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For each of these character, which other peer (fellow kid-heroes) do you think have the most important dynamics with them in terms of age? 

I’m thinking on my headcanon reboot and these are three I haven’t read a lot of with other teens (didn’t care for most recent Teen Titans series, so didn’t read but a couple issues), so I don’t know their dynamics with others in their age group.

The rest of the Arrow and Canary kids were erased in this reboot (well, save Roy), so I don’t have anything to go on with them as far as relationships and relative ages go for Emiko. And Ollie, Roy, and Dinah are just “grown.”  

Garth is all out of whack in the timing of him being introduced to Arthur in New 52, and so far as I know has no interaction with Jackson.  And Tula’s similarly such a different world than before. And as far as I know, Koryak and Lorena don’t exist anymore, either (but I never read much of harpoon-hand Aquaman, so that doesn’t much to me).

And the Wally/Wallace thing and Bartor…the less said about Bar Torr, the better.

Also, do they have any strong relationships with purely civilian characters? Seems like most kid heroes have no civilian lives/friends anymore these days. Same can be said for many adult heroes, really.

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Lois Interviews…

The Flashfamily

Lois: So, you have a ‘Flash Museum’, why?

Flash (Jay): That’s a funny story, so the rogues were-

Flash (Barry): No, it was the Reverse-Flash-

Flash (Wally): Actually it was just after the crisis on infinite earths-

Impulse (Bart): Well it existed pre-flashpoint but-

Impulse (Irey): It didn’t after but it came back-

Kid Flash (Jai): Which makes our already confusing lives more confusing.

Kid Flash (Wallace): You’re telling me.

Flash (Barry): What I think we’re saying is, the people of Central City have shown so much support for us across who knows how many worlds.

Impulse (Bart): About 8 or 9 worlds actually, not counting other timelines.

Flash (Jay): I mean back when I first became the Flash-

Jimmy Olsen: Uh, Lois we have to go or we’ll be late for the next interview.

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Ok let’s talk about Dead planet, it’s such a cool story and for me it’s one of the best things coming out right now.

And.. Damian underwent therapy and is actively working on his problems!


And acknowledged both Cassie and Jon for their help in making him better!


It makes me so happy!

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Ok, ok

Wally sacrifices himself (again) and is stuck in the speedforce (again) but not to worry! He’s immediately found by his lightning rods, his family!


Thank goodness for Bart! That lil rascal saw the beginnings of another crisis and said ‘Not again, DC!’ He pulled his family into the speedforce where they’d be safe from the crisis and the inevitable reboot!


Bart was like… “Potentially lose Max and the rest of the Flash Fam in a reboot?!? I think the fuck not, try and get us in here DC!”

(also Kid Flash has the same idea, wait out the crisis in the speedforce…. Smart kids)


Now unfortunately Jay Barry and Wally have to go be heroes….. Dang it

I’m hoping the old 'a flash must die in every crisis’ rule gets broken this time

Don’t kill them dc



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Wallace West, aka Wally 2: Electric Boogaloo, is an entire mood in Death Metal: Speed Metal

First he shows up late with Starbucks with no clue what was happening (same honestly)


God I love him, he’s thrown into this weird Death Metal universe and is so freaked out by everything


He’s also just completely done with Wally and Barry’s drama


The Flash fam collectively has one braincell and it is owned by Jay Garrick…. (mostly)


Then he gets a 90’s style costume and is. Not. A. Fan.


And finally…..


Wally doesn’t want to be involved with this whole crisis mess.

He took one look and was like ????? No thanks

He’s so relatable, I love him

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(spoilers for the newest Flash issue)

We have Jay telling the Flash Kids not to time travel (iconic) (looking at you Bart)


Then we have the girls interacting (!!!!!!)

And Pied Piper is getting married to the Captain!!!


And then!!!

Henry and Max grilling together…. You go you funky dads


Finally, Iris says what’s on all of our minds


Go get him Barry! You bring our boi back!

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I’ve seen a fair bit of dislike towards Roundhouse and his character. I myself personally like Roundhouse, but I can definitely see the points of others, which I feel however can be put onto the blame of two factors that I will go through.

This is by no means trying to say that disliking the character is wrong, you can like or dislike any character you choose, but I feel that some of the reasons I will go over that be attributed to things outside of the in-world of the character.

Also new Twinkle chapter should be coming within the week, so if you’re following me for my fanfiction, have that to look forward to. <3


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“Endless Winter” chapter six! Crush, Roundhouse, Kid Flash, and Red Arrow embark on a bonding exercise with new partners from the original New Teen Titans: Donna Troy and Beast Boy? Everyone’s limits will be tested as they brave the challenges of holiday shopping in Manhattan! And then, the city is buried in snow! When they discover a teen whose powers are triggered by the extreme cold, the team must decide if this new arrival is a future hero or villain. And in the past, Black Adam battles the Frost King with devastating consequences.

written by ANDY LANNING and RON MARZ
backup story art by MARCO SANTUCCI
variant cover by SIMONE DI MEO
ONE SHOT | ON SALE 12/15/20
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

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