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#wait ok im assuming ur from a different country entirely pls tell me ur not just moving to syd from like...melb or st
woodzmi · 4 years ago
Hey there! I've been following u for a bit and I know you live in aus, and I'm moving to Sydney for school in about two weeks. Do you have any advice for living there? I've never been so tbh im a bit !!!
hey! wow dude thats awesome congrats and good luck w the move!!! hm, well of i dont know the specifics of your situation, and i still live at home so im afraid i dont have much by way of detailed advice but- 
i reckon on the whole, if you’ve lived in an urban space esp in the west you’ll have a good grasp on how life goes here, although sydney is a fair bit smaller than most major cities i think. 
two of the main things which might need some ‘getting used to’ are probably culture and prices. the first one is pretty easy, itll just take some time perhaps to get used to vernacular and all, but fortunately sydney is pretty chill, v safe and on the whole friendly so in that regard youll be fine! again depending on where youre from holidays will be a funny experience, esp christmas like not to be That Stereotype but put on ur santa hat and turn the bbq on. also, bit off topic but i swear ads here are getting so nonsensical i can barely tell what product is being sold.the prices thing- now i dont know where youre from, but i know most places are Way cheaper than sydney, so depending on your financial situation (aka are you getting a stipend, working, etc) i think its wise to set up a good budget and keep your money sorted, not just for stuff like rent (if you arent staying in student housing) and groceries etc, but also for going out bc food and drink and generally entertaining yourself are expensive af in this town bud, sorry about it. this also makes the nightlife here a bit of a damper bc ur out ur tryna have fun u go to the bar and bam its $17 for a cocktail so u settle for a $8 glass of cider instead and spill half of it before ur at ur table.  (protip: if ur looking for cheap drinks go to Star Bar, do not go to Scary Canary bc they have garbage drinks im tellin u right now)
i’m trying to think of more advice but im coming up blank sorry!! just a few tips maybe? if u like movies please im beg dont waste ya $$ at event or hoyts cinemas, if you can, go to the Newtown Dendy Cinema, get a membership there, the tickets are cheaper anyways but with a membership you get a discounted ticket price on mondays, and a student discount on wednesdays, plus they often show some of the more independent films that the big cinema chains wont (e.g im pretty sure they were the only chain showing moonlight here...can u believe??)
also, if you didnt already know about it, download the TripAdvisor app onto your phone, the icon is a little orange train thingy, idk if this is just an aussie thing or everywhere has it and im being embarrassing but its a public transport timetabling app which is great for giving you realtime ETAs on your trains and buses and all. i suppose it functions like google maps on the public transport setting but its easier and cleaner in setup. if youre staying in the city public transport is alright, you can probably walk most places, or take a bus, but buses are sometimes late bc of innercity traffic, and because of detours due to this dumbass light rail they are building. if youre going to be staying in the suburbs, and particularly if you’ll need to catch buses to and from rather than trains, its a really great habit to form to keep on top of those times and when you have to leave/be home by bc obv buses usually come every 20-30 mins so esp if youre out at night missing one could be a bit sucky. that being said though, ive always found it quite safe and reassuring to wait at a city bus stop in the late hours, just try and find one close to a landmark so ya not just chillin on a random street at 1AM ofc.
oh! last thing, weather- not sure what the climate is like for you, sydney’s a bit weird in the summer, and i have to say, this year has been hotter than most. it did just lowkey flood yesterday though, so what do i know. esp if youre coming from somewhere cool just try and be aware of stuff like hydrating and eating on time and all those basic things to avoid ??? heatstroke or something ?? idk man sorry im pretty used to this bs by now lmao. sunscreen when u go out my guy it is a Must if youre prone to burning, just in case. i went to the beach 2 weeks ago on a rainy day and still got a bad tan so...just a tip. 
final thing- if someone wants to take u to bondi in the summertime tell them u aint falling for it, and demand they take u to a real, good, not-sardine-packed nightmare 
sorry this is probably unnecessarily long and i know i dont really say anything specific but if you have any more particular questions feel free to shoot em at me and ill try my best to answer them!! 
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