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its the dark edgy boy himself!
i wanted to draw Walter as a warm-up and just redrew from a comic panel and then i decided to figure out how i wanna draw his face | commissions open
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I’m not gonna get into the whole story of me being a Flash fan now.  I only got into the Scarlet Speedster’s mythos after I finished Flashpoint, and I subsequently bought every Wally West trade I could find, Bart Allen’s 13 or so issues as Flash, the Trial of the Flash Showcase, Flash: Rebirth, Barry Allen’s series before Flashpoint, and I am currently reading the New 52 Flash.  All that happened at the end of 2011-beginning of 2012 (I guess I did kinda get into the whole story a bit).  Anyway, two stories that really interested me were the Chain Lightning and Dark Flash arcs, but they’ve never been collected in trade.  Finally finished ‘em both.  The whole thing with Cobalt Blue and Barry Allen being twins was pretty soap-opera-y, but the whole story was too cool to me.  I mean, Flashes throughout time and space having to band together to battle this dynasty that despises them?  Awesome.  Fun read.  Then I got to the Dark Flash arc.  Now, I don’t know how people felt about the story back when it first came out, but I really, REALLY enjoyed it.  I just…that ending.  Kinda brought tears to my eyes.  The parallel of Wally and Linda kissing to seal their marriage while Walter and Angela share one final kiss before he has to find his way back to his own dimension was pretty heartbreaking.  Although what surprises more is–to the best of my knowledge–Walter West and Angela Margolin haven’t been used since.  That’s a little disheartening.  I really like Walter, and even though I probably didn’t have a reason to, I really like Angela as well.  Sucks that the two of them not only didn’t get a happy ending, but they also are never seen or heard from again.  I can’t believe neither of them have been used (even in a minor role) since.  

Oh well.  Just felt like I needed to type that down somewhere.  If any Flash fans find this, holla at ya boy.  I’ve only been reading the adventures of Those Who Ride the Lightning for a little over a year now, but it’s been pretty awesome.


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