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Breakable Heaven (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!
Happy reading, hope you all enjoy!
Summary: Pietro Maximoff has been your best friend from the very first day of college. 3 years later and he's only asked one thing of you... To not pursue his twin, Wanda, who you've never met. Her moving in is only the beginning of a cruel summer.
Warnings: Slight language, mentions of drinking
“Is this really necessary?”
A pillow connected pointedly with your face in response, your middle finger flying up as you glared at the offender. “Yes. It is. Now repeat what I just said back to me.”
Rolling your eyes, you were sure to maintain eye contact as you dramatically repeated the words back. “I, Y/n Y/ln, Pietro Maximoff’s most loyal companion of all time and platonic soulmate swear on my life to not make a move on his twin sister because of my everlasting dedication to our friendship.” Pietro coughed pointedly and you rolled your eyes again. “Because Pietro is the most awesome person I’ve ever met, and the best friend of all time and I would rather share a dorm room with Vision than betray him. Happy?”
For a moment Pietro just stared at you, his arms crossed in mock contemplation. “I could do without the attitude… run it again!” He declared dramatically.
You stood and grabbed the pillow that was beside you and repeatedly beat him with it. “I’m going to request a transfer and you’re going to be sharing a dorm with Vision!” You exclaimed between hits.
Pietro caught the pillow and pushed you off, laughing when you fell to the floor. “Request a transfer, I dare you.” He teased. “You’ll probably end up with Barton who will watch you while you sleep.”
Again, you flipped your friend off as you got to your feet. “He won’t. Yelena already told Nat to tell him to back off.” You grumbled.
“Having the girlfriend do your dirty work I see.” Pietro replied, ruffling your hair.
You shoved him. “Yelena isn’t my girlfriend, dumbass, she’s my best friend.” You countered with an eye roll.
“Excuse you, I’m your best friend.” He protested.
Biting back laughter, you continued. “Okay, she’s my best friend who’s not an idiot.”
There was brief moment of silence before Pietro spoke. “That’s it, I’m requesting the transfer. I’ll start putting up wanted posters for a new best friend tonight.”
Just as you were about to respond with another sarcastic remark a knock on the door echoed through your small dorm room. Both you and Pietro shared a glance before you both rushed to the door.
Pietro beat you by a few seconds, his hands on either side of the wall as he blocked you from the door, his expression serious as he looked down at you. “Every friend I’ve ever had has tried something with Wanda even when I beg them not to. They always pursue her and she's never interested enough and they end up hating me for it.” He began. “It wasn’t easy before but it’s different with you. I couldn’t bear to lose you, Y/n. You're too important to me.”
Each word you best friend said managed to tug harshly at your heartstrings. “I know, Piet.” You said sincerely, a hand on his arm. “I love you, okay? I’d never do anything to intentionally jeopardize our friendship.”
Unexpectedly, Pietro pulled you into a tight embrace, lifting you off the ground ever so slightly before letting you go. You couldn’t help but laugh as his carefree smile fell back into place. “That’s why you’re my best friend. I love you, too, pipsqueak.” He ruffled your hair, and you swatted his hand away. “I can’t wait for you to get to know her, I know you’ll both get along great.” He said excitedly as he turned and opened the door.
The bulky figure of your friend blocked the view as you watched arms wrap around him as he lifted who you assumed to be Wanda off her feet in the same bear hug you had been trapped in moments before.
The first sound you heard was her melodic laughter.
From that alone, it was safe to say that you were in for trouble based on the way your heart leapt at the mere sound. Though you reasoned it was probably just nerves from meeting your best friend’s twin first time. Maybe because she meant so much to him and you were nervous about making a good first impression.
Definitely just nerves.
After another few moments, Pietro placed Wanda back on her feet and moved to the side. Your heart lurched again at the sight before you.
You knew she was beautiful from the pictures Pietro had shown you, but pictures did her no justice. Cameras were clearly not physically capable of portraying just how breathtakingly beautiful this woman was. You quickly shook that away though. Not wanting to even have thoughts that broke your promise to Pietro. You quickly focused back on the moment. Not on her.
Your composure was neutral but inside, everything in your world felt like it had just been flipped on its head.
“Sister, this is my best friend and now our roommate, Y/n.” Pietro introduced with a wave of his hand.
You nodded slightly in Wanda’s direction, shoving your hands into the pockets of your jacket. If the sight of her left your thoughts a mess, you knew that you had to do all you could to avoid physical contact. “Nice to meet you, Wanda. I’ve heard a lot about you.” You said casually.
Wanda smiled back at you, and it took everything you had not to swoon. “And I’ve heard plenty about you. If my brother’s stories are anything to go by, I’m certainly in for some chaos living with you two.”
“Yes, you certainly are.” You agreed with a nod and chuckle, “Bonus for you, you’ll be known for having the best roommates on campus come fall. Plus, you came at the perfect time, little Maximoff.”
Wanda made a face. “I’m only twelve minutes younger than Pietro.”
“And you’re also a few months older than Y/n here.” Pietro chimed in.
“Hey, no twin teaming up on me!” You protested.
Wanda and Pietro shrugged in unison, and you rolled your eyes in response. “Better start getting used to it.” Pietro replied.
“I usually don’t say this, but he’s right.” Wanda said with a wink, and you suddenly began rethinking your life choices. “And why is it the perfect time to get here?” she added.
You shot your friend a quick glare before turning back to face Wanda. “Because you get to help us pack up the last few pieces of our dorm and move into our wonderful new apartment.” You said in an overly enthusiastic voice.
“Lucky me.” Wanda retorted flatly.
You smirked and walked back into the door to begin gathering the last few things that were scattered around the room.
Tonight would be your first night in the new apartment that you would be sharing with Pietro and Wanda. Deciding to move off campus with your best friend was an easy decision. When he told you that his twin decided to transfer and wasn’t sure where she was going to live, it was a simple enough to offer to include her. Even if you had never met. You would do anything for your best friend and if his twin was anything like him, you knew it would be a perfect fit.
Thankfully you were all able to find an affordable apartment not far from campus with three bedrooms. It was something you had been looking forward to all year. Almost as much as all of your friends were looking forward to it since they claimed both you and Pietro could throw even better parties now.
The first of which would be happening that night even if everything still needed to be settled. Your friends could be convincing to say the least.
Just as you had moved the last of the boxes to your bedroom you heard the sound of the front door connect harshly with the wall and excited voices appear in the entry way.
“The party has arrived!” You heard your friend shout as he pushed the sunglasses to the top of his head.
You were the first one out of your room, “Stark, I swear, if there is a dent in that wall you will be paying for the security deposit we’ll be losing.” You warned.
Pietro appeared at your side with his arms crossed. “Savages, all of you.” He added in support, his tone mockingly reprimanding.
Natasha shut the door behind the group as Steve analyzed the wall. “Just a little dent. I can patch it up in no time.” The blonde man offered helpfully.
“Stark will be paying for any materials you need.” You replied, punching Tony’s shoulder.
He grumbled in protest but agreed. “Where’s the newbie?” Yelena asked, wandering out of your kitchen with a handful of grapes.
“Sure, help yourself, Yelena. Make yourself comfortable.” Pietro muttered sarcastically.
Yelena shrugged, “That was always the deal at your dorm. Right, Y/n?”
Pietro looked at you expectantly and you shrugged as Yelena leaned against you and you wrapped an arm around her on reflex. “She has a point.”
“And you complain about me teaming up against you.” Pietro mumbled as he flipped you off. Both you and Yelena returned the gesture playfully.
“Back to the question we’ve all been asking. Where is the cooler twin?” Natasha repeated with a smirk. “We’re in desperate need of a replacement Maximoff.”
“I hate all of you. Why am I even friends with any of you?” Pietro deadpanned, flipping the collective group off. Everyone laughed. “Sister, your presence is being requested!”
A moment later, Wanda walked out, her eyes lingering on you for a moment longer than necessary. You liked to think you were just imaging it as the arm you had comfortably wrapped around Yelena twitched slightly, fighting the urge to fall back to your side.
Almost as if you were caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing. It was ridiculous. You barely knew Wanda. Knew nothing about her and Yelena was one of your best friends, there was nothing to be guilty for.
Wanda was just your best friend’s sister.
The words looped like a mantra in your mind as you broke eye contact with the other woman, your gaze naturally returning to the other occupants of the room.
“Hello.” Wanda greeted shyly with an awkward wave.
Pietro made his way over to his sister to begin the introductions. “Everyone this is my sister, Wanda. The inferior Maximoff.” He emphasized as Wanda smacked his shoulder. “Wanda, these are the village idiots.” Everyone protested as he gestured broadly to the group standing before them.
“If we’re idiots that makes you idiot supreme.” You countered as you moved to stand next to Wanda. “Since your brother is the worst at introductions, allow me. We have Tony, Pepper, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, and Sam.” You said going down the line as each person replied with a quick greeting.
A cough caught your attention and you fought back a smile, knowing exactly what was coming. “Forgetting something?” the voice grumbled.
“Oh! And I guess this is Yelena.” You added with a laugh, the other woman shoving you in annoyance.
Pietro leaned down slightly to pretend to whisper in Wanda’s ear but loud enough to ensure that the rest of the room heard him. “Yelena is Y/n’s future wife.” Wanda shifted, her gaze immediately falling away from you.
“Uh… With Y/n’s track record? No thanks.” Yelena replied playfully. “Besides, we’ve tried a few times. Not for us.”
“I resent that.” You grumbled. “And are you saying my performance was anything less than extraordinary? Because I’d be more than willing to satisfy your complaints if it was.” You added with a wiggle of your eyebrows.
“Okay, okay. Enough about my little sister’s sex life.” Natasha groaned; her face scrunched in disgust. “New topic.”
Laughter filled the room, one voice in particular absent from the group and you couldn’t help but look over at Wanda, her curious eyes once again on you. You quickly looked away. “Romanoff is right, new topic and more importantly… I think we’ve been sober long enough!” Tony declared.
“Shots!” Sam added excitedly as he rushed into the kitchen, pulling along a reluctant Bucky and Steve.
The rest of the night past in a blur, the gathering was small but with this group things always managed to get out of hand. Though exhaustion did manage to kick in a few hours later. No one even noticed when you began throwing the various shots Sam and Tony kept handing you down the sink.
The distracted nature of the group increased even more when Pietro moved the couches against the wall, drunkenly declaring the start of a game you didn’t understand. You took the declaration as your best chance for some fresh air without interruption and quietly snuck out the front door and down the stairs of the complex into the cool night air.
As you wandered around the building you paused in front of a gate, the community garden hidden behind the walls of iron and vines. It was the best place for peace.
The gates opened silently as you wandered in. From the outside, the garden was so unassuming, but inside the sight was quite the view. The archways wrapped in vines; the ground littered with dozens of rose bushes, encasing you in a green oasis. In your haze of exhaustion, it might have been the most breathtaking sight you had ever seen, and you couldn’t have been more content that this haven was a part of your new home.
You settled into a bench that was off to the side of the path, your eyes closing as you relished in the moment of tranquility.
“Looks like I wasn’t the only one to sneak out.” You heard a voice say, your heart leaping into your throat once again as Wanda settled beside you, so close that even the slightest movement would leave her pressed against your side.
Suddenly the garden dulled in comparison, and you forced yourself to look at the flowers before you rather than at the work of art that was by your side. She was the most breathtaking sight. No contest.
“Just needed some fresh air.” You mumbled absently.
“Same here. Pietro tends to get carried away.” Wanda replied and you hummed in response.
The silence that settled between you was awkward and stilted but you feared that the second you let down your defenses, allowed her any closer everything you had built would come crashing down. The most important promise you made would crumble like dust in the wind.
Even if the attraction was one sided you couldn’t let it grow. You needed to stamp it out. That meant keeping her at arms distance until you figured it out.
“You know, Pietro has always spoke so highly of you. I told him he was lucky to have found a best friend in his first roommate. I didn’t really talk to mine.” Wanda recounted softly after several minutes of uncomfortable silence.
“I was the one that got lucky to be paired with him.” You admitted, your voice earnest. “He’s the best friend I’ve ever had… Even if he is annoying most of the time.” You added, your lips quirking up in a small smirk.
Wanda giggled. “You know, when he signed up for co-ed dorms, he thought something would eventually happen with his roommate.”
“Oh, trust me, I know. He tried during our orientation week. I think he realized pretty early on he wasn’t my type.” You informed her with a laugh.
Wanda laughed along with you, and you felt the nerves under your skin buzz with excitement from the sound. “Oh yeah? What is your type then?” She asked boldly, her head titled in amusement.
Suddenly you couldn’t look away, like you were prisoner to her gaze. You chose to answer with sincerely. “My type is... Someone who moves me. Who makes me question if I had really been living before, you know?” Wanda nodded, her lips curling up slightly and you hated the way your eyes were immediately drawn to the action. “What’s yours?”
For a moment she seemed to contemplate the question, as you processed the fact that she was suddenly close enough that you could see every speck of color in her emerald eyes. “Someone I look forward to… Who I know I would do anything to be with... Who I need to be with.”
You swallowed thickly, every fiber of your being telling you to move. To get closer. As close as you could. “Have you found that yet?” You eventually managed to get out.
“I think I’m waiting for it to find me.” Wanda’s voice dropped to a whisper, mere inches between you both as you fought against the magnetic force you felt pulling you closer and closer to her.
There was something so delicate about the moment. So ethereal and frail. A breakable heaven.
Her lips were almost brushing against yours, the feeling of being around her was intoxicating. There had never been a high like being in her presence and you would never be able to pull away. Not when she was right... There.
“Hey! There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you!” As if being awoken from a trance, you sprung away from Wanda to the opposite side of the bench, cursing yourself for even entertaining the idea of giving in to temptation.
You both looked up to see Pietro leaning out of the window of the apartment, his expression still encompassed in a drunken bliss. You had never been more relieved to see him so plastered. “Are you two done being lame? We’re starting a new game!” He shouted, his eyes widening when a neighbor shouted at him to shut up.
Wanda turned to look at you, her eyes sparkling with an unspoken question. “Go. I’ll be up in a few minutes.” You told her flatly. All she managed was a small nod before walking off, her figure disappearing behind the garden gates moments later. You let out a heavy breath.
All it took was one day with Wanda to know that you were in for a cruel summer.
And that is all folks! In case anyone was wondering, it is indeed inspired by Cruel Summer by the queen herself, Taylor Swift. This story is set to have 4 chapters. With most of it already written out I think I'll space it out to once a week, maybe twice depending on how my writing goes.
As always, thoughts and comments always welcome :)
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Today’s Captain-of-Staring is Wanda!
She is parked on the Thumb of Observation with her favourite Diamond Staring Eyes!
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So I was just reminded of the many Marvel ships I hate, so here are my top 5 ships and my 5 least favorite. Some are Canon, qnd some arn't. Reblog and add yours if you want. Most not in particular order
Least Favorite
Thor/Loki(still incest, don't care if they are adopted
Bucky/Any of his abusers(yes that includes Zemo)
Peter/Tony(Peter is a child)
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Elimination game time!
Vote for your 5 LEAST favourite characters from WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (+5, +4, +3, +2+ and +1 with your least favourite getting +5 etc) and we’ll eliminate one each day until we get a winner!
It’s just a bit of fun. Let’s go!
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Image courtesy of @WeAreMarvel_ on Twitter, check them out!
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these marvel tv shows are basically therapy sessions for the characters who need it the most, change my mind
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My @wandavision illustrations series, pt 1-10 Costumes by @mayescrubeo #wandavision #marvel #avengers #elizabetholsen #mcu #scarletwitch #wandamaximoff #avengersendgame #marvelstudios #disneyplus #marvelcomics #endgame #infinitywar #captainmarvel #civilwar #doctorstrange2 #vision #tomholland #wandamaximoffedit #paulbettany #whitevision #agathaallalong #agathaharkness #agnes #michaeldimotta
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Whoever made this, thank you, it is my favourite thing 😫🤣🤣
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so i was looking at the white board showing all of the title ideas for spiderman 3 as one does and noticed something. tell me if you’ve spotted it.
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