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Ain't That a Kick in the Head
Tumblr media
Summary: The woman who practically fell into your life, filling a hole perfectly made for her, intrigued you greatly. But just as you're starting to learn who she is, it could all be too good to be true.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Fluff
Word Count: 6k
A/N: Alright. I know i said i wanted to get some requests done buuuut, i got just super excited about this that i needed to get a chapter down. This is the second chapter in the Dream a Little Dream series (and this can also be blamed on the two hours @stealth-kittyy and i wasted this past friday). Anyways, Happy Reading!
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_________________ Light shines into your eyes as you smack your lips, tasting day old alcohol. You groan, feeling a distant throbbing in your head and the ever present strain in your shoulder from a past injury. A soft hand touches your back and you feel your body tense,
"Y/N, wake up..."
As you open your eyes to the bright morning light, you can fully feel the hangover radiating through your body. The sharpness of the light in your eyes brings the pounding in your brain to the forefront and you try to turn, sending a pain through your shoulder.
Yet, the softness in those whispers sends a comfort in your body, settling deep within you with a familiar air. You roll onto your back, carefully this time. Turning your head, you see Wanda resting her head on her hand, watching you with humor filled eyes. She grins, running her finger down your arm,
"Good morning,"
Seeing her sends butterflies to your stomach but as the reality of the situation fills the room, your eyes widen, "Did we?"
She laughs softly, your chest tightening as her nose scrunches with her smile, "I suppose we did,"
You came for dinner. Not once did you think the night would lead to this. You're anything but innocent, but this isn't proper. And yet here she is, not moving to get dressed or smacking you to avert your eyes.
No, you both just lay within the warmth of the sheets as though you've done this a million times. If you're being honest to yourself, it almost feels that way.
Her eyes are soft, tiredly looking at you with ease. You see no repulsion or guilt for last night. No regret. Only a wish to stay here with you. Despite this, you shake your head. One look from her and you threw your etiquette out the window and fell into her trance. You need to leave, she needs to dress in privacy.
Without a word, you bound off the bed as you realize she doesn't even have a nightgown on. Tripping amongst the tangling of the sheets, you rip your pants from the dresser and fumble with the button. Muttering to yourself, you try and find your shirt without replaying the night in your head. As you peer behind the dresser, you can feel an invisible pressure behind your back.
"I can feel you watching me,"
Failing to find your shirt, you let out a sigh and glance back. You see her, god you see her. That auburn hair messily tossed around her and the way she bites her lip makes you want to slink back into those sheets with her. Wanda sits up gradually, staring at you with glinting eyes that reflect the morning light.
You nearly freeze, seeing her like this with only a blanket covering the soft skin you were kissing just hours ago. If you weren't trying to preserve some dignity, you would be there pressing your lips against her again.
"I've seen more than that, remember, Y/N?" she asks with a soft grin, raising her brows playfully.
Your cheeks flush as you settle your hands on your waist. If this isn't right, why doesn't it feel wrong?
"Sorry," you sigh out, "I don't normally do this."
Wanda slides out of the bed, the sheet wrapping around her body, "And you think I do?"
There you go again, saying and doing the wrong thing. But her scolding look, as she reachers for her drawer, has your gripping your waist tightly instead of of her.
You groan and turn to try and find your shirt, averting your eyes as she drops the sheet, "Of course not! I didn't... what I meant was..."
She steps behind you, patting your stomach with a scrunch of her nose, "I'm just teasing."
With a chuckle, you raise your brows as the warmth in your cheeks stays strong. Peering behind you, you see she's slipped into a rather alluring nightgown. You hold in a tempting groan, your manners being tested to their limit.
"Well, don't you get up and go in the morning," you smile, turning completely and seeing her hold your now wrinkled shirt.
Carefully, she walks over to you, her eyes never wavering from yours. There's something in them that you can't quite place.
Adoration? Possibly.
Love? Impossible.
"When can I see you again?"
You let out a breathy chuckle, a pleasant surprise at her bluntness. Seeing your smile tugs hers higher, reaching out for you. She runs her hand down your arm, her fingers rest for a moment on yours, wanting to hold onto them but she lets her hand fall. You furrow your brows at the odd action but stare back into her eyes.
There was something different about her. This Wanda Maximoff. Something familiar and though you've said it before, you can't figure her out.
"Well," you slip the shirt from her fingers, "If I can be quite forward, how about tonight?"
She lets out a hum, watching you carefully button your shirt back up. As you fix the collar, she runs her hands down the shirt, smoothing out the wrinkles as best as she can. Wanda glances up at you, closer than before, her lips only a small lean away from you.
"And will this become a normal thing?"
You tilt your head with a grin, feeling confident as she pulls your shirt, "Would you reject?"
She walks her fingers up your chest, pinching your chin as she bites softly against her lip, "I am a lady, Y/N. A lady with many suitors."
If you didn't already know the playful nature of her, you'd have been quite upset at not properly courting this woman. Yet, you see the twinkle in her eye as she pats your chest, "I suspect I can make an exception for you. You still owe me a plate."
You hum, you can stay for a few more minutes.
As Wanda closes the front door on your smile, you lean your head against the door with a new sense of giddiness. You stayed for one cup of coffee longer and one kiss longer. She let you go with nothing more than a kiss on a cheek, though both of you knew you wanted more.
You glance around at the chirping birds and the squirrels that run circles around trees. It was a perfect day. Shaking your head with a chuckle, you can't kid yourself anymore. Turning on your heels before you even move an inch off the first step, you tap your knuckles against her door.
Wanda answers it, dressed in a more orthodox night gown, just in case the neighbors are awake. She beams a smile at you but pairs it with a confused look, you were just making up excuses to leave before.
"Did you forget a shoe?" she teases, her eyes wandering down your body.
You wipe your clammy hands on your pants, "I want to start over,"
Her brows clench as she lets go of the door, crossing her arms protectively in front of her, "Start over?"
"This," you point between the two of you.
"Okay?" Wanda giggles nervously, her fingers twisting the fabric of her pink nightgown.
Holding out your hand, you nod, "I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Y/N. I'm your neighbor two doors down."
Wanda takes your hand with a polite smile, "I'm Wanda. I'm new in town."
You grin, holding her hand just longer than you should. She cocks her brow, knowing exactly what you're doing, "You can't wait until tonight."
Clearing your throat, you casually slip your hands into your pockets, "I don't mean to assume you've had a long night," you grin as she rolls her eyes, "There's a lovely diner just down the road. Would you like to go with me? They make a killer split."
Wanda hums, "Well now, aren't you spreading the apple butter?"
She leans towards you and presses a kiss to your cheek, "Let me get myself ready. I'll see you in an hour."
You watch her walk back into her house, peeking her head out as she slowly closes the door. You step back off her front steps with a grin and a small wave. As the door settles, you clap your hands together with a laugh, your grin so wide it nearly sits your eyes. As you walk on cloud nine back to your house, you notice a woman walking up the sidewalk with swaying hips and a large smile.
"Hey there, neighbor!"
You watch as she grows closer in her purple checkered dress, her tightly curled bob bouncing with her quick steps. You can't remember how long they've been your neighbor but she seems to know you well.
The two of you have exchanged courteous neighborly waves and you can distinctly remember her overflowing gossip. She's had to have given her name before but you're drawing blanks. Another forgotten name.
The neighbor leans against Wanda's fence with a raise of her brows, crossing her arms lightly in front of her.
"I see you've gotten around to introducing yourself with the new neighbor," Her teasing eyes cause you to stammer as she waves away your attempt to hide the wrinkles on your pants, "How is she faring with all of her moving?"
You glance back at the house, furrowing your brows. There weren't any moving boxes when you were there and her house was fully furnished, fully decorated even. As if she had been living here for years. You never saw a moving company come when you left for work in the morning. Would she have let them do everything unsupervised while she was at the office?
"Well, I didn't see any boxes," you chuckle, "She seems to be quite efficient settling in."
She laughs, cackles almost, "Isn't that something. I wish my moving day went as smooth as a snap! I should do some introductions. I just got back from a trip," she leans towards you to whisper, "My mother-in-law was in town."
You laugh along with her, wanting desperately to leave this conversation. As you say your parting words and wave, she calls out to you,
"See you at the bridge game, hon!"
Standing alone in your home, you look around the living room with a blank stare. Breakfast went easily with Wanda, falling into effortless conversation over waffles with a side of banana split. The Most Famous Split in Westview was what the diner bragged, and they weren't wrong.
Now as you stand here, you feel like you've forgotten something. It seems to be becoming a recurring theme.
Sauntering into the kitchen, you untuck your red striped shirt with a sigh and continue searching. Chores are done, laundry is hanging on the line to press, frozen meals and cereal will be fine until midweek.
Was it someone's birthday? You turn and lock your eyes with the calendar that hangs next to the kitchen door. A groan crawls up your throat as you feel your heart drop to your stomach.
Mr. Hart.
You move quickly, wringing your fingers as you reach out for the telephone receiver. Feverishly, you wind the rotary dial, tapping your foot to try and get it to spin back faster. After spinning in the ten numbers, the call goes through and you hear the line pick up.
"Maximoff residence."
"Wanda, thank god," you breathe out, running your hand through your hair.
"Y/N? Is everything okay?" There's a thick panic in her voice, worrying even you.
You quickly reassure her that you didn't break something and listen to her let out a sigh, "Wanda, I need your help."
As soon as you hear the knock, you nearly rip the door off of its hinges. She notices, glancing up at the small cracks you've made in the hinges as she raises her brows. Wanda gives you a small chuckle, seeing you try to calm your huffing and puffing from all your pacing. You step back, allowing her to step inside your home for the first time.
While she looks around, you quickly head into the kitchen to continue searching for some kind of recipe card holder. Kneeling in front of a cabinet, you feel her cold hand rest on your shoulder as she opens the fridge and sighs.
"You do know you have no food for a five-course dinner, right?" she asks, glancing back at you as you leave her touch and begin to pace again.
Groaning as you bump into your kitchen table, you have no idea where you put your wallet. You need to run to the grocery store but they're not going to let you do credit on the amount of food you need. Nearly sprinting out of the kitchen, you slide your hands around your couch cushions. In a panic, you call out to Wanda,
"Darling, have you seen my wallet? I can not mess up this dinner."
You grip a cushion tightly, glancing up at the blank television screen and see a frazzle face looking back. You clench your brows together as you watch the frown on the reflection, Darling? Did you just call her darling?
You don't have time to be embarrassed though. Dropping the cushion, you head to the other couch. Wanda's heels echo out from the kitchen as she steps into the carpeted living room, reaching from behind you. You feel her hand slide into your pocket, raising a leather wallet in front of your face.
"You mean this one, dear?" she asks with an amused smile.
Turning, you stare at her. A teasing grin on her face as her words ring through your ears.
Sheepishly, you pluck the wallet from her fingers as she steps closer to you. You can't help the shaky chuckle you give her, absentmindedly running a thumb across her cheek.
"Are we sure I was actually alive before you moved here?" you lean forward so your lips rest gently against hers.
Wanda lets out a sweet hum, smiling and whispering against your lips, "One can't be too certain."
Her arms rest comfortably over your shoulders, running across your neck. Your hands fall to her waist as you pull her closer, falling into her all over again. You clench your brows together, trying to get your head straight and out of her trance.
"I need food," you remind yourself as Wanda nods along with you slowly, "But if you aren't a beautiful dame."
A small blush spreads over her cheeks, "You can't feed your boss with compliments, Y/N" she pats your chest, turning to fix the overturned couch cushions, "I'll get jealous. Now, I wrote a list of things you need to-."
A knock echoes through the quiet house and you both lock eyes before glancing at the door. The Hart's aren't supposed to be here. You give Wanda a confused glance as she waves at you to go answer it.
As you step towards it, you swallow the lump in your throat and swing it open. Your neighbor stands on the other side, a purple cardigan resting on her shoulders,
"Oh, Wanda! There you are!"
Wanda steps beside you, "Agnes! What a surprise!"
You furrow your brows and look past her, her name is Agnes? You shake away any thoughts to go get your memory checked, you need to get to the grocery store. Yet, Agnes lets herself in, chatting away about something her husband Ralph did this morning.
Wanda sees your tapping foot and constant glances at the clock. She grabs Agnes' hands and leads her to the couch, waving you away. As you leave, she gives you a wink and keeps up with the lively conversation with Agnes.
Muttering curse words to yourself as you slam your car door loudly, you sprint back into the house with the last forgotten items on the grocery list. As you step inside, you can't help the confusion on your face as you try to peer through the darkened house.
Candles have been lit and a single lamp is covered with fabric to soften the harsh glow of the bulb, a slow Dean Martin record spinning in the back. Stepping carefully down the steps into the living room and making your way to the kitchen, you carefully place the Gruyere and Brandy on the counter. There's not a single steaming pan on your stove.
"Wanda?" you call out, unbuttoning your suit jacket and looking for the food that should be ready to go.
The redhead opens the kitchen shutters from the living room with a playful smile. Your mouth falls open as your eyes follow her sauntering into the kitchen, respectfully running down her body. As she comes into view, you see the silk nightgown she's dressed in. Your eyes climb up her legs to her was it, the teasingly deep neckline to finally rest on those green eyes of hers.
"There you are, darling," she whispers to you, gripping your jacket tightly. You remind yourself to breathe as you're surrounded by the sweet amber wafting off her, "Were you having trouble finding the cheese?"
"Wanda..." you breathe out, pushing your hands against her waist to look at her. You swallow the lump in your throat as the pounding of your heart grows. Her body hypnotizes you the longer you stare, "What're you wearing?" you growl out, squeezing her tightly.
She chuckles, pulling you close as her fingers climb up your body and along your neck with soft traces. A shiver runs down your body as you press your lips against hers. Your hands bunch up the dress, threatening to rip it to shreds.
But before your thoughts can get any further, a sharp knock at the door startles you and you stare at Wanda. That's not Agnes and you're about to be fired.
"Mr. Hart!" you whisper loudly as you step away, straightening out your shirt and hair.
"Hart?" Wanda asks, eyes wide with confusion, "I thought this was your excuse to get me over here!"
You run your hand over your face with a groan, another impatient knock echoing, "I have to get the door, Wanda."
You quickly jog to the door as she hisses at you that she has to change. Her argument is cut short as you give her a scared shrug and slam the kitchen shutters closed.
Grabbing the knob, you force a smile on your face as you open the door. Mr. Hart stands there with narrowed eyes, his small wife standing next to him with a little hat on her head. You tighten your smile, stepping out of the way as you invite them in.
"Right on time, sir!" you chuckle, taking his jacket.
Through the corner of your eye, you see the kitchen door swing open and nearly tear the jacket in half. You toss it towards the coat hook and reach forward with wide eyes as you stand behind the small woman and slap your hands over her eyes. She lets out a surprised yelp as Mr. Hart stares with confusion and anger.
"What's the meaning of this, Y/N?"
You glance over at Wanda, dressed in a silk blue dress and sparkling pearls around her neck. You nearly tip over from her beauty but you wonder where she got those clothes. How did she change so fast?"
You smile at Mr. Hart and try to give an awkward chuckle, attempting to find an explanation to this strange scene.
"Well, sir, I thought..."
Wanda walks up with a confident strut, wringing her fingers, "It's a traditional Sokovian greeting!" she blurts out, placing her hands gently on his face.
"Oh, yes!" you say, buttoning your jacket with shaky fingers, "It's like a guessing game meets a cordial greeting, sir! Ms. Maximoff is from Sokovia," you ramble as Wanda releases Mr. Hart's face with a smile, walking to you and wrapping her arm around yours, fingers gripping tightly.
You can feel your nerves shaking through your limbs, but her touch settles you. A cool feeling rushing through you, begging you to breath.
"How exotic!" Mrs. Hart exclaims, shaking Wanda's hand with uncapped excitement, "And you are?"
You open your mouth to introduce her but Wanda beats you to it, "Wanda Maximoff. I'm Y/N's fiancee."
Both you and Mr. Hart look at her with the same surprised stare. When he glances to you for an explanation, all you can do is clear your throat trying to smile. Mrs. Hart claps her hands in excitement at the happy news. You attempt again to clear your throat as he points at you,
"You didn't tell me you were engaged, Y/N. And she's not a Bolshevik is she?"
Trying to pass your sounds for a chuckle, Mrs. Hart slaps his arm, "You know me sir, work work work. And no, she's as American as they come."
Wanda pats your arm, walking confidently to pull the cloth off the light shade, swinging it back to catch a few lit candles with a timid grin.
"Please, make yourselves comfortable. Y/N, dear. Can I see you in the kitchen for a moment?"
You smile at your guests, looking around your house as you side-step around them,
"Excuse us," you laugh, Wanda gripping your arm tightly and practically dragging you into the kitchen.
You quickly blow out the last candle, Wanda slamming the kitchen door shut. As you escape prying eyes, she spins on her heels and forcefully jabs your chest.
"Why didn't you say you were serious?"
Rubbing at the pain, you glare back, "We're engaged?"
She rolls her eyes, quickly pulling out the ingredients she put on the fake list and trying to remember the recipes she thought of.
"I don't think your boss would approve of you being with some random doll," Wanda eyes you playfully but you're too stressed to laugh.
As you glance at her to remind her the seriousness of the situation, you see a flicker of sadness in her eyes. Taking a breath for yourself, you reach for her, cupping her face gently and giving her hand a squeeze. Pressing her palm to your lips, you grin against her soft skin,
"This was incredibly romantic, Wanda. Thank you. The candles, that dress..." you breathe in deeply, picturing her in that nearly see-through fabric.
She snaps her fingers sharply in your ear, bringing you back, "But I really need a home-cooked meal, darling."
"A home-cooked meal," Wanda rests her hands on her waist, sighing at the fridge, "With this,"
You nod with a clenched jaw, "Exactly."
Wanda nods her head once in a commanding manner, pushing you towards the living room, "I have an idea. Go and entertain the guests, dear!"
She shoves you forward, the last sentence being heard by the Hart's. They stare at you as she smacks your back, sending you closer to them. Swallowing dryly, you sit between them on the couch, patting against your knees with an awkward chuckle.
It isn't long before Mr. Hart is talking about how the company can get their numbers up, up, up while making costs go down, down, down. You laugh at an extremely flat joke he yells, his wife staring at the wall with a glazed over smile. She's in her own world and you're thankful you only have to keep him entertained while Wanda works her magic in the kitchen.
As he starts on about the cost of typewriter ribbon, a loud crashing come from the kitchen. Mrs. Hart has found her escape. The small lady shoots up, walking towards the noise,
"Now that sounds like a domestic emergency! You two stay put!"
She walks towards the shutters try and help but you know she can't let her see that's there's no food ready. You stand up, running your hands against your shirt as you try to get to her,
"Mrs. Hart. Please, I insist you're the guest."
She continues forward, her fingers gripping the shutter handles and you can see an odd rosy color glowing through the gap. You clench your brows in confusion as you see a raw chicken fly across the gap. Without a plan, you quickly slam your foot back into the record player, your favorite record crashing to the ground.
Mrs. Hart turns quickly with a worried glance, the shutters wide open now. You and Wanda lock with wide eyes, her arms in the air while ingredients and pants float all around her head.
"Oh no, the music!" You exclaim, "Let me fix this!"
Wanda nods her head as Mrs. Hart steps closer to see what you're doing. You snatch the guitar you have against the fireplace and strum out a quick chord progression. Wanda urges you to hurry up and play, still frozen to not draw any eyes.
Clearing your throat, you strum out a tawny sound and from Wanda's disappointed roll of her eyes, you swear she knows what you're about to play,
Say hey, good lookin', whatcha got cookin'? How's about cookin', somethin' up with me?
You shrug as you continue the very on the nose song and Wanda smiles at you. Both of you forgetting that if someone turns their head, you won't be able to explain what they're seeing. Trying to get Mrs. Hart to step closer to you, you feel a sharp pain behind your eyes.
Wanda is there, laughing as you show off the dusty pair of cowboy boots you pulled from the back of the closet. Walking towards you, you can nearly feel those soft hands wrap around you. Taking the hat from your head, she places it atop hers. Tipping it up with your hand, you lean closer to her smiling lips.
Coming back to reality, you're thankful your fingers move on their own memory and that the flashes of... whatever these are, prove to be quick. Clapping from Mrs. Hart pulls you back with a shaky grin to watch her out of rhythm jig.
You glance up at Wanda as you sing, her face contorted in confusion as pans fly across the kitchen. You shake your head when she looks at you with wide eyes, you can't get to the shutters.
But it isn't that, there's something else. Her eyes are filled with something you've never seen in them before, pain. You're the one who feels the pain from what feels like another forgotten memory slipping away again. Before you can react, she flicks her wrist and the shutters slam shut.
"Well, honey! You didn't tell me Y/N was so talented!" Mrs. Hart exclaims.
You chuckle nervously, "Like I said, work, work, work."
Mr. Hart lets out an approving grunt as you place the guitar down, "Yes, thank you for... that. When exactly is your wife going to be done with dinner?"
You clamber over your words as Mrs. Hart gives another light slap to his shoulder, "They aren't married yet, dear. But yes, my head is starting to feel a little woozy."
She leans against the couch for Mr. Hart to catch her but he stands quickly, Mrs. Hart nearly falling into the cushion. He steps towards you,
"You hear that? My wife's head is spinning. Generally speaking, I don't like it when her head does that."
You nod, giving a polite smile, stepping back and accidentally kicking the television set. Mr. Hart is unrelenting,
"You know, I'm beginning to think you're not promotion material! You've been a good worker but what I've seen here tonight, you can barely keep your household together! I mean look around-,"
As you look around, you see the eye of the storm. The calm you feel you've had your whole life. Wanda stands at a set table, holding her hands gently in front of her,
"Dinner is served."
The Hart's laugh out happily at the food as you lock eyes with Wanda, a tight grin on her face as you mouth your gracious thanks to her as you go to eat.
Wanda waves goodbye out the door, closing it with a heavy sigh of relief. She leans back against the door as you collapse into the armchair, blowing out through your lips.
The dinner was a success, you weren't fired. Turning your head to Wanda, you catch her eyes and you both let out all of the stress through your laughs of relief. Walking to you, you raise your hand for her to grab. She takes it, pulling you to your feet and leading you towards the couch. You sigh, sitting on the cushions and wrap your arm around her.
"So, you're freakishly strong," Wanda raises her brows at how you casually nudged Mr. Hart's car to the side, after carrying him over your shoulder, before his slightly drunk wife scratched your car.
You mock her brow and glance over at her, remembering all those floating pans as she cooked, "You have flying saucers."
"I'm starting to think, we're quite unusual," Wanda smiles at you, resting her head on your shoulder as if it was always meant to be there.
"Oh, I don't think that was ever in question," you grin at her, pressing your lips against her hair as you breathe her in.
Wanda sighs, rubbing your knuckles gently, "You know, we don't have an engagement date... we're not even a couple,"
You chuckle, crossing your leg and resting a hand on her thigh, "Well... we can fix that,"
She lets out a quiet hum, playing with your ring finger as you close your eyes for rest, "And this was our first successful soiree as a couple?"
Taking in a deep breath, you look at her, "Precisely."
"And how did you ask me?"
You grip her hand tightly, pressing her palm against your lips, "Would you, Wanda Maximoff, be mine?"
She scrunches her nose at you with a laugh, "I suppose I will."
Your fingers intertwined with her, finding their home as easily as you find yours with her, "We can hash it all out once... once I wake up."
Quiet drumming and hums fill your ears as you groan, rolling to your shoulder. Reaching out, your hand rests on a cold mattress as your eyes flash open. Your head is ringing, a heavy weight in your arms and a distant pain in your shoulder. You grimace, rolling your arm to try and get the twinge out from sleeping wrong.
"What a weird dream," you chuckle to yourself as you find your footing and yawn towards the bedroom door.
A smile fills your face when you hear a familiar voice singing along to Paul Anka coming from the record player. You can't find them but you know she's there as you climb down the stairs and look around a clean house.
"Well hello there, sleepy head," a voice comes from behind you as you jump at the surprising whisper.
Wanda's there, hair pulled out of her face as she wraps her arms around you. You kiss her lips and chuckle quietly to yourself at her stolen outfit of your old shirt and shorts. You can see the bleach stains on the shirt, it's been a long day of cleaning. She wanted to get it done while the boys were at school and she had shooed you away to take a nap.
As she nuzzles her nose against you, her nails scratch down your back as you talk, "You did amazing, darling. You were amazing in my dream, as well."
Wanda chuckles against your neck, "Oh really? Well, can your next dream be this house being clean forever?"
"Forever? Why don't we drop the boys off with their aunt and uncle? We'll go away together and no one will ever touch anything."
Wanda's green eyes gleam up at you, a smirk on her face as she truly thinks on that wonderful thought. But before she can remind you that Steve and Nat aren't in the country, the sound of the front door swings open and chaos is imminent.
"We're home!" their shouts fill the quiet home as the two of you walk over to greet the boys.
Wanda floats the shoes they toss into the shoe holder as you juke around the boys, listening to their laughs. The boys finally get around you, snacks already being set up as you steal another kiss with your wife and the boys dig through their bags.
Resting your hands on the counter, you point, "Alright, you know the drill. Favorite thing you learned today and.... Billy!"
His eyes light up as he tries to explain something to do with chlorophyll and plants. You have no idea what he's saying, as they both slide over agendas and permission slips, but nod along trying to remember all of these terms.
The sound of metal scratching against the counter catches Wanda's attention as she closes the fridge. She sighs, picking up one of the metal lunchboxes and wiggling it at you. You glance at it, hiding the grin on your face as you see her dressed in her old uniform, red magic flowing from her hands.
"What?" you glance at your giggling boys, "They're limited edition."
"And we have a box of them in the attic,"
You nod slowly, "Less washing, just toss 'em. In fact, I bet you could sell them for big bucks. You touched that."
Wanda gives you a look but decides that you're just too lovable to destroy. Tommy raises his hand eagerly, "Can I go now?" He impatiently rocks back and forth on the stool until Wanda flicks her wrist and pins it down with a look only a mother could give.
"Let's hear it, bud," you wink at Wanda as she starts to empty the boxes and you grab the snacks from the other counter.
You turn and smile, crossing your arms as you listen to Tommy but your attention is stolen. Clenching your brows, something is wrong and you can feel an odd sensation in your stomach. Your whole body is vibrating, a sweating shiver running down your body and heat flashing through you.
Wanda's voice is muffled as she touches your arm, asking a question but you can't hear her. You can't hear anything but your pounding heart.
"Tommy," you call as he walks off to watch TV with Billy.
You walk slowly around the counter, "Smile for me, bud."
He giggles and nudges Billy, "Gotta tell a joke first,"
You clench your jaw but as you glance at Wanda, you know you can't let this sickening feeling control you. She just stares back at you, confused at what you've seen. Sighing, you tap against your chin as if you're thinking, eyes flicking to his grin.
"You wanna hear a joke about pizza?" you ask, raising your brows and trying to win their curiosity. It works as they quickly nod with wide eyes, "Ah, never mind. It's too cheesy."
The two of them groan but the laughs follows after quickly. You move just as fast, kneeling in front of Tommy as you grab his shoulders and tilt up his head, "I thought you lost those already..."
Tommy looks around, trying to pull away from you but you hold on tight, "I haven't lost anything for the tooth fairy yet."
A cold touch comes from the side and you jump, noticing it's Wanda who's come beside you, "Dear, it was Billy, remember?"
She talks quickly, rubbing your shoulders and gesturing to him as Billy smiles proudly. A beaming smile with two front teeth missing, "You two tied them to a nerf bullet and bang!" Wanda kisses your temple, "Out they came,"
Wanda runs her hands through your hair and slowly, it's like you're reliving it. You can see it all happening in front of you, the memory coming back and replaying itself. How scared he was when you handed him the toy. You knelt beside him, encouraged him that all he had to do was pull the trigger. Tommy and Wanda stood around and cheered him on and then bang.
You chuckle quietly as you look over at him, "That's right. You moaned and groaned all night. Saying only ice cream would make you feel better."
Wanda kisses your head, "Almost as good as their little song. How did it go boys?"
You sit down on the floor, leaning against Wanda's touch and close your eyes. Humming, you listen to them sing their short and silly song with a smile on your face. But the words don't sit right and your eyes jolt open, "The song? They sang about brownies, not... not ice cream. I remember."
Wanda clenches her brows as you look up at her, "Are you alright, honey?" Leaning down, she presses her hand to your forehead and gasps, "Oh, you're burning up. Come on, let's get you back to bed."
You groan as you stand, the heat from before growing and your body aching with each move you make. Wanda helps you limp with strict steps towards the stairs. Your joints feel like they're frozen in place, each movement a trial as your head begins to ache, "I'm probably just hungry, Wands."
"Are you okay?" the boys run up to the stairs and poke their faces against the banister, their eyes worryingly bouncing between you and their mom.
You reach out and scrunch up their hair like you always do, "I'm alright, boys. Just long nights at the office. This is why sleep is important! Go on, watch your shows."
They hang back for a minute. Watching you to see if you're just lying to them, but you urge them to go. As they turn to leave, you let out a pained breath as you stand back up and lean heavily onto Wanda as she practically floats you up the steps.
"Go, get some rest. I'll cook up something for you when you wake up, okay? I'm going to get you some water."
Her lips press against yours before you can argue and you fall into their warmth, "I love you," her voice cracks against the words and you feel a salty tear land on your lips.
You pull away from her quickly and crack a smile, "Wanda, I don't have the plague. It's probably just a cold."
She nods, lips pressed tightly as if she's hiding back a floodgate of emotions from breaking, "Right! Of course," she laughs and waves at you, "Now, shoo. I don't want the kids to get sick."
With a grin, you limp towards the bedroom and hide the stabbing pain you begin to feel in your legs, "Darling?"
She turns back around, only having taken a single step as she quickly wipes at her face. You can see her reddened eyes and the slightest tremble in her chin, "I love you, too. You'll never get rid of me."
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nats-dreamland · 2 days ago
Hi als! Congrats on two amazing milestones! It been so cool seeing your account grow, I still remember your 300 follower milestone. Your account is growing like crazy, I'm so proud of you <3
Now for the request, could you write a Wanda x reader with the prompts 'It's three in the morning...' (Wanda saying it) and 'Those things you said yesterday...did you mean them?' (Reader saying) for the reason they are awake. I would love it to be something like they are already dating but maybe Wanda shared how serious she is about their relationship and their future or something. Anything you want honestly:)
did you mean it?
Summary: Wanda told you in her own way just how serious she is about your relationship. She gives you the reassurance you need that you both are fully committed to each other
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 1k
Notes: hiii! this is probably not good bc I haven't written in ages buuuut thank you for 1.6k! this is the start of the celebration, I'm still taking requests so feel free to request! :) also thank you pockets for always being supportive of me and my writing from like almost the beginning! and for all your requests! I always love them <3 much love for you <3 oh and also I don't have taglists anymore so feel free to follow and turn on notifs for my library blog to stay up to date with my writing :) @dreamland-library
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❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
You couldn't help but toss and turn in your shared bed for what felt like hours. Looking next to you, Wanda laid there, peacefully sleeping. Not being able to fall asleep and not wanting to wake her, you quietly climbed out of bed. You didn't want to look at the time knowing not many hours had passed since you had gone to bed. 
You couldn't get your thoughts to calm down, they had been racing all day. Replaying moments that had occurred the previous day and analysing each word and gesture that you and Wanda exchanged the day prior. Trying to look for any faults or any moment of doubt, any reason to not trust her. Even though you wanted to trust Wanda and her words, you were just surprised.
'You aren't going to kill me right?' You laughed out once Wanda put the blindfold on you and led you to her car.
'Oh I spent all these months integrating myself in your life just to kill you,' Wanda's voice was laced with sarcasm and you just knew she had rolled her eyes at your question, 'Just be quiet, you'll see when we get there,' 
Not being able to see where you were going made the journey feel much longer than it was, but when you arrived and after Wanda led you by hand to the destination you couldn't stop looking around. In front of you was a small house, it needed work but it was surrounded by so much land you could just imagine how it would look in the future. Though you stopped yourself from thinking too far ahead, you didn't know if Wanda felt the same.
You had this future planned out and it heavily involved Wanda, but then you were scared that Wanda wouldn't feel the same way towards you, 'Do you like it?' Wanda whispered in your ear as she wrapped her arms around your waist, pulling you close.
'Wands, it's beautiful,' You were in awe wondering how she had even found this place, 'There's so much potential with this garden,' gardening is how you and Wanda became so close. You would grow the produce that Wanda would use to cook. Wanting to spend more time with each other Wanda would teach you bits about cooking and you would teach Wanda things about gardening. Though neither of you paid much attention to each other, more focused on your feelings for each other when you were together.
'That's why I found this place. A nice yard you can make your own. And that little paddock over there,' You looked to where Wanda was pointing, a small area of land that had the most beautiful trees, 'That would be the perfect place for a ceremony,' Your eyes widened with surprise, 'And over here on this tree we could build the best tree house for our children and watch them run around and have fun...' Wanda kept talking and you could feel the heat on your face. Wanda was talking about having a future with you.
'It's three in the morning...' You jumped when you felt Wanda's hand on your back as her voice brought you back to reality. Taking in your surroundings you didn't realise you had made it to the kitchen and were now sitting down with a hot mug in your hand.
'I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to wake you,' Wanda could sense you weren't in bed and came looking for you. She could tell your thoughts were racing, but she couldn't piece together why.
'You know I don't care right? You can always wake me, any time no matter what,' Wanda placed her hand on top of yours while she sat next to you, 'What's going on in that pretty head of yours?' You closed your eyes as you felt her place a small kiss on your temple.
'Those things you said yesterday...' You let out a shaky breath before continuing, 'Did you mean them?' Wanda was confused at first by what you meant but after some quick thinking she remembered it all. Since she had felt that way, about you and your future together, for a while it didn't feel like her words would be a big deal. Wanda failed to remember that it was the first time she had expressed just how serious she is about your relationship. 
Wanda knew about your past and how people hadn't always treated you well, especially in past relationships. You were quick to open up to her about it, wanting Wanda to know what she was getting herself into. You weren't always the most secure within yourself and you tend to need more reassurance than most. Wanda was always so understanding and accommodating, not once did you ever feel like you were too much or a burden to her. She was different to everyone else, that's what made her special. 
'Detka...' Wanda turned to look at you, brining the hand that was on yours up to cup your face, 'I mean all of what I said and so much more. All I see is a bright future with you, filled with so much laughter and amazing memories that we get to make together,' You searched Wanda's eyes and you could tell she was being 100% genuine with you, 'I never saw myself getting married, but with you I can imagine it minute by minute. I see mini me's and mini you's running around and causing all sorts of mischief together,' You both laughed together knowing that any children of yours would be a handful, 'I see all of this and so much more. The most important part is that I see myself having you by my side, forever and always,'
Wanda wiped the tears that had fallen from your eyes before leaning in to kiss you. The kiss held all of her feelings and passion towards you. There was no room to doubt that Wanda was lying or that she wasn't fully committed to your relationship. For once everything felt right. You were cared and loved for, just as much as you cared and loved her.
'There's no one else I'd rather have a future with,'
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widow-maximov · a day ago
Wrong Move
Pairing: Wanda x Natasha x Reader
Warnings: Death, drugs, self harm. Please don't read if you are easily triggered.
Summary: Breakups are suppose to make you stronger right? Well not in this case..
Word count: 2.6k
Request by @teamkiddosp : "Can you please do a story where wanda and nat both ignores y/n because they messed up on a mission or because they thought y/n was cheating on them and they break up with her. But they still see each other because we are an avenger and wanda and nat are still together, and we are just not doing good so we go drinking, doing drugs, self harm, pills, go out and only come back whenever everyone is awake and go on alot of missions (most are suicidal) and when they try to stop us we just say "you cant tell me what to do anymore we aint together." And a year goes by and you still arent getting better so we do suicide at a party or in the bathroom."
Everyone knew that every mission was a risk for the team, no matter how skilled you were, the enemies were always improving which meant that the team had to keep up.
Everyone would describe themselves are confident and a somewhat leader, but you would prefer more than that, you always thought you could do it a lot better and not be afraid of what could happen.
But that changed when you started to date the two redheads, you loved them and would do anything for them, but there was still that risky side of you left.
It was just something natural, it was just you and no matter how much you tried to change, it was just a habit to end up in very dangerous situations and come out with even worst threats but to yourself than anyone else.
At first it was kinda funny, the team laughed but soon that turned serious when you become the mission clown, always messing about and getting somehow hurt.
It took a toll on your girlfriends really quickly, they would always plead with you to keep safe and you tried to be careful but sometimes it was just not avoidable.
You were lucky that Wanda was there to protect you otherwise you would end up being dead if you were there alone. You wanted to be more independent but it seemed like the opposite team had different plans for you.
They knew your weak spot, and they knew your girlfriends weak spot, that was you, they loved you so much that even a little scratch across your face caused a concern.
But with time they slightly got used to you coming back with new bruises, even if that annoyed them they knew that this job wasn't easy. But soon they realised that even over a stupid mission were you're just suppose to gather intel you returned with some sort of marks.
If they were honest, they were beyond annoyed, your excuses were always the same "miscalculated move" or "I didn't see him" but it wasn't working on them.
They were with you because they loved you and tried to reason with you but even if that went through to you, there was always that worry in their back of their mind.
That one day they just had enough and that day was today, you were away, just you and Steve on a mission that was just simply scouting but somehow ran into trouble.
No one really thought anything of it, it was a typical avengers mission, Steve was already fighting whilst you tried to cover his back, somehow the mission was just a whole failure.
You ran out of bullets and your powers were at its limits so you had to return back home, this time your wounds were worst, you were actually shot and stabbed and barely holding onto your own feet.
Steve was in better shape than you, more better, it only seemed like the agents were doing this on purpose and you seemed to notice that too.
The issue was that your background was different, you were once the bad guy so it was only logical that the enemies tried to kidnap you or even kill you.
But no one really asked and tried to find out why they kept hurting you that bad, you didn't have time to even have a second to think about it when you arrived back to the compound and instead of going straight to your room.
You were wheeled into the medic wing, taken into operation to clean and stitch the wounds that were really bad, especially the stab wound. As soon as the two redheads found out, you knew it would end in another fight.
You were prepared though - or so you thought, as soon as the team was alerted about this, you knew what would happen, Tony would sigh, Thor would shake his head in disapproval, Peter would be more careful in next missions, Bucky would get more serious with each mission, Clint would make sure to hug his kids a little bit more tighter each time, Bruce would try to improve your recovery, Yelena would take a shot of vodka and just remain quiet.
Kate would scold Yelena but she knew very well how bad this job was, your parents? well they didn't care even a single bit, Carol would be even more fascinated by the scars you would have after but only after she was scold for encouraging this.
And your girlfriends were last, they would be worried shit and have nightmares each time, wondering how worse you would come back. You understood them but at the same time it wasn't something you could control.
Your powers were still limited, your training was never easy and time was always limited with the world always being under a threat, you sighed as you waited for the dreading moment.
It came a lot more sooner than you would expect, there they were, standing near you completely steaming with anger, there were thousands of words swarming their minds as they stared at you.
Natasha had their arms crossed "How did this even happen?"
You looked up at her and was met with a glare "I don't know, Steve was occupied with 5 of them and another 6 came after me, I had no chance"
"It always seems like it, you always get in trouble Y/n/n, it's so tiring" Wanda spoke up, you could tell by her voice that she was exhausted.
Your gaze moved from Natasha to Wanda, you could see her exhaustion, you looked at her with sad eyes "It's not my fault"
"So it wasn't your fault when you charged towards an army of clones! They had guns pointed at you, you were lucky Wanda was there" Natasha raised her voice as her hands dropped.
"I didn't see an army, how many times do I have to say that" You tried to defend yourself, match her tone but your pain stopped you.
Wanda sighed feeling like this had left her with no choice "We can't take this anymore Y/n/n, I'm sorry but this is it from us, I can't keep sleep terrified that my nightmares would come true"
Your words caught in your throat at her words, your eyes widen, Natasha's angry expression changed too, her features soften as she moved closer to the witch.
You finally managed to choke out something when you saw them starting to move for the door "You- Yous are breaking up with me?"
Natasha grabbed Wanda's hand "Yes, I can't bare to spend another second worrying, we give up"
That was the nightmare you didn't know existed, you stared at them, trying to keep your tears in, to not cry because that would cause more pain than you are experiencing right now.
Natasha's hand was dragged away by Wanda, this was just as difficult for them but for you it was more than that, you were beyond hurt, because they promised they would never leave.
Here you are, not only wounded on the outside but inside as well. It felt unreal to you, how could you just lost the two women you loved the most.
They are what keeps you sane to be here, now that was gone there was no one that really needed you anymore. The team always scold you for being so reckless on missions and never seemed to care to why that was happening.
You returned back to missions soon after but being now heartbroken gave you no reason to come back and have your wounds freshly opened by seeing the two redheads be completely happy without you.
That sight always broke you more, it was like pouring salt in your cuts, never letting them heal and just constantly remind you how bad you fucked up.
The constant reminders of how stupid you are, made you reach more something that could help, alcohol. The one substance that you promised to yourself to never taste after being sober for so long.
It started with just one cup, or so you thought, but that soon turned into one and half bottle being drank in the first 2 hours, it only made you come back for more.
Being hangover and still attending mission was stupid, way worse than before, it was a death wish which nearly came true when instead of running, you stood still as you closed you eyes and waited for the pain that you wanted to feel so badly.
But it seemed like that didn't happen since Tony saved you, since that they banned you from attending until you sorted yourself out but that only gotten worse.
You being stuck in a room where there were only 4 walls around you made you insane, you started to in flick pain onto yourself to silence the pain you were feeling from the break up.
You made sure to muffle your pain groans are you sliced your sink open, you were tired, tired of constantly being here and listening to that haunting voice of how you weren't needed and how useless you were to everyone around you.
The cutting and drinking your voices away but that wasn't helping at all so you reached for something stronger, once you ended up in the middle of the night on the streets with a bottle of straight vodka when a dealer walked over to you.
He could sense that hurt tone in your appearance as he handed you a bag with some sort of powder, you knew what it was, you weren't stupid but you were stupid enough to accept his offer and follow him to help him get rid of it the only way you could find off.
Make you high and feeling like you were stronger to handle more missions, you decided to buy couple huge bags of him and keep that hidden in you room.
You went to Shield to "volunteer" in the more dangerous missions, it was more than easy to convince them for that, they had no other people who would willing to do them so they gave you everything they had.
You came back with more wounds that you always said were okay, and you never had it professionally checked, if it healed it was even good, if it didn't well that sucked, you couldn't feel it that much after being higher than any plane could.
But the team caught on pretty quickly, they had Shield ban you from doing anything with them and were pleading with you to just stop but nothing worked.
Their only hope was Natasha and Wanda, you loved them so you could listen to them but with the drugs and the constant voices in your head telling you what to do, it was hopeless.
You were called in to the living room by Steve, he was just as worried, he was your teammate, almost like the big brother but that changed quite fast.
You walked in, your eyes redder than a rose, the eye bags even bigger than you could remember, you weren't happy at all, you were met with both green eyes, that worried look still craved in them.
"My god Y/n" Wanda gasped as she took a look at you.
You rolled you eyes "What is this?"
Natasha's features were just as soft as before, they both looked good, even better than you could remember "You have to stop this Y/n, you are on the path to death"
You smiled, it was a bitter smile as a bitter laugh escaped your throat "Suddenly yous care? Well guess what we are not together anymore, you can't tell me what to do"
Wanda frowned "Of course we care, we always did Y/n/n"
You pointed your finger up "No, stop it, stop with the nickname, you lost that privilege the moment yous left me, no one fucking believes me so everyone can go fuck themselves"
Before they could even try to say anything else, you turned and walked out with tears streaming down your face, you wanted to just be left alone so you decided to disappear.
Each day you would only be back to catch up on sleep, nights would be your time to party, to be alive for those hours to just forget everything, you were kicked out of everything so there was no place left for you.
And no one seemed to mind that you were gone, if anything they were okay with it as you were one problem less to deal with. The revenge was still there, you had so much anger inside you.
Drinking that anger never helped so you planned out the joke that one of your club friends explained to you, he stared at you with a smile and a stoned looked "Just shoot yourself in the head, that would teach them"
He wasn't serious, he was on drugs but you were angry, they haven't noticed, they don't care enough and they left you when you needed them the most.
You knew there were people after you, you were constantly hurt even on the easiest missions, but no one looked into it but little did you know that Fury did.
He raised it with Tony and they both tried to find something, Tony had stuff to do so Fury was left alone with the gathering of information but he was too late.
As the announcement of a party made its way to you, you knew you had to get in. You pretended to get better and the team seemed to believe you.
You were allowed in and so here you stood, by the bar were most people were. You drank the 3 shots that were waiting for you and climed on top of the bar.
You held a drink in your hand as you called for your team "Avengers!"
Everyone went silence, your teams eyes were on you in seconds as they looked confused at the smirk across your lips, you looked at Natasha and Wanda.
"Assemble" You took out the gun as you shot yourself blank in the head.
The image that no one thought they would witness, you needed help that no one provided and that drove you to this, Natasha screamed as she witnessed the person who she loved so dearly collapsed onto the bar with glass shuttering underneath the now lifeless body.
Wanda's eyes turned red as her finger tips turned black, she was late again, she didn't make it to stop you, if she only made it couple seconds to save you.
With a blink of an eye, Natasha was by your side as everyone else ran in other directions to either vomit or avoid looking at the dead body, Wanda stood still as she saw Natasha for the first time in what felt like forever.
Her heart beat faster, you were dead but Natasha was still here, she approached her slowly "Natasha?"
But the Russian was terrified by the event she had to just witness, Wanda reach out to touch Natasha but as she blinked the scenery changed, she was back at her throne, with you laying dead and your head still bleeding and Natasha's corpse laying near by but having dried blood by her.
Wanda's jaw harden as she knew she failed again, the multiverse Wanda's were useless, she had to do it herself, she approached yous as she kneels, letting her hands comb through yours and the redheads stiff hair.
"I will save yous. I promise" She mumbled letting a tear roll down her face.
Little did she know, that the nightmare only just began...
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emilyprentissslut · 2 days ago
can we have more dino au smut plz i literally love dino au sm
mommy’s dino 🦕
dino au📈
a/n: ask and u shall receive!
warnings: fingering, oral sex, sucking fingers, after care wanda, mommy wanda
Tumblr media
“hands behind your back.”
a bit of an accent tucked itself behind wanda’s words. the small sentence alone was more than enough to have you dripping with anticipation. and that you were, dripping.
as soft red wisps bound your hands behind your back, the witch quickly made do with your clothes. your captor was a master of teasing, and she knew exactly what she was doing.
you played along, following her every direction. you knew your mommy would give it to you, all you had to do was ask.
“mommy please”
“please what, love?”
with a heavy sigh, and a small whimper, wanda’s fingers traced your body.
“please touch me.”
“who do you want to touch you, baby?”
the witch’s hands made her way down to your crotch area. her hand lazily stroked your clit.
“please touch me mommy”
a smirk played out on the woman’s lips. her fingers moved faster on your clit as her other hand coated your slick. two fingers sneaked without warning into your cunt.
whimpers made their way out of your mouth. replacing her fingers with her mouth, wanda carefully and dutifully sucked your clit while picking up the pace with her fingers.
it took an embarrassingly short time for the redhead to bring you to orgasm. and that you did, you climaxed on the witch’s fingers. after bringing them to her mouth, she sucked her fingers cleaned of your juices.
pushing her wet fingers into your mouth, you instantly complied and moaned at the taste of yourself. the redhead smiled at how eager to please you were.
her soft hands patted your cheek. without another word, you opened your mouth as the witch mommy coated your tongue in her saliva.
“swallow, baby.”
you didn’t have to be told twice. wanda kissed your lips like there was no tomorrow. once again, you could taste yourself in her mouth.
while you were distracted, three fingers began to jackhammer your pussy. a whimper escaped your lips as the witch found your spot. she curled her fingers and pumped even faster. again, it didn’t take long for you to cum again.
“i cant wait to stretch your pussy pretty girl. you’re going to love mommy’s toys”
wanda cleaned her fingers and your cunt with gentle care. she pressed a kiss to your clit before using her magic to clean and dress the two of you.
the witch pulled you in impossibly close, you let the the exhausting of her brutal finger blasting lull you to sleep.
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s1ut4milfssssss · 10 hours ago
Better gentleman than him
Summary: Bucky had brought you along as his plus one to a company gala, after all, he was your boyfriend. When he introduced you to his boss, you immediately caught her eye. She knew that she could be much more of a gentleman than your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Bucky had dragged you to a company gala this evening, you never wanted to go since his company was sketchy. They had an underground business that no one knew about and dealt with Mafia from all over the country when they needed to. But the main reason you never wanted to go was because you never really agreed to be Bucky’s girlfriend, she practically forced you into it. You felt no romantic attraction to him whatsoever but you just went along with it since he could hurt you if he wanted to.
You were dressed in a dark red dress that dragged on the floor as you walked, Bucky had picked it out for you, he said that you needed to look presentable in front of his friends which made you roll your eyes.
The whole night has been a blur to you, for the past few hours, you had been following Bucky around like a lost puppy, tagging along and going with him everywhere he went. It was pretty obvious that once he got there, he had forgotten about you. 
You watched sadly as he flirted with many of the women there, suddenly feeling insecure about yourself because they were much prettier than you.
“You’re awfully pretty too, you know?” 
You jumped as you turned around, you came face to face with a blonde woman, she had a velvet suit on and black heels. She was probably a head taller than you which made you feel real small with her.
“Are you here alone?” She asked, taking another sip of her drink.
“Uhm- Uh-” Before you could reply, Bucky pulled your hand, making you yelp.
“There you are, Jesus, what are you doing, bitch?” He seethed.
You gulped as you looked up at Bucky, scared to say anything, you just muttered an apology, diverting your eyes down to the ground.
“Oh, good evening, Ms. Maximoff.” Bucky bowed slightly as he turned his attention to the lady in front of you. 
“Mr. Barnes.” She replied coldly, rolling her eyes slightly, clearly annoyed at him.
“And who’s this?” She asked again, looking at you.
“Oh she’s my friend, I just brought her because they said we needed to bring a plus one anyway.” He chuckled.
You might not have admitted it but it was pretty obvious on your face that you were hurt by his reply, tears brimming your eyes.
“Could you excuse us for a moment?” Maximoff said as she took you gently by your hand, pulling you along with her as she left the ball room, leading you into a back room not far away. Although you noticed that she made sure that she didn’t hurt you, loosening her grip on your hand when you were out.
Once you entered the back room, the woman shut the door behind you, cornering you as you caught your breath. 
“He doesn’t treat you too well does he, Bunny?” She asked, tracing her fingers up your leg, gently massaging your thighs, making you sigh, feeling the arousal form between your legs.
“You look so pretty, Kitten...” She breathed out as she placed kisses down your throat, releasing a moan from your mouth.
“I’m gonna fuck you better than your boyfriend ever can.” She husked, entering two fingers inside you, thrusting hard and deep. The sounds of your wet pussy growing loud with each thrust inside you.
“Ms. Maximoff-” 
“Uh-uh. That’s not my name, sweetheart.” 
Your mind went blank, you barely knew her name and you were already letting her fuck you, what else did she want you to call her? 
“Oh you’re so wet for me, Your’re so tight around my fingers, baby, Taking me so well.” She moaned at the sight of you reaching your climax.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as she added a third finger, stretching your hole like never before, making you whine at the sting.
“M-mommy, I need to come.” You said without thinking, the name rolling off your tongue like you were meant to call her that.
“Come, sweetheart. Soak my fingers.”
You didn’t need to be told twice before you came, hard. Drenching her fingers in your come, making her smirk.
Ms. Maximoff gently pulled her fingers out of you when you came down from your high, mummering soft praises as you caught your breath.
“Good girl, good girl... Are you okay? I didn’t go too far did I? I’m sorr-” 
Before she could finish, you cut her off by shaking your head, giving her a reassuring smile, making her chuckle.
“Look, I know that Bucky doesn’t treat you right... I’m sorry about that.”
“It’s not your fault Ms. Maximoff... I’m just not doing enough for him.” 
“Firstly, you can call me Wanda.” She started, tucking your hair behind your ears, “I think after I fucked the shit out of you, we don’t have to do formalities anymore.”
“Okay, Wanda...” You smiled at her.
“Secondly...Bucky’s a bitch, I’ve seen him the whole night with the ladies. That’s no way to treat a pretty girl like you.”
“Why don’t you give me a chance? I can be a better gentleman than your boyfriend.” She winked.
“But he isn’t going to let me just leave him, he’s not-”
“You don’t have to worry about that, Bunny, I don’t think that he’d dare to do anything to his boss and her girlfriend anyway.” Wanda replied seductively, taking your hand in hers, kissing it as she locked her eyes on yours.
“Okay.” You giggled, leaning up to kiss her.
“You’re adorable.” She cooed, kissing your nose.
“What the fuck?” The two of you whipped your head around and saw Bucky standing there, his eyes wide open in shock as he watched as his boss had her hands around your waist, kissing you.
(Hi guysssss!!! I just finished my exams so you can be expecting many posts from me!!)
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Tumblr media
Today’s Superb Golden Sparkly Eye (Diamond-Style) belongs to Wanda!
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c-art-y · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🩸What mouth?♦️
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genderfluid-moth · a day ago
Wanda: *minding her business*
Y/N: *drunk* You’re painfully attractive.
Wanda: ….what?
Y/N: Every time I look at you I wanna aggressively make out with you.
Wanda: *flustered* I- Uh, I mean
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Tumblr media
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Just a fun writing piece because of how no existent I have been.
The names you call someone. It’s just between us no one else. I can feel her beside me. The whispers of these names. They are whispers in the winds.
Our hands linked in intimate moments, in peaceful moments, in sad moments, in everything it happens so easy. They are like magnets always coming back to each other.
In the moments were her breath is against my back as we lay in bed in silence.
“Wands, I love you” I whisper my feelings baring out to her. I can hear her breath hitch. “Y/n....” her voice is weak. “Oh-I...— Never mind I didn’t say that.” I says I sit up and pull away.
“I thought you knew this was how it was going to be. We can’t be a thing and I don’t want it like that.” She says her face is turned away from me.
“Could you just leave.” I say my voice is stranded my eyes fill with tears and I hear her foot steps retreat. I look up on last time knowing that everything I imagined was just in my head.
@stonemags @chelleztjs18
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Scarlet witch exits the mirror dimension
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edelweiss-and-maple-trees · 3 hours ago
The Girl is Mine
Want More Marvel?…
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings and Tags: Established Relationship, Language, Clubs, Mentions of Alcohol, Awkward Flirting, Jealousy, It’s Gay In Here
Notes: i couldn’t stop my hands from typing this sorry
In (Y/N)‘s whole ass defense, she did not ask for this. Really did not. She was just outside of the club she was told to go to, almost sweltering in the late spring evening.
She wasn’t here to pick up random girls.
If only little miss Whoever the Hell understood that.
(Y/N) politely nodded, attempting to look as disinterested as she felt. Miss did not take the hint, moving to almost lean on her shoulder.
“I mean, you don’t get a chance to party with a pretty girl every night,” the stranger attempted to convince her. Jesus. If she had been in any other situation than this, she might admire the tenacity of this Miss.
“Bold of you to assume,” (Y/N) spoke, eyes scanning the crowd around the entrance.
“Aw, come on… all I’m asking is for some help getting in… I could buy your first round of drinks…”
At least she was offering something. Too bad it was nothing (Y/N) was interested in.
“I’m fine. Like I said before, I’m waiting on someone.”
“Oh? And is that someone going to turn their nose up to free drinks as well?”
In a bold movement, the woman reached to toy with her hair. Ew. Too much. (Y/N) took a step back, bumping against a shoulder.
Her sight filled with relief at the sight of who she was actually here to escort.
Wanda’s eyes were narrowed on the stranger before them, her hand sneaking around to (Y/N)’s waist, “I think I will be turning my nose up. Thank you for the offer.” Her tone was indicative of anything but that sentiment.
Little Miss’s eyes widened at the sight, mouth opening and closing.
“Perhaps try a mint next time. Your lines are stale. Come along, (Y/N).”
She fought the burst of surprised chuckles as she let her girlfriend guide her around the crowd. Wanda’s sure hand kept at her waist, holding her securely. Warmth spread from the contact, curling into (Y/N).
“You could’ve been nicer,” she finally commented after Wanda cleared their entrance with the bouncers.
“I could’ve,” Wanda agreed, sending them into the music filled room. The bass thudded in her ears, killing almost all of the noise. Well, almost all. Unless you counted Wanda’s clever mouth grazing the shell of her ear, close enough for her voice to vibrate, “But I didn’t want to. Not when it comes to you.”
Her girlfriend chuckled, keeping (Y/N) steady as the sensation of the words rolled down her spine. Shit.
“I don’t think you fault me for it, either.”
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Tumblr media
Imagine being as gorgeous as Elizabeth Olsen. ❤️
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Proud of you
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Warning: The usual tags I don’t really know what other tags would go here, just enjoy :3
Summary: Wanting to show off how amazing your girlfriend is, but it doesn't go as planned.
Word count: 7.1k
A/n: It wasn't allowing me to post this when I was tagging everyone so I put some people in the comments. Sorry!!
Being an Avenger and having a witch as your girlfriend was everything you would want but there was one thing missing, for the past 7 years of being an Avenger, your parents managed to meet everyone but Wanda.
They were an important part of your life but they were too far away to be constantly involved, you had to move away from home to study in United States, you were American but your parents decided to move to Britain when you were just a teenager.
But with time you understood that UK was never your home, you belonged in US, so you did everything to move back there, when you arrived there, of course not everything could be good in your life.
You were injected with a serum by an Hydra agent by accident which gave you powers which they were unaware off but SHIELD was, they brought you in as a trick that you were getting interviewed for a job but instead you met Tony Stark with Nick Fury.
You knew of Tony but never managed to meet him even if he was around New York all the time, saving the world, you just never had the luck until that day.
They explained what will happen next and if you would like to work for the Avengers so naturally you agreed, you and Natasha were the only women on the team until Wanda joined.
When your parents found out they were shocked and terrified for you, but also tried to be as supportive as they could so they ended up flying out to meet the team and make sure that Tony kept an eye out for you.
He took their worries seriously and become your work dad in a way, you never had a father, actually you don't even remember him, he left your mother when you were born and ever since your mother married your other mom.
So he felt slightly responsible with you, he took you in under his wing, helped you with anything you needed and soon the team did the same.
You tried your best to do the same with new members of the team, like Carol, Yelena, Kate, Peter, and even Wanda but she was harder to crack than the rest of them.
But you never backed out, you held your ground and made sure she ate, trained, was up to date with missions when she wouldn't attend meetings, you would make extra notes for her because you knew the loss she went through.
She never seemed like a bad person, she was so fragile that you saw yourself in her, the lost you when you didn't know anything about those powers you had.
She lost her parents but her brother survived, he was injured but he was there, took him some time to recover but he was fine, he couldn't do missions anymore, so he stuck around the tower and helped out in different ways.
You soon saw Wanda in a different way, you saw her laugh and smile and be happy after her brother recovered, you guessed that she was scared so she hid away until everything was semi okay which it was.
And you loved that about her, she was so caring even if she never showed it off, she would make breakfast for the team to show her gratefulness.
You thought that she never really noticed your effort to become her friend but she did, she was very appreciative of all the things you did for her.
Yous got close with time and started to date, everything was new and fresh that yous kept it on the down low until you both knew that this was something you both wanted.
No one was surprised, they all knew that you crushed on her from the start which only made you embarrassed but she found it cute and ever since yous were together.
It has been 4 years since and there was always something in the way to stop you from getting Wanda to meet your parents, but this time it wasn't.
The whole team was assigned to a mission in London, something to do with the queen and her worries about a war with Hydra as they were spotted in London.
Yous were given rooms but you decided that you'll use this opportunity to see your parents, as you discussed this with Tony, he was more than happy and supportive to give you those first couple days with your parents.
As you grabbed Wanda's suitcases and loaded it into your car, she raised her brow at you "What are you doing? Aren't we suppose take them up to our room?"
You kept smiling as you closed the trunk, faced her, placed your hands on her hips, which she confusingly followed, placed her hands on your neck.
"Nope" You replied with one word which didn't clear anything up for the witch.
"So what are we doing?" She asked again, leaned her body against yours.
"I was thinking you could finally meet my parents.." You confessed as your smile widen to show teeth "I know it's last minute but they are dying to meet you and-"
She smiled as she finally understood "Of course we can meet them, it's been 4 years so it would be nice"
You sighed with relief "Oh thank god, I thought you would not want to, which would be fine, totally fine!" You reassured her to which caused a small giggle to escape her mouth.
You relaxed "But this is important to me"
She cupped your cheek "And you are important to me so of course we can go"
You smiled as you stared into her eyes, she really did make you happy, you leaned down as you placed a kiss on the tip of her nose which made her smile only grow.
"There are kids around!" A voice made you turn around to see, Thor covering Peters eyes, causing a huff to escape his lips.
Wanda slipped her hand into yours, hugging into your arm as a small giggle escaped her lips, it was those moments that were worth everything.
"Anyway, we need to get going" You spoke up as Thor nodded and did his bro fist pump with you and hooked his arm around Peter as they both waved yous off.
Wanda unglued herself from you and went to sit in the passenger seat "I still find it weird that yous drive here on the opposite side"
Causing an laugh to escape from your mouth "You'll get used to it, don't worry"
The ride was enjoyable, there was somethings yous discussed about the mission when yous would come back after the visit, as you pulled in and got out of the car to handle the bags, Wanda stopped you.
You gave her a confused look as she did it with a wave of a finger, the bags were outside of the car within seconds, which caused a playful eye roll from you.
She grabbed your hand when your mother ran outside to greet yous "Oh my goodness! Y/n/n!"
You let go of Wanda as your mother hugged you, Wanda placed her hands in her back pocket of her jeans, smiling awkwardly, she never knew how to act around parents.
Your mother pulled away as she slightly shoved you away, which caused a huff to escape your mouth but there was a smile across your lips.
"And you must be Wanda, oh how lovely to finally meet you, you are even more beautiful in person" Your mother complimented the witch which was such a sweet sight for you.
Wanda's cheeks turned red ish as she tried to laugh it off "It's nice to meet you Mrs Y/l/n"
Your mother waved her hand to dismiss her "Oh darling, please call me Kelly, Y/l/n makes me sound so old"
You rolled your eyes with a smile "She always says that and everyone still thinks she's in her 40s"
"Your mom isn't in her 40s? I thought she was" Wanda spoke up the truth, being actually shocked.
Kelly smiled widely as she pointed towards Wanda "I like her, keep her"
This time you looked into Wanda's eyes "I was planning on it" slightly bumping her arm with yours in a playful manner.
"I would help yous with bags but Quin isn't here right now and she is the strongest out of both of us" Kelly commented as she laughed it off.
Wanda dismissed her with a smile "Oh there is no need, I got that covered"
You closed your eyes as you heard your mother gasp, causing you to mumble to yourself "Here we go"
"Oh my goodness! That is so fascinating! You have to tell me how that works, were you born with that power?" She asked as she hooked her arm with Wanda's and pulled her away from you.
"Mum! She's still my girlfriend not yours" You shouted out which apparently didn't reach their ears as they ignored you and let you watch as they walked off with the bags following them.
You managed to pull Wanda out of your mothers grasp and you managed only because she was cooking so she had to be focused to not burn anything.
As you walked inside the guest bedroom, sighing with relief at the sight of the bed, you were tired you really just dreamed of showering and laying down.
Wanda already knew that sigh "I know I know"
You smiled as you faced her after letting her place the bags near by "How are you?"
She forced a smile upon her lips "Okay but I guess it's strange, it's definitely something new"
You nodded as you already to glue yourself to her which she didn't protest against "I can tell she likes you already so you have nothing to worry about"
"Yeahh" She agreed, not really wanting to get sad now, she knew it wasn't that, it was strange for her in every way possible.
You placed your hand on her cheek, trying your best to cheer her up, you knew parents were a difficult subject for her so it was one of many reasons to why it took you so long to introduce her to your parents.
She gave you a sad smile, you reached up and kissed her forehead "Don't worry if this is overwhelming for you, just do our thing and I will pull us out of it"
She nodded as she just hugged into you, not wanting to say another word because she couldn't even if she wanted, you embraced her, stroking her hair in the way you knew calmed her down.
"What did I do to deserve you" Wanda's muffled voice made it to your ears.
You pulled her away as you held her face "Wandss.. you know you deserve everything that's good"
She looked away, feeling slightly embarrassed "Hey, look at me" Which she did, she looked at you seeing how genuine you were "You deserve this, you deserve to be loved and cared for, you don't need to ever doubt that"
She smiled but this time it was the smile you always recognised, letting one tear slide down her cheek, which you quickly wiped off "It's almost impossible to be sad around you"
You chuckled "That is a good thing but I love seeing you smile more, it suits you and brings out that cute blush on your cheeks"
There it was, she was blushing at your words "Even after all these years you still have the same effect on me"
There was a smug smile across your lips, but for that you received a eye roll from the redhead "No need for that, it's a mutual feeling babe"
And then yous heard your front door and the voice following it, calling out for your mother, you knew it was Quin, she always called out for Kelly whenever she comes back home, it was her way of checking she was inside.
"We should probably introduce you to Quin, hopefully she will be better than mother" You spoke up, earning a nod from Wanda.
"She is not bad, I witnessed worse" Wanda shared as you both exited the room.
As yous walked down to meet Quin, she was almost screaming from shocked at the sight of you two "Oh my darling Y/n/n you're finally home!"
She placed a soft kiss on your cheek and quickly turned to Wanda "And this must be the girl who finally managed to hold Y/n down"
Your cheeks were pinkish as you shook your head from embarrassment, causing the witch next to you to laugh "Nice to meet you Mrs Y/l/n"
"Just call me Quin sweetie" She pulled Wanda in for a hug, your parents were always affectionate but Wanda wasn't to people she didn't really know.
It was surprising that she hugged your mom back, it was definitely nice to see her trying even if this was weird for her, they pulled away and she took couple step back to stand next to Kelly.
"Well, Wanda, please tell us when will we have the pleasure to meet your parents, I can think of couple meals to cook for them-" Quin spoke as she looked over at Kelly who gave her the stare.
Your head whipped to Wanda who you saw was tensed from the question, even if years has passed, it was still a subject she never wanted to mention, unless it was really bothering her.
You snaked your arm around her waist, trying to let her know you're there for her, she gulped the tensed feeling that was coming up to her throat.
She had a polite smile across her lips "Unfortunately my parents passed"
This was the calmest you have ever heard Wanda, especially when it was about her parents, she would usually sound a little bitter if anyone else asked.
Quin's quickly fell silent, there was a silent oh coming out of her mouth, you gulped, this is what you least expected to happen.
Wanda pulled away from you as gentle as she could, swallowing a lump in her throat as she looked at you "Can I go to the bathroom?"
You nodded quite quickly "Of course, you don't need to ask Wands, it's just down the hall from the guest room"
She gave you a small nod and a forced smile as she walked off to the bathroom, you looked at your parents slightly annoyed "What the hell"
Kelly crossed her arms "Watch your tone"
Quin placed her hand on Kelly's shoulder "Y/n I am sorry, I have forgotten"
You huffed "You just made her extremely uncomfortable, I told you guys that this wasn't the subject to start on"
Kelly narrowed her eyes "Your mother forgot, it was a pure accident, you need to stop being so defensive"
"It's okay honey, they are our guests so it was rude of me, maybe that shouldn't have been my first question" Quin tried to calm her wife down.
"You think? Now if you excuse me, I will go check on her" You excused yourself and quickly turned to check up on the witch.
As you walked up to the bathroom, you heard the water running, you swallowed thick, trying to come up with something, anything to just calm her, you knew she wasn't going to be mad but rather sad which only made you sad.
You leaned your head on the door as you knocked, there was silence from the other side, it was your queue to speak up "Hey witchy, are you okay?"
There was silence, you sighed as the water stopped running "Can I come in? Or do you want me to go away?"
If she wanted space then you were more than happy to give her that, sometimes there were times where you would need a moment to yourself, to think things through, a peaceful place which Wanda was always respectful of, and that made you love her more.
You heard the door unlock, you sighed with relief as you leaned back and carefully opened the door. Finding her sitting on the toilet as her face was buried in her hands.
You slowly approached her as you kneeled down, placing your hands on her legs so she could feel your presents, you didn't need to say anything, she looked up and instantly hugged you.
As the strongest Avenger, she was the most softest person alive, constantly in need of hugs and love and you gave her everything she wanted.
Yous ended up on the floor, your back leaning against the wall as she was sat on your lap, her head placed on your shoulder and her hands gripping your shirt quite tightly.
It was melting your heart, you made sure to hold her extra tighter, placing a kiss on top of her head and letting your hand run up and down her back in soothing motion.
After some silence you decided to break the ice first "I'm sorry for them, they didn't mean any harm"
Wanda's grip loosened as she peeled herself of you, finally looking into your eyes "I know, I guess there are just a lot what if's"
You listened attentively, still rubbing her back, it was the little things that made her fall more in love with you "Like, what if they were still here, would they love you just the same as your parents love me?"
You showed her a small smile just for reassurance "Well, I might not have met them but seeing how amazing you are, I am hundred percent sure that they would be happy you're happy no matter who you were with"
The hand that was gripping your shirt, moved to your face, letting her thumb caress your cheek "I love you 3000"
You smiled "I am pretty sure that's copyrighted by Tony"
A laugh escaped her lips, your hand intertwined with hers, as you leaned in and pressed your forehead against hers "I love you infinity"
She smiled but instead of leaning in to kiss you, her head fell back in a laughter, she looked back at you "We are so corny, look at us sitting on the bathroom floor, saying we love each other"
"I will be as corny as one can get, as long as you laugh like that" Your plan was to make her as happy as she can get, whenever she smiled, laughed or even looked in your direction, you felt that warm feeling, those butterflies even after so many years, she still had that effect on you.
She playfully rolled her eyes with a big smile across her lips, you used that chance to connect your lips with hers, she met you with the same passion.
Her position changed rather quickly, not breaking the kiss, her legs were on either side of yours, as your hands held her ass, pulling her into you as close as possible.
One of her hands travelled underneath your shirt, indicating for you to take it off, you pulled away slightly to breath "Here?"
She was panting as well "We done it in worst places"
You smiled, still with your eyes closed as the memory entered your mind "You're thinking of that time on the mission before Hydra men attacked us"
She nodded as best as she could "Best mission I ever had"
Before the heated kiss could continue, her stomach rumbled, making you smile wider "Maybe we could go out for a date instead"
"You can eat me instead, I don't need food" She was too deep into her lust to care about food at this point, putting you in for another kiss not wanting to hear a word from you.
And that's how yous spend that evening, fucking in the shower and running to the guest room nude to not get caught by your parents, you were just glad their room was downstairs instead so it was less likely for them to catch yous.
The next morning, it was a lot more harder to wake up and find the motivation to do anything but you had to spend the day with your parents, that's you partly came for.
You managed to drag yourself out of bed, stumbling out of bed and into the kitchen to just have a drop of coffee was what you needed before you could properly function.
Kelly stood with her cup of coffee being the exact zombie like you, she already had your cup prepared with the warm water waiting for you to just pour.
You nodded at her the best you could and poured the water in, along with sugar and almost immediately attaching your lips to the cup, taking couple gulps before properly greeting your mum.
Quin walked in with a big smile across her lips "My favourite people together, morning to both of you"
You both groaned at her being so energetic in the morning "How are you so energetic mom, I drink 4 coffees throughout the day and I am not as nearly as energetic as you"
Quin laughed "Oh darling, when you're my age you'll understand"
Just as she finished speaking, Wanda appeared in the door frame, your eyes darted to her instantly with a big smile which dropped almost immediately at the sight of her neck.
You quickly looked away which Wanda noticed, she frowned but quickly realised what you were thinking about, but your parents didn't seem to care.
Quin took two steps forward to Wanda as she had a small smile "Wanda I just wanted to apologise for yesterday, I was out of line and I am sorry"
Wanda smiled at the apology "It's okay Quin, but I am sorry if I caused anything with my reaction, I just don't really like talking about them"
Quin nodded as she placed her hand on Wanda's arm "I understand you, I went through the same so I get you, but when you are comfortable, we would love to learn more about them"
You placed your mug down as you held yourself and smiled at them, Kelly leaned towards you as she whispered "They'll get on quite fine"
You turned to face your mother with the smile "I know"
Quin turned back as she had her arm around Wanda "Do you guys have anything planned?"
You looked over at Wanda "Well we have to train for the upcoming mission so probably that and maybe I will show her some of my old spots here"
Kelly spoke up from behind you "When you find the time could you please fix that fence that's about to fall over, we were going to pay someone but then we didn't have the money"
You looked over at your mother "Why didn't you call me? You know I would've sent you the money for that"
She nodded "I know but you work hard so we didn't want to take your money"
"Mum you know money isn't an issue-" Before you could try to lecture your mother Quin jumped in.
"It's okay Y/n/n, we can talk about that another time, how about we eat breakfast together?" She suggested as she let go of Wanda at the thought of doing something that's family related.
"Yeah okay, let us just change then" You agreed and they both nodded as you handed Wanda your coffee cup so she can have some sips of it, and following her to the guest room.
As you walked inside, you grabbed her hand as you pulled her back into you "Good morning"
She mumbled a good morning before pulling you into her gentle kiss, it was a routine for both of you, share the same cup of coffee before she makes her own, mumble a good morning and kiss, to feel the present of one another.
It a small gesture but it's enough to want to keep going each morning, yous parted and changed as you knew they were waiting, as much as you wanted to seek comfort in the witches arms, the day waited.
As breakfast was ate, everyone was full, your mothers decided to ask questions about yous, you always loved that part, it was something that made you feel proud.
Proud that you found someone so compatible with you, someone who shared the same passion as you and wanted to build a family with you in the end.
"So why don't you guys tell us something, how did all of this start?" Kelly asked, quite excited to hear this.
You smiled as you recalled that day, you looked at Wanda and allowed her to speak "I joined some later later than Y/n, we never actually spoke but she was really caring with everyone who joined the team and that included me"
"She was really attentive to every detail, to ensure I was comfortable and safe and I guess that made me realise that I can't be mad at the world because life is unfair and it has ups and downs and that's when I asked Y/n out and here we are" She looked over at you with a loving look in her eyes.
"You guys are so adorable, I am glad you guys managed to find love in each other" Quin spoke up as she held her wives hand.
You chuckled lightly "If you only saw how Wanda started to be protective over me, it was quite cute. There are so many things that Wanda does so perfectly that just makes her perfect in everyway possible"
Wanda smiled at your words, awaiting your parents next question but they seemed very interested in the subject about her, which was slightly awkward for her.
You didn't seem to noticed her awkwardness so you continued "There was this one time where we lost a mission, it was one of my first leading missions that I ended up losing control and Wanda was there to stop me and just bring me back to reality"
"She is my angle sent from above, it's so surreal sometimes but it makes me happy to be with her and I only hope she's happy as well"
Wanda grabbed your hand as she nodded to your statement "Okay детка (baby), how about we go see that fence and let your parents have a moment to themselves"
You were going to nod at her suggestion but your mother stopped yous "Oh non sense, I would love to hear more about you Darling, you're a part of this family now"
Wanda forced a smile, she just wanted to get out of there and not be the centre of attention, it definitely wasn't her favourite thing, you would usually make sure Wanda was comfortable but the excitement got the best out of you.
So you continued to talk about her, listing things that she was capable of and nearly making a list of the accomplishments she has achieved until she felt slightly irriated.
She tried to control it but she knew it would be only the matter of time before the whole room floats up, she stood up rather quickly and proceeded her way out of the room to the guest room where yous were staying.
You frowned at her reaction as you stopped in your tracks, you excused yourself from your parents and followed her in "What's wrong?"
And that's when the argument blew up "Что не так? (What's wrong?)" She spoke up but with her thick Sokovian accent, laced with Russian.
You frowned "Да! что не так? (Yes!, What's wrong?)" It was quite the habit of arguing in Russian, it was to keep this between yous and not involve others into it.
She rolled her eyes "Если бы ты не был так занят хвастовством обо всем, ты бы знал (If you weren't so busy bragging about everything, then you would know)"
The frown still not disappearing from your face "О чем ты говоришь? (What are you talking about?)"
Wanda huffed "Вы точно знаете, о чем я говорю, вы знаете, как я ненавижу быть в центре внимания (You know exactly what I am talking about, you know how much I hate to be the centre of attention)"
That only confused you more, it wasn't done on purpose "какие? я не понимаю. Это было сделано не специально, они просто хотят узнать тебя получше, я говорил только хорошее, Wands (what? I don't understand. This wasn't done on purpose, they just want to know you better, I was saying only good things, Wands)"
The red mist engulfed her hands as the keys flew to her hands " С тобой все как будто не специально делается. Знаешь что, что бы я ни оставил (Everything seems to not be done on purpose with you. You know what, whatever I am leaving)"
"Что это должно означать? Куда ты вообще идешь? (What does that supposed to mean? Where are you even going?)" You asked as you watched her walked out and get into your car quickly as she drove off, you tried to stop her somehow, follow her outside but she was already gone.
You ran your hands through your hair as you mumbled "какого хрена (What the fuck)"
You turned to walk back inside, but Quin stood outside, not far from you "Are you okay darling?"
You nodded with the best smile you could plaster "You know how relationships are, just typical disagreement"
Quin nodded but quickly jumped in to speak "Do you want to talk about it?"
You shook your head "No, that's okay, I might as well start fixing that fence"
"Would you like some help?" She asked before letting you walk inside, to which you gave her a quick no thank you, and walked inside to take care of things your parents can't.
Meanwhile as Wanda drove off, she decided to hang out with the team, she needed something to distract her from the whole argument, she didn't want to get more annoyed than what she was now.
The team didn't say anything, they welcomed her but it was weird how you wasn't with them, it definitely sparked an interested in Tony, he cared but he felt like if there was an issue, he was sure that Wanda or you would come to him for advice.
With the team Wanda didn't have to be so focused on what happened, she was distracted by their goofiness, their jokes and their hilarious stories.
What Wanda always missed was Vision, he was always hinting at wanting to be with her, but she never noticed, you never worried either, it's not like you and Wanda had big issues, it never indicated to you that she would rather spend her time with him than you.
And if Wanda was honest, the only thing that really connected her to Vision was the mind stone, but that never interested her, she wanted more than just a connection to a stone, she had more than that with you.
You were there for her, stood by her side, never left her behind and never once complained. Your fights never were extreme, it was over small things that's why it was always good to have some time apart.
Maybe others didn't notice the different behaviour from Vision around Wanda but Kate definitely did. Unfortunately for Wanda, Kate was your ex, it was short and sweet, a fling more than a long term relationship.
She lost you to her not caring that much about your opinions, never paying attention to you so you ended it and moved on which she never blamed you for.
As everyone in the living room of the new base in London, spread out in their own groups, Kate used that as an opportunity to talk to Wanda when Vision left her for more than 10 seconds.
"Hey Wanda" Kate spoke with a gentle tone.
Wanda looked up at the brunette from her phone "Hey.."
"Do you know where Y/n is?" She asked, she knew that would get the witches attention.
Wanda raised her brow as her attention was indeed pulled towards the subject "With her parents.." She paused as she eyed the quite collected brunette in front of her "Why do you ask?"
"Oh, I had some questions for her regarding training, I guess I will wait for her to show up then" Kate continued, trying to act as clueless as possible.
Wanda frowned "She won't be coming here.. What are you trying to do Kate?"
Kate raised her brows, totally surprised by the redhead "Me? Nothing, I just want to talk to her"
Wanda crossed her arms "You haven't spoken to her since that fling happened"
"That's not true, I talk to her only when it comes to missions, we are on okay terms" Kate was quick to defend herself "But I'm not here to argue with you, I'm not sure if you noticed about Vision-"
Before she could finish, the witch was quick to shut her out "What happens with me and whoever isn't your business"
Kate jumped in "Maybe, but it's my business when Y/n gets hurt, I might've made that mistake but I realised that and there were times where I wished for different but I saw how happy she is with you, so maybe take this as a wake up call"
Wanda kept quiet, trying to understand what Kate was talking about, so the brunette continued " Vision has been all over you, whilst others might not see it but I do, I see it because Y/n saw it when it was happening with me, she tried to keep it to herself but one day she blew up"
Wanda frowned again "This never came up in our conversations, I don't think she's jealous over him"
Kate shrugged "Maybe not, but if you really loved her, you wouldn't let him get this close to you without setting some boundaries, I'm not trying to be nosey but I would hate to see this fall apart"
"Why do you even care Kate, she doesn't have any feelings for you" Wanda sighed, thinking that Kate is only trying to cause trouble.
"And I don't have feelings for her either, I care because I saw how I hurt her so I just don't want a repeat of that" Kate answered rather quickly.
Wanda kept quiet, as she stared at the slightly taller woman "Just think about it Wanda" Kate flashed her a smile and proceeded to leave the witch alone.
She was split in bits, one thing was letting her that maybe she should listen to Kate but another is suspicious, she knew what she had to do, she had to talk to you, now would be better than later but there was a slight issue.
Hydra was spotted on movement so some of the team that was at the base, had to check it out whilst the other half stayed for back up, so Wanda was the back up.
As Tony was staying back with her, she asked for advice, brought Vision's action to his attention, he claimed he never saw it but he advised her to just talk to you.
About the argument and the issue with Vision, making just their air was a lot more better than keep putting the conversation off, she knew he was right.
By the time they were finished with the mission, it was actually pretty late and it was announced an false alarm so Wanda was the first to leave the building.
She was nervous, she wasn't sure how you would react, would you hate her? Would you not want to talk to her? But she knew she had to try.
So she took a deep inhale as she parked up and walked inside the house, Kelly was the one who greeted her with a big smile "Y/n is in the garden if you're looking for her"
Wanda thanked her with a polite smile but before she could go find you, Kelly wanted to give her opinion as well "Look Wanda, I don't know what happened during breakfast but if there was anything that hurt you, please know that no one meant any harm"
Wanda nodded "I know Kelly, that's why I am here, I am here to fix this with your daughter because I can't bare to lose her, especially over such a silly thing"
She earned a smile and a nod from Kelly, letting the younger woman to find her daughter, as soon as the door closed from the back garden she quickly called out for her wife as they tried their best to not be spotted from the window that looked over the garden.
As you sighed loudly and wiped your forehead, being quite proud of the work that you did practically all alone, placing your hands on your hips you smiled brightly.
But before you could admire your work even more, the witches voice made its way to your ears from behind "You did it"
She was nervous, you could tell even without seeing her voice, so you turned to face her, she had a nervous smile as you nodded to agree with her.
She took her arms out as she chuckles nervously "Teach me how to punch" She tried to swing to show how bad she was.
There was a small smile, as you slowly approached her, placing yourself behind her, slowly attaching your hands to her fists, being careful to not make her explode.
"This is how you do it" You tried to show her how to swing so she actually hits something but she intertwined your fingers with hers.
"Come on Y/n, take this seriously" She laughed as she made her hand back to a fist.
"What! I wasn't doing anything" A laugh escaped your lips at her being playful.
This time she leaned into you, she felt you relax against her so she knew this was the moment, she faced you, your hands automatically ended up on her hips.
"I'm sorry" Those words escaped her mouth without any struggle, so you just kept quiet, you wanted to just listen to her.
"I overreacted, I know how much you wanted to give the best impression of me to your parents. Which I probably messed up but I hope at least you can forgives me, I don't want anything like this to mess what we have" She spoke from heart as she kept her eyes on you, not looking away for even a split second.
"I don't think you could lose me over a silly thing like this Wands, I would be here either way, sometimes we need some time apart, but I do forgive you, I am sorry too, I should've let you speak instead but I was just so excited" There was a small smile across your lips at the end of your sentence.
Which Wanda nodded to quite quickly, placing her hand on your cheek "I know детка (baby)"
"They seemed to really like you, they are already planned some sort of vacation for us to join with them" You playfully rolled your eyes with a huge smile.
She chuckled "It's a vacation Y/n/n, we would have to go"
"That's only if Tony lets us go" You pulled her closer to you as you spoke.
"Yeah I wouldn't worry" Wanda had a smug smile.
You chuckled, you were going to pull Wanda in for a kiss but she stopped you as she placed her hands on your arms "Can- Did you noticed anything about Vision?"
You frowned at why he was brought up "Notice what?"
"Notice him being too friendly with me" She choked out, quite unsure how to talk about this subject.
You shook your head "No.. but should I be worried?"
"No, no of course not, it's just Kate pointed it out to me and I wasn't sure if you saw something but didn't want to say anything" The witch was quick to reassure you.
There was confusion across your face "Kate?"
She nodded "Yeah, she came up to me and pointed it out to me, but after thinking about it, she is right, I noticed that he was"
The confusion was still there "Okay, but why is Kate getting involved?"
Wanda's hands moved up to your neck "Don't get mad at her, she wasn't doing anything bad, she was just opening my eyes before something bad explodes"
Her smoothing touch, calmed you almost instantly "I- I don't understand, something bad was going to happen?"
"Who knows, but it's good to prevent it, I would hate myself if I hurt you, especially not noticing that, it's I just spend my time more focused on you than anyone else" One of her hands tangled in your hair, she usually did that to calm you and it always worked.
You smirked "You know.. for just saying that I would pin you against that fixed fence if my mothers weren't watching us through that window"
The redhead was smirking herself but hiding it a lot better than you "There is always the car parked somewhere private"
"Don't tempt me" You whispered it out as you moved closer to her lips.
She pulled you in for a kiss, while your mothers cheers from the window, trying to be as quiet as possible, not realising that Wanda could read their minds if she wanted to.
There was one more thing that Wanda knew she had to do, she smiled which broke the kiss, she pulled away slight as she moved her hand which engulfed with red mist immediately.
You looked at her slightly confused, as the red mist followed from the guest room to her hand with an instant, she held in front of you a box, it was small and nothing clicked in your mind.
She knew you weren't so much for traditions so she didn't get down on her knee, she held the box with a wild smile as she opened it, letting you take it in.
You looked at her and that's when she started to speak "I know you aren't so much for traditions so this is the best I could do, I know this isn't the place but I would love to call you my wife for the rest of our lives"
She looked over at your mothers who held their mouths in shock "I probably should've asked them first but I wasn't suppose to do it today"
"Wanda! Oh my god yes! Of course I want to be called your wife" You had excitement written all over your face.
She gave you a genuine smile with pure love in her eyes, she took the ring out and slid it onto your finger, you instantly collided your lips with hers and your mothers rushed outside to scream with excitement.
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emilyprentissslut · a day ago
No because dino au request hear me out hear me out
Both sw and 838 Wanda very very sick and dino making it their absolute priority to take care of them like fine dining breakfast, the works AND LISTEN LISTEN bonus points if they sacrifice Ronald as a cuddle buddy for them 😮‍💨🥹🥹
two down, one to go 🦕
a/n: thank you for sending this! this is so adorable i could cry!
warnings: throwing up, sickness, cuddly wandas, FLUFF ❣️
Tumblr media
weirdly enough, though the two wandas from were separate universes, they both had weak immune systems. when a food poisoning turned stomach bug rampaged the cabin, the two most powerful beings in the universe were down for the count.
it was weird for you, usually you were taken care of. but with your wanda and 838 wanda sick as dogs, it was your turn to return the favor.
as you tirelessly cooked canned chicken noodle soup for the two, you heard retching. while each of them was in their respective bedrooms, the noise came from the direction of your wanda. hunched over the toilet, the redhead emptied the contents of her stomach once again. you held her hair back as she continued puking.
“it’s okay, i got you.”
you stroked her hair as she wiped her mouth. helping usher her to the sink, you handed her a toothbrush before pushing strands of hair away from her face.
“it’s gonna be okay, my love. you’ll feel better soon, i promise.”
wanda’s eyes softened at the sight of you and she hugged you tightly.
“stay with me?”
“i’ll be right back okay? i’m gonna check on wanda jr and i’ll bring you both some soup.”
with a simple nod, you took it as permission to check on wanda’s not so evil twin. in the room adjacent to the redhead’s, 838 wanda laid motionless in bed. you sat on the edge and raised you hand to her forehead, quickly pulling away ag the hot temperature. gently shaking her awake, brunette wanda pulled you into her.
“ew, you have cooties.”
you joked as she playfully smacked your ass.
“doesn’t matter, i wanda some dino cuddles.”
who were you to deny her of that request? you crawled in bed with the brunette and made yourself comfy in her arms. despite being great at cuddling, your wanda was an absolute pro. your skin was hot as the sickly wanda held you incredibly close to her.
“you’re icky.”
“shhhh and let me love you.”
rolling your eyes, you relaxed in her hold until your wanda called for you. trying to pry the brunette off you proved to be a harder task then expected.
after trying (and mostly failing) to escape her grasp, you were finally free and able to return to the scarlet witch. the witch claimed she too wanted cuddles. after setting down her soup and delivering soup to her alternate, you debated on climbing to bed with her before a plan struck your brain.
you quickly grabbed ronald and walked back to the other wanda. with an adorable pout, the brunette made grabby hands at you.
“i have to go cuddle with your evil twin. but….. you can cuddle ronald while i’m gone.”
slowly reaching the dinosaur towards wanda, you pulled back.
“if anything happens to him, you will have hell to pay. sick or not.”
a playful eye roll was enough to tell you that the witch wouldn’t hurt your dino child. so you returned to your lover with a ronald shaped hole in your heart.
“my baby dino is the sweetest there is. come here bub.”
you happily obliged, climbing into her arms. wanda shook her hand as she tried to reach her arms around but was caught by the backpack.
“if you try to run, so help me god, you won’t be able to walk for a week.”
settling to her arms as she took of the leash, you layed on her chest. her gentle heartbeat was enough to keep the both of you happy (and somewhat helathy). it was wanda and her dino against the world, in sickness and in health.
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jakegyllenhals · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ↳ Sam Raimi Reviews
Tumblr media
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stickyfrogs · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
There has been an Important Meeting for Frogs-Who-Are-10! It was decided that Frogs-Who-Are-10 need More Treaties, More Fingers, and even More Attention!
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Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (2022) + letterboxd reviews
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⚠️DSMoM Spoilers⚠️
Wanda: Run~
Y/N: When you say run, where do you want me to go?
Y/N: I got somewhere in mind if you catch my drift.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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