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#wanda maximoff x reader
twilight-99-tm · a day ago
Bestie... I have a thought that YOU gave me. Soft. Bottom. Mommy Nat. Guiding you and praising you as you fuck her 🙃 the way I would die for that
idk where i went with this but I think you’ll like it bestie
requests are closed :( | wandanat drabbles
warnings: mommy kink, double ended strap, choking, voyeurism, scratching, smut minors dni
You got on your knees on your bed and crawled to between Natasha's legs, her eyes shone as she eyed the toy between your legs. You slid the tip of the toy through her slick folds, making her whine and buck her hips towards you, her nails digging into your skin.
“You know I don’t like it when you tease me, baby,” She pulled your hips forward the best that she could, tilting her head to look down at you with half-lidded eyes. 
“But it’s so fun when I do, Mommy,” you teased, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips. She took advantage of your moment and pulled you forward, making you fall onto her and slide the toy over her clit again. Her hand wrapped around your throat and pulled your face back to look at her. 
“You don’t want Mommy to be mean, do you?” She asked, using her other hand to slide between your thighs, starting to align the toy to her entrance and moving the other end in the process. You whined, instinctively bucking your hips forward. “Don’t you wanna make me feel good, baby?”
You leaned down and slowly thrust your hips forward, Natasha’s grip around your throat tightening as she threw her head back with a moan. “Fuck, you feel so good.”
You started kissing up her neck just as you heard the doorknob click, making you freeze your movements. Natasha raised her head, a grin forming across her face when she saw the other redhead entering the room.You looked up at Natasha, confusion clear across your features, but she moved her hand to caress your cheek and leaned in so you could feel her breath on your face. “It’s okay, sweetheart, Wanda’s just here to watch.”
You hesitantly glanced at Wanda, settling down on the arm chair facing the bed and leaning back into the plush seating. “She wants to see how well you treat Mommy, and maybe she’ll want you to fuck her too.”
You moved your hips then, sinking deeper into Natasha, your eyes glued to the way Wanda’s hand fluttered down into her pants, her fingers clearly moving beneath the fabric. 
“Natasha told me you wanted a turn with me, I had to come see for myself,” Wanda’s voice was smooth as it floated towards you and they were intoxicating, every breath dripping from her lips adding to your pleasure as you thrust into Natasha. “But you’re being a little sloppy, dove.”
Before you had time to register, Wanda settled herself behind you, her hands taking hold of your hips and repositioning them. The movement made the toy shift deeper into both you and Natasha, sending a wave of pleasure down your body. Natasha’s hands scratched down the front of your body, desperate for more stimulation. 
“Like this, princess,” She whispered into your ear, guiding your hips against Natasha. As you picked up the rhythm, her lips started kissing down your neck. You continued your movements, too lost in Natasha’s sounds and your own pleasure to notice the deep marks the other woman sucked onto your skin.
“P-please, Mommy,” You whimpered, eyes glued to where your hips met as you approached the brink of your orgasm. Natasha’s breathy whines told you she was equally as close, too dazed to even be able to respond. You felt Wanda detach from your skin with a pop, snapping your hips into Natasha. 
“C’mon, let go,” Wanda whispered into your ear, suddenly bending you over Natasha and using her power to bring Natasha’s hips harder against yours, sending both of you over the edge. Natasha’s nails dug into your skin as she screamed out in pleasure, your body twitching over hers as you struggled to continue moving. Wanda softly kissed up your back as you and Natasha caught your breaths, chests heaving as she loosened her grip on you. 
“See, honey?” Wanda’s tone was condescending as she rubbed your back while leaning away from you. “When you’re not sloppy, you make her feel so much better.”
You slowly pulled out of Natasha, looking up at her tired eyes almost asking for permission. She knew exactly what you wanted and nodded her head, pressing your lips together one more time before you turned away from her and pinned Wanda down.
“Then let me show you what you taught me, Mommy.”
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days ago
Y/N: Did I ever tell you how pretty you look when you’re angry?
Wanda: Well I must look gorgeous right now because I’m furious!
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kassies-take · 2 days ago
If You felt the Pain of a Loved One
A/n: You share pain with your soulmate after you’ve met them
Natasha: *smirks* Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
You: *really bad bed hair* couldn’t sleep. *sits at the counter next to Wanda*
Wanda: *teases* even away, Yelena manages to still keep you awake
You: I prefer if she were here, at least it would be fun
Natasha: *places down coffee and a gel ice pack in front of you*
You: *rubs and rotate shoulder* she definitely dislocated her shoulder, bruised tail bone. Nat. It’s killing me
Natasha: Soulmates am I right
You: *glares, throws ice pack at Natasha
Wanda: *hold cheek* Ow
Natasha: *glares at you*
You: Sorry Wan
Wanda: you’re forgiven
You: *finishes coffee* I think I’m gonna make an omelette *walks around counter*
Natasha: I wouldn’t call it an omelette. It’s a sad egg, rolled
You: yeah but it *drops mug and doubles over in pain, groans loudly and lowers self onto floor*
Wanda: Hey. Hey. *wraps her arms around you, pulls you away from the ceramic*
Natasha: *reaches to comfort you* (Y/n)?
You: *sharp breaths* I’m gonna killer her! fu-*searing pain on your right shoulder* -CK *sharp breaths and screams*
Natasha: Get her to Medical
Wanda: *nods*
Natasha: you’re not gonna like me for this but it will help with the pain
You: what are yo-
Natasha: *knocks you out*
You: *passes out*
Natasha: Get your ass into Medical now!
Yelena: I’m fine.
Natasha: I know you are! Years of pain resistance training, but (Y/n)-
Yelena: *shocked* WHAT *starts running to medical*
Natasha: *runs after Yelena*
Yelena: *reaches your bedside* Is she okay?
Wanda: *stands from the chair beside your bed* She can’t feel any pain if she’s knocked out
You: *groggy and laughs* haHa did you feel Nat’s mean right hook?
Natasha: you may have a pain tolerance but (Y/n) doesn’t.
Yelena: *sad and guilty* can I have moment alone
Natasha and Wanda: *leaves the room*
Yelena: *hesitates to touch you* I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would hurt this bad *kisses your forehead*
You: I’d punch you but I’d feel that too. *lifts blanket* you want to join? *looks at Yelena’s stomach* on second thought you should get patched up. WANDA!
Wanda and Natasha: *walks back in*
You: heal her please *points to Yelena*
Wanda: *uses her magic on Yelena*
You: this feels nice
You and Yelena: *cuddles*
Wanda and Natasha: *leaves once more*
Yelena: *whispers* sorry, детка
You: *hums* it’s okay. It’ll just build my pain tolerance.
Yelena: *insecure* you probably wish you didn’t have me as your soulmate
You: *frowns* what makes you say that
Yelena: you always get hurt because of me
You: *caresses Yelena’s cheek* As long as you make it back, the pain is worth it. If it means cuddles with you, I’d take it.
Yelena: *smiles and leans into your hand*
You: yeah, makes you want to be more careful now doesn’t it
Yelena: *chaste kiss to your temple*
You and Yelena: *drifts off to dreamland*
Natasha: *snaps a picture and smiles*
Wanda: they’re cute
Tumblr media
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fortuositywritings · a day ago
I Said No (Wanda x R): Pt 10
And here she is. The grand 14.5k finale. 
Summary: ex-girlfriend’s back and there’s gonna be trouble, hey-ya ex-girlfriend’s back
Warnings: cursing, a dash of angst
You wish you could say she looks the same as you saw her last, that it feels like it’s been days and not two years, because that would mean you didn’t care enough to notice the slight differences from then and now. The most obvious change, her hair is shorter. Styling choice in clothing is different but still nice. She looks fitter, like she’s been exercising. 
But those are still the same eyes you looked into when she climbed up a tree to rescue you. Those are the same hands you held on your first date, the same lips you kissed after you faced your fear of riding the Ferris wheel on that date. That is still the same voice that broke your heart two years ago. 
You feel like puking.
“Actually, I go by Daisy now,” Skye says. Or Daisy says. It’s suddenly getting too warm outside. You feel hot in your shirt and your headache decides to turn up several notches. Skye-Daisy is talking but you’re not really hearing anything. Wanda notices your composure and tries to help but when she places a hand on your lower back, you pull away like you’ve been burned. 
You see hurt flash across Wanda’s face at you rejecting her touch, but your need to get away trumps apologizing. Daisy is still talking when you cut her off. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”
You move past her without so much as glancing at her. You make your way through the house. You hear voices talking over one another in the kitchen and it doesn’t take a genius to know they were talking about you when it gets silent as you pass by.
You turn to them, they being Laura, Clint, Nat, and the other agent. “Don’t let me interrupt. I’ll be in the shower.”
They watch silently as you make your way up the stairs. Wanda shows up in the kitchen seconds behind, going to chase after you to make sure you are okay but Nat quickly steps in her way. “I think we should let her have a moment alone.”
Wanda is ready to protest, looking over to your cousin for backup, but your cousin agrees with Natasha. Taking into account that your cousin knows you better than anyone, Wanda’s demeanor changes. So instead of chasing after you, she sighs in defeat and heads out the back door, needing a moment herself. 
Laura goes to talk to you right after your shower. She finds you in the guest bedroom dressed for the day, putting on your shoes. The sound of the door opening makes you tense up but finding a pregnant belly as your gaze goes from your shoes to the person at the door, you sigh in relief. 
“I know it’s your house and all, but knocking is still important. I could have been naked,” you try to joke with a smile, but your cousin sees it doesn’t quite reach your eyes. You know this too when she closes the door and makes her way to sit next to you on the foot of the bed. 
You are barely able to get out the tired “Laura” said to tell her you don’t want to talk about it before she interrupts, “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, but I am not a mind reader like Wanda or a super spy like Nat, so it’s going to be really hard to give you advice when I don’t have much to go on. I also think it might help to vent.”
When you don’t say anything, she continues, “Or we could sit in complete silence, dragging it on until it’s painfully awkward.” That gets a snort out of you and a smile out of her. You relent and do as she pleases. Needless to say, Laura is right of course and venting helps you sort through your emotions. She sits through it all without interrupting, although you can see it kills her not getting something in there. 
Finally, after wrapping it all up, you relinquish the metaphorical speaking stick to her. “Okay, the floor is yours. Counsel away.”
“Okay, first…” And so it goes back and forth. She asks for clarification on certain things, you do just that, and she gives you her two cents. As draining as the conversation feels, by the end you’re left with a newfound vigor to finally get your shit together. Laura basically just told you what to do next. You have to talk to Skye/Daisy to get closure and move on. Maybe also ask what is up with the name change.
Laura hugs you tightly. Feeling all the love and also a bit squished, you laugh, “Is this the part where you tell me you’re proud of me?”
“Not until you actually do what we just said you would,” she answers, letting you go. She leaves the room with the intention of calling Daisy up to talk to you. She does so, finding her with Bobby, the other agent, in the kitchen along with her husband and his best friend, whilst you run through all the things you want to get off your chest. 
“Daisy, Y/N wants to talk to you upstairs,” Laura says, surprising Daisy. From the way things went down outside, Daisy thought her being here would mean you avoiding her completely. You asking to see her was the last thing she expected. She gives Laura a nod in acknowledgement and heads upstairs, trying to shake off the nerves on the way up. 
It takes her a minute to find you. Not ever having been upstairs, she practically gives herself the grand tour because of course you’re behind the last door she opens. You give her an awkward smile when she walks into the room, lingering by the door. It takes Daisy a minute to realize neither of you have spoken and have been having some kind of staring contest. 
She snaps out of it and focuses on something else. She takes in your entire appearance, damp hair down to the shoes. She breaks the tension with a joke, something you two always had in common. “Still rockin those green tops, I see.”
You look down at your outfit and laugh. Sure enough you are sporting a green shirt like the first time you both met when she was just a stranger helping you down from a tree. You acknowledge her reference to that day with, “I can still rock the tights, too.”
“I don’t doubt it,” Daisy replies, voice sounding almost far away as she recalls that day in her mind. She found you stuck in a tree, fear of heights keeping you from coming down. You wore a green shirt and tights, which is where her nickname “Robin Hood” for you sprung to life. She is brought back to the present at the sound of you clearing your throat.
“I didn’t call you up here to talk about my ageless styling choice though,” you steer the conversation to where you wanted. Daisy follows you to sit on the bed with a “Yeah, I didn’t think so.”
“I understand that you couldn’t tell me exactly what you were trying to do, especially now that I see where it lead to, but the way you left, the things you said, whether you meant to or not, made me feel like shit,” you begin.
“I-” Daisy starts, but you stop her, placing a hand on her arm.
“Wait. Let me just finish ‘cause I’ve been holding this in for a while.” At Daisy’s nod you continue, “You left out of the blue. I thought things were going really well. The way you ended things had me believing it was something that I did.”
You take your arm off of Daisy as you feel yourself getting angry. “You didn’t explain anything. You blamed me for deterring you off whatever mission you were on. I never meant to do that if that is true for you. I never asked to be your priority. I was in love with you and you knew that and still you put the blame on me and then left.”
You realize you are raising your voice, so you will yourself to calm down, looking down at Daisy. You don’t know at what point you stood up but you stay standing. “I didn’t deserve that shitty goodbye. I still carry all that with me but I’m tired of the weight. It’s deterring me from taking the path I want to take.” 
Daisy’s eyes water. She wears a guilty look on her face and she looks away from you to keep the tears at bay. When you see her try to blink them away you clarify, “I’m not putting it all on you. I know I could have chased after you and demanded an explanation. I could have fought harder. All I am asking for now is closure. You may have left me behind but I could never do that with you. But I really would like to now.”
“Fuck,” Daisy chokes out, failing to keep the tears from falling. You stand there watching her wipe at her face. It takes her a minute to gather the courage to look at you again. She clears the knot in her throat before she speaks. “I never meant to hurt you the way I did. I know it sounds like cliché bullshit, but it’s true. You’re right. What I did was shitty. I am an asshole for leaving the way I did and I regret saying that to you. The thing is, I was falling for you. Time went by so quickly with you and I panicked ‘cause I was starting to forget that the reason I was in the city wasn’t you.”
Daisy stands up and takes your hands in hers. She thinks you’ll pull away but is relieved when you don’t. Her hand feels more calloused. It still feels nice but you note that it doesn’t bring you the feelings it did before. No stomach flipping. No nervous heartbeat. Instead it brings you solace. This was exactly what you needed. 
“You were nothing but good to me and I should have given you a better goodbye or like you said, a chance to demand an explanation. I ran away so fast, I didn’t give you that chance. I might be years too late to say this but I really really am sorry. It was a dick move and I should have done better.”
She looks at you in desperation, trying to make you see that she does mean it. When you smile at her and say, “It was the dickiest move, but I’m ready to move on. Thank you for this.”
She breaks out into a smile. “This feels like a hugging moment. Can I hug you?”
You laugh and nod. She pulls you into her and hugs you tight. Being in her arms again feels good. Just like holding her hand, it doesn’t turn you to mush, but you did miss it. You say so as well and without either of you knowing, Wanda catches you right that moment.
Wanda thought she had left you alone long enough and wanted to go check on you, but it seems you are perfectly okay back in the arms of your ex saying how much you missed her holding you. Well you said you missed her hugs but that was the same thing. Wanda can’t believe how quickly she lost her chance the moment Skye or Daisy or whatever appeared at your door.
Wanda rushes downstairs, upset at Daisy, upset at you, but mostly upset at herself for taking so damn long to say something. She wants to scream. Why can’t life give her a goddamn break. Just when she thought it was going well and she had a shot at this, life shoots her down by sending Daisy out of all people to come and quite literally move Wanda away from you.
Whoever arranged the transportation is in for it when she gets back to the compound because there is no way a coincidence like this just happens. Life hates her and if Wanda couldn’t fight life, she sure as hell will make life miserable for whoever made that call.
Upstairs, you pull away from Daisy and then excitedly pull her down to take a seat next to you on the bed. “Okay, so what the hell is up with the name change?”
She fills you in on the main things that happened since you two have seen each other and it leaves you speechless. She basically became a superhero. Then you fill her in on things like how it is that you know the Avengers. 
“The name Robin Hood is even more fitting,” she points out after you tell her how you are related to Hawkeye, but you quickly shut that down telling her about how you nearly put an arrow through Spiderman’s head by accident. “Yeah, archery doesn’t seem to be for me. I think we’re all caught up now.”
Daisy gives you a look you read too well. You ask, “What?”
“You know what. Catching up means current things too. Just because we are exes doesn’t mean we can’t talk about relationships. I just told you all about Ward. Now tell me about the brunette who gave me the death stare outside,” Daisy insists. 
“It’s not like that,” you try but she laughs. “Please. Don’t think I didn’t catch that you both were coming in from outside and in last night’s clothes.”
“How do you know they were last night’s clothes?” you challenge. 
“Robin, I don’t remember any time I caught you outside so early in jeans. We went hiking once and you didn’t even bother to put on leggings. You went in your pjs. Also, the patted down hair, big give away. So spill,” she demands.
You huff. All these SHIELD agents and superheroes were too clever. You tell her about Wanda, but to explain why you didn’t simply just ask Wanda out before, you had to go back to the start. You recount what happened to your romantic life after she had left. She apologizes again in the middle of your retelling. After you finish recounting yesterday’s events, she acknowledges, “Damn, I really messed you up.”
You shove her playfully as she laughs. “No, but we can fix this!”
“What do you mean ‘we’?” you ask, narrowing your eyes in suspicion. 
“Look, we both recognize that because of me your love life has been stunted, so I want to help. I am going to help you get the girl,” she replies so confidently, you know you won’t be able to stop her from “helping”. 
“She’s leaving today. You are literally here to take her back home. How is that helping?” you sarcastically point out.
“We’re not leaving until tomorrow morning,” she corrects. You dryly laugh, “Gee, so much better.”
“It is. Don’t take time for granted. A lot can happen in a few hours. Trust me.”
You sigh. “Okay, where do we start?”
“First, we need a different outfit. The Robin Hood look is cute, don’t get me wrong, but we need something that will win a girl over,” she begins. 
You scoff at her having somewhat offended your style. You mumble, “It won you over didn’t it.”
“Touché. Still though. Where are the rest of your clothes?”
You ask her what the plan is as she digs through your clothes making different outfits in her head. She then turns to you with what others would call a curious expression but you know this is her scheming face. “Do you still suck at bowling?”
You and Daisy ask the others if they’d like to go bowling. Laura, Clint, and Nat decide to stay with the kids. Wanda takes some convincing, which you find unusual. Normally she would be down to go with you anywhere especially if it’s into town. However, some puppy dog eyes and annoying “please, please, please” do the trick. 
Before you leave, you do as you were told yesterday and grab some disinfectant wipes. Daisy follows you curiously and when she sees where you are heading, she snorts. You glare at the smirk on her face for guessing accurately about your late night activities with a certain brunette. You two talk about your plan while you clean.
You and Daisy would take your car separately to head to the store to buy Wanda some flowers. Fortunately for once, Wanda decides to ride with Sam, Bobby, Pietro, and Peter in the family car. 
You don’t take too long getting the flowers. You know exactly which to get, Wanda having told you her favorite not too long ago. When you park outside the bowling alley, you see the others have already made it. You try to shake off the nerves.
“Should I ask her right away or at the end?” you ask Daisy as you head to the entrance with the flowers in your hand. You’ve never asked anyone out like this before and it is a bit nerve wracking. The only real relationship you could say you’ve been in was with Daisy and she kind of took over the whole asking part.
“Just whenever you have a moment alone with her and it feels right,” she advises, thanking you when you open the door for her. 
You stop her before she heads in. “How do I know if it’s the right time?”
“When you start freaking out like ‘shit shit shit. This might be the last chance I get to ask her.’ That’s probably it,” Daisy answers. You head inside and straight over to get bowling shoes.
“Oh, hey! They’re here,” Peter points you and Daisy out to the group from their lane. The group barely glances over at you two. They are too distracted in picking nicknames to put on the screen that keeps tally.
Wanda though doesn’t take her eyes off you, as much as it hurts to see you giving Daisy some flowers and then her putting them aside after you put on your shoes to fix your hair. You have your back turned to Wanda so she can’t try to guess what you were saying that had Daisy grinning like that. Then you and Daisy are leaning in and she has to turn away then, no longer being able to watch.
“Okay, breath is fresh,” Daisy says after having asked you to do a breath check. “Hair looks good. Outfit is better. You look great! How are you feeling? The only answer I’ll take is confident.”
“Well if it’s the only answer you’ll take,” you quip, trying to hide the nerves but she sees right through it. 
“You are gonna be just fine.” She grabs the flowers and hands them back to you. “Chin up. Back straight. Confidence is key. Let’s go bowl.”
The first twenty minutes, you try to find a moment with Wanda but it does not happen. You haven’t even gotten a word other than “hi” in and that didn’t count because that was in greeting to the whole group. You planned to sit with her but she was already between her brother and Bobby. 
It’s also hard to try to get her attention when she hasn’t spared a glance your way. You almost feel like she is actively avoiding your gaze. You definitely have a right to think she might be avoiding you entirely when you ask Wanda if she could help you go get everyone’s drinks after having offered to get them and she says her turn is up next. Instead Peter goes with you.
Pietro frowns at Wanda, wondering why she was in a mood. His first thought is maybe she was jealous but that wasn’t it. She would have been all over you if that was the case like yesterday. She’s acting more broody than anything, reminding him of when Vision broke up with her.
Wanda is getting a bowling ball and Pietro decides to confront her then, standing with his back turned to the group so they can’t hear him as he speaks in a hushed tone, “Why are you acting like this with Y/N? Did you two break up already or what?”
“We’d have to have dated to break up,” she grumbles, grabbing her bowling ball and leaving Pietro standing to take her turn. He wasn’t done talking to her though so after she gets a strike, he walks up to her. Before he’s able to ask any further questions, someone in the other lane calls their attention.
“Wanda? I thought that was you.” A handsome guy Pietro knows he has seen before walks up to them. When Wanda doesn’t say anything, Pietro knowing it’s because she is having trouble placing him as well, the handsome guy continues, “It’s me. Adam. From the fair. We danced together.”
“Yes! Adam. I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize you without the hat,” Wanda lies. Truth is she wasn’t paying enough attention to him that night to be able to recognize him if he had been wearing the same outfit. 
He laughs in a charming manner. “Sadly, the hat stayed home tonight. I’m beginning to think I should have brought it tonight. I’m getting absolutely creamed at bowling and if the hat was lucky enough to get me a dance with you, I might have been beating everybody in my group.”
Wanda just smiles politely while her brother stands there awkwardly. Adam suddenly remembers his manners seeing Pietro there. “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m Adam.”
The rest of the group is just watching it happen. Daisy more so with interest wondering if this handsome stranger is going to be a problem. With the way he was staring at Wanda, she assumes he will be after hearing Wanda laugh at something he says. She hopes you hurry up with the drinks.
As the worker puts the last of the drinks on two trays for you and Peter to carry back to your group, you ask Peter, “Is Wanda mad at me or something?”
“I don’t think so? Why?” 
“I don’t know. I just feel like she’s avoiding me. I’m probably just letting the nerves get to my head. Thanks,” you say the last part to the worker. You and Peter head back.
“Why would you be nervous?” He asks curiously.
You have no reason to keep it to yourself so you tell him, “I’m planning on asking Wanda out and I’m just jittery.”
He turns around swiftly, looking excited, “Oh my gosh! I was low key rooting for this to happen.”
“You think she’ll say yes?”
“I’ve heard her say yes in like all contexts to you. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard her say no to you,” he jokes. It kind of leaves you speechless in an impressed kind of way. This is the first time you’ve heard him make a somewhat dirty joke. He reads your expression wrong thinking he might have gone too far and he immediately apologizes. “Sorry, that was inappropriate. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”
You ease his mind when you start laughing. “No, that was a good one. You’re lucky I’m carrying this tray cause that was an arm punch or flick to the forehead kind of joke,” you proclaim. Then it dawns on you. “Oh, god. She’s rubbing off on me.”
Peter laughs as you make your way back. It’s Peter’s turn so he leaves you to give everyone their drinks. You notice Wanda wasn’t there. “Did Wanda go to the restroom or something?”
“Or something.” Pietro nods his head over to the other lane where you see Wanda sitting next to a handsome guy. It’s the Brad-looking guy you compared to Steve Rogers at the fair. You had to be sure though. “Is that?”
“The guy from the fair,” he affirms. “He needed a partner and asked her. So now she’s playing over there but I get her turns she said.”
You sigh in defeat as you sit next to Daisy. Knowing you are frustrated at your luck, she shakes your arm, “Chin up, Robin Hood. You’ll just give them to her afterwards.”
Sam overhears, of course. “Is that who those are for?” He points at the flowers. “Ooh, that’s cute. You gonna ask her to be your giiiirrrlfrieeeend?”
You try not to but you blush at his teasing. “Shut up.”
“Aww,” Sam continues to bug you, but Bobby helps you out, nudging him to be quiet before she stands. It’s her turn after Peter. She picks out her bowling ball and says to you, “The flowers are a nice touch.”
That makes you feel better. When it’s your turn, you look to the other lane and see that it’s also Captain Westview’s turn as well. You courteously let him roll first. He gets a spare. You’re up and you pray to the lord that you don’t embarrass yourself.
Much to your surprise and everyone who was watching including Wanda you get a strike. You can’t help the cocky smirk you send over to the county fair guy. He just nods at you, impressed by your roll. It shouldn’t make you upset that he doesn’t have a fragile masculinity because obviously the world needs less of it but damn you really hoped he did so you could wipe the smile off his face. 
It’s Daisy’s turn up and she gives you a high five. “Damn, Robin. Where were those moves whenever we’d gone bowling? I vividly remember you still missing all the pins even while using bumpers that are specifically for that not to happen.”
You laugh and roll your eyes. She rolls her ball and it hits three pins. You joke, “I remember you being way better or was that the effects of the so called rose-colored-lenses?”
Wanda hears you giggling with Daisy and she knows it’s petty and childish what she does next. She knows but she doesn’t care at the moment. Daisy goes for a spare and it seems like she’s going to get it. Two final pins wobble enough that you know they’re going to fall.
Daisy turns to you knowing this as well, “You were saying?”
But the pins oddly never fall down. You are both confused but you just laugh it off as Daisy just pushes you away. “Shut up. You’re just bad luck. I totally had that.”
“Sure you did.”
Pietro goes up and you see that it’s also Wanda’s turn in the other lane. You pay attention to her and mentally cheer for her when she gets a spare. Country boy over there cheers loudly on the other hand. He gives Wanda a hug when she goes to sit down next to him. You huff out in annoyance. Wanda sees this from her peripheral vision and feels kind of satisfied by your reaction. Let’s see how you like it, she thinks.
For the next few turns you try your best not to look over to the other lane cause it seems like every time you do, you just see Fair guy flirting with Wanda and her happily letting him shower her with attention. 
Instead, you talk to Daisy, her telling you some incredible things about missions she’s been on. There are details she can’t disclose but even so she words things in ways you can easily guess what she may not say. Her stories are working in distracting you so well that you don’t notice how Wanda keeps looking over to see if you are looking her way in return. 
Wanda is annoyed to see you’re not paying her attention anymore. Her childish behavior goes up two notches when Daisy goes to take a drink and Wanda uses her powers to have the soda “accidentally” soak her shirt. It doesn’t go in Wanda’s favor though when you accompany Daisy back to the car where you had a spare shirt of yours for her to wear. 
When it’s your turn, you let the cowboy go first again. This time you notice that his ball curves at the last second to make a strike. He cheers loudly. “Wanda, did you see that? Maybe you’re my lucky charm?” 
Oh, he thinks he’s so smooth. You try to ignore it all and focus on your roll. You step forward, swing your arm, and release the ball at the perfect angle to make another strike, which is why it confounds you when it defies all logic and the ball rolls at a 90 degree angle in the middle of the lane, sending it right into the gutter. 
You have a feeling of deja vu. With a vague clue as to what may be happening, you go for your second roll and pay close attention to the ball when it’s rolling. You see the tiniest wisp of a red hue push the ball, sending it to the gutter once more. 
Now you know for sure it’s Wanda messing with your game, but you don’t know why. You turn to look at her while Mister County Fair is talking her ear off. Wanda knows you caught what she did and she tries to play it like you didn’t just catch her stare. 
Daisy goes up to roll but you keep staring at Wanda until you hear, “Finally! Took long enough. Did you see that?”
Apparently, Daisy made a strike. Is it a coincidence she finally makes one while all your attention is on Wanda ensuring that she doesn’t use her magic? Could be but not likely. 
Now you are kind of ticked. Jealous Wanda yesterday you could handle. A Wanda that’s all over you, demanding your attention is fine. You can do that. You’ll give her that. But this, playing games once she already has your attention is something else. You didn’t like it. 
Sensing your grumpiness, Daisy asks, “Are you okay?”
You both take your previous seats. You start second guessing asking her out and you let Daisy know this. “I’ve tried and it didn’t work. I don’t see why it would work now.”
“Did the words ‘Will you go out with me?’ ever come out of your mouth?” she asks and when you shake your head she reprimands you. “See! You never actually asked her out. What was that saying from the movies you love? ‘Do or do not…’”
She has you finish the phrase, “there is no try.” You huff, knowing she was right. Those words never actually came out of your mouth as much as you wanted them to. You gave up way too easily that night. 
Not tonight though. You’ll make sure Wanda hears what you have to say. You just have to wait until she’s done playing whatever she’s playing at flirting with Fair guy while not so subtly looking your way. 
Ten minutes later, Fair guy’s group is gathering their things ready to leave. You are sitting in your seat with arms crossed watching him bid Wanda adieu. You roll your eyes when he flashes her a smile before taking her hand and kissing the top of her knuckles with a “I hope to see you again.”
Wanda heads back to your group. She’s annoyed you’re not looking her way after Pietro acknowledges her return. Instead you decide staring at your empty cup is more worthwhile than meeting her gaze. She dramatically sighs as she sits next to her brother. 
“Wasn’t he dreamy?” she asks the group but you feel her eyes linger on you longer than the rest.
You shouldn’t but you can’t help your sarcastic reply, “Yeah, nearly put us all to sleep with that kiss on the hand.”
You hear Pietro and Sam snicker which puts a little smile on your face. Daisy next to you nudges your leg with her knee that you’ve always known to mean to cut it out. When you look at her, she confirms it when she mouths, “Don’t,” as a warning not to start anything, but it’s too late for that because Wanda has things to say as well. “It may be a little old fashioned but not everyone can work as fast as you, Y/N. Some people like to take their time.”
That gets you to finally look at Wanda. Daisy beside you sighs in defeat, knowing how you always have something to say back. Most times it’s witty and makes her laugh but sometimes it can be defensive. Either way, she knows you take it as a challenge, needing to get the last word. 
“I haven’t gotten any complaints yet. In fact I recall going just at the right speed. Half the people in this group could probably attest to that,” you shoot back at her. 
Peter’s face flushes pink, Sam nods his head, Pietro scrunches his face, and Daisy and Bobby are confused but intrigued by that comment. Wanda just gets upset. “Maybe you don’t give people enough time to form a complaint because by the time they have something to complain about you are already on to the next.”
She then turns to Daisy who looks a little spooked to be in the line of fire. “Good luck trying to get a word in with Y/N, Daisy. Communication isn’t her strong suit.”
Daisy and you look at Wanda in confusion. Daisy asks, “What are you talking about?”, at the same time you ask, “Why are you acting like this?”
“Acting like what?” Wanda leans back with jaw clenched and arms crossed, staring at you with an arched eyebrow. She’s daring you to say something, but it’s Sam who coughs out, “Like a jealous girlfriend,” under his breath before going to take a sip of his drink.
Wanda replies, “Well, that’s not possible. We all know Y/N doesn’t do relationships. A pity really. It seems like she would make a great one, but all she knows is how to entertain someone for a few days and move on to the next.”
“Wanda,” you warn her, feeling your body tense up. Her brother puts a hand on her shoulder as if to stop her from speaking as if that would stop her. She simply shrugs his hand off of her.
“She’s really good at making you feel special, saying how you’re not like anyone else and how she doesn’t want to break your heart, but let me warn you, once she has it, she’ll discard it like all the others. Who knows, maybe you are special.” She looks at Daisy once more, continuing, “I mean, flowers! Wow.”
“Wan-” Daisy tries to clarify that the flowers were not for her but Wanda is on a roll not wasting a breath and not bothering to glance back at you. Maybe if she did she would see the tears forming in your eyes like everyone else seems to be noticing and maybe she would stop. She didn’t. 
“She told me they were too cliche for her liking. I mean it makes sense. You were her first, so you get flowers. Meanwhile, I get a fucking key ring. But hey no complaints, cause if Y/N is anything, she’s a person of her word. You ask for a distraction and she provides all too well with a good fuck. Just don’t expect anything more.”
“Fuck this,” you spit out. You have Wanda’s attention again but you are avoiding looking at her. You stand up and grab your stuff to leave. Wanda gets up from her seat as well as you ask Daisy through unsteady breaths, “Can you drive me back?”
Daisy looks at you sympathetically and nods, understanding you might not be fit to drive yourself home and she wouldn’t want to leave you alone after this either. She follows close behind you. You shove the flowers to Wanda’s chest when you two pass by her. 
Wanda looks at them confused and then at your retreating form. “What? Were the flowers not up to standard for her? They look perfect to me.”
You turn around and Wanda can finally see the tears in your eyes. She feels a pang of guilt in her stomach for upsetting you so much you were ready to cry.
Daisy was right earlier. You always do fight for the last word. Your voice cracks when you say, “I’m glad you like them. They were for you.”
A tear slips from your eye and you have to turn around quickly in order to not let the others see the waterworks, but Wanda saw it fall. She’s still confused and trying to wrap her head around what you just said. When you and Daisy are out the door, she turns around to find her brother shaking his head in disappointment and everyone else looking very uncomfortable.
Peter decides to speak up and explains, “Daisy and Y/N aren’t together.”
“What?” Wanda asks for further clarification because none of this was making sense to what she had set in her mind. 
“Y/N was planning to ask you out tonight. She was waiting for you to finish your game with the other group,” he answers. Instant regret.
“Shit,” Wanda closes her eyes and internally yells in frustration. Why hadn’t she let you talk? If she had just let you-
“Fuck!” she takes off running, trying to reach you before you leave but when she storms out the doors and searches the street, she doesn’t see your car. She screams out loud this time. “Ahh!”
“Sorry, miss.”
She jumps, startled by an employee who followed her out. “You can’t take the shoes with you.”
She stares at him confused and then looks at her feet. Sure enough she’s got the silly bowling shoes on. She follows the employee back inside and trades the shoes for the ones she actually owns. She doesn’t go back to the group though. She texts her brother that she needed to go for a walk. 
She wanders around a few blocks. Random people stare at her and she wonders why but then realizes they’re probably curious as to why she is just walking around carrying flowers. She forgot she still had them. She comes across a familiar street. Her feet guide her to one of the first places you had taken her.
She opens the door to the ice cream parlor and sees Tanya is working today. Tanya takes a break from wiping the counter at the sound of someone walking in and greets them.
She’s pleasantly surprised to find Wanda in her store once more. “Hello, Wanda. Are those for me?” she teases, seeing the flowers in Wanda’s hand but upon noticing Wanda’s distraught face, she stops. “What’s wrong?”
She motions for Wanda to sit and leaves the counter to sit across from her. She continues her questioning trying to guess what happened. “Were those for Y/N? Don’t take it too hard. She’s just not one for flowers, hun.”
“No, um, she got them for me,” Wanda answers quietly.
“That’s sweet and not like her at all. She must really like you. You know, last year she made me this twizzler bouquet with ring pops on the ends. It fell apart the moment she handed it to me,” Tanya laughs, remembering the funniest present she got for her birthday last summer. “All because regular flowers were too overdone for her.”
Wanda smiles at the story but hearing someone else verify that her giving you flowers was something special just reminds her of how she messed up. Tanya sees Wanda revert back to her previous demeanor and asks, “So what happened?”
Wanda gives Tanya the basic rundown of the situation she found herself in. She got out of a relationship, followed her brother/friends here to distract herself, found you, found she really likes you, got involved, misread everything when your ex returned, made a scene hurting your feelings, and is now here regretting wasting the last few hours trying to make you jealous when she could have just spent them having fun with you before she had to leave in the morning. Oh, yeah. Also, she has to leave in the morning. 
“Wow.” Tanya is left speechless.
“Yep,” Wanda responds curtly. She feels miserable. She could only imagine how you feel after she just took everything you were insecure about and shoved it in your face in front of everyone. You’re probably crying on Daisy’s shoulder or telling Nat and Laura what happened. Oh god, they probably hate her. You probably hate her now. She wouldn’t blame you if you did but she hopes that’s not the case.
“I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. You really messed up, Wanda,” Tanya puts it bluntly. Wanda’s bottom lip begins to quiver. She knew this already. Her brother’s face said so, but hearing it from someone who’s known you longer and is basing their response on just what Wanda told, it’s hard to hear. 
Tanya is a bit upset at Wanda. For the time that Tanya has known you, you have been nothing but a jovial spirit. The only time she’s ever seen you cry was from laughing too hard. You were far from a saint. It’s hard not to hear the rumors that run about you and she knows various of those rumors were true. She’s not blind to the fact that you have made mistakes, but you were a good person. Tanya’s sure about that.
Therefore having someone she’s met twice tell her she hurt you and made you cry is a weird position to be in. She wants to tell Wanda off for doing such a thing but seeing the state Wanda is in, she can tell Wanda hurting you was the last thing she wanted to do. Tanya has seen you around with plenty of others who looked at you just like Wanda had the first time she stepped foot in the parlor, but she’s never seen you look back at them the way you do at Wanda.
And the flowers! That was definitely a first and she would hate it to be the last. So, here she has two heartbroken girls who are in this situation because of lack of communication. Tanya takes pity on Wanda, seeing her wipe a tear that spilled and rolled down her cheek. 
“So you have to fix it,” Tanya added. 
Wanda looks at her, helpless. “How do I do that? She probably hates me.”
“You tell her why you felt the need to say what you did. You explain yourself. You tell her everything. You talk and then you let her talk. No saying things you don’t mean. Say everything you do,” Tanya suggests. Wanda nods but Tanya still asks, “You got it?”
Wanda sniffles and nods once more but confirms it out loud, “I got it.”
“Good. Now wipe those tears. No one wants to see someone crying at an ice cream shop. It’s depressing,” Tanya teases, going back to work. Wanda lets out a little chuckle as she does as she’s told. She takes a deep breath, trying to pick herself up before heading out the door with the plan to head back and do just like Tanya suggested and say everything she actually meant to say.
Her phone rings as she’s walking back to the bowling alley. She picks up the call without looking at the caller ID knowing it was her brother by the custom ringtone. She answers without a greeting. “I’m heading back already, Piet. Don’t worry.”
“Where are you? We’ll pick you up.” Pietro’s voice sounds rushed.
“I’m like a block away. I can walk,” Wanda says, wondering why Pietro is in a hurry to go back to Clint’s. 
“Daisy called Bobby. We have to go to the hospital,” Pietro replies. 
Wanda’s heart drops. She imagines the worst and begins to panic. “What happened?”
Pietro doesn’t answer and it just freaks her out further. She raises her voice, “Pietro! What happened? Piet?”
She hears a faint, “There she is,” before a car pulls up next to her on the sidewalk. Pietro pops his head out of the passenger seat window and says, “Get in.”
Wanda practically jumps into the back seat with Peter and Sam. 
“What happened? Is Y/N okay? Tell me she’s okay. What happened?” she demanded answers. 
“Woah, calm down. Y/N’s fine,” Sam assures her. Wanda looks at him confused. “Then why are we rushing to the hospital? Why did Daisy call Bobby?”
“Daisy only has Bobby’s number,” Pietro half explains.
“Will someone just tell me what is going on?” Wanda yells, frustrated at not getting a straight answer. 
“Laura is having her baby right now!” Peter shouts excitedly. Wanda lets out a sigh of relief at the news. Then she angrily shoves the back of her brother’s head. “Asshole!”
“Hey! What did I do?” Pietro turns around to hear Wanda’s response. 
“You made me think something bad happened! I thought Y/N was hurt,” Wanda exclaims. 
“Why did you think that?” Pietro asks. Wanda rolls her eyes at her brother, thinking it was obvious, but tells him anyway. “We are rushing to the hospital and you mentioned Daisy calling out of everyone. You realize we don’t have to rush to the hospital, right? Unless we had Laura in the car with us. It could take hours until the baby is actually here.”
“What? No,” Pietro rejects the idea but looking around the car he sees his sister might be right. Now he is unsure. “Really?”
He doesn’t take Sam or Peter’s word for it because they could be messing with him but Bobby nods so he’s convinced and a bit disappointed the baby won’t already be born by the time they arrive at the hospital. “Oh.”
The day feels so long and it just got longer for you. You currently rest your head on your ex’s shoulder as you sit in the waiting room of the hospital since life decided to make this day more memorable by making your cousin have her baby right after your crush figuratively punched you in the heart because they thought you were back together with your ex that showed up out of the blue. 
Needless to say, you are exhausted. Anyone who takes one good look at you could see that with your red puffy eyes and your slumped body. You would think if anyone saw you this way they would turn the other way and leave you alone but Wanda isn’t just anyone it seems because when she sees you she heads right your way with very little hesitation. 
Fortunately for you Nat steps in front of her. You hear her turn Wanda away from you with a “Not now, Wanda”, disappointment evident in her tone. Wanda turns around defeatedly and sits in the empty seat next to her brother. 
The hours go by slowly. Cooper and Lila fall asleep on Nat, their heads on her lap. You do your best to ignore Wanda. She practically stares at you the whole time and you can’t bear to see the hopeful glint in her eyes when you catch her eyes only to see her frown from your peripheral vision when you turn away. 
You also can’t stand the guilty face she sports the whole time. You can see she feels bad about making you cry or maybe saying what she did but if she thinks she can just pull a pouty face and all is forgiven, then she is sorely mistaken. 
And what you absolutely can’t take is that all you want to do is go over there and hold her. You want to wipe the sadness away as if it’s your fault it’s there. It’s not. It’s hers. You hate to know you could go over there and say all the right things to make her smile again, but that wouldn’t really fix anything. It wouldn’t take away that she said what she did. 
Is this how Wanda felt when Vision said what he did? It sucked. Before you can think too deeply about it, Clint comes to tell you that baby Nathaniel is here giving you some joy for what’s been a rather crappy evening. 
You all go pay the baby and your cousin a quick visit before leaving to let your cousin rest. Wanda wants to talk to you but thinks maybe she should wait until you are all home as it could turn into a public dispute in the parking lot of the hospital.
Bobby gets Wanda and the boys back sooner than Nat, much to Wanda’s favor. She waits outside the house for you to arrive. Everyone else heads in ready to pack their things and sleep. You hesitate to walk up to the house seeing Wanda waiting there for you but you know there was no way out of this. Wanda is determined to talk to you. 
Nat doesn’t say anything to Wanda this time. She does however give her a pointed look as to say ‘don’t mess this up any further’. Wanda gives her a nod in understanding. Daisy asks if you’ll be okay or if you need her to tell Wanda to back off. You give her a grateful smile but tell her you need to talk. 
They leave you alone taking Cooper and Lila with them. You stay standing by the car, watching them head into the house. Right when she hears the sound of the door closing, she walks to you, apology immediately falling from her lips. 
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean it. Any of it,” she pleads, looking at you with sorry green eyes. 
“Then why did you say it?” You curse yourself for your voice immediately breaking, the sound of you getting choked up all over again. Wanda hates the sound. She doesn’t want to hear it again, especially when she knows it’s her fault.
“I let my insecurities get in the way and I used yours against you because I wanted you to feel the way I was feeling and it was wrong and I am so sorry,” she apologizes again, stepping closer to you.
“I thought you weren’t an insecure person,” you comment, remembering the conversation about said insecurities last night. It seems so long ago, but like you mentioned, it’s been a long day. 
“We both know why I said that.”
“Do we?” you push.
“Look, okay. I was jealous yesterday and today…,” Wanda sighs, finding it hard to continue. But you press, “Today, what, Wanda?”
“Last night, you told me things might have gone differently with Daisy had you been someone she could lean on, someone she could talk to not just for you to make her laugh but also be her shoulder to cry on. I realized that you do all this with me. You are all those things for me. You aren’t just a distraction to me.”
“Then why did-” you start but knowing how that sentence finishes, she cuts in, “Because I was hurt, Y/N. Today I was going to finally come clean about how I really feel about you and about this whole thing we’ve been doing but then Daisy showed up and then when I went to talk to you, to check on you, I saw you with her in her arms and I misread it. I thought you let her back in and tossed me aside without a second thought. There was just so much I wanted to say to you and I said all the wrong things, things I didn’t mean and I regret it. I only said it ‘cause I was hurt. Please believe me.”
And you do. Maybe because Wanda looks two seconds from literally begging on her knees and five away from breaking down in tears.
“Okay,” you say.
Wanda doesn’t think she heard correctly, but she hopes she does. “Okay?”
“Yeah, I believe you,” you clarify. Wanda still looks like she’s about to cry for a different reason now. She is beyond relieved to hear you say that, but she still has to make sure you two are okay.
“So you don’t hate me? We’re okay?” She builds up the nerve to ask.
“Yes,” you answer. Wanda’s heart drops and she guesses her face shows it because then you are correcting yourself in a rush, “No, I meant ‘Yes, we’re okay.’ I don’t hate you. Sorry, I should have stuck to the order you asked.”
“Jerk. You scared me,” she replies, smacking your arm, going back to her usual behavior. You roll your eyes and remind her, “I knew it was too good to be true. Do I have to remind you of the rules?”
“I never agreed to that rule. I remember saying no to that,” she recalls and giggles when you say, “Damn it. You did.”
“Even if I had, those rules were for when we decided to be friends,” she reminds you, steering the conversation to where she meant to this morning. “I don’t believe they apply to us anymore.”
“They don’t? Are you saying we’re not friends anymore? I thought I was the one that was wronged here and it’s you who doesn’t want to be friends?” you tease her, feigning ignorance to the significance of what she said. However, she doesn’t want to play around now. 
“Y/N, I’m being serious,” she stresses, stopping you from turning this into another night gone with things left unsaid. “I really like you and I don’t want to be your friend. I want more, officially, not just what we’ve been doing. I don’t want to correct people when they assume we are together. I want to tell them they’re right, that you are mine.”
“Wanda, I-” Your brain freezes. This is what you’ve wanted. She basically gave you the speech you were meaning to give her earlier and here you are frozen, words caught in your throat. You are panicking because suddenly it becomes too real. You are getting exactly what you want. It’s literally happening for you, but of course this is when all the doubts flood in. 
“Wanda, I can’t.” 
Self-sabotage is a bitch.
She looks at you confused and frustrated. Peter and the others confirmed that you, not a few hours ago, were going to ask her out. What happened?
“Are you serious?” Wanda is mad, rightfully so. All this push and pull and when it’s all finally in place, you want to ruin it and start this tug of war again and she’s tired. 
“Wanda, you are leaving in a few hours. Everyone is literally packing to go right now,” you begin.
“And you’ll leave by the end of summer to go back to school. So what?” Wanda argues.
“We would be thousands of miles away from one another,” you reply but she counters sarcastically with, “There’s this thing called a phone, Y/N. It’s really neat.”
“I’ll be busy here with my cousin and her baby and then with school and you’ll be busy saving the world. There wouldn’t be any time,” you try pathetically.
“I know I’ve never gone to college, but I’m pretty sure they give you breaks from school. And does it look like I’m saving the world right now? I have moments too. I know you don’t like heights so I fly to you. I could visit you here or in California.”
“Wanda,” is all you say as you’ve run out of excuses.
“Why are you suddenly against this? You were going to ask me earlier. Peter told me.” She waits for you to answer but you have none for her. She resigns, “Look, if you’re afraid of commitment, just say so. There is no need to make all these excuses. That’s what it is, isn’t it? You’re afraid someone will walk out on you again.”
She hit the mark and you can’t help but bite back, “Why don’t you admit you’re only fighting this hard because you are afraid of ending up alone?”
Wanda sucks in a breath. “That’s not fair.”
You’re stubborn. You keep pushing, “Isn’t it? You said it yourself. You came here for a distraction and there I was, distracting you from feeling so damn lonely after the one person who paid you any mind decided it was better to be alone. Maybe he has the right idea. Have a safe flight back.”
A long moment passes in which she stares hard at you wondering if you were seriously doing this. Seeing there is no change and you are not going to say anything else, she scoffs, shaking her head at you, “Fine. Have it your way.”
With that, she does a 180 and leaves you outside. You’re shaky and don’t know how to calm down. You kick a rock in frustration to release some of the pent up frustration before heading inside. It hits Nat’s car, but not hearing the alarm go off, you don’t give it a second glance. You’re too in your head to care.
You head inside to go to sleep but you can’t. You spend hours tiring your mind trying to process everything until finally around 4 in the morning, the exhaustion takes over. Cooper is the one to wake you up by poking you.
“Stop that,” you command but clearly you have no authority in this house, feeling him keep prodding at your side. You peek to see who is poking you. “Cooper.”
“Auntie Nat says to get up,” Cooper explains.
“Well, Auntie Nat can go-”
“I can go, what?” Nat’s voice comes from the other side of the couch. You immediately shut up. Nat has authority it seems.
“Nothing,” you rush, sitting up. She smirks and you glare at her. You notice the sun is bright out. “What time is it?”
“It’s ten,” she responds, coming around to sit on the other couch with a coffee mug in her hand. She sends Cooper to tell his sister to get ready to go to the hospital to see their parents and new sibling. You look at her, surprised.
“What? No exercise today?”
She shrugs, “You had a long day yesterday. Figured you needed a break.” 
“Got that right. Where is everyone else?” you ask, not hearing the additional voices that grace your ears around this time of the day. 
“It seems you really did need that sleep. You didn’t hear them leave this morning?”
“They left?” You’re sad to hear this. You knew they’d leave early but you figured they’d wake you to say goodbye. You had hoped that despite last night, Wanda would say goodbye before they left.
She notices your disheartened state and teases, “What? Wanda didn’t say goodbye? Trouble in paradise already?”
“Haha. Very funny,” you mumble, in fact not finding it funny.
“What? Don’t tell me you won’t let me tease just because she’s your girlfriend now,” she taunts. You're confused and she catches your expression quickly. Hers changes just as fast from teasing to irritated. She rephrases, “Don’t tell me you won’t let me tease because she’s not your girlfriend.”
You sigh, affirming with a nod and then she goes off on you. “Are you fucking serious, Y/N? What happened?”
She looks almost as angry as when she caught you and her sister. You gulp nervously and answer all her questions like you are being interrogated by an officer. When you finish, she shakes her head at you disappointedly. “You’re an idiot, Y/N. You literally did what Wanda did to you at the bowling alley. You let your insecurities get the best of you.”
You realize she’s right. “I know.”
“So?” She asks you. 
You stare at her confused at what else she wants you to say. You already said she was right. What else is there to say? “So what?”
“So, are you going to sit here and mope about it all summer or are you going to take accountability like I thought you were beginning to do? Or was that just a one week free trial type of thing?” Nat quips, waiting for your answer.
“I’m gonna call her,” you decide. Nat seems satisfied with that response. She leaves you to do that and goes to check on the kids. 
You try calling Wanda but she won’t answer your calls. You then go to call Pietro but then realize you don’t have his number nor Sam’s. You begin to panic but fortunately you find that Daisy left a note beside you that read “don’t be a stranger” followed by her phone number. 
Not to be a bad person, but you really hope Daisy still feels guilty for leaving you because you needed a big favor. Fortunately for you, she does. 
You hear the familiar screech that awoke you yesterday and you know she’s arrived. Grabbing your phone and wallet, you run outside to see Daisy waiting for you outside of the jet. 
You look at her impressed. “How did you convince them to let you come and get me?”
“Great things happen when you believe you can do it,” she says unconvincingly.
“You totally snuck this out, didn’t you?” You don’t bother waiting for a response although you do get a “duh”. You climb aboard, sitting copilot. Daisy laughs nervously, “If we’re quick, they won’t even notice it was gone.”
You both put on your seat belts and Daisy revs up the engine. As it begins to lift up, you begin to get nervous. Your palms begin to sweat and try your best to avoid looking out the window but it’s inevitable. When you do, you feel like throwing up.
“Here,” Daisy hands you a pill to help. You thank her. She jokes, “Hey, if anything, you are already making great progress today. Look at you facing your fears.”
You joke whilst shutting your eyes. “Yeah and this time you are actually here for it.”
She laughs knowing you were referring to the time she made you face your fear of heights on a smaller level by riding a Ferris wheel by yourself. “Hey! That was only one time. I rode the roller coasters with you, remember? So think of this like that.”
You know she’s trying to make you feel better but that comment does not settle well. You remember this is only like her third time flying the jet. “Oh god. We’re gonna die.”
You knock out five minutes later. You are in deep sleep but no sleep is deep enough for the rough landing that springs you awake. Daisy turns to you with a sheepish smile, “Sorry. Still working on it.” 
“Where are we? Are we at the compound?” You ask. 
“We are where I borrowed the jet. So not the compound. But that isn’t too far from here. We’ll just need a ride. Do you know anyone in New York? Maybe they have a car we could borr-oh no.” Daisy doesn’t finish her sentence, getting distracted by something outside of the jet. You look out the window and see an unamused Bobby glaring at both of you.
“I think they noticed,” you comment.
“Just smile and wave,” Daisy instructs and you do awkwardly. You’re still afraid to get in trouble. 
“She’s kind of scary,” you add. 
“You’re lucky it was Bobby and not Melinda May,” Daisy replies with a snort. That gives you an idea.
“I do know someone! Peter and his aunt,” you exclaim, but then you remember you don’t actually have a way of contacting them. Why hadn’t you asked for anyone’s number? Oh, yeah, you were too busy with Wanda. “But I don’t have his number.”
“But I do! Here, call him and see if he’s got a car we can use.” She hands you her phone already opened to his contact info. She unbuckles and gets up. “I’ll be back,” she says, looking outside at Bobby who looks irked. She looks back at you and continues, “Maybe.”
She leaves to go deal with Bobby and the consequences of borrowing an aircraft without anyone’s knowledge while you ask Peter for a ride. He tells you he doesn’t but he can get one. You give him the address and wait outside by the gates. Daisy joins you 15 minutes later.
“How much trouble are you in?” You ask worriedly. 
She shrugs. “Not too much. I explained that I was helping you and that I was making up for my mistakes like a decent person does and she was pretty cool about it.”
You narrow your eyes in suspicion, not believing her entirely. You conclude, “You gave her the eyes, didn’t you?”
“Totally gave her the eyes.”
“Works every time,” you laugh. 
Another 15 minutes pass when a town car stops in front of the both of you. The back window rolls down and an excited Peter appears. He has someone else in the car too. “Hey, guys! I hope you don’t mind. I brought my friend Ned. He wanted to see the compound.”
“It’s cool,” you say as you and Daisy get in. You take the front seat and introduce yourself to the driver. “Hi, I’m Y/N. Thank you for driving us.”
“Happy,” he says. 
Not knowing that’s what he goes by, you ask, “So what’s your name?”
Peter answers for him. “That’s his name. Happy.”
You smile sheepishly at your mistake and apologize. You decide to stay quiet before you say something wrong and embarrass yourself further. You hear Daisy ask, “Why are you carrying a guitar?”
You crane your neck to see that Ned has a guitar in his lap. He explains, “I’m in a band.”
You can tell he’s trying to impress Daisy and you try not to laugh at Daisy’s awkward smile. Peter does laugh but because of what he said. He corrects him, “You’re in band.”
You snort when Ned whispers trying to be discreet, “Shut up, Peter.” 
Everyone hears it.
When you guys make it to the compound, they ask what your plan is. You tell them you are just going to talk to her and apologize, maybe even pull out the puppy dog eyes. 
“You are going to need a lot more than the eyes, Robin.”
“Okay, what am I supposed to do then? Grand romantic gesture. Write ‘I’m sorry’ in the sky?” You ask sarcastically. 
Daisy thinks for a moment. She looks around the car to find something that will inspire an idea and then her eyes settle on the guitar. She gets an idea and looks back at you. You know what she’s thinking and you know Wanda would love it but you can’t help cringe at the thought. 
“No,” you shake your head.
“Yes,” she nods her head.
And so you find yourself under a window you hope is Wanda’s. Peter guesses it’s her window but he isn’t too sure. He hasn’t been to the compound that many times, so really it’s anyone’s guess but for sure it is the right building. 
You and the others including Happy who said he couldn’t miss out begin to plan it out. You ask Ned what songs he can play and he doesn’t give you a big list. Really the only ones you knew from the list were Hey There, Delilah and Wonderwall, but you refuse to sing those. 
“Those are my only choices?”
“Um, I also know ‘What Makes You Beautiful’,” he mentions, almost embarrassed. 
“Fuck it. Let’s do it before I chicken out,” you concede. 
He begins playing but you hesitate to begin singing until Daisy nudges you. You get to the chorus, but Wanda still hasn’t peeked out her window. 
“Maybe you have to sing louder?” Daisy suggests. You sing the next verse as loud as you can but it’s to no avail. You look at Daisy for help and she gets everyone to sing. Maybe it’s because you are too nervous to actually be aware of how you sound, but you start to think that all together you don’t sing too badly. Daisy is definitely carrying the weight of the melody. You try your best to follow. 
Your hopes diminish by the end of the song. Wanda hasn’t bothered to look outside. Was she that upset at you that even the shock of hearing you outside her window isn’t enough for her to check if you really are out there?
You finish singing. No Wanda at the window. You sigh. Peter tries to cheer you up. He’s about to say that maybe she wasn’t at the compound right now when a slow clap startles the group. 
You all turn and you flush red in embarrassment when you see a hefty number of the Avengers standing there with amused faces, Wanda smack dab in the middle. The slow clapping stops. It came from the one and only Tony Stark. 
“That was adorable. You must be this Y/N I’m hearing all about,” he muses, a smirk on his face. 
“How long were you guys standing there?” Peter asks, also seemingly embarrassed. None of you took into account that other people also live here and could in fact hear you. 
“The whole show, baby. Got it all on video too,” Sam brags, pointing up to the sky. You all look and see Red Wing, a supplemental part of his suit, hovering over you all silently recording. 
Your group groans, but Wanda cuts yours short by asking you, “What are you doing here?”
You try to break the tension forming by way of humor like always, “I never got that pancake recipe.”
“You could have texted me for that, not traveled all the way here. How fast were you driving?”
“You weren’t answering your phone, so I flew here,” you explain. Pietro clears his throat in order to call attention to him and then motions for the others to follow him and leave you two alone. Steve gives you a “Nice to see you again” while heading inside while Pietro and Sam give you a sneaky “good luck”. 
Wanda checks her phone and then realizes why she didn’t get your call, fixing the problem. “Sorry, it was on airplane mode. Wait, you flew here?” she asks, confused knowing you are not the biggest fan of heights. She couldn’t imagine you in a plane.
“Technically Daisy flew here, but I was indeed on that jet. Well, my body was on that jet, my mind, not so much. I was dead asleep soon after lift off, so to speak. I still think it counts though,” you ramble nervously.
“Y/N, what are you doing here?” she asks again. 
You answer honestly though you still try to keep it light, “Purposely subjecting myself to possible public humiliation by serenading you outside your window hoping you might give me a second chance. I thought that was obvious.”
Your reference to an earlier conversation makes her smile. Especially when in that same conversation, you claimed you would never do this. Seeing the upturn of her lips, you feel lighter and the moment doesn’t feel so heavy and the tension doesn’t feel so thick anymore. 
“You were right. I was making excuses. I put it in my own head that this wouldn’t work but of course it won’t work if all I do is try to push you away. I’m here because I wanted to tell you that although I’m not an avid reader, we are in fact on the same page here. I want to be able to tell people that you’re more than a friend. I want to take you to the movies and hold your hand. I want to spend hours walking in circles at bookstores waiting for you to pick one and I want all your books to be filled with photobooth pictures of us you use as bookmarks. I want to win all kinds of key rings for you at the fair without you cheating. I want you to keep telling me that using your powers is not cheating.”
“It’s not,” Wanda mumbles.
“I want to take you out for ice cream and call it a date. I want more kisses in the kitchen as you teach me to cook or bake. I would really like that pancake recipe. I want to call you mine,” you finish your grand speech. Your heart is beating out of your chest waiting for Wanda’s reply. It’s been sometime since your last heartbreak, but you remember it not being that fun so you pray that she doesn’t reject you.
She looks deeply into your eyes and you are ready for the worst, until she says, “Okay, let me grab my purse.”
“You said you wanted to go for ice cream on an actual date,” she paraphrases what you said. 
“Oh, you want to go now?” you ask, finally catching on. Your heart is soaring. It feels like when you rode a rollercoaster for the first time but in a good way and not like how it actually happened. That was bad. You fainted mid ride. 
“Sorry, do you have something better to do in your pajamas in New York on a Sunday evening?” she replies sarcastically.
You look down and realize you are in fact still in your pajamas. You hadn’t bothered to change before racing over to the compound after Wanda. It is at that moment you remember you in fact do have somewhere you have to be today.
“Shit, it’s Sunday! Do you mind if we make a quick pitstop? I have to go to church. Also, do you have pants I could borrow?” You recall having made a deal; if you survived the car ride with Pietro, you would go to the Lord’s house. It’s time to make good on your promises. 
“Taking me to church already? Usually that’s left for further into the relationship,” Wanda jokes and you reply ominously, “It’s part of my end of a deal.”
You head inside, following Wanda’s lead. Seeing the smile on both your faces, everyone can assume you made up. Tony asks where you both were off to. Wanda says ice cream but first her room because you needed to borrow pants. 
“Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”
You both blush at his insinuation, Wanda grabbing your hand and booking it out of there. The first thing you notice when you enter her room is the guitar in the corner and you almost choke. She hears your breath hitch and as she’s about to ask you what’s wrong, she sees you are staring at her guitar and she laughs. 
She tosses some pants at you, grabs her purse, and tells you she’ll wait for you outside. You change while thinking very sinful thoughts. Maybe this visit to church was overdue. You pass by everyone letting them know you’ll be back later. As you make your exit, you hear Sam stressing on the phone. “On my life, I didn’t scratch your car, Natasha!”
Your eyes widen, remembering that rock you kicked last night. You keep silent and make haste. You’ll just have to add that on the list for things to say during confession, because there is no way in hell you are ever letting another soul other than the priest know you scratched Nat’s car. 
(4 Years Later)
“I’m back!” you yell into the apartment after tossing the keys into the bowl by the entrance. They land amongst various keys including the ones to Wanda’s car that hangs onto the key ring you’d won her all those years ago. 
You close the door with your butt, your hands busy with the grocery bags that are quickly slipping from your hands due to the weight. You feel one actually slip from your grasp and you just hope it isn’t the one with the eggs. 
“You know it would be easier to make two trips right?” You hear Wanda say, coming to greet you. You’re relieved to find she caught the bag with her magic. 
“Mama didn’t raise no quitter,” you reply, thanking Wanda when she takes some of the bags off your hands. She laughs, shaking her head at you.
“You’re ridiculous. Why am I marrying you?”
“Because I’m awesome and can bring all the bags in one trip,” you answer cheekily, making her laugh again. “Also, because you asked and it’s too late to take it back.”
Wanda had asked you nearly a year ago in a way you really should have expected knowing her to be a total romantic, but she still managed to surprise you. You were at your cousin’s house; you still try to keep the tradition of spending summers there as best you can. 
It was early in the morning. Both of you were awake, accustomed to Wanda waking early to leave for the compound to train or get ready for a mission. However, you were having a lie-in this day because Nat would be there the next day and she still has the custom of waking you at the ass-crack of dawn to go for her notorious hikes. 
They’ve only gotten worse since you’ve been with Wanda because Nat believes you’ve got to be in your best physical condition if you’re dating a superhero. She has a point and your body has been looking really fit which you can appreciate but the last thing you were going to do is thank Nat for it. You are stubborn that way.
Things with Wanda had been going great. The last year of school/ the first year of dating Wanda was tricky with finding ways to spend real time together. Like you had worried, you were busy trying to finish school and she was busy saving the world. This was one of the times you really wanted to be proven wrong, that the distance wasn’t too much, but you were fearing it might have been, especially since you hadn’t talked to Wanda in two weeks.
But she dismissed those thoughts for you when she made a surprise visit. She told you she was put on a mission last minute and it took a little longer than she would have liked, but that she missed you so much, she had to come pay you a visit. Suddenly she had gotten shy and thought she might have gone about it wrong, dropping by without forewarning, but you kissed her hard and she knew then she made the right move. 
She was only there for the weekend but soon after she visited more frequently when she had free days. You paid her a visit as well, surprising her in her room at the compound during your winter break. She thought you and planes were a one and done deal. Needless to say she was happy you braved the flight to come see her. 
The next year you moved to New York. The first few months you were living with Nat as she had a spare bedroom in her apartment. Those months were hell. It was a fun and miserable time. You found yourself spending a lot of your time at the compound to see Wanda. It started to become a problem going back and forth between the compound and you and Nat’s place because you both would leave things at the other’s room. As a result, many, many sleepovers later, Wanda asked to get an apartment together.
Evidently, you were happy to be lying around with Wanda and she figured that would be the perfect time to ask you. She got out of bed, much to your discontentment, to bring over a box. She told you to open it and you did, but you were confused as to why she gave you a box full of aquarium gravel. 
She then asked you if you remembered the first conversation you had. You replied it was impossible to forget. It was the most interesting conversation you’d ever had with a stranger. You were coming up with all these scenarios on how you would figure out her name and she looked so cute trying to convince you there was a difference between crimson and scarlet and jade and emerald.
It was then that it clicked for you as she looked at you expectantly. Your stomach swooped in the best way and your heart felt like it stopped. You weren’t sure if you were still breathing. Misreading your reaction, Wanda worried it might have been too soon. She was going to take the box back and that snapped you out of your shock. You held a tight grip on the box, refusing to let her take it away and when she looked at you confused, you said, “Well aren’t you going to ask? I can’t say yes if you don’t ask the question.”
Happy tears sprung out of your girlfriend as she knelt on the bed and popped the question. Obviously, you said yes. Then she told you to dig in the gravel and you found the actual box with the ring inside. You rolled your eyes at her when you saw it was an emerald ring and she joked, “How disappointed would you have been if it was jade?”
You give your fiancée a quick kiss before moving the conversation over to the kitchen in order to relieve yourself of the grocery bags. You begin putting the groceries away. “Weddings are expensive, so no cold feet,” you point at her, “because I’m not sure we can get the deposit back.”
She scoffs, “And here I thought it’s because you would be heartbroken.”
She watches as you stop what you are doing to walk over to her, taking her face in your hands and looking at her fondly. She feels her knees go weak when you hover your lips over hers. 
“Priorities, babe,” you say, before you kiss her nice and slow. She’s putty in your hands. You pull away to finish putting everything away but your words finally process in Wanda’s mind and she smacks your arm with an offended, “Hey!”
You’re putting the ice cream in the freezer when Wanda remembers. “Speaking of the wedding, I got you an early wedding gift waiting for you in the bedroom.”
Your ears perk up. You close the freezer lightning fast, a mischievous smile adorning your face. “Lead the way.”
 She tells you to wait in the living room, so you go sit on the couch waiting in anticipation. Wanda returns empty handed and wearing the same thing, so you’re a little confused. Maybe you have to find it? You get excited again but the confusion returns when someone appears behind Wanda.
“Um, hi?” You greet the stranger in your home. 
“You must be Y/N. Pleasure to finally put a face to the name,” the woman says with a Russian accent. She gives you a polite smile which you return, minding your manners.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name?” 
“I’m Melina Vostokoff,” she offers, looking at you like it would ring a bell but it doesn’t. You don’t know any Melina or anyone with that last name. You’d think you would remember. You look to Wanda hoping she would provide you with a clue but she also looks at you almost like she is expecting a certain reaction from you. 
“Nice to meet you. May you excuse me for a second while I speak to my fiancée?” You grab Wanda’s hand and lead her down the hallway for some privacy. “Wanda, I’m confused. Look, if you wanted to try like different things in the bedroom, I’m sure there are smaller steps before bringing a whole other person into it. I mean, I’ll try for you if it’s what you want. She’s very beautiful, but I just wasn’t prepared for this. You look upset.”
You notice the miniscule changes in her expression and you note her face is contorting to that one she makes when she gets irritated with you. “Why are you getting angry? You kind of sprung this on me.” 
You start apologizing because that’s always the safest bet. “I’m sorry. Please don’t furrow your eyebrow. I know I’ve said you’re attractive when you are angry but it’s unsettling when you’re mad at me.”
“Y/N, stop talking. Melina isn’t here for that!” She hisses.
“Then what is she here for?” you ask, still not getting any answers as to why that woman is here and why it feels like you should know who she is. Wanda drags you back to the living room and explains, “Melina is here to help you ‘complete the set’, you know, the Romanov set.” 
Suddenly, it clicks. Throughout the years, when you wanted to tease Wanda or Nat you would joke about how the real dream is to “complete the set”. Basically you would make “Your Mom” jokes to rile Nat and your girlfriend up because it seems you’re a masochist. Never in your life did you think this would actually happen, that you would have Mrs Romanov, or Vostokoff as you’ve just learned, standing in front of you.
Your jaw drops as Wanda explains that Melina was in the compound to visit her daughter who unfortunately was called to a mission the day before, but Wanda met her and just had to introduce her to you. Once Wanda explained to Melina why it would make your day to meet her, including awkwardly retelling the Yelena Incident, Melina went along, finding it funny. She too loves teasing her daughters.
“No way! Melina? As in Mrs Romanov, Melina? Holy shit. See Wanda, I told you she’d laugh. Didn’t I tell you? Mrs R, or V, it’s been a dream of mine to meet you since I was however old I was when I met Nat. I have sooooo many questions,” you ramble excitedly. 
“As do I. But let’s get the first part of this out of the way, yes?” She laughs at your change in attitude. You know what is about to go down and remember the pain it caused when Nat did it but this is one of those once in a lifetime type of moments and pain be damned.
“I know this is going to hurt but I’m too excited thinking about Nat’s face when I tell her this happened that I don’t really care. Babe, can you record it? I’m gonna show it to Nat on our wedding day,” you request, handing your phone out to Wanda. 
“Y/N, what did I say about antagonizing Natasha?” Wanda reminds you as she takes your phone anyway, opening the camera. 
“You said no,” you sigh like a child. You pout at Wanda and she gives in like usual, “Okay, I’ll record it, but don’t show it to her until after the honeymoon. I don’t want you to have a black eye in all of our photos.” 
With that she presses record as you stand in position. Melina runs to you and hops, swinging her body around yours and uses her thighs to flip you over by wrapping them around your neck and swinging you down onto your back. Wanda stops recording and rushes to you. 
“Ow, that hurt like a bitch,” you wheeze, “but I’m so happy. I love you so much. Best wedding gift ever.” 
Wanda and Melina laugh, both helping you back up. You kiss Wanda and then snatch the phone. “I can’t wait to see what emojis she sends.” 
Wanda’s smile falls as she watches you send the video to Nat. “Y/N, I said no.”
Well, my gentlepeople, this is it for this story. Thank you so much for those of you who stuck it out til the end. I know I tried your patience lol I really do appreciate it though. Stay tuned for there are plenty more stories to come. I have sooo many ideas to share. 
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Rooftop Conversations (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader/ Yelena Belova)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!
This is a little shorter, but hope you all enjoy!
Summary: Reader shares a complicated history with Wanda. What will happen when Natasha introduces her sister to the problem? Who will reader end up with?
The closer you got the tower you called home; the more anxiety began to bubble in your chest. You had been away for over three months now and the entire time you were away Yelena refused to accept any of your calls. Admittedly they were few and far between due to circumstances, but the rare instances when you were able to get your hands on a phone, the other woman would always be miraculously busy.
You didn’t blame her.
Not in the slightest. Still, with every flimsy excuse Natasha gave you whenever you asked to speak to Yelena, you couldn’t help but feel that you were losing a part of yourself. Yelena was woven into your being and being shut off from her was something that was… entirely your fault.
It always made your heart ache though. To know she didn't want to even speak to you. To be away from her. There was so much about her you missed. Like her voice, her laugh, her jokes…
You just missed her.
“Y/n!” You jumped slightly and turned your attention to Steve who was glancing at you out of the corner of his eye. “Everything okay?”
All you managed was a weak nod as you focused back on the world around you. It was something you had to do often over the last few months. “Fine.” You replied, turning to face him as you awaited whatever it was he wanted to say.
“You can stop fidgeting with your necklace. We shut down all the bases. That’s all we could do.” He eventually said.
It wasn’t until Steve pointed it out that you realized that your fingers were fiddling absently with the charm that was hanging from the necklace Wanda had given you before you left. “What are you talking about?” you questioned, your brows furrowed in confusion.
Steve gestured broadly in your general area with one hand, while the other hand remained on the controls of the quinjet. “Whenever you get nervous you start fiddling with the necklace.” His hands returned to the controls as he shifted his attention. “Like a safety blanket.”
Grumbling absently, you folded your hands and looked out the window like a child who had just been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to. “Says the one with the pocket watch.”
In response, Steve shrugged. “Touché.”
You smirked and leaned back in your chair. “That’s what I thought." He chuckled. "Besides, I know we did all we could on the mission. I’ve come to terms with Dr. Wilkerson getting away, without his bases of support though he’s nothing.”
“Is that not what you were nervous about?” Steve prodded.
You shook your head. “I’m worried Yelena is going to hate me forever.” You admitted, your hand once again flying up to fiddle with the charm on your necklace.
Steve whistled lowly. “Still no word from her?” You shook your head again. “All you can do is be honest, kid. Earn her forgiveness. While you may have had good intentions, you lied. Even if it was to protect her. She reserves the right to be angry about it.”
“I know.” You replied. “I agree entirely, but… I don’t want to lose her. I can’t lose her. She-… She means… Everything to me.”
There was a moment of silence. “Do you love her?”
It had been months since you had allowed yourself time to think about the inner workings of your heart, yet the answer remained the same and came with no hesitation. “Yes.”
Steve nodded. “Does that mean you’re over Wanda then?”
The question took you by surprise and suddenly the pendant burned under your touch, like every nerve ending in your body went haywire. Overwhelmed with the thought of the two women that unabashedly occupied your heart. You feebly let your hand fall back to your lap.
Again, silence hovered in the air until, “No.” You replied softly, knowing it was the truth. Knowing you had no reason to lie to Steve.
Again, there was no hesitation in your answer.
“Sounds like you still have a lot to figure out then, kid.” Steve reached over and pat your shoulder sympathetically, “Between you and me though, I always thought you and Wanda would find your way back to each other. You’ve always been like magnets you two.” He admitted. “Natasha disagrees with me. She seems to think that you and Yelena are the most irritatingly perfect match. Her words not mine.”
You narrowed your eyes slightly. “You and Romanoff better not be placing bets on my love life again. You remember what happened last time, Rogers.” You warned with a point of your finger.
Steve chuckled and raised his hands innocently. “No bets were made. I’m just telling you the information.” He paused slightly. “Though I will say if it was a bet, I'd probably win since I did say Wanda would be the one to ask you out originally because you’d be too nervous to even get a word out. You won me fifty bucks that day.”
You punched his shoulder. “I can’t stand any of you.”
“That’s what families do.” You rolled your eyes and chose not to respond as you both distracted yourselves with your own tasks.
Just over an hour later Steve spoke again. “Hope you got enough thinking done because we’re touching down at the compound in five minutes.”
You sucked in a breath as the clouds opened up and the sharp points of the familiar building filled the sky before you.
Suddenly it was as if you blinked, and Steve was lowering the quinjet onto the waiting platform. “It’s good to be home.” You mumbled as you gathered what little you had and walked off the jet with Steve.
Before you could get far, you were met with an armful of someone else causing you to drop everything in your arms to catch the other person.
When the familiar floral scent invaded your senses, you quickly relaxed and held on tighter, relishing in the moment. The comfort that you hadn’t felt in months. “I missed you too, Wanda.” You whispered into her ear as you tucked your chin over her shoulder.
“You have no idea.” Wanda replied as you both held tightly to each other. You faintly heard Steve mumble how he would take your things inside for you, but his words barely registered as you familiarized yourself with the touch you hadn’t felt in months.
Suddenly, it felt like you were grounded again. Like you had been drifting freely and now, being back by her side you felt anchored again. Connected to the world in a way that mattered again.
Sure, you had managed to speak to Wanda briefly a handful of times over the course of your mission, but those sparse minutes were nothing compared to the sensation of actually being in her arms once again.
“It’s good to see you again.” You said leaning back slightly and taking in her every feature, every speck of color in her eyes. This was the longest you had gone without seeing her since the day you both met. “How did you know we were coming back? We wrapped up a few days early, I thought it would fly under the radar.”
Wanda smiled sheepishly back at you, and you couldn’t help the way your own lips pulled up endearingly at the sight. “I may have convinced Tony to program a new feature to FRIDAY that would let me know when you landed.”
A small chuckle of amusement slipped pat your lips. “Yeah? How did you manage that?”
“I may have pulled the Stark missile card.” Wanda answered with a small shrug.
“Didn’t know you couldn’t be so devious, Maximoff.” You teased as Wanda playfully dusted the invisible dirt off her shoulders.
That was when another voice interrupted the moment. “Really? You didn’t?” You turned your head to find the source of the interruption, though from the voice you knew exactly who it was. “I’ve known for a while now.”
Wanda pulled away from you and looked away, rubbing her own arm uncomfortably. “Nat,” You warned. “I just got back; can we not fight first thing?”
Natasha looked between you and Wanda for another moment as if she was contemplating her choices before opening her arms in silent invitation. “Fine, I’ll play nice. Sorry Maximoff.” Wanda nodded in acknowledgment. You suspected she was still terrified of the other woman.
You glanced at Wanda to be sure she was okay before walking over to your best friend and embracing her just as tightly, finding comfort in her embrace. Comfort in knowing that they were all okay while you were gone. That was all you could have wanted. You missed this. All of it.
Regardless of how chaotic it could be at times.
“I assume you didn’t manage to play nice while I was gone. No wonder I stayed away so long.” You said playfully as Natasha pinched you side. You swatted her hand and pulled away in protest. “Is this how you show how much you miss me?”
Natasha rolled her eyes, “Miss you being an idiot? Sure.” She nudged you playfully. “It’ll be nice to have you back though, the compound hasn’t felt the same without you.”
“It really hasn’t.” Wanda agreed, wincing when she saw the blank look Natasha gave her.
You shook your head, “Nothing has changed.” You lightly rested your forehead on Natasha’s, so she could focus on you, so she could hear the sincerity of your next words. “I did miss you, you know? No need to be snappy.”
Natasha finally cracked a smile. “I know, I missed you too.” She lightly nudged your nose with her own before pulling away and ruffling your hair.
You smiled back at her but couldn’t help but look over Natasha’s shoulder a moment later. If Natasha knew you were back, then it was only safe to assume that… “Is- Is Yelena in her room?”
Amusement began shining in Natasha’s eyes. “Couldn’t even go ten minutes without asking about her, could you?” Heat quickly rushed into your cheeks. “She’s on a mission with Clint, should be back later today. Just light recon about a minor disturbance a few cities over.”
“Surprised you let her go without you.” You mumbled, already anticipating the moment of Yelena's return, mentally preparing all the ways you could earn her forgiveness.
“Tony had me on a separate assignment until this morning.” Natasha explained. “Besides, she’s with Barton, they’re both in good company. Safe.”
You nodded, if Natasha wasn’t worried then you had no reason to either. “I-” You lowered your voice. “Will you let me know when she’s back? Don’t tell her I’m here until I get a chance to talk to her, please, I don’t want her to avoid me anymore. I want to apologize. To make it up to her.”
Natasha analyzed you for a moment, analyzed your pleading tone before nodding. “I’ll give you this one shot because I know you only did what you did to protect her... I would have done the same.” She looked over your shoulder before looking back at you. “Now, I think I’ll head inside. We can catch up later. Don’t do anything that will make me have to kick your ass.” She warned.
Before you could utter a reply, your best friend had disappeared into the compound. “She actually talked to me once while you were gone. It was about a mission report, but still, she’s not ignoring me anymore.” You heard Wanda say from behind you.
You chuckled slightly as you turned to face her again, gesturing for her to follow behind you. “That’s actually great news to hear. I miss being able to spend time with both of you.” You leaned against the railing of the landing pad and let the wind traveling through the air be the only sound for a moment.
Wanda mimicked your position, her arms brushing yours, your own pinky shifting slightly to be in contact with hers.
It was like Steve said, there was something magnetic about you both and it felt even stronger after the separation. You couldn’t help but feel like you wanted to be closer. Your free hand raised to fidget with the charm on the necklace nervously.
“Still wearing the necklace, I see.” Wanda noted, her eyes shining happily in the light of day.
A faint blush quickly spread over your cheeks, and you managed a weak nod, your hand once again falling from the charm. “Steve says it’s my safety blanket.”
Wanda’s smile widened. “I didn’t know if you’d even use it since you had given it back to me after we broke up.”
You shrugged halfheartedly. “We’re past that. It represents more now. It represents you.” The sound of Wanda’s breath hitching caught your attention and you couldn’t help but feel your heart hammer in your chest. You just hoped she would change the subject, the vulnerability felt all too much in that moment. "It was nice to have on the mission."
“How did the mission go? I assume well since both you and Steve are back in one piece.” Wanda eventually asked, breaking the charged silence much to your relief. She always was good at reading your wants.
You nodded faintly, eagerly responding to the change of topic. “It did. We shut down every base we set out to, which was all of them.” You could see the happy smile form on Wanda’s lips, and you continued. “We did everything we set out to do except catch Dr. Wilkerson.”
Wanda’s smile fell almost immediately. She knew Dr. Wilkerson was your greatest enemy, your greatest fear. “Are you okay?” As the last word fell from her lips, her pinky moved to rest over yours, as if she herself wanted to be closer. To comfort you.
In response you turned you hand over in silent invitation and Wanda accept the offer immediately, her fingers tangling naturally with your own. “I feel okay, Steve still thinks we can catch him. He won’t get too far… I know he wants to take me back.” Wanda’s fingers tightened against yours. “Don’t worry, without the bases, without his minions? He’s nothing. Powerless. It’s only a matter of time.”
“The day he tries to come after you will be his last.” Wanda said seriously, her eyes darkening at the mere thought. “He won’t hurt you again, Y/n.”
You squeezed her hand, you knew Wanda would never hurt anyone, but her protective nature may change that. You’d never want to put her in that position. “I know, Wands. Don’t worry, Steve and I will find him. I’ll be okay.”
Her lips turned up faintly. “I know, I’ll be here to make sure of it. I’ll protect you, Y/n.”
“And even though you're infinitely stronger than me, I will protect you.” Wanda giggled slightly and you smiled back at her.
For a moment you both just stared at one another, allowing yourselves to get lost in the moment, moving closer and closer until you could feel her breath fan across your lips. You quickly looked away. Not ready to take that step. Not ready to ruin the leaps and bounds of progress you had made with her.
“Now fill me in on what I missed while I was gone.” You said in hopes of brushing over the minor traces of awkwardness that lingered in the air.
That was how both you and Wanda spent the remainder of the day, catching up on everything that had happened in the last few months, the hours slipping away with ease. There was only one thing that could ruin a relaxing evening like that.
And it was the sight of a smaller quinjet landing a few feet away. Your heart began hammering in your chest because the only other ones out on a mission were Yelena and Clint.
The woman that had occupied your mind so deeply was now just seconds away from you.
Except when the doors to the quinjet opened and Clint was the only one to step out, looking battered and bruised. Your stomach dropped at the sight.
You ran over, Wanda following closely behind. “Clint, where is Yelena?”
It was like Clint had just seen a ghost, his eyes widening even more than they already were. “Where is Natasha?”
“WHERE IS NATASHA!” He yelled, his voice reverberating in the air around you.
Bile climbed up your throat in tandem with the panic you felt squeeze at your chest as the three of you ran into the compound in search of the other woman.
A few moments later you found her lounging in the main room of the compound with a notebook in her hands. Natasha immediately looked up when she heard the sound of panicked footsteps enter the room. “Clint, what-”
Clint quickly interrupted her, his panicked expression making you sick as you anticipated his next words.
“They took her. They took Yelena.”
And just like that, the world stopped.
And that's all folks! This chapter was more of a set-up for the unraveling of the remainder of this story which I now know will be 12 parts total. Sorry for no Yelena in this part. As always, thoughts and comments are always welcome!
Previous part: "Necessary Lies"
Masterlist: "Omen"
Tag list:
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nermalina · a day ago
Sleepover au:
Sorority!Wanda is constantly bullying R in highkey sexual ways and Professor! Agatha is NOT pleased
And in the end somehow poor innocent R has found herself in the middle and they are definitely ready to rip off every piece of clothing in their way.
a/n: this is somewhat of a follow up of this blurb. also, this is the last post for the college au sleepover, which means it’s time to plan the next one.
warnings (18+ only): dubcon, degradation, oral sex (r giving)
marvel masterlist. | marvel headcanons. | nav post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“how’s the little virgin doing today?” wanda purred, bumping her shoulder into your side roughly. you stumbled towards the wall as she laughed at you loudly. “wait, i can’t call you that anymore, can i?”
“i have to get to class,” you said, pushing past her. the sound of her heels clicking against the floor filled your ears as she followed you towards the lecture hall.
“i see you still haven’t loosened up after i got my hands on you.” wanda pouted. the brunette wrapped her hand around your arm and forced you to turn towards her.
“what are you two doing?” agatha said, stepping out of her classroom. “you two are being too loud out here. i expected more from you, y/n.”
“sorry, professor harkness.” you mumbled, fiddling with the strap of your bag. “it’s just that she won’t leave me alone and i need to go. my lecture is about to start.”
“no one likes a snitch.” wanda rolled her eyes and smacked your ass. your eyes widened, shocked that the sokovian would feel so comfortable doing so considering your professor was standing right in front of you.
“okay, that’s enough. both of you get inside now.” agatha demanded, pushing the door open further to allow you and wanda in. the brunette shoved you inside, following close behind you. agatha slammed the door and locked it.
“i still have to get to class-”
“you talk way too much.” wanda groaned, shoving you down onto your knees in front of your professor’s desk.
“you want to attend your lecture, don’t you?” agatha asked, crossing her arms. you nodded, looking down at the floor beneath you. “you’re going to have to work for it.”
wanda yanked your hair back, forcing you to look up at the two of them. agatha pulled her skirt over her hips and wanda pushed you forward. she guided your face towards agatha’s cunt. “why don’t you show her what i taught you?”
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thefoxandthepenguine · 2 days ago
Natasha: When did you realize you have a thing for Y/N?
Wanda: (brushing) I think it’s when we had our first handshake. Her hand was warm and silky.
Natasha: (nudging your elbow) Good for you.
Y/N: You know, I rubbed my hands and applied cream before shaking Wanda’s hand. Research confirms that judgement of a person tends to be more positive if the very first impression is good, like a warm and silky handshake. It’s called the primacy effect. Good to know it works in the real life.
Wanda: …
Natasha: God you’re dark.
Tumblr media
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kram6496 · 2 days ago
Some Days
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Some days have very different mornings. Wanda knows them extremely well. Some days you have to leave on missions before the sunrise. She often moves her arm across the empty space hoping that you’ll be there.
This was one such morning. Wanda awoke to the bed feeling lighter. She moved her arm across the empty side of the bed.
She could only let out a disappointing sigh. Some days, like today, she couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed.
But something about today was a little different. She could feel your presence, but that was impossible. Wanda saw you off on another mission a few days back. Yet here was that feeling, that aura that she knew all too well.
The aura that comforted her. The one that kissed away every tear and every fear. The one that proposed with a ruby ring. The one made a vow to always come back.
Then came the smell. It was coming from the downstairs kitchen. It smelt like blueberry waffles with eggs and bacon.
Wanda quickly slipped on her red cardigan that you bought her for Christmas last year and crept down the stairs.
Sure enough, standing over a piping hot stove wasn’t just your aura but your entire being. Wanda nearly pinches herself.
You turn to her with a smile as you finish making the waffles. “Surprise my rose.” You say with a grin.
“You’re…you’re here?!?” Wanda can barely breath.
“Just got back like ten minutes ago,” you explain, “think my queen deserves her favorite breakfast every now and then.”
You try to hold out a plate to her but she immediately sets it down and launches herself into your arms. Her lips collide with yours. You can feel her tears as they cascade down her face and to her lips.
“I missed you.” She says quietly as you hold her close.
“I missed you too Wanda.” You kiss her nose. “I’m home.”
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perfectromanoff · a day ago
Pairing: Wanda-Nat x Reader
Warnings:mentions of sex, language, some explicits words, legal age gap
Summary: The three of you were together, Wanda and Nat were very confident women, but what will happen when they had to introduce you to their friends?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were barely 18 years old and started your first year of college when you met Wanda and Nat. Natasha had gone to give a self-defense class at your school and Wanda had accompanied her to do demonstrations. That was an interactive class, everyone had to participate and practice including you, you did your best and after that, you went to the other clases to continue with your day . You knew those women, they were part of the Avengers and you thought you wouldn't see them again besides on TV, but you were really surprised when at the end of your school day the two women were waiting for you at the door of your dormitory building. The two said they were impressed by your participation in classes, you knew they were lying, although you gave your best effort, you were not made for physical activities.
When you were invited for coffee as a "reward for your hard work and as a celebration of your birthday", according to them a teacher told them about your birthday, you began to doubt the intentions of the two women, you thought they wanted to kidnap you or something, but at the end of the coffee and a lively chat, they escorted you to your bedroom and left. You didn't know why or how but that became a kind of routine. At least once a week, if they weren't on any mission, they came to get you, have a coffee or eat together and then they left.
What you didn't knew is that Wanda and Nat had seen you a long time ago and wanted you for them, according to them, you had a very cute face, but you also had your strong character, you were also quite intelligent- they liked that whole combination for some reason, and from the first time they saw you in the park that was in front of the tower crumpling your nose when reading a book, they thought you would be a good acquisition for their relationship. Then thanks to Tony's contacts they managed to teach a class at your university and establish a first contact with you.
After a few months the two women and you began to have more physical contact, they loved to give you affection or praises and see how you blushed, both treated you in a very affectionate way and filled you with gifts or compliments,and over time there was no week that passed when they did not have you shouting their names on the bed, the car, against a wall or wherever they wanted to make you feel good.
At first you had found the relationship that the three of you were having a little bit strange, but in a very short time you got used to it. You loved being with them, personally you didn't like physical contact very much, but with them it was a different story, you loved being cuddle between the two or lying on one of them, especially on the days when you were stressed. While they were very affectionate with you every time they saw you, there were times when in the sex sessions they left you sore or treated you a little harsh, but then they made sure to give you a lot of love and care after, so that you felt good and loved. They knew how to treat you and make you feel good at all times.
For their part, Wanda and Nat were also very happy with you, they loved to see how you were shy when being with others but being with them you could not be quiet, they loved to fill you with affections and gifts and especially loved to take you out of classes with some excuse to take you to the car or the bathroom and make you cum at least twice before letting you return to class. The three of you especially loved the weekends where you could go out together to a hotel or cabin and be naked, cuddle and alone all day.
If someone from outside saw you, they would think that maybe all three of you were sisters or that the older ones were maybe your mothers, because of how affectionate the older ones were with you being in a public place. But the truth was very different.
After a year and a half together, the two women wanted you to live with them, you would still go to college only you will no longer live on campus. You wanted that too, doing that meant sleeping together every night and taking baths and having breakfast with them in the mornings. For many years you no longer lived with your parents, so you did not have to ask for any permission, but they had to stop living with the other Avengers and get a house first.
When the holidays arrived they still couldn't get a house like the one you all wanted, but since for a few weeks you would be off campus, they invited you to stay with them in the tower and then go to the beach with everyone else.
Before arriving at the tower, Wanda and Nat set a kind of rules
-You couldn't flirt with anyone, because the other members were very flirtatious too and they didn't like when others were like that with you.
-You couldn't be very affectionate with them, you could only behave as if you were a mutual friend of theirs.
-You couldn't say that Wanda and Nat were your girlfriends or that you were theirs. In the tower everyone knew that Wanda and Nat were together, but they didn't knew that the two women had someone else and they didn't knew that other person was much younger than them, So they wanted to save themselves from being judged for the few days you'd be with the Avengers.
-You couldn't behave like a brat because they will be have a difficult time giving you a punishment without the others noticing.
-You also couldn't use the nicknames you usually used, like telling Wanda mommy and Nat daddy, you could only tell them Wanda and Nat.
They finished saying the list of rules with an "understood?" and you just nodded. You didn't like those rules, but they promised to compensate you at night so you didn't complain as much.
When you got to the tower they introduced you as their friend, as Tony didn't know you were use to sleep with them, he gave you a room apart from them,since the two women didn't say anything about it, when you went on vacation they also gave you a room apart from theirs.
While you thought that this vacation would be entertaining and fun, it began to bother you that the two women were curled up in the couch and you could not be there as you did at home, or that they slept together and the only time they came for you was when they wanted sex. Even one night you wanted to go to their room to sleep with them and they didn't leave you saying it was risky for someone to see you leave the room in the morning. It also bothered you that the two of them will play affectionately in the water and all they did with you was play with the ball. And since you were shy and they weren't with you, you didn't talk much to the other Avengers neither.
At this point your we’re jealous, mad and didn’t give a shit about their rules. If they didn't listen to you or pay attention to you, neither would you to their rules.
The next night you heard a knock on the door of your room, you got up and opened the door just seeing the two women but not letting them in.
"hello baby, will you let us enter?" Wanda stretched out her hand to stroke your cheek but you ran your face "What's wrong, is everything okay?" The worried witch asked
"I know you are here because you want sex, but after that, can you sleep with me cuddling me?" you asked making your best puppy eyes but Nat denied with her head
"You know we can't do that, you can see us when we leave your room in the morning" the Russian spoke looking at you seriously and you sighed
"at least you will let me curl up in the couch with you? Or will you give me a kiss at least before bed when no one sees us?..." You whispered but saw Wanda deny again
"It's very risky bunny, they can see us and will make a fuss... You know how the people look at us on the street when they see how small you look with women like us kissing you and that, we do not want the same thing to happen with our colleagues" Tried to say in a calm voice but it bothered you anyway
"then we shouldn't have sex either, it's very risky to be heard or seen." you said seriously and the two women laughed
"please, is this a joke, right? At this time of night there is no one awake, we can do it quietly, plus you would not endure the rest of the trip without having us" Natasha said but seeing that you were still being she was silent "is it not a joke?"
"Good night, have fun without me as you've done for most of this trip" you were going to close the door but Nat's foot prevented you from doing so
"come on bunny, don't be a brat" Wanda said in warning but you rolled your eyes "You are not following the rules we set... and you know what happens when you don't pay attention..." said the younger woman in warning
"What's going to happen? Will I be punished? Oh no, you can't do that because they can see us... Maybe you won't give me kisses? What difference does it make if you are not giving me either... Let me guess, you won't let me sleep with you or will you stop paying attention to me, right? It doesn't matter, if that's what you've been doing all the time in this trip... " you kicked Nat's foot so it wouldn't get in the way and closed the door in their face. The two women looked at each other in surprise, sometimes you were like this but just to annoy them, but now you looked really angry
"Come on, maybe tomorrow it will pass and she'll understand why we do it" the Russian commented and they went to their room.
The next morning at breakfast time, you didn't sit next to them, you changed Pepper's place and stayed between Peter and Tony, the two women saw you seriously but you didn't pay attention to them. As Peter was about your age he spoke to you very animatedly which helped distract you from how you felt.
You started to feel weird, you saw subtle images that you didn't want to see and you knew it was because of Wanda's magic but you tried to ignore her. You also received high-pitched messages from Natasha but you also ignored them. It's not that you didn't want to sleep with them, you loved that, but it bothered you so much that out of fear they would put you aside as they were doing and just look for you for that.
As the day passed, the more you ignored them. You had heard Peter talk to Tony about how interesting you were to him, plus you seemed very pretty to him—so you decided to take advantage of that.
You started with subtle things but then you were more and more obvious, first you were all day next to Peter talking, when they went to the beach you asked him to put a protector on your back, then you played with him, Yelena and Buck to fights in the water, all to get on Peter's shoulders. You knew that Wanda and Natasha were looking at you and were not happy, the magic of Wanda in your head was torturing you making you remember all the nights that the three of you have spent together, Natasha looked at you so much that she almost did not make a hole in your head, but you tried to keep ignoring them.
At the end of the day thanks to your idea, everyone who was single or that wanted to play was playing streappocker, They looked at you weird because you usually looked shy but you commented that it couldn't be a fun trip if games like that weren't played. You knew very well what you were doing, you knew how to play poker very well but you were loosing on purpose to lose off your clothes, you were also flirting a lot with Peter and the two women didn't like that. Few garments were left by everyone, but without a doubt you were the one who had the least, being left alone in a bra and a small underwear. You could feel the nervousness of Peter when you touched his arms complaining that you were losing and that please had mercy. You also saw how the two women did not take their sight off your body, although there were very few who were still playing, they did not like it how you were losing on purpose.
In the next round you lost again and made a false cry as you carried your hands behind your back to detach your bra, but before you could do anything you felt the voice of the two women speaking in unison
"(Y/N)..." They said in warning to what you smiled innocent looking at them
"yes?" you separate your legs, so only they can look at them, looking at them provocatively, you knew you were wet with everything Wanda and Natasha had been making you see to get your attention. The two women looked between your thighs swallowing thick.
"I think that's enough" said the Russian in a firm tone and you stopped looking at them.
"But if it's just getting fun" you said laughing and you looked at Peter "don't you think? " you asked him and just gained a nervous smile from him
"I think you had enough fun for today" Wanda commented and got up with Natasha "let's go" You looked at them but did not pay attention to them, you gave off your bra but without taking it off "If you come we will play with you" the redhead commented but you did not look at them
"I'm already playing with Peter" you said seeing the boy who almost shake his whole body from how nervous he was.
"You will have more fun with us... With your mommy and daddy" Natasha said in a seductive tone and you turned around barely smiling "and then we will cuddle until tomorrow, what do you say baby?" You grabbed your clothes quickly and stopped next to them
"Finally , you owe me 20 dollars Bucky, I told you that they were not going to endure the whole trip without saying that they were together" Yelena said with a smile and received what Bucky give it to her.
Wanda and Nat turned to see them as you dressed.
"Did you already know?" the eldest asked and it made those who were there laugh.
"As if not to notice with the noise you made at night and the way you looked at her every time she passed by or was in her bathing suit." The soldier commented making Wanda roll her eyes and you blush "now you're shy?" Bucky looked at you and Natasha laughed
"Come on" Natasha and Wanda grabbed your hands coming out of the common room to the rooms,you were smiling because at last they were paying attention to you
"Don't smile that much, we are sorry for what we've done but we haven't forgotten your punishment slut" Wanda said crooking down to whisper it in your ear and gave you a chill.
"Always a whore for Mommy and Daddy's attention, Isn't it?" Natasha said grabbing your face firmly and giving you a kiss on the lips laughing as you nodded eagerly.
"What do you say Nat ? We keep her on edge without letting her cum until she shows us how sorry she is for everything she did today?" Nat nodded watching you and you sighed anxiously, you knew it was going to be a long but entertaining night.
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randominagines · 2 days ago
Avengers reacting to a seggs scene in a movie you're watching? 😂😂😂
Thank you for the request!💕
Pairing: Avengers X neutral reader
Warning: Fluff, smut
Part 2 here (Vision, Sam, Pietro, Peter, Bucky, Loki)
GIFs belong to their creators.
Tumblr media
Tony would be amused. He loves having a chill movie night with you and he usually choses the movie, but he agreed to watch your suggestions this night. He's eating pop corns when the scene starts: he widens his eyes and immediately looks at you. "My Gosh." He jokes while pretending to be shocked. You chuckle and give him a small slap on his leg. "Is Tony Stark upset for a sex scene?" You tease him while caressing his leg, your hand slowly moving on his tight. He smiles and shakes his head. "No, just because we're not doing the same." He says and winks at you. You laugh while he pulls you toward him. "Come here, beautiful." He tenderly says before kissing you, his hands caressing your back. You both forget the movie.
Tumblr media
Steve is an old soul, he gets shy from times to times. You're enjoying your movie night at the cinema when the scene starts. He is still getting used to how explicit everything is in this century, so when it comes about sex scenes he blushes a lot. You look at him and softly smile. "Babe, are you uncomfortable?" You ask him. He shakes his head and smiles at your thoughtfulness before looking at you. "No, it's okay, love. It's just... Do they really have sex while shooting these scenes?" He asks, his curiosity is genuine. You cover your mouth to avoid laughing and shake your head. "No, baby, thy don't." You explain while holding us hand, he shrugs. "This looks so real, good job." He says and you chuckle while resting your head in his shoulder. "I love when you get shy." You admit and he smiles, his cheeks getting pink again.
Tumblr media
Thor is a God, he never watched Midgardian movies, so he has no idea of how explicit they can be. One day, you're watching a movie laying on your couch and he comes back sooner from work. He steps inside with the keys you gave him and flashes a quick look to your TV. He widens his eyes and holds his breath: what are you watching? He tried to be quieter than he could because he wanted to surprise you, but his movements were too loud. "Baby, what are you doing here so soon?" You ask, a smile on your face while you stand up and walk to him. He nervously tries to look natural: he puts a hand against the door but then realizes how ridiculous he would look, so he lowers his hand. "I wanted to surprise you." He admits and you smile while hugging him, your lips searching for his. "You managed." You say and he kisses you back before raising an eyebrow. "Uhm... What are you watching in the magic box?" He asks and you flash a quick look to the movie before widening you eyes and laughing. "Babe, it's just a movie." You say and he shrugs. "They are having sex in your magic box." He says and you chuckle while caressing the back of his head. "Come here." You say before kissing him again.
Tumblr media
Natasha is not shy. She is very confident, instead. You're watching the movie sitting on her couch, your hand wrapped around her shoulder and her head resting on yours. The scene starts and she immediately raises her head and grabs her drink while watching carefully. You look at her. "You look so interested." You joke and she shrugs. "Just taking notes." She says and you raise an eyebrow while staring at your girlfriend. "For what?" You ask and she tilts her head. "For later, baby." She says and takes a sip of her drink while keeping staring at you. You chuckle and shake your head. "You're incredible." You say and she winks at you, a triumphant smile on her face.
Tumblr media
Wanda is a bit shy, but not that much actually. She is sitting next to you while you watch a movie, she's reading the papers that Tony sent her: he wrote the last details about their next mission. She's fully focused on her job when the scene starts. She flashes a quick look to the screen and smirks before her eyes travel back on the papers. You notice the small gesture and smile. "Do you like the movie?" You tease her and she pretends to not know what you're talking about. "Uhm?" She says and you chuckle. "I saw you." You say and she smiles while putting the papers down. "You saw what?" She asks and you shrugs. "A whole movie and you start watching at the sex scene." You point out and she bites her lower lip. "Well... Uhm..." She tries to say but you shake your head and pull her closer. "Are you done with those papers?" You ask while tracing her lower lip with your thumb. She shrugs and puts the paper away. "They can wait." She simply says and kisses you.
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miphas-trident · a day ago
Y/N: I just successfully beat the gay allegations Nat: ‘Beating the gay allegations’ does not mean running away from Wanda when she asks you out.
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8bitscarlet · 2 days ago
Tested Faith
Tumblr media
Summary: Some people say that some things are too good to be true. A few months ago you'd have thought it impossible to find the trust of the Avengers. You'll find it's your trust that will be tested.
Genre/Warnings: Angst (cussing, canon violence, mention of blood, torture [physical & drug])
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Word Count: 4.8k
A/N: Part 7 of Accidentally on Purpose, there's been enough happy smiles between these two right? Happy reading!
*please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*
Peeking into the meeting room, you glance at the empty table with a frown. You had misplaced your journal again and you can’t remember where you threw it. You usually kept it underneath your files in the meeting room or on your desk.
As you started to grow more comfortable in the Compound, you started leaving it out and trusted people not to read it. If any of them ended up hating you and wanted to throw you back in your cell, your first couple of entries were a bit incriminating. You had faith that you could explain you were just observing them during your early weeks here, simply to keep yourself alive.
A few weeks after your recon mission, Wanda’s wound healed perfectly, leaving only the smallest scar. You claimed it was your professional sewing abilities and Wanda's laugh was so sincere your breathe caught in your throat. The moment she was able to move with little pain, Wanda was back to saving the world while you and Stark smoothed out the fine print of your contract.
After a mission spearheaded by Natasha and Wanda was accomplished, Nat pulled you aside for a quiet conversation. Breaking into a Hydra facility, some of the files they acquired had a lot of your resume attached. It was filled to the brim with all of the horrific missions you had done for Hydra. Every minuscule detail was in there, some reports even written by your hand.
Nat asked if you wanted her to keep them to herself, hide them away from the team's eyes. The thought of hiding your unsavory past toiled in your mind for a moment, worried how many steps backwards you would be taking with the team. As you looked into your old friend's green eyes, you remembered how much her ledger dripped red. Despite that, the Avengers still trust her and value her.
The blood you had shed competes with the Widow's, that isn't a surprise to anyone in the Compound. The details of your horrible acts could change everything and only heighten the remaining suspicion's in the mind's around you, though.
Nat waited through your whole thought process in silence, until you finally came to a decision. You had nothing to hide, you told her and prepared for the possibility of torches and pitchforks. As the days went on, you were surprised that you couldn't tell who had read the files or not. Tony’s questions became a bit more specific when you stopped by the lab, a small grin on your face when you saw a pile of files dedicated to just you. Sam and Steve were the same towards you, warm smiles and constantly asking if you were up for training.
Continuing your search for your journal, you give a quick knock and step into Wanda’s room without an invitation.
"I swear, Wilson stole my journal and hid it somewhere. You'd tell me if he-,"
You stop two steps into the room, your jaw clenching as the smile falls from your face. Your eyes rest on the leather bound journal in Wanda's hands, while wide, green eyes stare at you as her mouth falls open.
“What’re you doing?”
She snaps the journal closed, “Y/N, I…”
You chuckle, pressing against your temples, “I see. I ask you not to read my mind so you decided to read it this way.”
"Y/N, I panicked. Hydra taught you deception... I," Wanda presses the spine of the journal against her chin, "I read the files, how they-"
"I know what they say," you snap at her, watching as she sucks in a breath at the anger in your voice, "That I'm a murderer. No line drawn between the guilty and innocent."
The journal slides out of her hands as you step towards her, Wanda's feet backing her away from you, "That I slink and slither my way in and stab the knife into their backs and give a twist because I’m a monster. I've saved your life twice so obviously the third time, I'd let you die, right?"
Pressing your fingers against your eyes, the breath you exhale shakes with the pain inside of your chest. Retreating back, you chew on the inside of your lip as you realize what a fool you've been. Thinking this witch would ever truly trust you. Manipulation, you remember, that’s what she does best.
"Please," Wanda steps towards you, "can we talk-,"
Holding up a hand, Wanda stops her approach as you feel the anger pulsate through your body as your face tightens, “You know what. Keep it, I’m done. You wanted me gone before? Mission accomplished.”
You walk out, quickly walking into your room and ripping one of your jackets off of your chair. Wanda is right behind you but you just shove past her, ignoring her try and make up excuses for what she’s done. Halfway down the hallway, you whirl around and jab a finger into her face. She flinches away as you let out a shaking breath and stop yourself from yelling,
“I trusted you. I told you my deepest regrets and this is how you treat me? You read a file that doesn’t even show you the guilt I have and decide you can’t trust me enough to come talk to em? You have to read through my journal?” You slam your arms into your jacket, letting out a sharp huff through your aching chest, “I would’ve answered your questions.”
Turning sharply, you jog down the stairs. Tony is coming around the corner with takeout and calls out to you. You ignore him and slam straight out of the front door, Wanda shouting after you.
“I don’t want to hear it, Maximoff!” You start your walk down the nearby forest trail, overrun with roots and fallen leaves.
With a groan you hear her feet crunching on the dead leaves as she follows after you, “I fucked up! I’m sorry! All I could think about was Strucker's labs. I was scared that you were playing us -.”
“Shut up!” You snap, stopping abruptly as she rams into your back.
Wanda doesn’t listen, she just keep blabbering but you can hear something beyond her broken words. Her feet don’t move but you can hear crunching. There’s a snapping branch and you grab Wanda, slamming your hand over her mouth. She grips your wrist tightly, eyes wide, worried about what you’re going to do. You see the flash of panic as she wonders if her gut was right.
“Shut up,” you whisper to her, letting her go and pushing her back towards the compound, “Get Stark.”
As his name touches your lips, Wanda shoves you backwards as a dart shoots into the tree trunk next to you. You look at each other for a split second before you’re fighting for you life.
Wanda gets slammed into the tree next to you as your knee gets knocked out from beneath you. Whoever is here, knows exactly what to do. They've been watching you two, learning how you fight and all of your weaknesses. They have three fighters on you as they keep Wanda down with their electrocution rods, ensuring her hands aren't free.
Slamming your elbow into one of the attacker's mouth, the other two slam on top of you. One wraps their arm tightly around your neck while the other starts to hyperextend your knee. You can feel the something pop inside of your knee as they keep pulling. Yelling as you start to feel the hot pain explode through your knee, you watch helplessly as Wanda collapses to the ground.
The attacker you hit, climbs on top of you with a bloody sneer. He slams a syringe into your shoulder, stinging exploding through your body before you feel the tension increase on your neck and you fall into a dark void.
When you woke, you couldn't tell just how long you had been unconscious for. The pain in your body was dull, giving you opportunity to remember your training.
You sat on a stained cot inside of a bare concrete cell, a single guard standing outside of your cell door. As the silent days continued on, you were able to work out the guard shifts. Every three guards brought in a new day and and a sickening feeling in your stomach when they didn't pull you out for questioning.
As far as you knew, there was only one other person they could question.
The guards brought you food, mostly hearty soups and sometimes a nice sandwich. You ate each item with scrutinizing bites, searching for something that would alter the processes of your body. Each meal you ate though, you only were left feeling full. If they were looking to torture you, they were taking their sweet time.
Standing at the bars of your door, you hang your arms out into the hallway. You whistle at the guard posted nearby,
“Hey! Do I need to get an appointment for my torturing or?”
He ignores you, only adjusting his footing slightly as he clears his throat. It echoes down the quiet hallway. There's no one else around that makes noise in the other cells, just you and the guard bonding. Knocking your forehead against the cool iron bars, you sigh,
“Where’s Wanda Maximoff?”
The guard looks at you now, hearing the exhaustion in your voice as you asked for the tenth time his shift. There’s a cruel grin on his face, a humor in his eyes that sends a cold chill down your spine. You avert your eyes quickly, glowering at a crack in the wall. It's been at least a week since you've been stuck here and no one has had the courtesy to say where Wanda is.
You glance down the hallway, it’s still empty. The replacement guard is still a few moments away. Watching the guards pace the halls, you worked out how to get to a certain door near the bathroom.
You whistle once again, “Hey. I have to use the restroom.”
The guard sighs at your annoyance, whacking your fingers with his baton. You hiss at the sharp pain in your knuckles as you back up from the door. He opens the cell door, throwing you handcuffs as he powers up his electrocuting baton.
As you click the heavy cuffs tightly around your wrist, you wiggle them to show him that you’re not Houdini and the thick metal holds back your strength. Shoving you out of the cell, you start to walk down the hallway. You’ve walked down this hallway enough times to figure out what was behind the doors. Most were empty cells but there was one door you peeked into as a guard was exiting.
That was where you were heading. As you step up to the door, you whip your fists around. The guards helmet smacks against the wall as he stabs the rod towards you with a yell. Just sidestepping the warm tingle, you grab the metal, slamming him into your knee over and over. His leg gives out as flip him over you, slipping the rod from his hand. With a yell, you slam it into his chest as his body starts to convulse with the current running through him.
Gritting your teeth, you watch as his eyes roll into his head before you limp towards the door. You don’t have time to find the keys for your cuffs, you have to keep moving. Kicking open the communications door, you take the two guards inside by surprise. The one closest to you stands first as you slam their chair towards the second guard.
You swing the rod across the closest guard's face, chucking it at their friend as they collapse in pain next to you. The electric shock knocks him out as you focus your attention on the first guard, trying to crawl towards his radio. You squat down carefully as he presses against the cut on his cheek, starting to hyperventilate.
“I know you thought I was the one who was supposed to be tortured but,” You grin, “It’s your lucky day. Put in the numbers I write down.”
Standing, you turn to write down on the notepad but hear the guard try to rise quietly. You groan, ducking underneath his wild swing. Kicking out his legs, you wrap your legs around his body, hooking his leg with your handcuff chains and yank. There’s a loud pop followed by his screams,
“Okay! Okay!”
Yanking harder as you grit your teeth as you try to avoid his slamming fists, he yells, “Fuck! I’ll do it, just stop!”
Rolling off of him, you pull him to his feet and shove him into one of the chairs. Shoving his face towards the notepad, you write out the radio signal. You impatiently watch his shaking fingers start to calibrate the communication devices.
As the signal locks, you press his face into the machine as you start to hit the microphone in such a way that’ll start to make noise through the static for Morse Code. Natasha has to be looking for both of you, if not the whole team is searching too. You know she’ll be searching the wavelengths for any communication about two captured prisoners. It's how she found you in an isolated Kazakhstan prison in the middle of winter.
“Coordinates!” You yell as you smash the guards face against the machine, his nose cracking beneath the hit, “What are they?”
As they yell out the location, you press the receiver on. Shaking him, you get him to repeat them over and over. Praying silently to yourself that Nat hears them, the light inside the room increases and your moment of power is snatched away as your face is slammed into the desk.
You grimace as the guards who have finally shown up for the shift change hurl you out into the hallway. Before you even stop sliding across the tile, they're slamming their batons and stomping their boots into you. Gritting through the pain shooting through your ribs, you roll onto your back and stop a boot heading for your face.
Snarling up at the guard, you yank him to the ground, shooting up to your feet as your heart pounds in your ears. Charging at a guard who panicked at your sudden attack, you slam her into the wall and ram your forearm into her throat. Before you can yell at her, a scalding hit from behind sends you crumbling to the ground, gasping out for air as burning heat explodes across your back.
A boot rolls you over onto your back, the heel pressing into your neck as you grip tightly around their ankle. A mustached man peers down at you with a vicious grin, you can see the gold bars of rank on his uniform as your breath sputters out. You know it’s time for your appointment.
“Where’s Wanda Maximoff?” You cough out, his heel pressing further into your neck and your head is cracked to the side.
Flicking your sweat soaked hair up and out of your face, you let out a long groan as you strain your arms and take some of the ache from your shoulders. The chain rattles through the quiet room, the mustached man pacing in front of you. Lowering yourself down again, your toes just skim the floor as all of your weight bears down on your shoulders.
Breathing out carefully through your wheezing lungs, the pouring sweat stings the cuts on your face. Your right eye is nearly swollen shut, painfully stinging as you clench your teeth and grip the chain tightly as you carefully watch the General.
A soldier holds his uniform jacket, his white shirt rolled up his arms and your blood covering his knuckles.
“That was a good swing,” you chuckle out, trying to distract yourself from the aching pain.
Your limbs are growing stiff from constantly picking yourself off of this slick floor when the General lets the chain loose. A metallic taste fills your mouth from the punches you’ve lost count of and the sharp stabbing between your ribs has you slowing down your gasping pants. Drooping your head over slightly, you spit out the blood that pools in your mouth.
The General stands in front of you, “If you hadn’t sent out that message, we would’ve just reintegrated you back into Hydra. You just made this worse for yourself and that Maximoff witch.”
You spit onto him, grinning as it splatters against his face. He growls lowly, walking away as he violently wipes his face. You watch his hand grip the chain as you grit your teeth and brace for the pain. The chain slides against the eyelet in the ceiling as you land onto the ground with a groan.
Trying to get up, you wheeze up onto a single knee before the General crosses back to you. Grabbing the back of your head, he slams you straight into his knee, your eyes tearing from the hit that finally breaks your nose. As his hands grip your collar he swings you into the wall, leaning his hands against it as he slams a boot into your stomach. Your vision starts to grow black around the edges as the hits recede and water is splashed onto you.
Gasping as some of the water runs down into your lungs, you climb slowly up as you press your chained hands against your torso. Your coughs vibrate pain through you but you still climb to your knees, your arms shaking with exhaustion.
“Go fuck yourself,” you breathe out, “Where is Wanda Maximoff?”
“You’re still going on about that?” His laugh is ruthless as he wipes the blood from his knuckles with a handkerchief, “Why are you so worried? You’re no hero. You’re useless. A waste of air. But Hydra can change that. We can give you purpose again.”
Sitting on the damp ground, you slowly bring in your legs to cross casually. Straightening yourself against the wall, you let out a careful breath as your body jolts with pain that makes itself known inside of your body.
Leaning your head back, you raise your brows with a grin, “Sorry, buddy. You’re not the first one who’s told me I'm a waste of air.”
He lets out a hum, a low rumble coming through the concrete walls. You close your eyes, trying to breathe out slowly despite the wheezing of your breath. The General slips back into his jacket, calmly buttoning up the fabric watching the pain flicker across your face.
As your eyelids start to fall, there’s a creak of the door opening. The guard walks inside, grabbing your collar and hauling you to your feet. You shout as you try to put pressure onto your slanted ankle, the sprain growing worse with each fall you took from the chain. The guard gives you a slap and tells you to shut up.
Trying your best to keep up with his pace, he takes you down the corridor. Your bad leg practically drags behind you before the guard shoves you against a door. The General walks up to you as you try to stay on your feet, fixing his crooked collar.
“You’ve been hollering about Maximoff for days." Taking your hands gently, there's a soft click and you feel the tight metal fall away, "Call it a gift.”
The door opens and the guard shoves you inside without a warning. Falling onto your face, you let out a low groan as you hear the door close and lock behind you. Pressing down into the ground, you slowly pick yourself up. The room is a rather large room compared to the one you were just in. It’s empty besides a small concrete bed and a redheaded woman who holds herself near it.
“Wanda?” You croak out through your dry throat as you slowly crawl closer, bare feet pressing against the cool concrete.
She doesn’t even register that you’re in here with her, as she rocks back and forth. You can see the needle marks on her arms, the bruised tack marks on her arms.You feel a cold chill through your body, the nausea that hits your stomach as you think about what they've done to her. The pain they’ve put her through these past two weeks while you spent half of it sitting in a cell, bored.
“Oh, what did they do to you?” You ask into the cold air, reaching out carefully for her.
Your hand touches her cold skin, Wanda's body flinching away from you as her fingers clench tighter around her grimy sleeves. Clenching your brows, you try and peer into her eyes to show that you’re here. Prove that you're real. That she isn’t alone anymore. That you’ll kill anyone who tries to get to her again.
“Hey, Wanda. Come on, look at me. Please.”
Slowly, Wanda's tangled auburn hair starts to move, her fingers letting go of her shirt. And when she looks at you, fear is all you feel. Her eyes aren’t the soft green you’ve come to know, eyes that crinkled in laughter at sitcoms.
There's no crinkling and there's no laughter. They’re glowing an absolutely hellish red as a snarl fills her face and yours widen in dread. You grab her wrist, trying to stop her from getting her magic out from her palm but that was a mistake.
Her fingers explode out in intense energy, heavier and more savage than you've ever experienced. You realize that she's been holding back all the other times she's shoved you into or through a wall.
You fling straight against a wall, your air rushing out of your lungs. Grimacing as you hold in a silent scream, your body is twitching as you try to suck some air into you. The after effect of her magic pulsates inside of you, squeezing your temples like an iron vice, a high pitched ringing in your ears as you claw up to your knees.
“You lied!” Wanda screams, holding herself tightly.
“Wanda!” You rasp as loud as you can, “They’re drugging you! Please,”
Wanda swings her magic at you as you try to dodge the attacks. Climbing quickly up, a bolt of magic knocks out your legs as you smack into the ground again. She advances dauntingly towards you as you try to get up to your feet. Holding up your arm, you block her punches as she continues to scream at you. Telling you to shut up, telling you that you’re nothing but a traitor and a murderer.
“None of this is real!” you shout, dodging another blast that leaves a charred mark on the wall. Startled at how close she was to killing you, you fail to notice the blast she knocks into your head. It jerks you to the side as your fingertips skim along the floor to try and stay up on your feet .
“You killed Pietro!” Tears are falling down her face as her swings are turning more wild, magic firing through the room and exploding like fireworks.
“No! No! I never met-,” you dodge beneath another spell that would’ve decimated you into ash, “him! Wanda, please!”
You hold up your hands in front of you, circling her as she collapses down onto one knee in heaving breaths. Her hands run through her hair as she tightens her jaw and lets out a painful groan. You stay on your guard, knowing her magic tires her but unsure what drugs this assholes have pumped through her veins.
Grimacing as you limp around her carefully, Wanda roughly runs her hands up and down her arms, her mutterings growing in volume.
“I can’t breathe. I can’t, I gotta get out. I gotta get out!”
You step closer as the red hue starts to dissipate, placing a single hand on her shoulder, “Wanda, please. Look at me.”
“Don’t touch me!” She howls, her magic knocking out your feet. You grimace as your knees slam against the concrete floor, her fist slamming into your face.
“Ah, fuck!” You wipe the blood across your face, trying to scoot away from her.
Rolling backwards and up onto your feet, you trip back before her glowing hand slams through your chest. You hold up your hand as you dodge beneath another swing,
“Stop it!” you shove her back away from you, “I don’t want to fight you!”
You step back onto your bad ankle, sinking into the pain as she whips out her arms, “I’m going to kill you!”
A searing heat wraps around your throat, squeezing tightly. Wanda steps slowly towards you, until both her magic and her hands wrap around your neck.
Her face is tight in anger and pain as she clenches her teeth, closing your airway. You try and push up against her arms but her magic anchors her to you. Wanda overpowers your super strength, pushing you down onto your knees and submitting to her will to kill you. You’re terrified as you stare into eyes that mirror what you feel. Behind the haze of drugs, she’s there. But you’re not getting through to her.
“Wanda!” You choke out, trying to press against her face. The dark circles around your vision start to close in, your chest starting to convulse with the lack of air. “No, stop!”
Your tight grip on her wrists starts to fail as the heat grows stronger. There’s a loud clang behind you but all you can focus on is the pain in her eyes. There’s no hatred, only the pain and fear that’s hidden behind what courses through her veins.
It’s a new voice, through the haze of your oxygen lacking brain, you can make out Stark’s voice. Trying to gasp, you hit against Wanda’s arm and attempt to bend her arm. If you can just grab her and shake her hold.
Stark tries to do just that, wrapping his arms around her waist. As he yells at you to keep fighting, Wanda shoots a beam straight into him and you watch him slam into a wall. He groans on the floor, still alive. You can get through to her. You can’t give up, you groan to yourself.
Natasha is on his tail, getting to Wanda and trying to pull her arms away from you, “Wanda! You’re killing them!”
Your heart isn’t racing and pounding in your ears anymore. Your pulse is starting to slow as you gasp like a fish out of water. Your hand can only gently smack against Wanda but Nat isn’t giving up, trying to shake Wanda out of this drug haze.
Tony flicks his wrist and you can hear the hum of his hand repulsor start to activate, the blue glow battling the red mist around you. He steps forward, his glove aimed directly at Wanda’s face. Your eyes widen as you try to peel her fingers from your neck and Stark yells,
“Get back, Maximoff!”
Nat steps in front of him frantically holding up her hand and shoving away his hand, “What’re you- don’t!”
She grabs Wanda’s face, squeezing it to try and turn her eyes, “Look at me! Wanda! You are killing Y/N. Do you hear me? You’re killing them!”
The red glowing irises widen and then collapse into green. Air flows down your throat as you wheeze and collapse backwards. Wanda hits the ground hard, her head smacking against the floor with a heavy thud.
Nat rolls you onto your side as you’re hit with a coughing attack, trying to breath through your broken ribs and nose. Tony’s hand rests gently on your shoulder, helping you sit up and breath deeply. You grip his shoulder through the choking pain, leaning your forehead onto him as you cradle your tender neck.
“Jesus…” Nat mutters, “You look like shit.”
You suck in a breath, grimacing as you rest back on your haunches and glance towards the unconcious Wanda. You can see just how exhausted she is from here.
The dark shadows beneath her eyes, bruising on the parts of her skin that are visible. It’s the invisible wounds that worry you, whatever drugs they pumped into her have done things to her mind.
Right now though, all you can think about is the pain that is revolving through each and every one of your injuries. There isn’t an inch of your body that doesn’t send pain to your brain. Nat goes to check on Wanda’s pulse as you glance to Tony,
“Were you going to shoot her?”
He nods, “Concussive blast. We need to get you both moving.”
You nod as you clench your jaw tightly, closing your eyes and wishing the burning of your neck would subside soon.
“Thank you,” you croak out, limping out of the room and seeing the destruction inside the hallway.
Stark lifts you up a little higher as he helps you walk, “You’re part of the team kid,” as he guides you through the corridors, you watch him grin, “I voted just to get Maximoff out of here, though. Nothing personal, just weighed the benefits.”
You chuckle, pulling in a sharp hiss as Stark stops to make sure you’re okay. Patting his chest, you push him over to help Natasha carry Wanda.
“Just so you know,” Nat raises her brows at you, “you get to do my laundry for being so sloppy. Really? Captured again?”
You follow after them in a slow limp, “One time, Nat! Just,” watching your hand slide against the concrete walls, Nat lets Tony go ahead with Wanda as you continue, “Focus on her okay? Make sure Wanda’s fine.”
Natasha places her hand on your arm, “Hey, you’re safe now. Okay? Both of you. We need to get you home and checked over. You’re not hiding your wounds this time.”
You grin, “If it’s internal, the blood’s where it’s supposed to be right?”
Nat groans but leads you out of this hell.
________________Part 8
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phantomspiderr · a day ago
I Smell Snow
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x f!reader
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: some filth to begin with then just fluff
・☆: *.☽ .* :☆
"Wanda," her name falls from your lips as her hand and tongue work in perfect unison to bring you to euphoria. Then you can hear her chanting your name over and over, there's a moment of confusion before your eyes blink open into the dark room. Wanda's sat in bed turned toward you, shaking your shoulders to wake you. Your mind is fuzzy as you look around, noting there were no dangers around you and more disappointingly you were both fully clothed.
"What's wrong? Are you okay?" You sit up and rub your eyes as your girlfriend jumps out of bed and runs toward the huge floor to ceiling windows.
"Look! Look! Look!" She bounces on the balls of her feet and you squint your eyes to look out the window. Small white spots are falling out of the sky, slowly covering the ground in a powdery white sheet. A smile spreads across your face at her excitement.
It's like this every year, the first snowfall is always her favourite. She'll check the weather reports like crazy and stay up till god knows what time just to see it and every time she wakes you with such excitement that makes you melt.
You pull yourself out of the bed and join her at the window, winding your arms around her middle and resting your head on her shoulder. Both equally enjoying the small moment of peace after weeks of back to back missions away from each other.
"You wanna get Sonic and I'll grab your jacket?" You lift your head to look at her, a huge grin plastered on her face and she nods her head so quickly, you chuckle. She holds your face in her hands for a second before giving you a quick peck and taking off out of the room, grabbing any random pair of shoes and running toward her brother's room.
You meet her in the corridor after slipping on more layers and some boots. She skips up to you with a sleepy but happy looking Pietro next to her. You hold her jacket out ready for her to slip her arms straight into it. Once it's slipped on over her shoulders she turns and smiles up at you, her hand intertwines with yours and she pulls you down the hallway.
"Hold on, you two go ahead I'll meet you down there!" Wanda frowns always loving to spend this moment with you and Pietro but an idea popped into your head and you know she would love to share it with everyone she cares for. "Go, I'll only be a minute."
She pouts this time but reluctantly lets go of your hand and takes a few steps backwards, "be quick moya lyubov' (my love)".
As soon as the twins are in the elevator to take them down to the ground floor you go knocking on everyone's door, they are all probably gonna think you're insane or somethings wrong but you say the same thing to each one of them. Please come downstairs for Wanda, it's snowing and you know how much she loves it. You receive a few glares and groans from the grumpier Avengers but they all agree because they all love Wanda, I mean who could say no to that adorable little witch?
After a few moments, you have all the Avengers sleepily huddled waiting for the elevators to take them downstairs. You're smiling to yourself, hoping Wanda will be as excited as you think she'll be to share this with everyone. The elevator dings and you all file out and head straight to the big entranceway. You and see Pietro has his arm wrapped around his sister's shoulders, holding her close as they look toward the sky and watch the snow fall from the stars. A thin layer of snow already fully covering the ground around them and you can't help the smile that spreads across your face.
The second she hears the entry doors open Wanda snaps her head toward the noise, an even wider smile forming on her face as she sees the sleepy Avengers coming out to join her. She catches your eyes staring at her like she's the only person there that matters and you can make out the tears welling up in her eyes so you take quick strides toward her. She meets you halfway, pulling you immediately into her arms.
"Thought everyone could use a little of your happiness," you smile at her before she pulls your face towards hers, her lips connecting with yours. It's a messy, hungry kiss. Like she wants to show you just how much she appreciates you right there and then. You hear a wolf whistle and then some hollering from behind the both of you. You both pull away from each other, resting your foreheads together for a second to laugh before you both pull apart to bow in front of the groups of superheroes since they clearly enjoyed the show. As you both stand upright you see a snowball fly straight past Wanda's head and land in the centre of Steve's chest. He looks shocked as you all turn to look at Pietro who's chuckling to himself, another snowball in his hand ready to throw.
"Oh, you're gonna get it, kid!" Steve bends down to scoop up some snow before he charges forward to try to catch the speedster and with that, the rest of the Avengers runoff for cover and others form their own snowballs and before you know it it's an all-out snowball fight. You and Wanda are still just stood watching as Bucky and Nat team up to chase down Peter and Thor use his hammer to try to hit a snowball further but it just bursts into a cloud of snow.
"I love you," your eyes move from your chosen family and down to the woman of your dreams. She looks happy and content, in that moment your glad you woke everyone up so you could have this moment with Wanda.
"And I love you, so so much," you reply in earnest. She leans in and places a kiss on your cheek before reaching up to whisper in your ear.
"Now come see if you can hit me with one of those snowballs and I might just make that dream of yours come true," she smirks at you as she tilts her head to the side before rushing off to hide. That little witch.
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hello-mtf · 21 hours ago
*wanda crying after a break up*: maybe I’ll just be alone forever
Y/n: no don’t say that, in my country there’s a saying that means “ love is just around the corner.
Y/n being filmed
Y/n shrugging : I come from a neighborhood with a lot of prostitutes
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yellowvxbes · a day ago
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You and Wanda never got along since you met each other. Carol tries to make a move on you, and Wanda gets jealous. You quickly find out why.
Word Count: 1,087
Warnings: Slight angst, mentions of casual sex, and cursing.
A/N: I hope this turned out the way you wanted anon! :) I wrote this at 4 in the morning and just finished editing. Enjoy! <3
You didn’t want to say you and Wanda exactly hated each other. But yeah, you kind of did. She was just so fucking unbearable. Always so snarky, and could never just let things be. She tried her damn hardest to push every single button you had, just to see you lose your shit on her.
You thought it was entertaining for her to watch. For that reason, you avoided her like the plague. Any room you walked into that she dwelled in, you quickly made your exit. But what was so odd to you, is that she seemed to make a conscious effort to be with you. Which was so incredibly ridiculous. If she despised you so much, why would she bother spending time with you? If you could even call it that.
You had been forced to attend another one of Stark’s miserable parties, where the majority of the time you found yourself lingering at the bar and drinking the stronger liquor they had available. You made sure to dress well, as Tony made it crystal clear that “appearance is key.”
You walked into the large room and let out a sigh. You hated the people who constantly tried to make small talk with you, and it seemed you had four people headed your way. And it didn’t help the fact they kept staring at you, despite your clear discomfort.
It was almost on cue that Carol arrived to save you. Carol had always been pretty kind to you, and you had to admit- she was easy on the eyes. “Hey Y/N, what’s up?” She smiled, sitting down next to you, and asked the bartender for her usual beer.
“Just sitting here until Stark allows us to get the hell out of here.” You replied, taking a shot and immediately grimacing afterward. You didn’t know why you had them, they sucked every single fucking time.
Carol chuckled, “His parties are a shit attempt at making more money. As if he isn’t already a rich little bastard.”
You scoffed in response, “You can say that again. These parties are always the low of my week.” Carol laughed at that, clearly not disagreeing with your statement. You looked Carol up and down, and did something you would’ve never thought you’d have the courage to do- “Carol, do you want to dance?” You finally blurted out, sticking out your hand for her to grab.
You saw her raise a brow, and at first, you were anxious at the thought you’d made a big mistake- until her face broke into a huge grin and she smirked, “I thought you’d never ask.” You felt your face warm at that but followed her to the dance floor.
It was weird, dancing with Carol at first. You hadn’t danced with anyone, and you felt eyes on you the entire time. You knew the Avengers were surprised- everyone knew you and Carol were friends- but that was a different level.
But there was a pair of eyes on you that seemed as though it would never leave. Wanda’s. At first, you hadn’t noticed how much she bitterly observed you and Carol’s dancing until you took a glance across the room and caught her sour glance.
This utterly confused you. She had been known for not liking you the whole team knew that. So it made no sense that she would be upset for you to show interest in Carol. You immediately brushed it off though, trying to not let it stick with you.
The dance floor began to feel a bit sweaty, and you knew Carol was feeling it too. “Maybe we should get a drink to cool down, hm?” You nodded in agreement but before you could go anywhere, your actions were paused by a fuming brunette.
“Oh, I guess you found a new fuck buddy, hm?” Wanda snarled to Carol, and you felt yourself grow uncomfortable. “Let’s see if they can break your two-month record for relationships.”
“Shut it, Maximoff. How about you mind your own goddamn business?” You intervened, your anger building up, only for it to increase when Wanda had the pure audacity to roll her eyes.
“What, defensive over some girl who couldn’t care less about you?” That was the last fucking straw. You stormed out of the club, and hid out in an alleyway beside it, trying to analyze the situation. You knew Wanda was known for being a bitch, but that was just another level.
God, who were you to be surprised. Always in everyone’s fucking business. You rolled your eyes when you heard Wanda’s footsteps following you, and you clenched your fists. One more comment and you might knock the bitch. Sure, she had powers- but fuck that.
“Y/N! Hey!” Wanda yelled.
“God, what the fuck do you want? I’m done with your bullshit Wanda. I’m in my right mind to have Carol beat your ass.” You snarled, crossing your arms together defensively.
“I…” She hesitated, and you raised a brow in surprise. She never apologized. Who is this and what did they do to Wanda Maximoff? You sarcastically thought to yourself. “Look, I understand my behaviors are… hard to be around. I guess what I’m meaning to say is…”
“Spit it out.” You said impatiently, and finally, Wanda blurted out-
“I like you. Like, a lot. I’ve liked you since I’ve seen you. I know I’m not Carol and you like her but- I can’t just act like I don’t feel anything.” Okay, this is not what I thought would happen.
You would be lying if you didn’t have a tiny, itty bitty crush on Wanda since you’ve seen her. Who could blame you anyways?
“Well Wanda, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to say. It’s so complicated and I would have never expected you to feel this way. I don’t know know how to respond I-”
“No, it’s fine. I didn’t expect you to feel the same way, it’s okay. I’ll leave you to go see Carol and I’ll just leave. I’m-”
You cut her off with a passionate kiss, and you smirked as her face turned bright red. “Does that show my feelings or do I have to say it?” You lightly chuckled, and Wanda looked away with a soft smile.
“Yeah… yeah, it does. Could I try to fix things with an iced coffee?”
“With a muffin?”
“With a muffin,” Wanda confirmed with a giggle, and you grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly.
“Then let’s go, shall we?”
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stfu-princess · 2 days ago
Something about Wanda in wandavision just makes the gay dom in me go brrr
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hoe4flo · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
short series coming soon…
Love Languages (part one) - Natasha Romanoff
Love Languages (part two) - Yelena Belova
Love Languages (part three) - Wanda Maximoff
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kassxndre · a day ago
Take good care of her | Wanda Maximoff x Reader
A/N: Heyy! Hope you’re all doing okay! This story is based on a song called ‘Prends bien soin d’elle’ which means ‘Take good care of her’. Hope you’ll like it, good reading!
Summary: When love leaves you, you have to let it go. But you also have to make sure that the one who Wanda loves now will love her good.
Warnings: break-up, letting go of a lost love, tears, …
Masterlist | Character Masterlist
✦ ✦ ✦
Life has never been easy. We often had to fight. Cross the constraints, overcome the obstacles. And if life is a bitch, it takes love with it. And it’s alone that we fall asleep, the night without wonders.
There is nothing left around. Love has been replaced by nothingness. And you abandon yourself to outlines, to detours that leave you unsatisfied. But this is your life and it is like that. You can’t fight when the other one leaves. Hope is vain and you know it. And it’s because you love her that you let her go.
Wanda was for you the sun and the joy. She would light up your days with the mere sight of her smile. She rocked your nights with her velvet voice. She made you believe in love. You loved her as we love God. With a powerful love but with a serious love. You loved her like you never really loved anyone before.
But since all beautiful things come to an end, this love has ended. Wanda has fallen for other arms than those hugging her so far. And you saw her slowly fade away, far from your poor days. She has withdrawn from you like a liar’s heart is torn out of a chest. And Vision became the sole holder of her heart.
Your love for her didn’t matter anymore. Wanda loved Vision. You were nothing more than a flower from the past, now withered that rested on her memory like a worn out old movie. But your heart, however, loved her hard enough to face Vision. Not to take back the love that was now in Vision’s hands. No, since you wanted to see Wanda happy and you knew it was in his arms that she would be. So, you were facing Vision today, only to ask him to take care of her.
She ended up getting bored
Of this life, of this job
Eternal back and forth
Between work and love
When you stumbled across Vision in the long hallway, he looked serene. He wasn't mean, he didn't mean to hurt you. He knew very well that you were in pain and he was sorry about it. But love has its own laws and even a robot like him is subject to them. He loved Wanda, maybe even more than his own life. It was enough for you. You carried your burden and he carried her happiness. It was hard to accept. But you didn't wish him bad luck nor pain.
Vision saw you approach him and his serene expression broke. Maybe he thought you wanted to hurt him. Like if we’re always mean when love breaks us. But you gave him a smile and that was enough to soothe him. He looked at you without moving, waiting for you to talk.
You didn't try to have a conversation with the robot. All that mattered to you was that he take care of Wanda. You just wanted to tell him what's on your mind, tell him what you know about Wanda to make him love her properly. For him to love her as she deserved to be loved.
You took a deep breath and, without thinking, you let your heart speak for you.
“Wanda was never one to settle for routine. She loves poetry and beautiful flowers. Sitcoms and sweets. She’s probably the nicest person I know. She’s big-hearted and she knows it.”
As he listened intently to you, Vision could see your eyes shining. Whenever you mentioned Wanda, your eyes always lit up. And today you didn’t try to hide it anymore.
“Sometimes it does her bad. She gives more than she should. But she’s true to herself and that’s what I’ve always liked about her,” you confessed with conviction, ”I don’t blame her for choosing you, you know. She got tired of the life I was offering her. Eternals back and forth between work and love. It wasn’t enough for her. She deserves more than that.”
Vision shyly nodded in agreement and you gave him a weak smile. She deserved better than anything you could give her. She deserved him.
Since she turns to you
Try to love her better than me
I didn’t know how to understand her
I never knew how to be tender
“I haven’t come to threaten you, Vision,” you said, “I know she’s happy with you.”
“Miss Y/l/n-”
“Let me finish, please,” you interrupted, “I’m only asking you one thing.”
You looked away for a moment to blink back your tears. Then you looked at Vision again.
“Since she turns to you, try to love her better than me.”
Vision cocked his head to the side, confused. He still had a hard time adjusting to human emotions, but he could feel your pain. And he didn’t understand why you were so nice to him. How could you stay so strong when the love of your life was being torn away from you?
“No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t understand her. And I was no match for it. But I know you will be.”
“What makes you think I will love her better than you did?” Vision asked curiously.
“Despite all the love I have for her, I never knew how to be tender,” you replied, “You know how to be.”
Be careful she catches a cold
In the first frost of winter
She fears the breeze and the mist
Protect her from headwinds
“I don't know if you know her as well as I do, but just in case, let me tell you a little more.”
Your speech was driven by your heart and your desire to see Wanda happy. Since she loved Vision, you wanted Vision to love her just as much. You wanted to be able to keep seeing her smile and then laugh. Even if it wasn't because of you anymore. Even if it was for another’s love.
“Be careful, Wanda is sensitive. She gets a bit of a mess sometimes and she happens to inadvertently get sick,” you said, “She catches a cold on the first frost of winter. She fears the breeze and the mist. You’ll have to protect her from headwinds.”
Vision was still silent. He listened to you with attention and passion. You could see in his eyes that he was in love with Wanda, as he could read in yours that you were also in love with her. Finally, Vision was learning you and you understood him because you both felt the same. You loved Wanda the same way. But Wanda only loved Vision now. You weren’t enough for her anymore.
Be careful not to lose her
Never to disappoint her
She’s not the one who stays
Hanging on to their handkerchief
“You have to love her right. Better than I have been able to do it. Because Wanda is an angel and often these angels are fleeting. You will have to watch over her as we watch over a child, as we watch over a heart that beats hard but better than before.”
As you spoke, tears formed on the edges of your eyes. Your heart was pounding, hurt and desperate. You only hung up to Wanda’s happiness. The one Vision was going to give her.
“Be careful not to lose her, never to disappoint her. She'll forget you as quickly as winter passes, if you hurt her. She knows how to forgive but she remembers. She doesn't turn around when she leaves. She already knows the way.”
Vision considered each of your words. He knew you knew Wanda better than he did and for that reason he was very attentive to everything you said to him. Thanks to you he would learn to love Wanda as she deserved.
“You know, she won't cry for you if you hurt her. She’s not one of those who stick around hanging on to their handkerchief.”
Vision nodded. He knew Wanda was a romantic but once hurt she was gone for good. He didn't want that. He didn't want to end up in the same condition as you.
Protect her, she is fragile
Be careful not to make her cry
She leaves me, so be it
At least try to love her good
“And cover her with love and joy. This is all I ask of you,” you said, wiping away your tears with the back of your sleeve, “Protect her, she's fragile. She is unique. But you already know that.”
Your sobs were getting harder to swallow and Vision's sorry look on you wasn't helping you. He looked at you like one looks at a wounded animal. You only saw pity in his eyes. And you hated it.
“Be careful not to make her cry, she will only shed a tear before she leaves you. And she doesn't deserve this pain.”
Your words were shaky but they were sincere. Your speech came from your heart. Vision could easily hear it.
“She leaves me, so be it, at least try to love her good.”
Take good care of her
Be faithful to her
Whoever she loves as long as she is loved
If I love her anyway, I’ll be discreet
No matter if she leaves, I’ll be a good loser
It will hurt a lot less if you really love her
“Take good care of her, Vision,” you pleaded with tearful eyes, “Please.”
Vision nodded.
“And be faithful to her. Never betray her. Don't hurt her.”
You couldn't hold back your tears anymore. By asking Vision to take good care of her, you were saying goodbye to Wanda. You were setting her free.
“Whoever she loves as long as she is loved… If I love her anyway, I’ll be discreet,” you said in a shaky voice, “You won’t hear from me anymore. As long as she »s happy in your arms, I won't interfere.”
Vision watched you for a moment, “Won’t that hurt you? Definitely give up on Wanda…”
“No matter if she leaves, I’ll be a good loser,” you replied, “But it'll hurt a lot less if you really love her.”
With that, you turned on your heels and Vision watched you silently leave. Then he was joined by Wanda who saw your silhouette fade into the distance.
Take good care of her
Be faithful to her
Take good…
“Was that Y/n?” Wanda wondered.
“Yes, Miss Y/l/n needed to talk to me.”
“What did she want?” Wanda asked, confused.
Vision glanced at Wanda. He noticed that she seemed troubled by your presence and the idea that you had been able to chat with him.
“She wanted to make sure I would take care of you.”
Wanda frowned, confused.
“Love is an amazing feeling,” Vision announced, “Miss Y/l/n is proof that when we love someone enough, the mere idea of their happiness is enough for us even if then that person is not with us.”
Wanda turned her head to where she had seen you go. She swallowed hard.
“I’m glad I didn't have to be in her place though,” Vision added and Wanda looked back at him, “She’s pitiful, so is her pain.”
✦ ✦ ✦
join the taglist!
taglist: @natashaswifey ; @dandelions4us ; @chaekhan ; @razorscooteer ; @romanoff-maximoff-lover ; @marvelwomen-simp ; …
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kram6496 · a day ago
Trick or Treat
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
600th Follower Special
Tumblr media
“Wanda,“ you call out to your bride, “are the boys almost ready?“ You finish adjusting your Hogwarts robes and grab your wand. The three year old boys race down the stairs with the sort of zeal that you wish you had within you again.
“They’re more ready than I’ll ever be“ you hear your wife joke from the top of the stairs. You roll your eyes before turning to your sons.
“Okay Billy, Tommy, what do we say when we approach someone’s door?“ you ran it with them several times before, this is simply review now.
“Trick or treat!“ Tommy blurts out with a big smile on his face.
“And what do we say after we’re given candy, even if we don’t like it?“
“Thank you“ Billy chimes in. That boy is so kind and caring, he gets it from Wanda.
“Good job, boys. You’ll be up to your necks in treats in no time!“ You pull your sons into a tight hug.
“Okay, ready or not here I come“ Wanda calls out as she comes down the stairs in a red and pink leotard outfit. She gives you a smile as you eye her look up and down. It’s definitely a treat to see.
“Hello to you, student of Hogwarts“ she gives you a playful bow.
“And hello to you as well...what are you supposed to be honey?“ you eye her again to catch little details, or just to get a closer look at her.
“A Sokovian Fortune Teller.“ Wanda says with a laugh.
You lean in and whisper in her ear, “Is your outfit a trick or a treat?“ She smacks you on the shoulder. You feign being hurt.
“Come on kids, the witching hour has begun!“ She leads you and the boys out of the house and into the night time.
About an hour or so later, the kids are exhausted. Their bags filled with all sorts of treats and very little tricks.
“Best first Halloween ever“ Billy says with a tired smile. Wanda looks to you and then to all the families still out trick or treating. She smiles as she pulls her sons close.
“Almost perfect.“ She waves her hands and summons magical fireworks, displaying different elements of Halloween all over the nighttime sky. Families laugh and enjoy the sight. Jack o lanterns, cats, candies, ghosts, goblins, all of them displaying in brilliant flashes of bewitching neon colors that illuminate the neighborhood.
You take the dozing boys in your arms and bring them back into the comfort of home. It doesn’t take long for them to doze off to dreamland in their beds. Wanda places a kiss to their foreheads and closes the door behind her.
“Quite a treat, huh?“ You say as you place a kiss to your wife’s nose. She lets out a mischievous little laugh.
“Almost,” She gives you a kiss and a wink, “You still haven’t gotten your treat yet.” Wanda takes your hand and leads you down the hall to your room.
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dysfunctionalmaki · 23 hours ago
Empty Words
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Avenger!Reader
Summary: Wanda wishing you were sober.
A/N: This just came into my mind while I was listening to Conan Gray's Wish You Were Sober, I think this is a blurb tho...
Warnings: Unhealthy relationship, and reader smoking cannabis :’)
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
Being an Agent is exhausting, wait, scratch that… Being an Avenger is exhausting, considering how often the world needs saving, taking down hidden HYDRA facilities, and doing paperwork afterwards? Tiring as hell, but hey you enjoy your work, keep that in mind. Who wouldn’t? You’re surrounded by pretty people 24/7.
But when you’re in a relationship at the same time, it could be too much for you sometimes, so you just occasionally ask for a break for a good week but sometimes it’s not enough. How do you push someone away and want them at the same time? That’s how you feel with your current girlfriend Wanda Maximoff.
You and Wanda are good people, keep that in mind, but the two of you in a relationship? No. Two mentally unstable people, not really a good combination, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t, So your relationship with her is on and off.
The two of you can’t stay with each other that long, but also can’t last without one another, you two are like drugs for the both of you. You get tired of Wanda and she hates being away from you, then you become way too carefree and she gets way too controlling until it feels like she’s choking you.
But just like that you two can’t get off each other, it may be a bond over trauma. The whole team never made comments about the two of you ever since Wanda flung Steve across the hall when he told her to just break up with you, considering how unhealthy the two of you are.
And here it is again your second break up with Wanda for the month, the two of you have been dating for over a year if only the two of you weren’t breaking up at least thrice a month.
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
“You know what? Fuck you! And that blonde bitch you’re eyeing earlier.” Wanda shouted, eyes turning red and you can see red mists coming out of her hand. “What are you going to do? Use your powers on me? You don’t have the guts, Wanda.” You say trying to push her over the edge, crossing your arms over your chest.
Wanda clenched her jaw, the mists returning in her hand, of course, she could never harm the person she loves. You scoffed, when you saw her eyes turning to its original color, the Sokovian seemed to soften up when you made your point. “Talk to me when you’re over about that bitch you’re accusing me of.” You say as you leave your shared room with your girlfriend.
While you walk through the halls, you walk past Steve who’s busy filing reports on his recent mission, you make your way towards him then he looks up to you from his laptop. “You guys fighting again?” You only shrugged before sitting down on the spot next to him. “What is it this time?” He asked.
“False accusations.” You answered him, you need something to distract you from this, and that’s when something comes into mind. “Cap, can you get me off the mission board for tomorrow?” You kindly ask the super soldier, he looks at you, before making up his mind. “Please use your time wisely, Y/L/N.” He said, before hugging him.
You now stood up and found a room to make a private phone call, you have a lot of contacts considering that you needed them while you were still an Agent, you needed information and sometimes all the legal ways just won’t work. You needed a distraction, right? Here you are calling your supplier for some joint.
You’ve already used your stock the last time you and Wanda fought, which is a week ago. To your surprise that you two haven’t had an argument for seven days, maybe there’s still time to salvage your relationship with the Sokovian, but for now you need a joint.
So after a few hours, your supply of weeds already arrived in the compound. The team didn’t mind you smoking as long as you did it in an open area, so you made the rooftop your spot, that’s where you go to think and get high.
Arriving at the rooftop you didn’t walk past any of your teammates, you sat down at the edge of the building and you already have a joint in-between your lips, now you light it up and inhale it’s smoke. You shut your eyes feeling the cold wind on your skin, then you wonder if there’s really a chance for you and Wanda.
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
After smoking almost all of your blunt, you are high, and it seems like it’s a perfect time for you to fix everything with your beloved girlfriend, you successfully made your way into your shared room with Wanda. She was preparing the bed for the two of you to sleep on when you got inside, she looked at your bloodshot eyes.
You walk towards her and wrap your arms around her, Wanda heaved a sigh before reciprocating the gesture. “I’m sorry.” You spoke as you bury your face on her skin, this is the feeling that the latter hated, the way she still melts into your touch and your words.
“Let’s fix everything, I was being a bitch for walking out during our argument, I’m sorry, baby.” You say, Wanda gently retreats from your touch, and she looks at your puffy red eyes. She thought you probably cried while you were getting high, her hands holding your cheeks and she nodded.
Why is she so vulnerable with you? She knows damn well that you don’t have any powers to mind control her, she knows damn well all the words coming out of your mouth are nothing when you’re not under the influence. These are the only words she wants to hear when you’re not high, she wants you to say it to her.
“Let’s get you to bed, moya lyubov.” She softly spoke, she laid you down on your side of the bed and joined you under the covers.
“I love you so much, Wands…”
“Real sweet but I wish you were sober.” She says as she watches you drift into sleep.  
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