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thefieryphoenix · an hour ago
REQUEST: Okay, I've got several ideas, but because I just did a Masquerade category on Sunset Island in ROBLOX's Royale High and listening to Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera, here's my first idea; a Yandere Wanda Maximoff x Reader where the reader is at a masquerade ball, Wanda's there as well, she's been stalking the Reader for a while now, she's lovestruck, and she's able to use her magic to know which one they are. So she goes over and asks to dance with them, but the Reader is very shy/anxious about dancing with new people, but she secretly uses her magic to help relieve said shyness/anxiety enough to say yes. As they dance, Wanda tries to seduce the reader, romantically speaking, with sweet nothings, compliments, etc,. and the Reader slowly falls under her spell, whether it's an actual spell or figuratively speaking or both, I'll leave that up to you. And then when their guard is down and they're in her arms, she uses her magic to put the Reader to sleep and turn the lights off to cause a distraction and then takes the Reader back to wherever she's living.
Oh cool, it's almost like that Cinderella oneshot I think I did for Hawks
You were at a Masquerade ball at the Avengers tower, another one of Tony's parties. You were really shy and your anxiety shot up through the roof, literally. Even though you knew some people you still felt like you didn't belong there so you just grabbed some fruit punch and stood in a corner quietly, being careful enough not to draw attention to yourself (Me at every party lol)
Meanwhile a certain someone had never taken their eyes off you. In fact, she's been looking at you ever since you'd entered the party in your beautiful looking gown and your dazzling mask. In her eyes, you looked stunning and magnificent, far more better than all the other people who looked dull compared to you. Even though you didn't do anything to catch anyone's attention she fixed her eyes on you since that time
She had been waiting for the right time to make her move on you. She had stalked you for months and used her magic on you without you even knowing and it's all in the best interests of you in her eyes. She cares alot for you and needless to say, she fell in love with you. Obsessed would be a more better word. You might not know her that well and that made her kinda sad for a moment but she'll make herself known to you properly today to you even if it's the last thing she does
Meanwhile you were just wishing that you stayed home wondering why you even came here in the first place. Just then a woman with auburn hair approached you and asked "So... how're you holding up?" she smiled at you warmly that made your heart flutter. "Uhm... good I guess? Wait... I remember seeing you a few times before, you're Wanda Maximoff, right?" She was pleased that you finally knew her and she nodded. "We didn't really get the chance to actually talk in person'' you smiled and she chuckled "Yeah that's true. What do you say we make up for all that lost time, hmm...?" she winked at you and your face became red. "I heard that you were shy but I'm willing to change that sweetheart'' she continued and you smiled awkwardly at her, not knowing how or what to respond. All you managed to do at her was squeak random things
Wanda's plan to make you flustered was working and she had to admit, you really looked cute and adorable when you were a blushing flustered mess. She let out a soft laugh and then asked you if you wanted to dance with her. Your eyes went wide and you replied "O-oh.. uhm... we-well, I'm not really that good at dancing. And besides there are too many people'' you whispered at her. She understood that you didn't feel like dancing in front of many people because of your shy nature and she just touched your head lightly and replied "No worries, I can assure you that you'll have a wonderful time and no one's going to say anything''
You didn't know what was going with you now all of a sudden but you felt your heart beat at a steady pace and your mind was now at ease. Wanda started dancing with you and you actually enjoyed it. From time to time she kept making flirty comments that made you go beet red and spoke to you with such gentleness and affection in her voice and whispered sweet things in your ear. She promised you that she wouldn't let anyone harm you and she'll always protect you and keep you safe no matter what. You slowly started falling under her spell of words and she used her magic on you to make you go to sleep
"Shh sweetheart... don't worry, everything's going to be all right. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you'' as she kissed your forehead and she used her magic again to cut the power off as she carried you in her arms back to where she lived. You should've just stayed home watching Netflix, instead you got kidnapped by someone who you thought was your friend....
I'm sorry if this was trash, I've been having some trouble getting inspired lately and plus I have tests coming up as well TvT
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ghostyfacey · 2 hours ago
Shipwrecked Part 6
Happy Friday, here’s another part! All mistakes are miiiine.
Warnings: Definitely some cursing, some description of anxiety/panic attacks. Mild violence. 
Tag List:
“So, what do we think?” Tony asks, scanning the room for any response from the Avengers.
“I vote yes, I would like to get to know their abilities a bit more, however,” Thor starts.
“They’re probably in the same boat as you, so am I,” Sam adds.
“I think we’re moving too fast on this,” Steve interjects, Natasha and Clint nod.
“You’re the poster-child of going steady, Steve,” Bucky teases.
“I’m just saying, we still don’t know a lot about Y/N--neither do they. How are we going to navigate this if it turns out they’re an agent of HYDRA or another organization?”
“Kick their ass to the curb like we always do,” Clint folds his arms.
“I agree with Steve,” Bruce chimes in, “it’s too soon to just give them a spot with us.”
“Did Fury even sign off on this?” Natasha looks towards Tony and he hangs his head for a moment.
“Well that’s another thing, we would have to plead Y/N’s case to Fury. So I’m on board with the idea of running a crash course and some exams for the next couple of weeks. See what unfolds, and if all goes well then we put it to a vote and take it up with Fury, sound good?” Low rumblings of murmuring rolls through the room, everyone’s head slowly beginning to nod almost in unison.
“All in favor?”
“Aye!” The room is in agreement, with Thor being the loudest.
“Who knew Tony would advocate for the strays?”
“Shut up, that reminds me--Peter Parker is going to be here either tonight or tomorrow and stick around for the same duration of Y/N’s trial.”
“This just gets better and better,” Thor can’t contain his excitement, throwing his arms up with joy.
“Y/N will have to bunk in the cell for a few days until we can rule out them being a flight risk. F.R.I.D.A.Y.--upgrade the floor plan of the cell,” Tony calls out and a voice responds, “I’m on it, boss.”
“Polish a turd, it’s still a turd,” Steve snorts.
“Hey, that’s two quarters in the swear jar, young man,” Tony light-heartedly shoots a finger in Steve’s direction, “meeting adjourned?”
“I for one am starving,” Thor yawns, making his way towards the door, “Waffles, anybody?”
“Only if you’re making them,” Natasha follows him out the door.
“How about we use the waffle iron this time instead of trying to cook with lightning?” Bruce calls after Thor, who only laughs in response. Steve hangs back with Tony, “I suppose you want me to help you break the news to Y/N?”
“A Super Soldier and a psychic, I like it.”
The shower was quick and painless, not an inch of skin was exposed to your red-headed minder.
“Wanda, please escort Y/N to the main conference room, Tony and Steve are waiting,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice startles you. Just Tony and Steve? That can’t be good right?
“On our way,” Wanda starts towards the doors and you toss your clothes into the laundry chute as you follow her out and down numerous halls until you find yourself standing in front of Steve and Tony.
“So, we want to put you through Avenger bootcamp over the next couple of weeks,” Tony begins, “if you just give it your best shot and don’t kill or try-to-kill anyone in the process, then we relay the good news to Fury and you’ll join the team, sound good?”
“What are the tests?”
“Simulations, maybe a novice-level mission here and there. Some physical and psychological exams, nothing too fancy,” Steve looks over at you, your mouth twitches with worry but you decide at this moment you’re done with emotions for today.
“It’s like summer camp, only less stink bombs, less hormonal teenagers, and we don’t sing hymns or hold hands around a fire.”
You decide against rolling your eyes, opting to take a moment to yourself. You glance at Wanda and she’s anxiously awaiting your decision. You take a look at both men and exhale sharply.
“Okay, I’m in.”
“You’re in?” Wanda asks, a grin spreads across her lips.
“I’m in--when do we start?” 
“After breakfast we’ll go over the curriculum and get you fitted for some gear,” Tony comes around the table to shake your hand and turns to walk away, “oh and one more thing,” he turns back, wagging a finger towards the ceiling, “you’re still going to sleep in the cell, for a few days at least. Then we can move you out into someone more comfortable if all goes well, capiche?”
“Yes, sir,” you agree.
“You did that on purpose,” he points at you and turns on his heel, leaving the room with Steve.
“Come on, Thor’s making waffles,” you hear Steve down the hallway and chuckle to yourself. You find yourself lingering in the conference room a little longer than expected, almost forgetting that Wanda is still there. She watches your face, looking for anything that could tell her what you’re feeling.
“Hey,” she pulls you from your own thoughts, “what are you thinking about?”
“This is kind of a big deal, isn’t it?” your words hang in the stillness of the room.
“Kind of,” she jokes but notices you’re a little too stiff to laugh, “it will be okay.”
“I’m on probation with the Avengers,” you whisper to yourself.
“You’re not the only one, we’ll get through it,” you feel Wanda’s hand on your back and you feel your body relax under her touch, it feels like coming up for air for the first time in a long time.
“Thank you,” you breathe. Without thinking, you pull Wanda into a tight embrace. You’re relieved to feel her arms wrap around you, her hands beginning to rub soothing circles into your back. A few tears are free-falling from your face but you make no move to hold back, not right now.
Breakfast was a lot livelier than you anticipated. Everyone had something nice to say about you being the newest pledge. Thor and Sam were wildly animated while telling stories about their first years on the team. Wanda stayed by your side the entire time, you felt safe.
You didn’t feel alone.
On paper, the curriculum was daunting, to say the least. At some point you tune out Tony’s ramblings and anxious thoughts fill your head.
They’re going to test my limits.
What are my limits?
What is my power anyway?
What if I’m supposed to be the villain?
You see a figure sit down next to you, scattering your thoughts. You breathe a sigh of relief when you see a familiar copper hair and warm hazel eyes flicker in your direction. 
“Wanda, you miss us already? It’s only been an hour since the last time we saw you,” Tony teases, he stops in front of his powerpoint, lowering his hand holding the remote.
“I was just come I never got a bootcamp?”
“Because we knew what you could do and we didn’t have to make your file first before pulling it for reference.”
“Bullshit, you don’t know what I can do, I don’t even know what I can do,” Wanda crosses her arms and kicks her feet up on the table.
“This is light work for you.”
“Practice makes perfect right?”
“I doubt you need practice,” you mumble and Wanda shoots you a look.
“I want it, I think it will be good for me,” Wanda’s jaw is set, eyes piercing. Tony stares at her for a few moments before stepping aside.
“Alright, okay--we’ll get something going for you. No need for the exams, we have all the info we need already. You want me to give you a lecture too?” Tony points his remote at her, a mischievous grin plastered on his face.
“I’m good, I just wanted to disrupt class. See you later, Y/N,” Wanda hops up from her chair and saunters out the doors. You’re all smiles when you turn to see Tony less than enthused.
“That’s a demerit, Y/N,” he laughs to the soundtrack of your groaning.
Getting fitted for gear was quick, F.R.I.D.A.Y. said it would be ready within the next week.
“You’re also wanted in the training room, Y/N.”
“, cool--how do I get there from here?”
“I lit up a path, when you get to the elevators I’ll just take you to the right floor and you’ll just keep following the lights until you get there.” You watch as bright blue lights illuminate towards the doors, you follow them out of the room and see the hallway is aglow.
“Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.”
“Don’t mention it.”
You’re getting used to all the walking about the compound. You walk into the training room and see a few of the Avengers paired off, sparring. You scan the room and see Tony calling you over, Sam and Bucky are right next to him. You see Wanda meditating in a corner, she’s floating--despite the chaos throughout the room, she’s still and peaceful. You pull yourself away from your reverence and jog towards Tony.
“Good hustle kid, let’s get you warmed up then we’re doing,” Tony gives you a hearty slap on the back and you shrink a bit.
“Let’s do some laps, I’ll set the pace,” Bucky says, stretching.
“Oh good, I can practice napping while walking,” Sam snorts.
“Warming up means running at a pace that most humans can sustain for longer than a few seconds. Even Steve can’t keep up and he’s got elite running form,” you laugh at the banter and Sam sighs in defeat.
“Fine, have it your way,” Bucky starts into a light jog and you follow behind him. He slows his pace until you’re both in stride.
“You could have just told me to pick up the pace,” you joke.
“The slower we go, the more pissed Sam gets,” Bucky laughs, “besides, I wanted to check in. We haven’t really talked. It must be...intimidating to get swept up in all of this so fast.”
“To put it lightly, yes.”
“Tony wouldn’t just propose you joining the team if he had any inkling that you were going to be a problem.”
“He trusts me? Doesn’t seem like it.”
“Yeah, he’s a piece of work sometimes.”
“What’s the story between him and Wanda? Then tension between them is so thick sometimes I just about choke on it.”
“Not my story to tell, you should ask one of them.”
“Not a chance,” you notice that your breath is steady, unlabored. Beads of sweat are beginning to bloom on Bucky’s forehead yet yours is dry.
“Bucky--I’m going to lay you out for running so damn slow,” Sam yells, overlapping you both.
“You can certainly try,” Bucky jogs over to the mats and you follow. Sam stops in front of him and gets in a fighting stance, Bucky follows suit. You give yourself some distance to watch the fireworks. 
You lose count of how many rounds the men have gone through. Punches after kicks and kicks after throws. Somehow you’re able to keep up with every movement, you can almost predict what they’re going to do next. Both men fall flat onto the mat, exhaustion taking over their bodies until you speak up.
“Was my workout just to watch? I’m bored here,” you taunt, Bucky is the first to peel himself off the mat.
“Show me what you got, I won’t pull any punches,” he returns to his stance and you get into your own.
“I would hope not,” you’re barely able to utter the last word before having to dodge an avalanche of Bucky’s punches. You weave under his hook and throw a body shot, knocking him back. You push forward and kick him back. While he’s stumbling you charge at him, tackling him to the ground. Bucky fruitlessly tries to flip you over him but your legs are hooked under his hips, keep him still enough for you to get in a few punches. You flip off of him, allowing him to return to a standing position. 
He’s getting tired. 
You keep pushing, punching and kicking until you find an opening to put him in a clinch. You only remember lifting Bucky up by his collar and somehow you’re looking at him from above. There’s a hole in the mats...and the concrete floor below it.
“Oops,” you mutter, “that’s my bad.”
“This training room has seen worse,Y/N” Steve comes up next to you and puts an assuring arm around your shoulders.
“We almost named it after Bruce when we had to remodel for the second time,” Clint adds.
“One time Sam turned this room into a patio,” Bucky groans, pulling himself up from the hole.
“Keywords ONE TIME,” Sam huffs.
“Alright, how about we close out this training session with a friendly competition?”
“I’ll sit this one out,” you turn to sit against the wall but Steve stops you.
“Come on, a few more holes in the floor won’t hurt anybody.”
“Speak for yourself,” Bucky winces, picking a piece of concrete out of his hair. You frown, you didn’t mean to put him through the floor. He smiles at you and extends his hand.
“Y/N, you had me running ragged, that was awesome,” you exhale, relieved at the absence of animosity in his words. You take his hand in a firm grasp, “thanks, it was pretty fun. Round 2 later?”
“I’m good for now, maybe Sam sam wants a piece of you.”
“No thanks, I like my spine how it is now,” Sam teases, you and the rest of the room laugh.
“Okay, we’re gonna wrestle, royal rumble style. If you get pinned, you’re out. We keep going until there’s one left standing.
“I’m out,” Natasha backs away from the group, “Clint tickles me every time we grapple.”
“It’s my superpower,” Clint grumbles.
“Touching sweaty bodies? I’ll pass,” Wanda also backs away. Your eyes follow her for a moment before you turn back to see everyone pairing off.
“Y/N, rematch?” Thor is almost bouncing up to you.
“You’re on, God of Thunder,” without thinking, you slip into a wrestling stance. Thor has a glint of mischief in his eyes and you brace yourself for him to take a shot--
“Y/N, playtime’s over,” Tony calls to you. You break your stance and Thor whines.
“Next time,” Thor gives you a warm smile and pats your back--you smile back and he’s already gone off to wrestle Clint. You walk over to Tony, he starts down the hall and you feel a hand gently grab your wrist.
“Hey,” Wanda looks concerned, “do you want me to come with?”
“That’s okay,” you lower your hand and she lets go--leaving you with a prick of pain from the loss, “I’ll be okay.”
She nods and steps back, letting you continue down the hallway to catch up with Tony. You assure yourself that it’s probably nothing. Maybe Tony found some clues to help you figure out how you got here...or maybe what your powers really are?
You see Tony slip into a room and you follow suit. There’s large screens plastered all over a wall. You walk up next to Tony and look at the screens, you see a lot of people with luggage, figuring that it’s probably footage from an airport.
“We found security video of you coming into New York. However, we’ve also found footage of you leaving New York,” Tony hits a button and there’s multiple angles of you walking past baggage claim to the curb. There’s someone with you, a man. He looks familiar but you can’t quite put a name to the face.
“Looks like you came with and “left” with this guy,” does he ring a bell?”
“ not yet,” you stare at the screens. Did this guy kidnap you? Who was he?
“F.R.I.D.A.Y., pull the flight logs for the arriving flight,” one of the screens lights up, names scrolling until it highlights your name and-
“Marcus?” Tony asks and you squint at the screen--he was in the seat next to you, he came with you to New York and--
You start to recognize him. The guy from the pier, senior ditch day, freshman year, 8th grade graduation...fifth grade...literally every memory of home is littered with this guy’s face and--
“Oh my god, that’s my best friend,” you feel your stomach twist into a tight knot and your knees almost buckle.
“That’s my best friend Marcus.”
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dilfwaynes · 2 hours ago
i. floraison | w. maximoff
summary: with the sudden death of your husband from an ‘agreed’ arranged marriage it’s only normal for some drama to start with assisting the will and assets, not finding out your husband had a whole double life with a girlfriend, twin sons, and all of it unfolding at his funeral.
✎ word count ; 2.2k
⚢ pairings ; wanda x fem!reader
 genre ; slow burn, angst, au
✗ warnings ;  forced arranged marriage, car accident, death, smut in the future, wanda being the reader’s sexuality awakening
a/n: ahh im so excited for this au and to continue writing it, as well as finally finishing it after almost two months LMAO but i hope u all enjoy it as much as i did writing it. i might have went a little overboard with the vocabulary tho lol
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Tumblr media
“Vision’s discretion was outright clear for this matter,” the sit of the brown whisky dabbles against the darken desk, and breaks the brewing wooden and uneasy silence, the dip of the expensive Italian leather lessens with the withdraw of pressure from the digging of your nails into the plush.” Before we settle the affair i want to Say I know i wasn’t in touch with vision nor you before he- before the crash,” the briefed pause badges the apparent obvious in the room that you and sharon seem to try to skim around, aiding your eyes and bridging vehemences on both ends; glossy blue full of lament, grief and genuine.” but vision was an old friend, so are you and I’m here for you for whenever and whatever you need, truly.”
brows scrunched to further point her look, austere and determined to live up to the silent promise in her word. you lip back a tight smile, nodding at recognition to she’s claiming,” i know sharon, vision felt the same and so do i. people fall out touch sometimes, it happens.” pressing down her lips firmly, her eyes casting glances at yours, and your lips that the words spilled from, searching for any grab of dishonesty. she nods, clearing her throat and lining the sheet of paper a little upper outward towards the set you’re containing.
“To cut this short, everything belongs to you. the company, the manor, stocks, cars, estate, assets, jewelry and such-and-such. the will was cautioned by a deep stance, vision was sheer on everything belonging to you, hell down to even the fucking pocket change in his pants,” the declare is rushed through copious, sharon chuckling at the statement or the revelation introduced in your face, the veracity of hers and the fatuously of yours at actually being shocked with the withdrawal of vision leaving you everything, also erupts her into soft laughter.” c’mon, don’t look so fathomed y/n. vision loved you more than anything, you had to know that, everyone knew that.” just like how everybody knew you didn’t return the feelings was also what sharon wanted to chime in but sided it with a gulp of whisky instead.
The alacrity of sharon could be regarded as pertain in a sense, bagging the promptness of vision’s exodus, and literally leaving his life onto you. walking in and hanging his coat at the door in hanger, but replace coat with tutelary of everything he owns and has, and the hanger rack  swiped with you and your life instead, honey I’m home!. a sere laugh bubbles throughout out of your chest, sinking into the strong breathing of leather, your eyes on sharon. she raises a dark eyebrow at you over the rim of her glass, thick blond slewed into the locks of a layered French braid over the rich velvet of her light pink tinted coat,  high waisted satin pink to match, the gloss of the silk top tucked in.
sharon carter, bumptiously known paean and importunate of a new york lawyer, profession crime and lack for a better word, deep-six. dross with out of state cases ending laced of adulatory and nothing less, applying with every case, or better recognized in vision’s eyes; his and his adopted brother tony’s close childhood family friend, also the executor dubbed in charge of the will in discussion.
“What the fuck do you mean everything’s left to me sharon?” you snapped at the act of rigmarole  strings pulled, glean prominent and nipping at your nerves. brown shoots up to blond with your rescind of presage, she sighs pressing the empty glass onto the oak, all hope of hare gone with your already show of flout.”The company? stocks? assets? i’ll happily take in the manor, cars, jewelry and all the money vision left, but i don’t think i can assist a multi billion dollar company,” tension fogs the room with hot steam of nettle, whatever hare that sat quickly fading as your rushed emotions appears on the mirror and replacing the steam of balmy. sharon peruses, satin clad halved against the end of her desk.”Where’s tony?”
“Dubai,” sharon replies without missing a beat, gliding the lodestone glassful into her arched awaiting palm, amused at your vexation of her purloin at the unveil of your founded pertain, her brusque over the magnitude you’ve inherited a mere five minutes ago.”Well he was anyways, when he called me last night he was already on the jet getting ready to take off.”
the atmosphere slivered with poignant, diffident clear in sharon’s expression at the vague edging around the cause of the question at the moment.“You know what i mean sharon, tony is his brother—who might i add also owns an empire—, why would vision leave it all to me?” her hovered gaze lifting up at the flotilla of changes once more, voracious for comity even if it’s faux.“Maybe because you both were married for 13 years?” placing her valentinos onto the ground, prancing around the counter bar with her glass loosely, fingers sliding to the whisky bottle.”You know just an idea.” snapping her fingers towards you, her mock sprightly, lips tugging with an inimitable laugh sprawling out and a shake of her loose blond curls.
your tongue pressed tightly against the inside of your cheek, savvy puzzling out at the mention of the years of marriage, as well as sharon’s aching needto tip toe around the reality of vision’s dead announcement mere late hours ago. enliven seeps promptly in the curve of her smile over the whisky glass, seeing the bogarting settled in you somewhat.”If vision thought this was a wrong idea to affair everything to you, the will would’ve completely altered and we wouldn’t be discussing this right now. but thats not the case, vision wanted you to run his company, not tony, not pepper, you.”
chouse she knows, and maybe a little part of you knows her add on is some manipulation tented with good, because maybe rue is tact after thirteen years of ignorance towards vision and his stated love for you after your many silenced responses to his gestures and courting for any sort of affection, just to receive nothing and now dead, without you ever showing any gratitude or thanks. or could be how unaffected you are by all of this, and a slight ringing in your head of you’re free you’re free you’re free
”Give me a pen.”
“Goodnight charles, drive safe.” grip speeding as the interior fades and the glossy black is in sight with the buzz of the slammed door. ignoring the chauffeur’s smile of plain humane, rousing on the little clandestine glass hunt you’ve built around yourself that’s about to be shattered with the iron fist molded with heinous you’re viewing yourself as right now, pounding on the door. harry wedging between your shoulders, pressing and pressing, almost deride to arise any penitence and keep it clawing at you.
nudging your nose in the bleak chanel cashmere coat lithely loped around your waistline, grueling the only recognition in the ominous as you slide a hand in your jacket pocket, gelid skin stinging at the sensation of the sudden warmth. thumb  grazing the dubbed letters over the cigarette pack, loosely grabbing at the lid and easing it up at the poke of your pocket, snaking the lighter around the space of the package and your fingers.
the flicker lining towards orange light bleeding to frogged white, cigarette burning red with the tip losing volume until it’s inhaling in your throat. tracing the golden tinted shell with the pad of your thumb, slipping it back in your pocket along with the cigarette pack, leaning back against the lion mantle at the peak of the manor, inhaling the  citrus favored smoke as you lamely peer at the parked car in the driveway.
black range rover half on pavement and half on the grass, clearly shifted to where the owner found fit, definitely natasha. a quiet laugh pulls out of you for the first time since the last 24 hours, tapping the cigarette gently to toss away the ashes, getting a decent look at the estate for the first time in some years, the same desolate feeling when you first stepped foot on the property thirteen years ago reminds. jarring your face in your hand, sting swelling behind your eyes and throat as it suddenly feels like there’s no room to take in anymore of the cigarette, as well as your eyes taking an irritated burning to the smoke.
hot tears blurring your sight lightly, discomfort setting in more at the notice of the old cartier engagement ring when you go to wipe away the fresh set of tears, ignoring the red and pain you heatedly haul it off your ring finger and drop it into your coat, hastily flicking the dead cigarette. bracing yourself at the emotional drainage sitting in the expensive french provincial in the home up ahead, palms pressed up against your eyes to settle any leftover redness or tears, the force of the steel heel of the louboutin making it’s notice once again as your body weight is no longer supported by the stone.
saunter stopped with your heed salvaged somewhat in the moment as you observe the red lexus parked far in the corner, meant to be hidden you’ll surmise, but you’re sure you saw it on the way out to the discussion of the will with sharon, vigilance grows when you hear the soft growl of the starter, plodding slightly with jaded leading the steps, the lights start ticking and you’re more than sure that was the car you saw.
“Y/n! what are you doing out there?” your eyes set to the russian in the large door frame, bruce banner behind her and for a second some comfort seeps through you at seeing the couple, your attention gets dictated back when you hear the car swiftly speed out, shaking your head and deciding to label it as some reporter or paparazzi.”nothing, just smoking before i come in.”
“let that be for the last of the night, reporters are probably all scattered around here,” her arms  quickly embraces your waist and back, squeezing.”i’m sorry honey, we left the city and got here as soon as tony called,” bruce replaces her and returns her spot, squeezing you as well.”c’mon let’s get inside.” you nodded and withdraws from the door step, closing the door and following the two in the living room,  prepared for the conversation.
the litany of “i’m sorry for your loss.” inverses any sort of solitude for shrive, timid jawed in your  stance as you reply with a curt nod and tight smile, sparking a thankful implication, or at least you hope. a hand smooths down towards your back, alerting form of startled, dismissing and slacking back as you realize it’s just pepper.”tony is inviting everyone back to ours, he wanted me to tell you,” she offers a soft smile, and a quick squeeze as an apology for the scare. you hurry with a brisk nod,”i’ll be right behind you guys.” giving a final squeeze you watch her join tony and the rest pile in their cars.
a sense of relief at getting a few minutes alone and nothing being relied on you to place and  schedule, just you and the tombstone of vision, and the red haired girl who you’ve noticed who tucked herself away since the beginning of the funeral, though she’s not that unnoticeable with the two boys jointed at either side of her hip. you discard her as a reporter, on the take of the hot story of the adopted stark suddenly dying in brutal car crash, probably create you as the evil mastermind for the center of all of it.
you break eye contact when you realize she slowly starts walking over towards you, leaving the boys behind her. you tighten your jaw, already angered with the questions about to spill out from her mouth, pulling up your gloves and hurrying your steps as best as you can with wearing heels.”Excuse me, y/n?” you grab the handle and pump it back, trying to make a b line as fast as you can when you feel a hand wrap around your wrist.”My husband just died i think whatever question you have, you can pipe them down for the mean time.”
“oh, i’m not a reporter,” you still when she tightens her hold on your wrist, confused.”i’m uh, god i don’t know how to say this or begin, and this makes me sound like an awful person and home wrecker but i honestly didn’t know,” you turn your head over the side of your shoulder slowly, your mind already racking on where her words are leading.”your husband, or ex husband,” she corrects, clearing her throat.”he’s the father of my twin boys, and was seeing me for 8 years.”
letting go of the car handle and turning around fully, taking a look at her and then turning your gaze over to the little boys that now stands at the tombstone of vision,”god i’m so sorry, fuck i shouldn’t have done this at the funeral but i was under the impression he was single y’know, and i asked if he was together with someone but he always denied and denied.”
she stops mid sentence and glances back up at you, anxious with your reaction void, readying herself with the punchline she swears is about to come
“i’m gonna need some fireball for this conversation to continue.”
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just-dreaming-marvel · 5 hours ago
I’m From Brooklyn, Too ~ 150
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 1,750ish
Summary: Y/N gets a call from Wanda for help. (WandaVision spoilers, if that’s still a thing...)
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
Tumblr media
Y/N knew that it was important that she hide the fact that she still had all her powers, even without the Stones. If people found out, especially the government, they would never let her out of site. Her powers were the reason half the universe disappeared for five years. It would be no surprise if they were to lock her up, scared that it would happen again.
Morgan was struggling to understand how both her father and uncle could be gone. Y/N allowed her to sleep in bed with her, hating how empty it was anyway. Even with Tony’s blessing, Y/N knew she couldn’t move fast with Bucky. There was Morgan to think about, the fact that they needed to get to know each other again, and cause she did need time to grieve over Tony. Y/N did love him and they did marry after all.
Everyone began going their separate ways. Pepper and Happy went back to the city to get Stark Industries back under control and helping. Sam went to the South for his family. Bucky and Natasha stayed though. Natasha moved into the extra bedroom in the house while Bucky stayed in a trailer. 
Sam and Bucky were in charge of getting Steve a place. They didn’t bother telling Y/N where he went. They knew she wasn’t ready to forgive him, if she ever was going to.
It had been two weeks since Thanos was defeated. Everyone was just trying there best to move along, and most people were understanding of that. Steve, though thought dead by most of the world, Bucky, Sam, Wanda, and Natasha were all pardoned. Each with their own agreements. Bucky had the most, given what he had been forced to do as the Winter Soldier. He had court mandated therapy, though it was clear he wasn’t taking it very serious. Not in a joking matter, but not willing to actually let his therapist up him.
Y/N had put Happy in charge of watching over Peter and Harley. She wasn’t ready to just yet, though she knew they needed someone who was close to Tony. Happy accepted the request quickly, trying to do what his friend would have wanted him to.
Y/N was watching Natasha and Morgan play outside when she received a phone call.
“Hello?” She answered.
“Y/N,” Wanda whimpered.
She straightened up. “Wanda? What’s wrong?”
“He’s gone… Vis… I couldn’t feel him…”
“Where are you?”
“I’m…” Wanda paused to swallow. “I’m on my way to this plot of land in New Jersey… did you know that Vision had started building a house for us?”
“Oh, Wanda… I had no idea.”
“I… I shouldn’t be alone.”
“Okay, okay. Let me tell Nat and I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
“Thank you.”
“Of course.”
Y/N quickly hung up and headed outside. Natasha looked up from what she was doing with Morgan, immediately knowing that Y/N needed to talk. She whispered something to Morgan before heading toward her friend.
“What’s up?” Nat asked.
“Wanda called,” Y/N replied. “She needs me.”
“I can watch Morgan.”
“Thank you.”
“How long will you be gone?”
“I shouldn’t be gone long. It won’t take me long to get to her. I can just open a portal—“
“Open a portal? But the Stones are gone.”
“What are you hiding from us? Do you have your powers still?” Y/N nodded. “How? And how many of them?”
“The Stones aren’t done with me… when I was in that, uh, bubble on the battlefield… I was told that I would be granted all the power of the Stones, even after they were placed back in their time.”
“Who knows?”
“You, and Wanda. But Wanda only knows because she can sense it. I don’t even know if she knows, she knows. Nat. No one else can know. If they find out, they’ll lock me up and throw away the key. I have the power to do what Thanos did, they’ll see that. I can’t let anyone take me away from my daughter.” Y/N glanced at her child over Natasha’s shoulder. “She can’t lose another parent.”
Natasha squeezed Y/N’s upper arm in comfort. “I won’t tell anyone. But you might want to let Bucky know.”
“Not yet. He has his own things to figure out.He doesn’t need to worry about me anymore than he already does.”
“Where’s Wanda?”
“New Jersey.”
“Do you know where exactly? I thought you could only open portals to place that you’ve been to or seen.”
“That was when I was only allowed access to a limited amount of power. Now… I have it all. Without the Stones.”
“Promise me you’ll stay safe.”
“I will. Thanks again, Nat.” 
Y/N gave her a tight smile before heading towards her daughter. Morgan was sitting on the grass at the base of a tree, playing with some Avengers action figures. One of them being Iron Man.
“Hey, Mo,” Y/N smiled, crouching down in front of the child. “How do you feel about Auntie Nat watching you for a little bit?”
“Where would you be?” Morgan asked, looking at her mother with those big brown eyes. Tony’s eyes.
Y/N signed. “Wanda, do you remember meeting her?” The little girl nodded. “Well, Wanda needs mommy’s help.”
“Can’t someone else do it?”
“No,” Y/N shook her head slightly, “I’m so sorry.”
“Are you going to come back?”
“Oh honey.” Y/N pulled Morgan into into her lap. “Of course I will.”
“Daddy didn’t come back.”
“You’re daddy really wanted to… he really did.” She kissed the crown of the girl’s head. “He loved you so much.” She moved the girls head so that they could be looking at each other. “I love you too. And I’m coming back. Nothing’s going to happen me. I promise.”
The town of Westview, New Jersey was a sad looking town. It was clear that once upon a time, the town thrived. It seemed that the Blip had affected it, and that it wasn’t going to get better anytime soon. 
Y/N had portaled herself outside of the town, not wanting to make a scene. As she walked through the town, she could feel the stares of everyone. She had to take a deep breath to keep their thoughts out of her head. Y/N turned the corner of a neighborhood to see Wanda’s red car parked in an almost empty lot. 
Wanda was standing in front of an unfinished house foundation. There was a folded up page in her hand. As Y/N grew closer, she watched her friend open it up. Wanda breathed out as she looked at the page and tears collected in her eyes. Y/N was almost there when Wanda watched into the center of the unfinished foundation. The younger woman collapsed onto her knees, dropping the paper in front of her. As soon as Y/N heard Wanda’s sobs, she rushed to her side.
Tumblr media
“I’m here, Wanda,” Y/N crotched beside her friend, pulling her into her arms. “I’m right here.”
“It hurts,” Wanda cried. “It—it hurts.”
Tumblr media
“I know… I know… Just let it all out… let it all out…”
Wanda continued to cry, her cries slowly turning more frustrated. Y/N pulled away to get a good look at her friend and to say something. But before she could, Wanda’s arms flew out to her sides and she let out a scream. Strong red power flowed out of Wanda’s hands and chest, surrounding her and lifting her off the ground. Y/N stumbled onto her feet and back.
“Wanda!” She yelled.
Almost digitally, walls began to form from the foundation. Y/N held out her hands in front of herself, blasting the red cloud around Wanda, only to be flung back into the forming wall. She groaned as she pushed her chest up. Heaving, she looked around, wide-eyed. 
“WANDA!” Y/N tried again. “STOP!”
The only response Y/N got was a blast of red to her head, successfully knocking her out. 
Moaning as she was coming too, Y/N began to blink. Her eyes struggling to focus. Something was wrong. She could feel it, and it wasn’t just the migraine. But she couldn’t pin-point it. Y/N put a hand to her head as she pushed herself to sitting up. That’s when she noticed she was lying in a bed. A black and white bed. In fact, after she frantically looked around, she noted everything was black and white.
Y/N noticed she was in a master bedroom. In a twin bed, with another twin bed close by. Slipping out of the bed, she took in the night gown she was wearing. That was…. Odd. But she couldn’t figure out why. In fact, she couldn’t figure out a lot of things. It was making her head hurt. Because there was something she was missing, she just couldn’t figure it out. Leaning forward, Y/N rubbed her head with her hands.
“Oh, honey, you’re up,” a man said waltzing into the room with a tray. “Are you feeling better? You took quite the fall.”
“I did?” Y/N questioned, not bothering to look up at the man. 
There was no need to. No worry. It was her husband, Tony. But then why was there something in the back of her mind screaming at her to wake up?
“I don’t remember that,” Y/N continued, looking up. Tony was in classic 50’s male attire, which didn’t even phase her.
Tony set the tray on the large dresser across the room. “You must of hit your head harder than we thought.”
“AJ made the soup. The kid’s a genius in the kitchen.”
AJ… AJ… her son. Then why couldn’t she remember having him? She knew Tony was her husband and she knew AJ was her son. But then where were all the other memories? Y/N pushed herself off the bed and walked into the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror, studying herself. As Tony wrapped his arms around her, she flinched. Having been too lost in her own thought. 
“Everything okay, sweetheart?” Tony asked, looking at her in the mirror.
“Yeah, everything’s fine,” she responded. 
Right? It was all fine. Everything looked normal, how it should be. But her eyes. There was something in her eyes screaming at her that this was all wrong.
next chapter >
So, yeah. Y/N doesn’t remember anything. It will all me interesting to see how it plays out. Y’all will be mad at Bucky probably too, once he comes into the picture. And yes, he’ll be in WandaVision. It is his ending after all!
I appreciate all likes, comments, asks, and reblogs! Thank you for all the positive support!
If you want to be added to the tag list, please dm me or send in an ask.
@aubreeskailynn (won’t link)
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dannyboy-writes · 10 hours ago
Like the first time
Tumblr media
The first time you see her is the last.The first time you see her is the last.
You don't know where you are standing and she doesn't bother to tell you, merely holds your waist and whispers “Laugh with me” as she leans into your chest giggling.
You feel the urge to burst laughing all of the sudden and so you do as she says, ignoring the twist in your stomach as you do so.
The people around you seem nice, and the fountain makes for a nice view, but she’s an even nicer one.
Her hair floating in the wind, her hand still tight at your waist. But she no longer laughs.
Not fakely at least.
It's more like a soft chuckle that leaves her lips whenever you stare at her for too long.
Whenever you smile at the soft sunlight that seems to cover your every step.
It's late now, and you don't know how you got into this house, but you feel cozy still.
There’s a soft hum filling the space, and you can’t quite place a name in the voice it belongs to.
You can’t place a name in anything, really.
Not even you.
And then she speaks from the kitchen, “Y/n, dinner’s ready.”
And you wonder how it is that you forgot your own name. But you shrug it off. It happens, sometimes.
“I was wondering when you would turn up, love,” she says in a warm voice.
You bite the need to ask ‘from where’ and you smile. You’re sure your eyes betray you, because her loving look turns into a menacing one before her eyes turn red.
Suddenly you’re both dining, and you’re telling her about your day at work. You’re missing details, but you’re sure it was fine.
She doesn’t ask twice.
You’re yet to remember her name, but dear seems to please her, so you stick with it.
You hear a voice out in the distance, calling for you, but you pay no mind to it. Instead, you tighten your grip on the woman sitting besides you.
A strange man at the door makes the woman you’ve been living with on the past days uneasy.
“Who is it darling?” You ask from the couch.
The woman doesn’t reply.
She looks broken. Or maybe whole. She doesn’t know yet.
A name escapes her lips, and you swear you've heard it before, but your mind can’t wrap around it. Like it does with most things lately.
“Long lost bro get to squeeze his stinkin’ sister to death or what?” The man says.
The woman seems numb as she steps into the arms of the stranger.
“I see y/n is back.”
Back from where, you should’ve said. Or maybe even asked who he was.
How you ended up at the little town square you don’t know, but the two cones in your hands tell you you must be with her.
The man, who you now know it’s called Pietro, settled on your couch some time ago. It made the woman uneasy, so you suggested going out for some time.
“What did he mean when he said I was back?” You ask.
She merely looks at you, answers racing through her mind. You couldn’t know. It was too soon.
“Pietro,” you offered. “He seemed surprised.”
She stumbled on her words a bit before saying, “I haven’t seen him in a while. He probably mistook you for someone else.”
You don’t seem sure of her answer, but she sends a smile your way and suddenly you’re so much lighter.
You can’t help but hear the conversation between the twins, especially when your name is so in the mix.
“When will you tell Y/n?” He asks.
“I don’t want to keep talking about this.”
“They deserve to know, Wanda.”
Suddenly everything’s back.
All of the memories, all of the laughter. All of the tears. All with only the mention of a name.
You realise now why you didn’t remember her name.
Why she made you forget.
You confront her about it that same night, but you don’t get to finish your thoughts. You’re so tired you only want to sleep, and when you wake up you’re lost.
It’s morning and you don’t know how you got here. The fountain seems familiar, the sun shines poorly and the people’s stares on you make you uneasy.
Suddenly a woman approaches you and puts her arm around your waist, telling you to laugh.
You do, and everything seems clearer. The clouds dissipate at her appearance and the twist in your stomach deepens.
Maybe this time she’ll get it right. She has to get rid of Pietro, and everything will be fine.
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chokemewanda · 11 hours ago
ok i Loved what you did with my prompt!! i'd like to request wanda forcing r to take a break after watching r burn themselves out from working too hard? -rust anon
Tumblr media
Warnings: swearing, violence, exhaustion, horny thoughts, manipulation
Wanda knows how to force you into taking a break.
“Fucking stay down.” You punctuate your words with another swing of the metal pipe in your grip and growl in frustration at the stupid robot that continues to advance. You widen your stance and then swing the pipe like a baseball bat and knock the head of the robot clean off.
“Thank you.” You say to no one but you can hear your team laughing over the com line and you roll your eyes, dropping the stupid pole.
“Rendez-vous in ten on the quinjet , rig this place to blow.” You call out to your team and get various affirmative replies.
When you all pile back into the quinjet you find Hill waiting there and you collapse into your chair and groan loudly.
“If you’re not here to tell me that we’ve earned a week off then I don’t want to hear it.” You accept a bottle of water from a team mate and you sigh when Hill only laughs, placing a file in your hand.
“I need your team in Kosovo. We’ve got a threat on the ground and we need evac and clean up. The Avengers are finishing up now.” You groaned even louder, echoed by your team. Clean up missions involved much too much liaison with civilians and paperwork.
“We haven’t even debriefed on this mission and you’re sending us in to clean up?” You asked and Maria shrugged. “I’m so sick of this job. Wouldn’t it be nice to be just something else for a change? Like work retail or something?”
“If you worked retail you’d murder civilians.” Hill laughed as you opened the file, reading up on all the disasters the Avengers had caused again.
“You’re right but you didn’t have to say it.” You sighed, tilting your head back before breathing in deeply.
“Okay Alpha Team. We’ve got a clean up job to do along with evac of the remaining citizens. Agent Jones and Agent Morris are going to be on evac to the Pejë city limits. I want Robbins and Suarez with me on media coverage and medic triage. Lopez and Green are on relocation for the displaced.”
“Aye aye Captain.” Lopez cheered and you raised your middle finger at him, passing on the brief.
“We’re running a long clean up but on the bright side Agent Hill has just promised me that the Alpha Team are out of commission for six whole days after the quinjet lands back at Avengers Tower.” The whole team cheered while Hill looked as if she’d swallowed a lemon.
“Gonna be nice to get a break.” Robbins sighed, eyes dropping slowly. “This back to back shit is tough.”
Your team was exhausted. There had barely been a day in the last month that there wasn’t a mission and it just seemed to be never ending. This has to be the worst so far, usually you got home and a few hours sleep.
You missed Wanda and you were hoping the Avengers would still be there by the time you cleared out but it wasn’t likely and you knew as much. You hadn’t had some time off with her in so long.
When you arrived on the scene it was chaos. Local police were trying to organize the displaced but people were scared and confused. No wonder, the city was in ruins. Your team spread out professionally to do their job.
Despite the fact you were all bloody and dirty from the fight before no one gave you a second glance. You all fit right in.
It takes well over twelve hours as your team works. It puts you all on well over thirty six hours in the field and each of you were fit to drop. Suarez and Robbins had fallen asleep in the corner the second the last of the injured had been triaged and the last camera stopped rolling.
Jones and Morris were leaning against each other to stay standing, having only just finished with the evacuees. Every time they blinked their eyes stayed closed longer and you were sure they were actually taking minute long naps between blinks.
Lopez and Green were still working hard arranging shelter for each registered evacuee and you had joined them when you’d finished with the media storm of what had happened.
Wanda had exploded a building. No one got hurt, the building was empty and it all would’ve been inconsequential had the building not been a monument older than Steve and Bucky combined.
She’d already sent you a text apologizing for the paper work involved. You’d read it and smiled and then frowned when you realized she had been debriefed and was probably in bed if she had gotten time to text. You were jealous.
“Good news, Hill has gotten our paperwork covered. Pile it on here, get back on the jet.” You instructed and your team began to wake slowly, dropping you the paperwork. You assured Lopez and Green that you had the last of the relocation covered and sent them off.
When your team had left base you continued to work, getting through the last of the displaced in four hours which was less than you thought it would be. In the mean time the quinjet had returned and you boarded with the mountain of paper work you had taken on for your exhausted team members.
You greeted the pilot and took a seat, opening the first of many files and beginning to fill them out. When you landed you barely glanced up from the files, heading straight to your office.
The sun was beginning to rise in New York and you made yourself a coffee quietly so as not to wake Wanda who would probably be out for several more hours. She had used a lot of energy on the mission.
You set yourself up in the office and opened the next file, your eyes blinking tiredly in an attempt to focus. You began writing again, filling in the mission reports, head nodding against your hand.
“Baby, you should come be in bed.” Wanda sighed, her hands resting on your shoulders. You jerked awake, sniffing and rubbing your eyes.
“No. I uh, ‘m fine. If I get this done now I have six days off and so does my team.” You told her and she sighed, wrapping her arms around you, her clasped hands resting over your heart.
“Why’ve you got so much?” She asked quietly, watching as you scribbled your signature six times in quick succession. Your handwriting deteriorated rapidly with each flourish of the pen.
“I took everyone else’s so they could get some rest.” You told her honestly. “We had back to back missions. I though Lopez was asleep standing up at one point.”
“The paperwork can wait.” She assured you, pressing a kiss under your ear. “You’re exhausted. You need sleep.”
“I’m okay. I just have a few more to get through.” You told her earnestly and she looked at the stack of files before shaking her head at you.
“If I wake up and you aren’t in the bed then I’m going to be mad.” She promised, kissing your cheek before straightening up. “You have an hour.”
“I’ll be there. I love you.” You called to her back as she retreated.
“I love you too.”
Wanda couldn’t help but shake her head when she found you an hour later. Your pen was still in your hand and you sat in the office chair fast asleep.
Your head was tilted back, your mouth wide open and you were snoring so loud she had no idea how you hadn’t woken yourself. She chuckled to herself, taking the pen from your hand and closing the file.
There was two files yet unopened and she pushed them aside, maneuvering herself between the chair and the desk. “Time to wake up.”
She shook your shoulder with her hand and you jerked awake, eyes flying open. You almost choked on your sharp intake of breath and she gave you a minute to calm down.
“Are you trying to kill me?” You asked in shock, your hand over your thundering heart. You wiped your eyes and she cupped your cheek in her hand.
“You’re doing that to yourself baby. It’s time to come to bed.” She sighed, stroking your cheek with her thumb. “Come sleep.”
“I’m almost done.” You groan and she rolled her eyes, moving so she’s straddling your lap in the office chair.
“I’m so lonely in bed by myself.” She whispered quietly in your ear. Almost automatically your hands cupped her ass, pulling her against you as she whined. “Had to take care of myself while you were gone. Missed you.”
“Wanda.” You groaned as she kissed your neck, whining in your ear. She bucked against you and whined again, as needy as she was acting you were worse. All those lonely nights she had spent You had been surrounded by your team with no way of taking care of yourself.
“Take me to bed.” She begged in your ear. “Make me yours again.”
Who were you to deny a request like that? She clambered off your lap, pulling you by the hand to the bedroom. When you got as far as the bed she pushed you down and you grinned up at her.
“Go to sleep.” She whispered and your jaw dropped.
“You’re going to work me up like that and just let me down?” You asked in shock.
“You haven’t got the energy. I think you’ll actually pass out from trying.” She laughed, climbing in next to you in her usual spot.
“But I-“ You tried but she only shushed you.
“Sleep, I’ll still be here in the morning.” She promised.
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wandasamilf · 14 hours ago
ask me a request!
characters i’d feel comfortable writing:
wanda maximoff (any gender)
pietro maximoff (any gender)
peter maximoff(x-men quicksilver) (any gender)
comic!clint barton (any gender)
vision (any gender)
scott lang (any gender)
peter parker (any gender)
brainiac 5/brainy (any gender)
nia nal (any gender)
kara danvers (any gender)
clark kent (any gender)
barry allen (any gender)
oliver queen (any gender)
the it crowd (sitcom) :
moss (only male readers)
jen (any gender reader)
roy (any gender reader)
elizabeth olsen or any of her characters (any gender)
tom holland (any gender)
ask it and if i feel comfortable writing them i’ll write it and reply! <3
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willsimpforanyone · 16 hours ago
Could you do headcanons for Wanda with an insecure s/o? Like they feel they’re not good enough for her? Love your writing btw!
i absolutely can i love wanda she's an angel
- you'd made wanda promise not to read your mind without your explicit permission
- she knows this and she respects your wishes
- but when you've been acting withdrawn and unhappy it kills her to not know why
- she doesn't know how to just... ask you what's going on without sounding like she knows something is wrong and she already knows what's wrong and is just trying to get you to admit it
- the last thing she wants to do is make it look like she's broken your trust, so she goes to dad friend!steve for advice
- steve gently explains to her that if she thinks something is up with you, she should have a conversation with you about it before it gets any worse
- so wanda immediately hunts you down
-she finds you in your room in the compound, supposedly watching a movie but in reality your thoughts are too loud and too many to ignore so easily
- she knocks politely and asks if she can come in
- you smile at her briefly and nod your head
- she pauses the movie and sits down beside you and takes your hands in hers
- you whine at the movie being turned off and she laughs slightly, thinking you're just the cutest thing she's ever seen
- but she has to get serious
- it takes a little probing to get to what's really bothering you, but she's persistant and you can see that this woman really isn't going to put the movie back on if you don't tell her what's wrong
- she can barely hear you as you mutter something about not being enough and she lifts your chin from where it had fallen
- she asks you gently to repeat what you said, and you sigh
- you explain that you don't think you're enough, that she's so much more powerful and beautiful and you think she deserves someone better, someone stronger, someone who isn't so insecure in their own abilities-
- wanda cuts you off with a hand literally over your mouth, which you immediately lick
- she scrunches up her face and laughs but doesn't take her hand away just yet
- "honey, it doesn't matter to me how strong you are, your abilities are not you. don't i get to decide what's good enough for me? hm? is this why you've been hiding away these past few days? oh no, don't think like that!"
- she lets you pull her hand away but continues
- "i think you're wonderful, i've never met anyone that fits with me so well, and that has nothing to do with power or strength. i adore you and i always will."
- she sees your eyes well up with tears and panics for a second before you pull her in tightly, kissing her like she is your lifeline
- she melts into you and smiles against your lips
- you don't even need to say anything else, there's an unsaid understanding between you and you know that if you ever feel like this again you can tell her everything
- wanda's eyes meet yours once again; "can i stay and watch the movie with you?"
-"only if you judge it as hard as i do"
i really hope you liked it, thank you so much for requesting!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blood. It painted the walls, stained the ceilings, coated the floors.
The room seemed to buzz. Shaking in perfect clarity as he fed. And fed. And fed.
He tore the once-living breathing corpse to shreds instinctively. Craving every last drop of rich blood it could offer him.
The body still twitched slightly and he groaned. Surely, this was perfection. This was why they turned him.
For the kill.
The warm metallic liquid tasted so much sweeter the more he drank. His already heightened senses sharpening further with every morsel of the delicacy he consumed.
He did not care much for decorum. Blood spilt down his chin, staining his dress shirt, his trousers and even his shoes.
This time he doubted it would come out. It was a shame really, these had fit him perfectly after all, do you know how hard that is to come by?
Finally, he had bled the bodiless limb dry and he tossed it rather unceremoniously onto the rather alarming pile of dismembered bodies.
Then, in the blood that had dribbled down his chin, he drew a red star on the wall, with the words ‘Hail Hydra’ written underneath it, in a language all of their own creation.
It drove the cops mad trying to decipher it. Code analysts from all over the world had been called to New Orleans to deal with this mysterious and seemingly uncatchable serial killer.
He wouldn't bet on them figuring it out.
He would move on soon. That was what his handler had said before pumping him full of something.
“It makes you strong.”
That was all he knew about the miracle drug. It made him...act and say without thought or care. Made him kill without remorse.
Made him strong.
Though it also had some undesirable effects. His mind played many tricks in him, overactive as it was. The latest one still haunted him.
Bucky. Bucky. Bucky.
That man had been so sure. Convinced beyond all doubt.
It struck a chord within him. The name that is. Reminded him of smoggy streets and honking cars and cursing dock workers. Of cramped apartments and rumbling stomachs and sick children. Of shivering and sobbing and death and pain.
Blood. He needed more. Craved more. Wanted more.
Of girls in sweet dresses. Of lips stained red and curved upwards in radiant smiles. Of music and dances and stolen kisses in coatrooms.
He could sense someone nearby. A heartbeat. Singular. It would not sate him for long.
Of burning drinks. Of cigarette smoke. Of playing cards.
The girl could not see him. A shame really. He needed a hunt. Needed the thrill of a chase.
Of being blown in dark alleys. Eyes darkened by pleasure and hands fisted in perfectly styled hair.
He would lose her soon. The bright lights of The French Quarter growing steadily larger as the approached. He lengthens his stride somewhat.
Of his first taste of a girl. A woman really. So different from what he imagined, all salt and no sugar. He lost interest soon after.
He could reach out and grab her now. Turn her to face him, watch the fear flit across her features as he drained her.
Of a trail of broken hearts. Of whispers giving chase down packed streets. Of an infamous smile.
She had stopped and was rifling through her bag. She found nothing but kept going. So did he.
Of friendship. Loyalty. Of broken promises and childish wishes.
His hand caught her shoulder. Spinning her to face him.
Of dreams. Of hope. Of life.
The pain was instantaneous. A stake was buried deep in his chest. It just barely grazed his heart. The miss was accidental, he presumed.
Of normalcy. Of worry.
He groaned as a dagger was thrust into his neck whilst his assailant whispered hurriedly. He was lifted off his feet and dropped. The blackness that had been plaguing his soul for so long finally engulfed him.
The name reminded him of humanity long since lost.
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Carol: I don't get jealous. 
Wanda: You yelled at a guy because he asked me if I wanted a drink. 
Carol: And? 
Wanda: Carol, he was the waiter.
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lunarevans · a day ago
Pretty Little Thing Prologue
Tumblr media
-  Venom flowed freely from her veins as blood flowed from her mouth. The pointed canines no longer resided uncomfortably on her tongue. She hated the way he looked at her, like he was golden and she was yet another monster for him to defeat. Maybe she was.
“Close your mouth,” he directed pointedly. Such a good captain. Tony and Natasha were right in some respect. Those broad shoulders held a certain power to them. He was definitely a leader. 
“Oh, but sweet малыш, I’m such a pretty little thing like this.” 
Nadezhda Komarova’s been through hell. Hydra’s notorious experimentation has turned her into a creature of nightmares - mostly her own. The Avengers are a safe haven. Well, except for Steve Rogers, who absolutely cannot stand her. This rift causes tension not only in the compound, but even on the battlefield. He hates her, and doesn’t care if she knows it. Oh, but she’s such a pretty little thing.
STORY WARNINGS: eventual smut (18+ minors dni), blood, (light and nondescriptive) gore, mentions of torture, nightmares and scary visions, slight allusions to depression and suicide, and finally, nasty thoughts about steve. 
sidenote: this is not endgame cannon like at all lol fuck that. this story will also be up on ao3 or wattpad if yall prefer to read on those sites. i’m so excited for this one guys.
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My beautiful, hurtful secret // Part 4
Therese Raquin x Reader
Tumblr media
Masterlist || Upcoming Stories
Summary: In the 1860s, love can be dangerous for people like you. And it gets even more dangerous when it involves a married woman. But Therese loves you just the same, so you’re willing to do whatever it takes to have her. [6.685 || 15.494]
Warnings: period story; angst; fluff; smut (18+ only!)
Hey, guy! I hope everyone is doing well.
First, I want to say that this chapter got a lot longer than the others, but that's because we have a lot of things going on in it haha Hope you enjoy it.
And second, a massive thankyou to my dear @yourtaletotell who created the name of the festival, because I honestly could never
Good reading!
All parts || Part 3 (Read on AO3)
In the weeks that follow, you and Therese meet secretly almost every day. But all meetings are short-lived since there is always something determined to interrupt you.
Being honest, you are well aware that any amount of time spent with Therese would never be enough. Still, it was too little time. And even though you knew every inch of her body by now, you wanted to know her soul just as much.
And apparently Therese felt the same way, because soon your meetings began to consist mostly of you cuddling, talking about the most diverse subjects, or just enjoying each other's company in silence.
But the feelings you had towards one another were beginning to become too big for that small, secluded room. Besides, Therese had always craved to see the world, and you were more than willing to show it to her. So you begin to think of ways you would be able to do so, even considering all the restrictions and hindrances the two of you would have to face.
"We should go to the park." You comment one day as you and Laurent walk to the grocery store and your brother frowns. "Do what in the park?" he asks and you smile, playfully. "What you do in a park, brother." You answer and he rolls his eyes.
"Breathe the fresh air, reconnect with nature." You speak with exaggerated passion and the man giggles, shaking his head. You giggle too, but soon it dies down and you swallow dry.
"We should invite Camille and Therese to go with us." You comment trying to sound casual and risk a glance at Laurent. When you see the knowing smile on the man's face, your cheeks heat up. "Oh, now I get it." He replies in a teasing tone and you laugh in embarrassment.
When your brother approaches you and gives you a light playful nudge you roll your eyes, your cheeks burning even more.
You shake your hands anxiously beside your body, taking a deep breath. "You'll end up having a stroke, sister." Laurent teases, a little ahead of you as he opens the door to the shop. You roll your eyes, feeling your cheeks heat up, and push your brother lightly, using your other hand to hold your messenger bag at the side of your body.
"Good afternoon, ladies." Laurent greets Madame Raquin and Therese as soon as you enter the store. You smile at the two women, greeting them as well, and as soon as your eyes meet Therese's, you feel your heart skip a beat.
"Oh, you got here just in time!" Says the older woman as you both approach her with puzzled gazes, and Madame Raquin points to some sets of fabrics on the counter. "Could you please help me carry these to the back of the shop, darlings?"
"Of course, Madame." Laurent says helpfully and tilts his head for you to help him. You leave your bag on the counter and hurry to get the remaining fabrics. The two of you then accompany Madame Raquin, who leads the way with a grateful smile on her face.
Meanwhile, Therese follows you with her eyes until you’re out of sight, and then something else catches her attention. When you hurriedly put your bag on the counter, some of your belongings ended up slipping out of it. Letting curiosity get the best of her, Therese runs her eyes through the various loose papers and open notebooks.
A small smile plays on the young woman's face as she reads the words. The verses, so harmonious and ravishing, held Therese's attention completely and the brunette couldn't stop reading them. There was more than just grace in your poems, there was truth, and also a certain familiarity that Therese couldn't recognize.
"It's wrong to snoop, you know?" Your voice from behind her makes Therese startle, snapping her out of her trance. In one swift movement, the brunette turns to you, and giggles embarrassedly when she sees your amused smile at her.
"What are you doing?" You ask in a knowing tone, and Therese giggles once again, waving her hands dismissively. "Nothing, just looking around." And you nod, an expression of false credulity on your face and Therese rolls her eyes. "Fine, I was reading your poems." She admits, slightly embarrassed, and you smile, needing to hold back from kissing her.
You open your mouth to say something, but Madame Raquin and Laurent return to the store and you both turn your attention to them.
Laurent casts you and Therese a knowing look and you clear your throat, scolding your brother, but the man just smiles. You look away from your brother, putting the fallen papers back into your bag and then slung it over your shoulder.
"So, Madame." Laurent says, turning his attention to the older woman. "My sister and I have intended to invite Camille and Therese to a stroll in the park on Saturday."
You walk to your brother's side and risk a glance at Therese, having to hide a smile afterwards when you see the brunette's eyes slightly wide in expectation at you.
"Is that so?" The older woman says with a delighted smile and you and your brother nod politely. "What do you think, Therese?" Madame Raquin asks her niece, who offers her a small smile. "It sounds like a great idea, Madame." Therese agrees, glancing over to you briefly, and you look down, disguising a smile.
You let Laurent settle the details of the outing with Madame Raquin, who makes it clear that she will let Camille know as soon as he gets home from work. Meanwhile, you concern yourself solely and exclusively with looking at Therese as often as you are allowed, without being suspected of doing so. Your heart skipping a beat every time her anticipation-laden green eyes meet yours.
"If you told me you tried on all your clothes, I wouldn't be surprised." Laurent sneers as soon as he sees you coming into the kitchen.
This is, in fact, the fourth or fifth outfit you've tried on already. But you wouldn't let him have the satisfaction, so you just roll your eyes with a grimace and the man chuckles.
"Come on, we should get going." You say, walking to the door of the small apartment and Laurent gets up from the couch. "Oh, wait!" Your brother says and you stop, turning to look at him. As soon as you do, he points to your chest. "Your shirt is stained."
"What?" You ask, looking down and frantically searching for the stain. It's not possible that the one outfit you finally liked was stained. But a few seconds later you can't find the said stain, and you raise your eyes completely unamused as you understand your brother's antics.
"You're an idiot." You say slightly annoyed, giving his shoulder a shove before turning to the door again. When you hear Laurent's chuckle behind you, you roll your eyes.
"The Art sur l'encre is taking place in Marseille this year." Laurent comments as you're in the carriage heading to the Raquins' residence.
Art sur l'encre is an art festival which gathers amateur artists from different regions of the country in order to promote and divulge national art. You and Laurent go every year, him to sell his paintings and you to sell your writings.
The festival was an excellent opportunity and always bore good fruit for both you and your brother, so you were always looking forward to it. However, with your mind completely taken by Therese, you didn't even remember the event.
You hum in agreement, your gaze lost out the window, and Laurent frowns, confused by your lack of enthusiasm. Before he can ask why, though, the carriage stops and you get off.
Having arrived there close to the agreed time, it doesn't take long before Therese and Camille join you, and the sight of the brunette makes your brain stop for a moment.
The woman is wearing a silvery dress, a hat on her head that matches the tone of the garment perfectly. And all you can think is that she looks gorgeous.
As you and Laurent exchange greetings with the two of them, all you want to do is tell Therese how stunning she is. But you can't, so you settle for a polite hug, placing a brief, discreet kiss on her cheek. Therese gasps softly, just loud enough for you to hear, and you turn away from her with a satisfied little smile.
Camille sits down next to Laurent, both of them engaged in a conversation about work that you pay no attention to. With Therese sitting next to you, it’s impossible to pay attention to anything else.
You exchange glances frequently, shy smiles crossing your faces every time you do. And when Therese settles into her seat, moving closer to you, you don't mind.
You walk for some time, Laurent and Camille a little further ahead while you and Therese stay a few steps behind.
The fresh air of nature fills your lungs, invigorating you completely. The rustle of the leaves swaying against the wind and the water rushing in the river in the distance envelop you in a delightful sense of peace. But none of that compares to the feeling of having Therese by your side.
"This is nice." The brunette comments, as if reading your thoughts, and you smile, humming in agreement shortly after. "I thought you might like it." You comment, your voice loud enough for only her to hear, and Therese smiles.
"Why?" she asks and you frown slightly, turning your gaze from the surrounding trees to the woman beside you. "What do you mean?" You ask, oblivious, and Therese giggles lightly, the sound making your chest warm.
"What were your intentions bringing me here, miss (Y/l/n)?" She rephrases the question, and you chuckle shyly. "I noticed that you're always home. I figured it would be a good idea to see the world a little bit." You explain with a smile on your face and Therese watches you, feeling her heart beat in a different way as she watches you gesturing to your surroundings. "Besides," you say, clearing your throat, "I figured it might be a good place for a first date."
"A date?" Therese asks, perplexed. She looks at you with slightly wide eyes, her cheeks burning red, and you give a little smile. "If you want it to be, of course." You add, a twinge of embarrassment in your voice that makes Therese want to hug and kiss you right now. But she can't, so she just smiles.
"I'd love it to be." She replies, her voice laden with endearment, and you smile, happy, feeling your own cheeks blush now.
You both know it's not a date. More than that, it could never be. Because a feeling like yours would never be accepted anywhere, and to make matters worse, Therese is married, to one of your childhood friends for that matter.
But neither of you wants to think about it now, pushing the guilt and hurt to the back of your minds, and you smile silly smiles, starting to walk a little closer to each other. Not close enough to look suspicious in someone else's eyes, but close enough for your hand to occasionally brush against hers, causing a wave of warmth to travel through both your bodies and make your hearts beat a little faster inside your chests.
"... Let me sit down for a moment." You hear Camille's voice up ahead and look up to see the blond sitting in the grass next to a tall tree.
You both then approach the two men and as Camille pats the grass, inviting Therese to sit next to him, you shift your weight between your feet, trying to disguise your discomfort. When Camille lays his head on the brunette's lap, you look away.
"Notice this, Laurent. If you get married you'll find yourself with a portable pillow." Camille teases and the only thing that comforts you now is to realize from Therese's features that she looks as unpleased as you do.
"Don't flaunt your good fortune, my friend." Laurent says with a knowing tone, risking a quick glance at you, and you clear your throat, feeling your neck grow warm at your brother's insinuation.
Soon you all sit down and talk about some random subjects. Camille comments on the bear exhibited for people to admire in the downtown square and you wonder why anyone would enjoy seeing a creature that should be roaming freely confined like that.
The conversation flows on for a while longer, especially between Camille and Laurent, and you try not to laugh at the blond man's clear admiration for your brother. You also notice that Therese is rather quiet, her gaze lost somewhere ahead as usual.
You sigh, wondering what happens to the smiling, cheerful woman who shows herself so easily to you when the two of you are alone.
Feeling your gaze on her, Therese looks over to you. Instead of averting your gaze, you hold hers, offering a small, warm smile that Therese easily returns. You only wish you were able to know what is going on in her mind.
Soon the conversation between the two men catches your attention again, and you settle down awkwardly as you hear them talking about renting a boat and going to watch the sunset on the river.
"You can go without me, I'll wait for you here." You comment, avoiding the looks of the other three. Camille protests and you just giggle half-heartedly. Laurent remains silent, and when you notice Therese's eyes on you, a confused expression on her face, you shrug.
"I don't like boats." You explain, but the frown on her face intensifies. "Why?" she asks, curious. You giggle embarrassedly, lowering your gaze to your lap where your hands rest, you massaging your knuckles.
"I can't swim." You shyly admit, and Therese flashes you a smile laden with endearment. Her heart warms inside her chest at the sight of your figure, immediately wanting to wrap you in her arms. But then it aches, knowing that she can't do that.
"Yeah, I'd rather not go either." You hear Therese say and immediately lift your eyes to her. She flashes you a reassuring smile, to which you return with a grateful one. The intensity that your heart beats for her is surreal.
"You two can't stay here alone." Camille says, lifting her head from Therese's lap and sitting up to look at you. "Of course we can." You comment with an amused smile. "We could go see the garden over there." You comment, pointing to the eastern area of the park.
"This is very girly like." Camille jokes and you chuckle half-heartedly. "Come on, Camille." Laurent says, shifting his knowing gaze between you and Therese before turning to the blond again. "You and I will go on the boat ride and let the girls enjoy their afternoon."
You exchange a brief, shy glance with Therese, your cheeks both blushing at the possibility. Camille doesn't take long to agree. You then stand up and say goodbye to the two men, and once they're gone, you turn to Therese, smiling.
"Shall we?" You ask, placing one hand on your back and indicating the way with the other, and Therese smiles back. "We shall." She replies, holding up her dress and stooping in a curtsy and you giggle.
You walk side by side into the garden, just the presence of the woman beside you being enough to make you feel on cloud nine.
"Has it always been like this?" Therese asks suddenly and you look at her. "Camille and Laurent." The brunette adds, noticing the expression of confusion on your face, and you giggle.
"For as long as I can remember." You say, flashes of your childhood running through your mind. Therese watches your nostalgic expression with a fond smile. "Everything Laurent did, Camille had to do as well. They were quite inseparable, if you ask me."
You tell with a chuckle and Therese laughs too, but then a thoughtful frown takes over her face briefly. "What happened?"
"Life happened." You say shrugging. "We moved away and didn't see each other anymore." You add, and there is something in your tone of voice indicating to Therese that maybe she shouldn't continue asking, so she just hums quietly and admires the flowers that begin to surround you.
"Did you like them?" You ask after a while and Therese runs her fingers gently over one of the pink flowers at the height of her hip before turning to you. "Them what?"
You giggle and stop walking. Therese mimics your movement, turning to you shortly thereafter. "The poems." You reply and a smile immediately appears on Therese's face.
"I loved them." She says, a genuine ear-to-ear grin on her face that makes one of your own to grow. You look down, shyly, and Therese tilts her head, admiring your embarrassment. "You write very well, (Y/n)." She compliments, and you lift your gaze to her again.
"I wonder if I've ever read any of your writing in the papers." She comments with a slightly raised eyebrow and you chuckle dismissively. You give her one last look before walking over to some flowers on her right, your hands in your pockets.
Therese doesn't understand your willingness to hide your pseudonym from her, but she thinks it best not to press the issue and walks to your side.
Admiring the flowers together with you, all the brunette can think about is your poems. Your verses so charged with emotion and intensity, she wonders once again if you have ever written about her.
"Give me your hand." You comment softly, rousing Therese from her thoughts. She blinks a few times, looking at you, but you take a moment to look at her again, a small smile playing on your lips when you do.
Therese looks around, and when she sees no one around, she reaches out her hand to you. You take your hands out of your pockets and hold Therese's. The woman smiles lovingly as you bring her hand to your lips, depositing a soft kiss on her skin. But the smile falters briefly when you lower her hand again and she feels you placing something in her hand. A folded piece of paper.
A mixture of curiosity and anticipation takes over Therese's face and you smile reassuringly. "It's for you." You say and Therese watches the piece of paper. As she begins to unfold it, you place your hand over hers. "Not here. Let's enjoy ourselves right now. Leave it to read later, when you miss me." You say with a charming smile and Therese's eyes are drawn to it.
When she looks into your eyes again, she smiles, nods, and tucks the paper inside her dress. You look down and smile as you see the flower lying on the ground just in front of your foot.
Therese watches you crouch down with a curious frown on her face. She watches you pluck one of the small blue flowers on the ground and stand up again. "Do you know what this is?" You ask, showing her the flower. When Therese shakes her head in denial, you smile.
"It's a Myosotis flower." You explain, looking at the flower in your hands, and Therese shifts her gaze between you and the small blue flower, finding it hard to decide which of you to admire at that moment. "It's also called a forget-me-not flower. For some they symbolize sincere love and fidelity. For others, protection and luck."
Therese watches you ramble on, a genuine smile on her face and her heart beating faster with your words. But when you look away from the flower to her, the brunette feels it stop. "But either way, it only makes sense that I give you one."
You hold out the flower to her and Therese gasps. Your fingers brush against hers as you look at each other intensely, your gazes loaded with the words neither of you had the courage to say directly, for fear that reality would come crashing down, charging you with your sins. But Therese almost heard you say them, and you can see them too in the way her eyes sparkle at you. So it is all right.
She admires the flower for a while, a passionate smile on her face, and you admire the woman who holds your whole heart in her hands, a fulfilled smile on your own at the knowledge that you have hers in yours as well.
"I'd say we're having a pleasant first date." You comment playfully, and Therese raises her eyes to you. She has a happy smile on her face as well, but her eyebrows are slightly knitted together in a thoughtful expression. Before you can ask, though, she speaks. "It would be better if you kissed me."
"What?" you ask, feeling your heart beat faster, and unconsciously look around for anyone who might be watching the two of you. Therese observes your apprehension with an amused smile.
"You're afraid." She remarks and you return your gaze to her, shifting your weight between your feet nervously. "Are you not?" You ask, uncertain, and Therese flashes you a smile. She takes a step forward and you immediately straighten your posture.
"Don't be afraid." She says in a whisper, her eyes straying to your lips, and you swallow dryly. "Danger passes by those who look at it right in the eye." She whispers lower and lower, her breath hitting against your lips invitingly and you can't hold it in any longer.
Taking one last brief look around, you lean in, finally connecting your lips to hers. Therese sighs, returning the kiss without a second thought, and you feel your whole body relax. Relax so much that it feels like you're flying. You wouldn't be surprised if you opened your eyes and found out that you were both flying several feet off the ground.
But then the kiss ends, and you are not flying. But Therese looks at you with those big green eyes that constantly take over your mind, her slightly swollen lips curved into a fond smile, and you realize that it comes to the same thing. You were already flying, even if you weren't.
You continue walking and talking about the flowers. Therese occasionally steals a kiss from you. Every time you turn into a flustered mess, and every time she lets out a contented giggle that is briefly followed by a satisfied smile.
It doesn't take long before Laurent and Camille join you again. Laurent looks at you with a small teasing smile, but you couldn't care less, you were too happy to care.
It's getting dark and you decide that it's better to head back home. You sit in the carriage in the same position as you came in and Therese takes advantage of the low light of the early evening and the pile of clothes on her dress to hold your hand on the seat. You intertwine your fingers with hers with a small smile on your face.
It had been days since the date-not-date with Therese and still a smile seemed unable to leave your face. Your cheeks would be numb right now from smiling so much if it weren't for the fact that your entire body was already numb from the constant flurry of thoughts about the brunette.
"(Y/n)!" Your brother's voice sounds loud beside you and you startle. Only now you notice that you are walking through the streets of Paris next to Laurent and not in the garden with Therese.
You blink a few times, looking completely oblivious, and Laurent lets out a chuckle, already getting used to your increasing daydreaming.
"As I was saying," he talks in an amused tone and you clear your throat, trying to pay attention to him, "I've already bought the tickets to Marseille." He announces and you frown. "What's in Marseille?"
At your question, Laurent stops walking abruptly. You stop immediately afterwards and look at him confused. "What do you mean what's in Marseille?" He asks, shocked, and when you don't show any reaction, he laughs incredulously. "(Y/n), Art sur l'encre!"
"Right!" You say, squeezing your eyes shut. You expect a wave of anticipation to fill you now, as it always does. But the thought of going to the festival doesn't bring you any excitement at all. Instead, you have an idea.
"Hey, why don't you invite Camille?" You suggest, and Laurent widens his eyes, astonished. "What?"
"Yeah, he never goes out." You begin, running your fingers through your hair nervously, but your brother's expression remains unchanged. "It might be good for him, you know? To spend a few days away from Madame Raquin for a change."
"(Y/n), what are you saying?" Laurent asks, clearly not buying your argument of worrying about Camille. You take a deep breath, surrendering. "That I'm thinking about not going."
"Sister, have you gone crazy?!" He asks, completely incredulous. "The festival is a great opportunity to sell your works and-"
"You can sell them to me! You already do that anyway." You retort, remembering all the times your brother had to do the negotiations because no one wanted to buy "a woman's work." And to think that artists claimed to be open-minded. Pathetic.
Laurent watches you for a few moments, examining your features and you hold his gaze, determined to follow through with your decision. Soon he narrows his eyes. "Is this about Therese?"
You don't answer. And your silence makes Laurent chuckle incredulously. "God, (Y/n), it even sounds like you love her." He scoffs, looking away. You again do not respond, and when he returns his gaze to you and sees your expression, his smile dies.
"What?" he asks in an inaudible whisper, his tone of voice laden with disbelief and his expression charged with concern. You shrug. "I love her." You admit. And it is as if the weight of it all comes crashing down on you now. You love her, with every little bit of your body. But you can't have her, because she's not yours to have.
"I love Therese." You repeat, your voice shaky and tears in your eyes. Laurent approaches you, wrapping you in a tight, comforting embrace. You hug your brother back, allowing yourself to cry on his shoulder.
"What a splendid idea!" Camille comments as soon as Laurent finishes inviting him to go to the Art sur l'encre with him.
You and Laurent have been invited by Madame Raquin to lunch on Sunday, so you are sitting at the table now, eating, along with Camille and Therese.
The fact that Therese is sitting right next to you helps you not to look at her so often. However, her being close like that was more than enough to unsettle you. The way she constantly brushes her leg on yours doesn't help.
"I don't know, son." Madame Raquin comments, clearly apprehensive at the thought of her son sleeping away from home. "There's nothing to worry about, Madame." Laurent says in a persuasive tone. "It's only one night. We'll leave Saturday morning, come back Sunday evening."
You watch the interaction expectantly and, noting that Madame Raquin still doesn't seem very convinced, you decide to add. "Besides, Madame." You say and wait for the woman to look at you to continue. "Laurent is the most caring person I know, I'm sure Camille will be in good hands."
Your words seem to have reassured the older woman more, and the confirming smile you flash her makes Madame Raquin smile back. "It might be a good idea, indeed." The woman finally comments, and Camille celebrates, beginning to talk with Laurent about the festival soon after. You exchange brief glances with Therese, both of you smiling in anticipation.
"But what about you, (Y/n)?" Camille asks and you frown, wiping your mouth with a napkin. "What about me?"
"Why aren't you going?" He asks and the others turn their gazes to you. You clear your throat and give a dismissive smile afterwards. "I have already sold all the writings I had. I think it will be better to stay home and keep working." Madame Raquin and Camille smile proudly, seeming to believe your lie. But soon the blond frowns.
"But it's not a good idea for you to stay home alone, is it?" He comments and you force a smile. Normally, you would be grateful for your friend's concern. Under the current circumstances, however, that was the last thing you needed.
"Oh, she doesn't have to be alone, she can stay here." Madame Raquin comments and you try to disguise your excitement, the plan seemed to be flowing better than you expected. You contain a smile. "Thank you, Madame, I'd lo-"
Your speech is interrupted by a kick to your shin. You grunt, more in surprise than pain, and try to disguise the noise with a cough. You risk a glance at Therese and the brunette widens her eyes and shakes her head in denial, briefly but energetically.
You feel your heart heavy inside your chest. All of this was precisely so that the two of you could finally spend a night together, something you had always fantasized about. Did she not want to sleep with you anymore? Would all this be for nothing?
You clear your throat, trying to send those thoughts away, and return your gaze to Madame Raquin again, forcing another smile. "I would love to, but it won't be necessary. Honestly, I don't see any problem staying home alone." You say, and Madame Raquin makes mention of insisting, but Laurent interrupts her. "There' s really no need, Madame. We're friends with our neighbors, I'm sure (Y/n) will be fine."
After that, both Camille and Madame Raquin drop the subject and you return to eating lunch. The two men go back to making plans for the festival, but all you can do is focus on your food, lost in thoughts. It was not possible that you had got it all wrong.
It's Monday afternoon and thoughts of Sunday lunch have occupied your mind ever since. Maybe you really did get it all wrong. Maybe Therese really didn't want to sleep with you in the first place and it was all just silly daydreams.
But she opens the back door for you now, wrapping her arms around your neck and kissing you right away, as she always does, so all thoughts are swept away somewhere far from your mind, somewhere completely out of your reach.
You enter the room, and just as Therese locks the door, you hold her by the waist, spinning her around so that she's facing you, and just as your lips meet hers, she giggles. You smile, that being your favorite feeling in the world.
Several minutes later you are lying on the bedroom floor, Therese with her head resting on your chest and you running your fingertips down her shoulder. You don't see how the brunette smiles at your touch.
"I loved the poem you wrote me." Therese suddenly comments and you smile. "Oh yeah?" You ask, your tone carrying amusement, and Therese's smile widens as she rises enough to look at you. She hums in agreement, remembering how you spoke about her in the poem.
So personal, so sincere. She already knew you paid attention to her, but having you describe her in such a thorough way, clearly choosing your words with care, made Therese's heart light up in an even greater way. Her cheeks burned as she remembered how you described who she is and what she represents to you.
"But I think you overdid it." She comments in a playful tone and you frown. "What do you mean?" You ask, genuinely confused, and Therese shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not all that."
"Of course you are!" You respond immediately, wrapping your arms around her, but Therese smiles unconvinced. "You are all that to me. You are my moon, and all my stars." Your voice is full of honesty and intensity, making Therese's breath hitch. She leans in, connecting her lips to yours in a soft kiss that makes every hair on your body stand on end.
"And you are my sun." She says in a whisper as the kiss ends, a confession only you are allowed to know. You stay there in silence, her forehead against yours as you enjoy each other's closeness, trying to push away the weight of reality that seems to be getting more and more overwhelming.
Therese lays her head on your chest again, and as you deposit a soft kiss on the top of her head, you remember yesterday's lunch.
"Can I ask you something?" You begin, uncertain, and it doesn't take long for the answer to come. "Sure. What is it?" Therese's voice is soft, but your stomach turns anxiously anyway.
"Why didn't you let me accept your aunt's invitation?" You ask, holding your breath when Therese rises from your chest to look at you again, a confused frown on her face. "I thought you wanted to sleep with me."
"Of course I do." She says immediately, placing her hand on your face, caressing your cheek reassuringly. "Then why did you-"
"It's easier to sneak you in if you don't." She replies and, when you frown, she smiles. "Of course I want to sleep with you." She assures and the relieved smile that appears on your face makes Therese's own smile widen, her heart warming in her chest.
"But if you accepted the invitation my aunt would want to keep you company all night long. Believe me, she's obsessed with you." She adds the last part in an annoyed tone, rolling her eyes, and you giggle. "And what about you?" You ask and she frowns.
"What do you think of me?" You ask in a mixture of curiosity and teasing that makes Therese's heart beat faster. She had a significantly long list of words she would use to describe you. But confessing them still seemed too hard. She doesn't want to lie to you though.
"Well... several things." She admits, running her fingers down your jaw, and the way her cheeks take on a light shade of pink makes your heart warm inside your chest.
"Oh yeah? Good things, I hope." You say with a smirk and Therese lets out a giggle. "The best." She confesses in a whisper and closes the distance between you two, connecting her lips to yours. With your smiles, it's hard to continue with the kiss, but you do it anyway.
When the kiss ends, Therese runs her fingers lovingly along your collarbone and you smile, placing a brief kiss on the tip of her nose and the brunette giggles. She then moves her fingers down to your chest, and when they find your locket, she stops.
"What is this?" She asks, her hand on the necklace, and you take a deep breath. You make mention of getting up and Therese gets off of you to allow you to do so. As you sit down, Therese does the same, a frown on her face.
You open the locket, revealing two small photographs inside. You move the locket toward her, inviting her to have a look at it, and Therese sits closer to you, holding the small item in her hands.
Running her eyes through the photographs, Therese sees a couple in one of them and three children in the other. She smiles as she recognizes your features in one of the children. Next to the small youngest version of you, she sees a young Laurent, a small smile on his face as he wraps an arm around your shoulder protectively. But Therese frowns at the third child, a few weeks old baby in your arms.
"That's my family." You explain, and the suddenness of your words makes Therese raise her eyes to you again. But when you offer her a small, reassuring smile, she looks at the photographs again. "My parents, me, Laurent and... our little brother."
Your voice cracks a little and Therese once again raises her eyes, her eyebrows frowning with concern. "What happened?" she asks cautiously, even though she already has an idea of what the answer might be. You take a deep breath, and when Therese notices tears forming at the corners of your eyes, she holds your hand.
"The plague." You say simply, and Therese's breath hitches. "First it was my father, then my mother. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the doctors said my brother was sick too." You explain, and at that moment you no longer even try not to cry, the tears rolling down your face freely.
Therese pulls you close, placing your head on her chest. You don't object, wrapping your arms around her and taking a deep breath, letting her affection comfort you.
Feeling her heart aching, Therese deposits several kisses on the top of your head, murmuring words of condolence. You looked less than ten years old in that picture, and to think that a child had to go through all those horrible things made Therese's eyes burn.
Soon you're breathing normally again, the pain of the past slowly coming back under control as your sniffles become less and less frequent, and you lift your head from Therese's chest. She places her hands on the sides of your face, wiping the remaining tears from your cheeks, and you lean in, giving her a soft, lingering kiss. When you pull away, you offer her a small, grateful smile.
"It was hard at the time." You comment, your gaze fixed on the floor as you recall all the struggles you and Laurent had to face during your youth, all the things you had to do for each other to get this far. You smile sadly. "But we're here now, me and Laurent. At least we have each other, and I'm very grateful for him. Laurent showed me the world, taught me everything I know. I only wish I could've done that with Cameron as well."
"Cameron?" Therese asks in surprise. You look at her and the brunette remains frowning as the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit together bit by bit in her mind. Then she widens her eyes slightly and raises them to meet yours.
"You're Cameron." She quietly speaks, a twinge of doubt in her voice. You smile sadly, nodding slowly. "Yes." You confirm, and Therese alternates her gaze between your eyes. "It was the way I found to honor him. To keep him alive. Beyond my memories."
As you explain, Therese's mind spins. How could you be Cameron? Sure, she fantasized about it over and over in her mind. But this becoming true was surreal. Actually, it wasn't. Besides the similarity between your writing and Cameron's, there was something about both of you that made Therese's heart beat harder in her chest in the same way. It was not surprising that they were both you.
The revelation stirred Therese intensely, though, and for lack of words to say, she holds your face and kisses you. You pull her close, reveling in the gentle touch of the woman who has you completely. When you part, you both breathe heavily.
"I love you." Therese admits breathlessly, and your mouth goes dry immediately. She said them. The words you both avoided saying for so long. Because of fear. Because it was wrong. Because it couldn't happen. But she said them. So now there was no reason for you not to say them as well.
"I love you." You confess equally breathless and Therese smiles, kissing you once more. As you smile against each other's lips, your head spins frantically, your heart screaming out for her.
Therese didn't just have you in the palm of her hands. She also had your future.
Part 5
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Lost in Assistance - Ch. 9
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
You fell asleep last night once you finally got everything done and prepared for today’s schedule. You were exhausted from the long flight and yesterday’s activity not to mention you were drained from your argument with Lizzie.
As much as your body feels so comfortable sleeping on the comfy hotel’s bed tucked in under the warm comforter, you are awakened with loud knockings on your door. You check the clock that reads 8.02 AM. Since your body is still adjusting with the time difference, it takes time for you to be fully awake but the frantic knocking on your door forces you to quickly grab your glasses and get up from your bed. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” You said it in a light annoyance as you quickly pacing to answer the door.
“Aubrey? What are you doing here so early?” Your morning raspy voice asked her and your eyes squinted to try to adjust with the light as you just woke up. 
"Is Lizzie with you?" She ignored your question. Her face looks pale. "What? No. What's going on?" You scratch your head and yawn at the same time when you asked her. “I can’t find her anywhere!” Aubrey talked in panic as she pushed past you to get into your room. “Wait what? You can’t find who?” You closed your door as you waited in confusion for her answer.
“Lizzie! I can’t find her. I woke up at 7.00 and she wasn’t in the room. I looked for her everywhere in the room then I thought she probably went down to get breakfast so I called her but went straight to voicemail. I just went downstairs to find her but no luck, so I came here to check if she is with you and apparently she is not." She rambled on answering you, pacing around the room in panic as she bit her nails.
You walk to her and grab both of her shoulders to face you. "Aubrey, calm down. When was the last time you saw her?" You try to ask in a calm tone so she calms down and focuses on you.
"Last night. After dinner, we got back here. I went to bed after her. I went to the bathroom around 6, and she was in the living room. I heard her talking on the phone but I went back to bed and before you asked me who she was talking to, no I didn’t know who it was. I couldn’t hear it clearly.” She tried to give as much detail as she could. A heavy sigh came out of your lips while your mind was running around to figure things out. “Let’s go to your room, maybe she left a note or something.”
As soon as you both got to their room, you tried to search for any note or clue that might help but there was nothing. You decided to ask the hotel security to help to find her or at least check the camera footage. After a few hours of searching, it leads to nothing but the camera footage that showed Lizzie went out from the room talking on the phone for about 30-40 minutes then to the lobby and she was no longer on the phone then she walked out of the hotel.
Both of you went back to their room. You started to get worried not just about the time ticking closer to the photoshoot schedule as the clock showed it’s 10.30 but mainly deep down you are worried about her, her safety since she doesnt know Paris that well, let alone she can’t speak French. You came back and sat on the couch with a heavy and frustrated sigh.
“I hope she is okay but I swear to God Aubrey, if she’s doing this just to give me a hard time in her own little game, I will lose myself! How was she last night? Did she say anything to you?” You pulled your face down to both of your palms, prompted by both of your elbows on your thigh.
“No, I don't think she’s doing this on purpose. She seemed a little off last night too at dinner.” She tried to recall from last night. “She told me she had a fight with Robbie last night on a phone call but then she didn’t tell me much about it because she knows how much I dont like him. She mentioned that she wished that she was with Robbie here.” She added.
The last sentence that she just told you gave you a sudden clue, a very sudden one that you pulled your head up so quick like a deer got alerted by an upcoming headlight. “That’s it! I think I know where she is! Let’s go!” You said it in a strong assurance.
“Where and how do you know?” In spite of the confusion she had in mind, she followed you after she saw your whole face lit up with confidence when you figured out where Lizzie was.
“Oh first let’s not forget to bring this.” You quickly grabbed her coat that was laying on the couch and left to find her. “I’m sure she is at Pont des Arts bridge because I noticed on the flight here she was reading about it. Plus you said that she said she wished she’s with Robbie here, and maybe with her being a melancholic person who always has mood swings yet maybe romantic, I guess. She must be there.” You explained as both of you walked to the car to pick her up.
“Is that the bridge with locks where people put “love locks” with their loved ones?” Everything is finally coming together in her mind. You nodded. “Aww Y/N. I think it’s sweet that you paid detailed attention to her.” Awe transformed on her face then she teased with a grin on her face.
“What? It was just part of my job. I have to know about my client, especially what they like or dislike to help me on the job. There’s nothing more than that. Just admit that it works.” You tackled her teasing right away with the truth or at least you think it was the truth.
“Yeah sure y/n. Sure.” She grinned once again. It’s still early so there are not many people,it  makes you both easily find her standing alone near the bridge’s rail that’s full of people’s locks that they put with their loved ones. She was facing the river. It seems that she is lost in deep thought and her features are visibly clouded by sadness. Aubrey runs towards her side followed by you but you stop half way to give them privacy but still close enough that you still can hear them just in case they need you.
“Liz, are you okay? We’ve been looking for you everywhere. Why are you here?” Aubrey pants a little as she asks her worrily. Knowing it was her best friend's voice without even looking, her mouth opened slowly to let out some words. 
“You know, I came to Paris a few times but I was single, I always dreamed of coming here and spending time with the person I love.” She paused to swallow a lump on her throat. “Now I have Robbie yet I’m here without him and instead of feeling happy when I call him to talk about how was our day going, we argued two days in a row for stupid reasons.”
She paused again, you can see her bottom lips quivered as small tears rolled over her right cheek that you can see. You really wanted to say something but you tried not to. 
“I’m scared that if what you said about him was right then eventually I have to start all over again with someone else that I don't even know if it’s gonna work out or if it’s the right person to start all over again with. All of these will probably attract more attention from the paparazzi, which means more anxiety for me. It’s one thing after another.”
“Oh honey, I’m sorry. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he is not bad after all. We never know. Don’t you worry, everything will work out in its own way. If it doesn’t work out, I’m here for you.” Aubrey moves closer to her and gives her a hug to make her feel better, rubbing Lizzie arms to give her more comfort. You can see her nodding in Aubrey's arm agreeing with her then pulling away from her and wiping her own tears as she takes a deep breath. Her lips curved a small smile as a sign that she is already feeling a little better.
“Thank you Aubrey. Wait, how did you know I was here?” She sniffed and looked at Aubrey confused.
“Y/n helped me. She figured it out. She thought you would be here.” Aubrey explains and before she points to where you are at, you decide to say something. 
“Don’t worry, someday you will find the right person who deserves you. If it meant to be it meant to be.” You stand there with her coat on your left hand,the wind blows your hair. You were confident that what you just said will make her feel better only until as soon as she knows you were there the whole time, she runs her fingers to remove strains of hair on her face, wipes her tears and fixes her hair.
“Oh my God Aubrey! How long has she been here?!” Lizzie never wants people to see her vulnerable. She only lets certain people see this side of her, and you are not one of them. Of course not! Not in a million years. She won’t let the assistant who she doesn't like see her like this.
“Whoa, calm down boss! You know what? On a second thought, if I were you, I would take that attitude down a notch if I want to find the right love.” You said it sarcastically as you shrugged your shoulders.
“This is none of your business! Why are you even here?” Lizzie groaned in exasperation. 
“I was just helping your best friend here to find you. I could’ve slept longer if she didn’t knock on my door asking for my help to find you and well, it’s also my job too so I don’t have a choice. So a thank you would be nice.” You retorted and you clenched your fist.
“She might need your help, but I don’t! God, I hate you!” Upset, She held up her hands and shook her head.
You walked closer. “Oh yeah? If it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t find you here! It’s not easy to find you in Paris! You could’ve put yourself in danger, do you know that?! Oh also here you go! I knew you would have forgotten your coat. So yeah I’m that good of an assistant. Just admit it, it’s not that bad to have me as your assistant.” You argued as you tossed her coat to her then she walked away and you walked with her with Aubrey following you both from behind.
She then laughed dryly. “You are so full of yourself aren’t you y/n?! You are so annoying!” Lizzie putting on the coat you gave her. Your eyes burn with annoyance. “I’m annoying? Your stubborn self is the one who always starts all of our arguments!” Both of you kept arguing back and forth like there was no one else around you, all of you walking back to the car.
Aubrey tries to stop both of you. “Guys! Guys! GUYS!!” Aubrey raised her voice a bit to get your attention as both of you answered and looked back at her at the same time. “WHAT?!”
“You guys remember I’m still here right?” Aubrey tried to remind both of you. “Do both of you really hate each other this much?” She added with a disbelief expression, her eyes flicked from you to Lizzie and back to you.
“Of course! You know how annoying she is!” Lizzie answered without hesitation. 
You retorted in an instant. “Can you blame me? She is so stubborn, pushing my buttons every. single. time! Come on, we have a photoshoot to go to, we can’t be late!!” 
Both of you try to avoid eye contact and continue walking. Aubrey watches both of you walking from behind.
“I don’t think both of you hate each other.” With the argument between you and Lizzie in the background continuing, Aubrey keeps the thought to herself and almost laughs about it and shakes her head. It’s almost too funny for her to watch. Being friends with both of you for a few years and being as observant as she is, she knows both of you very well and that helps her notice things that both you and Lizzie don't, perhaps not yet.
Ch. 10
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Tumblr media
Pair: Wanda Maximoff x Reader(fem).
Type: Fluff/Angst/Smut
Word count: 4.1K
Warning: This will contain adult language, mature themes, sexual language and so 16+
Tumblr media
My Scarlet Lover Chapter 5
You slid into your dress. You smiled into the mirror. Your dress was… scandalous to say the least.
Tumblr media
Your make up was matched accordingly, and you had decided to wear strapped black heels that pushed you an extra few inches. Your stomach fluttered as you turned to see Steve at your door. His eyes were wide, jaw slightly agape.
“I… um.” He stammered.
“You can say it Steve, I look hot.” You smirk. He tilted his head to the side, nodding slightly. Holding a hand out for you, you took it, linking your arms together as you walked towards the party.
“You trying to impress somebody tonight… because that dress is phenomenal.” Steve said with a smirk. You laughed.
“More like showing someone what they’re missing.”
“Ahh Bucky. I’m really sorry about what he did to you. I knocked him around in your honour.” He admitted. Your eyes widened.
“I told you all not to get involved.” You chastised, giving him a sharp look. He shrugged.
“Ooops?” He shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him. He stopped before the door. The music was so loud you could hear it from down the hall. You raised a brow. “You want to show someone what they’re missing, step 1 have a killer entrance.”
You chuckled at him. “This was a thing in the 40s?” You smirked.
He rolled his eyes before placing a hand on the door. “Ready?” He asked. You nodded before ruffling up your curls. Pulling a compact mirror out of your purse, you checked your lipstick.
He pushed open the door, and you confidently strode in. The air was abuzz with conversation, causing a soft hum to settle in the air. Your gaze was immediately drawn to the redhead at the bar. She was smiling and laughing at something a blond girl was saying. They were sitting close together. To close for your liking. And what especially wasn’t up to your likening was the perfectly manicured hand on Wanda’s thigh. You sighed first Vision this morning and now this bitch. Fine. If this was her game, then you were going to show her just how it’s played.
You sauntered over to the bar. Your upcoming footsteps caused Wanda to glance up. You payed her no attention and carried on walking to a quieter section of the bar it was close enough that Wanda could see and hear exactly what you say.. You waved the bartender over. He came rushing to you. “What can I get you?” He asked, his eyes lowering to stare at your cleavage. You’d have rolled your eyes if this was any other day. But tonight, tonight you’d tolerate it.
You leant over the bar, smiling seductively at the brunette. “Hi there handsome… can I get four shots of tequila?”
“For you and your friend over there?” He asked, and I shook my head.
“Nah, he’ll just have a beer.”
He slid the shots over to you and gestured to the salt and the lime. You nod. Turing you waved Steve over. He stood next to you. Taking an ice cube, you rubbed it against his neck. “What are you-”
“We have eyes on us.” You said. He nodded. You were referring to Wanda. He still thought you were upset about Bucky. Who also happened to be staring. You tipped the salt onto Steve’s neck. “Put your hands on my hips.” You whisper and he complied. You giggle before standing on your tiptoes, licking the salt off his skin with a flat tongue, your tastebuds shriveled up making you want to spit out the bad taste. His grip tightened on his waist. Pulling back, you winked at him before you then downed the shot and then sucking on the lime. Once the show was over, you handed him his beer, he thanked you.
Leaning in, he whispered in your ear. “That was oddly pleasant.”
You laughed at him. “Here. Share this one with me.” You grin, handing him a shot. You both took it. You laughed at Steve’s face. “Fancy a dance Captain?”
“Refuse a dance from you. Never.” He held out his hand and took it. You downed your last shot before Steve tugged you onto the makeshift dance floor. You caught Wanda’s gaze. And boy, was she pissed. There was something in her gaze that screamed revenge. She was going to get you back for this. You knew it, and so did she.
Steve’s slid his hands down your waist, gripping the thin fabric slightly as you moved against him. You laughed as he pulled you into him. “Wow, you’re really going for this.”
“Look at him, he’s seething.”
You glanced at Bucky. His fists were clenched, and he was shooting deadly glares towards Steve. There were veins sticking out from his neck and forehead. You almost laughed.
After dancing with Steve for a while, you’d both become tired. So you two decided to sit down. Nat took this oppertunity to sit next to you. "What are you doing?" She whispered.
"You flirting with Steve."
"It's been a while. Can't blame a girl for trying." You mumble. She gave you a cut the shit look.
“Just tell me.”
You sigh. “I told her, we made out almost had sex, got interrupted. Then the next thing I know she's flirting with Vision and now she’s all over this bitch at the bar so if she wants to play this game then fine. I’ll play.” You confess. She raised a brow, a smirk lifting her lips.
“She’s not into it, look at her.”
You took your drink, gripping the bottle tightly. Your jaw has been clenched all night as you watched Wanda flirt with some girl at the bar. You took a sip, your eyes never leaving Wanda’s direction. The girl placed her hand on Wanda’s thigh. Wanda looked down and then she looked at you. She saw your glare and took that as a challenge. She placed her hand on top of the girls, sliding it up her thigh further. The girl smiled, leaning into her as she said something to her that made her laugh. It wasn’t a genuine laugh; it was forced. That much you could tell. You ran your tongue across your teeth before finishing your drink, slamming the bottle on the table. Nat looked at you.
You grabbed the beer Nat was handing you, swiftly discarding the cap. You began to chug that one too. Your eyes trailing back over to Wanda. Her eyes were focused on you as she leant into the blond. You remained impassive, not giving her a reaction. The only indication to your anger was the very tight grip on your bottle. You wanted nothing more than to rip that blond off your woman.
“Be right back.” You muttered.
You swiftly stood up, crossing the room. You placed your hand on the girl's shoulder as she turned to look at you. Wanda was smirking, a challenge behind her eyes. “I’m going to say this once. Take your hand off her thigh before I break it.” You whisper a dark edge to your tone. She furrowed her brows at you.
“Who even are you?”
“The girl who’s name she’s going to be screaming tonight.” You shot back before grabbing Wanda’s hand. She didn’t fight you. Instead, she eagerly shuffled behind you. You guys got into the elevator. You pushed Wanda against the wall, your lips pressing against hers roughly. Your hand was gripping her throat, your nails scratching her skin slightly. “I bet you think you’re real cute letting her put her hands all over you. We’ll see how cute you look when you 're begging me to let you cum.” You growl into her ear. She bit her lip in response.
“She’s not the one I wanted to touch me.”
“Then why did you let her.” You mumble against her neck.
“I- I… oh god,” she moaned as you bit down on her neck. “I was trying to make you jealous.”
You tightened your grip on her neck. “Well, cut that shit out. I almost threw her through a wall.” You mutter. She ran her hands up your body, a chuckle leaving her lips. You kiss her neck, sucking her skin into your mouth, causing her to moan. You left a sizeable mark on her neck.
“Now people will know you 're mine.” You whispered.
“You wanna talk about jealousy… what about you flirting with Carol… and then showing up in this dress with Steve and don’t even get me started on the shot thing.” She muttered, squeezing your butt.
You pull back, staring at her. “I wasn’t flirting with Carol.” You mutter. She gave you a flat look.
“You kissed her.”
“Oh, my god! That’s what this was all about! The cheek kiss, she- that wasn’t… Carol was the one who told Nick about me. I wasn’t flirting, I’d never… she’s like a sister. Gross dude.” You explained.
“So there’s nothing more with you two?”
You pulled her into you, your tongue swirling against hers in a passionate kiss. You pullback. “Baby, never.”
She smiled and the doors open. You take her hand and pull her back to your room. As soon as the door was closed, you pushed her back against it. Your hand slid up her back, pulling down the zipper of the dress she was wearing.
“You’re not really going to make me beg, are you?” She sighed as you kissed down her chest.
She groaned, pressing herself against you. “You know, that little stunt you pulled with Steve… I’ve never hated him more than in that moment.”
“I was trying to make you jealous.” You mocked. She smirked, pressing kisses up your neck.
“Well, cut that shit out.” She whispered, nipping at the skin. Your body was on fire as her hands slowly slid up your sides, curving with your hips.
She pulled away to guide you backwards, the back of your knees hitting the bed behind you. She carefully laid you down, the soft duvet enveloping you both the moment your bodies touched it.
Then Wanda began kissing you again, this time longer that the kiss before. Her hands roamed your body before resting comfortably on your hips. With her flush against you. You started to moan at the feel of her against you as she ground her lower half against you. With each kiss, you sobered up. Instead, drinking in all that was her. When Wanda pulled her lips from yours, a whine slipped from your throat before you could stop it.
Wanda smiled, her sea-green eyes hypnotising, “Are we really going to do this?” She whispered, a slight vulnerability to her tone. You run your hands down her back.
“Only if you want to.”
She kissed you again. Before trailing soft kisses on your bare skin as she travelled down your body. You sat up and she slid the zipped of the dress down slowly, her fingers teasing the skin with neat touches. Once you discarded the dress, she pulled back to admire you. Since the dress you had chosen was particularly racy, you couldn’t wear a bra with it. So as you lay beneath her in only your panties you’d began to feel slightly insecure. As if sensing your hesitation. She softly kissed across your stomach and then up to your breasts before lightly nipping at your skin. You winced when she tugged on your nipples, the pain quickly melting into pleasure. You smirked before flipping her over so you were straddling her. She gripped your hips. Her touch was bruising, but in no way painful. You both moaned as she ground against you. She lifted her her hips up to try to gain some relief from the burning arousal between her thighs. You played with her sensitive nipples with each new flick of your tongue; she whimpered, gasping slightly when you bit down.
“Please.” She whined.
You tsked at her but said nothing more as you kissed further down her body, reaching her thighs. Her breath caught in her throat. She slowly opened her legs to accommodate for you. You placed gentle kisses on the inside of her thighs, the feeling only serving to increase her arousal.
You then tugged her panties off down her thighs you slowly pulled the fabric down, never once breaking eye contact. You got to her ankles before throwing them to the floor. You were surely dripping now with arousal as you stared at her bare core. You swallowed, placing a kiss on her the inside of her knee. Her hips had started to lift slowly, trying to get some form of relief, hoping you would brush her lips further up to where she needed it most. “Please milyy.” Wanda whined slipping into her Skovian dialect, resting one of her hands on the back of your head, pushing it towards her centre. You smirked as you pressed kisses to her bare skin. She moaned softly when you began to leave hickeys on her thighs.
You kissed up her body until your knee was inches away from her core. Leaning into her ear, you nibbled on her earlobe. “Y/n, I can’t… please.” She whimpered as she ground herself against your knee. You stared at her. She was a whimpering mess, the sight boosted your ego by the metric. The most powerful avenger is whimpering under you and you haven’t even touched her yet. You slid one hand down to press against her clit whilst the other closed around her throat. You smirked. As she jerked forward.
“How would the rest of the team react if they knew how you crumble into this whimpering mess at the mere stroke of my hand?” You taunted her, her eyes snapped to yours, they were glowing their usual sapphire glow which seemed to happen permanently around Wanda. Her eyes were glowing scarlet as she stared at you.
“They’ve obviously not been touched by you. You’d make anyone crumble,” she responded. You smirked as her breaths got heavier. You ran a finger through her folds, causing her to groan lightly.
“You’re this wet already, my love?”
“F… for you… Oh!” she moaned as you thrust your fingers into her. Her warmth surrounded your fingers as you curled them up. A string of curse words fell from her beautiful lips as you used your thumb to press against her sensitive nub. “Always.” She finished in a pant.
You continued to pleasure her whilst sucking on her bottom lip biting down sometimes. She made you feel invincible as she moaned underneath you. You hand was moving in and out of her creating lewd sounds. Wanda was in no way quite as she grunted and moaned her approval. You eyes connected a devilish smirk on your lips.
“Come for me.” You whisper in her ear as your motions got faster. Moans and curses were falling freely from her mouth. And judging from the way she was reacting to your touch and how she would breathe out only in pants, she was getting close.
“Don’t stop. It feels so good.” She grunted and you could feel her walls tightened. Then you stopped. Wanda let out a groan of frustration as she looked at you through half-open eyes. “No, baby carry on I was so close.” She whined, grinding her hips against you.
“I don’t care how good it feels you’d better not cum until I tell you to.” You warned. You continued to move your fingers at an unbearably slow place, bringing her closer and closer to the edge and then letting the bliss fizzle away. She groaned. “You know what to do.” You smirk. Wanda nodded.
“Please, baby, please can I cum? I’m begging you.” She whines desperately, wriggling against you.
You look into her eyes.
“I'm going to make you cum so much you forget all about the pretty little blond at the bar.” You growl into her ear, your possessive side burning through. She bit your lip when she brought you down for a kiss.
“Already f-fuck!” She moaned as you added a third finger. “F-forgotten. Oh God. Y/N!” She ground out loudly. You sped up your pace. You took pleasure in hearing her moan, you knew she was going to cum, so you brought her lips to yours and kissed her deeply. Her body shook as her orgasm ripped through her. She scraped her nails down your back, no doubt leaving a mark or ten. You hissed in painful pleasure. You swallowed her moans in the kiss. You kept pumping into her until she flopped onto the bed in a deep sigh. You smiled, kissing her neck. You sucked on the sensitive skin of her neck, wanting to leave more than just good memories as a reminder of your first time together.
"Told you, you'd be screaming my name."
She smiled into your neck, pressing soft kisses to it. The action caused your heart to flutter. Because although the image of her cumming is burned into your mind behind a haze of lust, the small loving moments are what drive your heart into a frenzy.
Wanda looked at you, a smirk pulling at her lips. She tucked your hair behind your ear. “Your turn.” She grinned, pushing you down onto the bed. Her lips burned as she kissed her way down your body, paying extra attention to your sensitive nipples. “You’re good.” You sighed, running a hand through your hair.
“I want to kiss every inch of your body before I fuck you.” She growled against your skin. Your body burned with desire, every small touch set fire to your already burning body. You knew from the tone of her voice she meant it. And that thought had you dripping with anticipation.
You let out a sigh when Wanda finally latched her lips onto your pussy. She licked and sucked as you twisted beneath her, moaning at the pleasure that travelled through your body. Your body jerked upwards, your hands gripping her hair as she nibbled on your clit softly. The pain dissipated, and you felt yourself already becoming close.
“This is even better than in my dreams.” You groan, grinding your lower half against her face. She hummed in response and that sensation causing a loud moan to fall from your lips.
Your mind was in a haze as she inserted her two fingers into you as far as she could, curling them so she was hitting the exact right spots.
“Say my name.” She mumbled against you.
You complied, her name falling from your lips in a loud moan. “Louder.”
“Fuck! WANDA, D-DON’T STOP!” You yelled, not caring if anyone heard. You felt the bliss build up and wash over you in seconds after her name left your lips. She continued to lap up your juices, causing your body to jerk at the overstimulation. A small scream left your lips as she again bit down on your clit this time with more force. Your body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat as you panted, trying to regain a normal breathing pattern. She trailed kisses up your body before pulling you into a kiss.
You revelled in your taste in her mouth. As her lips continued to move against yours, you jolted when you felt her fingers slide through your folds. “Still so wet. God baby, you taste fucking amazing.” You smirked at her.
“I love you.” You whispered. She smiled lovingly down at you.
“I love you too.”
And then you were kissing again. Both of your hands roamed each other's body trying to commit every detail to memory. You both continued to pleasure each other until the sun's early light before falling asleep in a heap of tired limbs.
Tumblr media
You yawned the sun burned through window; the curtains weren’t shut last night due to your late night exploits. You flicked your wrist and then the curtains closed. You looked around your body and as aching, and you could tell it was going to be a difficult walking day. A dizzy smile spread across your lips as you tucked Wanda’s hair behind her ear. Your fingers trailed down to her jaw, then to her neck, your fingers tracing around the bruises on her neck.
Wanda shivered in her sleep as your fingers trailed against her skin. You smiled at this. Even in her sleep she reacted to you. You placed a soft kiss on her forehead before slipping out of bed. You threw on a tank top and shorts before throwing your hair up. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. Is anyone in the kitchen?” You asked softly.
“Yes ma’am. Mr Rogers, Miss Potts and Mr Stark.” She replied, and you nodded. You made your way into the kitchen, you said nothing as you walked over to the coffeepot. You flicked it on, resting your head in your hand.
You heard a low whistle, causing you to look at the table. “Huh?”
“You look like you had a great night.” Tony teased. You smirked at him.
“Oh, I did.”
He chuckled at you. “Who’s the lucky lady?”
“Who said it was a she?”
“The scratches, obviously from a woman. They look deep… did you have sex with a bear because she shredded you.”
You laughed at him before pouring your coffee into two cups. “I'm just that good.” You smirked, winking at him. Pepper laughed at his shocked face.
You walked back into your room, softly closing the door behind you. “You know I’m not a fan of waking up alone.” Her Skovian accent was thick like it usually was in the morning but due to her hoarse voice and lack of sleep it was as thick as ever making you want to forget the coffee and make sweet love to her for a few more hours.
“I brought you coffee.”
She sat up. “You’re forgiven.”
She looked at you. Her face was pulled into a breathtaking smile. You handed her the cup, slipping in next to her.
“How are you feeling?” You ask as she curled into you, her legs tangling with yours.
“Sore.” She smirked. You bit the inside of your cheek, a blush covering your cheeks. You leant over putting the cup on the side. Wanda took a sip before placing it on her nightstand. She held up her arm, and you rested your head on her chest. Her fingers traced small circles on your arm. “Last night… wow.” She sighed. You smirked.
“Ready for round what was it? Like 6?” You laugh. She shrugged.
“I forgot somewhere after my 5th orgasm.” She laughed. You glanced past her to look at the time.
"We should probably get to the gym... Nat's overseeing training, and you know what she and Steve are like." You mumble. Placing a hand on her stomach, she nodded.
"I don't want to go." She smiled..
"I know baby, I want," you whisper, kissing up her neck. "To stay here with you, for the rest of the day... and night and early morning, and then the next day." You mumble, nipping at neck. She sighed, running her hands down your back.
"We can't, no matter how much we want to. Tonight though... that's a different story." She sighed, placing a kiss on your cheek. You laugh at her
Tumblr media
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nermalina · a day ago
welcome to the team.
a/n: there’s little to no plot, but a heck of a lot of porn.
summary: wanda walks in on natasha and her girlfriend sharing an intimate moment. fortunately for her, the couple doesn’t mind the interruption.
warnings (18+ only): mdlg themes, smut, mommy kink, praise kink, finger sucking, boot grinding, thigh riding, lactation kink, vaginal fingering, choking, masturbation, wanda’s rings, light verbal humiliation, multiple orgasms, strap-on use, face sitting
words: 2.6k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Relax, princess.” Natasha’s hot breath ghosted over your neck as she led you farther into the room. She turned you around to face her and pushed you down onto your knees. “You don’t have to be shy around me, we’ve done this many times before.”
“The door’s still open, Mommy,” you whispered, sticking your head out to the side to look behind her. A cold hand wrapped around your jaw, forcing you to look up at your girlfriend.
“Keep your eyes on me, honey.” Natasha scolded. “It’s just you and Mommy, sweetheart. No one is going to catch us. Everyone else knows to stay off of our floor unless we ask for them, so don't go on worrying your pretty little head about it.” The Russian smiled when you mumbled out an apology. She released your face, swiping her fingers across your mouth. “Open.”
You parted your lips, allowing her to shove two of her digits into your mouth. Your tongue ran across the length of her fingers as she pumped them into your mouth.
“Good girl.” she cooed, pushing her fingers in farther. You gagged as they hit the back of your throat. “It’s okay, you’re doing just fine, baby. Let me know if it becomes too much, alright?”
You hummed around her digits, curling your lips around them. Natasha wedged her boot between your knees and nodded. It was then that you were reminded that unlike you, your girlfriend was fully clothed. She had stripped you the minute you got to your room. You silently lowered yourself onto her shoe. Her digits in your mouth muffled your moans as you slowly rocked your hips.
“You deserve this, honey. You’ve been an angel this past week and Mommy really appreciates it.” The redhead kept her heel planted on the ground but pressed the tip of her boot against your cunt.
Natasha slipped another finger inside of your mouth. Tears pooled in the corners of your eyes while she continued to thrust her digits into your mouth. Her free hand brushed against the side of your face, wiping away a tear that had escaped your eyes. 
“I know, precious. It’s a little more than what you’re used to, but I know you can handle it. I’m only trying to get you ready for that new toy we ordered the other day.” Unfortunately, the item she was referring to hadn’t arrived yet, but you were still looking forward to the new strap Natasha had picked out. “After all, Mommy knows what’s best for you. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
“Yes, Mommy.” you managed to say. Your teeth grazed her digits as she slowly pulled them out of your mouth. Natasha wiped her fingers on your cheek and squeezed your jaw, causing your mouth to fall open. 
The older woman crouched down and spit into your mouth. Her saliva coated your tongue, slowly dripping down while you waited for her to indicate that you could swallow. “You look so cute like this, baby. I’m tempted to leave you like this.” You huffed and tried shifting closer to her. “Don’t look at me like that.” Natasha scowled, gently pushing your face to the side. “Swallow.”
Obliging with her request, you swallowed and ground down harder on her boot. Natasha cupped your face and slid her thumb inside of your mouth. 
You whined when she flattened her foot and pulled you up. “Oh, honey, you made such a big mess. Should I make you clean it?”
“Mommy.” you whimpered as her thumb left your mouth.
“Don’t complain, bunny.” Natasha sighed, helping you to your feet. “Mommy will give you what you want eventually, you just have to wait.”
Swiftly undressing herself, Natasha led you over to the bed and sat down. Intertwining her fingers with yours, she guided you into her lap. “Come on, fuck yourself on Mommy’s thigh.” You squeezed her hands and hid your face in the crook of her neck. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart.” Natasha pulled you away from her neck so she could look you in the eye. “All Mommy wants to do is make her precious bunny feel good.”
“Alright, Mommy,” you whispered, moving one of your legs so you were straddling her thigh. Natasha grinned when your cunt met her bare skin.
“Rub that pretty pussy on me, honey.” Natasha encouraged, caressing your face. “You’re soaked, baby. Why is that?” You murmured something under your breath that the Russian was unable to understand. “Try again, use your big girl words and speak loud enough for Mommy to hear.”
“Because of you, Mommy,” you repeated, louder than before. Seemingly satisfied with your answer, Natasha permitted you to continue grinding on her thigh. 
Natasha’s hand slid behind your neck and guided you towards her heavy breasts. Instinctively, you opened your mouth, licking her nipples before curling your lips around one of them. She rubbed your back reassuringly as you tugged on the pebbled peak. “There you go, princess.”
A steady stream of sweet milk began pouring into your mouth. Your hips slowed as you became distracted by the substance filling you. They almost stilled, but your girlfriend caught them between her hands in time and began helping you along her thigh.
“No stopping until you’ve drenched Mommy’s thigh, okay?” Your mouth unlatched from Natasha’s breast so you could let out a small ‘yes’. Immediately after the word had been uttered, your lips were back on her. Your tongue flicked over her areola, licking up the small beads of milk that had dripped out. “Does Mommy’s pretty baby wanna cum?” Natasha questioned, bringing her thumb down to your clit, stroking over it tenderly. 
Wanda got out of the elevator and noticed that the space was empty, meaning that you and Natasha must have been in your room. The others had sent her to fetch you two for dinner, but the only problem was that she seemed to have forgotten that they had also told her to wait a while before she went.
She heard an odd noise but brushed it off. All of you were Avengers, one of you must’ve been in the gym training. Continuing down the hall, she stopped at your bedroom door.
The Sokovian stood in the doorway, completely still. She knew she’d get in trouble for watching, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from you and Nat. 
“God, you’re so needy.” Natasha purred as you eagerly sucked her nipple. She pushed your cunt down on her thigh harder. “Maybe I should’ve invited Wanda up to our room tonight. You would happily let her touch you, huh?”
Your eyes widened and you were about to pull away, but Natasha kept your head in place.  “I know about your little crush, bunny. You shouldn’t be so shocked, did you think you could get around without Mommy noticing?” Wanda worried that she would now be the object of Natasha’s anger since her girlfriend had a crush on her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie, I can see why you’d like her. She’s cute, but not as cute as my sweet girl.”
“I’m gonna count down from three. When I get to one, you’re gonna cum for Mommy, alright?” Natasha pecked your forehead, using her hand to keep you close to her chest. “Three.”
Wanda watched in awe as your hips sped up and you ground against Natasha with a force she couldn’t have imagined. “Two.”
Your suckling became less intense as less milk flowed into your mouth. You gently grazed your teeth over Natasha’s nipple when her thumb applied more pressure on your clit. “One.” 
You came on her thigh with a faint sob, slowing your hips to help you ride out your high. Your mouth released her nipple and kissed up her breasts. Natasha cupped your face in her hands and planted her lips on yours. She whispered soft reassurances in your ear when you pulled away, allowing you to rest your head on her shoulder.
You whined when her hand traveled back to the apex of your thighs. “Hush, honey. You can take more, Mommy will know when to stop.” Wanda swallowed, stepping back to leave. “If you’re going to watch me fuck my precious bunny, you might as well help me do it.”
The brunette froze like a deer in headlights when the Russian acknowledged her presence. “What? You do realize that I was practically a spy, right?”
“I-I’m so-”
“It’s fine Wanda, we don’t mind the interruption at all.” Natasha breathed, circling your clit with her thumb. “So are you going to help me out or not?”
“Yeah- only if you two don’t mind.”
“If I did mind, why would I ask?” Natasha remarked, turning her attention back to you. “Don’t you want Wanda playing with your pussy, baby? I’ll teach her how to make you feel good, how does that sound?”
“You can come closer, Wanda.” The brunette stepped into the room, slowly making her way towards the bed. “Take your clothes off.” Wanda made quick work of her clothes and reached for her necklace. “Leave that and the rings on.”
“Just do as you’re told, sweetie.” Natasha purred, laying you on your back and rolling to lay beside you. “You want her to put her hands on you, hm? Don’t lie and say that you don’t, baby. Everyone knows you’re always staring at them.” You looked up at the headboard, but Natasha was quick to tilt your chin down. “Ask her nicely for what you want like a good girl.”
“Touch me p-please, Wanda!” 
The sokovian hovered over your body and spread your legs apart. “You’re very cute, baby.” Wanda complimented, inching her hands up your inner thighs.
“Did you hear that, bunny? She thinks you’re cute, what do you say?” Natasha’s cold hand trailed up and down your torso.
“Thank you, Wanda.”
“You’re very welcome, sweetheart.” Wanda beamed. She looked at the redhead for approval while teasing your entrance with her fingers. 
“Come on, Wanda, give her what she needs from you.” Two of Wanda’s digits plunged inside of you, steadily pumping into your core. 
“Fuck.” Wanda whispered, feeling your cunt clench around her. Her free hand moved up to your neck and wrapped around it. “Do you like being fucked while your Mommy watches?”
Your eyes snapped towards Natasha who silently told you to answer for yourself. The redhead tucked her head in the crook of your neck and slipped her hand between her legs. “Yes.”
“Your Mommy should share you more often then,” Wanda smirked, gently squeezing your throat. She leaned down and pumped her fingers at a faster rate. Her hands were warm, a stark contrast to the cold rings she was wearing. You could feel them rubbing against your sweet spot every time Wanda’s fingers entered you.
“I’m not one to share my things, Wanda. This is just a little welcoming gift for you, don’t expect to see more of us.” Natasha ground against her hand, pressing soft kisses along your collarbone.
Wanda noticed that your attention was elsewhere, following your gaze towards her chest. You were enamored by the necklace hanging from her neck. “You wanna bite them, honey?”
After you had given her a sign of approval, she leaned down further, encouraging you to latch on to the piece of jewelry. You bit down on the necklace, holding it in your mouth.
“That’s it, good girl.” Wanda used her thumb to toy with your clit. “Your Mommy looks close, darling. Wanna cum with her?”
“Cum for Wanda,” Natasha commanded. Her fingers slammed into her pussy as she rode out her high. You released onto Wanda’s digits soon, coating them in your arousal. “We’re not done with you, bunny. You’re going to cum for us one last time.”
Natasha got off the bed and headed into the closet before returning with an item that was too familiar to you. “Since you’re our guest, you can use her favorite toy on her pussy.”
All of Wanda’s confidence left her when she saw the strap-on in Natasha’s hand. While she had been on the receiving end a few times, she’d never gotten the chance to use it on someone. 
“You’ve never done this before, have you, honey?” Natasha asked. “Well, don’t worry. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about making my little girl squirm. Shouldn't be too hard since she’s a desperate slut.”
The redhead passed the toy off to Wanda and whispered something in your ear. When she looked back at the younger girl, she was standing there cluelessly.
“Must I do everything myself?” Natasha rolled her eyes in annoyance, helping Wanda into the harness. “You get the general idea, right?” Wanda nodded. “Then you can take it from here.”
“Yeah,” Wanda replied shakily, raking her eyes over your figure. She kneeled on the edge of the bed, settling between your legs.
“What are you waiting for, Maximoff? Give my bunny something to remember you by.” Natasha ordered, losing her patience.
“I was getting there.” Wanda aligned the fake cock with your awaiting cunt. Your breath hitched when the brunette started to ease the dildo inside of you. Although the strap-on secured around Wanda’s hips was your favorite toy Nat owned, it had been a while since she had last used it on you. 
“It’s okay, she’s almost there, bunny. Only a few more inches.” Natasha said, tracing patterns on your thigh. “Keep going, Wanda. She can handle it, don’t worry.”
Wanda snapped her hips forward, filling you completely with the toy. Natasha moved behind Wanda and waited until you had relaxed before grabbing the Sokovian’s hips. “What are you-”
“I’m making things easier for you,” Natasha mumbled, guiding Wanda to gently rock her hips. Once she had realized what Natasha was doing, Wanda pulled the strap out of you before slamming it back in. “You’re a quick learner, you’ve already gotten the hang of this.” 
Natasha let go of Wanda and moved up the bed. She threw one of her legs over your head, straddling your face. “Do you want Mommy’s pussy, sweetheart?”
“Yes, please give me your pussy, Mommy.” you pleaded. Natasha lowered herself onto your face, rubbing her cunt against your mouth. “That’s a good girl, taking Wanda’s cock so well.”
You eagerly licked at Natasha’s cunt, hooking your arms around her thighs. Wanda thrust the cock in and out of your cunt. “Look at this messy pussy, Nat.”
“My stupid little bunny.” Natasha cooed, reaching to rub at your clit. “She’s so horny that she can’t think properly. Just wants to have her pussy stuffed like a good cockslut.” 
Her other hand went underneath your head, holding your face close to her heat. She ground down against your tongue harder. “You’re gonna make Mommy cum all over your pretty face, honey.” 
You stuck your tongue out, sliding it inside of Natasha’s entrance. Your girlfriend came on your mouth, grinding against your tongue. Natasha got off of you and licked her cum off of your face. She pressed down on your clit harder as Wanda’s thrusts got rougher.
“Is my darling girl ready to cum for us?”
“Yes, Mommy,” you answered. “Wanna cum for you and Wanda.”
Natasha rubbed her tight circles around your overstimulated clit. “Then be a good girl cum for us, bunny.” You cried out one last time before coming undone around the toy. 
Wanda withdrew the dildo from you and removed the strap-on. Natasha was quick to come to your side, using a damp cloth to clean you up. “Such a good girl.”
“Are you sure you don’t wanna share more often?” Wanda smirked. Natasha tucked you under the covers and pushed Wanda down on the bed. 
“I’ll think about it,” Natasha replied, laying on her stomach between Wanda’s legs. “But first let me take care of you.”
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[Wanda and Y/N cuddling on the couch]
Y/N: I love you Wanda.
Wanda: I love you too, Y/N.
Y/N: No, I love you more.
Wanda: No no no, I love you way more though!
Y/N: Well, I love you for infinity!
Wanda: I love you till the moon and back!
[Y/N, being competitive]: hah! Infinity is unlimited-
[Wanda’s eyes glowing red slightly and tilts her head]
[Y/N, frozen]: Yep, you love me till the moon and back. Got it!
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aquamarinescarlet · a day ago
Broken bones, healing heart
Pairing: Zooey Kern x Reader
Word count: ~4.8k
Warnings: Car accident, injuries, angst with a happy ending
Summary: After an accident you’re bound to a wheelchair for at least two weeks, and the universe seems to be playing with you when the person who’s supposed to look after you is also the one who hates you the most.
Author’s note: Special thank you to @thesoulofbell for basically co-writting this with me!! This is an enemies to lovers, since apparently that's the only thing I can write.
Tumblr media
“Good morning Miss Y/L/N, how’s everything going?” The receptionist greeted as you walked into the building.
“Great Helen, how about you, how are the kids?” You shot her a smile.
“A handful, as always,” you chuckled and made your way to the manager’s office, your office.
The room was neat and clean as always, your degrees exposed on the wall behind your desk, a book shelf on the side, for the purpose of decoration since you’ve never actually read any of those books.
You settled in front of your computer, ogling the stack of papers someone has left on your table for you to look over. Seriously, who even uses that many papers at a time where everything can be done with the help of technology?
Through the glass wall you could see as the other employees started to arrive for the day. With a cup of coffee in hand you went over some of the papers from the pile, reports on the patients the Home Care Agency has been working with, adding all the relevant information to the system.
Ever since you got the promotion, you have hated the job. You enjoyed working with patients, their grumpiness and unwillingness to cooperate was endearing, although others could find it ennerving. Now you’d spend all day in your office, reading over the reports, contacting families, and rearranging the nurses when necessary. It was boring, but you couldn’t quit since the money was necessary.
In addition to the situation, there was Zooey Kern. The woman hated your guts, and refused to do what you told her to. It was frustrating to say the least.
A knock on the door brought you out of your thoughts.
“Excuse me, Miss Y/L/N,” your boss appeared at the door.
“Mr. Vega, how can I help you?” The short man stood nervously at the door.
“Kit had to take the day off since his wife just went into labour this morning and I need someone to fill in for him with Matt Ryder today,” his eyes kept looking at something on the end of the corridor.
“I’ll figure it out,” he let out a sigh of relief and excused himself, rapidly walking in the direction he was obsessing with before.
Shaking it off, you took the list of nurses and, unfortunately for you, stated that every single one of them was busy with some other patient. Just your luck. Mr. Ryder required constant care due to his cancer, which could cause relapses every so often, you couldn’t leave him without someone for a whole day.
Without any other option, you decided you’d take care of it yourself. It was a great excuse to get back ‘into the field’.
You reorganized everything, putting away the reports you’d already read, and separating those you still had to take a look at, before going into the supplies area and taking everything you needed.
Due to your position you had Mr. Ryder’s entire schedule, with medicines and quantities all laid out, so that wouldn’t be a problem. The address wasn’t hard to find too, and soon enough you were driving to his place.
As if on cue, Kit started to blow up your phone with messages about Mr. Ryder and all the specifics about his care. Telling you to beware of his blunt honesty, of his terrible habit of playing the drums all the time…
Tumblr media
Your mouth was dry and your head felt dizzy. You tried to move but your muscles wouldn’t respond to your brain.
“Shh, honey, don’t move too much.” A female voice called out, hand touching yours.
Carefully you started to open your eyes, being hit with a massive white light. Blinking the initial shock away, you started to make out Helen’s figure. Taking in the full room, the plain white walls, the beeping of machines, the cast around your leg.
You were in your car driving to Mr. Ryder’s home, your phone blowing up with messages, how did you end up in the hospital? Your eyes searched Helen’s for some answers.
“You were in an accident, but you’re okay, everything will be fine.” She reassured and you could see the tears starting to pool in her eyes.
You squeezed her hand. Scared and alone. You took a second to process the whole situation. Your leg was completely immobilized, but for some reason moving the rest of your body felt like too much of an effort to bare.
Helen left your side to get you some water and you missed the touch, the comfort. Gladly you accepted the drink, sipping from the cup she brought to your mouth. The soreness on your throat didn’t leave though.
“Feeling better?” You gently nodded. “Good, you scared me,” your heart warmed at the confession.
Ever since you moved into town the woman has taken you under her wing. Living away from your entire family was exciting, but also terrifying, and Helen has always looked after you like you were one of her children. Unable to speak, you squeezed her hand, hoping to transmit to her all your gratitude with that simple gesture.
Your little moment was broken by the entrance of the doctor.
“Miss Y/L/N, I see you’re awake-”
“Good news doctor?” She interrupted him eagerly.
“Yes, you had some serious injuries,” he told you, “a broken leg and a stable spinal fracture, but you should be okay with the right care.”
Helen let out a sigh of relief, relaxing against the chair she was sitting in.
“We will be able to discharge you in two days, but you’ll need constant help on the day-to-day activities, forcing that spine fracture could lead to a spinal cord injury, and we must be sure to avoid that.” He explained.
“That shouldn’t be a problem, we can get someone from the agency to look after you, right?” She asked and you gulped.
You were always the one looking after other people, being the patient would be weird, especially if one of your employees were to be the caregiver. It would be weird, that’s for sure.
The doctor and Helen walked out of the room to discuss some specifics of your diagnosis, leaving you alone with your thoughts. You wanted to protest, the nurse side of your brain talking louder, but your vocal chords failed you.
The hospital itself wasn’t that bad. The food sucked, and you constantly found yourself alone in your room. The exams they ran were extremely painful as well. Okay maybe it was that bad, but at least you weren’t drowning in paperwork, or spending your day behind a desk.
Instead you spent your days in bed, in pain, of course, but somehow it was slightly better. Mr. Vega came to pay you a quick visit, and so did some of your colleagues. It was good company, despite lasting only a handful of minutes.
You were relieved when it finally came the day you could go home. Helen was the one who picked you up and drove you. Being in a car was frightening, even though you had no memories of the accident itself, but she was always there to comfort you.
She helped you settle on your apartment, the wheelchair really made moving around a difficult task.
“So, when is Mr. Vega sending the poor girl who’s gonna live with me for the next few weeks?” You asked, as you watched her struggle to push you around the furniture.
“Soon, I hope.” She flopped on the couch tiredly.
“Wow, already so eager to get rid of me?”
“You can be a handful,” she joked back, causing you both to chuckle. “Do you need anything?”
You rolled your eyes at her preoccupation, she’d been asking that every five minutes.
“I’m good.”
“Oh thank God.”
“Oh c’mon, I’m not that bad, but thank you Helen, really, you’ve been so much help.” She gave you a soft smile, taking your hand in hers and giving it a little squeeze.
A knock on the door caught your attention.
“That must be her,” Helen said, standing up to answer.
“Do you even know who it is?”
“Nope, Mr. Vega said he’d sent whoever was available, and since you had the accident he’s been running short on staff,” she finally found the keys, revealing the figure on the hallway.
“No,” your eyes went wide when you saw none other than Zooey Kern standing in your doorway, with a very displeased expression, “is this a joke?”
“I’m not happy about it either,” she simply stated, making her way inside, dropping the bags and supplies messily on the counter.
Helen just stared between the both of you with confusion, and some apprehension. Your feud with Zooey was very well known amongst the agency, except for Mr. Vega, apparently.
Before all this hate, you and Zooey were friends, really close friends. You’d both joined the company together and hit it off pretty quickly. You were truly inseparable, doing every and anything together.
That was until she and her - now - ex-husband started going through a divorce and you got a promotion. You’re not quite sure when, how or even why it happened, but Zooey began to hate your guts.
Asking or just striking a conversation always ended up with her yelling at you for no reason. After she said some really hurtful things you simply gave up on trying, there’s nothing you could do if she didn’t tell you what you did wrong.
“I have to go, please don’t kill each other,” Helen pitched, sending you a look of pity before heading out.
You didn’t say anything, just watched as she started to unpack. Reality hit you when she took out a few pieces of clothing, setting them down on the counter.
“What are those for?”
“You want me to spend two weeks in the same clothes?” She mocked.
“Don’t worry, you won’t be here for two weeks,” you made up your mind, “I’ll talk to Mr. Vega tomorrow first thing and ask for someone else.”
“Good luck with that, everyone is busy so it’s me or no one. And unfortunately for the both of us, you can’t be left alone.” You let out a scoff, the nerve she had.
“I can manage it fine on my own.” She was quick to dismiss that statement.
“You have a spinal fracture, plus your leg is in a cast, you can’t walk, or even stand up. If you force your back too much you could worsen the wound. Thinking about it, I might just let you…,” she gave you a smirk, an evil smirk.
That bitch. You couldn’t help the loud frustrated sigh that left your throat.
Tumblr media
Turns out living with Zooey was bearable, for the first few hours. She kept to herself and so did you. That is, until the time came that you needed to take a shower.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She questioned as you rolled yourself towards the bathroom.
“Taking a shower,” you responded uninterested.
The wheelchair could barely fit on the small bathroom, making you irritated. Moving around to grab your stuff, such as your towel or anything inside a cabinet proved to be an even bigger challenge.
As your anger got the best of you, you pushed yourself up, leaning slightly on the sink, and used one of your hands to push the chair away. With the brace hugging your torso and the cast immobilizing any knee movement on the left leg, taking a step was almost impossible.
Taking a few deep breaths, making the brace feel even tighter than it should be, you decided to take a leap of faith. Hands away from the sink, you were about to do it when a pair of hands held you back.
“What are you doing?”
“My job,” Zooey’s voice came from behind you as her hands held you firmly by the waist, “you really think you can do this on your own?” Her cocky attitude was picking on your nerves, and you were not about to just let her give you a shower.
“I don’t need help,” you pushed her hands off of you, but they came right back.
“I’m not budging on this.”
“Why not? Wouldn’t you be happy if I just hurt myself even more?” You challenged.
“Yes, but if you did I would lose my job… and my license, so I’m gonna help you whether you like it or not.”
You huffed dramatically. She was right and you hated to admit that. And it has already been too hard to even get up on your own, how you planned on taking a whole shower like that was beyond you.
It was her job, and she was very useful, but damn she could’ve been gentler. Her hands were way too harsh on your skin, way too careless with the soap, and at some point you thought she was going to rip your hair off of your skull by how roughly she was washing it.
Nonetheless, the feeling of clean skin and a fresh pair of clothing was utterly refreshing. Zooey helped you get dressed, which almost ended with your arm being bent backwards, but you pushed your hatred away, determined to enjoy your first night back home in peace.
A movie played on the TV as Zooey prepared dinner. At that point you were warming up to the idea of having her around, especially if she was going to cook for you every meal. That thought was quickly thrown away as she handed you a plain boring sandwich. In revenge you decided to watch three more movies after that, keeping the woman from being able to sleep since she would be doing it on the couch.
“Okay, that’s enough,” she abruptly turned off the TV, “it’s already 2am and I want to sleep.”
“And I want to finish the movie,” you yanked the remote from her hands, turning the screen back on.
“You need sleep.”
“No, you need sleep, I’m totally fine.” You retorted.
Before you could do anything else, she got up from the couch, taking the remote from you, turning the screen off, and hiding it on the top shelf above the TV. You looked at her, dumbfounded.
“What are you doing?” You practically screamed.
“Making you listen to me, now bed.” She moved to try and transfer you to your wheelchair, which you avoided by pushing her back.
“This is my house, you don’t dictate the rules, and I said I don’t want to go to bed,” you argued.
“It won’t be your house if you die of exhaustion,” she reached for you again.
“I’m not tired.”
“Yes, you are.”
“You’re only using that as an excuse so you can go to sleep,” you challenged.
“Perhaps, or it’s because you have been picking on your nails for the past hour, and your legs haven’t stopped bouncing in a while,” instantly you stopped the movement, “you do this when you’re tired, plus your eyelids are trembling,” she pointed out.
She wasn’t wrong. You were tired. Especially since hospital beds weren’t the most comfortable which means you haven’t had a good night sleep in days. Truthfully, you just wanted to piss her off by staying up for so long, a small revenge for the shower earlier, but the idea of going to bed was seductive.
Begrudgingly you accepted her help, moving to your room, and comfortably laying in bed. This time, though, her movements weren’t as aggressive, she was surprisingly gentle. Soon enough you drifted off, already planning on calling Mr. Vega the next morning.
Tumblr media
“Are you kidding?”
“I’m sorry Y/N, but currently she’s the only one available,” Mr. Vega spoke through the phone.
“Everyone is busy? Can’t you just switch them? I’m sure Zooey would be pleased to tend for anyone else,” you pleaded one more time.
“They’ve been taking care of these patients for months, some for years, switching probably won’t be the best course of action right now, you’ll just have to figure this out,” he explained, before finishing the call, leaving you extremely frustrated.
A groan left your lips just as Zooey walked in, catching her attention, an annoying smirk plastered on her face.
“Don’t even say it,” you warned while she just enjoyed watching how bothered you were by the situation, “why aren’t you mad? Wouldn’t you prefer to be anywhere else?”
“I would, but watching you like this makes it all worth it.”
You swallowed your anger, your urge to launch yourself at her, since you wouldn’t be able to do it anyways. Instead you turned around, hiding inside your room, not bearing to spend another second in front of her.
Soon you fell into a routine. You would keep to yourself, and so would she. Zooey would help you with showers, preparing meals and doing any extra shopping you’d need, while you would let her help, let her keep track of your medicine and go to sleep at reasonable hours. You stayed out of her way and she stayed out of yours.
It was fun, you had to admit. Since moving around was very limited, you took every opportunity you could to get Zooey to do the simplest of tasks. You’d ask her to grab you a cup of water every twenty minutes, to the point when she gave you an entire bottle. You’d drop random things just so you could ask her to pick them up.
Unfortunately the fun dissipated quickly, frustration settling in. You were starting to feel useless around the house, needing Zooey for everything, from simpler things, like picking up the remote from the coffee table, to harder - and more embarrassing - tasks, such as going to the bathroom.
It was no longer amusing to watch Zooey groan as she set about doing something for you, it was equally irritating.
“Can we go out?”
“Are you asking me on a date?” She mocked, causing you to roll your eyes.
“Don’t flatter yourself, I mean go out as in, go anywhere other than this place.” You explained, not in the mood to fight anymore. “Maybe a stroll through the park.”
“I’m not pushing you around a park.”
“Oh, you’re not? Then let’s see what Mr. Vega will think about me being locked inside, y’know how he is with the patients getting fresh air,” you challenged, reaching for your phone.
“Fine,” she gave in with a loud huff.
Getting you into the car was an entirely new challenge. At least you and Zooey had already figured out the best way to move you by now.
Tumblr media
Arriving at the park was an utterly satisfying feeling. The last time you had seen anything other than your furniture was ten days ago, you were in desperate need of a change of scenery.
Zooey pushed you for a couple of minutes, and you took the chance to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and the warmth of the sun on your skin. But she got bored quickly, setting you beside a bench before sitting on it.
“Happy?” She asked, voice laced with annoyance.
“Yes, actually,” you responded excitedly, only pissing her off more.
You decided not to push it any further, and just enjoyed the silence for as long as it lasted, even if it wasn’t that long.
“Y/N? Zooey?” A voice coming from the left caught your attention and you locked eyes with the brunette walking towards you.
“Marie?” You were shocked, not expecting to see her.
“What happened?” She asked, taking in the state your body was in.
“Car accident,” you shrugged it off.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, I see Zooey is helping you out, that’s nice of her.”
“Why don’t you fuck off Marie?” The blonde spoke harshly, but you chose to ignore her attitude.
“I’m getting better, what about you? What are you doing in town?”
“I had a meeting, I’m leaving right after,” you gave her a frown, hoping to have a chance to catch up.
“That’s too bad, next time you come let’s go for a coffee,” you pitched.
“Of course,” she sent you a smile then glanced at her watch, “actually I’m already 5 minutes late so I better get going.”
“I’m sorry for holding you,” you both chuckled.
“No worries, it was nice seeing you, I hope you get better soon.” You thanked her and pitched your goodbyes.
When she was out of sight, your eyes fell on Zooey,
“Why the long face?” You teased.
“I don’t like her, didn’t I make it obvious?”
“Why not? She’s nothing but nice,” you argued.
Marie used to work at the agency a couple of months back. She and you used to date, but broke it off when she was offered a job in a different state. The breakup wasn’t hard on you, you were fond of her, but after some time the relationship just wasn’t… working. The excitement had died down and boredom was the only thing left.
Nonetheless you had kept a friendly status with her, wishing nothing other than the best out of the new job. Zooey clearly doesn’t see eye to eye with you on this - as well as in many others things it seems.
“Nice?” She rolled her eyes. “That woman is everything but nice.”
“You never liked her.”
“And I don’t know how you did,” you shot her a raised eyebrow, “never mind.”
She got up and started to push you back to the car, but you weren’t about to drop the topic that easily.
“Why didn’t you like her?”
“She’s a pathological liar, Y/N. I can’t even count how many times she has lied about being sick or having some sort of emergency just to skip work.”
“That’s not true.” Your voice exuded more confidence on that statement than what you actually felt.
She helped you into the car, driving you back home. The ride was silent for the most part. You were lost in your own mind, repassing your moments with Marie.
Marie was never much of a sharer. Keeping most of her thoughts to herself, not very good when it came to talking about her feelings. But you always respected that, you didn’t push her, you didn’t question anything. She had a right to her privacy, right?
“She was just a very private person,” you uttered suddenly, more to yourself than to Zooey.
“You know that’s not true.”
“Not everyone has to be an oversharer,” you countered.
“There’s a difference between sharing and actively hiding things.”
You arrived home and Zooey wheeled you inside.
“How would you even know if she was hiding something?”
“Oh, please, she was always hungover after missing a day at work due to ‘family emergencies’, her stories changed every time she told them, she talked about hundreds of friends that we never got to meet…”
“Now you’re just making assumptions.” She let out a dry laugh.
“You are so innocent, it’s endearing,” her tone was derogatory, fanning your nerves.
“What does that mean?” You raised your voice.
“You were miserable when with her.”
“I wasn’t.”
“Yes, you were. You checked your phone every five minutes, you lost your focus when she didn’t show up at the agency, she took hours to text back keeping you out of it all day,” she pointed out.
“I was just worried,” you defended,” and what does this have to do with anything?” You were almost screaming at this point.
“She wasn’t good for you and you were too dumb to notice, apparently you still are.”
You gripped the armrest on the wheelchair, your knuckles gaining a white color from all the strength you were putting into it.
“Too dumb?” You growled.
“Yes, too dumb, she was obviously toxic and-” Tears were starting to pool on your eyelids due to the anger boiling inside you.
“What would you know about toxic relationships? You were the one who cheated on your husband.” You yelled and the room fell silent.
Zooey had an unreadable expression on her face. Her breathing was uneven and your heart was going a thousand miles a second. Biting back the tears, your vision cleared up enough for you to watch her turn around and leave. She walked out the door without another word, leaving you alone to collect your thoughts.
Everything felt overwhelming. Moving. Speaking. Crying. Has your relationship really been a joke for her? For Marie. Why didn’t Zooey ever tell you about it, all of it?
Maybe she did and you didn’t listen, didn’t care cause you were so blindly in love. Maybe you knew all along, just didn’t want to see it, to accept it was true.
How did this day turn so bad so quickly? You were mad at Marie, and you didn’t even know why. The relationship ended a while ago, it shouldn’t matter anymore.
You were mad at Zooey. She was your friend, at the time at least. And yet she hid the truth from you, letting you live through the anguish that the relationship had been. Now you were over it, you were happily living oblivious to all that mess but she felt the need to throw it all in your face.
The audacity she had. Calling you dumb for accepting that for so long when she got to the point of getting married to someone that didn’t make her happy. The hypocrisy. Hating someone for their toxic behaviour when she, herself had cheated on her husband instead of talking about her problems, her feelings.
Your chest was feeling tight, your body frozen in place. It had been minutes, maybe hours, since she left, you really couldn’t tell. You wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t come out. You wanted to break something, but you were bound to this wheelchair, unable to move on your own without risk of causing more damage to your injuries.
A sudden need for water took over you, but one of the wheels got stuck on the carpet. You tried to set it free, but with all these feelings boiling inside you, it was in vain. With a mixture of impatience, frustration, anger and hurt, you threw yourself off of the chair, determined to get that water.
Standing up proved to be harder than expected, your muscles not having been used properly for the past two weeks. Crawling was worse, the effort put on your arms sending waves of pain to your spine.
Tears burned on your eyes at any attempt you made to reach the kitchen. Rage fueled you. Rage towards the whole situation. Towards the accident. Towards Marie. Towards Zooey. Towards yourself. Towards the fact that you became so useless you couldn’t even perform the simplest of tasks.
“Y/N! Oh my god!” Zooey’s voice echoed once she found you.
“No,” you screamed, “I don’t need your help!”
“Really? Look at you,” she said exasperatedly.
“I said no,” you tried to push her away in vain.
“Stop being so stubborn and just let me help or you’re gonna hurt yourself,” she managed to break through your fight, helping you to stand up.
“Don’t act like you care.”
“I do care.”
“No, you don’t! You have hated me for weeks and I don’t even know why!”
“Because you took the promotion that was supposed to be mine!”
“I never wanted the promotion, I just wanted you,” you blared to her face, breathing unevenly, eyes meeting hers. “All I wanted… was you,” you whispered in the dead silent room, “but at the time you were going through a divorce, you stopped talking to me, and I just needed the distraction, and the extra cash since my brother is starting college soon.”
“I didn’t cheat on him,” she admitted and you frowned, “my ex husband, I didn’t cheat on him.”
To say you were confused was an understatement. You remember it, when she told you everything, about the man she slept with, about the divorce, it was during your first fight. She noticed your questioning look.
“We had talked about the divorce already,” she explained, “before that party. I was going to tell you about it there actually, but then I saw you kissing that girl and something- something just- it just didn’t sit right with me. So… yeah… I did it to get back at you.”
“I- I- I don’t get it,” so many things were going through your mind, you couldn’t focus on anything properly, “that’s why you yelled at me the next day?”
“Kinda, the jealousy mixed up with the anger from you taking that promotion was too much and I just exploded.”
Your breathing was uneven, your face faintly red from the tears earlier. Zooey still held your body close to hers, keeping you from falling or straining your injuries. The feeling of her hand on your torso, her eyes watching yours deeply, made thinking that much more difficult.
“So what you’re saying is-”
“Just kiss me already.”
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willsimpforanyone · a day ago
pls pls pls indulge us on how you hc natasha or wanda would try to impress you when they realize they crushing! 🥰
more gay shit hell yes
Natasha Romanoff We've all seen how she flirted with Bruce, and how she flirts for a living, but with you? She can't quite bring herself to use her usual lines and for ages she doesn't know why. It's only when she catches Tony flirting with you and her protective instincts kick in (don't worry, it was just friendly flirting) that she realises oh shit, she got a crush. After that, you are gonna be the centre of her attention, always. Even if you don't realise it, she's going to constantly be checking on you from the corner of her eye, making sure you're okay and more importantly that you're being listened to in group discussions. She wonders just how deep into this crush she is when she catches herself making a mental shopping list of ingredients so she can make you your favourite meal from scratch. When she gets bolder, it's gonna be a hug that leaves her arm around your waist, winks from across the room and so much gentle teasing- you'll find yourself falling in no time.
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff Bless her heart, I don't think she quite knows how to flirt so when she realises that she has a crush on you she's not gonna know what to do. After talking with Steve (dad friend!Steve x Wanda is a hella cute friendship) who is also really not very good at flirting, she learns a few ways to show her affection towards you. You're cold? She's gonna grab one of her sweaters for you and then die inside when you thank her and snuggle into it. Tired but need to do some work? She knows exactly when you need coffee, and will bring it in your favourite mug. Hate everyone and the world and need to be alone in your room? No problem, Wanda collected a box of things that help her destress, knocked on your door and left the box with a note that said she's here when you need her. Somehow she anticipates your needs and is at your side when you need her- it's hard not to fall for her.
Tumblr media
i really hope you enjoyed! i've realised i think i gave both of them acts of service as a love language, oops. thank you so much for requesting!!
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starryhunbun · a day ago
CHAPTER ONE: Something isn't right
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 after the events of the battle of New York, Steve Rogers doesn't seem to get a break from the aftermath that is caused by the blue space stone
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄 sorry for the late post, I wanted to post the first chapter on saturday but I've got an infection and was sick af. Anyway enjoy this chapter!
Tumblr media
May 17th, 2012: Washington, D.C.
On Friday, May 4, the world took a hard slap in the face. The Battle of New York revealed many dirty secrets the American government tried to hide ever since the events in Los Angeles 1995 and New Mexico 2011. Supernatural beings such as aliens are real, not just a rumor or a sci-fi story from an old comic book. Unfortunately, the people had to learn it the hard way. Overnight the world became part of something bigger- a bigger universe, beyond any imagination. No one had guessed that a crazy God who is jealous of his brother started to act out due to an inferiority complex.
The Battle of New York had taken its toll. Dead alien beings laying around the streets of Manhattan, completely destroyed buildings and people who couldn't be saved. Though conspiracy theorists finally got a long awaited answer to their questions. The Invasion caused fear, anger and trust at once. Trust for the not so mysterious group of a giant green monster, a billionaire in a flying metal suit, a costumed hero from the 40's, two deadly assassins and a literal God also known as the already mentioned brother of the crazy alien leader.
The Avengers were born.
"What kind of secrets are you trying to hide now, Fury?" With sceptical eyes and a bad feeling, Steve Rogers watches whatever the SHIELD agents are about to do.
Nearly two weeks have passed since the invasion of the chitauri. The aftermath is still causing troubles, buildings are still getting rebuilt and remains of the attack can be found in some areas. But it's getting better and people work together.
Ever since the Avengers were born, Steve Rogers decided to stay in Washington, D.C. at the so-called triskelion, one of the three main headquarters of SHIELD. To be fair, he only stays because it was Peggy Carter who originally founded the agency along with Howard Stark and Colonel Chester Phillips, his old chief of Camp Lehigh. Steve feels like he owes them, especially Peggy after missing their date and their possible life together.
Right now he is safe in an observation area, where he can see every inch of the big grey room behind thick armored glass. Walls made of solid steel make sure that whatever happens will not leave this former hulk security room. In the middle of this cold room is a pedestal with a small apparatus. Strange devices are surrounding the mysterious thing and conduct energy into it.
Though it seems like the little constellation of rusty gears and a crystal in the middle doesn't react.
After the lies Fury told them about the old plans with the tesseract, Steve couldn't help but question the actions. For all he knows this could be yet another plan to arm for a paranoid fear that something from space will attack the earth. Nick Fury, the director of the agency that prepares for supernatural things like this, stands right beside the living legend. Just like below in the newly built laboratory, there are scientists on the observation platform to keep an eye on the scene. They are mumbling highly scientific stuff now and then which a normal person wouldn't understand but at least the green lights on their monitors tell Steve that everything is alright. Nothing seems to blow up. Yet.
"No secrets, Captain", Fury promises, never taking his eye off from the strange relic that starts to light up a little. "We always treated that little thing like a paperweight. A dust collector, nothing serious. Due to the data, this thing has been in our possession since 1992."
Steve scoffs. It is hard to believe that SHIELD never tried to turn whatever that is into something more useful in the last twenty years. "And you never wondered what it could be?"
"Well, Captain. It never showed any reaction", Fury says, "Not until the tesseract was activated."
The tesseract seems to have done more damage than first suspected. It's the little details like a glowing rusty little artifact full of dust that cause fear and caution. But the fact that SHIELD is working on a strange object again that may or may not have a connection to the blue space cube worries the literal superhero.
"What's the plan?", the blond asks curiously as soon as the light grows brighter the more energy it gets.
"There is no plan. But whatever it is", Fury picks up a file and hands it over to Steve before finishing the sentence. For dramatic purposes. "It's dangerous."
The man's blue eyes scan over the paper. >WARNING< is written in bold, red letters on it. There isn't much information about the scrap metal which worries the super soldier even more. As if this thing just randomly appeared in 1992. No information on who submitted the artifact. It doesn't even have a name, just a bunch of numbers that define the constellation as >Subject C326<.
What no one expected is the burst of an enormous energy wave only to find a young girl lying unconsciously but uninjured on the floor while everyone else gets pushed away by the strong force.
The full moon is Selene's daily companion and constant reminder of the personal hell she is trapped in. Day in, day out, there is this full white circle in the night sky enhancing her magic like some sort of bad joke. Each damn night the girl spends in this world, Selene sees the celestial body. God, it is so humiliating, ignominious even. It's very existence is mocking her, showing the brunette the weakness within her.
A strict daily routine is the only concept to keep her sane. Every day Selene wakes up at 9 am, eats breakfast at 10:30 am after she goes to the grocery store nearby to get the food she wants, cleaning and digesting follows right after that. The rest of the young girl's midday routine depends on what Selene wants to do. Either a workout to keep the regular physical activity up or traveling around the world since she has nothing else to do. Who is going to stop her?
So when Selene went to bed, saying goodnight to the offensive moon after having one of her movie nights, she didn't expect to wake up in a white room.
Confused, Selene tries to get a clear mind. Did she sleep somewhere else? No, she's pretty sure she went home after visiting the store to get a new camera. Hesitantly she slowly lifts up the bed sheets and sees a strange baby blue pj in which she is mysteriously dressed in.
Soon Selene realizes that this isn't a familiar room. In fact, she's never been in a room without a single window or furniture. This looks like a cell. Almost immediately panic arises.
Where is she?
What happened?
Where did the clothes come from?
Or the most important question: who did this to her? Because as far as Selene can remember, she was trapped alone in an alternative dimension.
Something isn't right.
She can feel the blank fear in her veins, influencing her movements. It feels like every cell in her body suddenly awakens. Before Selene even realizes it, she jumps out of the bed. Her hazel eyes are trying to find a way out, an exit to flee as fast as possible. One door. Two cameras. One bed. One blanket. One pillow. That's it. The only light comes from buzzing lights on the ceiling.
Something isn't right.
Selene tries her best to keep calm. Her fast heartbeat echoes in her ears, probably too loud for it to be normal. Her chest rises at an inhuman speed. Cameras? A strange environment? Humans. But how? It's impossible.
Something isn't right.
The young girl isn't sure whether it's complete panic or even a little excitement she feels right now. To be fair she should be scared of what is coming but at the same time.. How long has it been? When was the last time Selene met a real human being? That's a stupid question. She never stopped counting the days in that damn alternative world her mother sent her to.
Someone saved her. A hero?
Whatever, everything will be fine now.
Selene has two choices. She could free herself, open the door violently and run away or she could wait and behave. Whoever freed her from this prison, they're cautious. But they probably don't know what they are dealing with.
Barefoot, Selene starts to walk around. Her mind runs at full speed. Do they think of her as an enemy or a friend? She still looks like a sixteen year old girl even after all those years of isolation. Honestly, Selene isn't sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Maybe she miscalculated. Maybe she was trapped in a different time. It could've been several years in her world but only a few months or weeks in the real one. She doesn't know. Her mother sent her to this hell before Selene was able to run more tests on it.
Instantly she stops in her movements. What if the people who saved her are her enemies? That's the only logical explanation. No one could possibly use the ascendant without her mother's blood. Which means her mom brought her back. Which also means…
Selene is not free.
This is just another prison.
She was never free.
Wait. She freezes again, doesn't dare to move. What if this is just a dream? A nightmare. A hallucination. Selene had many of those already. A side-effect of isolation and loneliness. Her heartbeat is painfully loud and strong. Not again. Tears filled her eyes. Quickly Selene squeezes them shut, causing hot tears to roll down her cheeks. Not again. She's trapped in her mind. Or still trapped in this damn dimension? Hell, she doesn't know.
She needs air. Her breath gets heavier while her hand reachs for her tightening throat trying to free it from whatever happens right now. She is running out of air. She can't breathe. The walls come closer and closer. Is she going to die? But she doesn't want to. She didn't even have the chance to live at all!
It's warm but it's cold, the burst of different body temperatures makes her dizzy. The shortness of breath drives Selene crazy. Her legs feel numb, they can't hold her weight. The weight on her shoulders. The weight of the truth that she will never be free. Soon, her knees collided with the floor, arms wrapped around her small, trembling body. After all these years, the torture hasn't ended yet.
Suddenly Selene hears a lock. The door. Her eyes widen at the sight of the only exit slowly opening. Cold sweat covers her tensed body immediately. She swallows hard but the fear in her body remains. And again the girl tries to find something- anything to flee or to protect herself against the person who is about to enter this room.
That's when she remembers. Selene scoffs. What? Why is she afraid? All her life, she's been told what immense powers she has. Powers which caused all of this. She is strong. She can protect herself. Fear is nothing but a feeling used to control her.
I can do it, Selene thinks while trying to calm her breath and her shaking hands, and even if I don't, I have to.
A man comes in, blond short hair, dressed in casual clothes. Now Selene is confused. Who the hell is that? The girl tries to feel her surroundings by concentrating on every magical spark in the air. A strange amount of power radiates from him, but it's not magical. He's no witch and he doesn't work for her mom but he's not normal either. Also to be honest, it's safe to say that her mom would be the one to come into her room, simply to emotionally abuse her even more. To laugh in Selene's face. To tell her that after all she won.
Steve sees the young girl on the floor, scared, trembling, but mostly confused. He immediately holds up his hands, signaling her that he does not want to harm her. All he sees is a kid, imprisoned against her will. When Selene jumps up and steps back until her back hits the wall, Steve couldn't help but feel bad.
"Hey, everything's alright", the blond says calmly, "I'm not here to hurt you."
But all Selene can think of is his appearance. A human. After all this time a human being is standing right in front of her. Is he real? Is he a hallucination? Usually Selene hallucinates people she knows. People who caused her misery like her mom and the rest of the coven.
Slowly the girl takes baby steps toward the unknown man. He seems familiar as if she already met him.
"Are you real?", Selene asks cautiously. Immediately she scoffs. That's a stupid question. A hallucination would lie and say yes, just like a real person would say the truth and say yes as well.
Before Steve could answer the question, realization hits her. Again, her eyes grow wide.
"Holy shit", Selene breathes out, going closer to the man, "you are Captain America."
Steve's eyebrows rose in surprise. Of course people know Captain America is back since the events in New York, but he didn't exactly expect that reaction.
"Yes. Steve Rogers."
He offers Selene his hand to shake it, also silently requesting her name in return but she never answers.
Eyes locked on the outstretched hand, the girl draws even closer to the man. With a silent question in her eyes, she looks up at the blond.
"Can I-" , Selene swallows her fear down, at least she tries, unsuccessfully. She never allowed herself to hope. Hope would make everything worse, but now? Now Selene feels the warmth of a real hand of flesh and blood. The rough skin of the man's palm on her tiny fingertips as she touches it. Probably from the War he participated in. This can't be an illusion. This can't be her sick mind trying to trick her. It's real. It has to be!
"Can I hug you?"
Steve squints his eyes, brows lifted in confusion. Fury warned him about whatever the rusty thing brought into this room. SHIELD is clueless about this girl, they even changed her clothes to make sure wherever she comes from, she's no threat, not contaminated. Of course he understands the need for wariness, but looking into the young girl's hazel eyes, all Steve can see is loneliness. All Steve can see is a broken girl. She is hurt and needs to feel safe. She needs to feel affectionate human interaction.
After hesitating for a minute, Captain America nods and opens his arms to welcome the young girl. Selene embraces the muscular body immediately, her head against his broad chest, her arms wrapped around him tightly. She can hear his heartbeat, slow and regular. It's so calming, she could fall asleep on the spot. This can't be fake. The warmth of a human being she longed for. The hygienic smell of soap mixed with a strong, manly scent. She's free.
"What is he doing?" Fury asks, watching the living legend hug the unknown prisoner on the monitor, irritated.
Natasha Romanov also known as Black Widow stands right beside the director. To be honest, she's not sure what to think about this encounter either.
"Looks like Rogers has a soft spot for children."
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