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𝑎𝑚𝑏𝑒𝑑𝑜 • 𝑤. 𝑚𝑎𝑥𝑖𝑚𝑜𝑓𝑓
Tumblr media
a/n: this is a day late so I hope it was worth the wait! Welcome back to horny repressed Wanda hours
words: 3.6K
warnings: This is an 18+ series, minors DNI; smut; semi-public sex; first orgasms; slight orgasm denial if you squint; fingering; a bit of dirty talk, but not really; clothed sex
desires unspoken AU; Wanda finally makes her first visit to the pharmacy about her headaches
desires unspoken series. || main masterlist.
• 𝖺𝗆𝖻𝖾𝖽𝗈 | 𝗇. 𝖠 𝗄𝗂𝗇𝖽 𝗈𝖿 𝗆𝖾𝗅𝖺𝗇𝖼𝗁𝗈𝗅𝗂𝖼 𝗍𝗋𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾 𝗂𝗇 𝗐𝗁𝗂𝖼𝗁 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖻𝖾𝖼𝗈𝗆𝖾 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗉𝗅𝖾𝗍𝖾𝗅𝗒 𝖺𝖻𝗌𝗈𝗋𝖻𝖾𝖽 𝗂𝗇 𝗏𝗂𝗏𝗂𝖽 𝗌𝖾𝗇𝗌𝗈𝗋𝗒 𝖽𝖾𝗍𝖺𝗂𝗅𝗌, 𝗂.𝖾. 𝗋𝖺𝗂𝗇𝖽𝗋𝗈𝗉𝗌 𝗌𝗄𝗂𝗍𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖽𝗈𝗐𝗇 𝖺 𝗐𝗂𝗇𝖽𝗈𝗐, 𝗐𝗁𝗂𝖼𝗁 𝗅𝖾𝖺𝖽𝗌 𝗍𝗈 𝖺 𝖽𝖺𝗐𝗇𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖺𝗐𝖺𝗋𝖾𝗇𝖾𝗌𝗌 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗁𝖺𝗎𝗇𝗍𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖿𝗋𝖺𝗀𝗂𝗅𝗂𝗍𝗒 𝗈𝖿 𝗅𝗂𝖿𝖾. •
First thing in the morning Wanda was dressed, faster than she’d ever felt compelled to in her life. There were shop tasks to be done that typically went left until she was beckoned to complete them, but today the brunette finished them all by the time the sun peeked above the city’s buildings. Breakfast was fixed with as much care as she could muster— not much, if she were honest. It was just as likely her husband would choke on air as he would his toast.
Still her aunt managed to stop her haste, quick to strike up some complaint with how the tea could be hotter, but not too hot lest it burn her or her pitifully fragile son’s tongues. “If you weren’t so rushed, perhaps the water would have fared better in your care.” Wanda suppressed the grimace she felt tugging at the corners of her mouth just long enough to turn around; that was hard enough to manage.
“I’ll do it properly this afternoon, moth-”
“Never call me that. Guardianship or marriage, I am not your mother.” The woman’s casual tone turned sharp in an instant and despite her deep disdain for her, Wanda still cowered at the voice. As long as she recalled, her condescending words never failed to frighten her. “Understood, dear?”
She nodded quickly, one short acknowledgement, “Understood.” After a deep breath, the longest inhale and exhale her corset would allow. Two minutes and she could be out, the dim sunlight could touch her skin and for a few hours she would be free of this dreary shop. “I’m sorry, it’s my head again. I couldn’t sleep and I’m just so… out of it today. That’s why I’m up so early, I have to see the apothecarist!” Wanda was rushed, busying herself with the smallest of ornamental fixes on her way to the door. She’d implode if she wasn’t touching the doorknob in thirty seconds.
Her aunt mumbled something else about how it was always her head as an excuse, but she let it go, the embroidered ‘Don’t make a sound. Keep quiet.’ tapestry catching her eye on the way out… Wanda wanted to scream.
──── 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─────
She’d zoned out most of the ride to the pharmacy, mind filled with what you’d be prescribing to her. Once upon a time Wanda heard orgasms helped with head pressure and whether it was true or not, she knew she wanted those. If you could provide, she’d do just about anything. It sounded desperate, but as she opened the door, tiny bell up top jingling to alert her arrival, Wanda caught sight of you rearranging your back counter and assured herself it was all worth it.
“Good morning,” Wanda was both infuriated and intrigued by your cold greeting, wondering if it was your stubbornness or your playfulness causing this casual play. She watched as you pinned your sleeves right above your elbows and instantly she was scheming to get that bare skin on hers. Her own response was just a nod, wandering over to the counter as casually as she could. Suddenly the stocks of bandages and everyday medical care supplies lining the walls were of the utmost importance.
You didn’t rush her over, letting Wanda fall into place in as much or little time as she pleased. She’d come over as soon as she could— you already had her. “You’re here for my help, I presume?” Wanda had just reached the counter, her fingers pressing harder into the glass at the mention of helping. She’d thought long and hard last night of how much help you’d give her, what new things you’d suggest to get her to her desperately needed orgasm.
“My head… it’s been terrible lately,” Wanda explained, eyes scanning over the tinctures in the case between you two, “Auntie says it’s because I think too much about things I shouldn’t worry about, but I’ve just been… distracted. I need to clear my head.” She stared at you with wide eyes, silently asking for something she didn’t know personally and hoping you’d understand without needing to beg.
“A pretty thing like you shouldn’t have to suffer so..” Oh god, Wanda could’ve collapsed right there. The weight of those simple words threatened to make her composure falter; her husband had last called her pretty on their wedding night, admiring her clumsily before rolling over and falling asleep. She didn’t know why she’d even gotten her hopes up, really; Vis was sweet, but he would always be a reminder of everything she despised about her life, the reason she’d been forced into a home nurse role from childhood. It didn’t help that he was hopeless and selfish, spoiled rotten by his mind and blind to anyone’s true feelings around him. Probably for the best, if he was aware, he’d know how little people cared for how he blabbered on.
She worried her lip between her teeth once you turned around, fingering through the walls of tonic bottles you carefully rearranged every morning. Her view of you from behind was just as enticing, the stretch of your dress as you reached up to the highest shelf accentuating the curve of where your side met your breast and while she’d never seen another woman naked before, she knew she’d only ever long to see yours. There were so many things she wanted to say and perhaps if this were a novel she would voice them, but this was real life and although she knew she wanted you, the brunette knew she was too naive to know how to take what she wanted.
It was sweet how you mumbled to yourself, surely stalling because you’d seen her fidgeting. There was no need for drawing this out other than the satisfaction of her being unsettled— cruel, really. “I have just the thing for your troubles. Walk around here so I can get a good look at you.” Wanda tried to ignore the barely hidden intentions, but faltered as you crooked a devilish finger towards her. She walked fast with the excuse of not wanting to make you wait, but she’d yearned to stand close to you since that fateful game night. The space behind the counter was tight for two people back to back, barely a foot between the two of you once Wanda approached, but neither of you minded.
Three bottles were brought from the shelf, all the same size and shape, there was barely any way to tell them apart; the only reason you knew was from years of memorizing the labels and the substances they warned against.. “Firstly, this one might aid your morning woes,” You picked up the bottle, tilting it back and forth atop the counter, “It has the added effect of a bit of a blissful state after a while. A calm mind in the morning frees one up for more pleasurable activities.” It’d been way too long since you’d had a woman in your bed in the early hours, but you remembered the lazy satisfaction like it was yesterday. Something told you Wanda would only be better than you recalled. “Simple, really, a spoonful each morning and you’re set.”
Wanda pondered it thoughtfully, wondering if there was a high enough dosage to drown out the daily berating she received from her aunt. Somehow though, she was sure that wicked woman would find a way. “What if I want to feel that longer? My thoughts get so loud at night…” It was true; many a night she laid awake for hours and when she did sleep, her nightmares woke her in a fit and rarely there was any solace or comfort to be found. Nights were a terror by themselves. Vaguely Wanda wondered if you’d leave her alone the same way her husband did or if your caretaking extended to all hours, even if she clung to you like a frightened child in need of reassurance.
“Ah…something to help your husband as well then? Two doses between both of you would ensure both a passionate evening and deep sleep after as a reward.” It was a test, just to see how she’d react. When her nose scrunched instantly in disgust for response, Wanda caught the smallest hint of a smile at the corner of your mouth and she had to fight the urge to inquire exactly why.
“Absolutely not.” Wanda could hardly manage the thought of having to keep her husband entertained for a prolonged amount of time, having to pretend her thoughts were on him when they truly lay solely on the tempting women in her books. It was bad enough when he tried to convince himself he was good at sex for a moment, she couldn’t lie to him longer than she’s already been. “I’m not here about my husband.”
You hummed as you pretended to think, moving over to the last bottle you’d brought down. Wanda stared hard at it, hoping to switch her thoughts from using the second medicine under your watchful eye instead of her husband. She imagined you’d undress her slowly until the liquid kicked in and then you’d hold her, touching and teasing every oversensitive spot while she tried to burrow deeper into your lap. If you were feeling generous, maybe you’d extend her some mercy, letting her cum however she needed in her lust induced haze— “Are you listening, Mrs. Maximoff?”
She certainly hadn’t. Wanda missed every word you’d said about the last possible cure in favor of her own imagination, but now she was back and the two of you were not only clothed, but also in your shop during the day. Just once Wanda wished she could blink and have her fantasies be truly real. “N-No I’m sorry. I got lost for a moment. What is it?”
Anyone else and you’d be bothered to have spent so much time explaining only to be tuned out, but the faint pink on Wanda’s cheeks gave her away and you couldn’t bring yourself to be cross with her. There was no one else in the shop nor did you expect anyone for a while at least; it’d be perfect if you gave in—Wanda prayed you did. “I was just saying that this one is simply an enhanced pain reliever, nothing too special, but it has been known to work fast whenever someone feels a headache coming on. The only downside is the sensitivity; certain things may feel heightened which can grow to be inconvenient in professional sittings.” She understood what you meant perfectly, her stuttered breath giving away her excitement at the prospect.
Still, she couldn’t get relief for that from just anyone nor did she want it from anyone in their path. “That could get a bit treacherous, but I’m willing to take the risk. Anything to be rid of my chronic aches.” Wanda went to take the bottle but you stopped her, grabbing her wrist and bringing it to your chest. She could feel the outline of your chest through the satin fabric, the side of her hand just above the valley of your breasts.
“Anything, you say?” Promising. “You seem a little out of it right now. You wouldn’t happen to be suffering in silence without telling your doctor, would you?” Wanda gasped at the accusation, her free hand covering one side of her heated face.
Wanda chanced a step further, tired of the prolonged standoff, “No, I’m telling you now. My head is starting to bother me.” She turned to lean forward against the counter, head on her hand. Bright eyes stared hopefully at you, drawing you in much like she’d done with people to get her way her entire life. As well as you were able to keep your composure outwardly, you weren’t immune to her charms. “Would you please help me, given you have the time?”
“You’re in luck, you have my full attention.” The back of your hand touched her head as if checking her temperature and Wanda stood still, afraid that moving would end what was surely another fantasy of hers. “Bend forward, head straight.”
Once she nodded and turned to face the storefront, you moved behind her, grabbing her skirt in a bold move and pushing upwards. It was a chore to lift her skirts, but worth it when you could touch her milky skin. Wanda shuddered as your knuckles traced up the back of her legs, touching her as gently as possible much to her irritation. “I won’t break. Touch me like you mean it.” Her voice was breathy, but her command was clear and even though she was in no position to be making demands, you obliged, blunt nails dragging up the back of her thighs and to her rear.
Your hand bounced playfully against her ass, delighting in how she jumped when you offered a particularly hard smack. “Am I hurting you?” There was no way you weren’t as you let your fingertips dig into her soft flesh, but her whines were too sinful not to keep going.
“Yes.” Wanda didn’t mind; she’d long waited for the day she’d be taken properly as if she was owned, desired. “Keep going.” She pushed her ass back into your open hands, greedily already asking for more.
“You don’t even know what you want, do you? Clueless little thing.” Condescending words lit an unexpected fire deep in her belly, but she shook her head. She knew the end result, but the right process eluded her. If you could do it, Wanda would endure nearly anything just for the promise of sweet release after.
Two fingers slid through her sex, finding her wetter than even you expected— you could spend the rest of your life buried there. It was easy to find her clit and just as easy to strategically ignore it. She was sensitive even without medication, hot and slick right where she needed you. “Please, please!” Wand sounded desperate, she knew, but caring about her tone was impossible when you were rubbing her clit in the small circles she’d never managed to perfect.
“Hush, anyone could look through and see what a naughty patient I have to deal with.” Wanda tried to deny the small gush of wetness at your vulgarity, the possibility of getting caught and all of her life being washed down the drain in an instant, exciting her more than it should have. “At least attempt to look normal.” You’d caught her; she knew it by the way your fingertips lingered at her entrance, collecting the evidence of her arousal and shallowly pushing it back into her tight hole. Wanda was convinced this was where she’d spend her final coherent moments and there wasn’t anywhere else she’d rather be.
She found herself nodding, agreeing to anything as long as you’d keep going. Two fingers entered her with reckless abandon and she yelped, surprise and pleasure overwhelming her. “This… I want this!” It was all she could manage before you started to move, fast and deep as if you wanted to see her visibly fall apart in front of the occasional passersby— Wanda wouldn’t put it past you. For all of your calm and loveable personality to others, Wanda had seen your devious streak aimed at her and she knew your true mischievous nature. “Touch me—”
You chuckled behind the brunette, leaning in just enough to where anyone looking would think you’re just showing her something deep in the display, “You want me to open your blouse right here? A bit whorish, don’t you think?” Selfishly, you wanted to keep the sight of her all to yourself. So far you’d only seen a hint of her, long skirts still shielding her from your view even while you were knuckle deep, but the thought of her being seen by anyone else made you possessive, fingers curling to remind Wanda just who was making her feel so good. “If we were in private, I would. Unbutton those tiny fastens and hold you down until I had my fill of you.”
Wanda keened, eyes fixed on the window front as the scenario ran through her head. She’d dreamed of being pinned down and taken before, but this was the closest possibility to it being a reality she’d gotten and she instantly became desperate for just that. To be pushed and pulled, used to bring entertainment through her own exposure… she vowed to annoy you enough to force her into such submission later on. “I wish you would…”
“Oh? You’re just aching to be touched, aren’t you? Poor thing, you’ve been deprived of so much.” With near expert exploration, your fingers brushed over the soft spot inside of your lover and Wanda’s knees buckled, hips pushing back against your hand as she whined. Your response was to add a third finger, stretching her farther until she was more full than she’d ever been before and you swore never to forget the pitiful moan the younger woman let you hear. It echoed throughout the shop, both Wanda’s noises and the sounds of her soaking wet around your digits, curling and twisting with every thrust. “You know, orgasms help with headaches.”
She was well aware, had tried giving herself many to ebb even the smallest of headaches, but still she’d never achieved one. Today though, god, she knew she was going to. In pain or not, she was on the brink of something she’d never been blessed with before— a high that used to sit far on the horizon now speeding towards her like a freight train. “Can you help me, doctor? Please? It hurts terribly…” Wanda was pushing it really, milking the innocent act for as much leverage she could get from it. Looking over her shoulder too long would give her away, but she snuck a quick glance and saw your mouth parted just enough to let extra air in, struggling to pace your breathing as your gaze stayed locked onto where your wrist disappeared under her skirts, fabric rustling and wrinkling as you fucked her harder. “Don’t stop, I’m begging-!”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, sweet girl. Take your time.” You said it and you’d meant it, but you’d experienced enough to know Wanda wouldn’t last much longer. Throwing caution to the wind, you let your free hand wander under her prone form, unbuttoning the top three buttons with ease. It wasn’t nearly enough to see all you wanted to see or feel, but the extra space exposed her shoulder and you leaned in to kiss along her neck, the soft, supple skin hot under your lips. The intimate gesture was Wanda’s undoing and with a jerk and a groan, she was cumming around your fingers, soaking your hand with her first orgasm. She clamped her thighs together, trapping you while her walls constricted on you, begging you to stay put. Still, you fucked her through wave after wave as best you could, gently shushing her with silent kisses along the column of her throat and whispered words. “You did so well.. Now if only your head would behave.”
It was unimaginable how amazing she felt. Light as air and grounded only by your skilled hand, Wanda bucked helplessly into your slow motions, prolonging what she’d thought to be impossible for as long as she could. If she experienced nothing else for the rest of her life, she would die happy with the memory of your fingers filling her perfectly at the forefront of her mind. As much as Wanda wished it would last forever, the pleasure ebbed and she thought she’d cry with how much she missed it already, but she made herself hold it together. She stayed calm until you started to move away, her hand reaching back to grab your wrist and hold it still, “N-No.. not done yet..”
She was in no position to make demands nor would you give into them. Where you’d been sweet only a moment ago, Wanda could sense you were back to your smug exterior; she chose to believe it was to keep up appearances for anyone whose gaze might linger too long from outside rather than any true disdain for her. She hoped that was the reason. “You’ve just gotten so much and you’re already begging for more? Learn some patience, my dear.”
It was easy to get out of her hold, her grip weak while she still basked in her aftershocks. You pulled away, languidly licking your fingers clean as you righted her skirts. “Come back to me for your head and I’ll happily help you as many times as you need.” Wanda watched you over her shoulder, biting her lip to suppress the whines she so badly wanted to let out. She was on her way to stamping her foot with how badly she wanted to feel the sheer bliss she’d just felt again, but she loathed the thought of ever coming across as childish. She was old enough to know what she wanted and now she knew she was capable of it, she wanted it again and again until she couldn’t keep her eyes open.
Somehow, you were the only one who could do that for her and as she turned over, back leaning against the glass, she took in the sight of you buttoning her front and tucking her loosened hairs behind her ears and felt herself starting to fall. Another new feeling, a heart flutter, one that acknowledged how unattainable you were, but chucked that bitter reality aside to indulge in this— a fantasy of just hers and your making. “I think you’ve found me the perfect solution… I’ll have to think of how to thank you one of these days.”
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Netflix and Chill
Part 2 of New Resolutions
You asked for it and voila. WandaxReader, oblivious!reader 
Summary: Wanda asks you to Netflix and chill and you do what you do best - misinterpret everything.
“Kate is multifaceted. Very talented, but I’m sure she’ll brag to you all about it. Anyway, could you show her around the compound? I have some stuff I need to do,” Clint asks.
“Oh, yeah. Of course,” you agree. “Let me just text Wanda and let her know I’ll be a little late to our date tonight. We’re gonna watch a movie.”
“I still can’t believe this is a thing. What movie are you going to watch?”
“I don’t know. Wanda said we’d just chill in her room and watch Netflix. Do you have any suggestions?” you ask innocently. 
Clint chuckles, “Yeah. Put on the performance of a lifetime.”
“Oh, I haven’t heard of that one. Is it a drama?”
“What? No,” he shakes his head disappointedly. 
“What’s going on here? Why are you shaking your head at Y/N?” Sam appears. “Did she fall for uhbish again?”
“What’s uhbish?” You fall right into that one.
Sam cracks up. “That’s what I’m trying to find out!”
You glare at him, realizing what he did there while Clint shakes his head again. Sam’s laughter dies down and he asks again. “No, but seriously, what did I miss?”
“Wanda invited Y/N to her room tonight to ‘watch movies’,” Clint says suggestively.
“Why are you doing air quotes?” you ask.
“Oh, Y/N,” Sam sighs. “There’s not going to be any movie. You better have some good music queued up. Depending on how tonight goes, Wanda decides whether or not you two should continue dating.”
“I don’t know how much clearer I can be. She wants to do it with you,” Sam emphasizes. “You got to bring your A game. Here’s a tip, the louder she is the more she’s enjoying it.”
“That’s not true,” Clint mutters. 
“So tomorrow she better not be able to speak,” Sam tells you. “That’s your goal.”
“Oh, god. I didn’t know this is what we were going to do.” You rub the back of your neck, trying to calm yourself down. 
“You freaked her out, Sam. Good going,” Clint chides Sam. “Y/N, don’t listen to him. This is supposed to be fun. If one of you gets nervous, let the other person take the lead.”
“Oh, that’s good. Yeah. You should take the lead. A lot of girls like it when you are confident,” Sam advises. 
“Okay, yeah. I can start it I guess,” you voice. 
“That’s the spirit. Make us proud!” Sam exclaims. Clint pats your back before he and Sam leave you riddled with nerves in the hallway. You were just planning on watching a movie with Wanda tonight and now Clint and Sam are saying that she’s expecting something else from you. How are you supposed to prepare?
You show Kate around the compound answering her many questions about the Avenger life and finish the tour in her room where she asks more questions. Half of the boxes in her room are unpacked. Wow, she has a lot of trophies. It had taken you less time than you thought giving Kate the grand tour much to your displeasure because it had taken your mind off of tonight and now you are thinking too hard about it. 
Kate notices you biting your nails and asks, “Are you okay? You seem anxious.”
“Sorry,” you apologize, pulling your hand away from your face. You clench your fists to not be tempted to bite your nails again. “It’s nothing.”
“Are you sure? Maybe I could help, if you want to talk about it?” she offers.
Looking at her trophies, you think maybe she can help. She seems to know what she’s doing and is a champ at everything. “You have a lot of awards. What are some things you are good at?”
She discloses her impressive repertoire. “My main focus is archery, but through the years I did a lot of things. There’s fencing, gymnastics, several sports, mixed martial arts. I learned Krav Maga.”
“Oh, I always wanted to learn a new language,” you say.
“Krav Maga is a style of fighting,” Kate informs you.
“No, yeah, I knew that.” Kate doesn’t quite believe you but you continue on, “So you know a lot. Maybe you can help me. See I’ve got to impress someone tonight and I need some tips.”
“Um, yeah. Sure. What are you trying to do?”
“I need to find the right song,” you answer. 
An hour later, Wanda is waiting in her bedroom for you. She has Netflix pulled up on her television and snacks on her night stand, nothing that would get too messy. Her bedsheets are nice and clean. There is a lit candle in one corner of the room. She is fresh and showered and shaven. She is just waiting for you to knock at her door. 
Knock, Knock
And there you are. She gets up from her bed, giddy with excitement. Of course she’s a little nervous but she’s ready for this with you. She fixes her outfit and fluffs her hair before opening the door. 
“Hello, Y/N,” she greets you with a bright smile.
“Hi, Wanda,” you reply with your own timid smile. She ushers you into her room and you have a hard time taking your eyes off of her. So much skin is on display. She’s wearing a tank top and some lounging shorts that show off her long legs. Wanda smirks seeing you checking her out. 
“I’ve got to be honest. I’m kind of nervous,” you admit. 
“Oh, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” Wanda says sincerely. She’s a bit disappointed but if you aren’t ready, then you aren’t ready, and she is going to respect it.
“No, I can do it. I just don’t want to disappoint you. I’m not very good at this,” you confide sheepishly. 
She takes your face in her hands and looks you in the eyes. “Hey, I won’t be disappointed. I promise.”
She kisses you tenderly and the nerves dissolve. When she pulls away you whisper, “Okay, I’m ready.”
“Yeah?” she asks, with an excited smile.
“Yeah,” you confirm. “Go sit over there.”
You point at the bed and Wanda follows your order. She guesses you’re taking charge and she is more than okay with that. 
“Do you have a speaker?” you ask. She points to one by the candle. She didn’t think you would have a playlist for this but alright. While you are setting up the music, you tell her, “Before we start this I have to warn you it may be a little rough.”
Her eyes widen at that. You continue, “Usually I’m drunk when I do this. It’s usually better like that but that may just be the alcohol making me believe that.”
That concerns Wanda. She voices, “That doesn’t seem right, Y/N.”
“I know, I know. It shouldn’t take alcohol for me to do this with people. People do this all the time sober. I guess I just feel like people are always judging and I can’t enjoy it when I think someone is giving me a score in their mind,” you state. 
“I don’t want you feeling that way here, okay? You are perfect to me and I don’t want you thinking otherwise,” Wanda insists. “And if you don’t want to do this right now, I can wait.”
“No, I’m ready,” you say. “I spent the whole last hour practicing with Kate. I’m all warmed up.”
“What?!” Wanda hollers, but you don’t hear her over the music that started playing. 
Wanda recognizes the song. It’s “Fallin’ For You” by Colbie Caillait. What she doesn’t notice is that it is the karaoke version but that’s because she’s too wrapped up thinking you just hooked up with Kate before you came to Wanda’s room. 
“I don’t know but I think I may be 
Fallin’ for you, droppin’ so quickly.
Maybe I should keep this to myself.
Wait until I know you better.”
You are trying your best to not sound pitchy that you don’t realize Wanda is very upset at the moment.
“I am trying not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
And so I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of holding this inside my head!
I’ve been spen-”
You stop when you hear the music stop playing. You see Wanda by the speaker and she looks mad. “What’s wrong?” you ask worriedly. “Oh, god. Was I that bad?”
“What the hell is wrong with you?” she hisses. 
“I know I should have picked my go-to karaoke song but Kate said I should pick one that makes me think of you and that was it. I told her it wasn’t really in my range and that one hour of rehearsing wasn’t going to change that but she insisted,” you explain. 
Wanda’s anger turns into confusion. Her eyebrows furrow as she tries to get all the facts. “Wait, so the hour with Kate practicing, you were just singing this song?”
“I mean, I also tried ‘Sexy Bitch’ but she said that one wasn’t as romantic and you would like this one more,” you recount. “I see now it was a mistake.”
Wanda shakes her head. “No, it wasn’t. It’s sweet, really.”
“Then why did you get mad?”
“I thought you and Kate, you know,” she looks away. 
Your eyes widen with realization. Wanda got jealous. “Oh, do you not want me to duet with anyone but you?”
“I know we haven’t talked about it but we’ve been dating for like a month now. I think that warrants exclusivity,” Wanda mumbles.
“How about a compromise? I mean it’s asking a little too much to not sing with other people, so how about I will only sing romantic duets with you?”
Wanda realizes you two are not having the same conversation. “Y/N, I meant I thought you and Kate slept together before coming here.”
“Like sex?” you whisper scandalously. 
She rolls her eyes. “Yes, Y/N. Sex.”
You gasp, “What? I wouldn’t do that to you. I haven’t slept with anyone since I liked you which was, like, the day we met. Your face ruined sex for me.”
Wanda raises an eyebrow at you and you’ve learned this is a sign that you’ve said something wrong, so you retrace your steps. It’s something you’ve been doing this month with Wanda. “Sorry, what I mean to say is after meeting you, I didn’t want anyone else and anytime someone tried something, your face would pop in my head and they weren’t what I wanted.”
She nods, satisfied with your correction. 
“You couldn’t ruin sex for me if you tried. Actually, I take that back. You could do anything you set your mind to,” you tell her. “You would just have to try really hard for that cause sex with you would be awesome, no doubt.”
She’s quiet and you think you’ve said something wrong again. “Sorry, I meant it would be an honor to make love to you and I wouldn’t take the opportunity for granted?”
Wanda blushes and looks at you in awe. There is no way you are real. One way to find out. She pulls you into a kiss. When she pulls away, you are smiling, happy she isn’t upset anymore. 
“So, do I finish the song, or do you want to sing next?” 
Wanda decides sleeping with you tonight wasn’t on the table. You deserve something better than her suggesting ‘Netflix and chill’. When the day comes, she would make it special and make sure you knew exactly what to expect. 
“You practiced for so long. I want to hear you sing it,” she says, handing you your phone to replay the song. She goes back to her bed, sits down, and grabs a snack to watch you perform. You have a fun night singing with Wanda. You even invite Kate via text. Natasha joins in after she knocks on the door asking why you are butchering her favorite song. Being in the room next door, she could hear the three of you belting out the lyrics. 
The girls get tired around one in the morning. Kate and Nat leave, but not without Kate taking the leftover snacks with her. You help Wanda pick up her pillows scattered all over the room from Kate’s last song. She had put on a whole performance, jumping on Wanda’s bed, pretending it was her stage. 
“Tonight was really fun. I don’t know why I was so nervous,” you tell her as you fix her bed.
“Oh, leave it. I’m about to go to sleep anyway,” she croaks. She places her hand over her throat. “My voice is gone.”
“Then I call tonight successful,” you chuckle. Sam will be proud tomorrow when you tell him. “Do you want me to get you something from the kitchen? I could make you some tea if you want?”
“No, that’s okay,” she declines, getting into her bed. “Thank you for offering.”
“Yeah. Okay, I’ll let you sleep,” you announce. 
“Y/N.” You turn around. Wanda pulls the covers from next to her. “Will you sleep with me?”
You gape at her and stammer, “L-like sex right now?”
She palms her face. “No, like falling asleep next to me.”
“Oh, yeah. Duh,” you chuckle in embarrassment. “Of course I will.”
You take your shoes off and basically run to bed, excitedly pulling the covers over your body. Wanda smiles at your goofy antics. You feel your heart skyrocket when she cuddles you. 
“We should Netflix and chill more often. It was fun,” you suggest.
“Hey, Y/N?” Wanda whispers.
“What do you think Netflix and chill means?” she asks. You feel her lips upturn. 
“It means singing, doesn’t it?” you answer.
“Who told you that?”
“Sam and Clint. They were all like ‘you’re not watching any movie’ and ‘you need good music’ cause I guess this decides whether you will keep seeing me or not,” you reply. “But I’m glad they told me or I would have totally been unprepared tonight.”
Wanda tries not to laugh at that. The night did not go like Wanda planned. It’s not all bad though because it ended the way she wanted it to, with her in your arms. “Good thing they did that.”
“So, did I do okay? Will you keep going on dates with me?” you ask nervously.
She smiles and pulls away to lean up and kiss you. “You did great and since you asked so nicely, yes, we can keep seeing each other.” She cuddles you again.
“Awesome. Good night, Wanda,” you murmur, falling asleep. 
You wake up to kisses from Wanda. You smile feeling ridiculously happy that Wanda is the first thing you see in the morning. Your arm is numb from having Wanda’s weight on it all night but it is worth it. She looks like an angel. 
“How are you real?” you ask, entranced by her beauty. 
She blushes, rolling her eyes playfully at you. You aren’t known to be quick witted, but Wanda’s found out you can be damn smooth sometimes without meaning to be. “That’s cheesy.”
Her voice is still gone, but it isn’t as bad as when she fell asleep. You hop up from her bed. “That’s it. I’m going to make you some tea. Or do you prefer coffee?”
She doesn’t want you to go but coffee sounds really good at the moment. “Coffee, please. I’ll meet you in the kitchen. I’m just going to change.”
You enter the kitchen whistling a happy tune. Sam, Clint, and Steve are in the kitchen already. You greet them as you make your way to brew some coffee. “Good morning!”
“Sure looks like it,” Sam comments, making Clint chuckle. “How was last night?”
“It was awesome. I don’t know why I was so nervous. She told me I did great,” you inform him. “By the end, we were so tired, I think I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation. The only thing is my arm is kind of sore. Hopefully next time I get to be on top.”
“Okay, we don’t need the details,” Clint says.
“Hush, Barton. Let the woman speak. You were saying, Y/N?” Sam gestures for you to continue. Clint shakes his head at Sam and Steve wonders how the hell he ended up in this conversation. 
The coffee is ready and you pour some in a cup for Wanda. You know how she takes it already so you prepare it the way she likes. You continue, “I was nervous but I took the lead like you guys suggested. I thought Wanda was mad at one point, but it turns out it was something else and she let me finish.” 
“Yeah, okay. I’m tuning you out,” Clint grunts. He turns off his hearing aid but realizes his good ear is facing your direction. “Damn it.”
Wanda walks in then. “Morning, everyone,” she tries to say but it comes out more like a whisper. Sam’s eyes light up at this fact. “Sorry, Y/N. I have to take that to go. I forgot I have to meet Bruce.”
“That’s okay. I’ll see you later.” You smile and hand her the coffee. Wanda kisses your cheek before heading off. 
“Damn, you actually did it! For your first night together, that’s impressive,” Sam exclaims. 
Steve makes a face. “That’s what that was? I couldn’t sleep with all the thumping.”
“Sorry,” you apologize. You forgot that Steve’s room is one floor beneath Wanda’s. “Kate got over excited.”
Clint chokes on his breakfast. “Kate was a part of it?!”
“Oh yeah. She was like the star of the show. You weren’t kidding about her being talented at, like, everything. She got the last one and boy did she make a mess,” you reply, before taking a sip of your own coffee. 
“Oh my god!” Sam is eating this like hot gossip. “Why was I giving you tips? Clearly you know what you are doing.”
“Please stop talking,” Clint begs.
Steve’s face is flushed. “I don’t think you should be telling people this, Y/N. It seems private.”
“What do you mean?” you ask, not understanding how a karaoke night is a private thing. 
Your question goes unanswered because Nat interrupts. “Hey, guys. What’s with all the faces?”
She serves herself cereal while Sam answers. “Y/N is telling us about the wild night she had.”
“Oh yeah. That was fun. We should do that again, Y/N,” Natasha requests. All the men’s jaws drop. 
“You were there, too?!” Steve gasps. 
“Who wasn’t there?” Clint asks sarcastically, not actually wanting an answer.
“I wasn’t. That’s for sure. Did Wanda send a group text and not include me?” Sam quips.
“Jeez, it’s not a big deal. It just happened. My room is next to Wanda’s and I obviously heard them, so I popped in to show them how it’s really done,” Nat explains. 
“Nat was a total rockstar,” you praise her to the others. 
“Oh, that was nothing,” Nat replies.
“NO seriously. The breath control you have, it’s impressive. You guys should see it!” you tell the guys. 
“I’d really rather not,” Clint mumbles.
“Oh, I know! We could do it again tomorrow night. Yelena and Bucky will be back from their mission. I know they would be down. Oh, I would kill to watch them duet,” you add, excited just imagining what song they would sing.
“That would be fun to watch,” Nat agrees. The guys stare at her, bewildered at how nonchalantly she answered, eating her cereal. 
“That is just wrong, Nat,” Sam states.
“What? It’s Yelena and Bucky. You’re not curious to hear what they sound like together?” she asks.
“No. No, I am not,” Sam replies. 
“Oh, come on. Trust me. Once you get into it, it’s a lot of fun. We can even have drinks. Clint, I’ll get that beer you really like.” You try to convince them.
“He’s married, Y/N,” Steve says, shocked you would invite Clint to do this sort of activity.
“The more the merrier! You can invite her, Clint,” you offer.
“Yeah, that’s not going to happen,” Clint assures you.
“I knew stuff went down at girls’ slumber parties. Didn’t I tell you, Steve? Now they’re trying to have a giant ‘slumber party’ in the compound,” Sam blurts.
“Why did you air quote slumber party?” Nat asks.
“Because we all know what it really is. We know there won’t be any sleeping,” Sam responds. 
“Yeah, because it’s not a slumber party,” Nat says, like it’s so obvious. “But I mean, if you end up on the couch then whatever.”
“Woah, no, no, no. No one will be doing anything on the couch. Steve, you’re the captain. Tell them they can’t use the living room,” Clint demands.
You and Nat look at him in confusion, wondering why he is so against you using the living room.
“He’s right. You guys can do whatever you want behind closed doors but we don’t need to see it in the living room,” Steve declares. 
Nat finally asks the question, “What the hell do you guys think we are going to use the living room for?”
“Your little sex party,” Clint replies.
You choke on your coffee and Natasha is trying not to laugh, especially at Clint’s wording. “Why in the world do you think we are planning an orgy?”
“Because that’s literally what you are doing!” Sam bellows.
“We are planning a karaoke night,” Nat informs him. “We had a lot of fun singing last night and we thought it would be fun with everyone.”
“OHHHHH,” the men say in unison.
“Why would I want to watch my sister get it on with Bucky?” Nat asks incredulously.
“You agreed with Y/N that it would be fun to watch them do it,” Sam says.
“Du - et, Wilson. As in sing together,” she clarifies.
“Yeah, that makes more sense. So you didn’t have a foursome?” Sam asks.
“No, we were just singing. What gave you that idea?” 
“Y/N said Wanda and her were going to have sex, and then we hear that you and Kate were there too and talking about how talented she is and your breath control, we assumed,” Sam explains. 
You splutter, “Wa-wa-wait! I never said that.”
“Yes, you said Wanda invited you to Netflix and chill,” Clint remembers correctly.
“Yeah, and then you guys told me that meant singing,” you tell him.
“We didn’t say that,” Sam tells Natasha when she gives them a look, thinking they might have just been messing with you.
“Yes, Clint said to give a good performance and to take the lead and Sam said to pick good music and even said Wanda wanted to duet- oh.” You stop, figuring out how this got messy. 
“I think the lesson here is that everyone needs to learn to enunciate more clearly,” Steve comments.
“This was a great way to start my morning, guys. Thanks for that,” Nat says, washing her plate. 
The men get up as well. One by one, they wash their plates and then leave. Nat is the last. Before she is out of earshot, you ask her, “So what does Netflix and chill mean?”
“Look it up,” she smirks. You pull out your phone and do that. You nearly flip the table when you read the definition and realize what you missed out on last night.
Despite already being in another room a hallway away, Nat hears you yell in frustration, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME !!”
She shakes her head. “Tsk, tsk. Oh, Y/N.”
I hope you liked part 2. There may be a part 3 just because when I was coming up with ideas, I came up with a lot and this one just got out of hand.
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therunawaykind · 2 days ago
The Secret
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: established relationship, fluff, pinch of angst?
The Request: Hihi! I have a bit of a Wanda x reader request where Wanda meets fellow avenger reader's parent(s) who came unannounced and they're just trying to hide the fact that they've been together for a couple of years already from them because the reader isn't ready to have the conversation knowing they're kind of dramatic- and maybe very anxious cuz reader doesn't want to blow their biggest secret; that being she's from another planet or maybe a deity of some sorts or whatever seems convenient to you
A/N: I hope I did this request justice for you anon and most importantly I hope you like it!
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Tumblr media
“Thanks again Bucky” you had just finished up a training session with Bucky and Sam just to work on your reaction times. You skipped into the kitchen grabbing some snacks and water as you were humming to yourself about to go find Wanda. The sitcoms you’ve come to learn Wanda adores was heard from the common area you attempted to walk in slowly and as quiet as possible.
Before you could even take one step into the room you heard the slightly accented “Hey hun.” The grin that overtook your face couldn’t be stopped as you ran into the room and vaulted over the sofa to sit beside her. You leaned over to her and placed a kiss on her temple, you saw the soft smile on her face slowly turn into a grimace as you stayed leaning against her. Which turned in quickly to Wanda shoving you off of her “you’re all sweaty after training go shower.”
You scoff as you place your hands over your heart and fall backwards “you wound me witchy. For your information, I did take a shower before I came here because I knew you’d say that. Maybe I'm just too warm, I do feel kinda clammy.” Wanda turns to you slightly as she squints her eyes “that’s odd babe that hasn’t happened to you in a while.” You shrug as you place a kiss on her forehead “meh it’s okay I’m used to it.” It was known amongst all the avengers your powers of you being able to manipulate and control fire. However, they only knew your powers were to an extent. They knew…well Wanda more than others knew you’d often have flare-ups with your powers that would result in you being put outside our water thrown at you to cool you down.
Because it seemed like your powers always wanted out when something was about to happen and in this situation, you really had no idea why you were starting to have this flare-up. It was as if they knew something you didn’t. Wanda stared at you intently as she ran her hand through your hair and could feel the dampness on your hair. “Do you know anything why this could be happening, anything you know that we should?” You give her possibly the most innocent look she has ever seen as you shook your head. Wanda hummed as she stared at the TV again as she mumbled “alright just lemme know if we have to go outside and I either have to push you in the pool or chuck water at you.” You give her a soft smile and nod as you drink your water to try and help you some bit.
Both you and Wanda lost track of time and didn’t realise the hours passing by as you both absentmindedly talked as you watched her beloved sitcoms. When you started hearing multiple voices approaching some sounded rather distressed and one that seemed like they just wanted to be rid of these people. You gave a quick look to Wanda as she shrugged you chuckled as you leaned in closer to her and gave her a lingering kiss. Wanda pulled away suddenly and stared at you with her mouth agape as she whispered “it's your parents.”
You stared at her wide-eyed and whisper screamed at her “what do you mean it’s my parents. They don’t even know I’m here.” They knew you were with the avengers they just didn’t know where they were located... But apparently, now they do.
She shrugged “well they’re here now, Natasha’s thoughts were basically screaming it at me to warn us.” Wanda leaned in and gave you multiple quick pecks on your lips as she moved to the other end of the sofa. Yes both you and Wanda had been dating for years now and everyone knew that…bar the parents that were here now. Wanda didn’t mind keeping it secret from the stories she hear she knew your parents..were rather dramatic and extravagant. So if you two avoided that well you both would do whatever it takes. As you and Wanda paid attention to the sitcoms listening to the voices get closer, that’s when everything clicked in your head as you took a deep breath. “Wanda it makes sense now the flare-ups. My powers were acting up cause they obviously somehow knew these two idiots were coming.”
Wanda stared at you slightly confused “I-I mean I don’t get it and I think even if we had a proper explanation I wouldn’t be able to understand but that’s cool hun.” you laugh slightly but immediately stop once you hear “Y/N.” You take a deep breath as you close your eyes and stand up, you nod your head as you walk towards them “Mother, Father always a pleasure. But um how did you figure out I was here?”
“You know we have our ways Y/N/N”
You chuckle and nod “yes of course I know very well.” out of the corner of your eyes you can see Wanda and Natasha keeping their eyes on you like a hawk. Wanda more so since you’ve told her that discovery of your flare-ups. “But um I’d like you both to meet two of my best friends here Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff.” Nat squints at Wanda as she hears the word best friends leave your mouth, Wanda shakes her very subtly at Nat. As they all shake hands and introduce themselves properly you hear your father exclaim “so are any of these two dating you yet Y/N?” You choke on air when you hear that as you shake your head “no sadly no relationships here father. We all know they could do a lot better than lil old Y/N” You saw the glare Wanda shot you out of the corner of your eye. Internally you were hoping that your parents wouldn’t bring up what you’ve been keeping from all of the avengers.
As soon as that thought had crossed your mind you heard both your parents gasp and say simultaneously “Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N don’t be crazy they would be more than lucky to be dating a deity.” you tensed as you heard the word leave their mouth. There it was. You saw both Wanda and Natasha stare at you with their mouth agape, you clear your throat and shake your head as you laugh slightly “uhh they didn’t know I was a deity.” Your parents looked at you as if it was ridiculous how you haven’t told them such a defining thing about you. “Yeah see okay this is why I didn’t want them to know I didn’t want to have this conversation of I’m this person who is this divine status. What if I’m being honest I didn’t and don’t really want.” Wanda stares at you sympathetically as she questions “If I may ask the deity of what?”
“Fire.” Wanda forms into a perfect ‘oh’ as she mutters to herself that makes sense. You chuckle slightly as you see her pulling a face basically scolding herself for her stupidity. After a few hours of talks between your parents and the avengers. With their curiosity of now finding out you’re a deity. You were happy everyone didn’t really make a big deal out of it well apart from Stark….but that’s just Stark. It wasn’t a major change of what you could do, you just had more control of fire than what you were letting on to them and you could manipulate it a bit more.
It was now just you and Wanda in your room cuddled up Wanda still feeling your body warmer than normal, so she was still attempting to calm you and your body down. You looked up at her as you heard her start laughing to herself. You arched your eyebrow “so-sorry it’s just I have the ability to now say I am dating a magnificent deity. And at some stage I will be able to say this deity is my fiancée, this deity is my partner for life and then finally the parent to my children.” You grinned up at her as you hummed in thought “oh you’re gonna be able to say all of that in the future are you?”
“Oh hell yeah honey, this deity isn’t escaping my grasp anytime soon….whether their parents know about it or not.” you both couldn’t help but laugh into the kiss.
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nicolesangel · a day ago
locked out/let in
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff/reader
summary: you locked yourself out of your apartment, so you try to break in through the window. what happens when you misjudge and end up hanging outside a stranger's window?
words: 2.7k
author’s note: no pronouns are used. prompt - "person a locked their keys inside by accident so they try to get into their apartment through a window but accidentally climb into person b’s apartment.” the fluff in this is like straight heroin. (thank you to my lovely friend chloe for the prompt that spurred this chaotic fluff machine <3)
read below or click here to read on ao3!
It’s the first snowstorm of the season, the December moon gleaming down. Your face is tinted pink from the cold air, snow falling lightly around your feet, coating the sidewalk outside of your apartment building. Your hands are fumbling through your bag and your pockets, searching for that little trinket holding the key to your apartment, only to find it and the key is not there.
You thought about waiting it out, waiting to see if someone would come by that would be able to let you in, but you lived alone and you were already on the last straw with your landlord. So, you resorted to the last-case scenario: climbing through the window.
The fire escape ran right next to your room, so if you were able to climb up and hold your balance for long enough, you’d be able to pop open the unlocked window of your bedroom. And so, you tried. Only, maybe you miscounted or someone is in your apartment, but as you are pulling yourself off the escape and are trying to open the window, two green eyes appear in front of yours. Next thing you know, your feet are sliding off of your foothold and you think this is it.
Except you are enveloped in a cloud of scarlet and your body is floating outside of the stranger’s window. The eyes are gone but the window is wide open and the cloud pulls you into the apartment. Once your eyes adjust to the lighting, you realize you definitely miscounted and this is decidedly not your apartment.
The cloud places you down right inside the window and dissipates immediately. You look around the room, taking in your surroundings. There’s not much to see: a garnet-colored couch, a small wooden table, a bookshelf stuffed to the brim, a few paintings along the walls, and a small kitchen tucked into the corner. That’s where you notice those green eyes from the window.
A woman around your age with brown hair and a soft presence steps into the living room with two mugs and places them down on the small table in front of the couch. She looks over to you as she sits down, patting the other end of the couch for you to come join her. She waits a moment for you to sit down before offering you one of the mugs, filled with chamomile tea, and leans back against the cushions.
After a short moment of silence, she puts her own mug down and looks over to you. “Do you want to tell me what you were doing hanging outside my window?”
She has an accent you can’t quite place, but her voice is sweet and you can’t help but think you want to hear it over and over. You gingerly place the mug beside hers on the table before placing your hands in your lap, picking at the pills on your sweater. You look outside at the snow falling steadily through the night air and hug your jacket a little closer to your body before looking at the woman in front of you. “I may or may not have locked myself out so I was planning on climbing in through the window… I misjudged where my apartment was.”
The girl snorted quietly, leaning over to take a sip of the tea before leaning back, staring at you expectantly.
You felt your face heat up when her eyes met yours. You didn’t know why, probably because she was both intimidating and the most gorgeous person you have ever seen, but you found it hard to speak with her looking at you like that. But you managed to get out, “I’m sorry. Really. I didn’t mean to disturb your night.”
A small smile grows on her face. “Trust me, you didn’t disturb me. I’m not really up to much around here.” She gets up and begins walking over to one of the doors that you assume leads to a bedroom. She disappears for a moment before walking back out with a blanket. “Since you’re currently trapped, you can crash here.”
You look up at her in disbelief. She’s a literal stranger, you don’t even know her name, just that she happens to live in the same building as you. “Please, I couldn’t intrude. I can go try to pick the lock or-”
She gives you that same small smile before thrusting the blanket out toward you. “I insist.”
You take the blanket, staring down at it as you fidget with it in your hands. You place it beside you, looking up at the woman once more. “Thank you…”
“Wanda Maximoff.”
“Y/N L/N. Thank you, Wanda.”
Wanda walks over to her bedroom door, taking one last look at you before stepping out of your view. “Goodnight, Y/N.”
You woke up the next morning with an ache in your back, the smell of coffee in the air, and the woman, Wanda, sitting on the floor reading a book. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the sunlight streaming in through the window as you start shifting into a sitting position. The rustling of the blanket catches Wanda’s attention, her eyes taking their attention away from the book to focus on you. She smiles before standing up, grabbing a mug of coffee out of the kitchen and placing it on the table in front of you. “Morning, sleepy.”
You groan out a “morning” as you stretch your limbs, gingerly picking up the coffee and taking a small sip. Somehow she got it perfect, exactly to your liking, and it put a smile on your face much earlier in the day than it normally appeared. It’s then you realize that the girl sitting down beside you saved you last night. Truly, and with magic, no less.
You cradle the mug in your hands, looking over at Wanda. “I wanted to thank you for, you know, catching me and not letting me die and all that…”
A slight flush covers her cheeks at your thanks before making eye contact with you for the first time that morning. “Really, it’s no big deal, Y/N. Honestly, I am just grateful you aren’t scared of me because of, you know, this.” She holds out her hand, twisting her fingers as the same scarlet cloud forms around them. “I just– it’s been a long time since I’ve talked to someone who wasn’t like me and wasn’t afraid.”
You grab her hand, holding it in between yours, giving it a light squeeze. “Listen, Wanda, I know we really don’t know each other, but I don’t think I could ever possibly be scared of you.”
Wanda’s face contorts almost in pain as she looks down at your hands together. She takes a deep breath, placing her free hand on top of your conjoined ones. “Thank you. It’s really nice to have met you, despite the weird circumstances.” You both let out a laugh, feeling the tension in the room both dissipate and increase, for differing reasons. She pats your hand before pulling you to stand up. “Now, I think it’s time to go get you a key so you don’t tempt fate again. Shall we?”
The next day, you and Wanda spend the entire morning getting to know each other. After getting you a replacement key (Wanda sweet-talked the landlord into giving it to you for free), the two of you went out for lunch. You spent hours in a little café down the street from your apartments, talking about your family, her childhood, your hobbies, her time with the Avengers, and everything in between.
Wanda couldn’t help but think of you as a breath of fresh air. After all the years of fighting and losing so much, she had felt so alone once she moved away from the Avengers. Her solitude was good, but she couldn’t help but yearn for someone to be there, and she thinks that maybe you could be that for her. You, with your soft smile and bright eyes, your sweet laugh and kind words. Yeah, she thinks, you might be what she’s been waiting for.
When you separated for the day, you finally return to your apartment, Wanda felt a small piece of her leave with you. She hardly knew you but it felt like she had known you for her whole life. And, in the bottom of your heart, you felt the same way.
That night, you laid in bed, staring at your ceiling for hours, mind spinning with thoughts about the girl with the green eyes. How she saved your life. How you were falling for her, fast. It’s been 24 hours and you felt like you would give your life for her. But, maybe, that wasn’t a bad thing.
That next morning, you awoke to a knock on your door and you opened it to find Wanda, dressed in a sweater and jeans, her hair tied up loosely, and yet, you thought she was still the most beautiful person in the world. She definitely noticed you staring and cleared her throat, bringing you back down to Earth. She held out a coffee for you and you stepped back, inviting her inside. The two of you sat side by side on your couch, mirroring your first meeting, and just enjoyed the company.
And that’s how it began. Mornings spent in each other’s space, soaking in the company that you provided each other after being and feeling alone for so long. It didn’t take long for those mornings to turn into whole days and nights existing together, moments blurring together into one portrait of the beginnings of something ethereal.
It’s a month into spending time together when Wanda finally sits you down beside her, your hands clasped together, hearts pounding against your ribs. She takes one of her hands and brushes a stray hair out of your face before returning it to your hold; you feel your face heat up and she smiles wholeheartedly at you. You can’t take your eyes off of her’s, anticipating what she has to say, only hoping that it’s the same thing that has been weighing on your chest for weeks now.
“You know, since that night, I haven’t felt alone. You have made me feel not alone, Y/N. And it’s so… it’s so nice to feel needed and wanted for the first time in so long. I just…”
You smile at her, heart continuing to increase its pounding, squeezing her hands gently. “You just…?”
“I just really like you. I want to spend all of my time with you and I truly can’t imagine my life without you in it anymore.” Wanda is looking anywhere other than at you, scared to see your reaction, scared that you don’t feel the same way that she does, even if she can hear your loud thoughts screaming that you do feel that way.
You release one of your hands and guide her to face you. The second she sees the glow in your eyes, she relaxes just enough to hold your face in her hands and rest your foreheads against each other. Having her so close to you, being able to smell the calm cinnamon of her shampoo, is intoxicating. You wrap your arms around her shoulders, letting out a shallow breath. “I really, really like you, too.”
Next thing you know, Wanda is pulling your face into hers and your lips are meeting in the sweetest kiss you’ve ever had. Her lips are soft and taste of vanilla and you never, ever want to taste anything else. You put everything into this kiss, every unspoken feeling or notion you couldn’t say quite yet.
Wanda melted into your touch, feeling the walls she had built against others falling piece by piece as you seeped into every reach of her soul. But she wouldn’t change it for the world. Kissing you, holding you in her hands, was the best feeling, the best thing she had experienced in such a long time.
When you finally separate, hearts and breathing synced together, you feel lighter. Both of you are smiling, holding onto each other as if you’d vanish at any moment. But really, you both knew that neither of you were going anywhere, not for a very long time.
A chill rests crisp in the air, the first snowfall of February taking its turn to cause you problems. Your hands are shoved deep in your pockets as you walk down the sidewalk, the apartment building quickly approaching. Only when you dig through your pockets and your bag for that familiar keychain, you find yourself stuck in a situation you thought you'd never end up in again.
You’d been so diligent, making sure to always check for your keys before leaving the apartment. You could’ve sworn that you had them when you left earlier that day. Little did you know, a certain brunette slipped them out of your bag as you left her sitting on your couch, wrapped in your favorite cardigan.
You sighed, moving to sit against the steps up to the building entrance, digging into your pocket to pull out your phone. You go to call Wanda but you freeze when you hear the front door open, standing up to catch it and slip inside. Only, you look up and there stands Wanda, her hands shoved into her pockets, a beanie on her head, and a shit-eating grin staring back at you. “Whatcha doing sitting out here, baby?”
Your eyes narrow, glaring at her as you mirror her stance. “Oh, you know, I think someone took my keys as I left this morning and locked me out here in the snow.”
Wanda fake gasps as she pulls you in closer, wrapping her arms around your waist. “I did no such thing.”
“Oh sure…” You look down at her pocket where you see the edge of your keychain slipping out. “Then what’s in your pocket, Wanda?”
She has the silliest grin on her face as she steps back and pulls the keys out of her pocket. In reality, Wanda has been planning this for about a week now. She’s been sitting at the window for the last hour waiting to catch sight of you approaching so she could slip downstairs and greet you. Her heart is pounding and her palms are clammy, despite the snow. “Oh! You mean these?”
You snort, nodding your head as you go to reach for the keys. Except Wanda holds them above her head, magic enveloping them as they go just out of your reach. She walks back to you, taking your hands in hers. “You won’t be needing them anymore.”
Your smile drops and your eyebrows are drawn together. It only takes you a moment and then it clicks, smile returning just as fast as it left. Wanda cups your jaw, caressing your cheeks with her thumbs. “Move in with me.”
You crash your lips into hers without thinking, bliss running through your veins. Snow is dancing through the breeze, your skin growing colder and redder by the second, but the whole world fades away and it's just you and Wanda and nothing else. You separate, wrapping your arms around her shoulders, and whisper, “Yes.”
And so, you enter the building, hand in hand. Wanda takes you back to your apartment, only for a moment, and helps gather your things, floating them behind you as you walk back down the stairs to her, now your, apartment. You spend that night tucking your things into the crevices of the apartment, transfusing the place into your own.
You awake the next morning next to Wanda, sunlight streaming in and reflecting off of the fresh snow on the ground, her arm wrapped gently around your waist. She feels you begin to stir and gently spins you around to face her. You are both smiling and you think that this is it. This is the moment that you’ve felt has been missing your whole life. This is where you are meant to be.
As Wanda hears your thoughts, she’s thinking the same thing. She presses a kiss to the tip of your nose and whispers, “Morning, sleepy.”
You smile, so bright that Wanda can’t help but smile back, as you snuggle in deeper against her. You are never letting go of her. “Morning.”
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samwlscns · a day ago
𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑝𝑒𝑡𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛
wanda maximoff x f!reader
summary: wanda loves riling up an overly competitive y/n as an excuse to coddle y/n in her some good lovin’ and cuddles
based off this ask!
wc: 1.2k 
warning(s): light swearing
a/n: ty to @xxxtwilightaxelxxx for sending this in! i had so much fun with this (even if i’ve never played snap hehe) 
Tumblr media
You were fuming. The way your fingers tightly gripped the glass in your hand and the rapid bouncing of your knee under the dining table were just the few tell-tale signs that you were close to losing it. 
A soft giggle leaves Wanda’s lips as she places a delicate hand upon the deck of cards to her left. However, it’s clear that you don’t notice her diminishing pile as you stare intently at the cards gathered in the middle. You’re adorably mumbling under your breath, as Wanda takes two fingers and lifts your chin to meet her gaze. “Sweetheart?” She leans closer, brushing the tip of her nose softly against yours. 
You hum in response, suddenly mesmerized by the closeness of her proximity and the scent of her strawberry shampoo filtering your senses. 
Wanda smiles and slowly begins to flip over the last card in her deck while carefully glancing down. Your stare, still transfixed onto her, makes Wanda blush and she scoots closer so her forehead is pressed up against yours. “You know I love you, right?” You nod against her. “Good because after what I’m about to do, you might forget.” She presses her lips softly against yours, and as she pulls away, she whispers a soft, “Snap pot!” 
“Goddamnit!” You exclaim loudly as you jerk away from Wanda with wide eyes. Looking back at your girlfriend who sends you an apologetic smile and a shrug of her shoulders, you abruptly get up from the table and march off in the direction of your bedroom. “Don’t follow me, I’m mad at you!” You shout over your shoulder. 
Wanda laughs in amusement at your antics, knowing just how petty and competitive you could be. To most, it may seem childish and annoying but she loved every bit of it; which is why she loved riling you up so much. Seeing the irresistible pout that would grace your features as you stomped away from her gave Wanda an excuse to spoil you and give you enough cuddles to last her a lifetime until you stopped ignoring her. Despite your competitive nature, however, she knew that deep down you were never actually mad at her. Besides, even if you were, you could never stay mad at her for long. 
You’re laying in bed with your arms crossed over your chest, wallowing in self pity for being defeated once again, when Wanda knocks lightly on your bedroom door. 
“Can I come in?” 
“No,” you reply, voice muffled from being smushed up against your pillow. You couldn’t believe you lost to her at Snap, again. 
“Ok, I’m coming in.” She pushes the door open anyway to see your deflated form sprawled out against the mattress. “Oh, my poor baby,” Wanda coos as she makes her way to the bed and lays herself down next to you. Wrapping her arm around your waist and resting her chin atop your head, she pulls you closer. “Is there anything I could do to make it better?”
A sharp exhale escapes your nose as you stay quiet, continuing to ignore her. 
Feigning a defeated sigh, Wanda releases you from her hold. “Well, I guess I’m going to have to finish the Rocky Road that’s in the freezer all by myself.” She drags out her words as she slinks her way out of the room and back to the kitchen. Opening the freezer door, she pulls out the pint of Rocky Road ice cream before taking out two spoons. Wanda quietly starts to count and like clockwork by the time she gets to three, you’re trudging out of the room with a quilt wrapped around your shoulders into the kitchen. Popping open the lid of the container, she hands you a spoon. 
You take it from her without hesitation as you make your way beside her on the kitchen counter. Digging your spoon into the pint you take a whole spoonful and shove it in your mouth. You hear Wanda chuckle as you go in for another scoop, making you narrow your eyes at her. “Just so you know, I’m still mad at you.” 
“Mhmm, ok,” is all she replies as she digs in too. 
Once you feel content with your share of ice cream, you shuffle your way back to the living room and turn on the tv. Settling on a random sitcom that’s on, you pull the blanket tighter around your shoulders. The couch dips next to you and it takes everything in you to not pay attention to it. 
“Oh come on, Y/N. You’re really still going to ignore me?” Wanda teases, poking gently at your side. 
“Stop that,” You frown in an attempt to stifle the laughs that dare to escape your lips. She pokes you again and you jerk to the side. Another poke lands itself into your side and a smile spreads across your lips as you giggle, “Stop doing that, Wan!” 
She grins and lunges forward, wrapping her arms around your waist and settling down on your lap. “There she is,” Wanda snuggles up closer to you. 
You playfully roll your eyes as your hands instinctively go to her hair, brushing through the strawberry blonde locks. “You know, if you wanted to cuddle, you could’ve just asked. You don’t need to beat me at Snap to do it.” 
“Why, because you have to win?” She jabs with a smirk on her lips. 
“What? No!” You pause, looking down at her. “Although, I'd really appreciate it if you let me win every once in a while.” 
Wanda rolls onto her back so she’s staring up at you. “I can’t spoil you with ice cream, cuddles, and kisses if I let you win. No offense, Y/N, but you’re a bit of a gloater.” 
Scoffing, you shake your head in disbelief. “Wha- no I am not!” 
“It’s true!” Wanda takes your hand that’s in her hair and intertwines them together. “Last time when you won at Go, you spent all night rubbing it in my face that you won. And then when I tried to cuddle you that night you said, and I quote, ‘Sorry, honey, but losers don’t get cuddles!’” 
Heat crawls up your face in embarrassment as Wanda recounts just how competitive you could really be. Damn, you were an unbearable winner and a sore loser. 
Feeling you go tense, she sits up in your lap and places a hand onto your cheek with an adoring smile. She could sense your insecurities seeping in and the dislike of yourself becomes evident. “Hey,” Wanda rubs the pad of her thumb against your cheek. “I know what you’re thinking and it’s not true.” 
“I’m insufferable! How can you stand that about me?” You question in disgust. 
“Because I love that about you. I love you and your overly competitive stride. I love the way your nose scrunches up when you’re about to lose and the way you oh so adorably throw a fit whenever I win. And I most definitely love the way you don’t mind how clingy I get to you whenever I do win,” Wanda confesses with a kiss to your cheek. 
You bashfully smile at her words and your heart swells in your chest for the woman in your arms. “You really mean that?” 
“I do.” She playfully nips the tip of your nose, pulling another laugh out of you. “Now, how about another round of Snap?” 
“No way. That’s definitely not happening again.” You shake your head frantically. 
Wanda laughs in your embrace as she snuggles into the crook of your neck in content. She absolutely loves your competitive side, and she just can’t seem to get enough.
Tumblr media
feedback, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated!
marvel taglist: @sunflowerbecca @stfukie @beth-winchester21 @thebadassbitchqueen @iasdfghjkl @whatthefuckerr @thatoneleoslytherin @thesewordsareallihavetogive @pixieyosi @theosbucky @pansydaisy @the_fuck_up_of_today @happelu970 @bibliophilewednesday @aryhyuuga @wanniiieeee @i-love-scott-mccall @scxrletrecsmarvel @julesclues @poisxnedmind @omgkatinka @enlyume @supraveng @gitasor @winth0rsoldier
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widowsandwizards · a day ago
Little Love Letter ~ Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: After months of following her around like a lovestruck puppy, you decide to finally tell her how you feel in the best way you know how—a handwritten letter.
A/N: not proofread!  I wrote this in about twenty minutes at 1:30 in the morning.  But I like how it turned out :)
Requested: yes/NO
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Gn!Reader
Warnings: Major fluff and lots of similes.
Tumblr media
To say it was killing you was an understatement.
There she was, standing right in front of you.  The girl you’d become so smitten with over the past few months it hurt.  The girl you followed around like a love struck puppy.  But she still didn’t notice how hopelessly you were in love with her.
You wanted to tell her.  You knew you had to, or you might just implode.  But you could barely form a coherent sentence in front of her at this point, and you were afraid that if you attempted to tell her outright, it would come out a bucket of gibberish with a faint “I’m in love with you” at the end.  Which is definitely not how you’d like it to go.
So, you went to the next best thing.
Growing up, you’d always been obsessed with calligraphy and letter-writing.  Those tiny bits and pieces of yourself you’d put into a conversation on paper to those long distance relatives you hadn’t seen for years, or even just a basket connecting you and your next door friend’s window.  Your favorite gift of any Christmas of your childhood ever had been the fountain pen and the wax seal you’d gotten.  And it seemed only right to pull both of those items out in order to attempt to put into words how whipped you were for the Scarlet Witch.
Sighing, you signed your name with a flourish at the bottom of the paper, rereading it to make sure it wasn’t too strong.
Dear Wanda,
  I have absolutely no idea how to begin, but I think I’ll start off by telling you that this is, in fact, a love letter.  I am hopeless when it comes to saying these things in person, and my skills over paper are questionable as well, but I think I have a better chance of saying what I’d like to with the second option.
  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the past few months, I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with you.  I don’t know how else to put it.  And I don’t think I could ever explain the level on which I want to kiss you, or watch movies with you, or sneak into your room late at night and giggle under the covers about nothing.  Or how I want to wake you up with your favorite tea every morning because even though you mentioned it offhandedly, I still remember exactly how you like it.  Or how I want to hold your hand ad memorize the way it feels in mine.  Or attempt to bake a batch of cookies with you, but end up just throwing flour at each other and getting sick on eating the batter.  I want to experience it all with you.  
  We don’t even technically have to do that.  I just want to be with you, Wanda, and be able to tell you I love you instead of hiding it anymore and hoping what I originally thought was just a little crush would go away.  It’s not a little crush anymore, and at this point I think if I kept it in any longer my heart would explode.
  I understand if this comes off too strong, or if you don’t feel the same, but I’m writing this nonetheless, and I really hope that you were just oblivious to my almost pathetic hints I’ve been dropping and not trying to find a way to let me down slowly.  
  The summary of this letter is that I am hopelessly in love with you and this is kind of my attempt at both telling you that and asking you out.
                                                                                     Yours sincerely,    
Sighing, you gently folded the note and put it in the envelope, stamping it with a pretty scarlet red to seal the deal.  Now came the hard part.
You tiptoed out of your door in the avengers compound, down the hall to her door.  You had no idea if she was even awake, but you knocked just gently enough that she’d hear it if she was, but it wouldn’t wake her if she wasn’t.  You left the letter at the door, and sprinted as quietly as possible back to your own room.
She was indeed awake, and she looked up at the sound of your knocking.  She reluctantly pulled herself out of bed, pausing the sit-com she was watching, and gently opened the door.  She looked down both ends of the hall, and upon seeing nobody, looked at the floor, assuming she’d gotten something delivered.  Perhaps that new pair of socks she’d ordered.
She had indeed got delivered something, but instead of seeing a sock-like package, she saw a small, hand-folded envelope, stamped with her favorite color seal.  She smiled, picking it up, and retreating to her room to read it.
There was no name on the back, but she recognized your handwriting almost as soon as she opened it, despite it looking slightly messier than normal.  As her eyes skimmed the words, they filled with tears, and her hand flew to her mouth as they hit her heart full-force.  She set down the letter ever so gently, wanting to keep it pristine, so she has proof of that ever being written.
Her mind was exploding, bright fireworks of a billion questions and statements, the brightest and biggest by far being “they love me too.”
And that single thought, those four short words, had her out of her bed and running full-speed down the hall to your room, not caring if she woke anyone.  
“Please be awake.  Please be awake,” she whispered under her breath as she knocked ever so softly.  
You opened your door, looking into her teary eyes.  “Did you mean it?”  She asked.  You nodded slowly.
“I did.”
“Thank god.”  And then she kissed you.   She reached forward and cupped your face in her hands and your lips collided, and it felt like magic.  Maybe it was.  You could’ve stayed there, in that absolutely perfect moment, forever, until she pulled away and whispered, “I love you too.”
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nermommys-fav-gay · a day ago
in front of nat?!
hmm how about soft!wanda turning slightly dark bc nat keeps making advances towards wanda girlfriend forcing wanda to remind the gf who she belongs to 👀 sorry if that’s too wordy it’s the best way i could think to describe it
monique’s notes: discord chose this one ‼️
warnings (18+ only): noncon/dubcon, wanda using her powers as a form of control, daddy kink, choking, spitting, oral sex on strap-on
wanda’s eyes narrowed at natasha, who had her hand too low on your back for comfort. she had seen the way natasha looked at you when she’d first introduced you to her friends. the sokovian thought that it was just an innocent crush, which was why she never said anything in the beginning.
however, as time went on, she realized that the redhead held nearly the same amount of admiration for you as she did. natasha didn’t even bother to hide her attraction for you anymore, everyone knew. everyone but you, of course.
whenever your girlfriend brought up the subject of natasha’s feelings for you, you would always brush her off and tell her to stop being jealous. wanda had grown to resent your habit of always looking for the best in people since it had managed to keep you from realizing natasha’s ulterior motives.
that was okay, though, because you had her. with wanda’s guidance, you’d always stay on the right track. your eyes left natasha’s and locked with wanda’s. you smiled softly upon seeing her and excused yourself from the russian.
“why don’t you go up to our room and wait for me?” wanda suggested when you approached her. “i’ll join you soon.” you nodded, pecking her lips before heading back to your shared bedroom.
you waited at the end of the bed, waiting for your girlfriend’s arrival. she entered abruptly, pushing someone else into the room.
“what’s she doing here?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows as red mist wrapped around natasha, restraining her to a chair. “wan?”
“i just brought her up here to teach her a lesson, baby.” wanda explained. “she should know that she needs to keep her hands off of what doesn’t belong to her.”
“are you seriously starting with this shit again, wanda?” you snapped. “nat and i are just friends, let her go.”
“you may think that, but she wants to be a whole lot more than your friend.” wanda scoffed. you were about to speak, but she placed her finger on your lips. “i don’t want to hear you talk unless i ask you to.”
you tried to protest again, but stopped yourself when her eyes turned red. “you’ll be good for me, won’t you, baby?”
“yes, daddy.”
“good.” wanda hummed, looking over your shoulder towards natasha. “why don’t we show our guest who you belong to?”
natasha huffed, trying to get out of her restraints but her efforts were of no use. wanda pushed you onto your knees and wrapped her hand around your neck. you shivered slightly as the coolness of her rings dragged along your skin.
you stuck your tongue out and she leaned over, spitting into your mouth. wanda undressed herself and tapped her strap against your lips. she smirked when she heard natasha whimper at the sight of you. you took the fake cock into your mouth as wanda held your head.
“good girl.” wanda cooed, thrusting the toy into your mouth. “get daddy’s cock ready for your pretty pussy. let’s show nat what she can’t have.”
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natty-taffy · 2 days ago
the moon is beautiful, but she's more - [wanda x greek goddess!reader]
Summary: when wanda runs from the present she doesn't expect to fall in love, and, most definitely not with a goddess.
Words: 1.4k
TW: none, i think (but lmk!)
(Just in case you aren't familiar with greek mithology): Diana is the name of the roman version of Artemis, the greek goddess of the moon, who is the twin sister of Apollo, the god of sun / Zephyrus is the god of wind / Persephone is the goddess of spring.
You had met Wanda two moons ago, while picking up olives from a fallen basket the wind had thrown on the ground, reminding yourself to have a small talk with Zephyrus about it later.
She had approached you with such uncertainty and lost eyes, that at first you believed her to be an outsider, but, at a second look at her, you paused completely, the basket of olives quickly forgotten.
Her soul was yet to exist, but there she was.
You frowned slightly, wondering how on Earth could a human that hadn’t been born yet to stand right in front of you.
So, as a good host, and for her surprise, you brought her alongside you, allowing her to share your rooms for the night- there, she presented herself as Wanda Maximoff and you, wary, but not wanting to lie, as Diana of Delos.
The first assumption you made about her is that Wanda is the strangest person you have ever met- and this is saying something- her mannerisms and expressions are of such that you’re often left confused by what she means.
(But you won’t tell her- she looks absolutely angelic moving her hands everywhere while she speaks)
The second, is that her mere presence manages to put you into a paradox of being on edge at the same time it gets you to relax.
It’s a dangerous thing.
You realize that as you catch yourself musing at her eyes, that shine with wonder at the moon (and somewhere in yourself, you feel flattered by it), her forearms hold her body up against the short white walls.
“You’re not from here, are you?” You find the courage finally to ask.
Wanda smiles, there are memories behind her lips and longing on her eyes- she knows exactly what you meant “No”
You nod, resting your back against the wall, watching as her red-hair shines under the moonlight, moving only so slightly with her rhythmic breathing.
“When are you going?” You ask, feeling your heart squeezing against itself in somewhat of a lame tentative of yearning for this woman you’ve known for three days.
You have got to be the most lesbian of all goddesses to ever exist.
Wanda, then, looks at you- her eyes travel through your face, it brings heat to your cheeks “I don’t know” she answers with a shy smile, you feel a little like her accomplice in something you have yet to comprehend “Too soon”
She always seem to be one step ahead of you.
You hum, deciding to test one theory you’ve had since the first time her rapid eyes found yours “Are you running from something?”
She seems to be taken aback by this- her eyes go back to the moon for a little-big moment and you’re left to believe she won’t answer you anytime soon, until- “Yeah” her timid voice answers, although in a not very convincing way “From me, I think”
You click your tongue, wondering what was underneath that- she couldn’t be a bad person, could she? You’d be able to tell it from the first moment.
But she did always sound too like trying to hide something, so you decide to press her a little more “Tell me something about your world”
Wanda shrugs, not really enthusiastic “It’s the same as yours” but her posture becomes slouched, as if merely thinking about it drained her to no end “It’s just lost”
“Is it from another… world? Like this one, but in another place?” You try to understand, the existence of other worlds is not an alien concept for you. But you frown as she shakes her head, once again moving her hands to explain it, as you endearingly watch.
“It’s the exact same one, but a while to the future” She ends up saying, looking at you, eyes big with hope, praying for you to understand.
But, alas, you can only follow her until the end of this line “What’s a future?”
“A long tomorrow” She smiles slightly, returning her eyes to the moon- you can’t help but blush “Like when a child grows to a grandpa”
Oh, it’s simple! You smile at her, now curious to know how far her knowledge of the future world goes- but first, you ask, as nonchalantly as you can “How much is a future to you from me?”
Her grimace lets you know it’s not going to the direction you’re hoping “I’m 2750 years after you”
You can almost huff at her lack of response- such a vague concept.
You know the numbers itself aren’t close, but you can count from 350 to 2750 in few minutes, and that doesn’t sound like a big future “So, how much is it?”
“Well, I’m 26 years old” She answers, to your dismay.
26 is way too far from 2750.
“So all of this is gone already, in your world?” You ask with maybe a tint of fear.
Something tells you that you’re not remembered, or known at all, at her world, either. You fear of obsolescence is one to find you sooner than expected
Her eyes aren’t easy to read, now, but she nods faintly “Yeah, and I’m yet to be born- In fact, my great-great-great grandparents are yet to be born”
You would be lying if you said it didn’t bring gloom to your heart to know that she’s this far from you- but something tells you she’s needed on her world, more than to your heart “May Artemis walk you home safely”
You bless Wanda, not to chase her away, not because you're happy she's leaving, only to let her know you understand her need to go so soon, even though you know your hearts don't.
You have the feeling she isn't used to the feeling of having her reasons understood.
Because she looks at you as if you have hung the moon (which you kind of did), then looks at the sky, smiling slightly “How are you so sure she’s still on my world?”
You twitch at her question, I don’t, but I really hope so “Because they’re immortal as long as at least one mind still thinks of them” you answer “And you can’t really have a daily life without the twins, or even Persephone”
Wanda’s eyes fly back to yours “The twins?”
You don’t question her sudden change of behavior, it’s not your place for such thing, but simply nod “Without sun there is no moon, there is no day nor night” You explain, pointing at the moon with your chin “Chaos would rule the world”
When her chin quivers you wonder how much of that is true on her world “And what is to do, then?”
There’s a certain heartbreaking hope behind her words, and you wish to shield her from whatever have cause her this- then a haunting possibility passes your head.
“Did- did one of them die in your world?”
Her smile, that grew to be light to your eyes, is now gloomy as she whispers “My Apollo has” and, before you could even register the weight of her words, Wanda’s eyes find yours again “But the world is fine”
You think briefly before answering her, not wanting to come off as anything but by your truest intentions “You don’t seem fine” is how you begin, slowly “And I happen to think you have great power over your world’s well-being”
Her green eyes flash at you with the tiredness you would only find in a mirror; the weight to hold the world as it is “I will be” she looks like she has had her great share of battles herself.
You wonder if Wanda is, somehow, like you- she sure looks like she was created from heaven itself.
“Stay a little more” You offer, the moon shines a tone brighter and her cheeks a shade warmer- you approach her, playing with her ring filled fingers as she stares bashfully at the sea, this time.
You hold her index finger, discretely creating a new bright ring- it’s small shaped, blessed filled and carved with moon dust, love made “There’s more to the world than the chore of keeping it together-”
Wanda rolls her eyes before you can finish your speech “Hope”
And, because her stubbornness brings you to the beautiful edge of whatever-this-feeling-is, you allow her, but not before poking her nose “Love, missy” to which her red cheeks turn into scarlet “Look around, there’s a whole sky in display just for us, there are fruits ready to be found, there’s the sea to dive into and golden our skin-”
Because it has become a habit, Wanda cuts you mid-speech again- only this time with the touch of a sweet surprise, as her lips come to rest on yours, softer than milk and stronger than fire, for a way too short lived moment and, with a satisfied hum, she muses “And there’s you, Artemis”
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biglip · 2 days ago
Wanda: What the fuck Y/n, you have been gone for weeks.
Natasha: And you came back covered in blood.
Y/n: It's not my blood.
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wannabe-fic-writer · 7 hours ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader : Unsure
Summary: Things were going well up until now.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1,727
* * * * * * *
The instant you walk into the common room a smile lights across Wanda’s face. She knew you’d be coming but seeing you never fails to make her feel incredibly happy. 
Her smile and excitement is short lived though.
Everyone greets you with smiles and jokes and when your eyes land on Wanda you smile as well. She’s a little expectant the closer you get, stomach fluttering at just the thought of a kiss from you. 
“Hey you.” You greet her, your hand ever so gently rubbing her shoulder. Then you’re off into the kitchen, leaving Wanda with a dejected and confused feeling.
When you come back you sit next to her, an overly noticeable amount of space between you. Only a few people in the room notice, both ex-assassins and the nosy billionaire. 
Clearing her throat, Wanda leans towards you, voice low as she asks,“ is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” you smile over at her,“ it’ll be perfect as soon as bird boy,” you lightly kick Sam’s calf,“ could pass me a beer and play the movie.” 
His teasing remarks are completely irrelevant to Wanda as she watches you during the quick exchange. 
Even as the movie starts and her eyes focus on the screen, her mind is still on you.
For the life of her she can’t figure out what’s happening. 
The relationship between the two of you went from friendly to romantic a few weeks ago. After months of pining after each other, being completely oblivious to each other’s feelings.
The progression of your relationship was slow. Wanda has been hurt in the past so it took time to dismantle the walls she’d built up around her heart. That didn’t once deter you though. 
One of the many things that furthered Wanda falling for you was the effort you put in. Even as her friend you were there for her, at times going out of your way to make her feel better and comfortable and loved. After you both admitted your feelings for each other you didn’t stop.
Every hang out, each date, it was all perfectly thought out, all things Wanda loved. Another thing she loved was how patient you were with her. It was a slow process to get her to emotionally let you in and it gradually came with each time you saw and spoke to each other. Even slower was the physical connection. 
Physically progressing was a lot to Wanda. She couldn’t describe the meaning of it, not to herself or to anyone else, but somehow you understood. Even if the moment felt oh so right, like right then was the time to kiss or touch her, you didn’t. It was all in a simple gaze, your eyes met and you could tell Wanda wasn’t ready and while your thoughts about wanting to kiss or touch her were fairly loud, your thoughts of loving her and wanting her to be comfortable were so much louder.
So it was a bit of a surprise to both of you when you shared your first kiss not but two nights ago. 
It was another one of your hangouts. No one on the team had a mission or anything so the compound was full and very much alive. Peter came by to see Tony, Natasha’s sister was visiting, and even Clint’s new protege was around. The energy in the building was a lot to take in and you knew when things got like this, it was a lot for Wanda.
The compound is her home, a place where she’s able to be more relaxed with her powers, keeping a lid on them but not feeling like she’s wound tight. With everyone here and all the noise, it was harder to let up so she found herself feeling wound tight, trying to keep from accidentally reading someone’s loud thoughts.
You noticed. Ever observant, you saw the way it was affecting her. She’d get this crease in between her eyebrows when it was a struggle. Her fingers would twitch, little wisps of red flickering when someone was too loud. 
She’d gotten even more frustrated when you left her in the common room with everyone for an extended period of time. But she soon found out it was worth it. 
You came back, took her hand and guided her away from everyone while ignoring their lewd comments. She curiously asked questions as you guided her further from all the noise, only to let out a quiet gasp when you reached your destination.
In one of the many open and empty rooms, where there were floor to ceiling windows on both the east and west sides of the room and big blank walls on the north and south. Except the room wasn’t empty anymore.
Right in the middle of the room were blankets and pillows spread out, a basket of snacks along with them, and a laptop connected to the projector pointed at the wall. Wanda already instantly loved that you’d set this up for her, but her excitement kicked in when she saw the old sitcoms on the laptop screen just waiting to be played.
That night turned out to be one of her favorites. She was safe and cuddled up in your arms. A happy and nostalgic feeling washed over her with each episode of the shows. But at one point she stopped being focused on the show. Her eyes drifted from the screen to you.
Her eyes trailed up your jaw, lingered on the scar on your cheek, then drifted to your lips. Every time she looked at them she saw how inviting they looked. She wanted to kiss you so bad.
Ever so gently, her fingers had brushed the opposite side of your jaw. You’d been surprised by the touch and even more surprised by the look in her eyes right before she started leaning in.
A breath from her sent your mind into a haze and it took two little words to get lost in the fog.“ Kiss me.” She’d whispered into the near centimeter of space between your lips and you did just that. 
The first kiss. You’d had many of them and Wanda but a few. Still, both of you could agree this one was better than any other had ever been. You’d both had gentle, you’d both had passionate, you’d both had rushed and hungry. But her lips on yours, the way yours molded perfectly around hers, it was a feeling unexplainable. 
It came and went, the kiss did, but not the feeling. 
Wanda swore she could still feel your lips on hers even when they were no longer there. 
So caught up in the absolute bliss of sharing this more than perfect moment, Wanda didn’t notice your shift in mood. She was so happy and content in this headspace, she didn’t pick up on the shift in your mental space.
Of course it affected how you later acted. While she was never one to assume things, she thought for sure that kiss would lead to others but the last two days she hadn’t gotten a single one. Not even on the cheek. 
She couldn’t find when she’d messed up. She was always the one to stop the moments before they happened so she was almost sure you hadn’t regretted the kiss.So whatever it was, she didn’t know.
The movie ends and she’s pulled back to reality. Everyone stands, starting to clean up while chatting about the movie. Like always a few people slip away to avoid cleaning: Sam, Natasha, and Tony. 
It doesn’t take very long for the common room to be clean again. You volunteer to stay behind and vacuum up the popcorn crumbs Bucky and Sam always get on the floor and Wanda sticks around as well. 
“One sec.” You quickly say before the whirring of the machine sounds. You vacuum the areas around the couch then put it away before returning.“ Okay what’s up?” 
Wanda’s eyes trail over your form. Two feet away from her, arms crossed as you try to appear nonchalant with your hip leaning against the couch.
She sighs, eyes dropping to her hands as she twiddles her fingers.“ What’s wrong?” 
“Nothing is, I-”
“Haven’t kissed me since the first time.” She looks back up at you.“ I can’t think of anything I’ve done wrong. So my thoughts keep going back to, maybe you didn’t enjoy the kiss-”
Your frown turns to wide eyes.“ What? Of course I enjoyed it. I thought it felt amazing.”
“So you don’t regret it?” 
The amount of insecurity that laces her words sends a feeling straight through your heart.
Wanda watches your whole face drop. Regret swirling through your eyes.
“Of course I don’t.” You close the distance between you in seconds. Your fingers gently trail from her elbows down to her hands and you hold them.“ I was unsure how you felt about it. We’ve been taking things slow and the last thing I wanted was for that to have made you feel uncomfortable. And I certainly didn’t want to assume it meant I could just kiss you whenever.”
As your words sink in, Wanda almost wants to laugh at the irony. 
Instead of laughing, she shakes her head with a quiet chuckle.“ You could’ve told me. Then I would’ve told you that I want you to assume. I was being cautious, with my heart but you have it. And in gaining it you’ve gained my trust to take things further physically but still patiently.”
You nod.“ I’m sorry I didn’t say anything and just started acting distant. Won’t happen again. From now on I’ll kiss you every time I see you.” You joke.
“Good,” she gets a satisfied smile on her face,“ because that one kiss wasn’t nearly enough.”
When you laugh softly it’s music to her ears.“ Oh really? Have I created a monster?” You ask teasingly. 
The woman nods, biting her lip as her hands let go of yours and raise to cup the sides of your neck.“ You certainly have, and there’s only one way to keep it under control.”
“Hmm, feed it chocolates.” Green eyes narrow at you and you close your mouth.“ Right, not chocolates. Just kisses,” for the second time you kiss, this one a short sweet peck.
“Lots of kisses.” Wanda corrects, then pulls you back in. 
* * * * * *
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Wanda *trying to find out if Y/N is gay*: Gay people will literally be in timeloops.
Y/N: No they won’t
Y/N: No they won’t
Y/N: No they won’t
Y/N: What did you do to me?!
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Word count: 2072
Genre: Fluff? maybe a touch of angst
Pairing: Wanda x gn!reader
Warnings: hospital (let me know if i need to add more)
Summary: After Wanda accidentally lands you in the medbay, you have to convince her not to be scared of her own powers.
A/n: I wrote this all between 11 pm and 1 am so don't judge if it's bad. It's also just a random idea that popped into my head bc I really like the idea of the reader having more trust in wanda than she has in herself. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
There’s nothing and then too much all at once. Your head is pounding and even with your eyes closed you are practically blinded by bright lights. There are sounds everywhere, beeps and talking and more beeps, all layed on top of each other making it entirely overwhelming. You force your eyes open but the light is so blinding that you shut them again nearly immediately as it makes it feel as though your head is going to crack open from the pain. Just as it’s getting too intense and making it hard for you to focus on anything you feel a hand squeeze yours and a soft voice.
You groan in response and try to force your eyes open again. The light is still too bright but it’s bearable this time so you squint and try to see who is there.
“Oh thank god you’re awake,” you hear the voice say, “we were all so worried.”
You try to respond but it’s difficult and before you can get any words out the room is suddenly bustling with people and somebody leans right over you and does something with a tube beside you that you assume is attached to you. They are dressed in scrubs so by seeing them you know you’re in a hospital, most likely the compound medbay. That would explain why you can’t see the person speaking to you, they are probably sitting beside you.
After the doctors leave you let your head roll over to the side to take a peek. Natasha is sitting in a very uncomfortable looking chair with a worried look on her face.
“Nat?” you ask softly.
“What happened?”
Natasha sighs, looking even more worried. “You don’t remember?”
You try hard to think and are about to shake your head no when a vague memory comes to you. You don’t remember how you got injured but the last thing you did to your knowledge was do some training with the team.
“I just remembered something. Was it during training?”
Natasha nods.
“But what exactly happened?”
“It was an accident.” she says to start, trying to make that very clear. “But we were trying to get Wanda and Tony to communicate and work well together since they don’t get along well and the rest of all were roleplaying as the bad guys. You managed to sneak up on Wanda and she was startled and lost control of her powers, throwing you backwards.”
“Okay, yeah,” you say, processing as memories return at Natasha’s explanation. “I’m remembering some of it now. Has Wanda been by?”
You try to make your question seem casual but by the pitying look Natasha is giving you, you can tell she is very much aware that you won’t like the answer.
“She hasn’t.”
To your utter mortification your eyes start to fill with tears that you fight furiously not to let fall. Natasha has taught you well over the years and normally you are able to keep them in quite well but your emotions combined with the pain seem to push you over the edge. You know Natasha won’t judge but you don’t want her to see you cry so you are grateful that you are able to blink the tears away.
“Y/n-” Natasha starts to say softly but you interrupt her.
“Why hasn’t she? I thought-” your voice breaks for a second but you ignore it and continue. “I thought that we were sort of building up to becoming a thing but I could have just been reading into things too much. And even if she weren’t I thought she still cared about me. You’d think she’d at least visit because she’s the reason I’m here.”
Natasha sighs. “But that’s exactly the reason she didn’t visit.”
“You aren’t reading into things, I see it too. She cares about you, possibly more than she cares about anyone else. But she’s scared of something happening to you. Everyone she has loved, her parents, her brother, they all have died. So to see something happen to you, something that was her fault, accident or not scares her. She’s still new to her powers and doesn’t have complete control which would be scary to anyone. I haven’t seen her but I’ve heard she hasn’t even left her room to eat so she’s probably in there alone, beating herself up and blaming herself.”
“Wow.” you say at the end of Natasha’s reasoning. “I don’t know whether to be amazed or scared about how well I read people.”
Natasha smiles. “How about both?”
You laugh slightly but change the topic back to Wanda. “She shouldn’t blame herself though, it was a mistake. She’s learning and I’m not seriously hurt, I probably just have a concussion.”
“I know that and you know that but she doesn’t know that.” Natasha says.
“She deserves to know.”
“Then tell her.”
You look up at Natasha. “Right now?”
She shrugs. “Why not? Both of you will just be miserable until you can talk and I do have a bit of a soft spot for you guys. I can cover for you so the doctors don’t know you’re gone as long as you promise to come back because although I’m rooting for the two of you, you do need to rest and recover.”
“Thank you Nat.” you tell her and you start to move to get up. As it turns out moving, especially moving your head in any way, is even more painful than you expected and you struggle not to gasp at the pain.
“You okay?” Natasha asks as you stand and let out a small groan. You’re not facing her but just by the tone of her voice you can tell that she is smirking so you throw up your middle finger painfully as you walk out of the room.
You were right earlier with your assumption that you were in the medbay because you easily recognize the halls and are able to use that to your advantage to avoid the doctor until you escape into the main area of the compound. From there it isn’t long until you reach Wanda’s door and you hesitate outside of it, unsure of whether to knock or go right in. Making a decision, you call her name as you push open the door.
She’s lying down in bed but scrambles into a sitting position when she sees you. Her hair is a complete mess, like it hasn’t been brushed in days and she’s in her pyjamas even though based on how bright it is through her window she definitely should have changed by now. Her window is also the only light because the overhead lights are off even though she obviously wasn’t sleeping.
“Wanda.” you say again, so softly it’s almost a sigh. Your heart almost breaks at the sight of her all small and sad like this and actually breaks when you take a step towards her and she shuffles back, holding her hands behind her back.
“You shouldn’t be here.” she warns, her voice trembling. “I could hurt you.”
“No.” you tell her firmly. “I know that you won’t because I think it was a mistake that happened one time and only because I snuck up on you. But right now there’s not even the possibility of you hurting me.”
“How could you be sure?” she asks.
“Because I trust you.”
“How could you trust me?”
The amount of self loathing in her words nearly makes you stop but you continue, wanting to prove her wrong. You know your words so far are already working because this time when you take another couple of steps so you can almost reach out and touch her she barely flinches back.
“I trust you because I know you would never want to hurt me. And because I know that every day you get more control over your powers. And because I just know that no matter what I always feel safe around you.”
Pausing your speech for a second you take the opportunity of Wanda’s surprised look to sit down beside her on the bed and take one of her hands in yours. Again she flinches but doesn’t pull away or tell you to stop which you take as an accomplishment.
Clearing your throat a little, you continue. “You see your powers as dangerous and perhaps they are, but not to me. How could I not feel safe around you when I know you will use your powers for good and to protect me? When I’m with you I know nothing bad will happen to me. I trust you so much.”
As you finish talking you bring her hand up to your mouth slowly, giving time for her to pull away and kiss the tips of her fingers one by one, looking up at her face as you finish and lower her hand. There are silent tears streaming down her face and she is looking at you with such an open look that you feel like if you look into her eyes for too long you’ll see all her struggles, thoughts and insecurities.
You’ve never been good with crying people but this is Wanda and you’re not leaving until she’s feeling better. You definitely don’t know what to say though so you pull her into a hesitant hug and then hug more tightly after she almost melts into your arms.
You’re not sure how long you hold her for but you don’t care. You’re even a bit sad when she pulls back, sniffling slightly, her cheeks red with embarrassment.
“Your shirt’s wet.”
“I don’t care.”
“I just cried on you.”
“Really? I didn’t notice.” you say, laughing slightly. “I really don’t care Wanda.”
She sighs. “I just- I just wanted to protect you from me but even after what I did you’re the one taking care of me.”
“I don’t need to be protected from you and I want to take care of you Wanda, you deserve it.”
She shakes her head and you sigh, trying to think of a way you can prove it to her. Perhaps the idea you land on is a bit selfish because you’ve been wanting to kiss her for ages but it’s also a good way to prove you love and trust her she you lean forward, pressing your lips to hers.
Initially she seems surprised and her body tenses up but after a moment you feel her relax again and kiss back. It’s not necessarily what you envisioned when you imagined your first kiss but it’s soft and sweet and vulnerable so it’s more than perfect. It ends far too soon as Wanda pulls back, staring into your eyes for a moment and then closing hers and resting her forehead against yours.
“Fuck!” you half shout at the contact. She was being pretty gentle but even the small touch of her head to yours brought a lot of pain. You had mostly been able to ignore it because you had been so distracted by making sure Wanda was okay but now that you’re thinking about it it hurts a lot.
“Y/n, tell me! Are you okay?”
“It’s just my head, I’m fine.”
“Just your head? Y/n!”
“Wanda,” you say, trying to calm her down, “it’s just a concussion, I’ll be fine.”
“No,” she protests, “concussions are important, why did the doctors even let you out? You should be resting.”
You give her a sheepish smile. “Technically it was Natasha who let me out and she’s covering for me so the doctors don’t know I’m gone.”
You watch as Wanda’s face shifts from concerned to determined. “Well you won’t need her help anymore because you are going back right now.”
“Wanda…” you half whine, attempting to protest her words.
“I don’t want to hear it.” she says. “We are going back right now.”
She grabs you by the arm and pulls you up, starting to drag you across the room. You pretend to grumble and be annoyed but really you couldn’t be more happy. Wanda grabbed you with her hand, not even thinking about hurting you. You know she’ll probably go back to being scared of her own strength later but for now this is good enough. After all, if everything goes as you hope you’ll have the rest of your life to prove how much you trust her.
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kitmoas · 2 days ago
Follow the Sparks
Summary: You just want to impress Wanda but you always need a little help.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Genre: Fluff, with some inner angst
Word Count: 1407ish
Warnings: Not many? Maybe an allusion to reader having a hand kink
A/N: finally posting this! It’s cute and sets the tone for the feelings on both sides. this is setting up the darkness that will start soon though! Slightly inspired by ”I Think He Knows” by Taylor Swift.
This is installation part 2 of the Devil AU
**Minors DNI** **18+**
Tumblr media
Her hand flexed, wrapping around the water bottle. Her fingers tightened, a soft crunch met your ears forcing all your senses to fixate on the brunette. Your eyes were stuck to the droplet that found its home on her thumb. She could feel your eyes, bringing her fingers up to her lips. Swallowing hard, you forced yourself to not moan as she sucked the water off from her thumb. She finally met your gaze, raising a teasing eyebrow at you. You suck in a shaky breath, wanting to say something but your mind is hazy.
“Alright you two, let’s go again!” Cap’s loud voice makes you flinch hard. Training, right. Peter, Kate, Yelena, and yourself were being put through aggressive training while the rest of the Avengers got to do basic daily training. The four of you had to go through and be able to clear “levels” of different S.H.I.E.L.D agents, proving your strength as you continued.
You and Peter were not allowed to use any powers until you got to the current Avengers, while Yelena and Kate were not allowed to use specific weapons until reaching higher level agents. You all hated the rules, and it was showing in your fights. Kate and Yelena were being pinned left and right, the latter of the two cursing loudly. Peter wasn’t great at hand to hand without his webs, and he could barely get past some of the lower level agents. You were trying your hardest, but even with your attempt at showing off these low level agents were pinning you down.
Your back hit the ground again, knocking the wind out of you. You can feel eyes on you, and you take a quick glance over to see most of the Avengers standing and watching you. Wanda and Natasha are whispering in each other’s ear, and you see them laughing. Humiliation sinks in even more when Wanda winks in your direction.
The four of you are dismissed a few hours later, beaten down and discouraged as none of you even made it to level three after weeks. You’re all mumbling and complaining about pain, when the voice that has been haunting your dreams infiltrates your mind. “Oh my precious маленький, meet me at our spot?” The blush on your neck is covered by the flush from training, and you’re thankful that your friends are walking ahead of you.
Hanging back, you let the other three slip ahead before taking a hallway to the west staircase. Throwing a shadow towards the steps, it flattens as you land on it, using it to skate down the stairs as fast as you can. You see Wanda leaning against the wall, her green eyes watching you intensely. The shadow disappears as you come to a stop in front of her, “Hey why did you want to meet up?”
She straightens up and stares down at you, a teasing smile on her lips. “Figured I could take you out after the rough day you’ve had.” You see her hand raise towards you slightly before she abruptly spins around, walking away. You’re watching as she walks away, staring at her hair that’s bouncing. She whistles over her shoulder, and you sprint after her.
Wanda is still walking ahead of you, as you struggle to keep up. She’s making quick and sudden turns, but her footprints in the dirt follow the path that you both have taken almost every day for the past two weeks. You almost crash into the door that she’s holding open for you, her chuckle sounds condescending but it’s intoxicating. The beeping and clicking is welcoming as you and Wanda walk directly over to the Skee Ball corner. The competition begins as usual, and you lose on purpose so that you can hear her victorious laugh. She’s dancing some as she walks towards the prize counter. A bright light distracts you, and you notice the huge claw machine.
You’re so focused that you don’t realize that she walked up behind you. You don’t see the internal battle in her eyes as she raises her hands, wanting to touch you. You don’t see the absolute adoring look she gives you when you begin panicking in your mind, you really want that dinosaur. Thoughts are buzzing in her mind, she can’t focus. She’s unsure and she doesn’t like not being in control. You make her feel like she has no control. Wanda’s so focused on her inner turmoil that she doesn’t notice your frustration rising until you hit the machine some. She doesn’t have time to overthink it before her left hand lands on your hip, her right one wrapping around to rest on your stomach. Her front pressing against you and her chin landing on your shoulder.
“Need some help маленький?” Your breath hitches, and you can’t believe the feeling of her body pressure. Her lips graze against your ear, and you think it’s an accident. “Want that little dinosaur, detka?” Your heart stutters, and your eyes close. You can’t focus as you nod slowly, soaking in the attention you’re receiving. Her hand squeezes your hip tightly, and a small noise catches in your throat. “Open your pretty eyes and watch your prize.” Your eyes flutter open, watching as her fingers dance with the red mist. You want to say something about her cheating, but you can see the focus on her face in your peripheral vision and you don’t have the heart to scold her. Focused on the way her fingers move, you don’t even realize that the small dinosaur had dropped into the prize area. “Go on, get your prize.” Her voice is soft, and she exhales shakily as she slowly backs away from you.
Thoughts of Wanda touching you flood your mind before you can stop them. You weren’t sure exactly what you wanted her to touch, but you would go down begging for the feel of her skin on yours. The Sokovian’s magic races through your body every time any part of her touches you, and it makes your own magic soar. The thought that the older woman would even want to touch you, in any way, is intoxicating and you wanted more.
Getting lost in your thoughts as you slowly picked up your prize, you didn’t notice the change in Wanda’s body. She was watching you carefully, and she started to put the wall back up. There was a distinct weakness that she felt when you were involved and she hated it. Weakness had no place in her life, and she had to gain control back. Though she couldn’t stop thinking about the way you fit in her arms she forced her body to ignore the wanting, and focused on the thing she could control; her magic.
The devil’s color rises in Wanda’s eyes, focusing on your thoughts. A smug smirk graces her lips when she realizes that you still haven’t stopped thinking about her. Waves of pride and sovereignty rush her veins, “Your thoughts are loud маленький.”
The doe eyed look she receives makes her chuckle and the instant panic gives Wanda a surge of power. You notice the change in her, and stutter to fill the silence. “Um-do- where should we go? We can steal one of Tony’s cars.” You watch as Wanda’s mouth opens and her hands ball up in some tension. Jumping quickly to cut her off, “I’ll drive.” You know fear, control it, but the fear that builds in your body after cutting Wanda off is immense.
The head tilt is subtle, but it’s there. She nods gently, and starts walking out of the arcade. Jogging to catch up to her, you notice she’s walking slower and taking a more private trail back to the compound. The walk is silent and slow, and you weren’t ready when she slipped her hand into yours. Her grip is firm but soft, and it makes your heart skip. She doesn’t say a word and keeps her eyes on the ground the entire walk back.
Slipping into the garage unseen, the two of you settle into the car. Since you are the one driving it’s a bit slower, and on back roads. The music is as gentle as the slopes in the road. You want to say something, but the red magic dancing along your thigh calms you and for once maybe you don’t feel as confused.
The Rest of the Universe: Part 1, Part 10, Drabble 1, Drabble 2
Requested Tags: @tastetherambeau @8bitscarlet
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marveljunkie54 · a day ago
Too Much-W.M
Summary:Your girlfriend got caught up in the heat of the moment and you couldn’t take anymore.
Warnings:18+, safe word use, strap on, after care, dom!wanda, bottom!reader
Word Count:804
*my gif*
Tumblr media
You were sobbing underneath your girlfriend as she fucked into you,
“C’mon don’t cry baby, you asked for this if you wasn’t such a brat.”Wanda scolded you had already came so many times you couldn’t keep count yet her pace never faltered, you tugged on the ties wanting no needing to take a break.
“GOLD!”You cried she stopped pulling out of you immediately untying your hands you continued sobbing, she got up grabbing some clothes taking them into the bathroom coming back.
“Shhh your okay detka, I’m right here.”She cooed rubbing side as your cries got quieter to sniffles and hiccups, she felt so awful she completely disregarded your limit.
“Can I touch you?”The woman asked you nodded frantically she leaned down scooping you up into her lap,
“I’m so sorry milaya, I’m so proud of you for using it.”She praised you just clung to her for dear life rubbing small patterns on your back, leaning down kissing the top go your head letting it linger before pulling away.Grabbing the glass of water from the side of the bed still holding onto you with one arm,
“Here drink this for me.”Wanda encouraged you took it shakily taking a few sips every now and then until you finished handing it back to her.You cries had subsided just sniffling every now and then just wanting her comfort at that point, you were so tired and your body ached.
“You think a bath would be okay?”She asked you nodded as she let go you whined noticing she holding your hand,
“Come here detka.”She motioned you to come to her she slid her arms under your legs wrapping an arm around your back, you snuggled into her enjoying the affection she was giving.She sat you down on the toilet whimpering when your red bare ass touched the seat,
“Oh honey I’m sorry I forgot, once you get done in the bath I’ll put some cream on it.”She frowned you nodded still holding on to her hand she started filling the bath up with some warm water grabbing a towel sitting it out beside you on the counter.She turned over back to you kissing your forehead making you smiled somewhat,
“There’s that pretty smile.”She cooed you blushed a bit smiling more as she helped you up and into the bath, you sat down wincing when the water touched your overstimulated core as she went to leave.
“N-No, don’t leave me.”You begged she smiled sadly at you coming back over kissing your head again,
“I’m just going to grab you some water and Tylenol printsessa, I’ll be right back I promise.”Wanda reassured you nodding hesitantly kissing your head once more over and over again, then your cheek smiling at you as she walked out you started wash your hair and body.After you finished the red head walked back in seeing you already done,
“You ready to get out?”She asked you nodded as she come over helping you out wrapping a towel around you, starting to dry off whimpering when you touched your bottom she frowned again seeing you in pain made her heart hurt.
“I know I’m sorry baby doll..I brought sleep shorts, but I don’t think you want those.”You shook your head she nodded opening the drawer grabbing the cream sliding it into her pocket, sliding on her baggy shirt feeling the coldness of it encase your body.You looked up to her as if saying something without talking,
“Come here I’ll dry your hair for you.”She said reading your mind you handed her the towel she started patting it dry, you were so sleepy and it was starting to get you as your eyelids drooped.
“Here take this for me, then we can put some cream on for you.”Your girlfriend said handing the pill to you and the water swallowing it yawning,
“Okay come on sleepy girl.”She wrapped an arm around you just to make sure you were okay as you slid on your stomach in the bed, she got behind you straddling your legs as she put some of the cream on her hands.
“I’m gonna put it on you milaya, it might sting for a minute.”Wanda told you nodding she started to rub it across it making you whine at the sting, but it quickly went away as she rubbed it in.She finished getting off of you changing into some night clothes herself turning the lights out coming over sliding in next to you, scooting over close to her throwing your body on top of hers.
“Goodnight sweet girl, I love you.”She whispered kissing your head rubbing your cheek holding you close,
“I love you Wanda.”You mumbled out before letting the exhaustion completely take over you, you knew she didn’t mean to it was nice to get the affection and care.
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its-really-dry · a day ago
[peter and y/n making a tiktok]
*gunshots and fighting in the background*
y/n: we're in the ghetto! arrrratatataaaahh
peter: aaarrrratatataaaaahh
wanda: *over comms* detka, we are literally in the middle of a mission right now!
y/n: arrrratata- OOF.
peter: *over comms* omg you guys y/n just got hit by a tank
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maximovaromanova · a day ago
𝙎𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙚𝙩 (𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙙) 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝    Part 1
(because I’m obsessed with Marvel x Marauders Era so here it is <3)
(not that canon compliant, just for fun because I’m a simp)
Wanda creates another reality where you, her childhood friend, are there, in her childhood favourite book series 
Tumblr media
“Good morning, Max.”
Wanda blinked, remains of morning water in her eyes as she shook her head to wake up so she could look over at who it was calling her by the shortened version of her last name.
“Wand-erful, wake up!”
“That is a very lame nickname.”
“It’s the one you gave yourself, remember?”
No. She did not remember. She did vaguely remember the voice. Your  voice. And her own, though it wasn’t the one she was using. It was replying to you.
“Hey. You said you’d watch me play today! You wouldn’t want to miss your favourite seeker! That Potter’s the captain of the quidditch team starting this year, and he didn’t do that bad. Guess you owe me five galleons!”
Wanda almost laughed. Why were you talking like characters from-
That was when she looked at you. You were in all red, gold letters adorning the quidditch jersey you were wearing so beautifully. Your last name printed bold in the back along with your number, and your hair eloquently tied up.
“Come on ! It starts in five hours!”, a voice beamed, and a tall, fit, and dopey-looking boy rushed into the room.
“Hello, James.”
“Hello, Y/N! Why don’t you bring this girl along?”
Other Wanda laughed, rubbing her eyes sleepily before following them out the room. Was Nat here? She should  be! And Captain? And Tony? A small pause in her thoughts. Pietro?
“Hola, dumbasses.”, a tinkly greeting sounded as you hugged the girl it came from, a ginger, who Wanda heard you calling ‘Lily’, before you kissed her.
It was weird how this world was hers with no control of her own. Maybe Strange knew how to fix this. He’d surely come to her. One day, eventually. Now you were dating someone who wasn’t Wanda. Other Wanda also did seem quite tense about this- at least the feelings hadn’t changed.
“Miss Maximoff. Another mistake ?” 
“Hello, Strange.”, she replied, not turning around and watching as Other Wanda distracted herself from your conversation with Lily by talking to James about the quidditch plans.
“You cannot fix it this time, Maximoff.”
“Wanda, now that you’ve unlocked another portion of your past, her...”, he said, gesturing offhandedly at you,” your emotions are... not anymore related to your powers, like they were during the whole Westview incident.”
Wanda frowned, taking her eyes off you, her childhood friend, and Other Wanda, her other self. “What do you mean? I don’t get it. If they aren’t related to my powers, then what do they do? How’d they bring my childhood crush here in another reality with another me just like Westview?”
“Wanda. Your powers are no longer related to your emotions. They are  your emotions.”
Wanda’s eyes widened. She’d screwed up bad this time, hadn’t she?
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umbrae-in-nive · a day ago
how to keep your girlfriend alive 101 (wanda x reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff x female reader
warnings: violence, swearing, possible plotholes and/or typos (this isn't proofread, i'm sOrry </3)
anon requested: Are you going to do a part two of 'how to get a girlfriend 101'? If so, could you incorporate the whole team is on a mission and r calls her motorcycle and transforms it into a dragon a d the whole team is like 😳 and wanda is like 'hot' and then r saves the day and the team is just astounding by r abilities? Please?
**this is the second part of How To Get a Girlfriend 101!! reblogs are appreciated, thank you all so fucking much for your support <33 **
Coffee with Wanda was going fine until the aliens came.
She looked like a million bucks today, wearing a deep red blouse and a pair of dark jeans with rhinestones on them. A couple of long necklaces with pendants adorned her neck, and her eyes looked both dark and light at the same time.
She walked toward the table you were sitting at, boots clicking against the tile of the coffee shop floor. The sound was mundane in nature, but to you, it sounded majestic. Everything Wanda did was majestic, was attractive, was enrapturing. You could just be fucked up on feelings, but that's what it felt like to you.
"Hi," she greeted casually, as if her smile wasn't brighter than the sun.
"Hey, good to see you." You got up and enveloped her in a hug that may have lasted a little too long. She smelled like honeysuckle and fresh strawberry shampoo. "I didn't order yet; wasn't sure what you liked."
Wanda brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "That's okay."
She told you kindly that she would like a caramel macchiato with almondmilk, and immediately you committed the order to memory. You wanted to impress her the next time you went out for coffee by remembering what she liked to drink.
The next time...
Would there be a next time? The thought made butterflies erupt in your chest, fluttering throughout your body. You wanted there to be a next time. Hopefully, Wanda felt the same.
When you received your two drinks, you brought them over to the little table by the window which gave a great view of the city outside. It was slightly overcast, making the sunlight look a little less saturated, more grayish. While you were staring out the window, you hadn't realized Wanda was staring at you.
"Sorry," she said, blushing violently when you'd caught her.
You laughed and before you could think twice, said, "You're cute."
That made her blush even more, and Wanda chuckled nervously while becoming suddenly very interested in her coffee cup.
"You look incredible today, by the way," you added. "Red looks really good on you."
"Thanks," said Wanda. "I may or may not have spent a little too long trying to pick out what I wanted to wear today."
You raised a brow playfully. "Oh? Trying to impress me?"
Wanda bit her lip. "Something like that."
You smirked at her and sipped your coffee while Wanda did the same. She mentioned she was very pleased with her drink. A few moments passed before you filled the silence with a question.
"So, I wanted to ask you something."
"Shoot," she replied.
You gathered your thoughts for a moment before asking. "Have your powers ever, um, backfired on you before?"
She looked intrigued. "How do you mean?"
You searched her eyes, the moment suddenly becoming serious. "I just — I have a history with my fire. It hasn't always been used for — for good."
A look of understanding suddenly passed over Wanda's face, and she nodded her head. "I know what you mean, y/n. I have gone through the same thing."
She nodded. "As you know, I wasn't born with my powers. They were given to me by the organization HYDRA. Are you familiar with them?"
"Those are the guys that tortured Bucky, right?"
"Yes. They are despicable," she said with a wrinkled nose. "HYDRA experimented on my brother and me, but we were the only ones of our kind to survive."
You stayed silent, waiting for her to continue.
"Eventually, Pietro and I teamed up with Ultron against the Avengers, having nowhere else to go. The whole Sokovia Accords disaster followed, then the Civil War, and ugh, it was just a mess." Wanda ran her fingers through her hair. "Point is, I know a thing or two about having blood on your hands."
Thankfully, you had read up on the Avengers' history, so you knew all about the Sokovia Accords and the civil war between the Avengers. It was just strange to know that the Wanda sitting before you right now used to be something-like-a-villain to the people she was closely working with today. Looking at her now, you never would have thought she would be capable of harming a fly, much less working in accordance with someone like Ultron.
"I have blood on my hands, too," you said so quietly Wanda could barely hear you.
Images of raging, angry flames and smoke-choked skies flashed behind your eyes, sending you into the past while memories tugged at the back of your brain, begging to be rehashed. Something like a burning sensation coursed throughout your body, warming you, making you feel like you were on fire.
A hand touched your arm tentatively, snapping you out of your stupor. Your eyes focused, and you saw that Wanda had reached out to place a comforting hand on your arm. A look of empathy furrowed her brows and pressed her lips together.
"Are you okay?" she wanted to know. Her voice sounded like honey now more than ever. She was sweet, too sweet for this world.
You took a deep breath and nodded, offering her a mild smile.
"Sometimes, I think I'm over it," you confessed. "But other times, the memories just feel so real."
Her hand was warm as her fingers rubbed against your wrist reassuringly. "It feels like that for a while," she said. "But eventually, you find something in life that makes the bad memories go away and replaces them with happy ones. It may take a while, or it may be instant. But whenever you find that thing, you'll just know."
Thoughts floated like stray embers in your brain. "Have you found that thing yet?"
"No," she lied, and you were surprised to hear that in her voice there was a tinge of pain. "I thought I found it with Vision, but..."
She trailed off and took her hand away from your arm while looking down. You could tell talking about Vision made her uncomfortable, so you decided to change the subject.
"You could call me crazy," you said, wondering why being around Wanda always made you want to say shit you shouldn't, "but I feel like I might've found that 'thing' in you. Is that weird?"
Wanda's ears perked up, and she looked at you with wide eyes. You were initially afraid that you had scared her off with your forwardness, but as it turned out, a warm smile broke out across her face.
"You think so?" she asked, eyes glowing with wonder. They were so fucking beautiful.
You tried not to stumble over your words. "I mean — uh, yeah. I know I haven't known you long, but ever since I saw you something in me just, I don't know, clicked. Like I'd found something I'd been looking for for a long time."
Wanda's tongue darted out to lick her lips as she traced the rim of her coffee cup with a maroon-painted fingernail. "That's quite interesting."
You leaned forward. "How so?"
"Well, because I feel the same way."
Your entire body froze. "You mean that?"
"Of course," she replied evenly, looking up at you. "I don't understand it, but all I know is that I don't think it's a coincidence that you and I met."
You couldn't help it. A gleaming smile broke out across your face as you basked in your fortune: the fact that Wanda's amount of affection for you was reciprocated exactly. It was as if all the cards had fallen into place.
"You know," you said, not without a hint of slyness, "it's a good thing that you said that."
"Why?" she wanted to know.
You planted your elbows on the tiny, round coffee table and leaned in so that your face was very close to Wanda's.
"Cause it makes me want to do something. Can you guess what that is?"
Wanda's cheeks reddened at the close proximity between you and her, and replied bashfully, "I may have an idea."
Time seemed to go in slow motion at that moment, but you couldn't care. You leaned in to capture Wanda's lips boldly, positively aching for her kiss which you imagined must taste of caramel and coffee and something distinctively Wanda...
But the universe was playing hard to get that afternoon. For just as you were about to finally kiss the girl of your dreams, your phone buzzed obnoxiously, startling the two of you. You pulled away in surprise and, when you realized it was your phone making that noise, glared at the device with distaste.
"It's fucking Tony," you seethed, pressing the "answer" button. "What do you want?"
"Jesus, y/n, what the fuck?" Tony sounded more surprised than anything. In the background of the call there was screaming and lots of muffled sounds.
"Sorry, I just — I was just in the middle of something."
"Well, get out of it," he ordered, "cause we've got a situation. Where are you?"
"Me and Wanda are at the coffee shop on Fifth," you replied. "What's going on?"
Wanda looked concerned, her head cocked to the side. If it weren't for the urgency in Tony's voice, you would have made a remark about how pretty she looked.
"Fucking, I don't know, aliens or some shit. All we know is that they're from outer space and Pointbreak seems to know what they are. We need you and Wanda. STAT."
"Alright, we're on our way."
"Thanks. I'll text you the address of where we are. Hurry." And with that, Tony hung up, leaving you with a half-drunk coffee and a very confused Wanda.
"There's some sort of trouble in town," you relayed. "Tony says it's aliens or something. We need to help."
Wanda stood up immediately, took one last swig of her coffee, and threw the empty cup into the trash.
"To be continued," she said.
Alien goo was not on the itinerary for today, though it was pretty cool to see Thor in person, so you tried not to be too upset that Tony'd interrupted your date with Wanda. You and Wanda slid off your motorcycle, which you parked on the side of the road, and approached the Avengers gathered together on the sidewalk.
"Y/n, my lady!" boomed Thor once you and Wanda came into view. He bowed reverently to you and offered you a cheeky smile before greeting Wanda in the same way. You were so taken aback by his behavior that shock prevented you from saying anything at all.
"Hello, Thor," she said with a smile. "It's good to see you."
Thor nodded in reply and twirled Mjolnir idly while gazing at the sky. He was dressed to the nines in a full set of battle armor paired with a long red cape, brandishing Mjolnir, his magical hammer, tightly in one meaty fist. He looked a little too excited to be here, considering the fact that all around you people were screaming and running away.
You followed Thor and looked up at the sky which was dotted with dark, wispy, swirling figures like inkblots in water. "What are those things?"
"We call them blekkmonstre, or 'ink monsters,'" explained the Asgardian. "Their bodies are made of giftig blekk, so be careful touching them."
"What's giftig blekk?"
"It translates as 'toxic ink,'" replied Thor. "If any of their secretion gets on your skin, it's off to Valhalla for you."
Yeah, you weren't looking to visit Valhalla just yet, especially not without finishing your date with Wanda. You looked up at the sky again and saw that the blekkmonstre, which were swirling aimlessly in the sky, began … coagulating? Their bodies were becoming more solid, less wispy, more defined. That probably meant they were ready to attack soon. Wonderful.
"How do we defeat them?" you needed to know.
Thor just chuckled and patted you on your head. "Don't worry, Lady Y/n. I've got everything covered. Just sit there and look pretty — I shall handle the rest."
Thor's comment irritated you. "I'm not just going to sit here and look pretty while you're doing all the hero work!" you exclaimed. Tony and Steve turned their heads in your direction to see what was going on. Wanda nodded wordlessly alongside you, not trusting herself to say anything because she was currently admiring your beauty in the sunlight.
"This will be quick and easy," attested Thor. "Do not worry."
"I want to help," you protested. "I'm the new girl on the team — I want a shot at the glory."
"For the love of God, Pointbreak," interrupted Tony, pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "Let the woman help. She's probably more powerful than you anyway."
You smirked, and Tony shot a wink in your direction. You looked back at Thor and saw that he was very, very confused. "You? A mortal woman, more powerful than me?" He shook his head.
"What, you don't think a regular mortal woman can be stronger than you?" you challenged, half joking.
Thor was saved from replying by a large black blur that whizzed past his face, blowing his hair behind him.
You didn't have to ask what that was. Obviously, the blekkmonstre had finished coagulating in the sky and were ready to wreak havoc on New York.
Thor said nothing, but instead grasped Mjolnir and raced off in the direction of the blekkmonstre that was preparing to poison the passersby on the streets. They had their phones out, recording the monsters in the sky in fascination and awe, not realizing the monsters' intentions were murderous.
That was the first of the many blekkmonstre to descend from the sky in wild flashes of black goo. They began falling in waves like rain from cumulonimbus clouds. The Avengers broke out of their huddle where they were discussing plans of attack and readied themselves to battle the falling beasts. You looked at Wanda who had already assumed magic to her hands and looked ready for a fight.
You felt your palms warm, though you refrained from kindling fire just yet.
"Come on," offered Wanda. "Let's go see how these monsters take to our powers."
Everything was actually going fine, but you knew enough about battles to know that once you seemed to be winning, that usually meant the final blow was on its way.
Steve vaporized some blekkmonstre with a few well-aimed throws of his shield while Tony, protected by his suit, battled the stragglers still forming in the sky. Everyone was doing their part to ensure that the blekkmonstre were eradicated while doing their best to protect the citizens and the buildings. The last thing the team needed was the destruction of New York City. Again.
And as it turned out, the seemingly only weakness of the ink monsters was fire. Lucky you. But you didn't mind; it just gave you more of an opportunity to practice fighting as an Avenger. You obliterated beast after beast with balls of hot, angry flame while Wanda did her best to form a magical bubble to protect a few miles within the city so that no monsters could escape the team's grasp. The forcefield was taking a lot out of her, you could tell: her face was pale, her hands shaking, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Despite the way she looked, you didn't doubt her for a second. You knew she was capable of holding down the city.
With you and the team working together, you had cleared out almost all of the blekkmonstre without a single drop of their poison touching your skin. You noticed one of the monsters had taken to the sky instead of the ground, probably to get away from the Avengers. You spotted the beast and knew it was a little too far up for you to properly aim a fireball at it. Tony was busy warding off three of the beasts at a time, so you couldn't ask him for help.
With a strange, indescribable feeling crawling up your spine as you looked at the remaining blekkmonster, you raced to your motorcycle. A plan of attack was already forming in your mind.
Sliding onto your bike, you assessed the various buttons on the dashboard, looking for the appropriate one that would transform your motorcycle into the greatest lethal weapon: a metal dragon.
Finally finding the button, you pressed it and felt your bike hum and whirr under your body. The only problem with the transformation process is that, when you had created the bike, you couldn't find any way to make it silent while it switched into dragon mode. It kind of sounded like metal scraping against metal and the gunning of an engine mixed together.
Wanda, upon hearing the noise, looked over at you and watched in pure, unadulterated astonishment as your bike literally became a mechanical dragon with gleaming red eyes and a gold-plated body. The head, as if alive, rolled out its neck as if it hadn't been used for a while and shot flames menacingly from its mouth in which sharp, golden teeth stood. It's eyes burned as if they themselves were made of fire.
You kickstarted the engine and rode off into the sky as colossal wings sprouted from the machine, allowing you and the dragon to fly through the air as if you weighed nothing more than a feather. You glanced down at the ground to see if there were any blekkmonstre following you and saw that all the Avengers were gaping incredulously at the sight of you riding your dragon bike.
Wanda almost lost her hold on the forcefield, too enraptured by the sight of you to concentrate fully on her magic. "That's hot," she couldn't help but say aloud, eyes fixated on your soaring form riding the bike in the sky as if you were fucking Hagrid at the beginning of the Sorcerer's Stone. Except you were much prettier than Hagrid, and braver than he could ever hope to be.
Thor nearly got toppled over by a raging blekkmonster, as he was stunned at the sheer power you radiated. You wove skillfully around obstacles all the way up to a tall building where there was one remaining blekkmonster.
"Gotcha," you whispered with a smirk, creeping up behind the beast. Its tiny black wings flapped as it scanned its surroundings, completely oblivious to you stalking him from the back. It seemed to be a gooey, amorphous blob made of a dark, black, ink-like substance. Giftig blekk, Thor had told you. It glistened in the sunlight like the skin of a frog, almost mucus-like. You wrinkled your nose and reminded yourself not to touch the beast lest you should get poisoned by its venom.
As silently as possible, you poised yourself on your bike so that you were standing on the pedals and summoned fire to the palm of your hand.
"So long and goodnight," you said aloud, making the monster turn around in curiosity. Before it could even process what you were about to do, you blasted the blekkmonster with your fire right in its hideous, gooey face.
But the monster dodged just in the nick of time.
"Shit," you breathed, extinguishing your flames and gunning the engine to soar in the direction of the beast. Having been frightened by your sneak-attack, the blekkmonster careened downward where most of the action was.
Heading right toward Wanda.
"Fuck off!" you screamed at the monster, descending so fast that tears pricked at your eyes. The blekkmonster left behind drops of goo in its wake which you managed to dodge skillfully in midair.
Wanda was too focused on managing the forcefield that she didn't see the monster dashing toward her, ready to take her life with its poison. You shouted at her to look out but she realized too late that her life was in danger.
Okay, you said to yourself, trying not to panic. This calls for desperate measures.
You looked at the dashboard on your bike and slammed the big red button which you vowed to use only for emergencies. Immediately, your speed quickened so abruptly that the breath was knocked out of your lungs. Fire blasters emerged from the back of your bike and propelled you rapidly toward Wanda on the ground.
Everything from there seemed to go in slow motion.
While the blekkmonster thought it had found its next prey, you swept down briskly, grabbed Wanda by the waist with one hand, and pulled the handlebar up with the other so as to bring her to safety. The blekkmonster crashed into the ground and splattered all over the concrete, dead.
You held Wanda into your side with one strong arm and steered the both of you to safety in an alley nearby. You slid off the bike immediately, making sure Wanda was okay. She brushed her windblown hair out of her face and regarded you with wide blue eyes.
"What — what just happened?"
"One of those monsters, it was coming at you from behind and you weren't paying attention so I scooped you up at the last minute."
Her eyes bulged. She grabbed your wrist and put your palm over her heart to feel its rapid beating, and for some reason, the moment became unexpectedly intimate. Your eyes locked with Wanda's and some unspoken moment of desperation passed over her face. She placed both her hands on your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss.
She tasted like wind mixed with something sweet like chapstick, and you kissed her back eagerly. Your fingers found their way into her hair as you deepened the kiss.
"You saved me," she whispered against your lips.
"I couldn't just let you die," was your answer.
You leaned your forehead against hers and just stayed there in the alley, savoring the closeness between the two of you. After a few moments, you took her hand and led her to your bike.
"Oh, my god we thought you were dead," Tony gawked when you and Wanda came rolling in on your motorcycle. "Is that really you guys?"
"In the flesh," you grinned. Tony noticed how you had your hand around Wanda's waist, holding her against your side. He raised a questioning eyebrow but said nothing. You just smiled at him.
"So, they're all gone then?" you asked.
Thor twirled Mjolnir. "Thanks to you, Lady Y/n."
"Turns out I am pretty strong, huh?"
"Undoubtedly." Thor cast you an apologetic smile, and you nodded at him, accepting it.
After checking in with the Avengers and assessing any possible wounds of the heroes, you laced your fingers with Wanda's and said, "Well, if you don't need us for anything else, we'll be off."
"Where are you two going?" Thor wanted to know.
You looked at Wanda, and she looked at you. Her eyes were alight with the kind of wonder only seen in the eyes of a lover. "We," she said, "have a date to finish."
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nermommys-fav-gay · 2 days ago
ceo mommy as fuck 😵‍💫
uhhHHHHhhhH dark!wanda ceo teaching reader how to do their job right 🤭
a/n: this is definitely one of the ones i’ll have to revisit.
monique’s notes: this one’s for you amigo! @maximotts
warnings (18+ only): noncon/dubcon, innocence kink (?), vaginal fingering
“please lock the door.” wanda sighed, keeping her eyes on the documents before her. your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but you complied with her request.
“you asked for me, ms. maximoff?” you were supposed to be on your way home, but her assistant came to your desk last minute and notified you to go to her office.
“yes, darling. sit on the desk facing me.”
“i don’t think that’s entirely app-”
“you work for me, sweetheart.” wanda interjected. “you’re supposed to do as i say.” your boss rolled her chair back slightly, allowing you room to up on the large wooden surface.
“pull your skirt up.” you opened your mouth to speak, but closed it when the brunette’s hard gaze met yours. “pull it up.” wanda squeezed the inside of your thighs, catching the small damp spot forming on your panties. “good girl.” her hand ghosted over your heat briefly as she pulled your panties aside. “show me.”
“i don’t understand.”
“god, you’re such a sweet little thing.” her eyes trailed down to your center. “i wanna see how you touch yourself, honey.”
“i don’t know if i c-could do that.” you said quietly. wanda fought the urge to roll her eyes and yell at you. if it were anyone else she would’ve, but something about the way you looked at her caused her to soften up.
she stood between your legs and shoved two fingers inside your cunt without warning. her free hand slapped over your mouth, muffling your voice.
“it’s okay, baby. i’m gonna teach you everything you need to know to make it here, alright? you just gotta be a good girl for me. do you think you can do that?”
you whimpered as her digits rubbed against your g-spot. “of course you’ll be good for me. this pussy loves being fucked by my fingers, hm? i bet it’ll take my toys so well, honey. i can’t wait to properly play with you.”
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skyvolt120 · a day ago
Little Moments
wanda x gn!reader
requests open
Warnings: There aren’t really any
Tumblr media
To say your were hopeless was an understatement.
At this point it had been weeks, weeks of little moments, weeks of over exaggerated moments. You knew you had been playing these moments up in your head, her lingering stares or touches.
Wanda had so many options, Vision for crying out loud, compared to him you felt overwhelmingly average. Maybe that’s why you played up those moments, maybe you just needed to feel wanted even if you were fooling yourself.
These moments scrabbled your thoughts, you couldn’t focus properly, and so far that had only left you with a littering of cuts from various missions. This time had been no different.
You sat on your bed, med kit beside you, struggling to properly address the scrapes on your face. That’s when you heard it, the soft rasping of knuckles, the gentle click of the door.
There she was, the girl you couldn’t get your mind off, standing in your doorway. Your eyes found the floor as she made her way over to you, lightly sitting beside you.
She stayed quiet, almost as if not wanting to break the moment, before turning your head towards her. You sucked in a shallow breath as she started attending to the cuts herself, eyes lingering on yours.
Here you were again, over analyzing a nice gesture, focusing a bit too much on the way her fingers held your face still. She finished and you swore her eyes lingered on the cut slicing your lips.
Your eyes found the floor and you softly bit down on your tongue, stifling whatever noise was trying to come up.
“Your thoughts are loud, you know.”
You looked at her alarmed but there she was, leaning closer, hovering above you, lips parted slightly. Your breath caught in your throat as she leaned closer, lips brushing your ear. Her voice came out barely a whisper, almost as silent as a breath out.
“Those little moments? They aren’t so little, not to me at least.”
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biglip · 7 hours ago
Y/n: Hey, why is everyone giving me the silent treatment?
Steve: Wanda told everyone what you did.
Natasha: How can you do this to her?
Y/n: What?
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