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consistency in some things. been remembering to track my walks some of this week! me and dante go on the same morning path every day (he gets mad if i take him another way) but today i tried to add some extra length in the middle, just walked a block further than normal. like i’ve said before i’d LIKE to do more than a mile per walk but i don’t want to walk through neighborhoods which cuts down on walkable zones. running would be great but it’s freezing so i don’t think i will ❤️

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Nuthatch @ Shere.. by Adam Swaine
Via Flickr:
The Nuthatch is the secret spy of British birds. With an amazing and agile ability to scurry along the trunks of trees with its powerful claws, the Nuthatch is about as competent a climber as any bird can be. In fact, its unique movements upwards, downwards, backwards and sideways is something particular to the Nuthatch, the only British bird able to move around in this way; the classic image of a nuthatch is one in which the bird is in a right-angular position looking backwards from a tree trunk

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✈️ from manchester to melbourne there’s 10,538 miles, an entire half of the planet 🌏 but no matter the distance you will always be one half of my coin , my twin.

as twins we share in each other’s success’ & failures, and today as you start a new chapter down under 🦘🇦🇺, i couldn’t be more proud of you!

you’ve always succeeded in whatever you put your mind to! wishing you all the best 🍀 for what’s to come.

lots & lots of love, callum

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