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Bodyguard AU: Who is the bodyguard? Who are they protecting? Which one is secretly pining for the other? 


Originally posted by wandasmaximoff

Your colleagues called you crazy for hiring an Avenger to protect you on your travels, but they’d be surprised at how much danger you actually faced out and about. The Avenger that stepped up was none other than Wanda Maximoff, a woman trying to do some good after some unfortunate mistakes.

“Are you all set, Mx. l/n?” Wanda asked before your boarded your private jet.

“Indeed, I am, Miss Maximoff. Thank you for time, I know you Avengers have some busy schedules.” She followed you aboard and you motioned for her to sit in the empty seat beside you.

“It’s my pleasure, really. I’ve heard some some stories of your…misadventures.” Wanda and you shared a laugh over some of your past experiences. There had been plenty of odd trips from ransoms to car chases, you saw a lot of action. But there was something about Wanda’s laugh that made you want to play it on repeat.

“I just seem to keep running into trouble,” you joked and waved over your personal in-flight service, “do you want anything? We’re gonna be up in the air for a while.” You told her.

“Oh, I’m fine at the moment, thank you.” She smiled and kept her attention on you. “Are there any threats I should be weary about right now?”

“It’s always a surprise, really. I wish I could tell you more.” You sighed and felt the plane begin to move, checking out the window. “Oh, we’re off.”

“Well, I’d better keep a close eye on you, yeah?” She gave you a little hum and you lost your train of thought for just a moment, this might’ve been the best choice you’ve ever made hiring her. It wasn’t too professional, obviously, but she was wonderful company. Possibly something more? Could that happen?

Your eyes fluttered open and you were still up in the air, trying to regain your sense before realizing that you’d fallen asleep on the hired help, rushing to sit upright again.

“Sorry, I must’ve fallen asleep there.” You rubbed your eyes and bit your tongue, cursing yourself for becoming such a mess over this woman you’ve just met.

“No problem, I didn’t want to wake you.” Wanda told you just before you felt something hit the roof of the airplane. “Uh-oh.”

“What was that?” You asked as Wanda unbuckled her seatbelt and walked off to investigate.

“It’s why I was hired. Sit tight!”

send a character and an AU from this list for me to write about!

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Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Count: 2262


You were screwed. 

You had two rules, two unbreakable rules. Two rules that have allowed you to survive for as long as you have in your line of work. 

The first one was to never ask questions. Your job was simple. You transported packages, no matter what it was, no matter how far you had to go or how long it’d take you to get it to its destination. 

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huh, that’s new

a social media au

[5.2: new groceries]

warnings: nothing much really, probably just bad writing

a/n: this is part text and part written btw. this is the first time i wrote this way except for the one i did for my class. sooo i hope it was ~nice~ or something :>. uhhh, yea! i hope you enjoyed! i’ll probably do more written chapter parts in the future. lemme know what you think! and taglist is open! ♡

huh that’s new - masterlist

“Would you like a bag?”

You raised your head to look at the cashier in disbelief. He just looked at you, shoulders slumped and eyes tired. As if he doesn’t even care anymore. 

“Yes. Please.” Unbelievable, you thought. The things you bought should be in at least five bags. And he had the audacity– you know what, nevermind. That’s the least of your worries.

Getting home with that much bag in the middle of the day on a Sunday, that’s what you should be worrying about. 

You’ve got no one to help you. Nat and Wanda are still working. Pietro is at his friend’s house, doing a new video for next week. Peter’s studying for his exams. The guys are out at some store, wherever that is. Your only other friends, sadly, are your employees, who are also working.

You’re a strong and independent woman, Y/N! You thought. You don’t need help carrying six bags for several blocks! It’s not even that heavy.

So, you started walking while you convinced yourself that it’s really not heavy. Calling a cab would’ve been better but you said, Fuck it! I need to exercise anyway. 

About halfway to the diner, you noticed three familiar - and muscular - dudes, and you couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. When they saw you, they hurried to help you with your bags that you definitely didn’t need help with.

“Damn Y/N! Did you buy the whole store?” Sam joked as he took two bags and carried it with both of his arms.

Bucky and Steve approached you next, taking two bags each, leaving you with the shoulder bag that you were carrying the whole day. “You know, Bucky here said that you texted him. He was pretty worried. He told us that we need to find you.” Steve mentioned, making you look at Bucky who was on your right. 

He wasn’t looking in your direction, as if he didn’t hear anything. He didn’t notice the small smile that formed on your lips before you looked straight ahead, towards your diner. 

You have to admit, it was sweet. He was concerned. It’s always nice to know that someone cares. You’ve only met Bucky a month ago and he already cares about you. Your heart smiled at the thought as another crossed your mind. 

Do I care about him? 

Well, he is your best friend, self-proclaimed, but still your best friend nevertheless. Comfortable and safe, that’s how you feel when you’re around him. You’ve opened up to him easily, which is so not like you. You felt safe enough to get wasted even though it was only you and him. You trust him. You felt your gaze went back to him, and this time he was looking at you too. It’s silly that you even thought about this.

Of course, I care about him.

When you arrived at the diner, you ushered the three men to the stairs at the back that lead to your place. It was big, but it was just perfect for the five of you. It had 5 small bedrooms that only fit a queen size bed, a wardrobe, and a small table to put your other stuff on. With Peter sleeping over at the Stark’s most of the time and Pietro vlogging and travelling the world, it left you, Nat, and Wanda with a lot of space to move around in. Though this week, your place is back to normal. Pietro’s back for like a couple of weeks before he goes travelling again. Meanwhile, Peter’s only back for a few days because he claims that he can study better here. 

“You can just put them right there,” you pointed towards the kitchen where the large and surprisingly clean kitchen island is. They placed it down carefully and returned to the door. 

“Hey, thanks for helping me. I didn’t need it by the way but you three insisted sooo” you said at the now laughing men.

“Of course, Y/N. We’re going downstairs, you coming?” Steve offered. You shook your head, “I’ll just stay here, it’s been a long day. Besides, I should check in on Pete.”

They nodded and said their goodbyes. Before you even closed the door, you saw Bucky returning, “you know I’ll always help you whatever you do and wherever it is, right?” A small smirk made its way to his lips but it’s his eyes that you didn’t leave unnoticed. It was shining. And it was beautiful. 

You managed a smile and a nod before he went down the stairs. You closed the door and went to the kitchen island. 

As you start unpacking the things you bought, you can’t help but think back to what Steve said. It’s not supposed to be a big deal. Friends get concerned by their friends. Nat and Wanda are always concerned for you. Pietro is too concerned for you. Even Steve and Sam are. Why is Bucky’s case different?

You thought about it over and over as your hands just continued putting the other things you bought out of the bag. You didn’t notice how your lips smiled yet again and  released a “Huh…”


@intovert-gone-wild @jbb-bucky0310 @jessicakimba @mariachiii @essenceproxima @cazslaughter @eldahae

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Morning Mayhem

Summary: The Avengers all love each other and always enjoy a crazy morning to start their day. When one Avenger starts the morning off with a tickle attack, the snowball effect happens.

Warnings: None unless you don’t like tickles

A/N: Here is my first fic after my old account got deleted


Originally posted by thehumming6ird

No one in the Avengers compound is a morning person. Steve could be if he really wanted to be but he really isn’t. Peter and Bucky practically could sleep through a nuclear war and not stir. Only two Avengers are able to be awake early and that is Clint and Tony. 

Clint drank a bit too much coffee this morning and had extra energy to burn. He decided to attack Tony with tickles because why not? Tickling is fun right? Tony’s laugh always made the archer feel warm and fuzzy knowing he was making someone laugh. 

Steve soon woke up to a loud shriek and hysterical laughter. “Ughhh…Buck, what time is it?” Steve grumbled as he sat up. 

“Too damn early punk…go back to sleep and cuddle me!!” Bucky whined as he tried to grab at Steve. 

“I’m gonna check on the sound. I’ll be right back.” Steve muttered as Bucky complained. Opening the door, Steve saw Sam and Natasha making their way down the hallway. 

“Making my way downtown with this chick, she’s gonna make me some damn coffee…” Sam muttered slightly loopy from waking up so early. 

“Morning to you too Sam.” Steve chuckled. “Why are you two up so early?” 

Natasha rolled her eyes. “The loud laughter. I’ll bet you ten bucks this is all Clint’s fault…” she grumbled. 

“Twenty if it’s him and Tony.” Sam added as they all walked like sleep deprived zombies to the common room. 

As they entered the room, they looked on the floor to see Tony and Clint in a bit of a tussle. The two men were trying to land a poke or a squeeze to their sides all while laughing and screaming at each other. 

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tea person ii (bucky barnes x f.reader) au!

part i

summary: who knew not liking coffee would change everything.

“He took you to ‘The Compound’?”

Wanda asked in a muffled voice, the Lo Mien falling from her lips back into the takeout box

Pepper smiled and nodded her head, her hair that was once in a bun was falling down her shoulder.

“That is one of the most expensive restaurants around.”

I grabbed another egg roll from the middle of the coffee table.

“It was wonderful, I think we are going on another date next Saturday.”

Pepper played with the gold ring on her finger from her mother, her red lips had a huge smile across them.

“Now (Y/N) and I are the only one who are single,” Nat said, giving Pepper a happy smile.

“Hush Nat, I’ve seen Clint and you making eyes for months now,” I threw a green bean at her, she easily dodged it.

“It’s not like that.”

Her smile screamed something completely differently.

“Pepper got Money Man, Wanda got her hippie boyfriend named after one of the five senses-”

“It’s not his fault his parents named him Vision,” Wanda cut me off before filling her mouth with more Lo Mien.  

“-and Nat got Katniss Everdeen.”

“He shot a bow once and you can’t let that nickname go.”

I shrugged my shoulders, looking into my takeout.

“Well it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow,” Pepper smiled while she stood up.

We all agreed it was time to hit the hay, saying goodnight to Pepper while we left for our personal bedrooms.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I felt the world around me fall away.


I carried the heavy bag on the shoulder from the car to the coffee shop.

“The one day I have off and I still end up here,” Wanda rolled her eyes as she carried the psychology textbook under her arm.

“It has a good study environment,’ Nat shrugged her shoulder as she pulled the criminal justice textbook from the backseat.

“She has a point Wanda.”

Wanda rolled her eyes and she ran up to the door to hold it open for us. I gave a quick thank you and walked into the comfy coffee shop.

“Welcome to Top Pot.”

I looked up to see the boy from yesterday from behind the counter, a large smile across his face.

“Morning cash boy.”

I moved to the large table in the corner of the light filled coffee shop.

I saw Wanda place her textbook across from me, Nat taking the seat beside her.

“Do you girls want anything?”

The Barnes boy stood beside our table, a notepad in hand.

“Blonde Roast please,” Nat gave him a smile as she took her seat.

“Caramel Cold Brew with a shot of Espresso.”

The cash boy said nothing as he ran to the back, getting to work on the orders.

I pulled a few different papers from my bag, flipping through them quickly.

“I hate Physics 142,” I huffed under my breath, Nat giving a small chuckle.

“You just hate that you procrastinated.”

I glared at her as I pulled the textbook from my bag.

I found page 32, happy that my highlight didn’t smear all over the pages.

After a minute or two of reading throughout the textbook, a cup was suddenly placed in front of me.

I looked up to see a large mug with a tea bag hanging from the side.

I looked up to see the cash boy, his smiling breaking his face.

“You don’t sell tea here.”

He nodded his head. I looked over at Nat and Wanda, their face just as confused as mine.

“Where did you get this from?”

“I was in the grocery store yesterday and I picked it up.”

I closed my eyes, a small headache forming quickly.

“You don’t know me, why would you do that?”

He shrugged his shoulder, placing one hand on the end of the table.

“You said you were here all the time for Wanda, might as well have something you like.”

“Bucky, that’s so sweet.”

Wanda broke the small silent with a happy smile and a soft bounce in her seat.


“It’s a nickname.”

He shrugged again, for what felt like the millionth time that evening.

“It suits you.”

He gave a small thanks, getting ready to turn around.


He looked over h8is shoulder, mumbling my name under his breath.

He walked from the table to the cash register.

I looked back at Nat and Wanda, both with wicked smiles across their face.

“Can we make a toast at the wedding?”

“Hush, it was a nice gesture.”

I continued to read throughout the textbook in front of me, picking up the cup of tea and taking a small sip of it.

The taste of peppermint took over my mouth, a small smirk playing at my lips.

“At this rate you two have two kids.”

Wanda made a small faking crying noise, an evil smile playing at her lips.

Nat softly repeated the word “mommy”, making sure no one could hear her.

I threw a pencil in between the two, their laughs echoed throughout the small shop.

“For all we know he’s a flirt and does this all the time.”

Wanda gave a shru while Nat gave a serious glare.

I turned back to my textbook, pulling my jacket over my hands.

“So now you are going to do your work?”

Nat gave a joking eye roll, picking up her book and putting it in her lap.

Wanda grabbed at the coffee mug in front of her taking a quick sip.

I spared a glance at the cash register, the sight of a pretty blonde leaned up against the counter as Bucky made a coffee, laughing at something she said.

I turned back to my book, not worried about the sight across the room from me.

“Nice gesture,” I whispered under my breath, continuing with my 142 work.

part iii

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Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: @grey-girl​, @mellowwhore​, @spxce-frxckles​, @babyplutoszx2​, @fandomnerdsarecool​,  @alex–awesome–22​, @k-iraa​, @coupsnflower


“Oh, James do you really have to go?”

You grasped the blankets tighter as you watched the television play before you. – “You know I have no choice Mary…” – the man on the television replied, looking dramatically away in the distance. Your pupils widened as you saw Mary response with a heartbroken cry. Your eyes were glued onto the black & white movie you were seeing. Your forehead wrinkled with emotion as you watched the couple on tv give each other one last kiss. The movie held you captive in its artistic beauty as you never thought a movie could take your breath away. You only had attention for their words and emotion as everything around you faded away. You pulled the blanket on your lap higher up till your chest as you couldn’t handle the tension. You watched as James walked away, seeing the desperation on Mary’s face. – “Say something Mary… go after him…” – you whispered out, hoping she would do something like that. You gasped again, squeezing your legs tight as you gripped onto the blanket.

You saw as Mary reached her hand out to him, words stuck on her lips. – “Goodbye James…” – she softly said as it made you widen your eyes. A single tear escaped the corner of your eye as you watched Mary stand alone in the dark, cold night. – “Turn around James… please turn back…” – you breathed out, not being able to contain yourself. You were so occupied with the movie that you didn’t notice Pietro watching you from the door opening. He chuckled deep as a funny thought crossed his mind. You watched as the movie showed a clip of James, alone on the train. You saw the emotion and regret all over his face as it took your breath away. Just as he was about to speak, the channel switched. – “Hey!” – you brutally called out, seeing a blue streak past you. – “I was watching that!” – you yelled as Pietro sat in a second on the couch with you.

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Originally posted by ifoundkylo

(GIF credit to @ifoundkylo​)


Tags: @amirahiddleston@bloodorangemoonlight@nekoannie-chan

Summary: Steve is being sent on an extremely risky mission, and no one knows why it has to be just him. However, the team has settled on it, knowing that he has been chosen for a reason. But (Y/N) can’t see things the same way as them, trying to convince them to not let him go.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader (platonic), Vision x Reader (platonic), Tony Stark x Reader (platonic), Natasha Romanoff x Reader (platonic), Same Wilson x Reader (platonic), Bruce Banner x Reader (platonic), Clint Barton x Reader (platonic)  

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name   (Y/L/N)=Your last name

Warnings: Swearing, crying, arguing, mentions of death and injury, overall fluff


My hands started to tremble as I read through the mission file, seeing the details about the enemy Steve was to face. I shouldn’t have been looking in the first case, it was almost illegal for my eyes to even glance over it, but what with it sitting there on our bed, I couldn’t help myself. The file flopped down onto my lap as I stared straight ahead of me. Why was Steve chosen for this? And why was he going alone? Why couldn’t they have a backup team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents, just in case? Surely the mission would go smoother and quicker with more people.

The door to the bathroom opened, Steve emerging with a towel wrapped around his waist, a few droplets running from his hair down his neck. He froze when he saw what was in my hands, sighing as he approached me.

“You know you’re not supposed to be reading those things.” He tried to take it from me, but I stood up in time to escape.

“When were you going to tell me?” I asked.

“(Y/N), I was going to tell you. I had to make sure I was clear with my orders-”

“These orders are basically suicide!”

“You’re worrying over nothing.” he tried walking towards me again.

“Not this time.” 

I let him throw the papers onto the bed, holding my hand instead. Of course I worried about every mission, but those details, the danger he was going to be in made my stomach twist.

“Steve,” my voice was begging to shake,“I have that feeling in my gut, that same feeling I had with New York, and Ultron, and-”

“Hey,” he breathed out, pulling me into his bare chest,“you’re thinking like that because I’m on my own.”

“Exactly! Why are you on your own?”

“Because that’s what they think is best.”

“Oh fuck that.” I snapped, pulling away to wipe away the tears.

“(Y/N).” He warned.

“No, seriously, fuck that! S.H.I.E.L.D always think they’ve got everything right, but they don’t. Including sending you away, by yourself, on what seems like an awfully dangerous mission.”

“There will be a reason. I’m the only one who can do this, and I have to.”

Rubbing my eyes again, I looked up at him, taking in his beautiful features. He had that sad smile on his face, where he felt guilty about something but wanted you to be happy. Slowly sliding my arms around his waist again, I hugged him as tight as possible, feeling his arms engulf my body. This just wasn’t fair.

The next day, I drove to the Avengers HQ, knowing that it would take more than myself to convince Steve not to go. I stopped speaking to him about it the night before, knowing it would lead to a huge argument. Though if I backed my feelings up with other people’s opinions, it might make him see that I wasn’t thinking with just my heart. Steve was already here training, they had new recruits after all, making it the perfect time to persuade anyone to join my team. The first person I saw was Wanda, someone easy to start with.

“(Y/N), I did not know you were coming here today.” She said surprised, her eyes on me as I sat down on the couch next to her.

“Yeah, it is a little unexpected. I need to ask a favour.” I started.

“Go on.”

“OK, so, Steve has been tasked with this solo mission, the only issue is, it’s basically sending him to his grave.”

Wanda shook her head slightly.“What are you talking about?”

“Look, I just need a few of us to convince him it’s a terrible idea, and not to go.”

“(Y/N), if he has been assigned a mission, he has to go.”

I held up a finger.“But not if it’s going to kill him!”

She pushed my hand back down.“I mean, when you join something like S.H.I.E.L.D, you’re basically giving your life for the service.”

“Wanda, I thought you would be on my side.”

“I used to think the same way, but after seeing how we help people, you put others before yourself.”

“Which is the exact problem!”

“Excuse me-” Vision suddenly appeared through the wall, making me jump almost a foot back.

“Vision, you really need to use the doors unless you want to give someone a heart attack.” I dramatically breathed out.

“My apologies. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I’m afraid Wanda has a point.”

“Not you too.”

“Captain Rogers is one of America’s best fighters, the country he serves is even in his title.”

“Guys, seriously, you don’t see the bad side of this?”

“Of course we do,” Wanda reassured me,“but this is his job. It’s what Steve knows.”

I huffed, making it clear that I was angry with them as I stormed out of the room. This was going to be much harder than I thought. The easiest target had already denied me. Taking a moment to stop, I leaned my back against a wall, thinking who to go to. It was a long shot, but perhaps Tony would see how I was thinking, he was never a fan of S.H.I.E.L.D, even when working with them; he always wanted things to be simple and for no more fighting to happen, I could get something out of this. 

Tony was hunched over the coffee machine in the kitchen, peeking over his shoulder when he heard my footsteps. Without saying anything, he lazily waved his hand before looking back at his coffee cup. I stood beside him, mumbling a ‘hello’.

“What’s with the moping?” He asked, straightening up.

“I’m upset.”

“About what? Also, does Steve know about this? I feel like Cap should know if something is wrong with his girlfriend before I do.”

“I mean, sort of-”

He held up a hand.“Please don’t tell me you’re pregnant.”

I frantically shook my head.“Oh, God no. Not that it would be a huge problem…well, actually-”

“I’ve already listened to your dream house talk before, remember?”

“I’m going to get straight to the point here, Steve is going on a mission and it’s going to get him killed.”

Tony didn’t seem phased as he poured coffee into his cup.

“Tony, are you listening?”

“Well isn’t that every mission?”

“No, there has never been a mission like this before! He’s going completely solo.”

“(Y/N), I hate to say it, but I think you’re growing more worrisome with age.”

“What? Why is no one taking this seriously? I felt those horrible butterflies in my stomach when reading those files, you know what that means.”

“OK, so you had that gut feeling when we fought aliens, right? And we came back from that alive, didn’t we?”

I stuttered.“Y-yes, I suppose so. But…but it wasn’t…it wasn’t guaranteed.”

“You have never felt that bad on any other mission.”

“No, but-”

“You’re paranoid because capsicile is on his own. He’s a big boy, he’s fought by himself before.”

Hastily turning around, I clenched my fists around the edge of my sleeves, biting the inside of my cheek to focus on something other than crying. It was so frustrating. No one could feel what I could feel. 

I heard Tony sigh behind me.“(Y/N)-”

“I want to speak to everyone.”


I started to walk away.“Get everybody but Steve in conference room one, I need to understand why Steve’s so-called-family is letting him do this.”

Pacing up and down the length of the room, my gaze was fixed on the outside world. My mind buzzed with thoughts on what to say, how to get them to see how inconsiderate they were all being. I still hadn’t spoken to Clint, Natasha, Bruce or Sam, and I was nervous to hear what they had to say. Though deep down, I knew what I was going to be facing. Those who had no idea what was going on hesitantly walked in, with Bruce and Clint standing down and Sam standing with his arms crossed.

“What’s going on?” Natasha whispered to me.

“Wait until everyone is here.” I replied.

She kept her eyes on me for a few more seconds, a confused look in her eye before she joined the others at the table. Tony waltzed in, no coffee this time, and a minute later Wanda and Vision came along. The three who knew what this was about stood, a somewhat bored expression on their face. It was an assumption, but it made me angry, meaning I didn’t start the meeting off well.

“I want to know why you’re all so calm about sending Steve into a trap that will be the end of him.” I blurted out, standing at the head of the table. 

Those who had no idea what was going on were wide eyed, glancing at each other. 

Natasha was brave enough to speak.“What do you mean?”

“She is scared that Captain Rogers is set on a potentially lethal mission. Miss (Y/L/N) believes he may die.” Vision calmly explained.

“You called us in here for this?” Sam scoffed.

“Oh, you guys didn’t get personal interviews?” Tony mocked.

“I don’t understand why no one else is worried about this! I wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of this if I thought he was going to come back with a few scratches.” I exclaimed.

“What exactly do you know?” Bruce tried to understand.

“I read the mission brief, he’s in there all alone. I know you have all been on missions like these in at least groups of three. So why does Steve have to go by himself? Don’t you guys want to help me show Steve that it’s too dangerous for him? Don’t you care?”

“They wouldn’t pick him for fun.” Tony butted in, walking towards me.“Have you spoken about this with him? Properly, I mean.”

“You know he’s not going to refuse.”

“Then that’s the decision.” Sam pointed out.

“But you know what Steve is like, he does it because he feels that he has to, he doesn’t want to let anyone down.”

“He doesn’t have a choice (Y/N).”

I instinctively raised my voice.“There’s always a choice!”

“I think that’s enough (Y/N).” a gentler voice came from the doorway.

Steve had been listening, for how long, I didn’t know. He walked in, surprisingly wrapping an arm around my waist.“I’m sorry guys. Can you give us a moment?”

They slowly filed out of the room, some faster than others, They were annoyed at me, I had wasted time out of their day, whether they had been working or not. Avoiding eye contact, I knew I would have to apologise, especially with how my tone came across. Once the door was shut, Steve looked down at me, though I found it hard to look him straight in the eye.

“Hey, look at me.” He softly said.

Reluctantly, I did as he said as he faced me properly, both hands resting around the small of my back, my hands naturally holding onto his biceps.

“I appreciate what you’re trying to do. But you know things aren’t that simple.”

“I know but…” my voice was shaky, and instead of holding everything in, I let the tears flow freely.“I just thought that they would see things the same as I did, and maybe we could fix this somehow.”

“Please don’t get upset. I know what you were trying to do.”

“Steve, do you really think you’ll be alright on this mission?”

“I will.”

“And how are you so sure of that?”

“Because I have you to come back to. You’re the only thing I think about on those missions. I know that I can’t let myself get hurt like I used to, I could never forgive myself if I left you behind.”

I smiled slightly.“You should be concentrating on the mission, not me.”

“How could I not think about you?”

Pulling him closer, I closed my eyes, still crying but feeling a sense of warmth run through me as his hand was placed on the back of my head, smoothing out my hair. 

“If I could refuse, I would have done so the moment they handed me those papers.”

“I know.” my words were muffled against his clothing.“I’ve been over dramatic, haven’t I?”

Steve’s chest shook as he chuckled.“Just a little.”

“You’re not mad though, are you? Not like the others?”

“No, I would never be mad over something like this. It just reminds me how much you love me…not that I need reminding.”

“I love you Steve.”

“What did I just say?”

“I’m going to have to come up with something good to make everyone like me again.”

“A simple apology will do.”



“Can we go home?”

“Sure. Let me grab my things.”

“Can I come with you?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“No, you don’t.”

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Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x F!Reader

Notes: Hey guys! First of all, I’d like to apologize to every one of you who supported me by reading, commenting, and liking this story. It’s been six months since the last update and I feel terrible for letting this become this far. This year is being so weird and fucked up, and I’m not really well considering all that this crises have been impacting in my life. For now on I’m committing to finishing this story in the best way that I can and I’ll update at least once a week. I wrote this chapter a while ago and I think that’s fine so I really hope you enjoy it, and one more time, I’m so sorry for letting you waiting for updates.

Now, enjoy the chapter! 

Warnings: Swearing, smut.

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Part 10 of X. 

Word count: 2039.

“Stick out your tongue”

You obey what Wanda said, you just can’t do the opposite, especially when you are laying down on your bed and she’s fully naked riding your face on a Sunday morning after she spent the entire night with you. 

Grabbing her ass, you help her to ride your face, helping her come undone which happens quickly. Wanda moans loudly and that’s the sexiest thing that you have ever seen, that image makes you rub your thighs together on an attempt to get some pressure on your aching point.

After she rode through her high, Wanda straddles your hips and bend down to kiss you. Deepening the Kiss, she moans tasting herself on your mouth. 

A loud banging on your bedroom’s door makes you break the kiss, and you hear Natasha’s voice coming from the other side.

“Shame on you, horny dogs. I told you yesterday that I would be here for breakfast today and I CALLED YOU EARLIER…”

Wanda hides her face on your neck, she’s giggling while Natasha is still talking, you just cover your mouth to try hiding your laugh.

“Be out here in 5 minutes or I’ll come in this bedroom and I don’t care about seeing your ugly asses… uh-and I brought some stuff from that bakery near my place, so HURRY UP”

“I’ll see you in five minutes Nat” you answer not being capable to hide your laugh anymore.

Getting her face out of your neck, Wanda gives your lips a light peck “I told that she would be here before we finished" 

You cup her jaw and shove her face with light kisses "I think that we just did it right in time”

Wanda let out a whimper “I would love to return that wonder that you just did to me but I think that would be really rude to keep her waiting while we do It again” she kisses your cheek and gets up.

You laugh “I know and she wasn’t lying about coming in, she definitely would”.

Doing a quick job to make yourself presentable, you let Wanda at your bathroom and go find Natasha and find her at a full set breakfast at your table and pretending to be mad with you.

“That was rude, I know that you had spiderwebs down there but wtf?! It’s been three days, I seriously was worried about Wanda being killed by your horny ass" 

You laugh and hug your best friend, and she flinches away when you would kiss her cheek.

"Don’t kiss me with that mouth, I heard the end of your morning activities”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Nat. I have seen you in so much more compromising positions” you say while grabs a pancake for you.

Natasha threw a grape at your face “Shut up, asshole”.

Wanda would be mortified if she knew that Natasha heard her moaning while riding your face? Yes. Was that worth it? Definitely. You spent the entire weekend alternating between eating and having sex in the kitchen, trying to watch a movie but ended up having sex on the couch, taking some nap just to wake up to lose yourselves on each other over again. The morning after you and Wanda slept together for the first time, your phone was filled with texts from Nat asking about your date, and you typed a quick answer telling her that you have a girlfriend so your plans succeed.

But things have gotten weird when Natasha called you later that night, nearly 3 am to say that she would be at your place in the morning after to have breakfast with you and that gets you intrigued. Not about interrupting your weekend with your girlfriend but usually when Natasha wants to meet you at your place, she just comes and gets in since she has a copy of your apartment keys. So you know that something is bothering her. 

Wanda gets in the kitchen and you can’t stop yourself to look at her. She’s one of those people who looks absolutely great when they just wake up. You drive your attention down when she bends to hug Natasha, that angle made your oversized t-shirt that she’s wearing show a little bit more of her thighs. You look away when you feel something hitting your head, looking up to find out that was Natasha throwing a slice of bread on you.

“That’s becoming a habit, you know?! Stop throwing food at me, asshole” 

“Stop looking at my friend like she’s a piece of meat”

“I wasn’t… not like that!”

“Yes, you were”

“No, I wasn’t”

“Oh for god sake, stop both of you. And Can someone passes the coffee for me, please?!” Wanda says interrupting you and Nat acting like two kids. 

You fell into a small talk while having your meal. That’s definitely something that you can get used to, having both your best friend and girlfriend for a late breakfast at you place on a lazy Sunday, that makes you wonder when it was the last time that you felt so relaxed and peaceful. But Natasha was acting very weird, so you just can’t wait any longer.

“Come on Nat, spill it out. Your weirdness is killing me”

She huffs and cleans the palm of her hands on her pants. You were about to push a little bit more when she says: 

“Remember that Halloween party that you supposed to be? That was last night. I was really excited about so I ended up going without you…” 

“Tell me something new Nat” 

Wanda slaps your arm, a warning to you let Natasha finish her story.

“Thanks Wan. So, when I got there, I was trying to find some of my coworkers that I knew that they would attend that party. I found them and we started to drink, dance, having a lot of fun… Thor showed up and he has gotten mad at me cause I kinda ghosted him and he ended things between us. I have got a little upset you know? But anyway, I ended up the night having a threesome…”

“Oh come on, all of that drama because of a threesome? That wasn’t even your first one!”

“…with Bucky and Steve.” 

And you started choking with your coffee. Nat got up quickly to get some water and Wanda taps your back on an attempt to relieves it. It took a little while for you to recover. Natasha looked really nervous and that worried you a little bit. She’s always so confident and seeing her like that isn’t normal. 

“What the fuck Nat? How does it happen?” 

“I thought that they both were like 100% gay and especially vanilla,” Wanda says making Natasha burst into laughs. 

“Well, Steve is but Bucky is actually bi and both definitely aren’t vanilla.” 

You were still shocked. “Okay but HOW, Nat?” 

She takes a deep breath “They were there too, and after Thor broke up with me, I went to the bar and found them. We spent a lot of time talking and the conversation has gotten to that subject. Steve told us that he has never done this before but we laughed and kept talking and forgot about it, at least for a moment. I went to their place to have a couple more drinks after the party and the threesome subject came back and one thing led to another and we did it”. 

Wanda leaned back at her chair “Wait a minute, you said that this happened last night, so what are you doing here? Did you just run away?” 

Natasha puts her head between her hands and groans frustratedly “That is exactly what I did, like wtf? They are my friends and we are all adults. Why did I act like a damn teenager?”

Recovering from your moment of shock, you grab her hands between yours. You know her for too long and know that Nat is very impulsive. If she wants something she just goes for it and does it, most of the time without thinking a lot about it. 

“Nat, I think that you should be glad that it happened with your friends, right? So there’s nothing to worry about it, just talk to them. Tell the truth, you were a bit overwhelmed after and nervous. But talk to them, that’s the best way to deal with it. Just like you said, you’re all adults and there’s nothing wrong about it”. 

“How was it?” 

You and Natasha look at Wanda, who just shrugs “I’m curious, and I’d like to know which one of them gave you that hickie”. 

Looking at Nat’s neck you actually see a love bite on it. You can’t help it and just laugh out loud. 

“Oh, do you really want to play dirty, Wan? Because that would be really funny if I told something about my best friend here sticking out her tongue earlier this morning”. 

Wanda blushes immediately looking at you. Holding your laugh, you try to defend yourself “Babe, I haven’t said anything. She actually heard us”. 

Wanda doesn’t say anything, she leans over and hides her face on your neck, making you and Nat cackle. 

“Well guys, now that you made me realize that I totally freaked out for absolutely nothing, I’m gonna go and talk to them. For the well being of my eyes, I’m gonna leave you alone again because I feel like I’m about to see some live lesbian porn on this kitchen table”.

Wanda is still ashamed and gets up as soon as Natasha said that she’s leaving and start gathering the dishes to put in the washer, just saying bye over her shoulder. 

Still laughing because of Wanda’s embarrassment, you escort your friend to the door and she gives you a tight hug “I know that I was probably overthinking about it but thanks for always having my back. And besides the jokes, I’m really happy for both of you”.

“I’m here anytime you need me okay? Now go talk to them. Text me later telling me that my favorite couple has become a throuple”.

“Always ruining my moments, goodbye idiot”.

Coming back at the kitchen, Wanda had already organized everything and were sitting on the countertop “Come here babe and kiss me good morning”. 

You can’t avoid, her voice is like a mermaid’s sing. You set yourself between her legs and hug her waist and kisses her deeply.She leans down and whispers in your ear “I’m glad that Nat passed by because she just gave me an amazing idea about this countertop”. 


Sunday passed by really quickly just like the rest of the weekend. Later that night, you left Wanda at her place after a long argument about she should sleep at your place and go back to hers the next morning to get ready for work. She told you that she has an early meeting and if she stayed, both of you wouldn’t get so much sleep. 

Monday morning you woke up very excited. That weekend with Wanda was amazing, and you woke up with a text from her and another one from Steve, wanting to meet you because he did the project for your studio. You knew that he would work on the weekend especially because that was a project for your place, but knowing the facts that happened Saturday night, you didn’t felt guilty knowing that he had some fun. Double fun.

It’s 9 am when you arrive at your studio and Steve is already there, waiting for you with two coffees on his hand. 

“I hope that one of those is for me because I’m definitely going to need it for today”. 

He hugs you and hands out one coffee “Of course it is. Look at her, all smiley. What some love does is magical, isn’t it?”.

Sipping at your coffee “Well, what can I say? My beautiful girlfriend and I had an amazing weekend together”. 

He looks amused “That’s so cute, congrats hun. You make such a pretty and cool couple. We are definitely scheduling a double date”. 

You are laughing even before saying “Sure, should we include Nat on it?” 

And that time, you help Steve who chokes with his coffee. 


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A/N: I don’t own any of the characters on this fic, they belong to Marvel.

Warnings: none.

Summary: A mission gone wrong and a night talk leads you and Wanda to finally confess your feelings to one another.


Originally posted by marvelheroes

When Wanda saw you for the first time, she was taken aback. She always heard about how ruthless and cocky you were.

When she walked into the training facility that day, she saw that the rumors were true, but she also noticed how fake that was. ‘Maybe that’s why Nat became so attached’, she thought while she watched you two laughing during a break between sparring matches. You and Natasha had similar pasts, being trained as a child to become a master assassin.

As time went by, she kept discovering small glimpses of that soft side you hid to everyone. And without knowing when it happened, Wanda found herself falling for you.


“You should tell them.” Clint told her one afternoon while they watched you compete with Sam on a bet. The rest of the team were standing around the table in which you both were seated, all except Wanda, Clint and Natasha, who were sitting on the couch and also staring intently at the interaction. 

“I don’t even know if they feel the same.” Wanda argued, looking down slightly. You two barely spoke because Wanda was a stuttering mess every time you were in the same room. She thought that you only saw her as a teammate, so she never even considered confessing her feelings.

“You won’t until you speak to them.” Natasha remarked, placing her arm around her shoulders. “You know, (Y/N) has a soft spot for you.”

“How can you tell?” In that same instant, the whole crowd of heroes erupted in cheers, and (Y/N) stood up.

“So sorry Wilson, but victory is mine!” (Y/N) declared, fist-bumping the air while Sam slouched on his chair. The (h/c) haired avenger looked at Wanda, momentarily breaking the arrogant façade to send her a small smile.

“Well…” the sokovian witch turned her head to see Natasha already smirking at her. “Let’s just say I have a feeling they do.” the redhead spy teased.

Wanda was about to reply, but was interrupted by Maria Hill, who had just entered the room. “Rogers, (L/N) and Barton, suit up. You three have a last minute mission.” She said, giving them the files with the information. “Get everything you’ll need and get on the quinjet in ten minutes.”

“Got it.” Clint and (Y/N) said at the same time, and Steve just nodded, before the three of them left to suit up.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Natasha nudged her lightly, gesturing towards the hallway that lead to your room. “Go say goodbye!”

Wanda stood up and walked along the hallway, bumping into you in the process. “Oh, hey Maximoff. Sorry but I have to go.” You excused yourself before walking past her.

“(Y/N), wait!” She calls out, and you turn to face her again.

“Yeah? Something wrong?”

“No, I just… Good luck.” Wanda muttered, backing down a bit.

“Thanks.” (Y/N) hesitated before giving her a short and awkward hug. They broke apart and (Y/N) marched off to the quinjet. 


It’s been two weeks now since (Y/N), Steve and Clint returned from their mission, but Wanda hasn’t seen you at all. She knew you came back with the other two, but after the debrief meeting it was like you had disapeared.

As she entered the kitchen, she came across from Clint, who had just finished his training session.

“Hey Clint! Do you know what happened to (Y/N)?” Wanda questioned the archer, who soon adquired a grim look on his face.

“Wanda, maybe you should give them some more time. This last mission took a toll on them.”

“What? Clint, you have to tell me what happened there. Please.” She begged him, fearing what she was about to hear.

That same night, Wanda was completely restless and couldn’t sleep . She stood up and left her room, walking around the hallways. She reached the roof, where she found you sitting alone, looking at the night sky.

“Why are you up so late?” Came your voice, completely emotionless.

“I can’t sleep.” Wanda swallowed nervously. It was like a part of you was empty, like you didn’t have any feelings. “C-can I…Can I stay with you?” She stuttered, and watched as you nodded silently.

Wanda slowly made her way to you and sat by your side. She looked at you. To everyone you seemed completely stoic, but she knew you were broken.

“Are you okay?” What a stupid question, she thought immediately, but she didn’t know how to approach the subject.

“Why do you ask?” Was your only answer, voice barely above a whisper.

“Nobody has seen you in days.” She waited for your answer, but you just shrugged. “Holding everything in doesn’t help and you know it…” She sighed.

“I’m alri-”

“Stop pretending like everything is fine!” Wanda finally snapped, and you turned to her, surprised. “This isn’t you. Even after the worst scenarios during a mission, you’ve never acted like this! Where’s that confidence of yours!?” She took a deep breath, calming herself before continuing. “It has to be really serious to leave you like this. So please, what happened back there?”

“You already know… Clint told you this morning, right?”

“Yeah, so it was true…”

Silence engulfed the both of you for some minutes. You looked at Wanda again, and before you could say anything she muttered.

“Stop.” You looked at her confused. “You’re thinking too loud. And that’s not true, you’re not a monster.” She explained.

“But they died because of my mistake.” You weakly argued, looking down at your lap. Wanda had never saw you so vulnerable.

“You couldn’t do anything. Stop blaming yourself.”

“Why?” Now it was Wanda’s turn to be confused. “Why are you helping me?”

‘Now or never’ She thought, and took a deep breath.

“Because I love you, (Y/N)” Wanda finally confessed. “I care about you and it pained me not seeing you this two weeks. Even if you don’t feel the same, I’ll always be here for you.” You stood silent for some minutes, just looking at her, and that made Wanda a bit anxious. “Please, just say something!” She exclaimed.

“I never said I didn’t feel the same.” You admitted.

“What?” Wanda froze. Did she heard you correctly?

“You’re talking too much, just shut up and hold me.” You groaned jokingly, and you both laughed before Wanda wrapped her arms around your shoulders and pulled you into her.

After some time just basking in each other’s warmth, you catched Wanda trying to stiffle a yawn.

“Half asleep already?” You teased, smiling softly.

“Yeah, but I can’t sleep. I know I’ll just end waking up screaming again.” Wanda sighed. You stood up and took her hand in yours, making her stand as well. “What-”

“Just come with me.”

You guided her to your room, where you laid down on your bed and patted your chest, waiting for her to do the same. Wanda laid beside you, leaning her head on your shoulder, and cuddled closer to you. When she was comfortable, you tenderly wrapped your arms around her small frame and kissed the top of her head.

“Goodnight, little witch.” You whispered, chuckling.

“Night, (Y/N/N)…” She answered before she let herself drift off to sleep, exhausted.

The next morning you woke to the feeling of slender fingers running gently through your hair. You slowly opened your eyes, focusing on the loving gaze that Wanda gave you.

“I’ve had nightmares every night for the past days and now they’re gone, how did you do that?” She whispered, tilting her head to the side a bit with a smirk.

“Dunno, maybe I’m your dreamcatcher.” You joked, getting a giggle and a soft kiss from her.

“And I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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