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#wanda maximoff

Summary: What is it that they say about a woman in uniform?

Warning: Violence

Word Count: 2,481

* * * * * *

“Lieutenant Colonel Y/ln.”

Hearing your name, you stand up straight, the brown paper grocery bag in your hand clutched a little tighter as you do an about-face. 

The mystery man himself, Nick Fury, steps from the shadows of your apartment buildings hallway. Right off you can tell he wants something from you, if not for him just showing up, it’s written in the smirk on his lips.

“It’s been a while Lieutenant Colonel.”

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Pairing: Wanda x fem!reader

Warnings:  teasing, swearing, implied/light smut

Summary: Carving pumpkins leads to you and Wanda revealing how you feel. 

Words: 800ish

A/N: This is my first submission for the #Sweaterbaeschallenge by the amazing @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ I used the Location/Activity prompt: Carving pumpkins. 


“How the hell are you meant to do this?!” You huffed and pushed the pumpkin away.

Wanda giggled softly beside you and you glared in her direction “You’ve never done this before either and yours looks so good” you complained “Mine looks like a child made it” 

“That’s not true Y/N” Steve said from across the table

“Thanks Steve”

“Yea, I’ve seen ones that Morgan made and they look way better than yours” Wanda teased


“Doesn’t mean it isn’t true” she replied sticking out her tongue at you.

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Episode 1 : Day Craving

The blinders shut down without any warning ; plunging the room in complete darkness. The sudden noise, followed by the loss of sight of his surrounding, startled Pietro, who was currently making a sandwich when the light disappeared.

« What’s going on » his groan erupted from the darkness.

The sound of rummaging and some banging noises from the colision of his body with the furnitures followed, ending in a loud bang.

«Fuck ! »

Pietro just hit his forehead against a cupboard, resulting in a bunch of foreign curses. He touched around on the wall, searching for the switch button. And when he finally found it, he regrette dit immensely.

As the light came back, it revealed, right in front of him, a face that he didn’t intented to see. Pale features ; dark eyes circled with huge purple bags ; in his present point of view, a true vision of horror.

With a high pitched scream, he backed away and his back collided harshly with the fridge.

« Hi Pietro ! » you greeted him with a big smile. The latter looking rather nice but the satisfaction of scaring the shit out of him was obvious.

« What the hell is wrong with you ?! »

His reaction only made your smile widen, showing off your fangs, scaring him even more than you already have.

« Can I ask you a favor ? » you said, careful to add puppy dog eyes to make it more convincing.

« Are you for real ? You almost gave me a heart attack by plunging me into the dark and jumping on me, looking all monstruous and youd are ask me a favor ?! »

It didn’t seem possible but you smiled even bigger, getting significantly closer to him.

Then, you placed your fangs on your lower lip in an exaggerated pout . Now you looked like the cutest vampire, at least in your mind.

« Please Pietro »

You wrapped yourself around his arm and looked up at him pleadingly.

At first he kept glaring at you with a straight face. But as you started to rub his arm and emphasize your cute face, his expression soften. With an eyeroll along with groans, he looked more annoyed than angry.

« Fine. What do you want ? »

« Can you be my errand boy ? I’m not tired and I’d like some snacks »

He gave you a sided look.

« What kind of snacks ? » he asked warrily

« You know exactly what I’m talking about. Please, you’re the best speedster in the world and without you I’ll starve to death ! »

He only hummed before disappearing in a gust of wind.

Satisfied at the idea of filling your stomach soon, you went to settle yourself on the couch, under a cozy blanket. You only had the time to turn the T.V on before Pietro re-appeared with his arms full of your favourite snacks.

« Please, remember to fill your stach and not ask me to do that again. I feel like a criminal. »

He set down

Everything on the coffee table and let himself fall ungraciously on the couch next to you.

Giggling at his statement, you reached for the pile and snatched one blood bag.

A look of starvation that could have terrified the most dangerous predator, took over your features.

Pietro’s eyes never left you, silently giving you a judgemental glare, which transformed into disgust when you used your sharp fangs to tear the bag open. Not even a second later, your mouth was wrapped on the hole and you sucked every tiny drop of liquid until there wasn’t any trace left.

When you finally felt full, you tossed the empty bag away and let out a sigh of content.

« No offense but you’re disgusting »

« Hmm ? »

He hadn’t notice you were already sipping your second bag, your gaze fixed on him the whole time.

« I second my own statement »

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A/N: perhaps I will….it’s very different from the scene with Tony, because I needed them to talk. also decided to use prompt 36 in this one! (Spooky Sad Sunday)

Part 1

warnings: death/dying reader


Wanda hadn’t had much time to mull it over considering she’d been basically nonexistent for five years, but she knew when she first spotted you on the battlefield that she’d ruined you. The few words of your thoughts that she was able to catch only clarified the numbness and pure devastation you felt.

Then she saw you. The gems attached to your suit, burning you because no human was built to withstand that amount of power, even with expensive protective gear on. Her eyes met yours and she desperately tried to scream objection into your mind. Either you didn’t hear her or you didn’t care enough to listen because you snapped.

Thanos and the members of his army were quickly disappearing around her as she flew over to you, gently cradling your head in your hands just after it hit the ground. She fought with herself internally over something to say that wasn’t desperate begging, but you beat her to it.

“I’ve always wondered what death would feel like,” you managed between stuttered breaths, responding to her frightened whimper with a laugh. “For me, it’s a whole lot of wondering ‘What if I end up being forgotten?’ I’m so used to looking ahead that I’m doing it even now, when I have no future to plan.”

“You’re going to make it, okay?” she granted you a promise as empty as your gaze was becoming. “Nothing bad will happen to you. I’ll make sure of it.”

“You were something bad, Wanda.” You gasped sharply, gritting your teeth as more waves of pain shot through your body. “But it’s nice that you’re trying.”

She stayed silent as you fought through more waves of pain, grabbing onto the hand that wasn’t destroyed as you eventually gave up and starting to sob when she couldn’t hear your mind anymore.

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A/N: very…..interesting. hope you love it as much as I love all of your blurbs! 💕💕 (Spooky Sad Sunday)

warnings: mentions of alcohol use


“Baby, I’m home….” The words quieted as she rounded the corner, seeing you stare off into the dark room with a glassy look in your eye. “Baby, what’s going on?”

You blinked as if you were just realizing where you were, turning to Wanda with a smile that didn’t reflect in your gaze.

“Hi, Wan. When did you get here?”

“Just now,” she replied as she stepped closer, sighing at the empty bottle by your armchair she accidentally kicked. “Were you drinking again?

“I thought if I got drunk enough, then I could get away from it but it didn’t work. It only got louder.” Your voice cracked as tears filled your eyes, and Wanda was quick to kneel in front of you. “I can hear it calling my name.

“What is it, baby?” She cradled your face gently in her hands, thumbs moving to wipe away tears as quickly as they’d arrive. “What’s calling you?”

“I don’t know, but it hurts. It hurts so much and it never goes away, even when you’re here.”

You sniffled loudly as your tears ran nonstop, placing your hands over Wanda’s to stop her from rubbing at your skin.

I’m tired of getting wounds that will never heal.”

“Don’t say that,” she pleaded. “They will heal. I’ll help you.”

“No, you can’t.” Your eyes caught something behind you and you nodded slowly, moving your hands to Wanda’s cheeks before she could turn around. “I won’t drag you down with me.”

Everything suddenly went quiet as Wanda opened her eyes. She sat up quickly, realizing she was in the same room with the same armchair she’d knelt in front of and beer bottles that surrounded it. The only thing missing was you.

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A/N: hi there! I mean I spent most of Saturday night walking in the woods so that’s about as spooky as it gets for me this year! I’m in an apartment building so I don’t have to worry about anyone stopping by for candy lmao. thanks for the request and I hope you’re having a great day! (Spooky Sad Sunday)

warnings: injuries


You waited in the dark corner of Wanda’s room for her return, excited to speak to her again, but reluctant for her to find out what happened to you. Maybe you could leave a note instead?


Okay, too late for a note.

“Hi,” you offered shyly as you came out of the shadows, sighing when she began to run to you. “Wait, don’t touch me. It’ll hurt you.”

“What?” She stopped just a few feet away from you, her wide and frightened eyes meeting yours. “Why can’t I touch you and what happened to you? I mean, you were gone…I watched you disappear.”

“I know, and I’m so sorry you had to see that.” You stepped closer, the urge to touch her getting stronger, but you stopped yourself before she could notice.

“Why can’t I hear what’s going on in your mind?”

“I’m a little different now.” You let out a chuckle empty of humor, a frown coming onto your face as you looked at Wanda’s arms. “…Where did all of these scars come from?

“Oh.” She quickly pulled her sleeves down to cover them. “Someone came here looking for you and the fight was rough. I got thrown into the glass cabinet downstairs.”

You knew who the ‘someone’ was without any further details, anger fueling you as you began to march past Wanda, ready to hunt the guilty party down.

“Wait, where are you going?”

Her hand grabbed your arm before you could stop her, and the scream that followed was loud and full of anguish. You quickly faced Wanda and nearly screamed yourself when you saw her on the ground, her skin burning away fast.

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What’s with humans in the MCU? We’re apparently like the only species that can be genetically modified. Quill was the only successful demigod after Egos tried for centuries, presumably with every other species in the galaxy. The Inhuman Kree experiments only worked on us. And. We scientifically modify ourselves all the fucking time. Carol Danvers, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, T'Challa (and all previous Black Pathers), Peter Parker, Extremis, Wanda and Pietro, Cal/Hyde, Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow, Carl Creel, Glenn Talbot, and on and on. I mean you don’t see any other species that have been enhanced past their baseline. I didn’t include mechanical enhancements, like Bucky’s arm or Deathlok, because we see those all over the galaxy.

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A/N: oh damn, anon. well since you gave me permission, I hope I crush it properly😏 (Spooky Sad Sunday)

warnings: implied death at the end


You will never be good enough.”

Wanda’s words struck you like the blade of a sword, puncturing your heart and twisting it painfully.

“What?” It was barely a whisper, but you know she heard it.

“I wasted so much time with you that could’ve been saved for Vis—”

“Then why didn’t you?!”

“Because I thought you were something worth wasting time on!” she screamed at you, her eyes glowing an angry red. “But I’d never been more wrong. You’re the worst mistake I’ve ever made!

Shuri had chosen that moment to enter the room and warn you of Thanos’ arrival, and you were quick to head out to battle, anything to get away from your busy mind. You welcomed the chaos outside until it was too much, and people around you started disappearing.

Wanda was one of them that was dusted away, and you weren’t sure how to feel as you watched her fade. On one hand it was a traumatic experience, seeing someone you’d known and loved for so long just disappear. On the other hand, you couldn’t get her last words out of your thoughts.

Bringing everyone back during battle five years after the snap, you found yourself looking around in your spare moments between fights. Everyone that hadn’t been lost had someone, even the woman you loved so much that seemed to hate you in that same amount. And you knew then that it had to be you.

So you made the play before anyone else could, transferring the gems into your suit and taking one last glance at the people you’d grown to love during everything. Your eyes met Wanda’s as you waited for Thanos to notice that he wasn’t winning this war, even if his loss was at the expense of yours as well.

Panic settled into her features and you simply closed your eyes to avoid it, snapping your fingers and bracing for the pain that followed. Even death couldn’t be any worse than the pain you’d already felt.

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Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great Sunday. I thought I’d share the playlist of songs either mentioned in the series or that I listen to when I hit writers block! A few of you have mentioned songs that make you think of the series, feel free to comment them below!! Thank you all for your lovely comments on the last chapter, they were greatly appreciated! (There is of course quite a bit of Beatles for Nat!)

-Blackbird, The Beatles 

-Heart of Gold, Neil Young 

-Beg, Steal, or Borrow, Ray LaMontagne 

-100 Years Ago, The Rolling Stones 

-Shelter from the Storm, Bob Dylan***

-You Send Me, Sam Cooke 

-Twist and Shout, The Beatles

-Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison 

-Stuck in the Middle with You, Stealers Wheel

-Human, Rag’n Bone Man

-Cringe -Stripped, Matt Maeson 

-Drive My Car, The Beatles 

-You Are The Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne 

-Back In The USSR- The Beatles 

-All You Need is Love, The Beatles 

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