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Summary: Captain Y/N L/N. Leader of the Avengers on Earth-563, not really a family or team strictly just coworkers. A lot of responsibility for someone only nineteen. What happens when the Captain finds herself on “Earth Earth” in the compound of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Stuck on Earth for the time being, Y/N sees what these Avengers are about. And Captain America finds himself falling for this leader, even though her age is throwing him… that and the fact no one knows if she’ll head back to Earth-563 the minute she can.

Warnings: AGE GAP (clear from the summary, it’s a young reader but legal), none

Pairing: (eventual) Steve Rogers x black!reader

Word Count: 4.0k (i feel like this fic might have semi-long chapters compared to my other work but also don’t hold your breath yet?)

Part 1 


Originally posted by stallingdemons

True to Steve’s word, F.R.I.D.A.Y. woke you up in the morning. You held a hand up to your mouth and blew on it, the morning breath wasn’t too bad but it was there. You walked into the bathroom and rinsed out your mouth with water. Your hair was an absolute mess, not like you expected anyone in the house to have a bonnet. The only two you could have possibly gone to were of no help, Rhodey was bald and Sam had very short hair. You wet it and fixed it in whatever way you could to make it presentable. After the meeting, the first thing you were requesting was to go shopping for supplies. Goose hissed a little when you picked her up. 

“Please baby. I don’t want to face the scary strangers alone,” you whined.

Goose reluctantly hopped into your arms. You spun around in shock hearing a chuckle from the door. It was Bucky standing in the doorway. 

“So we’re scary?”

“One of you pulled a hammer on me.”

Bucky shrugged. “They sent me to get you. Thought it would make you more comfortable.”

“Smart, send the brother to make sure I don’t run… sorry, I didn’t mean bro—”

“It’s fine. Let’s go. Sam made pancakes for your interrogation.”

“Is there bacon or any meat? You know, for Goose?” 

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Next On The List!

Upcoming, but not in this order, we have;

1. Part 2 to the Tony Stark Drabble (Tony Stark x Reader)

2. Rathaways (Cisco Ramon x Rathaway! Reader)

3. Shush (Peter Parker x Banner! Reader x Ned Leeds)

4. Take a Deep Breath, and Blow (Dave Rossi x Daughter! Reader)

5. Once Daring (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)

6. All for One (John Watson x Holmes! Reader)

7. A fic (unnamed) with Thor and Bucky Barnes’ sister

8. Leap of Faith (Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Avengers)

COMMENT if you would like to be tagged in one or more. I will get back to you all soon :)

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Characters: Tony Stark X Sister!Reader, Clint Barton X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: A bit of swearing

Request: Clint and tony’s sister. You are trying to tell him that Clints gonna be a dad and tony is gonna be a uncle? The rest of the team finds out at the end. Some cute and fluff.


Originally posted by july-rck


Originally posted by strangerkittens

You sometimes commented that your brother and husband were similar. Not many people agreed, until you pointed out some of their similarities. Both were competitive; Tony against Steve, and funnily enough Clint against Tony. Both were childish at times, and you’d remind people of the countless times the pair would wrestle, including at formal parties and meetings with higher ups, and they were both stubborn at time. You were the expert on knowing both men, of course. You were born a Stark but married to a Barton, Tony being shocked that his little sister had gone from his drinking buddy who would try to updo him on who can wear the most expensive accessory to a party, to living in a farmhouse and being surprisingly talented at DIY and living quite a quiet life. Of course you still had your parties with Tony, keeping a small jewellery box just for those competitions. You almost always won and Tony still had no clue how.

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Under the Rainbow, Draga mea || Chapter Seven

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy chapter seven, it’s just pure fluff honestly. Just really cheesy fluff 🥺💓

P.S the times in the some of the photos are a little wonky so please ignore it. The app was having issues when I made this chapter 🥺😔 However, for a reference (if you need or like one: they have breakfast at about 11 am and spend the whole day together)

Masterlist || UTRDM Masterlist


UTRDM Taglist: @andyl394 @scar1etwriting @stop-drop-and-drumroll @wxstedhexrt @pies-writes-and-more (if you’re crossed out, it wouldn’t let me tag you 🥺)

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader     

Word Count: 11,150 (oh, oh no)

You are one step from officially becoming a SHILED agent. Involved in a secret relationship with Captain America, you feel like the world might lie at your fingertips. Until it doesn’t because of your stupid inexplicable phobia.

Steve’s friend might be able to help… except it would take an open mind and a huge leap of faith on your part.

You wonder… how much can one endure to get where they want?


A/N: for a challenge hosted by @tilltheendwilliwrite​. Congratulation to your rightfully earned milestone! Your writings are a work of wonder and you deserve evry single one of those followers *✧・

Prompt: Phobias -  What if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life.

Warnings: !! Some might be extremely upsetting I’m afraid:
 - elements of horror, talk about phobias (dogs and needles), character death (past lives), use of lethal injection, mention of murder, canon-typical violence (brief), swearing… French and fluff 

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Don’t imagine how happy Clint is to see his wife and kids but how torn apart he is to tell them that Natasha isn’t with him.

Don’t imagine how excited Clint’s wife and kids are to see him but how devistated they are to find out Aunty Nat is gone.

If you don’t think that Nat and Laura were best friends, you’re sorely mistaken.

Don’t imagine how upset the family is over Nat but how they pull it together to meet Clint’s fourth child, Wanda Maximoff.

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Why didn’t Marvel just make Billy and Tommy Wanda’s biological original children, instead of the retro-reincarnation thing that’s super confusing? Heinberg’s notes said them being adopted by their current families was the original plan-so why did they change it?

And…it makes more sense if they’re adopted anyway. We never see Tommy’s parents, but it’s made clear that Billy barely resembles Jeff and Rebecca-he has Erik’s black hair (before it went grey) and Natalya/Magda’s honey brown eyes, meanwhile Tommy has Pietro’s white/silver hair and Wanda’s green eyes. They’re even referred to as looking like mini Magnetos. Billy is also generally portrayed as being darker skinned than Jeff and Rebecca, which is understandable because Wanda is a first generation Jewish Roma immigrant. In comparison, Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan have brown hair, a different shade of brown eyes, are lighter skinned, and overall bear little to no resemblance to him.

(I have a whole Thing on how it doesn’t matter that some Romani people are considered pale skinned, because comics are supposed to provide visual representation as well, and it’s clearly whitewashing to constantly portray the Maximoffs as being the whitest skin color they can get away with, especially when most Romani people are notably darker skinned and can’t pass as white. But that’s neither here nor there.)

We’re still not even entirely sure how that whole spiritual reincarnation thing WORKED. Wouldn’t it just have made more sense to say that Mephisto attempted to destroy the twin boys, but when he failed, he sent them back in time, and from there Billy and Tommy were adopted and raised by different families, with no memory of their biological family until they met each other? After all, Billy didn’t start dreaming about Wanda (and Mephisto) until he met Tommy-then it was like a floodgate opened in his dreams. And they got their blocked memories somewhat fully restored when they found and reunited with Wanda in Children’s Crusade?

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