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#Alternate ways to avoid confrontation: Roll Credits. 
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Just making sure everyone has seen these x
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Elizabeth Olsen | Behind-the-Scenes for Vogue Hong Kong
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Hey, I love your blog!
I have a request for a Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader but feel free to ignore this for whatever reason.
So it’s the reader’s birthday and everyone around her (friends, limited family, and coworkers) forgot. The reader goes about their day, kinda sad and thinking about how no one seems to care about or notice her. She gets home after a long day at work, opening a small cupcake she bought for herself, and puts a single candle in it, lighting it and sighing, whispering “I wish I wasn’t alone anymore” and blowing it out. Then as she’s laying on her sofa in her small apartment, picking at her cupcake, she gets a knock on the door and opens it to find Wanda, her boss, with like, idk, a bottle of wine and takeout, maybe…
so basically, to shorten this mess, Wanda is the only one to remember the reader’s birthday.
again, feel free to ignore this, I just thought of it because it’s my birthday tmrw and nobody’s remembered lolz
She Remembered
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: none
summary: Everybody has forgotten your birthday, everybody except one person.
word count: 2.2k
a/n: hi lovely nonnie!! thank you so so much for sending this request in and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)) sending you birthday wishes and think of this story as a gift from me to you <3
You woke up with a smile already on your face, as the sun shone perfectly through your curtains. Today was your birthday, and though you didn’t usually like to make a big deal about yourself, you figured today was the one day you could.
Rolling over, you reached out from under the covers and grabbed your phone. You frowned when you were greeted by an empty lock screen. No happy birthday texts, no calls, nothing. 
You brushed it off, attributing it to the fact that it was still pretty early in the morning. Pulling back the covers, you slid out of bed and made your way to the bathroom for shower.
You took your time, letting the hot water calm your muscles and prepare you for the day. As you stepped out and got dressed, you briefly glanced at the clock, your eyes widening.
You were running late for work, and seeing you were a good fifteen minute bike ride away from the Avengers Tower, where you worked as the PR manager for the team, you needed to leave, now.
Scurrying around your apartment, you threw a banana and a yogurt cup into your bag before slipping on your blazer and flying out the door. 
Upon arriving to the tower, you flashed your badge and a smile to Mary, the receptionist, and made your way towards the elevator. Because it was your birthday, you felt an extra pep in your step, your knees bouncing as you rode the elevator up to the twelfth floor.
As you stepped out, you checked your watch and started to speed walk when you saw you had only two minutes to get to your meeting. Entering the meeting room, you could see the entire team, plus Fury and Hill, were already there. 
“Ah, (Y/N),” Nick looked up from his conversation with Maria, “so nice of you to join us.”
You thew him a sheepish smile, knowing the glint in his eye meant he was only half teasing. 
You took your seat in between Hill and Rogers and across from the newest member of the team, Wanda Maximoff. The young witch had joined the Avengers about six months ago, after the whole Ultron fiasco. And while you knew next to nothing about her, there was something about Wanda that intrigued you, even if you only saw her at meetings.
“Alright,” Maria stood up, tablet in hand, “let’s get started.”
The meeting went on as one usually does, but you couldn’t help but feel disappointed that your birthday was not acknowledged once. Though it was a professional setting, you knew the Avengers Tower wasn’t the typical workplace.
In fact, when it was Bucky’s birthday a few months ago, the whole team couldn’t shut up about it, so much so that Fury had to postpone the meeting.
And while you weren’t technically an Avenger, you still felt as though you were part of the team.
As Steve was wrapping up the meeting, you discretely flipped your phone, checking for any texts or calls from your family or friends back home. Much to your disappointment, you were met with the same sight as two hours ago, only this time there was a call from your insurance company. Lovely.
“Hey, (L/N/),” Tony called after you, as you left the conference room and down the hall towards your office.
Turning on your heels, you plastered on a wide grin for the billionaire. “What can I do for you, Stark?”
“How do you feel about a birthday party?”
Your heart skipped a beat at the possibility of having a birthday party, let alone a grand one thrown by Tony Stark himself. 
“Uh,” you paused, not wanting to get ahead of yourself, “I love a good birthday party.”
“Great!” he clapped his hands together with a victorious smirk. “I’m throwing a huge bash for my 45th birthday next weekend, and I need you to handle the media and press and invitations and all that.”
“Right,” you pursed your lips, as you felt your heart drop to your stomach.
As you turned back around to hide away in your office, Tony added, “And of course, you’re invited.”
“I would assume so, Stark,” you sassed over your shoulder, earning a chuckle and a head shake from the man. The two of you often shared playful banter, as you were one of the few people who could keep up with Tony’s sarcasm and wit.
Arriving back in your office, you plopped down in your swivel chair and threw your head back with a defeated sigh. You checked your phone once more for any birthday wishes from your, albeit limited, family or friends. Upon seeing no notifications, you admitted defeat and powered off your phone, deciding to throw yourself into your work. If you couldn’t celebrate with anyone, the least you could do was get off work early and celebrate by yourself.
The hours passed both surprisingly quickly and agonizingly slow at the same time. The thought that everyone forgot your birthday plagued your mind, as you worked through mountains of paperwork and press releases. 
A knock on your door briefly interrupted your work flow. Without looking up, you called out, “Come in.”
The handle turned slowly, as the guest timidly poked their head into your office. 
“Hey,” Wanda spoke, causing you to whip your head up and nearly drop your pen. She offered you a shy smile, as she hesitantly entered further into your office so she was standing before your desk. “I noticed you haven’t come out of your office yet today, and you missed lunch.”
The brunette held out a Tupperware of food for you to take, which you did not before thanking her.
“Wands,” you shook your head in disbelief at her kindness. Had she really noticed your absence? “You really didn’t have to do this.”
“Don’t worry,” Wanda assured you, as she nervously fidgeted with her fingers, “I wanted to.”
“Well, thank you,” you took the container from her and sank back down into your chair. “Is this ravioli?”
“Um, it’s actually pelmeni,” a faint blush tinted the Sokovian’s cheeks. “I made them this morning.”
Taking a bite of dumplings, you couldn’t help but let out a small moan, “Oh my gosh, Wanda, you made these?”
She could only nod, as her face got increasingly red.
“They’re delicious,” you stuffed your mouth with another bite. “Seriously, some of the best things I’ve tasted.”
“Thank you,” Wanda ducked her head, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “(Y/N), I actually wanted to say–,”
Before she could finished her sentence, your phone glaringly interrupted her. Checking the caller ID, you winced.
“I’m so sorry, Wanda,” you frowned, genuinely upset you couldn’t spend more time with the other woman. “I really have to take this phone call. It’s the rep from The Times.”
“Of course, of course,” Wanda shot you a smile, to which you returned. “I’ll let you get back to work.”
“Thank you again for lunch,” you called after her before answering the incessant ringing. She waved back at you before quietly closing the door behind her.
The rest of the day was uneventful, as you dealt with annoying reporters, completed endless paperwork, and started to spread the word about Tony’s birthday party.
As you packed up your things, you desperately checked your phone for any sign that your birthday was remembered. Much to your disappointment, your screen was void of any messages or missed calls. Trying to keep the tears at bay, you stuffed your phone into your bag and left for home. 
You entered your apartment just as the sun was setting, throwing your stuff haphazardly onto the couch. Oh, how things had so drastically changed since this morning. 
Your heart felt heavy and you muscles tense, as wave of sadness washed over you. Making your way into the kitchen, you opened the fridge and pulled out a small box from the bakery down the street.
You took out the chocolate cupcake you’d bought for yourself yesterday, deciding to get yourself a gift for your special day. Little had you known you’d be the only one.
As you stuck a single candle into the frosting and lit it aflame, you couldn’t help but think how pathetic it looked. Sitting down, you rested your chin atop your hands, closed your eyes, and made a wish.
“I wish I wasn’t alone anymore,” you whispered before blowing out the candle. Sighing, you removed the wax object and took your dessert with you over to the couch.
As you switched on your favorite comfort show, you unpeeled the cupcake wrapper and took a bite of the delicious chocolate cake.
“You never let me down, Betty’s,” you mumbled, referring to the local bakery were you got all your pastries and coffee in the morning.
Not even fifteen minutes had gone by when you heard a soft knock. Throwing the blanket off to the side, you got up and swung open the door.
“Wanda?” your eyes widened slightly, as you tried to hide your obvious surprise. “What are you doing here?”
“I, uh, brought dinner and wine,” Wanda held up lamely, a sheepish smile creeping onto her face. When you didn’t say anything, still staring at her in disbelief and confusion, she continued to ramble. “It’s just, I know it’s your birthday today, and you’ve been working all day, and we didn’t really celebrate today at the compound, so I thought I’d come over and celebrate with you…if that’s alright with you?”
By the end of her small rant, Wanda’s face was painted red. 
“You remembered my birthday?” you whispered, your lips parting in awe, as you felt your heart swell at the sight of the woman in front of you.
“Of course,” Wanda said as if it was the easiest thing in the world. “I mean it is today, right? I remember you telling me about how you wanted to go that Italian place on 37th that day I made pizza for lunch.”
“Right, of course,” you breathed, still trying to get your heartbeat under control. Shaking your head, you pulled yourself out of your daze. “Yes, it is today. You’re right. I just can’t believe you remembered. Do you, um, want to come in?”
It was your turn to ramble, as you scratched the back of your neck. 
“Thanks,” Wanda nodded, stepping past you and into your apartment.
“I love your place,” she looked around, admiring the shelves that were decorated with an assortment of plants and books. “It’s very…you.”
“Thanks?” you chuckled, amused at the Sokovian, who you knew was still adjusting to her new life and to New York in general. “Would you like something to drink? I mean other than wine.”
“A glass of water would be great,” she smiled, earning a nod from you.
“Got it. Coming right up,” you grinned cheekily. “You can have a seat. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right out with water and some plates for the pizza.”
Wanda nodded and followed your instructions, taking a seat on your couch. While you were in the kitchen, the sound from the television caught her attention.
“You like Bewitched?” you asked when you saw Wanda’s glued to the screen.
“I love it,” she revealed. “Classic sitcoms are my favorite.”
“Mine too,” you set down the glasses and paper plates before taking a seat next to her. “I have a whole collection. Maybe we can watch them together sometime?”
“I’d love that,” Wanda beamed, her green orbs staring back into yours. 
Though you and Wanda hadn’t spent a lot of, or rather any, time together, conversation flowed easily. Before you knew it, the two of you had finished the medium pizza and three quarters of the bottle of Zinfandel. 
As you laughed along to something she’d said, you subconsciously rested your hand on hers. The sudden contact sobered both of you, your laughter dying, as your eyes met her.
Instead of awkwardly pulling your hand away, you gave hers a gentle squeeze. 
“Thank you for tonight, Wanda,” you said earnestly, earning a crooked smile from the witch. Before she could brush it off, you continued, “I’m serious. You have no idea how much this meant to me.”
“It was my pleasure, (Y/N/N),” she returned a squeeze to your hand. “I’m glad I could celebrate with you.”
“You were the only one who remembered,” you confessed under your breath, so quiet that if Wanda wasn’t sitting inches from you, she would’ve missed it.
Wanda’s face remained neutral, not an ounce of shock or anger written on her face.
“I’m glad I did,” she whispered reverently with a tender smile. “I will always remember you.”
Wanda briefly searched your eyes for a sign before leaning forward and connecting your lips for a soft kiss. The taste of Wanda, mixed with her vanilla chapstick, was intoxicating, one you’d happily chase for the rest of your days.
Though the kiss lasted only a brief second, you let yourself fall, hoping Wanda would catch you, and if tonight was any indication, she was more than willing.
“You’re always on my mind, dorogaya,” Wanda confessed, brushing a stray hair out of your face. “How could I forget?” 
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[The Avengers visiting Y/N & Wanda]
Steve: How have you been Y/N?
Y/N, to the team: Y/N, ugh, I haven’t heard that name in a long time.
Sam, pointing at Y/N’s jacket: It’s on your jacket…
Y/N: I know but no one says it out loud and our babies can’t read… which I’m told is normal for 10 week olds.
*everyone shaking their heads, trying not to laugh*
Natasha, smirking: How’s all this going for you Wanda?
Wanda, amused: The twins are great! Y/N is still learning.
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Your body is her’s
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem! Reader
Word count: 3,253
Warnings: Mommy Kink, mommy!wanda, bottom!reader, fluff lots of fluff, no smut sadly, next chapter though, praise kink, dark!wanda, possessive Wanda, protective Wanda, yandere Wanda, it is a bit sexual though, minors DNI
Summary: Third chapter from, “She’s in your mind” you and Wanda adjust to your new lives. And Wanda has a big surprise for you. There is not smut in this chapter, the next one however…
About a month has gone by since you first woke up with Wanda. You found out that the place you were now living in, was a quaint little cabin, out in the middle of the woods, somewhere in Sokovia. It was charming and peaceful and you had little complaints of your new home. Over the few weeks, you and Wanda adjusted to your new dynamic. Wanda; with living with another person, and you; being with someone who actually loved and took care of you. You learned quickly that Wanda was an attentive and nurturing person. Waking up in the morning earlier than you to make breakfast, or sometimes staying in bed with you, so you would wake up to kisses being peppered across your face. Like right now, soft lips pressed against your forehead, moving down along your face to cover every inch she could, and ending with a cheeky peck to your mouth. You sleepily smiled, and she giggled, her warm body was laying beside yours and you could feel tendrils of her soft hair lightly touching your neck from where she hovered over you.
You opened your eyes to look up at her, and she was already looking at you, her gaze was soft and a sweet smile adorned her face. You marveled at how seemingly endless depths of green, could exist right in front of you, staring right back into your eyes. You wished for this moment to never end. Her smile grew bigger knowingly, and you blushed a little, realizing she was reading your mind again.
“Good morning, my love. Sorry if I woke you, but I couldn’t wait any longer to see you.” Wanda said, she moved her body closer, nearly laying all her weight on top of you, and sighing when she was in the perfect position, and pressed her face into the crook of your neck.
“Not that I’m unhappy with being woken up, especially to kisses, but couldn’t you already see me before I was awake?” You said with amusement in your voice. You moved your hand to play with her hair, nails lightly scratching her scalp, and she sighed into your neck, relaxing even further into you. She had her arms wrapped around you at this point, and squeezed you tighter to her.
“Yes, but I wanted to see your eyes and you smiling at me baby. I made breakfast and waited for you to wake up, but you must have been more tired than usual because you usually wake up about an hour before now.” Her hand moved to your stomach and rubbed small circles against it, you didn’t think much of it, and actually started to doze off again. But then she pulled back from your neck to look down at you, and you snapped to awareness again. She moved her hand to your cheek and held her palm there, you leaned your head into her hand, and she melted.
“Come on baby, breakfast is getting cold and I want you well fed, I have plans for today that involve a surprise for my good girl. And you’re not gonna get it until you’ve eaten.” Wanda teasingly said this as she got up, and you almost whined and pulled her down to bring back the missing warmth from your body. But the promise of a surprise excited you and was enough to pull you out of bed as well. You grabbed her hand as you both walked to the kitchen, and Wanda hid her smile as she walked ahead.
“What kind of surprise is it mommy? Is it a new toy?” You asked excitedly. Wanda smirked at your question as she pulled out your chair for you to sit down to eat.
“No, its not a toy, though if you want, I’m sure I have a few new toys we can try out later, that are waiting in the bedside table.” She raised her eyebrow at you, and you blushed, not realizing how your words had sounded until now. She laughed at your reaction as she placed a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of you. And all embarrassment left you as your attention suddenly went to how hungry you were and how delicious they looked, you began to eat, and Wanda smiled at your enthusiasm, content that you were finally eating. “Good girl.” She said, and you tried not to choke from the sudden praise and warmth you felt from those words. You cleared your throat and continued to eat while Wanda watched you. When you were done, she hummed, happy you ate everything, and took the plate to the sink. She then told you to get ready, and dress casual, because you were going out. You were a bit surprised from this (Wanda wasn’t joking) seeing as how you hadn’t left the house since you got here, but you weren’t going to question her too much, you had been wanting go out for some time now, not that you were unhappy or anything, but a walk out somewhere would be nice on occasion.
When you were ready, you had dark blue jeans and a purple sweater on, you walked back out to Wanda. Who was also wearing jeans and had on a soft red sweater. She smiled and held out her hand for you, and you took it, pulling you outside and walking off the front porch.
“Mommy where are we going?” You asked, there wasn’t anything for miles, and certainly no car nearby, you were confused how you where going to go anywhere, until Wanda pulled you closer.
“Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Mommy is going to take you to place where she grew up. A small town that has delicious treats for my sweet girl.” She wrapped her strong arms around you, and lifted you up to you carry bridal style. You gasped when she lifted you with ease and you quickly circled your arms around her neck. She smirked at you when you looked up at her, you were a little nervous, but overall trusted her to hold you. With her arms tightly holding you to her, she began to slowly rise up into the sky. You held on little tighter and moved your face into her neck, you were not the biggest fan of heights, but a big fan of cuddling her, so you were ok with this arrangement. She kissed your head as you both gently moved through the air, she was excited to see how you would react to the town she was taking you too. Although her home country had been destroyed, there were still a few remaining towns nearby that had survived the destruction of Ultron, towns that held her language and culture that she sorely missed.
About 20 minutes had passed when you finally arrived to your destination, Wanda flew you both to a secluded part in the woods by the town you were visiting. She gently set you down, and when your feet touched the ground, you pulled her against you to give her an appreciative kiss. It only lasted about four seconds, but when you pulled away and started to walk towards the small town, Wanda stood there with a dopey grin on her face, staring after you. She realized after a minute, that she needed to start walking and followed after you. She quickly caught up, and grabbed your hand to lace your fingers together. You smiled at her as you both walked side by side into town, Wanda was a little nervous bringing you out here. You were her precious girl and she didn’t want anything to harm you, but she also knew how excited you would be to go out. She felt bad for keeping you cooped up and she wanted to make you happy and give you a nice trip out somewhere before-
“Mommy, where to first?“ you asked, oblivious to her thoughts. Wanda and you both looked around, there were a bunch of little shops along the street you were walking down, many had clothes, crafts, jewelry, and most importantly, food. Feeling secure in knowing that this was a remote and isolated town, Wanda lead you to a clothing shop. You both spent a few hours going from shop to shop, Wanda made you try on anything she could, and bought everything that lit up your eyes, she had you taste all the traditional foods she grew up eating, and you loved very bite. The people there were very nice, and smiled at you both. They spoke in Sokovian most of the time and you got to witness Wanda speaking here native language, the way she spoke was entrancing to you, words you didn’t know rolled off her tongue effortlessly, and she looked so content and comfortable while she spoke, that you immediately decided that you would learn it as well.
At one point you and Wanda found a display with a bunch of different treats, your eyes zeroed in on the deserts and Wanda, watching you, noticed and immediately pulled you towards the shop. You got something with a lot of powdered sugar, and out right moaned at how good it was. Wanda’s head snapped towards you, her mouth hung open a little as she watched you obliviously eat your desert. Her pupils dilated as you started to lick the remains of sugar off your fingers. And you were startled, when she suddenly snatched your hand away from your mouth, holding your hand up to her lips, she looked you right in the eyes, as she wrapped her lips around your finger. You gasped from the wet heat enveloping your finger, and couldn’t take your eyes off the way she sucked on the single digit. Her tongue was moving against it and you moaned at the feeling, she slowly pulled your now, clean, but wet finger out of her mouth and moved her face closer to yours. You froze, you weren’t sure what to do then, you thought she was going to kiss you, but instead you felt a hot tongue lick up along the side of your mouth, your eyes closed on their own, and then she moved her tongue to lick a stripe up both your lips. You were near panting when she finally placed her lips along yours, sucking them both in her mouth as if they were your finger, and then pulled away with your bottom lip between her teeth.You dazedly opened your eyes to her smirking at you, again. God, she was going to kill you from combusting one of these days, you weren’t even sure how you managed to still be alive up until now.
“You had a bit of sugar on your face baby girl, I was just trying to help clean you up.” She said, she looked proud while saying this, and you once again, wondered how you were alive.
“I’m pretty sure that’s not were I need to be cleaned mommy, I seem to have become quite the mess down a on a different pair of lips.” You said with faux innocence. Wanda’s smile immediately dropped, and she grabbed your hand to pull you back to where you first came from, her grip was practically bruising as she dragged you to the woods, heading home. You tried to keep up, and maybe catch the expression on her face, when you suddenly heard a familiar yet surprising voice call out.
“Wanda Maximoff.”
You both froze, and you watched as Wanda’s back immediately tensed. She was holding your hand with an even tighter hold as she slowly turned towards the new voice. You turned with her, and there right in front of you, stood Stephen Strange, ex sorcerer supreme, and your old teacher of the mystic arts. To say you were surprised was an understatement, Wanda didn’t tell you much else on what happened with Strange and the Chavez girl, but you had assumed they were both dead, I mean, it was Wanda, and they had both gotten in her way. Even after her being reasonable and asking nicely.
“Strange. I hope you’re not here to see me.” Wanda moved you behind her as she spoke to Strange, her voice was calm, but you could hear the slight undertone of a threat under it as she stared at the soon to be done for man. You looked at Wanda and then at Strange, his face was stern as he watched Wanda.
“No, I’m not here for you.” He finally said. And you sighed in relief behind Wanda, him going after Wanda was a bad idea, you were glad he was alive, and you didn’t want that to change, luckily he seemed smart enough to see that as well. Then Strange pointed at you and said, “I’m here for her.”
Or clearly he wasn’t smart enough.
Wanda took in a sharp breath, and you held yours. Why was he here for you? As far as you were concerned, you didn’t do any thing that bad, and you clearly weren’t hurt. He answered your question when he continued to talk. Poor buddy.
“Wanda you invaded that girls mind and have taken one of my students captive, I’m asking you to let her go. What would you want from her anyway? She’s useless to you.” He said. And wow, you knew he was probably just trying to persuade her into letting you go, but that still stung. You looked down, you couldn’t help but think he was right. Wanda was ethereal, the most powerful being on this planet, maybe multiverse, and was so stunningly beautiful, you couldn’t even think to compare. You were just a mere student who had nothing to offer, you hadn’t even finished your magic training. You were useless, and you were afraid she would see that and let you go. Let him take you like you didn’t matter.
You were shaken out of your thoughts when you felt a pull on your hand, you forgot you were even still holding hers, having your’s gone limp in her hold. You looked up to concerned eyes already looking at you. Wanda was fully turned to you now, not even paying Strange a second thought, as she moved her hands to gently cradle your face, palms under your jaw and thumbs lightly rubbing against your cheeks.
“Do not listen to him my sweet girl, and get those unthinkable thoughts out of that head of yours. The only thoughts you should be having, are of being my good girl, and being happy. You are not useless, nor are you something to compare too. I don’t know why you would think you don’t matter to me, because you are absolute perfection personified. You are beautiful, and kind, and sweet, and I love you, and you’re mine. I am never going to let you go, you mean everything to me and nothing is going to take you from me. I will burn the world down to have you and hold you.” You trembled at her words, she was looking at you with her whole heart, and you felt her words. And you also felt her, the scarlet mark branded over your heart, you realized, was somehow allowing you to feel what she felt. And she was feeling a lot, her love and desire for you nearly forced you to your knees, and you had no choice, but do listen to her and believe her. Wanda watched you come to this realization, and smiled when you nodded your head at her. Holding your face in her hands, she pressed her lips against yours in a passionate kiss, and then pulled back to turn around and face Strange.
“While that was a sweet interaction, you could just be manipulating her mind into being with you. I know your lonely Wanda, but this is not the way to go. Let the girl go, and I wont bother you anymore.” Strange said. You couldn’t help but feel insulted, how dare he, he had no idea what you and Wanda had, and the nerve of tracking her down all to call her lonely and think he could win against your Wanda. You let out a little growl at the man you no longer cared for if he lived or not. And Wanda looked at you with surprise, before it turned into lust. You widened your eyes a little at her reaction, and then realized that she had read your mind.
Wanda couldn’t help but feel immensely turned on from your thoughts, you had called her “your Wanda” and were thinking about how she was being affected, you didn’t even think that maybe she had manipulated your mind into loving her (she didn’t) and that was all the more reason for her to keep you. She was done with this interaction, and now, she wanted to take you home. Wanda tilted her head, eyes glowing red and waved her hand, her magic took Strange in her hold and she held him in the air.
“I’m sorry you think that Strange, but my girl is here on her own free will, and I’m never letting her go. Besides, you wouldn’t want to take an expecting mother from her family now would you?” She said with a low voice. Both your’s and Stephen’s head snapped to Wanda, he then looked to you in shock.
“I’m pregnant?” You whispered. You felt yourself waver and your knees slightly give out and Wanda caught you around the waist.
“Don’t ever let me see you again.” Wanda growled at Strange, and then literally threw him out of your sight. You would have been amused by the sorcerer literally being yeeted out of the general vicinity, but the words ‘mother’, ‘family’ and ‘expecting’ kept ringing in your head.
“Wanda, am I really pregnant?” You asked, you looked up at Wanda and she watched you for a second, then cautiously answered you.
“Yes. I’m sorry you found out this way, I wanted to tell you in a more romantic way, but I got kinda carried away with Stephen. So… surprise!” She said excitedly.
“How long have you know?” You asked
“Wanda.” You said more sternly.
“I’ve known since that first night we had together. The spell I casted was to make sure you got pregnant, I waited a bit to make sure it worked, after a few days I could sense other life in you. After that, I made sure you were kept safe and well cared for, that our children, were cared for.” She said. Well that, explained her doting and obsession to have you eat all your food, or the sleeping in later, and now that you thought of it, you were having weird cravings lately and- wait children? As in more than one? You snapped your head up to look at Wanda, who was already smiling at you, and of course reading your mind. “Yes, were having twins!” She replied to your thoughts. “Oh dear god”, you thought, and then everything turned fuzzy around the edges, so you leaned into Wanda who was already holding you. You heard her begin to talk to you again, and right before your vision (heh) completely left you, her words were the last thing you heard before you blacked out.
“Why do you think I brought you out here? I wanted to give you a nice trip out before you got more vulnerable and I would have to keep you home forever to keep you and the boys safe.”
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chelleztjs18 · 2 days ago
I Love You Too Much (W.M)
Dark!Wanda / Dark!Scarlet Witch x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You met a sweet and timid yet mysterious redhead who loves you so much...a little too much.
Warning: This is a DARK fic. Violence, swearing words, mentions of blood, mention of death, (maybe) graphic, a little bit of knife kink and blood kink.
A/n: Hi! This is my first dark fic. Been having this dark idea in my mind even before I watched MoM. This fic was inspired by the song "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron. Thank you @heartsforlee for recommending "Who Is She?" by I Monster to help me set the vibe for the beginning part of this part. Thank you @silver-lotus and @stonemags for helping me brainstorming. Also thank you @yourtaletotell and @imdoingsortagay for the input. Happy reading!
Working at a coffee shop in a small town is not that hard. Even though it’s in a small town it  doesn’t mean it’s always slow, in certain hours the shop can get busy and packed. You love your job and the busy hour rush.The smell of the coffee and the baked pastries at work are bonuses. Just like an old saying says “Choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, hence two years of working feels like nothing for you. You are comfortable with where you live, your job and your life.
The low number of the town’s population makes it easier for everybody to know each other. It’s easy for you to remember your regular customers. Most of your customers are nice and sweet even though some of them are cranky before they get their daily dose of caffeine. You remember who likes what. Then one day, a new face came in. She looks familiar but she is not. A familiar stranger, that’s what came to mind when you saw her. A stunning redhead with piercing jade eyes and the way her lips curve into a smile is something else. You guessed that she is new in town, otherwise you would remember who she is or at least her order. Wanda, she told you her name for her tea order. Her voice and broad accent she has makes her name sounds even prettier.
As a social butterfly you are, you made small talk with her. She responds to you very sweetly yet a little timid at the beginning. First impression, you don’t know why but you found that her eyes are so hypnotizing.
Since then, the charming older woman always comes at the same time. Everytime she comes in, you feel something draws your attention to her. You always turn your head to her direction no matter how busy you are or what you are doing. Sometimes, when it’s almost her usual time to come, you subconsciously wait for her to walk in. Both of you don’t talk that much but when you do, you love it. Somehow, you feel like you are in trance when she is around. Her words wrapped in her voice and accent when she talks sounds like a spell whispered to your ears and really has an effect on you.
Wanda always orders the same thing and even sits at the same table that’s right across where you make all your orders. At first, you didn’t notice but your co-worker, Kate, pointed out that the gorgeous Sokovian watches you from where she sits. Since then, you sometimes take notice that you are being watched or even eye contacts are caught between the two of you every now and then. You could've sworn that sometimes you think that her eyes look like they glow in crimson color. Surprisingly, you don't really make a big deal about it. You always think that she is sweet and harmless even though she seems mysterious. Weirdly, you shrug it off and always think that she is your favorite customer and how lovely she is. That’s how you met the lovely Wanda.
After that, It all started on a day when it wasn’t really your day. You are present at work physically but not your mind. Your eyes feel dry, probably look swollen or even red from crying all night. You had a huge fight with your boyfriend, Chad. You spent the whole night crying back at Kate’s apartment after you moved out from his place. She is your best friend, she agrees for you to stay with her until you sort things out. You thought you would feel better today, but you were wrong, it seems like you feel worse. You can’t focus and keep making mistakes. Sometimes you would zone out and your coworker has to keep bringing you back every time you are lost in your own little mind.
This time, it wasn’t your coworker who interrupted your little trip of thought and brought you back to reality. It was Wanda’s enchanting voice. She calls your name as she waves in front of your face to see if you are okay. “Y/n? Are you okay?” She asks softly almost on a comforting level.
“Oh h-hi Wanda. Y-yeah I’m okay. Sorry. Uh you want your usual?” You ask awkwardly wishing she won’t notice your swollen eyes.
“Yes please.” Wanda looks at you in concern but you are too busy to take your focus back to work and you didn’t notice it. She takes a seat at her usual table after that. Her eyes won’t leave you, she watches your every single move. You bring her order to her table like usual. “Are you sure you are okay, y/n?” This time her voice sounds a little stern. “Yes, Wanda. I’m sure. Thank you for asking.” You gave her an awkward smile and try not to look her in the eyes right before you turn around and walk away. Wanda gets a little unamused by it, she notices you are not okay. She tilts her head as she watches you walk away.
As you continue working, you feel weird in your head. You feel like something is wrong in your mind, as if it’s not just you in it. You feel like there is someone else, you quickly turn your head to her but you find her drinking her tea and reading her book. You shake your head softly and try to gain your mind back. You feel out of it. Little did you know, Wanda really did invade your mind secretly, to find out what is happening with you.
Then magically, your manager sends you home. He told you that you can take the rest of the day off because he notices that you are really out of it and not in the right mind to work today. You tried to convince him that you can still work but he insisted. Her glowing red eyes slowly fade after she is done with what she needs to do so you can leave work. Wanda smirks after she sees it. You get ready to leave. As you walk past Wanda’s table, her question falters your steps. “Broke up with the boyfriend?”
You turn your head quickly with furrowed eyebrows. “H-how did you know? I never really tell you about my boyfriend.” You ask in such surprise.
Wanda got caught off guard, her mind quickly searches for excuses before you suspect something. “Uh well, I remember one time, I saw him visit you here while you were on your break. Seeing how handsy he was, I assume he is your boyfriend and seeing how red and swollen your eyes are right now, I’m sure it was because of a break up.” Wanda answers calmly to convince you.
Her answer rings a bell of memory in you. The day that she mentioned when Chad came to visit you at work, you remember that day you noticed Wanda left in a rush, looking upset. Two days after that, she didn’t come like usual, then she explained that she had an emergency when she finally came back.
“Oh. Uh I-I’m so sorry Wanda. I didn’t mean to accuse you or anything.” You apologize instantly. “It’s okay, y/n. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” Her green eyes look softer now as they look at you.
“No, you didn’t.” You let out a genuine smile to her. “Well, in that case, come sit with me. Let’s talk.” She smiles as she taps gently the chair next to her. “We don’t have to talk about what happened.” The witch vaguely insists. You hesitate but once again, her voice gives comfort to you and just like that you oblige. You thought a thirty minutes conversation won’t hurt but it is always nice talking with her. You open up to her slowly, telling her about what happened and how Chad has treated you lately. How mean he was to you, taking you for granted. Wanda looks upset when you tell her about him. You didn’t notice how she clenched her fist.
“I could be a better boyfriend than him, detka.” Wanda’s joke and pet name that she sometimes  calls you with made you blush and smile timidly. “There it is, the pretty smile that I always look forward to everyday when I come here.” She leans closer to you as she wipes the tears on your cheeks with her thumb and smiles gently to you. Her warm smile and voice, not to mention her touch comforted you and led to more conversations.
Both of you had a great time and thirty minutes passed easily. Two of you decided to take a stroll at the park and spend more time. Before you know it, three hours have passed. You are now comfortable enough to give her your number when she asks you.
The simple conversation and little stroll at the park turn to daily texting. Texting turns into casual hangouts together and you get to know more about her. Then you both had your first date and both of you got closer with each other.
Wanda is always there for you. Whenever you feel down, she will suddenly show up, either "accidentally" or you both make plans to meet up. She always gives you the right gifts, exactly the one you want. She always says sweet things as if she knows what you want to hear from her. She makes everything all about you. You love spending time with her even just to go grocery shopping with her.
One day both of you just got back from the grocery shopping, you accidentally dropped a bottle of red wine on her white carpet but the bottle stayed floating right before it touched the ground. Your eyes rounded in such a surprise when you saw the floating bottle is wrapped with red wisps coming from her hand. That was how you found out that Wanda has power.
You were shocked and Wanda was secretly panicked. Your eyes rounded and you were speechless at first. She finally told you who she was, an Avenger. She confessed that she can move things with her power. Wanda told you that she was so scared that you wouldn’t want to see her anymore because of her power. Fortunately, it didn’t scare you at all. You think it makes Wanda really cool. 
"It's okay, Wanda. I think it's cool. You are an Avenger, a superhero. Do you have any other power or this is your only power?" You tried to give her the assurance you knew she needed as you hugged her. "No." She lied.
You pulled yourself away from the hug slowly. "So, no more surprises?" You cupped both of her cheeks as you smiled at her. "No, y/n. No more surprises." Wanda lied again, she didn't want you to know that she can read and manipulate mind. She knows you would freak out if you find out how she manipulated your manager's mind that day to send you home so she could talk with you or how many times she uses her power to read your mind.
She has no plan to stop invading your mind. In her defense, she wants to know what's on your mind so she’ll know what makes you happy, so she can be the best for you. She wants you to fall for her and you can be hers.
The date turns to another date. Wanda helps you forget about the break up with Chad, you slowly start to have feelings with her. She treats you so well, you both get closer and closer. You slowly fall for her. Wanda puts a smile on your face. You said yes when Wanda finally asked you to be her girlfriend. You are really happy dating Wanda. Everything seems perfect, you think that she is a dream girlfriend and you are so lucky to have her. 
Both of you are happy, Wanda is perfect. She seems to know everything about you, what you want and what you like. Sometimes you wonder how could she know? But then you think that it was probably because she pays attention to details. First few months, your relationship seems magical. Everything is so good, too good to be true. Until slowly you notice how much Wanda loves you, or perhaps you can say you notice that she loves you too much.
Wanda starts to show some jealousy or being possessive of you. At first you found it cute but as time went by, you didn’t find it cute at all. She starts to keep asking wherever you want to go. She always asks who you go somewhere with. Wanda gets so clingy and starts to complain if you don’t reply to her text or if you don’t update her where you are at.
She even starts to show her dislike to Kate, saying that your best friend takes your time away from her. You started to get irritated by all of those acts. You addressed your feelings about it and she loosened up a little bit, just for a little bit. Things went back to where it was, Wanda got jealous again and this time she got a little controlling of you. You started to feel that all of her acts suffocated you. One argument after another and another until you can no longer tolerate it.
You have reached your last straw and you told Wanda that you want to break up with her. From how she acts lately, you are a little scared of how she would react to it. You are worried that she would go berserk after but to your surprise, she didn't argue at all. All she did was just look at you as she tilted her head with no words. It would be a lie if you say that when she does that it doesn't give you chills to your spine. Behind her calm quiet expression, her mind is thinking about a few things, one question and ways to win you back or plan to make you leave your scumbag boyfriend.
“Wanda, please say something.” You look very uneasy as you ask. “Is there someone else?” Wanda asks with a tone that you can’t explain. Her accent sounds crystal clear. Both haunt your soul. “What? No, Wanda! I would never do that to you! I already told you my reason. I hope we can still be good friends.” You tackle the accusation in her question right away and you try to make sure that both of you are not having a messy break up and everything remains civil.
“Oh okay, and of course, dear. We’ll always be around each other, forever.” She answers with a smile. A smile that has a lot of meanings behind it. You think that the last word she just said sounds a little over the top but right now all you want is everything ends nicely. "Thank you, Wanda." You care about her, hell you fell for her. You hate that it has to end and despite the calm reaction she gave you, you know that it hurts her as much as it does to you. Too bad that it's the best for both of you, well at least that's what you thought. She even kissed you gently and told you that she loves you before she left the restaurant.
It has been three weeks since you broke up with Wanda, she hasn't come to the shop at all. You started to get worried about her. You texted her but silence is what you got from her. You called her, you were relieved that she finally answered you. She told you she was okay and got called in for a mission. You believe her as long as she is okay.
Once again, Wanda lied to you. She has been busy with the Dark Hold. Looking for ways to make everything work out with you but she can’t find any. 
You thought you knew who she was. All you know is that she is the lovely Wanda Maximoff, one of the Avengers but you are wrong. She is the furious, jealous and possessive Scarlet Witch. Who loves you a little too much.
A week later, Chad came back to you. He apologized and begged you to get back with him again. He promised you to change for the better. As someone who believes in a second chance, you take him back and date him again.
The next day, Chad promised to come to see you for a lunch date on your break but he ghosted you like usual. He hasn’t changed at all. First day after you got back with him, he already disappointed you. Wanda comes to see you after she watches Chad. She knows what is happening, how Chad takes you for granted once again. She saw everything. It pisses her off even more now and there is only one way she can do it, a plan that she has been thinking about since the day you broke up with her. The only way to make you hers again, ONLY HERS.
As you walked towards the front door of the shop, a familiar voice made its way to be heard. “You gave him a second chance? Really, y/n? You think that he deserves it?” She asks in a stern tone, giving you that same look as she tilts her head again. You are stunned with her standing in front of you, showing up out of the blue. “Wanda, Hi. Y-yes.” You awkwardly greet her, your brain can’t find words to give her more answers. Your heartbeat slowly speeding up. You just don’t know why you feel scared and you swallow hard. You think this is weird, Wanda never makes you feel scared of her.
Ignoring your greeting, she questions you again with her eyes slowly glistening with tears and clenching her jaw. “ He is not good for you, y/n. He doesn’t love you. I do. He is just going to hurt you all over again. I will make you happy.”
“He said he will change, Wanda. I know you will make me happy, I love you but things just didn’t work out.” You answer. What you just said makes the witch clench her fist, meanwhile without you knowing, somewhere it affects Chad. All of a sudden, he chokes on nothing. Falls on his knees, coughing and fighting for his life, gasping for air. He is slowly turning purple. “I love you too but you don’t think I deserve a second chance?” Another question slips out of her mouth.
“Of course you do, Wanda. Everyone deserves a second chance if they are willing to change for the better.” You answer and she unclenches her fist. The red wisps around Chad’s throat finally gone as if his life depends on your answer to her question. He inhales as much air as he can right away, wondering what just happened.
“Well, I’ll see you soon then, darling.” The redhead in front of you smirks, turning her back around and walks away. You call her name and ask her where she is going but she keeps walking away. You want to chase her to make sure if she is okay but you have to get back to work.
The rest of the day at work, you feel weird. You can't really focus. You keep hearing soft whispering voices, Wanda's. Your mind keeps thinking about your Sokovian ex-girlfriend every now and then. You keep thinking that you should’ve given her a second chance instead of Chad. Your mind feels fuzzy and cloudy. Something tells you that you need to go home and you did. You told your manager that you are not feeling well. You feel even weirder, Wanda’s whispering voice still vaguely came into your mind. You are in front of Chad’s apartment’s door and as you hold its handle to open it, your vision gets blurry then everything goes dark. Wanda’s magic takes your consciousness.
You felt something in your mind woke you up, you tried to move and it was limited. Your heart jumps up to your throat when you find you are at Chad’s apartment with your wrists and ankles tied to the chair not with ropes nor duct tape but a red magic wisps. You are panicking and your mind instantly thinks of Wanda. You want to scream but you can’t. The same crimson wisp floats around you and your mouth prevents you from screaming.
The air in the room feels so different, it feels dark even though there are lights in the room, eerie and soulless. The temperature is so cold that it gives you goosebumps.
“Hi, malyshka.” The same voice you used to adore calling you with the pet name which is only used by Wanda and now makes your blood run cold. She walks up to you. You look at her deep dark red crown and her outfit, from head to toe, confused because that’s not how she usually looks as an Avengers. Your heart rate is tripling in speed, you breathe faster in such fear and shock. You try to ask her what she is doing and ask her to let you go but it was all in vain. Mumbled words are the only thing that comes out from you.
“I will let you talk if you promise me that you won’t scream, y/n.” Wanda compromised. You nod your head eagerly, with that your mouth is free from her red tendril. “Wanda, why–what are you doing here? Please let me go.” You try to break free but you are no win against her power.
“What am I doing here? I’m here to win you back sweetheart and give this low life a lesson for hurting you.” She answers you with an eerie calm tone as she lets out her magic to bring Chad into the room. Just like you are now, he is all tied up by her magic. His hands are tied up behind his back. Wanda slams Chad on the floor, making him kneel in front of you. He mumbled a scream that could be heard clearly.
You gasp. “C-Chad? Oh my God!! Wa- wanda? Wanda?! What-what did you do to his mouth??!” You asked.
"What mouth?" She asks in complete sarcasm with a cold expression.
"His fucking mouth, Wanda! Where is his mouth?!" You are in terror, you raise your voice as you ask her panickedly because you never see anything like it. Chad is grunting and screaming in fear, knowing why he can't scream or talk. His throat is burning from trying to scream. She walks closer to you, looking down at you adoring you.
Her right hand cups your left cheek and her thumb strokes it so gently as she says "Sssh..ssh. Calm down, y/n. I asked you not to scream. Do NOT raise your voice to me, love. This is all for you, I’m doing this for you. Everything is under control." Wanda responds softly in a creepy way. She tries to comfort you with her words, she knows that you are scared.
"I-i'm so sorry, Wanda. Please don't do this to him." You plead. She walks back to your boyfriend.
Wanda ignores your pleas for Chad as she yanks his head back by his hair. "So, you were asking where is his mouth? You meant the mouth that keeps talking shit to you? The mouth that kept flirting with other girls while he was dating you? I bet his mouth can't make you feel good the way I could."
“Wanda, please let him go.” You plead once more as you do another useless effort of getting away from her power that ties you up.
“No, my love. I won’t, until he learns his lesson. He hurt you, so many times. Nobody hurt my y/n. Not on my watch.” Wanda looks at him in disgust as she answers in gritted teeth.
Chad keeps trying to talk even though he can barely say anything. Wanda rolls her eyes. Her black fingertips hold Chad’s jaw so tight, it hurts as she leans to him and warns him. “Don’t scream, or you’ll regret it.” wIth the move of her fingers, his mouth magically reappeared and he slowly floated. 
“What do you want from me? I’ll give you what you want! Just please let me go, please.” Chad begs for his life. Wanda lets out a sinister chuckle. “What happened? Are you scared?” Wanda mocks him. Sweats started to form on his forehead.
“Wanda, please.” You ask in a begging tone. All of a sudden Wanda’s red magic wraps his throat. The choke slowly gets tighter and tighter. His fast breathing sounds so loud from being so scared as he is slowly running out of air. You can hear his strangling noise. “Look at him, darling. Ungrateful pathetic loser. Took you for granted. I should be the one who got the second chance, not him.”
“He has nothing to do with us and our break up, Wanda!” you reminded her with an alarmed tone and louder voice. Your mouth feels dry. Your body feels so weak from enduring such fear, you feel helpless but you are trying not to show that to Wanda. Your gaze flicks from the enraged Scarlet Witch and Chad that’s gradually suffocated almost to death.
“I know but he got in between us when I’m trying to win your heart back but what did he do the next day after you forgave him? Stood you up, spending time with another girl. That pisses me off to see you get hurt. Like I said before, I could be a better boyfriend than him. I could do the shit that he never did.” The witch whispers closely to Chad’s face, making sure that he listens to the hurtful thing he did to you then she looks at you at the last two sentences she said.
Your heart wrenched from what Wanda just said, wishing that it wasn’t true. “W-what? You have been watching me? What do you want from me??” Chad reacted faster than you did even though he is struggling to talk as oxygen is running thin in his lungs. He is alarmed that he is caught red-handed. You have been suspecting that he cheated on you but you tried to trick your own mind that he will never do that. Sadly, his reaction says it all, disappointment sagged through you.
Wanda notices that tears start to pool in your eyes. You are frightened, shocked but mostly you are hurt. You regret taking him back. She is very concerned and she feels you. She gets closer to you. Dejections burden you and your sadness crushes her. "Oh sweetheart, he doesn’t even deserve your tears. Be with me, I love you. I will always make you happy in every single way that exists. Together, we’ll be inseparable.” The red haired witch tries to convince you lovingly, both of her hands cup your cheeks to bring your face up so you can look at her. You look at her green eyes, you feel her softness right now. You feel comfort just like how you used to feel when you were with Wanda. You close your eyes in distress yet mixed with comfort and in one blink your tears escape your eyes. She kisses your forehead tenderly. Your body is shaking from distress and crying. You feel helpless, it has been only a month since you broke up with her, there is still some love in you for her. You know Chad is wrong but Wanda is wrong too for doing all this. There is something in your mind that keeps telling you to take her back no matter how hard you try to resist or think rationally.
Heart pounding through your chest. "Wanda, please let him go. What you are doing is not right." You hang your head low and you beg in whispers. You don't feel like yourself and feel empty inside, numbness infused your body.
Wanda let go of the magic around his throat. Chad drew in a harsh inhale as soon as his windpipe was free.
“Stop resisting me, beautiful. I know you still love me. I can read your mind.” Her breath softly touches your ear as she whispers to you. Her voice is as irresistible as her green eyes. Then it hits you. “You can read minds?! You told me you don't have any other power! You lied to me, Wanda!"
"It's for the greater good, y/n. I know you would freak out if you know that I can read minds and manipulate them." Wanda explains as Chad asks for mercy, floating behind her.
"You have been invading my mind?!" You ask in exasperation. "I'm the Scarlet Witch. How do you think I know what you want and what you like, y/n? Be the perfect girlfriend for you. How do you think I know that this liar cheated on you?" You can see as she speaks her face expression turns cold and mean like she was earlier as if the sweet Wanda has gone all of a sudden. Her eyes are glowing red furiously and she quickly turns her head to Chad.
Wanda floats your terrified boyfriend closer to her face as she whispers in gritted teeth but loud enough for you to hear. "Your disgusting thoughts are very loud." Angry tone floats around her words.
"W-what? I didn't say anything bad! All I said was asking you for your mercy! Please, please let us go." His voice starts to break vaguely. "LIAR! Tell her what was on your mind! You have exhausted my patience!" Her pulse slammed her neck. She yells at him as she clenches her fist and just like that Chad screams in such pain instantly. Her magic starts to crush his body slowly like a python slowly but deadly wrap around its prey. Rage swept over her.
"Wanda! Stop! Stop doing this! What is wrong with you! This is not you!" You scream hoping that people will hear but you notice all the walls are covered with red magic of hers so nobody will hear any of this.
"Okay! Okay! If you want her, you can have her! I can find a new girl like her anywhere. Just let me go!" He tells you what was on his mind. He screams more agony as he feels excruciating pain. Parts of his bones slowly crack, painful but not deathly just yet.
The sounds of his scream and the cracking of his bones is loud and clear for you, you wish you were deaf at this point. His words felt like thousands of knives stab your heart. “And you dare to ask for mercy? This is mercy from me! I could've just killed you the very first time I saw you!” Wanda focuses on Chad, ignoring you as if she enjoys punishing him for hurting you. “Did it hurt? Have you ever thought about how much pain you caused in Y/n’s life? It’s worse than this.” Chad screams in torment. Blood starts to come out a bit by a bit from his nose and ears from such bone cracking pressure.
“Wanda! Please! Please! I will listen to what you want. We’ll get back together and I’ll be with you. Just put him down, please!” You beg. Nasty fright twisted your gut from everything you see and hear. You are hopeless, thinking that your plea won’t stop her but it did. Wanda turns her head to you, loosen up the magic that is torturing the dying and injured floating man. She did what you ask but in her way. She raises him high up to the ceiling and slams him hard to the ground. Chad still screams and grunting in pain, lays down as if he is spineless on the floor with his hand tied up behind his back, too much pain to move.
“I knew it, baby. I know you still love me and I can win you back.” Wanda starts giving you small kisses on your face. You want to move away from her but you don��t want to trigger her anger anymore. Your body shakes in grimace, you turn your head a bit away from her.
With her power, Wanda makes the weak Chad kneel in front of you again. “Please! Leave me alone! You heard her, she will take you back. What else do you want from me?” Again, his head was pulled back, exposing his throat. Blood and sweat run down over his veins that show up on his skin.
“Your life.” Short and cold was her answer. You raise your head so quickly like a deer in the headlight after you hear it. Before you know it, a sharp kitchen knife flies so fast towards Chad’s throat. Both of your scream and his screams overlap as the tip of the knife reaches so close but it stops right on time.
He swallows hard as his breathing accelerates so quickly. He closes his eyes for a few seconds, he can feel the sharpness pressing slowly to his throat. He opens his eyes and his eyes look down trying to look at the knife, his jaws clenched. He wrings his hands behind his back in agitation. Wanda chuckles so darkly. You are petrified with what just happened. It chilled your soul and paralyzed you. You can’t take your gaze away from the floating knife.
Shock of fear zipping through your heart. “Wanda! What the fuck! What are you doing? I already agree to get back with you. Don’t do this. Please don’t kill him. Please, I beg you.” You start to cry again, tears come out in the corner of your eyes. She takes the knife with her hand. She looks at you. She tilts her head as she licks the other side of the knife slowly. Your eyes look up and follow where the knife is at then you lock your gaze with hers.
Her left hand cups your cheek. She leans lower to whisper to you “Oh, I have to do this, sweetheart. Do you want to know why? Because you ask me not to be jealous anymore. It’s so hard for me to do, detka. I tried. It drives me crazy. So I thought, why not just get rid of ANYTHING or even ANYONE that makes me jealous, right? That way, we won’t have problems anymore and can live happily together. Just.. YOU..and..I..” Your torso is rigid with fear. Vivid image of what might happen to Chad parading in your mind. Wanda smirks after she reads your mind. “Oh? You are thinking what I’m thinking?”
“What? No. No. I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want you to kill him. Wanda, please.” Your lips quivered. The red glow in your eyes faded after she read your mind. Her green eyes adoring you, every inch of your face figure. “God, I love you so much. You are so perfect. You are mine, only mine. Imagine how happy we could be after this. Living our dream life together” she says as she slowly and gently runs the sharp tip of the knife from your forehead, to your temple keep moving down to your jawline then she presses a little harder as soon as it reaches the side of your neck to the front of your throat and ends on your collar bones, as some a little blood flows. Your temple pounding with each beat of your heart. She then licks that little blood off your neck. You wince in pain but it’s still bearable for you. You don’t even know how to react anymore. You feel like slowly losing yourself. The feelings want to submit and give in to her, slowly show up out of nowhere. You try to fight it. Is that really what you want? Or is this her playing with your mind? You don't even know anymore but you still try to fight it.
“Wanda, this is not how it works! If you kill him, I won’t be with you. I’ll do what you want and you’ll do what I want as well. That’s how relationships work, take and give. Be reasonable, Wanda!” You tried to put your foot down this time, told her in a stern tone but you bargained with the wrong witch.
“Oh honey, this is how it works. You are right though, take and give. I’ll give anything that makes you happy and you’ll DO what I WANT.” Just like that, her tone changes and the crimson color starts to show again in her eyes. The restraint on your wrists and ankles is finally gone, you are free but not really. Your body is now moving as if it has its own mind. You try to fight it but you can't win. Wanda’s magic makes you stand up and the knife floats to your hand, your hand now grip the handle so tight.
You are now standing in front of Chad and she is standing close behind you, his eyes rounded and horror is written all over his face. “No. No.” He tries to move his head but he can’t. His jaw is locking shut. His throat is freely exposed to you. “Wanda! What are you doing? Stop using your power on me!” You demand. “What’s wrong, y/n? I thought you like it when I use it on you?” Wanda whispered sarcastically.
You try to fight with every energy you have left. You grunt as you fight, trying to let go of the knife but you can’t. You feel like your body is frozen but still moving on its own. Wanda whispers again “I do hope you understand..that even now, what’s about to happen…this is me.being.reasonable.”
With that, your hand moves on its own so quickly, the sharp knife reaches his throat and quickly slices a deep cut on it. Just like that, Chad is gone. A loud thud appears to your hearing as you see his lifeless body fall onto the floor. For a few seconds, terrors took your voice. It bit back your scream. As the red tendrils no longer take control over your body, you drop the knife. You look at your shaky hands with Chad’s blood on it. Your instinct makes you quickly touch your face to wipe the splattered blood that lands on your face and all over you.
You scream your fear out on the top of your lungs. Your throat feels raw from screaming. You quickly move away from Wanda, the woman who you used to love. You run then tripped and you crawl backwards from her, trying to get away from her, for your life. “GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU MONSTER!” You try to throw everything you find to her. “Y/n! Stop! Y/N! STOP IT!” She yells at you as she walks towards you, following you.
“NO! NO! Please, don’t hurt me!” You cry. You are trapped now, your back touching the wall. “I won’t hurt you! I love you! I will never hurt you! I’m not a monster! I just love you too much, I don’t want to lose you, Y/N. Please...I can’t be without you.” Wanda falls on her knees in front of you, crying. She never wants to be a monster to you. All she wants is just to love you and make you happy.
“No, Wanda! You made me kill him! I don’t know you! I don't want you around me! Get out of my life!” You refuse frantically, you raise your arms, covering your face as your effort to protect yourself, that’s all you can think of in this traumatizing situation you are in.
“Then you leave me no choice, detka.” That’s all she can say after the painful view of you rejecting her, rejecting her wrong way of showing how much she loves you. Her eyes light up again and this time so are yours. This is her last resort to finally be with you, make you as hers and live the life she has been dreaming about.
You act differently in an instance. “Wanda? Wanda?” You turn your head to find her. “I’m right here, sweetheart.” She answers. You quickly go to her and hug her. She is no longer in her Scarlet Witch look. She look just like the usual Wanda, the woman that you love, your girlfriend. That’s what you have in your mind. She is your regular customer and she is your girlfriend.
“Are you okay? What happened? Where is Chad? He tried to kill you. We need to get the cops.” You ramble in panic and are so worried about her safety. “No need, y/n. He uh he’s gone. He couldn’t take the fact that we are back together again so he killed himself in front of us and you passed out. I took care of everything and already called the cops. We can go home later after they are done with everything, okay?” Wanda lays out the plot of another lie, the lies that you will never find out.
“Okay..okay..Oh my God! I’m just glad you are okay, Wanda. I love you!” You hug her tighter.
“I love you too, y/n. I love you too much.” She replies. Her eyes glowing as she reads deep in your mind to find names of people who are close with you, she can't let them close to you. The thought of it already made her jealous.
Because to her, you are hers only.
A/n: Welp, that's it for today. Please let me know what do you think about this. Reblog, comments and feedback are appreciated. Follow me for more! Thank you and see you in next! :)
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kram6496 · a day ago
Wanda searching Y/N’s mind…
Wanda: I will find out what you’re hiding about the multiverse.
Y/N: don’t go too deep!
Wanda: you can’t command me to-
Sees all of Y/N’s thoughts about Wanda’s beauty.
Wanda: I…uh…you’re pretty good looking yourself.
Y/N: you didn’t see the fantasy about you and me in the-
Wanda: I did. Wanna recreate it?
Tumblr media
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goodness-gaycious · 2 days ago
Wanda: you said I could talk to you about anything, right?
Y/N: uh huh
Wanda: so I feel sad, but I also feel like committing mass murder
Y/N: excUSE ME
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s1ut4milfssssss · a day ago
Being reasonable
Summary: Wanda has a Mommy kink;)
Tumblr media
All the sorcerer’s had their hands raised, holding up shields to stop Wanda from entering. You knew that you were stronger than most pf them but Stephen didn’t let you help, you were like his little sister and he didn’t want you to get hurt while fighting Wanda.
Instead, he put Wong in charge of you, made him promise that he’ll keep you safe while you watched them. Everything was going fine, until someone suddenly backed away from the fight, he screamed and ran, pushing everyone out of the way, making them lose focus on the shield.
“No!” You shouted as Wanda started attacking, making everything turned into chaos, energy surged through Kamar-Taj as she blow it into a million pieces.
You tried to run forward to help the fallen sorcerers but Wong wouldn’t let you, making you upset.
“Fall back!” Wong shouted as he held Wanda back with his powers, blocking her from entering the tower.
You knew that he couldn’t hold her off for long, you took one look at Stephen and saw him running with America, you needed to buy him time. You took a deep breath and flew up, leaving Wong yelling, asking you to return but you didn’t, instead, you charged at Wanda, throwing bursts of energy at her, making her growl.
Wanda wasted no time getting you in her arms, grabbing you tightly before you were able to flew back down to Wong. You screamed and kicked but she was too strong, all she did was chuckle at your failed attempts to hit her.
“Cute.” She said, before heading down to the now destroyed Kamar-Taj, dragging you along with her.
“Stephen, I have your little girl.” She laughed, “If you want her back I highly suggest that you brung me Ms. Chavez.”
Stephen then emerged from the tower, his head wielded down with shame, “I’m sorry y/n, I can’t let her take America.”
“Oh, did you hear that, y/n? He doesn’t want you back.”
Wanda shot Stephen a death glare before glancig at you, her eyes showed sympathy to you, even though she felt bad for you, she was glad that she got to keep you for a while.
“Well that’s a pity, I’ll be back Stephen, and the next time you see me, I won’t be reasonable.”
With that, she took off, with you trailing behind her like a lost puppy, the red restrains on your neck making it harder and harder for you to breathe. You cried for Stephen to help you but he didn’t budge, he only watched as you drifted further and further away from him, a sad expression plastered on his face.
You must have passed out after that because the next thing you knew, you were on a bed, with your hands and legs tied up. You couldn’t feel your limbs, the only thing you could feel was a soft hand tracing your lips. Your eyes shot open and looked around.
There, you saw Wanda smiling, she had a loving look in her eyes as her hand started to trail down your body, making you gasp.
“I’ll kill Stephen for leaving you behind.” She whispered, her eyes trailing down your stomach along with her hand.
You knew what she had meant by that but you didn’t understand why she cared about it so much. For god’s sake, she was supposed to kill you.
“Please don’t hurt me.”
“Oh darling, I would never… but do tell me if what I’m going to do hurts you.”
Before you could even comprehend what she was saying, you felt two fingers slowly being pushed into your pussy. You couldn’t hold back a moan as she started moving them, her delicate fingers working smoothly inside you.
“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I laid my eyes on you, darling, you’re awfully pretty. Did you know that?” She cooed as she started moving them faster, making you whine.
Her praises made you blush, something that she took note of mentally as she continued to fuck you mercilessly.
“M-more please?” You managed to get out, choking on a moan.
“You’re adorable, darling. Do you want more of Mommy’s fingers?”
You nodded your head and she gladly obliged, another finger entering your cunt, stretching your walls as it wrapped around her fingers tightly. You clenched around her fingers as she started thrusting into you harder and faster, your moans echoed the room as the sound of your wet pussy grew louder and louder.
A tight knot grew in your stomach, you knew that you were reaching your high. Just as you were about to come, Wanda slipped her fingers out of you. You whined at the empty feeling and looked at her with a frown.
“If you want to come, you’re going to have to work for it, sweetheart.” She chuckled, watching you get frustrated.
“Come sit on Mommy’s thigh.” She said as she got on to bed beside you, her legs spread out for you to sit on.
Wanda moved the hem of your dress as you sat down, your bare pussy on her thigh, making her moan at how wet you were.
“Go on, use Mommy’s thigh to come.”
You didn’t have to be told twice before you started grinding down on her, moving back and forth on her thigh, making an echo of moans erupt from you.
“H-Holy shit.”
You started to grind faster as you felt your orgasm coming closer, your pre come already soaking her entire leg.
“C-can I c-come Wanda?” You practically begged as you moved faster, the pleasure coursing through your body.
“Uh-uh, what’s my name, sweetheart?” She asked, her hands finding your hips, dragging you along her thigh at a quicker pace making you moan her name.
“Yes, baby?”
“Mommy I need to come, mommy please let me come?”
Wanda was satisfied enough with your begging and gave you a small tap on your waist, signalling for you to come. You wasted no time soaking her thigh with your juices as you came undone with a scream of her name.
“Good girl…” She praised as she helped you come down from your high, gently carrying you off her lap and onto the bed.
By now you were awfully exhuasted, your eyes could barely open anymore, the tiredness from coming so hard flowing through you. Wanda started removing your dress, changing them out with sweatpants and a shirt which was clearly too big for you.
“Is this a one time thing Wanda?” You whispered, rubbing your eyes as she cleaned you up.
“After you came so hard on my thigh, you think I’m going to let you go?” She chuckled softly, making you hum in response.
“Now, sweetheart, Stephen is going to be here any minute, why don’t you get some rest, okay?”
You nodded and closed your eyes, drifting back off to sleep as she tucked you in, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. When she was satisfied, she turned to leave the room, not wanting to disturb you.
“Poor Stephen, he’s not going to live to see you again…” She muttered, closing the door behind her.
To be continued
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wickedwandaa · a day ago
"I dont have a w.... husband.... or a wife"
Actual words that came out of Elizabeth's mouth
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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abimess · 3 days ago
The Proposal - Part 5
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Masterlist | Get notified of my next stories
Summary: Wanda Maximoff is the book editor of a North American multinational corporation. You, as her assistant, are obliged to do all her bidding. And that includes marrying her when the redhead is in danger of being deported back to Sokovia. But it's all good. After all, what could possibly go wrong?
Word count: 4.1119 || Pronouns: she/her
Warnings: fake dating, blackmail, nudity (no smut), swearing
You do NOT have permission to repost or translate my work on any platforms (even with credit)
Series Masterlist | Previews Part
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
After the day out with your family, Wanda and Yelena said goodbye to Natasha and Kate in town - because they both needed to work - and returned home.
The redhead tended to find your younger sister's company the most pleasant, but that was only because she didn't talk much. It is only when they are reaching the end of the wooden platform after getting off the speedboat that the blonde speaks again.
"That can't be a good sign." Yelena comments with a worried grimace and Wanda frowns, following the other's gaze with her own. A few feet away from the house, near the surrounding forest, is a sort of small open-air gym, and you punching a punching bag with all your might makes the redhead frown even more. "What's wrong?"
"Y/n was never much of a talker when it comes to her problems. Whenever something bad happened, she would come out here and start training." Yelena tells as they continue their way to the house, the gazes of the two never leaving your figure. 
"Oh..." That's all Wanda can manage to give as a reply, too busy taking note of the strange tightness in her chest. "Y/n!" The blonde next to her calls your name, and does so a few more times, but gets no response to either of them. 
"She won't hear us." Yelena concludes, and the redhead narrows her eyes so she can see the earphones you're wearing. "I... Shouldn't we go talk to her?" Wanda asks apprehensively, but the other shakes her head. "Better not, let's give her some time."
The redhead is not at all comfortable with the decision, her instinct screaming for her to go to you and ask what's going on. But she ignores it, and continues to follow your younger sister toward the front door.
"Did you see Y/n outside?" Yelena asks her father as soon as the two find him in the kitchen. When the man makes a confused face and shakes his head in denial, the blonde tells, "She's training."
"I told her to talk to your mother." Alexei confesses with a sigh, and as Yelena lets out a disgruntled exclamation, Wanda frowns in confusion.
"But don't worry about it, you must be tired from your day out. I'll take care of it." The man says with the best reassuring smile he can offer, and doesn't wait for confirmation from either of them before leaving the kitchen.
So Wanda and Yelena make their way toward the stairs, a million thoughts running through the redhead's mind until the blonde speaks again. "Don't worry about it, Wanda. Your fiancée is strong, she's been through worse."
"I know..." The book editor replies, although she has no idea what Yelena is talking about. But wanting to get away from that conversation - and her conflicting feelings - she puts a smile on her face. "Well, thanks for the day, Yelena, I had a great time."
"Me too, future sister-in-law, me too." The blonde says wholeheartedly as she pulls Wanda into a tight hug, who tries not to cough as your younger sister pats her back heavily. 
After the two pull away, Yelena is the one who goes up first, Wanda a few steps behind. Before she can get halfway up the stairs, however, muffled voices catch her attention. 
"What are you doing? I was reading this." Wanda hears your mother say, slightly irritated, but it doesn't even compare to your father's irritation when he asks, "Why is Y/n out there hitting that punching bag?"
"Maybe she's wanting to improve her form-"
"Melina!" The man cuts off his wife's mean-spirited banter. "What did you do?" he asks after a brief moment of silence, and Melina scoffs shortly thereafter. "Nothing! I just talked to her about her future-"
"My god, Melina, not again!" Alexei interrupts the woman again, exasperated, "If you keep this conversation up, you know when she'll come home again? Never!"
Your father's voice is sad and angry, and makes Wanda's heart heavy inside her chest. The couple continue arguing after that, but, deciding to pay heed to her own thoughts, the redhead finally heads upstairs.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
You are still seeing red from the rage, but with your muscles begging for a break, you need to stop. 
Panting, you make your way to your room, a scowl on your face as the earphones blare loud music in your ear, preventing you from noticing any sound around you.
You meet no one as you enter the room, and imagine that Wanda was still in town with your sisters. So you choose to take the strange feeling in your chest as relief, and walk to the balcony of the room. 
All you see is sea and sea, not a single living soul around. So you decide to get rid of your clothes right there, sighing softly in delight at the cool sea breeze on your sweaty body. 
Still wearing your earphones, you make your way back to your room, intending to take a long shower to soothe your aching muscles and racing mind. 
Completely oblivious to the fact that Wanda had, in fact, already arrived in the room before you did and that she was having a deadly fight with Fanny in the bathroom, to say that you were stunned by the redhead crashing into your body with full force was an understatement. And worse, also naked.
With the shock and the impact, you both end up on the floor, your eyes wide as you realize what was happening, your heart racing with the scene before your eyes and the feeling of your bodies pressed together.
You both scream at the same time, desperately pulling away from each other. 
"Why are you naked?!" Wanda asks as she crawls toward the bed, and you fight the shock to get up and fetch something to cover yourself with, ignoring her question as you ask yours. "Why are you wet?!" 
"Don't look at me!" The redhead exclaims in exasperation, ignoring your question as well, and you scoff as you open the wardrobe doors in search of a towel to cover yourself with. "I won't! What the hell is happening?!"
As she desperately curls up into one of the blankets, Wanda makes the terrible mistake of looking at you to answer, closing her eyes tightly immediately afterwards. "Oh, God, you're showing everything! Cover it up, for the love of God!"
"I'm trying to! But why the fuck are you wet?!" You retort, your mind spinning as you close yet another useless door, and the redhead grunts in irritation. "I just took a shower! Close your eyes!"
"How am I supposed to get something to cover myself with my eyes closed?!" You respond with angry irony, which only seems to make the woman more furious, as she immediately retorts between gritted teeth, "I don't care!"
To your luck, you finally find a towel, wrapping it around your body and covering yourself as best you can. "Done." You reply, turning to Wanda at last, and the redhead settles with difficulty on the bed, wrapped in a blanket and hair drenched.  
"Explain yourself, please!" She demands with irritation, and you scoff in disbelief. "Explain myself?! I was outside, you're the one who jumped me!"
"I didn't mean to jump you! The dog was attacking me and I ran away and I ran into you!" She defends herself clumsly in the same tone, and you immediately grimace. "What's up with you and that dog?"
"You know what? Just... Just go! Go take a shower, you stink." Wanda sends you away with an irritated motion of her hands, and you laugh through your nose before turning away. "Fine. Nice tattoo, by the way."
"What?" Wanda immediately brings her hand to the tattoo on her right rib, her irritation faltering slightly. But then you open the bathroom door, and Yelena's dog runs off toward the bedroom exit. "See?! You see that?!"
"Oh my god, yes! I barely made it out alive!" you retort in a fake tone of desperation, and Wanda clenches her jaw at your mockery. "I didn't-"
Her speech is cut off by you closing the bathroom door between you, leaving her alone in the room. And, grunting loudly in frustration, the redhead buries her face in the mattress.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
You and Wanda haven't exchanged a single word after the awkward naked moment.
And thanks to your fight with your mother earlier today, everyone believed that the silence that prevailed during the family dinner was due to the disagreements between you, so no one insisted on making conversation.
But the truth is that both you and Wanda didn't speak a single word because you were both too busy remembering the sight of one another's naked bodies, the feeling of having each other pressed against you...
The thoughts were hard to keep away, but at least in the kitchen, surrounded by people, you could manage. Now, however, alone in the bedroom and ready for bed, they came back easily. 
"I thought you were a natural redhead." You comment eventually, drumming your fingers on the blanket on your chest, and Wanda frowns in confusion. But then realization hits and the redhead's eyes widen, her face burning. "My god, Y/n! What kind of comment is that?!"
"I-I don't know! I'm sorry!" you defend yourself awkwardly, your cheeks and neck as red as the hair of the woman you can't see from the position you're in. 
Wanda doesn't say anything after that, and you decide that you've talked enough crap for the rest of your life. So you lie back against the layers of comforter that make up your mattress, and try to close your eyes to sleep. 
"I started to dye my hair when I moved to America." The redhead tells you just a minute later, however, and you snap your eyes open, frowning slightly as you straighten up to hear her better. "Why?"
"I wanted to be someone else, and to do that I had to look as little like who I was as possible." She answers, and you feel your heart beat differently for the twinge of sadness in her voice. "And the tattoo you saw, the flowers...they're for my family. I got them when I was 18, when my brother died. It was stupid, really..."
Wanda finishes her line with a weak embarrassed laugh, but you shake your head even though she can't see you. "No, I think it's a great tribute." You say honestly. "And I'm so sorry for your loss, Wanda. I'm sure they'd be proud of you now."
"Yeah, I hope so." The redhead says softly, and you had no way of knowing that she was smiling lovingly at your speech. So you let your thoughts flow as the minutes of silence stretched on, and only dared to speak again long minutes later. "Wanda?"
"Yes?" The redhead frowns at your hesitation, but before she can ask again, you speak. "Don't take this the wrong way, but... You're a very beautiful woman." 
"Thank you." She says shyly, her lower lip trapped between her teeth as she tries unsuccessfully to hold back a smile. "No problem." You say after clearing your throat, giving away your shyness as well, and Wanda feels her heart flutter in a dangerous way.
"Y/n?" She calls out before she can contain herself, and you humming for her to continue makes her stomach chill. But then the courage to confess anything at that moment goes away, and she swallows dryly before saying, "Goodnight."
"Goodnight, Wanda." You respond with a pang of hurt, thinking she doesn't want to talk to you. 
And the silence stretches on, and the doubts and insecurities continue until you manage to get back to sleep.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
“Room service!”
It's the first thing Wanda hears as soon as she wakes up, and she widens her eyes as she jumps up, sitting up in bed with difficulty as she tries to fight the sleep. 
"Breakfast for the happy couple!" Yelena's voice sounds just after Natasha's, and the redhead's heart beats so fast that she thinks she might have a heart attack at any moment now. 
"Y/n!" She shouts in a whisper, looking at your sleeping figure on the floor. But you don't even move, so she picks up one of the pillows and throws it at you. As soon as it hits your face, you snap your head up, looking around in utter confusion. 
"Your family's at the door, get up!"
"Shit." You grumble as you try to unwrap yourself from the covers to do as she told you. "Just a sec!" Wanda warns your sisters, and you grab the cluster of blankets and throw them over the bed to get rid of any evidence that you and Wanda weren't sleeping together this whole time. 
"No! Not the magic blanket!" She whispers irritably as she arranges the blankets on the mattress, tossing the patchwork quilt to the floor as you lie down beside her.
"Are you okay?" Natasha asks amidst a giggle, and you and Wanda awkwardly cuddle as a happy couple would, her head on your chest as your arms wrapped around her. "Y-yeah, sure! Come on in!"
The door opens the next moment, revealing Natasha, Yelena and your father, the first one with a breakfast tray in her hands. 
"You guys were putting on your clothes, right?" The blonde asks suggestively, switching her gaze between you and Wanda, and you both let out nervous giggles.
"Yelena!" Your father scolds, but the younger girl just shrugs. "It smells so good!" You say next to run away from the conversation, glancing at your older sister as she rests the tray on the dresser. "Nat, what are you doing here?" 
The redhead exchanges glances with her older sister and father before joining them at the front of the bed, and you look at her suspiciously before she begins to speak. "Well, we were talking, the whole family, and we were thinking-"
"We want you to get married here tomorrow!" your dad interrupts your sister's speech excitedly, and your expression immediately drops. "What?!" Wanda says almost desperately, but clears her throat before saying more naturally, "I mean, what?" 
"No, Dad, it's your birthday!" You try to argue, your heart already pounding in your ears, and Wanda nods vigorously in agreement. "Yeah, we don't want to steal the show."
"Oh, please! I've already had 59 birthday parties, I don't need another one!" Alexei quips humorously, and you and Wanda force anxious laughter, not knowing what to say. "It would be a dream come true for me to see one of my babies' weddings."
Your father speaks with emotion in his voice, but you and Wanda are already shaking your heads again, muttering your denials, so he adds, "Before I die."
"Okay! Sure!" You both confirm at the same time, giving in to the emotional blackmail. The three at the front of the bed celebrate, so you and Wanda force a celebration as well. 
"Great, we'll arrange everything, leave it to us." Yelena assures, and you hum in understanding. Your father gasps as an idea crosses his mind. "They can get married in the barn, like me and your mother!"
"So romantic!" Natasha agrees cheerfully, and your father is already turning to Wanda to explain, "It's a Romanoff family tradition!"
"Oh, wow! I've always wanted to get married in a... in a barn." The redhead says in the most convincing tone she can manage, but it's not much, so you quickly come to your future wife's rescue. "Me too!"
"It's a sign! From the universe that you're meant to be together." Your dad says with emotion, raising his hands high, and at that point you have already given up on having any peace during your day. 
"All right, Dad, but let's let them eat now, shall we?" Natasha comments humorously, patting the man on the shoulder, who nods slowly. But soon the two are back to discussing the details of the ceremony, and it is Yelena who hurries them out of the room.
"Enjoy your breakfast, lovebirds." The blonde wishes humorously, and after you and Wanda utter your goodbyes and thanks, she closes the door behind them. Once again alone, you allow yourself to take a deep breath in relief, but soon panic sets in. 
"My god... When my family finds out this is all a scam they're gonna kill me." You say, sitting up on the mattress with your hands clenched in front of your face. "Worse! My father is going to die! He has a heart condition, you know? And I'm sure he'll have a heart attack if-"
"Y/n. Calm down. They're not going to find out, okay? Relax." Wanda says gently, resting her hands on your shoulders in an attempt to reassure you. "It's not like we're gonna be married forever, we'll be happily divorced before you know it."
The banter makes you feel a little better, but the tension hasn't completely gone away yet. "Yeah...you're right." You agree distractedly, and Wanda wraps her arms around you, her chin resting on your shoulder. "You okay?"
"Mhm." You answer as you nod. Then you look at her, and you both take note not only of the closeness but also of the position in which you find yourselves. With red cheeks and awkward clearing of the throat, you pull away.
"Let's get some coffee." Wanda suggests, already getting up to pick up the tray, and you nod several times, trying to send the previous moment to the back of your mind.
"Sure... And yeah, you're right. We'll have a quick divorce, everything will be fine." You say, an assurance more to yourself than to the redhead, who hums in agreement as she brings the tray with breakfast to the bed.
"Absolutely." She agrees, sitting down next to you. "But this little missus better learn how to cook, so she can take care of her wife." She jokes while pouring coffee for the two of you. "Keep my woman happy, I don't want her leaving me for someone else.
"Come on, I haven't left you yet, Wanda." You joke back, laughing at her banter. But then you notice the redhead's sad expression, and frown in concern. "Are you okay?"
"Hm? I am, of course, mhm." She answers distractedly, forcing a smile to give more credibility to her words. But it doesn't work, and noticing that you still look at her with worry, she adds, "I just... I just need to go to the bathroom."
Before you can say anything, the redhead is getting up and walking to the aforementioned room, and you just sigh heavily, watching her go with a confused countenance.
As you quietly eat again, Wanda is sitting on the edge of the tub, taking deep breaths to try to get her mind back in place. 
This is a disaster, the book editor thinks to herself. Catching feelings was not in the plans and definitely should not happen. But shouldn't that be expected? Of course not, it's all fake. 
But the biggest doubt was actually where these feelings came from. Or rather, when. When they started to arise was a mystery to the redhead, and she retraces the events in an attempt to find a solution. But then her thoughts take her back to the day at the restaurant with Natasha, Yelena and Kate, and Wanda forces herself out of the bathroom with a curious expression.
"Why didn't you tell me about Kamar Taj's offer?" The redhead asks before she has even finished opening the door, and she finds you already standing, ending to change out of your pajamas and looking at her with confusion. "What?"
"Your sisters told me the day we went out together. Why didn't you tell me?" she asks again, crossing her arms in expectation of an answer, and you laugh through your nose. "Well, Wanda, that's not the kind of thing you tell your boss."
"Why didn't you accept it?" she insists, taking note of the way you avoid looking at her as you put some clothes in the drawer. You shrug. "It would pay less."
"I don't believe you." The redhead retorts, her eyes narrowing slightly at you, and you turn to her impatiently. "What do you want me to say, Wanda, that I like working for you?"
"You don't?" Wanda asks with her eyebrows raised in disbelief, and you feel your irritation grow. "I don't!" You exclaim, but quickly take a deep breath to pull yourself together. "Tell me, when was the last time you said good morning to me? Or wished me a good weekend when I got off work on Fridays?"
Your questions make the redhead's confident posture falter, and you let out a humorless laugh. "You make my life a living hell, Wanda, and the only reason I work for you is because I need it to get where I want to."
"Well, good thing that when I promote you to editor you won't have to see me hardly ever then." The redhead hits back, her jaw clenched to disguise her hurt, and you swallow dryly to disguise your own as you nod in agreement. "Yeah, good thing."
Wanda scoffs irritably, turning away from you. You have no idea that she did it to hide her watering eyes, and you also don't quite know how long you'll be able to sustain being around her without saying things you shouldn't. 
So you simply leave the room, and try not to be bothered when the redhead doesn't call out to you.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
You didn't know exactly where to go after you left the room like that, and your sisters and father were nowhere to be found, probably taking care of your wedding the next day. 
So you just walk around the property area, trying to get your thoughts in place while all that pops into your mind is Wanda. After several minutes, you hear your mother calling you.
"I want to talk to you." She says as soon as you look at her, and her expression is so serious that you find it best to follow her without question. In silence, you walk to her laboratory.
"Your dad is never to hear about any of this." She warns, her hand on the open door handle, and you look at her with your eyebrows frowning in confusion before you enter the place. 
As soon as you do, you face a smiling figure, the funny goatee framing his face. "Told you I'd check up on you."
"What did you do?" You ask your mother as she walks past you, stopping beside Stephen. "I got a phone call from Mr. Strange here, who told me that if you were lying, and he strongly believes that you are, he would send you to prison. So I flew him up here."
"Mom..." You speak with a huff, closing your eyes tightly, but soon the government agent is stepping forward. "Luckily for you, your mother negotiated a deal on your behalf." He tells you, and you look at Melina in confusion before looking at him again. 
"Now, this offer is only gonna last for 20 seconds, so listen closely." Strange speaks seriously, his eyes fixed on yours. "You're gonna make a statement admitting this marriage is a sham and everything will be fine. You're off the hook and Miss Maximoff is gonna go back to Sokovia."
The proposition makes you clench your jaw, holding the man's gaze almost irritably. Your mother, a few steps away, sighs. "Come on, Y/n, take the deal."
"I don't think so." You reply without looking at her, your eyes locked on Strange and the small victorious smile he carries on his lips. Your mother puts her hands on her waist impatiently. "Y/n, don't be stupid-"
"Here's your statement, Mr. Strange," You interrupt your mother, and wait for the man to grab the recorder from his jacket pocket to continue speaking, "I've been working for Wanda Maximoff for three years. Six months ago we started dating, we fell in love. I asked her to marry me, she said 'yes'. End of my statement."
Your answer pleases neither Strange nor your mother, but you couldn't care less. "I'll see you at the wedding." You say to Melina, glaring at her for another second before turning your back and walking away.
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
And that's it! Hope you liked what happened in this chapter, feel free to share your thoughts and theories for what happens next!
Part 6
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Multiverse Of Madness spoilers!!! Sorry!!!
Tumblr media
And I thought that was hot
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Tumblr media
"That doesn't seem fair..."
IG: mintysarts
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Third Wheel
Wandnat x Reader
Word Count: 2704
Warnings: Angst w/ happy ending
Requested by:@tightrope-mindsets
Summary: Wanda and Natasha are in a relationship that everyone knows about. However no one knows that you are also in that relationship. You were fine not being in the public eye, but overtime it starts to get to you. Everything comes to heads at one of Tony's New Year's Eve parties.
An: I may have tweaked the idea a little but I hope you still like it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanda and Natasha loved each other. It was common knowledge to everyone around them. The two women almost drowned each other in affection every chance they got.
They were always touching each other. Physical touch was their primary love language. Always kissing, always holding one another, always attached at the hip.
It was adorable, as no one else seemed to bring out that side of the women. At least to the public's knowledge, that is.
There was another member of their relationship not known to anyone. Y/n L/n, one of Tony Stark's many assistants.
Both women took an immediate interest in Y/n the first time they laid their eyes on her. From that day moving forward they would always flirt with the girl. They had taken pride in being able to make a blush cross her face.
Soon the flirting transpired into a few dates, and before she knew it they had asked Y/n to join the relationship. The woman was hesitant at first, afraid of what the public would think.
Natasha and Wanda assured the woman that they didn't have to tell the public about their relationship. They knew that if the press caught wind of the relationship, that Y/n could be put in danger, so keeping it a secret was the smartest thing to do.
While the sneaking around was fun in the beginning, it began to take a toll on Y/n. Watching Natasha and Wanda be affectionate with each other in public and not being a part of it was sparking an insecurity inside of Y/n.
The insecurity used to go away the instant that the two heroes got her alone. They'd shower her in that same affection; holding her hand, kissing her forehead, playing with her hair. It was all fine when it was just the three of them.
Lately things have been different. The insecurity doesn't disappear anymore. Now, Y/n questions if these moments they have are real. She feels like they don't love her like they love each other, and it's eating her alive.
It, to the point where every touch makes her feel dirty. As if she is just there to add excitement to an already beautiful relationship. Y/n feels like a randomly selected third, rather than a girlfriend.
She didn't voice this to the women, scared of losing them, despite her feelings. She was waiting for the moment that they noticed what she felt or even the moment where they got tired of hiding, but it never seemed to come.
Tony's New Year's Eve party was the perfect moment to change that. Natasha and Wanda had left earlier, while Y/n stayed behind. Y/n wanted to look so good that they couldn't possibly resist her.
Her natural hair pattern abandoned for the night as she curled her hair. Her face which was usually bare of makeup was fully coated. She had splurged on diamond accessories for this occasion. The outfit she settled on was an elaborate jumpsuit. Between the almost sheer material and plunging neckline, she would gather a lot of attention.
Hopefully, some of that attention would be by the women she was so desperately in love with.
Part of her was self-conscious about the way she looked. It was definitely a little out of her comfort zone. Before leaving for Tony's she gave her a once over in the mirror.
She almost took her own breath away. The woman in the mirror was almost foreign to her. A small smile formed on her face," Well, don't we clean up nice."
With a nod of approval from herself, she was on the way to Tony's.
When Y/n she wasn't surprised to see an abundance of strangers with a few familiar faces scattered here and there. This was of course a Tony Stark party.
" Hello there, beautiful maiden. Don't be alarmed by my good looks and intoxicating voice, it is just I, the one and only Thor Odinson. Have you heard of me?"
Y/n laughed out loud as she turned to fully face the god of thunder," Is that how you pick up women?"
Thor furrows his brow before finally recognizing her," Y/n? I did not recognize you. You look amazing."
She smiles sweetly as she observes a bashful blush appear on Thor's cheeks," Thank you, Thor."
He scratches the back of his neck," Well since I have thoroughly embarrassed myself I will take my leave. I hope to see you around sometime, Y/n."
Now Y/n was certain she could get the attention of her girlfriends. If the first person to flirt with her at the party was a literal god, then she should have no problem getting Natasha and Wanda's attention.
Parties in general weren't really her thing, so Y/n made a beeline to the bar. What she didn't notice was how the crowd of people were making a way for her.
Once they got a glimpse, they couldn't stop staring. So as the woman took a seat at the bar it was as if a line of suitors appeared out of nowhere, all waiting to talk to her.
Y/n was attracting so much attention that Tony came over to see what the fuss was about. He took a seat next to you at the bar.
" Well, you seem to be stealing the show tonight."
Y/n rolled her eyes, thinking this was another man that she would have to turn down. When she saw her boss, she let out a sigh of relief," Hi Mr. Stark."
Even Tony himself seemed taken aback for a moment," Y/n? Holy shit, you look amazing."
" Thanks Mr. Stark"
He looks at the crowd and then at his assistant," If you want, I could move you to a more secluded area, so they won't bother you. It's maybe about 50 people, which is way better than the hundreds down here."
Y/n nodded her head and eagerly took Tony's hand. He led her to a rooftop area that was still filled with people by way less than downstairs.
It was there that she was finally able to spot Wanda and Natasha. They were laughing at some joke Clint was telling. Natasha's hand was resting on Wanda's lower back as laughter shook their body.
" Better?"
" Much better, thank you, Mr.Stark."
He speaks up as he walks away from you," It's just Tony, Y/n. Make sure you enjoy yourself."
Y/n gives him a lazy salute before making her way to a less crowded bar once again. She orders a drink to sip on as she watches her girlfriends have the night of their life.
" Mind if I sit," Y/n looks to the right to see a beautiful blonde woman standing next to her.
" Go ahead."
The blonde orders a whiskey on the rocks before turning attention back to Y/n.
" This may be really forward of me, but can I just say that you look breathtakingly beautiful."
Y/n faces the woman," I've never heard that sentiment shared as many times as I've had tonight. It's starting to inflate my ego."
" A woman like you should have a big ego. I'm Carol, by the way."
Y/n's eyes go wide," Carol Danvers? As in Captain Marvel."
She chuckles," In the flesh. What about your name, beautiful?"
" Y/n, and it sucks to have to say this to you of all people, but I am in a relationship."
Carol gives a small smile, " There was only a slim chance that someone look like you would not be single. Can I ask you something Y/n?"
The assistant gives Carol a nod, waiting for the question.
" If you aren't single, then who is the asshole that's got you looking so lonely tonight?"
The woman takes a sip of her drink before sighing," It's a little complicated."
" I've got time."
Y/n found herself telling Carol everything. Maybe it was alcohol or maybe the genuine interest that Carol showed in her, but it all came spilling out of her mouth.
When she looked over to Wanda and Natasha this time, they were swaying together on the dance floor. They looked like the perfect couple.
" It sounds to me like they aren't treating you the way you deserve to be treated."
" They haven't even looked at me all night," Y/n's shoulder slump.
" What if we made them look?" Carol stands from her seat abruptly, extending her hand.
" I feel like you just want to dance with me?"
Carol shrugs her shoulders," Maybe I do, but I understand boundaries."
Y/n takes her hand and Carol guides her to the dance floor. That's when she felt eyes on them.
" Is it me or does it feel like everyone is looking at us?"
Carol leans down to whisper in her ear," That's because they are, and I do mean everyone."
Carol and Y/n sway to the song. Neither of them are musically inclined, but they're having fun. As the song comes to an end, Carol spins Y/n out and then back in. When Y/n ends up with her back against Carol's front, a blush appears on her face. It was impossible to ignore Carol's strong arms around her waist.
A laugh escapes the both of them as Carol lets the girl go.
Before either of them speak, they are approached by Wanda and Natasha.
" Carol, Y/n it's nice to see you both," it's then that Wanda lets her eyes rake over Y/n's body.
" You look amazing, Y/n," Natasha licks her bottom lip.
" Thanks," Y/n says with her eyes glued to the floor.
As they fall into easy conversation with Carol, their hands link together. Y/n's gaze focuses on their hands, and she is instantly brought back to reality.
" Um, I'm going to go to the restroom. Thank you for the dance, Carol. Hopefully we'll see each other again," Y/n gave her a polite smile before heading to the restroom.
While on the outside, she looked normal. The woman felt nauseous. As soon as she was in the bathroom, she ran into a stall. The drink along with the other contents of your stomach were being violently excommunicated from your body.
Y/n didn't see who it was, but someone else entered the stall and held your hair back. They were also rubbing soothing circles around her back.
" Oh, you poor thing. You're going to be ok, sweetheart."
When there was nothing left to throw up, Y/n removed her face from the toilet.
" How are you feeling?"
When Y/n finally glanced at the woman helping her, she felt some relief.
" I feel like shit to be honest, Pepper," Y/n says, while her head rests on the wall of the stall.
" I almost didn't recognize you, Y/n. I can take you home if you aren't feeling well," concern was splayed all over the woman's face.
" I'm fine, Pepper, but thanks."
Y/n stands on wobbly legs, almost falling over in the process. Pepper holds onto the woman, steadying her. She gives Y/n a pointed look.
" I just want to see the ball drop, Pep, please."
Pepper reluctantly nods," Fine, but after the ball drops I'm taking you home."
Y/n rinses her mouth before leaving the restroom with Pepper in tow. The blonde offers Y/n a mint, which she gratefully accepts.
As the final countdown begins, Y/n looks at Pepper," You aren't going to find Tony?"
" He always finds me at the last second. It's kind of our thing."
Everyone is counting down the final 5 seconds. Y/n spots Wanda and Natasha staring into each other's eyes. She can see them whisper their 'I love yous'. When the countdown reaches 1 they're already kissing. Holding each other like they're the only people that exist.
With a glance to her side, Y/n can see Tony in his suit fly up in the air with Pepper. He kisses her right there. Even the playboy billionaire shows off his one and only girl to a room full of strangers.
It's in that moment that Y/n feels her heart collapse into itself. A single tear slid down her face and she wiped at it ferociously.
When the cheering is over and Tony sits Pepper back down, Y/n asks the blonde to take her home. Without hesitation, Pepper obliged.
The woman offered to walk Y/n in, but she says she'll be ok. Pepper waits for Y/n to get in the house before driving back to the party.
The funny thing was, that Y/n didn't even really stay at this place anymore. She lived with Natasha and Wanda for the most part, but it would be weird to ask Pepper to take her there. Luckily, Y/n kept her place just in case, but it had been months since she actively lived there.
Maybe this was a sign.
The woman peeled herself out of the jumpsuit, took off all her accessories, and wiped the makeup from her face. She stared at herself in the mirror, this time a smile nowhere to be found.
She took a shower and then got into her bed. She curled into herself and finally let herself cry.
Y/n had no idea when she fell asleep or what time it was when she heard a banging on her door, accompanied by the sound of the bell ringing.
She pulled herself out of bed and trudged towards the door. When she opened the door, Natasha and Wanda stood on her porch.
" We've been looking everywhere for you, baby," Natasha reaches for her, but Y/n flinches.
The woman walks back to her room, leaving Wanda and Nat on the porch. The pair share a glance at each other before entering the house.
"What's wrong malyshka?"
Wanda sits at the edge of the bed, giving Y/n space. Natasha stood behind her.
" I- I don't think I can do this anymore," Y/n's voice was barely above a whisper.
" What do you mean?" Natasha tries to catch Y/n's eyes, but the girl avoids her gaze.
" I feel like a third wheel in my own relationship. You two get to parade each other around and I get to watch from the sideline. You get to hold hands, kiss each other, dance together without a care in the world. It's hard to watch, knowing that I don't get to do that."
Natasha speaks first," Y/n, we want to do all of those things with you. I'm sorry if our actions have said anything different."
Wanda adds," We love you. We want to be with you and if you're ready to take it public we are too."
" Really?"
Natasha nods," Yes, I never want you to feel like that again. We are proud to be your girlfriend's, and we don't care who knows."
Wanda grabs one of Y/n's hands," Please give us another chance, malyshka."
Y/n can't help herself as she surges forward to meet Wanda's lips in a sweet kiss. Wanda holds her close, not wanting to let the girl go.
It's not until Natasha sits on Y/n's other side and pulls the girl out of witches arms into her own, that Wanda releases her.
Natasha slams her lips against Y/n's who instantly moans at the contact. Natasha chuckles into the kiss, and then bites the woman's lip, before breaking the kiss.
" I can't wait until the world knows that you're ours," Wanda wraps her arms around your waist from behind, making you lay on the bed.
Natasha wraps her arms around your front side, so you're sandwiched between the two women.
It wasn't long before you fell asleep. When you did, Wanda snapped a picture of the three of you in bed. She posted it on every form of social media she had, with the caption simply being 'my loves'.
Everyone knew, and they'd all have their opinions, but that didn't matter to either of the heroes. They only cared about making sure that Y/n never felt left out again.
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smalls-words · a day ago
Summary: Wanda has always wanted to be a mom, whilst you have had your doubts.
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Widow!Reader
Genre: Angst, little bit of fluff at the end
Warnings: Scaring Wanda with a gun, early stages of pregnancy, being a mom, gender reveal parties, doing something you shouldn’t have (i suck at warnings without spoiling stuff)
Requested: yes/NO
Words: 3,448
A/N: This was written on the fact that I don’t have a great relationship with my mother (she is NOT my mom, that’s for sure) and I’m personally terrified of being a mom. I know I don’t have to be pregnant (which is another fear of mine) but I do like the idea of having children. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk :)
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
Ever since you became a SHIELD agent beside Natasha, you knew what could happen in your personal life. If you had a partner, enemies could try to use them as leverage, so you closed yourself off romantically. Similarly, children were a no-go, without question.
Which made you slightly glad you had graduated in the Red Room. Yes, the torture, the chemical subjugation and the psychological conditioning was traumatic and filled your nightmares, but you didn’t have to worry about having children, having a weakness. It made everything easier, especially the killing. 
But, your abstinence of love came to an end when you met Wanda Maximoff. You were on a mission in the Bahamas whilst the whole Sokovia deal went down, which meant that when you returned, you were surprised to see a new addition to the team. Vision was there too, but you didn’t really pay much attention to him.
Instead, you wondered why nobody was talking to this sweet-looking and obviously saddened woman. She was about your age and you had come to introduce yourself once, but the look on her face confused you.
“I’m Agent L/N, but you can call me Y/N. What’s your name?”
She looked up at you and muttered her name softly. “Wanda. Wanda Maximoff.” 
“It’s nice to meet you, Wanda. Do you want to watch a movie?” You offered as you scanned through the kitchen for a snack. 
You took her silence as a yes and began to pull out some popcorn and other sweets before you saw a red wisp come past and grab a bag of candy. You watched, mesmerised, as it floated back to Wanda and her eyes held that similar glow.
“Do it again.” You blurted out, surprised by your own words. 
“I’m sorry?” Wanda asked and you quickly threw the popcorn packet at her, her magic stopping it from hitting her in the face.
“Whoa.” You chuckled, creeping up next to it with complete fascination in your eyes.
“Y-You like it?” 
You looked up at Wanda. “Like it? It looks amazing! This is so cool!” You brushed your hands through the wisps, watching them break and reform when your hand moved far enough away.
“It tickles.” You snickered, watching Wanda’s eyes drop to her candy.
Your smile faded as she picked one out, only for it to grow back as she offered it to you. You opened your mouth and she placed it on your tongue, watching you taste it and hum happily.
“Careful now, Maximoff. I might just start liking your sweets a bit too much.” You smirked, grabbing her hand before you dragged her to the movie room. 
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
That was four years ago. It took a while, but Wanda eventually confessed her love for you, only for you to say it back instantly with a kiss. Now, you lived in your own apartment that wasn’t too far from the Avengers Compound so you could still do missions. 
It was a busy day at work and you had just come home, exhausted. Training recruits was a mess when every one of them had poor stance or technique, making you have to save a couple of them from breaking their necks or snapping another’s. 
“Wands? I’m home.” You called out, placing your bag down in the kitchen to see dinner cooked and sitting idly in pots and pans. 
But no Wanda. 
“Honey?!” You called again, this time with more urgency. 
You swept through the house with your gun by your side and saw a light on - your bedroom. You heard muffled cries and instantly pulled your gun up into your sights, creeping silently around the bathroom door before stepping out to aim the gun at the back of Wanda’s head.
She shrieked and spun to face you, eyes wide with fear. You threw the gun to the ground and swept her into your arms, calming her down. 
“Shh, my love. It’s okay, I just thought someone had taken you. It’s alright, I’m here.” You cooed, running your fingers through her hair as she caught her breath.
“Don’t you do that ever again, you hear me?” She scolded you lightly whilst she hugged you, your eyes opening to see a white stick turned upside down on the bathroom counter.
“Wanda… what is that?”
She pulled away from you and fiddled with the rings on her fingers. “I’m late.” 
Your eyes widened. You two hadn’t been trying, but you knew being a mother was a part of Wanda’s future, whether you liked it or not. Of course, you had supported her decision, but you always had a nagging voice in the back of your head. 
“M-My rose, how much time left?”
She pulled her phone out of her pocket and showed you the timer. 20 seconds. You took a few deep breaths with her and watched the timer stop, spinning Wanda around so she could pick up the stick whilst being held by you. 
Two lines. 
Wanda placed the stick down and clasped a hand over her mouth, looking at you in the mirror. You were still looking at the stick and her magic brought your eyes to the mirror, seeing her teary expression of happiness.
“I’m gonna be a mom.” She whispered, shocked. 
“You’re gonna be a mom, my love.” You smirked softly, kissing her cheek as she looked down at the test. 
“I’m gonna be a mom!” 
She spun around and kissed you feverishly, to which you could taste the salty tears within her lips. You pulled away and she looked confused, but you simply brushed away a few stray hairs before you cupped her cheeks.
“We’re gonna be moms.” You smiled with a whisper, hiding your insecurity deep within your fortified mind. 
She grinned at you and kissed you again before shoving you into the shower, cleaning you quickly so that you could call everyone you wanted to call. 
And you knew you were running out of time to tell her. 
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
You sat patiently in the nurse’s office whilst Wanda lifted her shirt to expose her stomach, shivering at the cold gel the nurse put on. The ultrasound whirred to life and you simply stared at the screen, confused by the whole contraption. 
“Wanda, would you like to meet your child?” The nurse turned to show her the screen, the outline of a growing baby. 
She chuffed out in shock and looked up at you, but your eyes were still trained on the screen. Suddenly, the nurse began to move the wand over on the witch’s stomach and gasped. 
“I should say children. You’re having twins! Congratulations!” 
You and Wanda made eye contact before she kissed you softly, happiness flooding her whilst the nurse cleaned her stomach of gel and dismissed you both. You had both planned to have a gender reveal at the Avengers Compound and the nurse sent the results to Natasha, the only person you really trusted with that information. 
The drive back home was quiet as you both processed this new information. Not only was Wanda healthily pregnant, but she had two babies growing inside of her. Two. One you could handle, but two? It seemed like a lot of work.
Your insecurity inched closer to the front of your mind. 
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
You stood in the compound with a can of soda in your hand. Two boys. Everyone was elated and Wanda was distracted enough by all of the congratulations that you had slipped away into the kitchen. You could feel your breathing getting shorter and you closed your eyes, doing what your therapist had taught you - slow, deep breaths.
It wasn’t until you felt a hand on your shoulder that you opened your eyes, seeing Natasha stand next to you.
“Congratulations.” She muttered, leaning against the counter as she watched you.
“Natasha, can I tell you something?” You asked, afraid that you would be judged.
She nodded silently, waiting patiently for you to speak. Your mouth opened and closed, huffs of air coming out as you couldn’t put your thoughts into words.
“You don’t know if you want to be a mom.” Natasha answered for you, watching your body tense up before it relaxed.
“You knew? Of course you knew, you’re Natasha freaking Romanoff.” You slapped your palm into your face, sitting down on the couch chair before she sat opposite you and put her glass of wine down.
“Y/N, you are a brilliant woman. You excelled in every aspect of your life and you were sure of every decision you made, including marrying Wanda. Why are you so hesitant now?”
“I… I don’t know, Natasha.” You sighed, putting your head in your hands.
“I love her, I really do, but I just don’t know. I don’t know if I can handle one kid, let alone two. What do I teach them? How can I be a mom when I didn’t even have one of my own? She moulded me into the perfect assassin, almost as perfect as you. I just…”
Natasha sighed and moved towards you, sitting on the arm of the chair before her hand fell onto the middle of your back. “Look, I think you need to talk to Wanda. Maybe take a few days off, have a chat with her and you’ll figure it out. She’s perfect for you and you can’t let her go, Y/N.” 
You nodded as you sniffled and dried away your tears. You stood and turned to the Widow who held a plain look on her face. 
“I’ll talk to her tonight. For now, we celebrate.”
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
You sat nervously in Wanda’s room, holding onto the small ultrasound image of your twin boys. You smiled softly and fiddled with the edge of the photo before you heard a knock at the door, your head turning to see your beautiful wife standing in the frame.
“Tired?” You asked, opening the sheets next to you.
She nodded and came underneath before holding onto your waist, looking at the image with complete love. “I’ve already started thinking of names.” 
You hummed, waiting to hear them. She told you a few and you liked them all, unable to choose since your mind wasn’t really in the conversation. It wandered as you thought about how you’d tell her, still hidden behind the shield in your mind. 
You hated hiding things from her, but this was very much a ‘you’ thing. You knew Wanda wouldn’t give them away; this has been her dream since she moved in with the Avengers. You sniffled quietly as a few tears fell to your eye, not going unnoticed by Wanda.
“Hey… why the tears, my love?” She asked you softly, brushing them away with the pad of her thumb. 
“Just… emotional. And you’re the pregnant one.” You scoffed lightly, kissing her plump lips as she leaned into you. 
“How about we go to sleep?” She offered, wrapping you in her arms.
She watched as you tensed, pulling away slowly as she registered the battling look in your eyes. “Y/N… show me your thoughts.” 
You looked up at her and her furrowed brows, shaking your head lightly as you scoffed. “Wanda, it’s not something for you.” 
“Like hell it isn’t. Show me them, Y/N, now.” She lifted her palm towards your head but you rolled off of the bed before it could reach.
“Wanda, it’s my mind.” You barked. 
“And you’re my wife. Tell me what is troubling you or I will force my way in.” She growled, her eyes now glowing. 
You felt annoyance drip through your thoughts. This was something you had to figure out, alone - why couldn’t she understand that?
“You’re forcing my hand here, detka (baby). I don’t want to hurt you, but I’ve trained you on how to keep a telepath at bay, so I have no doubt your mind is fortified.” 
“Really? You’re using that pet name?” You huffed, only to realise what information you had spilled.
Her eyes stopped glowing as she looked at you. “Is this… Do you not want to be a mother? Y/N, I’m too far along to have an abortion and I’m not giving them up. I want to be a mom.” 
You looked up at her before you turned away, your voice quiet. “You could’ve asked me before you magicked them into your belly.” 
She whipped your head around with her magic and you were forced to look her in the eye. “Y/N, do you or do you not want to be a mom?”
“Wanda, it’s not that simple!” You pushed her backwards lightly, but she stumbled onto the bed as shock filled you.
“No… Wanda, please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”
“Get out.” She spoke quietly, making you all the more terrified.
“Wanda, please-”
The door opened behind you and her magic picked you up before you were thrown like a ragdoll into the empty hallway, something you were thankful for, whilst your head hit violently against the wall. In a daze, you looked up and saw a slight glimmer of guilt before Wanda’s door closed, shutting you out. 
You stood and shuffled towards her door, pressing your forehead against it like you should have done with her palm. 
“Honey, please…” You whimpered.
Natasha was right. Wanda was perfect for you and you couldn’t lose her, even if your stupidity had probably just done that. 
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
It had been three days since you talked to Wanda. You’d seen her throughout the compound, smiling and chatting whilst she would do some light exercise with Clint or Natasha. However, every time you came into the room, she would briefly say goodbye before leaving. 
“She’s a stubborn one, that’s for sure.” Natasha smirked as you walked over to her by the ring, sweat dripping down her shoulders that you threw a towel at.
“Cover up before your fiancé gets jealous.” You grumbled, waving at Maria from across the gym. 
“Somebody’s a sour-puss. What, you miss your wifey?” 
You glared at Natasha and she shook her head whilst chuckling. “You know I’m just teasing you. You should corner her somehow, then explain your absolutely shitty thought that you’d be a crappy mom.” 
Suddenly, an idea appeared in your mind and you snatched onto it before hiding it within your fortress. Natasha watched as it folded out into a plan on your face, even if nobody else could read it.
You walked out of the gym and echoed out the thought that you hated being in the upcoming corridor on your left, knowing that Wanda would go right. After a few minutes, you did the same, but sent her left instead of right.
By the time you were done, you had cornered her in the hallway that you shared, with your room on the left and hers on the right, even if you hadn’t been in yours for ages. You watched as she walked into her room, leaving the door open without another thought, and you snuck inside before closing it quietly.
She started to undress and your eyes widened before you cleared your throat. She spun quickly to see you with your eyes closed, something she remembered from the early stages of your relationship. 
“Wanda, please, let me explain.” You started, but you didn’t see the anger on her face.
“Open those annoyingly beautiful eyes and look at me when you speak.” 
You hid the smile that came from the angered compliment and opened them slowly, watching her calm slightly at the sight of them. You knew she would look at them forever if she wanted to, simply enamoured by your beauty.
“You wanna explain? Which part? The part where you were going to skip town when I had the boys? Or the part where you touched me in a way you said you would never do?” 
You could see the tears in her eyes as she stood in front of you, your guilt filling your mind. You remembered that promise, to never hurt her like HYDRA did, to never touch her in any way short of lovingly. 
“Well? Speak!” She huffed, and you heard the sad tone hidden behind the anger.
You took one step closer to her until her chest was against yours and you cupped her cheek softly, bringing her nose to yours. 
“I will never leave you. Not in a million years.” You sealed that promise, keeping it locked in your heart.
“Then why don’t you want to be a mom?” She sniffled, not able to hold it back anymore. 
You sighed and let your thumbs dance along her skin before the words came to you. “A person worthy of the devil’s praise should not be having a child with the most pure soul in the multiverse.” 
She watched you pause before you hugged her tightly, pulling her ear towards your lips. “I’m terrified, my love. I’m terrified they will be broken, just as I am, and I’m terrified I will not be enough for you or for them.” 
You felt her body jolt with shock before you pulled away, giving her a brief kiss on the forehead as you moved to leave. You knew, in your heart, that Wanda deserved better than you, that she deserved someone who wasn’t scared of parenthood. 
So if leaving her was the best choice, then so be it.
But you felt something tighten around your waist and looked down, a thin wisp of red curled around you before you were pulled back. You were spun into the arms of your wife who kissed you passionately, holding you tightly by the hips as her body pressed against yours, reaching and stretching your shirt before she pulled away to breathe.
“I do not deserve better than you, Y/N, because you are the best for me. I want you, and I have wanted you for so long. Why do you think I put a ring on that bloody finger of yours, hm?” She asked, watching as tears pricked your eyes whilst her vision became blurry.
“You showed me that love came in many forms before it became romantic. The act of giving, of assuring, of touching, of doing, you showed me that before you even kissed me. Even if I married Vision, I know you would stick around and be here because you are the one who said those magic words first.” 
You blushed softly and she cupped your cheeks, kissing you oh so softly now. She simply loved the feeling of you against her, in every way imaginable, even if it was something as small as your lips. 
“You would never marry that toaster. I’d forbid it.” You grumbled, nestling into her neck as she laughed heartily.
“Oh, really?” 
“Mhmm. I’d object at the ceremony before I’d pull you down the aisle, and even if I didn’t object, I’d steal you within the cover of darkness.” 
She snickered softly before she pulled you into a comforting hug, the kind that got you hooked on the drug that was Wanda Maximoff. 
“Now…” She pulled away, letting her fingers delve through your hair like it was second nature; and it was.
“Are you ready to be a mom with me?”
You stiffened slightly but the light touch on your jaws made you nod softly. “I have nine months to get over this fear and to show you that I won’t leave.”
She grinned and curved herself into you, hooking her arms around your neck as she lightly hung there, simply being with you. She nuzzled into your neck and you sighed, breathing in her coconut shampoo whilst your hands moved to her belly. She smiled against your skin as she felt you kneel down in front of her, lifting her shirt to show her slight belly bump. 
You caressed it slowly, like you were admiring the smoothness of an eroded stone, and kissed her skin. “Mama loves you, boys, no matter what. Mama won’t run away from Mom, not in a million years.” 
“You can definitely try, but you won’t get far.” Wanda smirked, making your eyes stay on her even as you stood.
“Let’s get you some rest. I fear that with two of them, you will not have it for much longer.” 
She sighed into you as you picked her up by her thighs, laying her down in the bed before you crawled in beside her. Your shoulder became her pillow and her stomach became your hand’s resting place, brushing just underneath the hem with your thumb.
“I love you, Wanda.” You kissed her temple.
“I love you too, Y/N.” She murmured against your shirt, kissing it softly before you both fell asleep.
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Just One Reason (Chapter 1)
Just One Reason 
Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader  
 Summary: Y/N has been working hard as a criminal investigator and always comes home to their lover Nat. When they come home tonight, however, something is different. 
 Warnings: Cheating, implied sexual interactions, swearing, lots of implications to abuse, murder, blood/gore, PTSD, anxiety attacks, alcohol (stay safe loves <3) 
 A/N: This is a three parter so bare with me. First time writing a fic in a while and first time ever on tumblr so please be nice (: 
PS: Italics mean flashbacks, bolded italics are thoughts
Word Count: 5.4k words 
 You and Natasha had met in your early years of college, she was studying “foreign policies” and you were enthralled with the criminal justice department. It didn’t take long for the two of you to develop feelings for each other after that fateful night.  
You were drunk. No, damn it, you were really drunk. You felt the hands of your friend Kate Bishop keeping you steady. In a poor attempt to shove her way, you grumbled at her in a rough way, dipping your shoulder out of her grasp. You could faintly hear her sigh. She was your designated driver for the night, as everyone knew you were the heavy drinker of the bunch. When a second pair of hands found their way on both your shoulders, practically pulling you to your feet, you looked up, expecting to see Kate’s friend Yelena to be there, but instead were utterly shocked to find a goddess in front of you. Or, at least, you thought it was a goddess. She had long, red hair with fading blonde tips, all pulled into a tight braid. And those damned green eyes that bore holes through your face and you found yourself shrinking back.  
“Don’t throw up on me,” was all she grunted to you as she dragged you through the crowded living room of the frat house. Bringing you into the kitchen, she forced some water down your throat and waited for a reaction out of you. You were too dazed from both the alcohol and the beautiful woman in front of you to respond.  
You spoke the only words that could come to your head, "Hi.” Hi? Nice going, Y/N, way to really sweep her off her feet, you cursed in your head. Despite the awkwardness, the redhead found herself smiling. She laughed slightly, tilting her head. “Hi,” she responded. “And who might you be, drunkard?” 
Oh shit, she was talking to you. You tilted your head in mimicry to her, grinning stupidly. “I’m Y/N, but apparently pretty women call me drunkard.”  
Kate, who had followed both of you, visibly cringed. Wow, Y/N. Real smooth, she thought with a smirk. The short Russian let out a loud laugh at your comment, before saying, “Well, drunkard, my name is Natasha, but I think you can call me Nat.”  
You could only continue grinning like an idiot. Her laugh sounded nice. “Nat it is then.”  
Looking back, you had no idea how she managed to find that attractive. She had basically found you blackout drunk and she still fell in love with you. You were both out of college now and were pursuing your passions, but you lived in an apartment together in downtown Brooklyn. You were currently driving back to said apartment at the moment, just lost in your old thoughts. It wasn’t until you heard the third ring on your phone that you answered, leaning your head to one side while you pinched your phone between your shoulder and cheek.  
“Hello? Y/N /L/N speaking.” 
“No need to be formal, dumbass,” you heard Kate respond, “We’ve got another code 10-44 by the Brooklyn Zoo. Can you go check it out?”  
Kate could hear you groan loudly, an obnoxious groan that Kate knew meant you were pissed now. You had asked to leave early so you could go out with Nat tonight, and you could only hope Nat could forgive your absence. “Fine. But it better be fast,” you grumbled.  
Within a matter of seconds, you had hung up with Kate and were calling Nat. She picked up on the fifth ring, which bothered you slightly, but you swallowed it down when she picked up.  
“Hello?” Nat asked into the phone, a hint of confusion in her voice. There was a slight rasp in her voice, something uncommon in Nat.  
“Hey baby. I just got called back on duty, so date night might be canceled and I’m so sorry, I’ll make it up to yo-” 
“It’s okay, Y/N. Take all the time you need.” 
Well, that was new.  And surprising. And, did you mention, took you aback?  
“I- what?” 
“I said, take your time. I’m not going anywhere.” 
Why did she sound so... angry? You shuttered as you pulled into a parking spot, stepping out. You paused outside, deciding whether to push it.  
“You sure, Hun? You seem a bit under the weather.” You pouted slightly, beginning to anxiously pick at your hands. You weren’t used to her like this. 
“Yes. I’m sure,” she insisted. The sternest of her voice was scary, it had caught you very off guard and she could hear your hesitation, causing her to soften. “I’m sorry, I’ve had a really rough day at work. Just... stay safe, okay? I love you.” 
That caused you to relax, letting out a sigh of relief. She heard this and immediately felt bad for coming off so aggressively. You muttered a simple “I love you too” in response before hanging up. Something felt off and it had your skin crawling. You gulped down any worry and went to check on this supposed code 10-44. It didn’t take long for you to find it, when a little girl came crashing into you, full on sobbing and babbling incoherently. It startled you to the point where you were completely out of it for a moment. Coming back to your senses, you knelt to the girl.  
“Woah, woah, woah kiddo. What’s wrong? Shh, it’s okay now, talk to me. I’m here to help,” you consoled the child the best you could, speaking into your radio to ask for assistance. “Hey, Officer Y/L/N, I need child protective services ASAP.”   
The girl mumbled something, drawing your attention back to her. “What was that, sweetie?” You asked gently, not wanting to make the girl nervous.  
“He hit her really hard... He hit her so hard.” 
Your eyes widened as you put the pieces together.  
“Where? Where did he hit her?” You pressed. 
“On her head!” The small girl broke down into sobs again, causing you to pull her into a hug.  
“Shh, shh, it’s going to be alright now. I’ll take care of you.” It was a promise, you decided, that you would do whatever it took to help the girl. You looked down at her, feeling your heart break. You tried to push out the overwhelming memory that hit your brain and were ringing around, but they overtook your thoughts.  
“No!” You had shouted too loud this time and you watched as your mother turned to you. Your father collapsed on the ground, glass imbedded in his head, and your young eyes watched in horror as the dark red liquid began to pool under his head. His eyes were glossed over, and his chest movements were shallow. You knew what was happening, even at the young age you were, and you knew you couldn’t stop it. He was dead in a matter of minutes, and you were hiding under the table in the dining room, holding a landline phone in one hand.  
“911, what’s your emergency?” The phone spoke to you, and you could only respond in a hushed voice, 
“My daddy’s dead. Mommy killed him.” 
You were snapped back into the reality around you when the girl’s sobbing had slowed into sniffles, and she looked up at you. She pulled away from you, still holding your hand. She couldn’t have been older than eight years old and immediately, you felt an underlying guilt. She reminded you of yourself, in such a similar situation. She began to pull at your hand, pointing towards the street. You pieced together what she wanted and followed her quietly. She guided you about three blocks down before stopping before an apartment complex. She continued to pull you through before stopping in front of a door on the fourth floor. You exchanged a glance at her, silently asking if this was where her mother was. She nodded briskly, and you pulled out your gun from its holster. You knocked on the door, announcing your presence. 
“NYPD, I’m coming in!” 
You opened the door to find almost immediately, right by the front door, the body of a middle-aged woman. The scene was straight out of a crime show, blood splattered across the walls, the smearing of a bloodied handprint on the grip of a counter, and the crumpled, manipulated body of the poor victim. Reaching for your radio, you whispered,  
“We need a whole unit. This just turned into a murder investigation.”  
                            Exhausted after questioning and dealing with the struggles of filling all working officers in on details from the scene, you just wanted to get in bed and sleep. Jostling with your keys, you heard movement inside your shared apartment. You frowned slightly, it was 2 in the morning, why would Natasha still be awake? You opened the door to find Nat in a sports bra and shorts, sitting on the couch and supposedly engrossed in a book. At first, everything seemed to look fine, if you had ignored the scent in the air and the blotches on Nat’s chest.  
Nat looked up from her book, putting on a half-assed sleepy smile and saying, “So much for a date night, yeah?” 
You scowled, moving past her and immediately going into your bedroom, her trailing you rather quickly. “Yeah, so much for that,” you grunted in response.  
She tilted her head innocently, though you could tell her head was running through every excuse she could come up with. You only frowned further when she went to open her mouth. 
“Save it.” 
That took her by surprise. She definitely wasn’t expecting that, as she rubbed the back of her neck anxiously.  
“No.” You cut her off again, venom dripping from your single word.  
“Baby, you have the wron-” 
“Get out of the bathroom, Ms. Maximoff,” You stated, emotionlessly. You had noticed from the minute you got home the shadow of two feet in the bathroom, because you knew that both you and Nat always turn the lights off in the bathroom when you’re done. Nat’s eyes widened in shock at the fact that you had noticed. Moments later, the door to your master bathroom creaked open and the tall brunette stepped out. She looked ashamed, and hell, she should be.  
“Hello, Wanda. Long time no talk. No, don’t try to explain how you purposely had sex with my girlfriend, how it was just once and how sorry you are. I don’t want it.” You looked deadpanned at the witch, not an emotion twitching on your face.  
You turned your attention to Natasha, in which you fished your apartment keys out of your work pants and grabbed her hand. For a moment, she thought you’d forgive, maybe ask for an explanation, but no. You slammed the keys into her hand.  
“Keep them, give them to Wanda. Keep the whole damn apartment while you’re at it, asshole.” 
Not even a shake in your voice. Did you even care? Neither Wanda or Natasha could tell. Honestly, you couldn’t either. 
“Pack my shit for me, it’s the least you can do. I’m leaving, I’ll be back tomorrow for my stuff. Oh, and Wanda, you can just help too if you want! Man, you’re on a roll with this whole relationship-ending cheating, aren’t you? I thought you were with Vision now, what happened with that?” You found yourself talking and didn’t even care enough to stop it. You made your way to the door, opening it, looking back at the dumbfounded Nat, who had tears in her eyes and was trying desperately to hold them back, and the relationship-ender herself, Wanda Maximoff, who was shaking and looked like she might cry too if she wasn’t already too embarrassed. 
“Send my love to your new lover, Nat. Treat her better than you treated me, сука.” You watched as Nat visibly flinched as you bitterly called her a bitch in her own language. Hell, she had already lied to you about being a “foreign politics” major, when she was THE Black Widow of the Avengers, but now she cheats on you with her own teammate. You left right then and there, leaving behind the girl you loved with all your heart and Wanda, the girl you used to love. You slammed the door behind you, listening as Natasha broke down into hysterical sobs. You wished you didn’t care, you wished you didn’t want to turn around and comfort her, tell her you were sorry. But why would you be sorry? You were loyal. You stormed off, putting Kate’s number in your phone and immediately calling her. She picked up on the first ring. 
“Y/N? Why are you calling now? It’s two in the morning...” She stopped questioning things as she heard the tightening of your throat causing little gasps in a futile attempt to breathe properly. You had made it to your car before the panic hit, and you were curled up in the passenger’s seat. Tears slid down your cheeks while empty sobs were all you could manage. “Hey, hey, do you need me or Yelena to pick you up? You need to stay at my place?” You choked out a mumbled yes and within thirty minutes, Yelena was knocking on your window. You opened the door and practically fell into her arms. She said nothing, just rubbed your back soothingly. After a few moments, she had gotten you into a more reasonable state, you were no longer struggling for air, and you could respond to questions.   
“You wanna talk about it?” Yelena had asked, you think. It was still hard to hear with all your own thoughts screaming in your head. You had simply shaken your head and sat silently in the seat of her car as the two of you made your way to Kate’s apartment. When you arrived, it didn’t take long for you to find yourself in Kate’s warm embrace. She asked no questions, thank God, and guided you into the guest room, where she had already set out clothes for you. You told her you would quickly shower and then sleep, and then promised you’d be out of her hair as soon as possible. She insisted that her home was yours too and you could stay as long as you wanted. You appreciated the gesture and gave her a long hug at the doorway of your new room.  
The shower, however, was a horrible idea. You purposely turned the water to the hottest it could get and let the scalding water burn against your skin. You needed to get some sort of feeling, some sort of grasp on reality. You welcomed the pain, but it also left you to your own thoughts. Why? You asked yourself that question a million times over, but no answers popped up. Had you done something wrong? Was it you? Did you react wrong? You sat like that for a long moment, soaking in both your warping thoughts and the burning water. By four, you were out of the shower and clothed. You knew there’d be no sleep for you tonight, so you found yourself in the kitchen.  
Some alcohol, that’s what you needed. Any type would do at this point. Looking through cabinets and opening the fridge at least four times, you were thankful to find a stash of beers in a mini fridge under the sink. You must have had at least 9 bottles of beer in the 12-pack, because when you awoke the next morning, you were hit with one hell of a hangover. Kate and Yelena still asked no questions, which you were so very thankful for. Once the hangover subdued, you asked Kate to drive you back to your old apartment complex to get your stuff and your car, which Kate agreed with as long as they both went because neither one of them really wanted you driving with your hangover.  
Making your way back to the apartment complex was the most painful experience yet, however, as when you arrived at your door, no boxes were sitting out. You sighed deeply in frustration, knowing this was Nat’s tactic to get you inside and try to talk. Instead, however, you glanced at your two friends and they knocked on the door. Nat opened the door almost immediately, but shied back when she saw Kate and Yelena. Yelena, for one, was pissed at her, and she didn’t even know what her sister had done to you, but she knew it was definitely something horrible. All three of you entered, giving Nat the silent treatment, with Yelena shooting Nat a glare so intense you thought Nat might have a hole through her head, and luckily, Nat kept her mouth shut. You could see in the corner of your eye the brunette hair of Wanda, but swallowed down any anger you had. You were too hungover to start a fight and you knew yelling would make this hellish headache go from mediocre to a damned migraine. You grabbed a few of the boxes, with help from Yelena and Kate, and reached the door before you heard the quiet mumble that spilled from Nat’s mouth. 
You turned back, unable to hear what she had said, and despite your better judgment, you stopped to listen. You could see her anxious antics, the way she rubbed her neck, averted her eyes, running her free hand through hair, she was definitely nervous about something.
“What?” You asked in a hostile tone, knowing better than to let your guard down completely. “What the fuck is so important that you think it can fix what you did?”
This caused her to flinch, and you could tell the witch from the bedroom was trying to enter your mind to send some sort of calming emotions. You scowled deeper, rubbing your temples in frustration. 
“Wanda, get the fuck out of my head. It’s already pounding and you’ll only make it worse. Not to mention, I don’t want you in there to begin with. I’m sure I could find some law that I could charge you with, invasion of privacy or something.”
You could feel the brunette pull back her magic and heard the movement of her sulking and drawing her knees to her chest. Nat’s voice brought your attention back to your newest ex-girlfriend. 
“Let me explain. Please, Y/N. Detka, plea-”
“I’m not your ‘detka’, don’t call me that.”
She flinched at that again, and you instantly felt bad. Fuck, why do you feel bad still? You let your eyes linger on her a little longer, before diverting them to look towards Yelena and Kate. 
“Wanda cheated on you with me.”
Your entire body spun now to face Natasha. Your brain malfunctioned and you could only stare with your mouth agape.
“Wanda and I have been dating for 4 years. This wasn’t a new thing,” Nat started, but you cut her off before she could go further.
“Was I just your little side fling then? Something to distract you while Wanda was off on her missions? What the fuck, Natasha.” You could feel the tears developing in your eyes, but you wiped at them viciously with your sleeve. 
“No! You weren’t, Y/N. You were the- you are the love of my life. Please, just let me talk, I want to explain, I-.. I love you both.”
“Yeah, well, you don’t get to love both. You chose already, and you chose Wanda, asshole,” Yelena jumped in, practically snarling her words. Kate put a hand on her shoulder, but she was already fuming. “You’re a player, aren’t you? What, are you planning on dumping Wanda for someone else sooner or later and use the same dumb excuse? ‘I love both of you’!” Yelena mocked, throwing her open hand up in outright anger. “If you loved both, you would have been honest with Y/N from the get-go. You’re a lying bitch, Natasha. A lying cheater.” 
You watched as Yelena got dangerously close to Nat, and for a moment, you feared the two would get into a physical argument. Luckily, Kate pulled Yelena back before anything could happen. Kate mumbled to the two of you to just go, which you gratefully agreed with. Yelena sent one last look back at her sister that Nat knew was a warning, and the door closed with a slam. 
 Six Days Later NYPD Bronx Office, 3:42 am
Kate had called your phone a few times now and you still hadn’t picked up. So, in frustration, she made her way to the office herself, only to find you deeply engrossed in a case file. It wasn’t a recent one, which she found odd. She knew you were drowning yourself in the murder case of that woman, so she was surprised to see a case that wasn’t that one. She set down a beer by your desk, which brought your attention back from whatever world you were in. You took it without thinking, then did a double take when you realized it hadn’t been there before. 
You groggily asked in a quiet voice, “Kate..? What are you doing here?” 
“I could ask you the same thing. It’s almost four in the morning, Y/N, you need to sleep,” She insisted, shaking her head in disappointment. You only rolled your eyes and went back to reading. She peered over your shoulder, attempting to look at the case file you were looking at. She frowned when she spotted your last name on the paper. “What’s this all about?”
You glanced up at her, her standing figure towering over your sitting one. “A case file,” you answered plainly, causing her to groan teasingly. 
“You know what I meant,” she said in an annoyed tone, but you knew she was just messing with you. “Whose is it?”
“Mine.” It was another plain response, and at first she thought you were still joking around, but when she looked at you, she realized you weren’t. 
“Oh.” was all she could say. Reading over it again, she noticed it was a murder file. Victim was Duke Y/L/N, your adoptive father, and supposedly the assailant was Leslie Y/L/N, who had slammed your father’s head into a glass table in a fit of rage and then left the house after their child, that being you, had fled into hiding. 
“It’s too similar, Kate. It’s like I’m living in a loop, and all the bad things that happened before are back again. This girl… she’s going through the same thing, only the parents have switched. And I still can’t even tell if it was actually the father!” You shouted in frustration and ended up slamming your knee on the underside of your desk. It didn’t matter how loud you were, you and Kate were the only ones in the building to begin with. 
“What do you mean, ‘if it was actually the father’?”
“There’s no surveillance in the area and she only keeps saying ‘he’ did it. He who? There wasn’t evidence of forced entry, and yet there’s no DNA or fingerprints at the crime scene, as if whoever did it knew what they were doing.” You gripped the sides of your head in anger, trying to calm yourself down. It shouldn’t be irritating you like this, but you can’t help but feel like you’re missing some important piece of evidence that’s right under your nose. Kate could sense your utter frustration and looked at you with worry. 
“You can’t drown away all your problems with work and beer, you know? You need to get out,” she paused, checking her watch, “and get some sleep. Come on, I’ll drive you home, you big idiot.”
You protested but she wasn’t having any of it, dragging you out of the station kicking and screaming. You grabbed your beer and downed it angrily in the car ride home, opening the door to find Yelena up and waiting for you. She gave you a hug, grabbed your hat off of your head, put it on, and grinning stupidly as she offered you another beer. “I say, we drink the night away, ey?”
You appreciated that night, Yelena respected your unasked request of no questions. She knew what you were going through, and she had determined that instead of asking question after question, she’d do what she did best, drink. By 5 am, you were blacked out on the couch and could only half-hear the conversation between your two younger friends. 
“They’re losing it, Kate. I haven’t seen them like this since senior year. When Wanda… you know,” Yelena tried to speak in a hushed voice, but your coming migraine turned the whisper into a whole damn yell and you squinted in agonizing pain. 
Kate rubbed her temples in exhaustion. “I know, Lena, but as long as Wanda and Nat don’t come to our doorstep asking to see Y/N, what are we supposed to do?”
“I could beat them up,” Yelena suggested with a smirk, to which Kate punched her shoulder. “Ow! Okay, okay, geez, I was just kidding. Partially.” 
You groaned slightly, interrupting their conversation and you immediately wished you hadn’t. Both of them turned their attention to you, and you hated having all eyes on you. Kate sighed, pulling you to your feet and stating, “You need to sleep. Honestly, you need to sleep for three days, but we can’t just get that. I’ll call in to the station to let them know that you are sick. You need to sort this all out, Y/N. It’s fucking you up.”
You made no response, laying down on the bed. You laid in the darkness for long enough that you didn’t even know what time it was, but you knew everyone was asleep except for you. You stood, trying to be quiet as you walked over to the unpacked boxes filled with your items. You began sorting them, frowning slightly as you counted that you were two hoodies short. They weren’t your favorites to begin with, but it was an oddity to you. Assuming you were just still too drunk to actually count, you pushed the many thoughts that came into your head to the side, opting to look at your phone for the first time in days. 47 unread messages, 19 missed calls, and… holy fuck that was a lot of news notifications. Your eyebrows furrowed and you pouted as you scrolled through them. 
 Black Widow and Scarlet Witch on Official Hiatus due to Unknown Circumstances
Where is Black Widow? 
What Happened to the Scarlet Witch?
 The news articles flooded in like a hurricane just hit, and you were just confused. Those two cheated on you for, fuck, probably years by now, and they needed the space? While you were pressed with a murder case, they were off doing God knows what. Probably off of vacation, celebrating their relationship, you decided in your head. Yeah, that’s what they’re doing. Still, you couldn’t shake the awful feeling crawling down your spine. It made you sick, you wanted to puke. 
No, you didn’t want to puke, you absolutely needed to. It was time for another hangover and you rushed into the bathroom as quickly as possible, lifting up the lid on the toilet just in time for the heaves of stomach remnants to splash in the water. You threw up a lot that moment, honestly, it had more to do with your oncoming sobs than the alcohol at this point. You were so exhausted and, as much as you hated admitting it, you missed Natasha’s warmth in these moments. The way she made sure you never got vomit on you, the way she would take away beers before you became a blackout drunk. You missed her caring, you missed her concern, you missed her. Tears stung your cheeks, the choked sobs made it harder to breathe again, but you didn’t care. You needed to get out all the emotions that you had been feeling this entire week. Kate was right, you couldn’t keep drowning yourself in work and alcohol anymore, you needed to face it. 
“It’s over now, Y/N/N,” you convinced yourself, whispering to the nobody in the mirror. Yeah, that nobody was you, and you knew it. You hated it, looking at yourself in that mirror. You hated yourself at that moment, to be frank. It was like looking at a trainwreck, because god damn it, you were one. Sighing deeply, you turned around and made your way to your bed. You curled up into a ball, sobs still silently at your throat, and you closed your eyes. It would take a while, but sleep finally took hold of you.
You awoke the next day to find nobody in the apartment. There was a note from Yelena, stating that she was gone to get more food and would be back by dinner. You sighed, this left you to your own thoughts and you didn’t like that. Changing into one of your hoodies, some old college hoodie that you couldn’t remember where you had gotten it from, and a pair of raggedy, ripped jeans, you pulled on your converse and went out for a walk. You didn’t even know where you were going, but you found yourself on the doorstep of that original crime scene. Gulping down a horrible feeling, you opened the door. Surely, you had missed something, right? Glancing around, you couldn’t see anything at first. You walked around the living room, looking at every detail until you felt your foot hit something on the floor. You frowned, looking at your feet with a confused look. It was then that you noticed a slight rip in the carpet. Leaning down, you pulled up the carpet piece. Under it laid a pair of bloodied boots and a revolver. Your eyes widened and you looked around to see if anyone else was around to see this. When nobody popped out, you pulled out your phone. Swiping away some random notification you received, you texted Kate to check back at the scene, telling her you thought something might have been there that they missed. You knew Kate already had a hunch you’d go back there, so you left quickly, leaving the carpet piece pulled up so the on-duty officers would see it. 
You strolled through the city, finding yourself at your favorite café. Smelling the sweetness of freshly baked bread and warm coffee, you made your way inside. Greeted by your friend Peter’s cute little girlfriend, MJ, you ordered your usual black coffee with a bit of sugar and a blueberry muffin. You sat comfortably outside, in a shaded area by a tree, sipping your coffee, you decided to check that notification on your phone that you had received at the crime scene. 
One Unread Message from: Unknown Messenger
You raised an eyebrow at this, clicking on the message. It read: 
“Mx. Y/N. It has come to our attention that your connections with both Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff were once romantic. By answering this message, you will gain access to their current locations. This was their last wish. Answer now or you may never get another chance.”
  Your breath hitched and you read the message at least three times over. Your hands were shaking and you could no longer hear your own heartbeat. Hesitantly, you responded.
 “I would like to know the locations of both of those women. Where are they?”
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goodness-gaycious · a day ago
Wanda: I want an upgrade
Y/N: what do you mean
Wanda: relationship wise, I would like to upgrade
Y/N: *tearing up* you don’t want me anymore?
Wanda: what— no!
Wanda: *takes out small box & opens it to reveal a ring* I wanted an upgrade to wife
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reereeineedtopee · 2 days ago
Police officer!Y/N: I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give you a ticket Wanda in her car: *gasps* Y/N with a flirty voice: For looking too sexy... Wanda, blushing: Oh, you scared me! Y/N walking away (still having the flirty voice): Have a good day... Wanda reading the ticket: Wait, it says I have to go to court for this?
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randomshyperson · 5 hours ago
Rulers of The Multiverse - Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Chapter Two
Tumblr media
Summary: Strange breaks the rules when he performs a spell that allows a teenager to go to university, and his desecration of the rules of the Multiverse makes it possible for you to find the love of your life in another world.
Warnings: (+18) explicit language and sexual content, violence, a lot of magic, found family, mentions of abusive past and trauma, mind control, use of illicit substances, mostly top!reader, soulmates analogies.
General Masterlist | AO3 | Wattpad | Series Masterlist
Chapter Two - Far From Home
The very second you stepped into your reality, there were about two dozen rifles pointed at your face.
You can't even blame them, after all, this kind of security became necessary after your actions. All you did was raise your hands to head height, and face a disappointed Charles Xavier that was walking in your direction.
"Just when you're so close to reaching your freedom again, Miss L/N." He said while nodding for the guards to lower their weapons. You sighed.
"I can explain."
"And it better be a great justification, Y/N. The council is not at all happy about your absence." He retorts making you frown slightly.
"How long was I gone?"
"Long enough to end up in the cells you helped us develop."
"Damn it." You grumble annoyed. "It was only a few hours for me, and I swear it wasn't me who-"
Charles held up his hand to interrupt you, a small smile forming. "Save it for the council, child. Things have gotten weirder since you went AWOL. And that's not a good thing for you."
Great fucking timing.
Charles and the guards led the way to the base of the Illuminati - The organization responsible for managing Space-Time on your world, which emerged a few months after your universe mysteriously began to collapse (or not so much, because the instability was emerging from you, and your unrestrained rewriting of destinies to keep your dead wife and fake daughters by your side) and five years after emergence, is still functioning with a lot of work to do. - The walk was long and silent, Charles looked nervous and distant, he spoke no more than vague greetings, and you had the impression that he got inside your head a few times. You didn't even try to resist, figuring that if he saw the truth, it would be better for your judgment.
As you expected, the guards took you straight to one of the holding cells. Risk assessment, they called it. An iron collar to restrain your powers around your neck, an anklet to track your presence even in another universe, and handcuffs for precaution. 
You rolled your eyes at the last one. They always double-checked when it came to you.
"Long time no see, Miss L/N." Shuri greeted as soon as she entered the room, eyes on the electronic tablet and not yourself. 
"Did you miss me, doc?" You retorted with a certain irony, making her smile.
"Of course I did, you're always an entertainment." She retorted and you gave a short laugh, looking down at your own lap again. "Let's see, unauthorized interdimensional travel to the 616 universe..."
"Travel is a strong word. I was practically kidnapped." You informed and she hummed in understanding, not seeming to believe much. You sighed in frustration, realizing that you would have to save your story for the trial. 
"Your magic exchange levels are sky-high, Miss L/N. What have you been doing over there?"
You frowned slightly. You didn't even use magic while you were there. 
"I didn't do anything." You said seriously, but Shuri crossed her arms, an insistent look on her face. "I swear! I stayed in a hut, hiding. Just eating and..." Clearing your throat softly, you looked away. "I didn't use magic other than a concealment spell. Word of honor."
Shuri squinted her eyes at you, but sighed after a moment, turning her attention back to the computers that were analyzing you.
"Well, Miss L/N, something has stimulated your magic there. Look at this graph. Your cells are screaming, it's like fireworks. Maybe it is the portal you went through. Either way, it won't look good for your judgment. You're not allowed to use magic in case you forgot it."
With a huff, you look away. "I didn't do anything, you know. Some sorcerer took me there and now I'm here being accused unfairly."
"Unfairness is a strong word for your case, don't you think, Y/N?" Shuri comments and you feel your face heat up with shame. You glare throughout the remainder of the evaluation and refuse to try to justify yourself to her again.
When you are finally released to see the Council, you leave the cell scratching the collar around your neck.
There is a main council of the Illuminatti, but you are a Sorcerer, so your trial is attended by the Council of Mages of this universe. Therefore, you are not surprised that the chairs are mostly occupied by mages, witches, and magical beings and not by the members of the main council, such as Reed Richards or Black Bolt.
"How thoughtful of you to return to your universe, Miss L/N." Ironized Master Kaecillius as soon as you stopped in the center of the room, the council chairs spread out in a circle around you. You clenched your jaw, resisting the urge to roll your eyes.
"Well, you were starting to miss me so I had to come right back." Is your impolite response - ignoring Charles' warning look - and smiling at the way Kae clenches her fists.
"Insolent child!" He grumbles as he moves to take his seat. The professor nods to avoid further discussion, and all the members are silent as he begins to read the standard introduction for starting a session.
"[...] it has been established as a penalty after the crimes on Westview with the reality manipulation and destiny alteration that nearly extinguished this universe entirely, that in addition to immediate banishment from the Avengers team, Miss Y/N L/N Maximoff would be forbidden to use magic and would live according to sessions 6, 21 and 44 of the Interdimensional Accords, which describe the prohibition of travel between universes without prior authorization or emergency reason." Charles quoted all the requirements of his trial, an electronic chart with the sentences appearing next to him as soon as he concluded. "We have identified that on September 27, Miss left this universe at 7:30 a.m. and did not return for eighteen days. What do you have to say about this accusation, miss?”
"Unfounded, professor." You retort generating a reaction of incredulous exclamations from half the council. Charles straightens up in his chair.
"Do you deny the journey?"
"I deny the intent." You retort. "I was working, and more importantly, obeying our agreement. An interdimensional rift appeared in the middle of my office and I was teleported inside."
A few council members began to whisper among themselves, and before Charles could comment, Kaecillius stood up.
"The instability of Stephen Strange's spell has already been notified to this council. Your action that day should have been to retreat from the opening and come directly to us. There was an intention to leave this reality."
It was your turn to let out an indignant exclamation. "And what guarantees that the spell wasn't going to pull me back? You can't blame me for investigating something of this seriousness! On trial or not, I'm still a Sorceress!"
Kaecillius laughed wryly, some members shared his reaction. "That's really a joke. Do you want to convince us that you went for a walk in another reality because you were worried about the safety of the universe? After all, you've done?"
Your face burned with embarrassment, and you looked away. Charles cleared his throat.
"Master Kaecillius, please." He asked, and against pleasure, the other man sat down. Charles sighed, massaging his forehead with his fingers. "Y/N, Stephen Strange's fractured spell has been reported in about one hundred and twelve universes. Only a few variants were reported in reality 616 and the situation was brought under control."
"I know, I was the one who did the containment spell!" You exclaim surprising the council. With an annoyed sigh, you lower your voice. "As soon as I arrived, I saw the cracks. And despite what this council expects of me, I still try to keep things from getting worse. I used a containment spell to prevent more travelers from arriving in that universe."
The buzzing came back among the members. Charles flashed you some short proud smile since that was clearly going to count for some points in your favor, and you wanted to laugh at the way Master Kaecillius rolled his eyes in his seat.
"This council seems to be impressed by small actions, but should I remind you of the reasons why Miss L/N finds herself in this court today?" To your surprise, it was not Kaecillius, but Mordo, who was usually quite neutral in situations. You swallowed dryly as you saw him stand. "It's not the first time the rules have been of little importance to her."
You bit your tongue at seeing so many members agreeing. Kaecillius looked very pleased with himself.
"Deliberately entered a reality and used a high-risk spell, disobeying her parole. You did not return to your home universe even upon finishing the spell, staying away from our monitoring by choice." He accused and you looked down at your own feet. "I believe it is valid to question what you have been doing during this time that this Council has had no information of your location."
You swallowed dryly, without answering. Your silence increased the tension in the room. 
"Y/N, please." Charles asked and you felt your eyes fill with tears. Taking a deep breath, you pushed the emotion away and answered:
"I searched for Wanda."
The council exploded in incredulous, disappointed exclamations. Charles himself sighed, straightening back into his chair. Mordo crossed his hands in front of his body, and Kaecillius laughed from his own chair.
"I'm telling you! She didn't regret anything!" Accused the sorcerer getting up. "You're trying to break another universe for your dead wife!"
The handcuffs and necklace made a loud noise as they exploded on your wrists, eyes, and hands glowing gold. Half of the council members stood, but Charles' expression made you sigh and control your magic.
The iron guards approached you again, guns armed in your direction. 
"You never change, do you, Y/N?" Kaecillius taunted one last time, and you shuddered, feeling the tears return. Charles cleared his throat.
"Let's postpone this session. The council needs to review this new information. In the meantime, Miss L/N remains in contention." 
Knowing that Charles was actually trying to make things easier, you didn't complain. You followed the guards back to your cell and stayed there without protest.
Almost three hours later and you still had no answer, and you were growing impatient by the second. Your first meal had been brought to you by Mordo, and that didn't improve your mood one bit.
"It was good to know you weren't dead, Y/N." He commented as soon as you slipped the tray of food through the opening of the cell. You offered him a humorless laugh.
"As if." You retorted. "Half the problems of this council would be solved if I didn't exist."
Mordo chuckled, shaking his head as he watched you unlock the cuffs and start eating. The guards outside exchanged hesitant glances, and he nodded that it was okay.
"You know I never agreed with your forging." He commented next, and you grumbled low, more interested in the food. 
"Really, Mordo? No, I didn't know. I guess you should have said it for the hundredth time because ninety-nine times was too little to stick in my brain." You mocked earning a chuckle from the other, who was enchanting a chair to sit in front of the cell.
"Do you know why?" he questioned, and you grimaced, shrugging. 
"My age?" You tried before taking a bite of the fries. Mordo sighed thoughtfully.
"That was also a factor, I think." He said. "Young people are usually very reckless, I wouldn't have recommended someone who didn't have at least five decades of a magical experience for a responsibility like the one you've been given."
You hum kind of disinterested. Mordo clears his throat.
"When the forging date approached, your name was part of one of the suggestions, Miss L/N." He declares surprising you.
"Really? What did they say about me, best barrier spells?" You joke managing a smile.
"High cognition indices and most importantly, caring inclination." He retorted. You raised an eyebrow. "Master Agamotto suggested you. He said that you were talented, and more importantly, that you had your heart in the right place. And that there was nothing more important than that for a Guardian."
You swallowed dryly, pushing the pain of thinking about your former mentor away. "And you disagreed with him?"
Mordo gave you a sad smile, looking away.
"I witnessed your training at the Kamar Taj, Miss L/N. I disagreed with Agamotto's vision towards this. You were irresponsible and disobedient. I lost count of how many times I saw you run away from training or using the quickest solutions that bordered on what we considered correct in your spells." He comments. "And I was also around when you joined the Avengers and began a relationship with Miss Maximoff. You changed, Y/N. She was your priority, not your oath to protect natural law. The intense love you felt for her became your most negative trait."
You grimaced, shifting your gaze to your own lap. "How can love be a bad thing, Mordo?"
"When it becomes selfish." He says. "And you, Y/N, have become the most selfish person I have ever met. Everything was about Wanda. Do you remember that you didn't even want to join the fight against the mad titan? She was the one who insisted that you couldn't turn your back on your friends. You wanted to run away."
You pushed your tray away gently, wiggling one of your knees. "I just didn't want her to get hurt, Mordo. It's not a crime to want the safety of the one you love."
"Of course not." He agrees with a nod. "It's just a trait a Guardian shouldn't have."
"Well, I wouldn't want to be a Guardian either!" You retort and he sighs, nodding.
"I know, Y/N. But we can't change what's already been done." He says. "Agamotto let his affection for you influence his decision. There were other ways to heal you, but a master concerned for the safety of his closest apprentice acted in desperation. Your forging was precipitated and accidental, but it cannot be undone. You will be the Guardian of the Order as long as you live, and that needs to be important to you."
You sigh. "I'm not even allowed to use magic, Mordo."
He clears his throat, looking hesitant. "For the moment, no. But your judgment may be in your favor if a new oath is taken." You frown in confusion, but Mordo swallows dryly and seems to decide to be sincere. "When we explained to you about your magic, and about your position, you remember what you were taught about chaos magic, right?"
You sigh impatiently. "Unfortunately, yes."
Mordo smiles short. "Y/N, I know it's a sensitive subject, talking about her, but, all the masters expected Wanda to become the Scarlet Witch." He counters, and you mutter in understanding, vaguely remembering the day you woke up with your powers. "From the way, you two were close, with your marriage... it made sense that eventually, her forging would happen."
"But she died before that." You complete with bitterness in your stomach. "Yeah, Mordo, I remember."
He offers you a sad sigh. "A guardian of the Order needs a scarlet witch, Y/N. It's the natural order of things. If one exists without the other, things get out of balance." Mordo continues to make you frown. "Do you think this council treats you like this for no reason? Your mere existence without a counterpart messes up this world. Every time you use magic, you open a rift in the cosmos. You need your witch."
You bite your tongue when your immediate reaction is to say that you met her on earth 616. You don't trust Mordo one bit. Clearing your throat, you ask, "Why are you telling me these things?"
"The masters are deciding about you." He says. "A guardian should not exist without their witch, it is unnatural. And you keep disobeying. They could decide the worst if you don't swear to balance things out."
You widen your eyes, getting up defensively. "You came all this way just to say they're going to kill me!"
Mordo holds up his hands for you to calm down. "Y/N, please." he asks between teeth, signaling for you to keep your tone of voice like his. "We have different morals than the rest of the members, you know that. There are sentences where the Masters disagree with the heroes. This is one of those. To the physical world, the execution of a warrior may seem the best alternative, but to us, it would be a disgraceful offense. You have made mistakes, but you are in all terms, the guardian of the multiverse. It would be an immeasurable crime if any of the masters were to assist in your execution. Even Kaecillius knows this."
"Oh, please, he would love to hold the axe!" You accuse, walking around nervously. "I can't believe I came all the way back here for all of you to decide to kill me."
"Take the oath, Y/N." He suggests seriously, making you look at him again. "Repeat your vows to the cosmos."
You let out a short laugh. "Do you think I'm an idiot, Mordo? The first law is the complete surrender of my spirit to Oshtur. And the gods are all fucking bastards."
"Blasphemy." He grumbled in horror, but you shook your head in disbelief.
"This isn't even the rule that worries me the most!" You continued. "The third commandment, remember? The guardian will do anything to protect the multiverse, and that includes facing the high priestess of chaos. Imagine this, Mordo. A vast multiverse with versions of my wife who felt over Chthon's dominion, and a damned oath forcing me to kill one by one, and preventing me from facing the damned chaos god in the midterm." You remind him by approaching the railing. "You're right about me being selfish, Mordo. Because I'd rather face the wrath of the gods than stand against any version of my woman, and screw this whole multiverse in the process."
Mordo took a step back, incredulous and disappointed, but you didn't hesitate. "When your sentence comes, remember that I offered you a second chance."
"Fuck you and your sordid second chance, master."
He shakes his head one last time and turns away from you. You kick your lunch tray against the cell wall.
She will never come back to you, she doesn't belong here.
She shouldn't even remember you, a broken version of the woman she lost.
Poor Wanda, all alone.
The voices were louder at night because Wanda was sleeping and there was a vulnerability. Still, she could push them away with a little concentration.
In the early days, it was easier. She could still remember the warmth of your skin, the feel of your lips on hers, or the sound of your laughter. Most importantly, she could remember the sound of your voice, telling her that you would come back for her.
But as she went back to her studies, the memories she had of you began to poison her mind. Your whispers were replaced by harsh voices, quoting truths to break her fantasies, until the little calendar she used to count the days was completely forgotten on the wall.
Spy if you don't believe us. She's not coming back. Ever.
Wanda gasped softly this time. She was growing powerful every day, in an almost unrelenting way. It would be frightening if the voices didn't say that this is exactly how it has to be, this is what she was made for.
Your children need you, and you get attached to someone who doesn't even remember you exist. Come on, Wanda, take a peek.
When did it get so hard to push the voices away?
She controlled her breathing again while she was floating on air. She heard a giggle in her head.
Fine. I'll do it myself. Open your eyes.
Wanda blinked and was no longer in her hut studying, but in a living room. She looked around in confusion, but her body froze when she saw you.
You were wearing casual clothes, and you had a bucket of popcorn in your hands. You smiled, and Wanda felt her chest heat up, her eyes filled with tears. 
"Y/N..." She started but fell silent when someone walked by her side. 
"Wow, careful with the popcorn, honey, we don't want to make a mess." You warned when the little girl who grabbed your ankle. Without difficulty, you held the bucket with one hand and took the child on your lap. "Now, where has your sister gone?"
With that, a little girl came running from the stairs, wearing a Captain America hat.
"Mommy I went to get my helmet!" She explained coming down all the steps until she joined you, and the other little girl. Wanda shuddered as you approached, but you walked straight past her to sit on the couch.
"Come on the parade has already started." You said sitting them down on the couch, each on your own side.
"Is mommy going to be there too?" The smallest little girl asked, and you slipped an arm over her shoulder.
"Yes, honey, all the avengers fallen in battle appear at the memorial." You explained. "And then comes the tributes and then the games. When you were older, I'll take you to participate."
"How much older?" The other girl asked and you laughed lightly.
"Humm... when you're about this heigh." You said raising your arm high and making them laugh.
I told you. 
You warned the voice in Wanda's head again, and she felt her face wet.
She looked for her family. You should look for yours.
You fell asleep after twelve hours.
By this point, you knew that your execution was all but confirmed, especially since dinner was particularly tasty. Shuri showed up too, for a so-called standard check-up - which you were sure was just a monitoring grading on your pre-execution skills, so that the council would know exactly how to handle your magic and be able to effectively complete your sentence - and then you were left alone again.
As the hours turned into days, you began to despair. The promise of death didn't exactly put anyone at ease after all.
"They're trying to break you." You nearly fell out of bed in fright when Jean Grey's voice sounded outside the cell. Getting up quickly, you approached the edge to speak to her.
"I can't believe they called you. Low blow." You remarked, but Jean only giggled, approaching the lock and not caring about the robotic guards clearly unhappy with her actions, she unlocked it and entered the cell. You hugged her immediately, and she reciprocated, tightening her arms around your waist for a moment. 
"Natasha sends her regards too, Y/N." She commented as soon as she let go of you. "The council didn't authorize her visit."
"I figured they would only let someone who could contain me." You retort and she sighs in agreement. "How are things?"
"Complicated as usual." Jean returns with a chuckle that makes you smile. "You know how it is. We're never completely at peace."
You sigh, nodding. "I'd like to help."
"You have bigger problems." She says nudging your shoulder so you can sit next to her on her bed. "What I said before, you know it's true, don't you? Charles is stalling the council, delaying a decision as long as possible. He's asked the heroes to testify on your behalf. Mordo thinks the time here will make you accept the oath."
You laugh incredulously, running a hand over your face. "That's the sickest thing they've ever done, I swear to god. I would never accept it, Jean. Never."
"I know."
"How can they...wait what?"
Jean smiles. "Y/N, Wanda had been my roommate for years at the institute. We had our differences, but we managed to be friends in the end. I was at your wedding, I saw in your eyes as you said your vows that you meant it. She was your universe. You would never accept to hurt her, any version of her." Jean recalls, moving her hand to yours. "When we lost her, and you did what you did, those who were close to you were the only ones who really understood. It was a very unfair and abrupt loss. It would have left anyone traumatized."
"There is no justification for what I did, Jean."
"But there is, Y/N." She insists sadly. "I think me, as your friend, and the Avengers too failed to show that you were not alone. Everyone was really shaken up, but Wanda was everything to you. And when you lost her, nobody was there to tell you that there was still hope. Anyone with your power would have lost control."
You sniffled softly, looking away. "I'm not looking for forgiveness for that, Jean. It's over, there's no fixing it. Everything I could do to lessen my mistakes, from building this place to giving up my magic, I've done it. I guess all that's left now is for me to accept my sentence."
Jean denies it with her head. "Wanda died for you, Y/N. And she didn't do it for you to throw it all away."
You give a tearful laugh, running your hands through your hair. "I'm so tired." You confess with emotion. "It feels like there's this wave going over me. I can never get up, it keeps me just over the edge. Always in agony as if I'm going to drown at any moment, and I think...I think I just need to dive in once."
"Wanda wouldn't want this…”
"Wanda's not here!" You cut in an angry exclamation, getting up. Jean sighs, and you stand back to wipe away your tears. You take a deep breath, and after a moment, you say, "I'm sorry."
"Don't worry about it." She says with a sad smile. "Do you know they made a statue of her? On the battlefield, next to Tony's."
You sniffle, looking back at her. "It sounds honorable, and over the top. She would have loved it."
Jean gives a short laugh. "Yeah, she would have." She agrees, making you smile. There is a moment of silence between you, before Jean sighs and says, "You can't die, Y/N. It's not right."
You swallow dryly, looking away to the floor. "Jean, I've done so many wrong things." You say. "Ever since I got this power, I've only used it irresponsibly and selfishly. All that pain I caused, the risk everyone was at. All of you would be dead if Wanda didn't stop me, and sacrificed herself. Again. I just... it's disrespectful to her not to think of the greater good."
Jean stood up, placing her hands on your shoulders. "Ever since you became guardian, you've been tiptoeing, apologizing for existing. It's not a fair life, Y/N. Wanda knew this, I know this, and so do you. Yet she sacrificed everything for you to be here today, and you want to throw it all away because some old people are saying you need to ask permission to be here?" she comments with a certain irony. "You're the fucking guardian of the multiverse. They're the ones who should be judged by you."
You give her a small smile, shaking your head. "Am I talking to Jean or the Phoenix?"
She laughs short. "We are the same, and thanks to you, I know my place. You always told me not to fear my power, didn't you? Not to let Charles, or anyone, take advantage of it. I listened to you, and now I think you should do the same."
"I don't want to lose control again, Jean." You confess sadly. "It wouldn't be fair to anyone."
"Then look for the one person who kept you in control of your powers." She suggests squeezing your shoulders a little. "You have to find your scarlet witch."
"But she doesn't belong in this universe..."
"And neither do you. Nor to this one, nor to any." Jean argues with a small smile. "The guardian and the ruler of the Multiverse, Y/N. You don't belong anywhere but to each other."
You give Jean a tearful smile, hugging her tightly afterward. "So cheesy." You murmur against her red hair, making her laugh.
"I'll miss you, troublemaker." She says as she squeezes.
"I'll miss you too, Jean." You say before letting go. "What are you going to tell the others?"
"That you went home." She replies making you smile.
As soon as you left Jean, and the alarm that your cell was empty sounded around the entire facility, you started running.
Traveling in the Multiverse was top magic, forbidden in the tiniest instances of basically every place you knew. So the only name that popped into your mind of someone who didn't give a damn about Illuminati laws was Agatha Harkness.
The last you knew of her was a few years ago, seen in a fight with a Scottish demon before Illuminati personnel came after her and she disappeared. It was your best lead, so you used your magic to hide and go investigate.
You were somewhere in the north of the UK, trying to get a hot dog without paying and alerting the vendor when something tore reality in front of you. The next second, a girl fell out of the hole and on top of you, and the confusion was such that the vendor was screaming and calling the police and you grumbled loudly.
"This is getting tiring." You ironized over the crack closing up. The girl looked around startled, seeing the movement, and prepared to run. You grabbed her by the arm. "Not so fast." You said, but seeing that the police guards had an electronic bulletin board with your picture on it, you swallowed dryly. "Actually, run." You told her nodding your head to the next alley and the girl wasted no time in following your cue, both of you turning at high speed.
You lost the guards many minutes later, between one alley and another when you used illusionary magic to make them see your figures running to the opposite side.
Gasping for breath, you one your hands on your stomach and looked at the child in front of you.
"Good job." You complimented getting a breathless chuckle. "Now if you don't mind, who are you?"
"You're a witch." She ignores your question, in an impressive and weary statement. 
"No, I'm a sorceress." 
"What's the difference?"
"Witches are much cooler." You comment with a chuckle. You tilt your head to look beyond the alley and check if you have really lost sight of the guards. "Let's get out of here, they can track my magic signature."
"Wow, really? How?"
"I taught them." You mutter, turning around and patting her shoulder to guide the direction. "I'm Y/N, by the way. If you don't have a name, we can make one up for you. Quick feet or cool jacket sounds good."
The girl chuckled, shaking her head. "My name is America Chavez."
You hum, looking out at the busy street. "Well, Chavez you just tore reality apart in a place that hates that short of magic and has serious problems with extreme security. But luckily you fell on the person who created half the surveillance items." You snicker a little, causing her to look at you curiously. "Let's go around town on the sidewalk, stay close okay?"
You guided the girl for about fifteen minutes, figuring that the biggest problem you could get into was angry guards.
Nothing prepared you for an interdimensional monster emerging from the culvert.
"What the fuck?" you exclaimed as the creature exploded halfway down the sidewalk a few feet away, causing an immediate commotion. The city alarm immediately rang and people started running and pushing.
"Okay, quick story, I've been running from monsters like this for at least two weeks, or days, time is relative. Do you think you can help me?" America speaks quickly next to you, and you widen your eyes as the creature starts grabbing at nearby vehicles, seeming to be furious that it is being surrounded by the nearest policeman.
You didn't quite believe it, until the monster scanned the place and set its eyes on America, letting out a frightening howl as it did so.
"Okay, I guess that's goodbye to staying stealthy." You sneer and only have time to push America away from the car that is thrown in your direction.
One of the guards recognizes you in the middle of the commotion, and whistles. "It's Y/N L/N! She brought the monster here!"
You let out an incredulous grumble. "Unbelievable." You say pulling America by the hand so you two can run away.
The monster gets angrier at the departure, and you listen to the mess escalate. But you don't stop running until you and America have found a dead end.
"Okay, focus." You say to yourself, raising your hands in the air. "Come on, you can do this Y/N. A portal to save your life."
"What are you doing?" America questioned impatiently, looking back and listening to the creature approach.
"I'm trying to make a teleportation portal, but I'm terrible at those so give me a minute."
"It's not me you need to ask for a time-out!" She shouts pointing back. An exclamation of desperation escapes her mouth as she sees the creature at the entrance to the alley, looking furious and with blood on its tentacles that is sure to be from the guards who are nowhere to be found.
"Shit, shit, shit." You grumble, fingers glowing with golden magic but too unstable to form anything. 
A tentacle moves forward and destroys the wall beside you. Your immediate reaction is to cast a spell to protect America from the rubble, but you barely have time to conjure the protection - a blue portal appears behind her and the girl grabs your wrist, pulling you in with her.
You stumble inside, and the portal closes. America has her hands on her knees, breathing heavily.
"You curse a lot around children, and you're a very bad sorceress." She accuses but you are looking in shock at your surroundings.
"Where...?" You start breathlessly, incredulous at what you are seeing. It's definitely not the UK, you have doubts it's Earth.
"I think that's why they are looking for me." America continues as she sees your expression. "I can travel through the multiverse."
You look at her incredulously and then burst into laughter. America crosses her arms. 
"Not a fucking chance." You retort wiping away tears of laughter. 
"I'm serious."
She sighs angrily, making a pout. You roll your eyes. "America, there is not the slightest possibility that you could travel through the multiverse. The amount of energy that would require or magical knowledge and- OH MY GOD IS THAT A TIGER?" You cut yourself off half a sentence with an impressed shout when your gaze meets a bus at the end of the street. The most fascinating thing is the tiger in a suit coming down.
It is obvious that is the end of rush hour, in a few seconds the public transport is emptying out, and not humans, but various animals dressed as real people get off.
America gives an impressed giggle. "Wow, I've never been in a place like this."
"How the hell did you get us into Zootopia?" You question shrinking behind the teenage girl who didn't seem the least bit scared. America chuckled again.
"Like I said, I can travel through the multiverse." She repeated and you would have said again that it was absurd, if literally a fucking zebra hadn't stopped the walk and looked you both up and down.
"Excuse me for asking, but what kind of animal are you?" Zebra asked, and you let out a startled scream, startling them. America gestured in apology, but the animal rushed off.
"My god, I've gone crazy. That's it, that monster must have hit my head, and I finally lost my mind and-"
"Y/N!" America shook you, snapping her fingers in front of your face. "Just breathe, okay? The first trip is always hard."
"It's not my first trip." You retort still in shock, looking around at the animals passing you, all clearly quite curious about the two humans on the sidewalk. "Maybe that's it, I lost my sanity leaving Earth 616 and this is all a mad fantasy. I just need to meditate and get out of it, calm and focus." You began to grumble, putting your hands under your eyes and repeating that you were dreaming.
America let out an impatient grunt, but before she could say anything, she noticed a few yards behind you a group of sheep whispering to a lion guard - who didn't look happy - and pointing in the direction.
"Okay, if you don't want to revive Lion King now, you better start walking." She warns poking you in the ribs and you let out a confused grumble, but as soon as you look back and see two lions dressed as policemen you stumble.
"Okay, this is insanity." You say grabbing America's hand. "Do your trick, please."
"Now do you believe me?" 
"I'll believe anything if you get me out of a Disney movie."
America laughs, shaking her head, and you feel the portal open behind you. This time as you walk through, you recognize that you are somewhere in London because of the red buses.
The gratitude turns into a grumble as you feel a wave of nausea and bend your body to put your hands on your knees.
"Hey, take a deep breath. Travel is always hard." Comments the girl patting you on the back. "You just have to remember to keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nose."
You hum in understanding, but it takes a good few minutes to settle your stomach. Chavez has led you into an alley, and you lean on the wall as you wait.
"Thanks for saving us from the lions." You comment half-heartedly. She smiles.
"Thanks for saving me from the guards on your world."
"Well, you did save us from the ugly beast so I guess by the score, I owe you one." You retort good-naturedly, looking around. "Well, America Chavez, I'm starving. Can I buy you a hamburger and you tell me exactly about this interdimensional teleportation thing you have?"
"If you promise not to freak out again."
"I'll only make promises after I'm sure the waiter doesn't have tails." You retort making her laugh.
Fortunately, Chavez has taken you to a definitely human universe. And with delicious hamburgers that you can buy with magic  drachmas, which was perhaps not such a good sign.
She had just briefly explained about her powers and was chewing after one huge bite while you absorbed it all.
"America, this is insane." You stated then, looking at her seriously. "Are you feeling all right? I was serious about the amount of energy for something like this. Dimensional travel is an impressive thing to pull off, in theory, it should blow your body to pieces. And you're here, telling me you did it for the first time when you were a little kid."
"Look, I don't know how I can do it, I just know I can." She retorted, half-heartedly at the concern you showed in your voice. "It started when I was little and so far, the only problem is that I haven't been able to get back."
"What do you mean?"
"I can only go forward. In the universes I go, you know? I can't go back to the one I came from, and that really sucks, because all I want is to go home." She declares upset, turning her gaze back to her food. You swallow dryly.
"I understand the feeling." You murmur offering a small smile as she looks at you. 
"I'm sorry for taking you out of your universe." She says and you make a confused face, then laugh, realizing that she understood that you were talking about your earth.
"Oh, don't worry about that old place." You assure her with a smile. "Home is hardly a place, America. It's about people. And well, before you found me, I was going after a witch of questionable morals to ask if she knew of any way for me to teleport to another universe. It was almost as if fate had brought you to me."
"Actually it was a seven-headed monster." She joked, making you laugh too.
"Well, in any case, you're here. " You say. "And well, if you want to help me, we can make a deal."
"What kind of deal?"
"Well, despite your first impression, I'm not a bad sorceress. I'm pretty good actually. It's just the teleportation spells that are difficult because I have trouble imagining and focusing in the places I have to go." You explain. "But I can help you train your powers and you help me get to Earth 616."
"I have no idea what that earth looks like, Y/N." She says half unsure, but you give her an assuring smile.
"Hey, don't worry, we'll do it in your own time, okay?" You assure her. "You're doing me a huge favor, and I'm happy to help you with the teleportation. Let's try one universe at a time, and who knows, maybe one day we'll get where we want to go."
"What about the monsters?"
You let out a soft exclamation. "Well, excuse me, but I happen to be an excellent warrior."
"I've only seen you run around and freak out over a zebra so far." She recalls getting an exclamation of false offense from you.
"That's it, no more French fries for you." You grumble extending your hand as she laughs.
The voices in Wanda's head were growing as impatient as she was.
In fact, the witch was practically reaching despair.
The nightmares started 42 days after you left her universe. It was suffocating and frightening.
It got worse and worse by the second, and somehow, at first, she thought that studying all day muffled the whispers in her head, but eventually, she realized that the only voice getting quieter was her own.
After the 157th day, she could only hear the screams of her own children.
It took you 324 days to reach Earth 616. Wanda felt you the very second you stepped into that universe, but she didn't know you were there just for that. She saw you coming through the eyes of the monster you killed.
"Wow, five points for me!" You celebrated as the creature's head fell at your feet, green blood staining all your clothes. America laughed, jumping over the beast to return the High-Five. 
"That wasn't very fair, you saw it coming." She commented as she cleaned the dagger you had gifted her, many weeks before.
"Oh please, it's not my fault that you were distracted by the sweet donuts we found. Almost a hundred and fifty universes and you're still impressed with chocolate." You teased receiving a gentle nudge from the girl. Her gaze went to the city you were now in, and you let out a soft exclamation. "Wait, this is New York City."
"You are from a variant of this one aren’t you?" America commented receiving a mumble in agreement. You were already concentrating on trying to sense Wanda, but let out a sigh at the lack of response.
"Sorry Chavez, still not this one." You mutter annoyed, forcing a smile at seeing the other girl's disappointment. "Hey, don't be discouraged. We'll find it, and you did a great job, little demon slayer. Let's find somewhere to clean up and eat before we go."
"Alright." She mumbled following you.
You got a room at a corner motel - This universe looked just like yours, and though the money had run out about a dozen worlds ago, nothing a few magic tricks couldn't fix - and after getting a bed, this because you never left America alone for fear she'd be attacked and you wouldn't be around, you gave her a playful shove towards the bathroom, saying that monster blood stank. She laughed, grimacing and saying that you were as bad as she was but obeyed.
After America left the bathroom with clean clothes that you got for her, you headed toward the commode.
"Scream if any monsters appear under the bed." You taunted getting a roll of the eyes, although you both knew that in the last few days, the frequency of enemies had increased greatly. 
You quickly washed, making sure that no green slime remained on your skin before you left the shower stall. You had a towel around your body and were standing in front of the sink intending to check your face for bruises when you felt all the hairs on the back of your neck shiver at once.
You could feel Wanda. Very weak indeed, almost nonexistent, but she was there. And then it just faded away. You blinked in confusion at your own reflection and tried to concentrate, to feel her again. But nothing.
You dressed in record time and stumbled out of the room with a thoughtful frown.
"What do you think about us ordering pizza?" America asked upside down, lying on the mattress. But seeing your expression, she looked at you with concern. "Hey, what's wrong?"
"I felt her." You said and she gave a short laugh.
"I'm serious, kiddo."
America propped herself up on the bed, with an expression kind of unsure about everything. "Well, Y/N, it's not the first time, right? You felt her in that land of the mad scientists, and the Viking one. But you only found the variants that I still don't understand why you didn't want to date, and we ended up facing some pretty badass monsters over there."
You scratched behind your neck, a thoughtful expression as you moved to sit on the couch. "I know, Chavez. It's just...it was different now. What if we're in the right place and I miss my chance?"
"Let's investigate then."  
"But what if I'm only leading us to a worse monster than before?" You reason with certain guilt. "I don't want to put you in unnecessary danger."
America smiles, half surprised. "Y/N, don't worry about it. You are literally the only person who has tried to help me in the last few months running away from these creatures. You know I tried this Doctor Strange guy and he kind of betrayed me and it was a pretty mess thing-"
"Oh my god, that's it!" You interrupt her by getting up and making an apologetic expression immediately. "Forgive me, I know the story and you can tell it again on the way. If there is one place I can drop you off safely it is at the Kamar Taj. A bunch of sorcerers to help us."
America frowns slightly. "You're going to leave me there?"
You give a confused laugh, "What? No, of course not! Well, not forever at least. I wouldn't want to take you straight to another huge monster, but I don't want to leave you alone in an unknown universe with no one who can protect you while I investigate whether the Wanda here is my Wanda."
"But how can you be sure they will help us?" America asks and you smile, moving to arrange the sofa bed for you. 
"I keep telling you that I am an important sorceress, and you still don't believe me, do you?"
"I see you get caramel syrup all over yourself every time we have waffles for breakfast, miss important sorceress." She retorts with an unimpressed face and you laugh, moving to throw a pillow at her.
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