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#wanda and pietro
lag1995-fics · 32 minutes ago
Hi!! May I request a dadneto fic of them calling each other dad and son for the first time? 🥰
Of course my love I’m a total sucker for dadneto. ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you enjoy
Summary: Peter didn’t need a dad and he was sure Erik didn’t want a loser like him for a son. His father had already had the perfect family and had them snatched from him. Peter like he usually is was wrong.
Warnings: Peter has low self worth and anxiety. There’s a bit of angst but nothing heart wrenching. I don’t even think I cursed this time but I might have.
Pairing: there isn’t one just some good old fashioned father, son bonding. Maybe Cherik if you squint and turn your head to the left.
Words: 1408
Peter had been avoiding Erik like the plague since the older mutant had moved into the school to help with construction. Peter may be twenty seven but telling someone they missed out on twenty seven years of their child’s life wasn’t an easy thing to do. Peter knew if he couldn’t tell the man at the end of the world then it probably wasn’t going to happen.
His issue was he had already opened his fat mouth to Raven who kept trying to trap them in a room alone together. She had even gotten Charles in on it. Sure Erik had a right to know he had another child but it shouldn’t be Peter's responsibility to inform the man he had a child much less adult twins. His mother had really dropped the ball on that one.
Peter was content to just continue living his life as if everything was the same as always. He didn’t need a dad, he was a grown ass man at this point. He was afraid the information would only make Erik even more depressed. He had seen a picture of Nina in his snooping and he had determined that the tiny girl was everything he wasn’t.
She was beautiful with a tiny freckled nose and big blue eyes. She couldn’t be a loser like her big brother who up until a couple of months ago had still been living in his mother’s basement. Why would Erik want someone like him in his life much less as a son.
“Peter you’re spiraling” The professor's voice echoed through his head and Peter groaned frustrated. He pounded on his ear like he had water caught inside.
“Peter you should tell him I can be there with you if you’d like” The professor's meddling voice came again causing Peter to lose that round of Ms. Pac-Man.
“You see Professor, I would do that but I know he doesn’t want a loser basement dweller for a kid.” Peter shot back turning up his music even louder letting the voice of his generation sweep over him. David Bowie was a king and nobody could tell him otherwise.
“Peter, you aren’t a loser, you took on Apocalypse by yourself and lived to tell about it, rather loudly I might add. You also are starting a teaching position here in the fall. You are such a good kind hearted person don’t degrade yourself that way.” Charles scolded. This was an ongoing argument between the two men and it never seemed to change his mind.
“I mean, is a P.E. Teacher even a real teacher Professor?” Peter asked.
“Physical Education is a very important role in children’s lives”Charles retorted to the unconvinced twenty-something. Peter could feel the frustration bubbling up inside him. He jerked in surprise when his watch that was laying on the side table forgotten began to vibrate. He snatched it clasping it around his wrist taking deep even breaths just trying to calm down.
So he inherited more than just the x-gene from his father. He had a secondary mutation, that was just great. He would have to be even more cautious than he already was. He knew Raven would try to trigger this in front of Erik if she found out. Which she would with her brother being a freaking mind reader.
“I need all staff members to my office for a staff meeting” Charles' voice echoed loudly in his head. He zipped to the office finding that Charles and Erik were already there. He should have taken his time and the tension could be cut with a knife.
“Peter, how are you? I haven’t seen you around much” Erik greeted the silver haired mutant politely.
“Oh you know I’ve just been around” Peter waved him off and he could feel the professor’s eyes burning into him like Scott’s lasers.
“Peter did you know that Erik will be staying on a our new foreign language professor?” Charles asked and Peter could once again feel the frustration start to bubble up.
“Really? I thought the government gave you an island or something?” Peter asked pointedly, ignoring the professor’s smug grin.
“Well I decided that I should stay, one thing apocalypse was right about was mutants needing to stick together” Erik explained and Peter was suddenly regretting taking this job.
“Isn’t it delightful Erik is fluent in so many languages German, Russian, French, Spanish, and even Polish. Peter isn’t your mother originally from the Ukraine?” Peter wanted to glare at the older man but couldn’t...not without giving himself away at least.
“No she’s originally from Poland she moved to the Ukraine after being liberated with my ciotka” Peter bit out unknowingly feeding Erik valuable information.
“You are Jewish?” Peter wanted to run, he supposed he had Jewish blood he had known his father was Jewish.
“Romani” Peter answered shortly, trying to hint that he didn’t want to talk about it. He also wasn’t technically lying to be Jewish your mother technically had to be Jewish.
“And your last name is Maximoff?” Peter could feel the anxiety build up in his throat cursing his seventeen year old self for dropping the fact that his mother quote “knew someone who could control metal”.
Erik began staring hard at the boy taking in his features. He began to see a resemblance to Magda, his ex wife. He tried to explain it away he was probably Marya’s child, but how likely was it that Marya would give birth to a child with a mutation. He knew that Django and her husband didn’t have any mutation that he knew about.
Erik’s calculating gaze only served to push Peter that much closer to an anxiety attack. He could feel his already swift heart rate pick up even faster with his emotions. He could feel the cool metal of the watch hum and he fought the anxiety. The last thing Peter needed was to give Erik another clue. Controlling metal would be like a neon sign yelling I’m your son.
“Your mother was her name Marya or Magda?” Erik asked, still studying the nervous man. With his mother’s name all the metal in the professor’s office began to hum and vibrate. Peter began internally cussing as Erik’s eyes went wide. He started to bolt out the door but was held in place by his watch and the zipper on his jacket.
“Peter” was all Erik could say and suddenly Peter began to wonder if the professor hadn’t called the staff meeting and only let him and Erik know. That was something he should have expected from Raven not the professor. It seemed being a meddling meddler ran in their family.
“Uh yeah?” He nervously rubbed the back of his neck trying to get the metal in the room to stop vibrating.
“Your mother, her name was Magda” Erik remarked, it was a statement not a question. He couldn’t help but wish the Wanda was here with him. She had always been the smarter twin.
“Ummm yeah” he confessed. Erik’s face looked like a cross between anguish and pure joy. Anguish that he had missed so much of his child’s life and joy that he had been reunited with said child. This was Anya’s baby brother and Nina’s elder brother. Erik knew that he would protect Peter with all of his might from now on. Erik would not waste another moment.
“My son” Erik’s voice was thick with emotion as he started down his adult child. Peter went to look at Charles for help but cursed when he saw that the wheelchair bound man had excused himself without Peter or Erik noticing.
Erik staggered forward wrapping his arms around the man and Peter melted. Peter may not have needed a father but that wasn’t to say he didn’t want one. He had always craved male companionship, he had always looked forward to visiting his aunt and uncle as a child. This was different though this man was his father, something his uncle Django tried to be for him but never really could. Erik’s hug was warm and safe and strong and he suddenly felt like he was fifteen years old again.
“Dad,” he muttered, finally squeezing the older man back fighting back tears. He had thought Erik would be angry, that he would think that Peter was trying to replace Nina. Erik wasn’t angry though, Erik was relieved he had his family. His family might not be whole but at least he had part of it.
“You have my mother’s eyes” Erik informed him, as he pulled back to further examine Peter’s face. Peter had always thought that his eyes were a dull brown, he had always wished they were bright like his mother and sister’s were. He supposed this was better, if he had his grandmother's eyes that meant that a part of her lived on.
Peter knew that he needed to inform Erik of Wanda, but that could wait a few more moments. For now all Peter wanted to do was soak in his father’s acceptance and love at least for a moment
Thank you please feel free to request.
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inmate-marmalade · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Speed of Light
“So, what can you do? Y’know besides fly.”
“Cosmic embodiment,” she said flatly and turned to him again. “I’m still trying to figure out what that means, but so far I can fly and change gravity. I also have solar manipulation and precognitive abilities."
Read The Speed of Light
Thanks to @poppinisperfection for the idea :)
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Does anyone want to Beta or Cowrite this QuickSilver fanfiction that I’m writing?
So I am writing a QuickSilver fanfiction.  Here is the google docs link.
It is based on this HISHE skit.
So basically, what if QuickSilver tagged along for the entire movie of Days of Future Past?  He can move literal bullets, so it would make sense for Charles, to include him on getting to mystique and stopping Trask.  How would this change things?  It changes a lot.
This fic is also inspired by Come Together by blarfkey, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted? by hp80, and Immediate Family Universe by Glass_Shoe.
I have written fics before, here’s my ao3.  I really like working together with people for writing though, and I love people’s QuickSilver head canons.  Also I love dadneto.
If you guys are interested in reading this story, beta reading, or cowriting, please make a comment on the google doc or tell me via tumblr.
Also the reason why I added the wandavision tag is because this story will eventually tie into wandavision in a really original way.
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yodasrightnostril · a day ago
Hiya, I’m going to write a Pietro Maximoff fanfic and would love some ideas to add into it, for example main character name and superpowers, background story, who they are related to etc, I could also add some of these ideas to my MCU shifting script.
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oizzys · a day ago
Okay lets talk absolut Wanda (and Tony)
Firat i just sant to say that I adore Wanda. I love that the most powerful superhero in the MCU is a women and I love that despite what she’s been through she still wants to protect the earth. And I know that she’s done horrible things but I believe that any person who wants to find redemption is capable of being redeemed. (Which is why I love Tony and Natasha)
Even so I can’t ignore all the things she’s done wrong. We first saw her in age of ultron where she joined HYDRA, a nazi terrorist organization. Then when the Avengers come to take the scepter. She starts to play on their fears. Now, with Tony she doesn’t just sense a fear, but also the will to overcome it (or fight it). His fear is the Avengers dying, the earth being destroyed and he wants to find away to stop that from happening. Wanda senses all of this and uses Tony’s PTSD and Anxiety against him. And then she lets him take the scepter, why? Because she has spent years with experimenting with that scepter and being experimented on. She knows the power of that scepter and no how out of control it is. And then he lets Tony take it because if he tries to weponize it it will backfire and that will be revenge on Tony. (Bruce was also triggered by his fears and then wants to create ultron but that’s another story) anyway so she lets them go hoping they will do something that puts people in danger. And when she meets ultron she agrees to help him because this was what she wanted. And again she joins something that wants to end the world.
Anyway then she realizes that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea and decides to help. And you all know what happens and after it’s over she moves into the Avengers compound cus what else can she do. Now Wanda triggered Tony’s severe PTSD and used it against him and she was just as responsible to creating Ultron as he where (so was Bruce but he’s of into oblivion). And Tony own and sometimes live in this compound and he still made sure Wanda had a home there, without blinking. And Wanda still hated him.
Now I now Tony indirect killed her parents by producing those weapons. But he also stopped manufacturing them. And is now trying very hard to undo the evils he’s done, even though he believes he can never redeem himself he still tries. But still let her hate him a lot of people do. (Hate Doesn’t justify what she does in AOU though)
So she’s alone in a new country trying to redeem herself and I feel for her because she is so alone. And then Vision is there and he’s also new to all this and they bond.
Now its CACW and she blows up a building, accidentally. And the sokovia accords. And listen if this group of enhanced individuals was anything but American superheroes no one would bat an eye at having them sign accords like that. They should have signed. Or at least made a promise that they should sign when changes where made. How do you think this stuff is decided you find compromises. But to flat out refuse the will (and this people seem to forget) THE PEOPLE OF 117 COUNTRIES. Is not “protecting” them, which is what the Avengers swore to do. So, yeah, the accords should change but they shouldn’t be tossed aside.
And this is where a kind of lost respect for Wanda. When she victimize herself insinuating that being in the compound is like being in a prison. Bjatch? Have u seen a prison? Have u seen the compound? A would give my soul to be locked up there. And besides the reason she was there was because the government could very well decide that she was to brought in, maybe dead or alive if she so much as used magic. Everyone was stressed and she had just blew up a building with her mind. People where scared. So yes they may have phrased it as trying to keep other people safe by keeping her there but it sure was for her own safety. And even if it was for peoples safety, if she cared about people’s safety more than herself she should have just stayed in the paradise she be going around calling prison.
To prove my point where does she end up when she goes outside and fights battles she shouldn’t be participating in? The raft.
But then vision dies and she dies and she comes back and vision is still dead and it’s kind of hard to hate her cus all of this and everything she’s doing it’s because she’s broken and alone all over again.
But then she holds a whole town hostage, and it’s justified by saying that she was hurting and I just... Wanda has been walking the line of villainy ever since she joined the MCU and that’s what a like about her and I really hope that in the end she will choose the hero path.
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wigglywoowanda · a day ago
I'm working on a Marvel fic and I'm debating on posting it here or on Wattapd! Which would you prefer? I have several ideas and I may just start doing imagines/one shots. Lemme know what you guys think! If you want an imagine or a head cannon, lemme know and shoot me an ask or a message!
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Peter was THIS close to go live close to Wanda and vision
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I miss you Darcy
Tumblr media
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itsclolostinstereo · a day ago
I guess I can understand why Nat wasn’t mentioned in WandaVision, but she was one of Sam’s best friends and she hasn’t been mentioned once? If her death isn’t a heavy theme in the Hawkeye series I will riot
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Little Brother
Summary: Peter Maximoff wakes up at the battle of Sokovia in another universe. Thankfully, he still has a family here.
Pairing: just some familial Maximoff fun
Warnings: guns, literal war, probably swearing idk i didnt check but i swear a lot, bad writing and thats it i think
A/N: I take no credit for this idea it was purely inspired by this post from @you-said-yes and they gave me permission to write it. I had a blast with this, I'm a sucker for the multiverse triplets. Oh and in this version I'm going with the story that Peter's Wanda is dead, cause thats just how i think of the story since shes never mentioned after DOFP.
Peter's POV
Tumblr media
The first thing he remembered was running. He ran faster than he ever had before and he kept running for what felt like eternity until he woke up. In other circumstances, Peter would've brushed it off as just a bad dream, but that proved difficult considering he was laying on the ground covered in rubble. His head was pounding and he felt something warm and sticky near his eyebrow, pulsating from his forehead.
He tried to sit up and groaned, beginning to take in his surroundings. There were beaten up buildings lining the street in front of him, bricks laying scattered all around the ground. Peter had seen plenty of destruction like this; it came with the job of being in the X-Men. But this place was different. If not for the thin air and freezing cold, then for the fact that there were reminants of robots everywhere, some seemingly ripped in half. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping it was just another dream.
"Wake up, Peter," he mumbled to himself
His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of guns and screaming, alerting the young speedster. Without a second thought he got himself together and took off, trying to find the fight. He followed the sound of machine guns and picked up the pace when he felt the ground beneath him shake. It didn't take long until at the edge of the foreign city. He could barely believe his eyeswhrn he saw the fight. There was nothing weird about the fight per se, except for the fact that the city was flying.
Before the silver haired boy got the chance to question his sanity once again, a machine gun went off. He didn't fear the machines -- he could easily outrun them-- but there was a man holding a kid in the line of fire. They both looked utterly terrified and the man turned his back to the bullets, shielding the child with his body.
Peter went into super speed, and everything around him moved so slow, it looked like a still frame. The bullets were frozen in place and everything was deadly quiet, the sound being too slow to reach him. With the arrogance of a boy who'd outrun explosions, Peter casually walked up to the machine gun and poked the bullets out of the way, one by one. But not even halfway through his little charade, something moved in his peripheral. He tured to see a man, running to block the bullets with his body. His hair was so blonde it could be considered white, and his dark roots and facial hair revealed it was simply a dye job.
At the speed the silver haired speedster was going, everything should be practically still to him; yet this man was running. His steps were agonisingly slow, but still. Peter gawked as he realised what was happening. Another speedster. He had never met someone who shared his ability of super speed, and the excitement that bubbled in his veins was indescribable. Finally, there would be someone who understood him.
Peter turned to the bullets once again and removed them with ease. He didn't care to put on a show anymore, too excited to meet his equal.
Tumblr media
Pietro's POV
He ran faster than he ever had before, faster than he ever could've imagined he could.
But he knew it wasn't fast enough.
Pietro Maximoff could outrun a lot of things, but a machine gun was not one of them. All he could hope was that his body would save Clint and the child in his arms. He was prepared to die, he had accepted it. At least he would die doing the right thing, though his heart broke at the thought of leaving Wanda.
His body tensed in anticipation for the bullets, but nothing came. The bullets were gone, and in their place was a young boy with goggles and silver hair. Pietro's confusion must've been painfully obvious cause the boy chuckled.
"You know, for a speedster, you sure are slow," he said, a grin spreading across his face. Pietro's confusion only grew at this statement.
"W-what?" His eyebrows furrowed at the silver haired fellow. "What happened- the bullets?"
"Oh the bullets? Yeah, I moved them. And I ripped apart the gun too while I was at it. Couldn't let you get filled with bullet holes," the boy said nonchalantly, as if it was the most normal thing on earth. He stretched his hand out to the older male. Pietro took it, at a loss for words.
"I'm Peter," the boy introduced. "Peter Maximoff." At those words, Pietro froze.
"Pietro Maximoff," was all he could get out. Peters eyebrows furrowed at the name.
"How do you know my real name? No one calls me Pietro." Before he could explain however, Clint spoke up.
"Hey, you two. We gotta get to the helicarrier, Pietro you go get Wanda." At that, he took the child and brought him to the rest of them civilians. The two speedster were left staring at each other. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Pietro spoke up.
"Well, I have to go get my sister. You can go with Barton over there, then we can talk later, okay?" Peter only nodded, too deep in his own thoughts. That was all the confirmation he needed, so Pietro took off to get Wanda.
Tumblr media
Wanda's POV
"Who is he?" She questioned her twin. A boy with silver hair had appeared mid battle and saved Pietro's life by stopped bullets. That wasn't the strangest thing about him however.
"I don't know," Pietro shrugged. "He says he's Peter Maximoff." Wanda gawked at him.
"Maximoff?" She asked in disbelief and her brother nodded. Her eyes turned to the mysterious Maximoff stood in a corner twiddling his thumbs so fast they looked like blur.
Wanda walked over to him and tapped his shoulder lightly, taking him out of his thoughts. He looked up with wide brown eyes. I know him from somewhere, she thought.
"Hi, I'm Wanda. You saved my brother today. I owe you everything, I don't know what I'd do if.." She didn't have to finish her sentence, he simply nodded.
"I'm happy to help, I lost my sister. I don't want anyone to go through that shit." His voice was low and broke slightly at the mention of his sister. Wanda's heart ached for him, and she wrapped her arms around the boy, surprising them both. He returned the hug as she mumbled how sorry she was for his loss.
Once they both let go, the boy started rubbing his neck anxiously. "I've been meaning to ask this but... where are we?" She eyed him to see if he was serious.
"We're at a safe place, outside Sokovia?"
"Yes, Sokovia. You know, the city the flying city?" Wanda explained but the silver haired boy simply stared in utter confusion.
"I-I've never heard of Sokovia. Also, why was the city flying? How did I get here and who are you guys?" Peter's voice rose in panic, and he bit his lip as he awaited a response.
"I don't know how do answer you, but I'm Wanda Maximoff, the man you saved is my twin brother Pietro Maximoff. We're with the Avengers, who were fighting the evil robot Ultron who tried to wipe out humanity."
The boys eyes filled with tears at the mention of her name. And she realised from where she knew him.
Tumblr media
Peter's POV
"Wanda?" He looked at the woman in front of him. She resembled his own twin, his Wanda, but she looked different. Something was off, but he couldn't quite place it. His wanda didn't have an accent, her hair was lighter; she was just different. Despite that, he pulled her into a tight embrace. Even if she wasn't the Wanda he knew, she was the closest to family he had right now.
"Wanda, is this real?" He asked, realizing the absurdity of the situation.
"Yes, it is. It's real, Peter." He squeezed her, not wanting to let go. Not when he finally got his sister back. Except it wasn't his sister, he reminded himself.
"I don't know whether to be sad or happy," he said, finally letting go. "Cause I'm finally seeing my sister again, but at the same time you not my sister. You're not my Wanda." He put his hands on his face. Wake up, Peter. To his surprise she didn't find him completely insane.
"You're not like my Pietro either, you're younger and..."-she paused, trying to find the words-"... just different. I can't explain it." He nodded in agreement. Something was off.
A blur of silver entered his vision and Pietro was beside them.
"What's going on?" He questioned upon seeing his siblings tear stained daces. Wanda smiled at him before looking to Peter again.
"I think we just got a new little brother."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the ending was a lil rushed sorry, hope it was still decent jdhdgdg
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spider-starry · 2 days ago
The fact that tfatws is almost over and I still haven’t processed wandavision’s final just shows that I don’t know how the fuck to move on. 
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