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Corda di cuore di Drago: Dalle corde di cuore di drago si ottengono le bacchette più potenti, tendono ad imparare più in fretta delle altre e anche se possono cambiare lealtà legano in maniera molto forte con chi le possiede. E’ la più facile da convertire alle Arti Oscure anche se non lo fa di sua spontanea iniziativa ed è incline agli incidenti per via del suo essere lunatica. 

Biancospino: Gregorovitch, il fabbricante di bacchette, scrisse che dal biancospino si ricava una bacchetta insolita e contraddittoria, ricca di paradossi esattamente come l'albero che l'ha generata: i fiori e le foglie hanno poteri curativi, mentre i rami tagliati odorano di morte’. Sulle bacchette di biancospino consideriamo la loro natura complessa e intrigante, esattamente come quella di chi è più adatto a possederle. Le bacchette di biancospino saranno sì particolarmente efficaci nella magia curativa, ma sono anche versate nelle maledizioni, e ho notato che in generale si sentono più affini a un carattere ricco di contrasti, o con un mago che attraversa un periodo turbolento della sua vita. In ogni caso il biancospino non si domina facilmente e non mi sognerei mai di dare in mano una di queste bacchette a qualcuno che non sia un mago di dimostrato talento, o le conseguenze sarebbero disastrose. Vale la pena di ricordare che le bacchette di biancospino hanno una peculiarità: se maneggiate in modo sbagliato, i loro incantesimi possono ritorcersi contro chi li scaglia.

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3D model wand

  • De binnenkant van de wand bestaat uit houten balken.
  • Haaklatsystemen houden de blokken in de lucht.
  • Extra naden zorgen ervoor dat de VIROC-platen minder groot hoeven te zijn. Deze naden vallen minder op door de referentie naar de marmermijn.
  • Er is een plaat toegevoegd aan de achterkant van de display, zodat de houten balken niet meer te zien zijn wanneer je naar binnen kijkt.
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Wand core: Unicorn Hair (Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. - Garrick Ollivander)

Wand flexibility: Quite bendy (Kingsley believed in equality for all wizards including Muggleborns. Despite being an Auror, he did not blindly follow Ministry orders as he joined the Order of the Phoenix.)

Wand length: 14 inches

Wand wood: Cherry (This very rare wand wood creates a wand of strange power, most highly prized by the wizarding students of the school of Mahoutokoro in Japan, where those who own cherry wands have special prestige. The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often makes a wand that possesses truly lethal power, whatever the core, but if teamed with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind. - Garrick Ollivander)

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Hello friends! This is the result of my participation in an amazing Doremi fan art collaboration with extraordinary illustrators from my college. This time I chose Hazuki so I hope you like her.
The collaboration commemorates the 20th anniversary of Ojamajo Doremi and the release of the new film.

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(Unofficial) Inktober 2020 - Hey presto?

A wand or a staff? God knows! Someone should complain for a faulty-looking magical item sold in that bizarre market place in fantasy land. I mean, really, it’s all misaligned!   

Prompt = Magical Item


This image was drawn in HB pencil on the 19th November 2020. It was digitally enhanced in GIMP Image Editor on the 20th November 2020. Paper type = 130 gsm


Please do not repost, modify or sell this image.

(Reblogging is fine, though!)

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Maugrim’s arm was burning as they entered Feuerwind. As with the Wolves, as well as most towns in this part of Narnia, it was made up almost entirely of Mixlings, a group of people whose ancestry was a blend of various humanoids.
“You see anything wrong with this place, Wizard’s brat?” Louisa taunted her.
Maugrim stared at her feet.
Louisa grabbed her by the collar. “I asked you a question.”
“I don’t.”
“Me neither,” Louisa smirked.
“Leave her alone.” Ada scolded.
Louisa shrugged and walked away.
“Thank you,” Maugrim mumbled.
“A word of advice, recruit: Don’t provoke her,” Ada said.
Maugrim nodded, “Yes, ma'am.”
Ada nodded and returned to the front of the group.
Maugrim trailed behind the others.
Carmen and Eloise stayed near her.
“Louisa’s a bully, don’t mind her,” Eloise said.
“We kinda have to mind her,” Carmen reminded them, “She’s in Ada’s inner circle.”
“Well, either way, she’s mean.” Eloise shrugged.
Maugrim didn’t say anything.
The Wolves bought some supplies in the market and made camp outside the town.
Maugrim’s arm had finally stopped burning, but now it was completely numb.
She had been tasked with collecting firewood for the evening’s campfire, as had Eloise and Carmen. Maugrim tried to push through, but her wand arm was unusable. She couldn’t move it, let alone hold anything with it.
“Are you alright?” Carmen whispered.
“No, I can’t move my arm.”
“Are you hurt?”
“It’s more complicated than that.”
Louisa came out just then, “What’s taking you three so long?”
“Maugrim’s hurt,” Carmen said. “She can’t move her arm.”
“She’s throwing a fit because she didn’t get her way.”
“No, I’m not,” Maugrim said quietly. “I can’t feel my arm.” It was pretty clear which arm she was talking about, as it was dangling limply at her side.
“Can you feel this?” Louisa asked, pulling out her knife, grabbing Maugrim’s arm, and making a cut from elbow to wrist.
Eloise let out a squeak. Carmen gasped. Maugrim merely shook her head, “I can’t.”
Louisa looked a little taken aback. She made another cut near Maugrim’s elbow, smaller this time, “How about this?”
“You really think I wouldn’t have screamed at the first cut if I could feel it?”
Louisa actually looked worried. She went back to the camp. She returned with Ada shortly thereafter.
Ada examined Maugrim’s arm, “What’s this lump?” She asked, noting the area where the wand was.
Maugrim bit her lip.
Ada waited.
“A wand,” Maugrim mumbled.
“A what?” Louisa asked.“
"Wand. Some wizard’s inter wands in their own flesh or their children’s. They believe it increases their power and provides protection.”
“Your uncle put a wand in your arm?” Carmen gawked.
“Years ago.”
“How come you never told me?”
“It’s not the kind of thing that tends to come up.”
“Do you think the wand is causing this?” Ada asked gently.
“We should take it out then,” Louisa said.
“You can’t,” Maugrim said, “It’s right by the bone.”
Shock registered on Louisa’s face.
Ada looked thoughtful. “Well, you need to rest. No reason to worry yet. The issue may resolve itself.”
Maugrim nodded.
“Louisa,” Ada ordered, “help these two with the firewood. Maugrim, come back to camp.”
Louisa grumbled but did as she was told.

Maugrim woke up in the middle of the night. Her arm felt like it had been covered with acid. She grit her teeth.
She sat up, opened her eyes, and screamed. The forest was on fire.
Those around her jerked awake. A moment later, the sentries came running up to warn the camp. The Wolves were on their feet in seconds, each grabbing what she could reach and running for her life.

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