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#wanda x john
octobertown · 4 days ago
I missed Six Sentence Sunday
So I wrote this overly large and complex comfort fic when I was in my early twenties, and compared to the sort of thing I write today, it's pretty vanilla. However, since I'm picking up the pen a few years down the line to finish her off, it's inevitable that the flavour of the content I write today is gonna taint something once pure and sweet.
Pyro/Wanda from Anteverse beneath the cut.
God, she's just so perfect. John, ur sooooo fucked.
CW: mentioned of alleged twincest because holy shit we are gonna talk about that.
“Oh,” she chuckled, fingernails crawling up his chest as she narrowed her eyes. Gaze half-lidded, Pyro watched the mean curl to her mouth as Wanda slit a smile up at him. Her nails sank a little deeper, and he fought back a wince. “You thought that Pietro and I were… fucking?”
Something knotted low in his stomach, giving a small, hot little pulse at that. It was wrong, and yet the twins’ closeness, their familiarity with each other — the way Wanda so often hung off Pietro’s shoulder, her breasts pressing into a bicep, or those scarlet lips brushing his earlobe as she whispered secrets to him. It was an easy train of thought to follow. Her mouth. Her thighs. Her bloody off-the-chain insanity that her brother indulged, and as the bubble of frustration in him grew, St. John realized something else entirely:
He wanted to know what it was like to be on the receiving end of that intimacy.
He wanted a little of that crazy for himself.
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wanda-walker · 22 days ago
WandaWalker <3
Não importa quantos casais eu shippo, no Universo Marvel, eles sempre serão meus favoritos! ♥ John x Wanda 
Tumblr media
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wanda-walker · a month ago
WandaWalker post final
Adorei criar todas essas fanfics e imagens do John x Wanda. Vou sentir saudades, Wyatt e Elizabeth são incríveis juntos. Amei demais. ♥
Tumblr media
E pra fechar com chave de ouro as postagens do meu casal preferido da Marvel:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
É isso, beijo! ♥
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wanda-walker · a month ago
Oh, John! Que vergonha...
Elas estão aí, e é necessário escolher apenas uma, mas parece que o John está bem confortável com a situação, hahaha.
WandaWalker, SharonWalker e OliviaWalker não podem coexistir assim. John vai ter problemas. Não seja mau, John! Não engane as meninas, haha.
Tumblr media
(#Eu sou muito boba / John vida louca / WandaWalker permanece sendo meu favorito) ♥
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wanda-walker · a month ago
WandaWalker não é um sonho meu, obrigada Marvel!
Eu já shippava horrores, depois de ver esse quadrinho, minha cabeça explodiu e tive que fazer essa imagem! Wanda e John serão sempre meu casal favorito, razão das minhas melhores fanfics ♥
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my ships as john mulaney quotes
valcarol: they’ve never spoken
lams: i don’t remeber that in hamilton
sambucky: “what do you think you’re doing?” but that really just meant stop
ironstrange: i’m probably gay
wandanat: my wife, i have this wife
gelphie: i need everyone to like me, so much
boyf riends: i don’t like sitting up straight, its never gonna happen
treebros: the moment is mediocre at best
janis x cady: 13 year olds are the meanest people in the world
i dont rlly know what this is- but i enjoyed making it very much
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