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#wally west
Hey guys I made a Bingo sheet for Young Justice: Phantoms!
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I'm feeling lucky!!
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theartofthecover · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Flash [Wally West] portrait warmup (2021)
Art by: Chris Samnee
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darsky17 · a day ago
Hey there! Long time no see!
*During a Batmas Party*
Dick: Wears matching Rudolph Christmas sweaters with Wally.
Jason: Drinks too much eggnog and eats gingerbread cookies with Roy.
Tim: Is dressed as Mrs. Claus while Kon is dressed up as a hot Santa.
Damian: Singing Christmas carols against his will thanks to Jon.
Barbara: Hanging up mistletoes anywhere she can because of Kara.
Stephanie: Mixing her hot cocoa with tequila cuz she’s over the party.
Cassandra: Shaking every secret Santa gift to see if she got the goods.
Feel free to reblog/like!
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stargazyng · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
trans dick grayson week day 1: friends
trans bfs bffs enjoying the beach while on their annual road trip 🥰
[alt text included. click for better res. insta | twitter |art blog]
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batfamgalore · 2 days ago
Dick: We’re going to use impulse control, which is the practice of controlling one’s impulses.
Dick: For instance, I look down and I see that roach down there and I tell myself, I can’t eat that.
Wally: Do I need to slap you in the face?
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eternallyyoungjustice · 2 days ago
So I'm in finals here's the og team during finals!
Wow I haven't made a post like this in a hot minute
First off, Black Canary would be the one to make sure that there were regular homework nights
Because, y'know, she's the only adult that actually cares
She always supervises/helps. One time Red Tornado was told to supervise
It did not go well
Kaldur tries *so hard* to be helpful
He's the team mom, right? So you'd think he'd be super helpful
My man went to military school and then dropped out of magic school to become a superhero. Probably only learned stuff from an Atlantean pov.
Some stuff? He's super good at. Like I can see him being really good at English since it's he's bilingual
But you show this man a trigonometry question and he will have a mental breakdown
That's where Wally and Dick come in
Are actually super helpful
Sort of
They're prodigies, so they know everything (especially math and science stuff). But (this may be an unpopular opinion) Wally is a much better tutor than Dick
Sure Wally will absolutely get distracted and eat all your snacks, but I feel like eventually Dick would just get frustrated and want to do your work for you
Which is exactly why Dinah supervises
Of course he gets better once he becomes Nightwing, but Robin Dick Grayson is a little shit and isn't always the most cool-headed guy. Not a great team player
Wally, however? He's gonna be hyping you up when you get frustrated, making jokes, can break things down to a basic level. He's great I miss him
During actual finals *know* that these two chucklefucks are procrastination kings.
With Wally it's understandable, he could write an essay or finish a bunch of chemistry revision in the blink of an eye
But Dick...between school, superheroing, etc. Nobody knows when this guy is finishing his assignments. During cramming sessions he'll do like, five minutes of actual work? Then go play games with Wally (if Dinah and Kaldur aren't paying attention). And yet he's still getting 90s, boi how-
We already know M'gann is making all he bomb-ass study snacks
I feel like she would learn how to make coffee just for finals season to help her friends. Actually becomes really good at it. Good for you M'gann.
Isn't the *best* student academic wise, but she does alright. She does genuinely try to focus during study sessions, although I also feel like she'd get distracted by making sure everyone was comfortable ("do you want more snacks?" "I have a blanket you could borrow!" "Does anyone want music?", etc.).
Is definitely that girl that makes her notes all pretty and Aesthetic™ though, so everyone wants to borrow her notes come finals season. Also makes flash cards for everyone
Conner...I'm not gonna lie, he's the worst person to study with
Kinda like Wally and Dick: already knows everything, doesn't take notes, is probably off doing something else (in this case, probably practicing or watching static)
But unlike the Dumbass Duo, he genuinely seems to just...not care. And especially season 1 Conner can be kind of a prick about it
Dinah: Conner, come back here, you need to revise
Conner: *lists off the formula by heart without even looking at her*
Although, to be fair, if you're stuck on something and need to know the answer, it's a whole lot faster to ask him then to look it up/find it in your notes
And he likes helping M'gann in the kitchen (makes terrible coffee though)
So he's got some perks
Now, Artemis
We already know she slaps in English class (she's a literature major in college), and we know she does her assignments in a timely manner (or at least better than Wally)
But also...I kinda feel like this girl is *a mess* in finals season
She's got that Asian Parenting Mom™ yelling in the back of her brain that she's never prepared enough. And personal headcanon? This girls handwriting is abismal, so her notes are kinda shit
But she genuinely tries so hard, and eventually pulls through like she always does
But God forbid you talk to her while she's pulling a Stress Allnighter? You're a dead man
Is definitely the reason M'gann learned how to make coffee
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nyxthechaosdragon · 2 days ago
Wally: *searches up 'how to marry your best friend in ten easy steps'*
Wally: *sends it to Dick just to see whether he'll finally understand*
Dick: *sends it to Jason*
Dick: I didn't realise you're as invested in Jay and Roy as I am Walls:))
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evermoore580 · 2 days ago
Just a visit
Kaldur: *Visiting Mount Justice* Hello, I just came to-
Kaldur: *sees Superboy shoving Wally into the washing machine while Robin records and Artemis watches*
Kaldur: *retreating* Something suddenly came up.
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poseidumb · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a character sheet for young justice and some thoughts I had about their fashion style!! supposedly around university age but don’t ask me what climate they’re currently in bc I did not think this through also Dick is based off of [x]
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emilyarmadillo · 2 days ago
It doesn't make sense for a new plot arc to start right before mid-season hiatus, so episode 13 has to be a stand-alone that relates to the first three arcs somehow, and the biggest ongoing thread is the Legion, so the episode will be about them and anYONE ELSE WITH THEM-
Tumblr media
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POV: your daughter is rapidly ageing and will die soon, Grodd is on the loose and someone lit your museum on fire so now you have to go save the psychopath who killed two of your cousins that you trapped as an immortal statue inside said museum. All while having a mental breakdown.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love how Jay knows and doesn't care. This kid killed Bart, he's ride or die with Wally
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familydissapoiment · 2 days ago
“I Like You Game” – Outsiders x Reader
Previous – Why Latinos Have So Much Trauma
Next – Normal Sibling Things
Count –  4 pages · 1,382 words
“I’m bored” Garfield whined rolling his eyes.
“We could play a game,” you suggested, continuing to watch Total Drama.
“Oh, let’s play the ‘I like you’ game,” Cassie exclaimed standing up from the couch. A couple of ‘okay’ and ‘sure why not’ where hear and soon enough. Roy, Tim, Jaime, Garfield, Cassie, Virgil, and you were in a circle. “So, first round will be between Garfield and (Name). Sounds good?” Cassie commented earning a nod from both teens. “You guys know the rules, right? Whoever blushes first loses,” Garfield and (Name) nodded. Cassie quickly took out her phone before shouting ‘begin’.
“You’re so beautiful, and smart (Name) which is one of the many reasons why I like you,” Garfield murmur leaning forward on the table. You simply smirked getting close to Garfield where you could feel his breath on your face.
“That is such a shame Gar,” you murmur slightly pouting. Garfield was confused on what you mean. “Because I don’t like you, I love you. You and your stupid jokes, and your stupid handsome face, and your eyes. Oh my God, how beautiful are they. They remind me of the forest,” you smirked watching Garfield panic as face his gets red, well his checks having a light red color. Falling back in the chair you smile softly, glancing at your friends. “Ha, I win, who’s next?”
“Uh- I did not see that coming. Uh- any who, Tim you’re next,” Cassie broke the silence pushing Garfield of the chair.
“I think that was unfair,” Garfield pouted crossing his arm walking over to the rest of the team.
“Whatever,” Cassie rolls her eyes turning her attention back to her boyfriend and her friend. “Round two: Tim and (Name). My money is on (Name),” Tim has an offended look on his face before leaning forward a smirk on his face.
“This won’t work on me I was trained by the Batman. So, just give up (Name),”
“Oh yeah?” you muse standing up. “Bruce may had trained you, but he hasn’t seen how great of a game my babysitter has,” Walking over to Tim using a bit of your charms before sitting down on Tim’s lap. “Cass sorry, but I’m about to win this whole game,” you declare glancing at your friend. “You are such a smart boy, not to mention the fact that you are extremely handsome,” leaning in his ear whispering. “I love you, Tim, and I wouldn’t mind showing it to you,” Tim blush pushing you off causing you to laugh.
“Okay, Jaime you’re next,” Cassie exclaimed pushing Jaime forward. “Round three: Jaime and (Name). We all know who’s going to win, but anyway let’s go!” Cassie exclaimed continuing to record the game.
“I’m gonna lose, aren’t I?” Jaime murmured glancing at Tim and Garfield who simply nodded. “Well, I don’t feel like I can win, but I don’t feel like losing either,” Jaime assures taking a set across from you.
“Don’t worry Reyes, I will go easy on you,” you smile batting your eye slashes at him. “Y’know since I’m feeling nice you can start,” you offer only for Jaime to shake his head. “Fine, but you should have gone first,” you sigh deciding that you would be a lot nicer to Jaime than you were with Tim and Garfield. “Are your hands heavy?”
“No, why?”
“Because I can hold them for you,” you intertwined your hands Jaime smile trying to stop the blood from rising.
“That was cute, but now it’s my turn,” Jaime leans closer with confident he didn’t know he had. “If I had a white rose for every time, I have thought about you, I would be walking through a garden,” he grabbed your intertwine hands kissing your hand.
“If I wasn’t babysat by him, I would be a blushing mess by now,” you murmur smirking. “I love you from your head to your toes – but there are some special parts I especially love!” Jaime panic chocking on his own spit. “Oh my God, Jaime are you okay. Man, don’t die on me I know that I’m amazing but please I don’t want you dead!” You exclaim worried sick about Jaime.
“¡Joder! Te odio. Eres una perra, nunca supe que eras capaz de tales cosas. Odio esto!” Jaime cursed standing up joining Tim and Garfield causing you to laugh. “I’ll give twenty bucks to whoever can beat her,” He gesture to you.
“I have an idea,” Roy declares rushing out of the room, in search of Bart.
“Guys I dunno, I don’t think he’ll win. I have never seen him get flirted back. He does all the flirting,” Virgil commented noting the knowing smile on your face.
“He’s all we got, because none of you want to go against her,” Tim shrugged slightly glaring at his teammates.
“Okay, Bart are you ready?” Garfield wonder.
“Don’t worry guys I got this,” he winks smirking.
“Okay. Round four: Bart and (Name). Go!”
“That’s a nice shirt,” Bart smirk leaning forward. “Can I take it off you?” You smile enjoying the challenge Bart was going to give you.
“Do you know Cassie over there wants your phone number?” You question leaning on the table coming closer.
“No, why?”
“So, she knows where to get a hold of me in the morning,” Bart smirk liking the way you challenge him.
“Oh, it’s on!” He exclaimed coming closer. “Let’s playhouse! You’ll be the door and I’ll slam you,”
“Did you know that I’m a mind reader?” You wonder causing Bart to raise his eyebrow.
“No, but why would that matter?”
“Because the answer to your question is yes,” you murmur leaning closer.
“I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you,” He leans forward, you could feel his breath on you.
“Okay I think that’s more than enough!” Cassie shout pulling the both of you from each other.
“But Cassie, I’m about to win this whole thing. Please, let me finish this,” You beg pouting causing Cassie to sigh before nodding her head. “Thanks, you’re the best!” you exclaimed leaning to whisper in his ear. “Wanna see a magic trick?” batting your eye slashes at him, slightly using your powers to heighten his emotions.
“S-sure,” Bart stuttered looking right ahead.
“I can make six inches disappear. Cause damn, I’ll ride you for hours and hours until my head is spinning and all I can think about is you,” you murmur causing Bart to blush scrambling away. “I’m the winner! You all are such wimps. Nobody will ever defeat me,” You stood up laughing in victory. Wally walks in confused with all the commotion that could be heard from the other room.
“What’s going on?” Wally wonder glancing at the Team.
“Apparently, (Name) is the best at making people flustered,” Tim answer slightly glaring at you.
“No, there’s no way,” He shakes his head not believing what Tim was saying.
“Yes way, Roy and Virgil didn’t go against her and even they are flustered. Hell, I’m flustered!” Cassie exclaims you notice the way everyone keeps their gaze away from you.
“There’s no way,” Wally argues. Cassie took out her phone showing Wally the video. “Oh my gosh, and I though she was innocent,” Wally eyes widen, causing Tim to nod his head.
“We all though that Gar was going to beat her, and then BAM she shots him down!” Tim commented.
“I think I had something to do with this, but who knows?” Wally shrugged.
“Yeah, you are the reason why all of this happen. All the times you ask me if a pickup line was okay or too inappropriate. I was the test subject for all your pickup lines, I still remember all those terrible ones that you keep on trying to make happen. Thankfully, you never succeeded, ” (Name) admitted.
“I have no idea if I should be proud or disappointed in myself,” Wally commented examining your posture.
¡Joder! Te odio. Eres una perra, nunca supe que eras capaz de tales cosas. Odio esto! - Fuck! I hate you. You are such a bitch; I never knew that you were capable of such things. I hate this!
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momo-whore · 2 days ago
i made a uquiz - choose ntt characters and i’ll assign you a simpsons kin
i think anyone can enjoy this quiz, regardless of their simpsons knowledge
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novaviis · a day ago
ngl I get really annoyed when all I hear in the yj fandom is “when is Wally coming back” and “Wally has to come back this season” etc because it’s treated like a guarantee when it’s not, and the show is so good and has so much value beyond that
but then I was watching some of the first season this morning and started sobbing because I miss Him 
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dailydccomics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leave lonely J’onn alone ಥ_ಥ he’s the glue that keeps them together
JLA Classified #44
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jayggarricks · a day ago
Still baffled as to why Wally went to Kyle for love advice. Like he may be one of your best friends but this man has a horrible track record. Please reconsider.
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brokenarrow32 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here’s my piece for Trans Dick Grayson week day one🙃
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