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you-said-yes · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"are you just going to complain the whole time?"
"well, someone has to!"
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bryzharkness · 24 minutes ago
Official Masterlist
Started: 4/20/21
Last updated: 4/20/21
Total Works: 7
Agatha x Reader
Bad Idea
Blonde and Blonder
Your Sweater
You Know I Love You
Shopping for Love
New Neighbor
Agatha x Wanda
Love at Last
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imagines4thepeeps · 26 minutes ago
It's a dream, the kind the makes you question reality (Elizabeth Olsen x reader)
For @xxxtwilightaxelxxx
Request: Heya, could I request an Elizabeth Olsen imagine where they haven't seen each other in months due to lockdown but with restrictions slowly being lifted, yn visits where she is staying for ds2 and their emotional at seeing each other again. And because they sadly couldn't spend christmas together they open their presents then instead lol (I did this with my dad the other week, hadn't seen him since november, but did it at a park not at his house lol) please and thank you :3
Tumblr media
Your chest heaved with anticipation as the wheels of the plane touched down in London. Hands started to shake, and tears were forcing their way out of your eyes. Quickly you swiped them away, ensuring no one saw. Your knuckles turned white as they gripped the armrest to help you regain composure.
You and your girlfriend were only supposed to be apart for a week. It had now been five months since you had seen your girl. That short peck on the lips and tired early morning hug ended up being your last for a long while.
Sure there had been FaceTime and Skype and all the other things to make sure she didn’t forget your face. But that wasn’t your full, “Bright as the sun.” Lizzie.
When the attendant indicated it was safe to exit, your breath hitched. This moment seemed like it was occurring in an alternate reality. You stood up, using the seat in front of you to keep your shaky legs from buckling. Your mind was a blur of anxiety as you neared the large waiting group of people. It was full of families, long-lost loves, and business ventures never to be known. As your eyes scanned the wide-open space, you felt that everyone here was in the same boat as you. The feeling was that of overwhelming relief like you had weathered a seemingly endless storm. Now you were all here able to breathe in that post-storm mist.
“(Y/n)! “ your head snapped to see a woman full sprinting to you. A genuine smile, the first in a while, widened on your mouth. Your arms opened for the woman as she flung herself into your arms. You stumbled back a bit at the force but made a quick recovery.
Emerald eyes met your own as she leaned back to study your features. You did the same, printing every segment of the life in front of you into concrete memory. From the way her hands felt as they ran all over you, making sure your being was solid and assessed in full. To the soft satin of her hair, now cut into bangs. Your hands reached her ribs, finding serenity in the steady rise and fall of her lungs. Your gazes both settled on one another’s lips. She pulled your mouth against her own then, in a kiss like none the world has ever seen. That, like the signature of an artist, sealed the perfect mental Van Gogh you had sculpted into life in your mind.
The ride to the rental home was a silent one. Words were all you had in those lost months. They weren’t necessary now, the two of you basking in the comfortable domestic silence. The driver, seeming to notice, sighed in the beauty of the radiating feeling.
Once inside, you sank into the arms of the woman you loved. You rested your foreheads together, breathing the same air, thinking the same thoughts.
“Presents?” You asked after a long while of just being together. You heard her giggle and felt her nod against you. Your heart swelled, looking away for a moment to contain yourself from the cuteness overload. After saving your heart from exploding, you grabbed the suitcase you had stuffed full of gifts. She moved as well to gather the various packages she had left under the makeshift tree. She joked that this whole fiasco had given her the perfect excuse to leave the decorations up. Though, they weren’t very much due to the lockdown.
Now comfortably in your new Wandavision pajamas, which Lizzie had snagged for you way back when they were filming. You stood in the kitchen with Lizzie, listening intently to her gentle instruction. She was ever the teacher and a perfectly splendid cook if you did say so yourself. The smell of fresh-baked sugar cookies filled the home with faux holiday cheer. You laughed and attempted to get away as Lizzie took a bit of excess red icing and booped it on your nose, noticing your spaced-out look. You couldn't help but lose yourself in the moment; you were a family again.
You both smiled as you connected the emerald-eyed beauty's lips to your own. Finally, the tension in your shoulders fully relaxed, and true peace overtook you.
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dizzydancingdreamer · an hour ago
The Brooklyn Police Department | Bucky Barnes, Loki Laufeyson, Wanda Maximoff
Hey lovelies! Bringing you some chaos team comedy on this fine Tuesday evening. This one was so much fun to write! Please do enjoy!
Appetizers (Tags): Fluff / Comedy
Entres (Pairing): Bucky Barnes x F!Reader, Loki Laufeyson x F!Reader, Wanda Maximoff x F!Reader (Third Person)
Sides (Prompts): 1: “I don’t like it when you have plans.”, 12: “I should not be left in charge of stuff like this. I don’t get paid enough. I don’t get paid, period.” , 16: “Can you believe they call us criminals when he’s assaulting us with that haircut?”
Notes: Requested by @imdreamingwiththestars (you better like this lol I tried to get to your level of humor but gods know I'll never be as funny as you)
Word Count: 1.2k
Dinner at Dizzy’s Master List
Tumblr media
“I think while we sit here we should recap why we’re all here— sound good?” She meets the eyes of three, not so happy Avengers, and smiles.
“No.” Bucky grumbles from across from her, arms crossed against his chest, scowl illuminated by the lights of the police station jail cell.
She rolls her eyes, kicking out her foot to nudge his boot. “Well too bad, it wasn’t a question. Communication is the key to happy relationships.”
“With all due respect, love—” a hand curls around her waist, drawing her attention from the annoyed super soldier to the amused god— “we all communicated and we still ended up in prison.”
“Jail—” Wanda cuts in, a sugary smile on her face— “we’re in jai, not prison. It’s different. I think.”
Bucky huffs at that and the redhead lolls her face onto his shoulder, crossing her arms as well. He blinks down at her, rolling his eyes but letting it happen, his cheeks reddening slightly under the fluorescents.
“Is it?” Loki mumbles, one of his eyebrows quirking up. “We don’t have two prison systems on Asgard. I would know. What’s the difference?”
Bucky nudges y/n’s foot back, tossing it back and forth absentmindedly. “It’s kinda like you go to jail for the petty things— like the ‘you’re an idiot for getting caught’ things— and you go to prison for the horrible things— the ‘we’re idiots for not catching you sooner’ things.”
Wanda laughs, closing her eyes. “If that’s the case then maybe we should be in prison— they’re the idiots for not catching us sooner.”
The other two laugh as well, clearly agreeing, and y/n has to bite her lip to keep from joining in. She should not be laughing at the fact that they’re all in jail together. It is kind of funny, though— the circumstances that is. Only they could manage to do something like this.
“I still can’t believe you made all the cars in the city disappear.” She huffs, the corner of her traitorus mouth ticking up.
The red-haired girls eyes fly open, cheeks flooding the same shade. “It was an accident!”
“And—” Loki chimes in matter of factly, leaning down to brush his nose across her cheek— “we brought them all back. So, no harm done.”
She barks out a laugh, slipping her hand up around his jaw, patting his cheek lightly. “Oh yeah, no harm at all, baby. Just tri-state trauma. A couple thousand trips to therapy. Can someone tell me again why, though, you made the cars disappear?”
Wanda pouts at her and y/n scrunches her nose— she wants to be mad so badly but it’s impossible. She’s too cute. They all are. It’s infuriating. She passes the witch a small smile, the humor of the situation catching up to her. She falls deeper against the trickster god, dropping her hand from his cheek and instead lacing her fingers with his. In turn his lips press against her head.
Bucky shrugs, drawing her attention to the super soldier. “I don’t like it when you have plans.”
He says it so nonchalantly, an easy grin spread across his handsome face. He says it like it’s a fact. She supposes that it is but that still doesn’t explain anything. She nudges his foot back, rolling her eyes, and all he does is wink at her. It’s quite clear that he doesn’t give a single shit about the actions that lead up to his back being pressed against the concrete wall of the Brooklyn Police Department cells.
“To be fair—” Wanda adds— “it was only supposed to be one car.”
“Your car.” Loki.
She sighs— she should have seen that one coming. “My car?”
The god and the witch give their affirmatives and her eyes flit to Bucky for the third confirmation.
“I really don’t like when you have plans?” Bucky shrugs again, only looking slightly more guilty about it— as in, not at all still.
She sighs, thumping her head against Loki. “I was going grocery shopping— and I asked if you wanted to come with me!”
The god behind her laughs, his chest purring below her. “And I told you, love, that I didn’t.”
“So the immediate course of action was to make my car vanish?”
Bucky snorts and Wanda giggles alongside him, both clearly amused. “We were on a time crunch, doll. You were walking out the door.”
Y/n huffs, smile twisting her lips, a few giggles spilling out of her lips. A family of criminals, that’s now what they are. Quite literally as thick as thieves. Stark’s probably having a field day with this one right now. She can already hear the lecture. You’re supposed to be keeping them in line, Y/n. Whatever, tinman. How about you try it if it’s so easy. She giggles harder— she would give all the money in her wallet to see him in this cell.
“You guys are the worst—” she laughs, finally breaking because, hey, what else is she supposed to do— “I can’t believe you got me taken down with you. I’m an innocent!”
“Aiding and abetting is still a crime.” Bucky teases.
“How did I—”
“You tried to shove me in the closet.” Wanda deapans.
Oh. Yeah. She did do that, didn’t she? Oops.
“If you hadn’t have started laughing it would have worked.” She grumbles back, shaking her head at the witch who— as is on brand for her at this point— giggles.
“It’s not my fault! Bucky was—”
“I should not be left in charge of stuff like this. I don’t get paid enough. I don’t get paid, period.”
Wanda’s plea gets lost in the sound of an exhausted, familiar voice. Pepper Potts rounds the corner in the next second, head turned to the guard beside her, keys clutched firmly in one hand and cellphone in the other, held away from her face. The press no doubt.
“Never date an Avenger—” she scolds the guard, her tone light but her eyes serious— “you’ll go grey at thirty.”
Pepper’s eyes snap to y/n and she raises her strawberry blonde brows, shaking her head. That was definitely aimed at her. Too late, Pepper. Another guard rounds the corner, stopping to join the conversation, and y/n turns back to the rag tag team— her rag tag team— reiterating Pepper’s head shake through one of her own. She slides forward, pulling Loki along with her, until she's huddled against the wall between the super soldier and the god. Wanda doesn’t protest, only sits up long enough for her head to shift from one shoulder to the next.
For a few moments they just sit there in silence, listening to Pepper bargain for their freedom, until finally Bucky speaks up, his voice gravelly and not nearly as low as should be. He really doesn’t give a fuck.
“Can you believe they call us criminals when he’s assaulting us with that haircut?”
Three groans sound— three stifled giggles— as Pepper’s head springs up, her eyes bugging out of her face.
“What did he say?”
“You little punk!” Little— sure.
And that is the story of how James “Bucky” Barnes earned a witch, a god, a girlfriend, and him, a super soldier, four extra hours at the Brooklyn Police Department.
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heldheart · 2 hours ago
“Change is exhausting. I feel like there’s nowhere to hide from all the newness of everything. Except here. With you.” (Steve to his sis)
November 10, 2011
Tumblr media
Five months after the Rogers’ siblings had been freed from the ice, and back into the world again, things were still difficult. The pair had found things hard to adjust after going into the ice back in 1945 and the war even before that, things were very much different now, and though Bexley was thankful to still be alive back in the new century, it took a lot out of here to be here like this. Her brother, too. She pulled him into a hug and held him close, “I know the feeling well. I’m happy to be out of the ice and the war but...” She paused. “It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it Stevie?” The blonde asked using her childhood name for him before she expelled a gentle sigh. “The world’s not how it once was. It takes some getting used but we can do it.”
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mesabird · 2 hours ago
I don’t l know what’s going to happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I don’t have Wanda Vision.
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americana-gothic · 2 hours ago
I've been binge-watching ScarletStrange fan videos and I'm so not prepared to see how it goes once Clea is introduced. 🤣🤣🤣
Probably be hilarious but ahhhh
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vizh · 2 hours ago
Wanda: Did you separate the egg yolks from the egg whites?
Vision: Yes i did. Here are the whites.
Wanda: Vision... These are the shells.
Vision: Well what color are they?
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bumblesimagines · 2 hours ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Part 8
Request: Yes or No
Sam and y/n had more development than y/n and Wanda lmao
You crossed your arms as you entered the room, glancing at the older man. You shared a look with Sam and Wanda, taking a seat in between Sam and Vision. You licked your lips, leaning towards Sam.
"What's this about?" You asked quietly, gaze flickering to Tony who sat in a corner.
"If I had to guess.. Probably about what happened in Lagos." Sam replied, glancing at Steve and Natasha. You frowned, looking at the Secretary of State.
"The world owes the Avengers an unpayable debt." He began, gaze sweeping over everyone in the room.
"You have.. Fought for us, protected us, risked your lives but while a great many people see you as heroes, there are some who would prefer the term 'vigilantes.'"
"And what word would you use, Mr. Secretary?" Natasha asked, studying the older man. You looked back at Tony Stark, making brief eye contact with him. It felt like an intervention. Or a teacher scolding their class after they made the sub cry.
"How about dangerous?" You frowned, looking forward when you heard his words.
"What would you call a group of US based enhanced individuals who routinely ignore borders and inflict their will wherever they choose and who, quite frankly, seem unconcerned about what they leave behind?" Mr. Secretary asked, looking over the small group in disappointed. You'd hate to admit it, but he had a point. The citizens of Sokovia were left to find new homes and the people of Lagos had to fix what had been destroyed. Mr. Secretary stepped to the side, looking at the screen. Videos began playing of all the times the Avengers caused destruction and most likely death. Wanda looked away, growing uncomfortable as the aftermath of the Lagos incident played. She already felt guilty enough about it. She had told you many times how she wished it would've gone differently. Steve noticed, frown deepening.
"That's enough." He called, watching the screen turn off.
"For the last few years, you've operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That's a decision the governments of the world can no longer tolerate." Mr. Secretary told them, hands clasped behind his back. You frowned, brows furrowing slightly.
"But we have a solution." Mr. Secretary took a book from his bodyguard, stepping forward and handing it to Wanda. Wanda picked it up, looking it over.
"The Sokovia Accords.. Approved by a hundred and seventeen countries." Wanda slid the book over to Rhodes so he could take a proper look at it. You looked at Mr. Secretary as he walked around the table.
"It states that the Avengers shall no longer be a private organization. Instead, they'll operate under the supervision of The United Nations Panel, only when and if that panel deems it necessary."
"That's such bullshit." You whispered. Mr. Secretary turned towards you, cocking a brow. Natasha let an amused smile slip while Sam covered up his snicker with a cough.
"The Avengers were created to make the world a safer place." Steve spoke up before he could address you.
"This is the middle ground." Mr. Secretary said, walking to the front again and facing everyone.
"The Accords will be ratified in a couple days." Steve turned towards Tony, earning a silent response.
"I'll leave you to discuss."
"And if we come to a decision you don't like?" Leave it to Natasha to say what was on everyones' minds. Mr. Secretary paused as he approached the door.
"Then you retire." He answered plainly. You watched him leave, picking up the cup of water infront of You You went to take a sip but it turned to ice before you could drink from it. With a small huff, you placed it down.
"That's new." Natasha called with a small smile, hoping to ease the tension in the room. You stood up, leaving the meeting room and heading to the lounge. The others followed, taking more comfortable seats on the couch. A debate quickly started between Rhodes and Sam while Steve looked through the Accords.
"Have you two thought about starting a debate club?" You asked, tapping the frozen water a few times before it finally turned back to normal water. Natasha let out a small snort, chuckling as she shook her head.
"I have an equation." Vision announced, stopping Rhodes and Sam. They turned towards him.
"In the eight years since Mr. Stark announced himself as Iron Man, the number of enhanced people has grown and during the same period, the number of world ending events has risen."
"So, it's Starks' fault?" You asked, leaning back in your seat with a tilted head. Tony scoffed from his spot on the couch, rolling his eyes.
"I'm saying, there might be a causality. Our very strength invites challenge, challenge insights conflict, and conflict... Breeds catastrophe. Oversight is not an idea that should be dismissed."
"I wish I understood half of what you said." You muttered softly, running your finger the leaf of a plant beside the seat. Natasha turned towards Tony, watching him.
"You're being uncharacteristic non-hyper verbal." Natasha pointed out softly as he looked at her with a deep sigh. Steve looked up from the Accords.
"It's cause he already made up his mind." Steve said, earning a small eye roll. Tony slowly sat up, rubbing the back of his head.
"Actually, I'm nursing a headache." He muttered as he stood up, walking towards the coffee machine. He poured himself some coffee and grabbed a bottle of pills before sighing and placing down a device. He showed an image of a young man.
"Oh, that's Charles Spencer, by the way. A great kid. Computer engineering degree, 3.6 GPA, had a floor level gig for the fall. He decided to spend his summer building sustainable housing for the people in Sokovia." Tony said, obviously agitated as he looked over everyone. You wondered why he now cared for the people who were injured during attacks.
"He wanted to make a difference although we'll never know cause we dropped a building on him while kicking ass." Everyone stayed silent as he spoke. You watched him take a pill, drinking it with the coffee.
"There's no decision making here. We need to be put in check. Whatever form that takes, I'm game. If we can't accept limitations, we're no better than the bad guys."
"Tony, when someone dies on your watch, you don't give up." Steve closed the Accords, looking at Tony with a frown.
"Who says we're giving up?"
"We are by not taking responsibilities for our actions. This document shifts the blame." Steve voiced his opinion, shrugging lightly.
"Steve, that is dangerously arrogant." Rhodes spoke up, shaking his head. Steve turned towards him.
"This is the United Nations we're talking about. It's not the world security counsel, it's not S.H.I.E.L.D, it's not HYDRA-"
"But it's run by people with agendas and agendas change." Steve pointed out as you rubbed your forehead, sighing softly. Both sides had good points but you sided with Steve. The team was obviously divided.
"What do you think, (Y/N)?" Vision asked, looking at you curiously. You licked your lips, gaze focusing on Tony.
"I'm curious as to why you care so much about this Charles guy. You've had, what was it? Eight years as Iron Man to care about the people who get hurt? Why now? Cause you realized one of those people could become the new you? Would you care this much about Charles if he had been a typical guy? No degree, no plans for the future, just a normal guy working a normal 9 to 5 job and just trying to make it through the week. I agree with Steve. What if something happens and they don't send us to help because it doesn't go with their agenda? People get hurt cause you've never set up a system to help after these things happen. You're a fucking billionaire, Tony. Make a company that's designed to help people get back on their feet after the Avengers bulldoze through cities." You said, legs crossing as you looked over everyone else. Steve gave a small nod, glad you were seeing his side. He checked his phone, abruptly standing and announcing he had to leave. You and the others watched him go in confusion.
"To answer your questions, I do care about normal people." Tony said, arms crossing. You let out a soft groan, leaning back in the couch.
"I'm sorry, what are you? Twelve? Didn't you turn twenty this year?" Tony cocked a brow, watching as you rolled your eyes and stood.
"Yeah, I did turn twenty. Surprised you knew considering you've never particularly liked me."
"Well, first impressions are everything and you did try impaling me with a branch."
"Maybe I should've."
"Alright, boys, let's calm down." Natasha called, placing a hand on your shoulder. You turned and walked towards the steps, heading down to your room at the facility. You entered and plopped down on the bed, running a hand through your hair. You tapped your foot on the ground, fingers going to the root bracelets in an attempt to relax. Wanda opened the door, closing it behind her and sitting beside you.
"What's wrong?" She asked softly, staring at you in concern. You weren't one to snap at others so quickly.
"There's so much going on. The Accords, my fucking powers, the sudden change in Nat and Tony, you possibly getting into trouble cause of the Lagos incident.. That could've been me." You breathed out. Wanda frowned, brows furrowing.
"No, it wouldn't have."
"I shot fire out of my hands and turned water to ice without meaning to. They're getting unpredictable." You looked at her, grip on the roots tightening. Wanda's gaze flickered to the window, making you turn. Part of the window was covered in a thin layer of ice.
"And that just proved my point."
"You're an incredible person, (N/N). Have faith in yourself. You'll gain control of them sooner or later. You have beautiful powers that could change and heal the world." Wanda pointed out gently, having you rest your head on her shoulder. She softly began to hum a lullaby. You didn't understand the words but her soft voice proved to be soothing.
"Thank you."
"Why'd you call me again?" You asked, toying with the strings of your hoodie as you looked around the cafe. You had planned on taking a nap and watching a new show on Netflix but it seemed like Steve had other plans for you.
"Because I trust you and need your help." Steve replied, fixing his baseball cap as he tried avoiding eye contact with civilians.
"Really?" You asked softly. Steve nodded, offering a smile. He licked his lips, nodding to the tv. You turned, looking at the news. You really didn't have to considering what they were showing was right down the street.
"Your friend?" You looked back at Steve with a tilted head.
"We gotta find him before anyone else does." Steve said. You nodded, watching him. Steve had been desperately trying to find his friend, Bucky, since the attempt on Furys' life.
"I'll go in alone. We don't want to seem threatening or set him off by going in as a trio."
"(Y/N)? Being threatening? He can't even scare a baby!" Sam said in amusement, shooting you a playful grin.
"Right back at you, bird boy."
"I'm sorry, who here is named after the top bird of prey?" Sam asked, leaning forward slightly as Steve let out an amused sigh.
"Oh, I didn't know you were named after eagles." You responded, smiling in triumph when Sam huffed lightly.
"Come on, you two." Steve chuckled, leaving the cafe and heading down the sidewalk.
"I don't trust Stark." You told them, arms crossing. Sam glanced at you as Steve turned into an alleyway.
"Not surprised considering the little fight you two had."
"I think he had Vis keep an eye on me and Wanda. I snuck out while he was with Wanda in the kitchen." You told him, frowning.
"Firstly, I'm an adult-"
"That's questionable."
"-And secondly, he's not my dad." You took off the hoodie as Steve unlocked a car parked in the alleyway, giving Sam the duffle bag with his outfit. You looked at your phone when it buzzed, seeing texts from Clint.
Heard you had a fight with Stark
You're officially an Avenger now
You smiled softly, chuckling softly at the texts. You waited for the guys to finish changing before taking the earpiece from Steve. The apartment building had been nearby so you and Sam headed onto the roof while Steve entered.
"How well do you think this will go?" You asked Sam, looking for any sign of law enforcement.
"Wanna bet?"
"How much?" You looked at him, giving a small grin. Sam looked up at the sky for a moment, thinking it over.
"30 bucks. I bet this will go to shit and this dude will escape."
"I bet we'll get into serious shit but this dude will either come with us or get caught." You replied. Sam stuck out his hand, nodding. You shook it, chuckling softly. You turned your head, noticing movement.
"We've got company, Cap."
"They're approaching from the south." Sam added, attention focused on them. You heard Steve begin to talk to someone, watching the cars pull in and get ready. You turned your head, hearing the door to the roof open.
"Shit." You whispered, letting Sam pick you up and lift you into the air. You could hear the fight going on inside through the earpiece.
"Should we help?" You asked, glancing up at Sam.
"No clue." Sam replied, watching Bucky jump from the apartment onto the roof of another building. You noticed someone running at a high speed, jumping up onto the roof and knocking Bucky down.
"They have cat ears." You mumbled, pushing Sam's arms away.
"Deal with them." You motioned to the German police force on the roof, hoping down onto the roof. You raised your hand, a root shooting out and grabbing the strangers arm, refraining them from clawing at Bucky. Bucky turned his head, making eye contact with you. Your eyes widened when the man grabbed the root, using what felt like super strength to toss you off the roof. You quickly used a root to grab onto the side, breathing out a sigh of relief. Sam took care of a helicopter before flying by to grab you.
"Thanks." You breathed out, holding onto him as he followed the chase. Steve, Bucky, and the cat guy went into one of the tunnels. Sam flew in once there was an opening, trying to help Steve with the cat guy. You huffed when the cat guy grabbed Sam's ankle, pointing your hand at him and shooting a strong gust of air. The cat guy lost his grip monetarily but quickly grabbed on again. Bucky threw up an explosive so Sam quickly stopped, flinging the guy off him. Sam landed, walking past the rubble. You sighed, raising your hands as you and Sam were quickly surrounded by cops.
"Mom's gonna kill me." You whispered.
"That's what you're concerned about?" Sam asked, glancing at you in disbelief.
"We're getting arrested, (Y/N)!"
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ashyblondwaves · 2 hours ago
Has Vision ever done something heroic but very dangerous that was caught on the TV? After everyone was safe did he look at the cameras and swear under his breath because he knew Wanda will have seen it and he'll be in the dog house? What happened when he got home? Makeup sex? Snuggles?
He definitely has. But the kicker is he didn’t even realize it was on TV so he got home and was completely unsuspecting as to what he was coming home to. Wanda laid into him, of course. “How dare you do something so unnecessarily dangerous!” Vision goes quiet and just lets Wanda get her anger out and then suddenly she’s kissing him, cursing at him through lips and teeth and they make their way to the bedroom, away from the eyes of prying little children playing in the backyard (the kids are a bit older when this happened, so they play outside by themselves) and Wanda just rides Vision until they’re both exhausted and Vision cooks dinner for everyone and all is well afterward. 
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tonystarkisaslut · 2 hours ago
Wanda Natasha, Braiding
Natasha is singing softly, braiding Wanda’s hair carefully with nimble fingers. It’s in Russian, and the words are close enough to Sakovian most of the time that Wanda gets the gist.
Wanda lets out a soft breath, a tired smile on her lips. “That’s a beautiful song,” she says softly, just above a whisper.
“Thank you,” Natasha murmurs, almost absently. “I can’t remember who taught it to me.”
Wanda hums, not knowing what to say but what it to show she’s still listening.
Natasha smiles as she finishes her work, patting her head softly. “There ya go. All braided.”
Wanda smiles and turns around, touching her hair softly. “Thank you, Natasha. You’ll have to teach me how to braid some day, so I can do it myself.”
Nat smiles, eyes soft. “Of course. How’s your arm feeling?”
Wanda sighs and looks down at her arm, burned ten ways to Sunday and bandaged up. “It still hurts. Thank you again, Nat. It would have hurt too much to brush my hair.”
Natasha smiles, nodding once. “Anytime, Wanda.”
Wanda kneels beside the lake, fingers coursing through the dirt. Tony’s funeral finished an hour ago, but Wanda hasn’t moved.
Tony saved the universe, yes, but so did Natasha. And if no one else is going to celebrate that, then she will.
Wanda braids her hair with dirty fingers, not caring about it though. “Thank you, Natasha,” she whispers, tears falling down her face.
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sunsetsintandem · 2 hours ago
Stuck In The Multiverse AU where after Pietro dies, MCU!Wanda unconsciously latches onto X-men!Peter. They can feel everything the other feels, and even though they've never actually met, the two form a close bond between themselves. And then Avengers: Infinity War happens. Wanda's grief is potent, harsh and calling,
It's not Wanda opening the door to him, though. Peter's fast. Fast enough to accidentally shift out of sync with his own reality and into another's. But not fast enough to save Wanda. By the end of it all, he's stranded in a country he's never heard of, in a dimension that isn't his, with no way back in sight.
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giasesshoumaru · 2 hours ago
“They’ll never know what you sacrificed for them.”
“It wouldn’t change how they see me. I don’t understand this power. But I will.” - Monica Rambeau and Wanda Maximoff (WandaVision, Episode 9)
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Thanks for the lesson… but I don’t need you to tell me who I am.” - Wanda Maximoff to Agatha Harkness (WandaVision, Episode 9)
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“You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you're my love.” - Wanda Maximoff to Vision (WandaVision, Episode 9)
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A Second Chance to Love You - Part 6
Word count: 4k 
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Avenger!Reader 
Warning: Jealous Wanda lmao
A/N: Enjoy loves! <3 Tags are now at the bottom as it’s growing haha hope I haven’t missed anyone! x
Also, I wanna say thank you to @canarypoint for always hyping this story up and for always helping me with brainstorming for new parts💛
Not my gif! 
Tumblr media
A Second Chance to Love You - Part 6 
A small weight rests upon your stomach as you feel a steady breath against your neck, causing you to stir at the odd feeling. Blinking a few times you allow your eyes to adjust to the new day before glancing briefly at the body next to you suddenly aware of your current position with the witch, eyes wide you contemplate for a few moments whether to wake the sleeping woman or escape as quietly as possible to avoid the awkwardness. 
“Your thoughts are pretty loud,” Wanda mumbles suddenly, causing you to startle in fright. 
“Jesus, Wanda.” You mutter, placing your hand over your chest as you wait for the beats to steady once more. Sitting up right, you lean against the headboard watching as Wanda stretches yawning as she wakes fully. 
“Oh my god, I just realised they’re gonna wonder why you aren’t downstairs and then they're gonna see you and me-” 
“Relax, I’ll leave first to say that I used your shower that you kindly allowed me to use and then you can come down after. Besides, it’s not like we did anything,” she teases, grinning from ear to ear causing you to grab the pillow from behind your back and hitting her with it. 
“You wish you could get with this,” you joke back, watching as she blushes slightly before proceeding to leap out of the bed and head for the bathroom door but pauses as she turns to face you again, a small glint appearing within her bright green eyes. 
“And you think you could deny me?" she winks at you with a devilish grin before closing the bathroom door leaving you flustered and gaping after her retreating form. 
“Little Witch,” you grumble, flopping forward to hide your face into your covers. 
‘What am I doing?’
Ten minutes pass by before Wanda enters back into your bedroom again, her hair damp as she stands in her nightwear from the night before, ready to go along with the lie she’s created. She throws the wet towel at your sleeping self causing you to yelp at the wet texture on your face, hearing her chuckle.
“I’m going to go down now, I can smell the bacon and I know what Sam and Bucky are like,” she informs, moving towards the bedroom door. You nod shyly at her as you begin to stand stretching your limbs, just missing the way her eyes lingered on your exposed skin where your top had risen. 
“Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.” you mumble through your yawns, missing her blushed cheeks as she nods mutely before leaving. You quickly go to brush your teeth before exiting your room confident that you gave it enough time before leaving to face the others. Quietly leaving the room you begin to walk towards the staircase pausing when you notice a certain redhead leaning against the wall, a coffee mug in hand as that familiar smirk appears on her lips. 
“Good morning,” she practically sings, those emerald eyes bursting with amusement. You glare at your friend knowing exactly what she saw. 
“Not a word, Romanoff,” you warn her, taking the mug swiftly out of her hand and taking a gulp before proceeding to descend down the stairs as you faintly hear her quiet sniggering behind you. 
"What? I'm just finally happy to see you two getting along," she murmurs, swiftly taking her mug back from your hand and taking a sip as you roll your eyes.
"I know that tone, Natasha. We're just friends," you mutter, hating how that disappointing feeling settled in your stomach at those words. Natasha shrugs next to you as if not quite believing your statement before leaving you to head towards the kitchen. Knowing that it wouldn't be the last time you talked about it, you sigh before following after her. 
Your eyes instantly find sparkling green emeralds that hold a certain softness as you take in the witch who stands leaning against the counter, tea in hand. Deciding not to make it obvious you quickly divert your gaze and sit next to Steve. Reaching across, you go to grab a spare plate before loading it up with delicious breakfast foods, noticing the odd silence in the room you look up from your task, your eyes instantly locking with Clint who tries to hide his smirk behind his mug. Glaring at him, you decide to remain quiet knowing that familiar glint. 
“So… find anything interesting outside last night?” His words cause you to pause momentarily before stabbing your fork into the fresh scrambled eggs. 
“I don’t know what you mean,” you comment innocently. Sam scoffs at the other end of the table before clearing his throat as he takes in your glaring expression. 
“Oh, I just thought you might have found something outside and it got in with all that noise coming from down here is all,” his undertone teasing you as his eyes remain fixated on yours, not giving anything away. He suddenly flinches as his chair screeches before you look over to Natasha who sits next to him trying subtly to shut him up. 
“That’s enough guys, I thought maybe we could discuss your decision about what you wanna do next y/n?” Steve’s authoritative voice, puts an end to the exchange. Baby blue eyes seek out your own as he waits for your response. Suddenly losing your appetite you place your fork onto the plate before shrugging. 
“I haven’t decided yet. I just need a few more days to think about it,” you mutter, quickly staring down at your hands that now rest on your lap. Steve nods, a troubling frown appearing between his brows. 
“Well, whatever you decide just know whether you remember this or not, we’re family and we’ll always be there for you.” He murmurs softly, nudging your shoulder with his softly and gentle smile forming before he looks around the group who all nod collectively. The group remains silent for a moment as they go back to eating before three ten dollar bills appear within your frontal view, causing you to frown before a smug grin appears on your face. 
“A bet is a bet,” Wanda jokes, waving the dollar bills in front of you before taking them from her instantly, winking over to Sam and Bucky who glare back. 
“I take it back, if you lose your memory entirely I’m telling you that you used to be married to Steve,” Sam grumbles. The joke causes you to laugh out loud, thankful that some of them -like Sam- aren’t sugar-coating the situation. 
“Wouldn’t be a bad thing, hey Soldier?” you direct your teasing to Steve who begins to redden at your words before shaking his head. 
“Now that’s the y/n I remember,” he mutters under his breath in a quiet chuckle. His words somehow warm you, hopefulness spreading throughout your body. 
Your eyes cast over to Wanda who remained silent throughout the exchange while everyone else chuckled and chimed in, conflict evident in her expression before she notices you staring. Her lips twitch into a half smile before she quietly leaves the room, muttering about getting changed for the day. Her odd behaviour baffles you for a moment, wondering what might have upset her before going after her, ignoring the heavy gazes of the group following your retreating form. You manage to gently take her hand as she reaches the top of the stairs before quickly retreating it back to your side, flustered under her gaze. 
“Are you okay?” 
She nods before licking her lips, a clear sign that she’s lying. Raising an eyebrow at her expression, she sighs. “It’s nothing, I'm fine. Hey, do you want to head into town with me and Natasha? I promised Laura I’d restock the food for when she comes back with the kids,” Wanda changes the topic, her eyes begging you to drop it. With a defeated nod you do. 
“Yeah sure, I’ll meet you downstairs soon,” you respond instead, quickly brushing past her towards your room still confused about her behaviour. 
After you had showered and gotten changed for the day, you decided to finally join the two downstairs ready for your day out. If you were being honest with yourself, you couldn’t wait to get out of the house and to spend more time with the two, especially Wanda. After last night you felt closer to the witch and enjoyed her company immensely. The irony that you both never got along before this still sticks with you every time you think about it. 
With your bag thrown over your shoulder you head for the stairs hurrying down the creaky steps, the sight you’re greeted with at the bottom gives you pause. 
Standing close to the front door is Wanda and Vision, the android’s hand placed upon her arm as he talks quietly to her before she beams at him. The sight causes you to tense,  jaw twitching as he goes to tuck an escaped strand behind her ear. The action makes your blood boil as doubtful thoughts swirl in your head taking the two in before you. A soft hand places itself upon your shoulder instantly relaxing you, startling you out of your glaring stance. Natasha’s eyes remain fixated on the pair in front of you as she speaks to you. 
“It’s not what it looks like, Y/N.” Her words fall on deaf ears as you shrug from her hold. 
“Whatever, what do I care,” you grumble, heading over to the two a forced smile appearing on your lips. 
“You ready to go, Wand?” Your presence causes her to halt her conversation with him as her green eyes take you in, a wide smile gracing her lips. 
“Hey! Yeah, sorry Vision was telling me about the locally owned market in town, maybe we should try there?” She mentions, her tone light and unaware of Vision’s gaze that still remains upon her face. 
“Yeah I know the place, on James street. It’s been there for years. Laura can’t stand the squash from that place. It makes her nauseous, been like that since she had Nate,” you ramble, folding your arms across your chest oblivious to the silence in the room as Natasha joins the group, gaping at you. Your eyes widen at their expressions.
“What?” you remain confused, as you go to squeeze past the two blocking the door. Quickly opening the door you begin to step out before pausing realising no one else is following. 
“You just said Nate, as in Nathaniel. You used to always call him Nate,” Wanda murmurs, her expression torn and conflicted. 
“Not to mention Laura’s hate for squash during the pregnancy-” Natasha adds, her eyes searching yours for any signs of recognition to your words. You frown trying to think back on your words to see if you can remember any memories attached to them. 
“I-um I dunno, I keep getting these dreams that are like memories, maybe it was something I remembered from them?” You try to reason, the idea of your memories slowly coming back in bits and pieces being too much for you to handle right now. 
“Look, it might have been a one off. Can we just go shopping?” You ask, desperate to move on from the topic. The two nod as Vision remains silent watching you intently, deciding to ignore his gaze as you move quickly towards the truck and open the driver’s side. They both follow dutifully after you and settle into the truck, both quiet. 
“Can we not mention this to the others, please? At least not right now,” you beg, looking at the pair as they nod in solidarity. A hand places itself upon your tight grip around the wheel only now making you release your tense state, Wanda’s gaze is soft and gentle as she smiles reassuringly. 
“We promise. Now, can we go and enjoy our day out?” She smiles, grabbing a pair of sunglasses from the glove pocket and placing them onto her face as you turn the engine on. Wanda turns the volume up on the radio and begins to sing along to the cheesy lyrics in attempts to make you smile causing your heart to warm at her sweet gesture, not noticing the smug looking redhead in the backseat who rolls her eyes at the antics before joining in. Glancing through the corner of your eye, you can’t help but smile at the relaxed avenger enjoying the way her entire face lights up whenever an old cheesy song comes on. Any thoughts and doubts about her and Vision vanishing to the back of your mind. 
The day had been perfect, you had managed to grab everything that Laura wanted as well as grabbing a quick bite to eat with the two whose company you enjoyed immensely. You continue to laugh with Natasha as Wanda pouts, heading back towards the parked car on Main Street.
“It wasn’t that bad Wanda, it was just a bit of cream,” you try to reassure her, watching as she glares at your words while Natasha sniggers next to you. 
“You allowed me to walk around in public with a foam moustache!” she whines, pushing you lightly as you try not to laugh. Holding your hands up in defence, you try to defuse the situation knowing your dear redhead assassin would continue to tease the witch. 
“Look, we’re sorry we didn’t-” 
“Y/N?” A familiar voice causes you to pause your apology as you turn to face the voice, a wide smile gracing your lips. 
“Oh my god, Grace! Hey!” You exclaim, moving forward to hug the brunette. 
You and Grace had met through Clint at his and Laura’s baby shower for Lilah, she worked as a kindergarten teacher at the local school here, from what you last remember of her. You had hit it off right away, but after almost a year of dating you both decided to go your separate ways. Unable to commit to her while working for Shield, you had hated the thought of putting her in danger at the time; she was the only relationship that lasted outside of the bedroom. If you were being honest it was nice to see a familiar face other than the Barton's and Maria. 
Pulling back, you mirror her beaming expression before gesturing to her form. 
“Wow you look amazing and, well, older,” you comment, as she gapes jokingly at you. 
“Charming as always, hello Natalie,” she jokes, before addressing the redhead behind you. You frown wondering how the two know each other but realise the slight inconvenience of the memory loss. Your eyes seek out Wanda’s who stays back, shifting in place. 
“Hello Grace, I don’t think you’ve met Wanda before, she’s a family friend,” Natasha introduces the witch to Grace who smiles and offers her hand, which Wanda reluctantly takes. 
“How do you know y/n?” Wanda asks, her voice polite but you can tell by her hardened eyes that she’s suspicious. Deciding to step in and save Grace from Wanda’s wraith. Noticing how the witch tilts her head eyeing her up, you answer her question.
“I’ve known Grace for what, over twelve years? We met at Clint and Laura’s baby shower,” you explain, watching as Wanda takes in the information. You notice how she relaxes slightly before losing interest in the conversation. The attitude confuses you, but you decide to not dwell on it as you turn back to Grace. 
“I can’t believe I’ve bumped into you. How long has it been since we last saw each other?” You genuinely ask, delving quickly into an easy conversation with her trying your best to not bring up the memory loss, knowing it would lead to further suspicions. You become so invested in your conversation with Grace that you remain oblivious to Wanda’s hard glare as Natasha stands next to her, enjoying the situation far too much. 
“I’ve said this before, but you keep looking like that and your face will stick like it,” Natasha comments, watching as Grace laughs at your joke holding onto your bicep briefly. 
“I’m not looking like anything. Who even is she?” Wanda grumbles under her breath. Natasha smirks subtly before answering her question, deciding to give her a push into the right direction. 
‘If these idiots aren’t going to confess anytime soon, I may as well spice it up’ she thinks, trying to hold back her grin.
“They used to date, but it was years ago. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about,” her words of reassurance does nothing to relax Wanda as she watches you talk animatedly with the brunette. 
“Hey, if you guys are still in town we’re doing a fundraiser for the school tomorrow if you wanna tag along, there’s going to be a fair,” Grace mentions, looking over to the other two as well as she addresses the three of you. Wanda steps forward placing her hand upon your elbow before answering. 
“Thank you, that’s a lovely offer but-”
“We’d love to! The kids would love it,” you interrupt, excited at the prospect of possibly winning Wanda a cuddly toy and then shove it straight in the android's face, oblivious to Wanda’s frowning expression. Grace smiles brightly before moving to grab your hand and writing down her number. 
“See you guys there, then!” She exclaims before taking her leave. You smile back at her as you wave, watching her run across the street towards her own car. Turning back to the two, your smile falters as you take in Wanda’s hardened expression. 
“Does she not know phones exist? Why write it on your hand?” she mutters before turning on the spot and heading for the car, leaving you bewildered as Natasha looks back and forth between you both like it’s a tennis match. You look over to the redhead for an explanation but all you get is a shrug and a half assed smile before she races over toward the car, heightening your confusion. 
Shaking your head you go to follow the two back to the car, excited for tomorrow’s events happy for the distraction within this crazy confusing world of yours. 
Your eyes remain fixed on the screen as Donna makes her way up the old steps and into the attic, only to find her three ex-lovers hovering in the old creaky barn before bursting into dramatic song. Blindly, you reach for the ice cream that Natasha has ready for you as you take the offered spoon that comes with it. 
“I just don’t understand her mood swings, you know? One minute we’re both getting along fine, great even. Then, all of a sudden, it’s like she can’t stand being around me,” you murmur, stabbing the spoon into the cold treat and moaning as the flavour hits your taste buds. You and Natasha decided to have a quiet evening in your room after you had returned back to the farm with the added addition of Steve who was still trying to cross off all the films on his list from his trusty notebook. 
The ride back from town had been silent and awkward as Wanda remained quiet looking out of her window. Once back, the witch went straight towards the kitchen and immediately engaged in a conversation with Tony, Bruce and Vision. 
You had tried to confront her about her behaviour just outside the house, but she merely brushed your concerns to the side and rushed off without another word and has made every effort to avoid you since. You had eventually given up trying to confront her and had asked Natasha who was talking to Steve at the time about his notebook if they would like to watch one of the films from his list.  
Natasha takes a sip from her wine glass before taking a scoop of ice cream from the tub you’re holding and moaning in satisfaction at her choice in ice cream before responding. 
“To be honest, you both have always been like that. You fight like you have the best make up sex in the world,” Natasha trails off, staring back at the tv as you gape at her. 
Reaching over, you quickly take the wine bottle from between her crossed legs and gulp, enjoying the feeling of the cold wine dripping down your throat. 
“You’re an asshole. You know that, right?” You mumble, watching as she takes the bottle back. 
“If you keep snatching my drinks from me, I’ll show you how much of an asshole I can be,” Natasha grumbles, filling her glass back up to the rim. You place the tub on the nightstand and cross your arms over your chest as you watch the film for a moment trying to gather your thoughts. 
“So, what’s up with her and Vision? They seem close,” you comment offhandedly, but Natasha recognizes that jealous tone in your voice, her lips twitching briefly before she reaches for the remote to pause the movie. 
“Okay, if we’re having this conversation, we are pausing the movie because I am not missing them singing Chiquitita because that bathroom scene is iconic.” Her words cause you to look at her with bewilderment, wondering how you used to think this woman was the most terrifying thing to ever work for Shield back in the day. Steve’s small ‘hey’ in protest amusing you more than you would admit as you look at his current position, lay on his stomach his feet at the top of the bed. 
“You’re one odd woman, Romanoff.” You comment, before shaking your head realising you’re both going off topic. You eye her expectantly waiting for her to answer your question. 
“Okay fine, Wanda and Vision are just friends but they both have the stones in common, the power they both possess… I dunno. I guess it connects them in a way? But I know Wanda only sees him as a close friend, nothing more.” She reassures you, causing you to glare at her last statement. 
“Well, I don’t think he knows that,” you grumble, frowning as you try to soothe your troubling mind. 
“He definitely doesn’t,” Steve comments, boredom evident within his tone as he waits for Natasha to play the film from his lying position in between you both grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl beside him as you eye him before raising a ‘I told you so’ brow to the redhead.
“Look, I’m not saying that Wanda wouldn’t exactly be opposed to seeing if things would work out between you two but I’m not not saying, you know what I mean?” 
“How much wine and ice cream have you had?” you ask, slightly concerned for your usually well put together friend but mostly amused as she thinks about your question. 
“Enough to still realise you two are probably the most stubborn people I have ever met. And I’ve met my fair share,” she tells you, both knowing who she means as you picture the billionaire genius, scientist downstairs.
“Let’s just watch the movie, yeah? My brain is kinda fried from all this overthinking,” you mumble, reaching the ice cream and allowing Nat to take the first scoop before taking some for yourself both laughing as you watch Donna swing open the toilet door causing Rosie to latch on for dear life. Steve watches on in confusion while Natasha fills him in on the song choice, unaware of the presence that stands outside your closed door, aching to join you and to apologise. 
Deciding now wasn’t the right time, Wanda turns around and heads for the stairs, a deep sadness settling within her chest. She’s surprised to see Vision there, already watching her with what she thinks is concern in his eyes. She decides to let him comfort her for now, but deep down she knows his arms aren’t the ones she wants to be in right now, his voice isn’t the one she wants whispering in her ears. She knows you’re worried about her and Vision, but the only person in the world she wants right now is you.
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Y/n: Woah woah woah. Why is she doing her hands like that?
Tony: That's how her magic works
Y/n: ... so she's fingering people's minds?
Wanda: If the mind doesn't work for you I could always try a different location.
Tony: Not in the training room please
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