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Yeah, so – random drop-in who wanted to see Marty and “catch up” now that Marty was a Rising Star. I didn’t recognize Kai, but Marty was willing to chat, so I set them to it – and then I got an idea. Jennifer got a voodoo doll from Emmett way back in the day, and I had yet to use it. Perhaps she should go back to her Chief of Mischief ways for a bit and torment the fellow?

And then I actually opened up the “bind to” menu, and Marty was the only viable option. Hmmm. Well, okay – maybe she could do something nice to Marty? I went ahead and bound the doll, then had her try cuddling and tickling –

Turns out, that doll does not take any of this witchcraft lying down! I had no idea they could actually threaten their holder with their own pins! Jennifer managed to talk it down, so to speak, but that bit of poppet magic was definitely unsuccessful. So she was left kinda embarrassed, and Marty kind of uncomfortable from the attempt.

Perfect state to be in for the start of their weenie roast! XD Then again, this is Sims – it wasn’t THAT hard to overwhelm their bad moodlets with good ones. Marty went out and got the fire pit going while our guests arrived, and Jennifer started grilling as I tried to gather everyone for a group story to fulfill some of the party goals.

And ran into my first problem of the night – Sims are both incredibly fickle and incredibly stubborn at the same time. Namely, Marty spent a good portion of his evening standing around waiting for Nikal to get her ass off HIS computer so he could tell his story about vampires! Not even canceling the interaction and restarting it helped! It seemed like this party was doomed from the start…

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Tagged by @meisjemoon - thanks for the distraction!  

Are you staying home from school/work ?

I work at a hospital part-time so I’m still going in to work. Classes at uni have switched to all online, but I have one clinical rotation at a hospital (ie off-campus) next month so I’m still going

If you’re staying home, who’s there for you ?

My mother, my grandpa, and 2 cats! 

Are you a homebody ?

When I’m at home, yeah (which I am). When I’m at my apartment near uni, I go out a bit more (ie gym, library to study, occasional hangout w friends)

An event that you were looking forward that got cancelled ?


What movies have you watched recently ?

We watched Shrek last night, always a jam ✌🏼

What music are you listening to ?

I just made a new playlist for radio hits I admittedly enjoy. But I have a main, rock-ish playlist which includes Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bring Me the Horizon, Pearl Jam, and Crobot. 

What are you reading ?

Nothing atm, though I should be. I’ve been meaning to read b**stars and catch up on g*kkan sh*jo. I also have an article on succinylcholine vs rocuronium in rapid sequence intubation that I want to read. 

What are you doing for self care ?

Making strawberry milkshakes like every other day, rewatching animu…. that’s about it

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