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Notes- as promised, NAT IS BACK and not going anywhere ;). My requests are open and I'm always happy to hear some new ideas!!!! I really hope u enjoy this chapter, I'm loving this story so far. Happy reading xxx
The song that I played while writing the first half of the chapter here
Overview- you are a high ranking Hydra agent but you want out. What will happen when a group of heroes you have tried to take down take you under their wing. They say, love is an unpredictable force and you might just find it here.
Tumblr media
So wrong it's right
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven-
Cold air prickled your nose as you inhaled the salty sea air. You stood atop a high wave as if you owned the sea itself. Below you, the team prepared for the battle that would soon begin.
Hydra were coming for you, in the hope that you would rejoin their crusade. They did not know however, that their once failed experiment was now siding with the ‘enemy’.
The shore line was dotted with high ranking S.W.O.R.D officials that were armed with the latest tech and an unquenchable thirst for knocking hydra down. Everyone waited quietly for the opposition to arrive. A thunderous rattle of metal fell from the sky and down came a hydra ship.
The ship settled slowly onto the shore and hundreds of agents stepped out to face you. As the anxiety grew in your stomach so did the force of the waves lapping around you. The noise of heavy duty boots crashing in the shallow water filled the silent space.
A clunky robotic figure stepped through the group of hydra agents towards you. They all moved out of his way like he was their god. He was large but not scary. His body was made up of various scrap, a stark contrast to tony and vision who were sleek and modern. You vaguely recognised his face that was displayed on an old screen.
His voice spilled from the robot as he addressed you. “Return our property and we will leave peacefully”. That accent returned months of lost memories from a time you scarcely knew of. Your mind spiralled with the recollection of those dreadful nights out in the snow with nothing but a blue cube held in a odd structure. The memories flashed around you causing the water beneath you to bubble and crack.
Tony nodded to you, allowing you to take the lead. you rode forward on your wave until it crashed into the shore dropping you just a few feet before the scrap bot.
“agent 24. shall we return home ? there is much to do.” he spoke like he was a concerned father. You stared back coldly before parting your lips to say “my home is here. with them”. The display scoffed at the idea and released a foreboding chuckle.
An agent stepped forward with a hard drive and pushed it in to the rusty scrap. As she left she gave you a small bow of respect and saluted.
Music began to sputter out of the machine. it began as a slow melodious hum but soon grew louder and more defined. As the voice rang clear you could hear the lilt of your own voice carried on the melody.
Wanda stared in knowing horror when your voice was carried on the light breeze and a storm of red magic brewed around her. The rest of the team stood in shock as they watched on. Hydra nor your allies dared to move in spite of wandas fear.
You mouth parted and began to sing along with the creepily soothing song. your voice rang clear and loud above all of the noise of warfare.
A storm with as much power as the sun raged around you. Wind whipped across the shore, making it look as if your hair and clothes were floating in the depths of the ocean. The bright blue light emitted from your eyes illuminated the now dark beach that was shrouded in heavy clouds.
A hand of cold ocean water outstretched towards you and you stepped onto it as if you were accepting an invitation from an old friend. You stretched both arms out as you raised yourself higher on the wave, blocking any slithers of sunlight left.
To everyone’s surprise the entire hydra team dropped to their knees before you. The entire team cowered in fear before you evoking a sickening chuckle from the robot man. “You see agent 24, I created you. You are ‘the kraken’, just as hypothesised. Return to those who nurtured your power and allow us to now bask in your glorious glow” The robot now clunked on to his knees before you.
“hydra knows nothing of nurture. Your reign of tyranny ends today, doctor” As if beckoned by your words lightening struck the sandy shores and propelled everyone into action.
Hydra stumbled from their knees to attack the team but none made an attempt to approach you. You watched curiously as they opted to go head to head with the likes of iron man and Natasha just to avoid you. It was unclear whether it was fear or respect that stopped them but that was a topic for later.
You floated down to the shore line and landed softly in front of the doctor. He looked up at you with fear in his cyborg eyes but he didn’t fool you. The memories propelled an onslaught of ice to stab into him. He laughed again mockingly as you continued to attack him with as much strength as you could muster. “you can’t kill me !” he chuckled but you couldn’t hear him over the bubbling rage stinging at your ears. You hit your fist into his electronic face repeatedly sending shards of glass flying into the sand. The life in him began to sputter as you ripped at the exposed wires beneath the glass. The anger forced you to continue to forcefully attempt to drain his life force long after the electronic version of his face faced.
Finally your anger faded. The shards of glass that once made up the doctors face now cut deep gashes into your skin. Blood trickled into the shallow water lapping at your feet and on to the lifeless scrap metal. You cursed the soul of the doctor once more before you pulled yourself away from him.
The rest of the team were scattered across the beach eliminating hydra agents left, right and centre. An unfamiliar figure had joined the fight. They stayed close to tony as they swung around on what looked to be wires. It was satisfying to watch them finish off the remaining agents and with their help the team seemed to be making light work of the small army.
You scanned the beach once more and found Natasha stuck between three agents who seemed to be putting up a good fight. Though she seemed relatively in control, her bloody nose caused you to instinctively join her side.
You quickly picked off the furthest agent from Natasha. Whilst she had her back turned you kicked hard into her, knocking her to the ground roughly.
Natasha smiled at you with surprise when she saw you helping her, before taking in your blood stained suit. Her smile faltered when she saw the blue material tainted with deep crimson. The remaining two agents stopped attacking Natasha and turned to you. They curtly nodded before moving out of your way. Both you and Natasha stared with your mouths agape at the two.
“You really got a fan club, huh ?” she chuckled before knocking both agents out with a smooth punch.
The joyful mood was soon ruined by the scene before you. hundreds of bodies lay in the sand. Some were bloody and battered while others had been struck by your power. Everyone was in silence once again as they caught their breath and recovered from the battle. Tony stood with the newcomer and they seemed to be sharing some kind words and celebrations while Bruce looked at the lifeless bodies with tears in his eyes.
you scanned the faces of the hydra agents laying in the sand. While you were tortured and subjected to horrible things whilst with hydra it still hurt to see the people you once knew now laying dead in the sand because of you.
One face stood out to you as you scanned the men and women sadly. Her face sparked the faint memory of her loving touch and the way she would cradle you motherly. Her face also reminded you of how she would push you until you broke and how she would berate you if you failed a mission. In spite of it all, you loved her like a mother.
You knelt beside her to say your last goodbye to that bitterly sweet relationship. Faint red wisps still lingered on her limp body and the only life left was that of Wandas magic. A pang of anger rippled through you as you turned to watch Wanda chatting happily with Tony. You tucked a damp strand of hair behind her ear and left her alone in the sand.
Anger buzzed throughout your body as you approached the group. Wanda greeted you as she usually did with a warm and inviting hug but you met her with a cold and hard stare. She seemed confused but ultimately brushed it off and let you move on from her.
Tony grabbed you and began to ramble off some introductions with the unfamiliar figure. He took off his mask to reveal a very young boy, even younger than you. His hair flopped lazily on his head but his demeanour was filled with energy. He shook your hand eagerly and introduced himself. You tried to muster up your best smile in an effort to welcome him but no such thing came in the wake of the battle.
Bruce gently took your arm and led you to the quinjet, he ordered that you needed to be checked over by someone. You obliged and remained silent whilst everyone boarded.
The low hum of the ship began and the bodies littering the beach became no bigger than the grains of sand themselves. Steve had tried to talk to you throughout the journey but you stayed silent. You mind was still buzzing with lost memories and your only mother figures death.
Her death also begged the question, why was Wanda so afraid when that song began to play ?
In any case, the ship touched down beside the avengers compound and you were carried into your room. Bruce advised rest and relaxation after the days events but you waved him off nonchalantly and began to run yourself a warm bath.
The water stung the open wound across your skin but the comforting heat dulled the pain. That song began to play in your mind again and you hummed it quietly to yourself. Unlike before, your powers didn’t surge through the room; a mere soft blue glow emitted from your fingertips beneath the water. It was so familiar yet strange and it felt like a lullaby and a curse all at once.
A sharp knock rang through the thick bathroom door. You didn’t move, only mumbled for them to come in. To your surprise Natasha stepped through the door holding a cloth and some warm towels. She knelt beside the bathtub and offered a sympathetic smile. Her cloth dipped beneath the water and you both stayed in silence as she cleaned your skin gently. Anytime you winced or showed any sign of discomfort she stopped and rubbed steadying circles in to your palm. Your eyelids grew heavy and you leaned into her touch with every movement.
“come on, I’ll help you to bed” she announced before holding a warm towel up and helping you step out of the tub. She guided you towards the soft sheets and set you down on the edge whilst she looked for fresh clothes. “Tony basically ordered me to babysit you” she joked lightly. She placed a set of silk pyjamas into your hands and gestured for you to change.
When you dropped the towel her eyebrows shot up so high you thought they might fly off her face. you giggled tiredly and pulled the silk pyjamas up your body. Without paying her any mind you clambered into bed. “move up” she ordered while lightly nudging you along. Her skin was delightfully hot against yours and you nestled even closer into her. She gently played with your damp hair whilst you entwined with her. Neither of you dared to speak in fear it would break such a tender and joyous moment.
Eventually, her curiosity prevailed. “who was that woman on the beach?” she asked gently. Her warm breath tickled at your neck as the words brought you back to the memory. The memory was still fresh in your mind; the blood still warm against her skin and wandas magic still trickled away. You stayed silent for a while whilst you remembered her.
“she was my mother… in a way” you replied quietly while reminiscing. Sylvia was her name. Though she was responsible for the tortuous training you endured she also cradled you when you weeped from exhaustion. Much like you she was a formidable assassin but not unkind. “She trained me. I did love her even when she hurt me” you added with sorrow seeping into your words. A solitary tear dropped from your eye and landed on Nat's skin. She allowed the tear to sit upon her skin but moved to look into your ocean eyes.
A similar glint of grief danced behind her features as she held your eyes to hers. Her forehead Dipped onto yours and her breath slowed to match you. This time a tear dropped from her green eyes before she spoke “I’m sorry” Her words were so simple yet they held so much weight. She wasn’t just apologising for Sylvia’s demise but also for the animosity the two of you had shared. You had longed for her comfort again and finally she was allowing the ice around her to melt.
Her strong arms wrapped around you so tightly it felt like she was worried you would disappear. Love and longing buzzed through you. When you pulled back to stare it to her forlorn face once again a force you scarcely understood compelled you to do what you had dreamt of for weeks.
You grazed her lips with your own gently . She reciprocated and allowed your mouth to taste the sweet satisfaction of hers. Her kiss was strong and filled with unsaid lust. Skilled fingers raked through your hair as she deepened the kiss ferociously. She hummed in pleasure as her tongue flicked over yours.
The both of you fell into the embrace of the silk sheets, wrapping your combined limbs in their solace. Your kisses slowed until you both drifted to sleep in one another’s embrace. With her by your side, you fell easily into a safe slumber.
Gentle slithers of sunlight woke you in the morning. Nat still lay beneath the sheets, her auburn hair splayed around her like a crown. You pulled yourself out of her embrace gently and luckily, she did not wake.
Slowly you tiptoed to the kitchen. Most of the team seemed to be asleep, apart from Wanda. She bustled around the kitchen in loose fitting pyjamas. She didn’t seem to notice your presence as you entered so you watched for a while. In spite of yesterday she seemed chipper as she poured eggs into a hot pan. The cracking and sizzling filled the dead silence of the room and you began to sit at the table.
The noise of the chair alerted wanda to your presence and in one smooth move, she had a knife floating dangerously in front of your face. You stared down the cold metal to wanda still recovering from shock. Gently, you pushed the knife away from your face and settled in your seat without another word.
It looked like she wanted to say something but when Tony sauntered in she decided against it.
“Ladies!” he smirked as he entered the room flamboyantly. Wanda turned back to the breakfast on the stove whilst you gave your full attention to tony. He checked in with you, showing the genuine care that you had grown accustomed to from him. Once you assured him you were fine, his eyes lit up with childish excitement. “Sooooo, does that mean I can throw a party in celebration” you chuckled at his exclamation, knowing whatever you replied didn't matter. Tony was already planning.
He rushed away like a child on Christmas day, pushing past a sleepy Steve and Bruce.
They both plopped down on the couch whilst you brewed some strong coffee. Bruce accepted his cup gratefully and apologised for keeping the true scope of your power away from you. You waved his apology off, knowing that he did it for the greater good. Wanda though, stiffened at the mention of knowing more than you did about your own power. Bruce seemed to notice too as you shared a quizzical expression. Neither of you said a word and soon you decided it was time to check on Nat.
You poured two cups of coffee and began to leave. “Tell Romanoff that we have a follow-up meeting at nine” Steve called after you causing you to tense up and turn back to him.
“What? How did you k-”
He looked pointedly at your pyjamas and then you realised Natasha hadn't given you your own clothes last night. You were wearing hers. A silk black set with her initials embroidered over the breast pocket.
You walked back to your room purposefully and swung the door open to reveal a very smug Natasha still lying beneath the sheets. You passed the cup to her and perched on the edge of the bed, ready to commence an interrogation.
But she simply kissed you sweetly, melting away all of your anger. Her kiss was much more dominant this morning. Her mouth was possessive over yours, pushing and pulling you however she wanted. The same gentle fingers from last night pulled at your hair as they raked through.
She pulled away to sip her coffee and smirk into the dark liquid. Your breath came out shaky and ragged after her lips left yours, the effect of her still tormenting you.
“Im assuming...” she trailed off with a pointed look towards the black silk of your pyjamas
“If you mean, did everyone see your brand on me?! Then yes, Natasha, they did” You quipped back with faint annoyance. She giggled and pulled you straight back on to her.
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Would God Approve
Pairing: WandaNat x reader Warnings: Orgasm denial, strap-on, father hearing, Church sex, religions @allieson brought this up in a convo so I've written it. 18+ Minors stay away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your moans echoed off the church walls as Wanda pounded into you. Natasha was behind you as she stroked your hair and rubbed your clit.
Your father, the pastor, had left on a business trip leaving you to take care of the church alone.
The second he had left Wanda and Natasha were all over you.
“Fuck Honey. Doing so good for us.” You moaned louder as Nat used her other hand to pink and roll your nipples.
“Wanna cum. Please can I cum?” You begged the pair. Wanda simply laughed at you as Nat hummed in your ear.
“Soon Babygirl. Just a little longer.” Natasha speeds up her movements on your clit making you cry and buck your hips. They had been denying you of your orgasm for a while now and you really wanted to cum.
Wanda was ready to let you cum but knew that Natasha wanted to wait.
“What would your dad say about this, huh? If he walked in here right now to see his little girl getting fucked by two women.” You whined at Wanda’s words and tried thrusting up into her.
“You gonna cum?” You nodded your head and turned to look at Nat.
“Please can I cum Natty? Wanna cum for you and Wands.” Natasha looked to Wanda before smiling.
“Go on Bunny. Cum for us.” With a loud cry of both their names you came.
Outside the church, your father was standing in disgust. And in the sky, God smiled.
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Just Roommates
Tumblr media
They are your roommates, and a happy couple and you, their personal toy.
Word Count: 661
Warnings: Smut. wlw. Allusions to threesomes. Not Polyamory. Touching. Groping. Grabbing. Put me in this situation already.
Kinktober: Day 13. Prompts: Free Use + Threesomes + WandaNat
"Babydoll, have you seen my charger?" Your roommate Wanda asked from your left, tapping your butt lightly as you shook your head in a no, biting your lip at the sudden intrusion. Natasha rolled her eyes at the two of you, flinging Wanda her charger before making her way towards you.
"Any plans for today, babydoll?"
"Not really. Netflix and chill I guess." You sipped your juice, eying your roommate and appreciating how her jeans fit on her hips, her boobs perfectly accentuated by her tank top.
"I'm taking my share for that." Wanda piped in, stuffing one of your fries into her mouth and slapping your butt again, a light giggle escaping your lips. 
"Sure, ma'am."
Turning to Natasha, you found the redhead immersed in her phone, typing away. "Any plans today Nat?"
"None too important. I'll be joining you girlies then," she leaned forward, capturing your lips in hers. It was short yet heated, a sudden surge of electricity flowing from her lips to yours. A moan escaped your lips, vibrating right over her mouth when Wanda's hands snaked around your boobs from behind you, squeezing your nipples, her lips breezing past the shell of your ear.
"Get ready. It's gonna be a lazy day." Natasha patted your boob, stealing another quick kiss which left you a little moony-eyed, returning to her phone. Wanda pinched your nipple one last time before she and Natasha were sharing a heated kiss, lips connected to each other as they stumbled into her room, the door snapping shut followed by the piece of wood rattling against the hinges, obscene moans reaching your ears.
That's how these girls were. They were your roommates, each other's partners and they went to uni with you. You found them funny, you found them interesting. Wanda with her long, dreamy, imaginative stories which made you smile and want to kiss her, and Natasha with her dry humor and one eyebrow lift, which again made you want to kiss her.
They were faster.
In the quick span of one glorified twenty four hours, Wanda had made out with you and Natasha had littered hickies all over your front, which you had to work very hard to hide. In the next twenty four hours both of them had taken turns to go down on you, fully savouring you, exploring you. You would find yourself sandwiched between the two girls at night, naked and huddling to them for warmth.
Natasha and Wanda were girlfriends. They were in a relationship, what kind of you couldn't say, but they were in love with each other. You, you were there to spice up the equation, there for them to take out their frustrations and darkest desires on, a toy for them to fuck. 
They played with you anytime they wanted. You would be cooking and Natasha would pull down your pants, fingering you till you came. You would be stuck in a zoom call when Wanda would crawl under your chair and tease your swollen nub, already sore from the time Natasha had fucked you with her strap after you had just woken.
You loved sharing your space with them. Wanda and Natasha loved sharing you.
As you turned on the showerhead, you felt another presence behind you, a set of soft hands snaking around your waist. You let yourself be pushed to the wall, let Wanda spread your legs open and pound into you with her strap till you were a whimpering, crying mess, sprays of water from the shower sliding into your mouth as you wailed with each thrust of her hips, her skin marking yours. With a grunt you came, falling limp in her arms. She pattered light kisses onto you, holding you to herself as you shivered, slowly cleaning you up. When your heart rate was back to normal, she tugged at the base of your hear, lifting your face from where it was nestled against her breasts.
"We're waiting.Stay naked."
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Natasha: No.
Wanda: *bats her eyelashes*
Natasha: ...
Natasha: What did I tell you about batting your eyelashes at me?
Wanda, sadly: It only works on Y/N.
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Natasha: *Gentle taps table*
Yelena: *Taps back*
Y/N: What are they doing?
Wanda: Morse code
Natasha: *Aggressively taps table*
Yelena: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK- 
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Wanda and Nat waiting on the Quinjet for Y/N*
Nat calls her putting her on speaker: y/n please come out
Y/n: give me a sec, ok, Nat I’m gay
Wanda: we know that dekta, come out to the quinjet
Y/n taking a breath: quinjet, I’m gay
They hang up*
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Wanda: Put some sunscreen on.
Natasha: I'm black widow. I don't need that.
Wanda: You think you're stronger than the sun?
Wanda: The fucking sun?!
Yelena: you two are hilarious
Wanda: you need sunscreen too Yelena
Yelena: ugh, you're such a mom
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You asked for Natasha or Wanda…How about both? You’re in a poly relationship with them both and you’ve been a brat and teasing them all day so they punish you (Mommy/Miss kink for sure)
A//n: Sexy bitches ask for Wandanat thank you my darling (I’m internally screaming. Will you marry me? 💍) Ok so personally I see Wanda as having a mistress kink and Natasha having a mommy kink so that’s what I wrote 🥰
Warnings: +18 only, smut, soft dom!Natasha x Mean dom! Wanda x bratty sub! Reader, dacryphilia, spanking, strap on (r receiving), degradation, double penetration, mommy kink, mistress kink, breath play, anal, so many fucking pet names
Translations: shlyukha- slut, malyska- baby, krolik- bunny, dorogoy- sweetheart, kotenok- kitten
Word Count: 1.3k
Our Girl
You knew what you were doing. So did your girlfriends.
You’d been teasing them all day; dropping things and bending over in a short skirt, flirting with Carol right in front of them, touching them and explaining it was a mistake even though they knew all too well what you were doing.
As soon as the three of you were alone you were pushed back onto the bed by Natasha, “Did you think it was cute? Thought it would be funny to tease us?” She hissed, pining your arms above your head, “I’m not sure what you mean, mommy.” You feigned innocence.
Wanda came beside you and landed a slap on your thighs, “Fuckin’ brat. You know exactly what we’re talking about.” She spat, a smirk fell across your lips, “What are you gonna do? Hmm? You gonna edge me?” You teased, Wanda smirked, “You’d love that wouldn’t you, malyshka? No, I think we might start with a spanking and then fuck you till you can’t think. S’that sound good?” She hummed, your eyes widened and the colour drained from your face— you knew how bad Wanda’s spankings were.
“Awe, don’t be scared, krolik. We promise to be gentle.” Natasha mocked your pout, you knew she was lying.
“Now. Over my lap.” Wanda’s face was serious as Natasha got off you, you scrambled quickly to make your way onto the brunettes lap, ass up and face pressed into the bed.
“How many do you think she deserves?” Natasha asked, “I-“ You tried but Wanda landed the first swat to your backside causing you to jolt with the unexpected action, “Toys don’t get an opinion.”.
“I’d say 20 should suffice.” Wanda answered her girlfriend, your eyes widened and you began to squirm, “How’s that sound to you, baby?” She leaned down to whisper in your ear, you shook your head vigorously, “Hmm. Too bad. Count.” She sneered.
The second blow was harder than the first one and it practically knocked all the wind out of your lungs, “o-one..” You managed feebly.
“Two..” You yelped as the sting slowly became more familiar.
On the third strike Natasha leant beside you and held your hand— even though it was a punishment Natasha was the softer one and believed you still needed to know they were there for you.
By the end of the twenty spanks you were a crying mess, holding onto Natasha’s hand for dear life, “Shh all done, malyshka. You need to say your safe word?” She asked softly, you sniffled and shook your head, “M’ok mommy.”.
What do you say to Wanda?” She hummed, you looked up at Wanda with a teary expression, “Thank you, mistress.” You sniffed, she rubbed her hands over your ass, squeezing the flesh, “Your most welcome, dove.” She was still smirking.
“Y’ready to take our cocks?” Natasha asked softly, stroking your cheek, Natasha was waiting with her strap in front of your mouth while Wanda was preparing to fuck you ass with her own strap on.
You nodded up at the redhead and she smirked before guiding her rubber length into your mouth, you began to bob your head at your desired pace while Natasha only rubbed your hair softly, “Oh come on, you can do better than that, shlyukha. Give your mommy some actual pleasure.” Wanda mocked as she slammed her own cock into your ass.
“Fuck baby. You’re so tight.” She moaned.
Wanda’s quick trust caused your to jolt forward on Natasha, enticing a violent gag out of you, Natasha’s hand tangled in the root of your hand as she began to thrust her hips quickly.
Moans came from both women as they used your body. You knew that they had the clitoral stimulators on the highest settings so it made you think they really were using you for their own pleasure.
They tossed you back and fourth— Wanda slamming her hips to your causing you to almost always gag on Natasha’s cock.
“S’this what you where thinking of when you decided to be a whore? Thinking about us fucking you till your cock drunk?” Wanda mused, “Your mistress asked you a question, baby.” Came Natasha’s teasing voice, you moaned loudly against Natasha, she pulled you back using the roots of your hair, “Yes! Fuck mistress! Want you to fuck me till I can’t think!” You practically screamed in between your gasps of air.
Your two girlfriends shared amused glances as Natasha slammed her cock back into the cavern of your mouth, “Think we should give the slut what she wants?” She hummed, “Don’t see why not. It’s almost adorable how pathetic she is when she’s all fucked to from our cocks.” Wanda answered.
The two continued to talk about you as if you weren’t even there— only grunting and moaning when they slammed their cocks into you.
“Fuck she’s close.” Wanda cursed, throwing her head back in pleasure, “Y’gonna cum, baby?” She leaned over to whisper in your ear, you moaned loudly against Natasha as you ground against Wanda.
“She asked you a question, dorogoy.” Natasha hummed, you tried to pull away so you could answer but she continued to forcefully bob your head on her length.
“Oh, baby. You forgot how to ask? You gotta ask if you wanna cum, kotenok.” She teased, you struggled against Natasha and she pinched your nose, cutting off your air supply, “Don’t think she wants to cum Wands.” A pout formed on the red heads lips, “That’s a shame. Suppose we’ll just have to use her as a cumdump. Fortunately for her fuckdolls don’t need to come, isn’t that right, malyshka?” Wanda mused,
Meanwhile you were struggling to breath as Natasha held your nose shut while you deepthroated her, “Think she agrees.” Natasha smirked as she continued the rough torment on your throat, Wanda began her brutal thrusts again and groaned at vibrations the stimulator gave her.
You tapped Natasha’s thigh twice and she pulled you off of her, you spluttered and gasped for air, holding her thighs for support so you wouldn’t fall forward— “Is it too much for you, bunny?” Wanda mocked, hitting an especially deep spot inside you, you moaned pornographically as her hand snaked around to rub your clit, “Wanna cum please, mistress! Fuck please let me- hmph!” Natasha shoved her cock back into your mouth, “Make your mommy feel good and then we’ll see if you deserve it.”.
You made sure to speed up your pace on Natasha, eager to get your release.
“S-shit!” Natasha’s hips stuttered as she gripped your hair tighter and released her cum down your throat— you drank her seed down quickly and focused on the pleasure Wanda was giving you.
“T-Thank you- fuck! mommy.” You spluttered as you fell forward onto the mattress.
Wanda groaned and sped up her own pace— Natasha removed her strap and sat on the bed to catch her breath while the brunette behind you pushed your face into the bed and locked your hands behind you with a tendril of red energy.
“M’gonna cum. Shit, kotenok. This ass is gonna be the death of me.” She moaned loudly as she released her own load into you.
A muffled scream escaped your lips as Wanda’s hips stilled and her hand played vigorously with your clit, “Go on, baby. Cum. Wanna feel you cum on my cock.” Wanda breathed lowly, you sobbed as you came.
You swear you blacked out for a moment— coming only to your senses when Natasha rubbed a cool cloth along your thighs, “Did so good for us, kitten.” She smiled, leaning up to kiss you, “You learn your lesson?” Wanda hummed, lifting your chin with her finger, you nodded desperately, “Learnt my lesson, mistress. Thank you.” You whimpered, “That’s my girl.” She praised, “Our girl.”.
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yelenaslyubov · a month ago
An Avengers Level Christmas
main masterlist || yelena belova || requests
a/n: this is something i’ve had written for quite a while so i thought i would share since it fits the occasion. don’t take this too seriously, it’s mainly cheesy fluff with a hint of chaos, so have fun with it. merry christmas to anyone who celebrates, and even if you don’t, i hope you enjoy this and have amazing day!
pairing: yelena belova x female reader, (includes a little WandaNat)
warnings: lots of fluff, gun mention, slight language, suggestive jokes, children?
description: you celebrate christmas eve and christmas morning at the compound for the first time with your girlfriend, yelena, who you’ve been dating for almost a year while you try your best to give her the perfect christmas.
word count: 7.5k (i got a little carried away…but a christmas gift to you i guess?)
Tumblr media
translations: detka- baby, suka- bitch, dorogoy- darling
It was 8 o’clock in the morning on Christmas Eve and through your window you could see the bright white snow that was built up on the ground and around the window. The temperature was perfect inside the Avengers compound, enough so that you could wear Christmas pajamas and slippers without feeling too hot or cold.
The first thing you noticed as you gained consciousness was the tight grip Yelena had around your waist. The second was the tip of her nose that was buried deep into your neck, her breathing slow against your skin. And the third was that intoxicating scent of hers, the kind that made you want to pull her in tighter just so you could be closer. That’s exactly what you did.
You wrapped your arms around her waist, slipping your hands under the t-shirt she wore to bed. You traced shapes along her bare back with your fingertips until you felt her stir on top of you. She shivered at your cold hands and groaned a little as she started to wake up.
She moved her head to be tilted up towards you, her sleepy green eyes shining up at you. “Good morning, detka,” she huskily said, placing a kiss on your jawline.
“Morning, angel,” you said back, returning her gesture with a kiss on her forehead and your hand running through her hair.
You started to sneak out from under her to get up, but her grip only became stronger. “Where are you going?” she whined.
“I’m going to go get us some breakfast and coffee. I’ll be right back, I promise.”
“Okay,” she smiled. “Oh! Remember, no cr-”
“No cream in the coffee. Just plain. We’ve been dating long enough for me to remember things like that, you know.” You winked at her before you slipped between your bedroom door
Walking through the hallways, there was tinsel strung along the top of the walls along with some Christmas lights mixed in. All throughout the compound cinnamon could be smelled, lifting the spirit in the house. There usually wasn’t a lot of time spent at the compound during holidays so everyone had a short amount of time to enjoy the festivities.
You reached the kitchen to find Sam and Bucky starting to make some breakfast for the people that got there first. You greeted them and walked over to the coffee maker to start making some coffee for you and Yelena both.
“What's on the agenda today guys?” you asked, sitting down in a bar stool under the island while you waited for the coffee to brew.
“Not much, not until tonight. I think everybody’s just doing their own thing for a while,” Sam responded while mixing the eggs over the stove.
“Cool,” you nodded. You had hoped someone would have had some day activities planned, so you started thinking of your own.
“You want some breakfast, kid?” Bucky offered you.
“Yes please, and make that two plates.”
You walked back over to the coffee pot that was now steaming and poured it evenly into two mugs. You left one untouched for Yelena, but pulled out cream and sugar for yours. By the time you were done, Sam had two plates full of food ready for you to take upstairs.
You took them with great pleasure. “Thanks, Sammy.”
“Stop calling me that.” You laughed since you knew it was the nickname he hated, but you soon stopped when you realized how many dishes you were juggling, almost causing you to drop them. Sam noticed your struggle and chuckled at you as you walked back over to the elevator, hitting the ‘up’ arrow with the side of a plate.
You were back at your room and you hooked your foot around the door and opened it that way. Yelena was now up and out of bed, freshly showered and towel drying her hair.
“I come bearing food,” you said as you sat down the plates and mugs on the nightstand.
“Ugh good, I’m starving. Thank you.” She walked over and shoved a piece of toast in her mouth and grabbed her coffee, taking it over to the vanity to get ready. You sat down on the bed and started eating your plate full of food as you watched her from time to time.
“So it sounds like there’s no real plans today and I thought of something super random, but I think it could be kind of fun,” you told her.
“Okay, as long as it’s not visiting that reindeer farm again. You know what happened last year.” She turned around to look back at you with pleading eyes.
You laughed. “No, it’s not the reindeer farm, but it is a surprise. And not the kind of surprise that results in your shirt being eaten by a reindeer then proceeding to step in its literal shit.”
“Stop,” she complained in a whiny voice. “Don’t bring it up again.”
“Okay okay, I’m done.”
“Good. I’ll do it then,” she agreed.
“Perfect, I’m going to ask Nat and Wanda too if that’s alright with you?”
She nodded her head in agreement without saying anything, too focused on curling her hair. Once she answered, you started getting ready yourself. You did your normal routine quickly so you could get going. You were now dressed in something warm and festive, leaving your room again to find Wanda. You figured she would be in her room since it was still the morning, so that was the first place you went.
You heard the sound of light instrumental Christmas music playing in the elevator that you insisted Tony put on during the season. It made the compound feel less like an office work building and more like an actual home.
You got out on the second floor and started walking towards Wanda’s room. You knocked on the door since you knew that if she was here, she woke up early and would answer.
She opened the door and gave you a huge smile. “Merry Christmas Eve!”
“I see you’re all ready for the day.”
“Yes I am,” she said happily, showing off her ugly sweater that Nat had gotten her.
“I love it as usual. Very festive,” you said, sneaking around the door and coming inside her room. “I came by to ask if you might want to go on a little trip with me and Yelena? I plan on asking Nat once I leave here.”
“Of course! What are we doing?”
“It's a surprise,” you smirked.
“Let me just grab my purse and I'll be ready. Wait, is Yelena driving? Because if so-”
“No, she is not driving thankfully,” you laughed. Yelena was notorious for her speeding and you were about the only person that would agree to ride with her. Nat was usually the designated driver, and to be fair she drove about the same speed as Yelena, only without the fear of losing your life in the process.
“Oh good, then I’m all ready.”
“I’ll go talk to Nat, then meet us downstairs in a few minutes.”
“You got it.”
You left Wanda’s room and started walking down towards the training room. That’s usually where you would find her, lost in her hand to hand combat or target training. You proved to be right when you saw her with ear protection on and a gun in hand, shooting the targets on the opposite side of the room repeatedly.
Once she ran out of bullets, you found an empty ammo shell on the ground and threw it against her arm. She turned around sharply with a jump and took the protection off her ears.
“What the hell is wrong with you? I could’ve shot you.”
“But you didn’t,” you smiled.
“What do you want this time?” she asked cautiously.
“Just wondering if you wanted to go on a short trip with me, Yelena, and Wanda? And before you ask where we’re going, it’s a surprise.”
“Fine, I’ll go if Wanda goes.”
“I thought you might say that. Meet us upstairs as soon as possible.”
You went back upstairs to find both Yelena and Wanda already waiting in the living room.
“Oh good, you guys are ready. Nat’s coming too, she’ll be up in a minute.” You could barely speak the words before you heard Nat walking up the stairs and the four of you left for your mystery destination.
Living in upstate New York had its perks every once in a while. Sure there wasn’t much to do but the scenery was so much nicer and there were Christmas tree farms sprinkled all over the surrounding cities. Winter time was magical, even far away from the city.
Nat and Wanda were in the front of the car, Nat driving of course and you smiled to yourself when you saw their hands interlocked resting on Wanda’s leg. You were in the back with Yelena giving Nat directions and you had aux so the sound of Sleigh Ride by the Ronettes was playing through the speakers. You looked out beyond the window and stared at the trees that were covered head to toe in snow like blankets of white fluff.
Then you looked to the other side of the car where Yelena was breathing on the windows, making it fog up so she could draw shapes from the condensation. It was the simple things about her that made your heart flood with love. You chuckled a little to yourself and looked away. There was a nudge on your arm and you turned to face Yelena again.
“What’s so funny?” she whispered.
You looked at the shapes on the window and tilted your head towards them. “That.”
She gave you a little glare, but you could sense a smile trying to peek through. You looked at your window and decided to reciprocate back. You drew a big heart over the window with your finger then looked at her for her response. She smiled back this time and leaned in towards you, kissing your cheek and resting her head on your shoulder.
“Can you tell us where we’re going now?” Yelena asked the question everyone was wondering.
“We’re going to pick out a Christmas tree,” you answered.
“What, is the 15 foot one in the living room not enough?” Nat replied snarkily.
“No…I just had an idea that I thought would be funny, just trust me. Pull in up here,” you instructed.
Nat turned the car into the parking lot that was fairly busy, even though it was the day before Christmas, and parked close to the entrance. Everyone hopped out, you almost slipping on ice in the process. You would think that being clumsy would go away when you became an Avenger.
Yelena rushed over to your side and slipped her hand into yours that was inside your pocket. Once everyone was out, you walked up to the front counter.
“Hi, I was wondering if you could point us in the direction of the smaller trees?” you asked the employee.
“Of course. Just take a right and go down the lane of larger trees and at the end we have a small selection of mini trees,” she explained with a smile.
“Thank you very much,” you responded and you all walked the way she directed you to. When you made it to the back, there were only a few trees left.
“What are we going to do with these trees, if you can even call them that? They look more like twigs,” Yelena said and you shoved her a little on the shoulder.
“Well, I was thinking…I wanted to get a small tree, no matter how puny they may look,” you started while glaring at Yelena. “And after, we can go to the store and pick out Avengers ornaments. I thought it would kinda be ironic, especially if we find some of us. We could put it on the mantle and surprise everyone.”
“How did you even think of that?” Wanda asked and you shrugged.
“That’s not too bad of an idea,” Yelena said.
“I still don’t get it,” Nat replied with her arms crossed.
“Okay, perfect. Let’s pick one out.”
All the trees pretty much looked alike but you picked out the tree with the most needles still attached and the least dead. You brought it out to the car and tied it to the top for good measure and to feel like you actually picked out a nice and decent tree. Everyone got back in the car and you typed in the directions to the nearest Christmas store to pick out some ornaments. The car ride there was a lot longer than to the tree farm at about an hour and a half. The not so good part about living upstate.
You made it to the store at about noon and you headed straight to the ornaments. Most of it was picked through but there was still a sliver of hope when you spotted the Avengers “A” logo from across the store.
“Alright, it looks like we have a few options to pick from,” you said, crouching down to look through them all. You picked up the Avengers logo and kept looking.
“I found Tony,” Wanda held up the ornament with an unreadable expression.
“That's a shame,” Yelena responded and you laughed under your breath.
“Aw, here’s Steve. And me!” Nat showed us with a smile. “But they look nothing like us. They actually look kind of scary.” Either way, you had the logo, Nat, Tony, and Steve so far.
You eventually searched and found almost all the original six, besides Thor. He was either going to be mad or extremely content that they didn’t have him in ornament form. You were leaning towards him being upset.
You had been searching for a while until you noticed a little boy out of the corner of your eye, staring at you all in amazement.
“Uh, hello? Can we help you?” you asked him, but he just looked back at you with a blank stare.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Yelena told him.
“Yelena!” you scolded her quietly. “He’s just a kid. Be nice.”
Suddenly he shouted at us. “You’re the Avengers!”
“Oh, I guess he’s alright,” Yelena decided casually.
Wanda walked over to him and leaned down to his level. “We are, and what’s your name?”
“I- I’m Devon,” he stuttered, clearly shy around her which made me smile.
“Well Devon, maybe when you grow up, you can be one too.”
His eyes grew in size and his smile was enough to warm everyone’s heart. “Really? You think so?” he asked excitedly.
“I do,” she said with a smile, and he ran off in the other direction.
“That was really nice, almost too nice, but why did you give him hope? Who are we kidding, we're never going to see him again,” Nat told her girlfriend.
“Hey, he’s got to have a little bit of confidence in himself,” Wanda snapped, walking back over to the group and leaning over on Nat.
You were getting ready to check out when a red ornament caught your eye. It was hanging with some fluffy pink ones so it was understandable how you missed it. You picked it up and it was revealed to be a ceramic spiderman posing.
“No way. Peters is going to flip out. I have to get it,” you told everyone. Peter was newer around the compound, and due to this, each of you took care of him like he was your little brother.
You brought all of the items to the checkout and paid for them. When you got back in the car, you placed the stuff in the trunk and buckled up.
“If you don’t mind, is it okay if we run by the grocery store and pick up the ingredients for sugar cookies? I haven’t had time to go out and get them myself,” Wanda asked.
“You bet your ass we’re going,” Nat said as she put the car in reverse quickly and drove away.
Yelena leaned over closer to me and whispered in my ear, “I think she likes her cookies.”
I smirked. “That’s not the only cookie she likes of hers.”
“Gross, why did you have to say that? She’s my sister,” Yelena grumbled.
You gave her a teasing smile as she gave you the fake silent treatment, staring out the window. You tapped her foot with yours, but she didn't respond. She took your phone out of your hand and reconnected the music, turning it up extra loud this time to drown you out.
“Really?” you shouted with a giggle.
She motioned to her ear and sarcastically mouthed, “sorry, I can’t hear you.” You just rolled your eyes and turned away from her.
You made it back to the compound at about 2 p.m. and unloaded all of your loot, careful not to draw suspicion. You all cautiously walked inside with the bags behind your backs and under your shirts until you made it into yours and Yelena’s room. You threw the stuff down on the ground and sorted through it until you found all the tree decorations. You didn't want to put it out until tonight when everyone was over but you thought you all could decorate it now.
Sitting on the ground, everyone started stringing a small strand of lights along the branches and added the ornaments until it looked like a real tree. Then you grabbed the cookie ingredients and took them into the kitchen with you all. You found Peter in the living room cuddled up on the couch watching some old Christmas movie when his face lit up as you set down the flour and sugar.
“Are you guys gonna make cookies?” he asked.
“That's the plan,” Wanda said.
“Can I help?”
“Yeah, I figured anyone could if they wanted to.”
“Awesome! I'm going to go grab something and I’ll be right back.” He left running out of the kitchen towards his room.
“Are you sure that’s a good idea, letting him help? You know what happens when he steps foot in the kitchen,” Yelena asked.
“Have you seen what happens when you step foot in the kitchen?” you teased her and she punched your arm.
“Oh come on, let him have some fun for once,” Wanda told her as she put her apron on.
You set everything up while he was gone and he came running back in the room with some kind of clothing in his hands.
“What is that?” Wanda asked him curiously.
“Look what Aunt May found for me.” He held up an apron with a large spiderman face in the middle with little web drawings around it.
“Oh, that’s definitely…something,” Yelena said with a fake smile.
“Can you at least look like you’re not kidding?” you whispered in her ear and she slightly shrugged it off.
He put it around himself and leaned against the counter. “Hey, is it alright if I turn on some Christmas music from the TV?” You all agreed and soon there was a light stream of music coming from the living room.
All the ingredients were sitting out on the island as Wanda looked up her recipe for sugar cookies. You started baking together a little at a time, everyone doing different parts of the recipe.
All of a sudden the volume on the TV was turned up and Mistletoe by Justin Bieber was bursting out loud through the compound. Peter jumped up on the counter and started singing the lyrics word for word, sliding across the island. All of your eyes were wide at his sudden burst of energy.
“Turn that down! If that’s Peter you little asshole, I'm gonna get you!” Sam yelled from somewhere in the compound which made you all laugh while Peter got down off the counter.
There was so much going on that none of you noticed when half the cookie dough from the bowl had gone missing. You realized quickly who had stolen it when Pietro was standing in the kitchen licking the remaining dough from his fingers.
“What the hell! Did you steal all the dough and eat it?” Yelena yelled.
“That’s a possibility,” he replied.
“I haven’t seen you all day and this is how you repay me?” Wanda said with a pout.
“What else am I good for?” He walked over to her and ruffled up her hair which was something she always hated. “So, can I help?”
“After what you just pulled, absolutely not. You can help decorate them when all the cookies have been baked,” Nat told him.
“Fine,” he groaned, pulling out a barstool and planting himself on it.
The rest of you kept making the dough while Wanda was on scooping duty. When the dough was mixed up, you all started scooping until they were in the oven and all baked.
“Alright, time to make the frosting,” Wanda announced.
“We have to make the frosting too?” Yelena complained. “This is so much work.”
“It'll be worth it,” Wanda said, still in a good mood.
You and Wanda mixed the frosting up while everyone else started a casual conversation with each other. The cookies had been cooling for an hour and they were completely done now, meaning you could start the decorations. Wanda set everything out from frosting to candy, making sure there was anything you could possibly want.
“It looks great, baby,” Nat complimented Wanda for all of her hard work so it wouldn’t go unnoticed.
“Thank you, my love.”
The six of you were all in the kitchen now making a mess but creating memories. Yelena’s cookie decorating skills were to be expected, not very good. To be completely honest, no one did the best job but by the time they were decorated everyone had almost eaten all of them.
“Wait guys, we have to save some for Santa!” Peter yelled.
You saw Yelena getting ready to open her mouth, probably getting ready to say something you would want to nudge her for. So you stopped her the best you could by pinching the skin on her arm, making her whimper quietly. All that mattered is that it shut her up.
“Of course, Peter,” you smiled while everyone else looked a little worried because they couldn’t tell if Peter was lying about the fact he still believed in Santa.
You set the rest of the cookies you had left on a plate and hoped they would last the night, but you assumed there would be none left. By the time you were done, a few people started to show up for dinner including Maria, Thor, Carol, and Fury.
When everyone seemed like they had showed up, you thought it was time to put out the tree. The 15 foot one Tony had was more than beautiful, adorned with red and green bulbs throughout, but you thought the small tree you acquired was a nice touch. And it was a great conversation starter.
You went to grab it out of your room and put it on the mantle. It immediately caught the attention of many people, Thor being the first.
“What's this?” he asked, pointing to it.
“Oh that’s a tree that me, Wanda, Yelena, and Nat put together. It was my idea.”
Peter must have seen the small crowd around the small tree now and he looked up at it with his mouth hung open. “Oh my god, are you serious? They have an ornament of me, that’s so cool!”
“I thought you would like it,” you smiled.
“I don't see me. Where am I?” Thor asked.
“Uh they kinda didn’t have yours.”
“Oh that’s alright. Mine was probably sold out. I'm just that popular.”
“No, actually they don’t make your-” Yelena started but was cut off by your hand over her mouth.
“Oh…well,” he said as he walked off, you and Nat laughing at his shattered confidence while you left to join everyone else in the kitchen. Everyone took their place around the table, Morgan requesting to sit between Nat and Wanda because they were her favorites.
The meal lasted several hours but every second was enjoyable. The conversations ranged from talking about past missions, the time Maria walked in on Fury changing in his office, and Steve and Bucky's time in the military. You laughed throughout it all as you cut into the many delicious meats and sides that were cooked up.
The energy in the room was the most lively it had been since the move from the tower to the compound. There was something about this Christmas that felt different from the ones before. It could be the new friends you had made in the past year but whatever was in the air, you were happy in this moment.
Once everyone had cleaned their plates, most everyone made their way into the living room to continue your conversations and have a drink or two. Everyone found their seats and you talked for another hour while the steady flow of Christmas tunes played in the background. When 10 p.m. rolled around, everyone left besides the residents that lived at the compound.
“Alright everybody, listen up,” Tony yelled to you all in the living room. “I have one singular gift to give everyone tonight. No more no less, so don’t ask. It was not my idea so don’t blame me if you hate it. It was all these guys,” he pointed to Sam and Bucky.
He walked out of the room and came back with multiple bags in hands which Steve was quick to help with. They all got passed around to each of you and he watched while each and everyone opened them. Every bag contained one pair of the same matching white shirt and reindeer pajama pants.
“No way, matching pajamas!” Peter yelled, holding them up to get a better look.
“Tony, please tell me you have some too,” you asked hopefully.
“I may or may not have some…”
After you all opened the gifts, you were instructed to go and change into them. You went back to your room and Yelena obviously followed you in. You both stripped down until you were dressed in the funny attire that made you smile. She came up behind you, reaching up and planting a kiss on your cheek. You pinched her side making her squirm and pull back with a pout.
“We should get back in there,” you told her while starting to walk out of the room.
She groaned. “Why can’t we just stay in here and cuddle, no one would notice?”
You glared at her while you held the door open, and she started walking. “Nice pants by the way.”
“Nice ass,” she smirked before smacking your butt hard, making you yelp and her laugh.
You both started walking back to the living room with your hands behind your back, covering your butt so she couldn’t get you again.
She giggled. “Scared I’m gonna touch you again? You’d like that wouldn’t you,” she said teasingly which almost made a pink blush paint your cheeks.
“No, I would just rather be civil in front of everyone, and save this,” you gestured between the two of you, “for later.”
“Fair enough,” she sighed.
When the two of you returned from changing, everyone was spread out on the couch or sitting on the ground. You smiled seeing everyone in the matching clothes. It made you realize how much of a family everyone was now.
“We should get a picture of everyone together since we don’t have any. Plus it’s our first Christmas at the compound,” you offered to the group as you sat down on the couch, Yelena right by your side. You assumed there would be lots of protest over the request, but most everyone happily obliged.
You all crammed onto the large squishy sectional and moved together the best you could to fit everyone in the frame. Happy ran over to take the picture of you all laying on one another. He snapped the picture and walked back over to everyone to see how it looked.
Everyone looked so happy, even if several people barely had a smile on their face. There were never group pictures taken so this one you knew would hold a special place in your heart.
When the picture was over, you all scooted away from each other, making more space.
“Miss Morgan here,” Tony started, picking her up off the ground, “has requested that we watch The Santa Clause. So if you’d like to stay and watch with us, gladly stay but if you don’t…you snooze you lose.”
Everyone obviously chose to stay. Tony turned the movie on and shut off all the lamps, leaving the only source of light from the TV and the glistening Christmas tree behind you.
As the movie dragged on, people started drifting off to sleep, Morgan being the first so Tony took her off to bed. The only people that stayed awake the whole movie were Sam, Bucky, and Steve surprisingly. They left and went to bed as soon as it ended.
The rest of you were dead asleep on one another. Yelena was sitting up in the corner of the sectional with your back against her chest, Nat’s head laying on her shoulder. Wanda was snuggled against Nat’s side with her twin brother on the other side of her. Peter had decided to take up the rest of the couch as people started leaving the room.
At some point you heard the snap of a camera and a flash but you didn't mind. You never wanted to get up. You figured it was Sam or Bucky trying to be smart with you so they could use the picture against you all somehow.
Around 2 in the morning, you woke up and everyone had gone to bed except you and Yelena. You shifted your body around and slightly raised up off her, looking back at her uncomfortable position which made you hold back a chuckle. You ran your hand up and down her arm and she quickly woke up with the snap of her head. For the most part she was a light sleeper because of her past, but she was slowly learning to adjust to uninterrupted sleep.
“Come on, let’s go to bed,” you whispered, still touching her arm. She nodded and groggily got up off the couch, linking her arm in yours and leaning against you to prevent her from falling over.
You reached your room but didn’t bother turning on the lights. Yelena decided she was going to go without clothes, but you knew she was a warm sleeper, especially when she stayed close to you all night. She slipped into bed quickly and immediately whined for you to join her. You smiled and complied with her wish.
Anytime when Yelena decided against clothes for sleeping and you didn’t, without a doubt she would crawl under your shirt. One of her favorite things since the two of you had started dating was skin to skin contact. She craved it and you never complained because you enjoyed it just as much as her.
Her head peeked out of the top of your shirt before sticking her head in the corner of your neck. You looked over at your bedside table to see that the time read 2:24 a.m.
“Lena,” you gently whispered in her ear while threading your hand through her hair. She hummed to let you know she was awake. “Merry Christmas, my darling.”
You felt her smile against your skin before mumbling out, “Merry Christmas, love.”
The two of you soon fell asleep, the sound of your heart drumming in Yelena’s ear as a lullaby.
You figured it was early when you woke because the sun was still rising, the orange and pink hues shining through your curtains. You soon realized why you had been awoken at dusk when Morgan’s face was directly in front of yours.
“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” she yelled while shaking your arm.
“Okay, okay. I’m up,” you said, sitting up out of bed and slapping Yelena awake.
“Suka!” she shouted while she popped up
“Better get up, can’t keep the princess waiting.” Morgan grinned at you. You hopped out of bed quickly and handed Yelena’s clothes back to her so the little girl didn’t have to see her naked. She changed under the comforter and joined the two of you to go into the living room with Morgan running in front of you.
“They’re awake!” she said as she came into the living room, revealing everyone’s tired faces.
The tree was lit up and the fireplace was on full blast, warming the room tremendously. There was even more snow on the ground than before, at least a few feet deep now.
“Presents!” Morgan whined, pulling on Tony's shirt.
“Not just yet. We’re eating breakfast first because dad won’t be able to handle anyone if he doesn’t.”
Just then breakfast was brought out. There were loads of chocolate chip pancakes, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon that were devoured quickly. You all were fairly fast because honestly no one would admit it, but everyone wanted to open presents as much as Morgan.
“Alright, everybody gather in the living room,” Tony clapped his hands together and everyone took the same places as the night before.
“It looks like Santa has paid everyone a little visit,” he said, Morgan’s smile becoming wider.
It was rare seeing Tony act like a real dad but it was heartening. There were so few moments like this that you knew you needed to treasure each one.
“Me and Steve will be the designated gift passer outers or whatever.” Tony pulled two Santa hats out of his jacket and handed one to Steve. They put them on and a few people giggled.
“Aw you guys look cute. Do a spin,” Nat said while twirling her finger.
Steve laughed and blushed a little while Tony rolled his eyes and walked behind the couch to the tree. They grabbed a few stockings at a time and handed them to everyone. All the stockings except for Morgan’s had the same things in them. Some socks, candy, and wrapping for training, along with a $1000 visa gift card was thrown in. You all said your thank yous and set the stockings aside to watch Morgan open her presents.
Santa had brought her a giant Barbie house that was taller than her and a couple American Girl dolls that we happily watched her open, along with other things you were sure cost more than enough money.
“Okay time for gift exchange,” Tony said to us while you all went under the tree and picked out some of the presents you had bought for each other. Everyone started opening at the same time so it was hard to figure who bought gifts for who. You just sat back and watched while the faint sound of The Christmas Song was playing around the room.
You and Yelena found your spots on the couch again with the gifts you have bought for each other in hand. You switched with each other with slightly nervous smiles. This was your first Christmas with Yelena and you wanted it to be perfect for her since you knew the ones before this one were fake. All you wanted was to give her a box that wasn’t empty and a life full of love.
It didn’t look like she was going to open her gift anytime soon, so you decided to go ahead and open yours. She kept a giddy smile on her face as you unwrapped the messy box. The wrapping on the gift made your heart warm because it was all Yelena. From the unnecessary amount of tape used, to the ripped places on the paper. It was her own personal flare.
When you opened the gift finally, your eyes started to glass over. You pulled out the first item on top. The color of the vest was black to match her green. You knew how much she treasured that vest and even though it wasn’t hers, it felt like she was giving a part of her to you to take care of.
“Lena,” you whispered, holding the vest close. “This is so nice.”
She smiled shyly. “I know how much you like mine, so I thought I would get you your own.”
You leaned forward and captured your lips in hers, mumbling, “thank you,” against them.
She pulled away. “There’s one more thing in there.”
You set the vest aside and barely pulled out the other object in the box before hiding it away. You stared at her with wide eyes and she gave you a knowing smirk. The second item was a soft set of black lace undergarments, definitely for her eyes only that she decided to tease you with in front of everyone. You hoped that no one had time to see what it was, but it was no luck for her older sister.
“Try it on,” Nat yelled to you, but you just shook your head, hiding it in your hands.
“Well thank you for this,” you smiled sincerely. “Now it’s your turn.” She looked like she was almost scared to open the gift you had gotten her.
You thought it would be quite hard trying to find the perfect gift to give her, but in the end it didn’t take that much thought. When Yelena had first escaped the enslavement that was the Red Room, she had trouble making a life for herself. She really realized for the first time how lost she truly was. She had no idea how the world worked along with nothing to her name. One of the first things she bought for herself when she had the money was a silver ring. Across the top of the metal, her initials Y.B. were engraved there, taking back and owning the one thing she had. Her name.
When you met her, you never failed to be amazed by her sense of style. It had its own formal and eccentric flare with a hint of vibrance. You were so drawn to her rings and choice of jewelry as well. That’s why when the two of you started dating, it became a habit of yours to slip a ring that was wrapped around her finger onto yours, playing with it and spinning it around your finger. She would always smile at how innocent the gesture was. Your favorite just so happened to be the engraved ring, so one day when she was sent off on her first mission as an Avenger, she asked you to keep a hold of it. This turned out to be the first of many times she would do this in the future, until eventually you took ownership of the ring, with her permission of course. You felt like you could have a part of her with you wherever you went.
The box was obvious, as it was a small ring box. It now became evident why she would be worried, but you didn’t plan on asking her to marry you just yet. The two of you had only been dating for around a year, but it felt like you had known each other in a hundred other lifetimes before this one. You waited in anticipation as her manicured nails opened the box gently to reveal what was inside.
You tried hard not to let tears well up in your eyes, but she made it so hard when you saw the quiver of her lip and along with her signature pout. She tilted her head and picked up the ring that was nestled inside the box, her looking down at your initials carved into the top. There was a sad smile that was painted across her face which made you smile as a tear ran down your cheek.
“You gave me yours so I could have you with me wherever I went, now you can have me wherever you go,” you explained to her.
She looked at you with tear stained cheeks and threw her arms around you. You rubbed up and down her back to sooth her emotions and to show your appreciation for her affection. You weren’t sure how long you stayed that way, but eventually she relaxed a bit, kissing your neck gently, saying “I love you” between them.
“I love you too.”
“Are you crying, Belova?” Bucky asked from across the room.
“Shut up,” she tried to yell, but it was muffled against your neck
She finally raised up and looked into your eyes, you immediately getting a bit flustered. She always had a way of doing that. You tried to break the tension by quickly kissing her button nose, making her laugh and sit in her old spot.
“I thought that would do until I can permanently give you my last name,” you winked, but she looked at you with a smirk.
“It’s cute that you think I will be taking your last name, dorogoy.”
You rolled your eyes. “We’ll see about that.” In your heart you always knew you would be taking her last name anyways, you just wanted to tease her.
“Okay, I have one last gift for everyone, but we have to go outside,” Tony announced suddenly. Many people groaned because they didn’t want to venture out into the cold but you all threw your coats on and walked out anyway.
You walked out of the main building of the compound next to the hangar where a tarp was laying across the ground. You bundled up close to Yelena and tried to get any of the warmth she was radiating. Everyone looked at the tarp with confusion just the same as you. There was no space between the tarp and the ground so there was no way there was anything under it.
“Steve, would you do the honors,” Tony asked and Steve gave a single nod of the head. He walked over to the end of the tarp and grabbed the end, looking back at your shivering bodies in suspense before throwing it off the ground.
When the tarp was removed, a large 30 X 40 ft in-ground trampoline was buried in the grass.
“Oh my god, I’ve always wanted to try one of these!” Yelena yelled and bolted towards the present along with Peter.
“Tony, why the hell would you get a trampoline? We’re all adults,” Bucky asked with his arms raised in question.
Sam turned his head to look at him. “Says you. I’m going to jump, tin man.”
There were several people on the trampoline now and you were almost sure it would break right out from underneath you. The snow was still dumping outside and you turned your gaze to the cloudy sky and watched the snow peacefully fall to the ground.
Your head snapped up as you heard Peter shouting. That's when you realized everyone had started a snowball fight. You joined in in no time, firing the cold blocks at people’s faces. The first one launched at Tony and the look on his face made you immediately run away.
“That's it, you’re dead,” and he ran after you with the snow in his hands.
While you were running you managed to run right into Yelena in the process, sending you both flying down. You landed with a groan, but laughed soon after. She picked up some snow from her side and shoved it down your shirt.
“Hey, what the hell!” you shivered. “I was going to play nice, but not now.”
Her eyes widened, and just as fast as you hit the ground, she was up and running away from you. She was hiding behind a tree, trying to muffle her laughs with her glove to keep her cover hidden. You scared her from behind and pummeled her face with snow. You kept at it and fought until your fingers were numb and you couldn’t feel your toes.
Eventually you all walked back inside to your rooms to change into warm clothes and hopefully relax the rest of the day. Your clothes were soaked to the point you felt chilled to the bone. You and Yelena changed into something new, and you both went to leave before you heard Yelena’s raspy laugh.
“What is it?” you asked her.
“Look up,” she pointed.
There in the middle of the door frame was a small bundle of mistletoe hanging.
“Would you look at that,” you smiled at her. “I guess that means we have to kiss.”
“What a pity,” she sarcastically responded.
She pulled your face down to her level and kissed you without any hesitation. It was passionate but it also felt more loving than the casual ones you shared on the daily. You stayed there for a moment longer before pulling away to look at her clearly, your hands still resting on her hips.
“Thank you for making my first real Christmas special,” she said, looking down towards her feet shyly.
You lightly put your finger under her chin and guided her head back up. “It was special for me too, Lena. You made it the best so far.”
You stood under that magical little mistletoe for minutes longer exchanging smiles and kisses, until you walked hand in hand back to your family.
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captains-simp · 3 months ago
can you do a fic where reader unintentionally breaks one of the rules by accident so she has to be punished but the punishment is being ignored by BOTH wanda AND nat and reader is uncomfortable with being ignored because it makes her feel invisible and like she's a ghost so like this is what happens, reader breaks a rule in front of wanda and nat but reader doesn't realize she broke a rule but wanda and nat punish reader without telling reader first, and they punish her by not acknowledging her presence and stuff then reader just breaks and starts crying and stuff, she's really upset until nat and wanda cave in and see what's wrong with reader because they didnt know that reader didnt realize she broke a rule and her punishment was being ignored by them
also nat is dom, wanda is switch (like wanda is sub to nat but dom to reader) and reader is sub also nat, wanda and reader are in a poly dom/sub relationship and dating
Oh my god is this ✨smut with a developed storyline✨?
Wanda Maximoff & Natasha Romanoff ~ 3rd Wheel
Warnings: debatable toxic traits, feelings of abandonment and unlove, fingering, praise, oral and hints of overstimulation
2.4k words
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You giggled as Sam made stupid sound effects every time he paused in telling his story. You were pretty sure the story wasn’t true but hearing him tell it was entertaining enough. He put his hand on your forearm as he laughed at his own comeback to some apparently ‘very real’ character in the story and you couldn’t help but laugh along with him. That was until your other arm was grabbed and pulled you to your feet. 
“It’s late, we should go.” Natasha said curtly. You nodded and said goodbye to Sam with a tight hug and followed after the Russian as Wanda joined her at her side. 
“How did your meeting go?” You teased the redheads. Officially, what you had just attended was a party. Unofficially, it was a chance for Natasha and Wanda to gather more intel for a future mission that they had been working on for months. Tony, to no one’s surprise, was more than happy to help by hosting the party and it was just like any other to everyone else. You had missed your girlfriend’s company at first, but had eventually started socializing with the others and the night had flown by. 
When you were met with silence you assumed you didn’t hear either of their responses over the music so you sped up your steps slightly to stick close by. Once you got to the car you knew they were in a bad mood. It was one thing when one of them was mad but both of them was a whole other storm. Not that it was always bad. Sometimes they would take that anger out on you in the bedroom and you had secretly been dying to be fucked like that for a while. 
You tried to make conversation a few times, telling the pair about Sam’s story and how it was probably about as real as fairies but they still didn’t respond. Of course, you had no idea that these things were just making them madder and that Wanda and Natasha were communicating silently most of the time, discussing the meeting as they ignored you. You gave up eventually and gazed out the window as you fiddled with the fabric of your dress. 
Once you were home things only seemed to get worse. “I made dinner before we left.” You said as you looked under the grill to find that the three served plates were still fine and put them on the counter. You had cooked before getting ready because you knew your girlfriends were busy and were going to be hungry when they got home. You glanced at the two women to see Natasha undoing her girlfriend’s zipper and placing a soft kiss between her shoulder blades. You smiled at the tender site. 
“Hey, where’s my kiss?” You teased as Natasha started towards the bedroom but shouldered right past you. You looked to Wanda but she didn’t spare you a glance either as she strolled through the apartment to your shared bedroom. You watched them go with a dry mouth and dragged yourself to the bathroom where you struggled to undo the zipper of your dress before finally succeeding after five minutes of struggling and sore arms. One of the redheads usually did it for you before you could even think to ask.  
You stepped into the shower and tried to focus on the feeling of the hot water running down your body, hoping it would distract you from the dull ache near your heart. It didn’t work. You wondered if you had done anything to annoy them at the party but could think of nothing. With a disgruntled sigh, you turned off the water and stepped out of the safety of the shower. You quickly dried off and tiptoed to your now-empty bedroom to change into your pajamas. 
When you went back into the kitchen you found only one of the plates was left. You glanced over at the living area to see Wanda and Natasha curled up together on the couch under a blanket as they watched TV and ate the food you made. They could have at least warmed mine up. You grumbled to yourself as you put it in the microwave and made yourself a drink. You trudged over to the couch but Wanda extended her legs to cover the free space just as you were about to sit down. You looked up at them both but their eyes were still glued to the TV. 
You sat down tentatively on the armchair closest to the couch and started taking small bites of your food. You weren’t paying attention to the screen at all. Instead, your eyes kept flickering to the two redheads curled up on the couch together. They looked so warm and tender laying together. You wished so desperately you could be with them, but instead you just felt like an outsider. That had always been a big insecurity for you. Wanda and Natasha were both Avengers and you were just a normal citizen. You often wondered if you ever felt like a burden, the weak part of their relationship. You could never understand their lives the way they could, you could only watch. Usually, you would voice your concerns and insecurities to them and they would assure you to no end that they loved you more than anything. However speaking had gotten you nowhere that night, so you kept it to yourself. 
You sat in the living room for hours. You wanted to go to bed so badly. You were utterly exhausted and your eyes were starting to hurt from the lights in the room you wanted to be shielded from. But you were determined not to go until the other two did. You wanted to be curled up between them both like you always were. You wanted to feel safe and secure and most of all loved. 
Finally, Natasha turned off the television and stretched out like a cat on the couch before standing and making her way to the bedroom, leading Wanda by the hand. You put your uneaten plate of food on the side to deal with the next day, too tired to even think about it at that moment. The pair instantly dropped down into bed and Natasha held Wanda tightly as she rested her head on the Russian’s chest. You gazed down at them longingly but forced yourself into bed besides them. You reached out your hand to tug weakly on their shirts, desperate for any kind of acknowledgement but received none. You withdrew your hand and held it up to your chest as you watched the pair. How long had they been craving time to themselves? 
You slowly got out from under the covers and left the room without feeling their usual fond gazes on your back. You lingered in the hallway before glancing back and saw Natasha tracing circles on Wanda’s back. You gulped back tears and made your way to the spare bedroom where you slept alone for the first time in months. 
You didn’t get up until lunch the next day. You didn’t feel like doing anything, especially not facing your girlfriend. You wanted to stay out of their way to give them the alone time they so clearly needed.
When you had finally dragged yourself out of bed and into the hallway you froze. Wanda’s moans could be heard clearly from your bedroom followed by sharp cries of Natasha’s name. You stood rooted to the spot as the pain in your chest grew worse. Since they had so keenly invited you into their relationship. The pair had never once done anything sexual without you. At first you had been flattered and insisted that you were okay if they wanted to do things by themselves every once in a while but eventually you had grown used to how things were. You had grown used to being included in everything. 
Numbly, you made yourself a hot chocolate in hopes of it raising your spirits. Not long after you had finished, your girlfriends came wandering into the kitchen with a new glow. 
“Do you want a drink?” You piped up, you could at least be helpful. Wanda grabbed something from the fridge as Natasha took out a glass from the cupboard and spun around to kiss her girlfriend on the lips with a soft giggle. Wanda smiled against her and hummed when Natasha’s tongue teased the Sokovian’s lower lip. 
“I love you.” Natasha hummed and Wanda smiled with a blush as she said the words back. 
“I- I love you too.” You added and took a desperate step towards them both, holding out your hands to them but they separated and started to stroll back into the living room. You watched on as tears sprung to your eyes. They didn’t say it back. They always said it back. “Please.” You whispered though you may have well have been talking to a wall. You whimpered quietly and weakly made your way to the guest room where you closed the door and fell down onto the bed, not being able to stop the tears streaming down your face. You curled up on yourself and hugged your duvet as close to your body as possible, needing something to cling onto like a lifeline. 
You didn’t hear the door open through your muffled weeping. You did feel the gentle pair of hands on your waist and the dip in the bed either side of you. Your head shot up and you looked between the pair in panic, fearing they were going to tell you to go elsewhere for the day or even forever. Wanda shushed you softly and held your dampened cheeks in her hands. 
“It’s okay, honey.” Wanda cooed and you whimpered as you tried to enjoy what you assumed was the last time she would hold you. “We’re not going anywhere and neither are you.” You peered at her cautiously and then Natasha who nodded gently. 
“We’re sorry, baby. Sam was getting a little too handsy last night and you didn’t seem to notice.” Natasha explained carefully. You remembered the brief moment he had touched your waist and frowned at the memory. 
“And you know letting people touch what isn’t theirs is breaking a rule.” You nodded slowly as Wanda added on.
“So your punishment was being ignored by us so you could learn but we took it too far.” Natasha admitted.
“And we never told you what was happening. We’re so sorry we made you feel this way, sweetie. We love you so much.” Wanda said as she kissed you softly on the lips as Natasha lay down behind you and wrapped her arms protectively around your waist. 
“So so much.” She added. 
“Promise?” You asked and Wanda lay down to join you and wipe your tears away. 
“Let us show you.” Natasha whispered against your neck and you nodded as she rolled you gently onto your back and began planting soft kisses along your neck, occasionally lingering on patches of skin to suck dark bruises into them. Wanda titled your head towards you and kissed you slowly, cherishing the taste of you and wanting to reclaim all that she could. 
Natasha’s hands started to wander down your stomach and landed at the hem of your sweatpants that she easily surpassed along with your panties. You gasped when you felt her fingers run along your folds and up to your clit. You bucked your hips and moaned against Wanda when she applied some pressure, all while the Sokovian started to retrace her girlfriend’s steps by running her hands across your breasts. Her thumbs brushed against your hardened nipples and she hummed against you. 
Natasha finally pushed two fingers past your folds and relished in the slick that coated them instantly. She curled them gently inside you and withdrew to start about making a consistent pace that had you melting beneath them both. 
“That’s it, sweetie.” Wanda assured in the most loving tone you had ever heard from her. 
“Taking me so well. Our best girl.” Natasha hummed and withdrew her fingers. You whined softly but shushed when Natasha brought her fingers up to Wanda’s lips and slid them inside. The Sokovian hummed in delight around Natasha’s fingers, eagerly licking her slender digits before retreating to start down your body, determined to gain an unfiltered taste. 
Wanda pulled your sweatpants and panties off completely and kissed up your thighs softly, taking her time in treasuring you just as Natasha had done with your neck. She gleamed at the sight before her and didn’t hesitate to lick a long strip between your folds. You mewled in Natasha’s hold as Wanda moaned against you. “Always so sweet.” She dipped her tongue inside of you and you clenched around her muscle with a gasp.
“That’s it, you’re doing so good for us.” Natasha praised softly as she started to rub your clit with her free hand. You bucked against both their movements, feeling beautifully overwhelmed by it all. Wanda’s tongue flicked inside you and you moaned loudly into the air, tempting Natasha to quieten you with a kiss while your other girlfriend continued to work between your legs that were beginning to shake. 
“Please.” You whined as you felt your high approaching. The pair smiled at one another as they continued to please you. 
“I can feel you clenching my tongue.” Wanda mused.
“Go ahead and cum for us, baby.” You did as you were told without a second’s delay. You moaned loudly into the air as you shuddered against the bed and came undone on Wanda’s tongue. The pair helped you ride out your high and into another orgasm relentlessly. They didn’t let up, making you cum again and once more, leaving you feeling utterly exhausted and overworked. 
“That’s it, darling. You did so good for us.” Wanda praised as she fell down besides you and they both held you protectively. 
“We love you.” Natasha muttered softly and you smiled.
“I love you both too.” You hummed, enjoying the warmth of your girlfriends’ comfort.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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all-i-askofyou · a month ago
Give me all of you, please.
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst (no happy ending, but a good one?), Cheating, implications of sex…?
Summary: You’re a fool for Natasha Romanoff
A/N: literally just whipped this up an hour ago because i was listening to “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” by Ariana Grande and so… yeah.
Tumblr media
Natasha walked into your shared apartment at 1:30am like every night, and like always she crawled into the bed and settled behind you. Her arm made it’s way over your waist and pulled you closer. You felt her press light kisses to your shoulder and you hated, but loved the attention she gave you after coming home late.
After being with her.
“Hi baby.” She mumbled out, and you tiredly hummed in acknowledgment. “Why are you still up?” You shrugged.
“Couldn’t sleep.”
“Oh? Need me to help with that?” Her hand on your stomach drifted down towards your center, and you grabbed her hand to stop her. You interlaced your fingers together and turned to lay on your other side so you could face her, a smirk gracing her features.
“Did you have fun with Wanda?” Her smile faltered at your question. She knew that you knew and she knew that you were hurting, but she couldn’t bring herself to end things. You found that you couldn’t either.
You loved Natasha with everything you had, but she just couldn’t afford you the same luxury.
Natasha swallowed before slowly leaning in to kiss you, wanting to get your mind off of her mistakes. Off of her affair.
When she kissed you, you tried not to reciprocate to show her that you weren’t going to just forget. To act like you weren’t as weak as you really were.
But the second she pulled your body flush against hers, her hands gripping your waist desperately, you gave in.
Like always.
The kiss was filled with emotion, yours more than hers. You felt heartbroken, angry, selfish, in love and happy all at once because of the very woman you were currently wrapped up in.
She pushed you so you to lay on your back while she moved to hover over you. She trailed her kisses down to your neck and your hands found themselves tangled in her hair. You pulled her up so you could look into her eyes.
“I need you, Nat. Give me all of you, please.” Your voice cracked and you saw guilt flash in her eyes before she leaned down to kiss you again with a newfound passion that wasn’t there before from her.
“You have me, Y/n.” As Natasha made her way down your body, your situation was long forgotten. All you could think about was Natasha.
You wish you could have been stronger that night, and all the other nights before. Strong enough to leave her, or confront her directly about her affair. But you weren’t.
You were too foolish to say anything about it, and it hurt to see her and Wanda out in the open being touchy with each other. But you kept quiet so you wouldn’t lose Natasha.
You hated yourself for putting yourself through this, but you couldn’t stop. When you and Natasha had started dating, you quickly discovered just how much you would endure to keep her in your life when you took a bullet for her.
Now that you think about it, she had never done the same for you. Not that you wanted her to, but she’s put herself in harms way for Wanda countless of times. So why couldn’t she do the same for you?
It was you who she went to bed with every night. It was you who talked her down from her nightmares, and breakdowns. It was always you, not Wanda.
“Hey, Y/n.” You looked up from your food to look at Sam who was standing next to the table with Bucky. They shuffled around nervously and you tilted your head.
“What’s up with you two?” Bucky crossed his arms and stared at Sam. He cleared his throat and copied Bucky’s stance.
“We just… wanted to know how you and Natasha were doing.” You furrowed your brows.
“Why?” This time Bucky spoke up.
“We saw her and Wanda when we went out to eat.” He glanced at Sam before looking back to you. “They uh… They were very close.”
Your heart dropped and you knew where this was going. Though you already knew about Natasha and Wanda, the team didn’t know. Now that Sam and Bucky were aware you knew they would pity you, and that was the last thing you wanted.
You cleared your throat and tried to appear as if you didn’t care. Your eyes gave you away.
“They kissed, Y/n. We saw- Ugh I swear I’ll kill Natasha for you.”
“Kill me for what?” The three of you jumped at Natasha’s sudden voice and you all turned to see her in the doorway to the kitchen with Wanda. Your heart sank like it always did when they interacted.
Bucky scoffed and glared at the two women. “You have a lot of nerve, the two of you.”
“What are you talking about?” Wanda asked, her wide eyes moving between you and Bucky.
“We’re talking about the fact that you’re cheating on Y/n!” Sam exclaimed with his arms thrown up in the arm. Natasha turned to you.
“You told them?!”
“N-no I didn’t-“ You stood up to speak but Bucky cut you off.
“We saw you guys on your little date. You’re both pathetic, seriously.”
“Wait, you knew already?” Sam turned to you and you gulped down the lump that was forming in your throat. You blinked away the tears and stiffly nodded.
“Yes.” Sam laughed in disbelief and Bucky turned to Natasha.
“You’re an asshole, Nat.” He glared at Wanda. “You too, Maximoff. God, how could you guys put her through this!”
“Buck it’s okay.”
“No! It’s not, Y/n. You’re seriously foolish enough to stay with her?!” He looked at you wide eyes, continuing when you didn’t answer, the tears finally falling down your face. “She’s cheating on you, Y/n! She doesn’t love you!”
“Yes I do! Don’t talk to her like that!” Natasha stepped forward towards you causing Bucky to move so he could block her.
“If you loved her you wouldn’t have been cheating.”
“I love her! I do. Y/n, you know I love you.” The tears in your eyes still falling, and you looked between the four people who were staring at you, waiting for your response.
You wanted to hate Natasha, you really did, but your heart wouldn’t allow you to. But your mind was screaming at you to end things. Because now Bucky and Sam knew, and soon everyone would know just how dumb you were to stay with a liar, a cheater.
Your mind was winning, and when you saw Bucky and Sam’s encouraging nods you knew the right thing to do was to leave her. So you shook your head and looked away from the piercing green eyes you fell in love with.
“Y/n.” Natasha pleaded and you finally met her eyes once more.
“I can’t.” You choked out. “We’re done, Nat. I love you, but I can’t put up with this anymore.”
“Please.” She begged, and the tears in her eyes almost made you reconsider your choice, but Sam stopped you from doing so.
“She said she’s done, Romanoff.” He stood beside Bucky, both blocking Natasha from getting to you. She stayed in her place until you finally looked away from her, and she realized that she had really lost you.
“I’m sorry.” Her whisper barley made its way to your ears, but it did and you felt your heart shatter into a million pieces when she walked out of the kitchen hand and hand with Wanda.
You finally let out the sobs you tries so hard to hold in, and you were immediately pulled into Sam’s chest, him and Bucky’s arms around you while you cried.
You felt free, but your heart was heavy. Though you knew that this was what you needed to feel better. You needed to break your attachment to Natasha so she couldn’t hurt you anymore. You needed to let out all of your feelings and thoughts about everything since you had bottled it all up for her.
You needed to leave, you decided. And so you did.
A/N: don’t stay with a cheater guys… hope you liked this oneee
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perfectromanoff · 3 months ago
~The only offer~ Part 2
Pairing: Wanda-Nat x Reader
Warnings:explicit sex, pet names, fingering, use of toys, oral, +18
Summary: You were one of the best hackers, but you were also very good at hiding what you were doing. What Natasha and Wanda will be able to do to get a confession from you?
AN:this is my first time writing something like this, I hope you like it! Request are open.
Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanda and Nat were sitting in a meeting room talking to each other thinking about the offer you had made.
"Did you really dated her? It's unbearable, her arrogance makes me nervous" Natasha commented looking at her friend and Wanda raised her shoulders
"We just fucked, we never dated, we were just a mutual stress reliever... She does it very well by the way, she is a good dom but she can take a lot too being a bottom." The witch responded and earned a look from the eldest with a raised eyebrow.
"We're not going to do what she asked to us... " Natasha said firm
"Okay... So, she said that she has stolen information from politicians, isn't it enough of a confession to arrest her and have her here until she speaks about what she stole form us?" Wanda commented running out of ideas.
"It would have been if the cameras were connected and we had recordings, but since we were torturing her, the cameras and everything that recorded were turned off, because if there was any proof of what we were doing to her and she would go free, she would certainly hack to get the videos and use it against us" The redhead responded by sighing at the tiredness
"We tried everything but nothing made her talk anything important, the only useful thing we couldn't record it, so we have nothing. Fury needs information for tomorrow or we will have to release her... Is it so bad what she is asking for, in exchange for speaking? It's not like you and I haven't ever been together before and it's not like you with your track record have never made a threesome... Why don't you want to do it?" Wanda asked curiously turning her head to the side looking at the older woman
"I don't want to give in to what she wants, she is so arrogant that she will surely feel happy if we give her what she wants just because we are running out of time..." Natasha said really frustrated.
For your part, you were lying on the hard bed of your cell looking at the clock and the wall with boredom, you knew that they would soon let you go since they had nothing to make you talk to. But when you heard some agents talk outside your cell you sighed, whenever voices were heard, it meant that agents would come to take you out of the cell to torture you and try to make you speak. You thought this time would be worse because it was one of the last chances they had to get something useful out of you, but you were surprised and happy to see the two women opening your cell door and entering with you
"Hello... I see that you were thinking about my offer, I am happy that you accepted..." you commented arrogantly in your tone of voice making the older of the two look at you badly
"We still don't accept anything, calm down" Natasha said leaving a bag on your bed which made you laugh
"The cameras are off, the security that is always at my door is gone and I know the happy face that Wanda puts on when she is about to get laid" Wanda blushed at your comment and Natasha rolled her eyes
"if you want to do this, it will be under our rules" Wanda commented and you nodded "once we are done, you will tell us what information you stole and return it" Wanda said looking into your eyes and nodded again seeing her with a big smile. Natasha opened the bag she had brought and you swallowed thick seeing the things she had there, they looked brand new and expensive, you smiled in advance watching them, you never thought they would take this so seriously.
"Oh my goodness, you're a whore, look at you, almost drooling for the toys (Y/N)..." Natasha said in her raspy voice and grabbed your chin making look at her, even though she didn't want to accept it, she was enjoying this too, you could see it in her eyes and in the way that she was grabbing your face with need and desire.
While Natasha was holding on to your face and caressing your lower lip with her thumb, Wanda grabbed your wrist smiling and put on a watch, you turned your head confused to look at your wrist but Natasha grabbed your chin harder making you see her
"Why did you put a watch on me?" you asked confused seeing Natasha in the eye and she smiled
"You will see it in a few minutes, your relax, we'll take care of everything" Wanda stood next to Natasha and stroked your thighs slowly. The truth is the caresses of the two women and the way they looked at you was making you nervous about the anticipation, even if you did not let it show it.
Wanda with her soft hands began to slowly detach your shirt and then removed it leaving it on the floor, seeing all the marks you had from the blows you had been given, she began to delicately kiss your body which made you feel chills. She was always like that, no matter how hard she was about be with you, Wanda always made sure to start carefully treating you affectionately, very big difference with Natasha that most of what she did was more aggressive.
"I can't wait to cum in your pretty mouth" Natasha squeezed your cheeks making you open your mouth a little and letting out a gasp "I wanna see you drooling, speaking nonsense and  begging for more..." The way she was talking to you was causing a small puddle to start forming between your legs, of all the things you had imagined, nothing could beat what was going on.
"If you want to use me, I can be your toy or your doll..." You whispered, you wanted your voice to come out louder but having the two women by your side, made your security go down a little bit
"I like that... Our doll... What do you say Wanda?" Natasha stuck one of her fingers into your mouth and "instinctively" you started sucking it in looking into her eyes.
"I like that...only ours to use" Wanda said as she knelt between your legs pulling off your pants "look how wet she already is Nat" she commented with a smile and reflexively you pressed your thighs together "Don't do that" Wanda slapped sofly your crotch making you split your legs a little bit and a moan slip over Natasha's fingers that you were sucking. Opening your mouth by the groan Natasha took advantage and stuck her fingers deeper making you gag
"We're going to have a lot of fun" the redhead pushed you to bed making you sit, Wanda patted your legs to separate them, to which you obeyed, and she took off your underwear keeping it in her pocket. She also took off your bra and smiled looking at your body "I missed you... You don't know how many nights I spent thinking about you, touching myself because of you. It was so good that you proposed this, because although I did not want to admit it, since I saw you I wanted to be with you" Wanda stroked your cheek gently as Natasha searched for something in the bag, the redhead smiled as she approached you with a small vibrator in her hands and looked at you asking for permission and you nodded
"I want to listen to you, use your words." Natasha whispered looking to your body with desired
"Yes Daddy" You answered with a smile seeing how the eyes of the eldest darkened and her pupils dilated more "you can put it in, Mommy and you can use me however you want to" You said with an arrogant smile, you knew what you were doing, you knew how to provoke them. Wanda grabbed your throat with one of her hands making slight pressure
"always so sure about everything, thinking that somehow you have the lead... We're going to fuck the brat out of you" Wanda replied with her accent marked much more than usual and you gasped looking at her eyes, the witch kissed you in desperately applying more pressure to your throat, not being able to do much more, you grabbed her hair pulling a little and opened your mouth letting her deepen the kiss, a moan escaped from the bottom of your throat when you felt Natasha insert the toy between your legs
"come here Wanda..." Natasha ordered while taking off her clothes and putting on a strap, Wanda obeyed by standing in front of the redhead but looking at you. For your part you moved uncomfortable in the chair, the vibrator off and still did not give you much pleasure and seeing the redhead naked, you needed more than that. You lowered your hands between your legs to grab the vibrator and move it but Wanda slapped your hands to which you looked at her confused
"You didn't asked for permission doll" You signed looking at her
"Can I touch myself?...Please mommy" You made your best puppy face and Wanda smiled
"No" she replied turning on your watch making you sigh again
"The watch you have on, when it detects that your heart beat is racing, will make the vibrator turn on, the more you agitated, the stronger it will get" The Russian responded by slowly stripping Wanda naked. Natasha on purpose, after completely stripping Wanda naked, pressed her body against hers by joining her breasts with hers and rubbing hard, causing your heart to speed up. You couldn't help the moan that escaped you when you felt the vibrator turn on against your core
"If it's too much, say 'red' and we will stop the vibrator, did you understand?" Natasha said as she gently stroked Wanda's breasts with one hand and with the other she gave small circles on the girl's  clit, you bleased your lips nodding without taking your eyes off the way Natasha touched her crotch. Wanda let out small whingings as she moved her hips over Natasha's hand
"Nat...please... More, faster, it should be her the one that you have to torture, not me..."  Wanda commented by moving her hips harder and kissing Natasha's neck. Seeing Wanda this needy made you more nervous and you despaired to feel the vibrator go stronger 
"Mommy... Daddy, can I touch my boobs, please..." You whispered barely audible. Natasha grabbed Wanda by the hips by lifting her and pressing her against the wall next to you and slowly lowering her into her strap. The two women let out a moan of satisfaction and made your core burn "please...." you whined and Wanda opened her eyes with difficulty seeing you while Natasha gave hard strokes on her.
"You.. You can (Y/N)" She responded between moans, hearing your name come out from her in a whorish moan, hit your core with another wave of electricity, you started pressing your breasts, massaging them and pinching your sensitive nipples with a despair.
The room began to fill with heat and the smell of sex, the air got thicker and heavier to breathe, the only thing that was heard were the moans of the three of you and the pound of Natasha's body against Wanda's. Your body and Wanda's began to tremble from being close to your orgasm, Natasha giving a few more lunges, kissing her neck and pressing Wanda's clit with her thumb made her come undone. But when you were about to come too, Natasha took the vibrator and pulled out of you making you feel empty and mad at her
"NATASHA!" you let out a few whinings and made a pout. Wanda laughed watching you with her eyes barely open as she tried to recover from her orgasm "Oh,you shut up!" you told her flipping the finger, you get cranky when you don't get what you want, specially that. You felt the strong grip of Natasha's hands on your jaw making look at her in the eyes
"I would be more careful with how you treat her, she will decide if you can come or not..." Natasha kissed you desperately making you feel dizzy "You understood?" You nodded "tell her that you are sorry" Natasha whispered barely touching your lips
"I'm sorry Mommy" you said looking at Wanda and she smiled caressing your cheek
"Good girl" she whispered and sat behind you keeping her chest close to your back, Natasha push you making you laid on Wanda's body, she grabbed your legs with her powers making you keep them open. Natasha smiled looking at you and stared kissing your thighs, you smiled a little bit dizzy. As the redhead's kisses approached your crotch, Wanda began to gently caress your breasts making you whimper a little loud, you were felling a little overwhelmed because of the difference between the way that the two women were touching your body. You grabbed Natasha's hair when she slowly liked your folds and Wanda pinched your nipples hard making you moan laudly. The witch covered your mouth with one of her hands and whispered in your ear.
"as much as we love to listen to you, if you groan loudly, we will have to stop so that they do not discover us, that's what you want?" you denied and Wanda smiled "then try to keep you silent, doll" Wanda's hand low to your jaw and kissed your lips slowly letting her tongue make its way into your mouth. Natasha began to suck your knot of nerves making you, as much as you wanted to control it, groan in the mouth of the witch.  Wanda's hand grabbed your throat squeezing it a little letting you know to control yourself. Natasha started sucking with rhythm making you want to move your hips against her, but the magic of the younger one prevented you from doing so
"So desperate" she whispered in your ear watching Natasha move her mouth in you
"more... Please" you whimper with your eyes closed. Natasha still moving her tongue looked at Wanda waiting for her instructions and she nodded. The redhead stuck two fingers inside of you with ease and you squeeze your eyes arching your back a little and dropping your head back on the shoulder of Wanda who still had your throat clutched. Natasha began to move her tongue over your clit and her fingers inside you with rhythm making you feel close to your orgasm, the two noticed it because your body began to have small spasms and your walls squeezed Natasha's fingers making them harder to move. The redhead began to stop her movements a little because she enjoyed torturing you and you opened your eyes
"No, no, no please don't" you started begging and looked between Wanda and Nat "please don't stop, please" you pulled Natasha's hair a little in desperation
"I like when she begs..." Natasha whispered looking at you with her face covered in your juices
"I like this too... You aren't so arrogant now, huh?... Beg..." Wanda whispered in your ear hardening the grip around your throat making you gasp
"Pelase, please let me cum, please please, please!" you said desperately and Natasha started to move her fingers faster and harder against your core adding one more finger stretching you. You quickly arched your back again and rested your head on Wanda's shoulder, which she took advantage and  kissed you slowly, it was a big contrast to how quickly and roughly the redhead was moving her fingers on you. When Natasha arched her fingers inside of you hitting your g spot and gently bit your knot, she made you come making you run out of air and feel lost for a few seconds, your body relaxed and your legs feel on the bed when the younger stopped using her powers on you. Wanda's caresses and kisses on your body brought you back to reality, the two women laughed with tenderness lookin at your tired body and your dizzy face. Natasha licked some of her fingers with satisfaction and let Wanda clean the others with her mouth.
After a few minutes, the witch moved from behind you and got out of bed putting on another strap from the bag while Natasha lay next to you on the bed, Wanda easily grabbed your body making you stay in bed on your hands and knees, your face close to Natasha's sex and she behind you grabbing your hips.
"One more round baby doll"  was what you heard before the redhead grabbed your hair and guided you to her crotch while Wanda insert the strap on your swallow and sensitive core.
After it was all over, you three took a moment to calm down, cleaned yourselves and re-dressed.
The two women sat next to you caressing your thighs slowly
"Now... are you going to tell us the information you stole?" Natasha spoke calmly
"oh right, that... I didn't stole anything, I was planning to do so, but when I saw that you already had a mole that was stealing from you and selling your information, I stopped because if someone else has the information too, I don't find it so attractive and funny to steal it... You should hire a better hacker to make sure that nobody can steal anything, because is very easy to hack this place... And another thing... I didn't thought that you would agree to do what we did, I only said that because if you come here to 'do me', you would turn the cameras off and make sure that nobody were listening, so I used that excuse to make sure that the mole has no way to know that I give them away..." You said sincerely looking at the two women
"wait, what?" Wanda looked at you in confusion "if your offer wasn't for real, why did we end up having sex anyways instead of telling us the information right away when we came?"
"It's not that I didn't want to, it's that I thought you would cower so I was going to give you the information anyways, but when I saw you so eager to do this and all the toys that you brought, I played along and I have cero regrets... And from what I see in your faces of pleasure and happiness, you do not regret it either." You laughed and watched as Natasha hit Wanda's arm
"Organize your priorities Wanda, that wasn't the most important question... Do you know who the mole is? Do you have proof?" Nat asked worriedly and you nodded
"Sharon Carter, I can show you what she stole and when, if you bring my computer"
After showing them that you hadn't really stolen anything from there and that they actually had a mole stealing information, the women showed Fury the proff and let you go without much more trouble for your "collaboration." If Fury knew that your collaboration mostly was to be between Natasha's legs receiving orders from Wanda on how to touch her...
After you went back to your "normal" life, you went to the company you had founded, which mostly was a company that collected relevant information from bad people and then sold it or give it away so that people would have important evidence in court cases against them.
When you sat at your desk you were surprised to see a black envelope on your computer, when you opened it a smell of perfume came out of there, actually the mixture of two perfumes that you had very engraved to those who belonged. You took out the contents of the envelope by finding a small piece of paper with a few handwritten words.
"We have a new offer for you... Doll"
@imdoingsortagay thanks again for helping me to check for errors 💞
Request are open, feel free to send anything
Thanks for all the support!
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wandanatsbaby · 2 months ago
can i please request a quiet reader with an oral fixation and natty lets us suck on her thumb while wanda and her cuddle us on the couch as we watch a movie?
(wandanat x reader)
Movies And Hands
pairing: WandaNat x reader Warnings: slight little reader, oral fixation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You lay on the couch as a movie played on the tv. Your back was resting against Nats front with your legs draped over Wandas as she softly ran her hands up and down your thighs.
You weren’t very interested in the movie as Natasha picked it out. You usually loved her movie picks but in your current state, you just wanted to go to bed.
Natasha being the spy she is was noticing that you weren’t really interested. She also noticed how you had begun to play with her fingers more than usual. Most of the time when you did that it meant that you wanted more. With a soft smile, she brought her thumb up to your lips. Looking up at her you saw that her eyes were fixed on the movie. Her thumb started to push past your lips and you let it. Once her thumb was in her mouth you started softly sucking on it.
After a couple of minutes, you felt your eyes start to get heavy. With the combination of Wanda rubbing your legs and the feeling of Nat’s thumb in your mouth, you couldn’t help but fall asleep.
Wanda looked over at you and laughed as she saw you fast asleep but still sucking on Natasha’s thumb.
Wanda couldn’t help but imagine your three’s life together. She couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with you and Nat.
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
Everybody Talks - Wanda x Nat x Reader - Final
Tumblr media
Summary: “The story is a Harry Potter AU, where Nat is a slytherin who hates mugbloods because of her family until she meets reader. Gryffindor, mudblood with a crush on Nat, but her best friend Wanda has a crush on reader. Love tryst filled with angst.” Request received from @lostandsearching.
Warnings: (+16) Kissing, cursing, alchool, fluffly, a bit of angst.
A/N> So I had a huge writer's block with this story, but I didn't have the heart to leave it incomplete. This is short, but it's sweet and I wanted to give an ending even if it was a small one. Hope you like it.
Part One || Part Two
All Works Masterlist
Everybody Talks - Part Three (Final)
You were an anxious mess by the time you and Pietro left the castle.
Wanda was nowhere to be found.
But one of the Slytherin colleagues said she was talking to Professor Strange, and asked you to go ahead, that she would meet you two later.
And so you made your way to the Three Broomsticks with your arm intertwined with Pietro's, softly joining the songs that the group of seventh-graders were singing on the way.
The bar was empty, but filled up quickly.
You squeezed into a table with the rest of your friends, at least four tables in the back occupied only by Hogwarts students.
A tall boy, who you think was named Erik Killmonger, had organized a little card with everyone's orders, and you were talking to him about the end of school when Natasha entered the bar.
It was almost comical to watch you stumble over your own words when your gaze caught her entering the place, looking around to find her classmates. You swallowed hard when she smiled at you, and had to cover it up when Erik looked at you with confusion.
“You okay there friend?” He teased as he realized where you were looking at. You smiled awkwardly, running your hand through your hair.
"I'm fantastic." You mutter, clearing your throat.
Nat greets a few boys from the next table over, before joining you.
"Hi, sweetheart." She greets as she gives you a kiss on the cheek, looking tired. You push through the excitement at seeing her, remembering the last few events immediately, your hand landing on her arm.
"Is everything alright, Nat?" you ask, and she smiles weakly, nodding. She walks away to greet her other friends, and before you can engage in another conversation, Wanda enters the bar.
Your stomach fills with butterflies. But your smile dies when you notice that she is not alone.
Jarvis Vision Stark is a Ravenclaw boy, very intelligent, and very rich. Equally insufferable.
He doesn't date anyone, but it's not for lack of trying. Since you were kids, he had only been seen flirting with Wanda.
The girl never paid him much attention in that, always keeping a friendly relationship only.
That didn't stop you from clenching your jaw when you saw the two of them arriving together at the Three Broomsticks, Wanda laughing at something Vis had commented low in her ear as he opened the door for her.
And the worst thing is that she didn't join you at your table.
She stood talking to him about something, while the boy ordered their drink directly from the counter.
"What do you think they are talking about?" You were startled by Natasha's laughing tone next to you, having been distracted until now, quickly looking away because yes, you were staring.
"I have no idea." You muttered. "Merlin, I hate that idiot."
You crossed your arms, leaning on the back wall of the bar, Nat beside you.
Your table started playing explosive snap, and because it had so many Gryffindors, it was the loudest in the bar.
"I think you're jealous." Nat teased as you both continued to look forward, where Wanda was talking to Vis.
"Maybe I really am." You retort, glancing at the redhead out of the corner of your eye, who doesn't show any reaction.
It takes a moment before she speaks. "Me too."
You swallow dryly. Then you look at her.
"I think we should teach Vis not to mess with our girl."
Nat smirks, and turns to you with a mischievous look.
“I agree.”
You didn't expect Nat to just move her fingers toward the bar, and with a small spark of magic, turn the entire glass of buttered beer that Vis was holding on top of him.
As the boy let out a loud exclamation of fright and confusion, You rushed to keep up with Nat who was already walking towards them.
"Merlin, what a mess." Commented the redhead in a tone of mock debauchery, interlacing her arm with Wanda's, who looked a mix of embarrassment and surprise at suddenly seeing her. "I'd be careful next time, boy."
Vis merely muttered, preoccupied with cleaning himself up.
"I don't know what happened, it seems like the glass flipped over out of nowhere." He complained, and you bit back a laugh.
"Yeah, a mystery." You said. "Why don't you try to go get cleaned up?"
And Nat was already pulling Wanda out of the bar before Vis could complain, and you followed them.
"That was mean." Wanda comments once you are outside, turning away from Nat and crossing her arms.
The redhead rolls her eyes, and you put your hands in your pockets.
"We have no idea what you're talking about." You say, but Wanda raises her eyebrow.
"And now we lie to each other, too? That's promising." Wanda retorts and you frown, but Nat lets out a humorless laugh.
"It was just a pint of beer, Wanda, no need to make it bigger than it really is."
Wanda nods, and turns away, appearing to be upset. Nat sighs, touches your arm for you to follow her toward Wanda, who has walked off at a long stride.
Nat asks her to wait a few times, but Wanda doesn't stop walking until you are almost in the Shrieking Shack area.
"What is it, Natasha?" She retorted impatiently, and Nat sighs.
"Why are you mad?" Nat asks, causing Wanda to give an incredulous laugh. "Just because I spilled some beer on your boyfriend?"
"Vis is not my boyfriend."
“He was close enough, that's for sure.” Nat added with a grimace that you match. Wanda just rolled her eyes.
“Seriously?” She snapped. “You think you have any right to say that to me?”
“What are we allowed to say then, Wands?” You intrude, feeling the jealousy still bubbling in your stomach. “Do you expect us to say we're happy to see you flirting with some random idiot after everything that happened?”
She tilted her head, looking at you seriously. "Funny now you want to talk about everything that happened. As I recall it was you who ran out after the dance and you keep pretending nothing happened."
"I needed to think!" You defend yourself. "And I wasn't going to talk about it while Nat was away."
With your speech, Wanda sighs and relaxes her posture. She looks again at the redhead beside her.
"Damn, Nat, how was the trial?" She asks, but the other girl just shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly.
"It was okay."
You look at her worriedly. "Nat..."
She smiles. "No, guys, seriously." She says. "That bastard I call father is finally paying for his crimes, and I'll be able to live in peace with Mom and Yelena. It was a good thing."
You and Wanda exchange an uncertain look, and Nat bites her lips, poking both of you in the ribs. "Can we talk about the us now?"
Wanda's cheeks flushed, you swallow dryly.
"Actually, yes." You began, clearing your throat. "I, well, I had a conversation with Peter Quill, after the dance, then I talked to Pietro, but the conversation with Peter was more relevant, not that with Pietro it wasn't and-"
"Y/N." Wanda interrupted with a giggle. You took a deep breath, and built up courage.
"The thing is, I like you both. A lot." You confessed. "And I don't want to lose either one. So either this works between the three of us, or it doesn't work at all."
Nat and Wanda exchange a look, and you wait.
"If you don't want to, I understand." You say after a moment. But Wanda shakes her head quickly, and Nat bites back a smile as she watches the brunette wrap her arms around your waist in a tight hug.
You hug her back, relaxing into the grip. Nat gives you a wink, petting Wanda's back.
"I want to make this work." The brunette confesses against you. She breaks their embrace then, but her hand remains around her waist as she looks at Natasha. "With you two."
You look at the redhead expectantly. "Nat?"
She lets out a relieved laugh. "I wouldn't want it any other way."
It's your turn to breathe a sigh of relief. And you exchange a few passionate glances, until you breathlessly confess, "Shit, I'm terrified of screwing this up."
Nat smiles, and approaches, placing a hand on your shoulder. "Let me help you relax." She whispers before kissing you softly.
Wanda's grip tightens around your waist as she watches, and you aren't able to help the soft sigh as Nat's tongue slides against yours.
When Nat breaks the kiss, licking her slightly swollen lips, you want to go back to the dorm.
"I..." You start in a hoarse voice, but Nat puts the finger against your lip.
"Let's not leave Wanda at the disadvantage." She warns, and you look away to see the brunette with a flushed face, and dilated pupils. Nat nods, as if giving you permission, and you only need that to kiss Wanda.
She gasps against your mouth, and you take the opportunity to slide your tongue into hers, sighing at the pleasurable sensation.
As you kiss her, you feel Nat's lips on your neck and it's unable not to shiver, feeling her smile against your skin.
"Come on, baby, let me have a taste before we go back to the castle." The redhead ask against your ear, and you sigh as you pull away from Wanda.
The brunette barely has time to complain when Nat kisses her hard, and you bite your lips, feeling a sharp twinge on the tip of your belly at the image of the two of them kissing with intensity.
Nat begins to move down to Wanda's collarbone, and the brunette maintains eye contact with you, making your breath hitch.
When Nat bites a sensitive spot, and Wanda closes her eyes with a sigh, you let out a low moan.
The redhead lets out a giggle against the other's collarbone, and pulls away, kissing you on the cheek before intertwining your arms together.
"Come on girls, we still have a lot to talk about and it's freezing out here."
Unlike what you expected, you still have your clothes on.
When you returned to Nat's room in the Slytherin dormitory, she said make yourselves comfortable and you and Wanda sat on her bed.
A few short kisses were stolen, but nothing more than that.
Nat said something about not rushing things, whispering that you have all the time in the world against your lips, and you and Wanda were quite content to just spend some time together.
Like now, lying with your head in Natasha's lap, feeling her stroking your hair, while Wanda is talking about her plans for summer.
"And please, you two need to go over my place this summer." She commented with red cheeks, making you and Nat smile. "Aunt Ray will be there, and we can go to the world cup together!"
"I'll love it." You reply, and Nat agrees with a murmur. You prop up your head on your lap to look at her. "You are quiet."
She chuckles short, and steals a quick kiss from you. "It's because I'm enjoying it."
"This. Us."
"Aww." Wanda comments, moving closer to entwine her hand together. "I like this too."
"Can we stay like this forever?" Nat asks and Wanda smiles, nodding before moving closer to kiss you.
You close your eyes, relaxing against Nat. "You two are so cheesy." You comment and hear the girls break the kiss with a soft giggle.
Before you can wonder, Wanda tickles you and you are laughing and squirming on Nat's lap, who watches the scene with amusement.
"Truce!" you shout between breathless laughter, and when Wanda finally stops, you try to breathe properly.
She is laughing at you as you move forward and start tickling her, but she manages to break free and runs away, you waste no time in chasing her around the room.
Nat mumbles, "Merlin, I'm dating two children," but she's smiling.
You and Wanda exchange a glance and then turn to her and Nat raises an eyebrow in warning. "Don't even think about it."
But you and Wanda tickle her in the next moment.
Surely there will be a comeback, but at the moment, you are too happy to care.
The last trip on the Hogwarts Express is bittersweet.
You are finally graduating, and you are going home knowing that you have a future to happen with the girls you like.
But it's still your farewell to Hogwarts.
You are thoughtful, looking out the window at the castle slowly fading away as the train moves.
Nat is standing up finishing arranging her bag in the trunk, so it is Wanda who entwines her hand in yours, drawing your attention.
"Everything okay?" She asks. You smile, playing with her fingers.
"Yes, Wands." You reply. "I'm just going to miss this place."
"That makes two of us." It is Nat who says, turning to sit across from you.
"Three." Wanda completes, resting her head on your shoulder.
"But it's nice to graduate." The redhead then says, spreading her legs to rest on your lap. You raise your eyebrow at her, but make no mention of taking it off, instead resting your free hand on her ankle. "I certainly won't miss the exams."
"Nor Potions class in that cold dungeon." Wanda complains, making you and Nat chuckle.
You watch Hogwarts fade away in silence, and then Pietro is at the door.
"What is this, the love cabin?" he sneers as he notices how close you three are, and Wanda tells him to shut up. He just laughs, as he sits down in the empty seat next to Nat. "Despite my dear sister's rudeness, I am glad to see you girls like this."
"Aww, I knew you were a softie at heart." You tease, and Nat laughs at his expression before opening the Daily Prophet she took from her bag.
"I'm starving, do you guys think it will take long for the food lady to come our way?" He asks next, popping his head out of the cabin to the hall.
"Merlin, Pietro, we just had breakfast." Wanda comments, and you release her hand only to slip your arm across her shoulders, feeling her relax against you.
You laugh, turning your attention back to the scenery. Pietro comments something about an explosive snap game to pass the time, and leave the cabin again.
Wanda is beginning to fall asleep against you, and you let your gaze wander to Nat's focused expression reading the prophet in front of you.
When she notices, she gives you a wink before going back to reading.
It occurs to you that you are no longer afraid of leaving Hogwarts. What awaits you in the future is the best thing that has ever happened to you.
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xvzelenya · 5 months ago
Therapist : things you find it hard to say?
Wanda : I was wrong
Natasha : I need help
Y/n : wincestersaus sauce-
Y/n : wishtersh-
Therapist :
Wanda :
Natasha :
Y/n : winchester—
Y/n : wishestersa—
Y/n : wishtresai sa— I can’t do it, it’s so hard
Natasha and Wanda : you see what we meant? This is what we have to deal with dating her-
I haven’t finished that two story I have on my draft (:
I hope this will do okay bye🍍
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w4ndanat · 15 days ago
Wanda likes to put her head on her partner's chest when she's anxious and listen to their heart. It reminds her that they're alive and here and that she hasn't lost another person she loves.
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wandanats-wife-quotes · a month ago
Y/n: my five year old twins just made fun of me for having a mission while they have a snow day…
Y/n: I changed the WiFi password before I left
Villian trembling in fear: yo-you monster
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gaysuperheroes · 2 months ago
[Yelena and Kate]
Wanda: *moves arms slightly to the right*
Natasha: the great Gatsby
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mommies--girl · 14 days ago
All I have in my head rn is how different marvel women would react to being called mommy/mistress for the first time in the bedroom. Like, idk, every time I come on here all I can think of is mommy kink bc of “mommies girl”😂Also ily too darling, glad you’d drank some water💖 -🐸
A//N: baby I’m trying to get through my older anons stop sending me good ideas 😭 your making me procrastinate even more
Also I can add more these are just my personal headcanons based off the ones I simp for
Marvel Women being called ‘Mommy/Mistress’
Warnings: 18+ only, suggestive content, mistress kink, mommy kink, daddy kink, humiliation, public sex, collars,
Word Count: 646
Natasha Romanoff
Mommy kink.
Natasha wants control but in like a soft way
So when you call her mommy for the first time she just smirks and fucks you harder
“Hell yeah baby.”, “be a good girl for mommy.”
Every time you call her mommy she goes feral
If you called her mommy outside of the bedroom she’d just have this smirk on her face
She loves that people know she’s your mommy
(We love possessive Nat)
Wanda Maximoff
Wheelchair. Immediately wheelchair.
You’d never walk again after you called Wanda mistress
She’d make you say it over and over again just to hear it
If you said it outside of the bedroom she’d have you on your knees in a second
Even if you’re in the middle of the grocery store she force you on your knees to make you eat her out in the middle of the supermarket
She’d also get you a collar (because we all know she has a collar kink) that has ‘Mistress’ engraved on the front and her phone number on the back to let people know you’re hers
Hela Odinsdottir
Mhmmmm Mommy kink.
Be prepared to be tied up and edged for hours just so she can hear you scream the title
“That’s right, pet.”, “I’m your mommy”, “You don’t want to disappoint your mommy now do you?”
Hela would drag you around and every time you needed something while she was talking she’d make you address her as mommy just to see the humiliation it brought you
She’d get you a set of lingerie and each piece of fabric would have ‘mommy’s pet’ on it
Agatha Harkness
This one was difficult…
Neighbour kink
No I’m kidding, I’d say Mistress
Like Wanda they’re both mistresses of magic and have control issues
So hearing you call them mistress absolutely kills them
Agatha would be surprised when you first said it but she’d be into it after you said it a few times
She’d love the control and power it gives her to know that she could tell you to do something only to have you respond with a ‘yes mistress’
“Don’t be disobedient.”, “Do exactly what your mistress commands.”
Agatha is much more reserved about your sex lives
However if someone flirted with you then she’d just let them know that she is your mistress
And you’re loyal to her
Carol Danvers
Carol was also hard because she’s like a hard dominant
I’d say mommy kink
Carol isn’t super keen on it until she realises the effect it has on you when she teases you about it
She’d purposely bring it up in a casual conversation just to see your thighs clench and face heat up.
“Mommy, aye?”, “You want your mommy to help you?”
It would be like a playful dominance out of the bedroom
Belittling you and treating you like an actual baby
“Oh no, baby! Let mommy do that for you.”
She’d have this stupid fucking smirk on her face every time she said it
Tell me otherwise Valkyrie wants to be called daddy
The first time you said it would make her go absolutely feral
Don’t expect to walk the next day
I also feel like she would make you call her that outside the bedroom (just for a bit of casual dominance because we love that)
She’d also tease and make so many jokes about it
Like even though she’d be into it too she’d like get you a shirt that said ‘daddy’s girl’ or something
Valkyrie would never let you live it down so have fun
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falcqns · 2 months ago
daddy!bucky x mommy!nat x little!reader x little!wanda
bucky and nat taking care of little!reader cause she’s sick and little!wanda is jealous and acts out, but instead of bucky and nat getting mad at her they just do a big cuddle 🥺
𝖐𝖎𝖘𝖘 𝖒𝖊 𝖔𝖓𝖈𝖊, 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖓 𝖐𝖎𝖘𝖘 𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖜𝖎𝖈𝖊 (𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖓 𝖐𝖎𝖘𝖘 𝖒𝖊 𝖔𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝖆𝖌𝖆𝖎𝖓)
☼ 𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: daddy!Bucky Barnes x mommy!Natasha Romanoff x little!Reader x little!Wanda Maximoff
☼ 𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: Wanda begins to feel a little left out, but Bucky makes sure that changes.
☼ 𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔨𝔫𝔤𝔰: DDLG, MDLG, ABDL, nursing, fluff, slight angst.
☼ 𝔞/𝔫: thank you for the request and i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Bucky found Wanda in the library of the compound. she was tucked in between one of the book shelves and the window, sniffling, as her eyes followed some of the recruits running around outside.
"baby, what's wrong?" Bucky asked, crouching down in front of his other baby girl. Wanda shook her head, and Bucky sat down on the window sill. "well, you're crying, and that means something is wrong. can you tell Dada what's going on?"
Wanda rubbed her eyes with her hand, and looked at Bucky. "miss you n' Mama." she whispered. "you busy wif Y/N." she admitted, and Bucky sighed, as she began to cry.
he lifted her onto his lap, and let her cry into his sweatshirt. "i'm so sorry, baby. we've been leaving you out, haven't we?" he said, and Wanda nodded. "i know. Y/N's been sick, but i know that's not an excuse." he said, as Nat walked into the room.
"what's going on, honey?" Natasha asked, and sat down next to Bucky.
"we've been leaving her out, and she's missing us a lot." Bucky said sadly, and Nat cooed.
"oh, baby girl. we didn't mean it." she said, and smiled when Wanda reached out for her hand. she grabbed onto her, and gave her the comfort she was seeking. "Y/N's asking for you." Nat said quietly, and Wanda removed her head from where it was buried in Bucky's shirt.
"weally?" she asked quietly.
"yeah. she misses her big sister. why don't you come and cuddle? i bet she'd love some big sissy cuddles." Wanda smiled, and giggled. Nat stood up, and took Wanda from Bucky's arms. Nat carried her back to the bedroom, while Bucky stopped at the kitchen to make her a bottle.
"Mama, i has some miwk?" she asked, and Nat nodded.
"of course baby girl. are you okay drinking it out of a bottle? Y/N needs to nurse to get better." she said, and smiled when Wanda nodded as she was placed on the bed next to you. "of course, Mama." she said, as Natasha pulled her pants down to check her diaper.
she twisted around on the bed, and smiled when her eyes found you.
"Y/N/N!" she said quietly. "you feewin better?" she asked and you nodded, giggling.
"wanna cuddle, Wan'." you said, and Wanda kicked her feet. Natasha patted her bum once she was found to be dry, and Wanda climbed up the bed. she snuggled up next to you as Nat slid in beside you. Bucky came in a few moments later, shaking Wanda's bottle.
Natasha lifted her shirt, and helped you latch, while Bucky slid the bottles nipple into Wanda's mouth. you and Wanda clasped hands, and Bucky and Nat locked eyes while smiling, seeing their two babies fall asleep.
Tumblr media
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