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𝑠𝑎𝑐𝑐𝘩𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑒 • 𝑤. 𝑚𝑎𝑥𝑖𝑚𝑜𝑓𝑓 & 𝑛. 𝑟𝑜𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑜𝑣
a/n: this was gonna come out yesterday because it's technically a little lazy Sunday thing but well... y'all saw the mess that was Sunday. Anyways, I promise the next thing I post about private hire will be parts 5 and 6 that everyone wants
warnings: This is an 18+ AU, minors DNI; smut; clitwarming; tongue fucking; lazy orgasms; honestly Nat and reader just like giving Wanda the world on a platter bc they're big simps
summary: Private Hire AU; The three of you spend a lazy Sunday morning in bed after a rough business night
words: 1.2K
private hire au. || main masterlist.
Tumblr media
“I think if we send them out tomorrow, they’ll get the message just fine.” Nat played lazily with Wanda’s long hair, running her fingers through the locks as her wife sat between her legs. It was a calm Sunday, going over the next month's plans and progress casually in bed. None of you could work up the energy to jump out of bed first thing, especially after the night before. Wanda had been given quite a tough time with a rival group leader and even though Natasha tried many a time to step in and defend the Sokovian, Wanda always shushed her and made her take the back seat.
Now though, she was properly worn out, the prolonged stress and negotiations leaving her body screaming for her to relax. “Tomorrow should be fine. Make sure Steve heads it; they all hate him.” She’d agreed to some terms last night she wasn’t exactly happy with, but that didn’t mean she had to make it easy for them. Her words were soft and slow even as they talked business, her mind threatening to fall off track as your tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot. “Careful, baby. We’re almost done, I promise.”
You’d been laying on your stomach for a long while now, head nestled between Wanda’s legs, the warmth of her inner thighs keeping you more than cozy. They’d hardly had to ask you to get into the position, the idea of getting to sit with your head buried at Wanda’s core leaving you more than giddy as soon as Nat suggested it. “Sorry, mommy..” Wanda hummed at the title, ever pleased with your willing submission. A gentle hand came to rest on your head as your tongue laved over her clit apologetically and the arms you had wound around her waist squeezed just the tiniest bit to convey your appreciation.
“Good girl. Tasha, what do you think about taking a little trip for me…” Their words faded to the back of your mind as you zoned out yet again, thinking only of Wanda in your mouth. Occasionally you’d let your tongue drift down, collect the wetness from where she was dripping and bring it back to her swollen bud just to hear the quick gasp in the middle of her sentences. Looking up, you saw Wanda of course, head laid back on Natasha’s chest. The hand not stroking your head was entwined with her wife’s, resting together on her stomach while they discussed whatever came to mind. Sometimes Natasha’s gaze left Wanda to drift down to you, offering you a sweet smile you only saw in the most tender of times— moments like these. She couldn’t hold you, clearly held captive by Wanda, but her expression gave you all the acceptance you needed.
As Wanda stopped explaining whatever details about said trip, you swirled the tip of your tongue around her clit, a fun little tease while you kept busy with your task. Her grip went lax and you pulled back just far enough to blow a soft stream of air over her, sending a sudden chill up her spine, “N-No one asked you to do that.” You shrugged, wrapping your lips around her once more and suckling at the fully hardened bud. It wasn’t enough to do much, really, just to keep her relaxed and feeling good while the morning drew on.
Wanda was known to get impatient when she was aroused enough and it was a fine line between working her up slowly and steadily and deliberately bringing her to the edge of something you had no intention of giving her for a while, listening to her whines the whole way through. Natasha preferred the latter, but after the stressful night, she let you be gentle with her love, giving her the laziest Sunday she deserved with the added bonus of allowing herself one as well. Any day she got to hold the people she loved in her presence safe and sound was a perfect day in her book.
“But you look so sweet like this, dearest.” Natasha pressed a kiss to Wanda’s temple, brushing stray hairs from her forehead. She always looked at her with such adoration as did you and as Wanda’s hips stuttered, signaling that she’d tired of the lingering pleasure, you hoped she knew how loved she was by the two people who loved her right back. You were more than ready to give her more, longing to feel her let go against your mouth, but you looked to Natasha for permission. Eager as you were, the redhead was the one who’d told you to do this; even blissfully relaxed, she was in charge. “What do you want? Do you need to cum?”
Sometimes Wanda was fine with only feeling good, no need for orgasm; taking the day’s edge off was more than enough for her while she dozed off to sleep or wanted to wake up peacefully. Today was not one of those days, “‘wanna cum..” Her hand squeezed Natasha’s gently, looking down at you with pleading eyes. Ever the persuasive one, exploiting the soft spots she knew you and Natasha had for her, Wanda got what she wanted.
Natasha gave the go ahead and you went to work, holding her in your mouth with intent now. “Let me hear how wet she is. I know she’s been hiding it the whole morning.” It wasn’t hard, messily eating out every inch of Wanda you could reach. She was sweet as candy when you dipped your tongue into her yet again, curling the smooth muscle as you fucked her as deep as you could without your fingers. You could spend all day on her if she let you, slowly licking and sucking at her pink center while she moaned against you, legs twitching on your shoulders. “You sound so pretty, my love. You love it when our little dove rests between your legs, don’t you? She gives you all the attention you want… such a good pet.”
Her words left you both moaning, the hint of praise falling on grateful ears. You perked up, leaving Wanda’s entrance to focus back on her clit. She was close, ready to burst, “I’m going to cum.. don’t stop, you’re doing so good..” Wanda’s breath was heavy, chest rising and falling faster now where she’d just been steady. Natasha nodded her go ahead so you continued, rubbing her over the rough surface of your tongue until she fought against your arms in an effort to squirm away. She came with a deep groan and you caught her face at the perfect time, watching her eyes flutter and roll back into her head, brow furrowing as everything but her high left her brain.
Wanda’s hand tightened in your hair as she held you in place, riding your face as she used you to prolong her high, but you didn’t mind— if it made her happy, you were happy. When she finally let you go, you laid your head on her stomach, the two of you catching your breath in tandem. “I love you, my darling girl.”
You nodded your head slowly, rolling over just enough to kiss the soft skin of her bare hip in a silent ‘I love you too.’ Contentment washed over you, Sunday morning feeling whole and complete with the three of you silent in the large bed. Eventually Natasha’s hand joined Wanda’s on your head, forcing you as gently as she could to make you look at her. “Clean her up well for me and then I’ll let you ride daddy’s cock. How’s that sound for a Sunday breakfast?” Before Natasha could even finish the last sentence, you were lowering your head once more.
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Store Worker: Would a Ms Natasha Romanoff please come to the front desk?
Natasha, arriving at the desk: Hello, is there a problem?
Store Worker: *points to Wanda and Y/N*
Store Worker: I believe they belong to you?
Wanda and Y/N, simultaneously: We got lost :(
Natasha: I didn’t even bring you guys here with me-
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My Spider-Woman; W. Maximoff
Tumblr media
pairing; wanda maximoff x spider-woman!reader
summary; saving wanda from the bad guys leads to much more.
warnings; 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, kissing obvi, fingering, public sex, web restraints, the begining is almost just recreating the upside down kiss but some of it's different idk, degrading Wanda :D
You quickly threw the mask over your head, swinging to the next building. The girl was in distress, you could hear her feet running faster.
Your feet landed on the building, and you ran to the next one. The men were clearly bothering her, and honestly more than you'd like.
You clicked the simple button on your suit, not even check to make sure the web hit the building and just praying it did. You swung down and grabbed the woman by the waist.
She yelped a little, holding onto your shoulders, but laughing when she realized who was holding her. "You always manage to save me, SpiderWoman. The ginger spoke. You laughed as you swung the two of you to a different alleyway.
"I think you just like being saved," You hummed, setting her down, admiring what she looked like upside down. Somehow she still was effortlessly beautiful.
"Only by you, now let me repay you," Wanda reached to your mask. Your breath hitched.
"Wait-" You stopped her, she obliged. "You still can't know who I am, it's part of the whole mask thing," You breathed. Wanda nodded, still pulling down the mask, just revealing the bottom half of your face. Her lips met yours in a hungry kiss, and you growled. Slowly you had let your body down, pining her up against the wall.
"Fuck," She hissed, and pulled at your mask, still wanting to reveal your face. You pulled away.
"Stop, or I'll have to make you," You bit down at her neck, soothing it with your tongue afterwards. Wanda moaned.
"God, make me then," Wanda bucked her hips, her eyes rolling back slightly. You looked at her in the eyes, even though she couldn't really tell you were.
"Do you want me to?" You had asked, just to make sure. You felt awkward straight up asking, but you didn't want to do anything she didn't want to. Wanda had nodded eagerly, bringing you in for another kiss. You webbed her wrists to the wall and pulled away.
You pulled down Wanda's shirt, kissing the exposed skin and marking it. It was so tempting to trail hickies with your initials, but you didn't. not yet.
"God, fuck me." Wanda hissed, bucking your hips. You hummed, letting your hands fall to her waistband.
"Such a little slut, do you know that, Wanda? Letting an unknown fuck you in an alleyway? I've barely touched you," You slipped your hand into her panties and her head tipped back. You toyed with her clit, and her throat elicited a moan.
"Please, please. I'll do anything," Wanda bucked her hips more, and you only smirked. You slipped two fingers into her.
"So, so wet," You curled your fingers talentedly, and Wanda tried her best to get out of the webs to touch you. She was practically a dog in heat, bucking against your hand like she is. She looked so blissful.
"Gonna cum... Oh my god," Wanda but her lip to suppress her loud moans from bouncing off the alleyway walls. Your thumb started to toy with her clit, and your free hand groped her boob.
Wanda's head threw back, and so did her eyes. She was a mess, and she moaned something inchonlrently while she came. You had let her ride it out, before slowly removing your fingers and kissing her lips.
Your fingers made their way into her mouth and she sucked her slick off them. While she did this your other hand was tearing the web off her wrists.
"Do I not get to know you who are?" Wanda asked as you removed your hand from her mouth. You just shrugged and pulled the mask down. You grabbed her by the waist.
"Can't let a pretty girl like you walk home alone." You shot a web at the building, "Let's get you home."
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Y/N, looking at Wanda and Vision: I don’t think that toaster is right for her. I don’t like the way he treats her.
Yelena: Why do you care? It’s not your business.
Yelena: You liiiiike her don’t you?
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Wanda: I can't go. The stress is bad for the baby.
Y/n: What baby?
Wanda: Me...
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Peace | Wanda Maximoff
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: ~2K
Summary: Everything was falling apart in the outside world, but when she's with you, nothing could be more perfect.
Note: STOP TRAUMATIZING MY BABY MARVEL! LET HER BE HAPPY, OKAY!?! Anyway, let me know if you'd like to be tagged in my future works and send any requests you might have! :)
Tumblr media
It’s soft, the sunlight that trickles from the windows, peaking through the airy pale curtains that lazily dance.
There’s a breeze in the room, so mellow and sweet that it feels more like the gentle caress of a lover. The room is quiet, nearly completely so, besides the slow and steady breaths Wanda takes, eyes firmly shut as she lies almost entirely motionless beside you. She’s angelic, with gossamer hair that’s messy and tangled, fanning around her pillow like a silken halo. The corners of her lips pull into a smile, cheeks flushing a rosy red that’s a stark contrast to her moonlight pale skin. Running wild in her dreamscapes full of unbridled bliss.
Like a star, she’s a celestial entity more complex than you could ever grasp, with a beauty that burns cold like ice. But when she smiles that radiant smile, eyes lit up with a grin that covers most of her face, she’s more like the sun. With threads of daylight that banish any darkness and demons. And she’s within reach, within your grasp at any given time
It's been months since the Avengers disbanded, and months since you and Wanda have been on the run. It's stressful, to say the least. Constantly having to be on edge takes its toll on you. Never feeling like you could relax, constant fear that you'd be caught and thrown back into prison. Paranoia follows you like a shadow, always visible in the corner of your vision. Everywhere you look, east and west, there's enemies, patiently waiting for a fuck up.
And sometimes you wonder what would've happened if you never did what you did; if you'd signed the Accords and left it at that. But those thoughts are immediately wiped away whenever you look at Wanda. Because no matter how hard the waves crash down on you, you could swim through anything with her by your side. She's a roaring fire that keeps your brittle heart warm, staving away resentment that would start to build inside of you. Because the Accords would've meant a life without Wanda, and that just wasn't worth the illusion of freedom.
You felt used, getting discarded the moment there was no more apparent use for you. It felt bitter, a sour taste lingering in your mouth. But Wanda never shows the same antipathy. She remains optimistic, focusing on what she has rather than what's been lost. Sometimes her integrity makes you feel small, like your bitterness is wasting her honor. And you've told her such. She would simply roll her eyes, and pull you close, washing away every fear with a single kiss. And then she'd reassure you, 'I'd never want anyone else; spite and all.'
And slowly, the layers shed, letting go of the past and putting all of your focus on now. Tightly holding onto the lazy mornings and quiet nights you share with Wanda. Cherishing every breathe you get to take with her near.
And in a weirdly twisted way, you were grateful to be on the run. If you were still an Avenger, sitting in the tower and going off on missions every other week, you wouldn't have these moments with Wanda. There would always be something more pressing, something more dangerous. But in the small little secluded home, tucked deep in the remote parts of Sokovia, there's only you and Wanda.
A sanctity of peace that is just for the two of you.
“Good morning.”
You turn your head, looking over at Wanda’s stirring form. Her green eyes, hazy from sleep, watch you like a child who’s just seen a puppy in real life. The pure unadulterated joy on her face, with a smile like daylight after a series of dark nights, has your heart fluttering wildly, like a bird stuck in a cage. But it’s a good feeling, a warm feeling you never want to forget or lose.
“Good morning,” you respond, a sweet giggle bubbling from your mouth, with a stupidly large grin stuck to your face. You lean down, planting a soft kiss on the corner of Wanda’s mouth, savoring the feeling of her soft skin on your lips. The smell of vanilla and peach invades your senses, leaving you dizzy in the head.
“Good morning.” Wanda whispers, voice raspy and hoarse, sleep lacing each syllable.
“You already said that.” You laugh, quietly, almost like you're afraid that any loud noises will break the secret world you’ve created with just the two of you.
“Did I?” Confusion crosses her face, nose scrunching up in the most adorable way, her head tilting slightly to the left, like a puppy dog.
“Yes, you did.” You can’t help the laughter that continues to bubble out of your mouth or the way your lips are permanently set in a wide smile.
“I guess that’s just the effect you have on me,” Wanda says, a matching grin pulling on her lips.
“Sweet talker,” you say, an accusing tone in your voice. But the smile on your face and the light in your eyes keeps the words from being harsh.
“I’ve been told I’m good with words.”
“Oh really?” You raise a brow, lips pulling into a smirk. Wanda simply nods, leaning her head closer to yours. The both of you lean closer until your foreheads meet, leaving their lips only centimeters apart. Neither of you moves closer, just allowing yourselves to get lost in the moment of peace. Both of you have been plagued by uncertainty the last few years, it’s nice to steal away these moments of calm while they can. Who knows when they’ll be taken from this heaven too. Thrown back into the reality of being superheroes in a world that seems to constantly need saving.
Your eyes are shut, breaths shallow, and falling in sync the longer they stay this way. You open your eyes first, tracing Wanda’s face with your eyes, committing each curve to memory. You notice faint freckles you’ve never seen before. They’re near invisible, not many of them littering her rosy cheeks. Without thought, you raise your hands, using the lightest touch to trace the freckles, connecting them as if they’re constellations. At first, Wanda tenses, the touch unexpected, but quickly she melts into it, sighing softly.
“Did you know you have the tiniest freckles?” you ask. “Right here,” you touch one of the freckles. “--and another here, here and here.” As you speak, you gently prod each spot, as if to emphasize your point.
“I did,” Wanda replies, eyes still shut. “They were more noticeable when I was a child. My brother used to constantly tease me for them.”
There’s a somberness in Wanda’s tone that is only ever reserved for speaking about her family. Pietro's death still follows her like a shadow, looming in the brightest of days. But it’s not as heavy as it used to be. You’ve alleviated some of the weight, breaking it down until it was bearable to carry. And she'll never forget that. Even if fate interjects, separating the two of you, the sun would always seem a little brighter because of you. A field of daisies covering her fondest memories of you.
“They’re lovely.” You lean forward, fingers gently moving to hold Wanda’s chin, you press your forehead against Wanda, the tips of your noses gently brushing. You relish in the feeling, Wanda’s breath becoming yours as your chests rise and fall in sync. Mild heat flashes through your body in the most pleasant way possible.
“Thank you,” Wanda whispers, the words tickling your skin, causing a faint giggle to bubble out of your mouth. Wanda watches you with a sweet smile and lovestruck eyes. This moment is perfect, and both of you wish they could stop time and stay here forever. But that’s not realistic, not with the cards they were dealt.
Silence encompasses the room again, neither of you speaking.
There is a delicateness in the quiet; a silence that only comes from two people who deeply understand each other. A calm and serene feeling floods the room. And you could spend years trying to put it into exact words how you feel, but you’d forever remain unsuccessful. It lulls you into security, sleep lurking in the corner of the room. Warm and fuzzy feeling cocoons the two of you like a blanket, holding you tightly together.
“What did I ever do to deserve you?” Wanda's voice is quiet. You open your eyes, silently watching her. Her eyes are still shut, face undisturbed, as if she never even spoke. But the question hangs in the air.
“What do you mean?” you ask. Wanda stretches her body, a soft sigh leaving her mouth as she does. Then her eyes are open, looking at you with a hazy gaze.
“I just, you’ll never have peace if you're with me. There’s always going to be something that will get in the way,” Wanda says, her voice somber, a crease in her forehead. She’s been thinking about this for a long time, it would seem.
“Hey, you forget that I’m an Avenger too. I can handle anything that gets thrown at us,” you say, desperate to quiet the fears in her head. You move closer, placing a hand on her cheek and tracing her face with the pad of your finger.
“I know you can handle aliens or arms dealers. But what about everything else. It's been years and I still don't understand my magic, it’s dangerous. I'm dangerous. What if I hurt you?” Wanda says.
“You won’t hurt me,” you say. fervor in every word you speak.
“You don’t know that,” Wanda says, the volume of her voice slightly rising. There's fear in her voice, desperation in her eyes. She doesn't want you to slip through her fingers like everything seems to.
“But I know you, Wanda,” you say, hand moving up her face, brushing away the stray red hairs that brush against her face. “And I know that I’d rather spend the rest of my life with you than get a guaranteed peaceful life with anyone else.”
She sighs, but says nothing else. Your brows furrow, fingertips dancing in her hair. It hurts to see her this way, so terrified that her happiness won't last. But you understand. Nothing good seems to last forever in her life.
"Talk to me Wanda. What's wrong," you say, speaking softly and gently. You want her to verbalize every fear, so you can wipe each and every one of them away.
She takes a deep breath, taking a moment to gather her thoughts. And patiently, you wait. You'd wait a million years if that's what it takes. All you care about is Wanda, and making sure that she's not falling apart on the inside.
"I've lost everyone else in my life. I can't lose you too," she whispers, a stray tear falling from her eyes. Quickly you wipe it away with the pad of your thumb. There's a somber look on Wanda's face, all her worst fears bubbling to the surface.
"You won't. You know me Wanda, I'm too stubborn to die," you say, a teasing tone lingering in your voice.
A bark of a laugh leaves her mouth as she sniffles. "You are the most stubborn person I know."
"Exactly," you say, smile as blinding as the blazing summer sun. "I don't know what will happen in the future, but I do know we have this moment. And I wouldn't trade this for the world."
Wanda’s eyes flutter shut, eyelashes delicately kissing the tops of her cheeks. She takes a deep breath, calming the heavy beating of her heart. Slowly, the tension leaves her body, the small creases on her forehead smoothing out. Then she slowly nods her head, opening her eyes a moment later.
“Do you mean that?” her voice is quiet, any doubt or fear completely erased from her tone. Instead, it’s hopeful, as the first rays of light after a lifetime of winter.
“I do.”
A large grin grows on her face and you mimic it. She moves closer to you, entangling a hand in your hair. Then her lips are on yours; soft like a feather and sweet like a fresh peach. The sensation is intoxicating, pulling you under like a sickly sweet wine. She lingers on your senses, even after she pulls away. You’d never be clean of her, even if a hundred years pass and you never see her again. It wasn’t terrifying in the way it used to be. Instead, it was soothing, to be so completely wrapped up in someone who reciprocated your intensity.
“I’m so lucky to have you,” you whisper, breath tickling Wanda’s face.
“Let’s just stay here forever,” Wanda mutters. You smile, the whisper of a giggle leaving your mouth. “Let’s never leave and forget that anything else exists.”
“Deal,” you say. “I love you.”
A million butterflies soar in your stomach, the smile on her face heart attack inducing. Her eyes are sparkling, reflecting ethereally in the soft light from dawn. You were never religious but if you were, you’d abandon it the moment Wanda entered your life. Without a thought you’d worship her like a false idol, losing all sense in her. You’d write a million poems all about her and it would still never be enough. But you’d do it, if that’s what it takes to help her understand just how weak and at peace she makes you feel.
“I love you too.”
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Peter (P): I really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy’ thing you guys have going on.
Y/N: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Wanda isn’t.
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Up and Gone
Request: hi! could i make a wanda x reader request based on that scene in homecoming where peter changes into his suit on a random alley but like is reader changing into her suit in front of wanda
Note: This was a lot of fun to write, I hope you like the result and I would love to know what you think <3
Warnings: none, I think
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader
Words: 1.787
You had noticed the people following you around, of course you had. For weeks now, SHIELD agents in baseball caps and sunglasses had been everywhere you went. They weren’t subtle. You weren’t quite sure whether they did not want to be or if they were just that stupid but either way you had quickly learned how to lead them on and how to lose them if you needed to.
You did not want to be recruited by them and you had told that dramatic man with the eyepatch just so when he had shown up one day. It didn’t seem like he had gotten the message. You’d rather not use your abilities at all than to have someone tell you how to. It was not how you worked. It was not what you believed in.
The trail of avengers at you heels, however, indicated that SHIELD would not let your answer go by so quickly. It had been a fun game at first but now it was starting to annoy you. It was impacting your work radius. You needed to think twice before picking up a location. You needed to think even more carefully about who you talked to in public. Quite frankly, they were making you do an unreasonable amount of thinking all together. It was exhausting.
And you didn’t even understand their interest in the first place. Yes, you had heightened senses. Yes, you were unnaturally strong. Yes, you looked damn good in your suit. But they had all those qualities on their team already and you didn’t think the chaos you sometimes left in your wake guaranteed the need to take you off the streets. You only had blown up a building once! And it had been abandoned and bound to be torn down anyway. No biggie. They were being dramatic.
You steeled yourself when you exited the public library, carefully letting your eyes drift around the place to spot your shadows. You spotted them a few pillars further down to your left and already started planning your exit route when you suddenly spotted one more, was that the Black Widow down by the hot dog vendor? You frowned. There had always only been just one person following you so far.
More alert now, you slowly made your way down the stairs. You counted two more avengers on the perimeter and if you interpreted the little flashes of reflections on the buildings to your right and left correctly, there were sharpshooters positioned around you too.
Were they really planning to take you in? Stupid, really stupid.
Well, this would slightly delay your afternoon plans… You sighed and thought for a while, a plan slowly forming in your mind.
You had nearly reached the bottom of the stairs when you pretended to check your bag. You made a little show out of cursing and grumbling before you hurried back up as you pretended to have forgotten something inside.
You felt their gazes follow you, but nobody moved to go in behind you. The reason for that was probably the two agents that you passed by the entry. You had successfully ducked passed them and they only noticed you when you were already past the front desk and on your way to the elevators.
You mingled with the group in front of them and you noticed that they were heading upstairs. That should buy you some time, you thought happily as you hid and moved with them, using them as a cover to reach the stairwell and opted to visit the underground level.
You were familiar enough with the layout and the staff of the library. Even if someone followed you, you were sure, you could lose them easily enough down here. It was a bit of maze and nearly no-one even knew about the door you were headed towards.
You knocked twice, looking over your back as you did so and listened for sounds of followers. Luckily, you seemed to be alone.
“Y/N!” The door swung open in front of you and you turned with a smile.
“Quick,” you urged and pushed the man in front of you inside and closed the door silently behind you.
“Sorry, Stan,” you breathed, “I’ve got a little trouble on my hands.”
“You need to use the back door?”
You grinned. “You know me too well, old man.”
Stan shook his head amused. He was the library’s custodian and you had first met him when you were still a child, seeking refuge in the grand halls of the library, escaping into one fictional world after the other.
“One of these days, you’ll finally tell me why you’re always in such big trouble,” he answered as he led you through his little office rooms, up a case of stairs, through his living room and kitchen and out into a little garden. “I trust, you know the way from here?”
He was grinning but you nodded all the same.
“Thank you,” you smiled at him, heading for the gate leading into a little back alley, “You’re the best!”
“Stay safe,” he called after you.
You gave him a thumbs-up and watched as he closed the door before you disappeared into the alley. Show time.
You jogged towards the end of the alley and climbed the wall that met you there. You hurried down the street a few more blocks in hope to bring some more distance between you and the avengers and when you deemed it safe enough, you dodged into a new alley and quickly tore your bag open, rummaging through it until you found what you were looking for.
As soon as you held your spandex suit in your hands, you dropped you bag, hid behind a few trash cans and started to strip.
You were glad that you decided not to change clothes close to the library because one of the avengers spotting you while you awkwardly jumped up and down on one leg as you tried to pull your jeans down and you simultaneously tried to hold on to your suit between your teeth would have been a bit embarrassing. Eventually, however, you finally kicked yourself free and started to slip into your unitard.
Everything was going well or so you thought until you felt a presence behind you. Your skin tingled and you were ready to fight when you spun around and stepped around the garbage containers.
Your posture faltered a little when you saw who it was exactly who was hovering by the entrance of the alley. You had seen Wanda Maximoff on covers of Newspapers and magazines countless of times, but the photos had not prepared you for the real deal. She was beautiful. She was mesmerizing. She was terrifying.
None of you said anything as you eyed each other. She wasn’t attacking you and she wasn’t calling for her teammates. It was confusing. Until you caught her blush.
“Aw,” you smirked, exuding more confidence than you felt, “Where you enjoying the show?”
And when the witch’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of red, living up to her alias’ name, you were certain; she had not just shown up there.
Slowly, nearly teasingly, you picked up your suit – its upper half was still dangling around your hips – and pushed your arms through the sleeves.
“We’re here to take you in,” she finally said, swallowing heavily and with her voice so hoarse that you knew that she wasn’t even convincing herself – much less you – with her statement.
“Then do it,” you challenged.
Under any other circumstances you would have cowered underneath her stare. You would have found the red glow in her eyes and the wisps of scarlet around her hands intimidating, but not here. Not now. Not this way. You weren’t afraid.
She could have stopped you already if she wanted to. She could have put an end to this long before you even noticed her. She wouldn’t even have needed her powers then. You grinned. You knew all this and she knew that you knew it.
Not breaking eye contact, you finally pulled the front zipper of your suit fully shut and winked at her.
“Alright, beautiful, if you don’t mind, I’ll be off then. As much as I’d love to keep talking, I don’t think I’ll take as much of a liking to your little friends as I have to you and to be honest, I have quite some businesses to attend to. This city does not stay crime free on its own. But you know that, don’t you? Maybe convince your team that there are bigger problems than me.”
Wanda didn’t say anything when you started to move away. She didn’t make an attempt to stop you either. It was only her eyes following you, not even guiltily, only a little amazed.
As you reached the wall of one of the buildings bordering the alley, you pulled your mask from a suit pocket and turned to the Scarlet Witch once more. Your grin was still plastered on your face and it was the last thing she saw before you pulled your mask over it.
“See you around, princess,” you raised your hand in a little wave and Wanda couldn’t decide whether it was mocking or genuine. Probably both.
She watched as you climbed the wall with unnatural speed, you didn’t spare her a last glance when you disappeared over the edge, but Wanda’s eyes stayed glued to it for what felt like an eternity.
She hoped none of her teammates ever found out about this. Not because they would be furious, but because then she’d definitely get pulled from this case. And she didn’t want that. Not when she wanted to keep looking for you. Not when she wanted to meet you again.
She startled a little when the intercom in her ear crackled. Steve’s voice rang through, he sounded slightly out of breath and suddenly Wanda found herself a little proud of you. Not everybody could get Captain America in such a state.
“Wanda,” her boss panted, “We lost them. Do you have eyes on the target?”
Wanda bit her lip. She should tell them where you were headed. You could be an asset to the team, maybe they’d let you in. But nothing about your demeanor had indicated that that was something you ever wanted and… to be honest, Wanda was thrilled by this little secret. Thrilled by the idea of you and her sharing this little moment.
“Wanda?” Steve asked again and she finally broke out of her thoughts.
Her eyes trailed back up to the ledge of the building where she had seen you last.
“Negative, Cap,” she finally replied. After all, it wasn’t even a lie.
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wannabe-fic-writer · 2 days ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader : Unsure
Summary: Things were going well up until now.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1,727
* * * * * * *
The instant you walk into the common room a smile lights across Wanda’s face. She knew you’d be coming but seeing you never fails to make her feel incredibly happy. 
Her smile and excitement is short lived though.
Everyone greets you with smiles and jokes and when your eyes land on Wanda you smile as well. She’s a little expectant the closer you get, stomach fluttering at just the thought of a kiss from you. 
“Hey you.” You greet her, your hand ever so gently rubbing her shoulder. Then you’re off into the kitchen, leaving Wanda with a dejected and confused feeling.
When you come back you sit next to her, an overly noticeable amount of space between you. Only a few people in the room notice, both ex-assassins and the nosy billionaire. 
Clearing her throat, Wanda leans towards you, voice low as she asks,“ is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” you smile over at her,“ it’ll be perfect as soon as bird boy,” you lightly kick Sam’s calf,“ could pass me a beer and play the movie.” 
His teasing remarks are completely irrelevant to Wanda as she watches you during the quick exchange. 
Even as the movie starts and her eyes focus on the screen, her mind is still on you.
For the life of her she can’t figure out what’s happening. 
The relationship between the two of you went from friendly to romantic a few weeks ago. After months of pining after each other, being completely oblivious to each other’s feelings.
The progression of your relationship was slow. Wanda has been hurt in the past so it took time to dismantle the walls she’d built up around her heart. That didn’t once deter you though. 
One of the many things that furthered Wanda falling for you was the effort you put in. Even as her friend you were there for her, at times going out of your way to make her feel better and comfortable and loved. After you both admitted your feelings for each other you didn’t stop.
Every hang out, each date, it was all perfectly thought out, all things Wanda loved. Another thing she loved was how patient you were with her. It was a slow process to get her to emotionally let you in and it gradually came with each time you saw and spoke to each other. Even slower was the physical connection. 
Physically progressing was a lot to Wanda. She couldn’t describe the meaning of it, not to herself or to anyone else, but somehow you understood. Even if the moment felt oh so right, like right then was the time to kiss or touch her, you didn’t. It was all in a simple gaze, your eyes met and you could tell Wanda wasn’t ready and while your thoughts about wanting to kiss or touch her were fairly loud, your thoughts of loving her and wanting her to be comfortable were so much louder.
So it was a bit of a surprise to both of you when you shared your first kiss not but two nights ago. 
It was another one of your hangouts. No one on the team had a mission or anything so the compound was full and very much alive. Peter came by to see Tony, Natasha’s sister was visiting, and even Clint’s new protege was around. The energy in the building was a lot to take in and you knew when things got like this, it was a lot for Wanda.
The compound is her home, a place where she’s able to be more relaxed with her powers, keeping a lid on them but not feeling like she’s wound tight. With everyone here and all the noise, it was harder to let up so she found herself feeling wound tight, trying to keep from accidentally reading someone’s loud thoughts.
You noticed. Ever observant, you saw the way it was affecting her. She’d get this crease in between her eyebrows when it was a struggle. Her fingers would twitch, little wisps of red flickering when someone was too loud. 
She’d gotten even more frustrated when you left her in the common room with everyone for an extended period of time. But she soon found out it was worth it. 
You came back, took her hand and guided her away from everyone while ignoring their lewd comments. She curiously asked questions as you guided her further from all the noise, only to let out a quiet gasp when you reached your destination.
In one of the many open and empty rooms, where there were floor to ceiling windows on both the east and west sides of the room and big blank walls on the north and south. Except the room wasn’t empty anymore.
Right in the middle of the room were blankets and pillows spread out, a basket of snacks along with them, and a laptop connected to the projector pointed at the wall. Wanda already instantly loved that you’d set this up for her, but her excitement kicked in when she saw the old sitcoms on the laptop screen just waiting to be played.
That night turned out to be one of her favorites. She was safe and cuddled up in your arms. A happy and nostalgic feeling washed over her with each episode of the shows. But at one point she stopped being focused on the show. Her eyes drifted from the screen to you.
Her eyes trailed up your jaw, lingered on the scar on your cheek, then drifted to your lips. Every time she looked at them she saw how inviting they looked. She wanted to kiss you so bad.
Ever so gently, her fingers had brushed the opposite side of your jaw. You’d been surprised by the touch and even more surprised by the look in her eyes right before she started leaning in.
A breath from her sent your mind into a haze and it took two little words to get lost in the fog.“ Kiss me.” She’d whispered into the near centimeter of space between your lips and you did just that. 
The first kiss. You’d had many of them and Wanda but a few. Still, both of you could agree this one was better than any other had ever been. You’d both had gentle, you’d both had passionate, you’d both had rushed and hungry. But her lips on yours, the way yours molded perfectly around hers, it was a feeling unexplainable. 
It came and went, the kiss did, but not the feeling. 
Wanda swore she could still feel your lips on hers even when they were no longer there. 
So caught up in the absolute bliss of sharing this more than perfect moment, Wanda didn’t notice your shift in mood. She was so happy and content in this headspace, she didn’t pick up on the shift in your mental space.
Of course it affected how you later acted. While she was never one to assume things, she thought for sure that kiss would lead to others but the last two days she hadn’t gotten a single one. Not even on the cheek. 
She couldn’t find when she’d messed up. She was always the one to stop the moments before they happened so she was almost sure you hadn’t regretted the kiss.So whatever it was, she didn’t know.
The movie ends and she’s pulled back to reality. Everyone stands, starting to clean up while chatting about the movie. Like always a few people slip away to avoid cleaning: Sam, Natasha, and Tony. 
It doesn’t take very long for the common room to be clean again. You volunteer to stay behind and vacuum up the popcorn crumbs Bucky and Sam always get on the floor and Wanda sticks around as well. 
“One sec.” You quickly say before the whirring of the machine sounds. You vacuum the areas around the couch then put it away before returning.“ Okay what’s up?” 
Wanda’s eyes trail over your form. Two feet away from her, arms crossed as you try to appear nonchalant with your hip leaning against the couch.
She sighs, eyes dropping to her hands as she twiddles her fingers.“ What’s wrong?” 
“Nothing is, I-”
“Haven’t kissed me since the first time.” She looks back up at you.“ I can’t think of anything I’ve done wrong. So my thoughts keep going back to, maybe you didn’t enjoy the kiss-”
Your frown turns to wide eyes.“ What? Of course I enjoyed it. I thought it felt amazing.”
“So you don’t regret it?” 
The amount of insecurity that laces her words sends a feeling straight through your heart.
Wanda watches your whole face drop. Regret swirling through your eyes.
“Of course I don’t.” You close the distance between you in seconds. Your fingers gently trail from her elbows down to her hands and you hold them.“ I was unsure how you felt about it. We’ve been taking things slow and the last thing I wanted was for that to have made you feel uncomfortable. And I certainly didn’t want to assume it meant I could just kiss you whenever.”
As your words sink in, Wanda almost wants to laugh at the irony. 
Instead of laughing, she shakes her head with a quiet chuckle.“ You could’ve told me. Then I would’ve told you that I want you to assume. I was being cautious, with my heart but you have it. And in gaining it you’ve gained my trust to take things further physically but still patiently.”
You nod.“ I’m sorry I didn’t say anything and just started acting distant. Won’t happen again. From now on I’ll kiss you every time I see you.” You joke.
“Good,” she gets a satisfied smile on her face,“ because that one kiss wasn’t nearly enough.”
When you laugh softly it’s music to her ears.“ Oh really? Have I created a monster?” You ask teasingly. 
The woman nods, biting her lip as her hands let go of yours and raise to cup the sides of your neck.“ You certainly have, and there’s only one way to keep it under control.”
“Hmm, feed it chocolates.” Green eyes narrow at you and you close your mouth.“ Right, not chocolates. Just kisses,” for the second time you kiss, this one a short sweet peck.
“Lots of kisses.” Wanda corrects, then pulls you back in. 
* * * * * *
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Y/N: Ever think about faking your death?
Wanda: I've been too busy faking my life.
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abimess · a day ago
Front Porch
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: No matter what happens or how much time passes, Wanda Maximoff would always come back to your front porch. [Inspired by the song Front Porch by Joy Williams]
Word count: 2.554 || Pronouns: not used
Warnings: none
The first time I heard this song this idea came to me and I had to write it. It's sweet and I liked it a lot, I hope you like it too.
Thoughts and comments are always welcome ツ
Masterlist | Library Blog
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
Sokovia is beautiful during springtime.
Maybe it's because it's your favorite season of the year. Maybe it's because the flowers and leaves on the trees paint the streets while the weather remains pleasant, nowhere near the freezing cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer.
But springs have not always been like this.
Until just over a year ago, Sokovia was overwhelmed by an intense, endless civil war, every second of the citizens' lives being lived at risk.
However, with the destruction of Novi Grad and the near end of the world, the small country, until then neglected by all, caught the eyes of other nations.
So, with the help of the UN and non-governmental organizations, the war was being dissolved, and although it is not a country known for its peace, it has become a much better place to live than it was before.
The noises of gunfire that were so routine became sporadic, the battalions and barricades in the streets were replaced by cars and people walking, going to work, or dropping their children off at school.
What surprised you the most, however, was something you never thought you would see in Sokovia: children playing in the streets. Very often, especially on weekends, you hear kids laughing outside or the sound of bike wheels racing down the street.
The sound always takes you straight back to your childhood, where none of this was possible. If you wanted to play with your friends, you had to go to one of their houses and come home before dark.
As you set the table for dinner, you smile to yourself at the memories. Playing after school with your best friends, neither you nor the twins had any idea what it all really meant, the magnitude of those loud noises outside the house.
You hear a voice then, and catch yourself wondering if the voice had indeed come through your ears or from the countless memories flooding your mind.
"Y/n!" The voice calls out again and you frown, walking toward the front door in search of the owner of the familiar voice. As soon as the porch comes into your field of vision, your heart beats faster at the figure on the front porch.
"Wanda?" You ask, incredulous at the brunette's presence there, and she smiles shyly, her eyes fixed on yours through the screen door. "Hi."
Wanda Maximoff has been your best friend since you were a child. As with her twin brother, you grew close with ease, being a part of each other's lives for long years.
That all changed when the two Maximoffs decided to join Hydra. You didn't know much about the group at the time, but years later you learned from Wanda that it was a Nazi organization that conducted numerous torture experiments on her and her brother.
That was the day you finally realized that you were in love with her. Nothing in the world had ever aroused such a desire to protect someone in such a way. In front of the brunette's watery eyes and sad expression, you felt that you could face the whole world for her, even though she was completely capable of defending herself with the new abilities she had acquired.
That day you both mourned Pietro's death, spending the whole night reliving your childhood memories. As surprising as it may seem, at that time everything was easier.
The next morning she left, back to her Avenger duties. That was still crazy to you until this present day. Wanda Maximoff, the little girl who cried every time she scraped her knee on the asphalt while playing with the children on the street, is now one of the strongest Avengers alive.
After the Battle of Sokovia that was the first time you had seen your friend again, after so many years apart. She didn't go back to her homeland much, but a few times since then she had appeared on your front porch.
She never told you, but whenever everything became overwhelming and she felt more alone than usual, thoughts of you were the only thing that could comfort her and, whenever she could, the brunette came to visit. Seeing you was like recharging her energy, nothing could make her so happy. This was a secret she decided to keep to herself, though.
And finally, back at your front door, Wanda feels her heart flutter at the sight of you, smiling and walking up to her at a quick pace, your arms wrapping tightly around her as you briefly lift her off the floor. "It's so good to see you."
"It's good to see you too." She murmurs against your neck, her arms equally tight around your neck, her heavy breathing filling her lungs with her favorite scent, yours.
You only let go long minutes later, none of you really being aware of the time passing. And then you just stare at each other for a moment, enjoying the scene you haven't seen for so long, the longing gradually turning to joy.
"Мама, Wanda's here!" You shout into the house, smiling at Wanda as you pull her inside by the hand, closing the door behind you. "Please, come on in."
As soon as you finish your walk through the small entrance hall to the living room, the brunette smiles at the grinning figure of your mother who, after so many years, has become a mother figure to herself.
"Wanda, moya dorogaya! It's been such a long time!" Your mom happily greets her, wrapping the girl in a tight hug to which she reciprocates amidst a contented giggle. "I know, I wish I had shown up sooner but these last months have been hectic."
"Yes, we saw it on the TV." The older one says as she lets her go and Wanda offers a small sad smile in response. To get away from the subject, your mother hastens to add lightly, "still, you should come by more often, honey, Y/n is always happier when you do."
The exposure takes you by surprise and you, who had just been watching the interaction with a fond smile on your lips, widen your eyes in disbelief, choking with embarrassment.
"I'll keep that in mind." Wanda answers knowingly, casting you an amused look, and you clear your throat awkwardly, shifting your weight between your feet as your cheeks seem to catch on fire.
"So," you begin, casting your mom a displeased glare at the betrayal before looking at Wanda again, "wanna join us for dinner?" You invite hopefully, but the girl shakes her head dismissively. "Oh no, there's no need."
The next moment your mother is muttering in Russian typical motherly complaints about how ungrateful Wanda was being for not accepting the food or about how you both missed her too much for her to just leave so soon.
"You better change your mind soon." You murmur playfully, and Wanda lets out an amused giggle as she raises her arms in surrender. "Alright, I'll stay."
Then your mother smiles in appreciation and the three of you share an extremely pleasant dinner.
You chat and laugh, Wanda telling you all about her adventures being an Avenger and living in New York. You talk about your life now too, but most of the time you just relive the stories of your childhood.
With the meal in your stomachs, the three of you organize the kitchen together, even though your mother insisted it wasn't necessary, and you can't help but feel complete.
You and Wanda exchange glances and smiles here and there, and wishing things would stay that way forever is a selfish thought you allow yourself to have for at least that brief moment.
With everything properly cleaned and put away, your mother says she is going to the living room to watch the soap opera, and you and Wanda go outside.
As the two of you sit on the porch floor, looking out at the monotonous street ahead, you smile at all the memories of when the two of you did this before, the younger versions of you enjoying each other's quiet company just as you do now.
"Sometimes it feels like I chose to follow all the wrong roads in my life." The brunette breaks the silence a few minutes later and you turn your face to look at her. When her sad eyes meet yours, you offer her an assuring smile.
"There's no such thing as wrong roads, Maximoff. There are only the paths we choose to take and the consequences of them." You respond warmly, leaning back against the wall of the house as your eyes never leave her figure, and Wanda shrugs. "Maybe if I hadn't joined Hydra I'd never have left your side."
"That's true." You agree with a slight nod, and when the brunette frowns at you, you smile. "But maybe if you hadn't we'd all be dead now." You say truthfully and Wanda sighs, looking away back to the street, "It doesn't erase the mistakes I made though."
"You talk as if you're the only one who makes mistakes." You retort with amusement, but the girl doesn't smile as she looks at you again, her eyes slightly brighter with the tears forming in them. "You don't even know what I did."
"Whatever you've done, it doesn't matter," you reply in a heartbeat, leaning forward and taking her hands in yours, "we're all a little splintered and battered anyway."
Wanda allows your touch to affect her, the caress your thumbs make on her hand reassuring her while burning just as much, as though she doesn't deserve your affection.
"I killed too many people." She whispers shakily, a few tears finally falling. "How many did you save?" You retort, but she shakes her head, releasing your hands to wipe away her tears. "It doesn't matter."
"You know," you begin, leaning back against the wall again and looking at her tenderly, "when Novi Grad was lifted into the sky I was working. It was hard to get out of there, even harder to get other people out. I know I didn't help everyone. But I helped the ones I could. And that's what it's all about in the end, isn't it? We help who we can, but we can't save everybody."
You finish with a knowing look, and Wanda lets out a small smile. "That's what Steve said to me." She tells, and you smirk. "He sounds like a wise man." You comment playfully and grin broadly when you hear the sound of her giggle soon after.
"You're wiser, though. You're like an everyday hero." She says and you make a dismissive grimace, laughing through your nose. "No, I'm not. I'm just someone trying to do what's right. Just like you."
You add the last sentence in the sweetest tone you can manage and the brunette smiles in genuine appreciation, her eyes locked on yours for a moment in which the world seems to stop.
"I should get going now," she says softly, the moment broken, "a long way back to New York." She adds with a sigh and you nod, looking away briefly as you pull yourself together. The next minute, the two of you are standing up.
"My mom's right, you know? You should come over more often." You say shyly when you both are already standing in front of the door, and Wanda smiles knowingly. "Because you're happier when I'm around?"
"Yes." You reply, laughing softly at the teasing, and her smile widens, her eyes shining into yours. "But only if you have a little free time in your busy superhero schedule, of course."
"I'll always have time for you, pridurok," Wanda replies with an amused roll of her eyes and you giggle, your hands in your pockets. "I'll come soon."
"I'll be waiting." You let the words escape before you can contain them and are graced by the brightest smile on the brunette's lips. "And I'll be thinking about you until I get back."
Your heart starts beating dangerously fast at the answer, and as you let out a nervous laugh, your eyes seem trapped in her green ones, even blinking seems like an impossible task when it means stopping seeing her for so much as a millisecond.
"Kiss her already!" Your mother's voice startles you both, drawing your gazes into the house. When you see the woman watching you with her arms crossed, Wanda giggles.
"Weren't you watching the soap opera?" You accuse amusedly, but the older woman just raises an eyebrow before rebutting, "Oh, rebenok, this is much better than any soap opera."
Rolling your eyes, you turn your attention back to Wanda, and smile shyly when you notice that she is already looking at you expectantly.
"Can I kiss you?" you ask clumsily, quite aware of how burning red your cheeks must be right now.
"You better." Wanda answers humorously, her cheeks also red, and you chuckle softly, nodding in agreement.
The next moment seems to last forever, everything around you in slow motion.
Your hands find the brunette's waist first, and it's surreal how they seem to have belonged there all this time. As you lean forward, Wanda meets you halfway, her hands coming up to cup your cheeks.
Her lips are soft and fit yours perfectly, tasting of chapstick and something you just know is uniquely hers, something that gets you addicted instantly.
Sooner than you'd like, your lungs beg for air and you pull away reluctantly, your forehead resting against hers softly.
With your eyes closed, you don't see how Wanda smiles lovingly, but you feel the gentle touch of her thumbs against your face, the touch whose power relaxes your entire body all at once.
Again sooner than you would like, the brunette moves away from you, and you open your eyes to meet her apologetic expression as she says, "I really have to go now."
Knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop her, you just nod slowly, a small sad smile on your lips.
"See you, Wands." You say goodbye then, the longing already returning to your chest and squeezing it mercilessly. The brunette smiles back, leaning in once more and kissing you again.
"See you, Y/n/n." She says it back when the kiss is over, giving your hand a gentle squeeze in farewell.
"Bye, Mrs. Y/l/n." She adds with an amused smile, looking past you to your mother, and the older one flashes a knowing smile at the girl as she waves her hand in farewell. "Bye, honey."
You and Wanda exchange one more meaningful glance before the girl walks down the street to a black car that you imagine she rented when she arrived at the airport.
The brunette looks at you one last time before getting into the driver's seat and, resisting the overwhelming urge to walk over to her, you just return the gentle smile she flashes you.
"Finally, I thought I was going to die and you wouldn't make a move." You hear your mother complain amusedly behind you as you watch Wanda's car disappear into the distance, and you just laugh softly in response.
As you go back inside, you smile, barely able to wait for the next time Wanda will come back to your front porch.
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potentialsandwhich · a day ago
Pairing: Bottom!Wanda Maximoff x Top!Reader (MINORS DO NOT INTERACT)
AN: I eeny meeny miny moed between the two wips and landed on this.
Enjoy :)
Summary: Catching Wanda sprawled across your bed, completely naked in your room was a great surprise. Catching her two fingers in and knuckles deep in herself was an even bigger surprise.
But then again, you always did like surprises.
Warnings: 18+, Smut, masturbation, fingering (r giving), teasing, praise, strap(let me know if I need to add more)
Tumblr media
You more so heard her than you saw her - the sound of muffled pants and the shifting sheets immediately pricking your ears the second you had opened your door.
It had been dark inside, the blinds and curtains of the room pulled shut so that only the faintest of light illuminated the space, making it hard for you to fully make out the form on your bed. When you finally did, however, you almost had to double check that you were seeing correctly.
"What the-"
Wanda Maximoff was sprawled across your bed, red hair like a mane around her head, eyes screwed shut, completely and utterly naked from what you could see of her - and what you could see of her was... a lot.
It was evident from the crumbled state of the sheets around her that a blanket had been draped across her at one point, probably covering most of her naked skin, but the imagined blanket had longed been removed, exposing every inch of the beautiful woman before you.
Lips parted ever so slightly, Wanda's breathing was heavy, uneven and ragged, as she pleasured herself - too caught up in the bliss of it all to notice your watchful gaze by the room's entrance.
Shock giving way to intense interest, and even mild transfixion, you gently closed the door behind you, locking it with only a soft click before making your way further into your bedroom.
Still, Wanda did not notice you as you approached, her eyes closed shut as her hands did their magic - and goddamn was what you saw magical.
A hand cupping her left breast, the redhead was rolling her erected peak between her forefinger and thumb, eliciting soft whimpers from her plump lips every time she would get the pressure right. Her other hand was busy too, dipped between her silken legs, sinfully thrusting two fingers deep into her wet cunt, making your mouth water ever so slightly at the sight of her juices running down her thighs.
If the sound of her moans alone was enough to drive you crazy, the sight of Wanda's flushed skin and explicit actions were the final nail in the coffin, pushing you to announce your presence - if only because of the growing arousal gathering between your own legs.
But before you could make yourself known, another soft whimper escaped the redhead's lips. Except this time, it wasn't just a whimper of pleasure, but rather a name.
Your name.
"(Y/N)." The Sokovian gasped, breathy and erratic, the efforts of her wrist between her legs picking up, as if the simple utterance of your name had somehow rejuvenated her with renew purpose. You watched in amazement as her fingers sank even deeper inside her.
"Fuck, Wanda. You're going to be the death of me." You groaned under your breath, unable to stop the words from leaving your mouth, watching as the redhead's eyes flew open in an instant - panic and lust intermixing in the blown pupils of the her pleasure hazed eyes.
"(Y/N)!" She exclaimed, in less of a moan this time, but still with a lingering sultriness of her first moan of your name. Her hands froze in their place along her body and her lips pressed into a thin line, as if trying to retract her private outburst moments prior, but her efforts were in vain, "You're back early."
"Hey." You greeted, dropping your voice low, licking your lips for a phantom dryness, "Yeah, I guess I am. The mission was easier than expected." You dwelled in the silence for a bit, just taking in the scene before you, taking in the goddess before you - the tension in the air so thick it felt palpable. A heat grew inside you with each passing second, and you felt your jaw clench ever so slightly, "So, whatcha doing here in my room?"
The question was rhetorical and perhaps a bit sadistic too; the two of you both knowing damn well that you had seen exactly what the Sokovian had been doing, but the satisfying red that rose in Wanda's already flushed cheeks still rewarded you.
"Uhh - I was just..." Her embarrassment was evident in her eyes and the shakiness of her voice.
Moving closer to woman, you stopped at the foot of the bed, watching for her reaction.
Wanda's eyes seemed to darken in what seemed to be anticipation and uncertainty at your next action.
Slowly, you crawled onto the mattress with one knee. Propelling your body forward, you extend an arm towards the headboard of the bed, leaning onto it until you were hovering just slightly over the redhead. The rhythm of her breathing seemed to quicken at the sudden proximity of your face above hers, "Nevermind that." You declared, brushing away your own question. Slowly and carefully, you overlapped a hand over Wanda's, covering the hand that was still dipped between her legs, warmed and wet from its previous activity, "The real question is..." You moved to Wanda's ear, teasing the lobe with a nibble, "...why did you stop?"
You heard Wanda’s breath hitch.
Guiding a single digit of the Sokovian's hand, you used your hand to push one of Wanda's fingers back into her wet pussy, joining it with one of your own.
The feeling of your finger pressed between her fluttering walls and her finger had Wanda moaning loudly into your shoulder, the sound music to your ears. Biting your bottom lips, you tried to hold back your own moan at the feeling of the tightness surrounding your finger. Knowing that she was already well past ready, but maybe still a little eager on your part as well, you wasted no time in guiding another of her own fingers into her heat, joining it, naturally, with another of your own.
Four fingers now in her, Wanda's hip buck up unexpectedly, the stretch burning pleasure through her, exacerbated by the rough swipe you did across her clit with your thumb. She seemed to be inviting you deeper into her. Smiling, you willed her back down, slowing your movements until you were painfully unmoving. Whining in protest, Wanda’s hips fell back to the mattress, choosing to roll against your hand instead in seek of pleasure.
Deciding to give her what she wanted, you picked up the speed, pounding into her, making her keep up the same unrelenting pace your fingers was setting with her hand.
"That's it, good girl. Taking everything so well." You cooed, loving how easily she accepted both of your fingers.
Wanda’s pornographic moan at your words almost made you stop in shock, and it was by the thinnest shred of resolve that you didn’t.
Feeling her walls clenching tighter and tighter around you, you knew she was approaching her release. Using your free thumb, you helped her along, rubbing, small, tight circles around her clit.
Pushing your other hand off the headboard, you moved it to her breast, molding it in your palm. Trailing some open mouth kisses along her neck, you made your way down, your mouth joining your hand on her chest when took her perky nipple into your mouth.
With all the new stimulation, it wasn't long until you felt Wanda’s walls start to tighten around you erratically, her thighs twitching and clamping shut, trapping your hand between them as the first wave of pleasure coursed through her.
Arching up, Wanda pushed herself further into you, subsequently giving you more access to her chest.
You took the opportunity to take more of her.
When she finally started recovering from her high, her thighs relinquishing their hold on your hand, you brought both of your hands up.
Pushing your fingers into her mouth to be cleaned, enjoying the swirl of her tongue around them, you simultaneously took her fingers into your mouth, licking them clean with the same energy she game you.
The taste of her almost made your eyes roll to the back of you head.
“Take off your clothes.” You suddenly heard, pulling you out of your thoughts.
Peering back down at the redhead beneath you, you only raised a brow in amusement.
“You had a whole orgasm, and you just now notice that I’m still clothed?” You teased, smile pulling on your lips.
Wanda leaned up to kiss you then, stopping you from continuing your teasing. Her tongue hungrily entered your mouth and you let her.
“Shut up.” She muttered against your lips, starting to pull on you clothes.
You understood her intentions well enough.
But suddenly, a new idea popped in your head.
Promptly pulling away from Wanda and getting off the bed, you ignore the protest of the Sokovian as you did so.
“Wait, wait, don’t be so impatient.” You chuckled, starting to dig through your drawers - finding what you wanted.
Showing Wanda what you found, her eyes darkened with lust again. And with a wave of her hand, you were suddenly pulled towards her, onto the bed, clothes gone in an instant.
You grinned in amusement at the eager woman and her magic, “My god, you are needy today.” You mused, using a hand to run your fingers through Wanda’s hair.
For her part, Wanda chose to not answer to your jab, instead working on helping you with the harness you had brought.
You jerked when it rubbed against a sensitive part of your core.
She looked up at you with blown pupils when everything was finally set. The sight of desperation in her eyes made you gulp.
Pushing you down into the bed, Wanda promptly climbed atop you, auburn hair cascading over her face. Steadying her, you placed a hand on either side of her hips, enjoying the sight of the woman above you line up the strap to her entrance.
Watching the Sokovian slowly sink down onto you, the plastic cock disappearing into her as her back arched and her head threw back in pleasure, a sudden fleeting thought passed your mind.
Wanda had mind reading powers, the kind that could detect an approaching figure from miles away. So how had she not noticed that you had arrive back earlier?
Hands planting atop your chest, Wanda angled herself, moaning when you snapped your hip up, driving the strap deeper into a new part of her.
No, what were the chances?
“You’re distracted.” The Sokovian husked, eyes lidded and heavy with pleasure as she rode you.
Had Wanda let you catch her in the act on purpose?
The feeling of Wanda’s lips were suddenly on yours, hot and insistent. Swiping your tongue against her bottom lip, you asked the permission.
You were so sure you had caught Wanda, but maybe she had caught you.
Tongue slipping into her mouth, barely able to hold in your moan, you snapped your hip up again, meeting one of Wanda’s bounce, muffling a cry from woman above when it connected perfectly.
Honestly, you didn’t really care either way.
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natasharomanoffsabs · 2 days ago
Wanda: And here is the main course, Steak!
Vision: Thank you, Wanda.
Wanda: Y/N, do you want some food too?
Y/N: Ye-
Natasha, smirking: I bet Y/N would love to taste your meat, Wanda.
Wanda: *a flustered mess*
Vision: ?
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biglip · 2 days ago
Y/n: Hey, why is everyone giving me the silent treatment?
Steve: Wanda told everyone what you did.
Natasha: How can you do this to her?
Y/n: What?
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lovelybishop · 2 days ago
nerf sword || wanda maximoff x reader
summary: you ask wanda if she can curse a nerf sword.
word count: 142
prompt(s): “do you know how to curse a nerf sword?”
warnings: not proofread
requested by anon.
Tumblr media
“hey wanda,” you walk up to the table she’s sitting at, nerf sword in hand, “do you know how to curse a nerf sword?”
wanda puts her fork down, “no love, i’m sorry. do i even wanna know why you’re asking this?”
“well, i just really like it when you use your powers.” you smile as you feel heat rise up your neck to your face, “especially when it’s stupid and silly things.”
wanda chuckles as she stands up, going to holding your cheeks.
“you are to sweet, love” she places a gentle kiss on your forehead as you smile softly.
“i love you wanda.” you look into her eyes, “with or without powers.”
“and i love you y/n.” wanda then places a gentle kiss on your lips, “even when you ask me if i can do ridiculous things with my powers.”
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aquamarinescarlet · a day ago
Y/n: you know what I really like in a woman?
Wanda: No. What?
Y/n: My tongue.
Wanda: [Chokes]
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nermommys-fav-gay · a day ago
sex !
Can I request the holy trinity punishing/denying R for touch herself without permission? And thanks!!!
monique’s notes: chew on this @twilight-99-tm
a/n: thank you ☺️ i’ll be combining this with another req -
Tumblr media
warnings (18+ only): smut, edging, vaginal fingering, strap-on use, wanda using her powers to restrain you, verbal humiliation
it was a dangerous move to touch yourself when your girlfriends would be home from a week long mission any minute now. you had waited long enough and couldn’t take it anymore. if you came fast enough, maybe they wouldn’t ever find out.
you weren’t the luckiest person when it came to this types of things. your girlfriends were greeted with the site of you bouncing on your fingers on top of your shared bed. you didn’t notice they were there until natasha grabbed your wrist. “you just couldn’t go one week without cumming, hm?”
your back hit the wall, wanda’s powers pinning you against it. carol was the first to touch you, opting to fuck you with her biggest strap. “such a greedy little slut.” right as you were about to cum, she pulled the toy out of you. “thanks honey, you got it warmed up for wanda.”
carol led the brunette over to the bed and pulled her into your lap. your attention was drawn away from the sight in front of you by your red headed girlfriend.
natasha kneeled between your legs and shoved two of her fingers inside of your cunt. “carol didn’t give you what you wanted? too bad. if you weren’t a whore, we would’ve been rewarding you, but no.” her thumb rubbed at your neglected clit as her fingers curled inside of you. “i think it’s fair if we each get to edge you three times.”
you were going to be on the wall for a while.
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olsensnpm · 2 days ago
Y/N: If Wanda and I were drowning, who would you save?
Natasha: You two can’t swim?
Wanda: It’s a hypothetical question, Natasha! who would you save?
Natasha: my time and effort.
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peabrain112 · 2 days ago
Steve: (Y/N), you should really be more productive, you've been sitting in the same spot for the past five hours.
Y/N: Give me a break, Steve, I used up all my energy yesterday. Today is my rest day.
Steve: Rest day from what? You had the entire day off. Name one thing you did yesterday!
Y/N: ...
Y/N: Wanda
Y/N: It was hard work t-
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didujustcallmedumb · 4 hours ago
Never Change Yourself | CarolWandaNat x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: A bit angsty, but with a happy ending. Carol, Wanda and Nat are mean/rude. Swearing. R has Floraekenisis (manipulation of plants and flowers).
Word Count: 4.2K
Summary: Out of the 4 in the relationship, you were the hyperactive one, which Carol, Wanda and Natasha loved you for. But sometimes, it was just a bit too much for them to deal with.
It was obvious to any of the people around you that you were definitely a big character of the team, you were always the one who could cheer everybody up without even trying. Your girlfriends thought the absolute world of you, and they loved all your little quirks, and it just made them even more protective of you because you were their innocent little baby.
As innocent as you seemed you were also a very hyperactive person, you could barely sit still for 5 minutes, and you always seemed to get Yelena on board with your actions, which often got the two of you in trouble. The two of you were a force to be reckoned with, and God help anyone who was on the receiving end of that. Most of the time the two of you would be sprinting throughout the compound, creating a ruckus, and then raiding the kitchen before the two of you went and hid somewhere to avoid sharing.
But recently, patience in the compound was wearing thin as there had been a lot of media backlash on the Avengers, and what they stood for, as of late you must have been the only person on the team who didn’t receive any backlash or vicious words. As far as everyone else was concerned, the public loved you because of how beautiful, and charming, your powers were.
How could anybody hate someone who conjured flowers from thin air? Made everything look so beautiful? Easily replace trees and forestry that gets destroyed so that animals can have their homes back? You were a saint.
You weren’t always the best at reading people. So, when you did what you always did and stayed cheerful, which was something the rest of the team was having a hard time doing, you rubbed some people the wrong way, your girlfriends especially.
You had woken up alone this morning and insisted on going to find at least one of your girlfriends, if not all of them. It would have been your lucky day if it was easy to find all of them together but considering they all had different comfort places, for when they had work to do, it was a hard task.
You first found Carol in the gym, and you smiled bounding over when you saw her, “Hi baby! What have you been doing? You weren’t in our room when I woke up.” You blinked a few times when she didn’t answer you, and a frown formed on your face. You quickly tried another tactic to get her attention but then you noticed she had her earphones in, so you tapped her shoulder.
What you didn’t know was that Carol was already in a horrific mood from dealing with Fury and complaints early this morning. She sighed softly and pulled out one of her earbuds, turning to face you, her chest heaving as she tried to get her breath back. “Y/N, what are you doing in here?”
You smiled at the blonde and gave her a tight hug, nuzzling your head into the crook of her neck, your whole body practically buzzing from the comfort of Carol being in your arms. “I just came to find you guys; you were the first person I found. Now let’s go do something fun!”
Pulling on Carol's arm and rambling to yourself about what you have planned for your girlfriends, you ignored Carol harshly addressing you, and you missed how her body tensed as a dark glare formed on her face. She thought the world of you, she loved you so much, but at this moment in time, she wanted nothing more than for you to just go away.
“Y/N! Will you just fucking stop?!”
You whimpered slightly and flinched at her tone, letting go of the blonde’s muscular arm, as she carried on shouting, “God, you’re just so fucking annoying. Will you just stop touching me and go and bother somebody else for 5 minutes? Just, go away.”
Your eyes immediately brimmed with tears at your eldest girlfriend’s harsh words, and your bottom lip trembled as you fought your tears away. “Carol…” You whispered, frowning even more when she put her hand up to silence you. “Just get out of my sight, Y/N.”
You nodded in understanding and bolted out of the gym, the dam of tears that threatened your water line finally collapsed and all the tears rolled down your cheeks. You didn’t mean to make her mad, and she had never spoken to you like that before.
Maybe one of the other two could help you figure out what’s wrong with her.
The next one of your girlfriends that you had found was Wanda.
You sniffled walking into the kitchen, quickly wiping your eyes when you saw the taller redhead, and you smiled sadly sitting at the counter to watch her cook. Wanda glanced up at you through her long lashes, gave a small smile, and then focused back on the task in front of her.
Wanda was happy to have this comfortable silence with you, not really in the mood to entertain anybody at the minute. She found herself once again being upset by Avenger’s backlash, a fair amount of it being directly pinned on herself which made it harder. She was happy with the silence until you decided to break it.
“What are you making, Wands?”
“Can I help?”
Wanda suddenly stopped chopping and glanced up at you, she was stressed, and she always found comfort and therapy within her cooking, but you were a very very clumsy person. You didn’t notice the hesitation when Wanda sighed quietly but seeing your hopeful smile got her to nod in agreement and she moved to the side to allow you to stand next to her.
You followed her instructions as best as you could, sometimes getting too overexcited which resulted in things being cut wrongly, not to mention you spilt a majority of all the ingredients either all over the counter or across the floor.
Wanda’s hands had begun to shake at this point, what was once a therapeutic solo cooking session, was now a stressful and agitating babysitting session. She quickly turned to you, grabbing your hands, and led you to sit down, “Just…sit there, you can be my little taste tester, okay?”
“I didn’t mean to screw up, I’m sorry Wands. I always love your cooking, I just wanted to help.”
Wanda smiled more at you ready to reply to your compliment. The anxiety-ridden edge you had put her on slowly started to fade, but then you decided you were going to go off on a tangent about whatever was swirling through your brain.
Her eye twitched as your voice gradually got louder the more passionate you got, overpowering her own whenever she went to politely ask you to quieten down, as she was beginning to get agitated. She didn’t want to get agitated, especially not with you, her baby, but you were currently too worked up for her to deal with when all she wanted was to wind down with some cooking.
“Y/N, honey, you’re really putting me off, Could you lower your voice a bit for me? Please love,” Wanda muttered as she continued to chop up the vegetables to throw into the pan, her irises glowing red whenever your voice raised too loudly for her liking.
“Oh! And then I think there’s something wrong with Carol, she was really weird with me in the gym today,” you continued, not hearing Wanda’s plea for you to quieten down, and you shuffled in your seat drumming your fingers on the table. “Maybe we should all just go and chill out-”
“Shit!” Wanda winced as she misjudged the slice of the vegetable and cut along her own palm frowning at the fact it was deep enough to draw blood, and a low growl of annoyance vibrated at the back of her throat. “Just be quiet Y/N! I was clearly concentrating and all you kept doing was being loud and irritating to the point I’ve ended up hurting myself!”
“Wands, I’m so sorry. Please let me help,” you offered as you reached for the first aid kit in the top cupboard, and then moved towards Wanda and gently grabbed her hand. You frowned upset when she pushed your hands away, her irises with a tint of red.
“No, you’ve done enough damage. Leave me alone and just go before you agitate me anymore, I’m not in the mood for you.”
“Wands, please. I said that I’m sorry-”
“I said, go.”
You frowned at her stern tone and your eyes welled with tears for the second time today. Never had you ever made any of your girlfriends this upset and angry with you before, were you really that irritating?
At first, you debated going to find your other girlfriend, the older redhead, because all you seemed to be doing today was agitating people and annoying them. You had never felt so alone as you had in the first half of your day, all you wanted to do was give Carol some affection and Wanda some company.
But…they didn’t want you.
Maybe with Nat, it will be different, if you just stay quiet and don’t overwhelm her with affection, you should be able to stay in her good books. You eventually found Nat tucked up in the back corner of the library, mission reports scattered across the table, alongside newspapers that had things about the team on the front cover.
Her head lifted as soon as you walked through the door, damn her assassin skills, and she smiled a little at you. She looked tired. Once you had made your way over, you went to sit beside her like usual, but thought against it and sat across from her instead.
“Hi Natty,” you smiled.
“Hi back Detka,” she replied, her eyes still focused on the laptop in front of her, and you pouted slightly letting out a small huff.
“How have you been today? None of you was in our room when I had woken up this morning,” you frowned, sadness clearly laced in the sound of your voice and Natasha sighed softly continuing to work.
“I know, I’m sorry. We went for breakfast early because we all had some stuff to do, and then we went off and did our own thing,” she explained nonchalantly and gave a small shrug, still refusing to take her eyes from her work.
They went to breakfast together…without you.
You were the last person to join the relationship, the 3 original women being together for 2 years, Wanda and Natasha being together another 2 years prior to that. They had never excluded you before, or not invited you to do something with them.
You frowned heavily at her words and rocked on your chair, but when you recognised the squeaking noise that the legs had started to make you immediately stopped. You weren’t going to give Natasha any reason to get mad at you, she was your only source of comfort right now.
“Do you want to go and get dinner with me? I was thinking we could go to that burger place we like?” You questioned, a hopeful smile on your features.
“Not right now, I’m busy, and I think Wanda said something about ordering takeout later.”
You huffed once more and leant back in your chair and resorted to watching videos on your phone instead of talking, it was better than not being in Natasha’s company at all. You gave up.
The sound of your phone being played loudly made the ex-assassins jaw tense, it being made even worse when you laughed loudly or mimicked the words and sounds from the video. Usually, Natasha would find it adorable as you re-watched and mouthed along to your favourite things, but just like everybody else she wasn’t in the mood to deal with it today.
“Y/N,” she warned, but you just pouted slightly and turned the phone down.
“I’m sorry,” you apologised sincerely.
“You will be,” Natasha muttered under her breath. Luckily, whether it was luck for yourself or Natasha, you didn’t hear the harsh words and Nat turned back to her work. When you made a loud laugh again, you quickly covered your mouth and sent her a sheepish smile, but then you whimpered when she grabbed your phone and threw it across the room.
Finally putting the mission reports down, she turned her attention to you, a dark scowl on her face. Even after half an hour, your eyes were still red and slightly puffy, from crying twice today already, and she frowned slightly. “You’ve been crying.”
“So, you’ve finally noticed?” you mumbled, your eyes brimming with even more tears whilst her eyes narrowed at the tone of your voice. You hated that you were making her mad, but you were mad and upset now too.
“You know what? I’m actually sick of you and your god-awful attitude. You come in here, disturb me from my work, and then have the audacity to get sad and give me attitude when you’re the one who is being a pain!”
You gulped slightly, becoming nervous and upset at her tone of voice which threw the vicious words at you. This was the last straw; you had annoyed all 3 of your girlfriends and now none of them wanted anything to do with you.
“You’re just so loud and hyper, all the time, some of us want that peace and quiet and you just irritate everyone. We’ve all had a hard fucking week having to deal with bullshit from the media, but not you. You’re the media’s golden girl, everyone only sees the beauty in you and your powers, they don’t get to see your flaws like we do. Now just, I don’t know, just go and stop agitating everybody.”
You look at Natasha stunned, she was now on her feet pointing her finger at you, and her jaw was tense. You had never seen her in this kind of state before, and you couldn’t help but feel terrified by your lover who towered over you. Glancing at your broken phone across the room, you took this as your sign to leave, and you slowly stood to your feet.
“I’m sorry Natasha, I didn’t mean to be a problem to you and everybody else,” you whimpered, turning on your heel to leave the library, and you made your way to the rooftop.
Your safe space.
It had been a few days since your arguments with each of your girlfriend’s. You have done everything in your power to stay away from them, and the rest of the team, so you took up the offer of staying with Yelena when she found you sobbing on the rooftop.
“My offer to punch them is still there,” she scoffed as she shoved yet another load of pringles into her mouth, and you just shook your head giggling at her antics. “I honestly don’t care if she’s my sister, I’ll punch her straight in that fat head of hers. Suka (Bitch).”
“She doesn’t have a fat head,” you argued, a small frown on your face as you made the flower petals dance in your hand, and the quickly wilted when you got upset again.
Yelena just shrugged, still believing her sister had a fat head, and stole your sweets from your lap making you pout. “And can we just not talk about this right now? This will be the first day in almost a week where I haven’t cried, and I think that’s pretty good if I say so myself.”
“It is good, dorogoy (sweetheart),” Yelena smiled, allowing you to rest your head on your shoulder and you sighed gently. It wasn’t hard for Yelena to know what was running through your mind, she was your best friend after all. “I know you miss them, have they tried speaking to you at all?”
You sighed knowing this conversation wasn’t going to get dropped any time soon, and you looked down at your hands starting to crack your fingers. A habit you had picked up in high school when you were feeling nervous or upset.
“No, they haven’t tried speaking to me. Then again, I’ve not really shown myself in the compound and when I have, I’ve stayed quiet and just kept to myself. Usually, I just grab some food from the kitchen really quickly or pick up my takeaway from the front door and go back to your room.”
“I’m sorry Y/N, I know this is hard for you,” She frowned and you just shrugged, allowing her to wrap you tightly in her arms as you tried to stifle your sniffles.
Hopefully, they’ll come around soon, and all of you will be happy again.
Everyone had noticed the lack of noise in the compound; they had also noticed the lack of you in the compound, but nobody really understood why.
Your girlfriends had gone back to your shared room at the end of that day, all still agitated and riled up about what happened, so they didn’t necessarily miss your presence that evening. However, as the days went by, they realised how harsh they had been and had started to do what they could to even catch a glimpse of you to begin their apologies.
Wanda took it the hardest, she had always been the more emotional out of the three, and what hurt her, even more, is the thoughts of yours that she could hear echo through the compound. The horrible, self-deprecating, and belittling thoughts that all 3 of them had ingrained into your mind.
The compound hadn’t been the same since you locked yourself away, forced yourself to stop acting a certain way, and most importantly stopped being happy. You were the team's ray of sunshine, and everyone was affected by your lack of presence, and there was a large amount of guilt that was felt through the team. Even all the plants and flowers around that compound had begun to wilt, and that’s when they realised the severity of what had happened.
Nat missed the dumb jokes that you’d make to get her to crack a smile when she was trying to act too tough, and unbothered, around the team. Wanda missed the way you’d come and curl up in her lap, your whole body practically vibrating with excitement when you had done something new in your videogame or with your flowers. Carol missed when you would smuggle her some burgers into her training sessions and the two of you would hide behind the weight sets and eat them together, covering the room in ivy for more seclusion.
Wanda paced the front room whilst Carol lounged on the sofa and Natasha was out of the compound getting a replacement for your phone. That was the first person that got reprimanded was Natasha, and she got a very long lecture about breaking property that wasn’t her own, and for being so aggressive towards you. All 3 women knew they had hurt you, and now it was time to fix what they did.
“Your pacing is sending me dizzy, my love,” Carol commented, directing it towards the young Sokovian who just sent her a small shrug. “Natasha will be back soon, and once she’s back we can actually brace ourselves to go to Yelena’s room to try and speak to Y/N.”
“How do we know they're in there Carol? They might’ve left.”
“Wands, Y/N wouldn’t want to be with anybody else but Yelena right now. You know how close the two are, and you know that’s why Nat is taking it so hard too. Yelena hasn’t spoken to her in nearly a week, and when she has it’s a threat or insult.”
“What if they want to leave us? I’ve heard their thoughts Carol, they think that we hate them,” Wanda sniffled as she took a seat next to the blonde, curling up into her side. “I-I can’t believe we did that to them. It wasn’t their fault that the media was attacking everyone but them, I don’t blame them, they can literally do no wrong but we made them feel like they were wrong.”
Carol frowned at her words and went to reply, but the sound of the front door opening caught their attention. Natasha smiled at the two as she strolled through the doors, your favourite takeout in hand alongside your new phone, and she pressed a gentle kiss to both of their cheeks.
“Sorry I took so long, I picked us all up some food. Also, my nerves are starting to get the better of me, so shall we just get a move on, and do it? I need them to know how sorry we are, I really miss them,” The older redhead whimpered.
Carol nodded in agreement, shifting slightly so Wanda knew she wanted to get up, and all 3 women made their way towards Yelena’s room. Wanda stood in the middle of the two older women, gripping their hands tightly, as your thoughts got louder. She felt like she was going to be sick.
Natasha tentatively knocked on the door, grimacing at the sound of the takeaway back that was in her hand knocking into it, and her heart rate elevated when she heard shuffling behind the doors.
You were going to open it.
You glanced at Yelena as you walked towards the door, you had gone pale, and you could feel your palms begin to sweat. This would be the first time you had talked to them in nearly a week. You wanted to talk to them more than anything in the world, but you didn’t know if you were ready.
“Y/N, the four of you can fix this, you’re going to be okay,” Yelena reassured, and you nodded slightly, embracing her in a tight hug to help yourself relax before you eventually opened the door.
Once you met the eyes of your girlfriends you couldn’t stop the tears from forming, you had missed them more than anything in the world, and the trio mirrored your watery smile.
“Hi, Detka.” “Hello, Malyshka.” “Hey, love.”
The sound of their voices was your breaking point, you didn’t bother to try and stop yourself from sobbing, and Wanda was the first to pull you into a tight hug to comfort you as much as she could. Carol and Natasha made a quick pace of taking you to your shared bedroom, the smell of your shared laundry detergent, a mix of all 4 of your perfumes, gave you immediate comfort.
You couldn’t help but let out a small whimper.
“We’re here,” Natasha cooed, letting Wanda sit you down on the edge of the bed. You immediately moved into the middle so all 3 of your loves could sit by you and be close to you, no matter where you moved. Wanda was quick to take her spot behind you and pull you into her, so your back was pressed flush against her chest, her fingers gently running through your hair. “We’re not going to let you go again,” Carol reassured.
“W-Why? You all h-hate me!”
You sobbed loudly as the words left your mouth, and the trio felt their hearts break. They were the cause of this, they were the ones who did this to you, and now they were the ones who would have to live with it.
“We could never hate you, dove,” Wanda muttered as she pressed kisses to your crown and the top of your head, her own tears threatening to fall. “We were all just having a horrible day, and that is no excuse for us to have done what we did, but none of us meant anything we said. We promise you, baby.”
“Wanda is right,” Natasha continued, reaching out to stroke your cheek but doing it slow enough that you could move away if you wanted, but you didn’t. She smiled as you leant into the touch of her hand, closing your eyes as you soaked up the ex-assassin’s comfort.
“None of us meant what we said, but I have something even more serious to apologise for,” she frowned, running her thumb over your cheekbone, and then reached to her bag to pass you the new phone. You smiled a little and Nat sighed softly, “I should never have done what I did. I didn’t mean to scare you, and I shouldn’t have broken your phone or been aggressive to you.”
“It’s okay, Natty. I made you mad, it was my own fault, I shouldn’t have been so irritating. You were right. I’ve changed though, I won’t be as loud, hyper or irritating. I promise, just please don’t break up with me.”
“We’d never do that, love,” Carol declared fiercely, and you could tell by the tone of her voice that she was being truthful. Natasha pulled out the food and began dishing it out to everybody, and you smiled as you dug in happily, looking back at Carol when she continued talking.
“Never change yourself because of what 3 stupid idiots said.”
You knew she was trying to diffuse the situation and make small jokes to make you feel comfortable and you smiled up at her, sending the same smiles to the 2 redheads when they agreed with Carol’s statement.
“We love you exactly how you are,” Wanda affirmed, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek.
“We will always love you, nothing could ever change that,” Natasha stated, her hand moving to grasp yours gently.
“And we hope that you will eventually accept our apology. We know and understand you won’t forgive us straight away, but we promise we’re going to make it up to you for as long as you’ll allow us," Carol finished.
You nodded finishing your burger, glancing at the food that was left on the bed. You then smiled stealing some of each of their fries, some nuggets from Wanda and Nat, and then some cheese bites from Carol.
“Thank you for apologising. I accept your apology, but I’m not quite ready to forgive you yet, but this is definitely a start,” you teased as you popped a nugget into your mouth making the 3 older women smile.
“A start is more than good enough for us.”
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