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Everyone: *Playing Twister*
Bucky: Left foot Green!
Steve: *Falls* Something feels off...
Sam: *Falls*
Bucky: *Mumbling* I hope I'm calling these right
Steve: That's it! We forgot he's red & green colorblind !
Everyone: *Groans*
Sam: Right hand Blue!
Bucky: *Posed like he's breakdancing* You did this on purpose didn't you?
Wanda & Natasha: *Pinning Y/n* I'm not complaining...
Sam: I stopped spinning after the fist 5 minutes
Y/n: *Mouthing Thank you to Sam*
Sam: *Winks*
Bucky: *Glares* I'm gonna kill him
Y/n: You leave him alone he's a Saint!
Tumblr media
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Sixteen Candles Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
All Your Little Secrets
Notes: Just to make sure everyone is aware…it has been a few months since Bunny moved into the Romanoff-Maximoff household. This chapter will be a heavy one. We are making progress and pushing forward though. I also made this a shorter chapter to give people a chance to catch up and decompress.
Masterlist | General Masterlist
W/c: 4.4k
Trigger warnings: mention of sexual assault of a minor, violence, cursing, religion bashing (I don’t know what to put this as but yeah that’s what it is), homophobia, and general angst.
Chapter Warnings: Mentions of SA of a minor - this is Bunny’s confession. If you would like to skip over that scene entirely pls do.
You know they’re waiting. You can see the concern in their eyes. The passion. The love. They’re giving you the floor to speak and you can’t even do it. You open and close your mouth like a fish out of water. Struggling for air, or water, or something that would push you to keep going. Keep swimming. You know you have to tell them something. Anxiety courses through your veins, your stomach turning over and over again, as you think about having to tell them. Well, you don’t have to. You can just tell them it’s nothing. Tell them you were mistaken. That you wanted them to stay here in your bedroom a bit longer. That would make you a liar. It’s not like it would be any different from usual. You’ve become a master at lying the past few years. The master of keeping things secret. Master of holding stuff in.
You’re not naive. Everyone lies. Everyone has secrets. Some are worse than others. Your secret. It’s one you promised yourself you would take to the grave. No one has to know. No one will believe you. You have a history. A record. Lying, stealing, violence. It’s all there on paper for everyone to see. Your word against his. False accusations. That’s something you could never come back from. Even if it isn’t false. You watch the news. There’s always one victim that comes forward. Always one person to break the mold and tell their story. No one believes them until more come forward. You don’t have more behind you. There’s only you and your words. People don’t believe girls that cry wolf. You remember Faith told you that when you were little. So tell the truth the first time right?
You pull away from Natasha’s lap to sit up on your own. You immediately miss her touch. Her warmth. You don’t know where to look so this time you focus on Wanda’s socked feet. Her socks are mismatched today. One blue and the other red. It’s funny.
“I-I, um,” You stumble. No that’s not how you want to start. You need to tell them everything right? More evidence means more of a chance of him being put away. You learned that from watching Law and Order SVU. You didn’t watch it often but there was an episode on TV one day and it intrigued you. Olivia Benson's caring nature. Her soft smile. The way she would speak to the kids as if their voice mattered. In those shows it did. The bad guys got put away. The kid could heal. This is reality. Where people get away with doing bad things all the time. Where bad things continue to happen. For you especially. You look back and forth again between the two women sitting across from you. You’re getting sidetracked.
Where should you start? Somewhere safe. An easy thing to talk about.
“Remember when I said that Riley was banned from my house because she’s gay? Well, bisexual,” You receive matching nods. “Well, that’s not the full story. I didn’t tell the truth. About why.” You rub at your left arm, not even noticing how hard you’re doing it until Natasha places a hand over yours to stop you. The red streaks on your skin tell you maybe you’re doing a bit too much. “I like Riley.” You wait for their reaction. Nothing comes. “Like in a romantic way.” You don’t know what you’re expecting them to say. Natasha simply runs her thumb across the back of your hand. “Um, I’ve known that since I was eleven. Maybe younger. At first, I just ignored it. In church, they always talked about how being gay was a sin. How you can’t make babies with another woman and how you can’t get into heaven if you don’t repent for those sins.”
Natasha and Wanda know how delicate of a topic this is. They were on the receiving end of your questions in the beginning. It wasn’t until recently they realized your disapproval was something else entirely. They also knew that you liked Riley. Seeing your interactions with her said as much. They know you’re having an even tougher time having this conversation. All they can provide is their support. Pushing you to talk won’t help.
“I couldn’t understand why all of the other girls talked about kissing boys and getting married and I never wanted to do that,” You shrug halfheartedly. “I didn’t see what they saw. They would talk about how they wanted their first kiss to go. Riley especially. When she would come over she would tell me. She wanted it to be with someone she knew and trusted. I wanted the same. I wanted the same with her.” You mumble the last part. “So, we planned it. I know it sounds silly but we were thirteen and had never been kissed so…”
You bite down on the inside of your cheek. This is going better than you thought. No one is angry. No one is cursing or yelling. They’re just being understanding.
“It was in my room after school,” You tremble. Why did your emotions have to be so much? Why can’t you just talk? Just tell them. “We sat on my bed and I know I wasn’t supposed to but I realized what all of the other girls at school already knew. That kissing someone you like was supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to give you butterflies. Just how I felt when I look at her. When we hang out. So, we kissed. I didn’t think one kiss would tip the scales between good and evil. We made sure the door was closed and we made sure to listen out for someone if they were coming. My first kiss was with someone I chose and I don’t regret it.” That’s the truth. You’ll never regret kissing Riley because for once in your life you felt alive. You felt that things were right. “Mike came into the room. He yelled and he screamed and…he-he hit me. I fell onto the floor and I didn’t get to say bye to Riley before he was telling her to go home and not to come back. My mom ran up the stairs and all I could hear was Mike telling her what we were doing. It was only a kiss. Just one.”
You can feel Natasha stop moving. It’s so silent you can hear a pin drop.
“She looked at me like she didn’t know me,” You wipe at your face. “Like I wasn’t her daughter. She told me that I was too young to be gay and that even then she doesn’t want a gay daughter. She sat me down and I - she asked me if Riley touched me inappropriately and if she was forcing me to do stuff with her. She kept saying how she always knew Riley was trouble.” You sob at your next words. “I said yes. I didn’t. I lied. Riley was my best friend and I told them she forced me to kiss her and I just… I was going to say sorry to her the next day at school and we could forget about the whole thing. Mike told me I wasn’t allowed to talk with her. I didn’t even know him for that long. He and Mom had only been married for a year. I didn't understand why he was angrier than her.”
You let them sit with this information. “I guess they talked it over and decided I needed more church and more activities. I was in sports. They took away the tv and I wasn’t allowed to call Riley or say sorry to her. I know she was mad at me. I think my mom told her mom what happened and what I said. I didn’t get to see her and I just… I just wanted to be good.”
“You are good, Malyshka.” Natasha wipes the tears from your face. “They shouldn’t have reacted like that. They shouldn’t have treated you in that way.”
“They’re my parents,” You shrug. “I don’t know. I just did as I was told and that’s not even the worse thing that happened.” You immediately clamp your mouth shut.
“You can tell us,” Wanda assures you. “You can tell us anything.”
“This isn’t…” You frown. “I just wanted to make Mom happy again. I wanted her to like me again. I didn’t care that she told everyone what I did. I didn’t care that I couldn’t talk to Riley. I would do anything to make her happy. I just wanted her to see me. I wanted it to be like before. When Dad was alive.” You shake your head. “I was lonely. David was the only person who was being nice to me.” You can feel the bile rising in your throat. Before you can even utter another word, you slap a hand over your mouth. You jump from the bed to rush across the hall to the bathroom. You barely make it but you do as you hold the toilet lid up with one hand and hold your hair back with the other. You don’t even register the soothing hand along your back or the other pair of hands handling the lid.
You don’t stop until you’re dry heaving. You haven’t eaten since breakfast so there’s not much. You pull back from the lid to sit on your knees. You wipe at your mouth, leaning your head against the cold porcelain of the toilet as you try to stop the world from spinning.
“I’m sorry,” You mumble repeatedly. Why did you have to be so weak?
“Hey, it’s okay,” Wanda assures you. From somewhere behind you you can hear the water running. Wanda rubs your back in circular motions. You don’t even flinch away from her touch. It’s a good touch. You can tell the difference now. “We’re so glad you were able to tell us this. We know it must have been tough.” They’re filler words. She doesn’t know what to say you’re sure. You’re much too exhausted to say otherwise. “Do you think you can stand for us?”
“No,” You whimper. Natasha passes you a small cup. You sniff it before realizing it’s mouthwash. You take your time swashing the liquid around your mouth before spitting back into the cup. Natasha takes it back and you keep your eyes closed. There’s a damp towel at your face and she’s cleaning you off as Wanda whispers into your hair. They’re taking care of you and acting like parents. You haven’t even told them everything.
“We can stay right here until you’re feeling a bit better,” Wanda moves so that she’s sitting against the tub. She pulls you with her. You don’t even fight it. She opens her legs wide enough so that you’re sitting in her lap, your head against her chest, and your legs curled up. You whimper again and she shushes you with a kiss against your forehead. “It’s okay,”
“It’s not,” You whisper. “It’s not okay. Dave…” You whisper and Natasha comes to kneel beside you too. She takes your hand again. You’ve been clawing at your arms again.
“Malyshka, who is David?” Natasha asks. The name seems vaguely familiar but she can’t tell if she’s heard it before.
“A bad guy,” You whisper. You sound so much younger than how old you are. You open your eyes to find her brows furrowed and a concerned look on her face. “My stepbrother.”
“What makes him a bad guy?” Natasha prods gently.
“What he did,” You mumble.
“He hurt you?” Wanda deduces.
You nod against her collar bone. You pull your hand from Natasha’s to grab at Wanda’s shirt. You’re not acting like yourself. You don’t feel like yourself. If you tell them everything will be out there. Everyone will know. Natasha stands to bring the same cup this time with fresh water. She presses it gently to your lips and you take a sip. Your stomach is still a bit unsettled and it feels like you could puke again. Instead, you focus on them. You’re losing sight of what you wanted by speaking to them. You wrap your hand in Wanda’s t-shirt tangling the fabric between your fingers. She pulls them out to instead place them on her belly. She feels warm. Safe. You can feel her breathing and hear it underneath you.
“If I tell you, you can’t be mad,” You say and Natasha nods.
“We could never be mad,” She has an inkling of what you’re about to say. She has a bad feeling. She can see it in your eyes and by the reaction you just had.
“He was really nice to me at first,” You trace nervous patterns into Wanda’s belly. She doesn’t even push you away. “I was twelve when our parents got married. They moved into our house and Faith and I had to share a room again.” You know it is not relevant but you need to share the entire picture. “Mike, Dave, and Eli were all so nice at first. Faith was going to college that summer and Eli was always traveling because he joined the army. “
“After what happened with Riley, I was lonely and Dave started being much nicer. He listened to everything I ever said. He’s not that much older. Only two years,” You furrow your brows. It’s all so blurry back then. Your good memories seemed to meld into the bad. “It was only one time Riley and I kissed and everyone seemed to hate me but not Dave.
Wanda makes eye contact with Natasha over your head. They seem to be having a silent conversation.
“He would come with me to the extra bible studies, he would take me to the arcade with him, or we would go skating on Saturdays,” You describe how good it was before everything happened. “In the basement, we played video games and listened to music. He was my only friend and I really wanted him to like me. I just wanted him to like me.” You can feel Wanda petting your hair. “I’m sorry you don’t want to hear this.”
“No, Bunny, baby, if this is helping you we will listen,” Natasha says firmly. “We won’t judge you or look at you any differently. You’re still our baby no matter what you tell us.” It’s the first time Natasha has ever said something like that. You’ve considered them yours for a long time but to know they feel the same way emboldens you.
You don’t say anything else for a long while that they think you’ve fallen asleep. You feel emboldened by her words. You had to tell someone.
“We were watching a movie together in the basement and sharing a blanket because it's always cold down there. He was too lazy to go and get another one,” You struggle to find your voice, “He kept bumping his legs into me and I didn’t think anything of it. We had to be pretty close to share.” You bite your lip. “Mom was at work. She didn’t get off until late and Mike he was out with friends. So it was just us,” You can feel Wanda’s heartbeat quicken under you. “I fell asleep. I was tired already and I should have just gone up to my bed but I was tired. I woke up and he was, um, he was touching my chest.” You gesture with your hand before letting it drop back to Wanda’s belly. “I was frozen and I didn’t really know what to do.”
Natasha turns her head giving you a sense of privacy. You can see the pain etched across her face.
“He climbed on top of me and kissed me but I begged him to stop,” Your voice cracks. “I told him that I wouldn’t tell if he just left me alone.” You shudder with the memory of his weight against you. Of his hands touching you. “He said he was helping. That I wouldn’t go to hell if I let him do what he needed. That my mom wouldn’t be mad at me anymore.” You’re not sure you can go on but now that you’re talking you can’t stop. “He was rough and he made me take off my bottoms. He told me to put it in for him. I never…” You swallow down the bile rising to your throat again. “I never had sex before or even knew about any of the stuff he said to me so I didn’t really know what to do and he got mad.” You look up to see Wanda’s watering eyes. “You said it wasn’t supposed to hurt but it did. A lot.” The tears are falling faster and you’re sure you can hear Natasha crying from a few feet away. “I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want it but he didn’t care. He told me that he can make it good for me.”
You flinch at Wanda’s hand rubbing along your back but you don’t want her to move. Her hands are safe. They won’t hurt you.
“He said girls like me only needed a man to make them cum,”
Natasha is the one to cry out and you stop speaking. She sniffles before apologizing.
“I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry.” She says.
“Bunny?” Wanda prods. She gives you the okay to continue but only if you want to.
“I didn’t know what that meant,” You continue. “Then he did something. I don’t know. It didn’t hurt anymore. It felt different and I was scared because I didn’t want him to do that. I could hear the front door unlocking and I know mom was home. She called out for us. I tried to scream for her and he just covered my mouth, “ you shake your head. “She couldn’t hear me. She couldn’t see what he was doing. Something happened and it didn’t hurt anymore and I know because from Olivia Benson what happened and…” You don’t finish. You don’t say it.
From the look on Natasha’s face, she understands enough.
“He took advantage of your body’s natural reaction,” Natasha began. “Just because it happened doesn’t mean you wanted it to.”
“It happened most of the time though,” You mumble to yourself. “Even though my head didn’t want it my body did. He always told me he loved when it happened because he knew that he was doing his job.”
At those words, Wanda wants to go and find him herself. How could he force a baby to do that? A thirteen-year-old girl just learning about her body and clearly with no understanding of what sex was. Forcing her to do that. She wants to kill him. She makes eye contact with Natasha over your head. They want the same thing.
“I could hear mom’s footsteps above us but she never came downstairs,” you whimper again. “She never came to check on us. She probably thought we were sleeping or something.” You wish she had come downstairs. You wish a lot of things. Maybe if you fought harder he would have stopped. She would have come down to see. “When it was over I laid there and he told me that I did really good for him and that he could teach me more. I laid there. For a long time. It hurt to move.”
“Bunny was that the last time he did that?” Wanda finds her voice first.
“No,” You cry. “He didn’t stop until I came here.”
“Is that why you stole the pregnancy test?” Natasha finally understands now. “You thought you were pregnant with his baby.” She concludes and you give her a silent embarrassed nod.
“I’m sorry I lied,” You hiccup. “I’m sorry I had to tell you but I can’t hold it in anymore. I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want to be hurt anymore. I didn’t want it.”
“Hey, hey, my sweet girl you are so beautiful and so loved here,” Wanda cradles your face in your hands. “What happened is not your fault. He took advantage of you. What he did to you isn’t on you. He is sick and he will be dealt with but don’t think for a second that you are to blame for any of this. You are a child. A beautiful child who lost her innocence too soon but you’re still here. You’re surviving and you’re not going back there. Ever.”
“Wanda,” Natasha doesn’t want her to give you false hope. You know what that is. She wants to believe you won’t have to go back but after being told what happens in a lot of foster cases she knows there’s still a chance. She doesn’t know what will happen going forward. She did know one thing. It would be over her dead body that she ever let you go back to that home. If she had to flee the country with you and take on new identities she would. If she had to murder the boy herself she would. Anything for you. Anything to take that pain away from her baby’s face. She couldn’t protect Rose. She couldn’t protect you. She’d be damned if she allowed this to happen again.
“Sometimes I prayed that God would take me away. I prayed that he would just allow me to die.” The words spill from your lips and you can’t stop. “I wished that the Avengers would come to save me. No one came. He would make me do things to him. Sometimes, he would um, he’d make sure it happened two or three times.” You look down at your hands. “I just wanted it to stop. I just wanted him to stop. I stole the money. I did. I knew how Mike would react and I wanted him to so I stole it and I hid it in another part of the house. Faith was right. I do steal and I did take it. I didn’t know how else to make someone notice. I was hoping someone did and if they didn’t I was going to buy a bus ticket and run away. I don’t know where but anywhere but there.”
“Bunny, you did the right thing.” Natasha moves to kiss the top of your head and you let her. “You’re such a brave girl.”
“I don’t feel brave,” You feel numb. “I don’t feel anything sometimes. When I came here that’s the first time in two years I was able to breathe. It was the first time I felt safe in a long time. I don’t want to go back there. I want to stay here with you guys. Or anywhere but not there.”
“We’re trying so hard for you baby,”
“Is it bad that I wanted to die?” Your question is muffled. “I planned it sometimes. I was home alone enough that I could. God said not to do that but… how could I listen to the Bible or God any more when he let David do what he did for so long ?” Natasha can’t find the words as she unclenches her first. She’s so angry. “He said not to tell and that no one would believe me because I lie all the time. That it can stay between us or he’d tell everyone I was the one that seduced him.”
“We believe you,” Wanda says. “We believe you. We always will.” You let out a shaky breath. No one says anything more. You lie against Wanda’s chest on the bathroom floor, your hand on her belly, and tears falling onto her shirt as they simply allow you to cry and process everything. Wanda shifts and you startle. You didn’t realize you’d been falling asleep. “We’re going to go to bed now. Can we do that?”
“Are you going to leave me now?” You look up at her with such a small expression on your face.
“No, we’re going to stay and we’re not leaving,” Natasha promises as they help you to your feet. You cling to her as they take you to their bedroom instead. You haven’t been in here before. Their bed feels softer. Bigger. Safer. “You can sleep here tonight.” You nod as you settle into the pillows exhaustion taking over. You feel the bed dip behind you and you jump. You raise your head to look and see that Natasha is climbing in on one side and Wanda on the other. You immediately tuck yourself into Wanda’s side with your head on her chest. It’s becoming your favorite place in the world. You’ve never felt so loved before. New tears spring to your eyes when you realize this may be the last time you stay with them. If they tell Miss Jones and everyone else then things will get worse. You sniffle harshly hoping to keep quiet but you can’t.
Wanda lifts to dim the lamp, stretching to grab the chain of it, and you grip her even tighter.
“Mama,” You whisper. “Don’t go.” You squeeze your eyes shut. You’re afraid of their reactions. Afraid of what they will think of you calling her that. Again there are no harsh words or bad reactions. Just love and understanding. Wanda settles into the covers again, pressing kisses along your forehead, as you relax.
“Mama’s here,” She says intermittently. “Mama’s not going anywhere.” It startles her how much she’s wanted to say this. How much she feels to hear you call her that. “Mommy’s here too,” Wanda assures you. A nice name for Natasha that you approve of. You reach blindly for Natasha’s hand. You find it clasping it to you to bring her further into your body. Now you’re surrounded by love.
You don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. You fall asleep peacefully as you allow them to carry the weight of your confession.
You’re safe.
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Forever Hers
Yandere!Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
The nearby TV plays an old episode of Bewitched. Your mind would be on the show but you find your attention drawn away by your queen.
Wanda’s kissing your neck, a little mischievous giggle escapes her lips.
“You know I dreamt about you last night,” she says, her eyes pulsing red.
“Really?” You ask her with a smile, “I dream about you too”
Her lips curl into a smile and another laugh escapes her lips. She grabs you with a burst of her magic.
“Shall we make some of those dreams a reality?” She purrs as she pulls you into a heated lip lock. The Scarlet Witch takes full control, not that you have much a choice on the matter.
“You’re all mine,” she growls in your ear. Her nails hold tightly to your shoulders.
“Forever yours,” you whisper back.
Her resolve softens a little, her eyes turn back to their hazel coloring. She whispers, “I’m forever yours.” Wanda pulls you into a softer, more welcoming kiss.
Wanda and the Scarlet Witch, always fighting for control and you’ve been ensnared in the web of conflict.
You can only hope that Wanda wins in the end. One can only hope that your dream comes true.
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umbrae-in-nive · a day ago
how to keep your girlfriend alive 101 (wanda x reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff x female reader
warnings: violence, swearing, possible plotholes and/or typos (this isn't proofread, i'm sOrry </3)
anon requested: Are you going to do a part two of 'how to get a girlfriend 101'? If so, could you incorporate the whole team is on a mission and r calls her motorcycle and transforms it into a dragon a d the whole team is like 😳 and wanda is like 'hot' and then r saves the day and the team is just astounding by r abilities? Please?
**this is the second part of How To Get a Girlfriend 101!! reblogs are appreciated, thank you all so fucking much for your support <33 **
Coffee with Wanda was going fine until the aliens came.
She looked like a million bucks today, wearing a deep red blouse and a pair of dark jeans with rhinestones on them. A couple of long necklaces with pendants adorned her neck, and her eyes looked both dark and light at the same time.
She walked toward the table you were sitting at, boots clicking against the tile of the coffee shop floor. The sound was mundane in nature, but to you, it sounded majestic. Everything Wanda did was majestic, was attractive, was enrapturing. You could just be fucked up on feelings, but that's what it felt like to you.
"Hi," she greeted casually, as if her smile wasn't brighter than the sun.
"Hey, good to see you." You got up and enveloped her in a hug that may have lasted a little too long. She smelled like honeysuckle and fresh strawberry shampoo. "I didn't order yet; wasn't sure what you liked."
Wanda brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "That's okay."
She told you kindly that she would like a caramel macchiato with almondmilk, and immediately you committed the order to memory. You wanted to impress her the next time you went out for coffee by remembering what she liked to drink.
The next time...
Would there be a next time? The thought made butterflies erupt in your chest, fluttering throughout your body. You wanted there to be a next time. Hopefully, Wanda felt the same.
When you received your two drinks, you brought them over to the little table by the window which gave a great view of the city outside. It was slightly overcast, making the sunlight look a little less saturated, more grayish. While you were staring out the window, you hadn't realized Wanda was staring at you.
"Sorry," she said, blushing violently when you'd caught her.
You laughed and before you could think twice, said, "You're cute."
That made her blush even more, and Wanda chuckled nervously while becoming suddenly very interested in her coffee cup.
"You look incredible today, by the way," you added. "Red looks really good on you."
"Thanks," said Wanda. "I may or may not have spent a little too long trying to pick out what I wanted to wear today."
You raised a brow playfully. "Oh? Trying to impress me?"
Wanda bit her lip. "Something like that."
You smirked at her and sipped your coffee while Wanda did the same. She mentioned she was very pleased with her drink. A few moments passed before you filled the silence with a question.
"So, I wanted to ask you something."
"Shoot," she replied.
You gathered your thoughts for a moment before asking. "Have your powers ever, um, backfired on you before?"
She looked intrigued. "How do you mean?"
You searched her eyes, the moment suddenly becoming serious. "I just — I have a history with my fire. It hasn't always been used for — for good."
A look of understanding suddenly passed over Wanda's face, and she nodded her head. "I know what you mean, y/n. I have gone through the same thing."
She nodded. "As you know, I wasn't born with my powers. They were given to me by the organization HYDRA. Are you familiar with them?"
"Those are the guys that tortured Bucky, right?"
"Yes. They are despicable," she said with a wrinkled nose. "HYDRA experimented on my brother and me, but we were the only ones of our kind to survive."
You stayed silent, waiting for her to continue.
"Eventually, Pietro and I teamed up with Ultron against the Avengers, having nowhere else to go. The whole Sokovia Accords disaster followed, then the Civil War, and ugh, it was just a mess." Wanda ran her fingers through her hair. "Point is, I know a thing or two about having blood on your hands."
Thankfully, you had read up on the Avengers' history, so you knew all about the Sokovia Accords and the civil war between the Avengers. It was just strange to know that the Wanda sitting before you right now used to be something-like-a-villain to the people she was closely working with today. Looking at her now, you never would have thought she would be capable of harming a fly, much less working in accordance with someone like Ultron.
"I have blood on my hands, too," you said so quietly Wanda could barely hear you.
Images of raging, angry flames and smoke-choked skies flashed behind your eyes, sending you into the past while memories tugged at the back of your brain, begging to be rehashed. Something like a burning sensation coursed throughout your body, warming you, making you feel like you were on fire.
A hand touched your arm tentatively, snapping you out of your stupor. Your eyes focused, and you saw that Wanda had reached out to place a comforting hand on your arm. A look of empathy furrowed her brows and pressed her lips together.
"Are you okay?" she wanted to know. Her voice sounded like honey now more than ever. She was sweet, too sweet for this world.
You took a deep breath and nodded, offering her a mild smile.
"Sometimes, I think I'm over it," you confessed. "But other times, the memories just feel so real."
Her hand was warm as her fingers rubbed against your wrist reassuringly. "It feels like that for a while," she said. "But eventually, you find something in life that makes the bad memories go away and replaces them with happy ones. It may take a while, or it may be instant. But whenever you find that thing, you'll just know."
Thoughts floated like stray embers in your brain. "Have you found that thing yet?"
"No," she lied, and you were surprised to hear that in her voice there was a tinge of pain. "I thought I found it with Vision, but..."
She trailed off and took her hand away from your arm while looking down. You could tell talking about Vision made her uncomfortable, so you decided to change the subject.
"You could call me crazy," you said, wondering why being around Wanda always made you want to say shit you shouldn't, "but I feel like I might've found that 'thing' in you. Is that weird?"
Wanda's ears perked up, and she looked at you with wide eyes. You were initially afraid that you had scared her off with your forwardness, but as it turned out, a warm smile broke out across her face.
"You think so?" she asked, eyes glowing with wonder. They were so fucking beautiful.
You tried not to stumble over your words. "I mean — uh, yeah. I know I haven't known you long, but ever since I saw you something in me just, I don't know, clicked. Like I'd found something I'd been looking for for a long time."
Wanda's tongue darted out to lick her lips as she traced the rim of her coffee cup with a maroon-painted fingernail. "That's quite interesting."
You leaned forward. "How so?"
"Well, because I feel the same way."
Your entire body froze. "You mean that?"
"Of course," she replied evenly, looking up at you. "I don't understand it, but all I know is that I don't think it's a coincidence that you and I met."
You couldn't help it. A gleaming smile broke out across your face as you basked in your fortune: the fact that Wanda's amount of affection for you was reciprocated exactly. It was as if all the cards had fallen into place.
"You know," you said, not without a hint of slyness, "it's a good thing that you said that."
"Why?" she wanted to know.
You planted your elbows on the tiny, round coffee table and leaned in so that your face was very close to Wanda's.
"Cause it makes me want to do something. Can you guess what that is?"
Wanda's cheeks reddened at the close proximity between you and her, and replied bashfully, "I may have an idea."
Time seemed to go in slow motion at that moment, but you couldn't care. You leaned in to capture Wanda's lips boldly, positively aching for her kiss which you imagined must taste of caramel and coffee and something distinctively Wanda...
But the universe was playing hard to get that afternoon. For just as you were about to finally kiss the girl of your dreams, your phone buzzed obnoxiously, startling the two of you. You pulled away in surprise and, when you realized it was your phone making that noise, glared at the device with distaste.
"It's fucking Tony," you seethed, pressing the "answer" button. "What do you want?"
"Jesus, y/n, what the fuck?" Tony sounded more surprised than anything. In the background of the call there was screaming and lots of muffled sounds.
"Sorry, I just — I was just in the middle of something."
"Well, get out of it," he ordered, "cause we've got a situation. Where are you?"
"Me and Wanda are at the coffee shop on Fifth," you replied. "What's going on?"
Wanda looked concerned, her head cocked to the side. If it weren't for the urgency in Tony's voice, you would have made a remark about how pretty she looked.
"Fucking, I don't know, aliens or some shit. All we know is that they're from outer space and Pointbreak seems to know what they are. We need you and Wanda. STAT."
"Alright, we're on our way."
"Thanks. I'll text you the address of where we are. Hurry." And with that, Tony hung up, leaving you with a half-drunk coffee and a very confused Wanda.
"There's some sort of trouble in town," you relayed. "Tony says it's aliens or something. We need to help."
Wanda stood up immediately, took one last swig of her coffee, and threw the empty cup into the trash.
"To be continued," she said.
Alien goo was not on the itinerary for today, though it was pretty cool to see Thor in person, so you tried not to be too upset that Tony'd interrupted your date with Wanda. You and Wanda slid off your motorcycle, which you parked on the side of the road, and approached the Avengers gathered together on the sidewalk.
"Y/n, my lady!" boomed Thor once you and Wanda came into view. He bowed reverently to you and offered you a cheeky smile before greeting Wanda in the same way. You were so taken aback by his behavior that shock prevented you from saying anything at all.
"Hello, Thor," she said with a smile. "It's good to see you."
Thor nodded in reply and twirled Mjolnir idly while gazing at the sky. He was dressed to the nines in a full set of battle armor paired with a long red cape, brandishing Mjolnir, his magical hammer, tightly in one meaty fist. He looked a little too excited to be here, considering the fact that all around you people were screaming and running away.
You followed Thor and looked up at the sky which was dotted with dark, wispy, swirling figures like inkblots in water. "What are those things?"
"We call them blekkmonstre, or 'ink monsters,'" explained the Asgardian. "Their bodies are made of giftig blekk, so be careful touching them."
"What's giftig blekk?"
"It translates as 'toxic ink,'" replied Thor. "If any of their secretion gets on your skin, it's off to Valhalla for you."
Yeah, you weren't looking to visit Valhalla just yet, especially not without finishing your date with Wanda. You looked up at the sky again and saw that the blekkmonstre, which were swirling aimlessly in the sky, began … coagulating? Their bodies were becoming more solid, less wispy, more defined. That probably meant they were ready to attack soon. Wonderful.
"How do we defeat them?" you needed to know.
Thor just chuckled and patted you on your head. "Don't worry, Lady Y/n. I've got everything covered. Just sit there and look pretty — I shall handle the rest."
Thor's comment irritated you. "I'm not just going to sit here and look pretty while you're doing all the hero work!" you exclaimed. Tony and Steve turned their heads in your direction to see what was going on. Wanda nodded wordlessly alongside you, not trusting herself to say anything because she was currently admiring your beauty in the sunlight.
"This will be quick and easy," attested Thor. "Do not worry."
"I want to help," you protested. "I'm the new girl on the team — I want a shot at the glory."
"For the love of God, Pointbreak," interrupted Tony, pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "Let the woman help. She's probably more powerful than you anyway."
You smirked, and Tony shot a wink in your direction. You looked back at Thor and saw that he was very, very confused. "You? A mortal woman, more powerful than me?" He shook his head.
"What, you don't think a regular mortal woman can be stronger than you?" you challenged, half joking.
Thor was saved from replying by a large black blur that whizzed past his face, blowing his hair behind him.
You didn't have to ask what that was. Obviously, the blekkmonstre had finished coagulating in the sky and were ready to wreak havoc on New York.
Thor said nothing, but instead grasped Mjolnir and raced off in the direction of the blekkmonstre that was preparing to poison the passersby on the streets. They had their phones out, recording the monsters in the sky in fascination and awe, not realizing the monsters' intentions were murderous.
That was the first of the many blekkmonstre to descend from the sky in wild flashes of black goo. They began falling in waves like rain from cumulonimbus clouds. The Avengers broke out of their huddle where they were discussing plans of attack and readied themselves to battle the falling beasts. You looked at Wanda who had already assumed magic to her hands and looked ready for a fight.
You felt your palms warm, though you refrained from kindling fire just yet.
"Come on," offered Wanda. "Let's go see how these monsters take to our powers."
Everything was actually going fine, but you knew enough about battles to know that once you seemed to be winning, that usually meant the final blow was on its way.
Steve vaporized some blekkmonstre with a few well-aimed throws of his shield while Tony, protected by his suit, battled the stragglers still forming in the sky. Everyone was doing their part to ensure that the blekkmonstre were eradicated while doing their best to protect the citizens and the buildings. The last thing the team needed was the destruction of New York City. Again.
And as it turned out, the seemingly only weakness of the ink monsters was fire. Lucky you. But you didn't mind; it just gave you more of an opportunity to practice fighting as an Avenger. You obliterated beast after beast with balls of hot, angry flame while Wanda did her best to form a magical bubble to protect a few miles within the city so that no monsters could escape the team's grasp. The forcefield was taking a lot out of her, you could tell: her face was pale, her hands shaking, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Despite the way she looked, you didn't doubt her for a second. You knew she was capable of holding down the city.
With you and the team working together, you had cleared out almost all of the blekkmonstre without a single drop of their poison touching your skin. You noticed one of the monsters had taken to the sky instead of the ground, probably to get away from the Avengers. You spotted the beast and knew it was a little too far up for you to properly aim a fireball at it. Tony was busy warding off three of the beasts at a time, so you couldn't ask him for help.
With a strange, indescribable feeling crawling up your spine as you looked at the remaining blekkmonster, you raced to your motorcycle. A plan of attack was already forming in your mind.
Sliding onto your bike, you assessed the various buttons on the dashboard, looking for the appropriate one that would transform your motorcycle into the greatest lethal weapon: a metal dragon.
Finally finding the button, you pressed it and felt your bike hum and whirr under your body. The only problem with the transformation process is that, when you had created the bike, you couldn't find any way to make it silent while it switched into dragon mode. It kind of sounded like metal scraping against metal and the gunning of an engine mixed together.
Wanda, upon hearing the noise, looked over at you and watched in pure, unadulterated astonishment as your bike literally became a mechanical dragon with gleaming red eyes and a gold-plated body. The head, as if alive, rolled out its neck as if it hadn't been used for a while and shot flames menacingly from its mouth in which sharp, golden teeth stood. It's eyes burned as if they themselves were made of fire.
You kickstarted the engine and rode off into the sky as colossal wings sprouted from the machine, allowing you and the dragon to fly through the air as if you weighed nothing more than a feather. You glanced down at the ground to see if there were any blekkmonstre following you and saw that all the Avengers were gaping incredulously at the sight of you riding your dragon bike.
Wanda almost lost her hold on the forcefield, too enraptured by the sight of you to concentrate fully on her magic. "That's hot," she couldn't help but say aloud, eyes fixated on your soaring form riding the bike in the sky as if you were fucking Hagrid at the beginning of the Sorcerer's Stone. Except you were much prettier than Hagrid, and braver than he could ever hope to be.
Thor nearly got toppled over by a raging blekkmonster, as he was stunned at the sheer power you radiated. You wove skillfully around obstacles all the way up to a tall building where there was one remaining blekkmonster.
"Gotcha," you whispered with a smirk, creeping up behind the beast. Its tiny black wings flapped as it scanned its surroundings, completely oblivious to you stalking him from the back. It seemed to be a gooey, amorphous blob made of a dark, black, ink-like substance. Giftig blekk, Thor had told you. It glistened in the sunlight like the skin of a frog, almost mucus-like. You wrinkled your nose and reminded yourself not to touch the beast lest you should get poisoned by its venom.
As silently as possible, you poised yourself on your bike so that you were standing on the pedals and summoned fire to the palm of your hand.
"So long and goodnight," you said aloud, making the monster turn around in curiosity. Before it could even process what you were about to do, you blasted the blekkmonster with your fire right in its hideous, gooey face.
But the monster dodged just in the nick of time.
"Shit," you breathed, extinguishing your flames and gunning the engine to soar in the direction of the beast. Having been frightened by your sneak-attack, the blekkmonster careened downward where most of the action was.
Heading right toward Wanda.
"Fuck off!" you screamed at the monster, descending so fast that tears pricked at your eyes. The blekkmonster left behind drops of goo in its wake which you managed to dodge skillfully in midair.
Wanda was too focused on managing the forcefield that she didn't see the monster dashing toward her, ready to take her life with its poison. You shouted at her to look out but she realized too late that her life was in danger.
Okay, you said to yourself, trying not to panic. This calls for desperate measures.
You looked at the dashboard on your bike and slammed the big red button which you vowed to use only for emergencies. Immediately, your speed quickened so abruptly that the breath was knocked out of your lungs. Fire blasters emerged from the back of your bike and propelled you rapidly toward Wanda on the ground.
Everything from there seemed to go in slow motion.
While the blekkmonster thought it had found its next prey, you swept down briskly, grabbed Wanda by the waist with one hand, and pulled the handlebar up with the other so as to bring her to safety. The blekkmonster crashed into the ground and splattered all over the concrete, dead.
You held Wanda into your side with one strong arm and steered the both of you to safety in an alley nearby. You slid off the bike immediately, making sure Wanda was okay. She brushed her windblown hair out of her face and regarded you with wide blue eyes.
"What — what just happened?"
"One of those monsters, it was coming at you from behind and you weren't paying attention so I scooped you up at the last minute."
Her eyes bulged. She grabbed your wrist and put your palm over her heart to feel its rapid beating, and for some reason, the moment became unexpectedly intimate. Your eyes locked with Wanda's and some unspoken moment of desperation passed over her face. She placed both her hands on your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss.
She tasted like wind mixed with something sweet like chapstick, and you kissed her back eagerly. Your fingers found their way into her hair as you deepened the kiss.
"You saved me," she whispered against your lips.
"I couldn't just let you die," was your answer.
You leaned your forehead against hers and just stayed there in the alley, savoring the closeness between the two of you. After a few moments, you took her hand and led her to your bike.
"Oh, my god we thought you were dead," Tony gawked when you and Wanda came rolling in on your motorcycle. "Is that really you guys?"
"In the flesh," you grinned. Tony noticed how you had your hand around Wanda's waist, holding her against your side. He raised a questioning eyebrow but said nothing. You just smiled at him.
"So, they're all gone then?" you asked.
Thor twirled Mjolnir. "Thanks to you, Lady Y/n."
"Turns out I am pretty strong, huh?"
"Undoubtedly." Thor cast you an apologetic smile, and you nodded at him, accepting it.
After checking in with the Avengers and assessing any possible wounds of the heroes, you laced your fingers with Wanda's and said, "Well, if you don't need us for anything else, we'll be off."
"Where are you two going?" Thor wanted to know.
You looked at Wanda, and she looked at you. Her eyes were alight with the kind of wonder only seen in the eyes of a lover. "We," she said, "have a date to finish."
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skyvolt120 · a day ago
Little Moments
wanda x gn!reader
requests open
Warnings: There aren’t really any
Tumblr media
To say your were hopeless was an understatement.
At this point it had been weeks, weeks of little moments, weeks of over exaggerated moments. You knew you had been playing these moments up in your head, her lingering stares or touches.
Wanda had so many options, Vision for crying out loud, compared to him you felt overwhelmingly average. Maybe that’s why you played up those moments, maybe you just needed to feel wanted even if you were fooling yourself.
These moments scrabbled your thoughts, you couldn’t focus properly, and so far that had only left you with a littering of cuts from various missions. This time had been no different.
You sat on your bed, med kit beside you, struggling to properly address the scrapes on your face. That’s when you heard it, the soft rasping of knuckles, the gentle click of the door.
There she was, the girl you couldn’t get your mind off, standing in your doorway. Your eyes found the floor as she made her way over to you, lightly sitting beside you.
She stayed quiet, almost as if not wanting to break the moment, before turning your head towards her. You sucked in a shallow breath as she started attending to the cuts herself, eyes lingering on yours.
Here you were again, over analyzing a nice gesture, focusing a bit too much on the way her fingers held your face still. She finished and you swore her eyes lingered on the cut slicing your lips.
Your eyes found the floor and you softly bit down on your tongue, stifling whatever noise was trying to come up.
“Your thoughts are loud, you know.”
You looked at her alarmed but there she was, leaning closer, hovering above you, lips parted slightly. Your breath caught in your throat as she leaned closer, lips brushing your ear. Her voice came out barely a whisper, almost as silent as a breath out.
“Those little moments? They aren’t so little, not to me at least.”
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wandanatsbaby · a day ago
I hate you, I love you
a/n so uh I don't really know how to describe this one. All I can say is Im sorry.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader Warnings: Angst, death
Bold = song ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wanda never meant for any of this to happen. She didn't mean to hurt you. She didn’t mean it.
I miss you when I can't sleep
Wanda laid awake as vision slept peacefully next to her. Her mind was on you. The way your hair would flow in the wind. Your bright smile. You contagious laugh that everyone loved. She missed you.
You’re still in love with me, but your friends don't know.
Everybody thought that Wanda was happily in love with Vision. Except for clint. He saw the battle that Wanda was going through. He saw how she would cry when nobody was around. He watched as Natasha would go rough on her during training because she blamed Wanda. Clint couldn’t be mad at Natasha for treating Wanda like that though. It was her fault.
If you wanted me you would just say so.
Evernight Wanda would bring you to her room to fuck you. Whenever she wanted you she would just say the words and you would come running.
I don't mean no Harm.
When Wanda got angry her powers went got out of control. As you both fought she lost control.
You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.
She had promised to never hurt you. That she would never use her powers on you. But all promises get broken eventually.
I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
You hated that you loved Wanda. You didn’t want to keep being her little secret, always having to watch as she and vision flirted in front of everyone. Bringing it up to her is how the fight started. It's how multiple fights started.
You want him, you need him, and ill never be him.
You yelled at Wanda trying to get it through her head. But she wouldn’t listen she never did. You were tired of being last to her. You wanted her to want you like you wanted her.
“All alone I watched you watch him. Like he's the only thing you’ve ever seen. You don’t care you never did. You don’t give a damn about me.” You screamed at Wanda. She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of your mouth. Of course, she cared about you. You were her everything.
How is it you never noticed
That you are slowly killing me?
Wanda didn’t know the effects her loss of control had until it was too late. Every time she got made and lost control of her powers. They would hit you. Slowly killing you more and more every time. The only person who knew was Bruce. He tried to come up with ways to fix it and tried to get you to stay away from Wanda.
When he did find the cure it was too late. He and the rest of the team walked in on a sobbing Wanda cradling your dead body in her arms.
I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
Don't want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you
I hate you, I love you
I hate that I want you
You want Her, you need her
And I’ll never be her.
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romanoff-sketches · a day ago
NECKLACE [vamp!wanda x bunny!reader]
TW! Smut, fingering, strap-on usage, necklace pulling, mommy kink, pet names (bunny), nipple play, overstimulation, minor blood, vampire wanda.
Tumblr media
summary: while you got off, you got trouble instead of pleasure.
Wanda, your wife, a beautiful brunette that everyone wanted, is a vampire. She however can go out during the day to go to work. You were her bunny, she was your mommy. Those are the rules in this household.
You loved it when she bit your neck, sucking out the crimson red liquid from you and kissing you after, tasting the copper taste on your tongue. Whenever she kisses you, you’ll lick her fangs, letting the tip prick your tongue.
She rarely punishes you. But one day you were getting off while she was at work.
“Don’t touch what’s mine,” she growled, her pupils dilating. She grabbed your necklace and pulled you towards her. “Sorry mommy,” you replied, reaching out to caress her. But she pushed you away. “No touching,” she said firmly, before proceeding to remove her suit. She was left in her matching red lingerie and her strap-on already prepared. She went down to your soaking pussy and started to rub circles on it harshly. You whimpered, tweaking your pink nubs as she continued. When she unexpectedly shoved three fingers up your cunt, you moaned, “mommy…” you kept chanting her name, as if you were casting a spell.
She pulled out a knife and dragged the tip ever so lightly over your abdomen. She had plunged the 9 inch strap in you and you were a moaning mess. “Mmm bunny… you look sho pretty like this.” Her eyes trailed to your spot covered neck, her favourite spot to draw blood from you. She grabbed your necklace and pulled you by the thin silver chain and sank her fangs into any piece of flesh that had not been marked. As she did so, she pulled and tweaked your hard and sensitive nipples, drawing you nearer to your orgasm.
But she didn’t let you cum.
She wants to overstimulate you, make you cry and beg for your release. And when you really are allowed to, she’ll sink her fangs into you once more, not letting you feel the bliss of your orgasm.
And that is what she did.
“Mommy can I please come?!” you screamed as she rubbed harsh circles on your clit that was already puffy and sore. She was still pounding into you, grabbing your necklace and pulling you up which made your neck ache. She had used the knife to carve her initials, “W.M” which was bleeding and dripping onto the bed sheet. THen the tears started to roll down your face as you begged softly, “please mommy it’s too much… It hurts.” She pulled out, your pussy raw red with your arousal dripping out. She carried you to the bathroom and washed you up before drying your hair and laying you down softly onto the bed.
She rubbed your thighs, soothing the ache and used her fingers to trace over the mark she had made with the knife. She pressed a loving kiss on your forehead and whispered, “Goodnight bunny,” before dozing off as well.
taglist🍂: @wandas-h0e @avengerswriter4eva @wandaslittlewhore
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thisisarcanereverie · 2 days ago
Lazy Sundays (Should've Known series oneshot)
Tumblr media
in case you don't know this is set up in the same universe as my Should've Known series if you want to check it out before reading further the links are right under this paragraph.
Series Masterlist
You don't quite remember waking up, you just remember feeling warm and hearing your wifes soft breathing next to you and the sounds of rain outside.
You opened your eyes and the first thing you saw was the rain gently decending on your window.
It was peaceful, you looked at the clock and saw it was only eight in the morning. You know you probably would've gotten up sooner had it not been for the twins being away at Nick's for the weekend which was a small blessing. You rarely had moments like theses with Wanda, where there wasn't any particular rush or set schedule for the day. It was sunday and sundays was usually a break day for everyone. Wanda didn't go studying and you guys can spend the day together doing whatever.
You gently turn only to see your wife still sleeping. Moments like these were even rarer. Wanda usually is the first one up in the mornings, however, when she sleeps she sleeps like an angel. Her features were peaceful, which once again was rare but was becoming more common now that you guys had no more battles to fight.
Those days were finally over and this was your reward.
You gently kiss her forehead, hoping not to wake her and you carefully unwound the sheets from yourself. Your feet pad gently to the kitchen where you began breakfast.
You put the kettle on to boil while you got the tea packets ready and got to making breakfast. You remember this Sokovian breakfast that Wanda taught you and decided to make it. It was a relatively simple recipe, it was essentially pancakes just a little thicker than a crepe.
Wanda woke up to the smell of fluffy pancakes in the air. the warm and sweet scent reminded her of mornings when she and Pietro were young. Either her mother or father in the kitchen cooking pancakes before her father had to go to work and the rest of the day began.
Wanda opened her eyes to the other half of her bed empty, but the smell of pancakes and the faint sound of old music told her where you were.
She stretched sleep from her limbs with a groan and silently made her way to you.
Once Wanda reached you she simply stood by the doorway, watching while you swayed your hips and sing a long to the music in a languid way. It was off key and it was beautiful at the same time, because it was you. You could make even the trash look beautiful if you were holding it to her. If she could, Wanda would forever capture this moment with you and keep it with her always.
Wanda was more than content with watching you from afar but the pancakes you were making lured her further in and forced her from her spot at the doorway.
"good morning Солнечный свет," Wanda greeted with a kiss to your cheek. "it smells good, how can I help?"
"I'm almost done here, why don't you set the table." You said as you pecked her lips. Concentrating mostly on not burning the pancakes. Wanda did as you had asked and set the table for the both of you.
By the time Wanda had set the table you were done cooking and were plating the pancakes and pouring the tea into their respective cups.
"What time is Nick bringing the kids?" Wanda asked as she stuffs another mouthful and delicious fluffy pancakes into her mouth.
"Originally it was today but I got a call earlier before you woke up," You said as you take another bite, "but the twins want to visit smithsonian with Nick, so they're staying another day. Strange will portal them here early tomorrow."
"So that just leaves us another day then," Wanda said quirking her eyebrow, "all alone." You winked in response and laughed slightly.
Yes just another day alone with one another.
It was one of those days where you just let Wanda magic all the dishes clean and away along with the mess you had made making the breakfast.
You and her had been so busy the past weekend, you loved the twins with every fiber of your being. You would die for them. But you really couldn't get much cleaning done when they were here, because once you got one area clean, the kids would come in like a tsunami and suddenly the coffee table is sticky and all the toys were out.
So when Nick called you and said he wanted the weekend with his grandkids you didn't have any quarrel with it. You knew besides you and Wanda, Nick loved those kids and would do anything for them.
The past two days were spent cleaning, manually. Wanda was originally just magic all the mess and clutter away, but you somehow convinced her that doing it manually was much more rewarding.
However, after cleaning and reorganizing everything, now you want nothing more than to sit on the couch with Wanda and watch whatever, not having to get up to even do dishes.
And that's exactly what you did.
You made popcorn and you and Wanda watched most of the movies you watched when the kids were asleep at night along with binge watching a few episodes from various sitcoms.
At some point there was just silence, you and Wanda just watched the rain and were content to just be together.
Sometimes you sit back and you just admire how far both you and Wanda have come. From living at the compound, getting called away for missions where you never knew what was going to happen, always sacrificing the people and things that matter most to you for the greater good, being so powerful and yet to powerless when it really counted.
You loved your life, you loved your kids and your wife.
You'll treasure it and hold onto it for as long as you could.
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nightwingg00 · 2 days ago
Elizabeth Olsen supremacy
Tumblr media
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goddessofmischief · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
ok but... it’s the same picture
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s1utforfictionalcharacters · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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titaniaerza18 · a day ago
Yelena:*Walks into common room* I'm just saying, it wouldn't hurt to be a little closer!
Natasha: How much closer do you want to be? We live in the same building!
Tony: What are you two arguing about now?
Natasha: Yelena thinks we need to bond more as sisters
Y/n: I mean.. It wouldn't kill you love
Natasha: We don't know that! She's tried before!
Steve: Why don't you ask Wanda and Pietro for advise? They go on twin bonding trips every now and again
Yelena: See! Even your friends think it's a good idea!
Tony: Pietro, what happened on the last trip you two took?
Pietro: We got into an argument and Wanda threatened to drown me in the ocean unless I admitted she was right
Steve: Then what...?
Pietro: After I was done coughing, she said "Get up, you're going to buy me ice cream"
Tony: And what did you do..?
Pietro: I bought her strawberry ice cream
Wanda: Quit crying about it, you survived, you're still here. And I cooked dinner didn't I?
Y/n: My Lord...
Natasha: Yeah...no. We can bond all you want, but we don't need a relationship like theirs
Yelena: So you accept your title as Fanny's aunt?
Natasha: Absolutely not
Yelena: I have the sudden urge to go to the beach...
Natasha: ... I'll think about it
Yelena: *cheers* Yay!
Steve: Pietro, are you ok?
Pietro: *Checks to see if Wanda is behind him* I think I'll be fine if I play my cards right...
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katefelto · 11 months ago
it will literally be LIKE THIS.
Tumblr media
(also hope to see three spiderman in spiderman3, Tom, Tobey and Andrew in one room... sounds like a dream)
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gaygentkatz · 11 months ago
Pietro this ep be like
Tumblr media
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vanitasmorgue · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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alexandria-monik-art · 9 months ago
I miss him...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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8bitscarlet · a month ago
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Tumblr media
Summary: A broken down car on the side of the road just before Christmas leaves you with a grateful woman.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: 18+ ONLY!//MINORS DNI! Smut (a few cuss words, fingering, top!reader, bottom!Wanda, strap-use (r giving), oral (r giving and Wanda giving), praising)
Word Count: 5.8k
A/N: Alrighty, it's time for the spicy Christmas fic today! The fluffy & pure Christmas fic will be posted on tomorrow! Happy Reading!
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White flurries of snow fall from the cloudy sky above you, coating the dark green needles of the trees around and the road you drive up. The mountain road up to the scattered cabins is completely empty as you sit back into the seat that keeps you warm.
Humming along to a classic Christmas song, fingers gently drumming against your steering wheel, you carefully take a turn as the sky grows darker and the evening grows closer and closer.
As your headlights shine out as you come around the corner, you clench your brows and lean forward. Your foot slowly comes off of the gas pedal when you see the blinking hazards of a car pushed off to the side of the road. Inside you see someone in the driver’s seat turn quickly, but they don’t climb out of the car to hail for help. Still, a blizzard is coming soon and they’ll freeze out here if you don’t stop.
You pull just in front of their car, sighing as you turn off the hot air that keeps the inside of your truck toasty and open the door to the frigid, winter air. Shivering as you feel the change in temperature and your breath huffs out in a thick cloud, you reach inside your door for your gloves. The snow crunches below your boots as you open up the backseat door and swing on your fur-lined denim jacket. Waving as you try to blow warmth into your other hand, you trudge your way over to the black sedan that has no business trekking up the mountain to trying to beat a snowstorm.
Slowly, the door opens as a woman steps out of the car and keeps the door between you and her. You stop at your tailgate and give a grin to her, auburn hair falling against her shoulders as she slides on a beanie to keep her head warm.
“You alright, ma’am?” you ask, glancing over at her car and not seeing any flat tires as she pulls her jacket tighter.
She looks around expectantly, “Yeah, I’m fine.”
You hum, knowing that’s an obvious lie as you slip your hands into your jacket pockets, “Need some help, maybe?”
She quickly shakes her head, “Oh no, roadside assistance’s supposed to,” she pauses to look down at her phone and you watch as her shoulders deflate, “within the hour they said.”
You raise your brows, glancing down at your watch and shaking your head. They won’t be leaving for another forty minutes and by then they’ll call back to tell her they can’t drive up the road if there’s a blizzard of this size coming. She’ll freeze by the time they get here since her car isn’t even starting.
“Well, don’t know if you’re in the know, but there’s a huge blizzard about a half hour out,” you grin as you watch her let out a defeated sigh, her eyes glancing at your hand pointing out the increasing snowfall and the creaking of the trees.
The auburn-haired woman watches as you kneel down in the snow, face touching the cold frost as you check to see if any of her liquids are leaking, “I was trying to get to my family’s cabin in time but obviously that’s not happening.”
You chuckle, straightening yourself out and smacking the snow from your wet jeans, “I’ve got a cabin just up the way. Tools to fix up your car once I get a look at it. Does your family have a landline?”
She nods, watching as you quickly hop into the bed of your truck and open up the toolbox you have in the back as you continue talking, “You can call them from mine. I doubt you really have good service up so high. You’ll have none once we get up there.”
The woman groans, glancing back down the road in false hope for flashing lights to come up that roadside. You stop, staring down with her and seeing nothing but the clouds growing thicker.
“You’re not a murderer, right?” She asks, closing her door shut as she walks back to her trunk.
You chuckle, landing into the snow and grabbing your towing chain from the backseat. Walking back, she comes with a suitcase and backpack and stops a few feet from you, brows raised as she patiently waits for your honest reply. You grin, now noticing how green the eyes that stare at you are.
“I’m not. That’s my Halloween hobby. I’m a good samaritan during the Christmas season,”
“Well then,” she smiles as she holds out her gloved hand to you, “lucky me. I’m Wanda.”
Biting the tip of your glove to yank it off before you cover her glove in old oil and grease, you grip her hand in yours as you mumble out your name. She smiles, a twinkling in her eyes that catches you off guard, fumbling for your key as she hands you hers. Gently, she takes the keys from your grasp, hand sliding across yours as your eyes follow after her.
“I’ve got seat warmers!” you call out before she disappears around the front of the truck.
Wanda smiles back at you, as you hide behind an embarrassed grin at yelling that out so excitedly, “You’re looking more and more like a godsend,”
As she climbs into the truck, you smack your glove against your hand as you mumble to yourself that you just turned into an idiot because of a beautiful woman. You finished setting up her car for the careful trek up the snowy road quickly and you jog to the driver’s side as you try to stretch out your stiff fingers.
Jumping inside, you clench your eyes shut as you feel hot air slam into you. The inside of your truck feels like a sauna but Wanda looks practically half asleep in the passenger side. Her beanie and winter jacket laying on her lap as she sits there in a simple sweater and jeans, humming quietly to the Christmas radio station. She grins at you as you buckle up and start the drive back to your cabin.
It's a quiet drive, both of you just letting the radio station fill the quiet air. Your eyes glance in the rearview mirrors every few moments, ensuring her car isn’t going to slide back down the mountain and to simply have an excuse to look at Wanda. Her eyes stay glued to the wintery scene outside, probably glad to just look at the beautiful landscape instead of gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.
Carefully, the snow crunches beneath tires as you swing your truck around so the car is closest to your workshop. Wanda’s eyes carefully glance over your quaint cabin, light flickering out through the thin curtains at the front. She chuckles quietly, seeing the unmistakable, movie famous leg lamp in one of the windows.
It’s solitary out here, surrounded only by trees and your driveway. There’s a pile of logs with your axe next to your workshop that’s locked up and dark with all your tools to fix up Wanda’s car. Christmas lights hang down from your roof, a crooked snowman in your front yard you used to prove to your family that you were being a bit festive.
You climb out quickly, opening the backseat as you grab her suitcase and your Christmas packages, letting her take her personal bag and hike through the snow. Grunting as your feet sink down into the layer of snow, you laugh when you see Wanda nearly tip over when her boot doesn’t come up. She scoops up some snow quickly and chucks it over at you,
“Keep laughing, your truck is going to be up at my family’s cabin."
Slamming your boots on the outside welcome mat, you grin, “Aw, are you inviting a total stranger to meet your family for Christmas? Is that how you’re thanking me?”
As her green eyes roll in her head, you open the door to the smell of the firewood still burning and your home still toasty. Grunting as you slide her suitcase along the wood floor to try and get out of your boots, you turn your head and see her still standing out in the cold. Her eyes bounce around the inside of your house warily, fingers playing with the strap of her bag.
“Are you a vampire? Can’t come inside unless I invite you in?”
Wanda shakes her head, stepping inside as you shut the door behind her. She quickly steps out of her boots as you shake your jacket off of your shoulders, “Maybe you’re not the only one who thrives on Halloween.”
With a smirk, you toss your jacket onto your coat hanger as she gradually steps further into the house. You watch as her eyes take in the Christmas tree you had cut down in the corner, gliding over to your lone stocking on your fireplace. Quietly, Wanda's eyes glance to your stare as you quickly kneel down and rearrange the new presents beneath your tree. With fire poker in hand as you stand at the fire, you start to point out everything a guest might need to know; the bathroom to splash some hot water on her face, the kitchen where she can help herself to anything and the landline so her family knows she’s still alive.
Wanda pauses in your living room, stepping closer to you as she tilts her head with green eyes fixed to your Christmas tree. You glance at it yourself, a few special ornaments among the cliche red, circular ornaments. Her fingers gently hold onto a snow globe ornament of your hometown, a soft grin on her face as you run your hand over your mouth.
“Would an ornament suffice as a thank you?” she turns back to you as you quickly avert your eyes to pretend to finish fixing the books on your coffee table.
Clenching your brows as you grimace slightly, you say, “Maybe a little more brainstorming.”
Wanda giggles, her eyes flicking up to where a traditional star should be placed. Instead it's one of your hats that's covered in a green plant that hangs from the top of the tree.
"What in the world is that?"
You glance up at it, chuckling to yourself, "My family thought it would be hilarious to send me a hat made of mistletoe. Find me a Christmas miracle of something."
Wanda grimaces playfully at it, leaving your face feeling hot as you quickly try to find something else to do and pull away from her soft glances. As you go to open the box of Christmas cookies in your hands, you feel the same dainty fingers that held your ornament wrap around your arm and grip onto your flannel, “Thank you. Seriously, you probably saved me from turning into a human popsicle.”
“Believe me,” you chuckle as you unbutton the top of your flannel to try and swallow the knot in your throat, “I’ve dug enough people out to know being out there during a storm isn’t fun. ‘Sides, I can fix your car up for free, no scams here.”
Your feet turn and Wanda’s fingers slip from your arm but you can hear her walking behind you, following you into the kitchen, “I can’t let you do that.”
You shrug, bending down to grab the milk, “I’m sure you can think of an acceptable payment then. And not ornaments,” you say softly as you shut the fridge door. She leans against your table, eyes closely watching every move you make but no longer with a cautious stare.
Pouring out two glasses, you pop open the cookie container and hold it out to her, “Cookies?”
Her eyes rest on yours, blinking slowly as you feel your heart thud against your chest and thankful that she can’t notice. Licking the bottom of her lip as she gently bites against it, you feel your jaw clench as the heat grows in your stomach. For a moment, she stands there, transfixed in your watchful stare until finally she snaps out of whatever thought she got lost in. Wanda quickly snatches a cookie from the container,
“Oh, yes! I love these, thank you!”
You chuckle, biting into a soft snickerdoodle as you completely peel out of your flannel and leave yourself in your tucked in shirt. Gently, Wanda reaches around you to snatch up the glass of milk, eyes running down the tight undershirt before she quickly says that she’s going to call her family.
As soon as she turns the corner you fall back against the counter, pressing the back of your hands to your eyes. A couple days of blissful solitary and the first attractive person to look your way sends you out of control. Stuffing the rest of the cookie in your mouth, you chew on the cinnamon sugar for a while as you glare at the small Santa decoration on your kitchen table. Grabbing another cookie, you fall into one of the chairs as you slam down half of your milk and try to distract yourself with the treats instead of watching Wanda talk on your phone.
She’s having a quiet conversation but as she glances back to you, cocking her brow as you roll up your jeans to keep them from dragging on the floor, she raises her voice,
“I’m fine, Piet. Yes, I’m safe. They’re only a murderer during spooky holidays.”
You glance over and see the playful grin she shoots at you before it falls and she waves her hand to the person on the other end of the line, “It was a joke!”
Chuckling, Wanda finishes up her hushed conversation as you finish your fifth cookie and second glass of milk. You hear the receiver settle back into place and Wanda groans, sitting across from you as she breaks apart another cookie on her napkin.
“Well,” she plops one of the pieces in her mouth, “I called roadside assistance again.”
You raise your brows, wiping away the milk from your upper lip.
“They said the speed of the blizzard slowed, but they still won’t be able to get up here until tomorrow.”
You chuckle, “You don’t trust me with your car? Or is it something else?”
Wanda gives you a look, “I can’t ask you to go out there right now. It’s way too cold.”
“I know how to layer,” you press, leaning onto your fist as you watch a coy smile spread on her lips.
“You already towed my car. Why don’t you relax, I’m not going to drive up there anyways. It’s too damn dark out there.”
You glance back and see that the sun had officially set and it was pitch black outside, “You’re actually in luck. I just changed the sheets on my bed so you can sleep in there.”
Wanda stays silent for a moment, clasping her fingers together as her chin rests on them. You drop the grin from your face and stare back just as intently, eyes following along every curve and angle of her face before she lets out a huff of air and sits back into the chair.
“You’re just going to secretly work on the car while I sleep, aren’t you?”
Raising your brows, you give a small grin, “Have we met before? ‘Cause you just saw right through me,”
Wanda smiles triumphantly as she stands and places her empty glass into the sink before making her way towards the warm fire. You follow after her, agreeing that it’s way warmer in there than it was in the kitchen. She sits on the couch, curling up her legs as she watches the meteorologist talk about the weather. Snatching up the blanket from your armchair as you walk past, you hand it over to her, ensuring that you point out the fact that it’s an electric heating blanket.
She sighs as she flicks it on and cuddles up into the fabric, “You know, you’re just starting to become a little too good to be true.”
“Well,” you sigh as you plop a stack of blankets onto the other side of the couch from the closet, “The couch is all yours then. Unless… no you want the couch.”
Glancing over your shoulder, you watch Wanda sit up a little as you go back to searching for the extra flannel pillow covers, “What was that?”
You shrug as you shake the pillow down into the cover, stopping just before you hand it over to her. Her cold hand rests on top of yours, burning your skin, “I put some hot water bottles in the bed before I left for my mail.”
Wanda hums, biting against her lip as she stares at you, “That sounds kind of nice.”
You grin, “That’s what I thought. First shower is the hottest, if you feel like warming up before going to bed.”
She lets go of the pillow to grab your arm again, pulling herself up to her feet, “I honestly don’t know how I’m going to repay you for this.”
“Maybe it’ll come in a dream.”
With that, you set up the couch for your night’s sleep but no matter how many cozy blankets you had on top of you and the comforting, crackling of the fire, you spent the night tossing and turning. Your brain was transfixed on thinking about who was in your bed.
Just before you had started to settle down for rest, you quickly went into your room, as Wanda showered, to grab some clothes. As you turned from ripping your charger from the wall, the bathroom door opened and she stepped out fairly comfortably in just a towel. Both of you froze as steam billowed out from behind her and you stared like a deer caught in headlights.
All you could do was blabber out apology after apology as you noticed the heavy blush in her cheeks that went down to her chest. After a soft chuckle as she quickly grabbed your robe from the back of the door, she didn’t seem too concerned at your staring gaze. She reassured you that it was fine, squeezing your arm again as she let the towel fall from beneath your robe and you held in groan.
Sighing, you roll off of the couch, rubbing your eyes and walk towards the kitchen in a tired haze. Peeking out of the backdoor, the beginnings of light from the sun showing off the thick, fluffy clouds in the sky as snow comes floating down. The ground is covered in the white flakes, the layer of snow now covering your bottom step completely. Shivering as you feel the cold sneak its way through the door, you start the coffee maker as you start to layer up.
With steaming thermos in hand, you trek out into the sharp wind, grimacing as you feel the prickling cold on your skin already. Pulling your scarf higher up on your face, you work your way through the snow and sip carefully on the hot coffee. Unlocking your workshop, you set down the thermos and carefully adjust the knobs on your radio until you can just hear those Christmas melodies through the static.
Stabbing your shovel into the frozen ground, you sigh as you look at Wanda’s car hidden underneath snow.
“Time to get to work,” you mutter and start to shovel the car out of the snow.
After a few hours of troubleshooting, getting frustrated when something didn’t work and troubleshooting again, you finally finished. The car rumbles around you, heater on full blast and headlights shining out as you hold the small, thermos cup in your hands and sit inside.
Slowly, you put all of your tools back and shut off the car after ensuring that the battery was fully charged. The snow has slowed down but you know the worst is yet to come and Wanda’ll need to get out of here to beat it. Coughing at the dryness in your throat, you climb out of your winter gear at the front door. Clenching your muscles tightly, you let out a loud shiver and hear a quiet giggle from the living room.
Looking up, you see that Wanda’s made herself at home on the couch with the electric blanket that you might not have once she leaves. The DVD player is on, much to your surprise, and you see your favorite Christmas movie on the television.
“Well now, you figured out how to work that thing faster than I did.” You stand behind the couch, hands resting on your waist as you smile at the silent movie.
“Couldn’t find the volume remote,” she looks up at you, turning around as her arms rest over the back of the couch, “I can’t believe you went out there.”
“They were right. Blizzard slowed but it’s starting to pick up again. Looked like the plows cleared the main road though.”
Her brows rise slightly, “I should leave then. I really can’t stay and risk that blizzard.”
You sigh and look back towards that front door, “It’s cold outside.”
Wanda stands, hugging the coffee mug to her chest as you watch each other carefully, “It’s been… very nice and warm.”
Holding out your hand, she places the empty mug carefully in your hand, “Already in such a hurry? You can’t stay for breakfast?”
“I suppose half a mug of coffee won’t hurt. Then I really should scurry out of here.”
You grin, pointing over towards the tree, “Why don’t you put on some records while I fill your mug?”
Walking backwards as she smirks, you feel your chest clench as you see her eyes are like starlight now, twinkling like the lights on your tree. You don’t want a single thing to break this spell that she has you under.
Listening to the static of the needle finding its place in the vinyl, you grin as you hand over a full mug of steaming coffee. She narrows her eyes at you, knowing she specifically said half a mug.
“I really can’t stay,” she tells you, sinking back down onto the couch and patting the cushion next to her.
You move in closer, “Oh come on, look out that window at that storm. It’s up to your knees out there.”
Wanda hums, “My family is waiting. My brother’s probably pacing at the door. Natasha’s going to be suspicious.”
You watch her talk through how her family would react if somehow she didn’t come walking through those doors today. Your eyes rest on her lips though, wanting nothing but to press yours against them.
“Never seen such a blizzard like that,” you lean your head to the side, “You’ll freeze to the bone out there.”
She smiles, both of you knowing exactly what game the two of you are playing, “Lend me your coat,”
You catch your breath, as you feel her hand rest on yours and press down onto your thigh. Her body leans closer to you, so close that you can see the soft specks of blue in her eyes.
“I’d never forgive myself if you caught pneumonia and died.”
Wanda grins at your stubbornness but hers isn’t breaking either, “I really can’t stay.”
With that, you listen to the clink of her mug against your coffee table and let out a soft sigh. Her hand runs up your arm, massaging your forearm as you nod quietly,
“I can’t stop you. But really, it’s cold outside, baby.”
There’s a tick in her brow, the blush you remembered from last night burning against her cheeks. But she holds herself together, squeezing your arm once more as she leans in and kisses your cheek.
“Thank you for this,” she whispers, breath washing over your face as she pulls away from that soft kiss. Your eyes flick down to her lips before flashing back up to her eyes, her pupils dilated as her hand grips onto you tightly.
Then, her lips are on yours and you suck in a sharp breath. You clench your eyes shut as your hands grip her waist tightly, pulling her closer to you as Wanda’s lips move with yours without a single thought. Hands rest on your chest and you begrudgingly sit back as she slides from your grasp, a soft sight escaping her.
“Thank you,” Wanda smiles at you as she slides into her jacket. You watch without a word, in complete defeat as the front door opens and shuts.
You groan, snatching her coffee mug from the coffee table to fill it with a double shot of whiskey. Was the kiss that bad, you wonder. Everything was going so well until she kissed you. You should’ve eaten that candy cane before you came back inside, you think as wind howls through your house. Groaning as you shuffle to close the door correctly, you freeze when you see that the door didn’t open on it’s own.
“It’s cold outside,” Wanda gasps, face already whipped red from the winter wind.
“Well,” you chuckle and stand in front of her, clasping your hands in front of you, “I could’ve told you-”
Before you can finish your sentence, she shoves you down onto your armchair. You groan when you feel hard plastic stab into your back. Reaching behind you, you grab the deadly weapon, shaking it in front of you,
“I found the remote.”
She giggles, straddling your lap and throwing the remote back towards your tree, “I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Probably not safe for me to drive, is it?”
You hum, as her hands run down your body, singeing every place she touches, “Definitely not in this weather. What kept you up? I know the wind can howl at night.”
“Thinking of ways to repay you.”
You guide your hands up her thighs, raising a brow as you notice for the first time that she’s in one of your sleep shirts. You pull it gently, her hands pulling at the waistband of your sweats gently as you notice the lack of a bra, the cold hardening her nipples through the thin fabric.
“You know what,” you whisper, your hands sliding beneath the shirt and pressing against her stomach, watching her clench her eyes and suck in a tight breath as she feels your cold hands on her body, “I think I can guess what kind of payment you have in mind.” you whisper against her lips, “I don’t have a venmo.”
She hums, hands resting on your shoulders, “I always have a backup plan,” As her words fall from her lips, she starts rocking her hips over you slowly, leaning down towards you as her lips skim over yours.
You’re done waiting, however, and crash your lips against hers, your hands tangling with her hair. It’s a messy, panting scene as her tongue glides over yours, hands gripping onto each other everywhere and anywhere. You can smell the soap you use on her skin but the soft lavender smell in her hair pulls you in for more, has you craving for everything this woman has to offer.
As your fingers slide past her waistband, you can feel how wet and warm she is already. Stroking your fingers through her folds, you press your lips back to Wanda’s, her moans filling your lungs as she tries to find more friction against your hand.
Slowly, you guide a finger towards her entrance, her leg hikes up as you line up a second finger and gently, you slide into her. She sighs as you stare at her head falling back in pleasure, gyrating her hips as your fingers softly curl inside of her.
Your kisses drop down her collarbone as soon as she loses the ability to kiss you back, only her moans warming your lips. Her nails drag across your shoulder, gripping you tighter to her, your thumb drawing small circles around her clit. She responds to every one of your movements and neither of you are in a hurry to get this over with.
Her breathing grows heavier as her moans fill your ear. It isn’t long until you feel her walls tighten around your fingers as her thighs twitch against you. Sliding your hand slowly from her as she lets out a sigh, you glance up to her blushing face. As she stares into you, the smile on her face says it all. And as she kisses you, you feel it all.
Cleaning your fingers, you let out a chuckle as you taste her. She gives you a look as you unwrap her hands from your neck.
“Baby, it’s still cold,” Grabbing her off the couch and walking towards the bedroom, her hands start undressing your upper body as you walk with her legs tightly wrapped around your waist.
You walk into the bedroom, pulling yourself from her kiss-swollen lips, giving a click of your tongue as you glance towards the bed, “Didn’t even make the bed.
“You never said,” she groans out as you push her up against the wall, ripping the shirt from her body and unveiling her soft skin for your hungry eyes.
“I didn’t say, huh?” you growl into her neck, “Well then, let me make myself perfectly clear. Get down on your knees.”
Her pupils are blown out with lust as she smirks, “Too good to be true indeed.”
Wanda listens to your instruction as you set up the harness around your waist. She pumps the toy slowly, watching how your thighs twitch just gently at the touch. You groan as you watch her take it into her mouth, the hollowing of her cheeks as those green eyes look up to you. She breathes out a huff of air as she clenches her eyes, gagging around you as your hips buck into her mouth.
“Such a good girl,” you push her hair back from her face gently, “You know how to be so appreciative, don’t you? Doing so good for me, princess.”
You bend down, pressing your lips against hers, feeling her moan into your mouth. Smiling against her lips, you grab her and toss her onto the bed. Wanda giggles as you press kisses up the inside of her thighs, her fingers entangling through your hair. A grin on your face when you hear her whine as you kiss right past her core.
Your nose skims against her jaw, “A needy little thing aren’t you? Already want to cum again? So desperate to come undone with just my fingers?”
“You are the worst tease,” she groans as her hips roll against the air, searching for anything to relieve the ache in her core.
Tossing the blankets over your body as you pull her panties down her legs. Gripping her hips, you lick a hard stripe up against her folds listening to the choked moan she lets out. You feel her thighs tighten under your arms.
She tastes amazing as you caress her with your tongue, your hands massaging her breasts and her sensitive nipples. Guiding your lips around her clit, you make sure you suck just gently as you pinch against her nipples, listening to the noise she makes. Her nails dig into your arms as she lets out a long moan, squirming underneath your tight grasp.
“God, you taste so good princess,” you groan against her, glancing up as she clenches her thighs against the vibrations of your voice.
You guide your hand down her thighs, your fingers easily sliding back into her. She gasps out as they curl in just the right spot, her hands pressing you flush against her warmth.
“That’s it,” you murmur as you roll your tongue in tight circles around her clit, “Want you to come undone over me.”
As if she was waiting for your permission, her knees press into the sides of your head as she reaches and falls over her edge again. She moans out loudly as her twitching thighs relax and you wipe your hand across your lips.
You pop out from underneath the blanket and press your lips against hers as she laughs out tiredly. Her hand wipes across your face,
“You’re sweating.”
You grin down at her, “It’s toasty beneath the blankets. ‘Sides, I’m a hard worker.”
She slaps your arm but she continues to wrap her legs around your waist, your hips rolling as the toy slides slowly through her folds. Her arms wrap your neck as you suck at her neck, “And you’re doing so good too, princess. You think you have one more for me?”
Wanda opens her eyes as you rest a hand to the side of her face, your other hand lining up the toy with her entrance. Turning her head slowly, her lips press against the heel of your hand, “I still need to thank you for saving my life.”
You grin, sliding in with one stroke as you watch how the toy slowly stretches her out. She moans, back arching towards you as you press your lips roughly against hers and swallow her moans.
“Only fair isn’t it,” you grunt, “Only fair I get to see how tight and wet you are… just for me.”
Her head nods with your words but she can’t talk as your hips rut against her. Her body jerks up the bed, closer and closer to the headboard with each of your thrusts. Leaning forward, you feel her nails digging into your skin as you grab hold of the headboard, grunting as the thrusts grow faster.
You feel her thighs squeeze around you, moans bouncing around your bedroom walls. For a moment, it makes you glad you don’t have neighbors but at the same time, you almost wish you did. Pressing your thumb against her clit, Wanda’s hands fall from you as she bunches your sheets in her hands, gasping out.
“Oh my god!”
You increase the pressure of your thumb, still gripping heavily onto the headboard with your other hand as you feel your coil tightening, your hips starting to stutter.
“Already…” you drop your head as you clench your eyes shut as the pressure in your core is reaching its peak, “a good girl like you ready cum again?
“Shit,” she groans out breathlessly, “Yes, yes please.”
You can feel her thighs trembling against your waist, the tight grasp she has on you faltering as her legs fall limbly to the bed. Driving deeper into her, you feel your own coil snap and you let out a long gasping moan, hovering over Wanda’s panting body as you slowly thrust into her as you both ride out your highs.
When you finally manage to open your eyes, cool hands run down your sweating body and you connect with the green eyes below you. Chuckling, you climb off of Wanda and fall onto the bed next to her, throwing the toy away from both of you.
“That was way better than that kiss you were going to leave me with.”
Wanda rolls over into your waiting arms, feeling her now warm body press against yours, “I was just seeing if you were going to run after me.”
You hum, “I just counted on the cold bringing you back.”
“How long is this blizzard supposed to last?” her fingers run along your stomach, tracing invisible designs on your skin.
“Oh, I think the whole week at least,” you mutter into her neck as she shivers against the warmth. Wanda leans back a little and presses a kiss to your cheek, smiling when you turn your head to press your lips to hers.
“We have some time to pass then. I’m pretty grateful for that coffee you made this morning.” Her fingers skim against the side of your lips, watching the way it twitches as her leg wraps around yours.
You grin as she cups your face, “You're really up for another round? We only had Christmas cookies for dinner.”
She kisses you deeply, “Maybe we should make some breakfast first. And maybe,” her fingers run down your neck gently, "You should put on that mistletoe hat."
Taglist: @iliketozoneout@lostandsearching@rooskaya-yelena@yeeterthekeeper@women-am-i-right@marie45019@raincloudtoyoursunshine@olsensnpm@yeetus-thyself@hello-mtf@royalityofmultifandom@nfatale05@cyberbonesworld@madamevirgo@when-wolves-howl@007giu@pnsteblnme@witchmaximoffs@harleyswanda@yuhloversxx@chaekhan@chasethemoon@dopeyouth@temptationsbrew@evenbeingcrazy1998@tastefulsecrets@marvelwomen-simp@nuianced-tck-enby@tastetherambeau@xxromanoffxx@laaurrel@likefirenrain@nicomcu@sweet12sorrow@daenerys713@simplysimping999@wankydanvers@kasekina@sxfwap@cherrybubblesandvodka@ailenepuff@talia-alianovna@b-5by5@jjstar9898@i-need-somebody-else @gitasor @atlas-nex @therunawaykind @mistyysmione
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freeshavacado · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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wandanatsbaby · 2 months ago
Would God Approve
Pairing: WandaNat x reader Warnings: Orgasm denial, strap-on, father hearing, Church sex, religions @allieson brought this up in a convo so I've written it. 18+ Minors stay away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your moans echoed off the church walls as Wanda pounded into you. Natasha was behind you as she stroked your hair and rubbed your clit.
Your father, the pastor, had left on a business trip leaving you to take care of the church alone.
The second he had left Wanda and Natasha were all over you.
“Fuck Honey. Doing so good for us.” You moaned louder as Nat used her other hand to pink and roll your nipples.
“Wanna cum. Please can I cum?” You begged the pair. Wanda simply laughed at you as Nat hummed in your ear.
“Soon Babygirl. Just a little longer.” Natasha speeds up her movements on your clit making you cry and buck your hips. They had been denying you of your orgasm for a while now and you really wanted to cum.
Wanda was ready to let you cum but knew that Natasha wanted to wait.
“What would your dad say about this, huh? If he walked in here right now to see his little girl getting fucked by two women.” You whined at Wanda’s words and tried thrusting up into her.
“You gonna cum?” You nodded your head and turned to look at Nat.
“Please can I cum Natty? Wanna cum for you and Wands.” Natasha looked to Wanda before smiling.
“Go on Bunny. Cum for us.” With a loud cry of both their names you came.
Outside the church, your father was standing in disgust. And in the sky, God smiled.
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chaashni · 3 months ago
Just Roommates
Tumblr media
They are your roommates, and a happy couple and you, their personal toy.
Word Count: 661
Warnings: Smut. wlw. Allusions to threesomes. Not Polyamory. Touching. Groping. Grabbing. Put me in this situation already.
Kinktober: Day 13. Prompts: Free Use + Threesomes + WandaNat
"Babydoll, have you seen my charger?" Your roommate Wanda asked from your left, tapping your butt lightly as you shook your head in a no, biting your lip at the sudden intrusion. Natasha rolled her eyes at the two of you, flinging Wanda her charger before making her way towards you.
"Any plans for today, babydoll?"
"Not really. Netflix and chill I guess." You sipped your juice, eying your roommate and appreciating how her jeans fit on her hips, her boobs perfectly accentuated by her tank top.
"I'm taking my share for that." Wanda piped in, stuffing one of your fries into her mouth and slapping your butt again, a light giggle escaping your lips. 
"Sure, ma'am."
Turning to Natasha, you found the redhead immersed in her phone, typing away. "Any plans today Nat?"
"None too important. I'll be joining you girlies then," she leaned forward, capturing your lips in hers. It was short yet heated, a sudden surge of electricity flowing from her lips to yours. A moan escaped your lips, vibrating right over her mouth when Wanda's hands snaked around your boobs from behind you, squeezing your nipples, her lips breezing past the shell of your ear.
"Get ready. It's gonna be a lazy day." Natasha patted your boob, stealing another quick kiss which left you a little moony-eyed, returning to her phone. Wanda pinched your nipple one last time before she and Natasha were sharing a heated kiss, lips connected to each other as they stumbled into her room, the door snapping shut followed by the piece of wood rattling against the hinges, obscene moans reaching your ears.
That's how these girls were. They were your roommates, each other's partners and they went to uni with you. You found them funny, you found them interesting. Wanda with her long, dreamy, imaginative stories which made you smile and want to kiss her, and Natasha with her dry humor and one eyebrow lift, which again made you want to kiss her.
They were faster.
In the quick span of one glorified twenty four hours, Wanda had made out with you and Natasha had littered hickies all over your front, which you had to work very hard to hide. In the next twenty four hours both of them had taken turns to go down on you, fully savouring you, exploring you. You would find yourself sandwiched between the two girls at night, naked and huddling to them for warmth.
Natasha and Wanda were girlfriends. They were in a relationship, what kind of you couldn't say, but they were in love with each other. You, you were there to spice up the equation, there for them to take out their frustrations and darkest desires on, a toy for them to fuck. 
They played with you anytime they wanted. You would be cooking and Natasha would pull down your pants, fingering you till you came. You would be stuck in a zoom call when Wanda would crawl under your chair and tease your swollen nub, already sore from the time Natasha had fucked you with her strap after you had just woken.
You loved sharing your space with them. Wanda and Natasha loved sharing you.
As you turned on the showerhead, you felt another presence behind you, a set of soft hands snaking around your waist. You let yourself be pushed to the wall, let Wanda spread your legs open and pound into you with her strap till you were a whimpering, crying mess, sprays of water from the shower sliding into your mouth as you wailed with each thrust of her hips, her skin marking yours. With a grunt you came, falling limp in her arms. She pattered light kisses onto you, holding you to herself as you shivered, slowly cleaning you up. When your heart rate was back to normal, she tugged at the base of your hear, lifting your face from where it was nestled against her breasts.
"We're waiting.Stay naked."
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