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How Lucky Am I
Tumblr media
Summary: They said it was the end of the world. They said they needed your help. All you could think about was what she would say. Request
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 4.4k
A/N: And the first request fulfillment of the year is here! Happy Reading! (sorry @thought-of-you-and-me, it's more angst)
*please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*
You stand in the conference room, nervous energy running through your veins as you stare at the projection in front of you, the scattered notes and staring eyes. You run your hand along your mouth, knowing what needs to be done but praying to do anything else. Natasha stands across the table, a careful stare as you sigh and start to twist your wedding ring.
Her eyes glance to Tony, a steely stare on you as his foot taps the floor with anxious impatience. Steve's silent stare as he sits with his arms across his chest keeps the air inside this room thick and tense with nervous energy.
Leaning forward as you shift papers around, eyeing the estimation of the mission length, you shake your head, "She's not going to leave the kids."
"We just need one of you," Steve states, his blue eyes flicking up to you.
Your jaw clenches tightly as you let out a groan, staring at Natasha with pleading eyes to just leave you out of this one, "Nat,"
She clenches her eyes, who was she to ask you to do this? Everything you had sacrificed, weren't you allowed a chance to live your life? As her eyes open and find your pleading stare, she knows you're the only one she can ask and trust to get this done.
"If we don't win this, Y/N..." she pulls her leg further against her chest in her seat, "I can't promise how long your family, any of us, will be safe. Alive."
She was right. You could pretend as long as you wanted that there was no threat. Be blissfully naive as your friends sacrificed themselves to stop it. You tipped the scales back in their favor and as much as Wanda would tip it even further, you knew her. Your wife wouldn't live her possible final days without the boys.
With a sigh, you shove the papers back into your file, "I need to tell Wanda. The boys... why can't it ever be easy?"
The drive home is silent, as all you can think about is the file sitting in your passenger seat. Night has already washed over your home by the time you pull into the driveway. The house is dark besides the few lamps that are flicked on, casting long shadows. The house silent besides the soft whispering of Wanda's voice as she reads a bedtime story.
You stand there for a moment outside of the twins' bedroom, shrugging out of your jacket. Gripping the fabric tightly in your hands, your eyes glide across the hallway walls. Frames fill the hallway and you migrate to each one, studying the photo inside of that little window.
Holidays and birthdays, all filled with smiling faces and love. Anniversaries and a wedding that was a continuation of the best days of your life. Your feet take you down the hallway, a soft grin on your face as you remember each day those photos were taken with vivid detail.
Eventually, you make it to the beginning of the best days of your life. An old cheap frame still holds one of the most important moments in both Wanda and yours life. A drunken photo of the two of you at a bar, trying your best to not fall off of the barstool. Your hat atop her head as you both were glowing, unaware of the future ahead.
As you get lost in it, arms slowly wrap around you and you feel soft kisses run along your shoulders, "I didn't hear you come in. You missed an incredible reading of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."
You chuckle quietly, placing down the frame as Wanda quickly steps in front of you. Your eyes don't leave that photo until cool hands rest against your cheeks, forcing you to look at her. Green eyes scan your face carefully, the offset in your laugh being all she needs to hear.
"What happened?"
Your silence strikes heavily between you two. Her thumb presses into the subconscious furrow of your brow. Following the frown of your lips and the tight clench of your jaw. Swallowing the tight knot in your throat, you press through the stinging in your eyes,
"It's a big one, Wands."
It doesn't take a genius to know what that means in your line of work. The words hit harder than any punch she'd taken, a stinging inside of her chest she had never felt. You watch as the horror spreads across her face, terror in her glistening eyes as she shakes her head. Wanda's steps take her away from you until she collapses onto the bed, shoulders slumped in defeat as she refuses to believe what you're telling her.
"The boys... we're supposed to fly out in a week." Her voice quivers with every word, "You were surprising the boys tomorrow with..."
"I know," you kneel down, taking her hands gingerly to try and walk her through this. As you open your mouth to try to explain, your eyes shoot up to hers as she rips her hands away from your tender grasp. So fast, you thought you burned her.
"They only turn six once, Y/N!" She nearly shouts at you, both of you glancing towards the hallway to make sure tiny feet aren't coming up the hallway.
You nod, "And they'll only turn six if I don't help."
Wanda's jaw sets as the pit in your stomach grows, the weight in your chest pressing against your lungs.
"Fine," her scowl hitting you hard, "Then you be a parent and tell them yourself."
"Wanda," you whisper after her, trying to stop her quick steps out of the room, "That's not-," You fall back to the floor with a groan. Knowing chasing after her will only result in heated emotions, you take the picture back in your hands and memorize the glowing smile on her face.
"Baby, pass over that whiskey," she had whispered in your ear, pushing against your shoulder.
You nodded quietly as you reached out for the bottle, feeling her grow closer and closer to you. For months you had chased after her, tossing flirtatious winks and lines her way. The bar was your home turf and when she waltzed in unexpectedly that night, with a knowing smirk on her face, it took everything in you not to fall out of that stool.
"That hat fits you awful nice," her fingers ran along your arm, as you gave a quick thank you.
"Hey," she snapped you out of your concentration of tying cherry stems. Your eyes finally landed on hers for more than a moment and you saw what you were scared of seeing, "Since when am I the one who makes all the moves? C'mon, don't start throwing caution to the wind."
As her fingers slid to your hand, intertwining with your fingers you knew you were done for. There was no other hand that held yours so perfectly, no lips that felt so right against your skin. You chuckled as your eyes memorized everything she had to offer you,
"Just can't believe how lucky I am to be sitting with you."
A creaking of a door pulls you back from your memory and slowly, you peer up with your stinging eyes. Your throat clenches tightly again when you see that Wanda has been crying too. She holds one of your hoodies tightly in her hands, pressing it against her puffy face as you both stare at each other.
"Your thoughts are loud," she whispers as she glances down at the picture in your hands, telling you she had seen that same memory.
Your fingers gently wipe away the tears that have fallen onto the frame, "I don't know what I'd do if I lost all of you because I didn't help."
"And what am I supposed to do if I lose you?"
You sigh, staring up at her as she slowly slides into the hoodie she holds. She shakes her head, pressing against her quivering lip and points behind her,
"You go back, you can be killed. Then what? What happens to me? What happens to Billy and Tommy?"
You're silent. You don't have an answer for her.
"What if you die out there and I turn into one of those wives who spends anniversaries at a cemetery? Who has to put on a smile when people come around to ask how I am, to thank me for my sacrifice." Wanda pulls the sleeves violently over her hands, "I refuse to be one of those wives, Y/N. Don't make me one of-."
Without warning, her knees collapse as her body crumples to the ground. Her sobs echo out in the night and as her hands press against the floor, your arms are already wrapping around her. You press your cheek against her shoulder as you pull her as tightly into you as you can.
Arms that wrapped around herself to keep her sobs locked away, clench around you tightly, trying to keep you there with her. The shaking of her cries filling your arms with a cold weight as you try to hold her.
"I am not going to die," you whisper, your hand stroking along her auburn hair as her hot breath rushes along your neck.
You can feel her head shake, "You can't promise that. You can't, you can't," her hyperventilating breaths find their rhythm again in another wave of cries.
You can't let her fall down this road, fearing that every second you can die. Not with the boys just down the hall who need her.
"Hey, hey," you say sternly, cupping her face and forcing her to look at you. Her bloodshot eyes open as you wipe away the tears from her face.
"Do you see this?" you furrow your brows as you hold up your hand and point to the band on your finger that she placed, "I promised you. Forever and a day. You get that? I am not going to die."
"I can't lose you."
The door once again creaks behind the both of you and you glance up as Wanda tries to wipe away the tears from her face. Both of the twins are there, disheveled hair and tired looks on their face. Tommy rubs his eyes with his blanket as Billy holds his teddy bear against his cheek,
"Why are you on the floor?" he asks, looking like he could fall back asleep just standing there.
You grin, "Aren't you rascals supposed to be in bed?"
Tommy walks over, sitting next to you as he leans against your thighs. His hand gently reaches out and pats Wanda's cheek, pulling a soft chuckle from her and a quick sniffle, "Why is mommy sad?"
Both sets of eyes look towards you for an answer and as you note the time, you know now is not the time.
"C'mere boys," you hold out your arm as you never let Wanda from your grasp. Both of them quickly fall into you, squeezing into every available inch of space.
You press a kiss atop each of their heads, breathing in deeply as Wanda tightens the embrace and you both circle the boys.
"I think tonight is a great night to stay up and get sick eating candy. Don't you?"
The boys shoot up, nearly knocking the top of their heads against your chin. They take off sprinting towards the living room, yelling that they already know where you two hide the candy. As soon as they're out of earshot, you let out a sigh.
"I'll talk to them to-,"
Wanda slams her lips against yours, fingers knotting in your hair as she sits in your lap. Your arms wrap tightly around her, feeling the desperation behind her kiss and tasting the saltiness of her tears. She knows you've made a decision.
"You come back to me," she whispers against your lips as your foreheads rest on each other, "Do you understand me?"
As your fingers run through her hair, both of your eyes stay closed as she holds onto you. You feel this moment together as you slowly nod.
Grimacing as you feel your bandages pull at your ribs, you try to adjust yourself in your hammock without flipping out of it. Holding onto the chain link wall of your small hooch, you pull yourself up and swing your leg inside.
Settling your thick government laptop on your lap, you snatch up a dirty t-shirt that hangs off a nearby rack and wipe away the grime of today from your face. Tipping over your canteen, you wet the fabric and wipe away the blood from your knuckle, too.
Your watch rings out its alarm and you give it a small grin, making sure that you look better than you actually feel. Working on a few hours of sleep, your whole life condensed to this small cage and fights that left you taking painful steps all day - you weren't going to let your family know.
As the video feed slowly stabilizes, your grin grows into a smile when you see flowing auburn hair and hear Wanda yelling for the boys. They come in like a tornado, nearly falling out of their chairs as they come into frame.
"Hey! Look at you guys! Whoa, is that another lost tooth, Tommy?"
Their beaming smiles send a warmth in your chest that you hadn't felt since you last saw them. That was two tooth fairy visits ago. But here they were, looking older since then. You listen intently, how their school was still closed because of things that they couldn't understand but all you could think about was how they were growing up while you're away.
Your eyes flick to the background as Wanda dries dishes at the island while the boys pick up their newest drawings and books they're reading. You hum when they show you the drawings of leaf piles, not believing that it was already fall and how many smiles you missed. You try to make your laugh as light as possible when you see the specific details they've drawn on the team that only a kid would notice.
But Wanda can see right through all of it. Her green eyes carefully watch you, smiling and asking them what they've had for dinner. She can hear you. Straight through the brightness in your voice that you try to keep for the boys.
The way your eyes flick away from the screen, if only for a moment as if you're tensing for something to happen. She stops, placing down a mug with a gentle sigh when she hears the question Billy had been asking her all of this time.
"When are you coming home?"
Your eyes widen slightly as you watch him look down at his bear, wiping away the fur from its eyes. Tommy sits there with a soft frown on his face as he tries to distract himself by tracing his finger along his drawing. The questions makes you a little glad, knowing that they miss you but strengthens the growing sadness inside.
Clearing your throat, you catch movement in front of you and glance up quickly. Steve glances quickly into your hooch, a sad grin on his face and he quickly keeps walking.
"Uh, I'm not sure boys."
"Mommy says you're saving the world," Billy mumbles out, glancing up quickly but looking back at another stray patch of fur.
You hum, "Did you boys know your mom used to do that, too?"
Their eyes widen as their attention flies back to her, "Really?!"
You nod, "She was the best of all of us. Flying around, floating things. She could fly Uncle Steve around without even trying."
"That's so cool!" Tommy yells out, "Can you make us fly, mom?"
Wanda shakes a towel next to the boys as she pulls up another stool to sit in.
"Maybe when you're older," you chuckle, "Hey, I think I hear that show you like on? You guys don't wanna miss that, huh?"
The boys look at their mother for permission to leave the call, and with a soft nod they press their faces against the screen, "We love you!"
"Hey," you call before they take off and wait for them to turn back to you, "I'm so proud of you boys, you hear me? So proud. I love you. Go have some fun, now."
As soon as they run off, the smile on your face falls and you let out a sigh. Your cheeks hurt from forcing it on your face but you couldn't let them see the exhaustion on your face. Resting your head back, you close your eyes for a moment.
"How's everyone doing?" Wanda asks quietly, letting you take a few breaths.
"Tony's trying to fix up his armor. Clint's figuring out ways to scavenge his arrows. Steve's limping around somewhere and Nat's on a peanut butter sandwich binge."
As you open your eyes, Wanda nods. She knows things aren't exactly easy if Nat is scarfing those things down.
"How're you doing, hon?"
You give a shrug, reaching out for your water, "Oh you know, just normal end of the world drama."
Playing with the cap of your canteen, you glance back towards the screen and stare into green eyes that take up all of your dreams. As she leans against her hand, you wish you could trace your fingers along that soft skin just once more.
"I miss you," she grins softly into the camera, "We all do. They're already figuring out their Halloween costumes. Family costumes, they said."
Chuckling, you try to hide the way you swallow the knot in your throat as she tries to hide away the quivering of her lips. You press your hand against the screen, watching as she pulls her hand away from her lips and presses it against the screen. You were doing everything in your power to make sure this screen wasn't the last time you saw each other.
"I'll be home soon. I promise."
"Y/N?" you move your hand away from the screen so you can see Wanda's face completely, "I know it's war, but try not to be a hero, all right? Just do what needs to be done and come back to me- in one piece."
Feeling the stinging in your ribs and the pulsing inside of your ankle, you try to comfort her, to take all of her worries from her. Before you can say anything, a huge explosion rocks the building and you watch as your pictures fall off your walls. Sitting up, you watch as Sam and Clint go sprinting past, your feet already sliding into your boots and heart pounding.
"What was that?" Wanda asks but you slam the computer shut before the question leaves her mouth and she's left staring at her reflection.
She rests her face inside of her hands, breathing in carefully as she tries to compose herself before going to sit with the boys. Instead, she feels a soft tug at her sweater and she glances over. Billy stands there, eyes staring at the dark screen of the laptop,
"Oh, I forgot to show my drawing."
Her chest clenches as he holds up the family drawing he had worked on all week. Wanda pulls him into a hug, gently stroking his hair, "It was bedtime over there, darling. We can show them next time, okay?"
Tears fall against his head as she listens to his quiet sniffles. Her eyes locked the golden band around her finger.
"Can we just lay here and listen to the rain?"
She chuckled as you kept your eyes closed next to her, curled up in soft sheets. Her fingers traced along your arm, staring at the shining new band on your finger.
"Can you call room service too," you had whispered, grinning when you heard her click her tongue.
"Am I supposed to do everything now?"
As your eyes opened, she felt the same warmth in her chest that you felt every time you looked at her. The grin that filled her face when she knew you were hers.
You shrugged as you kissed against her collarbone, listening to her speak, "All I wanna say today, is 'I love you'."
Wanda hummed as her fingers ran through your hair and you spoke, "How lucky am I that you feel the same?"
She traced the grin on your face as you heard her words, "I married you didn't I?"
As she looked at you, she loved knowing how lucky she was. She had told you all the reasons how the timing of you falling into her life was so right. She couldn't fight it, she didn't even want to try fighting it.
Her quiet vows shared in a private garden told you everything she loved about you. The way your heart held everything that hers lacked. How you laughed with everything you had and made her laugh just the same. How lucky she was to have a better half.
Wanda waited.
She waited alone.
She waited with Billy and Tommy.
And she waited alone again.
The days went by and her eyes always gravitated back to her laptop. Clicking on your video call contact with every free moment that she had, holding a hopeful breath in her chest. Only for it to fall away as she read "Contact Unavailable" over and over again.
Her hopeful breaths vanished and soon her clicking just turned into a habit. Waiting for anything but those two words. Your face, she didn't care if it was bruised and bloody, that's all she wanted to see.
That laptop became her world. Waiting for that dinging song that let her know you were alive. Instead, she had to watch two expectant faces fall into confused stares when she told the boys you weren't making the scheduled call. Tears glistening around their eyes as they looked up at her when they realized you missed another milestone. Confused why the Welcome Home banners they worked so hard on were still hanging.
Tonight, it's become too much for Wanda. A phone call to Sam's sister, Sarah, to watch the boys and a long drive to the Compound leaves her wallowing in her own thoughts. Free of the confines of a home that's empty of you. Still, she was dreading the repeating thought that you weren't going to be keeping your promise.
That you had lied.
She wants to be angry, to be able to go back in time and force you to stay. If it was the end of the world, then at least you would be together.
Wanda knows she's being selfish. She knows. But she deserved to be selfish, just this once. All of her fears were showing their unsightly faces and it was scaring her. It was terrifying her that after finding a home, a family, it could all still ripped so easily away from her again.
As Sarah watches over the twins and Wanda tries to find answers, you were gone somewhere she didn't know. With the car parked, all she can do is sit and stare at an empty and dark Compound.
As hot tears run down her face and palms strike against her steering wheel, she couldn't have known the way your sweat pours down your face and your knuckles swing against the alien invaders.
As she swings open the door to try and breathe in the cool, night air with hiccuping breaths, you're swung heavily against Steve as he tries to go for a final blow in the hot, humid air around you.
Wanda frantically searches for your sweater that you had left in the backseat the morning you had left. Fingers wrap around the cool fabric as she presses it agains her face, breathing all of you in. Remembering how you smelt, remembering life when you were home and wishing for just a moment, that the world didn't need you as much as she needs you.
You grimace as you pull your body up off of the ground, sitting up against a boulder as you steadily pull out the contents of one of your belt pockets. Your grimace slowly turns into a smile as you look down at the locket that Billy and Tommy gave you last Christmas.
As your thumb strokes along their scribbled message, 'We love you' and the family portrait opposite. You get lost in all of it. Your dying want to go home, to hug the boys so tight to you and hear their complaints over your tight squeezing. To hold Wanda in your arms, becoming one with each kiss you share and every touch placed on your skin.
The battle around you slowly comes back into your consciousness, you sigh as Tony limps up to you with half of his armor shredded away. He reaches out to pull you back up to your feet and you know that to get back home, you had to stand up.
Wanda drove home once her tears subsided and you pressed forward giving no time for your pain to ease up. As the empty roads shine in her headlights, she calls back on all those years you were gone on mission.
You pressed your hand against the monitor screen with a small grin, "I'll be home soon. I promise."
Wanda sighed, wishing her hand was touching yours and not this stupid screen. She knew that sometimes you'd be miles away, she was sent off in different directions sometimes, too. But as she looked at your glowing eyes, the life that reflected out of them whenever you saw her, she knew it was going to be okay. You'd be back around soon.
"Just one more day," she told you, watching that bright smile expand on your face.
As you told her about how Sam accidentally drank some spoiled milk, she twisted the band on her finger. She listened to the laugh she fell in love with the first time she heard it and fell back to the vows you shared in the rain.
'Some people wonder when you know when you're in love. I don't know, you just know. I'll never deny it, I hope that you'll be mine forever and a day. Cause you're the one I want.
And how lucky am I to know you want that too?'"
Wanda sits on the porch with your steaming mug in her hand, staring off into the eastern sky. She couldn't have known that you were doing the same, fighting for every breath as you press against your stomach to staunch the bleeding. As she watches the sky brighten as the sun rises behind her, you watch as the sky darkens with the setting sun in front of you.
You remember the long nights you'd drive towards that sky. Driving all night until the sun was bright in your eyes until you came back to her. For her to take your heart and to take your time. You'd give her everything you were able to, if only to make her happy.
You only wished that you could be driving all night to get back to her right now, and have that bright sun shine into your eyes. Because even though Wanda couldn't dream of where you might be, you knew exactly where she was.
And how lucky were you to know that she was waiting?
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Wanda: Do you guys think I’m a badass? Natasha: Yeah, sure Y/N, distracted: No, I think your ass is great. Wanda: Natasha: Y/N: Y/N: Sorry, what was the question? Natasha: I’m going to leave you two alone…
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peabrain112 · a day ago
Y/N: Hey Wanda, what are your thoughts on me and Pietro getting matching tattoos?
Wanda: ...
Wanda: What are your thoughts on being single?
Y/N: *Under breath* Yeah alright, you could've just said no.
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Communication is Key; W. Maximoff
Tumblr media
pairing; wanda maximoff x fem!reader
summary; Wandas past relationship brings up a small problem
warnings; SMUT MINORS DNI, oral, sad wanda, vibrator, mommy kink, face-sitting, safeword use
I don't know what this but yep.
"Hi, Baby," You kissed Wanda's head. The woman didn't reply, just turning her body away. You raised an eyebrow, but removed your hand from her body, ''What's wrong, beautiful?" Wanda shrugged.
"Can I touch your back?" You asked. Wanda shook her head no. "That's okay, that's always okay," You sat next to her feet at the foot of the bed.
"Should we talk about it?" You looked at her hair, and frowned. You'd let her take her time. Wanda shook her head again, but hesitantly let her feet on your lap. You rubbed her ankles. The two of you stayed like the for awhile and you had taken off her shoes for her.
10 minutes into the silence, Wanda started crying. Your heart shattered and you fumbled to kneal beside her.
You brought her into your arms, and she sobbed uncontrollably. Her face buried into your neck, and she clung onto you as tightly as she could. She was incoherently mumbling things about you leaving her, about how she was sorry. You were unsure if what to do, but you kissed her head, letting her talk it out.
"You can't leave me, y/n... what if you leave? Where will I go... what will I do?" Wanda pulled your shirt.
"Wanda... baby. I'm never leaving you. You don't have to worry about that." You kissed her neck.
Soon, the younger woman calmed down and looked at you, "How much do you love me?" She asked. You raised an eyebrow.
"A lot. So much I can't put it into words." You kissed her lips.
"Then don't? Show me," Wanda took her pants off and shoved you on the bed.
"Wanda, are you sure? You're upset and-" Wanda straddled your lap and kissed your neck.
"Want you to make your mommy feel good," Slowly the woman got ontop of your face. "C'mon, get to work," Wanda hissed. You immediately started to lap her up, loving the taste of her.
Wanda moaned loudly, her forehead hitting the wall softly. You sucked on her clit and pushed two fingers into her.
"That's it, baby, right there," Wanda threw year head back, grinding her hips. She pulled your hair as she neared her orgasm.
Moments later she came against your face, her body trembling. "Good girl, you did so good for mommy, I think you deserve a reward."
Wanda left to the closet, her legs slightly wobbly. She had grabbed a vibrator and your favorite strap. You oculdnt help but clench your thighs, even if you knew the woman wasn't in the right mindset.
With the flick of her hand your clothes were removed and you were restrained to the bed with her magic. She sat on the bed, turning the vibrator on the the lowest setting and pressing it against your clit.
"O-oh, Wanda..." Your hips bucked and you tried to get away, "Wanda we need to stop..." Your thighs clenched around the vibrator, keeping it there despite your protests.
"Wanda, off." She still didn't listen. "Red! Wanda please! Red." Wanda's eyes flashed and she removed the restraints and backed away.
"I'm so sorry," Wanda buried her face in her hands.
"It's okay, we just can't right now... You're upset," You laid her down and kissed her lips softly, "We need to talk about what's upsetting you."
Wanda cuddled up to you, "Just a lot... I feel like nothing feels right, except you. And you made me feel good and-and I needed to make you feel good because that's what you need to stay."
"Wanda, do you remember the first time this happened? You sobbed in my arms and begged me not to leave, and I'll say it a thousand more times, I will never, ever leave you. I love you more than my words can describe, and I'm sorry if I you think the only way I can show it is through sex... I love you, I love you, I love you. I'm taking you out on a date soon, alright? And this week is just us." You kissed her again.
"You don't show it only through sex, sometimes I just think," Wanda takes a deep breath, "My last relationship it's the only way he'd show it. and sometimes I forget you're such a different person than he is," Wanda intertwined your legs.
"I'm so sorry, Wanda." You played with her hair. The two of you sat in silence for awhile, before falling asleep
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wandanatsbaby · 15 hours ago
Hey! I’ve got a request :)
I was just wondering if you could do one with Bottom!Reader x CEO!Wanda where the reader sends Wanda a voice message of them playing with themselves because they’re horny and shit- so that turns Wanda on and she goes to the bathroom or locks the door in her office and stuff so she can phone the Reader and tease and make them cum over the phone (maybe face time??)
Thank you :)
pairing: CEO Wanda maximoff x reader Warnings: Smut, phone sex, masterbation, kinda public (Wandas in her office) 18+ minors stay away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wanda groaned as the paperwork seemed to keep pilling up on her desk. When she heard her phone ding indicating a message she rubbed her eyes and picked it up and smiled lazily once she saw it was from you.
You had been needy ever since Wanda left this morning. You tried multiple times to make yoursel cum but you just couldnt without her.
A needy and broken whimper made its way past your lips as you ended up edging yourself yet again but couldnt find release.
With a huff you take grabbed your phone and looked at the time. Wanda wouldnt be home for another 4 hours and you couldnt wait that long. You needed her now.
Getting an idea you smirked and tapped on the recording button and slipped your hand into your panties agian.
As wanda listened to your moans and whine come from the phone the wetter she became. She tried to ignore the ache and get back to work but she couldn’t focus. She always ended up replaying the message adjust to hear you.
But once she got yet another voice message from you she couldn’t take it anymore. Standing up she locked her office and closed the blinds so that nobody could see inside. Then grabbing her phone she clicked the face time option and waited for you too answer.
You were so close again. Just a little more and you would cum. But before you could get the reales your phone started buzzing. Groaning loudly you picked it up and looked at the caller ID to see it was your girlfriend. Smirking to yourself you answered.
“Hi, princess.” She rasped. Looking at her face you could faintly see the arousal in her eyes. You could aslo see her looking you up and down as you had your half naked body on display for her.
“Hi, mommy. I miss you.” Wanda only smiled at you then frowned.
“I can tell. Your very bad, hunny. especially sending those messages to mommy while shes working. Did it feel good, bunny? Did you cum all over your hand?” You whimpered at her words as they sent arousal straight to your dripping core.
“No. Couldn’t cum. Need mommies help” Wanda smilled at the relization that her baby couldn’t cum without a little help from her.,
“Why don’y you prop your phone on a pillow so mommy can see all of you. And take those panties off. You wont be needing them.” Quickly you moved wandas pillow to the end of the bed and propped your phone up on it making sure she got a good view then slowly started dragging your panties off. “Come on baby. Mommys gotta get back to work. Hurry up.” She said sternyl and you nodded quickly slipping them the rest of the way off.
Kepping your arms to your sides you waited for wandas permission. Wanting her to tell you what to do.
Wanda slowly took in your naked body. Your thighs were spread open and your pussy was already swallon and red from teasing yourself. Your mouth was slightly parted as you let out little whimpers and your hair was a mess.
“Hmm. such a pretty little pussy. Rub your clit for me.” Snaking your hand down to your clit you slowly began making circles on the little nub softly bucking your hips.Wanda let your slow movements go on for a while before telling you to speed up. You moaned loudly as your hips bucked more wildly. Looking to the phone you saw wanda with her head thrown back and her right hand disappearing under her desk. Her quiet moans gave away what that hand was doing and you desperately wanted to be with her.
“Mommy, please.” She looked back at the camera and nodded her head. With teh approval you sunk two fingers into your cunt and began pumping and curling them.
“Tell me how good it feels, bunny. Mommy wants to hear you.” You moaned loudly at her words and babbled out things like “feels so good”and “Wish it were you” Wanda only chuckled at your words.
“You gonna cum baby? Gonna cum all over your hand like a desperet little slut? Your mommys little whore arent you. Fingering yourself but not getting to the edge. Always needs her mommy to make her cum.” Wanted continued as you quickend your pace.
“Please let me cum. Wanna cum so bad. Please Please Please.”
“Cum for me baby. Cum for mommy.” Your hips lifted off the bed and you moaned loudly as you came undone all over your hand and the sheets. On the other side of the phone wanda quickend her movements around her clit and came with a soft moan and your name tumbling from her lips.
Once you both came down from your high she shook her head and laughed as you stared at the ceiling.
“Better now?” You looked back at teh camera and nodded your head.
“Thank you. When will you be home?” Looking at the clock and then her paperwork she sighed once again.
“Give me 2 hours at most and ill come home.”
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maximofflover · a day ago
[In bed]
Wanda: Hey, Y/N ? Are you awake?
Y/N: No, why ?
Wanda: if a guinea pig and a normal pig had a baby would it be called a piggy-er guinea pig ??
Y/N: if you and I had a baby would it get my beauty and your late night thoughts or your sexy body and my late night murder thoughts ?
Wanda: [ blushing ] I... don't know how to feel about this...
Y/N: [ kissing wanda's lips ] go to sleep, baby
Wanda: [ blushing harder ] okay
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auraticere · 2 days ago
Chasing More Than Ghosts: Chapter 1
Forgive me if the formatting is weird, posting on this site for the first time.
Warnings: Dark themes, implied mind manipulation, light swearing, hints of horror. If I miss anything, let me know.
Words: 3,057
Tumblr media
Inspired by Phasmophobia and a few songs.
Songs that inspired and helped me write this fic: Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) by Within Temptation, Amaranth by Nightwish, Rivers by Epica, Angels by Within Temptation, Stand My Ground by Within Temptation, and Aquarius by Within Temptation.
Feel free to leave feedback; I love improving my writing.
Also, this is Dark! WandaNat x Reader set in a Ghost Hunting AU.
To find the person you’re destined to be with is a tricky, stumbling path for most people. A genuine connection between two people is probably the most beautiful yet most terrifying thing that can occur in the human race. Think about it for a moment, having intense and powerful feelings for a completely different individual with different thoughts and dreams—somebody whose feelings are complicated and whose mind is fractured because of indescribable trauma or pain. In anyone’s next life, all of that could be gone and could be replaced with happiness and good health. But for some, they can’t move on until their business is resolved.
Anger is infectious, causing a chain reaction that could consume any same person if they’re pushed off the edge. This primal emotion can forever trap a soul in the veil of life and death, causing ungodly anger to seep into the environment. However, this time was a particular case. Two restless souls are lost inside their decaying home, forced to roam its halls eternally. While watching from a reasonable distance away, paranormal investigators would report sightings of a thick red mist enveloping the property border. This unusual phenomenon occurs around 3:00 am or a few minutes beforehand. A few investigators crossed the threshold and died almost immediately upon entering the other side. Many have reported that this smog could be a manifestation of the late witch’s magic that seeped into the earth.
Yet, here you are at 9:57 pm, standing on the borderline of the withering, two-story home that once belonged to a powerful witch and her Black Widow. The Witch’s Estate, as everyone has called it, has a tragic tale tied to it, but any crucial details were left out of any books or articles.
You were sent a report which said: ‘There was once a witch who had control of ancient magic that even the most revered witches and sorcerers would shy away from. The witch, simply known as ‘Wanda’ to the townfolk, had cast a spell over the newly-formed town of Westview and held it hostage. Wanda and her Black Widow, whatever this Black Widow may be, would mentally manipulate the townspeople into building them a new home and a proper grave…for someone. After they were done forcing the townsfolk to do their bidding, they locked themselves away in the estate for the rest of their days, and the spell had dissipated as time went on. It is unknown how they passed away; a witch with such powerful magic could drastically extend her life and her Black Widow’s life. Yet, they died on their property regardless.
However, in more recent times, more events began to unfold here.
Dr. Stephen Strange and Wong investigated the manor as its magic had peaked in intensity. A dark burst of magic had pulsed through the land, causing shockwaves to ripple across 50 miles, thus causing the sorcerers to explore the property in the days after. Upon investigating, they were immediately expelled and teleported far away as they stepped on the lawn. They concluded that the wooden home repelled magic or magic-wielding entities.’
You were the only option to investigate this anomaly of a location, along with your trusty partner and leader: Kate Bishop. The other Supernatural-Hunting Avengers were preoccupied with other vital hunts. You and Kate are at the top of your class hunting supernatural entities. Everyone simply called them ‘Supernaturals’; ghouls, ghosts, hellhounds, or any supposedly mythical creature under the sun. This was an unusual case for you both. Scans indicated that no paranormal entities have been detected, but you suspect they could hide from modern technology.
10:00 pm. -
The home rests deep within a forest, near the town of Westview, where this incident with the witch occurred. You’re curious as to why a witch would take control of a small town’s denizens and force them to build a large house in the middle of the woods. Along with a home, why make them dig a grave; what was that all about?
You take a deep breath; you and Kate, with backpacks and duffel bags full of Stark-issued equipment, cautiously make your way to the damaged front steps and open the rickety door to reveal the nearly untouched remains of a once-loved family home.
Kate pulls out an EMF device and searches for any unusual activity while you take a look around the living room. The living room is smaller than you thought it would be; a few wainscot chairs are placed in a half-circle around an extinguished fireplace. There are two bookshelves on opposite sides of the room. A few paintings are hastily strewn about the room on the right side of the wall, most of which are portraits. You notice two distinct people, briefly glossing over them, more than likely the ones mentioned in the report. There’s a third portrait closer to the fireplace, but you don’t see it right away.
“Sooo, I got nothing on the EMF - maybe like a small spike here and there, but not much else,” Kate thinks aloud as she puts the device away in her backpack.
“It’s not even midnight, Kate; that’s when stuff starts to go down. Besides, we’re here until like 2:30, and then we gotta dip,” you murmur tiredly while sorting through your bag for some night vision cameras.
“Yeah, yeah, but I didn’t think we could stay until 3:00 am anyway,” Kate states as she places her backpack and duffel bag on the floor near a bookshelf.
“I don’t think we can come back after this expedition: it’s a one-time trip, and quite frankly, I want to get as much information as possible and see if there’s any possibility of returning,” you grumble towards the end.
“We’ll see; if we find anything significant, then we’ll be back here within the week.” Kate yawns.
“I’m going to search around for some clues about these supernaturals; maybe we can help them resolve their shit, leave, and have a drink.” you offer, and Kate smirks, chuckling at your lazy offer.
“Hmm, tempting, but this investigation is much more than our usual ones. You do know there are hundreds of lost souls from here to Westview that we might have to clear out, right?”
“I’m well aware, Katie. I dunno; I’m drawn to this place for some reason; I want to know more about it; it’s a shame that this place has a deadly mist that pops in at three o’clock; it’s not good for tourism.” You frown at that.
You and Kate grab your hand-held radios; you two link them together, and you start looking around. With each step you take down the short hallway, you casually look at some of the left-behind decorations.
The kitchen looks like it hasn’t been touched in quite some time, yet no signs of decay are present in any of the rooms. How is it so perfectly preserved in time? No one could have come here and adequately taken good care of it all over the years.
The air is stagnant, unmoving as if time stood still here. Your mind is yelling at you to get away from here. Yet you don’t know why; there’s no danger here - at least not yet. There’s no reason to run away; it’s homely here. You could stay here forever if there weren’t any restless and angry spirits haunting the lot. As you saunter the kitchen’s wooden floors, a feeling of serenity fills the cracks of your heart and soul - warmth enveloping your chest and stomach. You reel your head back as if to suppress a moan from escaping your throat.
At this sudden intrusion of peace, you promptly move away, realizing that something might be in this room with you. Everything feels off; the kitchen gives off a presence of uncertainty and a faint pang of guilt roaring through your head. Why guilt? These spirits probably thought you were trespassing on their burial ground.
You had stuffed a spirit box in your hoodie pocket, and now would be a great time to start asking questions.
You click the power button before whirring to life; it clicks loudly like a camera shot, signaling that it’s ready for operation, “Alright, starting off with some spirit box in the kitchen…here we go.” you say to yourself, prepping for what’s to come.
You press a button on the side, “Is anyone there?”
Amid the spirit box’s low noise level, you hear a soft, fuzzy static in the speaker. Not close enough. You are closer to the living room than the stove, so you move further into the kitchen and press the button again, raising it closer to your lips.
“Is somebody here with me?”
That was clear as day; a childish laugh echoes from the box, alerting Kate, who is a room away from you.
“What the hell?” Kate asks as the radio starts to whine and crack in its audio.
“What, what!? It sounded like it was right by me!” your voice falters; nervousness coated your voice.
“I heard it from a room away, dude!” Concern was etched in Kate’s voice, trembling with light anxiety.
FUNNY, the voice box crackled and barked.
“What’s funny?” you ask, your eyes dart around the room. You quickly switch the device to standby mode, where it would remain on instead of pressing the button continuously.
The voice box proceeded to cackle with each HA; the audio would become more garbled before stopping dead in its tracks. What a bastard this ghost was.
“What is so funny?”
“Y/N, it’s not gonna change its answer.” Kate sounded slightly annoyed.
You decide to poke the bear more, “Where are we?” Sure, why not?
You always felt sympathetic for trapped spirits, especially when they said something on the lines of, “I’m here forever, I’m lonely, or I’m scared.” But the three words it said couldn’t be narrowed down to any specific emotion as the spirit box only spoke in a robotic tone. So, it could mean those words in a sad or possibly possessive way; you hoped for the first option.
“I’m sorry to hear that,” You pause, “You never did answer my question, though. What’s so funny?”
“It’s funny that I’m here in this room by myself?”
“Y/N, it’s a little foolish to ask that; considering the history here, I think you should be a little more careful. I mean, there’s a spirit of a powerful witch still lingering…whose magic is still active,” Kate butts in.
Time for a new plan.
“Are you ALONE BY YOURSELF?” you inquire, hoping to get a rouse out of the spirit by countering it with its words.
“Oh,” you turn your head, embarrassed.
“Geez, this thing is creepy!” Kate adds.
“Tell me about it,” you radio back.
The sudden and reposeful warmth returns and wraps around your torso like a snake. The warmth becomes hot and is burning your core. It reminds you of a live wire you touched while hunting for a poltergeist. The ghost had grabbed a wire and jabbed you with it, causing electricity to shoot through your body rapidly, and you freaked out and bumped into a cabinet of china…and it fell on top of you.
“Son of a bitch!” you twist and pull your hoodie off in a frenzy, hearing the clunk of your phone hit the floorboards.
The spirit box goes off again, HA HA HA HA HA.
It’s laughing at your pain; what an asshole.
Kate runs into the kitchen to see you huffing and puffing, leaning against the wall as you attempt to catch your breath. The temperature had gone cold as if the doors were open and the winter breeze was blowing.
“Y/N! Are you alright!?” she approaches cautiously as to not aggravate you.
“Asshole cranked up the heat,” you grab your hoodie, “I’m gonna sit down in the living room for a moment; this has never happened before!” you’re exasperated and tired.
Kate grabs the spirit box before following you. Yet the spirit isn’t entirely done speaking as the device snaps, crackles, then pops. A high-pitched whine pierces the spirit box speaker before settling into a deep rumble. Radio static clears up, setting its volume to a low hum before a voice shines through like a summer sky.
‘Oh, you silly thing!’ it chuckles, ‘There isn’t much of a place to hide here, you know?’ The spirit box reverts back to its regular frequency.
You two had stopped dead in your tracks as the voice, which was a deeper feminine voice, spoke clearly. Both of you were so gobsmacked by the ghastly intruder that you both didn’t quite pick up the tapping in the walls right away. The tapping was then accompanied by incessant scratching that felt too close. Then it stops, gone with the wind, and the atmosphere goes back up to room temperature, causing you both to shiver in your boots. You equip your hoodie once more and re-enter the living room, sitting down on one of the wainscot chairs and slide down the backboard, letting out a breath of defeat.
Looking down at your smartwatch, you see that it’s only 10:17 pm. ‘Fuck, it’s only been seventeen minutes?’ you think as a yawn escapes you.
“Y/N, this is going to be a rough night; I understand that, but we need to do more research on the spirit(s) here, or else we have no idea how to help them.” Kate explains, pulling out her laptop, turning it on, and entering the passcode before connecting with your ‘eyes in the sky’, Yelena.
Your head slowly crooks to the wall, and your eyes lazily scan the portraits that hung on rusty nails. The picture closest to you has the image of a beautiful red-haired woman with dull grey eyes, and her lips are sealed tight like a circus’ tightrope. She is wearing a grey and black gown and has her hands folded with what looks to be a small blade nestled perfectly behind her palm; you could see the blade’s edge poking out from between the middle and ring finger. The spirited moonlight illuminated the second picture, closer to the window next to a bookshelf. It shows another red-headed woman with lively blue eyes and a bright white smile. She is wearing a dark red gown, and… a red mist is shown behind her, she must be Wanda, while the other woman is the Black Widow that is vaguely mentioned. The third painting is obscured in the black of night, right next to the unlit fireplace. It’s difficult to make out unless you light the fireplace, but you couldn’t be bothered to look.
Yet, it’s crucial to the mission at hand, and with a deep, dragging sigh, you get out of the uncomfortable wooden chair and inspect the final portrait. Coming closer, you see that it looks…familiar somehow; it’s uncanny. You swear that the person in this painting looks almost like you. Not almost - but exactly like you; no doubt about it. You freeze completely while Kate and Yelena are chatting away about the investigation and the strange events with the spirit box when Kate glances over at you.
“Hey, are you good over there?” Kate raises a single brow.
You take the portrait off the wall, rush over to your companion and show her what you found. Kate inspects the picture, and her jaw drops, her eyes widening in alarm. From the other end, Yelena squints at the painting and looks frightened.
“That’s impossible.” Yelena’s face glitches as the signal suddenly weakens.
“You’re telling me, my ancestors weren’t even in New Jersey in whatever time the witch was here.”
“Ehm, I might have something that will say otherwise.” Yelena is uncertain, uncertain her new piece of information would be of any help.
Shortly after, a notification arrives; Kate quickly clicks on her email app and astutely studies the article. Which reads:
She was a loving woman who will be missed by her lovers, Wanda and Natasha. Surely, we won’t miss her. Not only is loving a witch wrong, but loving not one - but two women. It’s supposed to be a man and a woman, as our goddess says! Although Y/N L/N was a sweet girl…we had to do what had to be done, even if it hurt us.
“Of course, it had to be homophobia,” Kate snarls before shifting her attention to Yelena, who’s resting her head on her hand.
“Mhm, you’re not bothered by the fact Y/N’s full name is in a newspaper article from hundreds of years ago?” Yelena raises a brow then takes a hardy sip of her tea.
“Sorry, I was distracted. Everything points to Y/N being alive in the 1600s or whatever. But that’s impossible; we’re birth buds; we have known each other a few months after being born. I remember us growing up together.”
“The article you sent said I was the witch and the Widow’s lover, somehow… I’m tied to this place and its restless spirits. I’m confused.” You rub your temples easing the headache of a situation you found yourself written into.
“Guess you got to find out…and soon, you only have four and a half hours to go, maybe three-quarters if you’re lucky,” Yelena explains.
“Alright, we’ll let you know what we find; I’ll see you later…detka.” Kate winks then blows a kiss, to which Yelena returns the gesture.
Anything in this house could help you. Y/N-iffer, as you start to call the woman in the painting, simply can’t be you - you’re here in 2024, yet this ‘you’ existed 400 years ago, give or take. Who really is this woman? Who are you really? The answers lie upstairs in a sealed-off part of the house.
The spirit box that had been in Kate’s hand turns itself on, and a shrill voice croaks from the device.
The voice box goes dead silent, and Kate checks the battery, showing that it’s dead; luckily, you two brought a spare one with a more powerful battery. Things were only going to escalate from here on out.
Let me know if you want more!
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effymaybe · a day ago
Now that I saw you (2/2)
Part 1 / Part 2
Summary: Natasha didn’t care enough. Wanda will never understand. She focuses on the beauty of your bond and promises to love you like you deserve.
Warnings: +18, dark-ish!Wanda, mommy kink, mentions of cheating, mentions of violence
Tumblr media
You and Wanda begin to hang out more often. You spend hours talking, laughing, learning about each other’s perspectives on the world. Pietro is there to join you sometimes, and you find yourself befriending him too.
You are moving on. You’ve come to terms with the fact that Natasha holds deep feelings for Bruce, whatever those are, and the mere thought no longer makes heart clench in agony.
You’ve slowly become a somewhat part of the team, to your own dismay. You should’ve known that Fury had an eye on your acquired powers the moment you got onto that first meeting, but it still came to a surprise when they started asking for your help in increasingly complex missions. Steve for one is delighted.
Despite your growing happiness, hero-like activities are exhausting. You find yourself falling asleep deeper than ever, your hair still wet on your pillow as your mouth parts to allow for sleepy breaths.
Wanda knocks on your door one of those nights, both raging due to a barely-successful mission and excited to feel the tranquility of your connection.
She opens the door slowly when you don’t answer, slightly alarmed by your lack of response. She finds you well asleep, your face illuminated only by the moonlight entering through the open window. You are dressed only in your night clothes, a thin shirt and a pair of old shorts comfortable enough not to wake you in the middle of the night. You lie uncovered, happily warmed by the high-tech heating in the compound.
Wanda needs to choke a gasp. Her pulse palpitates in a rush of need as she takes in your open figure, fingers twinging warmly as they do when she’s using her magic.
She gets closer to the bed in absolute silence. Her eyes rake through you relaxed figured, your parted lips, the way your shirt has rolled up on your torso during unconscious movements. Her breathing hitches and she feels mixed ripples of desire and affection blooming straight in her core.
There’s too much. Your bond ignites her wholly. Her mind grows dizzy at the sight of you and she can’t help but to reach closer and closer, until her indents press on your cheek, marveled by the warmth of body.
She leans further, kneeling on the floor just because her legs shake by the intensity of the touch. She keeps looking at you, mesmerized, and lets her fingers run through your face, caress your nose, scratch slightly at the skin on your hairline only to press them just against your parted mouth.
A shiver runs up her spine. She wets her own lips before pressing further, unable to stop herself, only to dive the tip of two indents right inside your mouth. You twitch in your sleep, but quickly succumb to your dreams again.
“Oh, love”, she mutters, low and broken. “Oh, darling, look at you”.
She presses her fingers further, pushing them until she can graze your tongue. She closes her eyes in pure pleasure and takes a few breaths before retrieving slowly, careful not to wake you.
“You are so pretty. So nice”, her wet touch moves downwards and she reaches your collarbone, pampering its extension. “And so underappreciated. Natasha is such an idiot, isn’t she? God”. She traces the shape of your breasts, squeezing her own thighs tight just so she can relieve the unbearable tension growing between her legs. She pinches your nipples throughout your shirt, addicted already at the way they feel against her touch.
She bites her lower lip and waits. You frown in slight discomfort, but lean into her ministrations, your own legs opening slightly almost as if in anticipation.
Wanda is completely drunk in lust. She brings her face closer to your thighs, allowing herself a deep breath. When your perfume flows her senses, she presses desperate, open-mouthed kisses on your parted thighs.
“God, darling, you are so good to me. So fucking delicious”. She tries to move as slowly as her frenzy allows her, grasping your hips tight when you start to whimper aimlessly. She moves higher, drooling into your skin, until the tip of her nose presses against your clothed core and she has to pull away with absolute reluctance.
She knows she shouldn’t. She knows. But there is a corrupting fire running through her veins, pushing her helplessly into you.
She lets her fingers run up and down between your legs, drawing curling motions on your clit, watching the way you drench yourself even through your shorts.
“I bet you have the cutest pussy, angel. So desperate, ready for me, aren’t you?”, your hips begin to hump uncoordinatedly on her touch. She feels a rush of pride filling in her chest. “But you don’t have to worry. I’ll take care of you. I’ll fill you up so good”, she presses against your entrance, just you get you gasping, “I promise, kotyonok. I’ll make you beg for more every time; like the good girl you are. Just wait for me”.
Wanda pulls away slowly, feeling honest pain in the motion. She takes the time to stare at you, at your flustered expression, the way your chest moves up and down in the midst of your quick breaths and your lips remain as parted as she left them.
She can only let out a dreamy sigh, overwhelmed by the way the mere sight of you hits her with pleasure.
She makes up her mind, then. She promises to have you. To protect you. To pamper you as much as your sweet soul deserves.
And with her heart chanting the beauty of your future, she leaves the room as silent as she came.
You stir in your sleep, faintly aware of the wet sensation prevalent between your thighs.
You are heated, glad of the caress of a faint breeze cooling your skin down. You lick your lips still half-unconscious, trying to choke down a still palpitating need in exchange for a few more hours of dreaming.
Your mind stays hazy and it spirals down to Wanda.
You think about her smile, her fiery hair, her gentle words. You think about her hands, her sweet smell, the way she scratches your nape when you cuddle during movie nights.
It makes you unexplainable happy.
You fall asleep again.
Wanda watches the pot with utmost care, her hand firm in a wooden spoon that she uses to stir the cooking sauce from time to time. She’s enjoying the brief silent moment after her brother finally decided to stop teasing her and go out with some members of the team.
She lets the aroma of well-seasoned tomatoes reach her nose and she smiles. You are going to love it.
She’s cooking for you, mostly, although she’s growing excited about tasting the promising lasagna herself. She knows that the mission you are currently travelling back from was particularly draining, and there are very few things that she loves more than cheering you up.
The thought brings a grin to her own lips. She can feel it coming, blooming right in her spirit, the epitome of the very moment her soul has chanted for the very first second she met you.
She feels it setting in you, too. She sees the way you look at her, loopy and filled with joy, the way you treat her with all the gentleness you can muster, the way your cheeks blush with a mixture of shyness and hidden desire under her compliments.
She’s ready, and she hopes that you are ready too.
Her eyes move to the dish waiting on the counter table and uses a spark of magic to bring it closer. She keeps cooking quietly, spelled by the thought of you.
“Smells nice”.
Wanda’s entire spine tenses at the rough voice, long fingers grasping the sturdy spoon harder. She swallows down in an attempt to conceal a rush of rage and opts for setting her jaw before nodding once. Her green eyes peek at Natasha, taking in almost immediately the way her petite body stands in the middle of the kitchen with in almost defiant posture.
“Is it for her?”, the spy insists, and Wanda ponders on whether to remain polite or simply lash out at her coworker.
She tries for the first, supposing that you would appreciate it.
“It is”, she answers simply, “and for me. We can leave you some if you want”.
Natasha snorts bitterly, her face morphing into a humorless grimace.
“Is this part of your attempts of winning her over? Cooking? I’d like to think her standards are a bit higher than that”.
Wanda feels an angry pang pumping through her limbs. Her magic burns messier, more aggressive. It’s a good thing her thorough training has taught her how to keep it down.
“It’s called appreciating the people you care for”, she explains instead, her syllables pointed as she turns towards Natasha. “I think you could learn a bit about that”.
The older woman takes a step further, visibly irritated. Her hands close in tight fists as her teeth are bared in the brink of an explosive emotion.
“You care about her?”, she spits mockingly, “You don’t even know her”.
Wanda leaves the spoon on a dishcloth. She faces Natasha fully, her eyes misting dangerously as her stance grows sharp.
“I love her”, she says simply, “better than you ever could.”
The spy opens her mouth in disbelief.
“Who the fuck do you think you are? You think because you have that- because you have hat weird thing going on-”
“We are meant to be”, Wanda interrupts firmly, “and even if we weren’t- even if there wasn’t an intangible connection between us I would still love her. I fell in love with her, madly so. She’s kind, and brilliant, and beautiful, and everything I could have ever hoped for. I’m sorry you couldn’t see it before, Natasha, but it is too late now”.
The spy scoffs almost desperately, lunging forwards before stopping herself.
“Fuck you! Yu don’t get to have her. She’s- I’ve loved her first! I’ve loved her always!”.
Wanda’s mouth curls downwards in pure disgust.
“Even when you left her alone for months? Even when you were fucking Banner around the compound? What about when you told your friends to lie to her- or when she got kidnapped and you were too busy playing housewife to the Hulk to notice it?”
Natasha’s eyes burn with the strength of fiery tears.
“I made a mistake- a fucking mistake, okay? I thought I could have them both. I thought I could leave her back home, safe-”
“Safe”, Wanda mocks, “Right. What you wanted was to keep her away from the rest of the team so she wouldn’t be asking questions, right? She’s just too nice. People like her. Steve grew attached to her and that almost messes up your pathetic affair”.
Her words come rushed, hostile, but not desperate.
“I fucked up. I did. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ache every time she chooses to ignore me. She’s so deeply engraved in my bones, I- I don’t know how to love without her”.
Wanda eyes Natasha with a severe expression, her hands coming to rest on the kitchen isle.
“What about Banner, then?”.
There’s several beats of silence. Natasha remains frozen, tears still falling on her cheeks relentlessly, as if making up for months and months of imprisonment.
“Oh wow”, Wanda mutters finally, a faint laugh lacing with her voice, “you don’t give a flying fuck about him, do you?” Natasha winces and the tallest woman tilts her head up, amused. “He was, like, a one-night-stand that stretched for too long, wasn’t he? And then you got carried away because you thought that you could go back to her and convince her to forgive you. And when she got here, you didn’t even know what to do. You couldn’t face your shit alone, could you? You went right back to Banner’s arms, trying to forget”.
There’s an embarrassed silence that fills the air and Wanda grows more serious.
“You piece of shit”, she speaks finally, her tone as flat as her expression, “you don’t deserve her at all”.
Natasha breathes deeply as her face sets in crumbling determination. She looks at Wanda right in the eyes, holding for one last threat of strength.
“I may not deserve her now, but I will. I will win her back”.
Wanda’s shoulders jump in pure fury. Her eyes begin to betray a reddish glint as she walks slowly towards Natasha, her steps heavy. She stands in front of her, staring down coldly, the faint idea of you back into her arms beating her heart mercilessly
Her voice is low and strained when she speaks.
“I’ll love her so well that she won’t ever waste her time remembering you”.
Natasha opens her mouth to answer, but no sound fills in the cutting tension of the kitchen. Wanda looks at her for just a bit longer, deciding on simply turning around and continue with her cooking.
The spy spends another beat burning her glance in Wanda’s back before walking through the door.
You sigh in pure exhaustion, leaving your bags by the door.
You relish in the peaceful silence, making your way through the compound in the search for the source of your thoughts.
Your nose catches the smell of something cheesy and you smile. You step into the kitchen already relieved, happiness pumping from your heart at the sight of Wanda.
You call for her shyly and get to see the way her entire expression lightens up at your voice. She motions to move towards you but she hesitates briefly when she looks down at her half-prepared dish. You move quicker then, walking behind her and wrapping your arms around her waist.
Another rush of joy makes you burry your nose in her neck.
“Hi”, you mumble tiredly again, and feel the way she giggles slightly.
“Hi, beautiful”, she answers.
You take a peek at the food.
“Lasagna?”, you ask.
Wanda lets her powers take over the preparation only to put her hands on top of yours.
“For you, angel”.
You press a kiss on her nape and she shivers.
“My hero”.
Wanda doesn’t feel like waiting anymore.
Wanda stares at your serene figure, admiring the way the faint light of the golden sunset plays with your skin.
You are both enjoying the beauty of the lazy Sunday, comfortably sprawled on the witch’s room after having spent the day playing board games with the team. You throw warm glances towards her figure here and there, just to look for that thrill that you get from the mere sight of her green eyes. She gifts you a radiant smile every time, deeply moved by your presence too.
There is something brewing, strong and tingling right on both your chests. You shift slightly, trying to focus back on the book resting on your lap. From her bed, Wanda moves, too, looking back to the still running romcom on her laptop. She leans over to the night table an opts to ditch the show and put some music on, feeling the shadow of daunting emotions taking over her thoughts.
The conversation with Natasha kept her up the whole night, even with you peacefully dreaming by her side after an unprompted sleepover.
It drowns her. It makes her blood boil with pure anguish. The idea of you belonging to somewhere else, resting between other arms, pressing perfect kisses onto someone else’s body riles up her magic like nothing else.
You have story with Natasha. With her, all you have yet is this heavy friendship, an unspoken promise that she’s terrified of having invented in her mind.
Wanda looks at you again and you are biting your lower lip. A pang of desire curses through her lower stomach and all she wants to do is to kiss you senselessly, claim you like she’s yearned to do from the moment she saw you.
You shift in your seat again, growing agitated. You try to subtly press your thighs together, overcome by the wave of unexplainable need. The letters in your book become blurrier and you frown in a fit of stubbornness.
Wanda clenches her jaw at the bare memory of Natasha’s words. She can’t let it happen. Can’t lose you out of cowardice. Can’t let you go and be treated like shit again. Can’t help herself from wanting you so thoroughly that her hands begin to shake.
She calls your name when the lights change slightly. You snap your gaze up and don’t even think about it. You stand up promptly, leaving the book behind, walking to her sitting figure almost as if under the most wicked of the spells.
You stand in front of her and she keeps looking at you, her legs slightly parted as one hand moves up to take yours.
You both feel the tension stretching and your pulses begin to beat in unison.
Wanda’s pupils blow wide and she pulls at your hand, effectively getting you to sit right on her lap.
There’s heavy breathing, long fingers pressing on your waist as your own lock behind her neck. Wanda licks her lips and leans forwards, her face contorting almost as if in starvation, pulling you closer and closer until there’s no space between you.
“Darling… please. We’ve waited so long, don’t you think?”, her mouth breathes against yours and you have to choke down a whimper. “I can’t do it anymore. I can’t”. Her indents begin to explore further, untucking your shirt from your pants in a rush. “You are just so temping. Everything about you drives me fucking crazy”.
Her lips drag across your cheeks, selfishly moving down to suck faint spots in your jaw. You roll your hips into her, hopeless, and she hums against your skin in sheer satisfaction.
“Yes?”, she pushes, and you would’ve answered then if it wasn’t by the pair of hands now squeezing your breasts in a frenzy. “You are gonna let mommy take care of you, aren’t you?”.
She bites on your collarbone and you jump, spiraling further into dizziness at the mention of the title. Your finger tangle in her fiery hair and you pull her towards your mouth, desperate.
“Yes”, you whisper before diving into a deep, toe-curling kiss. She complies for a moment, lost in the feeling of your lips siding against hers, but pulls away abruptly just after coaxing you into sucking her tongue.
“Yes what?”, she asks, and you stare at her for a dumbfounded moment, your breathing reduced to barely hidden pants.
She feels tempted to crash her lips in yours again at the sight at you waiting so flushed, so vulnerable for her, but does not cave in. She sees the way you light up with understanding, growing somewhat shier in her hold.
“Yes, mommy”, you murmur, staring almost lost in her eyes and Wanda rushes forwards once again, pulling you into another wet kiss as her fingers begin to pinch your nipples through your bra.
You keen, relishing in the harshness of her motions, and she doesn’t feel like teasing anymore. She uses her magic to get rid of your clothes, leaving you only in your flimsy panties while her eyes rake up and down your body in plain thirst. She feels your hands struggling to open her shirt and lets out an adoring chuckle, bright with joy.
“Oh angel, you are so beautiful. So ready for me. Look at this”. Two fingers begin to run up and down your slit and all you can do is to ground your hips to her lap, aching. “So wet for mommy. I bet you’ve wanted this for long, haven’t you?”
Her words taunt you and you feel ashamed, but the relentless clenching of your core betrays your shyness. You feel yourself slowly falling into utter abandon.
You hear her hum in disappointment just against your lips and a firm hold on your throat makes you moan fifthly.
“Always answer me, kitten. I won’t repeat myself”.
To rile you up further, she squeezes your ass and forces you to ride her clad thigh in a punishing peace. You push against her frantically, your self-control melting completely.
“Oh- yes, mommy. I’ve wanted you- for so long”.
She sighs and suckles on your neck until you moan again.
“It’s okay, angel. We are here now, aren’t we?” She drags your hips down her leg roughly, and the friction on your clit has you blabbering uncoordinatedly. “And you look so perfect like this, soaking my thigh”.
Her brutal peace never diminishes, and you find yourself teetering at the brink of a shaking release. Your mouth hangs open and you know- you know you have to ask.
“Ah- I- mommy, please”. She stares at you in fake expectation and you feel like crying. “Please, can I cum? Please?”
She chuckles with her mouth still circling your nipple and you whine pathetically.
“Are you going to cum like this, baby? Riding my thigh like a little slut?”
You gasp and move uncontrollably, drowning in pleasure. The faint realization that she knows you so much, she’s so deeply in touch with in all that causes you to crumble down shoots another pang of delight on you core. You nod hopelessly and she softens, bringing you for another burning kiss.
“Cum for me, love. Show me how pretty you look”.
You do so by command, broken and pulled together again, getting lost in the feeling of her skin sliding against yours. Meanwhile, she whispers sweet nothing into your ear, pampering you with the sweetest praises, kissing you wherever she can. You feel your bond growing, igniting, knotting into itself again and again and again.
There’s still a tickle playing in your lower stomach. You pull away slightly to stare at Wanda, whose eyes glance a you almost in wonder. She smiles at you briefly before sliding her tongue in your waiting moth, this time dragging it slow and bruising.
“I’ve got something for you, pretty girl, if you’d let me try it”.
She bites your lower lip and sucks it earnestly. You feel unable to deny her anything. A simple nod has you twisting in her hold, being put into bed with a tenderness that leaves you without breath.
Wanda moves in front of the closet for a few moments and you take the opportunity to admire the muscles of her back, the way her ass bounces against her strong thighs, and ripples of need leave you wet between your legs once again.
She turns around and you gasp. She walks towards the bed confidently, a smirk in her lips as you eye the strap on resting on her hips.
You choke a whine before Wanda lunges towards you, pulling your mouth into hers as she lies on top of your sweaty body. She rolls her hips against yours and you can only imitate the motion, distracted by the way her fingers flicker in your nipples.
She guides one of her hands to grasp her fake appendage and you find yourself stroking desperately. Wanda brightens under your enthusiasm, clearly amused, and lets the tip of the dildo press against your clit almost cruelly.
“Oh- mommy, please”.
She chuckles breathlessly before rutting against you again, relishing on your urgency.
“What do you want, little one? You have to ask nicely. Don’t be a brat”.
You fight the urge of pouting up at her when you chase the blinding pleasure once more.
“Fuck me”, you say, and blush furiously at your own choked words, “Fuck me- please, mommy, I’m-”.
Wanda enters you in a swift moment and you wail. You are so filthily wet that she meets no resistance, hitting her pelvis against your clit on the very first thrust. You can only open your legs wider, lost in the punishing delight.
Wanda pistons into you without restrain, consumed by her own need, mesmerized by the sight of you opening for her.
“Fuck, baby, look at you. Look at you dripping into the sheets”. You leave your mouth hanging open, unable to even try for an answer. “Does mommy’s cock feel good? Is it enough for my needy angel?”
You whine in an attempt of a response but it is not enough. She huffs once before turning your body around, prompting you to stick your hips up as she keeps pounding into you. You are still getting accustomed to the new stretch when she slaps your ass sharply, forcing the most corrupted moan out of your throat.
“Yes”, you manage to say, and Wanda shivers at the raspy sound of your voice, “Yes, yes. Your cock feels so good, mommy, so good”.
Wanda slaps you again and you clench around her girth. The sight has her thrusting into you even deeper, searching for her own release.
“You like this, huh? Being a whore just for mommy”.
Your panting dissolves into broken moans and you find yourself agreeing, moving yourself to meet Wanda’s powerful thrusts.
She leans over you, pressing the palm of her hand onto your lower stomach as she sucks onto your earlobe only to get you shaking.
“You want mommy to fill you up? Want mommy to ruin your pretty pussy?”, she asks, and you can barely think on the implications. You are too distracted by the steady burning between your legs, the way pleasure drowns out every single thing that is not Wanda from the world.
“Yes”, you say, and Wanda allows herself to smile before pushing down to the mattress, shattering you further with her steady pounding. “Ruin me, mommy! Please!”
She reaches down to rub your clit roughly and you see stars. In the middle of your high, a warm substance begins to fill your core and it has you drooling in pure ecstasy on the stained sheets. Wanda keeps thrusting into you for her to ride her own heavenly release, digging her nails in your waist, overwhelmed by the feeling of your skin resting against hers.
You pant in exhaustion and she pulls out carefully, quickly getting rid of the strap before pulling you around so you can face her.
Wanda kisses you lazily and deeply. You feel full, warm, cared after. She caresses your body with the pads of her fingers and whispers words of devotion right in your ear. You embrace her back, lost in her tenderness, enjoying a setting feeling of peace blooming in your heart.
When she pulls away to look at you, you swoon. The sun is long gone and only the growing moonlight plays in her green eyes. In exchange, she analyzes your features with adoration, thanking whichever force brought you to her arms.
“I love you, princess”, she whispers, and your eyes shine with unwashed tears.
“I love you, too”, you answer, and her entire expression brightens up.
Wanda litters soft, tender pecks on your flushed face and oaths to make you happy. You take them all with a tired giggle and oath the same, too.
You bury your face in her neck and she pulls her closer to her chest.
With the night peeking into the room, you both fall asleep needing nothing else.
Detaching yourself from Wanda, even for her to go on a short mission, was proven quite difficult. You were still high on the feeling of each other, invested in exploring relentlessly, willing to spend your time just kissing and talking nonsense throughout the day.
But the hero duty never dies down, and you both know it. Wanda left with Thor and Steve with the promise of texting you each day, pulling into a fiery embrace just at the side of the already growling jet.
You spend most of the challenging week training with Clint. Your resting hours are filled half by Peter’s unwavering questions and half by Pietro’s overwhelming energy, and you cannot be annoyed by it.
It’s Friday night. Wanda is coming back in a few hours and you feel light again. You are sitting by the common room on your own, devouring an old mystery novel you found in Steve’s shelves. You are so focused on the words, amusedly trying to picture the painteresque character depicted by the author that you do not become aware of the figure standing next to you until she speaks.
Your face snaps up to find Natasha, and against all prediction, you find yourself smiling genuinely to the redhead.
“Hey, Natasha. How is it going?”
She sits next to you and you follow her with your gaze, unbothered.
“Good”, she says, and then she retracts her speech, increasingly upset, “Bad. It’s- It’s bad. Awful”.
You frown as you put your book down, slightly concerned.
“What is going on?”
There is a brief pause in which she gains enough courage to stare back at you.
“Are you guys together?”, she asks in a wavering voice, and your eyes turn almost skeptical.
“Wanda and I? Yes”, you answer simply, “What does it-?”
“I love you”.
A beating moment leaves you in utter shock. There is a lot you could tell her; a lot you could ask. There could be screaming, crying, accusatory words thrown around the room. She broke your heart. Her absence almost brings you to your own death. She ignored you, she played with your feelings, she isolated you when it was convenient to her. There could be lots and lots of burning, undying anger.
There’s just mild annoyance.
Your lack of response gets her blabbering.
“I know. I know I fucked up horribly. I know that all the things I did to you… you deserved none of it. You are wonderful, so special, and so kind. I only got into Bruce because he was… he was there, so accessible, and it was difficult when you were away”.
“You had sex with him”, you correct plainly, “You still do”.
Natasha winces visibly and you have to restrain yourself from rolling your eyes.
“No! I mean… I did. I did, but I don’t anymore. I ended things with him and he left… I don’t know where. I don’t give a fuck about him. I just… I miss you so much”, her words finally break in a wet sob and you feel a pang of empathy straining your heart. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry about Bruce and about Hydra and about every single fucking thing I did to you. When you came back after you got kidnapped I thought… I don’t know. I couldn’t face you. I had fucked up so bad and I felt so embarrassed. You- you were dying and I…”
She breaks into full crying now, spilling tears into her open palms. You stare at her in silence, torn between letting her open up and simply ending her sorrowful speech.
She makes the decision for you. Her reddened eyes burn into you, begging, searching for the loving glint that once was devoted to her.
“I want… I’m begging for another chance. A way to make things right. I know what I’m a mess right now, but I’ve been learning. I’ve been thinking a lot, and-”
“Natasha, I am in love with Wanda”.
There is a brief pause. You watch Natasha teetering on the verge of crumbling down again, hurt fleshed out from the very expression in her features.
You sigh, trying to gain serenity.
“I’m sorry, Natasha, but you hurt me. I loved you with my entire soul, and you know that well. But now… it’s over. The love has vanished. We have our good memories- back from the time we thought we were forever, but now”, you shrug, “I’ve moved on. I’ve found my happiness somewhere else. And I’m embracing it”.
She looks down, still torn apart, and you try to compromise.
“Look, we can be friends. There’s no reason to be… strangers. We couldn’t be anyways, no matter how hard we tried. But that’s it. I’m sure you’ll find someone too, Tasha. You told me you are learning and I believe it-”
“I’m not giving up on you”, she says simply, and you breathe through your nose in disappointment. “I won’t try to ruin your relationship. I won’t… interfere. But I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you”.
Your eyes grow harder and she stands up, looking the most defeated you have ever seen her in her life.
“It’s useless, Natasha. Wanda is the love of my life”.
She shrugs sloppily, tears still running down her face. She dedicates you a last, longing stare, hoping to find a way to put together the bleeding pieces of her heart.
“I’ll die waiting, then”.
You don’t answer and she shrinks even deeper.
She leaves the room chanting an oath, too.
You are woken by a pair of strong arms circling your waist. You move lazily against the couch, lighting up slowly at the sight of your girlfriend.
“Hi, sleepyhead”, she mumbles, and you immediately pull her in for a very needed kiss.
You remain tangled in each other’s arms for a while, letting pure love twirl joyous through our bond.
“Hi”, you mumble eventually, once your lips have grown numb, “How was the mission?”
She rolls her eyes in a faux expression of annoyance that is betrayed by her loving smile. Her fingers play with the collar of your shirt, and you can sense her mood lifting up considerably.
“Not as fun as you, for sure”, she teases, and you gift her a pleased smirk. “I would like to tell you all about it now, but I desperately need to shower”.
You chuckle in amusement and play right into her game, delighted.
“Yeah? What do you suggest, baby?”
Her eyes grow misty as she lets her fingers caress your sides.
“Come shower with me and I’ll tell you about Clint running out of arrows in the middle of the final fight. We can eat something nice later, make up for the lost time”.
You comply eagerly, and she laughs in sheer glee.
The absolute serenity of her soul is only matched by yours.
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Frozen Nights & Heartwarming Solutions
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Autistic! Reader
Genre: Fluff, Oblivious (On one side) Mutual Pining, Snowed In/Cuddling for Warmth Trope
Summary: Your best friend Wanda has been living with you for months now and you’ve been desperately trying to hide your crush from the mind reader. Unfortunately the power goes out during a snowstorm and you hate the cold. Thankfully your best friend is there to help!
Warnings: Gender neutral reader, Swearing, Unrealistic couch dimensions?, Sensory issues mentioned but I don’t go in depth with it, One use of Y/N, This isn’t proof read 
Word Count: ~1,200
A/N: Well I’m back from my unexpected hiatus of writer’s block. Sorry it took me a bit but I hope you enjoy this fic! This could be read as just a normal Wanda x GN! Reader but there are some aspects of it that make it Autistic! Reader in my opinion. Gif I found off pinterest again. Also I tried to make sure that there’s no gendered pronouns for reader but if you find any let me know! If you have fic ideas for any marvel characters please let me know, especially if you want an Autistic! Reader fic! Thank you for reading! :)
Tumblr media
It’s been a few months since Wanda showed up at your door. You’re honestly still not sure what to think of the Westview situation but you’re happy to give your friend a place to stay. The problem is your little crush you’ve had on her since you first met years ago. You know she recently lost Vision so there’s no way you’d make your move anytime soon, but it doesn’t change the fact that living with her is now a monumental task. Plus you’re aware she’s a mind reader and have zero idea if she already knows or not. 
“Y/N?” The redhead asks as she peeks around the door corner. “Oh, uh. Hey, what’s up?” You ask, a little startled by her sudden appearance. “Do you know if we have any sugar left? Or do I need to run to the store?” “Um I don’t think there’s any left if it’s not next to the tea.” “Well there’s none there,” She laughs as she leans on the door. “I guess I’ll have to do a quick run to the store. Want anything?” She asks as she picks up her keys. “Mm, could you get me some more of those cookies I like?” “Yeah, of course. The chocolate chip ones, right?” “Yup, those ones!” You respond as she finishes slipping on her shoes. “Alright, well I’ll be back in a bit!” She smiles as she heads out.
Checking your phone, you realize that there’s a snow storm headed to your quaint home tonight. Sighing, you slide yourself off the couch to make sure you have some candles, blankets, and such in case the power goes out. Unfortunately for you, being cold is sensory hell for you. Which makes you wonder why the hell you decided to live in a place that snows. But nothing you can do about that for now. Once you gather up everything you think you two will need, you settle back on the couch after lighting the fireplace.  
After watching one of your comfort shows for a bit, you hear the front door’s lock giggle signaling Wanda’s arrival. “Hey, did you see how hard it’s snowing out here? It’s fucking freezing.” She shivers as she quickly shuts the door and places the groceries on the countertop in the kitchen. “Yeah I did, my weather app says it’s gonna be a big storm. We might lose power.” You respond, standing up and joining her to put away the groceries. “Ugh, that’s gonna suck. Are you going to be okay? I know you don’t like the cold very much.” She says, stopping to look at you, waiting for your response. “Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s been a while since we had a storm bad enough to knock the power out.” You sigh, as Wanda frowns with concern. “Then I think we should bundle up on the couch next to the fire so that way you don’t freeze too much.” She suggests as you two finish putting away the groceries. “That sounds like a good idea,” You agree.
An hour later after setting up a makeshift bed on the couch, the power goes out. “Dammit,” You curse as the sudden shift in lighting shocks you. “Hey it’s going to be alright, we have a million blankets, so many candles it’s probably a fire hazard, and if worse comes to worse you can steal my warmth.” She says as she traces patterns on the back of your hand to try to comfort you. “Thank you Wanda,” You smile, scooching closer to her. “Hey, could I fidget with your hands for a bit?” You ask hesitantly even though you’re sure it wouldn’t bother her. “Of course,” She smiles as she moves closer to you and gives you her hands. 
“Does it feel weird when I do this?” You ask, looking at her in the warm light of the candles and fireplace. “Do what? Play with my hands?” She asks curiously. “Yeah.” “I wouldn’t say it feels weird, more like kind of ticklish sometimes. But it feels pretty nice other times,” She responds, smiling warmly at you and your silly question. “Okay, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t uncomfortable or anything.” You smile back at her as you continue your fidgeting. 
As the time passes the colder and colder you get. “Hey, Wanda?” You ask hesitantly as she lifts her head up from her book she’s been reading. “Yeah?” “Could I take you up on that offer to steal your warmth?” You ask nervously fidgeting with your hands. “Yeah, of course.” She responds, putting her book down and settling down so you’ll both be more comfortable.  “Come here,” she smiles as she pats the spot next to her. Shyly smiling you crawl across the couch to lay next to her. As you settle down next to her she pulls you towards her so your head is on her chest. “Warmer?” She asks, peering down at you. “Mhm,” You mumble as you draw patterns on the back of her hand like she did for you earlier.
You two settle into a comfortable silence as both of you try to get some sleep and fail. “Y/n?” Wanda questions softly as to not disturb you if you had fallen asleep. “Yeah, Wanda?” You ask tiredly, turning to look at her better. “Forgive me if this is the wrong time to say this, but I feel like I should say this. You know I see how you look at me right?” She asks quietly to try to keep you from becoming too embarrassed. “Oh, um.” You mumble as you try to look away as you feel your face heat up. Feeling Wanda’s hand brush against your cheek, she turns you back to look at her. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed of, I look at you like that too” She smiles gently, as she moves her hand to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “You do?” You ask, shocked that your best friend could feel similarly. “Yes, I just didn’t want to say anything until I felt ready to give anything a try.” She responds. “You want to try us? But don’t you need more time?” You asked confused as you leaned into her touch even more. “I just told you that I wasn’t going to tell you until I was ready and I just told you, didn’t I?” She laughs. “I, Yeah you did but I want to make sure.” “Well I am sure.” She smiles as she uses her other hand to draw circles on your back. “Oh okay,” You smile excitedly as you finally accept that this is real and happening. 
“So, may I kiss you?” She asks as she adores your smile and excitement. “Yes, please do.” You respond as she laughs and pulls you closer. Guiding you with her hand on your cheek, she pulls you close until your lips meet in a gentle kiss conveying both of your excitement and nervousness. During your kiss, you note that she tastes distinctly of her jasmine tea from earlier. Parting for air, you smile as you think about how jasmine is probably your favorite tea now. “Something you want to share with the class?” She teases with a playful grin. “Oh, I was just thinking about how you taste yummy.” You respond as she giggles about your answer. “Okay, goof. Well how about we try to get some rest because it is getting late.” She suggests as you two settle back into a more comfortable position for sleeping. “Fine, but you have to take me out on a date tomorrow.” You add as you cuddle up into her side. “Deal,” she laughs as you both begin to drift off.
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Queens of Promise - Part 4
Summary: Even with all the fragments she has in her hands, Wanda can’t crack the puzzle before her. Especially when her enemy is a walking puzzle.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader; Medieval Au
A/N: Okay, don’t hate me. If you’re waiting this piece I know it took me a long time to post it, but here we are and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that part 5 and 6 are basically ready. Oh keep in mind that this part we’ll be following the story through Wanda’s point of view. If you don’t know yet, italics meant memories. Let me know your thoughts.
- Previous Parts here
Warnings: Language, violence, mentions of death, mentions of blood. If there’s any other, let me know.
"We were the victims of ourselves"
Tumblr media
Wolfgang Castle – Sokovia
Wanda paced on the room and stared at her bandage on her right wrist, the only injured she acquired after her quest to Iron Bay. Still, she was astonished that this was her only injury, for she feared for more, especially after the Young Lioness and her unit had found her.
She ran through her mind all the possible reasons for you to let her go freely and she ran out of fair explanations. Her mind was plagued with the why. Why would you let her go, when all the circumstances were turned at your favor? Why set her free, when Wanda was cornered, and her capture would probably render you a peace agreement?
There were so many questions and little to no answers, what made her even angrier. There was something so infuriating about you that made her stomach churn. How could someone be so galling to the point of calling her, a Maximoff, an idiot? How could someone be so annoying, so full of themselves to keep a daring smile on their lips with the enemy’s sword kissing their neck?
Ever since she met you, Wanda thought, she started to loathe Taharr’s colors even more. Her despise only grew whenever she heard stories about your adventures or battles throughout Noveria or foreign lands, like Westeros. And she hated how you tried to play with her mind on your previous encounters.
Yet, you’d let her go from a battle, in the middle of the war, no less. Such action was incompatible with the ruthlessness accredited to the Lionesses. Granted, you knew about the Kree and that gave you advantage enough already, still, she couldn’t help but think something wasn’t right.
“I’m afraid you’ll open a hole on the ground if you keep marching like this.” Pietro’s voice brought Wanda out of her head, and she looked up to meet his wide smile. “What make you so anxious, dear sister?” He took a seat at the table before him and started to have his breakfast.
Before replying, Wanda took her brother in, he was handsome, but she could see traces of sleep deprivation taking its toll on him, he looked much older than he was. The worries of engaging a war added to the lack of food and supplies throughout the kingdom weighted on his shoulders, burden that they agreed in sharing. However, it was more than obvious that he was taking the heavier part.
Hence why Wanda sought the Kree for help. She wasn’t a fool, much less reckless to the point of setting a permanent agreement with them, she knew the tales of their invasion and the war that moved nearly every king and queen in Noveria. But her people were starving, and they needed options other than relying on Hydrarr supplies.
Vision, King Pietro’s advisor, had guaranteed that said supplies weren’t obtained by heists or raids, but legally attained from Braavos. She was suspicious about it, but after seeing entire villages turn into graveyard, she decided that she could deal with her consciousness later, when there wouldn’t be a child begging her for food.
“I’m just speculating what Taharr will do with the intel about our friendship with the Kree.” She spoke at last, taking a seat for herself, for it’s been a while since her last meal.
“I’d hardly call our agreement of friendship, Princess.” Vision made himself known as soon as he entered the hall, pouring a liquid into his cup.
“It doesn’t matter your semantics’ idea, Vis. Everybody hates the Kree just as much as they hate Hydrarr, our secrets were exposed, and we may lose our allies.” Wanda was never one to sugarcoat the truth, she wouldn’t start now.
“What do you think Taharr will do with this new intel?” Vision asked, never breaking eye contact with Wanda and she felt unnerved by it, he always looked at her as If he could unbury her deepest secrets.
Looking at the cup in front of her, Wanda tried to focus on his question and calculate what would be your next step and whenever she thought about your options, the image of your stupid grin plagued her mind and she hated it. She shook her head lightly, trying to think coherently.
“They’ll probably warn their allies about the possibility of Kree strutting on Noveria again.” She spoke, this is exactly what she’d do if it were the other way around. Both men nodded, then started to talk among themselves about the latest news from the battlefront and she retreated to her room, no longer in the mood of having breakfast.
She stopped in front of her window and marveled in the beauty of Sokovia’s mountains. Green covered every single spot and she smiled remembering how many times she and Pietro scaped the castle to play in the forest not far from their home.
Her mother always seemed to know what they were doing, even though they could swear they were being subtle about it. The smiled faded when longing embraced her heart due the memory of her parents.
Oh how she missed her father’s wisdom! He always seemed to know what he was doing or what he was supposed to do and her mother… Wanda wished she had a fairy godmother, just like in the books, so she could ask for her mother’s presence once more. In between her mother’s arms, she always felt safe, always felt that things would be okay.
Closing her eyes as to avoid the tears that insisted in stung her eyes, the redhead tried to clear her thoughts. She needed to be strong for her brother and for her kingdom. Right now, she needed to be a grown woman fighting to bring peace to her realm, she needed to be a princess who’d do everything to feed her own people.
Wanda walked to the couch on her receiving room and stared at the sheath of her dagger on her coffee table. The one she lost when she stabbed you. She could still feel the panic that raised in her chest when she fell on the ground and lost her helmet, though she loved how your eyes surveyed her face or to see you speechless for a whole moment, completely stunned with the Scalet Knight’s identity.
She traced the patterns on the leather in her hand, disliking the fact that she had hesitate to cut you with her knife. Wanda saw this hesitation as weakness, for she knew you were the enemy. You had a pretty face and an easy smile, but you were still the enemy.
Even though she tried really hard, Wanda couldn’t comprehend why she felt so bothered by your expression morphing into confusion then into pain before you touched the hilt of her dagger, nor why she couldn’t erase the distress that coursed through your face when you saw Kree’s flag away on the harbor.
“Why would the glorious and brave lioness be so afraid of the Kree?” She mused to herself, frowning at the lack of imagination or answer for her question. Closing her eyes one more time, she leaned her head on the couch and smiled softly, remembering the last time she had seem such distress gracing your features.
“My princess, scout’s report says there are some Taharr’s soldiers in Karov’s village.” Natasha spoke the second she entered Wanda’s chambers, kindly prepared to her by Victor Karkarov, one of their liegemen and owner of the state she took as house and headquarters for the time she’d be spending in the south, close to the borders.
The reports of attacks and heists on their villages close to the gold mines became more frequent and, even though Vision said he had his spies and men investigating it, Wanda wanted to see it for herself. Ever since King Tony’s wedding, she couldn’t stop thinking about what you had said to her.
It’s been a lifetime since her last visit to the borders and though she hated to admit, you were right, her people were starving, they were in need and the court and nobles in Sokovia, somehow, overlooked it. This was unacceptable.
She had marched south with a whole unit on her wake, despite the protests from Vision, who insisted that she shouldn’t go, that she’d expose and endanger herself, but she didn’t care. She needed to do something.
Her unit could fight back the attackers, who seemed to be focusing on their crops. Such a vile, despicable act to steal people’s food, especially when Taharr didn’t need any, because it was common knowledge that they had the most productive farms in the world. Taharr would never starve.
Yet, queen Calanthe was mean to the point of making people desperate with hunger and starvation. Now, Wanda had the chance to kill the bastards that railed her kingdom and would make them pay for the suffering they’d caused.
“Where are they attacking?” She asked her friend and guard while picking up a piece of her armor, ready to attach on herself.
“They are…” Natasha’s voice was unusually lacking confidence, as if something didn’t add up. “The scout said that there were few of them, and they were drinking in Nebula’s Pub ‘n’ Lodge.” She finished.
“Few? How many?” Wanda asked, halting her movements and turning to look at Natasha.
“She wasn’t sure, but Bishop said that it wouldn’t be more than four. So I’d guess that the number is around ten. She’s still in training.” The assassin shrugged and crossed her arms, leaning on the door frame, waiting for her next orders.
Wanda worked her lips while pondering what her next move should be. Maybe they could kidnap one of said soldiers and demand answers, but discarded such idea, soldiers wouldn’t know much, they only follow orders.
Maybe they should kill all of them and leave their bodies hanging on the border’s gates as a warning, but she discarded this one as well. If they were in a pub, they weren’t ready or with the intention to fight, there wouldn’t be honor in this attitude.
She discarded the piece of armor on her hand on the same place it was before she’d picked, then turned to Natasha one more time and spoke. “Take me to this pub, I want to have a few words with those soldiers.”
The woman, known as Black Widow, opened her mouth ready to protest at this idea, but decided against it, for she knew how stubborn her princess could be. She merely nodded and retreated from the room, so Wanda could change her clothes with privacy.
Laugher hit her ears in the same time heat and roasted meat mixed with sweat hit her nostrils the second she entered the pub’s doors. Lady Romanoff had asked few of her men to go in first and to stay there blending in, chilling and enjoying the evening as if they were just clients after a beer.
Wanda surveyed the room looking for the men they were after, but the pub was too crowded, and nobody stood out as she had thought they would. There were some people dancing with the song the blonde woman was singing, who had a quite nice voice and definitely could handle a guitar.
Wanda wasn’t there to appreciate the music, though. So, she started to walk towards the counter but stopped on her tracks when a new, louder laughter found her ears. Slowly, she turned to look at the source and much to her dismay, she found the soldiers she’d been looking for.
Right in the corner of the pub, there were four people seated on a table filled with empty food plates and beer stein, making it obvious that the group was there for quite some time now. One of them was the princess of Taharr, the Young Lioness, laughing at something that one of her companions had said.
Wanda’s anger flared. The nerve of you, to attack her lands and people, even after you had said that you had nothing to do with the heists. Even after you had told Wanda about a childish dream to live without war. You had lied, just like she was supposed to know, Vision had alerted her on how you used to tell lies to whoever bought them.
There was nothing more that she wanted to do than to jump on your neck and squeeze the life out of you, until she could wipe that stupid smug smile you always had on your lips. Though, she stood there for a whole minute taking her surroundings in.
If she started a fight, a lot of people would get involved and innocent people could get hurt, she’d had to attract you to the streets before drawing her sword. She looked at the clothes you were wearing, and something was wrong, for your tunics and robes seemed far simpler than it should be. A princess wouldn’t wear something that a commoner would. And there wasn’t a single trace of armor.
Narrowing her eyes, she saw that your companions were wearing clothes just as simple as yours and there was not even a single weapon on sight, only a small knife on your waist. Again, something that a commoner would have.
After a second too long, Wanda’s eyes widened when realization hit her, you were blending in. You and your men were trying to look like you were simple, common people. Why though? Before her head started to hurt, Wanda walked towards your table, ready to bring this façade down.
“Such a strange place to meet you, princess.” Wanda spoke as soon as she stopped at the head of the table you were. A smile made its way to Wanda’s lips on its own accords when your eyes met and your chill demeanor morphed to a disturbed one, you had been get caught red handed.
Your eyes shifted around Wanda, probably trying to see how badly surrounded you were and shared an alarmed look with the woman on the other side of the table. After a full conversation with only your eyes, you turned to Wanda once more.
Now sporting your best smug smile. “I could say the same, princess Maximoff.” You spoke, leaning backwards on your chair, as if you owned the place. “But I’ll limit myself to say that I don’t know what you’re talking about. And though you flatter me by thinking I’m a princess, I’m just a simple trader looking for a hot meal and good beer, M’Lady.” You finished, lifting the stein as if on a toast.
Wanda lowered herself when she leaned on the table, using it as support for her hands, conveying the most dangerous look she could. “You’re in no position for pulling jokes.” Wanda hissed and instead of shrinking under her gaze, she saw your mouth to contort into a smirk.
Your eyes raked over her body with such intensity that Wanda felt heat reaching her cheeks. “I can be in whatever position pleases you, M’Lady.” Wanda’s eyes widened and she scoffed the second she recomposed herself.
“You like to be funny, don’t you?” She stood up and crossed her arms, suddenly feeling self-conscious under your gaze. “Drop the act. You and your followers are not supposed to be here.” She indicated the others on the table with her head firmly.
She stared at you, as if daring you to give another smart comeback. You drank all your beer, then rested your stein on the table and got up to your feet. “What will you do, Princess?” You spoke lowly, mockery no longer present on your tone.
“How dare you to pose before me like that when you’re in mykingdom’s lands, in my city?” There was something about you that made Wanda want to slap your face, but she kept her hands to herself.
“If you want me to leave, I’m telling you that I won’t.” You said after a while. Your eyes surveying hers, but she couldn’t understand what you were looking for.
“Of course you will. I’ll have you escorted out of Sokovia before dawn.” Wanda took one step closer to you, standing her ground, but you seemed unfazed by her demands and that made her exasperated. “Your heists end now.”
You scoffed at Wanda’s words. “You sound like a broken tune, Maximoff.” You too took one step closer, into her personal space, intimidation is your business, Wanda thinks to herself. “I’m here to investigate the heists, not to cause them.”
Again, Wanda scoffed and rolled her eyes sarcastically. Of course you’d lie, that’s all you do. “And you expect me to believe it?” She balled her fists angrily. “Our crops are vanishing and you, my enemy, are trespassing my borders… Do you really expect me to believe that you came here to play our holy savior?”
You stood there, looking at her eyes intently and for the second time that night, Wanda felt uncomfortable under your stare. “I don’t expect you to believe me, for I know you never will. But I have a lead on the possible culprits and I’m planning on dig in it.” You hardened your gaze. “And nothing will stop me, Princess.”
“You’re surrounded and you’re not going anywhere in my kingdom.” Wanda seethed. You had the gall to impose your demands as if she were a commoner, as if her commands meant nothing to you.
Much like everybody else, you didn’t see Wanda as a threat, but just like a young woman who grow up in the comfort of a castle and didn’t know how real life goes. Wanda knew that you underestimated her and that was about to change.
You sighed and a smirk grew on your lips, an infuriating smirk and this time Wanda would wipe it out. “Princess Wanda, I don’t-.”
Wanda watched pleased as your words died down on your lips when she unsheathed your knife expertly fast and brought it to your throat. As your own blade kissed your skin, she relished in the sight of your throat working up an amount of saliva down and the distress that washed over your features.
Your eyes flashed with surprise and worry way too fast for her liking before that irritating smirk was back on. “Quick hands, Princess. What else can you do with them?” You teased, obviously to defuse the situation, for Wanda saw your guard getting up and drawing their knives.
However, she pressed the knife further until she saw droplets of blood staining your metal. “Who do you think you are to speak with me like this?” Wanda snarled, leaning her face closer so you could hear her properly.
Even endangered, your stance didn’t fail, she had to give you that. “I’m sure you’ve heard stories about how gallant and charming the Young Lioness is. And believe me, I was sincerely curious, Maximoff.” Your voice was low in a way that made Wanda clench her jaw.
“That mouth will get you killed one day, Princess and your title will change to Dead Lioness. Be aware that I’ll make sure is by my hands.” Wanda threatened with anger boiling in her stomach, dipping through her eyes.
Only then, Wanda realized that the song had long stopped and everybody in the pub watched wide eyed the commotion she was forced to create. ‘Uh this infuriating Lioness.’ She thought while thinking her next step. She couldn’t kill you, for this would mean to provoke the wrath of Queen Calanthe. She knew better than that.
The urgency of the city’s bells sliced her thoughts, and she was brought back to reality. Murmurs spread through the pub, whispers wondering what was happening until the door burst open and a city guard panted out. “Invaders!” He looked around, his face mirroring the costumers’ shocked ones. “Raiders are railing the crops of Falka’s farm in northeast!”
All hell broke loose and people started to run, trying to get to their houses as fast as they could, hoping their walls and doors would keep them safe from the merciless intruders. Wanda turned to look at your eyes again when she felt your hand gripping the wrist whose hand was holding the knife against your neck.
Alarm and distress painted your face when you asked devoid of any sarcasm or mockery, your voice felt almost foreign to her ears. For a moment, she forgot to hate you. “Wanda, let me go. We can help.” Your words delivered genuine concern and care, so much so that for a whole second, she contemplated your offer. Wanda knew how capable you were in a fight and she could use all the help she could get to stop this assault.
But then, she looked back again into your eyes trying to find the deceit she knew would be hidden there. For all she knew, this could very well be a ploy, a last minute diversion, intending to fool her and make her believe that your army was not the responsible for the incursions.
So she narrowed her eyes and sneered. “You don’t fool me, Taharr.” Wanda took another step and pushed the knife harder, to that, your body hit the wall behind you. “Call off this ruse, now and I might let you live to see the daylight.” She threatens with greeted teeth, her people wouldn’t starve because of your whims.
“Use that pretty head of yours just this once, Princess, and stop spitting all this nonsense at me.” The urgency in your voice and your eyes was unsettling. “You certainly look like a fool right now if you’re letting your people to suffer just because a pride just as big as your ass.”
Wanda scoffed again and that seemed to be the last straw for you. Even faster than her movement was yours to take the knife from your neck and turn her around. You had her back completely flushed against your front, knife somewhat close to her neck but not really posing as a real threat, but Wanda knew better than to try anything.
“Back off, Romanoff.” You spoke towards her personal guard when she took a sharp step to intervene on your sudden movement. “Now everybody listen to me carefully: Me and my people are leaving this place. Unscathed.” Wanda could feel your eyes darting around to check if anyone would try anything different. “Do we have a deal, Princess?” You spoke softly and her jaw clenched.
For reasons beyond her understanding, Wanda couldn’t quite trust her voice in that moment, so she decided to just nod and hum as response. Somehow this was answer enough for you, because next second all she could feel was your hot breath much closer to her ear than deemed appropriate.
The soft brush of your lips on her skin gave her a foreign sensation, that she promptly pushed away. “As much as I’d love to keep your body like this, I don’t want innocent people to die when I could’ve helped.” Wanda could hear the grin in your voice even with your voice so low that was almost a whisper. “Farewell, Princess.”
Before she could muster any word, any argument, you pushed her hard towards Natasha, creating a commotion. And with the Black Widow focused on making sure her protégé was safe, you and your friends fled the pub fast. The moment your boots touched the streets, you disappeared without a single trace of your whereabouts.
A deep knock on her door brought Wanda back from her thoughts, shaking her head, she ordered the person to come in.
For a second Wanda’s afraid it may be Vision and she’s already regretting inviting the person without check first, but then, Natasha Romanoff comes through the door, and she lets out the breath she’s been holding on.
“Is that relief in seeing me?” Natasha smirk while walking towards Wanda. “Were you expecting someone else?” She inquires, sitting by her friend’s side.
“For a moment I thought that could be Vision and I’m not in the mood to catch up with his icy eyes judging my choices.” Wanda was exasperated, ever since her failed mission she was restless. There was so much at stake, and she couldn’t stop thinking about you. The enemy, no less.
“I see. He gives me chills too.” The Black Widow replies quietly. Wordlessly, she extends her arm to the princess and delivered a letter in a form of small scroll, with a dark purple wax exhibiting an H in its center. Wanda looked at it as if afraid it’d turn into a vicious animal, but she took it with her hands after the paper remained a paper.
She broke the seal and carefully read every word twice as to not misunderstand what was written. “She requests us to meet her.” Wanda closed her eyes; she didn’t like this, not in slightest.
Sensing her friend’s demeanor shift, Nat inquires. “Meet where, when?”
“Two moons from now in Garlan’s creak village, past Gamora Mountains.” Wanda’s eyes darkened, already overthinking everything that could go wrong. “And she wants the gem first, then she’ll deliver the ships with food and our supplies.” She finished and lowered her head on her hands.
Your words plaguing her mind and she had a gut feeling that she shouldn’t really deal with the Kree much less with their emissary, Agatha Harkness. There was something about your fear of the Kree that held her back, instead of exploiting this weakness. What if you were right?
“I’m not sure about this exchange anymore, Nat.” Wanda turned to look at the woman by her side. “What if this arrangement brings more pain and suffering than it should? More than we can handle?”
The spy had seen doubts plaguing the princess’s eyes one too many times, but this time had an edge of something new. Fear. She couldn’t argue with that, she too was uncertain about this whole ordeal in first place. “I don’t like this more than you do. But there’s no turning back now, I’m afraid.”
Wanda grunts and gets up to her feet and starts to pace again. The action always seemed to calm her nerves, now did nothing but to bring agony to who’s watching and to herself as well, for she was far from the answers she needed.
“I just hate to dive in the dark, you know?” She mused more to herself than to her companion. “It feels that something does not add up. As if Vision is holding back information.”
She pauses briefly to look at her personal guard and best friend, then resumes her pace again. “I agree with you, Wanda. There’s something about this whole thing that does not smell right.” Natasha leans her elbows on her knees and locks eyes with Wanda before she turns on her pace.
“What do you mean?” Wanda’s fingers were on her lips, brows furrowed with deep thought, trying to solve an impossible puzzle when she knew she didn’t have the right pieces. “Did you find something?” She stops on the corner, waiting for a response.
“It’s more what I didn’t.” The spy starts. “All the shipments sent to us, up until now, by Hydrarr are clean, too clean. No manifests, no brands, no nothing.” She shakes her head lightly. “It is almost as if someone put some great effort to clean everything.”
Wanda nodded her head, digesting this new piece of information, this new piece of the puzzle. “You mean that the shipments went through some laundry.” It wasn’t a question; Wanda was not stupid. Underestimated? Yes. But she had learned her lessons with the best, one of them sitting right in front of her.
“That’s the main possibility, yes.” Natasha spoke again. “And Vision’s explanations did not suffice at all, not in the least.” She licked her lips before letting her next words scape her mouth. She knew she was a Lady and friends with a princess, but such suggestion on times like this, during war, could be considered treason.
However, she had a duty with her kingdom, with her king and with her princess. She, alongside Sir Rogers, had promised to their parents to take care of their children and that’s why she’s the princess protector and most trusted advisor. “This is a very sensitive subject, my princess…”
At the mention of her title, Wanda’s head snapped towards the spy on her couch. She anticipated that her next sentence would mean more than a simple advice, but kingdom wise matter. “… But how far should we take our trust on Vision?”
The air was taken from Wanda’s lungs and for a moment she contemplated what was said. Vision was around their court as long as she remembers and after her parents passed, he stepped as Pietro’s advisor.
Despite Sir Rogers services to the crown since forever, Pietro chose his best friend to walk the supreme ruler’s path by his side. However, squinting hard, Wanda couldn’t remember where Vision came from, nor his household.
She shook her head at the new information disclosed, trying to disperse the doubts clouding her beliefs. They must not start hunting down their allies, their friends. Or else, who will they become?
“Pietro trusts Vision.” She says, not sure if to remind Natasha or herself.
“The question is: Do you?” The Black Widow asks without missing a beat and the princess’ eyes land on hers once more, full of worries and uncertainties.
“I trust Pietro’s judgements.” Wanda replies, hating the new puzzle added to the pot. She shakes her head again, concentrating at the matter at hand. “Let’s focus on Harkness for now. We must prepare and leave as soon as possible in order to reach Garlan before snow.”
“I’ll make sure we have everything we may need to leave in two days.” Lady Romanoff gets to her feet and walks herself to the door, turning only to bid her friend good night.
The Maximoff girl indeed tries to have a good night of sleep, for she knows the warmth of the bed for the night is a comfort and pleasure that had their days numbered. Her restless dream is plagued with white armor, an enemy’s grin and thousands of conspiracies.
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unofficiallym · a day ago
Little things
(Wanda Maximoff X Reader)
Warnings: none just fluff :)
*Gif not mine*
Tumblr media
Wanda gets to know natasha's daughter when y/n teaches wanda how to cook pancakes.
I have the room closest to the kitchen so it's great for when I wake up early and wanna make breakfast for everyone or after I've had a nightmare and I can't sleep.
I woke up sweaty and I get out if bed and threw on a hoodie and some new shorts. I checked the time and it was 6am so I decided I'd make breakfast for everyone since they'd be up in an hour.
I was just casually working on the batter for my pancakes "Hi y/n" I heard Wanda's surprised voice speak from behind me I placed the eggshell down and turned to smile at wanda.
"Hello wanda" I grinned, wanda stood tilting her head at the bowl behind me. "Would you like to help?" I asked she looked at me.
"What are you making?" She questioned and I turned around to the bowl.
"My special pancakes" I said showing her the batter she walked closer and watched me add milk and butter.
"Can I help?" She asked timidly I smiled and nodded.
"You mix it for me while I grab the frying pan?" I said she nodded and I carefully handed her the bowl. She mixed it while I got the frying pan from a cupboard then I turned the oven hob on and wanda set the mixture down on the counter.
I showed wanda how to cook the first few pancakes then I went to get the syrup from the top shelf where my mother hides it away from me. I climbed up and got the syrup jumping back onto the floor. "I could have used my powers to get that If you asked" wanda grinned.
"You can't always rely on your wiggly woos Miss Maximoff." I stated with a shrug wanda laughed.
"And why is that Miss Romanoff?" Wanda asked with a wide smile.
"Because I won't always have you around to get my syrup!" I stated and wanda laughed more making me smile.
We ate our pancakes happily while we talked about her brother and she told me stories and I told her stories about my mother and how she's not as scary as she seems.
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siren-writess · 2 days ago
Notes- as promised, NAT IS BACK and not going anywhere ;). My requests are open and I'm always happy to hear some new ideas!!!! I really hope u enjoy this chapter, I'm loving this story so far. Happy reading xxx
The song that I played while writing the first half of the chapter here
Overview- you are a high ranking Hydra agent but you want out. What will happen when a group of heroes you have tried to take down take you under their wing. They say, love is an unpredictable force and you might just find it here.
Tumblr media
So wrong it's right
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven-
Cold air prickled your nose as you inhaled the salty sea air. You stood atop a high wave as if you owned the sea itself. Below you, the team prepared for the battle that would soon begin.
Hydra were coming for you, in the hope that you would rejoin their crusade. They did not know however, that their once failed experiment was now siding with the ‘enemy’.
The shore line was dotted with high ranking S.W.O.R.D officials that were armed with the latest tech and an unquenchable thirst for knocking hydra down. Everyone waited quietly for the opposition to arrive. A thunderous rattle of metal fell from the sky and down came a hydra ship.
The ship settled slowly onto the shore and hundreds of agents stepped out to face you. As the anxiety grew in your stomach so did the force of the waves lapping around you. The noise of heavy duty boots crashing in the shallow water filled the silent space.
A clunky robotic figure stepped through the group of hydra agents towards you. They all moved out of his way like he was their god. He was large but not scary. His body was made up of various scrap, a stark contrast to tony and vision who were sleek and modern. You vaguely recognised his face that was displayed on an old screen.
His voice spilled from the robot as he addressed you. “Return our property and we will leave peacefully”. That accent returned months of lost memories from a time you scarcely knew of. Your mind spiralled with the recollection of those dreadful nights out in the snow with nothing but a blue cube held in a odd structure. The memories flashed around you causing the water beneath you to bubble and crack.
Tony nodded to you, allowing you to take the lead. you rode forward on your wave until it crashed into the shore dropping you just a few feet before the scrap bot.
“agent 24. shall we return home ? there is much to do.” he spoke like he was a concerned father. You stared back coldly before parting your lips to say “my home is here. with them”. The display scoffed at the idea and released a foreboding chuckle.
An agent stepped forward with a hard drive and pushed it in to the rusty scrap. As she left she gave you a small bow of respect and saluted.
Music began to sputter out of the machine. it began as a slow melodious hum but soon grew louder and more defined. As the voice rang clear you could hear the lilt of your own voice carried on the melody.
Wanda stared in knowing horror when your voice was carried on the light breeze and a storm of red magic brewed around her. The rest of the team stood in shock as they watched on. Hydra nor your allies dared to move in spite of wandas fear.
You mouth parted and began to sing along with the creepily soothing song. your voice rang clear and loud above all of the noise of warfare.
A storm with as much power as the sun raged around you. Wind whipped across the shore, making it look as if your hair and clothes were floating in the depths of the ocean. The bright blue light emitted from your eyes illuminated the now dark beach that was shrouded in heavy clouds.
A hand of cold ocean water outstretched towards you and you stepped onto it as if you were accepting an invitation from an old friend. You stretched both arms out as you raised yourself higher on the wave, blocking any slithers of sunlight left.
To everyone’s surprise the entire hydra team dropped to their knees before you. The entire team cowered in fear before you evoking a sickening chuckle from the robot man. “You see agent 24, I created you. You are ‘the kraken’, just as hypothesised. Return to those who nurtured your power and allow us to now bask in your glorious glow” The robot now clunked on to his knees before you.
“hydra knows nothing of nurture. Your reign of tyranny ends today, doctor” As if beckoned by your words lightening struck the sandy shores and propelled everyone into action.
Hydra stumbled from their knees to attack the team but none made an attempt to approach you. You watched curiously as they opted to go head to head with the likes of iron man and Natasha just to avoid you. It was unclear whether it was fear or respect that stopped them but that was a topic for later.
You floated down to the shore line and landed softly in front of the doctor. He looked up at you with fear in his cyborg eyes but he didn’t fool you. The memories propelled an onslaught of ice to stab into him. He laughed again mockingly as you continued to attack him with as much strength as you could muster. “you can’t kill me !” he chuckled but you couldn’t hear him over the bubbling rage stinging at your ears. You hit your fist into his electronic face repeatedly sending shards of glass flying into the sand. The life in him began to sputter as you ripped at the exposed wires beneath the glass. The anger forced you to continue to forcefully attempt to drain his life force long after the electronic version of his face faced.
Finally your anger faded. The shards of glass that once made up the doctors face now cut deep gashes into your skin. Blood trickled into the shallow water lapping at your feet and on to the lifeless scrap metal. You cursed the soul of the doctor once more before you pulled yourself away from him.
The rest of the team were scattered across the beach eliminating hydra agents left, right and centre. An unfamiliar figure had joined the fight. They stayed close to tony as they swung around on what looked to be wires. It was satisfying to watch them finish off the remaining agents and with their help the team seemed to be making light work of the small army.
You scanned the beach once more and found Natasha stuck between three agents who seemed to be putting up a good fight. Though she seemed relatively in control, her bloody nose caused you to instinctively join her side.
You quickly picked off the furthest agent from Natasha. Whilst she had her back turned you kicked hard into her, knocking her to the ground roughly.
Natasha smiled at you with surprise when she saw you helping her, before taking in your blood stained suit. Her smile faltered when she saw the blue material tainted with deep crimson. The remaining two agents stopped attacking Natasha and turned to you. They curtly nodded before moving out of your way. Both you and Natasha stared with your mouths agape at the two.
“You really got a fan club, huh ?” she chuckled before knocking both agents out with a smooth punch.
The joyful mood was soon ruined by the scene before you. hundreds of bodies lay in the sand. Some were bloody and battered while others had been struck by your power. Everyone was in silence once again as they caught their breath and recovered from the battle. Tony stood with the newcomer and they seemed to be sharing some kind words and celebrations while Bruce looked at the lifeless bodies with tears in his eyes.
you scanned the faces of the hydra agents laying in the sand. While you were tortured and subjected to horrible things whilst with hydra it still hurt to see the people you once knew now laying dead in the sand because of you.
One face stood out to you as you scanned the men and women sadly. Her face sparked the faint memory of her loving touch and the way she would cradle you motherly. Her face also reminded you of how she would push you until you broke and how she would berate you if you failed a mission. In spite of it all, you loved her like a mother.
You knelt beside her to say your last goodbye to that bitterly sweet relationship. Faint red wisps still lingered on her limp body and the only life left was that of Wandas magic. A pang of anger rippled through you as you turned to watch Wanda chatting happily with Tony. You tucked a damp strand of hair behind her ear and left her alone in the sand.
Anger buzzed throughout your body as you approached the group. Wanda greeted you as she usually did with a warm and inviting hug but you met her with a cold and hard stare. She seemed confused but ultimately brushed it off and let you move on from her.
Tony grabbed you and began to ramble off some introductions with the unfamiliar figure. He took off his mask to reveal a very young boy, even younger than you. His hair flopped lazily on his head but his demeanour was filled with energy. He shook your hand eagerly and introduced himself. You tried to muster up your best smile in an effort to welcome him but no such thing came in the wake of the battle.
Bruce gently took your arm and led you to the quinjet, he ordered that you needed to be checked over by someone. You obliged and remained silent whilst everyone boarded.
The low hum of the ship began and the bodies littering the beach became no bigger than the grains of sand themselves. Steve had tried to talk to you throughout the journey but you stayed silent. You mind was still buzzing with lost memories and your only mother figures death.
Her death also begged the question, why was Wanda so afraid when that song began to play ?
In any case, the ship touched down beside the avengers compound and you were carried into your room. Bruce advised rest and relaxation after the days events but you waved him off nonchalantly and began to run yourself a warm bath.
The water stung the open wound across your skin but the comforting heat dulled the pain. That song began to play in your mind again and you hummed it quietly to yourself. Unlike before, your powers didn’t surge through the room; a mere soft blue glow emitted from your fingertips beneath the water. It was so familiar yet strange and it felt like a lullaby and a curse all at once.
A sharp knock rang through the thick bathroom door. You didn’t move, only mumbled for them to come in. To your surprise Natasha stepped through the door holding a cloth and some warm towels. She knelt beside the bathtub and offered a sympathetic smile. Her cloth dipped beneath the water and you both stayed in silence as she cleaned your skin gently. Anytime you winced or showed any sign of discomfort she stopped and rubbed steadying circles in to your palm. Your eyelids grew heavy and you leaned into her touch with every movement.
“come on, I’ll help you to bed” she announced before holding a warm towel up and helping you step out of the tub. She guided you towards the soft sheets and set you down on the edge whilst she looked for fresh clothes. “Tony basically ordered me to babysit you” she joked lightly. She placed a set of silk pyjamas into your hands and gestured for you to change.
When you dropped the towel her eyebrows shot up so high you thought they might fly off her face. you giggled tiredly and pulled the silk pyjamas up your body. Without paying her any mind you clambered into bed. “move up” she ordered while lightly nudging you along. Her skin was delightfully hot against yours and you nestled even closer into her. She gently played with your damp hair whilst you entwined with her. Neither of you dared to speak in fear it would break such a tender and joyous moment.
Eventually, her curiosity prevailed. “who was that woman on the beach?” she asked gently. Her warm breath tickled at your neck as the words brought you back to the memory. The memory was still fresh in your mind; the blood still warm against her skin and wandas magic still trickled away. You stayed silent for a while whilst you remembered her.
“she was my mother… in a way” you replied quietly while reminiscing. Sylvia was her name. Though she was responsible for the tortuous training you endured she also cradled you when you weeped from exhaustion. Much like you she was a formidable assassin but not unkind. “She trained me. I did love her even when she hurt me” you added with sorrow seeping into your words. A solitary tear dropped from your eye and landed on Nat's skin. She allowed the tear to sit upon her skin but moved to look into your ocean eyes.
A similar glint of grief danced behind her features as she held your eyes to hers. Her forehead Dipped onto yours and her breath slowed to match you. This time a tear dropped from her green eyes before she spoke “I’m sorry” Her words were so simple yet they held so much weight. She wasn’t just apologising for Sylvia’s demise but also for the animosity the two of you had shared. You had longed for her comfort again and finally she was allowing the ice around her to melt.
Her strong arms wrapped around you so tightly it felt like she was worried you would disappear. Love and longing buzzed through you. When you pulled back to stare it to her forlorn face once again a force you scarcely understood compelled you to do what you had dreamt of for weeks.
You grazed her lips with your own gently . She reciprocated and allowed your mouth to taste the sweet satisfaction of hers. Her kiss was strong and filled with unsaid lust. Skilled fingers raked through your hair as she deepened the kiss ferociously. She hummed in pleasure as her tongue flicked over yours.
The both of you fell into the embrace of the silk sheets, wrapping your combined limbs in their solace. Your kisses slowed until you both drifted to sleep in one another’s embrace. With her by your side, you fell easily into a safe slumber.
Gentle slithers of sunlight woke you in the morning. Nat still lay beneath the sheets, her auburn hair splayed around her like a crown. You pulled yourself out of her embrace gently and luckily, she did not wake.
Slowly you tiptoed to the kitchen. Most of the team seemed to be asleep, apart from Wanda. She bustled around the kitchen in loose fitting pyjamas. She didn’t seem to notice your presence as you entered so you watched for a while. In spite of yesterday she seemed chipper as she poured eggs into a hot pan. The cracking and sizzling filled the dead silence of the room and you began to sit at the table.
The noise of the chair alerted wanda to your presence and in one smooth move, she had a knife floating dangerously in front of your face. You stared down the cold metal to wanda still recovering from shock. Gently, you pushed the knife away from your face and settled in your seat without another word.
It looked like she wanted to say something but when Tony sauntered in she decided against it.
“Ladies!” he smirked as he entered the room flamboyantly. Wanda turned back to the breakfast on the stove whilst you gave your full attention to tony. He checked in with you, showing the genuine care that you had grown accustomed to from him. Once you assured him you were fine, his eyes lit up with childish excitement. “Sooooo, does that mean I can throw a party in celebration” you chuckled at his exclamation, knowing whatever you replied didn't matter. Tony was already planning.
He rushed away like a child on Christmas day, pushing past a sleepy Steve and Bruce.
They both plopped down on the couch whilst you brewed some strong coffee. Bruce accepted his cup gratefully and apologised for keeping the true scope of your power away from you. You waved his apology off, knowing that he did it for the greater good. Wanda though, stiffened at the mention of knowing more than you did about your own power. Bruce seemed to notice too as you shared a quizzical expression. Neither of you said a word and soon you decided it was time to check on Nat.
You poured two cups of coffee and began to leave. “Tell Romanoff that we have a follow-up meeting at nine” Steve called after you causing you to tense up and turn back to him.
“What? How did you k-”
He looked pointedly at your pyjamas and then you realised Natasha hadn't given you your own clothes last night. You were wearing hers. A silk black set with her initials embroidered over the breast pocket.
You walked back to your room purposefully and swung the door open to reveal a very smug Natasha still lying beneath the sheets. You passed the cup to her and perched on the edge of the bed, ready to commence an interrogation.
But she simply kissed you sweetly, melting away all of your anger. Her kiss was much more dominant this morning. Her mouth was possessive over yours, pushing and pulling you however she wanted. The same gentle fingers from last night pulled at your hair as they raked through.
She pulled away to sip her coffee and smirk into the dark liquid. Your breath came out shaky and ragged after her lips left yours, the effect of her still tormenting you.
“Im assuming...” she trailed off with a pointed look towards the black silk of your pyjamas
“If you mean, did everyone see your brand on me?! Then yes, Natasha, they did” You quipped back with faint annoyance. She giggled and pulled you straight back on to her.
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s1ut4milfssssss · 16 hours ago
They’re not all nice
summary: In this multiverse, Wanda helped create ultron, behind Stark’s knowledge of course. But when ultron crashed the party that night, he took you as a hostage to threaten the avengers. You were scared and horrified of what he would do the you, but you realised that he wasn’t the mastermind at all...
warnings: language., kidnapping
Tumblr media
“Testosterone.” You heard Maria dramatically sighed before leaving you alone with the boys, you rolled your eyes at them and left the bar, walking towards Steve.
“Hey kid, how’re you doing?” He asked as he draped his arms around your shoulder, you simply shrug and gave him a warm smile and leaned into his touch.
Steve has always been like a big brother to you ever since you joined, he was tasked to look after you when you first joined, and you’ve obviously became closer to him.
Everyone left at the party were all gathered at the corner, playing a game that needed them to lift Thor's hammer, which was absolute shit anyway, even you knew they wouldn’t be able to lift it.
You were curled up against Steve, he let you lay down on him while the other avengers were drinking, you were falling asleep but suddenly a wall came breaking down, loud noises flooded your ears when people started screaming and shouting.
You were sitting down cross legged as you clammed your eyes shut and covered your ears, a strong hand pulled you away and hauled you to the corner of the room.
“You alright, kid?” Steve asked as he shielded you from the falling debris.
“Yeah, thanks.”
He nodded at you and went to help the others, meanwhile, you watched the fight unfold in front of you, something wasn’t right, there was no way one robot could take down the Avengers single-handedly, there had to be someone else helping it.
Just then, a cold pair of arms grabbed you by the waist, lifting you off the ground, away from the others, you kicked and screamed but everyone was too busy to even notice you, it flew you away from the tower, leaving no trail of you behind.
You must have passed out from the high pressure because the next thing you knew, you were on a bed. The walls around you were old and crusty, barely hanging on.
The room you were in was pretty empty, it had nothing but a bed and a small nightstand beside it, then there were huge metal doors that occupied most of the room.
You wanted to inspect the place, but as soon as you got up, you couldn’t move, you looked down at your hands and legs and realised that they have been chained to the bedpost.
Panic shot through you when you couldn’t free yourself, who the heck would want you stuck with them
All of a sudden, the metal doors bursted open, you jumped back against the headboard, backing yourself the furthest you could away from the figure approaching you.
“I see you’re awake.” 
You looked up at the shadowy figure and relaxed when you realised that it was a girl. She didn’t look too old or too young, probably a couple of years older than you.
You tilted your head to the side slightly as you waited for an explanation from her, but all she did was mimic your actions which was rather cute.
“I’m Wanda.” She introduced herself as she slowly moved nearer to you on the bed, “What’s your name, lovely?”
You replied, smiling shyly at her, but your smile immediately faded away when you came to your senses- she was the one that brought you here.
You looked away from her, feeling the panic flowing through your body like blood in your veins. 
“What’s wrong, bunny?” She asked as she reached her hand for your face, but you only moved further away from her, not wanting to let her have any control over you.
“Awh, is my baby mad at me now? Are you scared, bunny, is that what this is?” She mocked you in a childish tone which made you shift uncomfortably on the bed.
“You know, I saved you from them, Jesus, they barely noticed that you were gone!” She raised her voice at you while getting off the bed.
You glared at her back with daggers in your eyes, let’s just say, if looks could kill, she would already be dead.
“You’ll learn soon, lovely, they’re not all nice.” She smirked as she left the room, leaving the big metal doors open on purpose.
She had read your mind, she knew deep inside that even if you had the chance to escape from her, you wouldn’t, you were all hers now.
The next few days went by slowly, it was the same old things that happened daily, Wanda would come in every few hours to give you food, which you wouldn’t accept most of the time. She would try to make you talk to her but you never wanted to, you would ignore her and look away which would clearly make her mad, but you didn’t care.
Everything was fine, you were getting used to being in the room 24/7 it became a routine for you already, but one day you were feeling awfully tired, it’s not like you did anything the whole day, but you were feeling fuzzy and warm all over and it wasn’t comfortable.
You were too zoned out with the heat that was rising by the second in your head that you didn’t notice Wanda walking through the door. 
She could tell immediately that something wasn’t right, she grew worried when you became unresponsive to her, she laid her hand on your head and sighed.
Without warning, she picked you up and carried you like a small child, she knew that this would eventually happen in the state that you were living in at the moment, but she didn’t want you to leave her, she couldn’t let you leave her.
You were practically passed out in her arms as she carried you to her room, she needed to look after you now, she wanted to.
As soon as she got up to the room, she laid you down on her bed and tucked you in as she got medicine for you, she spent the rest of the day looking after you, making sure that you were always comfortable with her.
A while later, you woke up from your nap, everything was dark, there wasn’t anybody around. You noticed that the room seemed different, you checked your hands and realised that they weren’t chained anymore.
A confused look was plastered onto your face, you got up from the new bed you were in and headed out the room, you followed the light which eventually led you downstairs.
And there you saw her, Wanda, she was flying mid air, probably casting a spell, which made you uneasy and you felt like turning around and running away, but yet you couldn’t bring yourself to.
She suddenly turned around and stared at you, for a second you thought that she would be angry at you for leaving the room, but what she did was pretty unexpected.
When she noticed you were watching her, she immediately dropped back down onto the carpeted floor and smiled as you gestured for you to go over.
You slowly approached her as she draped her arms around you, pulling you closer to her chest as she used one hand to stroke your hair.
“How’re you feeling, lyubov?”
“You don’t sound fine.” she said, quirking and eyebrow at you which made you chuckle, “I’m fine, Wanda, really.”
“I know, I’m just teasing you.” She giggled as she tickled you all over, making you scream and laugh in delight.
“Why did you take me?” You asked her as you sat yourself on the floor, looking up at her, waiting for an answer.
She sighed and kneeled down in front of you, so now she was in your level, looking at you straight in the eyes as she spoke.
“I just wanted to get back at Stark by taking one of his…but it doesn’t seem like they really care, don’t you think?”
You looked at her saddenedly, surely they cared, they wouldn’t just leave you after they found out that you were gone.
“Don’t be sad, bunny. But now that I’ve got you, I’m not gonna let them hurt you again…” She cooed as she picked you from the floor and carried you, walking to what looked like her garage.
You just followed her as she buckled you in the passenger seat of her car, she placed a soft kiss on your head before starting the car.
You immediately noticed the route she was taking, it was the exact route Steve took you everytime you returned to the tower.
“W-why’re we going back?!” You asked, panicking slightly because she promised not to ever let them leave you again.
“It’s okay, baby, I’m just gonna show them what good care I’m gonna take care of you with.” She replied as she rubbed her hand up and down your arm in a comforting way.
You sighed and slumped in your seat again, looking out the window as comfortable silence floated in the air between the two of you.
Not long later, you reached the avengers tower, you had no idea hkw she was going to sneak in because Mr Stark had the best security in the world.
But of course, she flew you onto the top level of the tower with her powers, you held on so tightly into her that you knew you were probably drawing blood from her skin.
She kept her soft hand on your waist as she flew, checking every so often to check if you were okay.
“Y/n. You okay?” She asked as she removed you from her waist, turning to face you as she brushed stray strands of hair away from your face.
You nodded and gave her a small smile which probably wasn’t so convincing but she placed a kiss on your head as she dragged you closely behind her as she entered the tower through the balcony.
“Shit! Stop right there, who the hell are you?!” You could hear Mr Stark shout from the bar, of course, he was drinking.
You hid behind Wanda as she approached Tony, you knew that she was just asking for trouble when she entered without permission.
“I think I have one of you…wanna take a guess who?” She smirked at him as the other avengers came pouring into the room.
“Y/n?!” You heard Steve’s voice call out for you.
You moved slightly away from Wanda, staring at Steve now, it took everything in you not to run into his arms.
But Wanda held onto your hand tightly, warning you not to do so.
“I thought I would see you again Stark.” Wanda smirked.
“What do you want, kid?”
“Do you really not remember me?” She laughed with a tiny pout on her lips.
“No, i don’t usually associate myself with peasants.”
“Peasants?! You made me become this! Throwing your bombs all over my house?!” She shouted infuriated.
“I’m going to teach you a lesson on losing someone you love…with my bunny here.” She announced as she gently pulled you from behind her back, holding you tightly, now in front of her.
“Y/n. Come here now!” Stark instructed as he stared you down.
You looked up at Wanda for permission and she shook her head ‘no’ you and you submissively obeyed her and stood where you were.
“You just left her to die didn’t you Stark? You knew she was taken but you didn’t bother to even find her! What the hell?!”
“I-I’m sorry kid, I swear I-I was going to l-”
Wanda stopped him by blasting him back into a wall that shattered at the impact.
God this was gonna be a long night…
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biggestsimponhere · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wanda maximoff x reader
A/n: This is set after age of Ultron but your character saves Pietro with your powers. Just in case you haven't seen Moulin Rouge there are spoilers in here, unless you're not planning to watch it, in that case keep reading. 
Warnings: Swearing not much else
Y/n = your name
Y/l/n = your last name
Y/n/n = your nickname
It's movie night at the Avengers tower and of course the boys want a horror movie. "Come on Y/n/n, just watch a horror movie" Sam said picking up the remote "I'm gonna have nightmares, I don't want to watch one" I said curling into Wanda's side "We'll turn on whatever you want to watch after" Sam said "So you'll all sit and watch Moulin Rouge with me, and not complain" I said sitting up "Yeah, fine we'll watch Moulin Rouge and not complain" Bucky said "Now turn on a horror movie" he said to Sam.
They ended up choosing 'Paranormal activity: Next of Kin' (A/n: don't judge me this was a scary movie) we all settled down and started watching. I kept hiding in Wanda's side or behind the blanket "Why is it growling?!?!" I said shoving the blanket in front of my face "Oh my god, what's down there" I said "Pull her up!" Sam yelled at the TV. "They can't hear you" Nat said rolling her eyes "Oh my god, get out of there" I said "the scariest part of this movie is Norman, is that even his name?" Bucky said laughing
"No his name is like Jacob or something I forgot, AHH, OH MY GOD!" I said jumping and shoving my face into Wanda's side "Y/n/n, this is not even scary" she said turning to me "LOOK THE THING IS COMING OUT OF THE CAVE!" Peter shouted "OH MY GOD THAT THING IS TERRIFYING!" I said "WHYS IT LOOK LIKE IT CAME STRAIGHT OUT OF THE VR FOREST GAME!!" Peter said "OH MY GOD YOU'RE RIGHT!" I said shoving my blanket into my face "Your being dramatic" Mj said from her place next to peter and Ned "Hey!, no more screaming!" Nat shouted "Sorry Nat" I said
"Whatever just be quiet" Nat said sitting back "OH SHIT" Nat said jumping back "SEE!" I said "HE JUST KILLED HIM" Nat said hiding under her blanket "WHY'D WE PICK THIS" Ned said pulling his blanket over his face "Everyone calm down it's just a movie" Bucky said "YEAH RIGHT BUCKY" Sam said hiding under the blanket and curling closer to Bucky. "Yeah yeah, whatever, the movies almost over" Bucky said pulling Sam closer to him. "See it's done now" Bucky said as the credits appeared on screen "Can we turn Moulin Rouge on now" I said grabbing the remote from the table.
 Then Steve, Tony, Pepper, Bruce, and Pietro walked into the room. "What are we watching?" Pepper said pulling Tony over to the love-seat as Pietro went and grabbed more popcorn and the rest of the group found their seats. "Since they refuse to watch more horror movies we're watching Moulin Rouge" Bucky said rolling his eyes "Hey! you said you wouldn't complain" I yelled at Bucky. "Alright i'm out" Tony said trying to stand up "Nope" Pepper said pulling him back next to her. "Yeah are you too good for a romance movie stark?" Pietro said sitting down next to Nat as she reaches up to take his popcorn.
 "Maybe I just don't want to watch it Maximoff" Tony said moving closer to Pepper "He doesn't want to watch it because he'll cry we've already seen it three times" Pepper said laughing "Yeah, yeah whatever, just turn it on" Tony said taking the popcorn from Steve. I turned it on and then moved closer to Wanda. We all sang along to the songs before eventually getting to "Sparkling Diamonds", I stood up next to the couch "The french are glad to die for love" I sang along with her before Pepper stood up "A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girls best friend" Pepper sang as Tony grabbed her hand and kissed it. 
 Then Wanda stood up "A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental on your humble flats or help you feed your, *rawr* pussy cat" Wanda sang grabbing my hand and spinning me around. "Men grow cold as girls grow old and we all lose our charms in the end" Sam sang pulling Bucky up "But square cut or pear shaped these rocks don't lose their shape" Bucky sang as Sam twirled him around. All of us sang and danced until the song ended and then we all settled back into out seats. We all stayed seated till "Your song" came on and everyone decided that we needed to sing it dramatically to each other. Everyone turned to their significant other and started singing. 
 "My gift is my song, and this one's for you" Tony started leaning closer to Pepper "And you can tell everybody that this is your song, it may be quite simple but now that's it's done, I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in word's, how wonderful life is now that you're in the world" Wanda sang pulling me closer to her. Then the beat started to pick up "But the sun's been kind while I wrote this song, It's for people like you that keep it turned on" Peter said grabbing Mj's hand "So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do, you see I've forgotten if their green or their blue" Bucky sang to Sam "And well the thing is what I really mean, yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen" Sam sang back.
 That went on the entire song and for all the rest of the songs before we reached about thirty minutes to the end. "Is she really gonna go with him?" Steve asked turning to look at the rest of the group "Steve, just watch the movie, no more questions" Bruce said looking at him before turning back to the movie "Shhhhh, this is the best song in the entire movie" Nat said as "El Tango De Roxanne" turned on. Nat started to dramatically sing his part before I started to dramatically sing Christian's part to Wanda. Then Wanda started to speak the French part and I swear I almost died. The rest of the song went on with Nat and I dramatically singing before we all calmed down and kept watching. 
 "Oh my, what's he doing to her?" Steve asked "Steve, why do I have to keep telling you to just watch the movie?" Bruce said turning to him "What I can't be concerned now?" Steve said turning to face Bruce "Steve, just watch the movie" Bruce said turning back to it. Steve finally stopped talking before the hit man scene where everyone started talking. "Is she about to die?" Mj said "NO,THEY WOULDN'T KILL HER WOULD THEY?" Steve said "OMG IS SHE REALLY GONNA DIE" Ned said as the hit man got closer to her. I curled into Wanda's side not wanting to watch her death. I turned back to the TV right as she died and then joined Tony and the others in crying. 
 "WHY WOULD THEY KILL HER" Ned shouted at the TV. "I don't know because they think it's funny or something" I said through the tears. "I'm never watching this movie again" Tony said grabbing the tissues "Honey, we both know that's a lie" Pepper said taking the tissues from him. "Time for bed, let's go, we'll all come out tomorrow before breakfast to clean the mess" Pepper said pulling Tony up and off the couch. "Let's go love" Wanda said pulling me up and down the hall "I'm just gonna clean up the mess right now" I could hear Peter say before we reached our bedroom. We changed and then got in bed "Goodnight love" Wanda said pulling me closer "Goodnight" I said slowly falling asleep.
1370 words
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dweeb-poetry · 29 days ago
twitter porn link pt.2༊*·˚
‣ hello my fellow humans, fancy seeing you here. I know I said I would be active on Tumblr but guess what? I got banned lol. Now, I'm back and thank you to everyone who sent me those kind messages while I was gone ♡
‣ this is a part 2 of my previous porn link (here) y'all lemme know if I accidentally repeated the old ones.
'*•.¸♡ avengers edition ♡¸.•*'
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛tony stark
doggy style with tony.
reverse cowgirl on tony.
rough morning ex with husband!tony.
ceo!tony teasing his little maid.
tony teasing your clit.
: ̗̀➛bucky barnes
morning sex with bucky.
fucking yourself on bucky's cock.
doggy style with bucky.
bucky torturing you with a toy.
rough sex with bucky.
: ̗̀➛steve rogers
steve teasing and fucking you until your squirming.
steve fingering you.
needy sex with steve.
riding dom!steve.
morning sex with husband!steve.
: ̗̀➛ dr. strange
riding dr. strange.
petting dr. strange's cock with your bare cunt.
shower ex with enemy!strange.
stephen fingering you and making you cum in seconds.
stephen taking you out on the kitchen counter.
: ̗̀➛loki laufeyson
loki tongue fucking you.
sucking loki's cock.
loki playing with your pussy.
loki abusing your throat.
loki punishing you with his chains and collars.
: ̗̀➛peter parker
giving a handjob to boyfriend!peter.
peter eating you out.
titty fucking peter making him cum.
69 position with peter.
peter making you ride him.
: ̗̀➛carol danvers
carol eating you out.
grinding yourself on carol's cunt.
carol fingering you.
rough strap on sex with carol.
carol fingering you under the covers.
: ̗̀➛natasha romanoff
making out with natasha.
eating out dom!natasha.
first time with girlfriend!natasha.
natasha denying your orgam.
natasha eating you out.
: ̗̀➛pietro maximoff
pietro playing through your panties.
riding pietro's face.
pietro fucking you after a long day.
soft morning sex with pietro.
pietro playing with you.
: ̗̀➛wanda maximoff
wanda loves your tits.
you vibrating wanda's pussy.
wanda fingering you.
grinding with wanda.
wanda eating you out.
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allfiguredout · a month ago
Tumblr media
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maximofflover · 2 days ago
Y/N: [ staring at wanda , is drunk] How are you real ?
Wanda: [ obviously teasing ] Actually I'm not you imagined me just now
Y/N: [ starts crying ]
Wanda : B-Babe... wha???
Y/N: I knew it! Only I could create someone as irritating and beautiful as you to be with me
Wanda: ... why did I think marrying you was a good idea
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8bitscarlet · a month ago
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Tumblr media
Summary: A broken down car on the side of the road just before Christmas leaves you with a grateful woman.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Genre/Warnings: 18+ ONLY!//MINORS DNI! Smut (a few cuss words, fingering, top!reader, bottom!Wanda, strap-use (r giving), oral (r giving and Wanda giving), praising)
Word Count: 5.8k
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White flurries of snow fall from the cloudy sky above you, coating the dark green needles of the trees around and the road you drive up. The mountain road up to the scattered cabins is completely empty as you sit back into the seat that keeps you warm.
Humming along to a classic Christmas song, fingers gently drumming against your steering wheel, you carefully take a turn as the sky grows darker and the evening grows closer and closer.
As your headlights shine out as you come around the corner, you clench your brows and lean forward. Your foot slowly comes off of the gas pedal when you see the blinking hazards of a car pushed off to the side of the road. Inside you see someone in the driver’s seat turn quickly, but they don’t climb out of the car to hail for help. Still, a blizzard is coming soon and they’ll freeze out here if you don’t stop.
You pull just in front of their car, sighing as you turn off the hot air that keeps the inside of your truck toasty and open the door to the frigid, winter air. Shivering as you feel the change in temperature and your breath huffs out in a thick cloud, you reach inside your door for your gloves. The snow crunches below your boots as you open up the backseat door and swing on your fur-lined denim jacket. Waving as you try to blow warmth into your other hand, you trudge your way over to the black sedan that has no business trekking up the mountain to trying to beat a snowstorm.
Slowly, the door opens as a woman steps out of the car and keeps the door between you and her. You stop at your tailgate and give a grin to her, auburn hair falling against her shoulders as she slides on a beanie to keep her head warm.
“You alright, ma’am?” you ask, glancing over at her car and not seeing any flat tires as she pulls her jacket tighter.
She looks around expectantly, “Yeah, I’m fine.”
You hum, knowing that’s an obvious lie as you slip your hands into your jacket pockets, “Need some help, maybe?”
She quickly shakes her head, “Oh no, roadside assistance’s supposed to,” she pauses to look down at her phone and you watch as her shoulders deflate, “within the hour they said.”
You raise your brows, glancing down at your watch and shaking your head. They won’t be leaving for another forty minutes and by then they’ll call back to tell her they can’t drive up the road if there’s a blizzard of this size coming. She’ll freeze by the time they get here since her car isn’t even starting.
“Well, don’t know if you’re in the know, but there’s a huge blizzard about a half hour out,” you grin as you watch her let out a defeated sigh, her eyes glancing at your hand pointing out the increasing snowfall and the creaking of the trees.
The auburn-haired woman watches as you kneel down in the snow, face touching the cold frost as you check to see if any of her liquids are leaking, “I was trying to get to my family’s cabin in time but obviously that’s not happening.”
You chuckle, straightening yourself out and smacking the snow from your wet jeans, “I’ve got a cabin just up the way. Tools to fix up your car once I get a look at it. Does your family have a landline?”
She nods, watching as you quickly hop into the bed of your truck and open up the toolbox you have in the back as you continue talking, “You can call them from mine. I doubt you really have good service up so high. You’ll have none once we get up there.”
The woman groans, glancing back down the road in false hope for flashing lights to come up that roadside. You stop, staring down with her and seeing nothing but the clouds growing thicker.
“You’re not a murderer, right?” She asks, closing her door shut as she walks back to her trunk.
You chuckle, landing into the snow and grabbing your towing chain from the backseat. Walking back, she comes with a suitcase and backpack and stops a few feet from you, brows raised as she patiently waits for your honest reply. You grin, now noticing how green the eyes that stare at you are.
“I’m not. That’s my Halloween hobby. I’m a good samaritan during the Christmas season,”
“Well then,” she smiles as she holds out her gloved hand to you, “lucky me. I’m Wanda.”
Biting the tip of your glove to yank it off before you cover her glove in old oil and grease, you grip her hand in yours as you mumble out your name. She smiles, a twinkling in her eyes that catches you off guard, fumbling for your key as she hands you hers. Gently, she takes the keys from your grasp, hand sliding across yours as your eyes follow after her.
“I’ve got seat warmers!” you call out before she disappears around the front of the truck.
Wanda smiles back at you, as you hide behind an embarrassed grin at yelling that out so excitedly, “You’re looking more and more like a godsend,”
As she climbs into the truck, you smack your glove against your hand as you mumble to yourself that you just turned into an idiot because of a beautiful woman. You finished setting up her car for the careful trek up the snowy road quickly and you jog to the driver’s side as you try to stretch out your stiff fingers.
Jumping inside, you clench your eyes shut as you feel hot air slam into you. The inside of your truck feels like a sauna but Wanda looks practically half asleep in the passenger side. Her beanie and winter jacket laying on her lap as she sits there in a simple sweater and jeans, humming quietly to the Christmas radio station. She grins at you as you buckle up and start the drive back to your cabin.
It's a quiet drive, both of you just letting the radio station fill the quiet air. Your eyes glance in the rearview mirrors every few moments, ensuring her car isn’t going to slide back down the mountain and to simply have an excuse to look at Wanda. Her eyes stay glued to the wintery scene outside, probably glad to just look at the beautiful landscape instead of gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.
Carefully, the snow crunches beneath tires as you swing your truck around so the car is closest to your workshop. Wanda’s eyes carefully glance over your quaint cabin, light flickering out through the thin curtains at the front. She chuckles quietly, seeing the unmistakable, movie famous leg lamp in one of the windows.
It’s solitary out here, surrounded only by trees and your driveway. There’s a pile of logs with your axe next to your workshop that’s locked up and dark with all your tools to fix up Wanda’s car. Christmas lights hang down from your roof, a crooked snowman in your front yard you used to prove to your family that you were being a bit festive.
You climb out quickly, opening the backseat as you grab her suitcase and your Christmas packages, letting her take her personal bag and hike through the snow. Grunting as your feet sink down into the layer of snow, you laugh when you see Wanda nearly tip over when her boot doesn’t come up. She scoops up some snow quickly and chucks it over at you,
“Keep laughing, your truck is going to be up at my family’s cabin."
Slamming your boots on the outside welcome mat, you grin, “Aw, are you inviting a total stranger to meet your family for Christmas? Is that how you’re thanking me?”
As her green eyes roll in her head, you open the door to the smell of the firewood still burning and your home still toasty. Grunting as you slide her suitcase along the wood floor to try and get out of your boots, you turn your head and see her still standing out in the cold. Her eyes bounce around the inside of your house warily, fingers playing with the strap of her bag.
“Are you a vampire? Can’t come inside unless I invite you in?”
Wanda shakes her head, stepping inside as you shut the door behind her. She quickly steps out of her boots as you shake your jacket off of your shoulders, “Maybe you’re not the only one who thrives on Halloween.”
With a smirk, you toss your jacket onto your coat hanger as she gradually steps further into the house. You watch as her eyes take in the Christmas tree you had cut down in the corner, gliding over to your lone stocking on your fireplace. Quietly, Wanda's eyes glance to your stare as you quickly kneel down and rearrange the new presents beneath your tree. With fire poker in hand as you stand at the fire, you start to point out everything a guest might need to know; the bathroom to splash some hot water on her face, the kitchen where she can help herself to anything and the landline so her family knows she’s still alive.
Wanda pauses in your living room, stepping closer to you as she tilts her head with green eyes fixed to your Christmas tree. You glance at it yourself, a few special ornaments among the cliche red, circular ornaments. Her fingers gently hold onto a snow globe ornament of your hometown, a soft grin on her face as you run your hand over your mouth.
“Would an ornament suffice as a thank you?” she turns back to you as you quickly avert your eyes to pretend to finish fixing the books on your coffee table.
Clenching your brows as you grimace slightly, you say, “Maybe a little more brainstorming.”
Wanda giggles, her eyes flicking up to where a traditional star should be placed. Instead it's one of your hats that's covered in a green plant that hangs from the top of the tree.
"What in the world is that?"
You glance up at it, chuckling to yourself, "My family thought it would be hilarious to send me a hat made of mistletoe. Find me a Christmas miracle of something."
Wanda grimaces playfully at it, leaving your face feeling hot as you quickly try to find something else to do and pull away from her soft glances. As you go to open the box of Christmas cookies in your hands, you feel the same dainty fingers that held your ornament wrap around your arm and grip onto your flannel, “Thank you. Seriously, you probably saved me from turning into a human popsicle.”
“Believe me,” you chuckle as you unbutton the top of your flannel to try and swallow the knot in your throat, “I’ve dug enough people out to know being out there during a storm isn’t fun. ‘Sides, I can fix your car up for free, no scams here.”
Your feet turn and Wanda’s fingers slip from your arm but you can hear her walking behind you, following you into the kitchen, “I can’t let you do that.”
You shrug, bending down to grab the milk, “I’m sure you can think of an acceptable payment then. And not ornaments,” you say softly as you shut the fridge door. She leans against your table, eyes closely watching every move you make but no longer with a cautious stare.
Pouring out two glasses, you pop open the cookie container and hold it out to her, “Cookies?”
Her eyes rest on yours, blinking slowly as you feel your heart thud against your chest and thankful that she can’t notice. Licking the bottom of her lip as she gently bites against it, you feel your jaw clench as the heat grows in your stomach. For a moment, she stands there, transfixed in your watchful stare until finally she snaps out of whatever thought she got lost in. Wanda quickly snatches a cookie from the container,
“Oh, yes! I love these, thank you!”
You chuckle, biting into a soft snickerdoodle as you completely peel out of your flannel and leave yourself in your tucked in shirt. Gently, Wanda reaches around you to snatch up the glass of milk, eyes running down the tight undershirt before she quickly says that she’s going to call her family.
As soon as she turns the corner you fall back against the counter, pressing the back of your hands to your eyes. A couple days of blissful solitary and the first attractive person to look your way sends you out of control. Stuffing the rest of the cookie in your mouth, you chew on the cinnamon sugar for a while as you glare at the small Santa decoration on your kitchen table. Grabbing another cookie, you fall into one of the chairs as you slam down half of your milk and try to distract yourself with the treats instead of watching Wanda talk on your phone.
She’s having a quiet conversation but as she glances back to you, cocking her brow as you roll up your jeans to keep them from dragging on the floor, she raises her voice,
“I’m fine, Piet. Yes, I’m safe. They’re only a murderer during spooky holidays.”
You glance over and see the playful grin she shoots at you before it falls and she waves her hand to the person on the other end of the line, “It was a joke!”
Chuckling, Wanda finishes up her hushed conversation as you finish your fifth cookie and second glass of milk. You hear the receiver settle back into place and Wanda groans, sitting across from you as she breaks apart another cookie on her napkin.
“Well,” she plops one of the pieces in her mouth, “I called roadside assistance again.”
You raise your brows, wiping away the milk from your upper lip.
“They said the speed of the blizzard slowed, but they still won’t be able to get up here until tomorrow.”
You chuckle, “You don’t trust me with your car? Or is it something else?”
Wanda gives you a look, “I can’t ask you to go out there right now. It’s way too cold.”
“I know how to layer,” you press, leaning onto your fist as you watch a coy smile spread on her lips.
“You already towed my car. Why don’t you relax, I’m not going to drive up there anyways. It’s too damn dark out there.”
You glance back and see that the sun had officially set and it was pitch black outside, “You’re actually in luck. I just changed the sheets on my bed so you can sleep in there.”
Wanda stays silent for a moment, clasping her fingers together as her chin rests on them. You drop the grin from your face and stare back just as intently, eyes following along every curve and angle of her face before she lets out a huff of air and sits back into the chair.
“You’re just going to secretly work on the car while I sleep, aren’t you?”
Raising your brows, you give a small grin, “Have we met before? ‘Cause you just saw right through me,”
Wanda smiles triumphantly as she stands and places her empty glass into the sink before making her way towards the warm fire. You follow after her, agreeing that it’s way warmer in there than it was in the kitchen. She sits on the couch, curling up her legs as she watches the meteorologist talk about the weather. Snatching up the blanket from your armchair as you walk past, you hand it over to her, ensuring that you point out the fact that it’s an electric heating blanket.
She sighs as she flicks it on and cuddles up into the fabric, “You know, you’re just starting to become a little too good to be true.”
“Well,” you sigh as you plop a stack of blankets onto the other side of the couch from the closet, “The couch is all yours then. Unless… no you want the couch.”
Glancing over your shoulder, you watch Wanda sit up a little as you go back to searching for the extra flannel pillow covers, “What was that?”
You shrug as you shake the pillow down into the cover, stopping just before you hand it over to her. Her cold hand rests on top of yours, burning your skin, “I put some hot water bottles in the bed before I left for my mail.”
Wanda hums, biting against her lip as she stares at you, “That sounds kind of nice.”
You grin, “That’s what I thought. First shower is the hottest, if you feel like warming up before going to bed.”
She lets go of the pillow to grab your arm again, pulling herself up to her feet, “I honestly don’t know how I’m going to repay you for this.”
“Maybe it’ll come in a dream.”
With that, you set up the couch for your night’s sleep but no matter how many cozy blankets you had on top of you and the comforting, crackling of the fire, you spent the night tossing and turning. Your brain was transfixed on thinking about who was in your bed.
Just before you had started to settle down for rest, you quickly went into your room, as Wanda showered, to grab some clothes. As you turned from ripping your charger from the wall, the bathroom door opened and she stepped out fairly comfortably in just a towel. Both of you froze as steam billowed out from behind her and you stared like a deer caught in headlights.
All you could do was blabber out apology after apology as you noticed the heavy blush in her cheeks that went down to her chest. After a soft chuckle as she quickly grabbed your robe from the back of the door, she didn’t seem too concerned at your staring gaze. She reassured you that it was fine, squeezing your arm again as she let the towel fall from beneath your robe and you held in groan.
Sighing, you roll off of the couch, rubbing your eyes and walk towards the kitchen in a tired haze. Peeking out of the backdoor, the beginnings of light from the sun showing off the thick, fluffy clouds in the sky as snow comes floating down. The ground is covered in the white flakes, the layer of snow now covering your bottom step completely. Shivering as you feel the cold sneak its way through the door, you start the coffee maker as you start to layer up.
With steaming thermos in hand, you trek out into the sharp wind, grimacing as you feel the prickling cold on your skin already. Pulling your scarf higher up on your face, you work your way through the snow and sip carefully on the hot coffee. Unlocking your workshop, you set down the thermos and carefully adjust the knobs on your radio until you can just hear those Christmas melodies through the static.
Stabbing your shovel into the frozen ground, you sigh as you look at Wanda’s car hidden underneath snow.
“Time to get to work,” you mutter and start to shovel the car out of the snow.
After a few hours of troubleshooting, getting frustrated when something didn’t work and troubleshooting again, you finally finished. The car rumbles around you, heater on full blast and headlights shining out as you hold the small, thermos cup in your hands and sit inside.
Slowly, you put all of your tools back and shut off the car after ensuring that the battery was fully charged. The snow has slowed down but you know the worst is yet to come and Wanda’ll need to get out of here to beat it. Coughing at the dryness in your throat, you climb out of your winter gear at the front door. Clenching your muscles tightly, you let out a loud shiver and hear a quiet giggle from the living room.
Looking up, you see that Wanda’s made herself at home on the couch with the electric blanket that you might not have once she leaves. The DVD player is on, much to your surprise, and you see your favorite Christmas movie on the television.
“Well now, you figured out how to work that thing faster than I did.” You stand behind the couch, hands resting on your waist as you smile at the silent movie.
“Couldn’t find the volume remote,” she looks up at you, turning around as her arms rest over the back of the couch, “I can’t believe you went out there.”
“They were right. Blizzard slowed but it’s starting to pick up again. Looked like the plows cleared the main road though.”
Her brows rise slightly, “I should leave then. I really can’t stay and risk that blizzard.”
You sigh and look back towards that front door, “It’s cold outside.”
Wanda stands, hugging the coffee mug to her chest as you watch each other carefully, “It’s been… very nice and warm.”
Holding out your hand, she places the empty mug carefully in your hand, “Already in such a hurry? You can’t stay for breakfast?”
“I suppose half a mug of coffee won’t hurt. Then I really should scurry out of here.”
You grin, pointing over towards the tree, “Why don’t you put on some records while I fill your mug?”
Walking backwards as she smirks, you feel your chest clench as you see her eyes are like starlight now, twinkling like the lights on your tree. You don’t want a single thing to break this spell that she has you under.
Listening to the static of the needle finding its place in the vinyl, you grin as you hand over a full mug of steaming coffee. She narrows her eyes at you, knowing she specifically said half a mug.
“I really can’t stay,” she tells you, sinking back down onto the couch and patting the cushion next to her.
You move in closer, “Oh come on, look out that window at that storm. It’s up to your knees out there.”
Wanda hums, “My family is waiting. My brother’s probably pacing at the door. Natasha’s going to be suspicious.”
You watch her talk through how her family would react if somehow she didn’t come walking through those doors today. Your eyes rest on her lips though, wanting nothing but to press yours against them.
“Never seen such a blizzard like that,” you lean your head to the side, “You’ll freeze to the bone out there.”
She smiles, both of you knowing exactly what game the two of you are playing, “Lend me your coat,”
You catch your breath, as you feel her hand rest on yours and press down onto your thigh. Her body leans closer to you, so close that you can see the soft specks of blue in her eyes.
“I’d never forgive myself if you caught pneumonia and died.”
Wanda grins at your stubbornness but hers isn’t breaking either, “I really can’t stay.”
With that, you listen to the clink of her mug against your coffee table and let out a soft sigh. Her hand runs up your arm, massaging your forearm as you nod quietly,
“I can’t stop you. But really, it’s cold outside, baby.”
There’s a tick in her brow, the blush you remembered from last night burning against her cheeks. But she holds herself together, squeezing your arm once more as she leans in and kisses your cheek.
“Thank you for this,” she whispers, breath washing over your face as she pulls away from that soft kiss. Your eyes flick down to her lips before flashing back up to her eyes, her pupils dilated as her hand grips onto you tightly.
Then, her lips are on yours and you suck in a sharp breath. You clench your eyes shut as your hands grip her waist tightly, pulling her closer to you as Wanda’s lips move with yours without a single thought. Hands rest on your chest and you begrudgingly sit back as she slides from your grasp, a soft sight escaping her.
“Thank you,” Wanda smiles at you as she slides into her jacket. You watch without a word, in complete defeat as the front door opens and shuts.
You groan, snatching her coffee mug from the coffee table to fill it with a double shot of whiskey. Was the kiss that bad, you wonder. Everything was going so well until she kissed you. You should’ve eaten that candy cane before you came back inside, you think as wind howls through your house. Groaning as you shuffle to close the door correctly, you freeze when you see that the door didn’t open on it’s own.
“It’s cold outside,” Wanda gasps, face already whipped red from the winter wind.
“Well,” you chuckle and stand in front of her, clasping your hands in front of you, “I could’ve told you-”
Before you can finish your sentence, she shoves you down onto your armchair. You groan when you feel hard plastic stab into your back. Reaching behind you, you grab the deadly weapon, shaking it in front of you,
“I found the remote.”
She giggles, straddling your lap and throwing the remote back towards your tree, “I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Probably not safe for me to drive, is it?”
You hum, as her hands run down your body, singeing every place she touches, “Definitely not in this weather. What kept you up? I know the wind can howl at night.”
“Thinking of ways to repay you.”
You guide your hands up her thighs, raising a brow as you notice for the first time that she’s in one of your sleep shirts. You pull it gently, her hands pulling at the waistband of your sweats gently as you notice the lack of a bra, the cold hardening her nipples through the thin fabric.
“You know what,” you whisper, your hands sliding beneath the shirt and pressing against her stomach, watching her clench her eyes and suck in a tight breath as she feels your cold hands on her body, “I think I can guess what kind of payment you have in mind.” you whisper against her lips, “I don’t have a venmo.”
She hums, hands resting on your shoulders, “I always have a backup plan,” As her words fall from her lips, she starts rocking her hips over you slowly, leaning down towards you as her lips skim over yours.
You’re done waiting, however, and crash your lips against hers, your hands tangling with her hair. It’s a messy, panting scene as her tongue glides over yours, hands gripping onto each other everywhere and anywhere. You can smell the soap you use on her skin but the soft lavender smell in her hair pulls you in for more, has you craving for everything this woman has to offer.
As your fingers slide past her waistband, you can feel how wet and warm she is already. Stroking your fingers through her folds, you press your lips back to Wanda’s, her moans filling your lungs as she tries to find more friction against your hand.
Slowly, you guide a finger towards her entrance, her leg hikes up as you line up a second finger and gently, you slide into her. She sighs as you stare at her head falling back in pleasure, gyrating her hips as your fingers softly curl inside of her.
Your kisses drop down her collarbone as soon as she loses the ability to kiss you back, only her moans warming your lips. Her nails drag across your shoulder, gripping you tighter to her, your thumb drawing small circles around her clit. She responds to every one of your movements and neither of you are in a hurry to get this over with.
Her breathing grows heavier as her moans fill your ear. It isn’t long until you feel her walls tighten around your fingers as her thighs twitch against you. Sliding your hand slowly from her as she lets out a sigh, you glance up to her blushing face. As she stares into you, the smile on her face says it all. And as she kisses you, you feel it all.
Cleaning your fingers, you let out a chuckle as you taste her. She gives you a look as you unwrap her hands from your neck.
“Baby, it’s still cold,” Grabbing her off the couch and walking towards the bedroom, her hands start undressing your upper body as you walk with her legs tightly wrapped around your waist.
You walk into the bedroom, pulling yourself from her kiss-swollen lips, giving a click of your tongue as you glance towards the bed, “Didn’t even make the bed.
“You never said,” she groans out as you push her up against the wall, ripping the shirt from her body and unveiling her soft skin for your hungry eyes.
“I didn’t say, huh?” you growl into her neck, “Well then, let me make myself perfectly clear. Get down on your knees.”
Her pupils are blown out with lust as she smirks, “Too good to be true indeed.”
Wanda listens to your instruction as you set up the harness around your waist. She pumps the toy slowly, watching how your thighs twitch just gently at the touch. You groan as you watch her take it into her mouth, the hollowing of her cheeks as those green eyes look up to you. She breathes out a huff of air as she clenches her eyes, gagging around you as your hips buck into her mouth.
“Such a good girl,” you push her hair back from her face gently, “You know how to be so appreciative, don’t you? Doing so good for me, princess.”
You bend down, pressing your lips against hers, feeling her moan into your mouth. Smiling against her lips, you grab her and toss her onto the bed. Wanda giggles as you press kisses up the inside of her thighs, her fingers entangling through your hair. A grin on your face when you hear her whine as you kiss right past her core.
Your nose skims against her jaw, “A needy little thing aren’t you? Already want to cum again? So desperate to come undone with just my fingers?”
“You are the worst tease,” she groans as her hips roll against the air, searching for anything to relieve the ache in her core.
Tossing the blankets over your body as you pull her panties down her legs. Gripping her hips, you lick a hard stripe up against her folds listening to the choked moan she lets out. You feel her thighs tighten under your arms.
She tastes amazing as you caress her with your tongue, your hands massaging her breasts and her sensitive nipples. Guiding your lips around her clit, you make sure you suck just gently as you pinch against her nipples, listening to the noise she makes. Her nails dig into your arms as she lets out a long moan, squirming underneath your tight grasp.
“God, you taste so good princess,” you groan against her, glancing up as she clenches her thighs against the vibrations of your voice.
You guide your hand down her thighs, your fingers easily sliding back into her. She gasps out as they curl in just the right spot, her hands pressing you flush against her warmth.
“That’s it,” you murmur as you roll your tongue in tight circles around her clit, “Want you to come undone over me.”
As if she was waiting for your permission, her knees press into the sides of your head as she reaches and falls over her edge again. She moans out loudly as her twitching thighs relax and you wipe your hand across your lips.
You pop out from underneath the blanket and press your lips against hers as she laughs out tiredly. Her hand wipes across your face,
“You’re sweating.”
You grin down at her, “It’s toasty beneath the blankets. ‘Sides, I’m a hard worker.”
She slaps your arm but she continues to wrap her legs around your waist, your hips rolling as the toy slides slowly through her folds. Her arms wrap your neck as you suck at her neck, “And you’re doing so good too, princess. You think you have one more for me?”
Wanda opens her eyes as you rest a hand to the side of her face, your other hand lining up the toy with her entrance. Turning her head slowly, her lips press against the heel of your hand, “I still need to thank you for saving my life.”
You grin, sliding in with one stroke as you watch how the toy slowly stretches her out. She moans, back arching towards you as you press your lips roughly against hers and swallow her moans.
“Only fair isn’t it,” you grunt, “Only fair I get to see how tight and wet you are… just for me.”
Her head nods with your words but she can’t talk as your hips rut against her. Her body jerks up the bed, closer and closer to the headboard with each of your thrusts. Leaning forward, you feel her nails digging into your skin as you grab hold of the headboard, grunting as the thrusts grow faster.
You feel her thighs squeeze around you, moans bouncing around your bedroom walls. For a moment, it makes you glad you don’t have neighbors but at the same time, you almost wish you did. Pressing your thumb against her clit, Wanda’s hands fall from you as she bunches your sheets in her hands, gasping out.
“Oh my god!”
You increase the pressure of your thumb, still gripping heavily onto the headboard with your other hand as you feel your coil tightening, your hips starting to stutter.
“Already…” you drop your head as you clench your eyes shut as the pressure in your core is reaching its peak, “a good girl like you ready cum again?
“Shit,” she groans out breathlessly, “Yes, yes please.”
You can feel her thighs trembling against your waist, the tight grasp she has on you faltering as her legs fall limbly to the bed. Driving deeper into her, you feel your own coil snap and you let out a long gasping moan, hovering over Wanda’s panting body as you slowly thrust into her as you both ride out your highs.
When you finally manage to open your eyes, cool hands run down your sweating body and you connect with the green eyes below you. Chuckling, you climb off of Wanda and fall onto the bed next to her, throwing the toy away from both of you.
“That was way better than that kiss you were going to leave me with.”
Wanda rolls over into your waiting arms, feeling her now warm body press against yours, “I was just seeing if you were going to run after me.”
You hum, “I just counted on the cold bringing you back.”
“How long is this blizzard supposed to last?” her fingers run along your stomach, tracing invisible designs on your skin.
“Oh, I think the whole week at least,” you mutter into her neck as she shivers against the warmth. Wanda leans back a little and presses a kiss to your cheek, smiling when you turn your head to press your lips to hers.
“We have some time to pass then. I’m pretty grateful for that coffee you made this morning.” Her fingers skim against the side of your lips, watching the way it twitches as her leg wraps around yours.
You grin as she cups your face, “You're really up for another round? We only had Christmas cookies for dinner.”
She kisses you deeply, “Maybe we should make some breakfast first. And maybe,” her fingers run down your neck gently, "You should put on that mistletoe hat."
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effymaybe · a day ago
Now that I saw you (1/2)
Part 1 / Part 2
Summary: Natasha didn’t care enough. Wanda will never understand. She focuses on the beauty of your bond and promises to love you like you deserve.
Warnings: +18, dark-ish!Wanda, mommy kink, mentions of cheating, mentions of violence
Tumblr media
You whimper as quietly as possible while dragging your beaten legs across the dirty floor. Your skin shines sticky with sweat and the blood dipping endlessly from your scorching wounds. Your palms slide again and again in your messy effort of escaping, broken and swollen due your endless fighting.
You try to think about home, about the warmth of a welcoming embrace, about the lavender scent of your favorite candle, but it’s difficult to remembrance placid emotions when the sting of pure betrayal still terrorizes your soul.
Despite the awry situation and the sound of hurried steps approaching faintly, you can’t help but to let hot tears run down your stained cheeks mercilessly.
She was supposed to love you. She was supposed to protect you. She was supposed to be home months ago, to be there for when they finally found out about your existence, to look for you immediately after you were taken.
She didn’t.
You clench your jaw as another wave of pain straightens your back. Your knees press harshly against the floor as you try to stand up.
It’s fruitless. You figure the blood loss must have started getting pretty serious when your sight is invaded by black, growing spots.
The footsteps grow louder and louder, mechanic voices shooting orders and you feel desperation spreading throughout your chest.
You hope that they end it. You hope that they realize your girlfriend is not coming back for you, doesn’t care enough, is too busy saving the bigger, more important world and finding more than pleasant comfort in her coworker-
There is something wrong. You feel your limbs fighting a freezing cold with the strength of a fiery sensation. Your heart pumps loudly and you can only think that it doesn’t feel like dying at all. It’s something else. An overwhelming force that sharpens all your feelings and your mind is flowed by broken memories of all they’ve done to you, all the shit they put in your veins despite your rabid struggling.
You are running out of breath when the door behind you opens in a rush. There is a moment of waiting, of faint voices and hard combat boots tapping besides your ears.
At the end, it is Steve’s voice calling your name in utter desperation what gifts you your last bit of consciousness before passing out. “Are you okay?! Stay with me. I’m taking you out of here. Stay with me!”
There is a glimpse of relief shining through your unwavering rage.
You open your eyes again hours later, but it’s the faint humming on your back what lets you know that you are boarding a jet.
You blink a few times, forcing yourself to gather some sense of the space you are in. You are lying down, practically tied to a fancy stretcher with tubes already connected to your arms once again.
You feel like crying out, but all you can do is to purse your lips together in disgust.
A hand squeezes your own and it almost startles you. Your head snaps to your right to meet the sight of an exhausted Steve looking down at you with an utterly concerned expression.
In all the years you’ve met the emblematic Capitan America, there have been scarce situations in which he’s made his distress so open. It makes you think that you must look as bad as you feel.
You let silence stretch for a short moment before he mutters your name softly. You think you can see the shadow of tears rushing to his clear eyes.
“What happened?”, he says in a whisper. “Why are you here?”
Bitterness pangs in your heart again, but you keep it down. There is very little that makes sense at the moment, and you feel like holding tight on the one thing that is making you feel remotely safer.
“I was taken”, you can only mutter in reply, your voice quivering under the weight of mixed emotions. A thought crosses your mind. “Why are you here?”
You hope, stupidly, for those brief seconds, that he’s going to tell you that she cared.
His hesitance gives you enough clearance.
“I- This was supposed to be only a recognition mission. Nothing else. We didn’t know- hell. I didn’t know. I swear. If I’ve known-”
“It doesn’t matter now”, you answer, sharp and firm as your gaze falls in your own broken body, the remains of your heart shattering on your chest.
Steve inhales deeply. He lets his head fall forwards in a mixture of repent and shame.
A few seconds pass and he refuses to leave your side. You are still too shocked to ask for space. The remains of paralyzing fear keep your muscles tense despite the effects of the medicine.
“How long…”, he speaks again, and you know he’s scared of the answer himself, “how long have you- have they kept you there?”
You know it’s not the kind of questions he should be asking now. He knows it too. The fact that he’s acting so sloppily would almost be endearing if it wasn’t for the situation.
“I don’t know”, you answer truthfully, “months, probably”.
The jet begins to slow down and you feel your body succumbing to the need for more sleep. Steve squeezes your hand.
“Natasha doesn’t know”, he says, and you know that he believes it.
You want to tell her that you also know.
“Yeah”, you answer then, looking into his eyes with a tired expression, “She’s been busy”.
Your eyes catch the flicker of guilt speeding through Steve’s eyes before you let yourself fall asleep again.
The last thing you hear is a strained apology.
The next time you wake up there is no rumbling in your back. Bright lights strain your sight for a moment as you try to fight the exhaustion off.
Your body is hurting significantly less than the last time you remember being conscious, but there is still a scorching current running through your vein incessantly. You are wearing simple clothing, wide pants and a slightly oversized t-shirt that seems quite easy to take off. You make an effort to recalibrate, to ground yourself after the harrowing experiences still messing with your head. You try to move your arms, your legs, and you realize pretty quickly that there are no more tubes prickling at your skin.
You sit up then, smelling the intense scent of medical products. There are bandages wrapped around various parts of your limbs and midsection. By the pounding on your entire head, you can guess you must be looking like a mess, even after being patched up pretty delicately.
You are about to stand up and bring yourself to find enough courage to explore your new location when you hear the sound of a door opening. Out of habit, your muscles tense painfully at the prospect of facing someone.
When you catch the sight of the visitor strolling towards your bed, your spine remains stoic.
Just in front of you walks Bruce Banner, a lab coat framing his figure and a slight, pitiful frown breaking through his expression. He’s holding a folder tightly against his chest, seemingly afraid of losing it, and you can’t help but to feel a rush of hate crawling through your throat.
Dreadful images flow your thoughts in a matter of seconds. Dirty, hurtful words escaping from his mouth as he holds your girlfriend the way she held you all those months before. Then, tears in the realization of her hesitance to finally end things with you despite the steadiness of their own relationship, the miserable begging, always begging Natasha to stay with him a while more. Her complying, smiling.
You have to clench your jaw to avoid screaming. You know it’s not the moment.
“Hi”, he says shyly, his free hand burying itself in his pocket.
You almost roll your eyes at his hesitance. If you didn’t know the truth, even if they hadn’t shown you those videos in the midst of your torture, you would’ve guessed that something was off.
“Where am I?”, you ask merely, and he grows impossibly smaller under his uniform.
“Avengers Tower. Look, I know you’ve gone through a lot-”
“Why am I here?” you ask in sincere confusion. You’ve guessed that, despite the seriousness of your situation, the remains of SHIELD would have sent you to another base, away from the inherent urgency of the Avengers premise. The place was only assigned to absolute priorities, not for regular citizens. Or at least that’s what Natasha said.
You watch as Bruce searches for the right words, occasionally moving awkwardly from one feet to the other.
“It’s, huh- for your safety. And everyone else’s. See, something happened back there.” He glances down at his folder and you feel anxiety weakening your legs. “We are not entirely sure, but-”
“What the hell do you mean?” you ask desperately, and he flinches visibly.
His fingers massage his temple in a nervous gesture before speaking again.
“Just- huh. Come with me. We need to talk about this with other people”.
He takes advantage of your brief surprise to promptly make his way outside the room.
You huff under your breath before trying to match Bruce’s hurried steps, walking through pristine halls full of unknown machinery. As he moves from room to room, he shoots a series of shushed questions about your health that you can barely answer.
He stops in his tracks just in front of a gigantic wooden door. His troubled gaze focuses on yours for a moment, almost as if oozing a silent plea that you do not want to comprehend. After a glimpse of doubt, he opens the door for you.
The sight inside the room makes your chest stutter. Your jaw sets almost painfully, and the ghost of fear begins to take over your core once again. The Nick Fury is sitting at the head of the table, his intense stare looking through you with something akin concern. Steve and Tony are placed one on each side of his chair, making a fruitless effort to appear more relaxed than they truly feel. And just besides Steve, green eyes shadowed by reddish spots, sits Natasha, her hands caressing each other incessantly, her left foot tapping against the floor in a futile attempt to relieve her anxiety.
When she sees you, she stops moving altogether. You stay frozen by the door, your eyes burning in hers but otherwise completely emotionless. She stands up slowly, and you can see by the crease in her eyebrows that she’s trying her fullest to embrace at least a tiny trace of professionalism in front of her coworkers.
The moment stretches almost to the point of the awkwardness until she says you name in a strained voice. When she walks closer to you, you notice the way her lower lip trembles as her gaze scans your wounded body.
She attempts to gesture towards you, but a single step back on your part prevents her to do so. The slight hurt flashing through her gorgeous features does not make you relent on your actions. You still feel the fire of betrayal running up your throat.
“I’m… What happened?”
Her tone tangles with desperation as you remain silent. She’s analyzing your expression, doing her utmost to find some sort of solace, a branch of relief that can ease the weight of her guilt.
You shrug weakly, and the vague gesture does not help her at all.
“Are we done with the re-encounters right now? Can we walk about slightly more pressing matters?”, Tony urges.
You sit beside him without uttering a response, and see with the corner of your eye as Natasha does the same, visibly defeated. Bruce rushes to find a seat by her side, scooping his chair as close as possible.
You stare directly at Fury, promptly waiting for questions, being mindful of hiding your trembling hands behind the gigantic table.
“We need to know what happened back there. I know it is definitely a sensitive topic to approach but I assure you this is nothing else but an attempt to preserve your own safety”. You see through his lie without a struggle, but don’t comment on it. “How did you get into Hydra’s base? And what do you remember from your time there?”
You take a deep breath as obscure memories begin to fill your mind. Your fingers grasp your thighs steadily and you make an effort to put some order into your thoughts.
“I didn’t get in. I was at home when the broke in my own house. I was alone. I think they expected- well, they expected not to find me on my own”, you speak slowly, purposefully avoiding your stare to find Natasha’s. “They took me and I think they knocked me out. I was probably drugged on the way to the dungeon- base. Whatever you want to call it. I don’t remember a thing of the trip. I woke up and I was already chained to a chair. They asked a lot of questions and of course- of course I couldn’t answer.”
You make a brief pause and watch as Fury curls his mouth in silent attention.
“They started getting more and more violent. You know the drill. They wanted answers and I wasn’t giving them. They did what they always do. They told me they were going to send some terms- like, ways to negotiate my freedom. They said they wanted a lot. I guess the message never arrived. Or they never sent it. I don’t know”.
Steve squirms subtly in his seat, trying to conceal his horror.
“After a while I think they realized it was pointless. I don’t know how much time passed between one thing or the other. I wasn’t… conscious for most of it. Then, they just”- you stutter, your heart beating painfully against your chest. “They started putting tubes into my arms. Sometimes there were needles. There were some liquids. I don’t know”, you feel a mixture of overwhelming feelings crawling up from your chest, “I really don’t know”.
A rush of tears shines in your eyes but you blink quickly to keep yourself from crumbling down. The serious atmosphere of the meeting lets you know that there is something concerning the heroes.
“It’s okay”, Steve murmurs reassuringly, putting his firm hand on your shoulder. In front of you, Natasha curls her lips downwards in the most ridiculous sign of longing.
Fury pronounces your name with the softest tone you’ve ever heard tangling with his words.
“It’s alright. You don’t need to go over the details right now. Or… ever. We just need to know the basis because some of the tests doctor Banner here has run resulted… interesting”.
You frown and set your gaze towards him. He turns towards Natasha, almost as if looking for her advice. The redhead keeps her glance fixed to your shaking hands.
“I- let’s see”, he goes over his folder as if he didn’t know the results by heart. “You’ve been injected with what I guess were a series of tests. The substances vary on chemistry and quantity. We’ve been trying to… clean your blood to say it in a way. It has worked to an extent. Some of the substances are… stubborn. Too stubborn. More like, engrained into your blood cells by now”.
You gasp quietly. Natasha turns towards Bruce as if he had hit her in the face.
“What?!”, you speak, the implications puzzling in your brain.
“There is this… I think they tried to replicate the supersoldier serum and failed completely. I’ve known that. Well, they didn’t fail completely. It is possible that they have… improved your physique in a certain way. That would probably explain how you survive after… well. We would have to see once you start nourishing properly again”. His explanation makes your head spin. “This is not what worries me, though-”
You feel like vomiting.
“Just get to the point, Banner”, Fury snarls, and you don’t know whether to feel grateful or furious.
“There is another… substance. I really don’t know what it is. It’s not… earthly. I’ve spoken with Loki about it because it seems to hold a similar energy to the Tresseract. He didn’t want to cooperate, of course, but he did ask a lot of questions. I don’t know what it is. I can only tell you that it was solid before. This is a melted liquid. Orange. I don’t know how they managed to pull it off, but… it won’t leave. It’s just… there”.
Some still beats take place before everyone gathers their thoughts together. Steve’s hand is still squeezing your shoulders. All you can do is to bring your stare down, shallow repeatedly to ignore a burning feeling crawling up from your stomach.
Fury speaks again, lowly.
“What can be the effects of said substance, doctor Banner?”
The man merely speaks, doing his outmost not to look at you.
“I don’t know. No-one knows. I’ve just told you- this is not a regular intervention”, he shrugs.
Fury sighs deeply, visibly trying to preserve a sense of serenity.
“Okay. This is certainly an inconvenience, but there is no reason to panic. We will keep an eye on you in case something concerning happens”. You don’t know exactly what he means, but your mind is still dizzy at the revelation. He promptly turns towards Steve. “Captain, is there anything else we should know about the base? I understand you and the agents blew it up”.
He nods curtly and you immediately know that there is something wrong. His head hangs low in a solemn expression as his fingers tangle with each other on top of the table.
“We found the usual. Guns, documents, general intel. This particular group appeared to be… skillful. Not the head of the organization, of course, but still big guys. The truly worrying mater was the footage we found. It came from inside the Avengers Tower.”
Tony almost jumps in his seat, uncrossing his arms as a reaction to his shock.
“What? That’s impossible. FRIDAY has this place completely supervised. No technology of any type could ever infiltrate”.
Steve merely purses his lips.
“But it did, Tony. Whatever the hell they put in here, it worked. I saw the videos”, his eyes move to your frame and you clench your jaw. You know exactly what he means. “They didn’t have any specific piece of information. I don’t think they could ever get any. The videos…” he hesitates, “are gone, anyways. It’s all gone”.
Tony lays on his backseat as if completely defeated.
“It doesn’t make sense. Why the hell would they have random footage of the tower? What did they do with it?”
“They showed them to me”, you answer simply, looking at a visibly distressed Steve.
It takes Natasha only a few seconds. She grows pale, her eyes widened in horror as her mouth opens almost as if to expel a series of excuses.
“What did those footages contain, Captain?”, Fury asks, punctuating each word in a way that leaves no doubt in terms of the commanding nature of the question.
Steve stretches his neck, almost as if searching strength.
“Agent Romanoff and doctor Banner. No valuable information, only their… domestic life”.
A loud silence puts its weight on the table as the truth is lain open and messily for everyone. Fury merely nods in mid awkwardness while Tony’s mouth curls downwards, mindful of not making any snarky comment just yet. Bruce burns in deep shame and presses his hands against his face, eyes promptly closed. You don’t know whether he feels guilty or just exposed. You’d bet for the second.
As for Natasha, she looks at the verge of breaking down. Her gaze is untypically glazed with sadness and she can’t take it away from you. Her fingers reveal a slight shake and her breath quickens. You can only look back at her, pure betrayal dancing in your tired expression.
She calls out your name in desperation.
“I- I don’t-”
You feel hot tears rushing to your eyes and stand up abruptly. The motion makes your body hurt and you try to conceal a flinch. You are almost sure you started bleeding somewhere.
“I’m sorry. I need… I need some space. If this is over…”
Fury gifts you a kind gesture and you rush towards the door. Natasha stands up too, clearly attempting to follow you, but you shake your head wildly, your expression clenching in pain.
“Thank you” you whisper softly, and run out of the room.
The tension around the table does not ease after your departure. Natasha buries hands on her face, elbows on the table as Bruce unsuccessfully tries to bring her some comfort. Steve and Fury stand in equal seriousness and Tony simply lets out a deep sigh.
You are asked to stay in the Avengers Tower, to put it nicely. Despite his alleged understanding on your situation, Fury did insist on you signing a series of papers to ensure both the confidentiality of your case and your stay among the heroes.
Bruce stopped testing you. Instead, it was a kind doctor with a permanent sympathetic smile the one who was in charge of your daily check-ups. She would stare at your results in comfortable silence before sharing the developments in your health status.
There weren’t many, in all honesty. The wounds scattering your body eventually faded almost completely, but the substances running in your blood did not dilute in the slightest.
You spent the very first week in your new- hopefully temporary home between the walls of your room, sometimes spiraling in despair, sometimes distracted enough as if to grasp a book. Steve checked on you often, bringing a little piece of the outside world for you to start opening again. Natasha didn’t show up once.
You were well into the second week of your self-imposed confinement when you started to consider your situation with more clarity. You weren’t the same as before, but life moves on, and you owed yourself the attempt of doing so too.
So you find yourself waking up from bed and putting on sportive clothes you don’t remember buying for yourself. You ask FRIDAY for the direction to the gym almost shyly, considering that it may not recognize your voice, but the AI is quick to provide you with a detailed answer.
You walk slowly, suddenly enjoying being outside. The absolute silence in the halls allows you to hear the muffled sound of Tony cursing loudly maybe some floors away. The sun is barely rising through the wide windows on your left and you feel the ghost of a smile making its way to your face.
That is, until the shape of two figures pressed against one of the common room’s wall makes you twist your lips in disgust. It feels like a punch in the gut, really, to find Natasha shamelessly kissing Bruce in such an open space, careless of who might see them. Especially when you were little less than a well-kept secret.
You decide to pass by anyway. They are so focused on each other, Bruce breathing heavily through his nose, that you don’t feel the need to dodge them and risk getting lost.
But Natasha is still probably one of the best spies in the world. As soon as you walk near them, she pushes away almost startled. Despite you not acknowledging the couple’s presence, her face contorts in a mixture of absolute horror and yearning at the sight of you. She calls your name in an uncharacteristic shout, still keeping Bruce at distance with her extended arms.
You throw her a glance before shrugging, ignoring the way sadness makes your feet heavier.
“Going to the gym”, you say only, and get into the elevator.
You miss the way her jaw sets in self-fury.
There is something pulling your limbs, making your fingers tickle.
You stop at the door of the gym with slight confusion, watching the mess of bodies sparring both against punching bags and each other. The room is gigantic, full of machines you have never seen in your life. The plants of your feet prompt you to keep moving and you comply, a weird feeling setting in the mouth of your stomach.
You watch the sight of Clint shooting an array of arrows to a target you cannot even spot. He stops for a moment, having seen you, and gifts you a simple amiable gesture. You return it before choosing your own bag. You stand in the position you’ve learned from Natasha herself and begin training with all your might, finding a broken type of relief in the motions.
It’s not a secret for you that you are hitting harder, sharper than ever before. Your movements are quick and smooth, somehow heightened by the insistent flutter in your chest.
It gets stronger and stronger, almost overwhelmingly so until you hear Steve’s voice happily calling your name.
“So good to see you here!”
But you can barely focus on him. Behind him walks one of the most beautiful women you have seen in your entire life. Her reddish curls are tightly held in a pony tail that makes her appear just the right amount of dangerous. She stands quite tall, probably more so because of her posture than her height herself, and the whole sight has the strings pulling at your heart burning mercilessly.
“This is Wanda”, Steve continues, gesturing towards the woman. She looks at you as if under a spell. Her lips are slightly open, green orbs focusing in your face as if trying to assess whether you are real or not. “She’s our last addition to the Avengers, along with her brother Pietro”. Steve looks around, unaware of the way your senses pike under the presence of the redhead.
He turns towards Wanda and introduce you by your name. Wanda looks honestly confused for a second before repeating it, sounding slightly breathless.
You blink quickly, trying to compose yourself. You gift Steve a brief smile before turning towards Wanda, smiling still.
“Wanda, is lovely to meet you”. She grasps your extended hand with hers and a warm rush jolts through your joined limbs. Wanda squeezes a bit harder than she intended, but you don’t complain about it.
“It’s nice to meet you too”, she whispers, quite dumbfounded still, her own heart hammering incessantly as she still runs her eyes through your features.
A brief, tense moment of silence falls upon you in the midst of the sounds of the gym. Steve raises both eyebrows, growing amused.
“So, huh. You are an Avenger now. I’m glad”, you say sincerely, remembering the snarky comments the media has made about her past. “Your powers are truly impressive”.
The hint of a blush begins to cover her cheeks as her face is illuminated by a shy grin. Her happiness shoots through your spirit as if it was yours.
“Thanks. We’ve been doing our best to fit in the hero role. I mean, me and my brother-”
“That’s me!”.
A dash of flying colors makes a stop in front of you. A man that you figure must be Pietro shoots you a charming smile as he motions a swift reverence.
“Pietro Maximoff at your service, darling. And you are?”
You say your name with an amused expression dancing in your features. You watch as Steve sends you a good-natured eye roll and miss the way Wanda fixes a brief warning stare on his brother, making him widen his eyes in silent understanding.
“Okay, this was a nice chat, but we need to go back to training”, Steve instructs, straightening his back in a display of seriousness. Wanda’s shoulders slump with a rush of disappointment, but the airy feeling within her body remains strong. The blond turns towards you, a glint blinking in his eyes. “Care to join us? I think you’d be a good addition to the training group”.
You consider it for a brief second before shrugging in agreement. Wanda smiles widely at you, toothy and adorable.
You consider it the first step in moving on.
Your days get significantly better. You start to wake up early, train for a few hours, dedicate time to eat healthier meals. You begin to interact with the Avengers, quite shyly at first, but more open once you start to feel comfortable.
Natasha ignores you most of the time. You exchange brief words under Bruce’s painfully awkward stare, but the gaping hole in your heart has started to patch up. She stares at you sometimes, eyes watering when you are too distracted to notice, but never attempts to do more than that.
When you find yourself surrounded by the mighty team, within Thor’s loud laughter and Tony’s sarcastic demeanor, it is Wanda who you find yourself looking at the most often, her face contorting in significative gestures that have you laughing under your breath.
It isn’t until a week later after the first encounter at the gym when you two speak alone.
It’s deep into the night. Your endless tossing and turning in your bed as eventually prompted you to wake up with a grumpy grunt. The nightmares keep going, dark and terrifying, and there are moments in which, amidst your evolution, you find yourself spiraling down back to panic.
So you wash your face and decide to get some air. You think about a side comment Pietro made about the Avengers Tower being the tallest building in the city and find yourself stepping into the rooftop. You let out a deep sigh as you sit on the floor, glancing up the million dots shining into the dark night.
After some moments of stillness, you feel your muscles loosening. Then, a tug. Your blood begins pumping hotter in your veins, sharpening your senses. A slight tickle begins to grow in the pad of your fingers and a fluttery feeling returns to your spirit full-force.
You know what’s coming. Light steps sound closer and closer and you keep watching at the sky, admiring the yellowish tone of the full moon.
Wanda sits at your side, silent.
You turn towards her with an endearing smile.
“Hi”, you whisper, and she melts under your kind expression.
“Hi”, she mumbles back, soft and tender.
You stare at each other for a moment before she speaks again, enjoying the way the moonlight illuminates the bridge of your nose.
“Couldn’t sleep?”, she asks. You see the way she plays with her rings.
“No”, you answer simply, “My mind is busy today”. She smiles in understanding. “What about you?”
She shrugs amiably before turning back at the sky, green eyes glimmering under the stars.
“Is it because of me?” you ask eventually, and Wanda’s stare widen with mild surprise.
She opens her mouth slightly, visibly taken aback. You that think she looks absolutely gorgeous.
“Can you feel it too?”, she asks in disbelief, and all you can offer her is the palm of your hand so she can take it.
The sweetness of your connection rushes through your limbs until you are grounded again. It feels nice, like a mixture of serenity and unexplainable adrenaline hugging your very soul.
“What do you think it is?”, you ask eventually, still staring at your joined fingers. When you look back at Wanda, you see her expression clouded by nothing short of plain bliss.
“I don’t know”, she whispers, her voice breaking under the weight of her emotions, “I just can feel you”.
The words let a smile bloom in your face. Your stomach flutters in satisfaction.
“I can feel you too”, you murmur, and Wanda’s grin takes over her face completely.
You stare at each other quietly, letting the bond take over your feelings. Wanda’s expression twitches slightly and you purse your lips, sensing her hesitance. When you pull away from her grasp, your heart drops. A pang of fear crawls from the back of your throat.
“You can ask anything”, you let her know, your voice laced with gentleness, and she allows herself to think for a moment.
“I’ve heard some things between you and Natasha. I know that’s none if my business but- I guess I’m curious. We heard what she has to say about that, which is not much, but I wanted to… I wanted to hear it from you, I guess”.
Your jaw sets as the memories begin to flow back, but you do your best to remain calm. You ponder for a moment, a myriad of words setting at the base of your voice, and feel a rush of fresh tears panging in your eyes. You haven’t talked to anyone about that. Maybe you owe yourself some vulnerability, too.
“We were together. Girlfriends. We started dating even before she became an Avenger. At some point, we moved together to a house in Quebec- well, I did. I understood she had to come back to be a hero. I understood the importance of her job. I- I wasn’t trying to be selfish”, you stumble upon your words almost out of habit. She frowns.
“Of course, darling”, she murmurs gently, and you feel reassured once again.
“But at some point- she joined the Avengers and she started coming home less and less. I thought- well, the world was in danger. It still is. I asked whether I could at least move to the US and she insisted on me staying home. She said she wanted to keep me safe. One day, she came back after a long mission and… things were weird. I don’t know. She wouldn’t look at me. It’s like- she didn’t want to be there… home. She left in the middle of the night saying that there was this, like, emergency mission or something, and that she’d be back in a couple of months, zero communication allowed.” You make a brief pause to gather your thoughts together.
Wanda hums, encouraging to continue. There’s a shadow growing in her eyes, deepening almost dangerously.
“She never came back. There were months and months and she never came back. Never sent anything. Then”, your lips begin to tremble, “then they took me. I guess they wanted me angry. They told me about Natasha and Bruce and I didn’t believe them because- she was my girlfriend. I loved her. I trusted her blindly and then… they showed me the fucking videos”. You shudder violently, repulsed by your thoughts. Wanda is quick in putting a warm hand on your shoulderblade, comforting.
There is a brief pause and all you can do is to look down, your face scrunched in the pain of the memory. Wanda is watching you close, both empathy and absolute fury adorning her expression.
“I felt stupid, Wanda. Humiliated. Everyone knew, even Steve. I mean, I wasn’t friends with the whole team but- Clint and Steve. Even Tony. They had been at my house. I kept them under my roof when they needed to and- I just…” Your voice breaks in hurt and Wanda is lit by rage.
She takes your face between her fingers gently, mindful of not pressing her indents too forcefully in your gorgeous face, and forces you to look at her straight in the eyes.
“Oh, milaya, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You were betrayed. They are the ones that should feel humiliated. The boys… and her”, there is a slight snarl in the way she refers to Natasha. “Changing you for Banner. I certainly do not get it”, she says, because she really doesn’t. She caresses your cheek with her thumb and you lean further into the touch. “Hiding things from you… such a sweet soul. I certainly-”.
She stops herself. You let a sad smile grace your features as you grasp the fingers still warming your face.
“Thank you, Wanda. I’m trying to move on”.
Her heart soars at the admission. She grins back at you, soft as ever, and relishes on the sudden serenity of your bond. She keeps holding your hand this time, and resists the urge of placing kisses all over your fingers.
“So, you like rom-coms?”, you ask, and she chuckles in amusement.
You spend the rest of the night speaking softly, murmuring light-hearted opinions until the sunrise begins to wash over the rooftop floor.
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venusianelf · 9 hours ago
The Young Love Plan
Pairing: Avengers x Autistic! Reader, Wanda x Autistic! Reader
Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, Setting People Up to Date Trope
Summary: Being two of the youngest avengers, you and Wanda have clicked over the months since you’ve joined. Tired of your oblivious pining, the team sets up a plan to get you two together. 
Warnings: Reader has a meltdown, Tony has a drink, Some light-hearted threatening from Natasha, Gender Neutral Reader, I don’t think there’s any swearing but there might be, A few uses of Y/N
Word Count: ~1,800
Request: Hi! I see you write for Autistic readers. Thank you so for that you have no idea how great it is to finally read something that's like me! Thank you! Can you write a fic where the reader is one of the younger Avengers with a crush on Wanda, and everyone is sort of protective of them? -anon
A/N: солнышко = Sunshine, любимый = love/my love | Wow, this is my first request! Thank you anon for the idea, I hope you like the fic! I wasn’t sure in what way you wanted the team to be protective of them but I hope you like the way I wrote it. I’m kinda surprised how quickly I wrote this but I guess I liked the idea lol. This fic doesn’t have a specific time set for it but it’s just a “everyone’s happy” type AU. Also I know Nat probably wouldn’t drink milk in her coffee but she does in this fic. Gif is from pinterest.
Tumblr media
It took a while but you eventually settled into your new surroundings and home at the Avengers Compound. The change in scenery was a bit difficult on you but luckily you had the team to help every bit of the way. The move had also meant lots of changes in your typical routine. Thankfully, everyone was more than happy to help you adjust your old one. Your favorite parts of your new routine were definitely your morning run with Sam and Steve, Friday movie nights with whoever was in the compound, and of course your late night tea chats with Wanda. 
You could go on about Wanda forever. She was the closest in age to you besides Peter. You three made up the “Kiddo Avengers” as the rest of the team put it. Although you kept drifting closer to Wanda than Peter. You two could relate easily between her sensory issues from everyone’s minds being too loud and you having your sensory issues from your autism. Wanda was the first of the team to know about your autism.
You cried as you felt the frustration wash over you. This couldn’t be happening now. They didn’t even know you were autistic yet, how would they react to this? Rocking back and forth as your balled up fists hit your legs repeatedly, you couldn’t hear the footsteps heading your way. “Y/n?” Wanda asked as you finally registered that someone was next to you. As you looked up towards her, you saw the concern and confusion written on her face. Unable to speak at the moment, you pointed at your head to try to communicate to her that she could read your mind to see what was wrong. As she smiled apologetically she went ahead and checked. When she was done you could tell that she had a better understanding of the situation at hand. “Do you want me to help you rock? Would that help?” She asked as she put her hands between your fists and your legs to prevent you from hurting yourself more.
You nodded as she pulled you closer and began rocking the two of you. “If you need to hit something, hit my chest or squeeze my hands, okay? I don’t want you to hurt yourself Y/N,” She said as she offered you her hands. Taking them and squeezing them as hard as you could, you cried into her shoulder as she began to sing a soft Sokovian lullaby. Once you were calmed down enough Wanda tried to ask you some questions but you were still nonverbal so she decided it would be better if she took you to your room to watch your favorite show.
Over the next couple months you slowly told everyone who needed to know about your autism, and you and Wanda developed some hand signals for when you were nonverbal. With Wanda helping you through this adjustment came your ever-developing crush on the red head. You two spent so much time together that it seemed inevitable to the rest of the team. Whenever you were with someone on the team without her you were always gushing about her. The team thought it was adorable but they were starting to get tired of you both being oblivious to the other’s crush on each other. Which is how the plan came around.
“They need to get a room, I’m honestly getting cavities from their tooth achingly sweet interactions.” Tony chuckled as he spoke to Sam, Natasha, and Clint. “They're just kids, these things take time for them.” Sam added playfully as Tony poured himself a drink. “Yes, but it’s months. I honestly don’t think they’ll get together unless we do something about it.” Clint adds as Nat begins to smirk. “So let’s get them together then? That will solve this issue, right?” She suggests as Tony points at her and nods his head. “Yes, that’s a great idea! At least someone here other than me has some brain cells.” He laughs as everyone else groans at his ego. 
“And how do you propose we go about this?” Sam asks annoyed with his friends meddling in you and Wanda’s love lives. “Tony could throw one of his parties and then they couldn’t help but get together if they’re both dressed to the nines.” Clint suggests to which Natasha shakes her head. “No, that would just overwhelm Y/N.” Nat reminds them. “True, how about we do it during movie night?” Tony suggests taking a sip of his drink. “That could work.” Sam responds being less annoyed by this idea than whatever other crazy ideas they could think of. “And what would make them get together during this movie night rather than all the others?” Clint asks skeptically. “We could make it so the only two seats available when they get there are next to each other. Then we fill in the rest of the team so that way slowly during the movies everyone leaves until it’s just them two. That way there’s no embarrassment for them and they wouldn’t suspect anything,” Tony explains as he gestures with his hands. “That sounds like the best plan,” Nat agrees as Clint and Sam nod their heads.
As movie night came around the group had alerted the rest of the team to the idea. Most everyone agreed to go with it but Steve just shook his head and said he’d sit out on this one. While the team made sure to get there early so the only spots left would be next to each other, you and Wanda were completely unaware of this plan. Wanda and you had been out getting pizza for movie night so as they headed over the team tried their best to contain their giggles and smirks. “Alright guys, we’re back with the pizza!” You cheered as you set it down on the table in front of the team. As everyone got their pizza, Wanda sat down and patted the spot next to her. “Looks like these are the only seats left,” She smiled as you sat next to her and began getting comfy. 
Over the course of the movie the two of you cuddled up closer as you two usually did while the rest of the time slowly but surely left one by one. Half way through the second movie Wanda realized you two were the only ones left. “Y/N, it appears everyone has dipped on us,” She laughed as you looked around to find it was true. “That’s odd, normally they stay until the third movie at least,” You commented as you cuddled back into her. Stroking your hair she hummed in agreement as you two continued your movie. 
As the end credits began playing, you were brought back to reality where you realized you and Wanda were incredibly close. Preparing yourself you looked up at her as she went to change the movie to the next one. “Wanda?” You asked as she brought her attention to you. “Yes, солнышко?” She smiled as she regarded you. “I, um, I like you.” You blurt out and shut your eyes to hide yourself from her. “I like you too, goof.” She chuckled as she started to go back to changing the movie. “No, I mean I like you as like more than a friend.” You mumble quickly to get the embarrassment over with. “Oh,” She smiles as she turns back to you. “I like you like that too,” She says as she leans down to press a gentle kiss to your forehead. Beaming to yourself you both turn back to the movie at hand.
With the movie over, Wanda offered to walk you back to your room. Holding hands the whole way back and chatting about the movies. Once you arrived at your door, you two settled into a hesitant silence. “Uh, may I kiss you good night?” Wanda asks nervously, fidgeting with her hands. Nodding you look up towards her and lean in. As her warm breath ghosts over your lips, you feel your giddiness rising. When your lips meet you realize that this feels right and she feels like home. As you part, she tucks some of your hair behind your ear and smiles softly at you. “Good night Wanda,” you smile back. “Good night, любимый,” she says giving your hand a squeeze before heading back to her room.
As per usual the next morning Wanda is in the kitchen making herself and you some tea for breakfast when Natasha comes over and leans on the kitchen counter next to her. “So.. How did last night go?” Nat smirks as she watches the other red head become flustered. “Uh, movie night? It went well. Where did all of you guys go?” She asks, keeping her focus intently on making her tea. “Are you sure it went just ‘well’?” She teases as she ignores the question. “Yeah, it went well, and why are you dodging my question? That’s suspicious.” Wanda responds a little defensively. “Well, we figured leaving you two alone might get one of you to finally make a move. And judging by what FRIDAY told us, it seemed to have worked.” Nat chuckles as she steals some milk from Wanda for her coffee. “What?! You guys were spying on us?” Wanda asks, shocked and very red. “Well some of us are spies, but no. We just asked FRIDAY if it worked or not. No one wants to watch you lovebirds be sickeningly sweet.” She laughs as she pats Wanda on the shoulder.
“But, should you do anything to hurt Y/N it won’t go very nicely for you,” She adds as Wanda pales a little. “Hey! Stop threatening Wanda. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” You add as you catch Nat giving her speech to Wanda. Wanda calms down a little when she sees you and uses one of your hand signals for thank you. “I wasn’t threatening her. We just don’t want either of you to get hurt. Plus I was going to give you the speech later too.” Nat laughs as she finishes making her coffee and heads off. With Nat gone, Wanda gestures that she’d like a hug. Stepping closer to her, you pull her into a tight hug and draw circles on her back. “Thank you for that. Natasha can be a bit intimidating.” Wanda laughs dryly as you squeeze her a little tighter. “Don’t worry, she just said that because she’s protective over me. Plus I’m sure she’s worried about you too. She did say she wanted to give me a lecture too,” You laugh as she joins in. Stepping back from your hug, Wanda offers you a cup of tea as you two begin your morning routine together.
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