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Your body is her’s
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem! Reader
Word count: 3,253
Warnings: Mommy Kink, mommy!wanda, bottom!reader, fluff lots of fluff, no smut sadly, next chapter though, praise kink, dark!wanda, possessive Wanda, protective Wanda, yandere Wanda, it is a bit sexual though, minors DNI
Summary: Third chapter from, “She’s in your mind” you and Wanda adjust to your new lives. And Wanda has a big surprise for you. There is not smut in this chapter, the next one however…
About a month has gone by since you first woke up with Wanda. You found out that the place you were now living in, was a quaint little cabin, out in the middle of the woods, somewhere in Sokovia. It was charming and peaceful and you had little complaints of your new home. Over the few weeks, you and Wanda adjusted to your new dynamic. Wanda; with living with another person, and you; being with someone who actually loved and took care of you. You learned quickly that Wanda was an attentive and nurturing person. Waking up in the morning earlier than you to make breakfast, or sometimes staying in bed with you, so you would wake up to kisses being peppered across your face. Like right now, soft lips pressed against your forehead, moving down along your face to cover every inch she could, and ending with a cheeky peck to your mouth. You sleepily smiled, and she giggled, her warm body was laying beside yours and you could feel tendrils of her soft hair lightly touching your neck from where she hovered over you.
You opened your eyes to look up at her, and she was already looking at you, her gaze was soft and a sweet smile adorned her face. You marveled at how seemingly endless depths of green, could exist right in front of you, staring right back into your eyes. You wished for this moment to never end. Her smile grew bigger knowingly, and you blushed a little, realizing she was reading your mind again.
“Good morning, my love. Sorry if I woke you, but I couldn’t wait any longer to see you.” Wanda said, she moved her body closer, nearly laying all her weight on top of you, and sighing when she was in the perfect position, and pressed her face into the crook of your neck.
“Not that I’m unhappy with being woken up, especially to kisses, but couldn’t you already see me before I was awake?” You said with amusement in your voice. You moved your hand to play with her hair, nails lightly scratching her scalp, and she sighed into your neck, relaxing even further into you. She had her arms wrapped around you at this point, and squeezed you tighter to her.
“Yes, but I wanted to see your eyes and you smiling at me baby. I made breakfast and waited for you to wake up, but you must have been more tired than usual because you usually wake up about an hour before now.” Her hand moved to your stomach and rubbed small circles against it, you didn’t think much of it, and actually started to doze off again. But then she pulled back from your neck to look down at you, and you snapped to awareness again. She moved her hand to your cheek and held her palm there, you leaned your head into her hand, and she melted.
“Come on baby, breakfast is getting cold and I want you well fed, I have plans for today that involve a surprise for my good girl. And you’re not gonna get it until you’ve eaten.” Wanda teasingly said this as she got up, and you almost whined and pulled her down to bring back the missing warmth from your body. But the promise of a surprise excited you and was enough to pull you out of bed as well. You grabbed her hand as you both walked to the kitchen, and Wanda hid her smile as she walked ahead.
“What kind of surprise is it mommy? Is it a new toy?” You asked excitedly. Wanda smirked at your question as she pulled out your chair for you to sit down to eat.
“No, its not a toy, though if you want, I’m sure I have a few new toys we can try out later, that are waiting in the bedside table.” She raised her eyebrow at you, and you blushed, not realizing how your words had sounded until now. She laughed at your reaction as she placed a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of you. And all embarrassment left you as your attention suddenly went to how hungry you were and how delicious they looked, you began to eat, and Wanda smiled at your enthusiasm, content that you were finally eating. “Good girl.” She said, and you tried not to choke from the sudden praise and warmth you felt from those words. You cleared your throat and continued to eat while Wanda watched you. When you were done, she hummed, happy you ate everything, and took the plate to the sink. She then told you to get ready, and dress casual, because you were going out. You were a bit surprised from this (Wanda wasn’t joking) seeing as how you hadn’t left the house since you got here, but you weren’t going to question her too much, you had been wanting go out for some time now, not that you were unhappy or anything, but a walk out somewhere would be nice on occasion.
When you were ready, you had dark blue jeans and a purple sweater on, you walked back out to Wanda. Who was also wearing jeans and had on a soft red sweater. She smiled and held out her hand for you, and you took it, pulling you outside and walking off the front porch.
“Mommy where are we going?” You asked, there wasn’t anything for miles, and certainly no car nearby, you were confused how you where going to go anywhere, until Wanda pulled you closer.
“Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Mommy is going to take you to place where she grew up. A small town that has delicious treats for my sweet girl.” She wrapped her strong arms around you, and lifted you up to you carry bridal style. You gasped when she lifted you with ease and you quickly circled your arms around her neck. She smirked at you when you looked up at her, you were a little nervous, but overall trusted her to hold you. With her arms tightly holding you to her, she began to slowly rise up into the sky. You held on little tighter and moved your face into her neck, you were not the biggest fan of heights, but a big fan of cuddling her, so you were ok with this arrangement. She kissed your head as you both gently moved through the air, she was excited to see how you would react to the town she was taking you too. Although her home country had been destroyed, there were still a few remaining towns nearby that had survived the destruction of Ultron, towns that held her language and culture that she sorely missed.
About 20 minutes had passed when you finally arrived to your destination, Wanda flew you both to a secluded part in the woods by the town you were visiting. She gently set you down, and when your feet touched the ground, you pulled her against you to give her an appreciative kiss. It only lasted about four seconds, but when you pulled away and started to walk towards the small town, Wanda stood there with a dopey grin on her face, staring after you. She realized after a minute, that she needed to start walking and followed after you. She quickly caught up, and grabbed your hand to lace your fingers together. You smiled at her as you both walked side by side into town, Wanda was a little nervous bringing you out here. You were her precious girl and she didn’t want anything to harm you, but she also knew how excited you would be to go out. She felt bad for keeping you cooped up and she wanted to make you happy and give you a nice trip out somewhere before-
“Mommy, where to first?“ you asked, oblivious to her thoughts. Wanda and you both looked around, there were a bunch of little shops along the street you were walking down, many had clothes, crafts, jewelry, and most importantly, food. Feeling secure in knowing that this was a remote and isolated town, Wanda lead you to a clothing shop. You both spent a few hours going from shop to shop, Wanda made you try on anything she could, and bought everything that lit up your eyes, she had you taste all the traditional foods she grew up eating, and you loved very bite. The people there were very nice, and smiled at you both. They spoke in Sokovian most of the time and you got to witness Wanda speaking here native language, the way she spoke was entrancing to you, words you didn’t know rolled off her tongue effortlessly, and she looked so content and comfortable while she spoke, that you immediately decided that you would learn it as well.
At one point you and Wanda found a display with a bunch of different treats, your eyes zeroed in on the deserts and Wanda, watching you, noticed and immediately pulled you towards the shop. You got something with a lot of powdered sugar, and out right moaned at how good it was. Wanda’s head snapped towards you, her mouth hung open a little as she watched you obliviously eat your desert. Her pupils dilated as you started to lick the remains of sugar off your fingers. And you were startled, when she suddenly snatched your hand away from your mouth, holding your hand up to her lips, she looked you right in the eyes, as she wrapped her lips around your finger. You gasped from the wet heat enveloping your finger, and couldn’t take your eyes off the way she sucked on the single digit. Her tongue was moving against it and you moaned at the feeling, she slowly pulled your now, clean, but wet finger out of her mouth and moved her face closer to yours. You froze, you weren’t sure what to do then, you thought she was going to kiss you, but instead you felt a hot tongue lick up along the side of your mouth, your eyes closed on their own, and then she moved her tongue to lick a stripe up both your lips. You were near panting when she finally placed her lips along yours, sucking them both in her mouth as if they were your finger, and then pulled away with your bottom lip between her teeth.You dazedly opened your eyes to her smirking at you, again. God, she was going to kill you from combusting one of these days, you weren’t even sure how you managed to still be alive up until now.
“You had a bit of sugar on your face baby girl, I was just trying to help clean you up.” She said, she looked proud while saying this, and you once again, wondered how you were alive.
“I’m pretty sure that’s not were I need to be cleaned mommy, I seem to have become quite the mess down a on a different pair of lips.” You said with faux innocence. Wanda’s smile immediately dropped, and she grabbed your hand to pull you back to where you first came from, her grip was practically bruising as she dragged you to the woods, heading home. You tried to keep up, and maybe catch the expression on her face, when you suddenly heard a familiar yet surprising voice call out.
“Wanda Maximoff.”
You both froze, and you watched as Wanda’s back immediately tensed. She was holding your hand with an even tighter hold as she slowly turned towards the new voice. You turned with her, and there right in front of you, stood Stephen Strange, ex sorcerer supreme, and your old teacher of the mystic arts. To say you were surprised was an understatement, Wanda didn’t tell you much else on what happened with Strange and the Chavez girl, but you had assumed they were both dead, I mean, it was Wanda, and they had both gotten in her way. Even after her being reasonable and asking nicely.
“Strange. I hope you’re not here to see me.” Wanda moved you behind her as she spoke to Strange, her voice was calm, but you could hear the slight undertone of a threat under it as she stared at the soon to be done for man. You looked at Wanda and then at Strange, his face was stern as he watched Wanda.
“No, I’m not here for you.” He finally said. And you sighed in relief behind Wanda, him going after Wanda was a bad idea, you were glad he was alive, and you didn’t want that to change, luckily he seemed smart enough to see that as well. Then Strange pointed at you and said, “I’m here for her.”
Or clearly he wasn’t smart enough.
Wanda took in a sharp breath, and you held yours. Why was he here for you? As far as you were concerned, you didn’t do any thing that bad, and you clearly weren’t hurt. He answered your question when he continued to talk. Poor buddy.
“Wanda you invaded that girls mind and have taken one of my students captive, I’m asking you to let her go. What would you want from her anyway? She’s useless to you.” He said. And wow, you knew he was probably just trying to persuade her into letting you go, but that still stung. You looked down, you couldn’t help but think he was right. Wanda was ethereal, the most powerful being on this planet, maybe multiverse, and was so stunningly beautiful, you couldn’t even think to compare. You were just a mere student who had nothing to offer, you hadn’t even finished your magic training. You were useless, and you were afraid she would see that and let you go. Let him take you like you didn’t matter.
You were shaken out of your thoughts when you felt a pull on your hand, you forgot you were even still holding hers, having your’s gone limp in her hold. You looked up to concerned eyes already looking at you. Wanda was fully turned to you now, not even paying Strange a second thought, as she moved her hands to gently cradle your face, palms under your jaw and thumbs lightly rubbing against your cheeks.
“Do not listen to him my sweet girl, and get those unthinkable thoughts out of that head of yours. The only thoughts you should be having, are of being my good girl, and being happy. You are not useless, nor are you something to compare too. I don’t know why you would think you don’t matter to me, because you are absolute perfection personified. You are beautiful, and kind, and sweet, and I love you, and you’re mine. I am never going to let you go, you mean everything to me and nothing is going to take you from me. I will burn the world down to have you and hold you.” You trembled at her words, she was looking at you with her whole heart, and you felt her words. And you also felt her, the scarlet mark branded over your heart, you realized, was somehow allowing you to feel what she felt. And she was feeling a lot, her love and desire for you nearly forced you to your knees, and you had no choice, but do listen to her and believe her. Wanda watched you come to this realization, and smiled when you nodded your head at her. Holding your face in her hands, she pressed her lips against yours in a passionate kiss, and then pulled back to turn around and face Strange.
“While that was a sweet interaction, you could just be manipulating her mind into being with you. I know your lonely Wanda, but this is not the way to go. Let the girl go, and I wont bother you anymore.” Strange said. You couldn’t help but feel insulted, how dare he, he had no idea what you and Wanda had, and the nerve of tracking her down all to call her lonely and think he could win against your Wanda. You let out a little growl at the man you no longer cared for if he lived or not. And Wanda looked at you with surprise, before it turned into lust. You widened your eyes a little at her reaction, and then realized that she had read your mind.
Wanda couldn’t help but feel immensely turned on from your thoughts, you had called her “your Wanda” and were thinking about how she was being affected, you didn’t even think that maybe she had manipulated your mind into loving her (she didn’t) and that was all the more reason for her to keep you. She was done with this interaction, and now, she wanted to take you home. Wanda tilted her head, eyes glowing red and waved her hand, her magic took Strange in her hold and she held him in the air.
“I’m sorry you think that Strange, but my girl is here on her own free will, and I’m never letting her go. Besides, you wouldn’t want to take an expecting mother from her family now would you?” She said with a low voice. Both your’s and Stephen’s head snapped to Wanda, he then looked to you in shock.
“I’m pregnant?” You whispered. You felt yourself waver and your knees slightly give out and Wanda caught you around the waist.
“Don’t ever let me see you again.” Wanda growled at Strange, and then literally threw him out of your sight. You would have been amused by the sorcerer literally being yeeted out of the general vicinity, but the words ‘mother’, ‘family’ and ‘expecting’ kept ringing in your head.
“Wanda, am I really pregnant?” You asked, you looked up at Wanda and she watched you for a second, then cautiously answered you.
“Yes. I’m sorry you found out this way, I wanted to tell you in a more romantic way, but I got kinda carried away with Stephen. So… surprise!” She said excitedly.
“How long have you know?” You asked
“Wanda.” You said more sternly.
“I’ve known since that first night we had together. The spell I casted was to make sure you got pregnant, I waited a bit to make sure it worked, after a few days I could sense other life in you. After that, I made sure you were kept safe and well cared for, that our children, were cared for.” She said. Well that, explained her doting and obsession to have you eat all your food, or the sleeping in later, and now that you thought of it, you were having weird cravings lately and- wait children? As in more than one? You snapped your head up to look at Wanda, who was already smiling at you, and of course reading your mind. “Yes, were having twins!” She replied to your thoughts. “Oh dear god”, you thought, and then everything turned fuzzy around the edges, so you leaned into Wanda who was already holding you. You heard her begin to talk to you again, and right before your vision (heh) completely left you, her words were the last thing you heard before you blacked out.
“Why do you think I brought you out here? I wanted to give you a nice trip out before you got more vulnerable and I would have to keep you home forever to keep you and the boys safe.”
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Wanda: you said I could talk to you about anything, right?
Y/N: uh huh
Wanda: so I feel sad, but I also feel like committing mass murder
Y/N: excUSE ME
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Police officer!Y/N: I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give you a ticket Wanda in her car: *gasps* Y/N with a flirty voice: For looking too sexy... Wanda, blushing: Oh, you scared me! Y/N walking away (still having the flirty voice): Have a good day... Wanda reading the ticket: Wait, it says I have to go to court for this?
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what would wanda do if dino misses her family dog?
dino and a dog?🦕
a/n: no bc if wanda kidnapped me i would relentlessly annoy her until i got a dog or got to see my dog. this is the last dino installment for a bit! more coming soon <3
warnings: angst, sad dog :/ fluff! kinda manipulative wanda
Tumblr media
recently you had been down. like anybody else you had your off days, but today you were particularly upset.
you and wanda went for a walk past a dog park, since seeing all the happy puppies play with their owners, you realized you missed your dog. growing up with a yellow lab, gracie, you missed the playful fur ball.
part of you wanted to ask wanda if you could see her again, but the other part of you worried that wanda would think that you weren’t happy. in turn, she might punish you? you’ve seen a lot of movies to watch the thoughts spiral.
wanda poked and prodded at you all day to give her something other than sadness, when you didn’t, she eventually gave up and just took you into her arms. the witch had vowed never to read your mind. when you were ready to talk to her, you would.
“what’s wrong, dino?”
with a deep sigh, you began to explain.
“i miss my dog. seeing those dogs at the park today, it broke me. my poor dog just hasn’t seen me, what if she thinks something happened to me, i don’t want her to be sad.”
breaking down in wanda’s arms, the witch held you as you cried. she had never really had a pet besides sparky (thanks agatha), so she didn’t really understand. but she could feel how strong the bond between humans and dogs was. she could feel how much you missed your gracie.
“im sorry you cant see her. i know you love her, i know she loves you. i promise, it’s gonna be okay.”
you only cried more. she wouldn’t let you see your fur ball, you expected that and yet it still hurt.
the days seemed to get longer and longer, about a week after expressing that you were dog deprived, you weren’t any better. you weren’t necessarily moping…. just out of it. yet wanda had never seen you so down.
she tried everything to lift your spirits, your favorite foods, spoiling you with gifts, and trying to get you to the things you loved, nothing seemed to work. either you were a really great manipulator, or you were actually very upset about this.
wanda finally gave. while you were watching parks and rec, the witch came home with a special surprise for her dino. you paid wanda no mind as you watched ron have a cook-off with chris. it wasn’t until the cutest noice broke you out of your silence.
a little yelp, followed by a bunch of adorable puppy sounds. your neck turned so fast you could’ve sworn you got whiplash. wanda was holding a golden retriever puppy who was not so subtly nibbling on her sleeves.
“i know it’s not gracie, but he is ours. another step in our lives together.”
tears sprang to the corners of your eyes. as much as you felt guilty for leaving your baby behind, you had a new one with the love of your life. wanda felt you jump into her arms and cry on her shoulder.
“thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. i love you so much.”
wanda kissed you tenderly, nothing but love radiated between the two of you.
“so baby, what are you gonna name him?”
“how about….dart?”
“why dart?”
“because i can smoke you at darts.”
wanda pulled you closer and nibbled on your ear.
“challenge accepted.”
you smiled. you were officially a mother
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Peaceful Quiet
Summary: Within the chaos of the world, Natasha and Wanda find peace with your quiet self.
Pairings: ScarletWidow x Fem!Barton!Reader
Genre: Fluff and Angst
Warnings: Guns (no actual use), sweet tooth-rotting fluff at the end.
Requested: YES/no
Words: 3,894
A/N: These girls do not have a lot of smiling gifs :(
Tumblr media Tumblr media
*not my gifs*
The mission hadn’t gone too well - Hulk had gotten out of control and both Natasha and Wanda weren’t close enough to subdue him. The redhead had a few bumps and bruises whilst the brunette had barely anything thanks to her powers. 
They were all slumped over in the Quinjet, beyond the point of exhaustion, before a call came through. 
“Hey big bro, where you at? Tiny devils wanna know when you’re coming for dinner.” 
Immediately, all of them turned to the pilot seat that Clint sat in, smiling at your contact with a photo containing the two of you at the beach.
“Hey, sis, I’ll be home in a few hours since I gotta stop over at the compound. How are they?”
“Chilling. Making me an aunt is the best thing you’ve done for me.” 
“What, like saving you from Iran wasn’t?” 
Clint laughed, feeling a particularly strong presence of two pairs of eyes before an idea popped into his mind. “Listen, I was actually thinking of coming now.” 
“But… aren’t you on a mission?” 
Your voice didn’t crackle through for a few seconds. “Hurry up.” 
You hung up and Clint disconnected his phone from the Quinjet, plugging in his address whilst he turned around to face his best friend and her girlfriend. 
“Who was that?” They asked in unison.
“My sister, Y/N.” He explained, getting ready for the landing as he found his jacket.
“Barton, you have a sister?” Natasha scoffed. 
“She never came up in discussion.” He shrugged.
Natasha and Wanda looked at each other with concern, wanting to know everything about you as soon as possible. When the jet landed, Wanda helped Natasha walk to the door before it was opened by Laura. 
“Hey guys.” The woman greeted before Clint swept her up and kissed her softly.
“Hi, honey. Where’s Y/N?” 
She looked like she was waiting for something before that something came as shrieking laughter from the back garden. “Out there.” She grinned, watching Clint’s childish side come out.
“Look what the cat dragged in!” You quipped, watching him charge towards you like you did when you were children.
He tackled you and you rolled with him down the hill, blocking and dodging his strikes whilst you jabbed him in pressure points, eventually standing with him splayed out on the floor.
“I win.” You smirked, helping him back up.
“I let you win.” He grumbled before hugging you tightly.
“It’s good to see you, Y/N. How’s everything?” 
“Great. Love going to therapy. Pretty sure Michelle hates getting those late night messages-”
You cut yourself off as your eyes drifted to the two beautiful women leaning on the porch railing, their smirks on their faces indicating that they saw your sibling antics and were more than amused.
You brought your brother towards you. “You know what’s going to happen.”
“You’ll be okay.” He murmured, kissing your temple before he led you back up to the house.
“Guys, this is Y/N, my sister. Y/N, this is Steve, Sam, Scott, Vision, Wanda and Natasha.”
You nodded your head to them all and they were confused at your sudden change in nature. Maybe it was nerves, maybe they were somewhat intimidating, but something was off. However, when the kids came rushing back in, you smirked and picked Nathaniel up by his collar.
You winked at him, throwing him over your shoulder as you went into the kitchen for a drink. You poured the kids some cups of water and waited for them to drink it all, stacking the cups in the dishwasher before you heard a voice behind you.
“So, Y/N, right?”
You briefly looked over your shoulder to see Natasha and Wanda sitting down, nodding in response to her question.
“How come Clint’s never told us about you?” Wanda asked.
You shrugged, still stacking the dishwasher until you couldn’t find anything else. However, Nathaniel and Lila came back for a biscuit and you gave them a raised eyebrow.
“Mom said we could! And to bring her one too!” Nathaniel begged, making you grin before you gave them their biscuits.
“Y/N! Can you turn the pot off please?! It’s almost done!” Laura called through the house, showing the rest of the team where they would be sleeping. 
You turned the stove off beneath the pot and stirred it lightly, looking back up in a confused manner as Wanda and Natasha were still there. You cocked your head to the side and they did the same, making your eyebrows furrow before theirs did as well.
“Auntie Y/N, Mom says I have to come and help you make dinner.” Cooper stated as he walked in, making you smile and nod.
“Hey, Auntie Nat.” 
“Hey, kiddo.” She smiled at him.
“How was the mission?” He asked, chopping up the vegetables you would soon put in the stew.
“It was good - got a few bumps and bruises, but they’ll heal with time.” 
He beamed at her and she looked at you, confused since you hadn’t said a word in her presence. However, you went to the corner of the kitchen and rang the bell, the loud and clear note echoing throughout the household. 
Immediately, a thunderstorm of boots came rushing towards the kitchen, making Wanda’s hands glow before she recognised the boys. 
“Where’s Vision?” She asked, unable to feel him.
“In stasis mode. Let’s eat!” Clint declared, helping you serve the bowls whilst the kids set the table. 
You sighed happily as you sat down in your chair, between Laura and Lila, and licked your thumb before brushing some dirt off of Lila’s face. 
“Stop, Auntie Y/N.” She grumbled, pushing your hand away but you had gotten all of it, evident in your chuckle.
“So, what were you guys up to that made Clint have to do an emergency landing here?” Laura asked, noticing how you held a small teddy between your legs that was hidden from prying eyes.
“Mission. Bruce…” Natasha sighed. “Bruce got hit badly. Hulk came out and destroyed quite a bit of stuff.” 
You lifted your head as the sad tone came through her words, looking up at your brother before you made a gesture he recognised.
“Yeah, he killed some people.” 
Natasha and Wanda’s eyes shot to you and you immediately began eating again whilst a damning red blush dotted across your face.
“Auntie Y/N, why you not talkin’?” Nathaniel tapped your leg from underneath the table.
“Nate, not now.” Lila scolded him before Laura placed her hand on top of yours and you nodded.
“Y/N has selective mutism. She can’t control it, so all of you watch it.” She looked at each Avenger excluding her husband and they nodded.
“But how did Clint just understand her?” Wanda kept her eyes on Laura, both wanting and not wanting to see you blush, even if it meant you were getting anxious, which she could feel.
“Y/N knows sign language.” Laura responded calmly, rubbing her thumb on the top of your hand before she continued to eat.
Conversation came around easily whilst you sat quietly in your chair, soon holding a sleeping Lila as the night dragged on. You watched as Cooper finally yawned before you decided to put them all to bed, nodding to your brother as an offer that he declined. 
You adjusted Lila onto your hip whilst carrying Nathaniel on the other, taking them upstairs to their rooms before you kissed their foreheads and bid them goodnight. You closed their doors and turned around, your smile instantly turning bashful as the two Avengers stood in front of you.
Laura had called bedtime just after you left, leaving the Avengers to prepare for the night before they would leave in the morning. 
“Um… we’re bunking with you.” Natasha muttered, noticing your eyes widen briefly before you gestured for them to follow you.
You led them back outside the house, through the cold of the night, before they came to a smaller cottage on the edge of the Barton residence. You placed your thumb on the keypad lock and waited patiently for it to scan.
“Welcome, Agent 15.” The computer stated, the house shifting inside before you opened the door.
Inside was an impressively set-out cottage, built with a dark-designed kitchen and a small dining room whilst 3 rooms were located upstairs. The two Avengers watched as you signed blankly to the room before moving around the cottage.
“Agent 15 would like you to know that your room, or rooms if you’d like to sleep separately, is upstairs and to the right.” A robotic voice spoke from around Wanda and Natasha, making them chuckle.
“So, you’re a SHIELD agent?” Natasha asked and watched you teeter your head from side to side.
“Agent 15 is a retired veteran, who was recruited to the Technical Division of SHIELD. Development of weapons, with a speciality in target weapons like Agent Barton’s, is her department.” 
You smiled softly, both girls catching it, as you finalised the couch area and walked upstairs, to which the both of them followed you. You tapped twice on a door and they looked briefly inside, seeing a room laid out neatly for them whilst you went down to the end of the hallway and tapped again.
Their heads popped out of their room to see the bathroom, fit with a shower, bath and vanity whilst you entered your room. They quickly peeked inside, seeing shelves of books, photos and medals whilst the darkness of the night hid most other things. 
They saw flickers of movement before the voice came back. “Agent 15 will be going to sleep. She states that you are welcome to shower, have something else to eat if you are still hungry, and you may sleep anywhere you are comfortable.” 
You closed the door quickly before you leaned against it and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. The entire time you were mute, you couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful they were - you had heard of Natasha through Clint, but when he recruited and trained her you were in Afghanistan, so you never crossed paths. 
And Wanda? You’d heard of her from both of the Barton adults as someone who had lost a lot, gaining something by being with Natasha. The two seemed to ground each other, something you had never grasped in your previous relationships. 
You lay down in your bed and sighed against the soft mattress, pulling the sheets over your body before you fell asleep. 
When the next morning came, you rose slowly to find a loud commotion coming from outside, pulling your phone out to see Clint trying to call you.
“Yeah?” You grumbled.
“GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!” He roared, making you throw your phone in the air.
You opened your security feed and saw that indeed, there were agents surrounding your house, all armed and very dangerous. You recognised some of them, sighing annoyingly as you stormed out of the room and down the stairs.
“House, load up.”
You smirked as alarmed sounds came from outside before a voice you recognised growled through.
“Y/N, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” 
You face-palmed yourself and opened the door, waving annoyingly at your house before the guns folded away. 
“That’s better.” Fury grumbled, handing you a folder.
“You’re being reassigned.”
You opened it and looked back up at him in annoyance, dark bags under your eyes from the countless nights of no sleep coupled with the thoughts of strangling Nick for waking you up so early.
You smirked as Clint was calling you once more. You answered it and immediately put it on speaker, holding it out towards Fury. 
“Barton, calm down.” He said abruptly and you snickered, not noticing the duo that had come down from all the ruckus.
“Chill out, big bro. It’s just Fury and his idiots.” 
Natasha felt a shiver travel down her spine from the sound of your voice, silently wishing you were talking to her.
“So a false alarm? I can bring the kids back inside?” 
“Yes, idiot. But I’d stay awake because I might strangle Fury for waking me up at 10:30 in the morning.” You glared at your superior and he rolled his eyes.
“Barton, you’re getting another guest at home base.”
After taking three weeks to fully transfer to the Avengers Division, you finally had a full night of sleep. You had noticed how Natasha and Wanda were always around you, and sometimes you would turn to see them simply standing and watching you, which you thought was a little creepy at first. 
However, you realised that the more you were around them, the easier it felt to break down the barrier of your mutism. You had been stealing glances at them whenever you could, their eyes almost always on you and ready to listen to whatever you had to say. 
You couldn’t help but feel like you were falling for them.
It was stupid though. Why would you? You could see how happy they were in their relationship. The two of them cuddled up on the couch whilst having meals, holding one another when nightmares plagued the compound, and even going as far as making each other tea.
It was the only thing Natasha couldn’t screw up.
But they had noticed you in a light you never thought possible. It wasn’t just a coincidence that there was a mug of tea on the counter at 2:44 am, nor was it one of theirs that they had forgotten - it was yours. And the blankets they’d put on top of you as you fell asleep whilst a movie played? They made sure they smelled like them.
The stolen glances didn’t go unnoticed, the longer and longer hugs weren’t missed. Natasha had even started jotting down what you did every day with them, looking at it whenever she or Wanda or even both of them felt sad. When they thought of you, their bad days turned good, and simply being with you made them happy.
But still, they had yet to hear your voice speak to them.
They had learnt basic sign language from Clint and could hold a conversation with you if you signed slowly. They had gotten better, but seeing your happy face whenever they got a sentence together was all worth it.
It had been decided that a girls night out was needed since the boys had disturbed your movie night’s peace last night with a prank. Natasha had planned it out to a T and was ready, waiting at the door for you and Wanda.
You both came down and followed her to the car, your eyes wandering to the fields of cows, horses and sheep that you passed until you got further into the city. The sunset was beautiful and you admired it as the light danced across the duo’s faces.
It was too bright to see how they were admiring yours too.
When you reached a barren road, you immediately tensed up and held tightly onto your belt. You don’t know why, but having a belt in stressful times was much easier than carrying around a gun as it gave you the feeling you needed to ground yourself.
Natasha rolled up to a small station, her voice too far away for you to register any of her words before she scanned something and drove through the gate. She trundled around and your eyes landed on a large white screen, larger than any billboard you’d seen. 
Wanda and Natasha had surprised you with a drive-in movie.
You followed them as you went to the restaurant, grabbing popcorn, snacks and drinks before you huddled up in the car. Natasha had planned strategically, taking Tony’s smallest ‘big car’ so that she could be close to both you and Wanda, the size only fitting if you were all shoulder-to-shoulder. 
She had also planned something else - it was a horror movie, which you had made abundantly clear that you didn’t like whatsoever.
“Y/N, you comfy?” She asked you and you nodded, watching the movie about to start.
The speaker in Wanda’s hands glowed softly before the movie’s sound played through it, hanging it above the three of you. You watched the intro play and ate your snacks whilst Wanda and Natasha looked at each other.
“Y/N, can you pass me my phone? It should be by my feet.” Natasha asked and you nodded, digging through the mound of blankets until you found it.
Natasha hadn’t been expecting it to be that easy for you, wanting to hear your voice ask where it was. 
She looked over at Wanda and nodded to let her know to move to Plan B - about halfway through the movie, Wanda put a dastardly seed of a thought in your mind about the movie and it instantly made you scared, scrunching up into a ball beneath your blanket.
“Aw, malen’kiy (little one), don’t be scared. Wanda and I will protect you from those sound-hunting aliens.” Natasha cooed, pulling your back flush against her chest.
Wanda’s smirk let the redhead know that you were blushing, hard, and Phase Two was ready. Wanda whimpered softly as a gunshot rang out, feeling your mind race before it locked onto a thought.
You pulled Wanda against you and began to stroke her hair, just like Natasha did for her, and she sighed above the silence of the movie. You smiled softly, gulping down the lump in your throat as you turned back to see another jump-scare come your way.
You instantly wriggled between them and they soon became concerned when they felt parts of the blanket get wet by their cheeks, pulling it away to see you crying softly.
“Oh, Y/N/N… honey, it’s just a movie.” Natasha chuckled kindly, cupping your cheek in her hand as she stroked it.
She could see you trying to talk but nothing came out, a finger coming to rest on your lips from Wanda. “Frumoasă (Beautiful)… take it slow.” 
You took a deep breath, then another and another, before you felt the lump in your throat disappear. “This wasn’t how I wanted this night to go.” You muttered, covering your ears as a shriek from the monster rang out in the car.
With a flick of Wanda’s wrist, the speaker turned off, leaving the car in silence. “Honey, do you want to say that again? What do you mean?” 
“I…” You sighed, running your fingers through your hair.
“Look at her, Wands, she’s nervous.” Natasha teased lightly, making you blush as she took your jaw in hand.
“Imagine how she’d react if we knew just how long she’d been planning to talk to us.”
They didn’t have to - your eyes widened and you looked between them both, shocked. “You knew?!” 
They both chuckled before Wanda smoothened out a tear still resting on your cheek. “You really took us for fools? A mind-reader and a trained assassin? Y/N/N, you may also be a spy, but you are not very good at hiding your feelings or your mind.” 
You blushed under Wanda’s words before Natasha turned your head to her. “Is somebody speechless? And I was just getting used to that beautiful tone.” 
You hid your face beneath your blankets, but now it was for a very different reason. You heard their teasing laughter and pulled your blanket down, noticing their eyes were still on you.
“Whilst we do know every little detail you were planning - taking us to Wanda’s favourite Sokovian shop before going to a performance of Swan Lake - we would like to hear those words you had practised for hours in your bathroom next to ours.” Natasha grinned, tracing the bottom of your jaw.
You took a deep breath and sighed slowly. “I like you both a lot, more than what a friend should. I never want to disturb your relationship, and I can’t help my emotions, but I would like to be your girlfriend.”
You shocked yourself at how much you got out. Whilst practising, you have never managed to make it across the finish line, but here you were. 
And here your lips were kissed by both a Russian superspy and a Sokovian witch, tasting like chocolate-covered strawberries since they had shared that delicacy. As you pulled away from Wanda, you watched her lick her lips and grin.
“So, detka (baby), does that answer every question that’s been pending in that mind of yours?”
You nodded, feeling that annoying little bulge form in your throat again. Natasha shushed you softly as more tears began to burst through the dam, brushing some wet strands of hair out of your face.
“We have a solution, baby girl. Wands, show her your magic trick.” She looked back at the witch before you were mesmerised by the magic that flitted through her fingers.
“You’ll feel a little pinch, honey, but that’s it, okay?” She murmured, bringing your lips to hers whilst her fingers hovered at your temple. 
You slowly felt the small pinch develop in your mind before it dissipated. To your left, you saw a soft orange string stretch into the distance, whilst on your right, a swirling red string fell in the opposite direction. 
Soon, you saw Natasha and Wanda, both in the clothing they wore physically, holding onto the strings that were attached at your hips.
*It’s so peaceful in here.* Natasha chuckled.
*It’s a peaceful quiet, isn’t it, baby?* Wanda asked you, kissing your cheek softly.
*Mhmm.* You responded, gasping at how easy it was.
*I can talk to you like this?* 
“Yes, baby girl, you can.” Natasha’s voice echoed outside of her mind and you shook your head into focus, watching Wanda’s fingers retreat from your temple. 
“You gotta be all in, honey, because that is not going away for a long time.” She warned you and you nodded.
“I… I promise.” You stuttered, feeling pride in yourself that echoed from Natasha and Wanda’s mind.
“Now, shall we stay and chat or shall we go back home?” The Widow offered you and you thought for a moment.
“Stay. No boys.” You smirked, watching them grin before they held you close and continued to talk about anything and everything.
You felt yourself drifting off to sleep by the sounds of their hushed voices, closing your eyes as you rested your head on Natasha’s arm. She smirked as your breathing evened out and lightly kissed your neck, to which Wanda matched by kissing your nose.
“She’s too cute, Tasha. If it wasn’t for my meltdown, we never would have found out.” Wanda chuckled, but Natasha’s eyebrow quirked up.
“You mean you never would have found out. I knew from about two weeks in.”
Wanda gave her a dramatic but soft gasp before she sulked, burying her head into your neck. She kissed the skin of your neck softly until she felt her locks being pushed away by nimble fingers.
“Don’t worry, malyshka (baby girl), Wanda is an oblivious idiot in love. Whilst I am the same, I’m not oblivious.” Natasha whispered to your sleeping form. 
“But you are an idiot.” Wanda gave her a short glare before she too, fell asleep, leaving Natasha to ask FRIDAY to take them home as she closed her eyes.
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5-puthyyy · 2 days ago
Build a Home (Chapter 1)
Hello! Some of y’all were probably expecting the next instalment of my Crusher series (if you’re new, check out my pinned post), BUT I have come with Milf!Wanda content instead ;) I only post on AO3 but for anyone cautious, it’s completely free and you do not need to make an account to comment/leave kudos :) There’s a little preview followed by the link down below! Enjoy!
Series Summary : Wanda Maximoff has been your best friend since she transferred to your high school from Sokovia, timid and reserved until you climbed over her high walls. 16 years later and you're as close as ever; you with an average job living an average life, alone; her with the perfect life with her husband and twin boys. But when you come home from work to find her in tears, your days start to feel more than just average...
An average day in the life of Y/N. Waking up with a tired sigh, you slide off your bed and fall onto the yoga mat that you laid out the night before. Or rather, the mat you laid out a couple of months ago and thought it convenient to keep there. Who would have thought after years of the heavy lifting in your youth to then working an office job for 10 years would give you lower-back problems?
Your eyes remain closed more from exhaustion than meditation as you stretch, moving into different positions mechanically. With every crack of your bones, you let out a soft groan of relief until your eyes open to the morning sun shining through the large floor-to-ceiling window of your apartment. The curtains automatically drag up 30 minutes after your first alarm so you don’t get blinded by the light first thing in the morning.
“Morning, Loki.” You mumble as he brushes against your legs, nestling into your lap. Brushing a hand through his dark fur as he purrs, you reach over to your desk and grab your phone. Frowning at the lack of notifications from one particular person, you shake your head and shrug it off, letting Loki jump off your lap as you rise to your feet.
Read More
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fairydxll · 4 months ago
𝟏.𝟑𝐤 𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for 1.3k followers. i love all of you so so much. thank you for all the support, it means the world !! kinda copying cinta with this celebration ngl 😗
Tumblr media
harry potter recs
masterlist by @marcela6malfoy
masterlist by @dr4cking
masterlist by @sarahisslytherin
masterlist by @lilithcromwell
masterlist by @pottahishotasf
masterlist by @queen-asteria04
masterlist by @mellifluousart
masterlist by @electriclocean
masterlist by @electriclocean
masterlist by @electriclocean
masterlist by @jackys-stuff-blog
masterlist by @cupids-crystals
masterlist by @wolfstar-lb
masterlist by @selenesheart
masterlist by @acosmis-t
masterlist by @moonlitmeeks
masterlist by @fantqsha
masterlist by @dulcet-lover
masterlist by @evesbiggestf4n
masterlist by @elysian-bxg
masterlist by @indigoh4ze
masterlist by @angel4you
masterlist by @yelenalovegood
masterlist by @harryssmommy
masterlist by @lonelyhe4rts
masterlist by @thatoneguitargirl
marvel recs
masterlist by @queen-asteria04
masterlist by @peppers-analytics
masterlist by @avengershumanresources
masterlist by @mendesxruel
masterlist by @itsallyscorner
masterlist by @jedi-valkyrie
masterlist by @sapphireplums
masterlist by @ohbuckie
masterlist by @cupids-crystals
masterlist by @welldonebeca
masterlist by @queen-of-the-avengers
masterlist by @padme-parker
masterlist by @velvetcloxds
masterlist by @eloquenceflores
masterlist by @fantqsha
masterlist by @alwaysmarveling
masterlist by @yelenalovegood
masterlist by @harryssmommy
star wars recs
masterlist by @jedi-valkyrie
masterlist by @itsmentalillness
masterlist by @padme-parker
masterlist by @calummss
twilight recs
masterlist by @fantqsha
masterlist by @ameliora-j
Tumblr media
there are so many more i wanted to include on this list, but it only lets me tag 50, so maybe i’ll do another list for a future celebration <33
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doesntseemfxir · 2 months ago
𝑏𝑎𝑟𝑔𝑎𝑖𝑛𝑠 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑏𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑘𝑒𝑡𝑠 ᗢ 𝑤.𝑚.
Tumblr media
a/n: well well well, welcome to the Doll House AU, it's cozy here so far. I was supposed to be posting the intro first, but @urdollygf's birthday is today and honestlyyyy they deserve a cute af gift for being such a cool friend
words: 1.3K
warnings: This is an 18+ AU, minors DNI; pure fluff; mommy/doll dynamics; soft tiddy sucking/soothing (this isn't an age/play AU; R isn't a little, they're just Wanda's kidnapped doll)
doll house; Doll is having a cranky day and refuses to settle, but Wanda knows just how to calm her enough for a nap
doll house au. || masterlist.
You were supposed to be sleeping. Wanda was only lying with you because you’d promised to be good and take the nap you clearly needed— it was your constant whining that cued Wanda in. “Don’t tell me you’re still wide awake?”
Everything around you was supremely cozy, the room temperature, your fluffy blankets, even your stuffies aligned behind you; you should’ve fallen asleep instantly. The only thing making it hard was your pillow. You’d insisted on resting your head on Wanda; she was warm and comfy and her familiar heartbeat never failed to lure you to sleep. She’d been stroking your hair to help you do just that, even humming a gentle tune, and any other time maybe you’d be out like a light. This particular afternoon, your mind was hooked on only one thing.
“Mommy…” Technically there was a no touching rule, Wanda insisting on taking the utmost care of you rarely with reciprocation. The few times Wanda gave in, it was always to have your mouth. In your sleep-heavy brain, that gave you an in. You’d strategically put your head on her chest when she’d put you down for your nap, having been admiring it all day. To you, everything about Wanda was beyond perfect, but you couldn’t help but keep your eyes on her tits some days. It wasn’t the first time you’d woken up utterly infatuated with her; your mommy gave you everything you could ever want and more when you were good and she looked beautiful doing it. How could you not adore her for that?
Your clingy mood had rendered you irritable for hours, made worse by Wanda’s continued denial. Each attempt to wiggle into her lap earned you a warning glare from Wanda that she was busy. What she was doing was unknown, but you didn’t care. All you wanted was to play and coo over the older woman, but she wouldn’t let you and for that, you were huffy. Nothing sweetened your sour mood, pushing away your stuffies and refusing to watch your favorite shows. Finally Wanda completed her tasks and the sight of you laid out on the floor, arms crossed in defiance as you stared at the ceiling had her instantly coaxing you into afternoon nap time.
It had taken some frustrating negotiations and the only way Wanda managed to wrangle you upstairs was if she agreed to snuggling you to sleep. As soon as you’d accepted her deal you were putty in Wanda’s hands, letting her guide you up the stairs and staying dutifully still while she changed you into cozy loungewear. You were positively leaping into bed by the time Wanda said you could get and now you had her all to yourself; she’d pinky promised.
Most days you stayed sweet and shy, but she’d learned quickly that once determined, stopping you was a true chore. “Wanna touch you now..” Eager hands were faster than your words, catching Wanda off guard with how bold you’d become.
You turned your head just enough to kiss the underside of her covered breast, catching Wanda’s attention when you started sliding her shirt up her sides. “Ah ah, I didn’t hear you ask for permission.”
“But-“ Wanda caught your hand, stopping you just before you could reveal what you so badly wanted to bury yourself in. You were whining again, rolling around in your spot on the mattress wildly. “Please!”
Her raised eyebrow shut down your tantrum before it could start; you wouldn’t get anything if you kept up. It wasn’t fair; you weren’t asking for much. You hated when she made you use your words, Wanda always knew what you wanted anyways.
Taking time to calm yourself was hard, near impossible when Wanda was right there and you felt so impatient your fingers were twitching, but if you didn’t she’d send you to your own room with nothing. You loved your bedroom; it was made special just for you, but Wanda wasn’t there and that made all the difference “Mommy? Your shirt is in the way… can I move it?” If Wanda wasn’t so doting, she wouldn’t have given you time to realize what you missed, but she just nodded silently and gave you a look to go on. You stared at her, thoroughly confused and growing frustrated with yourself for not knowing what to say next.
Whines had just started creeping up your throat when it clicked. “Oh! Can I touch you too? I want special cuddles..” Wanda could’ve made you be specific, but you were already so fidgety she was sure she’d be dealing with a tantrum and you’d been so good all day, she let you off the hook.
“Of course, babydoll,” the older woman eased her shirt over her head slowly, tossing it aside before guiding your head to lay back down. “You asked so nicely, mommy’s proud of you.” The praise instantly cheered you up, wiggling happily back into place against Wanda. She always thought you looked the cutest when you needed her most. It wasn’t too long ago that you’d been reluctant to accept her help, scared to rely on her for fear of the unknown, but she’d shown you there was nothing to fret over. After all, Wanda was the only one you saw— if you didn’t have her, you’d have no one.
She turned just enough for you to cuddle up to her chest snugly, arms lazily clinging about her midsection while your head rested on pillows and her arm. “You’re so pretty, mommy…” It was like second nature to wrap your lips around her nipple, slowly licking the pink bud into hardness. Wanda was more than used to this now, having found that the combination of skin to skin contact and keeping your mouth occupied was a surefire way to soothe her doll even when she was at her crankiest.
Your free hand moved to hold Wanda’s other breast, not wanting any part of her to feel neglected or unappreciated. Being this close to her would never stop being special to you; Wanda meant the world to you, she was your world and every day you somehow found yourself loving her more and more. She did everything for you, took the best care of you all day every day, even when you were difficult; Wanda was the softest, kindest mommy you could ask for. Not that you ever had the opportunity to ask. Fumbling fingers squeezed Wanda’s chest in your palm gently, holding her as securely as you’d hold one of your prized stuffies. “Is this better, doll? Did you just need this to take your nap?”
“Mhm..” As much as you wanted to keep looking at Wanda, memorizing how loving her eyes looked when she glanced down your way, your rhythmic sucking along with Wanda’s short nails scratching at your scalp was pulling you into dreamland fast. “‘m sleepy…”
“I know, sweetie. You’ve been fighting your nap too long,” Wanda adjusted the blankets around you both until you were both swaddled in warm layers, drawing small patterns into the small of your back. “Get to sleep now, dolly. Mommy will be right here.” Nodding was the last thing you did as you drifted off, mouth easing just enough from Wanda’s nipple that she could tell you’d surrendered to nap time. Even while asleep, you nuzzled into her, seeking out her protective presence each time Wanda dared try shifting into a different position.
There were strict rules about your routine, in place for both your consistency and her control; Wanda should take this time to slip away and prepare dinner while you were preoccupied. But your radiating warmth was calming her now too and, even though you’d be perfectly safe, she couldn’t bring herself to pry you off and leave you all alone in her bed. Her eyes closed slowly, tightening her hold on you as you slung your leg over her hip— clearly you didn’t want her to go either. “Sleep tight, little one. We’ll nap together, just this once.”
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an-evergreen-rose · 14 days ago
Cant sleep without you
Tumblr media
reader x wanda maximoff
warnings: mentions of injury
summary: you cant sleep without your girlfriend there
It was around 2 in the morning when you heard the door to Wanda and yours shared room open. although you weren't asleep, finding it impossible without Wanda by your side, you still let out a small whimper at the bright light of the corridor flooding your room.
"im sorry, baby. go back to sleep," the sokovian woman whispered, her accent thicker due to her fatigue.
you sat up with a pout on your lips as you turned on the lamp beside you, "you know i cant sleep without you here."
Wanda looked at you with tired, yet understanding eyes. she was exactly the same. the rest of her teammates would often find Wanda half asleep on the couch watching sitcoms waiting for your return. in fact, one time, your 2 day mission turned into a week of tedious and totally unimportant surveillance, keeping you from Wanda. the only time Wanda did rest that week was when she collapsed in the middle of training with Natasha, who later scolded Wanda for her unhealthy sleeping habits - or lack of.
dropping her bag on the floor, she came to side on the side of the bed, reaching her hand out to rest on your cheek, which you gladly accepted. "I missed you."
you turned you head to kiss her hand, "i missed you too, are you okay? no injuries?"
Wanda smiled at your concern, "just a few bruises." you couldn't help the crease that formed by your eyebrows and Wanda leaned in to kiss your forehead, "I promise I’m okay detka."
you wanted nothing more than to hold her in bed, knowing that's what she loved most about coming back from missions, but you also knew she needed to clean herself up. "let me run you a bath?" you said in a small voice, still tired form the restless night, almost pleading her to let you take care of her.
she gave you a small smirk as she leaned in to kiss your pouting lips, "only if you join me."
you were thankful for the dim lighting in the room, allowing you to hide your crimson cheeks slightly, but Wanda knew they were there. she always knew how to make you blush, loving how shy you got Infront of her, despite being together for so long.
once in the bathroom, you began running the bath, lighting a couple of Wanda's favourite scented candles that rested on the small corners of the bath, knowing that Wanda liked it. you turned around to see her sat onto of the sink counter, a smile on her face as she reached her hands out for you, pulling you in between her legs for a much needed hug.  
"i love you, so much," Wanda said, gripping tight.
"I love you to wands, but i need to breathe." you mumbled into her chest, and Wanda quickly loosened her hold on you, allowing you to get some air but not enough to get away form her completely.
Wanda let out a small laugh, "sorry, baby. I just really missed you." kissing you tenderly.
whilst you were held captured in your girlfriends embrace, she had used her magic to stop the bath from overflowing as you kissed her neck - not in a sexual way, but a loving way, wanting to show her just how much you appreciated her being here. she moved her arms to your waist, gripping the hem of your shirt, tugging at it softly to signal that she wanted it off. disconnecting your lips from her skin, you allowed her to take it off, blushing once again as she looked at your exposed chest.
she gave you a small nod when you reached for her shirt, being careful when taking it off, to not wanting to hurt her from her previous injuries. she let out a small whimper at the stretch. you gasped when you realised why, seeing just how bruised her ribs were.
"You said it was nothing major." you whispered, gently reaching your hand out to trace the harsh purple spots.
Wanda cupped your face in her hands, stopping you from your movements as you looked your girlfriend in her green eyes. "I didn't want you to be mad," she said teasingly.
"I’m not mad at you Wanda," you replied, "maybe a little because you didn't tell me before, but-" Wanda laughed a little, but you didn't miss the small wince in her face when she did. "I'm just worried about you, I don't want anything bad to happen to you."
"nothing bad is ever going to happen to me, not when i have you to come home to. I'll make sure of it," she replied, seeing the fear creep into your eyes. "lets get into the bath, detka," she says, kissing your forehead, "before the water gets cold."
after stripping away the rest of your clothes, you laid back in the bath, letting Wanda rest between your legs, your hands gently massaging her hair as she let out a sigh of relief, the water doing wonders to her tired body.
once you had washed her hair and massaged her shoulders to ease her tension, you got out, fetching some towels for the both of you, making sure to give the fluffiest and warmest one to your girlfriend. she hummed in appreciation as you dried her hair, combing through it as gently as you could before helping her into some clothes to sleep in once you had your own on.
whilst cleaning up the bathroom, your chuckled as your heard Wanda groan from your bed, "baby, come here."
quickly turning off the light, you walked over to your bed seeing your girlfriend laying half asleep, her arms wide open for you to crawl into. resting your head on her shoulder, you lay your arm over her waist, careful not to hurt one of her new bruises. "goodnight, detka," she mumbles into your hair.
"goodnight, wands."  
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chaosmagicss · 2 months ago
you are in love (wanda maximoff x reader)
synopsis: wanda isn't sure when exactly she fell for you, but she does know that she just keeps falling, over and over again. (inspired by you are in love by taylor swift)
warnings: fluff, a whole lotta yearning, brief mention of sex at the very end
words: 3.6k
read it on ao3!
a/n: here’s my first fic! reblogs and feedback is appreciated! hope y’all enjoy :) <33
Tumblr media
Wanda doesn't know when exactly she fell for you, only because it took so long for her to realise that she even had. 
It was a scary realisation. You'd been asleep on top of her on the couch after a week-long mission away, her fingers dragging through your hair having lulled you to sleep, when she'd shifted to get a little more comfortable. The action had stirred you awake, but you'd just pressed yourself closer to her, mumbled a soft, "Stop movin', baby."
She'd settled herself, pushed her hand through your hair again and murmured an apology. You'd just hummed, turned your head so you could nuzzle into her neck and whispered, "'s okay," against her skin before pushing out a deep breath and promptly falling back asleep. How such a simple moment had brought about a realisation as big as I'm in love with my best friend was beyond her, but by the next morning, the panic had set in.
It made her avoid you for two days afterwards in hopes that she was just overthinking the feelings and that distancing herself would make them go away, and when you finally caught her in the kitchen, her hands wouldn't stop trembling. She reiterated the whole I'm just overthinking it sentiment as she pressed her palms flat against the marble countertop to try and hide the shaking, but then came your voice, and then your touch. You took her hands in your own to stop them from shaking, so understanding of her distance even though she couldn't give you a reason for it, and Wanda knew with startling clarity that the feelings were very much real.
You didn't push her to talk, instead just held her until she stopped trembling, and she knew there was no fighting it anymore.
Stark's parties have never really been Wanda's favourite bonus to being an Avenger. Too many people she doesn't know, too much mingling with those people just to keep up a good image for the absolutely ruthless press; the only upsides were the drinks that she didn't have to pay for and the quiet moments with the team once all the guests have left. Usually, she makes it far enough to join everyone in giggling and talking like a bunch of teenagers at a sleepover, but it doesn't seem like tonight will be one of those nights.
She's just escaped a conversation with a particular talkative socialite who had excused herself to chase after an old friend who she'd spotted leaving. The moment the woman had left, Wanda became all too aware of her current predicament; the way her head is pounding and her chest feels so incredibly tight and the way her knees are wobbly. She closes her eyes for a few moments to try and calm herself, and when they open she finds you across the room, standing at the bar with Bruce and a woman she doesn't recognise.
You're grinning until you find her eyes, and the smile drops in concern. Wanda holds your eyes for a long moment, hoping you'll understand that she's embarrassingly close to losing it without having to expel any energy on projecting her voice into your head.
Thankfully, you understand almost immediately. She watches you excuse yourself, shaking the woman's hand before pacing across the room, ducking away from conversations until you reach her. She sighs in relief the moment she can smell your perfume, the hand on her arm anchoring her to the earth.
"Hey," you ask softly, "you okay?"
She swallows thickly. "I - I don't want to be here anymore," she says, voice tight. You nod, gently squeezing her arm before sliding your hand into hers.
"Let's go get our coats, yeah? We'll go get some coffee."
Wanda nods, squeezing your hand and sort of zoning out as you drag her through the party. Before she knows it, she’s in the elevator and you’re helping her put her coat on, gently knocking her trembling hands away when she can’t manage to do up the buttons.
She thinks you make some sort of remark that was meant to make her smile, but she doesn't process a single word. Your smile fades a little, lips twisting in concern as you tug her beanie down over her ears before taking her hand again just as the elevator doors ding open. As you cross the foyer and exit the building, the cold chill of the night air is enough to snap her out of her reverie, her hand tightening around yours instinctively.
She breathes a little easier when you squeeze her fingers right back, thumb tracing soothing circles over the back of her hand.
You make small talk as you walk to the 24-hour diner a few blocks away from the Tower, and by the time she has a warm cup of coffee in her hands, she feels a million times better. There’s a lull in the conversation after a while; you’re looking distractedly out the window, eyes following the cars that drive by, and Wanda finds herself captivated as she stares at you.
Your fingers, adorned with rings, are drumming against the tabletop, your coat dumped haphazardly next to you. The blazer you’re wearing is perfectly tailored, accentuating your shoulders in a way that’s devastatingly attractive. Your satin button-up sags forward a little as you rest your chin against your hand, and the light catches on the chain hanging around your neck. Her eyes flick back up to your face, and when you finally notice her staring and smile gently at her, cheeks flushing a little under the attention, she almost lets the words slip out of her mouth: I’m in love with you.
She’s so caught off guard by the waitress’s question of, “Y’all wanna refill?” that she jumps, and the smile on your mouth turns teasing before you turn your attention to the server, politely declining for the both of you and instead handing over your card to pay for the bill.
Once the waitress returns with your card, you start to stand, and Wanda follows wordlessly, tugging her coat back on. When the door swings shut behind you, you find her hand and tangle your fingers together. Wanda exhales softly, leaning into your side and wrapping her other hand around your arm as you start the walk back to the Tower.
“Feel better?” you ask after a little while.
Wanda nods. “Yes,” she murmurs. “Thank you.” You hum in acknowledgment, squeezing her hand. But then you stop moving all of a sudden, neck craned upwards, a frown on your mouth. “What?”
You huff a laugh. “Look up.”
Wanda startles, head snapping up, but breathes a laugh when colourful fireworks start to explode above Avengers Tower. For a moment, both of you just watch, shoulders brushing.
“That cannot be legal,” Wanda comments after a particularly large firework.
You hum. “Wouldn’t be surprised if Tony charmed the Mayor into lighting the fireworks himself,” you retort. Wanda grins, watching the show until she feels a gentle tug on her hand.
“Okay, c’mon, let’s get back inside before we freeze to death,” you say. She drags her eyes away from the light show, catching your gaze, and the shiver that runs down her spine isn’t a reaction to the cold.
Wanda enjoys babysitting. You do not.
You're quiet as you made the two of you breakfast, and she could tell you were thrilled that baby Nathaniel hadn't woken up as early as Clint had warned he might. Lyla was still asleep too, and Wanda was more pleased than she'd ever tell you at the prospect of getting some alone time with you.
She watches with admiration as you work, making sure the scrambled eggs don't stick to the bottom of the pan, humming along to the soft music filtering in from the living room. You're in the matching-set of Captain America pyjamas that Sam had gotten you as a gag gift last year and she's wearing an old, faded band t-shirt of yours, and for a moment, Wanda lets herself pretend that this morning is her normal. She imagines that every morning, she wakes with you next to her, your arm slung across her waist; she imagines that every morning, you both lounge in bed until her stomach rumbles at the thought of eggs on avocado toast, which you take the liberty of cooking for her.
The whole scene in front of her is painfully domestic, and it makes her heart twist with equal parts adoration and apprehension.
Her feelings are only growing deeper and more intense, and she fears the day you find out and inevitably distance yourself, or worse, the day she watches you fall in love with someone else. She chews anxiously on her lip, clutching onto the warm mug of tea in her hands as she slips into thought.
“Hey, sweetheart, you alright?”
She blinks, snapping back into the here and now to find your face, watching her carefully. She swallows around the lump in her throat, nodding softly and offering up a small smile.
“Sorry,” she mutters. “I'm still waking up, I think.” You linger on her for a moment longer before nodding a little, still not seeming entirely convinced even as you turn your attention back to the stove. Wanda swallows hard, aims to change the topic. “When's breakfast ready?”
You take the bait. “Just gotta wait for the toast to—” The toast pops. "There we go." You turn off the heat before you step over, cursing softly as you pull it out of the toaster. “Stupid old toast burnt our toast.”
Wanda chuckles, placing her mostly-empty mug down and stepping over to you to inspect the plate donning the bread. It’s still completely edible; you’re just being dramatic. “Relax, your highness, it’s still toast.”
Your pout only deepens. “But it’s burnt.”
“We won’t even be able to taste it with the eggs,” she reasons. “It’s okay.”
You hum, disgruntled, and Wanda isn’t quite sure what possesses her to do what she does next. She rises a little on her toes and presses a soft kiss against your cheek. Your breath hitches, and for a moment, Wanda panics. But before she can step away and scramble to apologise, you stop her with a hand on her waist, turning to face her.
The kitchen feels a million times smaller all of a sudden.
Her eyes flutter shut when your lips press against her skin, the plate cluttering a little as Wanda clumsily puts it back down as a shudder runs through her whole body, and when you shift your head just enough that your nose brushes against hers, Wanda thinks that maybe, just maybe—
A crackly cry rings out through the baby monitor.
You pull away quickly, the moment broken, and Wanda misses the warmth of you immediately. You can't meet her eyes as you step through the kitchen, pausing only when you remember the eggs still sitting in the pan.
“Um, do you wanna, uh—” You jab a thumb over your shoulder. “I'm - I'm gonna...”
“I'll make you up a plate,” Wanda says, voice a little too shaky for her own liking. Your jaw clenches, and for a moment you linger as if to say something more, but then think better of it and turn on your heel, following Nathaniel's cries up the stairs.
Wanda lets out a heavy breath as soon as you’re out of sight, her cheek still burning where your lips had been, heart pounding uncomfortably hard against her ribcage. She pushes a hand back through her hair before busying herself with preparing breakfast, and as she’s setting the plates down on the dining table, you come into view, rocking and hushing a disgruntled Nathaniel.
“Oh, I know, baby, it’s so hard,” you mutter, hand patting gently against his bum. “So, so hard bein’ a little baby with no responsibilities, huh?” He grunts in response, hand curling into the bottom of your hair and tugging. “Ow! Asshole.”
It’s enough to make Wanda smile again, and she steps over to you. “Here,” she murmurs, already reaching for him as she catches your eyes, “let me.”
You swallow thickly, looking at her as she guides Nathaniel into her arms, watching her in a way that makes it hard to breathe. She offers up a small smile, which you return, but before she can turn away, you step closer, cupping her cheek with one hand before leaning in to press a lingering kiss to her forehead. She exhales shakily, eyes fluttering shut, heart hammering impossibly hard as you drop a few more soft kisses to her skin; above her eyebrow, the corner of her eye, her cheek. Nathaniel is briefly forgotten as she leans into the kisses, heart skipping.
But then you step away, asking if she wants a glass of juice, and Wanda has to put an unreasonable amount of effort into making sure her voice doesn’t tremble when she replies.
The kisses become a common occurrence.
You kiss her cheek when wishing her hello or goodbye when you’re in a hurry to get to training or wherever else, kiss away her tears after a nightmare, kiss the top of her head as she drifts off to sleep on top of you. She kisses your cheek as a thank you, kisses the back of your hand when you lace your fingers together, kisses the aches and bruises you gain from missions or training with Natasha.
Wanda relishes in the thrill of each touch, loves that when you’re bickering about something stupid as you’re walking down the street or through the grocery store, a kiss has become an accompaniment to an apology. Even if sometimes, when she’s laying alone in bed as the knowledge of them just being friendly kisses weighs on her heart, she still loves them. She’d rather have those brief presses of lips against skin than nothing at all.
But gradually, your kisses become more and more dangerous. They linger against her skin, and each kiss to her cheek becomes more of a kiss to the corner of her mouth. Her heart leaps each time, jaw tightening to fight the urge to turn her head just that tiniest bit.
Even other members of the team have started to notice; Natasha shoots her a suggestive look as you shuffle away, Vision tilts his head in confusion and mutters about strange human behaviour, Steve smothers a smile before making a uncharacteristically sly comment, and Sam splays his hands out as if to ask When did that happen? and each time, Wanda shakes her head dismissively and does her best to hide her blush.
Knowing that other people notice it somehow makes it worse, makes it cut that little bit deeper, but still, she aches for it, aches for you in an almost innate way. Which is why, after a conversation with a terribly knowing Natasha, she seeks you out, walks right to your room and enters without a knock.
You’re sitting up against the headboard, book in hand, and your whole face lights up when you realise it’s her before your smile dims a little with concern, a gentle, “You alright, baby?” filling her ears as she locks the door behind her. Wanda’s hands tremble, Nat’s words bouncing around in her skull: She is very much in love with you too, and you’re both stupid.
She thinks that maybe, Natasha might be a little bit right.
She crawls onto the bed wordlessly, slipping beneath the covers with only one goal in mind. She pulls the book out of your hands and tugs you down until you’re laying on your back so she can half lay on top of you, arm wrapping around your middle. You let her manhandle you the way she wants, huffing out a small laugh when she nuzzles into your neck, her way of telling you that you can move.
Wanda sighs softly as your hand trails up and down her spine a few times before stroking over her hair and finally settling at the back of her neck. You stroke your thumb along her skin, and Wanda’s whole body relaxes, letting out a long breath.
“You okay?” you ask in a whisper.
Wanda hums an affirmative, nuzzles further into you. “Just wanted you,” she mumbles, and maybe she should’ve said a little more, or said something different entirely, but your breath catches and your hand stutters in its soothing motion, and Wanda’s own heart leaps.
Natasha could very well be right.
Still, Wanda asks, “Can I stay?”
You hum quietly, tilting your head to press a kiss to the top of her head. “Of course you can, sweetheart.”
Wanda exhales again, closes her eyes, and it isn’t long before sleep takes her.
In the morning, she wakes before the sun rises. At some point during the night, the two of you had shuffled apart, but not far enough that Wanda doesn’t wake with your arm flung over her waist. She almost prefers it this way, she thinks. The sun is barely just peeking over the horizon, the sky still dark but just starting to turn hues of pink and orange, and Wanda gets to watch the low light dance over your skin. She gets to drink in the intimacy of just watching you as you sleep, unburdened just for a while by the life of being world-saving superheroes.
She can’t fight the urge to roll onto her side and reach for you, nimble fingers pushing the hair that had fallen in front of your eyes behind your ear, thumb tracing along the shell of your ear. She knows it’s likely the touch will wake you, but she selfishly craves your waking company.
As she strokes the back of her fingers along your jawline, she watches you stir awake. Your eyelids flutter but don’t open, a small hum filling the space between you. Your arm tightens around her waist and pulls her close.
“Tickles,” you murmur, voice husky with sleep.
“Sorry,” Wanda whispers, but she doesn’t stop the slow movements.
There’s a few seconds of silence, and then you ask, “Wha’ time’s it?”
“Early,” she murmurs, shifting her hand to drag her fingers through your hair. “Sun’s just coming up.”
You sigh softly, stirring further at the revelation, and your eyes flutter open. Wanda feels warm the moment your eyes find hers and a small, sleepy smile curls at your lips. She smiles, too. Her heart stutters when you lift a hand to brush your knuckles tenderly under her chin and along her jaw, your eyes watching the movement closely.
“Hi,” you whisper, and Wanda smiles, biting a little on the inside of her lip.
“Hey,” she breathes out, ghosting her fingers along your cheek again.
But then, as you fall into silence and Wanda strokes her fingers over your cheek, your soft expression changes. It shifts into this strange look that Wanda doesn’t really understand; you’re watching her closely, eyebrows drawn together, the crinkle in your forehead making an appearance.
Wanda blinks, shifts her hand up to smooth out the crinkle with her thumb. “What is it?”
You lick your lip, pausing for a beat before saying in this soft little voice, “You’re my best friend.”
Wanda understands immediately. In most circumstances like her own, those four words are the last thing anyone wants to hear, but right now, they're music to her ears. Her heart flutters inside her ribcage, her throat tightens, and it takes everything in her not to cry at the overwhelming feeling of it all.
“You just... you matter so much to me,” you add, eyes on hers. “You know that, right?”
She bites down on her lip with a small nod, hand sliding down to rest against your neck, thumb ghosting along your jaw, and leans in close. She presses a tender kiss to your forehead, revels in the shaky breath you let out. She drops her chin and kisses your cheek, once, twice, three times, until you huff a laugh and pull her against you.
She breathes in, out. She hooks her leg over your hip and slips her arm under your head as you snuggle into her chest, holding you impossibly close. Your hand slips under her shirt, lazily stroking at the warm skin of her back, and Wanda just wants to sink into you and never leave.
“Go back to sleep,” you murmur, “‘s early.”
She presses a lingering kiss to the top of your head. Nat had invited her on an early morning run, so she knows she should probably get up now just to avoid that initial drowsiness that Natasha seemed to be immune to. But then you exhale softly, lips brushing along her collarbone.
“Wanna stay here forever,” you mumble, seemingly to yourself. Wanda hums, can’t help the smile that pulls at her lips, and gently tugs on the ends of your hair.
She can miss going on that run, she decides with finality. Natasha will understand.
She hears it in the comfortable silence that stirs between you as you sit shoulder to shoulder on your shared bed, both doing your own thing, content with just being in each other’s company.
She feels it in the way you let her play with the fingers of your hand whenever she’s nervous or whenever she just wants to, regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re talking to.
She sees it in the dark, when she reaches blindly for you just to find your own hand reaching for her, too.
She can’t recall the exact moment she’d fallen for you, but each time you press your lips to hers and leave her breathless, each time she falls apart around your fingers, each time you run your fingers through her hair until she drifts off to sleep, she thanks her lucky stars that somewhere along the way, you’d fallen for her too.
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8bitscarlet · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: When you first met Wanda, all you knew was that she was perfect in every way possible. But now you've come to learn that she has one little addiction.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Fluff
Word Count: 1.6k
A/N: Slowly but surely working through these requests! Hope you enjoy it anon!
*please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*
You loved hoodies. They were your favorite thing to slip into after a long mission and just lounge around. Amazing for those chilly days around the Compound and even more perfect when they were on a certain someone with long red hair and emerald eyes.
Your love for the comfy piece of clothing was known through the ranks of the Avengers and they knew it was easiest thing to gift you. In fact, it was the first gift Wanda ever got you when the two of you first became friends. And now, she always finds a perfect hoodie for each special occasion. Because of that, your closet was just lined with enough hoodies to last you through an apocalypse.
Despite having so many, right now, you’re running around the Compound like a chicken without its head. You’re panicking because that hoodie Wanda gifted you all those years ago was nowhere to be found. Your room looked like a tornado had gone through it as you flipped everything over and inside out looking for this hoodie.
Panting as you jog down the hallway, you try to think of any other place you might've dropped it. You always left your hoodies around, leaving them in the gym, inside of your car, other people’s cars but you never, ever left this hoodie laying out. It always found its place hanging back inside of your closet.
Except for this exact moment.
Sprinting down the stairs, you swing around the staircase looking around quickly as you huff and puff. Muttering to yourself as you try to walk through all of your steps yesterday, you could've sworn that you never took it off until you got into the room. Flipping over the couch cushions as you throw them behind you, you only find some coins and old snacks.
You groan, throwing the cushions back haphazardly as you feel your heart pounding in your chest. Just as you're about to sneak into Tony's lab, a sound catches your attention and your breath catches. There’s a soft clang of a pot and you glance over slowly, praying to yourself that it isn’t Wanda as your brain tries to think of any kind of excuse.
“Lose something?” Natasha quirks an eyebrow with a smirk, lifting her glass of juice up to her lips.
You narrow your eyes at her smirk, “Do you know something?” you pant out, swallowing the knot in your throat as you glance to make sure Wanda isn’t coming around the corner.
Nat shrugs, “What’s it worth to you?”
You glare at the former spy, something gnawing inside of you and telling you that if she wasn't the one who stole it, she definitely knows who did.
Probably passed it off to Clint to stuff in the vent where you’d never find it, no matter how much you tore the Compound up. You never dared ventured up into those thing, the last thing you needed to do was fall through the ceiling.
Leaning onto the counter, you tap your fingers along the cold stone as you try to slow down your racing heart. Natasha has the upperhand here and she knows it. All you can do is try and get out of this with as little humiliation as possible.
“I’ll take your chores for a week.”
The redhead chuckles, a rather vicious laugh that fills the quiet Compound, “Wanda’s only worth a week of chores? I’m sure she’d love to learn that.”
You swing yourself around the counter before Nat can walk away and actually find your girlfriend. As you quickly shake your head, your jaw sets when you see the grin on her face as she waits for a better deal. You groan, dropping your chin against your chest and remember exactly what she's been complaining about for the last week.
“I’ll take your chores for two weeks,” slowly you take in a deep breath as you pick up your head to see the grin spread into a smile on her face, “And I’ll take Fanny for her walks.”
Nat nods her head, thankful to not have to take that dog on its three walks a day while Yelena is off on a mission. Reaching out to shake her hand, you hear the soft padding of feet and quiet hums as you keep your wide eyes on Nat.
“Where the hell is my hoodie,” you mumble out through the side of your mouth, trying to make sure Wanda doesn’t hear.
Nat holds in a chuckle as she flicks her eyes upward and past your face. Slowly, you turn and feel all of the air escape from your lungs as you see her. Walking nonchalantly towards the stairs, humming to whatever is playing from her earbuds and looking incredibly comfy for the rainy day. You feel a soft grin start to develop on your face as your eyes take all of her in, before it quickly turns into a frown as your brows slowly come together.
“You’re the worst, you know that?” you grumble at Nat as you make your way towards the stairs again, listening to her mocking laugh. It was embarrassing how many times she’s done this to you but she knows you'll do anything for Wanda.
Climbing up the stairs and making your way to Wanda’s room, you knock as you swing open the door. Wanda’s there, still humming away as she unpacks her suitcase from her last mission. She turns with a wide smile on her face, already knowing you’ve come into the room to see her.
“So,” you start as you start to slowly make your way towards her closet, “Who said you could wear that?”
Wanda’s brows rise, glancing quickly down at the hoodie she has on her body as she gently tugs at the sleeves. Her eyes flick towards her closed closet and sees the way you’re trying to slowly get around her.
“It’s just one of your hoodies,” she says, trying to casually block your path.
You try to hide the grin on your face, “Just one of my hoodies? Oh no, you know that that is my most important hoodie.”
“Well, you didn’t have any other ones and-” As Wanda looks away to try and hide the blush on her face, you lunge towards the door.
Your hand wraps around the handle as you yank and yank with all of your might. The door doesn’t even shake as you lean all of your weight back and wiggle the knob. Standing upright in confusion as you give one more wiggle, you glare at the door as you peer closer at it. There’s a light red hue covering the door and you spin around slowly to see Wanda standing there with a tight grin on her face.
“Wanda, babe, let me open it, please.”
She shakes her head softly, “Nope.”
“You’re hiding something. Where else would all my hoodies have gone?”
Wanda shrugs, still holding the magic in her glowing fingers, “Maybe they sprouted legs and walked away?”
You step towards her, “Wanda, darling, I think you need to open that door for me.”
“And why should I do that?”
You don’t give her another warning, grabbing her hand and pulling her closer to you. You press your lips all over her face, feeling her try to push away from her as she laughs. Your hands grip her waist, wiggling your fingers just right as she starts to squirm, trying to fight the laughing fit that is building. Her face is completely covered in kisses as you press your lips against her neck and blow against her skin, a loud raspberry breaking Wanda down into a fit of laughs.
“Stop! I yield!” she chokes out as you let her go into a laughing crumpling mess.
You laugh, seeing how red her face is as she tries to catch her breath and wipe away the spit all over her neck. Laughing out in victory, you quickly pull open the closet door and realize exactly why she wasn’t going to let you in here with out a fight.
Turning, you point behind you in disbelief, “Wanda, babe.”
She blows out a long breath as she wipes away the hair that has fallen from her braid, “Yes, my dearest love?”
Rolling your eyes, you start to flick through the hangers of all of your missing hoodies, “You have a problem.”
Wanda stands up, wrapping her arms around your waist as she peeks around your arm. You glance down at her, watching those green eyes you fell in love with staring at each one with a smile on her face.
“Do you really need to have all of these?”
She gasps, smacking your stomach playfully, “Of course, I do!”
You sigh, going to pull one out that you lost a year ago but her magic whips it tightly against the hangar, “Leave them alone!”
“Why in the world do you need all of these hoodies?” You try to turn in her arms but she’s already let you go.
“Why do you?” she retorts defensively but you just stand there, slowly crossing your arms as you wait for her real answer. Eventually, after pulling the sleeves over her hands and avoiding your eyes for as long as she can, “I take them when you go away on missions.”
You silently try to do the math in your head but brush it away, you just know they do tend to disappear when you come back to the Compound. Wanda sighs,
“I just… they smell like you. They help me sleep when you’re away. Like you’re actually here with me and not thousands of miles away.”
A warmth fills your chest as she tells you this, your feet quickly moving as you wrap your arms around her. Wanda presses her face against your chest as you press your lips atop of her head and breath in that soft, lavender smell that reminds you of home.
“And why have I been able to keep this one so long?” you mutter against her, gently pulling at the hoodie she’s wearing.
She laughs against you, sending shivers through your body at the warmth of her breath, “It was my master plan. This one will smell like you for a long time.”
You chuckle, eyes glancing up towards the closet again, “How about we make a little deal, hm?”
Wanda doesn’t say anything, just pulls herself closer into your embrace, letting out a soft hum.
“I take some of these hoodies back,”
She immediately grumbles against you but you tilt her head up softly, pressing your lips against hers.
“And I refill their little smell meter.”
Wanda presses her chin against your chest and smiles up at you, spreading a grin on your face when you see her nose scrunch up, “You better smell good when you wear them.”
With a shrug, you lean forward for another kiss, knowing you’ll get many more through the day, “Beggars can’t be choosers."
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maximotts · 5 days ago
𝑟𝑜𝑢𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑒 • 𝑤. 𝑚𝑎𝑥𝑖𝑚𝑜𝑓𝑓
a/n: back at it again with dark!mommy Wanda, they're falling into... something now
warnings: This is an 18+ AU, minors DNI; there's just a general angst undertone of this because of this situation, but no one is getting hurt and everything is fairly soft; lactation kink; a lot of cuddling; mommy kink; Wanda's powers (subtle mind control just for tongue loosening)
words: 2.7K
summary: As It Was AU; the longer this Wanda stays, the more you want to be close to her. Even so, there are certain things you're too scared to ask for
As It Was AU. || main masterlist.
Tumblr media
You’d lost track of how long this Wanda had been with you now, but each morning when you awoke she was there. It was odd how natural it felt when you’d been without her for so long, but whenever you thought about it too hard, Wanda was by your side and drawing your attention to something else, something kinder. 
She wasn’t the same, even in switching her full red suit for silk loungewear or tying her hair back how your Wanda often did when she was tired of it in her face. Still, she settled you into the routine you’d fallen out of upon being left alone. But now you were never alone. 
Wanda rarely let you leave her side,insisting on fussing over even the smallest sniffle you might make. If it were anyone else, you might be annoyed, but Wanda, different as she was, you relished being looked after. It was hard to be completely comfortable around her, sometimes she’d snap for the smallest of things, annoyed when you didn’t react as expected, but you were learning. She’d given up so much for you, it was only fair to try your hardest in return. 
“Your thoughts are very loud,” She wasn’t looking at you, sitting on the couch and flipping through a book while you shifted awkwardly on the rug. Typically whenever Wanda lounged like that, you’d join her, snuggling close while she wrapped her arms around your midsection and read her favorite passages aloud. Seeing her like that brought back a wave of memories you’d buried deep, but with all of her care, she didn’t hold you during the days or at night. It felt like a betrayal to your Wanda to ask anything of this new one, but you were inexplicably drawn to her. Brash as she could be, there was always a softness when she touched you and she never laid a hand on you that wasn’t gentle, almost reverent. Your heart yearned for her. “Did you need something?”
She could have you under her thumb in an instant with her magic, but she preferred for you to come to her willingly. Sure, she’d tamped down the more immediate concerns you had, flicking away any ideas of telling any of your friends how she’d come to be here— there was no need for them anymore anyways. She was the only person you truly needed and as such, it was only a matter of time that you sought her out. And she did so love watching you squirm as you did so.
“Use your big girl words or I can’t help.” Wanda finally looked up at you, placing her book in her lap where you so badly wanted to be. You couldn’t tell her though, it was too much. It wasn’t a new thing, something you and your love did whenever you grew stressed or overwhelmed… all you wanted was a cuddle. 
Your feet shuffled you closer until your legs touched her bent ones, the faint hint of skin to skin contact making you yearn desperately for more. “Do you.. I mean- is it okay if I sit there?” You were pointing at her lap while the words rushed from your mouth, shuffling back and forth on the rug. Fear of rejection grew each moment of silence you suffered and it was only when the first few tears pricked at the corners of your eyes that Wanda spoke up.
“Of course, sweetheart, come here.” In a brief moment of courage, you clambered into her lap, scooting the book out of the way and nearly hitting her in the face in your haste. She moved to avoid your clumsy limbs as much as she could, but eventually Wanda was the one who held your arms down and settled you over her thighs. The you she knew always loved laying fully atop her, joking that you were her special blanket— if the pleased hum against her throat was any indication, you were still a fan of this position. “I’m not going anywhere, you didn’t have to race.”
Instantly you felt embarrassed, remembering yet again that you were still getting to know this version of Wanda. Vulnerability wasn’t something you gave easily, but something about this variant made you more comfortable even when there was a niggling voice at the back of your brain to think better of it. Whether it was fully your choice or not to ignore it was unknown, but Wanda always said it was easier to let her think about those things; she’d take good care of you no matter what. If there was one thing this Wanda did nearly the same as yours was focus on your well being above all else and that trait alone was convincing. “Sorry, mo-” 
You stopped yourself before the title fully emerged; it was one thing to get used to her around the house, but you’d never called her anything. Wanda referred to herself as you knew she wanted to be addressed, but you simply couldn’t. As many nights as you cried yourself to sleep, mourning the loss of Wanda, sobbing out for your mommy, it didn’t feel just right yet to acknowledge this variant as that. She never pressed it, Wanda knew you’d see reason soon enough. Whether you were ready to admit it or not, she was your mommy and deep down you needed her just as badly as she did you. 
The gentle smile she offered paired with a kiss to the tip of your nose didn’t help resist giving in to her fully. Nor did the way she guided your head to her shoulder, petting your hair while she adjusted just enough to hold her book. Wanda was so good at subtle manipulation, you didn’t realize she was only distracting you while she searched your brain for your lingering reservations. The sooner you let your guards down the better and yes, her magic was helping you drop them faster, but the stubborn part of Wanda wanted your submission to be your choice at least in part. 
You were just so damn difficult sometimes, but she knew what made you tick.
Wanda let her book float only to allow both hands on your prone form, but she was hardly reading anymore. Her focus was on the thoughts rolling through your consciousness, listening to you fight whether to fully snuggle into her or stay right where you were. “You look cold, dearest, let me put the blanket over you.” To both of your surprise, you actually whined when you thought she was going to move you away from her, but you calmed as soon as she placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder. The blanket fell over you easily, covering you both in a toasty cocoon. Of course she worried for your comfort, but she was also privy to the knowledge that warmth rendered you oh so cute and sleepy, perfectly pliable and more willing to give in. 
“You’re comfy…” From what you could see, Wanda had gone back to her reading and even though her hand remained on your shoulder blade, a slight pout carved its way out of your features. You were so sure you’d feel better if you could just be close to Wanda, her attention was key; it was that exact need for attention that Wanda bet on winning out. “What are you reading?”
The redhead hummed, nuzzling her cheek into the top of your head while her free hand slid to the next page with the help of a red stroke. You grew more fidgety every moment she stalled your question, your nose poking into her neck as if to remind her of your presence. As if she could ever forget. “A book that’s way too much for you, don’t worry about it. You just rest right here and keep quiet while I finish up.” 
You agreed to be quiet, relenting just enough to burrow deeper until you laid on her chest. Her heart beat steadily under your new pillow, what had been your favorite place to rest your head. The silence let you think in peace, choosing to focus on the security you felt with Wanda back. Even if she wasn’t exactly yours, she could be and with each passing day, you felt your resolve weaken. Her hand had traveled from your shoulder to your lower back now and the patterns she was tracing at the base of your spine was just the type of treatment Wanda knew you melted for. 
Nimble fingers did wonders for letting you fall into submission, but the more you focused on them, the more you wanted those fingers elsewhere. Wanda was fully aware of how you preferred to fall asleep; warm, held, and your mouth around something. There was no way the witch didn’t know that about you, especially if she claimed to be just as close with your variant as you were with hers— if Wanda knew, that meant she could help. But you’d asked so much already, stepping out of your comfort zone and lying defenseless atop the woman who practically held you hostage in your own home… you dreaded the thought of having to ask for yourself. Your Wanda always just gave you wanted, but with this one, she wanted to prove a point. She’d only give you what you asked for when you told her; you wondered what good it would do to let her hear what she wanted most. 
While your brain fought through its issues, Wanda decided to go easy on you, offering you at least something until you were ready to ask for what you truly wanted. “Open up, let me see that pretty mouth.” Wordlessly, you were parting your lips, moaning  as soon as her fingertips rubbed the rough surface of your tongue. She pushed them in further and you closed quickly, trapping them carefully before Wanda could change her mind. Her digits managed to move just enough to maneuver in and out, watching your eyes roll. “Such a sweet thing, sucking my fingers so gently… All you had to do was ask.” 
You groaned, a deep needy sound, reverberating around her hand while her fingers stilled along the length of your tongue. It was good, yes, sating part of your need, but not enough. After a few moments you grew wiggly once more, your own fingers fidgeting with the hem of Wanda’s silk tank. It was so soft and smooth, you could feel everything, every shift she made, but more torturously you could see the thing you desired most. Her pert nipple lay such a short distance from you, ever so peaked from the chill in the air— when you subconsciously licked the pads of Wanda’s fingers, you were fully treating them as if they’d actually give you’d been missing.
You didn’t dare slip your hand under her shirt, no matter how desperate you felt; if you overstepped too far, there was no chance she’d give in. Slowly you let her fingers go, the chill on her fingers drawing Wanda’s attention from her book yet again. “What’s wrong, little one?”
Just that question had you whining, frustrated yet again that she couldn’t just tell what you wanted. To your knowledge, of course, in reality Wanda was deep in your head and she knew exactly what you were struggling to ask. She loved how you fussed with your lip, trying to take that final step out loud. Wanda was more patient with you than she ever had been, mostly to ensure you felt comfortable above all else, but when your frustration was yet again springing tears, she took matters into her own hands.
Maybe one day she wouldn’t have to manage your thoughts, but either way, she didn’t mind. It was all for your own good; there was no need to stress over something she could so easily help with. “Mommy?” 
“Yes, love?” She hadn’t had to influence you much to get the title out of you; it’d been hovering on your lips since that first night. The compulsion to call her your mommy had grown nearly overwhelming and although you never thought that word would cross your lips for as long as you lived, an odd sense of comfort fell over you as soon as you acknowledged her. Wanda waited so patiently, even as you mumbled your wishes so quietly she could barely make out what you were asking for. Poor little thing, still so shy… luckily for you, she was in a good mood. “You’re asking as if I wouldn’t give it to you… Lift your head, just a bit.”
You did as you were told, even holding back a whine when you were forced to shift your comfy position. It was all worth it as soon as Wanda was pulling down the front of her loose fitting tank, exposing her chest to your longing gaze. You laid down again as she guided you into place, your arms winding around her slim midsection effortlessly. Eager lips wrapped around her nipple without another word, acting on impulse before you could risk another thought of regret. Sweet milk flowed into your mouth as you sucked steadily and the familiarity of such an intimate activity might’ve set you at ease if you weren’t so pleased. Your whole body felt pleasantly limp, warm and comforted as Wanda rubbed your back and cooed sweet nothings to you. “My sweet girl, this is what you really wanted? Drinking mommy while I snuggle you?” 
“Mmph..” Your head nodded slowly, just enough to confirm before your eyes slid shut. Truly, you have no intention of zoning out as much as you did, but Wanda’s hand was in your hair, manicured nails scratching at your scalp so methodically, you couldn’t help but give in. Every muscle in your body relaxed so heavily, there was no way Wanda wasn’t taking your whole weight atop hers, but she’d never complain. After all of the trial and error, the searching and frustration, she finally had the thing she wanted most.
Maybe she could be a little overbearing, but the opportunity to have you here, safe and protected, was worth more than anything she’d sacrificed. You were all worth it. 
Wanda could tell you were growing tired when your mouth went slack, your head heavy on her chest. It was no secret that you fought sleep, even now when she’d come for you; since your Wanda died, you’d never known peace. She was determined to be that peace again for you once more. One delicate finger ran over the corner of your mouth, wiping away the bit of excess you’d messily left behind. “Feel better? Are you sleepy now?” Wanda chuckled as you hiccupped against her sternum, patting your back as she bundled you both in your favorite blankets. 
“Please don’t leave…” It was your deepest fear, the biggest thing holding you back from letting this Wanda into your heart. If this one left too, so would the last of your soul. You snuggled deeper into the couch, wished you could hold her hard enough to come close to matching her strength. Whenever Wanda wanted to leave, she could leave and the very thought of another one of your loves being ripped away made your eyes red with unshed tears. “I don’t want to be by myself.”
“Oh no no, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that ever again.” Wanda gave you a tight squeeze, nuzzling her nose into the crown of your head. “Why would I come all this way to leave you? You’ll see, just wait,” She scooted herself down until she could lay comfortably on the wide couch, never once letting her grip on you wane. A bed would be easier, but you still refused to go in there, even if that was where she slept— she’d work on that later, today was already enough for you. Tonight you let her hold you on the couch and that was enough. “Every day you’ll wake up and I’ll be right here for you and soon you’ll forget you were ever on your own.”
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goodness-gaycious · a day ago
Wanda: I want an upgrade
Y/N: what do you mean
Wanda: relationship wise, I would like to upgrade
Y/N: *tearing up* you don’t want me anymore?
Wanda: what— no!
Wanda: *takes out small box & opens it to reveal a ring* I wanted an upgrade to wife
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emo-wanda-wife · 4 days ago
Y/N: *bends down on one knee* will you make me the happiest simp
Y/N: *takes out ring pop* and marry me
Wanda: depends on the flavor
Y/N: I think it’s blue raspberry?
Wanda: does it taste like you— oh
Wanda: *shrugs* that works too
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smalls-words · 4 days ago
I’m Here
Summary: The public does not love Wanda, but you let her know just how much you care for her, in your own special way.
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Spider-Reader
Genre: Lil bit of angst, but very fluffy
Warnings: Death threats, Wanda being sad (hurts me deeply), please let me know if there’s anything else!
Requested: yes/NO
Words: 2,997
A/N - I’m just clearing out my inventory rn, so here’s a super fluffy, slightly angsty fic with a green and blue Spider-Reader :) Also, I know I’ve already done stuff about online hate but she’s been getting so much of it from MoM that I feel she would want cuddles and fluff (this DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS)
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
You sat calmly in the main meeting room of the compound, slowly working through your paperwork for your previous mission before you felt two hands come to your shoulders. You smirked softly and felt the slow exhale through a nose by your ear, a chin coming to rest on your right shoulder before arms snaked under yours and made your pen spritz across the paper.
“Wanda…” You groaned, reaching for the whiteout but her arms kept you firmly in place. 
“Hi, detka (baby).” She whispered against your ear, making a shiver travel down your spine.
That witch knew how to set you back into default instantly. 
“Cuddles?” She asked, removing her limbs from under yours so that she could spin you around in your chair.
“Wands, I have to get this done by tonight.” 
She pondered the thought for a moment before a red wisp curled around your chair, opening a large gap between the seat and the armrest as she climbed on top of you. You stayed still until she stopped moving, realising that her legs had gone through the new gaps whilst her arms hooked around your back, her face nuzzling into your neck.
“Cuddles.” She sighed, happy.
You smiled widely, happy yourself, and moved closer to the table so you could continue your work. You didn’t know why, but with Wanda there, you seemed to work faster and completed your work within the hour. You clicked your pen and rested it on top, knowing that Fury would be around tomorrow to collect it anyway, and finally wrapped your arms around Wanda.
“Hi, cuddle bug.” You snickered.
“Are you still awake?”
“Mhmm.” She hummed against your neck.
“What’s got you all snuggly today, my love?” You asked.
“Jus’ wanted you close.” 
Your heart melted at the soft response, pulling away slightly to have her eyes meet yours. Those tired little pools of green jumped between your own set of eyes before hers closed and she leaned into you. Her soft lips brushed yours and you sealed the air exhaling from her lungs, simply elated that her lips were against yours. 
She pulled away and held tighter onto you, letting you pick her up and carry her to the couch. You moved to lie down but she shook her head as she felt her body recline, nodding when you asked if she wanted to sit upright. So, you sat down, cradling her ass within your crossed legs, whilst she kept as much of herself attached to you as possible. 
“Penny for your thoughts?” You asked, kissing her temple.
You felt her mind poke yours playfully and you chuckled aloud softly, letting her in. 
*Yes, oh great poker of my mind?* 
*Hi.* Her mind sounded very soft, softer than you’d ever known it to be. 
*Is everything okay in here?* You poked her mind and heard her giggle aloud.
*Do you want to do something together?*
*Hmm… No, I’m a bit tired.* She answered, her lips parting against your skin to yawn.
*Alright. Would you like for me to hold you whilst you have a nap?* 
She looked up at you and you swear your heart exploded as she rested her chin on your chest. Her head cocked to the side and you knew thoughts were churning behind the hidden wall in her mind as a small smile broke out on her lips. 
*Wanda…* You sent the warning thought, watching her carefully as she climbed further on you.
She called a blanket towards you both and you felt it wrap around your back, cocooning her tightly against you but in a comfortable way. Your collective warmth spread into the blanket and she sighed contently, happily falling asleep in your arms.
You busied yourself with braiding small pieces of hair, the kinds that tufted out from the bottom of her hair; you carefully teased and straightened her eyebrows whilst tracing the shell of her ears, moving flyaways from disturbing her peaceful slumber. 
Eventually, you asked FRIDAY to turn the TV on but keep it on as low as possible, mindlessly watching contestants attempt to win money on game shows. Still, you braided small pieces of Wanda’s hair until you decided to unravel them all, combing your fingers softly through them.
FRIDAY whispered above whilst pausing the TV. “Ms L/N, you have received a Twitter notification. Shall I read it to you or would you like your phone brought to you from the meeting room?” 
You held up two fingers, to which your phone was brought to you, and you thanked FRIDAY with a nod before she disappeared. You opened your phone and went straight into Twitter, seeing a private but anonymous message.
‘How could you ever be with that reckless piece of shit you call your girlfriend? She was there when my brother was killed, and she did nothing to stop it from happening! #GetRidOfScarletWitch’ 
You looked down at the hashtag they used, anger growing in your chest but your laboured breathing made Wanda stir.
“Y/N/N?” She mumbled, sleep fatiguing her mind.
You looked down and smiled warmly at her, the anger in your chest being overridden by love. “Go back to sleep, baby girl.”
You watched her nod and waited until she fell back asleep before you clicked on the hashtag, seeing more than a hundred thousand tweets registered under it, and even more shares.
‘Wanda Maximoff is too powerful, and the government needs to lock her up! #GetRidOfScarletWitch’ 
‘She killed twelve people in that fight in Lagos! #GetRidOfScarletWitch’
‘Wherever you are, Wanda Maximoff, I hope you die and burn in hell for killing my sister! #GetRidOfScarletWitch’ 
‘The Scarlet Witch should be sent back into the Salem Witch Trials and burned at the stake! #GetRidOfScarletWitch’
You scrolled and scrolled until you threw your phone across the couches, not able to afford another but you had to get your anger out somehow. How dare these people say such heinous things? 
You looked down at Wanda and tears began to build in your eyes. How dare they? She was the sweetest soul on the earth - she cooked for you when you were sad, she always searched for you and held you when she was in a loving mood. Yes, she was a little bit broken and fragile but which Avenger wasn’t?
After twenty minutes, you closed your eyes, simply relishing in Wanda’s love for you as you fell asleep too.
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
A new mission arrived a week later. You unlocked the bracelet on your wrist and the suit peeled out onto your body, keeping a snug but comfortable fit. You looked over and smiled warmly at Wanda’s suit, although you could see a few design flaws.
You sat next to each other on the jet and you called your mask on before you exited. The building was rigged with booby traps, as HYDRA normally does, but your job was to get through them. You closed your eyes and trusted your tingle, which led you through with ease to the stop button, allowing Wanda to simply walk through.
“Look at my knight in green and blue armour.” She grinned, kissing your cheek before she passed you, your tingle going off but you saw nothing around you. 
“Wanda… Get behind me.” You muttered warningly and she retreated back to you, her eyes glowing. 
You stood back to back, covering each other’s six, before an alarm went off in your suit. 
“Poison gas detected. Mask will not be removed unless clear of gas.” 
You nodded to yourself before you looked back and saw a wisp surround Wanda’s mouth, a gas mask peeling onto her face. She nodded to you and you both walked towards it, but an explosion to your right had you knocked through the building.
Your senses kicked in and you gripped onto the side of the building, watching Wanda fall before she caught herself just in time to land safely on the ground. She looked up at you and you shook your head.
*Catch them.* You asked her and she nodded, creating a web of her own design whilst you shot out two towards the incoming agents. 
You knocked your knee up into one of their jaws before throwing them out, whilst you dismantled the mask on the other and he collapsed to the ground. You continued through the mass that had found you, kicking and punching and kneeing and smashing, until you stood within a mass of unconscious or dead bodies, depending on if you removed their mask or not.
You watched the gas around you settle, the nasty green hue of it clearing as dust onto the still bodies, and you stepped out towards the hole you had broken in the building. 
“FRIDAY, please clean my suit.” You muttered inside your mask, sticking onto the wall as you climbed down the side of the building.
“Cleaning suit… cleaning completed.” She answered as you stopped.
“This is all your fault, you stupid witch!” 
“Go back to Sokovia! You should have perished with your people!”
“You should kill yourself! Nobody wants you around anyway!”
The crowd surrounded Wanda and backed her into the wall of the building, throwing death threats and harsh words you knew she would hold onto for a while. You let go of your hold on the building and landed in front of her, your appearance startling the people until they continued.
You cupped her cheeks and brushed away her tears, your touch coaxing her reddened eyes to open. You smiled at her, strategically placing your hands so she couldn’t see anyone but you.
“Just focus on me, my love.” You murmured, her senses honing in on you.
“It’s just me here. No-one else. Nobody can hurt you when I’m here, okay?”
She nodded, trying to believe your words. “P-Promise?” She stammered and you nodded, wiping away another loose tear.
“Wanda, you could be a thousand miles away and I’d come if you called. I’d cross oceans to find you, to have you safe, to have you with me. I promise you, no harm will come to you as long as I am standing.” 
She sighed and closed her eyes, the tears finally stopping before you turned around and shielded her with your mechanical shelter.
“ENOUGH!” You boomed, their voices silencing as you removed your mask.
“How dare you throw death threats around like they mean nothing! She has protected you from this gas, and you dare to tell her to die, to kill herself because nobody wants her?!”
Your eyes scanned the crowd, but not a single pair of eyes met yours. “Come on! You wanna throw death threats?! Throw them at me! What has the Scarlet Witch done to have them that I have not?!”
Again, they were silent. You huffed, turning around to walk into your shelter to see Wanda sniffling and sitting on the ground. Your suit recalled the shelter onto your back and you picked her up, wrapping her in your webs against your chest before you swung up to the top of the building, keeping one hand underneath her.
“I have Wanda. Let’s go.” You spoke into the comms, waiting patiently for the Quinjet.
——————————🜃🜂🜁🜄 —————————
After debriefing and removing your webs from Wanda, you waited for her to shower as you got dressed. You sat patiently on your shared bed and fiddled with the suit as it sat on your wrist, noticing the pressure plate to open the slot to shoot a web was misaligned.
But you abandoned the project as you heard crying in the bathroom. You opened the door calmly and saw how Wanda had not taken off her suit, even with the water running. You quickly turned it off and moved to hold her by the waist, trying to get her head to tilt back up from its hung position. 
“Wanda, Wanda, hey.” You cooed, turning her around but she hid behind her hands and shook her head.
“No, no, no! Go away, get away from me!”
Instead, you wrapped her tightly in your arms, slowly unzipping her suit until you pulled away and removed it from her top half. You let it hang from her bottom half and pulled every bit of skin against yours as possible, bringing her back from her sobbing low.
“Wanda, my love, take all the time you need. You’re safe, nobody is going to hurt you. Just keep breathing, in and out is good, nice and slow.” 
You moved your entire body with your breathing, begging mentally that she’d follow, and she did, but not from hearing it. Her arms hung in-between your body and hers as she continued to sob, her entire body weight on you.
You moved her into the shower after stripping her of her clothes, not caring that yours were soaked as you washed her. You combed through her hair and cleaned her dirty face, kissing her softly every chance you could.
“Wanda, my darling love, can you hear me?”
She nodded, eyes still closed, and she sank into you. You caught her - you would catch her every time - and her sobs finally ceased.
Her arms snaked up yours and she held herself up by the lock around your neck, nuzzling into you. You chuckled and grabbed a warm and fuzzy towel, wrapping her up in it before you placed her on top of the toilet bowl. You stripped and grabbed your own towel before pulling on a clean set of pyjamas, walking back in to see Wanda staring at the mirror.
“What do you see, my sweet?” You asked, brushing your fingertips along her thigh.
“Um… I see me. That’s how reflections work, Y/N/N.” She murmured.
You chuckled at her quip and watched a smile peek onto her lips, your strong arms pulling her up before you dressed her in some pyjamas. When you were both done, you picked her up and paused as you looked at your bed. You didn’t move anywhere, wanting the weight on her shoulders to fall onto you. She sighed softly into you and sank, releasing the tension in her body.
“Is there anything you’d like to talk about?” You offered. 
“I guess… I don’t like how people talk about me on the internet. I’m still a human being. I don’t like my powers, but I’m learning, and that shouldn’t mean people should tell me to die.” She murmured, tracing her fingers along made-up swirls on your arm.
“Anything else?” 
“I love you.” She grinned, kissing your neck before you placed the both of you in bed.
“I love you too, my beautiful Wanda.” You cooed, kissing her softly. 
She pulled away and rested her head back on your chest, tracing your skin once more. “Why are people mean?” 
Your heart cracked at the soft question, pulling her tighter against you. “People are mean for many reasons, my dear. It could be how they were raised, what they were taught; jealousy, envy, anger, even sadness; no one person is the same, hence the fact that there are many reasons as to why they are mean.” 
She sighed and nodded, kissing your collarbone. “I know I shouldn��t care what they think, but it hurts.” 
“You wanna know what I think?” You asked, watching her eyes look up at you with the softest, most doe-like eyes ever.
“I think that even though people say these mean things about you, there will always be some that will never judge you, hurt you, or make you feel bad in any way.” 
“What, like you?” She smirked playfully.
“No, the team.” You deadpanned, chuckling when her face filled with playful fear.
“As always, my love, you are mine. Nothing can take me from you, and they would die by my hands if they tried.” 
“What… What if you die?” She whispered, the dark thought alarming you before you moved her head against your chest.
“Can you hear that?” You asked quietly and she nodded.
“That beats only for you. If I die, I will die knowing that I loved you wholeheartedly, without shame or fear, and I would be okay with it.”
“You can’t leave me, Y/N.” She murmured, and your hand came to caress her cheek.
“I will eventually, my dearest Wanda. We will cross that bridge when we get to it.”
“Just… Can you do it after me?” 
You snickered softly and pulled your eyes down to see her smiling slightly, kissing her lips with the pure intent on having them all to yourself. “I can certainly promise that.” 
Wanda kissed you again, with more passion and admiration than before. “I can’t believe I found you. You’re everything I wanted and so much more.”
You blushed slightly and she giggled, holding your cheek as she brushed a thumb against a scar by your eyebrow. 
“You’re my everything, Y/N. I can’t wait to live the rest of my life with you.” 
You held her hand on your cheek and nuzzled into it. “Neither can I.” 
She smiled warmly before a yawn broke through her lips, leaving you to pull her flush against your body and adjust the sheets over the both of you, closing her eyes with two kisses as you followed her into the land of slumber.
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maximoffskitten · a month ago
our sweet angel | wandanat
pairing: mommy!wanda x daddy!natasha x gn!reader(afab)
summary: cuddles after some strenuous activities always solve everything.
warnings: 18+ minors dni! mommy!daddy kink, cursing, mentions of edging, some degradation, oral (r giving and receiving), fingering (r receiving) straight fluff at the ending
word count: 2.1k
summary: this was by far the most challenging request i have gotten due to the fact i have never written wandanat x reader before. so it was a challenge to say the least but i definitely think it turned out better than i expected. i hope that this lives up to your request anon, and everybody else’s wandanat fantasies, and i hope you enjoy, happy reading <3
link to the request can be found here
you do not have permission to translate, copy or post my work elsewhere!
navigation | wandanat x reader masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if it was the way Wanda was using her magic to keep your legs spread open, while she attacked your dripping cunt, not allowing you any sense of a release until Natasha had been satisfied, or the way Natasha was riding your face like a bull that had your entire body vibrating, either way, you weren’t complaining.
You weren’t sure if it was the way Wanda was using her magic to keep your legs spread open, while she attacked your dripping cunt, not allowing you any sense of a release until Natasha had been satisfied, or the way Natasha was riding your face like a bull that had your entire body vibrating, either way, you weren’t complaining.
Your entire body was tingling, every sensation completely overloaded as your tongue lapped at the sweet juices of Nat’s arousal, as one of her hands gripped into your dark trestles and the other held onto the headboard for support. “Right there detka, oh!” Nat moaned out as your tongue flicked across her clit before diving back into her dripping cunt, swirling around between her walls, drinking in as much of her juices as you could as if it were your last meal.
Wanda found solace with her own head buried between your legs, flicking her tongue in such a teasing manner, giving you just enough pleasure to have your entire body shaking but not enough to bring you to your release. The restraint she had on your legs with her magic allowed refusal to your multiple attempts at clamping your legs shut around her head, and forcing her to finish you off.
“You’re doing such a good job dorogoy, you’re almost there,” Wanda cooed at you as she circled a delicate finger around your clit before sliding between your slick folds and teasing your entrance, your hips automatically bucking to try and force her finger inside of your needy entrance but the force of her magic halted all of your attempts, and you let out a pitiful whine. This caused a deep throated moan to leave Nat, the vibration from your whine sending shocks straight to the impending orgasm deep within her, the coil inside her stomach tightening as she could feel it approaching.
Wanda watched Nat continue to gyrate her hips on your face, she knew when her girlfriend was close to being finished, the multiple orgasms she had witnessed and the way she knew her body like the back of her hand. She couldn’t deny the fact that the sight before her had her absolutely dripping, her underwear she knew to be soaked and absolutely ruined, her own legs pressing together at the sight before her, but withholding herself from bearing her own release, knowing Nat would have her ass if she did.
Nat’s movements above you were becoming sloppy, a sure sign of her release brewing right on the edge of bliss, as her grip tightened on your hair. Wanda moved up your body and situated herself on your waist, both legs straddling either side as her arms wrapped around Nat’s midsection, beginning to pepper light kisses along the base of her neck. The sight above you almost had you coming undone, sure, getting off with your girlfriends was something you could never sexually relate anything to, but watching them get eachother off, now that was something for the record books, an image imprinted in your brain so clearly that you’d never be able to forget it.
The soft kisses to her neck by Wanda and the way your tongue was fucking into her, had Natasha spilling over the edge as her orgasm completely took over her body. Her movements coming to a stand still as she shook almost violently, her body merely being held up by Wanda’s support, as she continued to pepper kisses to her neck and shoulder, whispering sweet words of “you did so great honey” as Nat came down from her high.
Once she had control over her body once again, Nat climbed off of you and plopped down on the bed beside you, completely spent as both of you tried to regain your breathing. Wanda sat perched atop you as she looked down at you, her dark hair falling down either side of her face as she smirked down at you, leaning down to press an open mouthed kisses to your lips which you immediately reciprocated, releasing a small moan as her tongue slid its way into your mouth, humming at the mixed taste of you and Nat on her tongue.
She pulled away much to your protest as her thumb glided against your bottom lip, collecting more of Nat’s arousal as she brought it up to her lips and sucked the juices off of her thumb, never breaking eye contact with you as she did. That was hands down one of the hottest things you’d ever seen. “Our sweet angel, you’ve been so good for us, I think it’s time for your reward,” Wanda purred out, her voice falling against your ears like silk and your body was shaking with anticipation.
“Please Mommy,” you were barely able to mutter out as Wanda positioned herself between your legs, “God, you know how much I love it when you call me that baby,” she all but growled before diving in, her tongue swiping up between your folds, collecting all of the juices that had accumulated during her torment against your cunt, and you thought that one touch would have you tumbling over the edge.
Nat scooted closer to you, her fingers softly trailing up to your stomach and towards the valley of your breasts, your chest immediately arching into your touch. In any other situation, she would punish you right then and there for being such a needy brat, but she deemed that you had been tortured enough, as she wet her finger tip in her mouth before circling it around your nipple, it hardneding at the immediate contact, a needy moan leaving your mouth as she did.
“Such a needy little whore, aren’t you?” Nat spoke with truth as her finger trailed between your breasts before repeating the same action to the other nipple. Wanda hummed in agreement against your cunt, a shot of pleasure coursing through your body as a whorish moan left your mouth, your hands gripping the sheets so tightly your knuckles were bleeding white. You hated that the smallest of touches by your girlfriends had you squirming on sight, but you weren’t complaining in this exact moment. “Yes daddy, ‘m your needy whore,” you whimpered out, chest arching into her touch.
Nat moved so she was hovering over you slightly, as her tongue continued her torment against your taut nipples, flicking and sucking on one of the buds as her fingers pinched the other between her fingers. “Are you going to be our good little pup and come for us detka? Are you going to come for Mommy and Daddy?” She whispered as her teeth grazed your nipples, and in that exact moment, Wanda’s fingers pressed against that spongy sweet spot deep within your walls and your vision was going black as the most intense orgasm washed over your body.
Your whole body lifted off the bed, a feral moan ripping deep from your throat and you were thankful in that moment for Tony sound proofing each of the rooms, as you were sure the whole compound would have heard you if he didn’t.
Wanda continued a steady pace with her fingers, helping you ride out your high as your body collapsed onto the bed, panting as you tried to catch your breath, blinking your eyes rapidly to regain your vision, in just enough time to see Wanda remove her hand from between your legs, and watch as Nat grabbed her wrist and brought her fingers to her lips, before sucking them into her mouth and cleaning all of your juices off of them. You whimpered at the sight, both of your girlfriends turning their attention back to you.
Wanda reached forward and hooked her fingers into the ring attached to your collar, as she pulled you up and towards her, her lips attaching to yours immediately as her tongue dived into your mouth, allowing you to taste your own arousal on her tongue, causing a moan to reverberate in your throat. “You were such a good little pup for us, weren’t you baby?” You nodded as you whined, reaching your hands out towards both of them with grabby hands.
“Does our little pup want cuddles, hmm?” You nodded quickly at Nat’s question, as both of the women stood from the bed, their retracting features causing another whine to leave you. “Ah ah, stop that whining, we’re just gonna run you a bath first.” Nat said as she grabbed the base of your chin and kissed your lips tenderly, before sauntering off into the bathroom to run the bath. Wanda moved about the bedroom, grabbing clothes for the three of you to change into once you were clean, and you watched her intently, your hands in your lap as you resisted reaching out for her.
It wasn’t long before Nat emerged from the bathroom, stating your bath was ready, and you flew off the bed and into her embrace the second she reached a hand out towards you, she smiled as she peppered soft kisses to the top of your head, leading you into the bathroom as Wanda followed in suit.
Both Nat and Wanda climbed into the bath first, before you quickly climbed in after, situating yourself between their bodies, making sure you were touching either of them in some way, before nuzzling your face in the crook of Nat’s neck, and letting out a breath in pure content. Both women absolutely cooed over you, as they began to help you get cleaned up. Wanda worked on washing your hair, her fingers gliding against your scalp as she massaged the soap in, making sure to not miss even an inch of hair, as Nat worked on cleaning your body, gliding the loofa softly against your skin as she washed away all of the sweat from your strenuous activities.
You could feel yourself drifting off to sleep, the soft touches from your girlfriends aiding in your relaxed state, as they cared for you in such an intimate way, making sure you were always taken care of. Your sleep was closing in on you before you were rudely(okay maybe not) awoken from your almost asleep state, as Wanda brushed some of your wet hair out of your face, her thumb gliding across your cheek delicately. “Come on detka, let’s get you dressed and into bed.” You nodded weakly against Nat’s neck as they helped you out of the tub, wrapping a towel around your body before each wrapping one around their own and leading you back into the bedroom.
You sat on the edge of the bed as Wanda took your towel and dried off every inch of your skin, taking her time to make sure every inch of your skin was covered before taking the towel to your hair and squeezing out the excess water. Nat situated herself behind you on the bed, having dressed herself while Wanda dried you, as she gently brushed through your hair. You leaned back against her as she brushed the knots out of your hair, before braiding it into two braids, something you had expressed before that you enjoyed her doing.
Wanda took the opportunity to dress herself as you were distracted by Nat before returning in front of you, kneeling down as she tapped your leg, “Let me see your legs,” you obliged her demands as you raised each leg to allow her to slide your underwear on first followed by your shorts. She stood as she slid them the rest of the way up and situated them around your waist, before grabbing your shirt and sliding it over your head just as Nat finished braiding your hair. “There you go pup, all done.” Nat spoke softly as she pressed a kiss to the back of your head.
You wasted no time in getting yourself situated under the covers, before whining softly as you reached your hands out to your girlfriends, who both shared a fond smile with each other before taking their places on either side of you on the bed. You were quick to cling to Wanda’s side, as you nuzzled your face into the crevice of her neck and breathed in her scent, the warm smell of vanilla and lavender relaxing you almost immediately. Nat scooted up behind your figure, pressing her front to your back as she secured an arm around your waist.
“Get some rest little pup, you were so good for us today,” Wanda spoke gently into the hair on the top of your head as she placed a soft kiss to your temple, you hummed in response, barely able to form a sentence as sleep overtook you, completely relaxed and at peace, embraced in the arms of both of your lovers.
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thatonebrazilian · 4 months ago
Natasha: I’m going on a date.
Y/N *mumbling*: Good for you
Natasha: You mean good for us, I’m picking you up at 8.
Y/N: *Squeals and faints*
Wanda *having witnessed everything*: I think you broke her.
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doesntseemfxir · a month ago
giggles. you’re probably already writing this but i want to see the teddy bear with a vibrator thought so so bad 🚶
ehehehe yes thank you Aries for moving this fic up my priority list!! Now it can be crossed off that hellishly long list of DH ideas
words: 1.5K
warnings: This is an 18+ AU, minors DNI; smut; mommy/doll kink; vibrators; dependency; kinda?? dirty talk, but not tons; Wanda manipulating situations
summary: doll house AU; Doll wakes up from her afternoon nap with her new giant teddy bear and discovers a fun little secret about her new gift
doll house au. ||
Tumblr media
A sweet gift for my perfectly sweet girl.
That's what Wanda had said when you woke up to the giant teddy bear earlier that morning. Pink, fluffy, and slightly bigger than you when you stood, it was safe to say you were easily in love with the stuffed animal. You had no idea how she'd gotten it; nothing had been delivered to the house, never did, and there was no way she'd leave you all alone for however long it'd take her to find such an object.
You didn't think about it too hard though, it didn't matter. Good behavior had gotten you the stuffie of your dreams and you wouldn't fret over the logistics. You'd given Wanda a great many hugs and kisses after that, ever grateful for how well she treated you. Someone might say it would get boring staying in one house all the time, but Wanda gave you everything you could possibly wish for and she lived to take care of her precious doll- not once had you ever given thought to what lay outside the doors.
Afternoon sunlight shone through the large window of your bedroom now and you shoved your face further into your new teddy to protect your eyes. After a day of playing and laughter, Wanda settled you in for a nap and while you typically protested, today you went without a singular complaint; you were determined to stay on your best behavior.
You'd fallen asleep peacefully on your bear, curled around it as it sat propped against your headboard. Turns out, it was the perfect pillow.
Looking around, you found yourself alone and while you wanted to pout, you were too cozy to be too bothered. Instead you just cuddled up tighter, knowing your mommy would come get you when she was ready for you. Soft arms hugged the new toy tight, squeezing it extra hard to make sure the ball of fluff knew how much you loved them.
Maybe you touched some part of it you weren't supposed to, but this time as you embraced it, something inside switched on. The vibration was soft at first, muffled by the stuffing inside of its limbs, but you felt it easily, your thighs twitching as its fur tickled your skin. "Oh..."
You weren’t supposed to, you knew it was against the rules, but you were so sleepy and it felt so good…
Rutting against it felt sweet as sin, wiggling aimlessly while you tried to find what made you feel best. Finally you found a rhythm that both stoked and eased the growing tension in the pit of your stomach and before you knew it, it was hard to even care how you’d so obviously be caught as soon as Wanda saw evidence of your arousal on your new toy’s leg. It felt too good for you to think about anything but the pleasure being handed to you right in your bed.
You were greedily working your way to an orgasm when Wanda climbed the stairs; you didn’t hear her, too lost in your own world to even register when she’d come to stand at the edge of your bed. “You didn’t call for me when you got up, little one.”
Her knowing voice made you stop immediately, forcing yourself to sit still as possible. Stupidly, you still moved your hips, just a little bit, but you were unwilling to give up how good you felt altogether. “It’s not my fault, mommy… my bear distracted me!”
Wand hummed quietly, rounding the bed until she could sit next to you where you still straddled the stuffed leg. “Your bear? It can’t do anything to you.”
She knew, of course; Wanda made the bear herself. With as much as her precious doll loved stuffies and toys whenever they played together, Wanda figured she might as well combine the two for you. She hadn’t expected you to find out so quickly, but then again, you were always such a needy little thing.
“Why don’t you show me, lift up.” You raised your hips promptly, trying to be as obedient as you could even when Wanda slipped her hand between your thighs. Her fingers came back with all the evidence she needed, wetness shining on her fingertips.
She eyed you with that disapproving look you hated, making you shrink further into the pillowy softness that was your new toy. “Ah ah, don’t run away from me now, baby doll. You weren’t so shy when you were rubbing your greedy little pussy all over your gift just before I came in.”
You weren’t allowed to touch, you knew this. Wanda alone knew what was best for her doll, but she’d given you this teddy— surely that made it okay? “But I didn’t touch anything, mommy! I just gave hugs and it started and-“ Two of the brunette’s fingers slid into your tight entrance, slow and twisting as they pushed in until you started to squirm.
“I didn’t tell you to talk back to me, did I?” As you shook your head no, Wanda pulled away, sitting back on her knees before guiding you to do the same. “No? Then keep that pretty mouth shut.”
You nodded, pouting hard as you laid your head against your bear’s shoulder. It didn’t feel nearly as good as it had before, shame and embarrassment at acting out heavy on your mind while you struggled not to sit down fully again.
But Wanda wasn’t having that.
This time her push on your hips was harder, shoving you down until you were forced to the stuffed animal’s leg. The vibrations were still there, ready to as ever to send devious waves of pleasure to your sensitive cunt. You didn’t want it to though; not after being caught and certainly not when your mommy could do it for you. But as soon as you settled down, Wanda’s hands left you and no matter how cute and helpless of a look you were sure you were giving, the other woman wouldn’t budge. “You’re so ready to do it by yourself, doll. I’m just going to watch.”
Another minute of Wanda firmly refusing to touch you again meant you were really being left to your own devices. It wasn’t nearly as good anymore, the sweet secret pleasure of it all stolen under Wanda’s watchful gaze. Now you felt tortured, punished with her sitting so close, but so far away. You don’t know why you’d tried in the first place, for as long as you could remember, you couldn’t cum without her. All of you belonged to her, whether you controlled giving it over or not.
And there wasn’t a cute toy in the world that would ever come close to replacing what she made you feel. The longer you tried, the more frustrated you got, trying to seek out what’d made you so close before, but no matter how you rut your hips and how wet you grew, there was never any release to be found. “Mommy, I want you to help! Please, it hurts…”
“Aw, is that right, sweet pea?” Wanda crawled forward just enough to reach her arm to you, sliding her fingers between your toy and where you were aching. You were right; you were positively soaked, but as much as Wanda wanted to reach up and give you exactly what you so clearly wanted, punishment was in order. That didn’t stop her from letting one devious fingertip circle your clit, pulling away whenever you tried to press down too hard.
“First you break my rules, then you make a mess of your poor stuffie, and now you’re making demands of me?” She loved your whimpering, how you weakly tried reaching out for her even when she was being so cruel to you. Wanda let you cling to her, of course, let you seek out the comfort you wanted so badly while you were beside yourself with need. “You’re in over your head, little one.”
“‘M sorry, mommy… I won’t do it again..” Wanda merely hummed and rubbed your back with her free hand as you cried into her shoulder, body having gone limp as soon as you collided with her. Bear forgotten, you left your legs open for Wanda instead, savoring every brush of her nails against a particularly sensitive spot or when she pushed her fingers in just enough to make you feel full for a second. It was torture, but it was Wanda so you took what you could get and tried not to complain too terribly. She hated when you complained.
“I know you won’t. You learn your lessons so well!” She had no intentions of making you cum, not when you’d been so terribly naughty, but settling you onto her fingers calmed you enough for your wails to turn into soft sobs and that was easier to handle. When Wanda pulled away again, it took everything in you not to scream in protest— but that wouldn’t get you any closer to being your mommy’s perfect doll. And that’s all you really wanted, especially when you could turn to her and see her smiling back at you like Wanda was now. “Let’s dry those tears now, I made you your favorite for dinner.”
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andrewsevermore · a month ago
safe in your arms
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff x f!reader
warnings: none
summary: after an extremely hard mission with natasha, all you want is wanda
word count: 965
Your body ached like it never had before. You could feel the bruises setting in and it took everything in you not to just start crying. What was supposed to be an easy mission turned into a massive shitshow, ending with an extremely tough battle. You sat with your head in your hands as Natahsa flew the quinjet back to base, no words uttered between the two of you. Your fingers grazed the cut on your forehead, making you whimper in pain. You knew you’d have to have Bruce check it out, but all your mind could focus on was finally seeing Wanda again. 
You had left so early in the morning that all you really got was a groggy “goodbye” from your love. As you sat, your thoughts devoted entirely to the woman you love, you could feel your mind begin to turn fuzzy. You needed her to hold you and tell you that it was all okay. You needed her to take care of you. You needed her to love you. You just needed her. As your mind clouded with thoughts of Wanda Maximoff, Natasha slowly landed the quinjet. She could tell that you were exhausted. She hadn’t expected them all to come out of nowhere. It was supposed to be a secure location. It was supposed to be an easy mission.
“Alright, kid. I’ll finish up the checks out here. You go inside and relax, okay?” Natasha said, turning around to face you.
You nodded your head, grabbing your supplies and heading inside. You walked to the mission prep room in silence, your feet screaming with each step forward. You put your supplies away in silence. You made sure each weapon was disarmed in record time, your soul aching to be with Wanda. You felt blood drip down from the cut on your head, causing you to whine in annoyance. Once everything was put away, you went out on your search for Wanda. 
As you went upstairs toward the lounge room, you heard her infectious laugh, causing your heart to skip a beat. You walked faster, no matter how much it hurt. You needed to be with her. 
Wanda could feel your presence. She knew something was wrong. The second you walked in the room, her eyes went right to the giant cut on your forehead. But, before she could even get a word out, you crawled right into her lap and buried your face in her neck.
“Hi, babygirl. Are you alright? What’s wrong?” Wanda asked, rubbing your back soothingly.
“Mission went bad,” you mumbled, clinging onto Wanda for dear life.
Wanda’s brows furrowed, causing her to look into your mind, seeing you and Natasha fight against a group of men much larger than the both of you. She pressed a kiss to your forehead, whispering sweet-nothings in your ear. “I know you’re exhausted, sweet girl, but we have to get Bruce to check out that cut on your head.”
You let out a groan, causing Wanda to let out a small laugh. Wanda picked you up, carrying you over to Bruce’s office. She set you down on a table, getting Bruce’s attention.
“What happened, Y/N?” Bruce asked, inspecting the cut on your forehead.
“Nat and I were supposed to just get in and out. It was supposed to be secure but before we knew it, a bunch of guys appeared out of nowhere. One of them had this weird knife that could basically follow you and he nicked me on the head,” you explained, playing with Wanda’s hands.
“Alright. You’re gonna need some stitches, unfortunately. Let me get the stuff and then we’ll get you patched up,” Bruce said, heading over to his supply closet.
You let out a groan, burying your head in Wanda’s shoulder, causing her to let out a small laugh.
“You’re gonna be okay, my love. I promise,” Wanda said, holding you close.
Bruce came back, ready to fix you up. He cleaned your wound, stitching you up slowly and carefully. You squeezed Wanda’s hand, trying to keep your emotions at bay. Wanda rubbed her thumb across the top of your hand, trying to comfort you as best as she could. Once Bruce was done, you thanked him and walked to your bedroom with Wanda, your hands still intertwined.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” Wanda said, trailing her fingers up and down your arms. You nod your head, following her into your bathroom. She slowly undresses you, starting to run the shower. She made sure the water was nice and hot, perfect to make you relax. Wanda quickly undressed herself, taking you by the hand and leading you into the shower. She held you close, washing your hair and cleaning you of all of the dirt and grime accumulated from your mission. She cleaned you slowly as you savored every moment of her hands on your skin.
Once you were both out of the shower, you both dressed in pajamas and climbed into your bed. You both sunk into the mattress and you watched as Wanda turned on one of her favorite sitcoms. You curled into Wanda’s side, wanting to be as close as possible. She held you close, drawing patterns on your back as you slowly relaxed and allowed your body to become comfortable. Wanda could feel the exhaustion radiating from your body as you will yourself to stay awake.
“Go to sleep, sweet girl. I’m not going anywhere,” Wanda whispered, pressing her lips to the top of your head. Your body slowly slipped into sweet unconsciousness. Wanda kept your memories from your dreams, filling your head with beautiful memories of the two of you. She kept you close, never letting you go. You were safe in her arms.
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8bitscarlet · 4 days ago
Ain't That a Kick in the Head
Tumblr media
Summary: The woman who practically fell into your life, filling a hole perfectly made for her, intrigued you greatly. But just as you're starting to learn who she is, it could all be too good to be true.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Fluff
Word Count: 6k
A/N: Alright. I know i said i wanted to get some requests done buuuut, i got just super excited about this that i needed to get a chapter down. This is the second chapter in the Dream a Little Dream series (and this can also be blamed on the two hours @stealth-kittyy and i wasted this past friday). Anyways, Happy Reading!
*please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*
_________________ Light shines into your eyes as you smack your lips, tasting day old alcohol. You groan, feeling a distant throbbing in your head and the ever present strain in your shoulder from a past injury. A soft hand touches your back and you feel your body tense,
"Y/N, wake up..."
As you open your eyes to the bright morning light, you can fully feel the hangover radiating through your body. The sharpness of the light in your eyes brings the pounding in your brain to the forefront and you try to turn, sending a pain through your shoulder.
Yet, the softness in those whispers sends a comfort in your body, settling deep within you with a familiar air. You roll onto your back, carefully this time. Turning your head, you see Wanda resting her head on her hand, watching you with humor filled eyes. She grins, running her finger down your arm,
"Good morning,"
Seeing her sends butterflies to your stomach but as the reality of the situation fills the room, your eyes widen, "Did we?"
She laughs softly, your chest tightening as her nose scrunches with her smile, "I suppose we did,"
You came for dinner. Not once did you think the night would lead to this. You're anything but innocent, but this isn't proper. And yet here she is, not moving to get dressed or smacking you to avert your eyes.
No, you both just lay within the warmth of the sheets as though you've done this a million times. If you're being honest to yourself, it almost feels that way.
Her eyes are soft, tiredly looking at you with ease. You see no repulsion or guilt for last night. No regret. Only a wish to stay here with you. Despite this, you shake your head. One look from her and you threw your etiquette out the window and fell into her trance. You need to leave, she needs to dress in privacy.
Without a word, you bound off the bed as you realize she doesn't even have a nightgown on. Tripping amongst the tangling of the sheets, you rip your pants from the dresser and fumble with the button. Muttering to yourself, you try and find your shirt without replaying the night in your head. As you peer behind the dresser, you can feel an invisible pressure behind your back.
"I can feel you watching me,"
Failing to find your shirt, you let out a sigh and glance back. You see her, god you see her. That auburn hair messily tossed around her and the way she bites her lip makes you want to slink back into those sheets with her. Wanda sits up gradually, staring at you with glinting eyes that reflect the morning light.
You nearly freeze, seeing her like this with only a blanket covering the soft skin you were kissing just hours ago. If you weren't trying to preserve some dignity, you would be there pressing your lips against her again.
"I've seen more than that, remember, Y/N?" she asks with a soft grin, raising her brows playfully.
Your cheeks flush as you settle your hands on your waist. If this isn't right, why doesn't it feel wrong?
"Sorry," you sigh out, "I don't normally do this."
Wanda slides out of the bed, the sheet wrapping around her body, "And you think I do?"
There you go again, saying and doing the wrong thing. But her scolding look, as she reachers for her drawer, has your gripping your waist tightly instead of of her.
You groan and turn to try and find your shirt, averting your eyes as she drops the sheet, "Of course not! I didn't... what I meant was..."
She steps behind you, patting your stomach with a scrunch of her nose, "I'm just teasing."
With a chuckle, you raise your brows as the warmth in your cheeks stays strong. Peering behind you, you see she's slipped into a rather alluring nightgown. You hold in a tempting groan, your manners being tested to their limit.
"Well, don't you get up and go in the morning," you smile, turning completely and seeing her hold your now wrinkled shirt.
Carefully, she walks over to you, her eyes never wavering from yours. There's something in them that you can't quite place.
Adoration? Possibly.
Love? Impossible.
"When can I see you again?"
You let out a breathy chuckle, a pleasant surprise at her bluntness. Seeing your smile tugs hers higher, reaching out for you. She runs her hand down your arm, her fingers rest for a moment on yours, wanting to hold onto them but she lets her hand fall. You furrow your brows at the odd action but stare back into her eyes.
There was something different about her. This Wanda Maximoff. Something familiar and though you've said it before, you can't figure her out.
"Well," you slip the shirt from her fingers, "If I can be quite forward, how about tonight?"
She lets out a hum, watching you carefully button your shirt back up. As you fix the collar, she runs her hands down the shirt, smoothing out the wrinkles as best as she can. Wanda glances up at you, closer than before, her lips only a small lean away from you.
"And will this become a normal thing?"
You tilt your head with a grin, feeling confident as she pulls your shirt, "Would you reject?"
She walks her fingers up your chest, pinching your chin as she bites softly against her lip, "I am a lady, Y/N. A lady with many suitors."
If you didn't already know the playful nature of her, you'd have been quite upset at not properly courting this woman. Yet, you see the twinkle in her eye as she pats your chest, "I suspect I can make an exception for you. You still owe me a plate."
You hum, you can stay for a few more minutes.
As Wanda closes the front door on your smile, you lean your head against the door with a new sense of giddiness. You stayed for one cup of coffee longer and one kiss longer. She let you go with nothing more than a kiss on a cheek, though both of you knew you wanted more.
You glance around at the chirping birds and the squirrels that run circles around trees. It was a perfect day. Shaking your head with a chuckle, you can't kid yourself anymore. Turning on your heels before you even move an inch off the first step, you tap your knuckles against her door.
Wanda answers it, dressed in a more orthodox night gown, just in case the neighbors are awake. She beams a smile at you but pairs it with a confused look, you were just making up excuses to leave before.
"Did you forget a shoe?" she teases, her eyes wandering down your body.
You wipe your clammy hands on your pants, "I want to start over,"
Her brows clench as she lets go of the door, crossing her arms protectively in front of her, "Start over?"
"This," you point between the two of you.
"Okay?" Wanda giggles nervously, her fingers twisting the fabric of her pink nightgown.
Holding out your hand, you nod, "I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Y/N. I'm your neighbor two doors down."
Wanda takes your hand with a polite smile, "I'm Wanda. I'm new in town."
You grin, holding her hand just longer than you should. She cocks her brow, knowing exactly what you're doing, "You can't wait until tonight."
Clearing your throat, you casually slip your hands into your pockets, "I don't mean to assume you've had a long night," you grin as she rolls her eyes, "There's a lovely diner just down the road. Would you like to go with me? They make a killer split."
Wanda hums, "Well now, aren't you spreading the apple butter?"
She leans towards you and presses a kiss to your cheek, "Let me get myself ready. I'll see you in an hour."
You watch her walk back into her house, peeking her head out as she slowly closes the door. You step back off her front steps with a grin and a small wave. As the door settles, you clap your hands together with a laugh, your grin so wide it nearly sits your eyes. As you walk on cloud nine back to your house, you notice a woman walking up the sidewalk with swaying hips and a large smile.
"Hey there, neighbor!"
You watch as she grows closer in her purple checkered dress, her tightly curled bob bouncing with her quick steps. You can't remember how long they've been your neighbor but she seems to know you well.
The two of you have exchanged courteous neighborly waves and you can distinctly remember her overflowing gossip. She's had to have given her name before but you're drawing blanks. Another forgotten name.
The neighbor leans against Wanda's fence with a raise of her brows, crossing her arms lightly in front of her.
"I see you've gotten around to introducing yourself with the new neighbor," Her teasing eyes cause you to stammer as she waves away your attempt to hide the wrinkles on your pants, "How is she faring with all of her moving?"
You glance back at the house, furrowing your brows. There weren't any moving boxes when you were there and her house was fully furnished, fully decorated even. As if she had been living here for years. You never saw a moving company come when you left for work in the morning. Would she have let them do everything unsupervised while she was at the office?
"Well, I didn't see any boxes," you chuckle, "She seems to be quite efficient settling in."
She laughs, cackles almost, "Isn't that something. I wish my moving day went as smooth as a snap! I should do some introductions. I just got back from a trip," she leans towards you to whisper, "My mother-in-law was in town."
You laugh along with her, wanting desperately to leave this conversation. As you say your parting words and wave, she calls out to you,
"See you at the bridge game, hon!"
Standing alone in your home, you look around the living room with a blank stare. Breakfast went easily with Wanda, falling into effortless conversation over waffles with a side of banana split. The Most Famous Split in Westview was what the diner bragged, and they weren't wrong.
Now as you stand here, you feel like you've forgotten something. It seems to be becoming a recurring theme.
Sauntering into the kitchen, you untuck your red striped shirt with a sigh and continue searching. Chores are done, laundry is hanging on the line to press, frozen meals and cereal will be fine until midweek.
Was it someone's birthday? You turn and lock your eyes with the calendar that hangs next to the kitchen door. A groan crawls up your throat as you feel your heart drop to your stomach.
Mr. Hart.
You move quickly, wringing your fingers as you reach out for the telephone receiver. Feverishly, you wind the rotary dial, tapping your foot to try and get it to spin back faster. After spinning in the ten numbers, the call goes through and you hear the line pick up.
"Maximoff residence."
"Wanda, thank god," you breathe out, running your hand through your hair.
"Y/N? Is everything okay?" There's a thick panic in her voice, worrying even you.
You quickly reassure her that you didn't break something and listen to her let out a sigh, "Wanda, I need your help."
As soon as you hear the knock, you nearly rip the door off of its hinges. She notices, glancing up at the small cracks you've made in the hinges as she raises her brows. Wanda gives you a small chuckle, seeing you try to calm your huffing and puffing from all your pacing. You step back, allowing her to step inside your home for the first time.
While she looks around, you quickly head into the kitchen to continue searching for some kind of recipe card holder. Kneeling in front of a cabinet, you feel her cold hand rest on your shoulder as she opens the fridge and sighs.
"You do know you have no food for a five-course dinner, right?" she asks, glancing back at you as you leave her touch and begin to pace again.
Groaning as you bump into your kitchen table, you have no idea where you put your wallet. You need to run to the grocery store but they're not going to let you do credit on the amount of food you need. Nearly sprinting out of the kitchen, you slide your hands around your couch cushions. In a panic, you call out to Wanda,
"Darling, have you seen my wallet? I can not mess up this dinner."
You grip a cushion tightly, glancing up at the blank television screen and see a frazzle face looking back. You clench your brows together as you watch the frown on the reflection, Darling? Did you just call her darling?
You don't have time to be embarrassed though. Dropping the cushion, you head to the other couch. Wanda's heels echo out from the kitchen as she steps into the carpeted living room, reaching from behind you. You feel her hand slide into your pocket, raising a leather wallet in front of your face.
"You mean this one, dear?" she asks with an amused smile.
Turning, you stare at her. A teasing grin on her face as her words ring through your ears.
Sheepishly, you pluck the wallet from her fingers as she steps closer to you. You can't help the shaky chuckle you give her, absentmindedly running a thumb across her cheek.
"Are we sure I was actually alive before you moved here?" you lean forward so your lips rest gently against hers.
Wanda lets out a sweet hum, smiling and whispering against your lips, "One can't be too certain."
Her arms rest comfortably over your shoulders, running across your neck. Your hands fall to her waist as you pull her closer, falling into her all over again. You clench your brows together, trying to get your head straight and out of her trance.
"I need food," you remind yourself as Wanda nods along with you slowly, "But if you aren't a beautiful dame."
A small blush spreads over her cheeks, "You can't feed your boss with compliments, Y/N" she pats your chest, turning to fix the overturned couch cushions, "I'll get jealous. Now, I wrote a list of things you need to-."
A knock echoes through the quiet house and you both lock eyes before glancing at the door. The Hart's aren't supposed to be here. You give Wanda a confused glance as she waves at you to go answer it.
As you step towards it, you swallow the lump in your throat and swing it open. Your neighbor stands on the other side, a purple cardigan resting on her shoulders,
"Oh, Wanda! There you are!"
Wanda steps beside you, "Agnes! What a surprise!"
You furrow your brows and look past her, her name is Agnes? You shake away any thoughts to go get your memory checked, you need to get to the grocery store. Yet, Agnes lets herself in, chatting away about something her husband Ralph did this morning.
Wanda sees your tapping foot and constant glances at the clock. She grabs Agnes' hands and leads her to the couch, waving you away. As you leave, she gives you a wink and keeps up with the lively conversation with Agnes.
Muttering curse words to yourself as you slam your car door loudly, you sprint back into the house with the last forgotten items on the grocery list. As you step inside, you can't help the confusion on your face as you try to peer through the darkened house.
Candles have been lit and a single lamp is covered with fabric to soften the harsh glow of the bulb, a slow Dean Martin record spinning in the back. Stepping carefully down the steps into the living room and making your way to the kitchen, you carefully place the Gruyere and Brandy on the counter. There's not a single steaming pan on your stove.
"Wanda?" you call out, unbuttoning your suit jacket and looking for the food that should be ready to go.
The redhead opens the kitchen shutters from the living room with a playful smile. Your mouth falls open as your eyes follow her sauntering into the kitchen, respectfully running down her body. As she comes into view, you see the silk nightgown she's dressed in. Your eyes climb up her legs to her was it, the teasingly deep neckline to finally rest on those green eyes of hers.
"There you are, darling," she whispers to you, gripping your jacket tightly. You remind yourself to breathe as you're surrounded by the sweet amber wafting off her, "Were you having trouble finding the cheese?"
"Wanda..." you breathe out, pushing your hands against her waist to look at her. You swallow the lump in your throat as the pounding of your heart grows. Her body hypnotizes you the longer you stare, "What're you wearing?" you growl out, squeezing her tightly.
She chuckles, pulling you close as her fingers climb up your body and along your neck with soft traces. A shiver runs down your body as you press your lips against hers. Your hands bunch up the dress, threatening to rip it to shreds.
But before your thoughts can get any further, a sharp knock at the door startles you and you stare at Wanda. That's not Agnes and you're about to be fired.
"Mr. Hart!" you whisper loudly as you step away, straightening out your shirt and hair.
"Hart?" Wanda asks, eyes wide with confusion, "I thought this was your excuse to get me over here!"
You run your hand over your face with a groan, another impatient knock echoing, "I have to get the door, Wanda."
You quickly jog to the door as she hisses at you that she has to change. Her argument is cut short as you give her a scared shrug and slam the kitchen shutters closed.
Grabbing the knob, you force a smile on your face as you open the door. Mr. Hart stands there with narrowed eyes, his small wife standing next to him with a little hat on her head. You tighten your smile, stepping out of the way as you invite them in.
"Right on time, sir!" you chuckle, taking his jacket.
Through the corner of your eye, you see the kitchen door swing open and nearly tear the jacket in half. You toss it towards the coat hook and reach forward with wide eyes as you stand behind the small woman and slap your hands over her eyes. She lets out a surprised yelp as Mr. Hart stares with confusion and anger.
"What's the meaning of this, Y/N?"
You glance over at Wanda, dressed in a silk blue dress and sparkling pearls around her neck. You nearly tip over from her beauty but you wonder where she got those clothes. How did she change so fast?"
You smile at Mr. Hart and try to give an awkward chuckle, attempting to find an explanation to this strange scene.
"Well, sir, I thought..."
Wanda walks up with a confident strut, wringing her fingers, "It's a traditional Sokovian greeting!" she blurts out, placing her hands gently on his face.
"Oh, yes!" you say, buttoning your jacket with shaky fingers, "It's like a guessing game meets a cordial greeting, sir! Ms. Maximoff is from Sokovia," you ramble as Wanda releases Mr. Hart's face with a smile, walking to you and wrapping her arm around yours, fingers gripping tightly.
You can feel your nerves shaking through your limbs, but her touch settles you. A cool feeling rushing through you, begging you to breath.
"How exotic!" Mrs. Hart exclaims, shaking Wanda's hand with uncapped excitement, "And you are?"
You open your mouth to introduce her but Wanda beats you to it, "Wanda Maximoff. I'm Y/N's fiancee."
Both you and Mr. Hart look at her with the same surprised stare. When he glances to you for an explanation, all you can do is clear your throat trying to smile. Mrs. Hart claps her hands in excitement at the happy news. You attempt again to clear your throat as he points at you,
"You didn't tell me you were engaged, Y/N. And she's not a Bolshevik is she?"
Trying to pass your sounds for a chuckle, Mrs. Hart slaps his arm, "You know me sir, work work work. And no, she's as American as they come."
Wanda pats your arm, walking confidently to pull the cloth off the light shade, swinging it back to catch a few lit candles with a timid grin.
"Please, make yourselves comfortable. Y/N, dear. Can I see you in the kitchen for a moment?"
You smile at your guests, looking around your house as you side-step around them,
"Excuse us," you laugh, Wanda gripping your arm tightly and practically dragging you into the kitchen.
You quickly blow out the last candle, Wanda slamming the kitchen door shut. As you escape prying eyes, she spins on her heels and forcefully jabs your chest.
"Why didn't you say you were serious?"
Rubbing at the pain, you glare back, "We're engaged?"
She rolls her eyes, quickly pulling out the ingredients she put on the fake list and trying to remember the recipes she thought of.
"I don't think your boss would approve of you being with some random doll," Wanda eyes you playfully but you're too stressed to laugh.
As you glance at her to remind her the seriousness of the situation, you see a flicker of sadness in her eyes. Taking a breath for yourself, you reach for her, cupping her face gently and giving her hand a squeeze. Pressing her palm to your lips, you grin against her soft skin,
"This was incredibly romantic, Wanda. Thank you. The candles, that dress..." you breathe in deeply, picturing her in that nearly see-through fabric.
She snaps her fingers sharply in your ear, bringing you back, "But I really need a home-cooked meal, darling."
"A home-cooked meal," Wanda rests her hands on her waist, sighing at the fridge, "With this,"
You nod with a clenched jaw, "Exactly."
Wanda nods her head once in a commanding manner, pushing you towards the living room, "I have an idea. Go and entertain the guests, dear!"
She shoves you forward, the last sentence being heard by the Hart's. They stare at you as she smacks your back, sending you closer to them. Swallowing dryly, you sit between them on the couch, patting against your knees with an awkward chuckle.
It isn't long before Mr. Hart is talking about how the company can get their numbers up, up, up while making costs go down, down, down. You laugh at an extremely flat joke he yells, his wife staring at the wall with a glazed over smile. She's in her own world and you're thankful you only have to keep him entertained while Wanda works her magic in the kitchen.
As he starts on about the cost of typewriter ribbon, a loud crashing come from the kitchen. Mrs. Hart has found her escape. The small lady shoots up, walking towards the noise,
"Now that sounds like a domestic emergency! You two stay put!"
She walks towards the shutters try and help but you know she can't let her see that's there's no food ready. You stand up, running your hands against your shirt as you try to get to her,
"Mrs. Hart. Please, I insist you're the guest."
She continues forward, her fingers gripping the shutter handles and you can see an odd rosy color glowing through the gap. You clench your brows in confusion as you see a raw chicken fly across the gap. Without a plan, you quickly slam your foot back into the record player, your favorite record crashing to the ground.
Mrs. Hart turns quickly with a worried glance, the shutters wide open now. You and Wanda lock with wide eyes, her arms in the air while ingredients and pants float all around her head.
"Oh no, the music!" You exclaim, "Let me fix this!"
Wanda nods her head as Mrs. Hart steps closer to see what you're doing. You snatch the guitar you have against the fireplace and strum out a quick chord progression. Wanda urges you to hurry up and play, still frozen to not draw any eyes.
Clearing your throat, you strum out a tawny sound and from Wanda's disappointed roll of her eyes, you swear she knows what you're about to play,
Say hey, good lookin', whatcha got cookin'? How's about cookin', somethin' up with me?
You shrug as you continue the very on the nose song and Wanda smiles at you. Both of you forgetting that if someone turns their head, you won't be able to explain what they're seeing. Trying to get Mrs. Hart to step closer to you, you feel a sharp pain behind your eyes.
Wanda is there, laughing as you show off the dusty pair of cowboy boots you pulled from the back of the closet. Walking towards you, you can nearly feel those soft hands wrap around you. Taking the hat from your head, she places it atop hers. Tipping it up with your hand, you lean closer to her smiling lips.
Coming back to reality, you're thankful your fingers move on their own memory and that the flashes of... whatever these are, prove to be quick. Clapping from Mrs. Hart pulls you back with a shaky grin to watch her out of rhythm jig.
You glance up at Wanda as you sing, her face contorted in confusion as pans fly across the kitchen. You shake your head when she looks at you with wide eyes, you can't get to the shutters.
But it isn't that, there's something else. Her eyes are filled with something you've never seen in them before, pain. You're the one who feels the pain from what feels like another forgotten memory slipping away again. Before you can react, she flicks her wrist and the shutters slam shut.
"Well, honey! You didn't tell me Y/N was so talented!" Mrs. Hart exclaims.
You chuckle nervously, "Like I said, work, work, work."
Mr. Hart lets out an approving grunt as you place the guitar down, "Yes, thank you for... that. When exactly is your wife going to be done with dinner?"
You clamber over your words as Mrs. Hart gives another light slap to his shoulder, "They aren't married yet, dear. But yes, my head is starting to feel a little woozy."
She leans against the couch for Mr. Hart to catch her but he stands quickly, Mrs. Hart nearly falling into the cushion. He steps towards you,
"You hear that? My wife's head is spinning. Generally speaking, I don't like it when her head does that."
You nod, giving a polite smile, stepping back and accidentally kicking the television set. Mr. Hart is unrelenting,
"You know, I'm beginning to think you're not promotion material! You've been a good worker but what I've seen here tonight, you can barely keep your household together! I mean look around-,"
As you look around, you see the eye of the storm. The calm you feel you've had your whole life. Wanda stands at a set table, holding her hands gently in front of her,
"Dinner is served."
The Hart's laugh out happily at the food as you lock eyes with Wanda, a tight grin on her face as you mouth your gracious thanks to her as you go to eat.
Wanda waves goodbye out the door, closing it with a heavy sigh of relief. She leans back against the door as you collapse into the armchair, blowing out through your lips.
The dinner was a success, you weren't fired. Turning your head to Wanda, you catch her eyes and you both let out all of the stress through your laughs of relief. Walking to you, you raise your hand for her to grab. She takes it, pulling you to your feet and leading you towards the couch. You sigh, sitting on the cushions and wrap your arm around her.
"So, you're freakishly strong," Wanda raises her brows at how you casually nudged Mr. Hart's car to the side, after carrying him over your shoulder, before his slightly drunk wife scratched your car.
You mock her brow and glance over at her, remembering all those floating pans as she cooked, "You have flying saucers."
"I'm starting to think, we're quite unusual," Wanda smiles at you, resting her head on your shoulder as if it was always meant to be there.
"Oh, I don't think that was ever in question," you grin at her, pressing your lips against her hair as you breathe her in.
Wanda sighs, rubbing your knuckles gently, "You know, we don't have an engagement date... we're not even a couple,"
You chuckle, crossing your leg and resting a hand on her thigh, "Well... we can fix that,"
She lets out a quiet hum, playing with your ring finger as you close your eyes for rest, "And this was our first successful soiree as a couple?"
Taking in a deep breath, you look at her, "Precisely."
"And how did you ask me?"
You grip her hand tightly, pressing her palm against your lips, "Would you, Wanda Maximoff, be mine?"
She scrunches her nose at you with a laugh, "I suppose I will."
Your fingers intertwined with her, finding their home as easily as you find yours with her, "We can hash it all out once... once I wake up."
Quiet drumming and hums fill your ears as you groan, rolling to your shoulder. Reaching out, your hand rests on a cold mattress as your eyes flash open. Your head is ringing, a heavy weight in your arms and a distant pain in your shoulder. You grimace, rolling your arm to try and get the twinge out from sleeping wrong.
"What a weird dream," you chuckle to yourself as you find your footing and yawn towards the bedroom door.
A smile fills your face when you hear a familiar voice singing along to Paul Anka coming from the record player. You can't find them but you know she's there as you climb down the stairs and look around a clean house.
"Well hello there, sleepy head," a voice comes from behind you as you jump at the surprising whisper.
Wanda's there, hair pulled out of her face as she wraps her arms around you. You kiss her lips and chuckle quietly to yourself at her stolen outfit of your old shirt and shorts. You can see the bleach stains on the shirt, it's been a long day of cleaning. She wanted to get it done while the boys were at school and she had shooed you away to take a nap.
As she nuzzles her nose against you, her nails scratch down your back as you talk, "You did amazing, darling. You were amazing in my dream, as well."
Wanda chuckles against your neck, "Oh really? Well, can your next dream be this house being clean forever?"
"Forever? Why don't we drop the boys off with their aunt and uncle? We'll go away together and no one will ever touch anything."
Wanda's green eyes gleam up at you, a smirk on her face as she truly thinks on that wonderful thought. But before she can remind you that Steve and Nat aren't in the country, the sound of the front door swings open and chaos is imminent.
"We're home!" their shouts fill the quiet home as the two of you walk over to greet the boys.
Wanda floats the shoes they toss into the shoe holder as you juke around the boys, listening to their laughs. The boys finally get around you, snacks already being set up as you steal another kiss with your wife and the boys dig through their bags.
Resting your hands on the counter, you point, "Alright, you know the drill. Favorite thing you learned today and.... Billy!"
His eyes light up as he tries to explain something to do with chlorophyll and plants. You have no idea what he's saying, as they both slide over agendas and permission slips, but nod along trying to remember all of these terms.
The sound of metal scratching against the counter catches Wanda's attention as she closes the fridge. She sighs, picking up one of the metal lunchboxes and wiggling it at you. You glance at it, hiding the grin on your face as you see her dressed in her old uniform, red magic flowing from her hands.
"What?" you glance at your giggling boys, "They're limited edition."
"And we have a box of them in the attic,"
You nod slowly, "Less washing, just toss 'em. In fact, I bet you could sell them for big bucks. You touched that."
Wanda gives you a look but decides that you're just too lovable to destroy. Tommy raises his hand eagerly, "Can I go now?" He impatiently rocks back and forth on the stool until Wanda flicks her wrist and pins it down with a look only a mother could give.
"Let's hear it, bud," you wink at Wanda as she starts to empty the boxes and you grab the snacks from the other counter.
You turn and smile, crossing your arms as you listen to Tommy but your attention is stolen. Clenching your brows, something is wrong and you can feel an odd sensation in your stomach. Your whole body is vibrating, a sweating shiver running down your body and heat flashing through you.
Wanda's voice is muffled as she touches your arm, asking a question but you can't hear her. You can't hear anything but your pounding heart.
"Tommy," you call as he walks off to watch TV with Billy.
You walk slowly around the counter, "Smile for me, bud."
He giggles and nudges Billy, "Gotta tell a joke first,"
You clench your jaw but as you glance at Wanda, you know you can't let this sickening feeling control you. She just stares back at you, confused at what you've seen. Sighing, you tap against your chin as if you're thinking, eyes flicking to his grin.
"You wanna hear a joke about pizza?" you ask, raising your brows and trying to win their curiosity. It works as they quickly nod with wide eyes, "Ah, never mind. It's too cheesy."
The two of them groan but the laughs follows after quickly. You move just as fast, kneeling in front of Tommy as you grab his shoulders and tilt up his head, "I thought you lost those already..."
Tommy looks around, trying to pull away from you but you hold on tight, "I haven't lost anything for the tooth fairy yet."
A cold touch comes from the side and you jump, noticing it's Wanda who's come beside you, "Dear, it was Billy, remember?"
She talks quickly, rubbing your shoulders and gesturing to him as Billy smiles proudly. A beaming smile with two front teeth missing, "You two tied them to a nerf bullet and bang!" Wanda kisses your temple, "Out they came,"
Wanda runs her hands through your hair and slowly, it's like you're reliving it. You can see it all happening in front of you, the memory coming back and replaying itself. How scared he was when you handed him the toy. You knelt beside him, encouraged him that all he had to do was pull the trigger. Tommy and Wanda stood around and cheered him on and then bang.
You chuckle quietly as you look over at him, "That's right. You moaned and groaned all night. Saying only ice cream would make you feel better."
Wanda kisses your head, "Almost as good as their little song. How did it go boys?"
You sit down on the floor, leaning against Wanda's touch and close your eyes. Humming, you listen to them sing their short and silly song with a smile on your face. But the words don't sit right and your eyes jolt open, "The song? They sang about brownies, not... not ice cream. I remember."
Wanda clenches her brows as you look up at her, "Are you alright, honey?" Leaning down, she presses her hand to your forehead and gasps, "Oh, you're burning up. Come on, let's get you back to bed."
You groan as you stand, the heat from before growing and your body aching with each move you make. Wanda helps you limp with strict steps towards the stairs. Your joints feel like they're frozen in place, each movement a trial as your head begins to ache, "I'm probably just hungry, Wands."
"Are you okay?" the boys run up to the stairs and poke their faces against the banister, their eyes worryingly bouncing between you and their mom.
You reach out and scrunch up their hair like you always do, "I'm alright, boys. Just long nights at the office. This is why sleep is important! Go on, watch your shows."
They hang back for a minute. Watching you to see if you're just lying to them, but you urge them to go. As they turn to leave, you let out a pained breath as you stand back up and lean heavily onto Wanda as she practically floats you up the steps.
"Go, get some rest. I'll cook up something for you when you wake up, okay? I'm going to get you some water."
Her lips press against yours before you can argue and you fall into their warmth, "I love you," her voice cracks against the words and you feel a salty tear land on your lips.
You pull away from her quickly and crack a smile, "Wanda, I don't have the plague. It's probably just a cold."
She nods, lips pressed tightly as if she's hiding back a floodgate of emotions from breaking, "Right! Of course," she laughs and waves at you, "Now, shoo. I don't want the kids to get sick."
With a grin, you limp towards the bedroom and hide the stabbing pain you begin to feel in your legs, "Darling?"
She turns back around, only having taken a single step as she quickly wipes at her face. You can see her reddened eyes and the slightest tremble in her chin, "I love you, too. You'll never get rid of me."
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