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#wanda maximoff x reader

hey look i’m doing something semi-productive. i’ll try to keep this updated… (also, i like how i’m so unorganized i can’t even keep the way i organize the parings/warnings/author’s notes things consistent) if you see anything missing, please let me know!

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A/N: yep! sorry these have been taking so long, but I shared the prompt list when I wasn’t busy and then suddenly I was lmao. also did 4 a couple times already, so I focused on 9 for this one. hope that’s okay! (soft prompts)


You weren’t sure when you started crying, and really, you still weren’t aware it was happening. The amount of alcohol you’d drained from the bottle in your hand did an amazing job of numbing everything. You were just about to finish it off when it lifted into air, surrounded by a red glow.

“Wanda, I wasn’t done with that.”

“I know, and that’s the problem.” She lowered the bottle onto the farthest side of the roof as she approached you, sitting directly in your line of vision so you couldn’t ignore her. “You can’t just drink your problems away. You’re not Tony.”

“No, I’m not. But I sure do understand him more after today.”

Your next sentence got caught behind the lump in your throat, more tears springing to your eyes and washing over your bottom lashes. Your hands reached out to steady your body on Wanda’s knees as a sob rippled through you, and she was quick to cup your face in her hands.

“It’s okay, let it out. I’m here.”

The two of you sat in this position, foreheads touching while you allowed yourself to release every emotion you’d pushed back. When your sobs settled to sniffles and tears finally subsided, she used her thumbs to wipe away every track they left behind, kissing your cheeks, nose and finally your lips. It brought on a fuzzy feeling that you were glad you didn’t numb away.

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A/N: hopes this turns out as fluffy as I imagined it 🥰 (soft prompts)



Wanda turned to meet your gaze and had her arms around you within seconds. You tried not to flinch when her grip tightened, which was easy to manage with your muscles relaxing at the familiar warmth. It ended up being hard to let go when Wanda finally retreated, her attention falling to your injured form.

Without a word, she led you to her bathroom, instructing you to take off your shirt while she dug out her First Aid kit. You crossed your arms over your bare torso as you sat on the counter, frowning when she gently tugged at your wrists.

“Please trust me.”

So you dropped your arms to the side, watching the way she cradled each one, kissing every cut before wiping at it with alcohol soaked cotton pads. You were convinced that the extra attention distracted you from the stinging chemical on your wounds. Once every spot was cleaned and bandaged, she packed everything inside the kit again and stepped between your legs.

“Thanks, Wan.”


Her hands cradled your jaw, her thumbs gently rubbing across your skin as she carefully turned your head. She leaned in to drop a soft kiss in the center of the bruise on your cheek, smiling when she met your gaze again.

“For good luck.”

You were quick to point out that your lips also needed good luck, and despite the eye roll she gave you, a kiss was placed there too.

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A/N: I’m assuming you mean wandanat x reader? if not, I can redo this. (soft prompts)


Wanda smiled when she felt the bed dip, placing her book in her lap as you scooted closer to wrap your arms around her waist and press your forehead into her side.

“What are you up to, daffodil?”

“Nothing, Wan,” you hummed as she wrapped an arm around you and began to rub your back slowly.

“Did you eat Clint’s cookies again? I can’t hold him off forever, you know.”

“I thought I was supposed to get middle spoon today?” Natasha protested as she entered from the bathroom.

“Should’ve moved faster, then.”

“How fast is this?”

Natasha pounced on you, holding you in place with her thighs while Wanda tickled you with her magic, the two of them finally letting you go when they feared you might pass out from laughing so hard. They sandwiched you in as you pulled the blanket over the three of you, giggles coming from all of you as you got comfortable, and it was decided that you’d let Natasha sleep in the middle tomorrow night.

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“20, 19, 18…”

The crowd of people counted down the numbers, loudly, and you could feel your heart swelling in anticipation –  another one of Stark’s New Year’s Eve party. Wanda stood next to you, soft fingers tangled with yours. 

She has never looked more beautiful.

“15, 14, 13…”

You smile at her, feeling the rebellious butterflies in your stomach: Wanda’s gaze falls on yours briefly, before returning to the night sky.

You have never looked more ethereal.

“10, 9, 8…”

The shouts get louder, your fingers are still interlocked with hers and she looks at you again. A soft smile blooms on Wanda’s lips, and you smile in return – how could you not?

“5, 4, 3…”

You’re tangled in a messy hug, yelling with the crowd when the clock hits midnight. She looks at you and you get lost in her eyes. You kiss her, and now you’re lost in her lips – the odd taste of happiness, fear and hope clear on her tongue. Wanda is all you can see, feel, and touch.

Whispered sweet nothings against each other’s lips drown in the crowds cheers.

a/n: now i want wanda to be my midnight’s kiss. i hope you like it!! 

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Hey all you amazing writers does anyone want to write a fic for me. I suck at them and I dont know who to ask.

The idea is that the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and she is very close with Steve like they both love each other, but when CIVIAL WAR happens she is torn.

She doesnt have to choose either one’s side and she could leave them both. But it doesnt have to follow the movies or anything like the team could get back together and has a happy ending with father and daughter and reader and steve

So could someone write that for me maybe? I dont care how many people write it with their own twists that might be cool to see different peoples ideas.

If you did write it please tag or message me



Originally posted by 3intheam

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Comments about your loves got under your skin more often than not, but you never acted on it before. Wanda always assured you that she was used to them, and Yelena said she could handle bigots herself. It was their way of keeping you away from a fight as much as possible because if anything happened to their sweet, sweet girl, they’d kill every man in the room and not regret a single thing. 

You weren’t entirely aware of your actions until the room grew quiet. Your fists grabbed the front of the man’s shirt and pulled him so close to you, you could press your nose against his. He smelled of whiskey and cheap aftershave, which was his first offense. His second offense was mouthing off about Yelena and Wanda when they weren’t around to defend themselves. Especially in your presence. 

“You want to say that again for me?” You hissed. “Because I don’t think I could hear you, you filthy fucking-” 

“Enough,” Yelena whispered in your ear. You were suddenly aware of her hand on your elbow. “He’s not worth it.” 

“I think it is!” You shoved his backwards, letting him topple towards his chair. “Tell them what you said to me. Go on, tell them! Or is your dick so small that you can’t talk shit about people to their faces?” 

Wanda maneuvered around the table and wrapped her hand around your free arm. She looked above your head at Yelena, who seemed just as surprised about your outburst. For years, they focused on keeping you as far away from danger as possible; they didn’t want their life to corrupt you. They never expected that your temper could be just as awful at theirs. 

You watched the man scramble to his feet and make a beeline for the door. You made a step to stop him, but they held you back. The last thing they needed was for you to make a scene outside of the gala. Cops were willing to overlook private events, but they couldn’t ignore you beating the shit out of someone on a public sidewalk. 

“Everything is okay!” Yelena reassured the crowd with a smile. “Please, go back to your festivities! The auction will begin momentarily.” She turned back to Wanda and mumbled, “Take her upstairs and let her cool down. I’ll be up in a moment.” 

As the anger started to leave your body, you realized what a horrifying mistake you made. You started to rattle of apologies to Wanda as she guided you up the steps, but she shook her head and shushed you. She wasn’t mad at you. In fact, she thought your reaction was hot. She was only taking you away from the gala to help you calm down. 

And, well, maybe do a few other things to thank you for standing up for them. 

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a/n: socal is back in purple, there is no more outdoor dining, but still i am considered an essential worker?? HUH but whatever I bought gloves for work and sanitizing whenever I come home :~~) hope you all enjoy if you’re following this! | masterlist

Pairing: wanda maximoff x reader | wanda x vision | avengers & reader | guardians & reader

Summary: A reality where you live in the end - but is it truly a happy ending?

Words: ~ 6.6 k+

Warnings: angst | reunions are always happy until you confront why you left

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Originally posted by justapeiceofshit

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) Masterlist

Summary: All you wanted was for her to look at you the same way she looked at him. But even that you couldn’t have. 

Word Count: 857

A/N: Brain barf, enjoy it!

It hurt, watching them act so comfortable with each other, knowing they would never be more. But she still kept trying to be enough for him. The touches, the smiles, the way she was looking at him, it was all killing you.

She left you in the middle of a story you were telling just because he looked a little bit confused about where to be. You were almost tempted to leave, but she glanced towards you, wanting you to stay. Sighing, you leaned back on the couch.

Wanda fawned over him, her arm trailing down his forearm gently, almost as if she could break him. He smiled down at her nervously, almost inching away before she pulled him into a hug. Her hands came up to his neck, hugging him tightly.

Vision’s arms wrapped around her waist, reassuring her awkwardly. His eyes darted everywhere else, not wanting to be there. Wanting to be anywhere else but there, while all Wanda wanted was to be with him. He pushed her away lightly with a smile, assuring her softly.

She smiled at him as if he had given her the world. The world was what you were willing to give her, but she didn’t want it. She still chose him, after everything. Even after he proved that he didn’t want her, didn’t want a relationship as a whole, she still kept on trying.

You couldn’t blame her, it was what you were doing, after all, holding out hope for someone who wouldn’t be yours.

A month had passed since she asked him out, you thought he would say yes, it’s what you would have done. But he said no, wanting to be friends instead. She still went after him, wanting to change his mind, or clinging onto what she could make out of it, you didn’t know.

Wanda turned away from him towards you, you bit your lip tightly as you held in sarcastic comments as she came back over to you. She asked you what you had been saying before, but you waved her off silently, choosing to enjoy what you could make of this instead.

But she asked again, with a soft smile you couldn’t resist. Letting yourself play the fool again, you began telling the story. Carelessly, you added in small parts to make it a little funnier, a little better, a little more enjoyable just to see her laugh.

Joking about it, tears began to fall from her eyes at the story you wove together. It was what you were best at, weaving together stories that no one knew were real or not. For all they knew, it was a lie you made up on the spot. More often than not, it was.

Every lie was worth it if it could make her laugh this hard. Her face red, tears forming in her eyes as a result.

‘He could never do this’ ran through your head as you laughed. A string ran through your chest as you remembered that this didn’t matter. Ignoring it, you chuckled and leaned back into the couch. Your entire body tensed when you felt her hand resting on top of yours.

Her fingers laced through yours gently, finding comfort in holding your hand. You let her, treasuring the contact more than you thought. Every time, you kept telling yourself to move away, to avoid this, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t bring yourself to, instead killing a small part of yourself just to make her happy.

Conversation flowed smoothly between the two of you, just like it always did. Heart pounding in your chest, you thought of asking her out. The way she looked at you made it all the more tempting. What if she said no? What if you lost what you were trying to cling onto?

You stayed quiet, scared of breaking the moment. Biting your lip tightly, you almost let the words slip from your lips when he came again.

Wanda turned to him instantly, excited as her hand left yours to face him. 

You let out a soft breath, clenching your fingers into a fist as you tried to look away. Your eyes strayed to both of them on the couch, watching the same, shy smile play on her lips as her eyes shone with something you didn’t want to see.

Licking your lips, you clenched your jaw tightly. All you wanted was for her to look at you the same way she looked at him. Fingernails dug into your palms as you tried not to focus on it, the pain becoming a small distraction from it.

Funny how all of the lies you spun together, everything you did, none of it mattered when she set eyes on him. You chuckled, an almost broken chuckle, unable to hold it back from leaving you. Somehow, you managed to find this funny.

This whole, messed-up state, you found it funny. And in some broken sense, it was, to see the only person you want to look at someone else like they were the world. Nothing you did could change it, you could just make the best of it.

A/N: this was all the emotion i felt on friday dumped into a blender and perfected over two days, tell me what you think!!

Tag List: @capcarolsdanver, @versdan​, @lesbian-girls-wayhaught​, @lovebotlarson, @dhengkt​, @hstoria​, @natasha-danvers​, @veryfunnyal​, @xxxtwilightaxelxxx , @ophelias-heart​  , @never-didbefore​ , @justarandomhumanhere, @the-most-unicorn-of-them-all , @thatssocamryn​ , @lesbian-x-blackwidow , @marvelbbyx​ , @wlw-imaginesss​ , @hcartbyheart​ , @summergeezburr , @imnotasuperhero​  , @a-stressedstudent​ , @aaron-despair​ , @rooskaya-yelena , @dynnealberto , @thewitchandtheassassin​ , @wannabe-fic-reader , @izalesbean, @higherfurther-romanova    let me know if you’d like to be in any of my tag lists!

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A/N: yessss I love this song! thank you for this. (Sad Song 4)


Perhaps there was something wretched about sitting on a patio at midnight and going through a photo album that your ex-girlfriend made as an anniversary gift, but you didn’t care. It was all you had left of your relationship, and you’d hold onto it as long as your heart could stand.

The first picture that caught your eye was your first date. Wanda had never been to a carnival, so you dragged her there after keeping it a secret for a week, which is hard to do around a mind reader. It was all worth it, seeing her eyes brighten in a way that had nothing to do with the flashing lights, and you swore to yourself that you’d find the courage one day to kiss her.

Luckily for you, she heard this promise and beat you to it.

Snapshots from other dates followed that one, with a few pictures of the two of you in bed mixed in, both safe for work and not. You tried not to linger on the more intimate ones, not feeling great about gazing at a body you no longer had access to.

You were nearing the end of the album when you heard a laugh, her laugh, one that used to only come out around you. Turning your head to peer through the glass door, you caught a glimpse of Wanda stumbling in with her new love, and you blinked to clear the image of the last time you’d come home holding her hand. Closing the book in your lap, you brought your attention to the night sky above you and sighed.

One day you’ll be coping as well as she seems to be. Until then, you have your photographs.

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Paring: Multi muse

Warning: Some NSFW stuff on a couple of lil blurbs

Notes: I did this mostly for shits and giggles. It says female reader in the title but I did make this as gender neutral as possible. If the set up looks weird I’m sorry ;-; I’ll fix it later. Also rip didn’t proofread

Jason Voorhees-

Jason digs the chains and the big boots, you kind of resemble him, but instead of beaten up boots yours are made of.. latex? Rubber? who knows. Your chains are obviously smaller and don’t have whatever lives under the bottom of the river. Jason for sure would sit there and listen to your music no matter how odd it was, it made you happy and to see you rocking your head sideways or up and down would mesmerize him. He likes the edge. Oh and teaching him to mosh is probably the cutest, funniest thing you’ve been a part of.

Michael Myers-

Personally I feel like Michael would dig the darker core than any other type. He wouldn’t admit it, he acts indifferent to it, but he really likes your style. If you’re experimental, his favorite thing is to see how you did your makeup today. He doesn’t really like the platforms since he prefers a smol baby, but torn up tights and chokers? He’s all over it, mentally at least. You could never tell, but he’s kind of obsessed with the detail you put into your outfit. Not to mention the choker could be used in a more sinister manner.

Tiffany Valentine-

LOVES it, she is all over her goth s/o. You two would be the most stylish in the room for sure. She’d borrow some of your stuff and let you borrow hers, oh and doing your makeup is her favorite thing. It’s a bit therapeutic to her. You both stay going shopping, finding more accessories and different kinds of make up to experiment with. She’s not really into rock or metal, at least not the heavy stuff you are, but she is 100% supportive and will take you to their concerts and buy you all the merch. I can see her being the type “Babe you like this right? I don’t know I just got it for you.”

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Wipe Your Tears

Wanda Maximoff x F Reader

Words: 847

Basically a comfort fic, enjoy :) let me know what u think!

Wanda had been gone on a mission with the rest of the team for over a week, leaving you all alone in the compound. You would have accompanied of course but after suffering an injury the month prior, Steve was hesitant with letting you back out in the field. Much to your dismay, so was Wanda.

So that left you alone, with no one to talk to and nothing to do. Keeping up with rehabilitation exercises only took up part of your day leaving the rest of the team with just you and your thoughts. Normally, this would be fine except for the past two months being quite difficult and you were uneasy about being left alone.

Most of the days were spent sulking, trying to distract yourself from your overflowing negative thoughts. Wanda told you that you could call her, and she would come home, but you assured her everything was fine, and you would be more than capable of keeping yourself occupied in the meantime. Sometimes it bothered you how stubborn you could be, refusing help no matter the circumstance.

Eventually it became harder trying to motivate yourself to travel all the way from your room to the kitchen, so you set up on the couch. Today being especially difficult, you hadn’t moved all day, spending most of it wiping your tears into tissues, trying to distract yourself with whatever was on tv. Your body being so exhausted, you were finally able to fall asleep wrapped up in Wanda’s sweater and a ball of blankets.

“I’ll meet you all there, I’m going to check on Y/N and see if she wants to come” Wanda says, yelling back to the team all climbing into the car.

Making her way into the compound, Wanda yells your name a few times before stopping in her tracks finding you asleep on the couch. At first the sight warms her heart, until getting closer she takes note of the multiple tissues littered across the ground. Her eyes make their way to your body, noticing your tear-stained cheeks still glistening from recent tears.

Her coat is quickly disposed of over the arm of the couch, before she’s kneeling in front of you, her thumb reaching up to wipe away the remaining tears, “Baby?”

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Sad Song Sunday (4!)

character list: here

prompt list: here

happy Sunday! I’m recycling the song list from last week because I still have 20 songs left. also requests will be posted pretty late in the day because I have some things to do, but whatever I don’t finish today will flow into tomorrow. hope everyone has a good day!

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46 - “You’re hurt. Please just let heal it.
47 - “At least let me clean it.
50 - “Stay.

Genre: Angst, A Little Fluff

Word Count: 722

* * * * * *

Wanda hums softly to the music playing from the kitchen speaker. In her own world she dances along to it, simultaneously fixing her cup of tea. 

Behind her, the front door opens and shuts, it’s quiet but Wanda hears the soft click of the lock. Almost silent steps carry past the door, your shadow with them.


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Repercussions (11)


Pairing: dark!Natasha Romanoff x dark!Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader

Summary: Your plan moves along perfectly, and your girlfriends give you something to remember them by while they’re gone.

Warnings: dark themes, more manipulation from reader, mental health and self harm mentions, implied shower sex, smut (oral, face riding, fingering, sex toy penetration, squirting, choking)

A/N: I truly hope this was worth waiting all week for lmao. I planned on ending this with the introduction of a new character 👀 but by the time I got to where I stopped now, I was at 2.3k words (1200 of it that somewhat rough smut most of you voted for) and I decided to save it for 12! anyway, can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 

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The feeling of Natasha and Wanda’s arms around you was gone by morning, as it usually was, which means you knew exactly where to find them. You took the time to wash your face and brush your teeth before heading downstairs, greeting the two with the smallest smile you could manage as you approached the kitchen.

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I wish tumblr had polls like twitter…I need votes on whether or not this smut I (may or may not) include in part 11 of Repercussions should be slow and sweet or fast and rough. soft kisses and touches or throwing reader around the room like a ragdoll? lemme know

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