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09/04/2020-Flower on the balcony and view down the path on Lakeside walk (pictures I took today in this photoset) Nice to see it looking so green with the vegetation in full flow

I rather wanted to focus on butterflies on my daily exercise Lakeside walk this lunch time so I headed out with just my DSLR camera with my macro lens on which I use to take butterfly pictures as I just wanted a bit of a walk too so didn’t want to take too much camera equipment. I also forgot to bring my binoculars. So perhaps it was always meant to be that I got some cracking bird views and what would have been great close photo opportunities today that I couldn’t capture with my macro lens as it lacked the distance. This included of a Goldcrest in a tree right above me which appeared to have a nest nearby and Long-tailed Tits a really fast and keen to skulk away bird that I’ve never really photographed well that I’ve been trying to photograph since the start of the lockdown and me working from home. It was possibly the first Goldcrest I’ve seen at Lakeside since 2016 one I got as a year tick there a couple of years running on New Year’s Day walks here. So another species I’ve had the time to notice and appreciate here doing walks here lately. But I did also see some nice butterflies this lunch time, and as birds are the main thing I like to photograph a big reason I came out set up camera wise for butterflies today was because I’d taken so many bird pictures I was happy with this week and the past few weeks. So its a positive to take from it really.

I did some reflection on the coronavirus situation this afternoon and thought about how I felt last night when seeing a news article about Wuhan about when the virus was first happening in the far east and we heard about it on the news it felt like it was happening to someone else so we weren’t as invested and now its us who are really experiencing it. That time in January and then into February where we cared more about the weather seems a world away now. And I reflected this afternoon how when out today, it was so quiet it was so easy to adhere to social distancing that it was as though it wasn’t happening and everything was normal still. When I saw a lady out a way away with a mask on as I came home I then was reminded of the situation we’re in. And it just made me think how cut off from the world you are in lockdown/self isolation and there is a unique and weird feeling to it. 

Wildlife Sightings Summary for the walk: Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Goldcrest, House Sparrow, Starling, Chiffchaff, Robin, Blackbird, Jackdaw, Peacock, Brimstone, Small White, bee and I heard Wren.

Well we now head into Easter weekend and this will be one of the weirdest I have known. We will be doing local daily exercise walks and may have more garden and sunset pictures. But with likely low photo yields I also intend to do a lot of reflection on Twitter (my account Dans_Pictures) of things I did and saw on past Easter days as is a common theme lately. I hope everyone has a great Easter as much as its possibly to and most importantly that you stay safe. Thank you for your continued support and please know I am always here for you. 

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Amélie, sur une autre promenade quotidienne…
Amélie, on another daily walk…
#promenade #walk #cimitière #cemetery #diva #amélie #chat #cat #catlover #persan #persanchinchilla #chinchillapersian #chatsdeinstagram #catsofinstagram

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the sun decided to come out for a little bit yesterday so I took these two goons for a walk. 
it was proof dogs and sunshine go a long way for your mental well being. or at least mine. my god i love these two 

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