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#wanda marvel
enby-axels · 33 minutes ago
i have such conflicting feelings about mcu wanda.
in some ways, her character is just as much a cog in the american imperialist propaganda machine as tony stark. yes, in-universe, the issue of her killing and controlling innocents is complex because most of these instances have her losing control over her very volatile powers... but the writing itself is unforgivable, because, in the real world, it does not work like that. the writers made the decision to excuse/minimize the serious harm caused by wanda's actions because "she didnt mean it," "she was trying to help," "she lost control," etc. and if you dont understand how that functions in the context of american copaganda, well. idk what to say
even her ignorance of the harm she was causing westview is so insidious. wanda's character made the decision, subconciously or not, to believe westview was alright, because it was convenient for her. it was only until she was confronted with the reality she was ignoring and she fully accepted what she would lose that she broke the hex. it sounds eerily similar to how the west ignores the harm caused by global capitalism...
the show consistently states wanda is in the wrong for what she did to westview, but the writers' decision to ultimately focus on her trauma, because she's the designated protagonist, is annoyingly remniscent of americentric war movies about the "poor, guilt-ridden soldiers that had no other choice." it's all about how much it hurts her, how much trauma she has, far more than it is about the harm she's done.
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sour-lemon-baby · an hour ago
Wanda: I made tea.
Steve: I don't want tea.
Wanda: I didn't make you tea. This is my tea.
Steve: Then why did you tell me?
Wanda: It's a conversation starter.
Steve: It's a horrible conversation starter.
Wanda: Oh, is it? We're conversing. Checkmate.
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cherry-pixked · an hour ago
so.... we can all agree wanda. am I right?
Tumblr media
but can I offer you emo wanda?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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msfrancescaaloe · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes I did spend four months lightening my hair just so I could color it to look like Ginny Weasley and Wanda Maximoff 🤍
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scarletharkness · 3 hours ago
Monica after Wanda and Agatha spent the night at her house: so, how was the pullout?
Wanda spitting out her drink: W-WHAT?!!
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bumblesimagines · 3 hours ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Part 9
Request: Yes or No
Almost at double digits y'all. Can someone be an angel and send me the ages of every one between civil war and endgame? Ik Wanda was 18-19 in Age of Ultron and Civil war and Sam was probs in his mid to late twenties in Civil War.
You frowned, touching the collar around your neck. It made you feel like an animal. It was to prevent you from using your powers. Rhodes had mentioned it would shock you if you attempted to use your powers. You weren't sure if it was instantaneous or if someone controlled it but you didn't feel like finding out.
"You like cats?" Sam asked T'Challa, prince of Wakanda.
"Sam." Steve called, glancing over his shoulder like a disapproving parent. You snorted softly, biting your bottom lip.
"What? Dude shows up dressed like a cat and you don't want to know more?" Sam asked, looking at Steve.
"I like cats." You mumbled, looking at Sam with a small smile. Sam turned towards you with a small grin.
"Of course you do, Animal Planet." You rolled your eyes at the new nickname, shifting slightly. You really didn't want to trigger the collar.
"I'm a dog person."
"You look like a dog person."
"And what do dog people look like?"
"Morons." You answered, giving a slight shrug as Steve cracked a smile, trying to bite back a chuckle. Sam huffed lightly, looking away from you. A moment of silence passed before Steve spoke.
"Your suit.. Vibranium?" Steve asked T'Challa. The prince turned his head slightly.
"The Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations. It's meant to pass from warrior to warrior. Now, because your friend murdered my father, I also wear the mantle of king. So I ask you.. How long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?" T'Challa asked, finally looking at Steve. Steve stayed silent, looking forward. You sighed through your nose, feeling the tension return. You wondered if Clint had been notified of your arrest yet. The van pulled into a parking garage, officers opening the door once it came to a stop. You got out, following Steve to the man and blonde.
"What's gonna happen to him?" Steve asked. You turned your head, looking over at him. You made eye contact with him again, holding it for a minute before looking away.
"What was that?" Sam asked quietly. You frowned, brows furrowing.
"That- That little staring contest."
"Oh, shut up." You huffed, looking away from him.
"Same thing that's gonna happen to you. Psychological evaluation." The man replied.
"This is Everett Ross, CIA operative and Task Force Commander." The woman, Sharon Carter, introduced him. Her gaze flickered to you.
"The shock collar will be taken off after the evaluation." She said, voice stotic but gaze pitiful.
"What about a lawyer?"
"Lawyer, that's funny. See their weapons are placed in lock up." Ross instructed the officers. Sam scoffed, following the officers. Steve spared one last glance to Bucky before following Ross and the officers. You walked besides Sam, being escorted through the building.
"You'll be placed in offices instead of cells. Do me a favor and stay in them." Ross stared straight forward as he spoke. T'Challa moved to walk beside him.
"I don't intend on going anywhere." T'Challa said. You spotted Natasha, feeling some sense of relief.
"Clint was informed and I assured him I'd keep an eye on you." Natasha told you, giving a small reassuring smile. She looked at Steve, addressing him. The relief went away upon hearing Tonys' voice. He finished his phone call, approaching you and the guys.
"Consequences?" Steve questioned, staring at him. You looked around the large room, noticing the screens and everything going on.
"Secretary Ross wants you three prosecuted." Tony said, motioning to them and you. Your brows furrowed slightly. There were two guys with the last name Ross who looked vaguely alike. That definitely wouldn't be hard to remember.
"I'm not getting that shield back, am I?" Steve asked as Tony and Natasha walked away.
"Technically, it belongs to the government. Wings too." Natasha said, shrugging.
"That's cold." Sam muttered.
"Warmer than jail." Tony called back. You looked at the security cameras, noticing the room Bucky had been moved to.
"You got the hots for him or something?" Sam asked. Steve turned to look at you, blinking a few times. You shot Sam a look, raising your brows.
"No, Samuel. I do not and if I did, why would you ask infront of his longtime bestie?" You asked, almost gritting your teeth. Sam raised his hands in surrender as Tony pulled Steve into a meeting room to talk.
"Why have a meeting in a glass box?" You asked quietly. Sam shrugged, looking it over.
"To prevent fighting." Sam answered. You watched at Steve and Tony seemed to argue. You looked at Sam with an amused smile.
"Physical fights." Sam clarified as Tony stepped out and Sharon had you and Sam enter. You took a seat across from Sam, looking at the security camera footage. Sharon entered, placing a paper infront of Sam.
"I'm sorry about the collar." Sharon apologized softly. You leaned back in the seat, shrugging lightly. She pressed a button, allowing Steve to listen to the footage. Sharon slid over some photos over to Steve.
"Why would the Task Force release this?" Steve asked. Sharon gave a shrug.
"To alert the public, I guess."
"Right.. A good way to force a guy into hiding. Got seven billion people looking for The Winter Solider."
"You're saying someone framed the guy to find him." Sharon mused quietly. Sam seemed confused, looking at Steve. You looked back at the footage on screen.
"Steve, you looked for the guy for two years and found nothing." Sam reminded him.
"We didn't bomb the UN."
"That doesn't guarantee that the person who framed him knew that we'd get him." Sharon looked at Steve. She suddenly frowned, brows furrowing as Steve turned towards the footage. You looked up as the power went out, seeing the staff begin to freak out and try to locate the source. You looked at Sam, slowly standing up. Sharon took out a key, sliding it over to you.
"Level 5 east wing." She said as you unlocked the collar, tossing it to the side as running out of the room with Sam and Steve. Whoever had framed Bucky had found him. You followed the two down the hall and down some stairs. You reached the area, finding guards on the ground. The interviewer lied on the ground, calling for help. Steve approached him with you hesitantly following. You noticed movement out of the corner of your eye, dodging Sam when he was thrown towards you.
"Hey, dude." You breathed out, swallowing. Bucky had a deep frown on his face, blue eyes holding nothing but bloodlust. He looked downright terrifying. You thrusted both hands forward, shooting a fireball that sent him flying back against the wall. Steve quickly stepped between you and him as you turned and rushed to Sam.
"Sam? Sam!" You shook his shoulders, shakey fingers pressing against his neck. You felt his pulse, relieved to feel his heartbeat. You slapped his cheek, waking him up.
"I've always wanted to do that." You muttered, watching him wince. He groaned, turning his head. You followed his gaze, seeing the guy from before looking down where Steve had been thrown. You stood, helping Sam up and following him up a set of stairs. With Steve out of commission temporarily and Bucky in a frenzy, the guy was the only hope of stopping everything.
"Can you try to stop him or trip him up?" Sam asked, rushing up the stairs.
"I can't see him and I'd rather not make this whole building collapse on accident." You replied, almost tripping over your own feet. Sam found an exit, following the crowd of people running.
"He looked like any other guy." You said, taking in deep breaths. Sam shot you a weird look.
"We just ran up like five flights of stairs." You breathed out, hands resting on your knees. At least the chilly weather provided some help. Sam noticed a jacket, jogging over and picking it up. You stumbled after him, looking it over.
"I really need some water." You whispered, lightly fanning yourself. Sam rolled his eyes, following the crowd of people. You sluggishly followed, giving him a small smile when he stopped by a shop to get you a bottle. He took out his phone as you drank half of it.
"Come on." Sam pulled you along, following direction and entering warehouse. Steve had Bucky laying against some machinery, unconscious and metal arm trapped in a wedge.
"You two okay?" Steve asked, looking you and Sam over with a concerned frown.
"Yeah.. Someone over here needs some more training." Sam glanced at you with a teasing smile. You rolled your eyes, licking your lips as you heard the sound of a helicopter.
"Could you ice over his arm?" Steve asked.
"He broke a stone wall. Ice won't hold him but sure, I'll do it." You shrugged, approaching the unconscious man. You licked your lips, splashing the rest of the water on the machinery and touching it after. The ice creeped down, covering over the metal arm. You looked at him, finally getting a proper look. He was handsome. Brown hair that barely reached his shoulders, facial hair just growing in, those icy blue eyes that either swirled with sadness or anger.
"You're giving him bedroom eyes again." Sam called, his voice echoing slightly. You clenched your jaw, looking at him.
"What? I can't admire something that looks nice?" You asked, watching his demeanor change. He looked alert yet amused. You frowned, looking back at Bucky and finding him staring right at you. You rolled your lips into your mouth, clearing your throat.
"God, that's so embarrassing." You whispered, speedwalking towards Sam as he cracked up. You ignored your burning face, arms crossing. Sam calmed down, wiping away a tear. Steve walked over, watching Bucky grunt and sit up. He looked at Steve, calling out his name in a hoarse voice.
"Which Bucky am I talking to?" Steve asked, staring at him intently. Bucky stayed silent for a moment before speaking.
"Your moms' name was Sarah... And you used to wear newspapers in your shoes." Bucky said, smiling softly. Steve relaxed, gaze softening.
"You don't read that in a magazine."
"Just like that we're supposed to be cool?" Sam asked, giving Steve a slightly wide eyed look.
"What did I do?" Bucky asked, looking between you, Steve, and Sam.
"Enough." Steve answered. Bucky shut his eyes tightly, shaking his head as he hung his head.
"I knew this would happen.." He whispered. "Everything HYDRA put inside of me is still there. All he had to do was say the god damn words."
"Who was he?"
"I don't know." Bucky answered, though you weren't sure if it was truthful or not. He didn't seem like the type to lie, at least not to Steve.
"People are dead. The guy did all that just to get ten minutes with you." Steve pointed out, watching his old best friend. Bucky looked defeated and confused. "I need you to do better than 'I don't know'."
"He wanted to know about Siberia. Where I was captain." Bucky said quietly, gaze flickering around as he tried to remember.
"He wanted to know exactly where."
"Why would he need to know that?" Bucky stayed silent, licking his lips as he stared at the ground. He looked at Steve.
"Cause I'm not the only Winter Solider." He revealed. You looked at Sam in confusion and surprise. Bucky was strong and deadly on his own but a whole army could overthrow governments all over the world.
"That's terrifying." You whispered, leaning against the wall and sliding down so you were sitting down. Steve chose to lean against the wall after letting Bucky's arm free.
"Who are they?" Steve asked as Bucky brushed some hair out of his face.
"Their most elite death squad. More kills than anyone in HYDRA history and that was before the serum." Bucky responded.
"They all turn out like you?" Sam asked. Bucky looked at him, swallowing.
"The doctor... Did he control them?" Steve tilted his head. Bucky looked down at his lap.
"Said he wanted to see an empire fall." Steve told you and Sam. Bucky looked up at his words.
"These guys could do it. They speak thirty languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate. They could take a whole country down over night and you'd never see them coming."
"Color me impressed." You whispered, playing with the strings of the jacket you were given after getting to Berlin. Sam slowly walked towards Steve.
"This would've been a lot easier a week ago." Sam said quietly, arms crossing. You stood up, dusting off your pants and approaching them.
"If we told Tony-"
"He'd have him locked up." You cut off Steve, glancing back at him.
"Plus, he'd never believe us." Sam added.
"But if he did-"
"It wouldn't matter and who knows if the Accords would let us help him." Sam stared at him. Steve let out a defeated sigh, looking away from you and Sam.
"We're on our own."
"Not completely. Dad would help." You pointed out. Sam nodded, glancing at you.
"And, I know a guy." Sam said with a light shrug. You looked at him with a raised brow.
"You have friends?"
"I said I know him, not that we're friends but to answer your question, yes. I have friends that aren't you. Jealous?"
"Imaginary friends don't count."
The drive was silent, Steve and Bucky occasionally reminiscing about the old days.
"On a scale of one to ten, how impressed is Clint gonna be when he sees you?" Sam asked. You smiled, letting out a chuckle as you watched the snowflake float inches above your hand.
"Probably an eleven, but he'll give me the typical dad speech infront of mom." You answered, lightly blowing on the snowflake and watching it disappear. Bucky turned his head to look at you. His muscular figure was semi cramped in the backseat. Steve picked the worst possible car to hijack.
"Hawkeye's your father?"
"Adoptive. He has a tendency of taking care of strays who once tried to take down the team." You told him, giving a small smile. Bucky hummed, nodding.
"Speaking of strays, how are you and Wanda?" Sam asked, glancing in the rearview mirror.
"Uhm, good? We're still good friends, even after the kiss." You shrugged lightly.
"Woah, kiss?" Steve repeated, brows raising.
"Yeah, we kissed but it felt.. Weird. There was no spark or overwhelming emotions. The love I have for her is the same love I have for Lila and the boys. She'll always be like a sister to me." You told them, glancing at Bucky. Bucky was still a bit on edge but you could tell he was trying to get adjusted.
"What are your powers?" Bucky asked, attempting to get comfortable in the car.
"I'm like the avatar, I guess."
"Who?" Bucky furrowed his brows. You blinked, lips parting as you stared at him. He was from the 1900s and worked for a criminal organization, obviously he wouldn't know a kids show from the 2000s.
"It's- It's from a show. An avatar is someone who controls all four elements and they basically save the world, I guess." You explained, growing a bit embarrassed at how silly it sounded. Bucky didn't seem to judge, giving a small smile.
"We could watch it together, if you want. It's a nice show." You offered, smiling. Sam raised his brows.
"Wonder what Clint will think about that." He muttered as Steve glanced at you and Bucky through the rearview mirror. You shot Sam a small glare, reaching out and touching the back of his neck with cold fingers. He hissed and leaned forward, pouting as he rubbed his neck.
"Yeah, I'd like that." Bucky said softly, nodding. You looked back at him, a smile appearing on your face. Bucky was incredibly attractive and you couldn't deny having a small growing crush on him but you didn't want to cross a boundary. He was from the 1900s afterall.
"How'd you end up fighting the Avengers?" Bucky asked, focusing all his attention onto you.
"The orphanage I grew up in threatened to kick me out since I had turned 18. I freaked and caused an accidental forest in the orphanage so the team was called." You told him, chuckling softly. Buckys' gaze softened, a hum leaving him.
"You've got some pretty cool powers, doll."
"Doll?" Steve and Sam repeated. A flustered smile appeared on your face, giggling softly. Bucky glanced at the two, wondering if he had crossed a line or said something wrong.
"Thanks." You looked forward, biting back an even bigger smile. You weren't completely sure if he was flirting or not but it was nice to get a compliment from an attractive guy, even if he had almost broken your friends' back an hour before. Steve slowly parked the car, getting out to greet Sharon.
"Could you move the seat up?" Bucky asked Sam, arm moving so it resting ontop of the carseats. His metal fingers lightly brushed against your hair but you weren't bothered by it.
"No." Sam replied. Bucky let out a deep sigh. You bit your bottom lip, looking at him.
"We can switch." You shrugged lightly.
"It's fine-"
"No, you shouldn't be squished back here." You faced him, feeling him gently grab your waist. He was incredibly gentle and cautious, moving you onto his lap briefly before he scooted to the side. You sat behind Sam, lightly kicking the seat. Sam moved it forward ever so slightly. You looked over at Steve and Sharon, blinking when they kissed.
"Oh? When did that happen?" You asked, brows furrowed. You knew there was some attraction between them but you didn't expect them to already be at the kissing stage.
"A while back, I think."
"Huh.." You whispered. Steve returned to the car with Sam's wings and his shield, putting them in the trunk. He drove to an airport parking lot, pulling up beside a van. You smiled widely, quickly getting out when Sam pulled the seat forward.
"Thanks for keeping my kid safe, Cap." Clint said, opening his arms as soon as he spotted you. You happily hugged him, feeling a sense of relief and safety wash over you.
"About time you started causing me trouble." Clint grinned as he pulled back. You noticed Wanda, pulling her into a hug as well.
"Saw it on the news. You okay?" She asked softly. You nodded, pulling back and brushing some of her red hair out of her face.
"Vision let you go easy?" You asked. Wanda shook her head, chuckling softly. Sam approached you, glancing back at Bucky.
"Might want to keep an eye on these two." Sam said, motioning to you and Bucky. Clint stared at him before looking turning to look at you. Wanda tilted her head, looking at you as well.
"You're such a dick." You muttered. You knew Sam was just being protective. He had always seen and treated you like a brother.
"Bad boy and older, huh? God, I hoping you had skipped those phases." Clint sighed heavily. You were partially suprised he hadn't mentioned or pointed out that Bucky was a guy. You hadn't really spoken about sexuality and attraction with him but knowing Clint, he'd be supportive about it.
"Not bad." Wanda said quietly, giggling softly as she smiled. You gave her a playful smile.
"I've got good taste."
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fyregrl · 4 hours ago
Pietro: HELP
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abimess · 4 hours ago
The Lady Next Door
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Maybe it was just your imagination, however it really looked like that mesmerizing redhead living next door felt a thing or two for you
Word count: 2.848
Warnings: smut (+18 only!); milf; (let me know if I should add more)
A/N: Hey, guys. So some of you asked me to write smut and a friend encouraged me so here it is (she also named it so if you don’t like it that’s on her).
It’s the first time I write something like this so let me know if you like it. Also, if you want more, send me a request about it (also send me a context because I’m terrible creating those).
Good reading!
College was infuriating. If any other professor gives you another assignment you’d probably combust.
Deciding you have studied enough for the weekend, you head out of your apartment. Willing to catch some air, you walk towards the common area of your building on the ground floor, a book on your hand.
You sit in one of the benches, breathing in the cold air of the afternoon and open your book.
You don’t know how much time has passed when you hear footsteps growing louder. When you look to where the sound is coming from, you smile at the woman in front of you.
“Good afternoon, Miss Maximoff.”
“Good afternoon, dear.” She retorts with a soft smile, sitting beside you.
Wanda has been your next door neighbor for almost two years now and she had to be the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen. Her eyes had this spectacular shade of green and her smile would always make you tremble at the moment it shows up on her face. And her beauty did not stop there. Trying to be respectful, she does not look like a mother of two ten-year-old twins. You’d have to be very careful not to be caught staring at her features whenever she was around.
At the beginning, you considered asking her out or something but soon enough gave up on the idea. A woman like Wanda would never want anything with a twenty-two-year-old NYU student such as yourself. You had nothing to offer her.
But you weren’t sure if that was actually true.
There were times like a few weeks ago when you went out for a run and passed by Wanda on the hallway on your way back. She greeted you with hungry eyes, scanning your body entirely before looking back at your eyes, a smirk on her face. As you enter your apartment, you think the interaction was so absurd that you thought your mind probably made it up just to mess with you. But you feel your legs a little trembling either way.  
Also, she would always touch you for longer than was common for a person to do. Not that you would mind any of that. Whenever you offer to help her with anything around the hallways or with the twins, she would always thank you as she runs her fingers through your arm or your back, causing shiver in your entire body.
And when she talked to you, her voice got deeper and thicker, as if she wanted you to feel her instead of hear her. You wouldn’t mind doing both.
But yeah, that was probably just on your mind.
You smile when the twins wave at you as they play around and you go back to reading your book.
“What are you reading there?” Wanda asks after a while, leaning in to see the pages of your book and you hold your breath when you notice her close.
“Pride and prejudice.” You say as you show her the cover and she nods.
“I like this one.” She says and you smile. Her approval making you happy for some reason. “It’s really rare for people your age to read this kind of books.”
“I like it. I think it will never stop being relevant.” You say and Wanda frown her brows encouraging you to continue. “You know, people will always have prejudices. They change throughout the decades, of course, but they’re always there. I don’t know, maybe some of the times something is considered wrong not because it is wrong but because it wasn’t socially accepted yet.”
Wanda looks away for a moment, as if pondering about something and you swallow dryly thinking that you may have offended her in some way. But she soon looks back at you, a smirk on her face.
“I like the way you think, (Y/n).” You smile shyly at her words and her gaze shift immediately to your mouth and you shiver. Her eyes look back at yours and she bites her lower lip in a smile you can’t quite decipher but it makes you feel a weird sensation on the tip of your belly and you blush intensely.
Wanda turns her attention back to the twins, warning them their coming back home, and gets up.
“See you around, darling?” Her voice sounds almost like a wish and your body shivers once again.
“Of course, Miss Maximoff.” You say shyly and stutter, what apparently amuses the redhead very much. She gives you an intense gaze before turning around and leaving. And you let go off a deep breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
That woman would be the death of you.
 Later that night, a knock on your door catch your attention. You look on your phone and frown as you see the clock. Who would be knocking on your door at 10:30pm on a Sunday? But you open the door anyway and almost choke at the sight.
On the other side you see Wanda, with a slightly messy hair and an innocent smile on her face. The redhead is wearing a soft pink nightgown that is way too see through, a light sweater being the only thing standing between your eyes and the sight of her breasts. It takes everything on you to keep your eyes up and locked on hers. Something about the way she looks at you makes you think she knows exactly the effect she has on you.
“Goodnight, Miss Maximoff.” You try really hard not to stutter, but you do anyway causing the other woman to giggle lightly before answering. “Goodnight, dear, hope I didn’t wake you up.”
“No, no, it’s fine.” You move your arms dismissively. “I was just going over some stuff from college.”
“Oh, I don’t want to be a bother.”
“You could never bother me, Miss Maximoff.” The words slip too easy from your mouth and you curse yourself for how they sounded. The redhead bites her lower lip and it takes too much of an effort not to look down at the action. “How can I help you?”
“You’re too sweet, dear. I got this new wifi printer but I just can’t make it work. I was wondering if you could help me.”
“Of course.” You say with a smile and she thanks you, leading you to her apartment.  
The place is beautiful and comfortable, just like a family home should be. There are some toys here and there, but other than that everything is just well organized and cleaned. But the silence is not very characteristic of a house with two ten-year-old boys.  
“The twins went to a sleepover in a friend’s house.” She explains almost as if she could read your mind and you just nod in agreement, an anxious sensation taking over you slowly.
She points you a desk in the corner of the living room where the notebook and the printer are placed and you shyly make your way there.
As soon as you sit on the chair, Wanda places a hand on your shoulder. Her hand is soft, but it makes you tense up completely. She gives you little squeezes once in a while and your mouth goes dry every time she does so.
It’s a pretty easy task and it doesn’t take long for you to configure the devices. You explain to her everything she has to know and neither of you mind when Wanda gets too close to see where you’re pointing at the screen as you give her the instructions.
“Thank you, sweetheart, you’re a lifesaver.” She says with a soft smile when you’re done and you flush at the nickname. “Not a problem at all, Miss Maximoff.”
“Do you drink, dear?” She asks, making her way to the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of wine from the fridge.
“Oh, I don’t mean to overstep here or something-.” You start, but Wanda interrupts you “Don’t be silly, dear, you’re not overstepping.” The redhead retorts with a playful smile, handing you one of the wine glasses. “I’m offering you.”
“Thank you, Miss Maximoff.” You say, shyly taking the drink from her hand and giving it a small sip. Wanda watches you, biting her lip. “You can just call me Wanda.”
You nod, feeling your cheeks burning, and Wanda leads you to the couch in the living room. The older woman sits facing you, her side leaning against the back of the couch and her legs tucked in. You sit straight with your back against the couch, looking at anything else but Wanda. You don’t quite understand what’s going on, but you are definitely not willing to stop it.  
The redhead watches your embarrassment and nervousness in amusement, scanning every trace of you with her hungry green eyes.
She soon asks you about college and you tell her, feeling happy that someone shows interest on your life in such a caring way. The whole time, Wanda’s fingers run around the hair on the back of your neck, sending shivers all over your spine. It’s probably the wine on you, but you suddenly feel a hint of hope.
“I wanna ask you permission to do something.” You say turning to face her, a little slow from the alcohol. Instead of moving her hand away from you, Wanda gently start to caresses your neck with the tip of her fingers and the shivers only intensify. The redhead gives you a small smirk.  
“You don’t have to ask me permission to do anything, (Y/n), I’m not your mother.” She retorts in a challenging tone, her brows raised in defiance.
“I kinda have though. Because…” You start feeling your heart beating faster on your chest. You take a deep breath before continue. “I want to ask permission to kiss you.”
“As I said,” she says, her voice huskier than ever, placing the wine glass now empty on the small table in front of the couch and she leans in, her face mere inches from yours now “you don’t have to ask me permission to do anything.”
Her breath against your lips was all you needed. You advanced closing the distance between you two and connecting your lips in a soft kiss. Wanda moves her hands to your neck and you place yours on her waist. When you give it a little squeeze, Wanda sighs against your mouth and you take the opportunity to slide your tongue against hers, the new touch intensifying the discomfort below your belly.
Not long after, Wanda gets up just enough to sit on your lap and you sigh at the feeling of her thighs pressed against yours. Without breaking the kiss, you move your hands up to remove her sweater and you can feel Wanda smiling against your lips. She moves away to remove the garment but before you can admire the sight she is kissing you again intensely, making your head spin.
You move your hands down her waist, circling her body so you can touch her thighs. Wanda lets out a low groan when your hands touch her skin below the nightgown and you smile against her lips.
Moving your fingers gently towards Wanda’s intimacy, your breath hitch when you feel she’s not wearing panties. She catches your lower lip between her teeth, causing your eyes to roll on their orbs. Wanda moves her kisses down your jaw and your neck and as soon as you slide your fingers on her wet clit she bites your skin, making you sigh.  
As you gently rub your fingers against her, Wanda moans lowly against your ear, holding the back of your hair, making your entire body shivers. With your other hand, you squeeze the redhead’s ass before moving your hand up, removing her nightgown. Wanda moves away to help you remove the item and you instantly miss her warmth against you.
You sigh at the sight of Wanda’s naked form in front of you. She is even more breathtaking than you could’ve ever imagined, with her messy hair, swollen lips and her body begging to be touched by you.
The redhead advances towards you again, connecting your lips once more in a passionate kiss. You fasten your touch on her clit and Wanda moans against your mouth. You move your fingers to her entrance teasingly and she whimpers. You move your fingers back to her clit and repeat the teasing a few times before Wanda can’t take it anymore and break the kiss.
“I need you inside me” she begs breathlessly and she won’t have to ask twice. You slide one finger inside of her and smirk when a loud moan escapes her lips. You move your finger slowly for her to adjust to it, but Wanda is soon riding your finger, desperate to feel you, so you bury it deeper and faster inside of her, earning a series of loud moans from the redhead.
You kiss her again but Wanda can barely answer to it, so you move your lips down her jaw, leaving wet kisses all the way down to her breasts. You kiss and suck her nipples, trying to divide your attention equally between them both, and Wanda throws her head back in pleasure, arching her back.  
When you slide another finger inside of her, a loud high pitched moan escapes from Wanda’s lips as she begins to tremble on top of you. You hold her tight around her waist to help her keep her balance as you move your thumb against her clit and keep a steady, deep movement inside of her.
Wanda moans your name loudly sending shivers through your entire body. Her tremble intensifying at every second and you start to feel Wanda tightening against your fingers. She comes undone against you, a loud, open-mouthed moan escapes from her mouth, making your own intimacy pulsate.
You move your hand to her thighs and give them a little squeeze as you observe the woman on top of you. Her messy hair, her swollen lips, the way she’s gripping tightly on your shoulders to keep her balance and the way her chest moves as she breaths deeply. Everything about her is intoxicating and you wanted more of her.
You wrap your arms around her waist and with a firm, fast move you switch your positions on the couch, having Wanda under you now. She looks at you with wide eyes in surprise but you kiss her before she could say anything.
Her hands travel down your back and she lifts your shirt. You step away to take the item off and Wanda bites her lip in a smirk “That’s better”. You smirk at her words and advance to kiss her again, the feeling of your naked torso pressed against hers doing wonders to your libido. She moves her hands to your hair and you run your fingers through the side of her body and you smile as your touch makes her shivers.
When Wanda break the kiss to breath, you move your kisses down her neck. You keep going down and you can feel her body moving as she breaths heavily. You deposited soft kisses all the way down to her breasts. You lick and suck one of her breasts as you squeeze the other one with your hand and Wanda sighs at your touch.
You move your kisses down her stomach and Wanda shivers at every touch. You kiss the tip of her belly and feel the redhead holding her breath. You smirk, deciding to give her what she wants without teasing this time.
You kneel in front of her and run your tongue against her wet pussy, feeling her intoxicating taste and wining a low moan from the redhead. You circle your tongue against her clit and Wanda tangles her hand in your hair.
As you keep a constant rhythm on her clit, licking and sucking, you gently slide one finger inside of her and Wanda whimpers in pleasure. After settling a slow pace, you slide in another finger and the grip on your hair gets tighter as Wanda lets out a loud moan and you smirk proudly. Not long after, Wanda starts to spasm again and you hold her with your other hand to keep her steady.
Wanda moans loudly, encouraging you to keep going. Her hips moving against you and she guiding your head for your mouth to be exactly where she wanted to. The redhead comes undone once more with loud moans, but you only stop when she pushes your head gently, not being able to handle your touch any longer.
You make your way back to her lips, kissing her body on your way up. Your lips meet in a passionate, desperate kiss and Wanda sighs as she tastes herself on your mouth.
This time, Wanda is the one to flip you two over, being on top of you. She breaks the kiss and you open your eyes in surprise. She looks at you with dilated pupils and a smirk on her face as she whispers against your lips “it’s my turn now.”
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