s really lost in thought, all heavy-browed and pensive, so you ask what’s on his mind, but it’s just memes. 

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Every time one of you drags Nut Tree into things I lose three (3) years off my life.

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I blacklist both ‘Tr0mp’ and ‘B1d3n’ because politics makes me depressed.

So loads of posts slip through that are 90% twitter screenshots with no transcript and the comments calling the person in question nothing but ‘he’.

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I ordered coffee for my aunt and I’m like actually fully jealous she’s getting some. I still have some left and I also have so much money on Starbucks gift cards that I’ll never use but maybe should to try their Ethiopian blend but truly nothing I have had in years compares to spirit mountain roasting co

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my favorite thing is i came across on tiktok where someone was like “i’m scared to take tylenol after learning about the chicago tylenol murders and i dont even live in chicago”

try living in chicago. i refuse to touch tylenol i am somehow scarred and i wasn’t even alive when it happened

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Hi Katie! 🌟

I’m dipping into Kai’s playlist this time.

Here we go

Just lose control and let your body give in

To the beat

Of your heart as my hand touches your skin

(whispers) Would you guys believe me if I told you this is on Mishka’s A playlist because it IS. My first time listening to it I was like “damn! A wants the Detective so bad!”

Anyway the energy behind this song and the lyrics are fun to think about when A is so (gestures) like that. I’m excited for what’s to come. <3

Thank you for asking! 💕✨ Say hi and get random lyrics.

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getting slightly worried about my media consumption bc i went “very solid episode. good tv.” several times in a row while watching spn

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I’m really sick of this narrative that people can’t change.

That if you’ve done one thing wrong in your life that makes you a horrible, irredeemable person.

You don’t have to empathize with that person. You don’t even have to forgive them.

But recognize that a person is capable of change.

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Well, it’s been officially four hours since I said I’d better get started on the thing. It’s now into the wee hours of the night and the Thing must be done before morning.

Also, just realized, haven’t drank a drop of water today. That explains the headache. Oh me, you are a jester. A jester of follies indeed.

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