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Peter: I heard about a surprise party my friends are planning for me. Should I just pretend I don’t know?

Matt: You should think about your friends’ feelings.

Wade: Surprise them back. Don’t show up.

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Wade stares at Ray for a few moments, then gives the other a soft headbutt.“ You are too good for me. What the hell did you see in this retard with a mask huh?”

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*A Spideypool spin off from Lassos and Lilies. We’ll meet the characters in the background of Stuckony, and then learn their story here!) 

Omega!Peter works the whorehouse in the wild town of Wolf Canyon. He likes his boots tall, his skirts short and his Alphas big, bad and brutal. He is no blushing virgin, no sweetly fainting Omega, and when the bounty hunter Alpha on the black stallion comes to town, Peter refuses to shy away from the danger.

Alpha!Wade is less of a bounty hunter and more of a killer for hire. He wears his leather black and spurs silver, a gun on each side and swords crossed behind his back. He takes payment for kills in coin or jewelry, never stays longer than over night, and loves exactly one person in the entire world–

–and when that one person is taken by the Alpha’s enemies, Wade unleashes everything animal about himself to track them down and get his Omega back. 

It’s not every day an Alpha meets an Omega who can match him snark for snark, bite for bite, and bullet for bullet, but despite the call of ‘mate’, Wade pushes Peter away for the Omega’s own safety. Peter refuses to leave and instead sets out to prove that he and the volatile Alpha are meant to be together forever.

The Wild West is a dangerous place… but Wade and Peter are a dangerous pair and nothing is going to stand in the way of their Happily Ever After.

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The famous Norman Rockwell painting from the 1940s called “Freedom From Want” portrays an All-American Thanksgiving, but one might argue that as far as parodies go, this Deadpool version takes the cake! 🍗

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I have rules when Deadpool “counts” as proper Queer rep, because while he is Pansexual, I feel he only counts as proper queer rep when written under specific circumstances, given how poorly some writers handle Wade’s queerness.

Thus, 2 main circumstances of where Deadpool “Counts” as proper queer rep.

1. Writers use his queerness as a character point, and it is not treated as a joke. His attraction to men is treated as equal to his attraction to women and other genders, and not predatory.

2. Wade is teaming up with Cable (not Bable). Because I love me some Cablepool.

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