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#wanda maximoff x you
nermalina · 2 months ago
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a/n: here’s another thing i never announced and came up with very last minute. i finished it late last night so if the smut isn’t that great, oh well it’s alright bc nat’s tiddies make an appearance. i may have cut this short at the end but no one can prove anything.
summary: it’s wanda’s birthday, so natasha makes sure to get her best friend the perfect gift- one that money can’t buy.
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): noncon/dubcon, mdlg, praise kink, innocence kink, mommy kink, lactation kink (lowk surprised it’s my first time writing ab mommy milkers), vaginal fingering, oral sex (r receiving), spitting, strap-on use (sorta), manipulation
proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
words: 2.4k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Happy birthday.” Wanda’s head shot up as a wrapped box was thrown down on the table in front of her. Her body eased up when she realized that it was just Natasha. “Open it.”
“Hi, Wanda. Oh hi, Nat. How are you? I’m fine.” Natasha rolled her eyes and slipped into the wooden chair across from her best friend. “Thank you though.”
“You haven’t even seen what I got you yet,” Natasha said, tilting her head. “I have a feeling you’ll like it, but you still have to open it.”
“Why do you want me to open it in front of you then?” Wanda asked, looking over the crimson red wrapping that was barely a shade off from the shirt she was currently wearing.
“I just want to see your reaction to the best present you'll ever get. So get to it, I don’t have all day.” Wanda shook her head but carefully began to peel the wrapping paper off of the box. “Hurry up!
“Alright!” Wanda exclaimed. “Calm down.” After she had neatly folded it up and placed it on the side. She plucked the top of the box off and placed it on the side. “It’s pretty, but it’s not my size.” The Sokovian said, fiddling with the tag. “Or even my style.”
“I know it’s not, but I thought you’d like a preview of the surprise I have planned for you tonight,” Natasha smirked, taking the box back from Wanda.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Wanda asked, leaning against the back of her seat. “Is your way of hitting on me, Nat? You do realize that you have a girlfriend, correct?”
“I do have a girlfriend.” Natasha grinned. “One that you can’t seem to get your eyes off of.” Wanda’s eyes widened in fear and she opened her mouth to speak, but Natasha beat her to it. “It’s fine, Wanda. I understand the appeal, especially when it’s someone you can’t have. But what if you could have her?”
“What?” Natasha looked down at her watch and sighed. “Where are you going? I’m confused, what are you trying to say?”
“Nothing.” Natasha shrugged. “You’ll just have to wait until tonight to see what I mean. Hope you have a great day, Wan.” The Russian stood up and lingered by the door. “I’ll see you at the party.”
Wanda couldn’t focus on anything people were saying around her because her thoughts were flooded by you and Natasha. It didn’t help that you were sitting a few feet away with your legs draped over your girlfriend’s lap as she fed you some cake. And it really didn’t help that you were wearing the dress that Natasha had shown her only a few hours earlier.
She rubbed her thighs together in hopes of soothing the ache that had begun to form, but it only made things worse. “Why the fuck must you torture me like this?” The Sokovia mumbled, burying her face in her hands. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Pietro asked, appearing by her side. It was probably the worst time for her brother to be bugging her, but Wanda couldn’t blame him for not knowing. However, even if he did know of her attraction to you and her friend, he’d likely push her buttons more than usual.
“Nothing.” Wanda huffed. Her brother knew better than that, turned to where she was looking.
“Oh, I see.” Pietro sighed. “It’s okay, Wanda. I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep you company one day. Actually, I know this person-”
“No.” she snapped. “I’ll be fine on my own, okay? Thank you though.” Pushing herself off the wall she watched as you got up and went into one of the spare rooms.
Natasha nodded her head towards the door you had just shut behind you. Wanda silently followed behind her friend as she walked down the empty hall. The redhead mouthed for her to wait before she entered. 
Wanda moved closer and put her ear to the door. She could barely make out that Natasha was talking to you. The brunette stumbled into the room when Natasha opened the door. 
“Someone’s impatient,” she mumbled, locking the door once Wanda had straightened herself out. “Just couldn’t wait to join in on the fun, hm?” Natasha’s eyes drifted back to where you were tied to the bed. “We had a little problem, my sweet girl’s a bit greedy and doesn’t want to give up the present I got for you. But it’s okay, you can always take it from her.” 
The bed dipped as Natasha sat down on the edge of the bed. Your dress fell as she ran her hand up the inside of your thigh. 
“Am I not pretty enough for you, sweetheart?” Wanda’s asked, sitting on the other side of your body. “Not as good as Nat?”
“That’s not i-it.” you stammered, feeling Natasha’s nails rake down your leg. She grabbed the bottom of your dress and hiked it up your hips.
Wanda smiled, noticing the damp spot that had formed in your pink cotton panties. Her hand cupped your clothed heat, gently rubbing down. “Your Mommy got you worked up before I came in here, huh?”
“No, that’s all because of you, Wan.” Natasha squeezed your thigh, slapping it when you attempted to close your legs. “She’s too embarrassed to admit that she wants you to play with her.”
“You don’t have to be shy around me, baby. All I want to do is help your Mommy make you feel good- not that she needs any.”
“And who knows? If things go well tonight and you’re a good girl, maybe Wanda will want to be your other Mommy.” Natasha suggested, dragging her fingers up your covered cunt after Wanda withdrew her hand.
“But I only want you, Mommy.” you whimpered as one of Natasha’s hands squeezed your jaw. 
“Where are your manners, darling? I taught you better than this. It’s Wanda’s birthday, and you’re her gift.” Natasha scolded, tightening her grip on your face. “Play nice unless you want me to leave you alone with her.”
“It’s alright, Nat. She’ll be good.” Wanda turned her gaze to you. “Won’t you, princess? You’ll be a good girl for your Mommies, right?”
“Yes, Wan-” you squealed as her nails dug into your leg. “Yes Mommy, I’ll be good for both of you.” You exhaled as she released you.
“You have to be gentle with a shy little thing like her.” Natasha smiled, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your temple. Her hand slid underneath your panties and found your clit. 
“She looks so cute like this,” Wanda said, caressing the side of your face. “Especially in this dress, I’m very glad you bought it for her.”
“Only the best for you, Wan.” Natasha pulled one of the straps off of your shoulders and nipped at your collarbone. Natasha pulled her hand out of your panties and pushed them aside. “You can mark her too, I don’t mind.”
“Thank you, Tasha.” Wanda tucked her head in the crook of your neck and bit down, soothing over your skin with her tongue. 
Natasha’s fingers trailed down to your entrance, briefly dipping inside. Her thumb rubbed small circles in your clit as she continued teasing your folds. “What’s that, honey? You want Mommy’s fingers?”
“Aw, don’t tease our little girl.” Wanda pouted. She grabbed Natasha’s wrist, keeping her hand near your cunt. “Give her what she wants, Nat. It’s the least we can do.”
Natasha tried to move her hand away, but Wanda wouldn’t ease up. “I don’t know if I want you around if you’re going to spoil her.”
“It is my birthday, right?” Natasha sighed, but nodded. “Alright so since I said I don’t want you to tease her, you can’t.”
“Fine, I won't.” Your girlfriend abruptly shoved two fingers inside you, pumping them steadily. “Look at how nice Wanda is to you, baby. You still don’t want her?” She grinned when you clenched around her digits. “See, you like this.” 
Wanda watched as Natasha’s fingers disappeared inside of your cunt every time she thrust them back in. Her hands enveloped your wrists when she noticed you tugging on your restraints. “It’s okay, sweetie. We’ve got you. You don’t wanna get hurt.”
“You’re so tight around Mommy's fingers, baby. Taking them so well, just want them filling your sweet pussy all the time.” Your head fell back against the pillows as her digits curled inside of you. 
“Need more, Mommy.” you pushed your hips back against her hand. She withdrew her fingers from your and slapped your pussy.
“Don’t get too greedy, dove. I can stop right now and we can leave you tied up here all by yourself.”
“Oh, don’t be mean.” Wanda scoffed, lazily stroking your clit. “If our sweet girl wants more, we should give her more.” Natasha slipped her fingers back inside your cunt, roughly scissoring them inside of you. “I thought you said to be gentle with her.”
“Only at first, after a while, she’ll let you fuck her however you want. Isn’t that right, baby?” Natasha purred, rubbing her fingers against your sweet spot. “You’ll let Mommy use your pussy in whatever way she wants, right?”
Wanda’s fingers pressed down on your clit harder. “Yes, Mommy.” you nodded, bucking against their hands. “You know what’s best for me.”
“That’s right, sweetheart. I do, which is why I want you to let Wanda put her mouth on your pussy. Don’t you think we should give her a nice treat for her birthday?” Natasha glared at you, seeing the hesitation in your eyes. “Tell you what, I’m gonna let you cum and give you milkies. And in return, you’re going to sit there like a good girl while Wanda eats you out.”
“Not sure Mommy.” you whimpered, rocking your hips to meet her fingers. Natasha’s fingers pumped into you quickly as she brought you closer to the edge. Wanda’s digits circled your clit while she pulled your dress off over your head, throwing it to the side of the room.
“But don’t you wanna cum, sweetheart? If my precious angel cums, she’ll have to let Wanda taste her. That’s a part of the deal.” Natasha hummed, tweaking your nipples with her free hand. “I know you’re ready to cum for us. Are you really going to deprive yourself, baby? Especially when I’m ready to give this pussy exactly what it wants so easily?”
Before you could stop yourself, you released onto Natasha's digits. She withdrew them from you soon after you came, there was no reason for her to stretch out your orgasm when you were giving her and Wanda a hard time. The Russian untied you and shifted to rest her back against the headboard. She removed her shirt off and unclasped her bra before pulling you into her lap. 
Wanda spread your legs apart and settled between them, taking your panties off to reveal your glistening cunt to her. “Wanda will take almost as good care of your pussy as Mommy does.”
“Yeah, honey. I’ll treat you really well.” Wanda’s hot breath ghosted over your core. “There’s nothing more I’d like to do than make you fall apart in my arms.”
Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked a stripe up your cunt. Your hips jerked up automatically when her mouth came into contact with your core. You whined, trying to wiggle away from her but Natasha held you in place.
“It’s okay, sweet girl,” she said, pressing a soft kiss on your clit. “I understand that you’re a little sensitive, but it’s okay. You’ll be fine.”
Soft whimpers spilled out of your mouth as she lapped at your clit. “Come here, baby. I know what’ll calm your nerves.” Natasha cradled the back of your head, guiding you towards one of her full breasts. “Go ahead, you know you want to.”
A small smile tugged at her lips as you wrapped your lips around one of her nipples. Your tongue flicked across the hardened peak before you gave it a few tugs. Natasha patted your back as milk began to flow into your mouth.
“That’s it, dove.” she cooed, pecking your forehead. “You’re being so good for your Mommies. Wanda is going to help me take such good care of you. Aren’t you, Wan?”
“Of course, Nat.” Wanda sighed, trailing her tongue down to your entrance. A strangled moan made its way past your lips as her tongue entered your core. The brunette hooked her arms around your thighs and slowly worked it in and out of your cunt.
“God, you’re so needy, honey. Still fucked out from when my fingers were inside you, hm?” Natasha tugged at the roots of your hair while you hummed around her nipple. The sound of your suckling filled her ears while Wanda continued to tease you. 
Her friend curled her tongue inside of you and squeezed your hips. Natasha’s hand dipped between your thighs, rubbing at your clit to give you the extra push you needed to cum for them.
“Don’t you wanna be a good girl and cum for Wanda?” She gently pinched the sensitive bundle of nerves when you refused to answer. Some milk dribbled down your chin when she tore you away from her breast to spit onto your tongue. “Swallow.”
You obediently did as she asked before she encouraged you to take her nipple back into your mouth. Wanda pulled away from your cunt briefly, replacing her tongue with her fingers. They quickly pumped into you while Natasha rubbed tight circles around your clit. 
“Cum for us, honey.” You attempted to grind back against Wanda as you came undone around her fingers. They helped you ride out your high before releasing you from their grip. You licked up the beads of milk that remained on Natasha’s breast after she pulled you off.
The Russian laid you down on top of the pillows and moved out from beneath you. Her hands traveled to the front of her jeans, undoing the zipper before pulling them down her legs. She stroked the strap-on secured around her hips and turned to Wanda. “I want to fuck her pussy at the same time as you.”
“That could be arranged.” Wanda kissed the corner of your lips and stood up. She walked towards the door leading into the room and paused. “I won't be long, make sure she doesn’t run off.”
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starshipsofstarlord · 4 months ago
Two Beds, One Home | Wanda Maximoff
Summary; the presence of a nightmare makes Wanda worry that you will see the reality outside of the Hex, and so she does the only thing that she didn’t manage to do before - protect you.
Warnings; fluff, angst, protective Wanda, mentions of death, heartbreak, nightmares
Tumblr media
Whilst she had washed away all the dark memories that clouded your mind when she had entered and created Westview with you, there were still some symptoms that made Wanda nervous and on edge.
As she watched you from your twin bed, which had about a meter gap between her own bed, she noticed how your breathing was hasty. It appeared as though you were unconsciously suffering, experiencing past traumas through your dreams.
Nightmares. There was terror disturbing your peace, clouding your mind with previous truths, that she had purposely forbade you from remembering. If you knew what she had done, she was certain that you would be against the chaos she had transformed into every day life.
But all Wanda wanted was for you to be alive and breathing, just as you had been before Thanos. The name of the titan alone sent shivers up her spine, she would have certainly killed him if she had gotten a fair chance.
She had wanted revenge, to reign an equal amount of torture upon the imposter on earth. But it was not possible now, he was gone and dead, same as you. A gasp fell from your lips as you shot up straight, Wanda could only frown, concerned for what you may have seen.
There were to be no cracks in this reality. If there had been a truth to slip into your mind, then it was her duty to erase it, so that all could be perfect and dandy. With her ability, she dragged your bed closer, causing you to jump from the sudden movement.
“Why’d you do that?” You asked her curiously, aware that you were briefly crying and a tear had fallen down your face from that horrific scene. Wanda could only slide closer to the end of her bed, so that she was in the middle of the split of the separate mattresses.
“Perhaps if we sleep closer together it will keep your mind at ease.” Her hand reached up, brushing away the physical pain that had rolled out of your eye, and suddenly your brain was blank from what had scared you so much. “Do you want to talk about it?”
“I- I don’t remember.” You frowned to and at yourself. you could have sworn that it was on the tip of your tongue, it could have rolled off so easily, however, it was all gone. A part of you was relieved, another confused.
“It’s okay my dear.” She comforted you, brushing back your hair smoothly with her soft hand. “It was just a dream, I will never let anyone hurt you.” Not again.
“Goodnight Wan.” You smiled, shifting closer so that your head rested against her chest. Wanda mirrored your expression, keeping her arms secured around your vulnerable form.
She had missed this, and she didn’t plan to be without your company ever again. This wasn't the real thing, but it sure as hell felt like it, and it could do for now. “Goodnight y/n, I love you.” The avenger pressed a harmless kiss to your forehead, but not without noticing how real it felt to do so.
You were home, and she had nowhere to go if you were not with her. This was the only solution that she could think of to deal with her loss, and her heart fluttered and broke every time that she looked at you.
If anyone tried to take this version of you away from her, well, that would indeed be a nightmare for them. She couldn’t let you leave her as you had previously done, otherwise, she had nothing else to live for.
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nermalina · a month ago
welcome to the team.
a/n: there’s little to no plot, but a heck of a lot of porn.
summary: wanda walks in on natasha and her girlfriend sharing an intimate moment. fortunately for her, the couple doesn’t mind the interruption.
warnings (18+ only): mdlg themes, smut, mommy kink, praise kink, finger sucking, boot grinding, thigh riding, lactation kink, vaginal fingering, choking, masturbation, wanda’s rings, light verbal humiliation, multiple orgasms, strap-on use, face sitting
words: 2.6k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Relax, princess.” Natasha’s hot breath ghosted over your neck as she led you farther into the room. She turned you around to face her and pushed you down onto your knees. “You don’t have to be shy around me, we’ve done this many times before.”
“The door’s still open, Mommy,” you whispered, sticking your head out to the side to look behind her. A cold hand wrapped around your jaw, forcing you to look up at your girlfriend.
“Keep your eyes on me, honey.” Natasha scolded. “It’s just you and Mommy, sweetheart. No one is going to catch us. Everyone else knows to stay off of our floor unless we ask for them, so don't go on worrying your pretty little head about it.” The Russian smiled when you mumbled out an apology. She released your face, swiping her fingers across your mouth. “Open.”
You parted your lips, allowing her to shove two of her digits into your mouth. Your tongue ran across the length of her fingers as she pumped them into your mouth.
“Good girl.” she cooed, pushing her fingers in farther. You gagged as they hit the back of your throat. “It’s okay, you’re doing just fine, baby. Let me know if it becomes too much, alright?”
You hummed around her digits, curling your lips around them. Natasha wedged her boot between your knees and nodded. It was then that you were reminded that unlike you, your girlfriend was fully clothed. She had stripped you the minute you got to your room. You silently lowered yourself onto her shoe. Her digits in your mouth muffled your moans as you slowly rocked your hips.
“You deserve this, honey. You’ve been an angel this past week and Mommy really appreciates it.” The redhead kept her heel planted on the ground but pressed the tip of her boot against your cunt.
Natasha slipped another finger inside of your mouth. Tears pooled in the corners of your eyes while she continued to thrust her digits into your mouth. Her free hand brushed against the side of your face, wiping away a tear that had escaped your eyes. 
“I know, precious. It’s a little more than what you’re used to, but I know you can handle it. I’m only trying to get you ready for that new toy we ordered the other day.” Unfortunately, the item she was referring to hadn’t arrived yet, but you were still looking forward to the new strap Natasha had picked out. “After all, Mommy knows what’s best for you. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
“Yes, Mommy.” you managed to say. Your teeth grazed her digits as she slowly pulled them out of your mouth. Natasha wiped her fingers on your cheek and squeezed your jaw, causing your mouth to fall open. 
The older woman crouched down and spit into your mouth. Her saliva coated your tongue, slowly dripping down while you waited for her to indicate that you could swallow. “You look so cute like this, baby. I’m tempted to leave you like this.” You huffed and tried shifting closer to her. “Don’t look at me like that.” Natasha scowled, gently pushing your face to the side. “Swallow.”
Obliging with her request, you swallowed and ground down harder on her boot. Natasha cupped your face and slid her thumb inside of your mouth. 
You whined when she flattened her foot and pulled you up. “Oh, honey, you made such a big mess. Should I make you clean it?”
“Mommy.” you whimpered as her thumb left your mouth.
“Don’t complain, bunny.” Natasha sighed, helping you to your feet. “Mommy will give you what you want eventually, you just have to wait.”
Swiftly undressing herself, Natasha led you over to the bed and sat down. Intertwining her fingers with yours, she guided you into her lap. “Come on, fuck yourself on Mommy’s thigh.” You squeezed her hands and hid your face in the crook of her neck. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart.” Natasha pulled you away from her neck so she could look you in the eye. “All Mommy wants to do is make her precious bunny feel good.”
“Alright, Mommy,” you whispered, moving one of your legs so you were straddling her thigh. Natasha grinned when your cunt met her bare skin.
“Rub that pretty pussy on me, honey.” Natasha encouraged, caressing your face. “You’re soaked, baby. Why is that?” You murmured something under your breath that the Russian was unable to understand. “Try again, use your big girl words and speak loud enough for Mommy to hear.”
“Because of you, Mommy,” you repeated, louder than before. Seemingly satisfied with your answer, Natasha permitted you to continue grinding on her thigh. 
Natasha’s hand slid behind your neck and guided you towards her heavy breasts. Instinctively, you opened your mouth, licking her nipples before curling your lips around one of them. She rubbed your back reassuringly as you tugged on the pebbled peak. “There you go, princess.”
A steady stream of sweet milk began pouring into your mouth. Your hips slowed as you became distracted by the substance filling you. They almost stilled, but your girlfriend caught them between her hands in time and began helping you along her thigh.
“No stopping until you’ve drenched Mommy’s thigh, okay?” Your mouth unlatched from Natasha’s breast so you could let out a small ‘yes’. Immediately after the word had been uttered, your lips were back on her. Your tongue flicked over her areola, licking up the small beads of milk that had dripped out. “Does Mommy’s pretty baby wanna cum?” Natasha questioned, bringing her thumb down to your clit, stroking over it tenderly. 
Wanda got out of the elevator and noticed that the space was empty, meaning that you and Natasha must have been in your room. The others had sent her to fetch you two for dinner, but the only problem was that she seemed to have forgotten that they had also told her to wait a while before she went.
She heard an odd noise but brushed it off. All of you were Avengers, one of you must’ve been in the gym training. Continuing down the hall, she stopped at your bedroom door.
The Sokovian stood in the doorway, completely still. She knew she’d get in trouble for watching, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from you and Nat. 
“God, you’re so needy.” Natasha purred as you eagerly sucked her nipple. She pushed your cunt down on her thigh harder. “Maybe I should’ve invited Wanda up to our room tonight. You would happily let her touch you, huh?”
Your eyes widened and you were about to pull away, but Natasha kept your head in place.  “I know about your little crush, bunny. You shouldn’t be so shocked, did you think you could get around without Mommy noticing?” Wanda worried that she would now be the object of Natasha’s anger since her girlfriend had a crush on her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie, I can see why you’d like her. She’s cute, but not as cute as my sweet girl.”
“I’m gonna count down from three. When I get to one, you’re gonna cum for Mommy, alright?” Natasha pecked your forehead, using her hand to keep you close to her chest. “Three.”
Wanda watched in awe as your hips sped up and you ground against Natasha with a force she couldn’t have imagined. “Two.”
Your suckling became less intense as less milk flowed into your mouth. You gently grazed your teeth over Natasha’s nipple when her thumb applied more pressure on your clit. “One.” 
You came on her thigh with a faint sob, slowing your hips to help you ride out your high. Your mouth released her nipple and kissed up her breasts. Natasha cupped your face in her hands and planted her lips on yours. She whispered soft reassurances in your ear when you pulled away, allowing you to rest your head on her shoulder.
You whined when her hand traveled back to the apex of your thighs. “Hush, honey. You can take more, Mommy will know when to stop.” Wanda swallowed, stepping back to leave. “If you’re going to watch me fuck my precious bunny, you might as well help me do it.”
The brunette froze like a deer in headlights when the Russian acknowledged her presence. “What? You do realize that I was practically a spy, right?”
“I-I’m so-”
“It’s fine Wanda, we don’t mind the interruption at all.” Natasha breathed, circling your clit with her thumb. “So are you going to help me out or not?”
“Yeah- only if you two don’t mind.”
“If I did mind, why would I ask?” Natasha remarked, turning her attention back to you. “Don’t you want Wanda playing with your pussy, baby? I’ll teach her how to make you feel good, how does that sound?”
“You can come closer, Wanda.” The brunette stepped into the room, slowly making her way towards the bed. “Take your clothes off.” Wanda made quick work of her clothes and reached for her necklace. “Leave that and the rings on.”
“Just do as you’re told, sweetie.” Natasha purred, laying you on your back and rolling to lay beside you. “You want her to put her hands on you, hm? Don’t lie and say that you don’t, baby. Everyone knows you’re always staring at them.” You looked up at the headboard, but Natasha was quick to tilt your chin down. “Ask her nicely for what you want like a good girl.”
“Touch me p-please, Wanda!” 
The sokovian hovered over your body and spread your legs apart. “You’re very cute, baby.” Wanda complimented, inching her hands up your inner thighs.
“Did you hear that, bunny? She thinks you’re cute, what do you say?” Natasha’s cold hand trailed up and down your torso.
“Thank you, Wanda.”
“You’re very welcome, sweetheart.” Wanda beamed. She looked at the redhead for approval while teasing your entrance with her fingers. 
“Come on, Wanda, give her what she needs from you.” Two of Wanda’s digits plunged inside of you, steadily pumping into your core. 
“Fuck.” Wanda whispered, feeling your cunt clench around her. Her free hand moved up to your neck and wrapped around it. “Do you like being fucked while your Mommy watches?”
Your eyes snapped towards Natasha who silently told you to answer for yourself. The redhead tucked her head in the crook of your neck and slipped her hand between her legs. “Yes.”
“Your Mommy should share you more often then,” Wanda smirked, gently squeezing your throat. She leaned down and pumped her fingers at a faster rate. Her hands were warm, a stark contrast to the cold rings she was wearing. You could feel them rubbing against your sweet spot every time Wanda’s fingers entered you.
“I’m not one to share my things, Wanda. This is just a little welcoming gift for you, don’t expect to see more of us.” Natasha ground against her hand, pressing soft kisses along your collarbone.
Wanda noticed that your attention was elsewhere, following your gaze towards her chest. You were enamored by the necklace hanging from her neck. “You wanna bite them, honey?”
After you had given her a sign of approval, she leaned down further, encouraging you to latch on to the piece of jewelry. You bit down on the necklace, holding it in your mouth.
“That’s it, good girl.” Wanda used her thumb to toy with your clit. “Your Mommy looks close, darling. Wanna cum with her?”
“Cum for Wanda,” Natasha commanded. Her fingers slammed into her pussy as she rode out her high. You released onto Wanda’s digits soon, coating them in your arousal. “We’re not done with you, bunny. You’re going to cum for us one last time.”
Natasha got off the bed and headed into the closet before returning with an item that was too familiar to you. “Since you’re our guest, you can use her favorite toy on her pussy.”
All of Wanda’s confidence left her when she saw the strap-on in Natasha’s hand. While she had been on the receiving end a few times, she’d never gotten the chance to use it on someone. 
“You’ve never done this before, have you, honey?” Natasha asked. “Well, don’t worry. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about making my little girl squirm. Shouldn't be too hard since she’s a desperate slut.”
The redhead passed the toy off to Wanda and whispered something in your ear. When she looked back at the younger girl, she was standing there cluelessly.
“Must I do everything myself?” Natasha rolled her eyes in annoyance, helping Wanda into the harness. “You get the general idea, right?” Wanda nodded. “Then you can take it from here.”
“Yeah,” Wanda replied shakily, raking her eyes over your figure. She kneeled on the edge of the bed, settling between your legs.
“What are you waiting for, Maximoff? Give my bunny something to remember you by.” Natasha ordered, losing her patience.
“I was getting there.” Wanda aligned the fake cock with your awaiting cunt. Your breath hitched when the brunette started to ease the dildo inside of you. Although the strap-on secured around Wanda’s hips was your favorite toy Nat owned, it had been a while since she had last used it on you. 
“It’s okay, she’s almost there, bunny. Only a few more inches.” Natasha said, tracing patterns on your thigh. “Keep going, Wanda. She can handle it, don’t worry.”
Wanda snapped her hips forward, filling you completely with the toy. Natasha moved behind Wanda and waited until you had relaxed before grabbing the Sokovian’s hips. “What are you-”
“I’m making things easier for you,” Natasha mumbled, guiding Wanda to gently rock her hips. Once she had realized what Natasha was doing, Wanda pulled the strap out of you before slamming it back in. “You’re a quick learner, you’ve already gotten the hang of this.” 
Natasha let go of Wanda and moved up the bed. She threw one of her legs over your head, straddling your face. “Do you want Mommy’s pussy, sweetheart?”
“Yes, please give me your pussy, Mommy.” you pleaded. Natasha lowered herself onto your face, rubbing her cunt against your mouth. “That’s a good girl, taking Wanda’s cock so well.”
You eagerly licked at Natasha’s cunt, hooking your arms around her thighs. Wanda thrust the cock in and out of your cunt. “Look at this messy pussy, Nat.”
“My stupid little bunny.” Natasha cooed, reaching to rub at your clit. “She’s so horny that she can’t think properly. Just wants to have her pussy stuffed like a good cockslut.” 
Her other hand went underneath your head, holding your face close to her heat. She ground down against your tongue harder. “You’re gonna make Mommy cum all over your pretty face, honey.” 
You stuck your tongue out, sliding it inside of Natasha’s entrance. Your girlfriend came on your mouth, grinding against your tongue. Natasha got off of you and licked her cum off of your face. She pressed down on your clit harder as Wanda’s thrusts got rougher.
“Is my darling girl ready to cum for us?”
“Yes, Mommy,” you answered. “Wanna cum for you and Wanda.”
Natasha rubbed her tight circles around your overstimulated clit. “Then be a good girl cum for us, bunny.” You cried out one last time before coming undone around the toy. 
Wanda withdrew the dildo from you and removed the strap-on. Natasha was quick to come to your side, using a damp cloth to clean you up. “Such a good girl.”
“Are you sure you don’t wanna share more often?” Wanda smirked. Natasha tucked you under the covers and pushed Wanda down on the bed. 
“I’ll think about it,” Natasha replied, laying on her stomach between Wanda’s legs. “But first let me take care of you.”
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missmonsters2 · a month ago
Birds of a Feather
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Wanda has made sure the town of Westview is her secluded little haven. But not everything can be paradise. She's not a stranger to getting rid of things that she doesn't care for. So, when she meets her neighbours across the street, Wanda finds someone worth keeping inside her sphere of influence but also tempting enough to take back out to reality.
[Set while Vision has fucked off and Wanda is having a breakdown™]
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI. Dubcon, domestic abuse, somnophilia, manipulation, hostage situation, Stockholm syndrome, fingering, oral (f!reader receiving), strap-on, overstimulation, praise kink. DO NOT READ IF ANY OF THIS IS TRIGGERING FOR YOU. You are responsible for your own media consumption.
Notes: Well, I've gone and done it now. This is just the start of opening a can of worms. There could be a part two or three, we don't know yet 👀 but this can be read as a stand alone. Reminder that you can block this tag if you don't want to see my dark fics: mm.mydarkfics
Safe readings & enjoy!
Translations:  miláčik - Honey
Count: ~7.7K
Wanda stares at the TV absentmindedly, her hand still in the bowl of popcorn she had been shoving in her mouth. 
How had things gone so wrong? 
There was a wave of irritation that flashed through her. Why didn't Vision understand? Why did he feel the need to ask question after question after question? 
How could he not see that she was taking care of him? Of them? Of their children? 
The people of Westview were fine. They had no real worries because of Wanda. She was keeping them safe, in their own little paradise. 
And now, Vision was gone.
When the episode of her sitcom ended, Wanda was suddenly aware of how gross she felt. Her fingers were a little greasy, her face felt dry, her hair was a little grimy, and her stomach hurt a little from having nothing but popcorn all day.
It was a good thing that Agnes agreed to watch the kids again today, but Wanda knew that couldn't go on forever. 
Turning off the TV, Wanda abandoned her bowl of popcorn on the coffee table before wandering slowly to the bathroom. She looked terrible with her dark circles and hair tied into a messy ponytail. Sighing, she began to wash her hands. The small act inspired her to wash her face too, but that was there that ended. The most she could do after that was to tighten her ponytail.
For once, Wanda felt sick of the sitcoms. It had been a good distraction and her ultimate comfort when things weren't going well. But now, it was starting to feel like a reminder her life was falling apart. 
Maybe she needed some fresh air? 
Wanda kept her sweats, old tank top, and plaid shirt as she slipped on her shoes lazily and opened the door. It'd been a while since she'd been outside. The full brightness of the sun burned her eyes a little. 
She walked around the block leisurely with her arms crossed. The people of Westview greeted her cheerily but didn't stop for conversation, thankfully. 
Wanda made it around the block a couple of times before she decided to head back when the wind was getting too intense. Before she could go back into her house, a flimsy bedsheet whisked by before another body chasing after it passed by her. 
You were wearing jeans and a regular plain long-sleeved button-up. The wind whipped through your hair as you ran after the flying bedsheet. 
Wanda would've ignored you. She doesn't even remember recalling you in her little town of paradise. But your distressed face had Wanda pitying you. Westview people should be happy, right? You being so distressed over a stupid bedsheet was like Vision being right. 
And so, Wanda subtly used her powers to run faster than you, jumping just high enough to grab the cloth. 
When she came back down, she turned to see you a little flushed with panting.
"T-Thank you," were your breathless words as Wanda handed them to you. 
"It's no problem," Wanda forced herself to smile. "Do I even want to know why there's a flying bedsheet outside?"
You seemed to have caught your breath but now nervously gripping the white fabric, rubbing it between your fingers. 
"I'm doing laundry," you told her quietly. 
"Don't have a washer and dryer?" Wanda cocked her brow. 
Now, you looked even more anxious, looking around before your eyes settled back on Wanda.
"The dryer's broken," you mumbled. "I...I can't get anyone to fix it today but the laundry needed to be done."
Wanda's never really met anyone so obstinate over when laundry needed to be done, but she could relate that maybe the girl had no clothes left. 
"Anyway," you said, bunching up the flimsy fabric in your arms. "Thank you again."
With that, you started to turn around and leave.
"Wait!" Wanda called, bewildered by her own actions. 
You turned around curiously.
"I—" Wanda paused before she shook her head. "I can fix your dryer for you if you'd like. I'm...pretty handy."
You stared at Wanda for a moment, blinking and biting your lip as if you were wondering if Wanda was lying to you.
" won't break it? Or make it worse?" You asked her finally.
Wanda tilted her head with a quirk of her brow. "I promise to fix it and if I break it, I'll buy you a new one today."
Seemingly satisfied by her answer, you nodded with a small smile. 
"Thank you," you said softly. "I can pay you."
"It's fine," Wanda shrugged off. This was her responsibility, wasn't it? Making sure residents of Westview were okay. It was the one thing she could prove to Vision when he returned. 
When you led her to your house, Wanda realized you were the neighbour across the street. She vaguely recalled the people living there, but she only remembered a brunet man leaving and entering the place. 
Wanda's eyes slid over to your fidgeting hands and noticed a ring on your finger. Your husband, perhaps?
You were such a shy thing. 
When Wanda entered the place, she noticed it was lovely and quaint. There were a couple photos on the wall, and she was right; it was you and your husband living here. No kids, it seemed. 
The place was spotless, and judging by the time of the day, you must be a housewife who had the time to clean the place. 
"Nice place," Wanda compliments, but you hardly smile at it.
"Thank you," you reply lightly. 
"I'm Wanda, by the way," Wanda introduces herself. "I live—"
"Across the street," you answered, looking at her. "I know. You have your husband and two kids, right?"
Wanda nods, smiling at the thought of her two boys. Not so much Vision, at least these days. 
You introduce yourself to Wanda. 
"It's just me and my husband, Warren."
Ah, Wanda nodded, the name coming back. Warren Mitchell. Worked at the bank, she recalled. 
The rare times she went to the bank, she remembered overhearing him talk with others and mentioning his wife. Now, Wanda knew it was you. 
There wasn't much chatting after you led her to the laundry room.
"It's just in here," you stand to the side for Wanda to enter. "Do you think it'll take long?"
Wanda was going to use her magic, and she simply had no desire to stand around, doing nothing while waiting for an appropriate amount of time to pass. 
"I'll check it out and depending on the problem, it could take a little bit or it can be fixed up pretty fast," she lied. 
You nodded. "Okay, let me know if you need anything. I'm just going to finish hanging this up," you held up the bedsheet to show her. 
Wanda nodded before you left her alone. The dryer machine was easy enough to fix with her magic. It took a couple of tries, but eventually, it was all fixed up when she tested it out on a quick cycle. 
She stepped out to glance at the clock on the wall and sighed. It had only been 15 minutes, and she should wait another 15 minutes before going out and saying it was fixed. 
Still, she leaned against the wall, half-obscured as she stared out the kitchen window to look at you. 
You were a clever girl, that much Wanda was sure of. With the dryer being broken, you had tied two long kitchen twines from your porch pillars to the tall fence across the yard.
You were still diligently hanging up clothes and bedsheets, using laundry clips to hold them down. 
Wanda found you curious. Despite nearly everyone in the town of Westview being generally happy (even if some were catty), you were somewhat as serious as you were shy. Your disposition was nearly sombre. 
It was merely out of curiosity, Wanda generally didn't have interest in reading other peoples' minds unless out of necessity, but this was a necessity, wasn't it?
If you weren't happy, Wanda needed to fix that. Otherwise, how could she face Vision?
She peered in but was surprised by the results.
There wasn't much for her to sift through. Your mind was...chaos. 
It was like you weren't thinking of anything yet thinking of everything at once. It was hard to see anything from you. You were repeating tasks you've done and tasks that needed to be done in your head. On top of that, you were reciting a recipe of what Wanda assumed would be for dinner tonight. 
If that wasn't strange enough, your mind was replaying the encounter with Wanda. It was happening over and over and over in your mind. It was like you were trying to analyze everything that occurred during the encounter.
Christ, it almost gave Wanda a migraine herself. Were you just someone who was a Type A? Were you just naturally anal about everything?
Wanda wasn't sure, given your obsessive need to recite and overanalyze everything. It wasn't natural in the town of Westview.
Sure, she didn't know exactly how this town of Westview came to be, but it was her haven. You weren't...right. Wanda needed to fix that. Fix you. But she couldn't use her powers. Vision would only harp on her for it, and Wanda couldn't afford to be wrong. 
So, Wanda needed to get down to the bottom of this the old fashion way. 
Looking at the clock, Wanda sighed in relief when enough time had passed, and she could go out. 
Stepping out and opening the kitchen door outside, you nearly jumped in surprise.
"Sorry," Wanda smiled apologetically. "Just wanted to let you know that the dryer was fixed."
"Really?" You asked with hope drenched in your voice.
"Really," Wanda nodded. "It wasn't that big of a problem."
"Thank you so much," you breathed a sigh of relief as you finished hanging up the last item. "Let me at least pay you."
You were starting up the steps towards her, but Wanda shook her head.
"No, it's really fine," Wanda shook her head. "It wasn't hard to fix. I should really get going."
You were about to say something else when Wanda's stomach let out a loud grumble. She immediately felt her cheeks heat.
"Well," you tilted your head at her. "If you won't take money, how about a really delicious sandwich?"
Knowing there wasn't anything at home other than granola bars, cereal, and popcorn, Wanda agreed. 
She let you lead her back into the kitchen, sitting where you gestured while watching you pull out ingredients from the fridge.
You were doing that thing again, where you recited stuff in your head. This time it was the steps for making a fucking sandwich. It honestly baffled Wanda.
You made her a BLT sandwich, and Wanda had to refrain from moaning when she ate. God, it had been too many days since eating real food. Wanda caught you staring at her intently.
"It's good," Wanda told you, thinking about how hard it would be to fuck up a BLT sandwich.
Still, you seemed to shyly beam at the compliment. "Really?" You asked her.
"Best sandwich I've had for a long time," Wanda reassured you.
You rubbed your arm nervously. "Thank you," you gave Wanda a small smile. "Thank you again...for fixing my dryer."
Wanda ate quietly, watching you recite her compliment over and over and over again.
Once Wanda noticed you, she couldn't stop.
She watched from her window, looking at your husband leaving for work. The day started normal again for Wanda. She had things to do and having something to do pulled her out of her zombie state. 
Wanda showered and carefully did her hair. She wore jeans and a nice blouse. The day was still early, but Wanda started to make breakfast and did it the manual way. She had been relying too much on her magic lately. It wasn't like she didn't know how to cook, and since she wasn't under any pressure, Wanda took her time. 
By the time Billy and Tommy woke up, they came down to a nice breakfast spread for once. There were eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, toast, and waffles. 
"Good morning," Wanda greeted her boys, a kiss on each of their foreheads.
"Morning," Tommy greeted happily.
"Are you feeling better?" Billy asked with a smile.
Wanda hummed. "Much," she told them. "Why don't you go on and eat breakfast now? We can go out and do things today. Mommy needs to stop by the bank."
The two boys hollered as they sat down, shoving as much food as they could on their plates.
It was then the doorbell rang. Wanda went to open it and saw Agnes on the other side.
"Need me to watch the kids today again, hun?" She asked in her zesty tone.
"No, I'm good, Agnes," Wanda smiled. "Thanks for watching them the last couple of days."
"Oh, not a worry," Agnes waved her hands. "Is your hunky husband back then?"
Wanda shook her head. "No, but Vision will come back when he wants to. I can't mope about it forever since I have the kids."
"Are you sure you don't need me to watch them, hot stuff?" Agnes asked. "It's really no problem."
Wanda shook her head again. "I'll be fine. Thanks again!" Wanda shut the door in Agnes' face. 
Her neighbour was nice, but damn was the woman nosey.
It wasn't long before the kids finished up, and Wanda took them out. They were bickering with each other that she absently ignored as she tried to peer into your house to see if she could see you but no luck.
The first thing they did was grocery shop since Wanda had cheated a little bit this morning to make breakfast. She used that time to observe the people in the grocery shop. 
Everything seemed fine. They were happy and perky, like normal—no one overly concerned about anything, and definitely no one reciting things in their heads.
So, Wanda knew she needed to head to the bank. She needed to meet your husband and see what she could find. 
"There's a park right across the street," Wanda told her boys. "Why don't the two of you play there and I'll come grab you when I'm done. Watch out for each other, okay?"
The boys nodded before taking off. 
Wanda went into the bank and walked up to the teller.
"Good morning!" The teller greeted her perkily. "What can I help you with today?"
"Oh, well," Wanda hummed. "I'm thinking of maybe doing some investments and perhaps getting a loan. I'm looking to see a financial officer?"
"Oh," the teller nodded as she pulled up her calendar. "Let me just see here. Oh, would you look at that. Mr. Mitchell should be available. Let me just introduce you."
The teller walked around her desk and led Wanda to an office. Knocking on the door, the two of them waited.
"Come in," was a muffled reply on the other side.
"Mr. Mitchell, I have someone here that could use your help," the teller advised.
Wanda looked at the tall man sitting at his desk. 
He seemed like the average joe, but there was something about how he smiled that disturbed Wanda. 
"Oh, well, come on in," Warren stood up and walked over. "I'm Warren Mitchell."
"Wanda Maximoff," Wanda greeted while shaking his hand. 
The moment the teller left the office and shut the door, Wanda turned back to Warren.
"Sit," she commanded, her eyes glowing. 
Something seemed to take over Warren, his eyes glazing over as he sat back down at his desk.
"Let's see what the Mitchells are like," Wanda mumbled, diving right into Warren's head. 
And Wanda didn't like what she saw.
Wanda had seen all kinds of violence in her life. Sokovia was no walk in the park, and the Hydra facility was no dreamland either. Her work as an Avenger meant she's seen many deaths.
But she's never witnessed domestic abuse. 
Something was sickening the way she watched in Warren's memories, the way he terrorized you. 
He beat you over the most minor things. Chores, dinner, sex, the way you nodded, just anything. If it wasn't the way he liked it, then you'd be sporting bruises. 
It made sense why you wore long sleeves. It made sense your desperation to do laundry and not put it off until the dryer was fixed.
It made sense why you recited and repeated things in your head. 
You were scared. 
How? Wanda wondered. How did something so gruesome make its way into Westview?  
Wanda could think the only answer was that this must've been happening before whatever happened to Westview. People who changed were just perkier versions of themselves.
Maybe instead of the horrible neighbours no one wanted to get involved with, Warren turned to an animated version of himself who could beat his wife more discreetly.
Wanda never heard anything at night. There was no screaming, no wailing, no calling the police. 
Even now, when it was in the middle of the night, Wanda couldn't help but stare at your house. 
The lights were off, but Wanda couldn't sleep. She had to know what you were doing.
Were you sleeping next to that monster? 
Wanda used her powers to peer into the house. She had to know. 
She...she was just doing what Vision would want her to do. She was keeping you safe. 
But what she saw wasn't you sleeping peacefully or even fitfully.
You were wandering around the kitchen, awake. Silently checking everything to not wake Warren. In the privacy of your own home at night, you were a sleeping gown with no sleeves. Wanda saw bruises all the way down your arms. It made her gut wrench.
And you were reciting things again. 
This couldn't continue. Wanda needed a plan. There was no way a battered girl like you would let a stranger like Wanda in. 
There had to be reasons to interact, and that meant Wanda needed to create some. 
"Your dishwasher is broken?"
You nodded, cheeks burning with shame. "Yes...I'm so sorry to bug you. But...but I thought maybe if you knew how to fix the dryer, you would know how to fix the dishwasher." Your hands were nervously fidgeting.
"Well, doesn't hurt to try," Wanda smiled. "The only issue is I have my two boys here. I can't leave them on their own. Troublemakers, you know?"
"I—can watch them," you offered immediately. 
"Yeah?" Wanda tilted her head, and you nodded, gripping the ends of your shirt. "Alright, come on in and make yourself at home. I'll just head over to your place and take a look."
You nodded, nervously peering around Wanda's place. It was immediate that Tommy and Billy ran up to you. Despite being scared, Wanda thought it was endearing the way you stayed rooted and let the boys grab onto your arm as they started introducing themselves and spouting things off. 
With that, Wanda walked across the street to your house, taking a look at the dishwasher—the dishwasher she broke. 
It's easy enough to fix the thing, but Wanda spends more time looking around the house. Strange enough, there's not a lot of photos other than your wedding day. You looked scared, even then. 
Wanda stands at the window, looking across into her own house. Her kids have roped you into playing video games with them. You looked confused and a little nervous, but you were playing along. 
Her lips quirk upwards before she can notice. 
So sweet. 
And your husband was so unappreciative. 
Wanda could relate. 
"Let me guess, something is broken?"
You gave Wanda a tiny apologetic smile. 
"I'm sorry," you told her softly.
"Why are you sorry?" Wanda quirked her brow and walked off across the street to your house. "It's not like you broke it."
No, it was actually Wanda who'd been breaking your things with her magic. Your dishwasher, your TV, your stove, your fridge, anything that would require immediate fixing.  
It's the only way Wanda could get you to come to her. After all, you said she had 'magic hands.'
Wanda sent the kids to go play with Uncle Pietro all day just to make use of the time she had. 
"I'm not sure why the sink is doing this, I haven't done anything different..." you muttered quietly as you let Wanda in. "I feel like everything has been breaking lately."
"Maybe your house needs an upgrade," Wanda shrugged. "I've done mine up a few times..."
You shrugged as you led her to the kitchen.
"Are you...are you hungry?" You asked shyly.
"Lunch does sound good," Wanda nodded, feeling the heat in the way you light up.
Wanda liked that about you. You were so eager to please her, and you always flushed under her praise. It was a different feeling than she's used to.
Vision was always worried about whether or not he was doing the right thing, and the right thing always had to come before how Wanda felt. 
The only downside to fixing all your things was that she always had to wait longer than she had to after it was fixed. Today, though, Wanda wanted to make use of her time. 
So, while you were preparing lunch, Wanda made the occasional grunt and tinkering of things until she decided it was enough.
"It's fixed," Wanda said as she carefully sat up and out from underneath your sink.
"Oh, already?" You tilted your head.
"Just some things that were loose, but it's fine now," Wanda told you and liked that you accepted the answer so easily. 
"Lunch is almost finished," you told her. "Did you want to take a seat?"
"Well, it's just the two of us," Wanda told you. "Why don't we sit in your living room and watch some TV?"
You hesitated for a moment, squeezing your thumb in your hand as you did.
"What's wrong?" Wanda asked.
"Nothing," you said quietly. "Warren just doesn't like it when I eat anywhere else other than the dining table. He's worried I'll spill something."
It was the first time you've ever said anything about your husband to Wanda, and a thrill jolted through her with the progress she made. 
"I promise we'll be extra careful and if we do spill something, I'll fix it," Wanda reassured you. 
You looked at Wanda for a moment, and Wanda saw flashing images in your head about all the times she did fix your things.
So, you did trust her. 
"Okay," you acquiesced. 
"Oh, miláčik," Wanda softly said as you finished making lunch and started to take both plates. "I can take my own plate. C'mon, let's sit down."
Although you had no idea what Wanda called you, it was clearly something sweet, and it made heat creep into your cheeks. 
The two of you sit on the nice leather couch, and you turn on the TV, occasionally looking at Wanda to see if anything was of interest to her. You watched her closely with each channel, and when Wanda's eyes sparkled at a sitcom, you put the remote down.
Wanda turned to you, looking pleased, and that made you pleased.
"This is delicious, miláčik," Wanda told you as she took a bite into the chicken salad you made. "You did a wonderful job."
You tried to fight off the blush in your chest, making its way up to your cheeks. It was wrong. You shouldn't be blushing because Wanda was just so—pretty and nice.
"What does that mean?" You asked instead. "Miláčik," you said slowly, hoping you weren't butchering it.
Wanda's eyes drifted away from the TV to your face. You were so...cute. So precious. You looked at her owlishly.
"Ah, sorry," Wanda apologized. "I'm originally from Sokovia. The accent and habits are hard to get rid of and things slip out sometimes. Miláčik means honey and well, because you're so sweet," Wanda smiled at you.
There was no holding back the hot heat that flushed up your chest, your cheeks, and the tips of your ears. 
"Oh," you muttered quietly, focusing back on your dish. You were trying to get a little bit of everything on your fork.
But Wanda could see how you replayed the moment in your head. 
Obsessive little thing you were. Wanda liked when you replayed her moments in your head. It made her want to really give you something to think about. 
"Sorry, I can stop if you want," Wanda offered.
"No," you shook your head as you shyly looked back at Wanda. "I—I like it."
The rest of the time is spent eating in silence and watching TV. It gave Wanda plenty to think about. 
Wanda loved Vision; she really did. But Vision was still gone, and he didn't understand her at times. He never trusted Wanda enough to let her take the lead. 
Still, she wanted him to return home. After all, the boys were waiting on him too. They had a lot they needed to talk about. 
As the show played on and the plates left on the coffee table, Wanda let herself drift closer to you, waiting for you to show any indication that you wanted her to stop.
But you didn't. 
Your cheeks merely stayed pink as Wanda pressed up against you, her arm resting against yours. 
Your husband was a terrible human being. You needed Wanda. 
And Wanda needed the way you relied on her, trusted her, was sweet on her. 
Wanda was going to save you. Then, she was going to keep you. 
Vision would understand, wouldn't he? It was the right thing to do.
What to do...what to do about Warren Mitchell.
Wanda lamented over it day and night. 
Surely, Vision would disapprove if she killed him, even if he was an abuser.
Wanda could probably make Warren just leave the city limits. He would go back into the real world. But Hayward was out there, annoying, trying to find ways to get in. 
Wanda spent more time with you when she could, but she wanted the evenings with you too. You were eager to spend the day with her, always looking for ways to make Wanda praise you.
You still didn't disclose what Warren did to you, but you talked a little bit here and there, hints of how miserable you were with him. The touching came easier. At first, you seemed to hesitate, like you knew it was wrong to let Wanda touch you in any way, even if it could be passed off as friendly.
The hand holding, the cheek strokes, and the intimate way she would tuck your hair behind your ear. But Wanda was teaching you touches could be gentle, could be sweet. And it wasn't long before you were eager for it, though never pushed for more. 
You seemed to categorize Wanda as a good friend—a pretty and kind secret friend.
If Wanda paid close attention to the house across, she could see Warren yelling at you but not loud enough to alert the neighbours. She could see him gripping your wrist or arms too tightly, resulting in you having to wear long sleeves the next day. 
She couldn't stand it anymore. 
You were hers, and Wanda always took good care of her things. 
So, Wanda decided that if she couldn't kill Warren and couldn't send him out of town, the only options were jail or manipulate him into leaving you.
It seemed like manipulating Warren into leaving you was the only option.
Whatever her little haven was, it was little. The small town didn't quite have a jail. There was a small building with holding cells, but that seemed only temporary until they could be sent to a bigger correctional facility. 
The task was easy enough. Wanda marched into Warren's office bright and early. There were many scenarios Wanda could've chosen for the man. 
She could tell him to go home and tell you that he was leaving you because he was seeing someone at work. He could say that he'd finally just had enough and wanted out. He could simply stop coming home.
But Wanda didn't think a man like Warren deserved to be with anyone. It was clear that unless he was hardwired and mind-controlled strictly, he was just a piece of shit.
He deserved to be alone, out in the outskirts of town where people were frozen and lost.
"Oh, miláčik," Wanda cooed as you cried in her arms. "I'm sorry."
Finally, Wanda thought. She finally had the evenings with you. The daytime was wonderful, don't get her wrong. But you had a different softness to you in the evening. You wore sweats and a t-shirt but with a sweater to hide the bruises. 
You didn't have your hair done, and Wanda wanted to run her fingers through it. 
"I don't—I don't even know why I'm crying. I—I hate him. He's terrible. He's terrible to me and he hurts me. But I—I don't know what to do without him. He just called from work and said it was over and he wasn't coming home, that the lawyer would send papers. He quit work and I can't find him," you cried.
"I know, miláčik," Wanda told you, stroking your back as you cried into her neck. "He can't hurt you anymore, though."
You smelled so sweet. You were so precious as you held onto Wanda's shirt. 
You pulled back. "You...knew?" 
Wanda quirked her brow at you before she reached for your sweater, zipping it down before ripping it open abruptly.
Bruises of all different stages littered your arms. Some were fresh, and some were yellow. 
"Wanda!" You yelped.
"I'm not stupid, miláčik," she tells you. "You wear long sleeves no matter how hot it is outside."
You uncomfortably pull your sweater back up, not saying anything.
"Good riddance," Wanda stares at your exposed skin, your collarbone and your neck. "He can't hurt you anymore."
"What am I going to do though, Wanda?" You frowned, eyes still red and puffy. "I don't have a job. I haven't had one for a long time. I...I don't know what to do. I can't pay for this house, the bills, for anything."
Wanda pulled you closer again until your chests were pressed together, and she felt your warmth. You gripped onto her so tightly, so desperate. 
You needed Wanda; she was sure of that.
"Don't worry," Wanda stroked your back, dangerously grazing past the small of your back. "I'll take care of you, miláčik. You don't need to worry about a single thing.
Wanda pulled back a little, staring at your face. You knew what she wanted, but you were unsure.
Things...things had been happening for a while, but it was so hectic right now. Warren just left. You weren't even divorced. Wanda was married, wasn't she?
But Wanda was holding you so tight, and she was promising to fix everything, and she did always fix everything. 
So, even though you felt hesitant and anxious, you let Wanda's lips descend upon yours. 
"Oh, so sweet, miláčik," Wanda muttered against your lips before she captured them again, kissing you more firmly. She licked at your bottom lip, and you slowly opened your mouth for her, letting her lick inside. "You're so soft and warm."
Wanda's hand caressed your sides before she moved to the front, drifting her hand up before she cupped your breast through your sweater and squeezed.
Your breath hitched as you squeezed the couch seat tightly in your hand. 
"I—I'm a little tired," you found yourself saying.
Wanda pulled back with a sigh, and you instantly felt guilty. 
"I understand, miláčik," she told you as she caressed your cheek. "It's been a long day. You should get some sleep. Would you like me to keep you company tonight?"
You swallowed. A part of you was ready to deny Wanda, but when you remembered her sigh, remembered that she was promising to fix everything for you, was going to take care of nodded. 
"Good girl," Wanda muttered, and you felt something tingle inside you. "Go on now, go get ready for bed. I'm just going to head back to check on the boys and see if Agnes can have them over for a sleepover. I'll be back."
You nodded, just about to get up when Wanda held you, pulling you in for one more kiss before she let you go.
By the time Wanda made it back to your house, you were asleep. 
You were in sleeping shorts and a simple tee, giving up the long sleeves since Wanda already knew about the bruises. 
Lying there, the moonlight making you look soft and precious, Wanda felt something in her stir. 
She was responsible for you. 
You belonged to her. 
In this little haven, this little made-up world that was meant for Vision, Wanda found something she needed in you. 
Wanda was breaking, and you gave her reason to put herself together. 
Slowly climbing into bed next to you, you mumbled but remained asleep. 
Even in your dreams, you thought about Wanda—dreamt about her. You dreamt about her soft kisses and lingering hands.
"Oh," Wanda breathed as she pressed up close to you. "Sweet girl."
But you were so tired, Wanda could tell after the amount of crying you did. You deserved sleep, but Wanda could tell you craved her touch. 
Wanda began to softly kiss your neck, and you let out quiet hums. 
"Sleep, miláčik," she whispered in your ear. "I'll take care of you. I'll make you feel good—you deserve to feel good."
Wanda spooned you tighter, her hands drifting over your chest as she squeezed, massaged you before her hand drifted down to lift your shirt up and expose you. 
Wanda let out a pleased hum when she touched your bare breast. She groped and squeezed gently, shaping you in her hand. Your nipple grew hard under her palm. When she rolled her finger over it, you shivered against her.
You let out a soft, quiet moan but didn't move otherwise. 
Wanda buried her face into your neck, breathing your sweet scent as her hand drifted down her stomach before she reached the waistline of your shorts. She dived in, cupping your sex over your underwear, rubbing the gusset of your panties. She grazed your clit through the fabric a couple of times. 
Your breathing pattern changed, your hips gently bucking against her hand as you slept. 
"You need more, don't you?" Wanda pressed a kiss at your jaw. "You're getting so wet, miláčik."
Wanda removed your shorts and underwear using her magic, leaving you bare to her but under the covers. 
Wanda adjusted, so her other arm was under you, wrapping around your chest and pulling you closer to her. 
She ran her fingers through your wet folds. Your slick easily coated her fingers as she rubbed up and down, circling your clit. Slowly, Wanda slipped two fingers inside you, stretching you gradually as she thrust. 
Your walls were wet and hot. You were so tight, practically sucking her in every time she tried to pull out. 
You let out whimpers from the back of your throat.
The desire to see your face overwhelmed Wanda as she withdrew her fingers, nudging you on your back as she climbed over you. 
Your sleeping face was flushed, lips parted, and it nearly drove Wanda wild. You didn't even know what you did to her even while you slept. 
You were so perfect. Perfect for her.
Wanda's fingers slipped back between your folds again, rubbing you lewdly, her thumb working around and against your clit.
"Nnh," you whined, face turning to the side. 
Wanda lowered and kissed your neck. She needed you to cum—she needed to taste you.
Wanda knew she could do both.
She pressed kisses down your body, wet and warm. Nudging open your thighs, her face settled in between your legs. Even the way you smelled had Wanda needy. It sent a throb of need through Wanda's body.
Gently, as to not wake you, Wanda moved her arms under your thighs, drawing herself closer.
Wanda gave a long, languid lick through your sopping folds. 
She nearly moaned loudly. You tasted so good, the way she knew you would. Wanda continued to lick through your folds, circling your clit, and pressed against it a few times as you got slicker. 
Your hips started to shift against her, and she could hear your breath get heavier and tiny moans coming out of you.
Wanda kept her pace, squeezing your thighs tighter.
You slowly felt yourself awakening. There was something warm between your legs, and your nipples felt sensitive and hard. Your hips were trying to buck, but something was restraining you.
You slowly opened your eyes and found yourself staring at the dark ceiling of your room, feeling the familiar sheets of your bed.
"Nnh!" You moaned before you could catch yourself. 
You lifted your head slightly from your pillow, and you could see the blanket had dragged down your body, and there was a head between your legs. 
"Oh!" You gasped, feeling a deft tongue eating you out relentlessly. It dragged through your slick folds, flicking and pressing against your clit.
You could see a mess of orange hair splayed over your thighs. You tried to move, but the arms around your thighs kept you locked in place. 
"Oh, god," you moaned, eyes rolling to the back of your head before you looked back down and breathed, "Wanda?"
There was a throaty moan in response. 
"Wanda..." you called again, half-moaning and breathy. You tried to pull away, but Wanda kept her movements, the tip of her tongue dipping into your entrance. You nearly screamed at the sensation. 
Your hands flew from your sides and gripped Wanda's hair, only serving to stir her on even more. 
You could feel something coiling in your body; it was hot and needy. You bucked into Wanda's tongue, unable to control yourself.
Oh, god, you were going to—you were going to—
"Wanda...please..." you moaned her name again, unsure if you were going to plead with her to stop or to let you cum. 
Wanda moved her hands to start stroking your hips, her tongue pressing against your clit until she coaxed you to come.
You let out a cry, shamelessly gripping Wanda's hair tight, pulling her close against your pussy. 
Wanda worked you through your orgasm until your hips stilled. She let go of your thigh as she pulled back, licking her mouth clean of you. Kissing her way back up, Wanda pressed her body against yours. She could feel your body heat through her clothes as you panted.
"You're such a good girl," Wanda whispered, kissing your lips over and over until they were swollen. 
You lied there, confused and sated. You didn't even know it was possible to cum like that; it had been so long since you had. 
But Wanda was stroking your bare breast again as she kissed you.
"You're my good girl," she cooed, and you felt slight horror as you preened at her words. wanted to be her good girl. Wanda treated you so well. 
You felt your shaky hands lift until they gripped the side of Wanda's shirt.
"That's right, miláčik," Wanda stroked your hair. "I'm going to take such good care of you. You won't need anyone but me."
In the back of your mind, you distantly felt that perhaps you traded one prison for another. 
Things changed after that night. 
Wanda urged and convinced you to move into her house. She cited that you would be safer there, where she could take care of you. You wouldn't be alone and you’d away from a place that gave you such terrible memories. 
She said her husband, Vision, wasn't coming home any time soon, and if he did, that was something for her to worry about. 
Wanda was different, though. Not in any way that necessarily hurt you like Warren did. 
But it was becoming apparent that Wanda didn't want you going outside or leaving the house. 
"You don't need to go outside, miláčik," Wanda smiled at you, stroking your hair. "You can do what you were doing before. Besides, the kids love when you keep them company. I think they love your cooking more than mine."
It was also apparent that Wanda didn't like anyone coming over either. The neighbour, Agnes, seemed to come by every day, but Wanda kept the other woman at the door, never letting her in.
"No, it's fine," you could hear Wanda at the door. "I don't need you looking after the kids anymore. I've got it covered. Thank you, though. I should get going."
The door would shut, and you would catch a glimpse of the woman who seemed to be doing her best to peer inside the house. 
It was clear you were locked inside Wanda's house. A part of you wanted to rebel, but a part of you also didn't mind. Wanda was right. After all, there wasn't really anything outside you did before. Sometimes you grocery shopped, but it wasn't like you needed to do that. 
But Wanda could tell you were getting antsy. 
Somehow overnight, the fences in the backyard got bigger. Wanda would then let you play out in the backyard with the twins. 
"You don't need to leave outside," Wanda said as she pressed a kiss to you, away from the twins' eyes. "Anything you want, I can make it happen here, okay?"
You looked at Wanda, her eyes brimming with possession and adoration.
It was for you.
She was taking care of you, just like she promised.
"Oh, god, please, I can't—" your words turned into a quiet sob as Wanda rubbed at your clit in firm circles, snapping her hips into you until you were tightening around the strap-on—around her.
It was too much, too many times. You've lost count. 
"So perfect," Wanda muttered, sweat running down her forehead and back as her hips stuttered. Creating a double-ended strap-on was the most brilliant idea Wanda's ever had. Her magic allowed her to connect the shaft in you to the shaft in her. 
To feel you pulsing and fluttering around her for the fifth time felt so good, so perfect. "You're taking it so good, miláčik."
"Wanda, please," you whimpered. "I can't anymore. Please..."
Your body was beyond overstimulated. Every touch, every thrust was too much. 
Even the way you pleaded to her was perfect. Wanda's thrust began to falter, becoming jagged.
Watching you writhe beneath her, so desperate and lewd, your breasts bouncing every time Wanda thrust. Your hands gripping at Wanda's hips in an attempt to slow her down. It was too much.
Wanda felt her own coil snap, and she came with a low moan, thrusting a couple of more times until the wave rode out. She collapsed on top of you, panting. Her hands cupped your cheeks as she kissed your swollen lips gently. 
You were still whimpering, your pussy feeling tender and desperate for rest. You were so soft and pretty, Wanda mused.
And you were hers.
Only hers. 
"You're such a good girl," Wanda praised, and you felt your body light up at the words. "You're my good girl, miláčik. You take what I give you so well. You're so appreciative of it too, aren't you?"
Wanda wiped at the tears that had pooled in your eyes, and you nodded, flushed. 
Just looking at you, the way you reacted to her was enough to drive want into Wanda again.
Slowly, Wanda started rutting inside you again as she lifted herself to hover over you. A deep moan left Wanda's lip, the strap-on hitting her just right after her orgasm. 
A wrecked sob left your lips as your fingers gripped at Wanda's waist.
"Shh," Wanda cooed at you. "Be a good girl and give me one more. Just one more, miláčik. Can you do that? Don't you want to be my good girl?"
Despite your nerves feeling like it was on live wires, the pleasure was building up again, and your desire to please Wanda overwhelmed everything else.
"Yes, yes, yes..." you whined. "Please..." you begged, unsure for what. 
"Where do you belong, miláčik?" Wanda husked.
"With you," you breathed. 
"That's right, with me. Always with me."
It wasn't long until Wanda had built another orgasm in you, and she staved off her own until she could shatter with you.
There was finally reprieve when Wanda pulled out of you, discarding the strap-on before she cleaned the two of you up with a warm towel.
Lying in bed, Wanda stroked your naked back. 
You were too good for this world, for everything. Perhaps even her. 
"I love you," Wanda pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
You turned around, facing the woman who had come into your life unexpectedly—the woman who had fixed everything that was broken and kept you in a safe bubble. You've never been safe before, but you knew you were safe with her. As long as you listened to her, everything was safe. 
"I love you too," you murmured.
"I'm no hero," Wanda told you.
"Heroes are overrated," you whispered, feeling sleepy. "Heroes sacrifice you to save the world. We don't need that. Good, bad—who's to say? There's only real or not real. Are you real?"
Wanda paused. "I'm real."
"I think I'm real too..." you mumbled. "If you're real and I'm real...that's all we need. But if you must know, you're my hero."
Wanda pressed a kiss to your lips, letting you fall asleep in her arms.
She rested next to you, pondering your words.
It wasn't true.
You weren't...real. 
As long as you were stuck inside this little haven, you weren't real.
And Wanda desperately needed you to be real. 
She didn't need you to be a puppet. The illusion was shattering. 
Wanda needed Vision to return. She needed to figure out what to do because this haven was no longer paradise. This haven was meant for Vision, not for you. 
And for once, Wanda didn't want this haven anymore. The outside world didn't seem too bad if she had you.
"Don't worry, miláčik," Wanda whispered in the dark, heard by no one but herself. "I'll take care of you. You're mine and I'll take care of you always."
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thewitchandtheassassin · 2 years ago
Deserving Love (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
Prompt: Heeeey! Could I request Wanda x Reader where the reader is a total goofy and immature jackass, like a bad boy/girl personna but has feelings for Wanda (and vice versa) and on one particular small mission the reader will have to step up its game and help out the team, especially Wanda. Can be angsty, fluffy and a bit smutty. Bonus for some dirty talk. Thank you 😘😘
Warnings: Injury, vague violence, SMUT!!
Words: 4312
A/N: I don’t think I get bonus points for dirty talk but I tried. I swear I did...
Tumblr media
Grunting as your back hit the mat, you stared up at Natasha with a cheeky grin. “Well, if you wanted me on my back, you should have said something.”
Natasha rolled her eyes, offering you a hand. You accepted the gesture, letting her pull you upright and onto your feet. “Can you at least pretend to be serious while we train?”
“I’m serious,” you snickered. “I’m the most serious person in the room!”
The redhead before you shot you a look and you broke out in laughter, tears forming in your eyes. You were never serious during training and everyone knew it. You were the one cracking jokes, trying to get Natasha to either go easy on you or, at the very least, smile. She wasn’t fond of your “I don’t give a shit” attitude, but you didn’t care. It’s just who you were.
Grinning, you prepared yourself for Natasha’s next attack. She took a swing at your head and you ducked, landing a well-placed shot to her stomach. She let out a slight huff, but quickly turned on you and swiped your legs out from under you, knocking you down – again. You groaned as you hopped back up to your feet and swung wildly at her. It didn’t surprise you when she kicked your knee and knocked you forward, your hands catching you before you busted your face.
“That’s enough for today,” Natasha said, shaking her head. “You really need to try harder, (Y/N). You won’t always be able to rely on your powers.”
You rolled your eyes and stood up. Natasha warned you of that every session, but it hadn’t come true yet. Having the ability to heal almost immediately had come in handy so many times in your life and hadn’t failed you once. Why would it start now?
Glancing around the training room, you spotted Wanda with Clint. He was trying to help her get better at hand-to-hand (just in case her powers ever failed her, something you couldn’t imagine happening either). You watched her for a moment, taking in her lithe form as they worked together. She was gorgeous in a dark tank top and shorts; you’d never seen her in shorts before and wow, her legs were nice to look at.
You swallowed hard. She must have felt your eyes on her because she peered over at you through dark lashes and smiled. It was the kind of smile that would have made you melt if you weren’t so determined to keep your bad ass reputation intact. You’d made a name for yourself being sarcastic, your lack of seriousness legendary amongst the Avengers. You hadn’t wanted to seem weak – your power wasn’t terribly impressive like Wanda’s or Bruce’s or even Pietro’s – so instead, you forced yourself into the role of the “bad girl” and it had stuck ever since.
Wanda watched you fondly, oblivious to Clint’s knowing look. Everyone on the team knew about her crush; they just couldn’t figure out why you. You two were nothing alike. Wanda was sweet and caring and a joy to have on the team while you were a bit of a prick sometimes. You never took anything seriously and you often showed how little you cared about things.
You waved at her before grabbing your black leather jacket off the bench and throwing it on. It stuck to your sweaty body but you didn’t care. You loved that jacket; you wore it damn near everywhere.
Wanda’s eyes lingered on you as you strolled out of the room. Clint tapped her on the shoulder, regaining her attention. “You okay, kid?”
Blushing, Wanda nodded before falling back into her fighting stance. “I’m fine.”
“Why don’t you ask her out?” Clint suggested, charging at her.
Wanda barely avoided his attack, her cheeks glowing bright. “She’s (Y/N). If she liked me, she’d tell me. I can’t imagine her being shy about it.”
“Maybe you make her nervous,” he said, shrugging.
Shaking her head, Wanda involuntarily glanced over at the door again, hoping to catch another glimpse of you.
Steve walked confidently into the room. “We have a mission.”
Sitting in the debriefing room, your arms were crossed disinterestedly as Steve rambled on about the upcoming mission. You, Wanda, and Steve were headed to the Midwest in search of a HYDRA base. You had your intel and your assignment, so why was he still talking? There was nothing he had to tell you that you couldn’t read in the file.
Wanda was next to you, listening intently to whatever the great Captain America was discussing. Her chair was so close that it was touching yours. You could smell her vanilla shampoo and all you wanted to do was stick your face in her hair. It was probably so soft; you would’ve bet your powers on it.
“(Y/N), are you listening?” Steve asked, cutting himself off.
You stared at him blankly. You had no idea what he’d been saying if you were being honest, but maybe you should have pretended to. You didn’t enjoy being called out by Steve; it was like disappointing your father or something.
Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. “Really?”
Sighing, you looked over at the file on the table. “I know what to do, Steve. We go in, use our handy little flash drive to get all the information off their computers, clear out their hideout, try not to die, get back on the Quinjet. It’s a pretty common theme with these HYDRA bases.”
Wanda bit her lip. She didn’t know if she should laugh or scold you. You weren’t entirely wrong, but that didn’t mean you should be rude to Steve.
“If you were listening, you’d know there was a little more to it than that. The commander of the base has been designing weapons that could cause some real damage if we aren’t careful. It’s not just guns and soldiers. We’re going to have to be extremely careful,” Steve said exasperatedly.
You nodded, not acknowledging the chastised expression on your face. “Alright.” You stood up from the table and started for the stairs. “Let me know when we’re leaving.”
Staring after you, Wanda pouted. She’d hoped to talk to you after the meeting, but now you were gone and so was the opportunity. Steve watched her curiously. He wasn’t unaware of her affections towards you, but he too couldn’t understand why.
“We leave tomorrow morning. Let her know if you see her,” he instructed, grabbing his file and strolling out of the room, leaving Wanda with her thoughts.
The next day, Steve was flying the Quinjet towards your destination. You were in one of the chairs, Wanda beside you. You noticed that she was often beside you, whether you were on the Quinjet or just sitting in the compound living room. She liked being at your side, even though you didn’t speak a lot when you were alone with her. She made you so nervous that you often didn’t know what to say to her.
You could feel her warmth seeping through your clothes and it brought a slight smile to your lips. You liked her being close, even if you wouldn’t admit it out loud. She was so perfect and it made you wish you could be a better person for her, but you’d never deserve her.
Your lips dipped downward at that thought.
A patch of turbulence hit the jet and Wanda’s hand instinctively reached for you. It landed atop your hand and you froze, staring down at them. Wanda smiled sheepishly and went to move her hand, but you simply turned your hand over and entwined your fingers, keeping your hands clasped together. Another wave of turbulence hit and the jet shook violently. Her grip tightened. Your thumb stroked the back of her hand comfortingly.
Wanda was stunned. She hadn’t expected such a sweet gesture from you. She’d expected a joke or for you to jerk away but actually holding her hand? That was different – but she wasn’t going to complain. You shot her a grin, as if you knew what was going through that beautiful mind of hers.
When the Quinjet touched down, your hands separated and a cool, indifferent mask fell across your face. You wandered off the jet and glanced around. You were in the middle of nowhere but you could make out a base not too far away. It wasn’t inconspicuous by any means. How no one had caught on was beyond you.
The three of you carefully made your way to the base, knocking out the occasional agent that was stationed nearby. They weren’t hard to render unconscious, especially when there was a man with a vibranium shield and a woman who manipulated energy. You weren’t useless either; you may not have cared for your training sessions with Natasha, but you’d picked up a thing or two since you started.
The building wasn’t as guarded as the one in Sokovia had been so it wasn’t hard sneaking inside. Once inside, though, things became a little chaotic. HYDRA had been preparing for your eventual visit; they were ready for you.
Hitting the nearest agent, you knocked his gun away from him and smacked your fist into his temple. He crumpled to the ground, unconscious. You smirked triumphantly and began wading through the other HYDRA agents, keeping most of them away from Wanda. You knew she could handle herself, but you weren’t about to let one of them creep up behind her.
You’d rip anyone apart that dared to hurt her.
Hooking your leg around another’s neck, you slammed his head into a table and shoved him away. You were getting closer to your objective, you just needed to finish off the rest of these guys. They were the only thing standing in your way. You broke away from Wanda and Steve and ran for the server room, disabling agents as you went.
When you reached the server room, you hurriedly emptied it of agents and shoved the drive into the computer, downloading the information onto it. Your eyes scanned through it as it downloaded, but it meant very little to you seeing as most of it was encrypted anyways.
“I’ve got it, guys,” you said through the comms, ripping out the drive the moment it was finished downloading. You stuck it in your pocket and returned to the other two. They’d managed to clear out most of the agents. Only a few stragglers were left.
It wasn’t until you were preoccupied with one of the remaining skilled agents - one that actually knew what he was doing - that something went wrong. You heard the whirling of a weapon and peered over your shoulder. Two men were leveling weird looking guns at Wanda. You didn’t know what the hell they did, but you knew it wasn’t good. The barrel of the guns lit up and made a noise and you rushed towards Wanda.
“No!” you screamed.
You caught Wanda around the waist and spun her around, your back to the guns. Bursts of light left the barrels and slammed into your spine. It felt like fire running up your back, your shirt burning away and your skin sizzling audibly. Wanda’s mouth was opened in a silent scream, her eyes glowing red as your arms grew slack and you dropped to the floor. You landed on your side, refusing to let your back touch the ground. Your body hurt so much, tears flooding your eyes.
You heard a primal noise break from Wanda’s throat. You heard bodies smack against the floor, then there was silence. Wanda dropped to her knees beside you, her hand reaching out for you but not touching you. She was scared that it would only cause more damage. She peeked around at your back and blanched. It was charred and ugly and she couldn’t imagine what it would have done to her if you hadn’t been there. It was very likely you'd saved her life, but at what cost?
Steve ran over to you, bending down behind you. His face was pale as he took in your injuries. He wouldn’t be able to move you without hurting you, but he didn’t have a choice. He’d have to touch your back in order to lift you.
“(Y/N), this is going to hurt,” Steve warned, rolling you onto your back. You howled in pain, the tears finally falling down your cheeks.
He hurriedly picked you up, one arm at the bend of your knees and the other around you, trying the best he can to keep you steady. Tears were still dripping down your face and your vision was almost blackened with pain, but somehow you were managing to stay conscious. It was a daunting task, but you refused to pass out. You needed to reassure Wanda that you were okay; she looked too distraught.
Once you were finally in the Quinjet, Steve set you down on the nearest flat surface and helped you onto your side. It would be a rough flight, staying in that position, but there was no way in hell you were going to lie on your back for that long. It might have only taken a couple hours to return to New York, but that was a couple hours too many.
Wanda took a seat in the nearest chair, her hand finding yours as she studied your pained expression. Her free hand brushed a sweaty lock of hair from your face and she frowned. You looked so miserable.
"Hey," you whispered, "Stop that."
"Stop what?" she asked in an equally as quiet voice, almost afraid to break the calm that was falling over you.
Your hand squeezed hers. "Stop looking so guilty. This isn't your fault."
"If I had been paying more attention…"
You shushed her, smiling weakly. "It's not your fault," you repeated.
The pain was slowly becoming too much and you closed your eyes, trying your best to will it away. You could feel your powers trying to kick in, but the injuries were extensive. It would take time for them to fully heal you. Whatever those beams were had dug in deep into your body, taking layers upon layers of skin with it. Your powers just needed time.
Honestly, though, it was worth it. Who knew what it would have done to Wanda? She'd likely be in a worse condition or…
You shuddered.
Eventually you succumbed to the darkness, passing out when the pain got to be overwhelming. You'd fought it off for a little while, but it was too much even for you.
You awoke in your room, the sheets pulled away from your torso as you slept on your front. You couldn't feel any aches or pain in your back, so you assumed your healing had finally started working. You sat upright, stretching your arms above your head. The muscles of your back were tender, but not agonizing. You were shirtless, but that didn't faze you. You were positive Bruce had been nothing but respectful when he'd checked you over. You were kind of surprised you weren't in the hospital wing; you weren't complaining though.
The door to your room opened and Wanda stepped inside, a cup of tea in her hand. She looked good in a cute red shirt that clung divinely to her and a short skirt that offered a nice view of her legs. You were quite entranced by the sight.
She gasped when she saw you were awake - and blushed when she noticed how very naked your upper torso was. “You’re awake!”
You grinned, nodding. “I am. How long was I out for?”
“Only a day and a half,” Wanda assured you, setting her tea on the side table beside you. She was trying valiantly to ignore your nakedness, but her eyes still lingered on your throat and collarbone. She wouldn’t dare let them drop lower. “It took some time for your healing to start working because of how extensive your injuries were.”
Standing up from the bed, you smirked. You could see her gaze slowly dropping lower and lower and honestly, it made you a little hot under the collar. You were starting to wonder if your feelings were returned. Your hands instinctively fell to Wanda’s hips and she gasped, the green of her eyes so deep that you were worried you’d drown in them.
“I realized something,” you murmured abruptly, startling her.
“What?” she replied breathlessly.
Your nose brushed along Wanda’s jawline. You can hear her sharp inhale and it only urged you on. “Life is short, even for someone like me. I don’t want to have any regrets.” You pulled back slightly and cupped Wanda’s cheek. “If I don’t do this, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”
Glancing between Wanda’s eyes and her lips, you slowly leaned in. You waited for her to jerk away – anticipating the rejection – but she didn’t. Her fingers tangled in your locks and she dragged you closer, slotting your lips together. Your mouths fit together perfectly, moving in harmony as you adjusted to the new sensations. You tugged her into you and her hold on your hair tightened.
You moaned in surprise, fingers flexing on her lithe waist as your other hand came to rest opposite its twin. She echoed the sound and you slipped your tongue into her mouth, mapping out every inch. Your tongue teased hers, earning a low noise that settled deep in your stomach. It was desperate and hot and you never wanted it to end.
Caught between wanting to press her up against your bedroom wall or taking things slowly, you wandered back towards your bed, never breaking the embrace. Your knees knocked off the mattress and you sat down, your lips never leaving hers. She stood between your legs, her back bent slightly as you continued kissing. She tasted like she smelled and it was driving you mad. She was like sugar and heaven rolled into one perfect creature.
You helped Wanda straddle your lap, her skirt bunching up around you as she slid atop you. You could feel her panties against your thigh and could barely contain your smuggest smile. She was already wet, the material clinging to her core. You couldn’t wait for it to be gone.
Grabbing the edge of her shirt, you stared inquisitively up at her. You weren’t going to do something she was uncomfortable with, but a fervent nod soothed your worry. You stripped it off her and leaned back, eagerly taking in all the skin presented to you. She blushed under your scrutiny but refused to look away. Instead, she finally let her eyes drift lower than your throat. She caught sight of your heaving chest and her blush deepened.
You smirked, leaning forward to press a kiss between her lace-clad breasts. The black encased Wanda’s bust deliciously and it brought something primal out in you. All you wanted to do was ravish this woman on your lap, but the rational part of you knew that you needed to take this slow. Being a HYDRA experimentation didn’t leave much room for romantic prospects so going slow and taking your time was essential. You wanted her to enjoy this too.
Slipping your hands around her back, you unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, exposing her completely to your gaze. Pebbled flesh called to you and you attached your mouth to one while your hand came up to play with the other. Wanda moaned softly, cupping the back of your head and keeping you close. Your tongue teased her skin, circling around it before lips captured her nipple and sucked.
“(Y/N)…” she sighed.
You switched breasts, leaving a trail of wet kisses between them. Her wet flesh was tight as cool air met it but your hand replaced your mouth, keeping it warm.
Wrapping your arms around Wanda’s waist, you stood up. Her legs encircled your hips and you groaned as she ground her soaking center against your bare stomach. You positioned her on the bed so that her head was to the pillows, brunette locks fanning out on the (P/C) cases. She looked good enough to eat as you kneeled between her spread legs. Her chest was flushed, lips kiss-swollen and eyes so dark that there was hardly any color showing.
She looked properly debauched and you loved it.
Crawling forward, your hands fell to either side of her head as you stared down at her. “Tell me what you want,” you demanded, voice raspy and deep.
“I want you,” she whispered, her fingers drifting along your cheek.
You smiled, capturing her lips in a slow, sensual kiss. It was softer than your previous ones and Wanda melted into it. One of your hands glided down the expansion of her stomach, past the waistband of her skirt, and under it. Your hand found soaked material and your thumb circled her covered clit. It was light and teasing, but Wanda still panted wantonly. She needed you to touch her.
“Please,” she begged, throwing her head back.
“Please what, pretty girl?” you prompted, leaning in and biting at her exposed throat. There were definitely going to be marks tomorrow, but Wanda’s encouraging groan eased your worry about them. If she didn’t care, then you were going to mark her as yours – then everyone was going to know.
She pushed into your hand, your finger coming into firmer contact with her engorged flesh. “(Y/N), please… Don’t tease.”
“Why not?” you cooed. “You look so good like this, all flushed and soaking, begging me.”
Wanda whined. She didn’t know what else to do.
You wanted to make this last but you weren’t going to be cruel. She was dripping through her panties, the wetness evident on your thumb and her slick thighs. Finally slipping your hand into her underwear, you rubbed her clit firmly, mouthing at her neck as she moaned. She was beyond enticing like this: head thrown back, lips parted, eyes clenched shut.
All you wanted to do was devour her.
You teased her entrance with your finger, your thumb never leaving her clit.
She made a choked noise, jerking into the sensation. She wanted more. She needed more. “Fuck, (Y/N), please!”
Hearing her desperately curse and plead set you off. You slipped one finger, then two inside her. You set a steady, slow pace, just enough to give her some relief but not enough to send her crashing headfirst into an orgasm. You wanted to make this last. You didn’t know if this was a one time thing so you were going to savor it while you could.
Wanda’s hips followed your rhythm, incoherent moans falling from pink lips. Your fingers were long and filling and God she hadn’t felt this good ever. “Harder.”
Following orders, you moved your hand faster and harder, fingers dragging along the spongy area that would send her into a frenzy. Wanda cried out, mouth wide open as her legs trembled. You couldn’t stop yourself from kissing her, swallowing every moan and little noise that escaped. She clutched at you, nails digging into your back as she got lost in the feeling. She could feel something warm building low and she nipped sharply at your bottom lip, earning a strangled cry. It wasn’t painful per se, but it was startling.
“God, you’re so hot,” you muttered between kisses, “You like this, don’t you? I bet you’ve dreamed about this, me being deep inside you.”
Wanda whined loudly into your mouth before breaking the kiss, gasping for air. Her nails scraped down your back and you shuddered. The burn was sharp, but it ignited something deep within you. You picked up the pace, almost to the point of your wrist hurting, and pressed your thumb firmly to her clit. She jerked and her legs clamped down on your hand, trapping it there as she rode out the orgasm that had slammed into her. She could feel her heart pounding painfully in her chest, breath coming out in puffs.
You kissed below her ear, appreciating the moment. You’d managed to make the most beautiful woman you’d ever met come apart with just your fingers and it was the hottest thing you’d ever done in your life. You could feel your own slickness between your legs and an ache in your core.
Wanda tilted her head and connected your lips chastely, a smile tugging at her mouth.
“That was wonderful,” she sighed, staring deeply into your eyes. Hers were full of emotions you didn’t dare put into words and you returned her smile.
You kissed her nose, smiling when it scrunched up. You couldn’t admit it out loud but your crush on her was turning into something more. She was too sweet to end up with someone like you. As if she could hear your thoughts, she frowned and then you realized something: she probably could.
You weren’t a quiet thinker.
“You’re perfect for me,” she whispered reverently.
Blushing, you glanced away from her. You couldn’t look her in the eye after such a confession. You wanted her – truly you did – but there was no way you could make her happy in the way she deserved. You were too stoic, too sarcastic. You knew you were a jerk some days, and what happened if you were mean to her? You’d never forgive yourself.
Wanda cupped your cheek and tilted your head, catching your gaze. “You deserve to be happy, (Y/N).”
“I…” You wanted to say “I love you” but the words got stuck in your throat and left you silent, unable to finish your thoughts.
You leaned forward and kissed her sweetly. Pressing your forehead to hers, you breathed in, taking in her comforting scent. She always smelled so good.
“I know, baby,” she whispered, “I know.”
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marvelsbanner · 4 months ago
Part of a Team
Summary: Wanda is the newest Avengers recruit and she’s having a hard time finding her place in this new life- maybe she can find it in you?
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x y/n, you
Warnings: Brief mention of death and blood, minor language (if you squint theres kind of compromising situations? nothing outright sexual)
Word Count: ~2700
A/N: Reblogs, likes, and comments are VERY much appreciated, all mistakes are my own! xx 
**I don't own marvel and if I did Natasha would be alive**
Tumblr media
Something was wrong. You were just in Strucker’s lab- just on the trail of one of the enhanced twins. The alarms were going off around you and your boots clanged on the metal floor- before you froze in your place, a red haze overtaking you and suddenly you were thrown into the daylight.
You felt tingles run through your veins and down your spine; your head throbbed. You felt vulnerable, seen. What the hell is going on-
You’re in the forest, you think. No- there are rocks. Big rocks-
No, not rocks. Graves. Gravestones. Where the hell are you?
You drag your heavy feet over to the nearest, it takes a moment for your vision to focus.
Who’s grave? Who’s grave? Oh god.  No no no- this, this can’t be-
Natasha Romanoff.
You felt like throwing up. This couldn’t be real. You dragged yourself to another stone situated nearby: Clint Barton. Beloved husband, father, and friend.
It felt like you couldn't breathe, you were just there with them. You were just there.
Your body jerks as cold hands grab your shoulders and spin your body to face them-
You throw your arms around his neck, “STEVE! Oh god Steve! You’re okay- you’re.. cold” you feel something wet and sticky on your hand, pulling it back and seeing red. So much red.
“Steve..” you quickly stumble back, tripping in the process. It’s then you see- it’s too late. His body was grey and lifeless. He falls onto his knees and then collapses totally. You scream and scramble backwards, head hitting another gravestone in the process.
You turn to face it, to read another name of one of the team members you’ve come to call family- but it's not one of theirs. It’s yours.
It’s your name. A graveyard for the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes.
Suddenly your body jolts and you take a sharp intake of breath- your ears are pounding. Everything hurts. But you see her- the enhanced. She’s looking at you with a look you can’t describe. It’s not fear, it’s not anger.. Pity? Empathy? You can’t look away from her, the glowing red eyes capturing you as their prey.
And then there was black.
A few weeks later and you’re back at the tower. Things have changed- the entire world has changed, really. The battle opened up new doors- literal new doors to new realms- that the world had previously thought impossible.
The team had expanded, with Steve’s friend Sam joining the team, as well as Vision, the synthezoid that helped the team to defeat Ultron.
There was also her.
Wanda Maximoff was one of the enhanced twins from Strucker’s experiments, you eventually learned. It was voluntary, but after learning about her backstory you think you would have done the same in her place. 
She lost her brother- Pietro- in the battle and she took it hard. She didn’t come out of her room when she could help it. Clint was rather protective over her, maybe it was the fatherly figure coming out of him- maybe he was feeling guilt over being the one Pietro sacrificed himself to save. Either way, he was able to get her out of the room a few times and get her to eat. Vision also struck up a strange friendship with the girl- but then again, Vision was easy company, and rather empathetic for a synthezoid.
Everybody took a hit from when Wanda messed with their heads, some more than others.
You didn’t talk for a week.
Didn’t even talk with Clint’s kids when they wanted to play with you.
You didn’t hold it against her. She proved what a valuable asset she was to the team as she fought alongside the group. She did what she thought was right at the time, and that’s not something you could hold against anybody.
Ever since the Battle, Wanda has been staying in the Avengers facilities with the rest of the group, an official Avenger, but you could tell she was still uneasy around the team. She only talked when she was directly talked to and didn't come out of her room but for a few times a day for food and training, sometimes not even then.
And then there was you.
She seemed to avoid you like the plague. You weren’t even sure you two made eye contact for the entire first few weeks she was there.
At first you thought she just didn’t like you, that something about you rubbed her the wrong way, or something you had done had offended her.
But it was her eyes that gave it away- the same soft look that she gave you right after exploring the deepest and darkest parts of your mind that day at Strucker’s lab. She knew from the second it happened that she had hit a deep nerve, and she would continue to give you that damn look every time she thought you didn't notice her.
But you always did.
You couldn’t help it, the way you were drawn to her. She reminded you so much of yourself before joining the team, broken, and alone in your head. You wanted to know her. You wanted to be there for her, be someone to her, you didn’t want her to keep walking on eggshells around you.
And so, you told her.
You found her in the kitchen late one night. She was wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a garnet tank top with a plain gray robe overtop. Her hair was a mess, roughly shoved into a ponytail and her hands were cupped around a mug. She was blowing on what looked to be dandelion tea, and as you got closer the fragrant earthy smell confirmed your suspicions.
She looked adorable.
And slightly startled to find you alone with her.
“Evening” you said as a greeting as you made your way to the counter top.
She gave a tight-lipped half smile with a timid “Hi” before going back to blowing on her tea. She made a slight movement that looked like she was going to try to slip away before you continued,
“You did really well in training the other day. Cap can’t give you enough praise” you say, taking a seat on one of the counter barstools.
She looks puzzled for a moment over your attempt at small talk before getting out a “Thank you.”
You both stood there in silence for a moment, just looking at each other, feeling the air grow thicker with each second ticking by.
“I like the pajamas” you say with a small smirk. You yourself were still dressed for the day in your leather jacket and black jeans. You could have sworn you saw flush creep up her neck before she swallowed it down with a sip of her tea.
There was another silent moment as she gave you a quizzical look, “I don’t quite understand what’s happening here.” She says with a vague hand gesture to the space between them.
You gave a slight chuckle, it was very on-brand for Wanda to be straight to the point.
“Look, Wanda,” You rotated your body on the stool to face her more comfortably,
“I see the way you look at me when you think i’m not looking. You avoid me at any given opportunity, I actually think this has been the most words we’ve exchanged in your whole time living here.”
She raised her ducked head to look you in the eyes and gave a small shake to her head, “I don’t understand.”
You don’t break eye contact, but simply offer a small smile as you reply “I’m not afraid of you, Wanda. And I don’t hold anything from that day against you. All is forgiven, and I would like to move past that. I understand you believed everything you were doing was for the right reasons, and the only thing that it shows me is your dedication and loyalty to a greater cause. Even if it was the wrong one at the time.”
She looked shocked, to say the least. Her mouth slightly opening and closing as she pondered what to say in response.
“You all should be afraid of me. You see the chaos I’ve created and you think you know what I can do,” her voice caught before she continued, “But the truth is I don't even know what i'm capable of. I don’t belong here.” she says softly.
You give a sad smile before slipping off of the stool and moving closer to her.
“We all thought that, at one point or another. We’ve got a whole freak circus here, we’ve got more baggage than Delta flies in a year- that's, that's uh, an airline. My bad.” You elaborate after she gives you a puzzled look, holding back a smile at your stuttered explanation.
“Aaand I ruined the moment.” You give a small chuckle, before continuing “But my point still stands. Nobody belongs here more or less than anyone else. We’re all just here, that's the truth of the matter. We’re just a bunch of unlucky misfits trying to figure out how to work as a team. Just give it a try, and maybe you’ll find you fit in better than you imagined you would.”
At some point during your speech you had moved close enough to take her hand, and you look down at it now, blushing before going to move it away.
Before you could, she gives your hand a squeeze before moving in to place a gentle kiss against your cheek.
“Thank you, y/n.”
And with that she slips away to her room, leaving you alone with your racing heart and her lukewarm mug of tea.
The next morning you found yourself awake bright and early for another morning training session with Nat and Steve- but you had a guest this time.
“Wanda” you greeted, which she returned with a timid “Good morning.”
“I’m glad you could make it” you say, sincerely.
“I decided to take your advice.” She replies with the smallest smile pulling at her lips.
The two of you stood there for a moment, just taking each other in before Steve cleared his throat, “Alright, we should get started then. Wanda, I'll spar with you to start. Nat, you take y/n. Try not to kill each other, please.” He said with a humored smile.
You make your way towards the corner with Nat on your heels. She gives you a quizzical look with a raised brow, glancing between you and Wanda. You roll your eyes and shake your head, only responding with a pointed “Later,” before your legs sweep under hers and an arm wraps around her torso, flipping you both to the ground and landing with you on top of her.
“Using my own move against me, that’s a low blow y/n.” You both laugh, and you barely respond with a “I learned from the best” before she wraps a leg around your waist and grabs your wrists with one hand, flipping you over and pinning you to the ground. She winks and replies “Damn right you did.”
It went like that for another half an hour, the two of you going back and forth battling for the upper hand. Natasha was the one who had trained you since the beginning, and you could almost say you were near her equal now. Well, you could at least give her a run for her money in a spar.
The two of you were panting and glistening with sweat, cheeks flushed from the exercise when she gave you a mischievous wink and called out to the other two, “Hey grandpa, I think I’m done getting my ass kicked by y/n for the day. I want someone easy, come spar with me”
If looks could kill, the look you were giving her would have the assassin dead on the floor.
Steve only looked amused, grabbing a towel to wipe his own sweat as he responded “Bring it on, Romanoff. Try not to break anything, though. I’ve been told they want my bones for the Smithsonian” Nat rolled her eyes and gave a pointedly fake laugh before they made their way to the other side of the gym, leaving you and Wanda alone.
“Hi” you greeted. She responded with a small smile and a “Hi” in return.
She looked as though she were still catching her breath, the rise and fall of her chest was noticeably fast and her face was still adorned with a glisten of sweat and pretty pink flush.
The same flush you saw from her last night, standing in the kitchen with the dim light around her.
Oh God you were in deep now.
“Nat and I were just wrestling around, hand to hand combat kind of stuff, but I see you and Steve were boxing so it's up to you what you’d like to do.” you say quickly.
“Well.. I do have this,” She waves her hand to show her flicker of red powers “for missions, so I don’t think I really need that kind of training.” She says with a smirk, “But I admit, you seem like a good teacher. Maybe.. some basics?”
She was pushing it. Pushing at this, the same way you were pushing last night. Alright, maybe you could run with this.
You give her a teasing smile, “Alright then. We’ll start slowly. May I?” You ask, reaching out for her, but not quite touching.
“By all means” she says, and you can feel the familiar flush creeping up your neck again. You release a puff of breath and shake yourself out of your thoughts before stepping closer to Wanda, and in one fluid motion you had one leg behind hers, your left arm resting against her upper chest and your other at the small of her back, pushing her flush against yourself.
You could hear the small gasp she let out, smirking to yourself.
“This is a simple take down, easy to get out of, but good for beginning. Now i'm just gonna pull you down as slowly as I can-”
You bring her left leg out from under her and carefully let the two of you sink to the floor, leaving you straddled on top of her and pinning her arms to the ground. The air suddenly felt a lot warmer.
You meet her eyes, breath hitching as you feel her pulse quicken beneath your touch.
You clear your throat and begin again, “Like I said before, it’s easy to get out of, but you want to keep the element of surprise. Use your opponent's body weight against them, if you can twist your wrist to slip it out of their grip and use your hips to to flip-”
Before you could even finish she had you pinned beneath her, wind knocked out of you from the impact.
“Like that?” she said, looking down at you through hooded eyes, thick accent teasing- flirting?
You were suddenly very aware of your close proximity and compromising position- flush against each other with her hips straddling your waist; close enough to feel her rapid heartbeat. 
“Yeah- that was- that was good” you sputtered out, barely able to hear yourself over the rapid beating of your own heart. Or maybe it was hers- you aren't sure you could tell the difference between up and down right now.
She gave a proud smirk and opened her mouth to say something before a certain synthezoid floated through the gym walls, clueless to the moment he was interrupting.
“Mr. Stark requests a team meeting and would like you to meet him in the conference room.” He said simply before turning and leaving through the wall again.
Wanda gave you a look that seemed to say we’ll finish this later and moved off of you. You missed the heat of her body immediately.
She offered you a hand up and you gladly took it, the two of you walking side by side in silence to the meeting, shoulders bumping and small smiles shared between you two as you think to yourself that maybe you could get used to this. 
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nermalina · 4 months ago
rose tinted glasses. pt.i
pairing: dark!wanda maximoff x fem!reader
a/n: this is probably going to be the closest thing to canon i’ve ever wrote and it’s still very different.
**i would’ve posted this earlier, but i didn’t know what name to give the r’s friend and i settled on stella bc it’s the name of a beer my dad drinks.
summary: wanda’s lost everything she’s ever loved, but she’ll go to any length to make sure the same doesn’t happen to you.
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): noncon, stalking, mommy kink (sorta), somnophilia, oral sex (r recieving), vaginal fingering, mentions of alcohol consumption
proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
words: 2.1k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
one. » two. » three. » four. » five.
Wanda pulled to the curb and put her car in park. The dimly lit street was empty save for a few empty cars. Her eyes settled on the car whose license plate number she’d remembered by heart. She could make out two women in the backseat, giggling like a pair of young school girls. So you’d drank tonight? That piece of information would’ve come in handy for later. 
The blonde woman in your car latched onto your neck. Wanda wanted to honk her horn in frustration, this girl clearly had no idea what she was doing. You would’ve been better off holding a leaf blower to your neck instead of her.
“Let me see her, you disgusting piece of shit.” Wanda groaned as the woman straddled you, hiding you from her view. 
The blonde rode your thigh eagerly, quickly reaching her peak. She pulled her fingers out of you after riding out her high. Well, that wasn’t worth your time or energy at all. “We should do that again sometime.”
She may not have gotten an orgasm out of you, but at least she was nice enough to help you dress. Wow, your standards had dropped since your last stable relationship. You flashed her a tight-lipped smile as she got out of the car to return to her own. After fixing up your appearance, you ushered your friend who was waiting in the alley into the front seat of your car. 
“So how was she?” Stella asked, adjusting the mirrors. Unlike you, she hadn’t drunk anything but water tonight, hence why she was the designated driver.
“That was the second-worst fuck of my life.” you sighed, slumping back against the seat. 
“Who’s the first?” 
“You.” you teased, sticking your tongue out at her. “Ow! what was that for?” you pouted, rubbing your forehead where Stella had flicked it.
“You’re going to regret that.” Wanda wrote something down in her notebook and placed it on the passenger seat of her car.
“Don’t be dramatic, I barely touched you,” Stella said, rolling her eyes. “You know she would’ve wanted you to move on, right? But not like this.”
“Not now.” Sighing, she pulled into the street and began to drive you home, unaware of the car that followed closely behind yours.
Wanda quickly made her way up the fire escape and stopped on your floor. She opened the window that led into your living room and went inside. Sighing, she switched off your tv and turned down the lights. “You need to take better care of your place. I’ll be sure to fix you.”
It was well past midnight, so you must’ve been asleep in your room. She quietly opened the door that led into your bedroom. Knowing how deep of a sleeper you were, she could’ve slammed it behind her and you wouldn’t have woken up, but she didn’t dare to take any chances. 
“You shouldn’t leave your windows unlocked, darling. What if it was some old creep visiting you instead of me?” Wanda tucked a stray hair behind your ear. 
She kneeled by the edge of your bed and watched you as you slept. The black tank that you had on had been hiked up over your stomach at some point during the night in the midst of your moving around in bed. Wanda’s hand trailed up your side, lingering by your breasts. Her thumb darted out and rubbed your nipple through the fabric.
“That whore wasn't able to make you cum earlier, and I’ll make sure to punish her for touching you and leaving you unsatisfied. But right now, let me make up for her shortcomings.”
Wanda rolled you over onto your back and spread your legs, settling in between them. She pulled your tank up higher, revealing your breasts to her. 
“How could someone leave such a pretty little thing like you high and dry?” Her fingers found your nipples, rolling them into hardened peaks. She flicked them lightly and leaned down to take one into her mouth. 
You whimpered and rolled your hips against her stomach when she pulled away to remove her shirt. The brunette cupped your pussy over your panties and rubbed it softly. 
“I see you got my present. I’m assuming you liked it because you wore it.” Your hand trailed down towards your center, but Wanda stopped it. “Getting needy, are we? You must be getting uncomfortable in these.”
Hooking her fingers around your panties, she pulled them off and slipped them into the back pocket of her black jeans.
“I can’t wait to take you home. I’ve got a toy I’ve been wanting to test out on you that I think you’d like. Stark made it before he y’know…died.” Wanda shook her head. “Anyway, it’ll help us get started on the babymaking. We can have the family we’ve always wanted. I know you wanted kids, and I’ve found a way to give them to you.”
She moved farther down your body, so she was level with your heat. Her arms went under your legs, moving your thighs onto her shoulders. Pressing a kiss to your thigh, she realized just how much she wanted to mark you. But you’d definitely notice if she did. 
“Maybe next time.” Wanda sighed, disappointed with the situation. “It’s fine, I can still pamper you the way you deserve.”
Licking a long stripe up your cunt, she kept her eyes locked on your face to see your reaction. You were still in a state of deep sleep, so Wanda might as well have continued to pleasure you. 
“You taste better than I could have ever imagined, darling.” She spread your folds and wrapped her lips around your neglected clit.
Her fingers danced along your entrance, teasing your core before one of them slipped inside of you. “Oh-” Wanda held your legs apart as you tried to close them. 
“Does it feel good, baby? I’d like to think you’re dreaming of me right now.” Her tongue eagerly lapped at your clit as she stuck another finger inside of your pussy. 
Your body was on autopilot, instinctively searching for her fingers each time they left your cunt. Wanda pumped her digits in and out of you gently, curling them to hit that spot inside of you whenever necessary.
“Mommy’s going to take you away one day and give you the life you deserve.” A third finger made its way inside of you. “You’d stretch out so well around my toys, precious. Cum for me, honey.” 
Wanda moaned against your cunt as you came undone around her fingers. She withdrew her digits from your heat and brought them up to her lips.
“I can’t wait for us to properly meet.” Wanda kissed your swollen clit and slid a clean pair of panties up your legs. “It’ll be soon. I promise, princess.” She laid beside you and drew patterns on your stomach. “I can already tell we’re going to have so much fun together, honey. Ah, I almost forgot.” She clasped her hands together. “I brought you a little something. It’s not much.” Wanda pulled out a small vibrator from one of her inner jacket pockets and set it on your nightstand. “As much as I’d like to use it on you, I’d rather watch you give it a test run first.” She held your hand and pressed a kiss to the back of your palm. “I missed you. Sorry, I left for almost a week. Clint took us on a vacation to cheer everyone up, but all it did was make me upset because you weren't around. That’s why I brought something that’ll let me watch you when I’m gone.”
Wanda felt her phone buzz in her back pocket. It was Clint, who had realized that she had snuck out without telling him or Laura. She was allowed to come in and leave the house whenever she pleased, but not without letting someone else know that she was heading out. The people around her may have offered her little comfort but they knew very well of her emotional state. She sent him a text that said she’d gone out to the gas station for a snack and that she would be back soon.
“I wish I could stay longer, but I’ve gotta get going. I’ll see you later, baby.” Wanda pressed a kiss to your forehead and left your apartment, but not without planting some small cameras that she had picked up from the lab the last time she was there.
“Leave me alone. I don’t want to go to work.” Burying your head underneath the pillow didn’t do much to quiet down the annoying ringing sound. You slammed your fist on your alarm clock, finally shutting it off. “Fuck you.”
Sitting up in bed, you realized how damp your panties were. You must’ve had one wild dream last night. Too bad you couldn’t remember it. What you knew for sure was that it wasn’t about the girl that you’d had sex with in the back of your car. She may have been attractive, but she didn’t take your pleasure into account at all. Hopefully you never ran into her because you wouldn’t be giving her a call ever again.
While you had taken a shower last night, it only felt right to take another one because you felt sticky. But you’d have to make it quick if you wanted to keep your job. Your eyes caught sight of the pink bullet vibe that laid untouched next to your clock. It was probably another drunk purchase you probably made, like the lingerie you’d apparently bought a couple of weeks ago.
“Look who’s on time today and who’s not.” you teased as Stella walked into the office. Your eyes widened, zeroing on her index finger that was wrapped in a small cast.
“What happened to your finger?” you asked worriedly, taking her hand into yours.
“I don’t even remember,” Stella replied. “I just woke up and it was in excruciating pain, so I headed to the doctor before clocking in.”
“Maybe it’s karma for flicking me last night in the car.” you joked.
“Guess you’ve got a fairy godmother that’s not too fond of me then.” Stella chuckled.
“Stella, y/n!” You and Stella broke apart from each other at the noise of your boss. “Get back to work!”
“Yes, m-ma’am.” you stuttered, holding your files closer to your chest. “Of course, we’re sorry.” 
“I’m going to head to the restroom, you know my order,” Stella said as you walked into the coffee shop together. 
“Yeah, do you want anything to eat?”
“Get me a bear claw.” You nodded and got in line. As you looked through your purse for your wallet, someone bumped into you. 
“Shit, are you okay?” The person held you up in their arms. Your eyebrows shot up to the top of your head in surprise.
“I-I- you’re the scarlet witch. Oh my god. I’m so sorry!” you said, standing upright. Wanda fought off a smile. She didn’t think you’d know who she was.
“I was the one that bumped into you. Why are you apologizing?” The brunette chuckled, hesitantly letting go of your hands.
“You could probably throw me off of a building and I’d still be apologizing to you.” Wanda’s sweet laughter filled your ears. “Oh, did I say that out loud? Sorry…”
“Stop apologizing. You’re adorable.” 
“Mind if I get you coffee for bumping into you?”
“I’d like that, but I’m kind of here with my friend. She’s in the bathroom and should be back soon. And our break will be over soon.”
“No worries. Can I get your number then?” There had to be a catch, there was no way a pretty girl would bump into you and ask for your number right after. But the same thing had happened with-
“Sorry I took so long I ran into this cute guy on my way out,” Stella said, coming up to your side. “Am I interrupting something?”
“No.” you looked back to Wanda and pulled a pen out of your bag. Taking her hand into yours, you scribbled down your number. “There you go.”
“Well, I’ll see you around then, y/n.”
“Later, Miss Witch- I mean Maximoff!”
“Wanda’s fine, sweetheart.” You furrowed your eyebrows as she left, you’d never given her name. Maybe you wrote it on her hand along with your number. 
Shrugging, you pushed past your friend to grab your orders. “Here’s your disgustingly bitter drink”
“It’s better than drinking hot chocolate like a child.” Stella pinched your side playfully. You locked arms with her and led her back to your workplace. 
“I promised you we’d meet soon, princess. I’m a woman of my word.” Wanda whispered to herself as she watched you walk off.
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wellsayhelloaagin · 14 days ago
Summary: You were normally so good at remembering to lock your door...
Pairing: Wanda x female reader
Genre: Smut- 18+ only
Words: 6.4k
Warnings: swearing, very detailed sexual scenes
A/N: If you squint really hard you can almost find a plot here. It's a little bit ridiculous at times but let's all overlook that shall we?
Translations: малышка- baby/baby girl
Tumblr media
You feel your back hit the floor hard, the impact stealing the breath from your lungs. You groan, gingerly climbing to your feet, your back to your attacker.
“Coming back for more?” you hear and you turn towards the voice, only to be met with a flash of red before you’re flipped to the ground again.
You huff out a frustrated breath, staring at the ceiling as you lie on the soft mats of the training room.
“C’mon rookie, keep up,” the voice continues in a teasing tone.
You raise your head to glare at Natasha as she stands over you, her hand outstretched to help you up. You bat it away and push yourself off the floor again.
“Fuck off Romanoff,” you reply as you stand, wincing at the movement. “And stop calling me that, you know I hate it.”
Natasha just laughs at you, and you fight the urge to roll your eyes at her.
You had known her for almost five years now, ever since Fury had decided that your particular set of skills would be better suited to the Avengers initiative. Natasha had been tasked with training you and gave you the nickname of ‘rookie’, and despite the fact that you were now a seasoned member of the team, she continued to use it. Mostly because she knew it pissed you off.
You lunge at her again, but she quickly deflects, bringing you to the ground once more.
“You’re really off your game today,” she taunts as she stands above you, “you seem distracted.”
“I’m fine,” you grumble, accepting the hand she offers this time.
“Hmmm, sure,” she replies and you can tell she doesn’t believe you. She opens her mouth to speak again but a laugh across the room steals her attention. Against your better judgement, you allow your eyes to drift across the room, eyeing the reason for your distracted state.
Wanda and Clint are across the room as he shows her how to shoot an arrow properly. She had mentioned the other day that she’d never tried archery before and he had offered to teach her. The two of them had arrived not long after you and Natasha had started training, and ever since then, you had found it hard to focus.
The way her training gear clung to her, showing off her every curve, had you drooling. The way her chestnut hair was pulled into a ponytail, a few wisps falling free and framing her face. You knew it would smell of peaches, the way it always did when she fell asleep on your shoulder during movie nights. She laughed again at something Clint told her, the sound reaching you across the room and sending a shiver down your spine.
So maybe you had a tiny crush on your teammate, it’s not like it was obvious.
You turned back to Natasha to see her grinning knowingly at you. Ok so maybe it was a little obvious.
“You know what, it all makes sense now,” she teases and you shove her shoulder lightly.
“I said I’m fine,” you repeated, moving to the side of the room to grab your bottle. Maybe some water would help calm the desire you felt pooling in your stomach.
“Hmmmm, I don’t think so,” she continued, ignoring your attempts to brush off the conversation.
“Can we just get back to training?” you pleaded, hoping the promise of kicking your butt would be enough to tempt her.
“Fiiiiine,” she agrees, and you almost sigh in relief, “but no more sparring. I almost feel bad at how easy you are to top today.” She winks at you then, before skipping over to the corner of the room, grabbing a pair of boxing gloves and tossing them to you.
You mutter under your breath about pain in the ass friends as you go to join her, slipping the gloves onto your hands as she holds the bag steady for you.
For the next ten or so minutes you let your frustrations out on the bag, falling into a rhythm. Natasha calls out combinations for you, and you enjoy the satisfying sound of your fist colliding with the leather.
You stop for a break when you’re lungs are screaming for air, walking back over to your drink and raising the bottle to your lips. You look over to Wanda again to find that she and Clint have moved over to the treadmills while you were boxing. As you quench your thirst, you watch as Wanda suddenly pulls her training shirt over her head, leaving her clad in just her sports crop. Even from the other side of the room, you can see the beads of sweat glistening on her skin, her chest heaving as she breathes heavily from the exertion.
You find yourself choking on your drink, spluttering as you try and expel the liquid from your windpipe. You lean over, bracing your hands on your knees as you cough and gasp for air. Natasha rushes over to you, patting your back in an attempt to help you, and you can tell from the expression on her face she knows exactly what happened.
Unfortunately for you, your actions have caught the attention of Wanda. She slows her treadmill before hopping off and quickly walking over, Clint right behind her.
“Are you okay?” she asks as she reaches you, her voice filled with concern.
You have your breathing mostly under control by now, rubbing at your chest lightly. You look up to answer her only to find your eyes level with her chest. You watch as a drop of sweat rolls down her neck and in between the valley of her breasts, which are still in full view thanks to her lack of clothing. You have to fight the urge to follow its path with her tongue.
All you can do is nod dumbly at her question, wrenching your eyes away from her tempting skin and up to her face. If she noticed your staring, she doesn’t give it away. Her eyes are still pinched together in concern.
“Are you sure?” she questions, and you find your eyes drawn to her pursed lips. God, what you wouldn’t do to be able to lean forward and just-
“She’s fine,” Natasha answers for you, and you can practically hear the smirk in her voice, “Rookie here just forgot how to drink water properly.” She slaps your back again for good measure and you turn to glare at her, wanting nothing more than to wipe the smugness from her face.
“Right,” Wanda continues, eyeing the exchange between you and Natasha warily, “well if you’re ok I’m just going to go-” she gestures back to the treadmill before walking off, confusion written all over her face.
Clint is still standing there, arms folded across his chest as he watches you with the same knowing smirk as Natasha.
“Oh fuck off, Barton,” you spit at him as you feel a blush rising up your neck.
Natasha loops her arm around your shoulder, pulling you in close to her side in an act of camaraderie.
“Yeah, fuck off Barton,” she repeats as she rubs your arm comfortingly. “She can’t help it if she’s drowning in her lust for Wanda,” she coos at you and you shove her off you.
“Leave me alone,” you whine like a child as the two of them laugh at you.
“Aw, sorry babe,” she mocks, linking her arm with Clint, “it’s not our fault you need to get laid.”
“Screw you guys,” you say, but there’s no venom to your tone. You walk over and grab your headphones from your bag before you turn towards the door. “I’m going for a run,” you inform them as you start your music and head outside, hoping that the loud bass in your ears would distract you from the ache that had settled between your legs.
You sigh as you walk into your room an hour later, dropping your headphones on your bed and heading for your attached bathroom. Your body feels slick with sweat, your legs aching after you pushed them to their limit. You can still feel your heart beating wildly in your chest as you quickly strip and hop into the shower.
You wash yourself slowly, your limbs exhausted after a strenuous day. You don’t regret it though, the run helped clear your head, pushing thoughts of Wanda from your mind.
The late afternoon sun bathes your bedroom in an orange glow as you pad back into your room, your movements sluggish as you pull on an old T-shirt and a pair of sleep shorts. You dry your hair quickly, letting it fall naturally, too tired to do anything with it.
You look at your bed longingly, your eyes feeling heavy. Maybe a nap before dinner couldn’t hurt, you decide as you lie down on top of the covers. The sun warms you as you snuggle into the pillow, sleep claiming you quickly.
You feel the featherlight touch of her fingers on your thigh, drifting higher and higher at an agonising pace. You try to quicken her pace, reaching for her wrist to guide it where you need it most.
“Not yet,” she whispers against your lips, and you can feel them curl into a smile as you whimper at her words.
She moves her hand back to your knee and begins the whole torturous process again. By the time she reaches the apex of your thighs, you’re panting into her mouth. Her finger glides across your folds, collecting the moisture there before finding your clit, drawing lazy circles around it as you moan beneath her.
She leaves your lips, her mouth trailing wet, hot kisses down your neck. She continues lower, down over your breasts, teasing your nipples with her tongue as she slowly applies more pressure with her finger. You move your hips, trying to increase the friction as she moves her lips lower, over your stomach and towards where you need her most.
You look down at her as she settles between your thighs, her eyes hungrily watching her finger as it slides down slowly, teasing your entrance.
Wanda locks eyes with you as she leans forward, her tongue pressing firmly-
You wake with a start, panting from your dream, the images so vivid in your mind. You shift legs, groaning as you feel the wetness between your legs, the friction doing nothing to calm your racing heart.
Still disoriented from your nap, you run your hand down to the hem of your shirt, slowly dragging it up your torso. You gasp as you expose your chest, the cool air hitting your flushed skin. Your nipples are already hard, and as you rub your palm over one of the sensitive nubs your stomach clenches.
You recall the way it felt when dream Wanda teased your nipples as you cup your breast in your hand, firmly kneading the flesh as you try to recall the details of your dream. Your other hand trails along the waist of your sleep shorts, before slipping inside. You move your hand lower, encountering the slick wetness, gathering it with your finger before pressing it against your clit.
You’re still worked up from your dream and you know it won’t take you long to fall over the edge. You imagine what it would feel like to have Wanda’s mouth on you as you increase the pressure with your finger, the familiar coil building in your stomach.
Your grinding against your hand, your moans rising in volume as you near the edge, your hand alternating between your breasts, tweaking your nipples and sending jolts down your spine. You press your finger inside, pumping it a few times before adding a second, the heel of your hand pressing firmly against your clit.
Your breath is coming out in short pants now, a light sweat has broken out on your skin as you climb higher and higher. Just as your release is about to wash over you, you hear the doorknob twist before someone walks in.
“Hey, Y/N, I was just wondering if you had seen-” Wanda freezes as she takes in the scene before her, her eyes wide, her words dying in her throat.
You hastily remove your hand from your shorts, scrambling to pull your shirt back down to cover yourself, sitting up on the bed. Your breath leaves you in a whoosh, all traces of your orgasm disappearing.
There’s a few seconds of silence, the two of you staring at each other wide-eyed. You’re still panting, your mind a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.
Wanda seems to collect her thoughts first, squeaking out an apology as she turns and flees the room. You groan as you fall back onto the mattress, covering your face in your hands in embarrassment.
You were frustrated at yourself for getting carried away. You would normally lock the door when indulging in some alone time, knowing how often someone would walk into your room without knocking.
As if to illustrate the point, your door opens again and Natasha comes bounding inside. She flops beside you on the bed, tugging your hands away from your face and smiling sweetly down at you.
“Dinner’s ready in five,” she tells you, before leaning over and placing a kiss on your cheek, rolling off the bed and leaving the room just as quickly as she had come in.
You want to groan again, dreading the thought of having to sit through dinner with the whole team, with Wanda. But you know there’s no avoiding it. Natasha had this thing about eating together like a family, and unless you were on your deathbed, no excuse would get you out of it.
Sighing, you climb off your bed, before walking back to your bathroom and washing up for dinner, changing into a pair of jeans and your favourite shirt before walking towards your door.
Let’s get this over with, you think to yourself as you head out towards the kitchen, feeling as though you were marching toward your execution.
You’re quiet throughout dinner, shovelling food into your mouth in an attempt to get out of there as fast as you can. Luckily for you, Sam is home from a recent mission, so between his animated retelling of what he’d been up to and constant bickering with Bucky, you were able to keep the attention away from you.
You couldn’t bring yourself to look at Wanda, knowing that if you did you would probably die from embarrassment. Just the thought of ever having to talk to her again has your ears burning red.
There’s a lull in the conversation, and you’re hoping that you’ll be able to sneak off back to your room soon, most of the dishes on the table lying empty.
“So, Y/N,” Sam says, directing everyone’s eyes to you, “where were you today. I didn’t see you when I got back.”
“Oh um,” you begin, for once not enjoying the attention, “I went for a run then had a nap.” You answer his question with a shrug, and thankfully he accepts your answer with a nod, turning to Steve to engage him in a discussion.
You miss the way Clint eyes still watch you, his head tilted as if he were working out a difficult problem in his mind. “You’re awfully quiet tonight,” he says thoughtfully, bringing everyone’s attention back to you, “everything okay?”
Before you can answer you hear Natasha snort beside you, and you want to kick her under the table.
“She’s just a little worked up,” she says, grinning at Clint and ignoring the way you’re glaring at her. “Like I told you earlier, she just needs to get laid.”
This time you do kick her leg, getting some satisfaction in the way she flinches. “Natasha!” you cry out as she looks at you, a smug smile on her face.
“What it’s true,” she says matter of factly, “how long has it been since you broke up with whats-her-face? Six, seven months?”
“I hate you,” you mutter as you drop your hands into your face, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks.
To your horror, Sam joins in on the conversation now. “Seven months?” his voice sounds shocked, “that’s a long time to go without an orgasm.”
“Oh, I’ve seen the way she bulk buys batteries,” Natasha tells him, and you try to kick her again but she moves out of your reach, “trust me, she’s getting plenty of orgasms.” Her smile is mischievous, her eyes twinkling playfully.
“Seriously?” you question her indignantly, “at the dinner table?”
“What?” she replies her face the picture of innocence, “everyone’s finished anyway. Now tell me, when’s the last time you fucked someone?” She leans forward, placing her chin in her hands as she waits for your answer.
You growl in frustration, standing up and glaring at her. “I’m leaving,” you state before you turn around and storm off down the hall, ignoring the laughs that follow you.
Truth be told you weren’t really annoyed at Natasha, it wasn’t the first time the topic of conversation had turned to sex in the house. You normally laughed and joked along with them, even when it was at your own expense. Tonight was different though, you were still frustrated from not finishing earlier and to top it off your feelings for Wanda were really starting to mess with your head.
You stomped into your room, closing the door behind you and flopping onto your bed, burying your face in your pillow and letting out an infuriated scream. Feeling better after your outburst, you roll onto your back, turning on your TV and hoping that the sitcom playing would be enough to distract you from your day.
About half an hour later you hear a quiet knock at your door, and you sit up pausing the TV. You assume that it’s Natasha on the other side. This was her usual routine, she’d piss you off and then after giving you some time to cool down she’d come to apologise to you.
“Come in,” you call out, trying to decide how hard you were going to make Natasha work for your forgiveness.
All your thoughts fly out of your head, however, when you see Wanda poke her head around your door.
“Hi,” she says quietly, closing the door behind her and leaning against it.
“Hi,” you reply, not quite meeting her eyes.
The two of you pause for a few seconds, the air thick with tension and awkwardness.
“I’m sorry,” you both blurt out at the same time, before chuckling slightly.
“I should have knocked,” Wanda tells you, a blush staining her cheeks. You find yourself wondering how far her blush spreads down her neck.
“I should have locked the door,” you respond, shaking your head to clear it of the lust that had settled there once again. “I normally do, I just woke up from a dream and got a little carried away.” You groan internally at your lack of filter, but something about the woman just made you want to confess everything to her.
Wanda smiles softly at you, coming to sit on the edge of your bed. You gulp at her sudden proximity, she’s close enough now for you to reach out and touch.
“Must have been some dream,” she jokes, her voice wrapping around you, drawing you in. You nod at her statement, feeling the room grow hotter around you. She looks down at the bed then, watching her fingers as they trace patterns on your blanket.
She takes a deep breath as if working up the courage for her next words. Looking up at you from under her lashes, her voice is almost a whisper. “Who were you dreaming about?” she asks, and the way she’s looking at you makes you feel as though you are on fire. Her tongue darts out to wet her bottom lip and you’re distracted by the action. That’s the only reason you can think of to explain why you utter the next word.
“You,” you breathe out and her eyes snap to yours, her pupils dilating. You’re locked in her gaze, trapped by the green orbs.
She leans in slowly then, and you forget to breathe. Her eyes stay locked on yours, holding you in place. When her lips are an inch from yours you watch as her eyes flutter closed, and you let yours do the same.
She presses her lips against yours firmly, cupping your cheek gently in her hands. You kiss her back, moving your lips with hers, shivering at the tingles that spread throughout your entire body.
She pulls back after a moment, biting her lip and looking at you nervously. You sit there stunned, unable to form a coherent thought.
“I’m sorry I interrupted earlier,” she tells you, leaning forward and placing another chaste kiss on your lips, pulling back far too quickly for your liking. “I feel bad that you didn’t get to finish. You looked stressed at training today.”
“Oh, um,” you stumble over your words, remembering your behaviour in the training room, “it’s okay.”
“I could help if you want?” she offers, leaning in again to press her lips to yours.
Surely I’m dreaming, you think to yourself. There’s no way she just said what I think she did. You don’t have time to answer her before she’s leaning back.
“Sorry, that was dumb,” she says, and you feel the disappointment bloom in your chest. She looks at you again, her gaze tender. “What I meant was,” she continues, kissing a trail up to your ear, “I want to help. If that’s okay?” she whispers into your ear, before nibbling the skin underneath, sending a surge of want straight to your core.
“More than okay,” you gasp out as she trails kisses down your neck and you feel her smile against your skin.
She kisses you again, and this time it’s a kiss full of desperation and want. She shifts on the bed, angling her body against yours and pushing you to gently lie back on the mattress. You’re more than happy to follow her lead, drunk on the feeling of her lips on yours.
She rests some of her weight against you, her warm body pressed against yours has moisture pooling between your legs. You tangle your hands in her hair while she props herself up on one elbow, using the other arm to lazily trail her hand up your side.
When her thumb brushes the underside of your breast, you gasp into the kiss and she takes the opportunity to plunge her tongue into your mouth. The feeling of her tongue dancing with yours leaves you reeling, and you find yourself wishing for this moment to never end.
When the need for air becomes too much, she tears her mouth from yours, moving her attention to your neck while you lie there gasping for breath. She nibbles at your collarbone and you rub your thighs together, desperate for some friction.
As if sensing your need, she shifts again, placing one of her legs between yours, her thigh pressing firmly against your core. You moan at the contact, grinding against her leg as you pull her face back to yours.
The kiss is frantic now, the desire building between the two of you. You can feel Wandas’ fingers dancing along the hemline of your shirt before she slips her hand underneath, moving up your torso until she finds your breast. You moan into her mouth at the contact, pushing your chest firmly into her hand. She sighs at the feeling, before reaching back down to start tugging your shirt up. You sit up to help her, breaking the kiss for a second to pull it over your head and discarding it.
Her lips are back on yours in an instant as she reaches around to unclasp your bra, pulling the straps down your arms. You’re tugging at her shirt now, wanting to feel her skin against yours. She sits back, her eyes drinking in you sitting there half naked as she quickly removes the item.
As soon as it’s thrown to the floor you tug her back to you, leaning back and pulling her with you, attaching your lips to her neck. She moans as you lick a path to her ear, tasting the slightly salty skin beneath your tongue. She rests more of her weight on you, and you sigh at the feeling of her bare skin pressed against yours, the lace of her bra scratching against your sensitive nipples.
She lifts her head to look into your eyes, the way she’s looking down at you has you pausing. She’s panting slightly, her hair a mess from your hands, her face flushed, and her lips are swollen and red from your kisses. In this moment you swear she has never looked more beautiful. You smile at her and she returns it, leaning down and kissing you softly.
All of the urgency is gone now, and you kiss languidly for several minutes, the room filled with soft sighs from the two of you. If you could freeze time and live in this moment forever you would. Your hands are drawing lazy patterns on her back, sending shivers down her spine, while her hands frame your face.
Eventually, the kisses begin to heat up again. Wanda reaches between you and flicks the button of your jeans open, your stomach clenching as she lowers the zipper down. She reaches inside your panties, pulling back to watch you with hooded eyes. Her eyes hold you captive as she trails her hand lower, her finger finding you wet and wanting.
She presses her finger firmly against your clit, causing you to gasp and arch your back. She’s still watching your face as she rubs at the bundle of nerves, working you closer to the edge. You would normally feel self-conscious at the way she watches you so intently while she touches you so intimately, but all it does is ignite the fire in your belly more.
You were already so worked up from the day that it doesn’t take you long until you’re close, moans falling from your lips as Wanda takes you higher. You try to keep your eyes on hers, but the pleasure soon becomes too much and they close.
“That’s it,” she murmurs, her soft accented voice wrapping around you, “let me make you feel good.”
It’s all too much, the coiling tightening until you feel like you’re going to snap. She moves her finger faster now, applying the perfect amount of pressure to drive you wild.
“Open your eyes for me малышка,” she breathes, her tone commanding, “I want to see you when you come undone for me.”
You do as she says, opening your eyes and looking at her. She rewards you by pressing her finger against you harder and combined with the expression on her face, you find yourself tipping over the edge. You cry out as waves of please wash over you, as she continues to work you through your orgasm.
Her finger slows as the last few aftershocks rip through you, and if you weren’t so blissed out you’d be embarrassed by how fast she was able to make you fall apart. She removes her hand from your pants and leans forward to kiss you again until you’re breathless.
“Wow,” you breathe out as she pulls away, a satisfied smile on her face.
“I’m only just getting started,” she informs you as she works her mouth down your neck again. Your stomach flutters, want and desire burning through you again. She moves her lips across your chest, using her tongue and teeth on your breasts to turn you into a panting mess beneath her. She moves her mouth lower, kissing across your stomach, and you feel your heart speed up in anticipation.
She tugs on the top of your pants, and you lift your hips to help her remove them. She pulls them off and you’re left in nothing but your panties. She kisses your knee, trailing her lips up your inner thigh slowly, the pace driving you crazy. Just as she’s about to arrive where you want her, she moves to your other knee and repeats the process. By the time she makes it back up, you’re just about ready to beg.
She hooks her fingers into the top of your underwear, slowly pulling them down your legs and then settling between your thighs. She looks up at you, her breath hot against your sensitive flesh.
“Please Wanda,” you plead, your hips moving to try to bring her closer to where you want her.
“Tell me what you want,” she whispers, pursing her lips and blowing lightly against you, the cool air on your overheated centre causing you to jerk in response. She smiles up at you innocently, as if she wasn’t slowly killing you.
“Y-you,” you stutter out, too far gone to care about how desperate you sound.
“You’ll have to be more specific sweetheart,” she coos, trailing her hands up your thighs now, her touch setting you on fire.
“Your mouth,” you gasp as she uses her fingers to spread you open, her eyes looking at your glistening folds hungrily.
“Where?” she questions, and you almost want to cry in frustration. “Here?” She leans forward and presses a soft kiss against your clit, not hard enough to give you any relief, but just enough to leave you whimpering. “Or here?” she whispers as she leans forward again and moves her tongue around your entrance, barely dipping inside.
“Yes,” you cry out, your voice sounding strangled.
She must take pity on you then, not asking you to clarify before she moves forward again, pressing her tongue inside you.
“Oh god,” you cry out, your eyes rolling back in your head at the sensation. The firm muscle pushing inside you and exploring your centre has your hips rising from the bed trying to get it deeper. Wanda brought one of her hands up, holding your hips still as she sets a relentless pace with her tongue, her nose brushing over your clit every so often.
After a few minutes, she moved higher, dragging her tongue up your folds before reaching your clit, sucking the sensitive nub into her mouth. She pressed a finger into you slowly, letting your heat envelope it. She pumped it a few times as she swirled her tongue around your clit, and you could have sworn you saw stars.
“More,” you cry out, your voice low with desire and she obliges. She adds another finger to the first, filling you as she pumps them in and out. You move your hips in time with her thrusts, feeling the coil tightening again as your breathing becomes erratic.
“Please, please Wanda,” you don’t know what you’re begging for, you just know that you’re so close and you don’t ever want her to stop. Wanda hums against you, the vibration on your clit drawing you closer to your release, and when she curls her fingers inside of you, you clamp down on them, crying out her name loudly as your thighs tighten around her. She presses a few quick kisses against your clit, her fingers still pumping inside of you as you ride out your orgasm.
After what feels like an eternity you still, your legs loosening their grip on her shoulders. She slowly withdraws her fingers and you whimper slightly. Her eyes are locked on yours as she brings the digits to her lips, cleaning them with her tongue. She kisses back up your body while you try to regain the use of your limbs. She reaches your lips, placing light pecks there until you grab her by the back of the head and press your lips firmly together.
You push your tongue into her mouth, the taste of yourself on her tongue causing you to moan into her mouth. She straddles your thigh, and you can feel the rough material of her pants on your skin as she grinds against you, seeking her own friction.
You reach between you and fumble with the button, your fingers frantic. “Too many clothes,” you complain against her mouth and she laughs in response.
She bats your hands away, quickly undoing them while you unhook her bra. You sit up with her on your lap as it falls away, latching onto her breast as your hand massages the other, causing her to gasp, the pace of her hips picking up against your thigh. She clutches your head to her chest and you shower her breasts with attention, your hands sinking into her back pockets to guide her hips faster against you.
You hear her breathing pick up, small moans escaping her lips. Her eyes are closed and you watch her as she throws her head back. You take the opportunity while she’s distracted to flip her, and her eyes fly open as her back hits the mattress.
You lean in to kiss her quickly, murmuring a sultry “my turn,” against her lips before you descend down her body. You make quick work of her remaining clothes and then suddenly she’s bare before you, her legs open as you fall between them.
You lean in eagerly, licking a stripe up her soaked centre and she cries out as you hum at the sweet taste of her. You find her clit, swirling your tongue around it as her hands find your hair, pushing your face further into her. You waste no time, slowly pushing a finger inside her, moaning at the feel of her tight, wet heat surrounding you.
You pump it a few times before adding a second, feeling her stretch around you. You press your fingers into her again and again, using your mouth on her clit to bring her to ecstasy. She’s moaning wantonly, moving her hips in time with your fingers. You curl them inside of her, feeling her clench around you while she cries out. So you do it again, pressing against the spot that drives her wild, sucking hard on her clit. She’s close now, you can tell, your name falling from her lips over and over again like a prayer.
With one final press inside her, your teeth nibbling on the bundle of nerves, you feel her walls tighten around you as she cries out your name loudly. You continue to pump your fingers as she rides out her release, lapping at the sweet juices that coat her. As she comes down you remove your fingers, cleaning them off with your tongue as you rise back up the bed toward her.
She kisses you slowly, the two of you blissed out and tired from your activities. You lie down next to her, and she gathers you in her arms, your head resting on her chest and your legs tangling over the blanket.
You can hear the steady pounding of her heart below your ear, and the sound almost lulls you to sleep.
“So,” she says, and you can hear the nerves in her voice, “that happened.”
“Mhmmm,” you reply, unsure of where she was going with this. You hoped that it wasn’t just a one time thing for her, a way to blow off some steam, never to be spoken of again.
“Maybe I should go,” she suggests, and you sit up to look at her. She rises onto her elbows, looking just over your shoulder and you catch the apprehension in her expression.
“Or,” you say, your fingers joining with hers on the bed, causing her eyes to snap to yours, “you could stay?”
The way she smiles at you makes your heart sing, and you want to spend your days making her smile like that.
“Yeah?” she breathes out, a hopeful expression on her face.
“Yeah,” you reply, before leaning in and kissing her sweetly. This kiss holds none of the urgency from before but it still leaves you breathless.
The two of you clean up, slipping naked under the covers together. You move back to rest against her chest, twining your legs with hers beneath the blankets. Your arm is slung around her waist while she strokes her fingers up and down your back. You sigh at the feeling of contentment you feel, sure that nothing could ruin this moment.
As if on queue the door to your room suddenly opens, Natasha walking in with a bottle of wine in her hands.
“Alright, did I cross a line? Maybe.” She doesn’t even spare a glance at your bed as she walks over to your desk, placing two glasses down before turning around to continue. “But I bring an apology in the form of wine so you can’t stay mad at-” she stops suddenly as she takes in the sight before her.
A wicked grin crosses her face and you just know that she’s about to say something awful. “Glad you took my advice about getting laid,” she snickered, “maybe now you’ll stop being so damn moody all the time.”
You would normally be annoyed by her comment, but at this moment you can’t find it in you to care about her teasing.
“Whatever Romanoff,” you responded, “you’re just jealous.”
“As if,” she counters and you roll your eyes at her.
“Whatever you say,” you shrug as Wanda giggles beneath you. “Now if you don’t mind,” you continue as you lift your head, looking down at Wanda tenderly, “I may just need to take your advice again.” You lean down and press your lips to Wandas, ignoring the huff of your friend as she storms out of the room.
You laugh, pulling away from Wanda and winking at her. You sit up quickly and swing your legs over the side of the bed, walking over to your door.
“Where are you going?” she questions, and you look over at her. She’s sitting up, the sheet pooled around her waist, her mussed hair and swollen lips making her look freshly fucked. She was gorgeous and she was all yours.
“Nowhere,” you reply, flicking the lock on your door, “I just have some important plans and I’d hate to be interrupted again.” You smile at her and her returning grin has you running and jumping back into bed, getting lost in Wanda all over again.
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frostedfaves · 4 months ago
Dark Paradise
Pairing: dark!WandaNat x fem!reader
Summary: You meet the infamous Avengers on spring break with your best friend Peter, and two of them seem to adore you more than expected. Requested here by my lovely 🐞anon.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY!!! dark themes, manipulation, mind control, blackmailing, age gap (reader is 21), dubcon (saying this just to be safe because Wanda uses her powers for evil a lot here), smut: oral, fingering, penetration/sex toy use, voyeurism (kinda), edging, overstimulation (if I forgot something please let me know!)
A/N: hi this is 6k words, which is the longest single fic I’ve ever written/posted here haha. also the end is not technically the end, if you know what I mean. anyway this took forever to write so enjoy this super far from canon fic and please tell me what you thought!! (also if you’re on my taglist and you weren’t tagged it’s because your age wasn’t in your bio)
“Here, let me take that for you,” Peter offers when he notices you headed toward the car, and you hand your suitcase to him with a smile.
“Thanks, P.”
You close the car door behind you after getting in on the passenger side, instantly reaching for his phone resting on the dashboard once you were buckled in. The two of you had an unspoken rule that you controlled the music whenever you traveled together, so his library was filled with various playlists you’d created simply because you didn’t trust him not to listen to the same five songs for the rest of his life.
“This is different,” Peter comments as he gets in on the driver’s side and catches the opening notes to an upbeat song. “I thought you were going to go with something calmer to help you sleep, like you usually do.”
“Well, I’m not usually going to meet the Avengers, so I’m too nervous to sleep.” You turn to pout at him as he drives off. “Is it too late to cancel?”
“Don’t even think about it. If I show up without you, everyone will think you’re imaginary.”
“Do they think you can’t make any friends outside of Ned?” you question as you open a bottle of water. “Because they’re not wrong.”
“I can make friends!” Peter whines and a quiet snorting sound escapes you. 
“You can’t use me as an example.”
“Why not?”
“Because we’re not actually friends.”
He picks up on your teasing nature and rolls his eyes, causing you to laugh as you lean back and settle into your seat more. You had well over three hours to stress about spending a week with the world’s most popular superheroes, and you’d rather be comfortable while you do so.
“Wake up, we’re here!”
Your eyes fly open at the sound of Peter’s voice, and any of the nerves that left long enough to let you sleep made a U-turn and hit you again, full force. Sitting up straight in the seat, you practice breathing properly while stretching and taking a look around as he pulls into the garage.
“Are you okay?” Peter asks once he parks, placing a hand over yours as he meets your gaze and you smile.
“I’ll be fine, P. I’m not gonna miss out on hanging out with you just because your super family is super intimidating.”
“Good. Besides, it won’t even be that bad! I’m willing to bet $1 million that they’ll love you.”
“I appreciate your optimism,” you tell him as the two of you get out of the car. “But you’re going to regret that bet when I use your money to retire early in some faraway rural town.”
Peter carried both suitcases as you made your way to an elevator, and you jumped when you suddenly heard a male voice.
“Welcome, Mr. Parker and Ms. L/N.”
“What is that?” you questioned as you faced Peter with wide eyes and he chuckled. 
“You’re hearing Jarvis, Mr. Stark’s AI. Hey Jarvis, can you take us to the common room, please?”
“Right away, Mr. Parker.”
“This is so cool,” you comment as you look around the suddenly moving elevator. “How does it know my name?”
“Knowing everything is kind of its job, I guess.”
“Underoos!” a voice calls as soon as the doors open, quickly revealing itself to belong to Tony Stark as his gaze lands on you next. “So she is real.”
“I told you!” Peter defends as you step off the elevator together. “Mr. Stark, this is Y/N.”
“Nice to meet you, kid,” Tony greets you with a shake of your hand. “I’m glad he found you. I was starting to worry that he’d build a robot to spend the rest of his life with.”
“I’m just his best friend, so it’s still possible.”
“Is this your friend, Peter?” Steve cuts off Peter’s response as he enters the room, moving to shake your hand next. “I’m Steve. Nice to meet you.”
“Okay, I’m going to show her to our rooms and then we’ll be back for dinner,” Peter tells everyone once you’d been introduced to Pepper, Bruce and Clint as well, and you’re about to head for the elevator again when someone interrupts.
“How about we take her down to her room instead?”
Your eyes widen as you watch none other than Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff enter the room hand in hand. Natasha’s hair seemed much longer than the last time she’d been in the public eye, but her all-knowing smirk was just the same and her green eyes were even more piercing in person. You noticed a bit of red glowing in Wanda’s eyes, which faded as she probably realized you’d seen, and you couldn’t help but wonder if that meant she hated you already.
“I know what you’re up to, Red.” Tony seemed accusatory as he pointed a finger at the pair. “You can’t bribe her into helping you cheat tonight.”
“Maybe I planned on giving her tips for surviving this testosterone filled tower.” 
Natasha steps forward and grabs your hand with her free one, and with a flick of her wrist, Wanda has your suitcase floating in front of you as they lead you into the elevator.
“Sorry to whisk you away like that,” Wanda apologizes as the doors close with her head tilted to see you past Natasha. “We’re just excited to meet a new woman here.”
“No, it’s okay!” you insist breathlessly, your nerves slowly returning as Natasha lightly squeezes your hand. “I’m actually really excited to meet the two of you.”
“You know who we are?”
“Well, I wouldn’t say that I know you personally, but I know that you’re one of the original team members.” You make eye contact briefly with Natasha before turning to Wanda. “And because the news stations somehow get ahold of everything, I know you joined after you helped everyone stop Ultron before he could create that indestructible body and destroy the world.”
“Yes, that’s true. Although I wish I could’ve saved my brother, too.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you lost him...or that you even had a brother.”
“It’s okay,” Wanda assures you with a smile as she lets go of Natasha, shifting to the other side of the elevator to grab your free hand. “I asked Fury to keep Pietro a secret because I didn’t want to see or hear any negative opinions from people that never even met him.”
“And we have plenty of time to get to know each other,” Natasha chimes in as the doors open to reveal a new setting. “This is our floor. We set up a spare bedroom here so we can spend time together away from the boys...when you’re not with Peter, of course.”
“Yeah, that’d be great!” 
They lead you past their living room and kitchen, and you shamelessly admire the simple decor with little personal touches spread about. Turning into a hallway, Natasha walks ahead of you and Wanda to open a door to a bedroom.
“What do you think?” she asks with a smile that widens upon seeing your expression. “I’m guessing it’s good, then.”
“It’s perfect!” you cry out as you walk past to enter the room, immediately noticing the eggshell colored walls trimmed with your favorite color along the borders. “Wow, this is four times the size of a normal bedroom. Wait a minute.”
“Do you like it?” Wanda asks when she sees you pick up the glass figurine on the nightstand. “Peter mentioned your love of this animal and I have a whole collection of them from different places.”
“Like it? I love it! I have the same one in my dorm room!”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I can get you a different one.” She steps forward as she brings your suitcase to the floor beside the bed and you hug the small object close to your chest. 
“Like I said, it’s perfect,” you assure her with a grin, which brings one to her own face.
“Well, I’m glad you’re happy with the set up. When you’re ready to head up to dinner, we’ll be waiting by the elevator. Also, if you ever need anything, our room is right across the hall.”
Natasha points to the closed door a few feet away, and you acknowledge her statement with a nod before they leave the room, closing your door nearly all the way behind them. You flop down on the bed with a dreamy sigh as you gaze up at the ceiling with a night sky painted on it.
“I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave this place.”
On the elevator ride up to join everyone for dinner, Natasha and Wanda take turns asking you questions about your classes and any friends you’d made, what you liked to do when you weren’t studying. You had to admit that the level of interest they had with you was shocking but flattering, especially when they insisted you sit between them at the table to continue your conversation.
“You don’t seem to be nervous anymore,” Peter acknowledges as you sit down, and Wanda faces you immediately.
“Were you nervous about meeting us?”
“Well, yeah,” you answer timidly, avoiding catching anyone’s curious glances by directing a glare toward Peter. “You might be normal people in here, but to the rest of the world, you’re portrayed as powerful and untouchable beings.”
“Maybe when they’re not talking about how much damage we’ve caused,” Bruce mumbles under his breath as the elevator doors opened again. 
“I’m here, I’m here!” a voice calls as footsteps hurry toward the dining area, and Sam Wilson is revealed as he rounds the corner. “Sorry, I’m late. I was--”
“On a date, we know. You only told us that 500 times.”
“Don’t be jealous, old man. You’re married.” Sam grins at Clint as he sits next to him before his attention turns to you. “Do we have a newbie?”
“No, Mr. Wilson. This is my best friend, Y/N.”
“Call me Sam, kid.” He smiles at you as he goes for his silverware, and you’re just about to acknowledge him when his expression suddenly turns serious. “I’m sorry. You’re not a kid. You’re an independent and capable adult, and I should address you as such.”
“What the hell was that?”
“I don’t know.” Sam clears his throat and shakes his head as if he was clearing his mind. “I just suddenly felt the need to correct myself…You have any powers we should know about, Y/N?”
“No!” you quickly respond with widened eyes. “I wasn’t going to say anything, actually. I’m pretty used to older people calling me kid by now.”
From your left side, Natasha asks Clint to recall an embarrassing tale for you and the table livens up again, but you can’t seem to move past the unsettling way Sam shifted gears from calm and casual to uptight and disciplined. The image stayed with you through the rest of dinner even after he seemed to fully recover, until dishes were cleared away and replaced with games, and you suddenly had a lot more to focus on.
“I just don’t think it’s fair that he gets to be on your team again when I haven’t had him once.”
“Is anything fair with the guy who could use his personalized AI to cheat for him?”
“Could I do that? Yes. But have I done that? Maybe.”
“Wanna grab some fresh air with us?” Natasha suddenly asks you, causing you to frown.
“Aren’t we about to play another game?”
“It’ll take them another half hour before they finally decide something,” Wanda assures you as her fingers thread through yours gently. “We have plenty of time, and they won’t even notice we’re gone.”
They lead you by the hand to the elevator once more, going up a few floors before leading you out onto a balcony. Because you were so much higher than most of the surrounding buildings, there was an incredible view of the sun that was probably minutes away from disappearing to the other side of the world. The air is chillier than when you’d arrived, but you had to admit that standing in the cool breeze is worth a few goosebumps on your skin. Your hands are released as you reach a bench near the ledge, and you climb over it to sit as the other two women settle on either side of you.
“Why did Peter decide to share his secret with you?”
“Technically he didn’t,” you recall with a laugh. “He’d gone out to deal with something that activated his spider sense or whatever and I came to his dorm room to sleep after an exam because I was too tired to walk all the way to my place. Anyway, I walk in at the same time he’s coming back in through the window, and I swear we both sat there for a full two minutes before either of us could think of anything to say.”
“It’s still very nice of you to keep such a big secret for him,” Natasha praises, and your laughter quiets down as you take in her words.
“I guess I just know what it feels like to not want your life to change drastically because of one thing.” Your gaze shifts between the women for a moment. “That reminds me, I wanted to ask--”
“Wait, look at this!” Wanda quickly cuts you off with an enthusiastic grin. “You’re about to witness one of my favorite things about living here.”
She directs you to lean over and look at the streets as the sun finally disappears over the horizon, and you can’t help the small gasp that escapes you. Street lights begin turning on at what seems to be the center of the city and quickly spreading, increasing the radius of well-lit neighborhoods by the second. It was a mesmerizing sight that--until every lamp was on--nearly made you forget the question you were building toward.
“That was so cool!” you express honestly before clearing your throat awkwardly. “So I wanted to ask if the two of you were dating...or in a relationship or whatever. I mean, I don’t want to assume anything of course, just wondering because you share a room and floor, and you seem to be really into holding hands.”
“Well, I’d never really been into holding hands or a lot of other forms of affection before I met Wanda, but she seemed to flip some switch inside of me.” Natasha admitted with a bashful chuckle as she glanced at Wanda before turning to study you. “And your hands are so perfect to hold.”
“To answer your question, we are together.” Wanda rests a hand on your thigh and casts a sweet smile in your direction when you face her again. “Natasha was the first to give me a chance after everything with Ultron, and initially I thought I was just feeling grateful to receive some type of positive attention from someone other than Pietro. It wasn’t until Tash called me out on staring at her lips that I realized I wanted more than friendship.”
“The only reason I did was to confirm she was feeling the same things I’d finally come to terms with myself.” Natasha chuckles as Wanda sends over a bit of red mist to squeeze her own thigh. “What about you, love?”
“What about me?”
“Do you think you’re feeling more than friendship for Peter?”
“Oh no,” you quickly denied with a chuckle. “He’s the perfect example of a great boyfriend, but not my boyfriend. Plus I’d rather not have the same experience as MJ did.”
“What do you mean?”
“You know, the ‘close friends to a relationship that ends with each person pretending the other doesn’t exist’ experience. I’d rather not.”
“Yeah, that does sound messy,” Natasha sighs as she subtly rests her hand on your other thigh. “So you’re not looking for a great boyfriend. What are you looking for then?”
“Nothing really, at least until I finish school, but having a girlfriend would be nice. I’d like to be with someone that respects me and can take care of themselves when I’m not around, because I tried the ‘caring for someone’ thing and it sucks when they don’t put in the same effort that you do.”
“Maybe you should try someone older, more mature,” Natasha suggests as she shifts to squeeze your knee lightly, and you start to feel a bit nervous about where she’s going with this. “Maybe two people that already have their shit together and would go to the ends of the earth to please you.”
“Okay, um…” You push both of their hands away with a bit of difficulty. “You both seem great and you’re incredibly attractive, but I’m not really interested.”
“Don’t worry about it, detka.” Natasha pushes your shoulder down as you try to get up, and Wanda cups your cheek with her hand.
“You may not be interested now…” She stands with Natasha and leans in to kiss your forehead, letting her lips linger on your skin as she continues. “But you will be.”
She pulls away and winks before lacing her fingers through Natasha’s as they leave the balcony, and you gasp in air as the tension they’d built seems to exit behind them. You finally decide to head back once you’ve taken a few minutes to catch your breath and calm your shaking limbs, but you wonder how long the calm will truly last.
You found yourself waking up suddenly and practically flying into a sitting position as if someone had pulled you up, but luckily the room is empty. You sit for a moment to catch your breath and survey your surroundings to assure you’re truly alone, and you notice your door is cracked right before you hear an unidentifiable sound.
Despite every fiber of your being screaming at you as one would do to a character in a horror film, you decide to climb out of bed to investigate what you were hearing, justifying your actions with the excuse of seeing if your floor-mates were in danger, as if you could save them. A few seconds after opening your door fully and peeking out made you realize that they were more than okay.
“Fuck! Right there, please don’t stop.”
“Such a dirty mouth, malyshka.”
You’re quick to return the door to its cracked position, leaning against the nearby wall with wide eyes as you attempt to process the image across the hall. The bedroom door sits wide open, giving you the chance to examine every inch of bare skin of the two women spread across the bed, Wanda resting on her arched back with her hands in Natasha’s red hair buried between her legs. Her moans seem to raise in volume, pitch and frequency as she’s brought closer and closer to the edge, and you ignore the warm feeling in your lower abdomen as you hurry back to bed and throw a pillow over your exposed ear.
“Good morning.”
Your free hand quickly shoots upward to catch your water glass as it slipped through your fingers in your moment of shock, and you try not to make a deal of hearing two sets of footsteps headed toward the kitchen.
“How’d you sleep last night? I know how scary it can be to rest your eyes in a new place.”
“I think I did pretty well,” you answer quietly as you step away from the fridge and lean against a section of the counter that faces out into the rest of the room. “The bed’s really nice.”
“You’re lying,” Wanda accuses as she crosses the room, eyes turning red and hands lifting toward your face.
“What are you--”
“Couldn’t sleep because of us, right?” She chuckles when you go limp under her touch, and Natasha ducks between the two of you to save your glass for the second time. “Did you enjoy hearing us that much?”
“You did sound really good,” you tell her with a drowsy smile as she pins you against the counter to keep you from falling.
“I bet you wish you were in my place, don’t you?” Her tone is light and teasing at first, becoming a bit stern as she shifts to push her thigh between your legs and you instantly roll your hips against the pressure. “Or maybe you want to taste me while Natasha fucks you?”
“No?!” she fires back immediately, leaving a red mist around your temples as she grabs your waist with both hands to keep you grinding against her. “You mean you don’t want to cum right now?”
“Well, now that you mention it…”
A breathy moan escapes you as your eyes flutter closed, and if your head wasn’t being forcefully held in place, it would’ve tipped backward. You feel what must be Natasha’s fingertips grazing along your jaw and tracing a line down the side of your neck and toward your shoulder, repeating the gentle motion as goosebumps appeared all over the exposed skin.
“Is everyone decent?”
The fog behind your eyes seems to clear in seconds, and you blink in confusion when you open your eyes to see Natasha and Wanda making coffee nearby. You try to recall even coming into the kitchen, but everything from the moment you stepped into the bathroom to get ready is a blur, so you shake your head and reach for your glass of water on the counter as Natasha responds.
“Come in, Peter.”
“Morning, everyone,” Peter greets cheerfully as he enters the kitchen, his grin falling when his eyes land on you. “Are you okay?”
You open your mouth with the full intention of telling him that you are not okay, not when you were missing at least an hour of memory, and bits of last night were slipping away from you too. But before you could speak, a cold feeling seems to pass through the back of your skull to slip into your brain, and a switch flips.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” you respond with a chuckle. “You worry too much, spiderling.”
“The world’s a stressful place,” he grumbles when you playfully ruffle his hair. “Anyway, are you ready to go soon?”
“Where are you headed?” Natasha quickly asks with a frown. “Y/N hasn’t even had breakfast yet.”
“We’re meeting Aunt May, so we’ll eat with her.”
“I just have to grab my bag,” you explain before heading down the hall to your temporary room, feeling the chilly sensation leaving you as you get further away from the kitchen, and it thankfully doesn’t return when you head back. “Ready.”
“Have fun!” Natasha calls as Peter heads for the elevator again, quickly grabbing your wrist once he’s out of sight. “See you tonight, printsessa.”
Her hand quickly shifts to grip the back of your neck as she leans in to kiss your cheek, and the two women are wearing sweet smiles as you turn away from them to catch up with Peter, attempting to shake the shell-shocked expression from your features.
“You sure you’re good?”
“I’m fine,” you insist as the doors close, in hopes that you really would be fine.
Meeting Peter’s aunt was much more of a pleasant experience than you expected, and it was obvious she adored you by the way she spoke to you, although part of you felt she was just happy Peter had more people around to love him. Your day was cut a bit short when MJ unexpectedly approached Peter, requesting to talk to him, and Aunt May offered to drive you back to the tower so you both could escape that awkward mess of a conversation.
“It was so great to meet you today,” you tell her with a grin as you take off your seatbelt.
“Likewise, honey. You have my number so just call me if you ever need anything, okay?”
She pulls you into a hug over the middle console and you thank her again for the ride as you get out of the car, trying not to seem too nervous when you notice Natasha and Wanda standing in the lobby. Your plan was to walk past them without speaking, but you should’ve known that wouldn’t work.
“Why was she hugging you?” Natasha asks coldly as you enter the building and you sigh.
“She was just saying goodbye--wait. Why am I explaining myself to you?”
You keep walking until they’re no longer in your peripheral, stopping abruptly as a red mist surrounds your legs, and your eye-rolling is cut short when Wanda appears in front of you and grabs your chin harshly.
“If Tash asks you a question, you answer.”
“Without attitude,” Natasha adds, which makes you want to roll your eyes again.
“Sorry, I didn’t get the rules handbook when I arrived. Can I go now?”
“You know what?” Wanda cuts off Natasha’s angry response with a smirk. “You can go.”
The red mist surrounding you disappeared, and despite the suspicious feeling that washed over you, you continued on toward the elevator with your head held high. You refused to let them get to you.
It was subtle at first. A slight tingling between your legs that you couldn’t seem to get rid of. In the very beginning, you were worried that something was wrong until you realized where the feeling was coming from when it turned into slow circles around your clit as you caught up with Peter in his room. By dinner, there was the added sensation of fingers curling inside you at a steady pace, and you hoped no one would notice your hips slightly bucking under the table as you attempted to repeatedly chase a release that never came.
A movie follows dinner today, and you make sure to cover yourself with a large blanket because you were still being edged and you couldn’t stop moving at this point. You even try to slide your hand into your sweatpants to finish the job yourself, and your jaw clenches in anger every time your fingers lock up because you know who’s responsible.
“Okay, you win!” you announce as you walk into the kitchen on Natasha and Wanda’s private floor, not missing the look shared between the two women. “I’m sorry I was rude earlier. Can you please just stop teasing me?”
“How about we help you finish instead?”
You should decline. You should just say ‘no’ because letting them finish you off tonight will turn into an attachment that you know you don’t want, nor are you ready for. Inviting them in will be equivalent to selling your soul, and you’re not sure you want to put a price on it. But the ache below your stomach is persistent, and if they won’t let you touch yourself, someone has to do it.
“Don’t be so grumpy about it,” Wanda teases as she grabs your hand and starts leading you toward their bedroom. “I promise you won’t regret it.”
She pushes you back onto the surprisingly large bed as soon as you’re close enough, instructing you to take off your shirt and bra while she watches. Once your top half is completely exposed, she leans forward to run her hands from your shoulders down toward your nipples, circling them with her thumbs until they harden.
“I don’t like being teased.”
“Oh, you don’t?” she asks in a mocking tone as she reaches for the band of your sweatpants and pulls them down, placing her palm over the wet spot in your panties. “Then what’s this?”
“Please,” you beg through a quiet moan, bucking your hips again when she presses her thumb against your clit through the fabric. “Please just fuck me already.”
“Patience, detka.”
You watch with wide eyes as Natasha and Wanda both strip away their own sweatpants, revealing the toys tied to their legs. Natasha goes to untie hers while Wanda uses her powers to rip away your ruined panties in one fluid motion.
“There she is.”
Natasha puts her hand on Wanda’s back and forces her to bend over, and you bite your lip as her eyes flutter closed and mouth falls open while Natasha thrusts into her. You’re just about to grab Wanda’s hand to lead her where you want, when her eyes open suddenly with a glowing red surrounding her pupils, and your wrists are bound together over your head by an invisible force.
“Did you forget who’s in charge here?”
“Don’t get too cocky, malyshka,” Natasha reminds her as she grabs a fistful of her hair and slams into her, causing Wanda to moan and giggle at the same time.
“My apologies, Tash.”
You couldn’t help your sigh of relief as Wanda finally slid two fingers inside of you, her thrusts deepening each time as Natasha fucked her toward you with her hands on her hips. The sounds coming from your mouth and between your legs were embarrassingly loud, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care as she brought you closer and closer to the edge, until a loud whine escaped you as she removed her fingers and delivered a slap to your glistening folds.
“Tell me who this belongs to,” she orders through her own moans, holding you down when you begin grinding into her hand. “I’m gonna cum regardless of what you do, so you’d better answer. Be a good girl like I know you can.”
“Yours!” you cry out finally, sighing when Natasha leans into your line of sight with a brow raised. “It’s yours and Natasha’s.”
“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
She slips back into you without warning, and your back arches off the bed as she finally brings you to orgasm. She continues to thrust into you as you whine and squirm away, luckily slowing down and finally stopping as Natasha makes her cum a minute later, leaving the strap inside of her as they both catch their breath. Wanda pulls out of you and sits up to lean against her, holding her hand up between them as they both clean your cum off her fingers with their tongues, and you sit there clenching around nothing as you watch.
“You seem tired,” Natasha comments as her eyes land on you again.
“Too bad we’re not done.”
Wanda flips you onto your stomach with a quick motion of her fingers, using her hands to pull you by the waist until you’re on your knees at the edge of the bed, and she holds one side of your waist as she delivers a slap to your ass this time. Her touch lingers as she pulls away to free her own strap, and you nearly fall over when you feel the tip of the toy rub against your clit.
“Wait, let me fuck her this time.”
You hear their soft laughter as they switch places, sharing a kiss in the process, and you gasp when a hand wraps around your neck and pulls you up against Natasha’s chest.
“I like having you this close to me, printsessa,” she whispers in your ear, chuckling when you melt against her as she pushes the tip of her strap into you. “How many times do you think I can get you to cum?”
Her grip on your throat is loose as she allows you to adjust to the size, tightening suddenly when she slams into you once, twice, until every thrust is at a rough pace that you wouldn’t be able to handle if she wasn’t holding you against her by the waist. You feel that same tingling circling your clit again, occasionally traveling upward to tease your nipples as well, and it wasn’t long before you were releasing a strangled scream as you climaxed.
Natasha eventually stops thrusting into you as your legs shake, and you breathe out another sigh of relief when she allows you to fall onto the mattress. However, the relief is short-lived when you realize that she only paused to let Wanda push into her from behind, and it wasn’t long before the two of them found a rhythm that was pleasing them and ruining you.
Your wrists are freed as Natasha pulls out of you some minutes later, and you collapse onto one side of the bed with your body aching a bit from a third orgasm, your eyes only halfway open as you watch the pair. They remove the straps from their waists and set them aside, and you become a bit more alert when you notice Natasha grab what seems to be a double-ended dildo.
“No more. I can’t,” you mumble tiredly as your wrists are bound by Wanda’s power again.
“One more, and you can,” she tells you as she flops onto the bed beside you, and that red mist surrounds her fingers again as she guides you onto your knees to hover above her face. “You wanted to cum, so you don’t get to run from this.”
Her hands grab your waist and pull you closer, and you release a shuddering moan as her tongue runs past your hole and over your clit, teasing it a few times with the tip of her tongue before diving in to wrap her lips around it. She alternates between sucking your clit and slipping inside you as Natasha climbs on the bed behind you to position herself with the new toy. 
“Fuck,” Wanda attempts to say once Natasha begins thrusting, and you fall forward as the vibration of her moans become too much, whining when Natasha slides her hands over your breasts and pulls you back up again.
“Take it all like a good girl.”
She keeps pulling until your head drops against her, and she moans against your neck while she kisses and sucks on your skin, bouncing faster on Wanda who groans loudly in response as she attempts to match each thrust. The hums of her voice has you grinding against her tongue, and you yelp when Natasha bites down just as Wanda brings you over the edge. She keeps going despite your protests, managing to get you to cum once more before they finally do.
You lie there with your bones feeling like jelly as you’re covered with a blanket minutes after everyone’s bathroom trip, too tired to even fight for sleeping in your own bed as Natasha and Wanda slide in on either side of you.
“You did so well tonight, detka,” Wanda praises as she strokes your cheek with a loving stare. “I can tell you’ll be a great addition to our relationship. I knew it from the moment I saw you.”
“I’m not doing this again,” you insist as the smile fades from her expression. “I’m not getting in a relationship with two women that don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and I’d prefer sleeping in my own bed.”
“You’re already in a relationship with us, printsessa,” Natasha growls as she shoves you back down when you try to get up, and you push her hand away.
“There’s nothing you can say that’ll make me want to be with you.”
“It’s not about what you want to do. It’s about what you have to do.” She grabs your phone from the nightstand, and you’re somehow not even surprised when she unlocks it on the first try. “Because it’d be a shame if someone was to tell Peter about all the nudes you have of him.”
You snatch the phone from her grip, eyes widening as you scroll through your camera roll, finding naked pictures of Peter scattered throughout it. You check the date on the oldest one and began to feel nauseous when you saw it was taken not even a month after the two of you met.
“Don’t think you’ll be deleting those either, because we can replace them and make things worse.” Her smile was falsely sweet and troubling as she grabbed your chin to force you to make eye contact. “We’ve gone this long without having you, and we’ll do whatever it takes not to lose you.”
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nermalina · 3 months ago
the babysitter.
a/n: i hit 2k today so i’m going to be throwing this up here. as for a proper celebration i’m not sure if i’ll be opening up for headcanons yet (unless i took a very limited amount), but i might still do a sleepover of some sort. thank you all so much for your support, i truly do appreciate it! (:
anon requested: Hey not sure if you've seen wandavision and you can ignore this if you'd like but can I request a Wanda smut fic, where in the wandavision world Wanda hires the reader to be a babysitter for the twins (the classic babysitter storyline) but the reader is in love with Wanda and Wanda is also in love with the reader and they have an affair. You don't have to write it if you're not comfortable with it either way thank you.
warnings (18+ only): smut, mommy kink, masturbation, vaginal fingering, strap-on use, praise kink, innocence kink
words: 2.4k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
Wanda silently observed you from where she sat at the dining table, drinking her morning coffee that you had prepared for her before she had come downstairs. You had let yourself in because she had asked you if you could come in early. She’d told you where the extra key was since you’d have to pick the boys up from school every so often and bring them home while she wasn’t around. 
Work had begun taking up a lot of her time, not only was it a new job but a distraction following her split from Vision. Luckily, she had you to take care of Tommy and Billy when she was unable to. She’d met you after becoming good friends with her neighbor, who just so happened to be your mother. One night, your mother had invited her and the boys over for dinner and that’s how she was able to find someone willing to look after her sons while she worked. 
Her eyes traveled down to her phone when your gaze met hers. You were in the kitchen making pancakes for the kids. “Do you want some before you have to head out?”
“No, I should be fine. Thank you.” Wanda cleared her throat and turned her attention back to the screen. Her eyes slowly drifted up to you when you had your back turned to her. “Before I forget, how much do I owe you for last week?” You handed Wanda the sheet of paper that contained a log of how many hours you had cared for her sons with your calculations at the very bottom. Wanda plucked the exact amount of cash from her wallet and handed it to you.
“Thank you, Ms. Maximoff.” You awkwardly pulled your hand away after realizing that you had unknowingly grabbed onto hers. Wanda wore an amused expression on her face as you struggled to put the money away into your back pocket, repeatedly missing it because you were so focused on how her tits looked in that shirt. Shaking those thoughts away, you finally slid the cash into your pocket.
“How many times am I going to have to tell you that it’s just Wanda, honey? You do your job perfectly, but fall behind when it comes to that. I know you’ll catch on quickly though, you’re a very quick learner.” Wanda 
“And thank you for putting up with those munchkins. I don’t know how I’d be able to handle them all on my own, especially since they seem to like you so much.” 
“I’m glad we’re able to get along well.” Not only did it make them easier to handle, but it strengthened your totally professional relationship with their mother. 
“I am too.” Wanda smiled, looking back at the paper you had handed her. She tore it and tossed the shreds into the trash. “I appreciate that you keep track, but I trust you enough to tell me yourself, sweetheart. It’s nice to hear you use your big girl words.”
“You two be good for y/n while I’m gone, okay?” She repeated those words every time right before she went out for the day, it had become a part of her routine.
“We will be on our best behavior like always, mom.” Billy smiled, bidding his mother farewell while Tommy pushed her towards the door.
“I’m going!” Wanda chuckled. “I’ll leave you three alone soon, you don’t have to rush to kick me out of my own house.”
“I know, but you’re going to be late for work.” Wanda rolled her eyes at her son’s antics but was soon on her way as he shut the door behind her. “Hide and seek, you’re counting!”
“But-” you sighed as the young boy ran off, leaving you behind. Shrugging, you went along with his plans, covering your eyes and beginning to count aloud.
Wanda had sent you a text earlier, stating that she wouldn’t be home for a few more hours. She offered to pay you extra if you did, but understood if you couldn’t. You happily agreed, always eager to please the older woman in whatever way you could- except in the way you really wanted to.
After putting Billy and Tommy to bed you were watching some shitty movie in the living room. At some point during the film, you had drifted off, laying your head against the arm of the couch. The only noises that could be heard were the humming of the air conditioner and the faint screeching of the actors in the movie. Fortunately, you had kept the sound system on a low volume, so you were able to get a decent rest.
The front door creaked open, revealing Wanda on the other side. She quickly shut it behind her and quietly moved throughout the room. Her first instinct was to go up and check on the boys, but she stuck downstairs to talk to you. Once she had caught the sound of the tv, she headed towards where you were fast asleep on her sofa. 
Reaching out to shake you awake, she withdrew her hand and sat on the coffee table in front of you. You looked to be at peace while you were sleeping and Wanda didn’t want to ruin that. Mainly because she wanted to know what your imagination had come up with during your slumber. Wanda knew she shouldn’t take a peek inside your head without permission, but your thoughts were screaming to be read. Her fingers brushed some loose strands of hair out of your face and caressed your temple. 
Everything seemed to be in place, just an average Saturday afternoon at the Maximoff Residence. However, Wanda’s sons were nowhere to be found, leaving just the two of you in the modest home. Wanda approached you and wrapped her arms around your frame as you finished washing the dishes. You giggled as she placed wet kisses along your neck and shoulder. She turned you around to face her and pushed you back against the counter. 
Leaning forward, she captured your lips in a sweet kiss. Your hands held onto her arms as she squeezed your ass, causing you to slightly part your lips in surprise. Her tongue fought yours for dominance, but you felt yourself give in very quickly. Wanda helped you up onto the counter, stepping between your legs. Her hands traveled to the back of your neck, guiding your lips back towards her own. You pouted as she pulled away too quickly for your liking. “Now, be a good girl for Mommy and lose the attitude.”
“Sorry, Mommy,” you mumbled. Wanda smiled and pulled your pants down your legs. Her hand snaked down and brushed over your clothed cunt. 
“Do you want Mommy to fuck you, sweetheart?” Wanda asked, pressing her palm down, putting the slightest bit of pressure on your clit.
“Please, Mommy. I need you so bad.”
“I’m sure you do, baby.” Wanda hummed, pulling her hand away. “I will, but I want you to give me a little show first.” She grabbed your wrist, guiding your hand between your legs, hovering right over where she had just been touching you. “Touch yourself for Mommy.”
“I’m not sure h-how to, Mommy,” you said, looking down at the floor. Wanda took your chin between her thumb and index finger, tilting your head up so your eyes were back on hers. 
“That’s okay, Mommy will guide you if at any point you need her to. I just want you to try, do you think you can do that for me, bunny?” 
You nodded. “I wanna make you happy, Mommy.” Wanda grinned, lifting your hand up to push your panties aside. She let your hand cup your mound before stepping back to lean against the counter that was opposite of the one you were sitting on.
“You always do, princess.” Her eyes were focused on your core, patiently waiting for you to do something. “Whenever you’re ready, darling.”
Spreading your legs apart further, you dragged a finger up your folds. You whimpered as your digit came into contact with your clit. Wanda held onto the edge of the countertop behind her. Your fingers gently stroked the sensitive bundle of nerves while the brunette watched.
“How does it feel?” Wanda rubbed her thighs together as you inserted a finger inside of your cunt. “Tell me, honey. Mommy wants to know.”
“F-feels good, Mommy.” Your hips jerked against your hand, in search of more. Another one of your fingers slipped inside of your pussy. “But your fingers feel better than mine. They fill me up so well.”
“Is that right, sweetheart? Well then, I guess Mommy should be the one touching you then, right?” Wanda pulled your hand away from your core and flipped you onto your stomach, sliding you down so you were bent over the counter. She yanked her jeans down and aligned her strap with your entrance.
“Holy fuck.” Wanda mumbled, stumbling back. She had to stop watching, otherwise, she might’ve initiated something that she’d regret later on. Her hand knocked over the vase behind her, creating a loud crash. Fortunately, it wouldn’t wake the boys but it had you stirring awake. Your eyes shot open and you sat up, realizing that there were broken shards of glass on the ground. “Having sweet dreams?”
“Uh, I’m sorry, Wanda. I must’ve fallen asleep while watching the movie.” You rose to your feet, turning the television off. “I’ll clean that up.” Her hand wrapped around your wrist, holding you back. 
“You didn’t quite answer my question, sweetheart.” The plan of remaining professional went flying out the window once Wanda had decided that she wanted you.
“I don’t know, they were just normal dreams.” you chuckled, pulling your arm out of her grip. 
“So you normally dream of me playing with your pussy?” Your eyes widened as you searched for the correct words to say. “Don’t look so shocked, honey. Mommy has her ways of knowing everything, especially when it comes to her sweet girl. Come here, baby.” she cooed, beckoning you closer. You took her hands into yours, allowing her to pull your body into hers. “Mommy is going to take such good care of you tonight.”
“But the vase-”
“It can wait,” Wanda said, pecking your lips. The Sokovian woman dragged you through the house, all the way to her bedroom that you had surprisingly never been in before. “You’re going to get familiar with the change of setting soon.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as Wanda pushed you to lay down on her bed. “It’s a long story, princess. Maybe Mommy will tell you later, don’t worry your pretty little head about it right now. Focus on how well Mommy fucks you, okay?”
Wanda silently undressed you, placing soft kisses all over your bare skin. You huffed as she pulled away to get rid of her own clothes. Reaching underneath her bed, she pulled out a box that held a few of her favorite toys. She took out a large, dark red strap-on and secured the harness around her hips.
“I didn’t expect you to be such a dirty girl. You’ve got one heck of an imagination, baby. Mommy’s going to make you feel so good.” The tip of her strap nudged against your clit as she kneeled between your legs. “This is what you wanted, right, princess? For Mommy to fuck your sweet little pussy?” She twisted your nipples when you didn’t reply. “You need to use your big girl words or Mommy will leave you to fend for yourself.”
“I-um.” you swallowed, trying to find something to hide your face in. Wanda's hands cupped your face, keeping your attention on her.
“Come on, baby, I know you can do it. Be a good girl and answer Mommy’s question.” Wanda's hand ghosted over your cunt, teasing your folds. “Make Mommy proud, princess.”
“Yes, Mommy.” Wanda tilted her head to the side, encouraging you to continue. “I want you to fuck my pussy, I need you.”
“Good girl.” Wanda purred, leaning down to press soft kisses along your shoulder. “You’re perfect, sweetheart. Always on your best behavior for Mommy.” She eased the toy into your pussy, allowing you plenty of time to get used to the stretch. Your arms locked around her as the dildo bottomed out inside of you. “Tell me when you’re okay for me to move, honey.”
You nuzzled your head in the crook of Wanda’s neck, inhaling her sweet scent while she traced patterns on your sides. Your head fell back against the mattress as you clenched around the fake cock. “You can m-move now, Mommy.”
“You’re taking my cock so well, baby.” Wanda cooed, wiping away the few tears that had managed to
fall from your eyes. “I can’t wait to fuck you all around the house. You wanted me to fuck you in the kitchen, right? That’ll be the first place on the list.”
You let out a soft moan as she carefully began to thrust into your cunt. Leaning your head up, you took one of her nipples into your mouth. 
“Such a good girl for me.” Wanda sighed, cradling your head in one of her hands. Your tongue flicked over the hardened peak, causing her to gently tug on your hair. She planted a hand on either side of your head and slammed her hips forward. Her thrusts got tougher as she noticed that you’d become more comfortable with her.
One of her hands trailed down to massage your clit. She used two of her fingers to rub the swollen nub in tight circles. “You make me feel so good, Mommy.”
“I’m going to take such good care of you from now on, you’ll never want to leave.” The strap rubbed against your sweet spot as she ground her hips into yours. “Fucking cum for me, baby. Make a mess on Mommy’s cock.” You held her shoulders tightly as you came undone around her strap. “That’s it, good girl.” Her hand caressed the side of your face as she helped you ride out your high. “
“Where are you going?” you asked weakly as Wanda pulled the cock out of you. She helped you lay against the pillow and tucked you under the sheets. 
“Don’t worry, I’m gonna go take care of the mess I made downstairs before the kids wake up. I don’t want them getting hurt.” Wanda pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “Get some rest, I’ll be back soon.”
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w-a-n-d-a-n-a-t · a month ago
Wanda: Favorite horror movie?
Natasha: It
Y/n: Saw
Yelena: Annabelle
Agatha: High School Musical. after watching it I spent all my middle school years terrified that the entire school would start singing something and I’d be the only one who didn’t know the lyrics
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missmonsters2 · a year ago
Taste of Candy
Tumblr media
Requester: @thatgirlwholikesgirls 💘
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader/OFC
Prompt: Kiss me again, like you mean it.
Note: You heard the girl, kiss wanda again like u fuckin mean it. God, I kind of want to do a series for this? Like in full detail of their adventures. (Also dw bby i have your other request in the queue too)
Warnings: screaming? Fangirling? Crying?
Genre: Fluff
Count: 3438
It starts with an umbrella and sour cola candies.
If there's one thing that Wanda can say with certainty is that she hates the small town she lives in. She hates her conservative parents, who are both lawyers. She hates that they only expect her to win, and if she isn't winning, then she isn't anything.
So, she was the student council president, the cheer captain, and they're naming her prom queen right now in her senior year.
She's got the hottest and most popular guy as her boyfriend and prom king, and even though he's a kind of an annoying know-it-all, he likes her.
It's supposed to be the best night of her life. This was supposed to be everything she wanted. Her parents were proud of Wanda because, after this, she's supposed to get married to Vision and be a housewife like her mom.
That's supposed to be her happily ever after.
So, why is it that while prom is ending, she's sitting outside on the bleachers in the rain crying?
And when she feels the rain stop pelting her on the head, she looks up. It’s you.
She’s never talked to you during all the entire years of high school because you’re not popular.
You’re not unpopular, either, but she can’t be friends with people who aren’t popular. People say you’re kind of weird as you don’t conform to any social norms or expectations, but you’re nice and smart, always willing to let people copy your homework, so they don’t bully you either. 
And you’re always eating sour cola candies.
You’re standing with her on the bleachers, coincidentally close enough that she’s under your umbrella. You’re not even looking at her as you offer her a bag of those sour fucking cola candies. 
Wanda can’t help but snort because it’s prom, and you’re not even wearing a prom dress. Just there in your ripped jeans, shirt, and a leather jacket.
“Get lost,” Wanda sneers in her mean popular girl voice because she doesn’t need you here while she’s fucking having a breakdown. 
But all she gets is a yawn as you sit down next to her, making sure she’s under your umbrella as you shove the bag of candy more obnoxiously towards her. 
Unsure what else to really do, Wanda reaches in the bag and pulls out a piece of candy, putting it in her mouth. 
It’s way too sweet, Wanda thinks. The first bite makes her jaw tingle as saliva rushes to her mouth due to the sourness.
But she likes the sweet aftertaste when all the sourness is gone. 
And for the moment, she’s not crying. 
The two of you sit in silence, watching the empty field as it continues to rain. 
“Aren’t you going to ask why I’m out here and crying?” Wanda asks, not looking at you still. After all, she’s the most popular girl in high school, wouldn’t this be the most amazing news to spread.
“No,” you quietly reply, popping another candy in your mouth. Wanda thinks your voice is soft, not at all how she thought you’d sound (which is gruff for how you look). 
“Why? Aren’t you curious about why the student council president, cheer captain, and prom queen is out here crying on what’s supposed to be the best night of her life?”
You hum, “Don’t care.”
Wanda’s jaw drops a little. 
“Well--what--why are you here then?” Wanda demands as she half-sputters in disbelief. 
Wanda watches as you lull your head side-to-side and can’t help but agree with people you’re weird. 
“Well, you were crying, and you were getting wet. I have an umbrella, and I have candy. You’re under my umbrella, so you’re not getting wet anymore. You ate a piece of candy, and you stopped crying. So, your reason doesn’t really matter anymore,” you reason with her, but that doesn’t really explain to Wanda why, but she suspects that within your answer, you really meant to say there was no particular reason. You saw she was crying and getting soaked, and you had the means to stop it. So, you did.
“But,” you continue, dragging Wanda out of her thoughts, “I have other things to do that I can’t put off anymore, so...”
Wanda sighs, not expecting the slight disappointment that you had to go. She’s not even sure she understands this entire interaction. 
But suddenly, you’re shoving your umbrella in her hand, dumping the candy in her lap, before you take off your leather jacket and putting it around her shoulders. You get out into the rain, letting yourself get soaked. 
And for a moment, Wanda has a passing thought that you’re beautiful.
“That’s my favorite candy and last bag, so stop crying,” you tell her, but then pause.
“Pretty girls shouldn’t cry in the rain,” you finally say as if to soften your command of her to stop her tears.
And then you’re gone.
Prom ends without any further incidents, and after drying herself off in the washroom, she goes back to her friends who didn’t even notice she was missing, and her boyfriend, who only had a mild concern about the leather jacket and candy she brought back.
Wanda can’t explain why she didn’t share one piece of candy with anyone who asked.
And then school starts again, and she sees you in the halls, but you don’t even look at her.
It’s like you don’t even remember being out in the bleachers with her while she cried.
And somehow, with everything else in her life, it makes her feel worse. Graduation day comes, and Wanda can’t help but feel like the end of her life is coming closer.
She’s valedictorian, and she’s giving her speech, looking in the crowd only to realize you didn’t even fucking show up to graduation. 
Wanda has her diploma in hand, her parents take two photos with her before they flitter off to network with other people. Her boyfriend is fooling around with his friends as they take pictures and throw their football around for one last time.
And Wanda...Wanda just feels like the world is closing up on her as she stands there frozen.
But then a bag of sour cola candies comes into her view. Stunned, she looks past the bag to see you again. 
Perhaps because Wanda stands there too long without doing anything, you end up taking her empty hand out, dumping a couple candies into it. Without saying anything else, you turn to leave.
“Wait--” Wanda softly calls out, and you turn back with a brow raised.
“I’m not giving you the whole bag this time,” you frown slightly.
Wanda ignores the comment, even the little sting that you won’t give her the entire bag like last time, but maybe there are rules to getting an entire candy bag from you.
“Why are you here? You didn’t show up to walk the stage,” Wanda asks instead. She’s not even sure what she wanted to ask in the first place when said asked you to wait.
“I’m not interested in walking the stage, but I want my diploma,” you say, waving the piece of paper slightly around to show Wanda in your other hand.
“Why?” Wanda emphasizes because everyone else doesn’t care about a stupid flimsy piece of paper that said they’ve graduated from high school. They just want to walk the stage in front of their peers. 
You tilt your head, holding it up better for Wanda to see.
“The font is hilariously terrible. I wanted a copy to remember.”
The reason is so stupid, Wanda thinks, but she can’t help the chortle that comes out because it’s true, the font is awful.
Wanda finds you staring at her and clears her throat from the laughter. 
“So?” Wanda asks, “Now what for you?” 
You lick your lips, an action that Wanda thinks she was entirely too fixated on, and then nod your head outside the arena. It’s a clear sign for Wanda to follow you.
At first, she hesitates because she really shouldn’t leave the arena when her parents are bound to come back soon. But then you shake your bag of candies like you’re fucking trying to lure her out with you and Wanda makes the split decision to go.
She goes outside and sees your car out in the front. A well-kept convertible Mercedes Benz that you didn’t have before. 
“Nice car, how’d you get it?” Wanda asks, inspecting the rest of the car and finds a suitcase in the back.
“I won it in a street race,” you say so offhandedly even though Wanda whips her head towards you. You don’t offer any other explanation, though.
“What--when did you even--” Wanda doesn’t even know what to ask. Should she ask why you were street racing? Where? How did you even know?
“Prom,” is all you offer, and Wanda is in disbelief you left her because you were going to go street race.
“Okay,” Wanda breathes, “So, where are you going?” 
She saw the suitcase. 
So, you’re getting out of this shitty small town, and Wanda can’t help the stab of envy that comes.
Maybe it’s a university far away that you’re going to. University that Wanda didn’t even get a chance to apply to.
Because she has to go back.
Wanda’s going to get married and then follow the footsteps of her mother.
“Anywhere,” you say, looking at Wanda seriously. 
“You don’t have a plan?” Wanda can’t help the shallow laughter. 
“Sometimes having no plan is the plan,” you say.
“That’s stupid,” Wanda says hollowly.
“It’s better than following a plan you don’t want,” You comment, and Wanda whips her head to look at you.
“Excuse me?” The mean popular girl tone comes out.
“What now for you?” You ask, ignoring Wanda. 
Wanda doesn’t answer because everyone in this stupid small town knows what her plan is. 
And she wants to scream. 
“Come with me.”
The words hit Wanda like a freight train, and she’s staring at you as if you sprouted three heads.
“What--no, why would I--”
“You know, for the 4 years I’ve known you, all you’ve ever shown was that you were the top of the hierarchy gunning for prom queen like it was the only thing that existed in the world. And then the night you were crowned, you were crying on the bleachers. Now you’re here, graduating, and you look like you’re going to vomit.”
Wanda flares because she’s well aware of that night. Like something ugly spilled over and now won’t stop spilling.
“What would you know--” 
“It’s okay to want more than what’s planned for you.”
The words make Wanda breathless. 
Because maybe that’s the deep-rooted secret Wanda has been carrying underneath the perfect girl her parents groomed her to be.
“I can’t,” Wanda’s voice cracks. 
Because this is all she’s ever known is everything that’s in front of her. How could she turn back, abandoned everything she’s done so far to get here? Her parents would never speak to her again. 
And so, Wanda turns around and goes back into the stadium, leaving behind a possibility of what could’ve been.
That night, Wanda’s family hosts a dinner with Vision and his parents. Everyone’s laughing and enjoying themselves. Her brother is joking around with Vision, and their moms are already talking about wedding plans.
It’s just so overwhelming. 
They’re talking about coral flowers, white tablecloths, and being in a church.
They talk about Vision going to Harvard and taking over his father’s company. They talk about how Wanda’s going to have the cutest children, and it’s making her stomach churn.
She feigns sickness and excuses herself for the rest of the night to go to her room. 
It’s probably hours that pass, and the house is dead silent, signaling everyone has gone to bed.
She lays in the dark, facing the ceiling with her hands folded gently together over her stomach. 
And then she hears something hit her window gently.
Tap tap
Wanda gets up, walking over to the window and looks out confused. She sees you standing there, convertible parked out in the front, and throw pebbles at her window.
She opens it and hisses, “What the hell are you doing here?”
Wanda already said no to you. Why would you come again?
“I came to get my leather jacket,” you say, blinking. 
And it occurs to Wanda she never gave back your jacket from the night in the rain. 
She huffs, stalking back in to grab the clothing before appearing again at the window and throwing it down to you.
You catch it with ease and look back up at her.
“Wanda,” you call softly, garnering her attention, “come with me.”
She frowns.
But instead of no, she asks, “Why?”
And it’s quiet, and Wanda thinks it was dumb to ask because there’s no reason she needs to go and leave the life she has now.
“Wanda, you’re always going to be more than this small town. You don’t belong here.”
And Wanda left breathless again by you. It’s like the words ring in her ear and make it to her heart because maybe that’s what she wanted someone to confirm all along.
Of course, she wants more, but is she enough for more?
And then you pull out a bag of candy from your jacket pocket and offer it to her. 
And suddenly, Wanda turns back into her room, grabbing her small suitcase and shoving in all her clothes and belongings she’ll need. She pulls all the cash she has and her passport and then sneaks out the front door. 
It’s insane, she thinks as you take her suitcase and throw it in the back. 
It’s doesn’t make any sense at all as she gets into the car with you, someone she’s never really even spoken to, and watches her house get smaller in the side mirror. 
It’s a little scary, and she’s worried that her family will absolutely lose their shit.
But she doesn’t know how to explain the absolute fucking euphoria that’s spreading through her when she sees the sign they’re leaving their small town.
Months pass. 
Her parents did immediately freak out when she was gone. All she had sent was a simple text to Pietro that was she doesn’t want to get married to Vision and become a housewife. She wants more. 
And her parents won’t even talk to her and don’t want her to come home anymore, and while it had gutted her and took her months to get over, she was still happier out here.
Wanda feels the wind in her hair, a feeling she thinks she can’t live without now and looks over to you subtly. 
You’ve got your sunglasses on and playing the same song the two of you have been listening to for weeks now, and she thinks back to everything.
You’ve taken her to so many places now. 
She’s been to Washington to California, Arizona to Texas, Florida to New York, and now they’re on their way to the airport to go live in Hawaii for a little while. 
When going state to state, the two of you always picked up jobs here and there, saving up cash for your next trip, and Wanda’s just never felt so free.
She’s never laughed like she has now, sang like does in the morning, joke around with anyone like she does with you. 
Wanda’s not sure what any of it means. 
But sometimes, she’ll put her hand on the shift stick and likes when you place your hand over hers.
They’ve been in Hawaii for 2 weeks now, and Wanda thinks she likes Hawaii the best out of all the places they’ve traveled to.
It’s a wonderful vacation spot, and she loves living on the beach every day. 
The two of you are working at a hotel, and Wanda managed to get off earlier than you. Tonight, they’re hosting a luau and Wanda’s sitting on the beach again with a paper and pen.
She’s been working on her admission letter to Princeton with your encouragement. 
“Hey,” Wanda hears and looks up to see you in one of those ugly Hawaiian shirts that you claim will be all the rage in a few years.
You take a seat right next to Wanda, your shoulder bumping gently as you sit down, and hand her a drink in a pineapple cup.
Wanda hums happily, seeing the tiny umbrella and takes a sip from the straw. 
“How’s your admission letter going?” You ask with your sour cola candy bag. 
Wanda doesn’t understand how you can eat them so often. She really stopped having them after that night you whisked her away in your car. Wanda doesn’t like the sour part even if she likes the sweet aftertaste.
“Going,” Wanda sighs. There’s so much she can write about, but it just seems like word vomit on paper at this point.
“You’re doing wonderfully, it’ll be amazing,” you reassure her with an ease that makes Wanda’s heart flutter. She doesn’t understand how you always seem to say the words she wants to hear. 
Wanda sets the paper down, holding it down with a pile of sand on top as she resigns to just enjoy the rest of the night with you. 
The breeze feels good against her skin, and she loves hearing the sounds of the waves against the shore. 
She’s sipping her drink and leaning her head on your shoulder as she listens to the music of the luau in the background. 
Suddenly, she feels you fiddling something in her hair. Her hand comes up to feel a flower resting against her ear. She pulls out her phone to see a red and yellow hibiscus in her hair. You’re looking to the side as you chew on your candies, and Wanda smiles.
“Where’d you get it?” Wanda asks, resuming lying on your shoulder.
“I saw it in Mr. Kahale’s backyard. I thought it would look pretty on you, so I asked him for one,” You explain as you look back at her.
“And he gave you one?” Wanda asked in a surprised tone. Mr. Kahale was known for being stingy with his flowers.
“No, so then I took it when he wasn’t looking,” you grin as Wanda slaps your arm with a laugh.
“He’s going to notice, you know,” Wanda tells you, and you shrug.
“I’m sure he’ll forgive me like the last 7 times.”
And suddenly, Wanda feels a wet drop on her cheek. It starts to drizzle, not enough to cancel the luau, but she can see people in the distance, making their way back to find shelter.
She hasn’t been in the rain since the night on the bleachers. Wanda straightens herself and looks up at the rain. 
“This sure brings back memories, doesn’t it?” Wanda laughs a little, and she sees you looking up as well, the finished bag of candy forgotten. 
“You must’ve thought I was crazy crying out in the bleachers,” Wanda comments offhandedly.
“Not at all,” You say, looking over to Wanda, getting her to look at you too.
Wanda snorts. “Alright, what really made you come over to a girl crying in the rain.”
Even after all this time, Wanda still can’t believe you came over for the sake of coming over.
You sit up, brushing your hands to get the wet sand off.
“Same reason. Pretty girls shouldn’t cry in the rain,” you smile, and Wanda laughs again.
“Alright, what do pretty girls do in the rain?”
You lick your lips, and Wanda suddenly has that feeling she’s been often getting when she’s with you. 
“They get kissed,” you lean over and press your lips softly to Wanda. 
All Wanda can taste is the sour cola candies, but she’s getting the best part of it, the sweet aftertaste. It’s soft and quick. But it’s still better than any kiss she’s ever gotten from the boys she’s dated.
It makes her skin hum, and her stomach explodes with butterflies. It makes her sigh when you part from her.
Her head is swirling, and she opens her eyes to see yours staring back at her so seriously.
It’s too quick, Wanda decides. 
“Kiss me again,” she husks, “like you mean it.”
And when your lips descend on hers again, Wanda decides that she likes the candy as long as she can taste it like this.
And as long as Wanda gets her way, she’ll be the only pretty girl you’ll ever kiss again.
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pigeonp0st · 5 months ago
Hi I love your fics!❤️
Can I request a WandaxReader where Wanda is still new to the Avengers and so people are still pretty afraid and a little hostile towards her but Reader(a trainee or whatever) is one of the few people who aren’t scared of Wanda and the two end up getting close. Idk if that’s too much or not 😅🤷🏽
Wanda Maximoff x Reader #1
Words: 1,561
Tumblr media
Warnings: Food, burn
Thank you <3 and thanks for my first Wanda ask! I hope you enjoy. Sorry for all spelling/grammar mistakes ;)
(Imma head to bed now...if I can anyways. I’m super hyper for some reason)
There’s a new girl walking around the tower when you come back from your mission. You have to ask Tony to explain everything to you so you can understand why.
Apparently she was their enemy...and then their partner, and now a new avenger. You’re happy to have someone else on the team but everyone else seems...skeptical of her.
They get silent when she walks into a room. They don’t make much of an effort to talk to her, and they’re just all around...petty.
The new girl doesn’t seem to mind though. She just sits still and looks like she’d rather be anywhere else with her eyes darting around the room.
Steve confronts you the day after you try to talk to Wanda during dinner. He warns you that she’s dangerous, and that he doesn’t trust her yet. He says not to become too close to her. The rest of the Avengers agree with him.
You just stare at them in mild disbelief. “Steve,” you tell him, incredibly disappointed in him, and the rest of the avengers, “she has lost everything. She looks lonely and depressed most of the could you—how could you find evil in that?”
Him and the rest of the avengers don’t try and stop you from talking to her after that.
“Train with me, Wanda.”
Wanda looks up from the book she’s been studying with narrowed eyes. “What?”
You grin at her cheekily and hold out a hand, “I wanna kick your ass. You can use your powers.”
Her eyebrow quirks then, surprised and apprehensive, and rightfully so. No one else even considers training with her. “I knew everyone here disliked me but I didn’t think they’d want to…’kick my ass’”
Your eyes widen comically. “I—what—no, no, no, I don’t want to—it’s an expression Wanda I swear, god, of course I don’t want to—I mean I do, but like in a friendly way—”
This, this moment right here is the first time you see her smile. It’s the first time you stop and notice how beautiful Wanda is. It’s the first time making someone else’s smile fills you with such a great sense of accomplishment.
It leaves you unexplainably breathless for a moment.
“I was kidding,” Wanda informs you, taking a hold of your hand and shaking it to seal the deal. It’s the first time you two touch. “I’m going to be the one kicking your ass, Y/N.”
She knows your name. Wanda knows your name. “I’d like to see you try.”
Wanda does end up kicking your ass, but she does it gently...if that’s possible. You challenge her again and again after that, only to end up losing each time.
Wanda keeps accepting, even though she looks more and more hesitant each time you ask, like she thinks that maybe this time will be the moment you realize she isn’t worth it. That she’s a monster.
You don’t. You don’t get bitter like she imagined either. You just get up each time with playfulness and a tiny bit of awe and fight again, but you never look at her with fear.
To Wanda, this moment means more than you will ever know. To Wanda, this is the moment she realizes that she wants to keep spending time with you, and that maybe this place won’t be that bad. Maybe she doesn’t have to be miserable any more.
To you, this is where you decide to keep surprising Wanda. Each time you get up again, each time you laugh, every compliment you give to her powers, she lights up just that bit more. You want to be someone Wanda can enjoy.
It’s about the fifteenth ass kicking that you decide, breathlessly, that you two try to fight without Wanda using her powers.
Wanda agrees cockily, which is why it’s such a surprise when you manage to knock her flat after the first five seconds.
You laugh loudly at her pout, so hard that your body shakes with it, but you manage to get out, between fits of laughter; “why the fuck were you so confident?”
Wanda rolls her eyes at you and kicks your feet out from under you but you couldn’t care less. You’re too busy laughing, and she joins in after a moment.
When the two of you calm down you turn your head to look at her. Her cheeks are flushed from laughing, and her hair is messy on the ground, but to you; she has never looked more beautiful. She has never looked so happy.
“I’ll train you,” you promise her, offering a smile that’s gentler than you intended.
Wanda nods, suddenly sheepish. “And i’ll train you.”
You remind her softly that you can’t use powers like her, but she smirks at you deviously like she’s already very much aware.
“I was not talking about your fighting skills,” Wanda huffs. “I tried one of the cookies you made the other day...and let’s just say they were not very good.”
The glare you send her way isn’t like the ones the avengers have been giving her—it’s completely playful. “I doubt that you’re baking skills are much better.”
“You will see.”
Wanda is awful at baking you learn. The lesson she tried to give you ended with the kitchen almost burned down and the entire avenger squad rushing into the smoke filled kitchen.
What they come to see is Wanda, covered in flour, glaring at black bundles of ash that were meant to be cookies, and you doubled over in laughter in no less of a state of messiness.
Wanda swats at the back of your head, not noticing the avengers, and you try to hug her consoling despite your laughter.
Thus, the avengers realize with no small amount of amusement, that maybe Wanda can be trusted.
No villain can look that upset over burnt cookies, and no villain can look at someone with that amount of softness.
The avengers warm up to Wanda quickly once they actually start talking to her, but she always clearly prefers to spend her training with you, and she never stops your baking session, even despite how awfully they always go.
You’ve also developed... feelings... for Wanda. It must be obvious to the rest of the avengers but it doesn’t seem to be as obvious to Wanda herself.
At least, you don’t think it is. You don’t think she likes you like that anyways...
Well, not until about your tenth baking lesson with her.
She’s grinning at you with the amount of joy you’ve finally become accustomed to seeing on her, and holding out (with her adorable mittens) the first set of non-burnt cookies that you two have ever made.
She looks so accomplished and so smug that you can’t help it. You kiss her. Right there in the compounds kitchen, with flour all around, and sugar in your hairs.
You kiss her and she kisses you back, tasting like your favorite dinner, and hot chocolate on a winter day. Kissing her is like coming home after a long day out, kissing her is like coming up for air after being underwater for much too long, kissing her is like—
“Ow!” You yell, pulling away abruptly and looking down at the red burn mark on your hand.
Wanda stands there blinking for a couple of moments, first at your lips, then at your burn mark, and then at the still hot ban still in her grasp.
When she’s able to snap out of her daze she sets the pan down and hugs you, with your burned hand between your bodies. “Sorry,” Wanda whispers.
“It wasn’t your fault.” It wasn’t. You were just too overwhelmed kissing her to remember the pan she was holding. Speaking of… “would you like—to you that again sometime?”
Wanda releases you from her hug to give you an amused smile. “I’ll do you one better,” she says, cupping your cheek. “Be my girlfriend?”
You certainly weren’t expecting that. “Shouldn’t we at least go on a date first?”
Wanda tilts her head, confused and hesitant. “Haven’t we gone on ten now?”
You gape at her, bewildered. “I—um...I didn’t know what, never mind. Let’s’re my girlfriend now. Okay?”
This was not how you were expecting your day to go, but you're not even close to disappointed because Wanda gives you a beaming smile and nods her head repeatedly before drawing you back in for another kiss.
She pulls away after a moment. “I know they weren’t dates, but they might as well have been now, right?”
You wonder if everything you say to each other is going to be a question, and whether or not she’s doing this on purpose.
“Cool,” you agree, rolling your eyes playfully. “Wanna treat my hand for me now that this is all settled, and since you're the one who burned me?”
“You said that wasn’t my fault!” Wanda huffs.
“Yes, well now that I want something from you it is.”
“Ah, I see. That’s how it works.”
You flick her gently between the brows with your non-injured hand. “Stop it.”
Wanda smirks. “Or what, you’ll fight me about it? Do you think it’ll be your first win?”
“Very professional, Y/N. Very professional.”
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nermalina · 4 months ago
you can’t leave.
a/n: i hope this turned out okay.
@peoplefoundme requested: I wanted to know if you could do another dark fic for Wanda. Maybe something about WandaVision where she takes her and coerces her to have sex until the only thing she remembers is the fact that wanda is mommy.
and anon requested: You think I can ask for a dark!Wanda where she refuses to let yn leave her and the one time yn does, Wanda punishes them by overstimulating them after edging them for hours
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): noncon/dubcon, mentions of divorce (?), unhealthy relationship, mommy kink, wanda using her magic as a method of control and restraint, verbal humiliation, spanking w/ a paddle, hair pulling, vibrators, oral sex (r giving), rough sex, strap-on use, overstimulation
proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
words: 1.3k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
You cowered under the brunette’s intense gaze. She’d caught you trying to escape for the first time after thinking she could trust you again.
“What haven’t I given you?!” You flinched from Wanda’s harsh tone. “This house is ours. Those children are ours. But you, my darling. You are mine and I am yours. Why can’t you accept that?”
“I don’t want to be here, Wanda. I want to go back home. Everything was fine with us. You didn’t have to take over a town to keep us together!”
“I didn’t? So you weren’t planning on filing for divorce? You lied to me and told me everything was fine when you were getting in touch with Clint and asking him if he knew someone that could help you.” Wanda backed you into the wall. “I was tempted to get rid of him for trying to take you away from me but he’s got a family, and I respect him enough to not interfere with his personal life. I just wish he’d done the same with mine.”
“There was no way I was going to go through with it. I was just looking at my options, Wan.” You reached out for her, but she took a step back.
“Do you have any idea how this fucking feels? My wife- the only person I have left in my life was thinking of leaving me. What did I ever do to you?” Wanda sat down on the edge of your bed, burying her face in her hands.
“Honey, I still love you. We were in a bad place. I know things have been tough for you since-”
“So you thought leaving me would do me any good?” You sighed defeatedly, leaning against the wall being you. “Billy and Tommy are staying at the neighbor’s house tonight and we’re going to work on fixing this. Strip and come over here.” Your wife’s eyes glowed red when you didn’t budge. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”
You obliged, discarding each piece of clothing that covered your body. Kneeling in front of her, you realized just how disappointed Wanda was. 
“I’m giving you a chance to make this easier on yourself by apologizing to me first.” Wanda lifted her hips off of the bed and pulled her jeans down. Cupping your chin in her hand, she forced you to look up at her. “Don’t you want to be a good slut and make it to Mommy?” 
“Of course, Mommy.” You forced a tight smile and she released your face from her grip. Wanda spread her legs and let you slide between them.
“Use only your mouth, you know how I like it.” You felt your wrists being tied together behind your back and looked up to see red mist dancing around Wanda’s fingers. 
Leaning forward, you licked a stripe up her cunt. Her hips bucked when you flicked your tongue against her clit. Your tongue circled the neglected nub before you wrapped your lips around it and sucked gently.
Wanda’s hands grabbed the back of your head, holding you close to her pussy. You barely had any room to breathe but chose not to complain in fear of worsening your punishment.
Releasing the sensitive bundle of nerves, you licked at her entrance. Quiet moans left your girlfriend when your tongue entered her core. “Oh, god. Right there. Fuck, I love your slutty mouth. Always eager to please.” 
Holding your head in place, Wanda began to grind on your face. You curled your tongue inside of her whenever her cunt met your mouth. She grasped at the roots of your hair and came with a scream of your name.
“You did so well, honey.” Wanda sighed, pulling your face away from her cunt. “Too bad I’ve still got to punish you. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”
“But nothing,” Wanda replied coldly. “Get in position, I want your ass in the air.”
Taking her place on the bed, you got in position and rested the side of your head on a pillow. Wanda looked through a few drawers in your dresser before returning to you. Your eyes widened as a paddle was dragged along your ass.
“Twenty spanks. Does that sound fair to you?” Wanda asked. “Nevermind, whores don’t get a say. Especially not when they decide to act up and disobey their Mommy.”
You mentally prepared yourself for the strikes, but they were a lot worse than you could’ve imagined. The spanks were accompanied by small shocks, courtesy of your wife’s powers.
“I haven’t given you anything to cry about yet, slut.” Wanda growled, noticing your glassy eyes. There was a pause in between each smack, which made everything much worse. You would’ve preferred them to come in quick succession, but Wanda had other plans. “Hold your tears in.” 
You yelped in pain when Wanda rolled you over onto your back after the final spank, causing your sore ass to come into contact with the firm mattress. 
“Does that hurt, sweetie?” Wanda mocked, patting the side of your face. She ran her fingers up and down your folds, gathering your arousal. “Then what’s this?” Bringing her digits up to your mouth, she pushed them past your lips.
Wanda laid on her side and pressed a vibrator on your mound. You tried to move but you were pinned to the bed by an invisible force that could be traced back to your wife.
“I’m going to get your pussy warmed up for my cock, okay?” Wanda said, switching the vibrator on. “You should be happy that I’m willing to do that for you after the stunt you pulled today.”
Tilting your chin to the side, your eyes locked with your wife’s. Her eyes glowed red and it was too late for you to not fall under her spell. Your head fell back against the pillows as the vibrator circled your clit.
“Such a sensitive little slut. I wonder why that is.” Wanda took one of your nipples between her fingers and tweaked it roughly before moving on to the other one.
Your breath hitched when she wrapped her lips around one of the hardened peaks. Her warm mouth felt better than her cold hands. You dug your nails into the duvet as Wanda turned the toy up to its highest setting.
You felt something filling your pussy and saw Wanda smirking at you. Whatever it was hit all of the right spots inside of you. 
“Mommy,” you whined, trying to grind against the vibrator. 
“I know, baby. Cum for me.” Clenching around nothing, you came undone. Wanda kept the vibrator against your clit. She chuckled as you tried to squirm away. 
She finally turned it off right as you were about to cum again. Not giving you any time to recover, Wanda flipped you back onto your hands and knees. You felt the head of the strap-on secured around her hips. Of course she already had it on somehow.
Looking back at your wife, you noticed the toy was one of the biggest she owned. On any other day, you would’ve been glad about her fucking you with it but she was mad at you right now. “Hold on, honey.”
She guided the toy inside your cunt, putting only the tip in. The wind was knocked out of you as she slammed in the rest. 
“You’re so tight, sweet thing. It barely fits.” Wanda giggled, spanking your ass. “You’re lucky I’m even letting you cum, baby.”
Wanda had a tight grip on your hips as she fucked you. Her pace was fast, and the only thing on her mind was showing you who you belonged to.
“This pussy is mine to fuck whenever I please.” One of her hands trailed down to your clit, rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves in tight circles. “You shouldn’t have tried to leave, darling.”
Your arms gave out and you collapsed onto the bed. Her thrusts got rougher and you found yourself crying ‘Mommy please’ into the sheets over and over again as you rode out your high.
Wanda yanked your head back by your hair, pulling you off of the bed. She pulled you far enough so your back was flush with her chest. “I’m not stopping until all you can remember is that you’re Mommy’s little play thing.”
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starshipsofstarlord · 4 months ago
Scarlet Cheeks | Elizabeth Olsen
Summary; the sight of your girlfriend Elizabeth in the finale of Wandavision, in all her Scarlet Witch glory has your mind wandering to thoughts that Disney would not approve of. Good thing Cthat it is you and Lizzie watching the show alone, it leaves plenty of room for R rated, irl content.
Warnings; SMUT, spoilers for Wandavision finale, some fluff, r and Lizzie being relationship goals, dom Lizzie, puns that should just not exist but here they are, slight roleplay?, swearing, pillow riding, use of sex toys (dildo)
Tumblr media
“Holy fucking shit!” You squealed, after finishing the finale of Wandavision. At your reaction, Lizzie grinned, suppressing her laughter.
It had been difficult, keeping all the details of the show from you, more so considering that you were a die hard marvel fan. She had to endure listening to your list of eager theories, biting her lip to whether they were right or wrong.
And with each episode, she felt truly happy, watching your excitement grow. But the finale had just gotten past the end credit scene, and your thighs were jumping upon the sofa.
“What did you think?” Whence you turned towards her, a stretched smile sprawled across your lips, that you had bit in the moment of watching the motion on the television.
There were so many details that you had been both surprised, and saddened by. However, there was one particular reveal that had you clenching your thighs together in arousal. That outfit. No, not even the comic replica in the Halloween episode. The finale, where Wanda was at her most powerful form.
She was in an almost burgundy, yet not quite, modern replica of the original costume for the scarlet witch. And the fit was perfect, it had hugged Lizzie in all the right places, simultaneously whilst not revealing too much. 
Despite the sorrow that accompanied the ending, with Hex Vision, and their children being erased to fix her obsolete mess, all that was burdening your mind was Wanda’s attire.
“What did I think?” You mused back to your girlfriend, your cheeks hurting from the proud smile adorning it. “I think, that after all that, I may have to leave you for Wanda Maximoff. It’s nothing personal, but it kinda is.”
Lizzie laughed at your answer, unsurprised by the reaction that you had joyously presented her with. The series gave further and past origin to the character that she played in the MCU, and she had not doubted you for a moment to get attached to the role that she so perfectly played on screen.
“So...” A wicked smile encased Elizabeth’s mouth, the action inducing you to blush, almost certain, and hoping that she had realised that during the credit scene, a bit of drool had seeped out the corner of your mouth. “What I’m hearing, with my lack of mind reading abilities, is that you want a housewife for a girlfriend.”
A shrill squeal erupted from her whence you lightly hit her arm, alerting her that the input that she thought to be true, was indeed not. “No.” Rolling your y/e/c eyes at her obliviousness, you crept closer until your forearms were resting on her lap, and your head was dazed, staring up at her. “I want the Scarlet Witch, the whole shebang!” 
Her brows furrowed, and so you took a hold of the remote, snatching it from where it was resting upon the arm of the sofa, rewinding the lasting words and thanks given by the creators, to the scene of Wanda in the cabin, studying the Darkhold, in efforts of finding her lost and vanished children. “Now this is what I’m taking about.”
“You could have just said that you got turned on by the suit.” Your partner reminded you, however you huffed, sighing into the bare skin of her thigh, that was exposed by the short shorts that she was adorned in, them serving as pyjamas.
“That’d be no fun though.” You whined in return, pecking her shaven flesh, and rolling to be laid on your back, staring up at her forest green eyes. Her hand found solace in your hair, weaving expertly through it, as her fingers had done a thousand times before.
It was a comforting notion that she would usually take upon herself to do, often when you had experienced a rough, long day at work, or whenever you had a lot on your mind. Currently neither of those things were burdening you, so it made you believe that it was a loving sentiment provoked into an action.
“You want fun?” Her tone was almost condescending, but nevertheless you welcomed it, even as your body jumped in shock from the harsh tug that she delivered to the strands that stemmed from your scalp.
A gasp lightly abandoned your lips from the dominating sensation that Elizabeth had strung upon you, however, to answer her lustfully intent enquiry, you amply nodded your head, feverish to have her magic casting hands wandering over you, and stroking your more sensitive areas.
“Yes.” You hissed as she pulled your locks that were locked in her hand once more, breathing with a hungry and urgent animosity, that coursed through your veins with tender emotions to season the urge to frankly jump your girlfriend’s bones.
“Okay, go upstairs, and wait on the bed for me. I’ll be up in a minute baby.” She sent you off with a sweet, and elongated peck on the lips, which you wanted nothing more to melt into for eternity. However you went against the idea of trying to, knowing that it would only drag out the arrival of an orgasm.
And so, with a thumping pulse, you complied, leaving her in the living room, and wondering up the steps all lonesome, yet feeling the spark of arousal taint the insides of your thighs. As you reached your bedroom, you left the door open, as you sat on the bed, hugging a pillow to your chest.
After a few minutes, Elizabeth entered the sensual realm; her face expressed with a smirk as she looked consequently down at you. “Did you pick a toy baby?” She enquired, but her eyes were squinted as she studied the pillow in your grasp, which only made you hold onto it that bit tighter. 
“No, I thought I’d let you pick this time.” It was practically a tradition in these situations for one of you to choose an item that would spur on a rush of pleasure within range of the room, but it was clear, from your words, and the lack of a dildo or a vibe on the bed that you had forgone the choice.
Elizabeth sucked in her cheeks, thinking to herself silently for a moment. Until she preyed closer to you, sitting on the end of the bed, and reaching to cup your chin gently in her soft palm. 
“How considerate.” She cooed, staring down at you like Wanda had done to Vision when he had argued about her pull on the town. However she felt no curse of anger or loss, instead it was pure love, portrayed in a sexual nature; something neither of you were opposed to in the slightest. “But seeing as you have a pillow in your cute and cuddly arms, I suppose...”
At what she was insinuating, your eyes went wide. It was an unexpected element that you hadn’t meant to toss the idea of into her head, however it appeared that she was intrigued in the ordeal of you riding a pillow, all on display for her to watch.
“You want me to...” Before you could earn the guts to finish your question, Lizzie narrowed her eyes, leaning far over to grab herself a book from your nightstand, standing, and going to sit in the chair in the nook of the room.
“Yes. I do.” She crossed one leg over the other, opening the book on a random page, and flicking carelessly through its contents. And that was when your mind went back to the show that you had watched prior to this engagement; she was playing with you, creating parallels between herself and Wanda Maximoff.
The random novel had no important meaning, it was simply a faucet of pages that you had picked up from the charity shop, the blurb made it seem interesting enough. But it wasn’t just a book, in this situation, it was supposed to appear as the Darkhold. “And I want to hear your screams as I read this. Is that okay, or should I go and reside elsewhere, like, I don’t know, the middle of nowhere?”
“No!” The sound that entered the air was close to a scream, and to think, you hadn’t even started yet. And so, with her green eyes, that you were imagining to be red hues emitting a warning signals, focused more on you than the book held in her poised hand, you stretched your body upwards, peeling off the baggy night shirt, revealing your bare torso to the tension fixated air.
A hum of approval echoed around the space, prompting you to continue stripping before the superior adversary. You leaned back, raising your hips as you slid off the material of your panties, kicking them off from your right ankle, leading to them being dismissed upon the bedroom floor.
With nervous hands, far too aware of being watched by your significant other, you grabbed the pillow, placing it in the direct middle of the bed, and straddled it, locking your knees either side of the plump foam that was protected by a cover that matched the design of the outside of the quilt.
Granting yourself a lingering gaze at Lizzie, you seated yourself upon the pillow; more specifically, Lizzie’s. The fabric felt soft against your centre, making you smile at the kind contact. Reaching back, you undid your hair, and let it loose from the ponytail (or raked your hands over it if you have shorter hair), allowing it to cascade down your back.
Clutching onto the plush rectangle, digging your knuckles into its approachable depths, you began to rut against its exterior, brushing your clit perfectly with every stroke. Your tits swayed around your chest area, and you found yourself biting your lip from all the intoxicating sensations, mewling no more than whimpers from the shut trap. “Mm.”
Elizabeth, whilst staring delightedly over the roughened corners of the second hand block of fiction, clenched her perfect thighs from the appetising sight. Her head tilted, attempting to see your folds spread with each thrust you administrations, desiring to see how wet you gotten by simply humping a simple, yet seemingly efficient pillow.
“Touch your mindstone for me babygirl.” Lizzie pried, striking you with confusion for a moment, until you eventually understood what she was intentionally referring to. She had meant your clit. The idea alone had you sweltering under her darkened gaze, gulping admittedly, and so you complied, reaching down the expanse of your body, until your index and middle found refuge against it, rotating them in circular motions against it, as you had been instructed.
“Fuck, Liz.” For a moment, you had almost reiterated the phrase, and produced Wanda’s instead. But it was not a fictional character that was commanding you to get yourself off, it was a real person, enforcing you to feel very real things. 
“Screw it.” Lizzie shrugged, leaving the bookworm nest, and her prop, hurriedly going over to the side of the bed, and pulling out the box. Her motivations had you pause your own, eyeing the memorable object in her hands. It was long, and red, and double sided.
With quick progression, she scrambled out of her clothes, in a clumsy Lizzie Olsen fashion, but she was careless to how she appeared. Her pyjamas were around her feet, and left in their placement as she seated herself on the other side of the pillow, leaning back so that her pussy was on full display for you to see, and the toy to have access. You copied her actions, leaning back as she entered one of the sides into her opening, moaning lightly as she helped you do the same.
Both pairs of hands fell to below the tip. And whilst you were trying to shove it inside of you, she was trying to rub the silicone tip against your swell clit. “Just put it in.” You instructed, and for once, she listened to your order, pushing the red toy past and through your clenching threshold.
Your elbows dug into the mattress as you pushed against the fake, mirrored cock, which in turn pushed it inside of Lizzie. The action encouraged both of you to bounce yourselves against it at a sinister pace, provoking mutual and shared pleasure for each of you. “Y/n.” Your name was called, and you responded with a wanton moan.
As both of you played with the object of your pleasure, you were pushed to be reclined completely on your back, Lizzie climbing atop of you. She began to bounce on the cock, doing all the work to move it, as it reached an angle inside of you that had you seeing a whole starry night. 
“Don’t stop babe.” Even without your words, she had no intent of doing so, her hands embraced your own when the clutched onto her hips, aiding her movements. “I’m close. Don’t fucking stop.”
“It wasn’t in my plans to stop.” A breathy laugh fell from her chest, as she panted. Grasping onto her hair as she had done to your earlier in the evening, you brought her face down, colliding your lips in a passionate kiss, that was half tongue, making it a slightly sloppy interaction.
Your hand wandered down on its own accord, easily locating her clit, and rubbing it harshly. Elizabeth copied your actions, leaving you both whining erotically into each others mouths. And with that, you came, coating the toy in the orgasm that you had been building up to before the dildo was introduced into the scenario.
Lizzie wasn’t far behind, giving a couple more delicate thrusts to ride out your orgasms, removing both ends of the toy afterwards. “Fuck, that was hot.” She collapsed on the bed beside you, turning so that she was facing you, who was staring up at the plain ceiling.
“Mindstone, really?” You cackled, earning a pout and a light slap against your exposed breast. She was less amused, and so you reassured her that it was just a joke.
“I was trying to be sexy.” She mumbled back, her bottom lip still sticking out, exaggerating her offense. Her hand brushed your neck, pulling you closer, and making you focus on her gorgeous face. It gave you a clear view of the scarlet adorning her cheeks, flushed from embarrassment.
“You don’t have to try Liz.” You told her. “You are the sexiest woman alive, and I love you. And I really love you as Scarlet Witch, especially if this is what I get out of it.”
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