babyanimalgifs · a year ago
“A polite and subtle implication that maybe, just maybe, he may be interested in going for a walk 👀” 
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thenatsdorf · 10 months ago
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birdblacksocialclub · a month ago
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The adventures of Dark Nation, Pt 002 - Walkies!!!
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chippythedog · 11 days ago
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intriga-hounds · 3 months ago
happy happy walky walky
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insertcaffeine · 2 months ago
Today's fun thing: a little walk in unseasonably warm weather! This flower's all like "are we gonna go?"
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delightfullyanonymous · 10 months ago
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a-framed-dog · 4 months ago
He's helping
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numahachi · 5 months ago
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ohmygoles · a year ago
Coco Cry
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Do your pets love WALKIES?
Coco LOVES it when she hears that she will be going for a walkies and gets all hyper and happy!! But once she sees the harness and once it's her turn to put it on she retreats and hides under the table and refuses to leave. But as soon as she is left behind she feels left out and cries! poor baby
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kokomoandmacy · 5 months ago
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Went with mom to lunch today! I love to accompany her every where. We went to run errands afterwards too. I loved every second.
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thenatsdorf · 8 months ago
“That’s enough walking for today”
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chippythedog · 6 months ago
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intriga-hounds · a month ago
sivi loves walkies
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caostalgia · 9 months ago
¿Cuándo dejaré de extrañarte?
¿Cuándo mire al cielo y no piense en tu color favorito?
O quizás, ¿Cuándo suene tú canción favorita y no piense en tu brazos?
Porque hoy al ver el cielo pensé en nuestro primer beso, llevaba una sudadera azul, me dijiste que era tú color favorito en tu chica favorita.
Porque hoy al ponerme mis audífonos y escuchar los primeros acordes, pensé en ti, la vez qué recogiste mis pupilas al compás de tu risa.
¿Cuándo volverás a ser mi cielo mientras escucho tú canción favorita?
- Valjean
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stinkywrinkles · 2 months ago
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Frosty morning walks
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a-framed-dog · 28 days ago
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The best smile
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pettypegirl · 4 months ago
Hey du, von wo aus Deutschland kommst du denn? 😌
Hallo Herr 🐶💕
Aus dem Norden, aber mein Herrchen reist viel mit mir rum und geht dann immer mit mir gassi 🐶🥰
Wieso fragst du? Wegen dem babysitten vielleicht?
Question: Hey you, where in Germany are you from?
Hello Sir 🐶💕
From the north, but my master travels with me a lot and do walkies with me 🐶🥰
Why you are asking? Because he is looking for a babysitter for me?
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numahachi · 4 months ago
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autistickeely · 4 months ago
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When someone says it’s time to go WALKIES 😱
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