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i was trying to figure out what the first glitch in this episode of wv reminded me of and then i realized it was that episode of the flash when marlize gets drugged by clifford, realizes she’s getting drugged, makes a video about how she’s getting drugged, realizes she’s already made a video about how she’s getting drugged, then gets drugged again and forgets the whole ordeal for it to happen again. just a thot. anyway here’s my marlize devoe redemption fansong

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Like for a starter from Wanda Maximoff! Additionally, if you have any prompts or ideas, comment/come into my ask box/dm me and we can discuss it.

Relationships I’m comfortable to do as Wanda:

  • ScarletVision (Vision x Wanda) - OTP
  • WandaNat (Natasha x Wanda)
  • ScarletAmerica (Steve x Wanda) - Comic only
  • ScarletFrost (Loki x Wanda) - depending, most likely comic interactions
  • Ask about any others
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Day Twenty-Five of my milestone challenge:  Fairytale AU

Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader


Word Count: 952

Warnings: Cinderella AU so there will be mentions of abusive stepmother and step siblings, Fluff, Character Death Mention

Description:  All you want is a night out and all Wanda wants is true love.


Originally posted by gabrielferreirx

Wanda was the next in line for the Sokovian throne after her brother’s passing.  It wasn’t a duty she took lightly.  Protecting her kingdom was her first priority and the ball that her father was hosting that evening was to help introduce her to foreign dignitaries.  She knew her father was hoping that she would find her match this evening and that it would be one of the nobles that would bring a good match for the kingdom.

Wanda was hoping to find love.

That was all she had ever dreamed for.  When her brother was the one that was supposed to take control of the kingdom she was free to choose who she wanted, but now that was seeing more and more like a dream.  She would more than likely have to marry for advantage rather than love and that killed her inside.

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Concept for WandaVision:

The moment Wanda realizes she’s trapped in some sort of TV pocket dimension (maybe around episode 6 or 7), she tries her best to escape by using her powers to fight back against her mysterious tormentor (most likely Agatha Harkness). She ends up causing so much destruction that she literally breaks the fourth wall and ends the episode prematurely. As if the viewers are working for Agatha Harkness or are complicit in her actions. 

There’s not even an end credits. We just get taken back to the Disney Plus homepage and are left wondering what the flying fuck just happened. 

Then, for the next episode, because of what Wanda did, the episode starts out real fucked up. The opening is all janky and glitchy to the point that it feels like our computer got corrupted. As if the show itself has been damaged by what Wanda did. 

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At the rate the story for  “WandaVision” is going, I’m fully expecting the season finale to be a full-blown descent into madness as Wanda’s world finally falls apart. Basically, the ending of “Doki Doki Literature Club” where Monika breaks the game and the whole world devolves into a glitched-up nightmare.

And I’m absolutely here for it. 

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Why did I not realize that both ice creams wanda and vision are holding in the intro for Wanda? Vision doesn’t eat so he really planned on feeding her ice cream for her cravings and looking at her with heart eyes for the whole day 🥺🥺🥺that’s so cute

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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision

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And if I didnt know better, Id think you were listening to me now. If I didnt know better, Id think you were still around.

WANDA MAXIMOFF & VISION — wandavision.

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