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ease into it - wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
Summary: getting assigned a project with a school ice queen seems like a fun time, right?
a/n: another wanda au cuz i’m bored.
Xavier Prep had split itself into two categories, or at least the students did. There was the scholarship kids, and then the rich kids. Of course the rich kids made this comparison to seem superior, and it worked in a way. 
Surprisingly, there were very few kids there on a scholarship. Enough to count on the hand at least. The rest were filthy rich, well equipped with people to take their important tests, and Ivies ready with spots to fill.
Unfortunately for you, you were not a lucky rich kid. The dean was friends with your aunt, and that’s how you’d gotten the connection to this school back in 9th grade. Now you were working in the tutoring center to help pay for tuition, because your parents couldn’t afford this school, uniforms, and your younger sisters’ activities. 
$2300 a month was robbery.
The money was good, and it helped that teachers were very adamant on making sure you got payed. You were glad considering the amount of sessions you were skipped out on, or the way the richer kids would treat you like you were their maid. You recalled that one time Quentin Beck had given you $500 to tell Dr. Banner that he’d come to sessions to get off of his back. 
Of course you took it, but you felt weird about it. And of course the richer kids loathed your intelligence because their money made up for that. “Y/LN.” Ms. Palmer calls. 
You stood from your seat, walking to the front to her desk. “This was a phenomenal essay, you should submit it to the contest we’re having next weekend.” You smile, taking the paper. “Aren’t you like the main judge? Wouldn’t that be biased?” You laugh, the older woman chuckling. “Yes, but I won’t be the only one, consider it.” You nod, walking back to your desk. 
As you walked, your eyes averted slightly to look at Wanda, your crush since 9th grade. You know she probably didn’t remember when you were lab partners, or all the time you held the door, but you did. When you made it back to your seat, you were still staring as she talked to Natasha. 
“You’re pathetic.” MJ mutters from beside you, making you jump. Peter snorts, adjusting his uniform tie as he sits up in his chair. “I am not pathetic.” You mumble, focusing on the worksheet you all had just been handed. A hand grasped your shoulder from behind, making you smirk. 
“You’re pathetic.” Kate repeats with a smile. She sits back, making you roll your eyes. “It’s never gonna happen, man.” MJ mocks, placing a hand on your other shoulder. “Obviously, plus I think I’m perfectly fine single, and lonely, and...” You pause, making your friends sigh. 
“Oh, brother.” Kate mutters. “Ya know what? Fuck you, Kate. That’s why Coach is gonna make you run laps all day while I get to actually practice.” Kate scoffs as your other friends snort.
“Yeah, right. You can barely run half a pole without get winded.” You roll your eyes, sitting back as Ms. Palmer stands at the front of the class. “Attention!” Almost everyone quiets down, and the extra noise easily annoys you.
“I have a project for you all, but since Ms. Maximoff, and Ms. Grey, and Ms. Romanoff are so busy in conversation…” Natasha looks up from her phone, silencing herself as Wanda and Jean look up at the teacher.
“Ok! Well, I have a project for you all. I want for you to write-“ The class groans, making the teacher chuckle. “I want you to write a play. Based off of the genre your group leaders pick.” You loved to script write, so this would be easy. “Group leaders are…Y/N.” You smile nervously as a few groans are expressed.
“Pietro.” Pietro turns to his friend beside him with a smirk. “Natasha.” The redhead smirks as the girls beside her smile. “Mr. Walker.” John scoffs. “,and Remy.”
“Thank ya, Ms. Palma, I won’t let ya down.”
“I hope not. So leaders, pick your slips.” She pulls an envelope from her desk, and the four of you stood, grabbing a single slip. “We will be in five groups of 4…” The class seems to buzz with excitement.
“Chosen by yours truly.” Then came the protests. Of course you were disappointed in not working with Peter, MJ, and Kate. You found it unnecessary, it being the protests, considering if you’re paired with anyone other than your friends, you’re doing all the work.
“You can whine all you want, but it’s temporary. Now! Let’s start with…Natasha.” The redhead sent the older redhead a death glare that definitely would’ve killed the older woman in another circumstance. “Natasha, Peter-“
“Oh! Oh! Slow down!” She exclaimed, making Peter frown and flush in embarrassment. “Bucky…” The boy blows her an air kiss. “and Emma.” Emma was already sat behind Natasha, and was whispering in her ear, looking at Peter. They separate with a giggle, and MJ shot a glare towards them.
“Remy, Anna Marie, Gwen, and MJ.” The girl beside you shrugged as Remy looked over at you guys, throwing a thumbs up towards MJ.
“Pietro, you will be with Vision, Quentin, Kitty, and Kate.” Pietro shrugs, and Vision turns around, kissing Wanda’s hand. “Y/N’s group will be Wanda…” The girls around Wanda snort as her jaw drops. Kate scoffs at the reaction, noticing your discomfort.
“Sam, Jean, and Darcy.” She looks over to John.
“John, Lemar…“ The two dap each other up. “Oh, that’s not fair!” Natasha exclaims. “Life isn’t fair. The last three are Bruce, Steve, and Bobby. Everyone disperse!” Some students move around, but you don’t, now quite pissed at Wanda’s reaction.
Wanda and Jean were actively avoiding next to you, loitering around Natasha’s group as they conversed with her and Emma.
You smile slightly when Sam places his hands on your shoulders, shaking you lightly. “Wassup, kid?” He smirks, sitting next to you. “Nothin’ much.” You smile, looking over at Darcy. “Hi, Darcy.” She silently waves.
“So…what’s our topic?” Sam asks. You hadn’t actually looked, but you turned it around. “Romance.”
“Ooooh.” Sam rubs his hands together as you take out your laptop. You had 30 minutes left of class, and Wanda and Jean couldn’t avoid you forever, but apparently you had the plague. “So…I have several unused scripts here we can use, they’re not finished, but I think it makes this easier-“
“Ms. Maximoff, Ms. Grey, I believe your group is…” The woman points to where you were sitting. “Over here.” Ms Palmer smiles as the two girls glare, walking over to your area, they sit, automatically turning on their phones. “Ok…” You chuckle, scrolling through your Google Docs.
“Ok! Um, Heartbreak Hotel, I can easily reformat it.” You nod. Darcy and Sam seem ecstatic and impressed. “Cool, what’s it about?” The girl asks. “Um…a girl rekindles a friendship with a girl who outed her, and they fall in love again, despite the main character actively pursuing someone else.” Sam nods.
“That sounds real good.” He says, making you blush. “Oh…thanks.”
“Can I read it?” You nod, lending him your computer. “Wait! I wanna see.” Darcy rounds your desk, making you giggle as she sits next to Sam. Turning towards Jean and Wanda, anxiety fills your chest as you look to speak to them. “Um…”
“I-I-I need your emails, so I can send this doc to you guys.” The girls stopped speaking to one another, looking at you. “Why?” Jean asks. “Well, since you guys are obviously not planning on working, I think we’ve decided-“
“Dude, this is so good!” Sam exclaims. “So you guys wanna use it?” They nod, and you look over to the other girls. “We’ve decided to use my script to-“
“Okay, whatever. So…do we have to meet outside of this class? Or?…” You resist the urge to scoff at Wanda’s brashness. “Is assume so, to…practice? I did this project in her Honors class last year, so we have to perform on stage, because the classroom is too small…” You trail off, noticing they weren’t even listening anymore.
You look over at Sam and Darcy in disbelief, and they shrug with sympathy.
“Is she really a nut job?” Natasha asks as the four girls waltz down the hallway, and outside. “Yeah, she’s so like…jittery all the time, like calm down?” Jean giggles. “I’m not surprised she’s a crazy as she was in 9th grade.” Wanda mutters.
The girls walked along to spacious quad during lunch. Wanda stood on the far left, and she looked over to see you and Peter playing with a soccer ball. He was using his goalie gloves as you kicked it straight to him.
One kick of the ball curved just right, slipping through Peter’s hand, hitting Wanda directly in the back of her head. You gasp, MJ not subtly laughing as she and Gwen sat on a picnic blanket. “Oh shit! I’m sorry!” You ran over to Wanda. “Are-Are you alright?” You went to help her up, but Emma pushes you away.
“Back up, you freak!” You hold your hands up i’m surrender. “I said I was sorry.” You say with your hands up in surrender. “I bet enjoyed that, planned it.” She accuses, making you frown in confusion. “Wh-?”
“You wanted to hurt her, didn’t you?” Jean asks, trapping you in between the two. “No-I…I’m sorry, it was an accident, seriously.” They kept making you back up, until you trip on the ball, falling on your back on the hard concrete. The crows that had built around you had bursted out in giggles as you groaned.
The girls walked off as Peter nervously picked you up. “God, I’m sorry I didn’t catch it, Y/N.”
“It’s okay, Pete. You’re fine.” You walked back to your small picnic, MJ and Gwen eyeing you with worry. “Are you okay?” The blonde asks, making you nod. “That was crazy intense. I though they were going to suck your blood.” MJ mutters.
“They’re saving me for their winter sacrifice.” You joke. It was hard being in love with someone that hung out with people like that. But of course she did because she is like that.
That day, you’d given up on it. If this was the repeated torment you were gonna receive just for being near her, you’d think it best to keep your distance.
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G!p bottom Wanda x top reader? Wanda pretends to be the top with the others so r decides to punish her but eventually r gets all soft with her? Please lots of mommy kink and wanda being called baby, rest is up to you<3
A/N: my g!p bottom!wanda obsession is growing
Punishment |W. Maximoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda decided to act like she was the top around the team so y/n made sure to put her girlfriend in place.
Pairing: g!p bottom!wanda x fem top!reader
Warnings: smut, fluff, g!p Wanda, unprotected sex, dom/sub dynamics, mommy kink, dirty talk, degrading, praise, exhibition kink, breeding kink, slight humiliation kink, dacryphilia, orgasm denial, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, bondage, pet names (baby, bunny)
Wordcount: 1336
“Come on, baby. I know you can last a little longer.” I tilted my head mockingly while I rocked my hips back and forth as I straddled her.
“Please.” She let out a little whimper as she furrowed her eyebrows with a pout.
“What’s the problem? Can barely take being buried inside of mommy?” I returned her pout before lifting my lip into a smirk.
Her nails dug into my hips while I made sure to clench around her to further tease her. I bent down and dragged her bottom lip down with my thumb.
“You wanted to act all tough in front of the others. What happened to that personality, huh?”
“Please, mommy…”
I sat up and moved my hips faster, watching her face scrunch up in pleasure and restraint to not cum.
“Telling the team that I was the bottom…” I shook my head. “You know your place very well, baby. Why would you pretend like you were the top when you know damn well that I fuck you every night.” I gripped her jaw as I bounced on her cock. “I’m the one who has you begging, crying for release. You get so fucking desperate to be inside of me, and then you actually try to seem like you have any authority in this relationship?”
A tear slid down her cheek as she whined. “I’m sorry, mommy-“
I let go of her jaw harshly before putting my palms on the sides of her head. “You better be fucking sorry. You should be thankful that I didn’t push you up against a wall and fucked you in front of everyone.”
She let out a moan and gripped my ass. “F-fuck~”
I chuckled. “Oh, does that turn you on? Fucking slut. You wanna let everyone see what a good little girl you become for me as soon as you see my pussy? How hard your cock gets and how you practically leak pre-cum once you look at me naked? How fast I can get you on your knees for me?”
“That’s right.” I breathed out as I slowed down my hips. “You know who your mommy is. You know who owns you, who this fucking cock belongs to.”
More tears ran down her cheeks as she started to squirm. “Wanna cum, need to cum-“ her sentence was cut off by her moans, her hands falling onto the bed to grip the sheets tightly. “Please let me cum, mommy~”
I let out a dark chuckle before stopping my hips. “You think you actually get to cum?” I shook my head with a mean smile. “You’ve really shown your stupidity today, little girl.”
I wiped her tears away slowly. “So pretty when you cry. Shame that you had to act like such a whore.” I un-straddled her and got off of the bed, ignoring her cries. I put on my shirt and my jeans before getting a belt. I walked over to Wanda and smirked at her.
“Mommy, I’m begging you. I’ll do anything.” She pleaded but I just shook my head.
I grabbed her arms and used the belt to tie her hands to the headboard. She tugged against it and looked at me with wide eyes.
“Nonono, mommy, please don’t!” 
I shrugged my shoulders before crossing my arms. “Sorry, bunny, nothing I can do now.”
I walked out of the room before returning to the living room where my girlfriend and I had previously been. The team looked up at me as I walked in and sat down.
“Sorry for that.” I smiled.
“Are we all just gonna pretend like you didn’t just definitely fuck Wanda and came back without her?” Tony asked with a raised eyebrow.
I grabbed my beer from earlier and took a sip. “I think you should. She needed some discipline, she knows lying is wrong.”
Maria chuckled a little. “So what, her totally topping you wasn’t correct?” She said sarcastically.
I sighed and leaned back into the sofa. “Couldn’t be further from the truth.”
After about two hours I decided to go check on Wanda. I walked into our room and smirked as I watched her lying on the bed.
Tears had made her cheeks all wet and her cock was still hard. She turned to look at me as I walked closer to her, her eyes practically pleading.
I sat down on the bed and ran my finger down her cock, pre-cum leaking down it as I watched her shiver from my touch. 
“Baby made a mess, huh? You were that needy for mommy?”
She nodded, embarrassment clear on her face but the twitch in her cock told me how turned on she was. I cupped her cheek and kissed her forehead before untying the belt. “Don’t worry, mommy’s gonna help you now.”
She sat up and gave me an excited smile so I took off my clothes before lying down on the bed. I parted my legs and looked at her practically drooling at the sight.
“Come on bunny, bury yourself in mommy’s pussy.”
She laid between my legs, nuzzling her head into my neck before thrusting into me. I let out a sigh of pleasure as I tangled my fingers through her hair. 
She started to buck her hips relentlessly, the need to cum had just gotten too much for her. She thrusted into me with no rhythm, clinging to my body desperately.
“Mommy…oh mommy, yes~” she moaned.
I could feel her panting against my neck, her little whines and whimpers turning me on to another level.
“Take your pleasure, baby. You can use mommy to get yourself off, don’t worry.” I cooed in her ear.
“Shit, so good~ feel so good…”
I kissed her hair a few times while cradling her head against my shoulder. “Your cock feels so good inside of me, bunny.”
“Yeah?” She said happily. “Mommy’s pussy is so warm and tight, I wanna cum in you so badly.”
I let out a little moan and nodded against her head. “Cum baby, you can cum this time.”
She kept moaning until her hips stilled and I felt her cum spill inside of me. She laid still for a few seconds before slowly moving her hips once more. “Gotta cum again…wanna cum in mommy again…need to…” she begged mindlessly while picking up the pace.
“Baby-“ I started.
“Wanna fill up mommy some more, I have to…I have to make mommy cum too~”
“You’ve been through a lot tonight, maybe slow do-“
She shook her head quickly while moving her cock into me as fast as she could. “No I was a bad girl, I deserved to be punished.” She whimpered a little. “Mommy needs to cum now, please~”
I let my eyes flutter closed and I focused on the way her cock was hitting inside of me. “Ok, baby…”
After a few seconds I could feel an orgasm start building. I came closer and closer as she fucked into me desperately. “Oh~ I’m gonna cum~” I breathed out.
She whined and I could feel her legs start to shake a little. “I’m gonna- please mommy cum or I’m gonna-“
“Mommy’s cumming, baby…” I whispered and clenched my eyes shut as my orgasm hit me. I moaned and held onto her as she bucked her hips against me.
“I’m- I’m-“ she squealed. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum~!”
Once again I felt her release into me. Her entire body was shaking and I rubbed her back gently, playing with her hair to calm her down. “Shhh, baby, it’s ok.”
She was still whimpering and whining while letting out some moans from the aftershock. “Thank you, mommy- Thank you, mommy- thank you-“ she kept blabbering as I felt her tears hit my shoulder.
“I’ve got you, bunny. I’m gonna take care of you. Let’s get you a nice warm bath, huh? How does that sound?”
She gave a small nod. “I love you…” 
“I love you more.” I kissed her head and whispered into her ear.
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Bucky pins Y/N to the training mat
Bucky: you need to work on your form. You’re weak.
Y/N: well I’m not the one you should worry about.
Wanda, eyes flaring red, throws Bucky across the room.
Steve: Bucky!
Wanda: keep your hands off my Malyshka.
Y/N: how are you so hot?
Tumblr media
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manhunt part i
a/n: i decided to post this a bit earlier! enjoy <3
warnings: MAJOR MoM SPOILERS! talk of wanda murdering a bunch of people, violence, ominous wanda
Tumblr media
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Earth 616~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
wanda maximoff can’t think straight, her mind is invaded by the scarlet witch, she needs to get rid of her. no, she needs to get rid of the darkhold. in a split second decision, with the interest of saving both wanda and the scarlet witch, the redhead destroys the darkhold. closing her eyes as the rubble falls around her, the scarlet witch escapes, and the chaos is over.
the last piece of the plan was “simple.” all the redhead had to do was somehow find her way in the crossfire of one of america’s portals. from there, she’d find a universe in which to lay low.
the plan was in motion, america portal hopped quite frequently actually. when america punched a whole, wanda squeezed her way into it. not even bothering to look at where she was, the scarlet witch took residence on a new earth.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Earth 754~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
arriving at what she assumed was her westview home, the witch knocked on the door for any sort of answer. the shuffling of feet grasped her attention as she could hear voices.
“billy! open the door, im about to beat this level.”
“you open the door! im taking a practice test.”
the redhead could’ve sobbed in that very moment. her boys, she heard her boys. although they sounded much older. as the door was opened, wanda had to quickly wipe the tears from her eyes.
billy stared at her, his face emotionless. he looked much older, his features more defined, her son was remarkably taller than she could have ever imagined.
“tommy…. come here.”
“im busy.”
wanda flinched at the tone. she hardly recognized their voices. when the self proclaimed “cool twin” showed up at the door, the boys took a step back.
“it’s her. it’s mom.”
tommy growled at his brother.
“it’s not mom, it’s the witch. it’s the witch that made her kill all those people, the witch that killed her.”
tommy’s nostrils flared at he stared at the redhead. the tears didnt stop, they kept coming and coming.
“you killed mom.”
“w-what. wh-a. what are you talking about.”
neither of the twins answered. instead they shut the door on her before saying one last thing.
“you’re a monster, and you’ll never be our mom.”
those words hit the redhead like a ton of bricks. her world came crashing around her. she almost wished that she was killed back on wundagore.
so she found a place to reside, and all the emotions hit her at once. the most powerful of them, anger, loomed over her head. the boys were older now, their mom was out of the picture. she absolutely had chance.
wanda wasn’t going to waste that chance, not again.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Earth 616~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
you strode down the street, airpods in your ears as you walked to the store. the only on your mind for the last 48 hours had been a bowl of cocoa puffs. although an absence of milk and cereal was your problem, a little trip to the grocery store would have that covered in no time.
“nights” by frank ocean played in your airpods as your converse crunched against the pavement. it took all your willpower to not break out dancing in public.
while you were trapped in your own little world, your real world crumbled around you. the last thing you would’ve expected to happen on your thursday afternoon was to see a star shaped portal in the middle of the street. moreover, the last thing you expected was to actually fall through said star shaped portal.
as time and reality ripped through the fabric of the universe and dragged you with it, you felt the contents of you stomach make their way back up.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Earth 754~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
you fell to the pavement with a groan. immediately grabbing your stomach, you tossed your cookies on the side of the street in which you landed on. as you wiped your mouth, you finally got a good look around.
what you assumed was new york in a different universe, didn’t seem that much off from yours. except for the futuristic looks and reverse rules.
as you continued exploring the parallel universe, a hand grasped your shoulder.
“run. she’s coming. run, now.”
confusion took over your face. who was coming? why did you need to run? your questions were answered by the scarlet smoke coming your way. your blood ran cold as monsters emerged from the smoke. with a roar, the monster narrowed its eyes on you. you didn’t have a chance to run before a speedy force grabbed you and carried you to safety.
“are you okay?”
“i- what? who are you?”
without the ability to form a coherent sentence, you watched as the teen talked to you.
“im tommy, youre safe now okay.”
with a small gulp and a nod, tommy sped the two of you off somewhere.
“what was that? the monsters? what’s happening.”
tommy tried to slow you down before you freaked yourself out too much.
“that was my mom i guess? she’s doing everything i can to get me and my brother or something. i dont know, but she’s a witch, and she is on a war path.”
as you took in the information you became impossibly more scared. this boy’s mom was a witch creating monsters to hunt him and his brother? where the fuck did you land?
you had no way to understand what was happening on that earth before another boy came down the stairs. this must have been his brother?
“who’s this?”
“umm… what’s your name?”
“y-y/n y/ln.”
the twins nodded amongst themselves.
“im billy, i see you already met tommy. just one question, are you from here?”
just as he suspected, all billy did was not. he had studied a bit on the multiverse, but he didn’t know much. his brother on the other hand he dealt with the terror that wanda was causing. doing his best to keep as many people out of danger as he could, tommy was technically the muscle.
“soooo….. that was your mom?”
a sigh left billy’s mouth as he prepared himself to explain the severity and the substance of the situation.
“5 years ago, a version of our mom from another universe kept taking over moms body, something called dream walking? i’m not sure how it works entirely.”
billy took a deep breath and his brother took over the explanation.
“when she would dream walk and take over our mom’s body, she made her do really bad things. i guess she killed the entire illuminati, a bunch of people on a different universe, and nobody really knows how many others. then she left. but when she did, our mom suffered. the injuries and the trauma got the best of her.”
the twins shared a look of sadness before continuing.
“now, that witch is back, she came to our door in tears a few days ago. and now….. she’s killing everyone in her way. i dont even know what she wants from us.”
“she wants you?”
“i think so.”
the twins talked some more while you processed everything that was happening. your thoughts battled with each other, until a new voice joined you inside your head.
“hello, sweetheart.”
what the fuck? how was someone in your head?
“don’t freak out, there’s no reason to be scared, i won’t hurt you so long as you behave. now, i want my sons back, and it seems they are trying to protect you. here’s where you come in honey, you’re going to convince them to hand themselves over to me by tomorrow at midnight. if they don’t…. well it may be your blood on their hands.”
you couldn’t help the fear that swallowed you whole. as a tear rolled down your cheek, the twins seemed to notice.
“what’s wrong?
“she’s in my head.”
the boys looked at each other, then back at you. shit.
wanda smiled at her handiwork. she watched as you completely crumbled in front of her sons. soon she would have the 3 of you right where she wanted you. her babies, and her new plaything.
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randomshyperson · 16 hours ago
Rulers of The Multiverse - Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Chapter Four
Tumblr media
Summary: Strange’s faulty spell will cause a series of unexpected events, from your reunion with the love of your life in another world to the appearance of a child capable of traveling across the multiverse. This story follows the journey of a very tired Guardian alongside mischievous America Chavez and Scarlet Witch.
Warnings: (+18) explicit language and sexual content, violence, a lot of magic, found family, mentions of abusive past and trauma, mind control, use of illicit substances, mostly top!reader, soulmates analogies. || Words: 5.723k
General Masterlist | AO3 | Wattpad | Series Masterlist
Chapter Four - An Uninvited God of Chaos and a World In Pieces
The first thing you see when you wake up is Wanda.
Not the Scarlet Witch you tried to contain before you woke up, but your Wanda. Adorable, annoyingly intelligent, and dead wife.
You blink to take in your surroundings, falling into a memory as you open your eyes. Memory isn't even what you would call it, because although everything seems lived, it never happened.
Wanda is a few meters away from you, sitting in an armchair with a book in her hand. Her curly hair is tied back in a loose bun, and you gasp softly at the sight of her so peaceful, so real.
She lifts her eyes to you and smiles, and you feel yours fill with tears. She frowns and closes the book.
"What's wrong baby?" She asks worriedly and you sigh deeply, shaking your head.
"N-nothing." You say affectedly looking around. "Where are we?"
Her worried expression seems to increase and she stands up to come to you.
"Honey, what do you mean where are we? At home, of course." She says with a smile, one of her hands touches your cheek and you shudder. 
It's freezing.
You sniffle softly, lifting your hand to her forearm.
"We don't have a home, Wanda." You say with a broken voice but Wanda doesn't even seem to hear what you've said, she sighs softly.
"The girls are taking their time." She comments walking away to the stairs and you frown in confusion, but when you hear footsteps hurrying in the wood, you look back and sob.
Your daughters come down the stairs at high speed, racing for who gets to the end first. Wanda reprimands them for this, but you are more busy welcoming the little girls who run to you with open arms, hugging them tightly.
Your chest tightens when you realize you can't feel them. It's neither cold like Wanda, nor hot. Holding them is only visual because you can't feel anything since they never existed.
Swallowing another sob forming in your throat, you let go of them to place a hand on each one's shoulder, looking at their childish faces with a squeezed heart.
"Mommy, why are you crying?" 
You force a smile, moving your hand to the youngest one's cheek. "It's nothing sweetheart, mommy is just happy to see you again."
"But mommy, Hallie, and I just went to put on our shoes as you asked." Retorts the little girl making you chuckle softly. 
"And Annie stepped on my foot to win the race, Mommy! Tell her it's not fair to cheat!" Commented the older girl pouting. You pressed your lips together to control your crying, looking at the interaction with your chest tightened. 
"Girls go get your backpacks and wait for us in the living room. Go go go." Wanda says and you take a second to let go, watching them run into the living room as soon as you did. Wanda puts her hand on your shoulder and you sob without getting up, putting one of your hands to your face. Wanda stoops down beside you.
"Honey, the girls are going to be startled. Tell me what's wrong." She asks, trying to put her hands on your face but you pull away and stand, feeling the air getting shorter. "Y/N?"
You put your hands on your head, closing your eyes tightly, your breathing out of rhythm. "Get out of my head."
"Y/N, it's just me..." Wanda tries in a whiny voice as well, trying to calm you down. "Please, baby."
"No, No, no!" you cry again in desperation. "You're dead! I'm not going through this again! Get out of my head!" You scream, and everything goes silent. 
You only listen to your out-of-pace breathing for several minutes, not having the courage to open your eyes. But you swallow dry and decide to fight it.
The house is gone, and now you stand on empty ground. Wanda is still in front of you, but many meters away, with two children with blurred faces on either side of her. You know very well what memory this is. The day the Westview spell was broken.
You fall to your knees on the ground, the earth is black and damp.
"Stop. Please. I don't want to see this again." You plead into the void and watch your tears fall to the ground. 
You hear footsteps on the grounds, and when you raise your eyes from the ground, the Scarlet Witch is standing in front of you, a short smile on her lips.
"Don't you think it's pathetic how easily humans break, Miss L/N?" Chthon mocks, his macabre voice mingling with Wanda's. You sniffle softly looking at him angrily.
"You didn't break me." You retort between teeth receiving a short smug laugh, the image of Wanda vacillating between her demonic and normal appearance like a conflicted shadow. It's scary to watch, to say the least. 
"Because I can still be merciful." Warned the God, tilting his body so that his face was at the same height as yours. He lowered his voice, reddish irises looking at you intently. "Your attempt to contain my influence on her mind was the stupidest decision you have made since refusing to take the guardian's oath."
You let out a short chuckle, wiping the tears from your face. "Don't be so upset, Chthon. Learn to share."
Chthon - In Wanda's body - grunts in annoyance and a hand goes to your neck, squeezing hard. It gets hard to breathe, but you keep calm. All this is just a fantasy.
"I'm going to destroy every piece of your mind. And when I'm done, I'm going to do the same to that sad bitch." He warns hatefully, smiling mischievously. "If you don't piss me off, I might even let you watch."
You choke from lack of oxygen, and Chthon sighs impatiently, releasing his grip. You fall with your hands on the floor, panting and trying to regain your breath as he looks around.
"This here was so easy to find, Y/N." He says over the reminder. "Which means it's just the tip of the Iceberg. I'm going to have fun digging deep into what you're hiding guardian."
With one hand massaging your neck, you give a short laugh.
"Have you ever stopped to think that I'm not hiding anything?" You challenge looking up. "Some people just accept the truth instead of running from it."
"Wow, you would know a lot about the truth, wouldn't you, Guardian?" you mock the God gesturing to the ghosts of children a few feet away. 
"Tell me, did it hurt more to kill them or find out they didn't even exist?" he mocks, and you grunt in irritation, eyes glittering. Your reaction widens his grin, and the God lowers himself back down to the height of your face. "Go on. Use your magic, fight back. I will love to watch you drag the little witch into your head, sharing your pain with her. I could even bet a few Underworld drachmas that if you press just a little further, she'll go completely insane..."
You let out a frustrated grumble, and your eyes return to normal coloration and you lower your head. Chthon's laughter mingles with Wanda's as he stands up. 
"Blocking the magical flow in her body was a cheap trick, but a clever one I have to admit." Says the demon putting his hands in his suit pockets. "Just don't forget it's temporary, guardian. While you slow me down in her mind, I'll play with yours."
To the demon's surprise, you began to laugh. He looked at you with a frown and you raised your face.
"Your desperation to do all this just proves how strong Wanda is and that you underestimated her. Typical of all gods really." You say getting up unhurriedly. "We've been through this before, Chthon. You may be a God, but my mind is fortified by an infinity stone, along with my training under your sister's teachings. You didn't break me before, when I had nothing, and you won't break me now. Not when I have people to fight for again."
Chthon locks his jaw and you smile, giving Wanda's cheek a gentle pat. "Don't look so sad, God of Chaos." You sneer before turning your back on her.
You walk to get out of the lot, but the road gets longer as you try and you sigh impatiently at this trick. You stop walking, and without turning around, you ask, "Anything you want to add?"
Chthon sounds completely like Wanda then.  "Y/N." She says and you choke, turning around. It's your Wanda again, the curly hair falling in cascades and a deep cut pulsing in her chest. You feel your eyes fill with tears again and you run to her, catching her before she falls to the ground. The surroundings transform, the house grounds giving way to a battlefield littered with bodies.
"Hey, you're okay." You say breathlessly, one hand pressing on the wound and the other on her cheek, "I got you."
"It hurts, baby."  Wanda cried and you nodded frantically, your fingers trembling on her face.
"I know, sweetheart, I know." You sighed tearfully, squeezing harder. "Keep your eyes open for me, okay? Our friends will-" You choked, stopping your mouth from repeating the words you said in that memory. There are no friends anymore. And even on the day of the fight, they were too late. You looked down at your hand at Wanda's wound - your fingers glistened like the day you tried to heal her - but the cut didn't close, just like before. 
You sobbed softly, turning your gaze back to her face.
"Wanda, it was supposed to be me." You cried with your hand on her cheek, "I'm so sorry I didn't protect you."
She choked on her own blood, shaking her head, the look in her eyes becoming distant. You hugged her tightly, burying your face in her neck and crying against her skin.
You heard footsteps beside you.
"Very touching." It was Chthon's voice - cold and low - but you didn't let go of Wanda even though she stopped crying. "Tell me, was it worst to lose her in a fight or to kill her yourself?"
You just sob, squeezing her harder. Chthon laughs, raising a hand in the air.
"Shall we take a look?" He asks, and you grunt.
"Enough." That's what you warn and use all your strength - and the stone's - to resist, hearing a loud whistle in your ear.
You get up in a jolt - startling the girl and woman next to you who let out surprised exclamations - but you are busy with one hand on your chest trying to normalize your breathing.
"Y/N, hey, it's me, you're safe." America says placing her hands on your shoulders and trying to bring you back to reality. You sob and she hesitates, never having seen you like that. But she hugs you anyway, and you can only cry harder.
Wanda watches the scene with a squeeze in her heart. She swallows dryly at the sight of your condition, twisting her fingers unsure whether to interfere or not. She feels so tired and confused right now. 
But she doesn't have to think too hard, because you take a deep breath to stop crying and let go of America, wiping your face.
"Sorry, kiddo." You murmur hoarsely. 
"No problem." America assures you with a smile. "What happened?"
You clamp a hand over your eyes for a moment. "It was just a really bad dream." You say and somehow, Wanda is sure it wasn't just that. America seems to believe you and gives you a gentle pat on the shoulder. You finally realize your surroundings and assume a worried expression. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, I blacked out, didn't I? What happened? How are you, you didn't get hurt right? Where are we...?"
America interrupted your babbling with a short laugh.
"Relax, we're fine. For now at least." She said sitting down in the chair next to your bed. "You blacked out yes, for a few hours. We're in some kind of apocalyptic world, and a huntress found us. Which turned out to be a good thing because I wasn't going to be able to carry you and Wanda around by myself, and you told me not to use portals and..."
It was your turn to interrupt America with a smile, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You did well, kiddo, I'm proud. You took care of everything."
The girl smiled wryly, and Wanda would have smiled at the interaction if you hadn't met her gaze and she flinched at the seriousness. She swallowed dryly but lifted her chin. 
"And you Wanda, how did you behave while I was asleep?"
She rolled her eyes, and America answered before she could. "She's without magic. And she's pretty pissed about it. But she helped me negotiate with the Huntress and got us food, so I think we're doing okay."
You give Wanda a small smile, "Good to know." You tell her, and she sighs impatiently, getting up.
"Don't give me those proud puppy eyes, I'm so mad at you." Starts the witch seriously, moving closer. "I don't know how you did it, but I want my magic back."
You give her a corner chuckle. "Come on, you have to admit it's a refreshing feeling, no? Do you still remember what it was like to not feel your powers?" You try but Wanda doesn't smile, and you grumble in pain as she lifts her hand to your face, and pulls off at once a bandage you hadn't even realized you were wearing.
"It looks better." She tells America, checking your cut. "See if you can find some alcohol in those drawers." 
America nods and turns around, stepping away to obey the request. Wanda places herself between your legs. 
"Take off your shirt." She says and you raise a brow at her, glancing quickly at America in the corner.
"Wanda, there are children in the room." You joke and she rolls her eyes, sighing in impatience, and getting a chuckle from you. "Alright, Alright." You say moving your hands to pull the shirt off. 
They have removed the top of the robe that Kamar-Taj offered you, probably to clean your wounds. It is only upon removing the t-shirt that you realize how sore you really are, and have the impression that the bruises are bleeding. 
Wanda leans in to look and sighs. "They won't heal." She grumbles with some frustration, and you feel your face heat up because her cleavage is so close to your face, and she traces various points on your back with her fingers. It must be a good thing that she doesn't have the powers to read your thoughts right now.
America returns with a bottle of alcohol, and Wanda thanks her for the item with a small smile.
"Keep an eye on the door, and call me if the huntress comes back. I don't trust her." Wanda says, and America gives you a reassuring smile before leaving the room that has a curtain type as a door. "Turn around, I'm going to change the bandages." 
"So bossy." You tease low, pleased to see that Wanda is trying to hide a smile. You stand sideways on the bed, and she sits behind you.
It's not exactly gentle, but it's not like you can blame her. The alcohol burns badly, and Wanda sighs impatiently when you pull away for the tenth time.
"Stop moving, it'll hurt more." She complains, and you grunt softly, holding the sheets tightly.
"It's fucking painful."
"If you hadn't put us inside a glass box this wouldn't have happened." She recalls and you let out a short laugh.
"Mirror dimension. " You correct her only to annoy her, and Wanda squeezes the cotton with a certain amount of force making you flinch with a soft groan.
"And if you hadn't taken my magic I could heal you in seconds." She reasons ignoring your last sentence, and you let out a half breathless laugh again.
"You know why I had to do that." You say and Wanda swallows dryly, her touch hesitating on your back. She is silent for a long moment, the sound of cotton and your breathing being the only ones in the room. Until, almost hesitantly, she says:
"I'm just trying to have my children back." It is your turn to swallow dry, and Wanda takes advantage of your silence to add, "I don't want to hurt anyone."
"I know." You say without hesitation and feel her touch grow gentler. "But you will if I don't help you."
"I don't need help, Y/N. I just need-"
"Tommy and Billy." You interrupt by pulling away from her touch to straighten up on the bed and look at her. "Wanda, you see them, don't you? In your head."
"You know I do." She says looking at you, her fingers pulling at a few pieces of the cotton. "Every night, I dream about a life where we are happy. I know you think the book is poisoning me, but the darkhold taught me how I can get everything that was taken from me back."
You swallow dryly, bringing one of your hands to hers. "The price of using Darkhold is the corruption of your mind completely. The author of the book is the God of Chaos, the father of your magical nature, banished from Earth by the ancient gods. This is a lot to take in in one conversation, but you need to know that Chthon has no intention of giving you your children. All he wants is for you to break the Multiverse for him." You state earnestly. "If Chaos reigns, he will have the power to be in this dimension. And he will play with your head until he gets what he wants."
Wanda sighs, pulling away from your touch and standing up. 
"That's a fairy tale, Y/N." She comments, twiddling her fingers nervously, but you don't flinch.
"Wanda, we can move things with our minds. " You argue, offering her a small smile. "I know this whole business of gods and dimensions we can't see seems too far from reality, but at this point, everything we have done..."
"It was impossible enough." She completes, holding up her forearm and looking at you uncertainly. "Y/N, I just want my children back."
You sigh softly. It won't work like that. Wanda was under the influence of the book for a year; she's not going to give up on a conversation. In fact, you hope that her mind will cling to this hope until it can no longer. So you offer her a short smile.
"I know dear, we will...we will find a solution." You say swallowing dryly, and Wanda nods with eyes filled with tears.
"I found a solution." She informs you getting strangely euphoric. "That's why I was after the girl. Her power can take me to a world where I have my children."
You frown softly. "Wanda..."
"And if you want, you could stay with me too." She interrupts by moving closer, and your breath hitches as Wanda finds a place on your lap, each leg on one side and her hands on your cheeks. The look of hope in her eyes breaks your heart. "We could be a family. Me, you, and the boys."
"And America?"
Wanda hesitates but forces a smile. You choke softly when she thrusts her hips against yours, a delicious friction that almost makes you lose track of your thoughts. "She's not your daughter, Y/N."
"I know, but she needs a home..."
"I need her power." Wanda confesses, and you blink in confusion. She lets her hands caress your shoulders, and her lips brush your jaw, making a path of gentle kisses to your ear, but you tense up. "I need to be assured that if the kids get sick, I would have a way to help them. The cure for all diseases is in the multiverse." She explains in a whisper, not meeting your eyes, and when she tries to push against your hips again, you hold her by the waist.
Wanda pulls her face away to look at you, and your hands find her cheeks. You lick your lips before you speak, trying to find the right words. "And what happens if they die, Wanda?" You question, and she chokes in shock. Her urge is to run away from your gaze, but you firm the grip on her cheeks. "Are you going to replace them like toys?"
Wanda grunts angrily, resisting your grip, and even though you release her face, you hold her in your lap. "I don't need you to be cruel to me. Chthon has been enough." She retorts and you sigh.
"Don't compare us." You say serenely. "Unlike him, I won't lie to you."
Wanda lets out a humorless laugh and looks at you again, her eyes filled with tears. "All you do is lie." She accuses causing you to frown in confusion. "You lied when you said you were coming back to me, and you keep lying to yourself now. America is not your daughter, and you don't think her mothers are alive. Yeah, I'm still a telepath, detka." She warns to your shocked expression. "And more importantly, I'm not your wife. You're not going to use me as a substitute, I don't want to be a replacement-"
"Wanda, don't say that!" You interrupt with tear-filled eyes, but Wanda struggles to push your hands away, looking like she wants to cry as you do. "Please don't listen to those voices in your head. Listen to me!"
"Let me go!" She retorts trying to push your shoulders, and sobs, causing you to despair at her reaction. "Let. Me. Go" She repeats, punctuating each word with pushes of her closed fists against your shoulders, but you don't let go, wrapping your arms around her and hugging her tightly.
"I'm so sorry." You ask trying to calm her down, Wanda fights a tightness for a moment, before sobbing and burying her face in your neck. Your hands caress her back. 
"Please make it stop." She begs weakly against your collarbone, and you are not sure if she is talking about the voices or the pain. Either way, you don't stop your caresses and nod.
"I will." You assure her in a whisper. "I will make it stop."
Wanda tightens her arms around you, crying softly against your skin for long minutes. When she calms down, she wipes her eyes with the hem of her blouse and averts her gaze, her head down.
"I'm sorry." She asks almost embarrassed, and before you can say it's okay, she sighs deeply, running her hand over her face, and assuming a more defensive posture, the Scarlet Witch facade returning to her expression. "That was dramatic."
You smile anyway, bringing your hands to her cheeks and causing her breathing to hitch softly. "Hold still."
She frowns in confusion, but when your eyes sparkle and she feels the electric wires, she looks at you with curiosity.
"What are you up to, detka?" She asks, making you nervous when she looks so blatantly between your eyes and your mouth.
"Just making sure your nightmares will stop." You tell her in a slightly husky voice, being able to feel a growing pressure behind your head. Wanda laughs mischievously, adjusting herself in your lap.
"My knight in shining armor, aren't you?" She says between mockery and playfulness, licking her lips and moving close enough for you to almost lose concentration. You clear your throat, your face warming.
"I need focus." You tell her, avoiding the green irises that make your stomach flip. Wanda giggles again.
"What, do I distract you?" she teases with an innocent expression, her hands resting on your stomach as she leans toward you until her lips brush yours and you let out a shaky breath, losing focus on the magic completely. With that, Wanda feels a gentle twinge, like a burn, but nothing that really hurts. Still, she lets out a soft exclamation. "Ouch." 
"S-sorry." You murmur affectedly, your brain foggy with arousal, the proximity of her mouth and the way she is looking at you now taking any coherent thought from your mind.
"Kiss me to make it better." She asks in a whisper and you are immediately nodding, moving forward against her.
When your lips touch, someone clears their throat behind, and you pull your face away with an unsatisfied grunt, your eyes still closed for a second as you try to push away all the tension at once.
"No making out in my bed, travelers." Says the woman you don't know from the doorway. America, next to her, is holding back a giggle at having just walked into this. Wanda lets out a frustrated sigh but gets off your lap very quickly. 
You don't have time to complain about the lack of heat, because that Huntress is removing her mask, and you gasp in surprise.
"Natasha?" You exclaim, and she frowns.
"Do I know you?" She asks casually, working on her own costume that looks very much like something a soldier would wear. Before you can answer, she lets out a soft exclamation. "Oh, let me guess, you were a Red Room fan before the Emersion? It's been a long time since I've met someone from before."
"I..." You stammer confusedly, but Wanda clears her throat, shaking her head slightly as if telling you not to say anything. "Yeah, I was a fan of the R-red Room." The lie almost burns your throat, but you keep your expression neutral, and Nat seems to believe it.
"Well, you must be hungry. Lucky for you, I got enough rations for all of us." She says, moving to open the bag she brought in the center of the room. Inside, there were several packages of what looked like astronaut food, and it didn't look the least bit appetizing to you. "Eat up before we leave."
Wanda steps forward. "Where to?"
"I've been here 12 days now, and the sentries take shifts every 15. I never take any chances, and I always leave the hiding places earlier." She explains moving her hands to her holster, intending to place the weapons on the table behind her. "I'm sorry about your injuries, golden eyes, but if you can't walk, I'm leaving you behind."
You swallow dryly at the coldness, but Wanda crosses her arms.
"Where to, Natasha?" She repeats the question, and the redhead sighs lightly, taking her eyes from Wanda to a small electronic device she pulls out of her pocket.
"I have a pickup down south, it's about a three-mile walk."
"Fantastic." America mumbles wryly, and Nat gives a chuckle. 
"The sooner we leave, the better." Retorts the older redhead. "Night is even darker beyond the ruins."
You exchange a confused look with America, but she shrugs, seeming not to have asked much about it. She wastes no time in getting one of the feed packages, and you let out a sigh as you realize you would have no choice but that food.
"Hey, golden eyes." Natasha draws your attention back, and you are surprised at the mischief you find in her gaze. "I'm not complaining about the view, but you must be cold."  She pulls out of one of the closets a sweatshirt and tosses it for you to pick up. You blush more in surprise than anything at the flirtatious tone, and half-heartedly thank her, especially since she gives you a smile full of second thoughts.
Wanda can't help but grimace at the scene. You are too busy with your sweatshirt to notice that she almost destroyed the seal on the feed package by putting more force than necessary when opening it.
You had been walking for a little more than twenty-five minutes.
This world was kind of scary. It was Earth, obviously, but it didn't look like anything you knew. It was a desert of sand and rocks, with no nearby cities. Also, there were craters almost everywhere, and gravity did not seem to be in balance at all. There were rocks of various sizes scattered in the sky, and holes in the ground that Natasha called a vacuum, and warned you all to keep your distance. It was late morning, but the sky was completely orange as if the sun had exploded around. 
Only when you left the room did you realize that you had been in a tent the whole time. It was very technological, and once you were outside, Natasha pressed something on her electronic device, and the tent was dismantled to the size of a playing card, which she put on her belt.
Nat put on her mask again and said she had jackets in case you got cold. Your back was hurting a little, but America offered support so many times that eventually you slipped one of your arms across her shoulders and put more weight than necessary just to make her laugh.
"This place is so scary." Commented the girl a moment later, looking around, and instinctively getting closer to you. You blinked away from the silhouette of Wanda - who was walking beside Natasha, looking very suspicious of where she was being led - and looked at America. "Are you sure we can't open a portal to a nicer world?"
You scratched your head. "I mean, maybe..."
But Wanda looked back at the same time, a warning look at you both. You made a confused expression, but America sighed as Wanda drew a question to Nat.
"What was that?" You asked.
"Wanda said you can't travel." America clarified. "Your bruises, Y/N. They are not healing, she said they are magical. And she doesn't know what can happen if you cross over to another universe. They can open wider, and you took her magic away so she would have no way to stop the bleeding and you would die of hemorrhage and-"
"Jesus, she made it very explicit." You cut in by putting an arm around America's shoulders again. "Relax, kiddo. I'll be fine, it's just a few scratches."
"Magic scratches that won't heal." Corrected the girl making you laugh lightly.
"They'll heal, it'll just take a little longer." You say relaxed. "Hey, I just remembered! You disobeyed me!" You say with false seriousness, and Chavez shudders a little.
"Sorry." She grumbles, but exclaims, "You can't blame me for that, though!"
"I can't, eh?" You ask raising an eyebrow. America shakes her head.
"Not really! I told you I didn't trust Strange, and you told me to wait with him of all people! When we were alone, he kept asking these weird questions about nightmares and the monsters and I freaked out. I went running to you, and you were getting your ass kicked by your girlfriend." Justified the girl and you grimaced at the last part. "By the way, of all the Wandas we met, you had to pick the evil witch?"
You sigh, shifting your gaze forward. Wanda has definitely heard the nickname, by the way, she cringes a little. 
"She's my favorite." You say sincerely, surprising even yourself with how true it felt in your heart. Wanda looks at you out of the corner of her eye very quickly, a shy smile she tries to hide. You clear your throat, turning your attention back to America. "We have rules, Chavez. You don't disobey me. It's for your safety, we've had this conversation."
She sighs, but nods. "I know, I'm sorry. I just panicked, and seeing you almost die didn't help anything."
You grunt softly. "Please, I was winning."
America laughed. "She kicked your ass." You reminded the girl, and when you rolled your eyes, she added to torment you, " You only won when I interfered." 
You begrudgingly laughed, pushing her gently and managing to make her laugh too. But the laughter died when Nat stopped walking suddenly, one hand in her holster.
"Everyone be quiet." She warned in a whisper, static as the three of you tensed at the sudden change. 
Suddenly, you heard sirens in the distance, and Natasha grunted in irritation, drawing her weapons at the same speed you protected America with your body, and Wanda did the same to you. "Seek cover. NOW!" Natasha shouted, and you were moving to the rocks closer at high speed.
You grunted in pain as you sat down hard on the ground, the bruises on your back burning. Wanda looked at you with concern, checking to see if you were all right, before looking over to where Natasha was.
America was also peeking out from your right side, but you had your back to the rock, trying to push away the pressure in your eyes.
Cheap trick guardian. You heard Chthon in your head. 
Fair enough. I'm going to play with you again.
"Man, I can't believe we ended up in the killer robot universe." America commented beside you and you tried to come back to reality, taking a calming breath. Wanda frowned as she watched the scene. 
"The name is Ultron." She said. "Y/N, the sentinels are Tony's iron legion, but the symbol is not the Avengers. Y/N?"
"Sounds awesome." You muttered breathlessly, and before Wanda could check you, she saw Natasha lower her weapons, and point at the rock, a small smile on her face.
"Shit." She grumbled and ducked just as one of the Sentinels raised his weapon.
The rock vibrated with the rain of gunfire, and Wanda and America cowered beside it for cover.
"This would be a great time to give me back my magic!" Wanda exclaimed loudly.
The sentries began to beep, and warned together in a mechanical voice. "Magical Creatures are forbidden since the Emersion. Surrender to the Council of Ultron Immediately."
You gasped helplessly, each hand finding one of the girls at your side. "Chavez, pick a cool universe."
"B-but Y/N, you're hurt-"
"Pick one with a health care plan." You joked but Wanda grunted impatiently.
"Do it before they kill us!" She shouted and you closed your eyes as you felt your body fall through the portal.
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multifandomme · 2 days ago
Surrender - WandaNat x Reader [18+]
A/N: I haven’t written wandanat in a while, so here is my newest instalment. I received a request to a similar effect but decided to repurpose it into a threesome scenario. I hope that you all enjoy it and as always, happy reading <3
Summary: When Natasha is suspected to be a double agent, you are sent to conduct an interrogation. But how will she fare against your unprecedented tactics?
Cw: Smut, choking, face slapping, praise kink, daddy kink, d/s dynamics, restraints, use of magic, coercion, orgasm control, hair pulling, biting.
Word Count: 2755.
The clamour of metal penetrated the silence, the continual clatter indicating a vehement resistance. You had expected nothing less, genuinely surprised to have subjugated the target to begin with. Natasha grunted in exasperation, the chance of escape thinning with every ounce of energy that she exerted, exhaustion setting in. The redhead's efforts were stymied in a flash, a burst of scarlet flurrying towards her and rendering her catatonic, mouth agape, mindless as she stared towards you.
"Natasha Romanoff," you sighed, your hand gesturing upwards and inciting the ebbing out of the vermillion force that stole her of thought. "Always the fighter, hm?"
"Who sent you?" Natasha growled, her fury barely housed within her, green orbs scoping the area with growing suspicion. "How did you find me?"
You chuckled aloud as you dared an approach, hands reaching out to assure the rigidity of the chains that bound her to the chair. Natasha was adept in assassination, you knew that, every precaution extended to ensure that she stayed put, by any means necessary. It was a strike of luck that had led you to her in the first place and you intended on keeping her contained.
"The Avengers," you admitted, her teeth gritted angrily upon hearing the name fall from your lips. "Looks like someone got in with the wrong crowd, again."
"Do you really believe that?" Natasha questioned, her eyes devoid of any emotion bar anger, vexed by the mere possibility that you doubted her loyalty for a second. "Do you?"
Nonchalantly, you drew your hands upward in surrender, an act that had Natasha thrashing against her restraints once more, infuriated.
"I remain undecided," you smirked, your thumb brushing over her full lips as you watched her swivel in rejection of your touch. "I'm here to gather intel," you revealed, shortly. "Nothing more."
Natasha scoffed, almost amused by your response, though you could only imagine what bubbled below the surface. Her eyes grew black beneath the dim lighting of the warehouse, silence engulfing the space and persisting.
"What makes you think that I'll talk?" Natasha challenged, her head half-tilted in intrigue.
A simper curled your mouth upwards, blossoming wider as you knelt down to meet her eye line. Soft fingertips brushed her fiery tresses from her face, clinging to the perspiration that beaded upon her forehead. You had expected a sharp avoidance, though surprisingly, she did not recoil.
"Oh, I know that you won't," you conceded, the woman's eyes flaring with the confusion of being read. "That's why I came prepared."
The redhead hummed, a disinterested expression taking hold of her features as if doubtful of your claim. You had known of the torture that she could withstand and in any case, had priorly vowed to bring something different, something that evaded what she was accustomed to.
"You're going to torture me," Natasha predicted, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, bored by the prospect. "How original."
You paused in place, feigning as if the woman had uncovered the rouse. A smirk painted her lips, widening as she observed you falter before her, completely taken by your misleading of her.
"No," you replied, bluntly, an air of victory enclosing around you as you saw her smile yank itself from her mouth, replaced with a distinct uncertainty. "It's too familiar."
An audible gulp sounded, Natasha fidgeting in place though thwarted by the metal that restrained her. Pink-tinted cheeks drained of life, paled as she gathered the courage to meet your gaze once more, anxiety lapping away at her usual objectiveness.
"What are you going to do to me?"
The question hung thickly in the air, unanswered as you circled her as a means of fuelling the suspense that existed. Swiftly, your fingers sprung to grasp at her throat, the oxygen freeing itself from Natasha's lungs as she choked out, blindsided by the sudden manoeuvre.
"You," you snarled, her eyes flickering in terror. "You belong to me now."
Natasha squirmed beneath your grasp, her attempt at an escape foiled by your unyielding grip on her. Even with her breath so ruthlessly robbed from her, it did not deter the woman from verbal retaliation.
"Rot in hell," she gasped, the words exiting no louder than a whisper though the threat behind them was violently real, her glare callous with intent.
A wry chuckle fled from you, Natasha's threat only instilling more motivation to subdue her as you cinched harder around her slender throat. The woman released a strangled groan, the whites of her eyeballs presented to you and indicating a looming loss of consciousness. Abruptly, you freed her, observing carefully as Natasha quickly came to, willing away her weakness with a hasty shake of her head.
"Gladly," you responded, sardonically as you leaned in, your lips barely an inch from her own as she jostled to fight the urge to resist temptation, her senses still partially clouded. "But I'll be taking you with me."
Green orbs disappeared behind heavy eyelids, control relinquished for a second as she basked in the sensation of your warm breath against her mouth. You inched closer, Natasha securely in your possession as you held her by the jaw this time, fingernails burying harshly into the bone there. A tiny moan escaped from her, uncontrolled, regret inherent in the way her eyes widened in realisation of what she had let slip.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" You queried, though the answer was starkly visible in the way Natasha mewled out in reply, teeth piercing into her lips for leverage, her eyes desperate to avert in deflection. "You like being interrogated, manhandled?"
Crimson adorned Natasha’s cheeks in an instant, any hint of a reply obstructed by teeth-clamped lips. The woman’s defences seemed to falter before you, collapsing just enough for you to infiltrate. Your eyes honed in upon her neck, her heart racing with such force that you could see her jugular twitch with every beat, lightly protruding from the skin. Instinctively, your tongue sneaked outwards to paint your lips with fresh saliva, momentarily claimed by the fantasies that clouded your mind, those that detailed the lasting marks you wished to leave upon her. 
“I’ve heard a lot about you, Ms Romanoff,” you began, daring to lurch forwards to trail your lips along her throat. “Read your file,” you continued, a low moan reverberating against your mouth. “I know that I’m fighting a battle that you’ve already won.”
The redhead panted, complete disarmament finding her as she relaxed into your touch, her curiosity piercing through her momentary entrancement. 
“Then why are you trying?”
A hum of amusement filled the brief silence as you retreated, intent on occluding the temptation that festered within you. Though you would never admit it to Natasha, you were taken, sure that any further exploration of her body at your hands would render you affected, addicted even. 
“Because I have new interrogation tactics,” you revealed, proudly. “And it would be a real shame to leave them untested.”
Natasha sucked in a breath, her panic felt tenfold when the air around her spiralled in red once more, a lone twisting strand drifting towards her. The redhead’s orbs fell into darkness, sparkling with obsidian as she remembered the torment that the unknown force had incited earlier. 
“What is this?” Natasha worried, terror holding her hostage. “What are you doing to me?”
An answer failed to find Natasha, your gaze reclaimed by the rusted door that existed beside you, a knowing smirk lurking upon your mouth.
“Baby, you can come out now,” you instructed, your tone soft and coaxing as you stared expectantly, the thick door soon creaking open in the wake of your command.
Wanda peeked out with caution, her striking blue eyes staring deeply into yours as she travelled hastily to land at your side. The brunette did not throw a second look towards the bound Natasha, her attention undivided, wholeheartedly intent on you. 
“I did everything just as you asked, Daddy,” Wanda beamed, her proudness evident in the way her teeth dazzled out into the gloom of the warehouse. 
Your heart melted at the sight of Wanda’s joy upon pleasing you, palms immediately pressing to her face to draw her close, her lips pouted in search of yours. Denying her was futile, frantic in feeling her against you as you kissed with ardor, passion that brimmed with every second that passed by. Wanda whined shamelessly into your mouth, unfazed by the silent spectator who watched on, transfixed by the sight before her. Curiously, you opened your eyes, Natasha’s tensing thighs not lost on you as you inwardly smiled at the reaction the two of you had inflicted.
“You were so good for me,” you extolled, the apples of Wanda’s cheeks inflated with delight, a gentle blush materialising. “But I need you to do what Daddy taught you, hm?”
Natasha released a sharp exhale, her fear blatant as her eyes flickered wildly between the two of you, unsure of who to be more wary of. 
Wanda outstretched her fingers, eyes narrowing with newfound focus as the scarlet threads expelled from them, her sights set on the restrained redhead.
“This won’t hurt,” Wanda assured, though her tone remained hesitant, unconvincing. “As long as you’re a good girl, like me.”
In a split second, Natasha’s clothes were stripped of her, shredded mid-air as the scraps of material rained to the floor, irreparable. A loudened gasp blurted from the redhead as she glanced downwards to regard her indecency, only underwear separating her from full frontal nudity. For a moment, you assumed her silence to denote crippling dread, until you noticed her thighs rubbing together once more, seeking inconspicuous alleviation. 
“Good girl,” you praised, earnestly, a wink thrown in Wanda’s direction. “Just like we practiced.”
A nod of permission saw Wanda’s grin ebbing out into seriousness, dropping to her knees before the redhead without a hesitation. Natasha squealed out as Wanda parted her thighs with unrivalled strength, an unyielding glare of warning tossed to the latter.
“Please,” Natasha urged, weakly. “Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”
Wanda laughed, eerily, its sound echoing out into the expansiveness of the room as she swivelled to regard you, a knowing smirk plastered to her lips.
“Why don’t you tell her, princess,” you instructed, sensing the dwindling of Wanda’s patience, too enthralled with the prospect of what was to come. 
The brunette shook with excitement, orbs of azure bursting with zeal as she turned to face Natasha, peering up from between her thighs.
“I’m going to torture you,” Wanda disclosed, a mischievous simper never straying from her. 
Natasha’s sentence was occluded by a set of teeth sinking into the skin of her thigh, a pained hiss exuding from her in response. A thickened silence persisted for a second, the redhead left in a daze by the sudden act, though simultaneously thrilled by it.
“Uh oh, you didn’t let me finish,” Wanda cooed, her tongue flickering softly against the bite mark that now adorned the woman’s porcelain skin. “I’m going to torture you... with my mouth.”
The brunette pushed aside Natasha’s underwear in haste, amused by the glistening flesh that she was met with. Wanda's tongue dragged languidly against the wetness, pausing once she arrived upon Natasha’s clit and sucking fervently. Desperate groans pierced the silence, repetitive and intense as the redhead wrangled pathetically with the restraints, the jangle of metal sounding without respite.
“When she’s finished with you,” you began, your feet propelling you until you lingered directly behind Natasha, fingers threaded tightly into her velvet locks. “Not only will you talk, you will fucking sing.”
Wanda hummed in agreement, the vibrations absorbed by Natasha’s needy pussy as she shook, infuriated by her state of makeshift imprisonment. The redhead’s reactions only fuelled your intention of exacerbating her as you yanked her hair from the scalp, the pain sharp enough to draw mewls from the weakened assassin. 
“That’s it, princess,” you encouraged, Wanda shivering in response to the praise that you bestowed upon her. “Use that pretty mouth just as Daddy taught you.”
Natasha’s knuckles whitened below the force that she exerted, her wrists grappling helplessly against the restraints. Her teeth clasped ruthlessly against her plump lips, rouged with blood from the droplets that had subsequently prickled the surface. Moans rumbled in her throat, though her pride knew better than to let them escape, her mind embroiled in a ferocious battle with her bodily reactions.
“Oh, fuck,” the redhead cursed, her whispered tone depicting the humiliation that riddled her, avid in her rejection of being affected, of becoming a slave to the pleasure that Wanda provided.
“How does it feel?” You tormented, delivering a particularly brutal tug to Natasha’s hair, a sudden squeal bursting from her. “Ready to come clean?”
The redhead shook her head frantically in rebuttal, words failing her as she bucked into Wanda’s face, consumed by ecstasy. Natasha’s resistance had been expected, your hands retracting to sneak below the material of the assassin’s bra, toying with the peaks of her nipples. The buds hardened with immediacy, called into rigidity by the adeptness of your manoeuvres, Natasha’s head thrown backwards as she clung to the fading traces of her self-control.
Wanda drew backwards, her mouth glimmering with arousal as her tongue collected the remnants, marvelling at the taste.
“What should I do now, Daddy?” Wanda asked, a sole finger probing teasingly at Natasha’s entrance, a chuckle emitting as she observed Natasha thrashing wildly to manipulate the digit to land inside of her.
The brunette giggled as she sank the intrusion in halfway only to remove it upon attaining a desperate whine from Natasha. It was evident that the assassin was growing impatient, her control stretched thin as her moans transformed into carnal growls, low and frenzied.
“Fuck her,” you commanded, bluntly. “And when she starts to cum,” you whispered, your mouth pressed to the shell of Natasha’s ear. “Stop and make her beg.”
Wanda wasted no time, her digits hasty in their commencement as they slammed into Natasha’s twitching hole. The redhead gripped the chair with unrivalled strength, the veins in her arms drawn to the surface from the exertion. Your fingers continued to unleash torture upon her nipples, now sore and irritated from the avid stimulation. Wanda pummelled without relent, no heed paid towards Natasha’s condition as she leaned in sporadically to suckle upon her clit, laughter rumbling from her.
“Awww,” Wanda mocked, retracting with suddenness. “Was someone about to cum so soon?”
Natasha cried out, tears forming in her eyes until they slid down her reddened cheeks, exasperated and unsatisfied.
“Tell us everything,” you demanded, forcefully, your palm smacking haphazardly against Natasha’s face, the tears sinking into your hand. “Or I promise that you will continue to be denied.”
An epoch of silence occurred, obscured solely by the heavy exhales that passed through Natasha’s mouth, hung agape in a coalescence of desperation and blossoming fatigue.
“I...” Natasha breathed, fighting desperately to locate her logic in her state of mindlessness. “I-I’m being framed.”
You hummed, ruminatively, a gentle hand falling to ruffle affectionately atop Natasha’s hair.
“Good girl,” you smirked. “See, that wasn’t so hard was it, hm?”
Wanda’s mouth reconnected upon Natasha’s clit, avid in the completion of the task at hand, until you thwarted her efforts.
“I think Daddy should finish up, princess,” you insisted, observing as Wanda quickly leapt to her feet in compliance, allowing you to take her place. “I want to feel her cum on my fingers.”
Wanda nodded submissively, a meek smile bitten away as she moved to encircle her hand around Natasha’s throat, a moderate cinch incurring. Natasha sighed, the moment of pacification seemingly extended as you thrust two fingers inside of her. Pleasured cries rang out into the vicinity, heightening as you increased the pace, Natasha barely able to withstand the bliss that flooded her senses. Her pussy fluttered around your digits, the tension building until she froze, rigid against the restraints as she came undone. With her back arched, she shrieked aloud, visibly shaking as she descended back to reality, a reality which saw her succumb, her resistance forsaken.
“Are you going to let me go?” Natasha asked, hopefully as she glanced down towards the chains that anchored her in place.
Wanda flashed a knowing grin towards you, her cheeks plumped in an attempt to stifle her laughter.
“No,” you rebutted, your thumb trailing delicately along Natasha’s jaw. “We’re far from done here, isn’t that right, princess?”
Wanda could only nod violently in response.
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wandanatsbaby · 2 days ago
Can I request Wanda (or wandanat) x reader where r is laying on their laps and napping so Wanda uses her magic and gets their blanket and lays it on reader and makes it so she isn’t having a nightmare? (Bonus if someone try’s to bother r while their sleeping and Wanda flicks them away with her magic)
Disturbed Naps
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x reader
Warnings: Wanda's magic, breif mention of nightmares
Wanda smiled down at you as you slept peacefully in her lap. With a simple wave of her hand a blanket was draped over you.
She watched as you began twitching in your sleep. You looked distressed and she didn't like it. Looking into your mind she saw you were having a nightmare. With a frown she quickly changed your dream to a good one and smiled as your twitching stopped.
Taking her hand she softly stroked your hair and continued to watch the movie you were both watching before you fell asleep.
About 5 minutes later Tony walked into the room calling for you.
"Y\n I'm going to the store, wanna come with?" He asked loudly. Wanda felt as you began to stir in your sleep. Glaring at Tony she raised her hand and pushed him out of the room.
Rolling her eyes she softly moves you off of her before picking you up and carrying you to the shared room.
Laying you down on the bed she later with you and pulled you into her.
Just as she closed her eyes another voice was heard calling out for you. Groaning, she told Friday to tell everyone you both were not to be disturbed.
She felt as you began stirring again. Lifting your head off her chest you looked around.
"Wands?" You questioned softly. Humming she ran her hands through your hair and softly pushed your head back down.
"Go back to sleep detka." Nodding you relaxed back into her arms where you both fell asleep together.
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l-artemisia-del-secolo · a day ago
Every other weekend
catch a reference to "dangerous liaisons". They will be in each story
Tumblr media
Every other Friday it was always the same ritual. The one that was a painful reminder, but the one that was the most anticipated.
It was always about the toys, the clothes in backpacks, snacks in the pockets. 
"Is everything OK?" Wanda winked at the rear view mirror. "Let's go see mom."
Twins were excited, their voices louder than the radio. 
Same time at the same spot. You were always wearing the same jacket and Wanda never understood why. Corner of the same old parking lot was glowing with the warmth you were ready to give to your kids. 
Half the hugs and kisses were always sad, always doomed not to have a continuation. 
You traded a couple of looks and words and the kids you both loved so much. 
And it was happening every other weekend. 
There were very few exceptions. Mostly your work was the reason for that. You were picking up the embodiment of your love in both your arms. 
Kids were always choosing the movies. All three of you could still fit the tiny sofa in your rented apartment. 
It was the only time during the week you were laughing, smiling. All the usual domesticity and more. 
You were rarely cooking, but for the boys you were trying. But you couldn't even make the simplest grilled cheese and cut the crust off. 
"It's not the way mommy makes it, mom." 
This phrase was breaking your heart every time. You were missing everything you had with her. 
You were always allowing them everything. 
"They're spoiled because of you."
But somewhere deep inside you were enjoying Wanda's pretense of anger. It was your game and you were grateful she allowed you to be softer. 
She missed you so much. Aching, longing. Those minutes she saw were her blessing. But she just couldn't tell you she still loved you. Too many questions. And what was worse was too many answers. 
You didn't tell Wanda, you still needed her. You were sure, she was over you. The minute you left the house or maybe even before that. This was the closest you could even be with her again. 
And every other weekend you were losing each other again. 
Saturdays were cursed for Wanda. Everything was slow and quiet. Everything was lifeless. She was turning on the TV with the sitcoms you used to watch together. She always knew but never felt the reason both of you ever let this happen. 
She had so much of the lifeless time these days. So much not to do and not to focus on. 
You were sending her funny pictures of the boys. Even if you had the fight prior. 
Every other weekend Wanda was falling asleep with the phone in her hands. 
You hated your car. Because it was the last place you were seeing your boys with you. They were so happy to see their mommy. It was almost comical and so adorable. 
They were hugging Wanda, whispering about their adventures in the same old parking lot. 
You barely talked, you never touched. Your goodbye was leaving with your sons. She was driving away with your heart. The one you didn't have for the next five days. You had to convince yourself that this was the right decision. 
You had to do it every other weekend. 
You were a family for 15 minutes and that was it. But even that illusion soon disappeared. 
"I'm seeing someone." Wanda was nervous, barely looking at you. "I want the boys to meet him."
"Oh." You tried not to sound judgemental. But of course you were. 
"He's a good man. Honest. And he'd like to meet them."
You were shamelessly staring at her, studying. You had to be ready for that. One day one of you would have to move on. This was how the world worked. 
"Sure. I trust your choice." 
"I'd like you to meet him..." 
"I want to. But I have an assignment. I don't know how long I'll be away."
You didn't wait for the answer. 
Wanda wished you good luck, but you were already too far. 
You had to leave in a few days. 
"Please be careful." Wanda's voice was so far and you could hear every vibration over the phone. 
"Tell the boys I miss them. I know I just did, but..." 
You had to ignore the concern, you had to be the strong one. 
"Of course, don't worry. Just come back as soon as you can."
She hung up the phone, you were interrupted mid thought. 
You missed a few of your weekends. Fighting, surviving, ignoring the wounds. 
What was supposed to be just a few days turned into weekends that you lost forever. You were so grateful that Wanda was sending you the pictures of the boys every single day. 
"I'm not sure it's a good idea. My apartment is completely destroyed and I'm sleeping in the tower."
"How did they know?" 
"It was a deliberate choice. Needed a place to trap them."
Silence on the other end. It was a pause of uncertainty. 
"Look, both Tommy and Billy are dying to see you. You could... I don't know..." 
You rolled your eyes. It was a dangerous path. Both of you knew it. 
"That's not a good idea."
"Just one dinner. Tommy and Billy would love that." 
You silently hit the glass of the phone booth. That house was full of memories. And you were not immune to them.
You were waiting for Wanda to open the door. You brought new toys, books, and some silly things boys requested a long time ago. Tommy wanted ukulele, Billy chose a figurine. 
"Remember not to overwhelm your mother. Last weeks were not easy for her, ok?" 
You mentally thanked your wife. scratch that, your ex wife.
But the warning didn't work. As soon as the door opened you were hit by the super speed and mist of magic.
"Finally you're here..." your sons immediately started rambling about everything you missed. 
Wanda chose the dress you bought for her. You noticed, you hid your smile in a cough. 
"Dinner first, torturing your mother afterwards." Wanda for the first time in months touched your hand. "You OK?" 
You didn't expect that, you almost stepped away. It was a forgotten feeling. Ghost of your marriage. 
Wanda always was a better cook. You always suspected that magic was involved. But it was never mentioned. 
"As usual, everything is perfect." You were devouring one dish after another. Awful table manners the kids got from you. 
Coziness suited Wanda and both of you were transported to different times, simpler ones. 
Your mutual photos were still at the forefront of her home. 
As you were helping the boys with every difficult level, you didn't notice how the three of you were gradually sliding down the couch. In an hour or so you were fighting over the controller on the floor. 
You and Wanda both felt it. Painfully obvious recreation of your dinner nights. They were so different from what you had every other weekend. 
You knew what the tilt of her head meant. 
"Oh, boys. It's time to go to sleep." You truly didn't want this evening to end. Boys could see that. 
"But, mom..." Billy pouted. 
"I'm sorry." You mouthed. But with serious expression added. "You know the rules."
It didn't take long for them to fall asleep. Competing with the super soldier for the console was a very demanding task. 
You didn't know, but Wanda was closely watching you through the ajar door.
Your bedtime story was one of adventure and bravery. You kissed them goodnight. You were ready to take your jacket and leave but familiar intonation caught you. 
"That's not a good idea."
"We could spend the whole day together. Just us. Don't you think our kids deserve that?" 
That was not a fair game. And Wanda knew that. Standing so close in the dress you bought her she knew everything. But you had to stay, it was for the boys. You felt guilt inevitably reminding you that you were not a good enough mother. You nodded. 
"So, how are you doing?" you poured yourself another glass of wine. 
Wanda was also a good storyteller. You reminded yourself to voice occasional "mhm" and "really?", but your noble patience didn't last long. 
"... And now Falcon has a new mantle...."
"And how's Vision?" 
"He's ah..." Wanda could feel your prying eyes. But she had to answer. She started this. "He's good. We're good."
"Are you happy?" 
Suddenly the couch you both were sitting on turned into the quicksend. Inevitably stuck in the raw reality of delusion. 
"I'm glad." 
Maybe just for a second there was a spark of shame in your eyes. You had to know that sooner or later your wife would continue living without you. Your ex-wive. 
"I'm not trying to replace our marriage. What I have with Vision is different."
She wanted to say more. Admit, discuss, witness. Wanda missed the past, when she could share every single detail with you. 
"What kind of a man is he? And do the boys like him?" you were torturing yourself with these questions. You wondered how much Wanda would be ready to praise her new affection. You knew he was better than you, you wanted to know in what instances. But with this you were tearing apart the heart strings that were left untouched by your failure. 
"Yes. He's trying so hard. Calm, calculated, reserved. He brings balance to this household."
Anger was flooding all the common sense in your chest, you didn't fully plan your reaction. You simply couldn't. 
"Oh." disappointment was seething, voice raising. "You found the right things to praise, Wanda."
"I didn't..." 
She was close, almost too close. Weirdly, Wanda reminded you so much of your last day in your shared house. 
You ignored the arm that wanted to sooth your memory. Her nail polish was perfect as usual. Black color was Wanda's trademark. 
"Have you forgotten the reason you chose for our divorce?" You stood up and left the comfort of your previous life. 
"We were lacking the spark we used to have."
"Then how is it an advantage now?" 
"I don't love him. And never will."
The simplicity of an answer strangled you with expected earnestly. Flashbacks of the way she signed the paper were still colorful and vibrating. It seemed that they were burned in your mind and soul. 
You were staring at the redhead. You even remembered the black fountain pen she used for signing the divorce papers. She casually took it from your own hand. You still had that pen, you wanted it for your skin. 
"Maybe you shouldn't have spent all your time with avengers. Hoping for their approval." You accentuated every word with a tap on the glass. Only know you noticed, how age suited your wife. Ex-wife. 
You expected a retreat. You infused your point with a trembling jaw. 
"Maybe I shouldn't have." 
You didn't expect a confirmation. But what is the point of that revelation now? 
You took the newly filled glass to the guest room. 
Walls were a different color than you remembered. And it wasn't the furniture you chose. The mattress was so uncomfortable, it was mocking the whole idea of sleep. 
"You just want everything to be too soft."
Wanda was smiling with a fresh bed linen set. 
"You know, one of the reasons I wasn't in the long term relationship all this time, despite the bewildering range of offers, was the determination never to hear this again." You scoffed. 
"Bewildering, huh?" 
You ignored the question, enjoying the smell of fresh laundry. 
Wanda wanted to ask something. It was in her core. She was missing you. She was following your every move, wondering why you still remained the same. 
"And how about the..." She coughed. "casual encounters?" 
You tilted your head. Wanda bit her lower lip. She didn't know, but the red shadow was already in her eyes. 
"What do you want to know exactly?" 
You were sitting on the edge of the bed. You forgot what it's like to be exposed. Your wife, ex-wife was smiling with her dripping curiosity. Did you think about her the way she thought about you? Did you fantasize? Did you try to remember the details of your intertwined lives?
You could see the questions popping up in her movements. One by one. 
"I do miss you." You chose to say it under your breath. 
It was enough for Wanda. Your words were just a mere command. Permission. Approval. 
Her shadow was near you, on her knees. You felt her hair near your neck. She hid in your chest, leaving shameful kisses on your collar bone. 
It was so familiar. The tingles you thought you forgot. The melting of your core. 
Your hands were lost in the red. You lifted her chin, biting into her lips. She musically moaned and you allowed her to undress you and push you on the bed. 
She didn't waste her time. Any second both of you could change your mind. She was sinking in your need. Wanda spread your legs and you could swear your past became alive again. 
"Still so responsive." She mocked your arching back. Her own clothes flying far from you. 
"I don't remember you liking to talk so much."
You shut her with a kiss. The boys could hear. No more pretentious wasted time. Wanda's thigh was teasing your throbbing clit. Your hand on her neck reminded that you needed your wife, your woman. 
Maybe Wanda created the sparks or you simply imagined them when her fingers started fuckin you. 
Her teeth didn't let go of your lip. She demanded eye contact. The approval, the vows. 
Her other was drawing slowly agonising circles on your clit. It was always like that. Torturously delicious. 
It didn't take much for you to reach the climax. 
It was Wanda's turn. But you chose something different. You wanted to prove that her new boyfriend would never satisfy her like you could. 
"I need a little bit of your magic." You growled into her ear. 
She shivered in response. And suddenly you guided the toy into your wife. Ex wife. 
You didn't sleep that night at all. Neither did Wanda. It was the neverending dance of your infatuation and dependence. 
Wanda sneaked in her own bedroom in the morning. Boys didn't have to know. So you pretended that they woke you up. 
Breakfast was awkward and your words were stuck in your throat. You were looking at the love of your life. And Wanda wanted to be in your hands. But whatever it was, it simply vanished. 
You were divorced again. 
You were getting ready for another weekend. As usual. Your new apartment, ready to be destroyed by the kids. 
You needed to inhale Wanda again, to have every atom of your body lose itself in her. 
You drove to the usual parking lot. 
But a family friendly car was opened not by the woman who used to be yours. 
"Unfortunately Wanda couldn't bring the kids tonight. She's busy with work." Vision precisely voiced her reasons. 
"I remember these words. You know, from our marriage."
It was exactly that. You with the kids in your perfect house. Alone. 
Time with Billy and Teddy was amazing but alas always not enough. As you expected, Vision was the one to pick them up later. 
You were getting angry. After what happened, Wanda chose to ignore you. Her alluring features were out of your reach. 
Your phone buzzed. "Tonight?". You sighed. No, you were not ready for a rendezvous today. 
You wanted to have the most unproductive evening and simply fall asleep while watching a movie with emptied boxes from delivery on the floor.
You got a text from Billy. He missed you. Mindless tapping brought you to your gallery. You smiled at last year's Halloween party. And Christmas. And your birthday. You kept scrolling. And found an old picture of your family still intact. No kids, you both were younger, Wanda was going through her bangs period. Maybe your third anniversary... You rented a jeep and travelled the country. No missions, no Avengers, no responsibilities. 
Her ponytail used to tickle your neck. 
You smiled at the screen. Fire from your chest was moving lower and lower. You moaned at the memory of the night you couldn't find the hotel and you had to sleep in the car. 
You remembered her timid movements. She always tried to prove that you belonged to her. It was adorable and so hot. Her jewelry, her diamond wedding ring. You still felt the closeness and smell of burned oil. 
And now after all these years you still remembered how she made you feel. Desired. No, not that. Loved. 
Wanda didn't show up the next planned weekend. She was ignoring you. Of course she did. 
When you were packing Billy's bag, you deliberately forgot one of his video games. 
You knocked on the door. Wanda opened. 
"Oh..." Hostile awkwardness no less. "Come in."
"Billy forgot this." You throw the cartridge on the kitchen table. 
"Well, he didn't notice yet. But thanks.".
"I just..." 
"No." She stepped away from you. "Not another word. I don't want to talk about this. I thought my hint was enough."
"You ignored me." you crossed your arms. "Don't you think we should talk?"
"Nothing to talk about. It's a misunderstanding, right? You're here to tell me this."
You noticed her fists. She was enraged. 
"But running is not the option ..." 
You shook your head in disbelief. She was stiff. A warning. Agonizing reaction. 
"You wouldn't believe it." Her laugh was cruel. "A perfect option."
"I didn't make you." You bit her naivety. 
She wanted to object. Her face was poisoned with guilt. 
"No." Those words were from the deepest regret. "It was my choice to cheat on Vision."
It finally hit you. Wanda wasn't ignoring you, she was afraid to make the consequences of her choice real. Hurt would devour everything that was left untouched by your parting. 
You were whispering your regret. Wanda didn't care. 
"... I wanted that fantasy of our family... And I just couldn't resist... I still need you." 
Her weeping was merciless. Her breaking down in front of you was unexpected. Cold was shooting through your veins. 
She was soaked in her own magic. You wanted to help, you reached out to her. 
"The worst thing is that I would do it again. This mistake. Because it's you..."
You couldn't endure the torture in her movements. Ignoring the red light you embraced her. She hid in your chest, like she always did. Her pony tail was tickling your neck. 
"I never said it was a mistake. And I'm not her to mock you. Or teach." 
You kissed the crown of her hair. Too much to mend. But you had to. You caught her tear, you wiped it away. 
"Why are you here?"
You recognised her chest roar. Suppressed fear.
"How about a second chance?"
After months it was still a long way to go. You didn't live together, but you didn't have every other weekend anymore. The blood of your family was once again filling your veins. You were spending all the time with your ex wife. Well, actually with your wife. But you didn't dare to call like that. Not until she forgave herself, not until she healed.
Not until one day she didn't let go of your hand, when you had to part once again.
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unofficiallym · 2 days ago
You don't have to Pretend Part 3
(Dark!Wanda Maximoff x Therapist!Reader)
Warnings: TW, (past) Eating Disorder, dark wanda, Mind control, attempted suicide (yikes y/n)
Summary: wanda is finally getting what you've both dreamed of, after a small bump in the road that is.
Word Count: 1.4k
Part 1 Part 2
*gif mine*
Tumblr media
Y/n's Pov
Wanda was sat beside me with a small smirk as I ate her delicious paprikash, it tasted just like I remembered from years ago
"You're such a good girl aren't you, you'll be my good girl from now on right y/n?" Wanda mumbled into my ear before she started stroking my thigh
I swallowed another bite before I hesitantly opened my mouth "...why did you do this Wanda?" I asked setting the spoon down, wanda sighed disappointed and her hand stilled
"Because I love you y/n, the world doesn't deserve your pure soul" She smiled at me and picked up the spoon opting to feed me herself "eat up please, I don't want you to die my love" She told me and I slowly opened my mouth to let her feed me, I felt a little drowsy no doubt Wanda's doing either she's used her powers on me again or the paprikash is drugged.
"What was her name?" I asked quietly after swallowing the food she had fed me, wanda frowned and took my hand holding it up enough so I saw the ring she had created
"See this ring baby? It's the ring I gave you. You are mine. Not hers. Or anyone else's, Mine." Wanda said lowly, all because I asked what her name was. but I knew I was someone's girlfriend… was I?
"I'm sorry wanda…" I apologised looking down at my lap
"I know sweets, it's okay I forgive you" She smiled and then got up from the table "you eat up okay? I'm gonna go check something, be good baby" She told me then walked out the cabin, I pushed the bowl away and got up from the table
Trying to escape would surely be futile, wanda has no doubt taken me somewhere only she'd be able to find so if I can't escape I'd escape a different way, killing myself. I've had enough anyway, in the past 5 years I've tried to kill myself only once, I was stopped by…. Kathy? No no… her name was something different.. but she saved me and promised if I lived to the next Thursday we'd go out and watch any movie I wanted, and that's how she saved me. We ended up dating and then founded an animal shelter together… I think
I walked into the kitchen and went through the drawers until I found a large knife, I took it and went to the bathroom where I locked the door and I sat by the bathtub.
I started off by cutting my wrists, then along my arms then I shakily pulled the knife away and stabbed it into my abdomen, I muffled my scream with the hoodie I was wearing.
I slumped down against the bath letting the knife stick out for a moment before I wrapped my hand around it and pulled it out drawing another scream from myself, there was a small pool of blood starting to form on the floor and I smiled to myself letting my head lull to the side, then I heard wanda enter the house
"Y/n" she called out, I didn't Answer, the longer it takes her to find me the less time she has to attempt to save me. "Y/n!" I heard her hurried footsteps go around the small cabin until she tried the bathroom door "y/n, open the door" her voice was calm but even if I wanted to, which I don't. I couldn't open the door.
"No" I slurred slightly, my eyes felt heavier
"Fine." Wanda grumbled before the door handle went red and the door opened to reveal Wanda when she saw what I had done she looked horrified "y/n! Oh my god- what did you do?!" She asked fanatically
"What I should have done a long, long time ago" I mumbled letting my tired and heavy eyes meet hers, she had tears in her eyes
"No." She shook her head and placed her hands on my abdomen letting them glow red, within seconds my wound was nonexistent "You aren't dying y/n." She shook her head and lifted her hands to my arms "I won't let you" She breathed out and just like my stomach my arms were healed, not even a scar was left
Wanda pulled me into her arms and hugged my tightly "I've lost too much y/n, promise you won't ever do that again" She begged and I felt her tears wet my shoulder
"I- ….I promise wanda" I whispered and hugged her back, then I felt her heads come up to my temples and before I could pull away my mind was invaded with magic. I closed my eyes and stilled
"Come on, let's go watch some sitcoms" I suggested pulling Wanda up off the floor. I don't know why my wife was crying on the bathroom floor but I know sitcoms and cuddles always cheer her up.
"Y/n" Wanda said a little hesitantly as she tugged my hand preventing me from leaving the bathroom,
"Yes love?" I looked back at her with a soft smile
"I love you y/n" she smiled and kissed me and I giggled a little
"I love you too wands, let's go cuddle and watch your favourite episode of dick van dyke before I start making us dinner" I said after we pulled apart, wanda seemed content with that because she let me take her to our bedroom
I got into bed then held my arms open for her but she got in and pulled me into her "I just need to hold you, to be sure this is real" she murmured into my ear and I turned my head to face her a little
"Of Course this is real wands, we are married love" I laughed a little and she smiled
"...I know…." She whispered then turned on the TV and put on the Dick Van Dyke Show
Wanda's Pov
Everything was finally in place. y/n was safe and sound in my arms while she slept and nobody could bother us, I hated having to use my magic on her like I did but she went as far as attempting to kill herself, I couldn't let her do that and I certainly won't let her die.
I felt her shift then turn to face me "shall we go make dinner?" She asked in an adorable sleep filled voice
"Can we scrap dinner and go straight to dessert?" I murmured into her ear, she grinned and shook her head
"Later" She told me while playfully slapping my arm before she got up, I sighed and she laughed "stay in bed if you want wands, I'll go make dinner for us it's okay" She said softly kissing my forehead but my gut twisted when my mind casted back to her laying on the bathroom floor, pale and almost dead with that kitchen knife I had been so stupid to lave accessible.
"No, I'll get up" I told her as I got up and quickly walked after her, she shrugged and pulled out some carrots and a knife "I'll do that, you cook the pasta?" I said using my powers to take the knife from her hand
"Okay you silly goose" She agreed and I was thankful, I watched her place the pasta into boiling water and I felt calmer then I started chopping up the carrots, the mice was already cooked thankfully so I made the sauce and y/n kept watching the pasta
"Pasta is ready" She told me taking it off the hob and draining the water and pasta into a strainer
Y/n took put the plates and put the pasta in it while I mixed the mice with the tomato sauce and carrots, when I turned around y/n put a little bit of tomato purèe on my nose
"pffttt" She put a hand over her mouth as she laughed and I shook my head and laughed along with her as I added our mice to our spaghetti. Y/n then took the plates and sat them at the table, she waited for me to sit down then she slid into my lap happily "best seat in the world" She whispered into my ear before she started to eat
Part 4?
As we ate dinner I couldn't help but feel excited, we'd finally start our family tonight, and with the boys I know she'd never leave even if she did get out of the mind control, but all I did was make her see that I love her.
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Wanda Maximoff Masterlist
Taglist: @thatonebrazilian @sayah13 @babypurples @lissaaaa145
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pretty fucking tired
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: y/n breaks.
warnings: abuse, implied r*pe/noncon, ptsd and trauma so *TW*
pairings: wanda/nat x gn!reader (afab)
you had a terrible feeling in your stomach that night. something was wrong, or was going to go wrong.
how right you were.
the break in started off well. it was you who slipped in through the window and unlocked the door to allow the others in. there were more of you this time. you, watts, zoe, katie.
and patrick.
you, watts, and zoe were immediately startled by the light turning on. the owner of the house staring at the three of you perplexed.
“what the fuck are you doing? who are you?” he approaches watts but the three of you don’t move.
“nobody.” watts says calmly, and the guy reaches for the phone but watts finally steps in. “woah no need for that, we’re leaving. sorry.”
the three of you quickly walk towards the door as the man watches you. he follows you, clearly scared for his life and you feel afraid. you’ve never been caught before.
“what do you want?” he asks then as you approach the door, but don’t make an effort to leave.
“nothing.” watts says, and it angers the man.
“what the fuck do you want?” he yells then, making you flinch. this was going bad, very bad.
“hey, calm down.” patrick says suddenly, stepping out from another room and coming up to the man. this terrified the man even more, realizing there were more people in his house.
“calm down? get out of my house!”
“how do i know you won’t call the cops?” patrick says then, tilting his head.
“you didn’t take anything?” the man asks to which patrick shakes his head, “then go and i won’t.”
but none of you make an effort to move as patrick remains staring at the man. zoe was by the door, holding it open while you stood behind watts. this didn’t feel right.
and your heart drops when you see katie approaching the man from behind.
“get the fuck out of my house!” the man yells angrily. still, patrick remains in his spot.
that’s when katie lunges, plunging the knife deep into the back of the man’s neck.
you had never heard the sound of a knife entering flesh, or the pained gasps and gurgles of someone who had just been stabbed.
you stood frozen, unable to take your eyes away as everyone runs. watts grabs your hand and tugs forcefully. “marcy. run.”
and so you do, but no amount of running will ever get the image out of your head.
you wake up screaming this time. your heart was pounding and your head was swimming with all that you’ve done.
they’re going to find you.
the door opens quickly.
they already have.
hands are on you.
it’s him.
someone is calling your name.
you will never escape.
you swing a hand then, slapping the person touching you out of instinct. your palm connects with someone’s cheek. but it’s not scruffy like patrick’s. it’s smooth and feels much more familiar.
“ow fuck!” wanda says, standing from the bed and cups her cheek.
it was just wanda. you slapped wanda.
“what the fuck is wrong with you?” natasha hisses then, sitting in front of you. you flinch back in fear, the remnants of the dream still fresh on your mind.
“i… i’m sorry i… i thought it was someone else…” you whimper, bringing your knees to your chest.
“you thought it was someone else? what the fuck is going on y/n?” you begin to cry, you feel so pathetic. “what happened to you?”
“i don’t know!” you yell, sobs falling from your lips. you don’t know. you can’t explain. and it’s killing you.
“it’s okay tasha.” wanda says after a moment, her cheek was red but she knows you didn’t mean to hurt her. “don’t yell at them.”
wanda was holding something in her hand, neither of you had noticed her lifting the end of the mattress, finding the pile of soiled sheets and clothes that you’d been hiding. you whimper in embarrassment.
natasha sighs and let’s her anger dissipate, standing up and moving around the room to give wanda space to talk to you. the witch sits down then, looking at you with no anger, no hate.
it makes you want to cry more.
“sweetheart, let me help you, please. let me in. i know you’re scared and hurting and confused, if you let me in i can help you. but only if you let me.”
you look at her then, eyes so vulnerable and full of terror. this would mean wanda would see everything. she’d know everything. and there was no going back after that.
but you couldn’t do this anymore, it was killing you.
“please… please i need… i need you.” you choke out weakly, you couldn’t do this anymore, you needed help. you just didn’t know how to ask for it.
“okay detka, just relax.” wanda whispers, reaching out to take one of your trembling hands. “ready?”
when you nod in approval, her eyes begin to glow a faint scarlet color and suddenly you’re not the only one in your mind anymore.
“it’s okay malysh, i’m here, i’ll be here the whole time.” you hear wanda’s soothing voice in your head and try to relax.
there was no going back now, only forward as you relieved the past two years for wanda to see.
this was your breaking point.
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new home | chapter 1
Tumblr media
After destroying the Darkhold, Wanda used a teleportation spell to save herself from the ruins of the temple, but everything hapenned so fast she didn’t think of an especific place to go, only of surviving.
Pairing: Wanda x fem!reader
Warnings: multiverse of madness spoilers, no smut for this chapter but in the next one there will be, this chapter is just a setting of the story, minor characters will just be mentioned, this is focused on wanda and reader
Word count: 1298 
Chapter One
The last thing Wanda expected to see when she openned her eyes was a ceiling. She expected to see the ruins of the old temple, to smell blood and dust and to feel physicial pain stronger than anything she had already felt. Instead, she looked around and saw a regular room. She was laying down in a clean bed and there was a nice breeze coming from the window.
The pain she expected to feel was still there, both in her joints and in her soul, but it was lesser. Less controlling and tight. She sat up and noticed her clothes had changed, Wanda was now wearing a flowy long white dress, similar to a nightgow. 
She felt sick and almost ripped it off when while walking around the room she saw her reflection in the mirror. She looked so inoccent and young, it felt fake. It had been so long since she last saw herself without the red crow... When she touched the mirror, she noticed her fingers were still black. Grayer than she remembered, but still tinted. Uncomfortable, she grabbed a shawl and put around her sholders, wrapping around her arms and covering the dress and her hands. She considered magically making the dress darker, having ever worn something so white on her wedding day, but it felt like a waste.
The room she woke up in was on the second floor of a house, she noticed. Walking down the stairs she saw no family pictures, only paitings of forests and plants. All very delicate and unique. Stopping to look at one that caught her eye, she almost missed someone walking to the bottom of the stairs. 
“K’un-lun.” A woman said matter-of-factly, pointing at the picture Wanda was staring at.
Wanda looked to the where the voice came from. The woman speaking couldn’t be much older than herself. She worn a dress like Wanda, though hers was a dark shade of green that made the colour of her eyes even more beautiful. 
“Come, you must be hungry.” 
She followed her to the kitchen, curiosity in her eyes. The woman’s face was familiar, altough Wanda could not pinpoint exactly where they had met before or even if that had hapenned. Wrapping the shaw harder around herself, she sat at the end of the table, as far away from the woman as she could. She watched as the woman served two plates of a thick stew and placed one in front of her.
“Kiki is late.” She said while sitting at the other side of the table and starting to eat, as if Wanda was not a stranger but an old guest. “She usually brings me bread before lunchtime today but you can have it later, if you want.”
“Is the city far?” Wanda asked, her voice strained from not using it for a while. The woman stood up and got her a glass of water, leaving near her at the table.
“No, just a couple of miles. Though it doesn’t matter, Kiki is really good at flying.”
“She is a witch, moved to the city a while ago to discover herself. Now she works at a bakery and does some deliveries. She stops by a couple times a week to bring me bread and suplies.”
“So you know what I am.” It was not a question. A part of Wanda was warry of the stranger even if her face was familiar. 
“Your hands. I’ve only seen people who practice dark magic with hands like that. And your clothes were really something.” The woman chuckled. “I tried to mend it but I don’t think I did a really good job. Sewing is not my speciality.”
“I don’t think simply mending would fix it.” Wanda remebered how long it had took her to build that suit, the material as strong as an armor. “Though you’re as much as a witch and me and the girl, aren’t you?”
“Yes...” Wanda waited for the woman to elaborate, but she simply shrugged and kept eating. “I found you near the river, you were hurt very badly. Messing up with what you shouldn’t?”
This time Wanda shrugged.
“Kinda of. It didn’t work out as I expected, though nothing I do seems to work nowadays.”
“I know that feeling.”
“What’s your name?” Wanda asked, trying to act as if the she wasn’t starring at the stranger for several minutes without saying anything.
Wanda looked to the woman’s face, really looked and finally remembered where she had seen her. Dreamwalking. She didn’t meet the woman here, as herself. Instead, she had seen in another universes: she was almost as much of a constant in all of Wanda’s lifes as her sons were. She wondered why she had never met her in her own universe, but Wanda guessed her own timeline was as messed up as everything else. No children, no Vision, no beautiful stranger that looked at her as if she was simply a lost witch, as if she wasn’t a corrupted soul that had done unthinkable things.
“Y/n. And you?”
“Wanda. Thanks for the food and everything else”. She gestured down to her clothes.
“No problem, I don’t get many visitors around here. Specially beautiful witches.” Y/n said, seeming to regret the words at the same moment she spoke, her yes lowering to her plate.
“What about Kiki?” Wanda asked, amused.
“Oh, she’s way too young. She’ll be 14 next month, I believe.”
Kiki didn’t show up until many hours later, when y/n and Wanda had finished lunch and y/n had showed the other witch her property. Besides the two-bedroom house there was a garden, so green and prosper Wanda wondered if that was the type of magic the other woman practiced. A forest surronded the house and the garden, thinner near the house but thicker as they walked down a stone path.
“The city is that way and the river is down this path, though it’s closer. It’s where I found you.”
“How long was that?”
“A couple of days ago. I gave you some healing potions that made you sleep trough most of it. I didn’t find any deep wounds though you’re so full of dirt I tought you were part of the rocks at first. How did you end up here?”
“I was in an old-temple ruins when it all fell down...”. Wanda kept the part of the darkhold and Stephen Strange and all that mess from her tale, instead describing herself simply as a witch that travelled around the world looking for magic places to study. Y/n listened to her talk while she guided them trough the path.
“Well, you’re welcome to stay a little longer while you recover, though there’s no magic to explore here.”
They reached the river and Wanda thought it was glorious. The river was larger than she expected; it crossed the forest and though she could see the other side, it was big enought to swim. She could hear the sound of a stronger current in the distance, the part near her peaceful and almost still. There was a region that was muddy and full of rocks, but there was also a small shore, and she imagined there would be the perfect place to sit and meditate. 
Y/n left her to her thoughts and walked away from the river, stopping to run her hands through a particular small tree, inspectioning its branches. What y/n had just said kept running trough Wanda's mind as she took in the full view.
“...though there’s no magic to explore here.”
The sound of the current, the thick forest, the beautiful stranger that finally found her in her own universe. Maybe y/n was wrong: maybe there was magic to explore there. Wanda just had to know where to look.
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sapphicsmaximoff · a day ago
ease into it (pt. 2) - wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
a/n: thanks for the support on the first part! this is gonna be a very fun series.
pt. 1
Later that day, you were still rubbing your back as you showed up to practice. Maria Hill and Karolina Dean sat on the bench as you walked over. “Please tell me you guys have like…Ibuprofen?” They both shook their head no, making you sigh.
“No, but Daisy might.” Karolina shrugs. You nod, walking over to where Daisy and Bobbi were stretching. “Oh! Look it’s the woman of the day!” Daisy sarcastically exclaims, making you roll your eyes.
Bobbi snorts, stretching her arm across her chest. “I heard the ice queens were gonna kill you.” She says, making you let out a bigger sigh. “It was an accident! They asked me if I planned it as if they run the quad or whatever!” You scoff.
“Hey, Daisy.” The girl look at you. “Do you have Ibuprofen or any medicine, my back is killing me.” A whistle blows before she could answer, but she still silently grabs it as Coach Fury waltzes on the field.
“Ladies! We are on the path to regionals! Fifteen games. Errors call for what?”
“I don’t think I hear you, ladies.”
“Errors call for laps!”
“Correctomundo. Now scrimmage! Team captains, Bishop and Dean! Go!”
It wasn’t long into the game that the boys team finally came down after running around the school in replacement their laps they didn’t want to do.
As the scrimmage went on, around the field, the basketball teams had their practice outside while the gym was being renovated. You were so immersed in the game, that you hadn’t noticed Wanda and Jean walk down to meet Pietro and Vision.
“So…when is practice over?” Jean asks, running her hand through Pietro’s hair. He hums. “5.” She looks down at her phone which says 4:37. “That’s like thirty minutes.” Wanda squints, shielding her eyes from the sun, and fanning her face with her other hand.
“It’s hot, we’re gonna sit in the car.” She says, kissing Vision. “Alright.” He mutters into the kiss. The girls begin walking away, but realize the gate the came in is now locked. So with a groan, the two walk to the other gate, Wanda catching a peek of the game.
You were moving fast through defenders, evading blocks and you kicked it past Daisy and into your other foot, before pushing it off to Kate, who immediately scores. “YES!” She growls.
You two meet up, doing your signature handshake, before breaking out in a small dance. “Boooo!” Daisy yells with a smirk as she gives a thumbs down. Wanda smiles to herself when you ignore Daisy, attempting to twerk in her face.
“No more, please!” Kate yells, covering her eyes.
The next day, your mom dropped you sisters off early, so you had about an hour of quiet. It was quiet, until you’d gotten at least 10 calls from MJ and Gwen a piece. You’d answered after finishing your shower.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“It’s Peter!”
“What’s wrong?”
“The basketball team literally kidnapped him last night, and locked him in the pool room.” Your jaw drops as you rushed to get dressed. “Is he ok?”
“Yeah! Apparently from what Gwen told me…Emma said he was harassing her yesterday, and this was to get him to leave her alone? It’s sick.”
When you arrived at school, MJ told you Peter stayed home, and you were glad. These rick kids had been harassing you all like this since elementary school, but it only got worse as high school progressed.
The ball incident and what happened to Peter today weren’t even the worst of it. That one time the ice queens spread a half naked picture of you all over was the worst of it. That was 8th grade, and they hadn’t become any less unnecessarily cruel.
You’d reached your locker, not far from Scott Summers, who you recall was dating Emma. The urge to toss him against the locker pushed away, you simply stand there until he notices you. “Can I help you?”
“Can you-Can you just leave P-Peter alone?” You stutter, noticing his low smirk. He laughs as his friends snicker. “Who?”
“Parker? The guy you-“ Your jaw clenched. “Just leave him alone, or I swear to God…”
“What? You’re gonna bathe in my blood?” He mocks, making his friends laugh as he closes his locker. “Look, your friend is fine, he’s alive isn’t he?” You scoff. “They’re group partners, they have to work together!” You exclaim, and Scott laughs backing up.
“Let’s go before she strangles you.” Pietro laughs, pulling Scott away.
When English came around, half of the basketball team and Peter were missing from class, which meant that you were only conversing with Darcy.
Wanda had noticed how you were eerily quiet. You didn’t talk to her or Jean, which wasn’t new, but you were barely talking at all. Only saying things to Darcy every once in a while.
She’d wanted to read the script, and noticed your headphones in your ear, but still called for you. “Hey.” She looked directly at you, and didn’t know you weren’t listening to anything, but you ignored her. “Hey. Y/N?” Jean looked over at you too.
Wanda looks at Darcy, who lightly taps you on the shoulder, and you look at her. Your gaze is directed over to Wanda with a surprised face. “You wanted my e-mail, right?” You nod, taking the slip of paper from her fingers.
You quietly send it to her, and turn to Darcy. “Oh, uh everyone’s going to the diner near my house for dinner. You can come if you want. Monica will be there.” You smirk. You’d know about the mutual crush Monica and Darcy had on one another since 5th grade.
“Seriously?” You nod, not noticing the other girls intently watching the conversation. The first time either of them payed attention in this class. “Jen’s gonna be there.” MJ says across the room. You lean over, looking past Wanda, who sits back to let you see her.
“Jen?” She nods. “Walters.” She says with a smirk, making you roll your eyes. You hadn’t noticed Wanda being the only one listening to your conversation.
When you arrived to the diner, Peter and MJ were already there, and Gwen had to cancel due to an emergency debate team meeting. Jennifer arrived around the same time.
As you both walked forward, you hadn’t noticed her until she slapped your butt. Before you could react, your heard her laughter and stopped. “Jen! What the hell!?” You laugh. 
She laughs, grabbing you arm as you two waltz inside. When you walk towards the booth, you notice Darcy and Monica on one side, and Kate, Peter and MJ on the other. There was only one more spot, which was given to Jennifer as you grabbed a chair.
“I feel like I’m eighth wheeling.” Kate mutters with a chuckle. “Me and Jennifer aren’t-” The taller girl scoffs as you speak. “Oh, come on. This is totally just a triple date, plus Kate.” Peter snorts as he sips his soda. “Ha, that rhymed.”
You roll your eyes, leaning closely into Jennifer’s face. “And what make you think I’d want to go on a date with you?” You ask with a smirk. The girl leans in. “Why wouldn’t you?” You look in between her eyes and lips, making her smirk. A flash goes off, startling you as Kate attempts to put away her phone. 
“Shit!” She pockets her phone, innocently smiling at you as the rest of the group busts out in laughter.
You ordered some pancakes, eggs and sausage, letting Jennifer feed you a sausage link. “Hey, Pete.” He looks up at you as you wipe your hands. “Can I ask what happened?” You were treading lightly, and he appreciated that you didn’t look to push.
“Uh…I stayed later with Ned, and some of them grabbed me after he left, locked me in the school. I had to break a window to get out.” He sighs, and MJ rubs his back. “May wanted to press charges, but I told her to take the money they were giving to shut me up.” You rolls your eyes, sitting back.
“It’s like two months rent to keep FEAST open, and I can pay for my hospital bills, because I broke my hand…”
“I’m sorry, man.” Darcy mutters, making him shrug. “I’m going to kill them.” Kate says, making you agree. “I’ll join.” Monica pitches in. “Oh, please! We’ll all do it, Jess?” MJ looks at Jessica who nods.
“You guys are too kind, but I’m fine…” You all sigh, leaving the conversation there. “Hey, I heard about what happened in the quad, are you okay?” Kate asks. “Nope.” You say, making her lift her hands in surrender.
You finished eating around half an hour later, and Monica took Darcy home, while Peter took MJ home on his dirt bike. 
You and Jennifer were practically neighbors, so you decided to walk together. “How long are we gonna do this dance?” She asks, making you look over at her in confusion. “I chase, you avoid me. We kiss. You try to get over Wanda, even though she never looks at you the way I do.” She explains. “I’m sorry, Jen. I am over that now. I mean imagine me dating someone who hates my guts.” You tease, making her blush.
“I don’t hate your guts, Y/N! I miss you, ya know? Bruce misses you. He misses doing those science videos.”
“Oh! Me too. I should come over. Wait-“ You look behind you. “Did we leave Kate?” You ask with a smirk. “Oh, no. She was flirting with our server, so I’m sure she’ll find a way home.” You two make to her house, yours only a few down.
Before she could walk up the driveway, you grab her hand. “Hey. Let me take you out on a real date.” She tilts her head in thought. “No more dance, just us…”
“I do happen to have a day off tomorrow.” She says with a shrug. “Really?!”
“But! I might have to take Bruce to his robotics competition.” She teases, giving you a pout. “We can both take him.” You shrug. “Seriously?” She chuckles, making you nod. “Oh, I was joking. You really are desperate for me.”
“I know, his robotics competition isn’t until October. I bought a ticket.” You chuckle. “You’re such a good friend, ya know that?” You nod as she wraps her arms around your neck. “A real date, huh?” She asks, making you nod again.
A very vintage, fancy car sped past you, making you look it’s way. Jennifer scoffs with a smile, hitting you in the chest. “What?! It was an awesome make! Pontiacs are so cool-“ Before you can finish, Jennifer kisses you.
“You are so much sexier than a Pontiac.” You mutter, kissing her again. The porch light turns on, and the glare catches you and Jennifer. “Hi, Dr. Banner!” You yell, making Jennifer hit you in the chest again.
School was easier when you spent the day with everyone. The last month had felt empty after you and Jennifer kissed, and then you couldn’t commit. After yesterday, it was much easier. 
When you were in English class, you were texting almost the entire time. Both Jean and Wanda had realized that after not showing up to the test last Friday that they couldn’t make it up, and participation would hold their grade together. So when they attempt to get your attention, and you simply did not care, it was a little frustrating. 
“So!” Sam says with a clap of his hands. “Who’s playing who?” 
jen: soooo
jen: movies? or picnic by the lake?😏😏😏
y/n: why the smirking emoji🤨🤨
jen: secret🤫🤫
You smile clicking off your phone, and look up to your partners expecting you to speak. “Oh! Uh…I’m the lead. I have the most lines, and I don’t have to practice, so decide amongst yourself.” You go back to your phone, and the four look between each other.
“Obviously, you’re the boyfriend.” Darcy said, looking at Sam. “It’s the only guy role, so…” He shrugs. “Whatever.”
“That leaves us.” She points in between herself. “I got Hannah. She seems stylish.” Jean pipes up. “Oh, well I’m Jenny.” Darcy claims. “So…I guess that leaves Wanda as Tamara.” Wanda hums, an old excitement bubbling in her stomach.
One she hadn’t felt since 5th grade. Tamara was the leads love interest.
“Ok. Um…Y/N?”
jen: quill is all abs, nothing else…very dumb, but hot? idk
y/nn: is this your odd way of flirting?
jen: i think so🤔🤔
“Y/N?” She called once more, making you look up. “Huh?”
“Um…we-we decided on our roles.” She answers shyly. “Okay. I’ll print off copies so we can read it next class. Or…maybe we can meet up afterwards, during other times of the day? I think it would make this easier-“
Wanda was going to agree, when Jean grabbed her arm. “We’re busy during lunch…Student council meetings, and planning, and stuff.” She falsely smiles. “But-“ Jean looks at Wanda wearily, making the girl shut up.
“Um…yeah, sorry. But I can come during free period, or lunch, or something?” Jean and yourself was slightly shocked at Wanda’s sudden speaking, but you clear your throat. “Uh…free period’s great. I think you and I will need to practice the most.” She nods at your explanation, sitting back.
y/nn: i think wanda’s being weird. she actually talking to me, and now we have to work together all the time😒😒
jen: my poor bby😕💔
y/nn: save me😵‍💫
jen: have fun😭
The bell rang, and you left quickly, not sparing anyone else another glance.
Jean and Natasha were trying to get Wanda’s attention, but she ignored them, walking out behind you. She actually walked far enough to follow you.
You arrived at the tutoring center, and a thought clicked in her head. Not much else did as you lifted off your Xavier hoodie, a placed a name tag over your polo shirt.
Was this feeling real, was her unhealthy obsession with you coming back after 6 years?
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mercuryswildworld · a day ago
Wanda’s little trophy chapter 1
Dark!Mommy!Wanda x fem!reader
[warnings][minors DNI 18+] Mommy kink, dark themes, stalking, non-con? (let me know if I missed anything)
You woke up to the sunlight beaming directly onto your face. You slowly stretch and then climb out of bed. As soon as you step out of bed the cold air makes your naked body shiver, the only strange thing is that you don’t remember gong to sleep naked.
The night before
Unbeknownst to you, Wanda quietly made her way into your bedroom through the window she just couldn’t help herself. She stripped off her own clothes before red wisps of magic wrapped around you and removed your own. She slowly climbed onto the bed and under the coves as soon as she was settled down she pulled your naked body into hers. Your body instinctively melted into her and that made the older woman’s heart soar.
you jolted awake at the sound of your alarm, you had the most vivid dream of a mysterious woman with red hair removing your clothes but never doing anything sexual she just held your naked body in her arms.
you eventually decided to get ready for the day, as you forced yourself to stand up from your bed you couldn't help the feeling that someone was watching you. you quickly turned around and did a quick scan of your room only to find it exactly as it always has been. You started thinking about all the things you had to get done today. You had to go to training and after that, you needed to grocery store but other than that there was nothing much else to do.
You always took the train to work because you couldn't afford a car much less with the gas prices and everything. You were scrolling on your phone when you caught a glimpse of a woman with red locks staring at you from the other side of the tracks but before you could look up your train had already arrived blocking your view to the other side of the tracks. You were surprised when the train was practically empty it's usually pretty busy on Saturdays. You took your seat and a few seconds later someone sat down next to you. you look up t see who it was and lord and behold standing right in front of you is your crush who you have absolutely no chance of ever being with. there were plenty of other empty seats on the train so you wondered why she decided to sit next to you.
Wanda didn't like that you rode the train by yourself because anyone could hurt you but of course, she would never let that happen, you were her precious baby after all. The two of you sat in silence until Wanda spoke "you know it's dangerous to ride the train by yourself, someone could hurt or take advantage of you". You didn't know how to respond so you just said the first thing that came to mind "U-um it's just convenient since I live so close to work" Wanda gave a hum in response "where do you work" you didn't really talk about your job but you decided to tell her anyway "I'm currently working at a pizza cafe while I go through my shield training"
Before you knew it the train doors were opening, you and Wanda both exited the train but what surprised you is that you both started walking in the same direction. "where are you headed?" the redhead looked at you and said, "the same place as you, I'm your new trainer". Anybody would think it was great to have an avenger as your teacher but it's not so fun when that avenger is your crush. unbeknownst to you Wanda already knew about your little crush.
please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to improve my writing!
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kram6496 · a day ago
Wanda comes home after a mission, embracing her sons.
Tommy: Mom!
Wanda: see honey I knew you could take care of our sons while I was away.
Y/N: never a doubt I could take care of my boys. Although…
Y/N points to all the wreckage around the house
Y/N: the house is another thing.
Billy: it was so cool! I accidentally summoned this one eyed giant squid thingy from-
Wanda: you did what?!
Tommy: she didn’t know about that, dude!
Tumblr media
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wellsayhelloaagin · a month ago
Summary: Wanda hadn't intended to spy on you as you left your shower. And she certainly never intended to get caught.
Pairing: Wanda x f!reader
Genre: Smut
Words: 6k
Warnings: Top!reader, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fingering, oral, strap on use, dirty talk, degradation, praise kink, overstim
AN: Ah yeah. This wasn't what I had planned to write today but here we are. 6k of some filthy smut for you all courtesy of my depraved brain. I have some ideas to turn this into a little series but I think I'll wait and see the response before starting another part to this so uh lemme know if you'd be interested to see more of neighbour Wanda. Anyhoo, hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Tumblr media
Wanda’s keys jingle as she makes her way up the driveway to her house, anxious hands fumbling as she tries to unlock the thick wooden door.
She curses under her breath as the keys fall to the ground, the sharp sound of metal hitting concrete echoing in the quiet of the neighbourhood. Quickly scooping them up she finally manages to open her door, quickly slipping inside her dark house.
She discards her handbag on the floor beside her door, kicking her heels off along the way. She glances at the clock above the doorway to her kitchen, the hands taunting her delay.
She has the strong urge to scream, frustration bubbling through her veins as she mentally curses her boss. She was all set to leave work on time but at the last second, Natasha had called her into her office for an urgent meeting.
Wanda left ten minutes later than she would have liked inwardly seething, muttering under her breath that it could have been an email.
She races through her house, not bothering to turn on any lights as she makes her way to her bedroom. She slinks over to the window — the curtains left agape from when she opened them this morning — and peers across her yard and into the window directly across from her.
She can see the light is on in the bedroom, the house a mirror image of her own. She watches as the steam billows out from under the door to the bathroom and she breathes a sigh of relief knowing that she hadn’t completely missed her nightly routine.
She leans against the window ledge, waiting for you to emerge.
It had started innocently enough, Wanda had been putting away some clothes one evening when she had glanced up at the window, movement from your bedroom catching her eye.
The two of you had been neighbours for almost a year at that point, and while you had only spoken a handful of times during neighbourhood events or when you happened to cross paths of a morning, the brunette found herself completely enamoured by you.
You had just been stepping out of your shower, your towel wrapped tightly around your body as you walked toward your closet. She had averted her eyes once she realised, but not soon enough. You had dropped your towel, unknowingly exposing yourself to your neighbour.
The image had been burned into her brain for days afterwards, her attraction to you only growing.
The next time had been less of an accident, Wanda once again putting something away in her room when you stepped out from your shower. Wanda found herself mesmerised this time, unable to look away as she admired the curve of your ass and the soft skin of your breasts as you dressed yourself.
She knew it was wrong, but later that night she replayed the image over and over again while her hand was buried between her legs, your name on her lips as she fell apart.
The third time was a little more planned.
Wanda had figured out you had some kind of nightly schedule, your showers taken at promptly the same time every day. She breathed a sigh of relief as she noticed your curtains were open like they always were, sitting herself comfortably in the armchair beside the window that she usually reserved for reading books.
Her curtains were drawn, not wanting to alert you of her action and she happily watched as you walked into the room. You were clad in your workout gear and she assumed that you had just come from the gym, sweat beading along your collarbones as she watched you take off your warm up jacket before tossing it into the clothes hamper.
Your tank top soon followed and Wanda felt the heat rise in her cheeks as you were left standing there in just your sports bra and shorts. You walked into the bathroom then and she spent the next ten or so minutes trying to calm herself down and talk herself out of what she was doing.
This was wrong, she told herself over and over again. It was an invasion of your privacy. She was no better than the creepy perverts that society frowned upon.
She was just about to get up and leave when you walked back into the room, the towel wrapped loosely around your body. Wanda found herself rooted to the chair, eyes following your every move.
She expected you to dry yourself off before pulling on your clothes as you had done the time before. She just about choked on her tongue as you sunk into your mattress, towel falling open as your hand began to run over your body.
She watched transfixed as you palmed your breasts, eyes closed and a look of euphoria on your face. She wondered what sounds you were making, your mouth open as your hand trailed lower. She watched greedily as you sunk first one, then two fingers inside yourself, hips matching the rhythm of your hand.
She couldn’t move as you brought yourself to orgasm, legs clamping around your hand and she found herself longing to feel them tighten around her head instead.
Wanda had fallen into the familiar pattern over the past few weeks, eagerly waiting for your nightly shower after you finished at the gym. The nights when you pleasured yourself were her favourite, and she spent most of the time wishing it was her name that was falling from your lips.
She had learnt what you seemed to enjoy — how fast you liked to go, how many fingers you used, the way you would curl them just so to have your hips arching from the bed — and she even delighted in the small collection of toys you would sometimes use.
Wanda was falling deep and playing a dangerous game but she couldn’t bring herself to stop now, not when she craved the small glimpses of you so thoroughly.
The burst of steam alerts her to the bathroom door opening, your body emerging through the cloud as if you were an angel descending from heaven. To Wanda, that’s exactly what you were.
You don’t walk towards your closet and Wanda feels her thighs clench in anticipation, knowing what was about to transpire.
You crawl onto your bed, sitting up against the headboard as you bend one leg up toward yourself. You slowly unhook your towel, letting it fall open and exposing yourself once more to Wanda’s hungry eyes.
She gulps as you run one of your hands down the side of your neck, fingertips brushing over the skin that Wanda longed to sink her teeth into. She follows the path of your hand with her eyes, watching as you skim your fingers over your nipple.
She watches as it pebbles in arousal, what appears to be a breathy moan escaping your lips as you roll in between your fingers. Your legs fall open then and Wanda can see how turned on you are even from across the street. The slick between your legs reflects the light of your bedroom as your free hand runs down your torso.
You run your finger along your slit a few times, hips rising into the air as you circle your entrance slowly before pushing your finger inside your dripping centre. Wanda gulps as you start a slow pace, pumping your finger slowly before adding a second, stretching yourself out.
She can feel the heat rising in her own bedroom, her cheeks flaming in desire as she watches you, your face contorted in pleasure as you bring yourself closer to release. Wanda knows that these images will be called upon later, her own arousal pooling between her thighs.
Suddenly, your eyes fly open, looking straight through your open curtains into Wanda’s room. She realises too late her mistake as your eyes lock with startled green.
In her rush this evening, she had forgotten to close her own curtains and there was no denying that she had been sitting there watching you. The two of you stare at each other for a few moments — your fingers still buried deep inside of you — before Wanda springs into action, hastily closing her curtains before dropping to the ground.
“Oh god,” she whispers into the dark room, heart pounding wildly in her chest. “Oh, I am so fucked.”
Her mind is racing, trying to come up with an excuse as to why she was staring so intently at you while you fucked yourself. She considers just packing up and moving across the country but figures that was probably just an overreaction.
She had just decided upon talking to you in the morning, apologising profusely for the invasion of privacy and promising to keep her curtains closed indefinitely when the doorbell to her house sounds.
The chime echoes through the quiet house and she considers just ignoring it but it rings a second time and she knows that she better go face the music.
With a heavy sigh, she lifts herself to her feet and trudges slowly to her door. She hears the door chime a third time before she reaches it and she figures you must be impatiently waiting on the other side, ready to chew her out for being such a pervert.
She hopes that it’s just you on the other side, although she wouldn’t have blamed you if you had called the police for back up. She had never been arrested and she wondered what charges they’d press against her and how it would affect her job.
Oh man, how would she ever be able to tell Natasha about this? Her red-headed boss intimidated her more than anyone else on the planet and she didn’t know how she’d be able to look her in the eye and tell her about her new criminal record.
About how she was caught spying on her hot neighbour like some horny teenager that couldn’t control themselves.
With a deep breath, Wanda swings the door open. She’s relieved to find only you on the other side, no sign of back up behind you.
You’re dressed now, a pair of sweats and a t-shirt thrown on before you stormed over here to confront her.
She doesn’t meet your gaze, too ashamed to face up to her actions and lose the tentative friendship she had built with you. God, she was so stupid.
“Are you at least going to invite me in?” you ask when she doesn’t make a move to greet you and Wanda is glad to hear no outright hostility in your voice.
“O-of course,” Wanda stammers, moving aside to let you in.
You walk past her, arm brushing against her and she can’t help the shiver that rushes through her. Wanda catches the scent of something sweet, possibly your shampoo and she has to resist the urge to inhale obviously as she trails after you.
You walk through the house as if you had been there before and Wanda realises you must recognise the familiar layout of your own house mirrored in hers. You make your way to the living room, sitting down on the couch while Wanda turns the light on hesitantly.
She stands awkwardly by the wall, still looking determinedly down at her feet, hoping to put off your screaming for as long as she could.
“Come sit down,” you offer, patting the space next to you on the couch. “I don’t bite.”
Wanda looks up at the joking tone, expecting to see your eyes full of hatred. Instead, she finds kindness and warmth, a gentle smile gracing your lips.
She nods silently, slowly walking over and gingerly sitting down on the edge of the cushion.
You chuckle softly at her, hand reaching out to comfortingly rest on her shoulder. When she jerks at your touch you laugh again, shaking your head at her.
“Such a timid little thing, aren’t you,” you observe, your hand returning to rest in your lap.
You let the silence stretch out, watching as Wanda fidgets in her seat. You don’t want to be the first to break it, enjoying the way she squirms under your eyes, still not meeting your gaze.
“I’m sorry,” the brunette finally blurts out, hands twisting in her lap.
“For what?” you prod, a smirk crossing your face.
“For, you know.” Wanda shrugs, hands now gripping her thighs painfully tight.
“You’ll have to be more specific,” you dig further and if Wanda didn’t know any better she would think that you were taunting her.
“I’m sorry,” she begins again, taking a deep breath and screwing her eyes shut. “For watching you get undressed and watching you touch yourself tonight. It was wrong and an invasion of your privacy and I promise I won’t do it again.”
Her apology is rushed, words tumbling from her mouth as her cheeks are coated crimson from her confession. If her eyes were open you were sure they would be filled with tears of regret and embarrassment.
“Except,” you reply, drawing out the word. “It wasn’t just tonight, was it?”
Wanda’s eyes snap open, meeting yours as her face conveys her shock. You smile softly at her, reaching up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Y-you knew?” she questions, her voice a fearful whisper.
“Oh, sweetheart,” you lean in closer to her, your voice playful and mocking. “Why do you think I left my curtains open when I showered every night? I was putting on a show for you, I hope you appreciated it.”
Wanda’s mind is whirling at the information. Not only were you not mad about catching her spying on your intimate moments, but you had been actively encouraging it the whole time.
“But,” she begins, her mind turning and trying to make sense of the situation.
“Yes?” you prompt, running your nose along the column of her throat and enjoying the shiver it elicited from her.
“Why?” she breathes out slowly, tilting her head to the side as her hands clenched into fists in her lap.
“Hmmmm, let’s see,” you answer her, pressing kisses in the hollow of her neck and smiling at the shuddering breath she lets out. “I thought you were absolutely gorgeous the first time I met you. But you were always too shy whenever we talked, stuttering over your words and blushing whenever you looked at me. It was really quite adorable.”
Your hand rests atop her knee now and you feel the flex of her thigh beneath your fingers. You had her right where you wanted her.
“You were completely oblivious to how much I wanted you,” you continued, placing wet kisses down her neck, sucking on the skin periodically. “You were just so naive and innocent. So I decided to test the waters a little. It took you a while to notice, but when you did you proved to not be so innocent after all.”
Wanda whimpers as you nip along her jaw, your hand on her knee rising along her thigh, fingertips dipping between her clenched legs and prying them open slightly.
“It made me so wet when I knew you were watching me,” you confess, your free hand tilting her head towards yours. “It was always your name that I called out when I came.”
You press a kiss to the side of her mouth, her eyes screwed tightly shut.
“I-” she tries to speak but you shush her gently, pressing a kiss to the other corner.
“Don’t you dare try and apologise again,” you command, watching her throat constrict as she gulps audibly. “Or I’ll take you over my knee and give you something to be sorry about.”
She whimpers again, her thighs shifting ever so slightly and betraying the ache between her legs.
“No, no more thinking,” you tell her, lips millimetres from her own. “You want this as much as I do, so just give in.”
She barely has time to nod before you press your lips against hers, marvelling at the softness. You suck her bottom lip into your mouth, massaging it with your tongue as your hand slides to the back of her head, gripping her hair tightly.
She kisses you back tentatively at first, growing bolder with every second that passes.
When you feel her tongue probe your bottom lip, you part your lips, allowing her space to explore. The kiss heats up then, your tongues dancing together.
Wanda’s hands unclench from their spot on your thighs, one reaching out to lightly hold your waist while the other cups your cheek gently. You let her lead the kiss for a few minutes, giving her the false sense of being in control as she gains confidence.
She pushes against you and you lean back further into the cushions, Wanda following your lips and leaning over you. You use this new angle to slide your hand up the seam of her dress pants, pressing against her heat and enjoying the way she gasps into the kiss.
“Oh sweetheart,” you tease, pressing firmly against her while her hips roll against your hand. “I bet you’re just soaking through your panties right now, aren’t you?”
Wanda doesn’t answer, but her deepening blush tells you all you need to know. Without warning, you flip the two of you so she’s lying with her back on the couch as you lean over her. You smile down at her, fingers tracing her lips as she pants beneath you.
Wanda had dreamed about this moment for so long and she was starting to realise that maybe you had as well. Your hand trails down her front, undoing the buttons of her blouse as you go. Your lips follow the trail, kissing her skin as it’s exposed to you.
She tugs at your shirt and you laugh at her eagerness, allowing her to lift it over your head and expose your bare torso. The cool air of the room meets your heated skin and causes you to shiver, Wanda’s hands quickly roaming over your back.
You push her shirt from her shoulders, Wanda lifting onto her elbows to allow you room to undo the clasp of her bra. Once she’s free from the garment, your lips quickly find her breasts. You continue sucking marks into her skin, littering her breasts with red marks to match the ones on her neck.
“Oh, fuck,” she cries out as you take one pert nipple into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the sensitive bud.
Wanda can feel the heat pooling in her belly, the unmistakable sign of arousal slick between her legs. She is almost embarrassed about the sounds you were managing to elicit from her as you continue to lave her breasts with attention, but she’s too far gone to care, entirely wrapped up in you.
You slip one of your hands between the two of you, making quick work of the button of her pants. You slide your hand into her panties, the rough drag of the lace over your skin as your fingertips brush against her warm sex for the first time.
She’s wet and warm, your fingers easily sliding along her as she squirms beneath you.
“Patience,” you chide her, pressing your body against hers to still her. “If you can’t behave then I’m leaving.”
It’s an empty threat but Wanda doesn’t know that for certain and she was too scared to take the risk. If you left now, she knew that she’d be begging on her knees to get you to come back. No one had ever played her body so expertly and you had barely touched her yet.
With great restraint, she forces herself to still, dragging in lungfuls of air as she tries to calm herself.
“Good girl,” you mutter as she obeys you and she can’t help the thrill that rushes through her at the praise.
You go back to teasing her, circling her clit slowly with your finger before running in along her slit and barely dipping it inside of her. Your mouth is still pressing kisses across her breasts, tongue flicking over her nipples in a promise for what you could do with it in other places.
Wanda tries really hard to listen, but after a few minutes, she finds herself growing restless with your teasing. Every time you dip your finger inside her, you go a little deeper, but it’s still not enough.
“Please,” she calls out, head thrashing against the couch cushion.
“Please what?” you ask, head popping up to look down at her.
Her lips are swollen, her chest flushed and her pupils are dilated to the point you can barely see the green in them. You had never seen her look more beautiful.
She closes her eyes, embarrassment taking over once again. You push your finger into her centre slowly, not stopping until you bottom out. You wait then, not moving it and watching her chest rising and falling rapidly.
“Please what?” you try again, waiting for her to break. “Only good girls who use their words get what they want.”
Wanda huffs out a breath of frustration but you can see her wavering, her walls clenching around your finger, hips trying to move to increase the friction but you still have them pinned.
“Please,” she whispers finally, her voice desperate and defeated. “Please fuck me?”
You barely let her finish the sentence before you pull your finger out, thrusting it back inside her quickly.
“Oh,” she gasps out, her eyes opening to find you watching her intently. “More, please.”
You oblige, adding a second finger. It slips beside the first easily as you set a steady pace, curling your fingers to hit the spot inside of her that has the coil tightening in her belly.
Wanda wasn’t a stranger to sex. She had dabbled in one night stands and had been involved in multiple relationships. But no one had ever touched her like this before, set every nerve in her body on fire the way you were.
It felt as though she was flying.
You lower your head back to her neck, sucking bruises down her body until you find the waistband of her pants. She whines as you remove your fingers from her, her walls clenching around nothing at the sudden emptiness.
You drag her pants and underwear down her legs, pushing her knees apart before kissing along one of her creamy thighs. Her breaths are ragged, stomach clenched in anticipation as you climb higher to where she needs you most.
You blow across her heated centre, the cool air causing her to jump and you to laugh at her reaction. Before she can chide you, however, you lean forward, sucking her clit into your mouth. Wanda moans loudly, hand flying to your hair to try and anchor you to her as your tongue gives her clit the same attention you had shown her nipples earlier.
You slide your tongue down and she feels you probing at her entrance before you sink your tongue inside her, tasting her from the source. She can feel her orgasm quickly approaching now as your thumb reaches up to press against her clit, the action careening her toward the edge.
“Fuck, I’m gunna-” Wanda cries out, her grip in your hair tightening as the muscles in her thighs tense.
You just hum in acknowledgement, the vibrations shooting straight through the brunette as she reaches her peak. She climaxes then, your name mixed with a string of profanities falling from her lips as waves of pleasure wash over her.
You don’t let up, continuing to lick inside of her until her orgasm subsides. When she finally collapses into the couch, her legs falling from where they had clamped around her head, you press one last kiss to her clit before moving back up her body.
She uses the hand still in your hair to bring your lips to hers, eagerly licking inside your mouth to taste herself on your tongue. You groan into the kiss, your breasts pressed against hers as you rest over her.
You grab her hips then, manoeuvring the two of you until you sit with your back against the couch, Wanda's legs resting on either side of your thighs. You never break the kiss though, a clash of teeth and tongues as the two of you ignore the need for air.
She breaks first, resting her head against your shoulder as you grip her hips tightly, pulling her down to rest against your lap.
The surprised “oh” you hear in your ear makes you smirk as Wanda rests her weight fully against the bugle hidden under your pants.
“You feel that sweetheart?” you ask her as you guide her hips over you, the material of your sweatpants not doing much to stop Wanda from feeling the strap lurking under them.
“Yeah,” she whispers as she starts moving her hips on her own, seeking out the friction she was already craving again.
“Want me to fuck you with my cock?” you whisper into her ear, moving her faster over you.
“Please,” she replies and you tap her side lightly, asking her silently to lift up.
You notice the wet patch left behind on your sweatpants, evidence of her arousal coating the fabric.
“Such a needy little thing,” you tease, fingers dipping between her legs to feel just how wet she was.
Wanda whimpers as your fingers probe her, before you lift your hand in front of her face, the arousal coating the digits clear for all to see.
“Already so wet just thinking about my cock stretching you open, such a greedy little slut. One orgasm wasn’t enough for you?” You’re teasing her openly now but Wanda can’t help the rush of arousal at your cruel words.
You trail your wet fingers over her lips, coating them in her slick. Wanda doesn't even think, obediently parting her lips and sucking your fingers into her mouth. You suck in a sharp breath, watching her tongue working over your fingers and cleaning her own juices from your hand.
“I’ll have to put that mouth to use later,” you promise as you withdraw your hand, lifting your hips to tug your sweatpants down your legs.
Wanda’s eyes go wide, eyeing the strap nestled between your legs. You kick your sweatpants off, gripping the base of your cock as your free hand grips her waist tightly.
“I don’t think-” Wanda begins, but you cut her off with a quick slap to her firm ass — not enough to hurt but enough to get her to stop thinking.
“I thought I already told you not to think,” you reprimand her as you slide the tip of the cock along her slit, coating it in her arousal. “Are you worried, it’s going to be too big, sweetheart?”
She just nods, even as her hips rock in time with yours, chasing the full feeling from earlier.
“Don’t worry about that,” you reassure her. “I promise to go slow and stop if it’s too much okay?”
She nods again, breath catching as you line the toy up with her entrance. She begins to sink down slowly, eyes rolling back and a moan escaping her throat as she feels the burn of being stretched out.
“Not that it really matters,” you continue as she slowly sinks down. “That pussy of yours is just begging to be filled by my cock.”
“Wha-” Wanda tries to ask as she processes your words but you’ve already pulled her down on top of you, the toy bottoming out inside of her.
Wanda cries out, the sudden intrusion making her catch her breath. She can feel the burn between her legs but you’ve stopped moving, giving her time to adjust. Your hand is running up and down her back soothingly, your mouth pressing gentle kisses to her forehead and slowly she feels the burning feeling retreat, replaced by a feeling of warmth.
She shifts her hips experimentally, feeling the toy shift inside her. She does it again, a small moan escaping her lips at the feeling of pleasure.
“Good girl,” you praise her again as she begins rocking slowly over you, her hands pressed against your shoulder for leverage.
You thrust up shallowly and Wanda rewards you with a cry of pleasure. So you do it again, except a little harder. Another sound of enjoyment. This time, you use the hands on her hips to guide her up — Wanda feeling the drag of the strap along her walls — before you drop her back down, your hips thrusting up to meet her.
“Fuck,” she whimpers, the pleasure shooting through her. “Harder.”
She doesn’t need to ask twice and soon you’ve set a brutal rhythm. Your hands lift Wanda repeatedly, hips thrusting up into her, firmly gripping her ass for leverage as you watch the strap disappear inside her walls. Eagerly, she’s meeting you, slamming herself down onto you over and over again.
“That’s it, sweetheart,” you encourage her, sweat beading along your forehead from the exertion. “Fucking yourself on my cock so good.”
“Please,” Wanda cries out, not even knowing what she’s asking for.
“Lean back for me?” you ask her and she obliges quickly, the new change in angle having her see stars.
You bring one of your hands to her swollen clit, your thumb rubbing against it in time with your thrusts. You can tell she’s close now, her thighs clenching again and her eyes screwed shut.
“Cum for me, sweetheart. Grip my cock in that pretty pussy of yours and coat it with your cum.” Wanda couldn’t deny your request if she wanted to, the strap hitting inside of her just right as your thumb pressed firmly against her clit.
She cums with a sharp cry of your name but you don’t give her time to ride out the waves of pleasure. You quickly flip the two of you, pushing her back into the mattress as you continue to rut into her, prolonging her orgasm and quickly building her to another one.
“I can’t,” she tries to protest, already spent from the orgasms you had given her.
“I know you can give me one more,” you coax, your pace unrelenting as you slip your hand between the two bodies, both slick with sweat. “I want to see you cum on my cock one more time.”
Wanda tries to bat your hand away but she’s too weak and you find her clit easily. She’s soaked at this point, your fingers sliding over her effortlessly as her arousal coats your hand and both your thighs.
“Oh,” she gasps as you shift your hips, changing the angle and hitting deeper inside of her. “I think I’m gonna cum.”
“That’s my good girl,” you coo, pistoning your hips quickly.
She stiffens under you, breath catching as her release takes hold. You help her ride out her orgasm, slowing as her cries subside. You watch as a tear rolls down her cheek from her tightly clenched eyes and you catch it with your lips as you slowly pull out of her.
You undo the harness, tossing it aside as you rest your head on her chest, listening to her still erratic heartbeat.
“Holy shit,” Wanda whispers after a moment, the feeling slowly coming back to her body.
She doesn’t remember the last time she came that hard, if ever and she hopes that this wasn’t just a one time thing.
“Yeah,” you reply, your cocky demeanour from earlier gone as you bask in the feeling of resting against Wanda. “So, can I expect you at your window at the same time tomorrow?”
She smacks your arm lightly and laughs along with you at your joke, the mood shifting into something more lighthearted in the aftermath of the night's events.
“I’m glad you caught me,” she smiles down at you, gently brushing away the hair stuck to your forehead by sweat.
“Me too,” you agree, leaning up to press your lips to hers in a sweet kiss.
“So,” Wanda begins as you pull away, a devilish smirk on her lips. “What were you saying about putting my mouth to use later?”
Wanda is roused from her daydream by the sharp tone of her boss coming through the intercom.
She had been recalling the events of the night before, not that she could really escape them.
She had spent almost an hour this morning trying to hide the purple bruises that littered her chest and neck before ultimately deciding on a turtleneck, earning a few strange looks from her coworkers about her choice of attire for this time of year.
Every time she shifted in her seat she felt the ache between her legs and was reminded of the person who contributed to it.
She was even surrounded by your scent, the smell of your perfume lingering on her body after spending the night wrapped in your arms.
She was entirely wrapped up in you and not at all in the mood for her boss's antics.
“Yes,” Wanda replies, pressing down the button on the intercom to reply to the fiery red-head in the adjacent office.
Sometimes having Natasha Romanoff as a mentor was a great thing. She had taken Wanda under her wing, training her up to follow in her footsteps.
But other times, being a glorified assistant to the demanding CEO really got in the way of things.
Like daydreaming about the way you filled her up, or the way you tasted as you came apart under her tongue.
“I need to see you in my office,” Natasha tells her and Wanda sighs.
She pushes away from her desk, wincing at the ache between her thighs as she makes her way to Natasha’s office. She knocks lightly before being told to enter and she slips inside, closing the door behind her.
“What’s up?” she questions as she delicately sits down on the chair across from her boss, missing the knowing smirk on Natasha’s face.
“I was just wondering if you were coming to the barbeque this weekend?” Natasha asks her, clicking a few buttons on her computer in front of her.
Wanda nods absentmindedly, remembering her coworkers mentioning something about the annual event. She had only been at the company a few months now but she knew that this was an important event, one that was shared with other companies as a chance to network and share ideas.
“Of course,” she replies, seeing Natasha’s pleased smile.
“It will be a great way for you to network with other companies and really work on your interpersonal skills.” Natasha reminds her and Wanda just nods again.
“Partners are welcome too,” Natasha throws in, watching Wanda carefully. “Will you be bringing someone?”
Your face comes to Wanda’s mind, but she knows it’s far too early to invite you to work events. You hadn’t even defined what the two of you were and she didn’t want to screw things up by moving too quickly.
“No,” Wanda replies, shaking her head. “I’m not really seeing anyone at the moment. How about you?”
Natasha smiles wide, her whole face lighting up and Wanda had never seen her boss look this happy.
“I’ll be bringing my girlfriend,” she responds, tilting her computer screen to show the brunette her background. “I can’t wait to introduce the two of you. She’s heard a lot about you.”
Wanda’s blood runs cold as she stares at the monitor, the two happy faces staring back at her.
The photo had been taken near a waterfall somewhere, lush green surrounding the two people in the frame.
On the left was Natasha, a loving smile on her face as she gazed at the person beside her. Next to her, grinning at the camera was a face Wanda would recognise anywhere. A face that she had spent many nights dreaming about and only a few hours earlier, a face that had been pressed against hers as she kissed you goodbye before leaving for work.
Wanda was well and truly fucked.
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thatonebrazilian · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Part 1, part 2, part 3 (coming soon)...
Summary: Sanctum (noun) 1. a sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church. 2. a private place from which most people are excluded. After everything that happened, WestView became your sanctum. And you would not let anyone desecrate it.
(In which SW!Wanda shows up in a universe where her variant is dead. There’s only you and the boys. But this Wanda had never met you in her universe, and you were way too damaged and traumatized to let her in.)
A/N: I'm sick and tired of Wanda not being happy. First the movies, and now a lot of fics. I need this girl to be happy for once.
Also, I'm posting this on a whim, I normally like to have a few chapters written before I post anything (or at least an outlined plot), but SW!Wanda has been consuming my thoughts lately and I had to do something about it.
Warnings: A bit of violence, I think.
Word count: 1500
Tumblr media
Wanda could feel the girl’s startled breaths beneath her fingers, her hand wrapped tightly against America’s throat.
It was never supposed to be like this. She didn’t want to hurt this child, killing her through power absorption would’ve been faster, quicker, painless. But no, the girl had to fight, and Strange had to intervene.
She just wanted her children back.
America grunted, her fist glowing white, yet her eyes told the Scarlet Witch just what her mouth had told her before. She knew she couldn’t defeat Wanda.
“You want these powers?” America asked then, eyes watering “You can have them!”
A portal opened up, and Wanda wasn’t sure about America’s intent, but whatever it had been, America probably hadn’t taken into account how little control she had over her powers. The Scarlet Witch suspected the girl wanted to take her to Earth-838 to see all the damage she’d done personally, but instead, America took her to another Earth altogether.
Wanda didn’t know that, though, she didn’t think of anything when she saw the boys sitting on the couch. Her boys; her children. Billy and Tommy.
It was as if time had slowed down then, the children’s eyes widened and they tumbled out of the couch, scrambling away, getting as far from Wanda and America as possible. As if they were afraid of her.
Wanda swore her heart was breaking. Fear was never supposed to be the emotion in her children’s eyes when they looked at her.
“I-is that?...” Billy asked from behind the stairs’ railing.
“I-it can’t be…” Tommy said.
The Scarlet Witch looked at them, her fingers almost unconsciously letting go of America’s throat; her hand shook as she extended it in her kids’ direction, taking a step towards them.
“Boys…” she said, her voice trembling as much as her hands.
“Ma!” Billy yelled, frightened, trying to hide behind his brother.
“Ma! Help!” Tommy shouted too, standing protectively in front of his sibling.
Instead of a variant, as Wanda had expected, some other woman came running down the stairs. The Scarlet Witch couldn’t see her face; she felt a surge of fury when this woman gathered the boys, her sons, in her arms. The woman only then seemed to notice Wanda, finally raising her head to look at her.
Wanda’s breath was taken away, you were a marvel, beautiful in every way possible. If this was any other situation, if she wasn’t still in love with Vision, if she weren’t so hell-bent on getting her sons back, she may have admired your beauty more.
But at that moment all she wanted was for that stranger to get her hands off of her sons.
Upon meeting the witch’s eyes, your own widened.
“Wanda?” you asked then, pulling the boys behind you again, shaking your head “No, that’s not possible, you’re dead, you and Natasha- you’re…” you trailed off, eyes hardening. “God promised you’d be in Heaven, he said he had your souls, he promised you’d be happy…”
The Scarlet Witch furrowed her brows. What were you talking about?
“Ma, is this really her?” Billy asked then, looking at you.
Wanda saw your eyes glaze a little, she saw you looking up as if you could see something she couldn’t. She saw your shoulders sag a little, a defeated look on your face. You shook your head, then, looking at your child, her child, before turning to her with hardened eyes “this is not your mother, boys, get behind me.”
The Scarlet Witch’s eyes hardened as well. Who did you think you were, telling her sons to stay away from her?
“Don’t listen to her, boys” Wanda said to the kids, her powers glowing brightly in her hands, her eyes then focusing on you “these are my children.”
And then she saw your eyes turn dark, a black glow engulfing your own fingers. “Whoever you are, you’re not Wanda, and I’m not about to let you anywhere near my sons.”
Wanda felt the all-consuming rage inside her screech at your words, without even thinking she threw a blast of red magic at you, but to her utter surprise, and ultimate relief, you easily blocked it, protecting you and the kids from it.
“Stay back, boys!” you yelled at them, using your magic to send them further back into the kitchen, far away from the woman in front of you.
The Scarlet Witch was consumed by that ugly, mixed feeling inside her; there was rage, sadness, jealousy, grief, envy… She couldn’t think clearly, she just wanted her children back. She used her magic to make the sofa levitate and then threw it at you, but you stopped it midair. Wanda took advantage of your distraction, you were a bit preoccupied when the witch showed up above you, using her powers to blast you to the ground; the impact was such it created a crater, and your broken body lay in its center.
The boys came running to help you, and to Wanda’s utter surprise, you easily stood up, using your sleeves to wipe the blood from your face. How, she wondered, was it possible for you to still be alive? Your body should have crumpled at the force.
“Billy, Tommy, stay behind me, I’m not gonna let her hurt you.” You yelled at the kids, levitating out of that crater, landing in front of the witch.
The kids listened to you, and Wanda found herself getting even madder. Who were you and how come her kids listened to you like this? How come they saw you as a mother?
Out of jealousy and rage, Wanda shot more and more magic blasts at you, but you simply blocked all of her strikes as if it was the easiest thing in the world. But then one especially powerful blast pushed you back, making your body go through the wall and out of the house.
“Leave our ma alone!” the boys yelled, picking up anything they could put their eyes on and throwing it at the witch. “Our ma will not lose! She has us by her side!”
Wanda’s eyes filled with tears. It was never supposed to be like this.
“Stay out of this, boys! Get out of the house, it’s not safe in here.” You said, flying back in as if you hadn’t just been thrown through a wall.
When Wanda saw the boys hesitating, but ultimately complying, she gritted her teeth. As soon as they were out the witch made the ceiling come down on your head. The structure of the house was already compromised enough, you lifted your hands trying to keep this place, your place, standing. You held off the ceiling and kept the wall from tumbling down, but Wanda didn’t stop, as you were trying to keep your house up the witch threw blast after blast at you, but each and every one of them splashed uselessly against a barrier made of black magic.
“Why aren’t you fighting back?!” Wanda yelled, tears pooling in her eyes “Fight me back!”
Wanda stopped shooting blasts at you when she felt something hit against her. It was a small ball of blue magic, she looked at the backyard through the hole in the wall you went through and saw Billy conjuring the balls and Tommy using a bat to throw them at her in record speed. She didn’t know what to do; she looked at the destroyed house, the frightened, brave children outside, and then at you. She sank to her knees.
“Why won’t you fight back?” she asked in a small voice, her face tear-stained.
You managed to mend the house, securing the ceiling back, strengthening the walls and the structure, and the boys came to stand behind you again. You looked at them and then looked at the witch.
You understood her.
“Because I can’t hurt you,” you said, walking towards her and cupping her face in one of your hands, gently wiping her tears away. “You may not be our witchy, but you’re still Wanda. I could never hurt you.”
Wanda looked at you then, the rollercoaster of emotions making her want to embrace the person she was just trying to kill. “But… who are you?”
Who were you? Which universe was this? And if there was a universe where she didn’t have her children, and a universe where her children didn’t have her, why couldn’t they just be together? There were a million questions haunting Wanda’s mind.
You smiled at her, a sad smile, it was almost as if you knew what questions were going through her head.
Maybe there was still time for this Wanda, maybe she could be redeemed. Everyone deserved a second chance, after all.
You got one, even when you didn’t want it, why shouldn’t she?
“My name’s Y/N, and…” you said, looking at Strange and the Chavez girl before bringing your gaze back to the witch “this is Earth-Delta… Your new home, if you don’t have anywhere else to go.”
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wandasmistress · 13 days ago
Our Love
Tumblr media
Synopsis- You didn’t expect to fall for Wanda as hard as you did. So when the time comes to take the big step in your relationship you discover something about Wanda that she was hesitant on telling you. But you didn’t mind helping her, and you loved the idea of being her first.
Pairings- Bottom!Wanda Maximoff x Top!Reader
Warnings- 18+ Content
Word Count- 5.5k
A/N- I WAS LISTENING TO ‘OUR LOVE’ FROM ARCANE  WHILE WRITING THIS (listen to it for the sake of your ears!)😫😫😍🙏🏾Decided to dedicate this fic to that song😊😊😍😫I recommend listening to it as you read. Oh yeah and thanks for @stonemags​ for helping me with this and to get out of writers block for now..
Everyone in the compound could see just how in love you two were. You were always cuddled up on the common room's couch, Wanda seated in your lap as you wrapped your hands around her back, enclosing her in your arms as she stuffed her face into your neck breathing your enamoring scent in. You would be settled in this exact position for hours if it wasn't for someone interrupting you or a quick unexpected mission briefing.
Nat would always walk in on you and Wanda in the early mornings in the kitchen, she always questioned herself as to why you two were up at the crack of dawn every day. Wanda would be seated on the kitchen counter wrapped in a blanket that had your identical long-lasting scent, wrapped around her body like a cocoon to shield her from the morning cold as her legs dangled in front of the counter. While you stood perched in between her legs, spoon-feeding her favorite breakfast which consisted of fluffy blueberry french toast douched in maple syrup with glistening beef sausage links that made her eyes roll to the back of her head. You stared at her with a dopey smile on your face, admiring the stunning view, you couldn’t deny it was your favorite.
Mesmerized with the way her lips enclosed over the fork, basking in the quiet moans she would release from the clash of flavors in her mouth. It would take a lot of self-control in Natasha to try and not physically gag from the high amounts of PDA you two both showed in public all the time, but you two were both too busy gazing deeply into each other's irises to ever notice her presence. And she made her trips to the kitchen quiet and quick to not disturb you two. She might have found it weird at first but then those feelings washed away when she saw how in love you both were.
Or the way Steve would flick on the lights in an empty briefing room and catch you two entwined in each other's grasps as your tongues were down each other's throat. Your hands moved madly across her hair while her knuckles started to turn white from the hold she had on your neck as she dove into the kiss. The bright lights never deterred your movements, only the loud thud of unfinished mission reports echoing through the still room. You and Wanda quickly hustled out of the room, avoiding the big workload as per usual. Steve would always be startled by the way you two would constantly be touching each other like you couldn’t get enough, but he knew the only solid explanation is the passion that you both shared which was like an untamed raging fire.
And the way Sam would always find you guys outside under the big oak tree that stood at the edge of the compound's property. You leaned against the tree as Wanda laid on her back, her head in your lap. Your fingers brushed through her curls all the while gently scratching at her scalp as she bit down on her lips softly while staring deeply into your eyes that shined with so much devotion. From a far distance, he could tell you were whispering honeyed words to her as her laugh echoed through the grass field. He always thought about messing with you guys a little by throwing a ball your way or shouting out ”enjoying your sex, ladies?” but he decided it was best to leave you both be. 
One because of Wanda, she was sweet and soft but when she got pissed she turned scary and spine-chilling and he rather chose life than death. And second, because he didn't want to disrupt your moment together, the way you two were always stuck in your own world not paying a single mind to anything or anyone else brought warmth to his heart after witnessing such evil come from mankind. He always would walk back to the doors of the compound with an authentic smile shown on his face.
Or the way Pietro would catch you hugging in the hallway, your arms sealing Wanda in as you swayed back and forth kissing her head every few seconds. And seeing the way you treated Wanda with complete respect and adoration, always taking her words into consideration and hearing her out, never making her feel bad or being passive-aggressive. You were gentle with her and patient, something that he admired about you. 
At first, he was uncertain about Wanda going off and dating an Avenger, worried it would end wrong or you wouldn't treat her well, past resentment still residing within him. But when he saw the way she looked at you endearingly he no longer felt the need to bring upon his negativity towards your relationship but relished in the way you made her feel such joy after a long time of despair which use to almost always be present in the brunette.
It's safe to say that everyone in the compound could see and feel the love blazing off of you both. And for the first time in a long time, Wanda felt at true peace. Every night she had big warm arms to settle into as she dozed off into a deep sleep, her nightmares stopped the day you moved into her room and fell asleep together for the first time. You were like her own personal dream catcher that warded off all the darkness and devilry that consumed her exhausted mind at night. But to her, you were way more than that. The way you praised her and gave her attention, literally made her feel like the only woman in the world. The way you would grab her hand and do small circular motions to take away the anxiety she felt at certain times, and she didn't even have to tell you, you just knew.
Or the way you mastered the skill of cooking just for her to be able to make her favorite dishes and surprise her weekly. She heard from Natasha how whenever she was on a mission you were always in the kitchen cooking or baking up a storm, being successful at most attempts and failing some too. But you never quit because your determination to please Wanda was far greater. Her eyes teared up at Natasha’s words because she has never had someone be that committed to making sure she was content and satisfied.
And lastly, the way you touched her, you two haven't had sex yet despite being together for a year and you were both perfectly fine with that. You always told Wanda that when the time came it would be ideal and that there was no rush. She was relieved by your words and so grateful that she had someone as extraordinary as you to call her own. Whenever your hands touched any inch of her body it would send an electric shock down her spine, your touch was so addicting to her and she couldn't get enough, that's why she was always close and in your proximity. 
You both were head over heels for one another and never strayed far apart for too long. You both were like a magnet, always coming back together. And you were both like the fairy tale romance everyone wished to experience just once in their life.
Today was the one-year anniversary since you and Wanda started dating. The most special day to you that you held dear in your heart. This date held clear significance because when it rounded the corner it was all you could think about, getting nervous jitters about making it unforgettable for Wanda. You were planning to go all out because you wanted to show her just how much she meant to you. It was insanely crazy how fast you fell in love with her, but what brought more satisfaction to your heart was knowing she held the same feelings for you. And because of that, you deemed yourself the luckiest person on the planet.
You got up around five am to start preparing for the day, trying your best to leave the bed as silently and quickly as possible. But that was almost impossible considering how interlaced you and Wanda’s bodies were. She lay on top of you with her head resting on your chest while one of her arms came behind your back and the other behind your neck while your legs interlocked in a weird but comfortable position. 
Groaning quietly at how you didn't want to leave her perfect form here to wake up by herself and potentially spike her anxiety at the thought of you gone, but you had to start setting up your surprise for her. So as best you could you wrapped your arms around her and started prying her locked body parts off of you. It was hard but after a few close calls of her eyes fluttering open, you managed to slip from underneath her and rush to the bathroom.
Once you exit your room quietly without making a peep you booked it for the kitchen, having forgotten your notebook full of phone numbers of the places you needed to request things from. As you mindlessly speed-walked into the kitchen you bumped into someone, getting knocked out of your trance. You looked up to see Natasha with raised eyebrows as she looked at your near panicked form. She was about to wish you good morning but you cut her off quickly.
“Please keep Wanda busy for the rest of the day, can you do that? Okay, thanks!” You sputtered out giving her a final pat on the shoulder and snatching the open notebook from the cluttered counter next to her.
Natasha was left dazzled in your wake, she nodded briefly while you turned your back and walked away. She didn't know what this was about but she could certainly tell it had you extremely anxious from the way your hair was in a slight mess and you looked as if you just threw on the first things you saw.
But she stuck to your word and kept Wanda busy all day whether it meant giving the extra mission reports that needed to be done or taking her out to retrieve covert packages from an undisclosed location. All day she could tell that a dark cloud had come over Wanda, the little groans she let out after looking at the clock every half an hour to see if time had magically flown by. Taking out her phone every few minutes to check it, then letting out a deep sigh when she seemed to not find what she was looking for, slowly tucking it back into her pocket. Natasha wondered why you wanted to keep Wanda away from you all day and couldn't help but feel sad that maybe there was something going on between the both of you. 
She tried her best to cheer Wanda up by stopping by at a drive-thru and ordering her favorite cheat meal that Wanda liked to call it. But when Natasha pulled up into the Shake Shack near the warehouse Wanda waved her off and said she wasn't in the mood. A sense of uselessness overcrowding Natasha’s being because a good old greasy burger and high sodium fries always cheered up the brunette.
As the gloomy day carried on for Wanda all she wanted to do was go back to bed and curl up in her bundle of blankets. She thought you forgot about your anniversary when you didn't bother to text or call her, she didn't like the pain she felt at the thought of your absence. And her heart almost stopped when she woke up alone, your body no longer providing a sense of warmth for her. She thought back to when her eyes started to water faintly then Natasha burst through her bedroom door, dragging her out of bed and forcing her to get ready for the long day ahead of them.
Wanda tried to beg her not to go but Natasha was taking none of it as she planted herself on Wanda’s bed, supervising the witch's slow actions as she meandered about the room grabbing various items to get ready. She heard Wanda’s quiet sniffles fill the room and she contemplated asking if there was anything going on between Wanda and you but decided to stay silent when Wanda chose a hoodie from your dresser and held it close to her body when she walked into the bathroom. 
You had just gotten out of the shower after finishing everything, you were running around the compound like a mad man. Shouting over the phone if a place canceled and said they couldn't be able to give you the proper stuff you needed or the wind messing up your set up multiple times. But after all the hardship you were finally done and now all that was left was to get yourself cleaned up which you did, choosing to wear your black velvet blazer Tony had bought you for one of his parties, and black leather pants that were hidden deep in your drawers with a black button-up dress shirt underneath.
Shooting Wanda a quick simple text for her to meet you at the compound's front doors after she looks in the bag on the bed and gets dressed. A smile on your face from the anticipation but it faltered when you saw ‘seen’ pop up below the text and no reply after that. Your heart started to beat rapidly because you thought that it was over, that she wouldn't come but you reassured yourself that this was Wanda, who adored you, so you flattened out your blazer and took in a deep breath closing your eyes as you transported to the front of the steps of the compound. You took a seat on the cement step and collected your inner thoughts as you waited patiently.
When Wanda saw your text her heart skyrocketed, not because you finally decided to text her but because she thought you were preparing to break up with her. It was a wild thought that got the best of her mind and made her start to worry. She excused herself from Nat quickly, not giving her a chance to keep her there any longer as she ambled over to her room with heavy steps. She wasn't relaxed she was tense all throughout her body.
When she got to her room door she stopped before she opened it to take in deep breathing, thinking about how everything was about to change. But as she pushed the door open her eyes took to scanning the contents of the room to see if you have packed all your clothes and miscellaneous things away. But to her surprise everything was how she left it this morning, a feeling of peacefulness washing over her aching heart; maybe there was still hope after all.
The beige bag went unnoticed by Wanda as she walked further into the room, all her worries about earlier washing away. A smile was brought to her face as she walked up to the front of the bed and took a seat while her eyes filled with joy. Her bottom collided with soft sharp edges, she released a small yelp at the intrusion. Head whipping around as she shot up and directed her attention to the bed, breath-stopping when her eyes landed on a white tinted beige Prada shopping bag. Her angular fingers moved down towards the matte lengthy bag, picking at the strings and unraveling them to access the inside. When she looks inside the contents of the bag her face lights up with gaiety, subtly biting her slip at the sight of a black plunging tall neck split thigh dress. Butterflies come to her stomach when she holds up the eye-catching dress in the warm soft glow of the bedroom light.
It doesn't take her long to also find the note that was left at the bottom of the bag, her fingers quick to grab it from the bag and read it. Her eyes skimmed over the note and her lips turned upwards into a dazzling smile as her heart grew bigger in her chest. 
 To my beloved and most loved Wanda,
     I got this dress for you specifically and I know that it’ll match you exquisitely. I don't want to give away too much but know that everything has a reason so don't think negatively my love. Meet me in the front of the compound when you're done, I’ll be there, always.
 From your biggest follower and admirer, Y/n
She held the note close to her chest for a few seconds as she left your words to sink into her deeper and ease away the doubt she carried earlier. It didn't take her long to grab her makeup bag from her messy vanity and shuffle off into the bathroom to get dressed, she wanted to make sure she looked her best, even though you've always thought she never needed makeup because of her natural beauty was so pure.
It’s now been around thirty minutes that you have been waiting at the front steps of the compound, panic running wild within you as you thought about all the possibilities of what she could be doing. Did she not see the dress? Does she not want to come? What if she hates me? I fucked up. Pacing back and forth as your arms were crossed around your chest, biting your lips harshly as the cool wind whipped against you moving form in the silence of the night.
But what you didn't recognize as you paced back and forth was Wanda’s approaching form, she was also hesitant but worry quickly overfilled her when she saw your nervous anxiety-filled figure. As she comes face to face with the compound's front door you still don't notice her in your fit of haziness, she gently pushes the door open and is met with the cool breeze that engulfs her as she steps outside.
Something in your mind redirects your attention to the front steps of the compound and your breath is taken away from the impeccable view, jaw literally dropping as your eyes stay trained on Wanda. Time moves in slow motion as she moves her hair to one side of her head and takes her time walking down each step. The way the air flows through her curled auburn hair and black dress perfectly accentuates her curvy figure. Gusts of wind reveal her excitingly toned lanky shining legs that you have spent so much time caressing.
You snap out of her trance and rush to give her a hand at the bottom of the stairs all the while a wistful smile erupts on your face from the longing, you never knew how you managed to not even talk to her today. But she happily takes a hold of your warm hand when she gets to the final step, her divine perfume attacks your senses making your eyes almost roll to the back of your head and she catches it, releasing a soft chuckle that breaks the silence of the night.
Walking away from the steps hand in hand Wanda cant help the shaking in her hands when you suddenly stop from continuing the path to your car. You turn her over by the shoulders releasing your grip on her hands and a small frown finds its way onto her face from the loss of your fingers. You clear your throat trying to think of something, anything to say but you don't want to ruin this moment. So she takes over instead.
She takes your hands in hers and looks up into your eyes meaningfully. “Well if you’re gonna break up with me I had to at least look my best to hopefully change your mind.” She tells you softly while playing with your flexible fingers, something she liked to do often.
Her words snap you out of your stillness and you're quick to respond, “You know I would never.” Your response makes her cheeks start to warm up and she looks away trying to hold back a smile. “I'd be a fool to let someone like you go, I could never make that mistake.” You finally tell her. Looking into her sharp turquoise green eyes for what felt like eternity brought such fondness to your body.
You silently turn her back around to where her back is facing your front and you slowly bring your hands up to her eyes, her hands quick to touch yours in an act of confusion. You whisper into her ear. “Don't worry, I’ve got you.” You simply tell her and all the concern slips away as she fully trusts your motives. 
You press her front into your back deeper so there is no ounce of space in between you, pressing a gentle kiss to her head, then teleporting. Wanda has always expressed how she dislikes the way you teleport, the impact being too much on her stomach which caused her to let out a quick shriek when you transported to another location. You couldn’t help but laugh, removing your hands from her eyes and pressing multiple pecks on the top of her head, her eyes slowly open making her quietly gasp at her surroundings.
Her eyes wandered the enticing view, her head moving around in different directions to capture the true beauty of the scenic scene all around her. The dark grass cascading around the lit-up hilltop draped with fairy lights while the lampposts also provided a low source of light to accompany them flawlessly. The large blanket is spread out across the grass with multiple items like a large picnic basket, a bucket of champagne, plates, and cutlery, with a folded up wooly blanket resting atop the blanket.
She quickly turns over to look at you with wide eyes, tears threatening to fall down her precious face. Your hands were quick to come up to her cheeks and cup her face.
“You did this all for me?” She let out quickly, holding in her tears to the best of her ability.
“Yes, I’d do anything for you. To the moon and back.” You tell her, delicately stroking her ample cheeks that held a tint of red.
She couldn't respond with words so she dove into your chest, wrapping her arms around your upper torso as she snuggled closer to your body. Your arms came to wrap around her body as you took in the feel of her in your hold, rubbing the small of her back gracefully. You stayed connected for a few minutes silently taking in this moment for yourselves and enjoying it to the best of your abilities. 
After the hug, you brought her over to the picnic setup and offered to take off her heels so she could step on the blanket to feel; more comfortable, settling down on the edge of the blanket to also take your dress shoes, setting them down next to Wanda’s heels on the grass and scurrying over to find her digging into the picnic basket.
Once you have mini desserts and snacks settled onto plates, some of Italy's best delicacies. Spoon feeding Wanda her favorite stuffed ravioli, sauce catching onto the side of her lips but your hand quick to wipe it off making her blush uncontrollably. After you finish up eating the luscious finger foods you settled into one another's arms while indulging in small talk and stargazing, sipping on chardonnay and stealing lengthy and lazy kisses every few seconds.
You two have been staring at the slowly moving clouds in peace for the past couple of minutes, reveling in the serene calmness that the night brought on. Wanda was currently curled into your side, her head resting on your shoulder comfortably while your dress coat was covered her upper body allowing some of the cold air to breeze upon her collarbones. She decided to have your dress coat over the blanket because it smelled of you. Wanda's hands were wrapped around your arm closest to her chest, your free arm coming around to rest on her waist.
It was Wanda who broke the hold, rising up to hover above your face. A dumb smile spread across your face as she gathered your cheeks in her hand gently stroking them while staring intensely at your face as she bit her bottom lip in thought. Seeing this side of her always made you empty-headed, too consumed by her hypnotic features to think about anything else so you stayed still in her grasp, breathing becoming shallow. 
“This means so much to me Y/n, you don't even know, thank you.” She concluded by dipping her head down to connect your lips in a long sensual kiss. Her fingers slide their way up into your hair gently pulling on your strands which makes you give out a slight moan. She smiles into the kiss after hearing the noise released from you, having to clench her thighs together to suppress the thrumming between her legs. 
You manage to reply to her in between the mini-breaks for air. “It’s all my pleasure, baby.” Wanda hearing the pet name roll off your tongue makes her dive deeper into your face, dragging her cunning fingers down your scalp.
You bite her lip with pressure then run your cool tongue over the spot, making her squirm above you. Your hands came to grip her thighs that now lay on each side of your torso, your hands sliding up slowly to the bottom of her ass, palming it roughly which makes her release a soft groan into your mouth. Your fingers work around her dress fabric and make contact with her porcelain cool skin.
She lets out a little squeal breaking out of the kiss and moving out of your grip. Your heart starts racing thinking you have done something wrong or accidentally overstepped the boundaries. When you look over at her she is staring at the blanket with her arms wrapped around her protectively, her eyes bouncing all over the blanket in anxiousness. You want to reach out to her so bad but you stop yourself thinking she wouldn't want you to touch her right now.
“I'm sorry,” You couldn't help but apologize. “That I overstepped, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Shit.” You mumble the curse word under your breath, resting your elbows on your knees as you stared off into the distance.
“It's not your fault.” She replies softly, playing with the various rings that occupy her fingers. “It’s my fault, all mine.” She finishes timidly, keeping her gaze trained on the ground.
Your head whips towards her with raised eyebrows and this time you don't hesitate to touch her. You place your hand gently on her back scooching closer to her. “What’s your fault?” You ask patiently.
“I- It’s- This! I can't give you this.” She burst out, looking you in the eyes with distress.
“This? What does that mean?”
“You want sex, and I can't be able to give that to you.��� She responds, breaking eye contact with you. You can see the self-consciousness cloud her from the inside.
“No- no, we don't have to have sex if you don't want it. I’m sorry if I made you feel like that, we can go if you want.” You tell her rubbing small circles on her back.
“No, I want to be here with you. I- I never said I do not want to have sex with you, it's just that I don't know how.” She's quick to say.
You're confused now, eyebrows scrunched as you try to understand what she is saying.
“So you do want to have sex, but you don't?”
“No! It's just that I’ve…” She responds, speaking too soft for you to hear the last of what she is saying. She looks away from you again this time biting her lips harshly, worry overriding your system now.
“You what, baby? I couldn't hear you.” You tell her serenely, making sure to be patient with her.
“I’m a virgin, ok. I’ve never had sex, ever. And I just want to make sure that our first time is pleasurable for you, but I have no experience so that wouldn't be possible. I’ll never be able to make you feel as good as you would make me feel.” She pants out, turning her body away from you.
Sudden realization hits you and your heart pains at her confession. You are quick to grab her attention again, bringing your fingers up swiftly to her avoiding her chin, and lifting it up gently. Her uncertain eyes meet your soft ones. 
“Oh Wanda, only you could ever make me feel such things that are way better than sex. I don't care if you are a virgin, that changes nothing because as long as I’m with you nothing is wrong.” You tell her dearly.
She jumps into your arms the next moment, letting out a soft sigh as she is back in your hold. You wrap your arms tighter around her kissing her shoulder as you rock her back and forth. She pulls her head back so she is now directly in your line of sight.
“I’m ready. But, I’ve never done anything like this so please be gentle with me.” She whispers.
You nod your head with a small smile. “Of course, tell me if anything is wrong. I'm glad to be your first,” You mention which makes her cheeks grow rosy.
She nods her head and that's when you carefully place one of your hands behind her soft locks on her head and the other around to the small of her back, taking her down so she is laying on the comforting blanket. Her lips are parted as she stares deep into your eyes, the connection never faltering.
You bring your head down slowly and trap her tender lips in a vehement kiss. Her eyes shutter close from the burst of emotions she is feeling right now in this special moment she is sure to hold sacred with her. 
As the kiss starts to get more intense you slowly drag your hand from her back and trail it down delicately towards the slit in her dress. Your cool hands once again meet her skin, you can feel her slightly tense beneath you and you break away from the kiss whispering, “Remember, it's just me.” And that's all it takes for her to completely relax under you and grant you permission.
Your fingers meet her wet panties and a small smirk appears on your face, a witty reply on the tip of your tongue but you remind yourself now isn't the time. Your fingers slip past the soaked underwear, sliding them out of your way so you have access to her bare cunt. 
Your fingers softly run over her arousal-coated folds and a shiver runs up her spine. The anticipation is too much for her so she breaks apart from the kiss, breath heavy as she finally opens her eyes and meets your vivid gaze. Your thumb starts to work at her clit with the right amount of pressure to make her spiral which releases a breathy moan from the woman beneath you. She sucks in more air as your pace around her clit starts to fasten and the pressure increases, eyes rolling to the back of her head.
She can never say she has felt this much intense pressure down there, she has always had build-up but has had to take care of it herself with the fear of telling you about her chasteness that held her down more than it should've. But the things she is feeling right now make her want to go back in time and have sex sooner, sad she missed out on such an elevating experience, but happy to first have it with you.
But it's when your fingers first enter her that makes her eyes pop open and breathing start to quicken, there is some resistance from her reluctant hymen, a small whine leaving her mouth from the moderate pain. Biting her lip to try and suppress the noise but quickly releasing the hold when you shake your head.
“I want to hear you.” You tell her softly.
It’s not much but it is enough to make her stomach flutter and with you finally breaking through her wall the build-up starts to get relieved slowly, making her yearn for more. Small mewls of gibberish released from her opened mouth.
“Faster.” She demands, hands coming up to your clothed back, gripping hard to show you her want for more. Her eyes stay trained on you, strong confidence keeping her afloat.
A small smile creeps its way onto her features from finally being able to know how it feels like to say and ask for a ‘faster’ pace and a blissful smile comes to your face at seeing her start to be comfortable enough to request more to satisfy her better.
It's not long before she is cumming, her lower body writhing beneath your hands while moving up to have your fingers further buried inside her. This new level of intimacy and closeness made her head spin madly, her hands coming up to the nape of her neck as she felt what it was like to experience sexual ecstasy for the first time. Her fingers squeezed your neck as her mouth hung open widely. It was more than nirvana for her when you kept eye contact with her throughout her orgasm and gently stroked your fingers in and out to ease her out of her high.
This wasn't a night she would forget for the rest of her life, and neither was it for you. Wanda was always aroused about how her first time would be, but with you, she knew that she had nothing to worry about. You were right because as long as you were together nothing would ever be wrong.
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randomshyperson · 17 days ago
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Summer Crush
Tumblr media
Summary: The one where Wanda has a summer crush on the club's lifeguard. || Requested
Warnings: (+18), kissing, semi-public make out, smut, oral (r giving), nipple play, bottom!wanda, high school AU but summer vacations, some teasing and dirty talk, mutual pining, cursing, fluff, jokes and drinking. || Words: 4.815k
All Works Masterlist || AO3 || Wattpad ||
Despite Pietro's teasing, Wanda simply couldn't help herself.
You hardly knew of her existence - she thought it was a great victory that you knew her name - and yet, in a sacred sort of way, she came to the club every day since the summer began.
At first, it was something unintentional. Her friends, and her brother especially, insisted that she shouldn't spend the whole summer locked up in her room and dragged her to the Westview Municipal Club. Pietro and Yelena were already well known there - they had spent the last two summers betting on who could get more phone numbers from the countless girls who came to town during the vacations - and they had no problem introducing Wanda to half of the staff who worked there.  That's how she met you.
Charming and unapproachable. You went to public school, unlike Wanda and her friends, and worked at the club as a lifeguard both after school and in the summer. Wanda considered leaving the expensive boarding school she went just so she could have the same classes as you, but the idea seemed absurd after some thought. 
Her last hope was to voluntarily visit the club every day of the week, causing surprise even to her extroverted twin and best friend. Yelena realized that there was something out of the ordinary before the boy did.
"Okay, Wanda, tell me who it is." Asked the blonde with an expression between serious and provocative, when the two of them were comfortable on the beach chairs and Pietro was far enough away in the pool. 
Wanda - who until the moment had been pretending to read a book while stealing glances between the lifeguard's empty chair and the locker room door, waiting for you to arrive - frowned in confusion.
"Excuse me?" 
Yelena laughed, crossing her arms. "I love your company, but after all these years of being your friend, I know you hate it here and would rather be at home with your headphones on than in the hot sun. So tell me, who are you doing this for?"
Wanda looked at her friend, letting out a short laugh.
"If I tell you I've changed over the summer will you believe me?"
"Not a chance."
With a sigh, Wanda closes the book and settles into her chair, crossing her legs and turning her face to Yelena. "Okay. Maybe I have a little crush."
"I knew it." Yelena comments excitedly, mimicking her friend's posture.  "Is it on the surfboard boy? He seems interested."
Wanda makes a disgusted face. "What? No, by god. He's in my calculus class, did you know that? He tried to take a picture under my skirt once."
Yelena immediately widened her eyes and made mention of getting up, ready to start a fight. Wanda rushed over to hold her forearm, assuring her that that was a long time ago and was no longer a problem. 
"I was talking about Y/N." She decides to tell then, and the surprise is enough to get Yelena's full attention.
"Oh my god, the lifeguard?" She exclaimed loud enough for Wanda to feel her face heat up at the curious glances of a passing couple. She mumbled for her friend to lower her voice, and Lena gave an apologetic chuckle before doing so. "I totally get it though, she's so hot. Good thing I never tried to ask her out, that would have been awkward."
Wanda raises an eyebrow in curiosity. "Why have you never tried?"
Yelena puts a hand under her chin as if trying to remember. "I think I tried actually.... yes, the first summer. She told me she had a girlfriend."
"Oh." Wanda muttered disappointedly.
Seeing her friend's expression, Yelena quickly patted her thighs.
"Hey, that was ages ago!" She comments. "I've never seen her wear a ring, and honestly, she doesn't need to check us out as much as she does. I bet she's interested too."
Wanda bites her lip thoughtfully, a thread of hope rising in her chest. It's perfect timing for your shift to begin as well, and she looks away from Yelena when she recognizes your figure coming out of the locker room. 
She can't help the flutter that rises in her stomach or the warmth in her cheeks that spreads to the rest of her body when she lets her gaze wander to the amount of skin exposed by the uniform. When you smile gently after giving instructions to other people, her heart skips two beats in a row.
She is probably staring. Definitely. But she only stops when as soon as you climb into the lifeguard chair, and your gaze scans the pool, you meet her and Wanda feels her face burn, immediately turning away.
Yelena watched the scene in disbelief and amusement.
"That was the gayest thing I've ever seen in my life." Comments the blonde, and Wanda mumbles in shame, burying her face in both hands. Yelena laughs, "Why don't you ask her out?"
"And I'll say what? Hey, I know we don't know each other and I've been showing up at your work for two weeks, but I think you're pretty. Do you want to get laid?"
"Who's going to get laid?" Pietro intervenes in the conversation, having swum in close at that very moment. He rests his arms on the edge of the pool, and his sudden appearance only worsens the red of embarrassment in his sister's cheeks. Yelena lets out another laugh. 
"Did you know that Wanda is crushing the lifeguard?" The blonde questions, ignoring the brunette's slaps of protest at the exposure of the secret. Pietro raises his eyebrow.
"Y/N? That's funny."
Wanda stops attacking Yelena immediately with the sentence and turns around with a frown creased in curiosity and confusion. 
"Why is it funny?" She asks. Pietro shrugs his shoulders.
"She asked me if you were single." He declares with a simplicity that doesn't match the way Wanda's heart speeds up.
"What?" she exclaims, but Pietro shrugs his shoulders again.
"Yeah, a long time ago actually." He comments distractedly, starting to swim in circles. "She went to the state last year, you know? When the folks from her school won the game, I went to congratulate her on the field. She saw you on the cheerleading squad and asked if you had a boyfriend. I told her you were my sister, and she didn't press the matter."
"B-but you told her I was single, right?"
"Like I said, she didn't push it when I said you were my sister..."
"Pietro, I swear to god I'm going to drown you in this pool!" 
The boy made a scared face, but Yelena laughed at the interaction and held Wanda by the waist as she threatened to advance against her brother.
"Easy there, hothead. Look on the bright side." The blonde asks standing next to her friend. "Now you know Y/N is interested."
Wanda swallows dryly, risking looking at the lifeguard chair again. You were monitoring the pool, but it was obvious you were stealing glances at where she was, not least because as soon as she looked, you turned your face away, cheeks reddening. God, her poor little heart would not survive this.
"Now I'm more nervous than before." Wanda confesses in a sigh turning her attention back to her friend. Pietro laughs from the pool, muttering something like "Useless bisexual" before swimming away again. Yelena smiles in assurance.
"Don't worry, cupcake. I have a perfect plan."
Wanda looks at her doubtfully, but the blonde points to something behind them. When she turns around, Wanda catches sight of the bulletin board, and immediately the huge flyer about the fake luau that day caught her attention. "Any chance your father will let you stay late?"
"If I say I'll sleepover at your house, yes." Wanda comments making Yelena laugh.
After lying - or rather omitting parts of the truth - by calling her father to let him know that she and her twin were going to sleep over at Yelena's, Wanda hung up the phone and put it away in her backpack.
Her friend and Pietro were by the pool, both flirting with people she knew from school, and she realized that a cold drink would be much appreciated. 
Wanda could do this. Pretend she was reading even though the words were bending in her mind and all she could do was look through the edge of the book meters ahead at the one person who hadn't left her mind in weeks. She almost choked on her sweet drink when you caught her staring - a lopsided smile that sent a sharp warmth to her cheeks and further down too - and Wanda sank into her chair, trembling fingers putting the glass away as she hid her face behind the book.
She didn't see you get down from the chair, nor did she see you walk leisurely, waving and giving warning glances to anyone who was ready to break some rule, which is why she almost knocked the book to the floor when you appeared in front of her, the figure covering the sun.
"Hey, Wanda." You greeted casually, hands on your waist as you watched her. Wanda was staring, but if anyone asked it was at the whistle hanging around your neck and not anything else. "Nice to see you here again."
"H-hi." She managed to answer, your gentle smile being solely responsible for the way her voice was cracking. You didn't seem intimidated by her in the slightest, moving to fill the empty space Yelena had left.
"You know you can't bring that here." That was your comment, and Wanda was so absorbed in your presence that she had to blink a few times to realize that it wasn't about the book - now closed that she was staring at as something sacred - that you were talking about, but rather about the drink she brought from the bar to where she was sitting.
"Oh, yeah, sorry." She muttered quickly, and grabbed the glass again, flipping the drink so fast she felt her head freezing. You laughed in surprise, eyes slightly wide as she let out a grunt of pain, returning the glass to the table and placing her hands on her forehead.
"Damn, brain freeze." She complained but you chuckled softly, watching her with amusement.
" Well, you didn't have to turn the drink over all at once, Wanda." You commented. "You could have just taken it back to the bar, and drunk it there with ease."
"Yeah, that makes more sense." She retorts with a chuckle that you accompany. When Wanda raises her eyes again, you are still looking at her, and she feels her face warming up. She clears her throat, and comments, "Sorry about the drink, again. No need to make an exception, I understand if you want to give me a warning or something."
When Wanda gets nervous, the words come out before she can really think about it. It's worse when she likes someone, and unluckily for her, she likes you a lot.
You frown in confusion, a short laugh escaping your lips. "Um, you want a punishment, then?"
You suggest and it's certainly not intentional because as soon as the words come out and you notice the new pink on Wanda's cheeks along with the double meaning, you lick your lips and look away, a short laugh escaping. "That didn't came out right..."
"Hey, Y/N!" It's Pietro again, now stepping out of the pool completely wet. He gets close enough for Wanda to shrug her legs into the chair trying to avoid the water. You smile at him. "Long time no see."
"Yeah, almost a whole day." You mock softly, making him laugh. Wanda smiles too, but can't help the insecurity that arises about that being a complaint regarding their constant presence at the club.
Pietro reaches for one of the towels and begins to dry his hair. "We're staying a little longer by the way. For the Luau."
Your face lights up at that, and Wanda has to bite her tongue to keep from confessing how pretty she thinks you are.
"Really? That's nice." You comment. "The party is really lovely, and my friends are joining us tonight, so you'll finally get to meet them."
Pietro gets excited about this, commenting something about a friend of yours that he has wanted to meet since last summer. Wanda is more interested in your fingers spinning the whistle.
"[...] Anyway, I should get back to work before my supervisor comes to get me." You mutter, your gaze on the older woman on the other side of the club who has a stern warning expression about you sitting with club members instead of watching the pool. Before you go, however, you look Wanda in the eyes. "Hey, if you want, we can have a drink later. I promise it won't freeze your brain, I'll wait for you to finish."
Jesus Christ.
Wanda babbles an 'I'd love to' between one breathless giggle and another, and you smile at her before getting up and walking back to the other side of the pool.
Pietro laughs at the reaction, moving to pick up the empty glass. "Try not to drool so much, sestra." He scoffed, evading the slap with one swift movement, and carrying the item away toward the bar.
Wanda imagined he would stay a while to eat as usual, and it was just what she needed to let her imagination run wild until party time.
The club quickly empties throughout the afternoon from the usual families and members present - of whom Wanda has come to recognize after coming here every day for weeks - until she is the only one in the chairs.
Employees, not like you who went to the locker room, but waiters and cleaners, begin to prepare the luau and she, Yelena and her brother were invited to wait in the club's lobby.
Soon the party crowd is arriving - mostly young teenagers like herself - wearing summer clothes and some brave ones with guitars or ukuleles in hand. Wanda recognizes many people from the school, but many are also from other schools or older.
When the pool area is open again, Wanda is impressed by all the decoration that has been done. Everything is really beautiful - the low lights, the fake sand in some spots, and even the typically Hawaiian effects - and Pietro gets a table in a far corner for them.
"Lena, your girl is here." That's Pietro's warning once they each have a drink in hand, standing in front of the bar. Wanda is unsure about starting to drink - she has a feeling that someone needs to sober up in this trio, and she saw Pietro turn over a martini stealthily earlier - and looks away from the untouched cup to where her brother is looking. Yelena lets out an exclamation and turns the drink all at once.
"Who's that?" Wanda asks confused, and Pietro laughs as Yelena begins to prepare another glass.
"That's the Kate Bishop." Pietro replies, and Wanda lets out a small exclamation.
"Oh, she's back." The brunette comments, receiving a whimper from her friend. Before Yelena turns the glass over, Wanda places a hand on the lid. "Don't you think you'd better deal with this sober?"
Yelena hesitates, but sighs. "God, wish me luck." She asks and Wanda and Pietro exchange giggles before the blonde leaves them, stepping aside to greet the girl who was arriving at the party.
"I bet she'll turn yellow." Pietro comments and Wanda returns her glass to the drinks table, a thoughtful expression as she watches her friend clearly stumble over her own words while talking to the other.
"I think one-shot gave her the courage she needed." Wanda retorts. "Besides, this push and pull has been going on for almost two years, hasn't it? I'm the one almost taking action."
Pietro laughs. "And you can talk a good game about the long wait, can't you, little sister?" the boy mocked but received a slap on the shoulder.
"Don't you joke about that! It's your fault she didn't know I was single!"
“Ouch! Don’t blame me for you being a gay disaster!” He complained, escaping the next few attempts between giggles. 
Wanda returned to the table at the same time that the friends Pietro had texted about the party arrived. Soon she was surrounded - Natasha, Steve, Bucky and Sam - all in summer clothes and equally excited for the party around her. 
She was trying to pretend to be interested in everybody's summer stories when you showed up. You had changed out of your uniform into a plaid shirt and dark jeans shorts, and Wanda licked her lips at the collarbone exposed by the open buttons.
You made your time to come to her however, people she didn't know were greeted by you at the entrance, and you spoke to everyone before guiding the small quartet to her group of friends.
Carol, Monica, Gamora and Peter were the names that Wanda was most likely to forget. They all seemed friendly and nice, but honestly, how long before she got your attention again?
The glass in her mouth was soda, and Wanda bit the edge without realizing it, eyes watching you intently as you chuckled at the story of how Yelena and Kate had met online and were in some sort of friendship with blurred lines. 
Wanda had no way of knowing that every little movement, even something as simple as biting off the end of a glass, was being closely watched by you. Your attention wavered, and you missed a joke that everyone laughed at, gaze finding hers for a microsecond and Wanda knew.
She set her glass on the table, and moved closer, mouth finding your ear. "Come with me." Her fingers trailed down, brushing against yours, and she stepped away, smiling at herself as you followed her without question, or caring about the looks of doubt and insinuation from the rest of the group.
She made her way through the clubhouse that by now she knew like the back of her hand, ignoring your curious whispers all the way to the buffet area.
Her intention was to take you to the other side of the club, to the golf hill, but you grew in your curiosity, and wrapped your arms around her waist between one corner and the next, turning her body and moving forward until Wanda was pinned between you and a wall.
"Where are you taking me?" You asked too close for Wanda to answer with more than a gasp, fists closed at the side of her body as yours were firmly on her waist, skin burning with the touch. "Cat got your tongue, princess?"
Despite her heart racing in her ears, she smiles in defiance, lifting her chin. "No, my tongue is just fine. Here, try it." She barely suggested it and you were breaking distance. But to Wanda's surprise, it wasn't as hungry as she expected it to be. It was gentle and intense, and definitely over too quickly.
You leaned your forehead against hers, breaths out of rhythm and nervous fingers playing with the edge of her shorts. "I'm sorry, I... can this be not just a one-time thing?"
Wanda was so surprised that she didn't answer right away, her chest heating up with happiness. You flinched at her silence, swallowing dryly before pulling away slightly, adding, "I mean, that I like you. Like, real thing. And I have for a while. I didn't say anything because your brother is a friend and he seemed kind of jealous about it, and I wasn't even sure if you liked girls...[...]"
You were babbling. About the summer, about trying to approach her when she started going to the club, about telling your friends. God, Wanda thinks she could cry.
Instead, she brought her hands to your neck and kissed you hard.
The grunt of surprise turned into something else when you kissed her back, tongues wriggling for dominance as your hands tightened their grip and pressed Wanda back against the wall. This time she let a moan escape, your leg finding space between hers.
You kissed her until her balance shifted, legs turning to jelly and hips rocking forward in search of friction that she found against your knee. Wanda only realized how wet she was when you broke the kiss with a low whimper.
"Fuck, Wanda." You almost pleaded against her neck, and she blinked confused and aroused about what it was. Her face warmed considerably when she felt the gentle tug of your fingers entwined in the straps of her shorts. "Can I touch you?"
"Please." She retorted immediately, her eyes closed with the biting brushing of your teeth on her neck. You grunted but pulled your face away, hands moving to her cheeks until she looked up at you.
"Not here. Someone might see us." You warned before pulling away completely. Wanda complained about the lack of warmth, but your hand found hers and you guided your way into the club again.
The locker room was completely empty, and you led her into something that looked like someone's office and locked the door. You gave Wanda just enough time to recognize her surroundings before you were on top of her again, mouth to mouth.
She practically whimpered as your hands worked to get her on top of the table in the center, legs closing around your waist as your tongues danced together.
Tentatively, Wanda let her hands work on the buttons of your plaid shirt, fingers trembling as she tried to keep up with the rhythm of the kiss and felt your hands scratch her thighs. You threw the piece away when she finished, and Wanda gasped at the sight of your bare breasts in front of her.
You raised an eyebrow, cheeks burning under her look of adoration. "See something you like, kitten?"
Instead of answering, Wanda dived in. You let out a gasping sigh as you felt her mouth on your nipples, so eagerly sucking it. 
A hot heat grew at the tip of your belly with each precise, considerate movement of Wanda's tongue, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you gripped her hair and held her in place.
Wanda released one nipple with a pop - a stream of saliva connecting your skin and her mouth - and you stared back at her fully dilated pupils and mouth open in a gasp, feeling a sharp tug of arousal at the image in front of you.
You kissed her again, hands more impatient than before pulling her bikini off at once. Wanda moaned deeply as your hands closed around her breasts, her hands trying to work on your zipper but failing with the stimulation of your fingers.
You smiled against her lips, finding her struggle amusing, and Wanda wanted to be angry about it but lost her train of thought when you tucked your thigh between her legs, hands firmly on her hips to rock her against you.
She broke the kiss with a gasping whimper, hands going up to your shoulders for support as she felt her body shudder with the friction. You moaned softly as well, feeling on your skin the wetness that already ran through the fabric of her shorts.
"Fuck, you're killing me, princess." You murmured affected, teasing a trail of kisses strong enough to mark all over Wanda's neck. She, on the other hand, could only whimper back, dripping all over your thigh. You smiled at her state, fingers caressing the bones of her hips as you guided the movements of her hips. The pressure against her clit was delicious and made Wanda's mind spin - it shouldn't have been enough, but she was so hot and bothered she wouldn't be surprised if it came with just that - and feeling your mouth on all the sensitive points of her collarbone was certainly making it harder to hold it.
She tried to increase the speed but you firmed your grip around her waist, laughing breathlessly at the grunt she let out.
"Be patient, baby." You pleaded as you met her face again, making her grunt in impatience once more, the lack of your lips and the slow pace taking her over the edge, and keeping her there.
"Just-fuck me." She choked, legs closing around you, trying to pull you close, increasing the contact somehow. You sighed deeply but didn't obey.
You came closer though, lips brushing against hers as her hips moved.
"I've waited so long for this, Wanda..." You comment in a low, husky, affected voice as you feel her gasping sighs in your mouth. "Ever since that day I saw you dance, that skirt that only made me think of burying my fingers underneath..."
"God." She panted closing her eyes, forehead falling against yours. She was so close if you would only go a little faster-
"And then you started showing up here, walking around in this lingerie you call a bikini. And I had to pretend not to think about fucking you every time you talked to me." 
Wanda whimpered, she couldn't hold it in. Slow or not, having you confess these things were more than enough to take her over the edge. She arched her back, body spasming, and when the grip threatened to explode, you stopped.
She almost cried out in frustration, something like a moan or a whine escaped her lips, but you kissed her so hard that she almost orgasmed just from the feel of your tongue. Her brain was an aroused mess. She tried to grab at you, to pull you against her, but you put one hand against her belly and another on her neck, pushing her down until she lay on the table.
Your hands were working to get her short off in record time, and Wanda was so in a trance from the latest events that she didn't realize what was happening until your mouth found her pussy. 
"FUCK!" She definitely went too loud, but neither of you cared. Your tongue devoured her eagerly, teasing between the folds and spreading her wetness around, nose pressed against her clit. You moaned against her, intoxicated by the taste, and Wanda couldn't control the sounds, one hand groping its way into your hair to keep you from stealing another orgasm from her.
This time you let her reach, smiling all the while taking her there. She whimpered on the table, thighs trying to close and hips instinctively moving away, but you held her open, burying your head and licking her until she spilled into you, a muted scream as she arched her back.
"Baby, too much..." She tried, twitching at the overstimulation. You didn't stop until she was ready to give you another, whimpering and forcing your face against her until breathless moans were all she could formulate on her tongue.
When Wanda had another orgasm in your mouth, you grunted heavily against her, the tightness in your belly exploding and spreading a wave of frenzy throughout your body.
This had never happened before.
You lifted your eyes to her, licking up every last drop of her cum before making your way up and meeting her in a lazy kiss.
You kissed her until she was able to match properly, hands finding your shoulders and hair to dominate it, making you smile.
"How do you feel?" You asked as you broke away, lips so close you could feel them.
"After two orgasms? Pretty incredible." She jokes making you smile. Your fingers come up, teasing her nipples between your fingers and making her sigh.
"What do you say we take this back to my place?" You suggest with gentle caresses, your mouth moving to deposit short kisses across her jaw. "I'm kind of worried about losing my job..."
Wanda laughed affectedly, nodding in understanding. "Lead the way." 
You had just finished helping her tidy up her crumpled clothes and tousled hair when loud knocks came at the door.
"Y/N? I hope you know you are still at your workplace." You sigh with relief as you hear the voice of your colleague and not your supervisor. "I just came to warn you because Ms.Harkness asked to lock the empty rooms..."
You opened the door before the boy could complete it.
"You're a lifesaver, partner." You thank him, hand entwined with Wanda's - who is too embarrassed to meet the gaze of the other who clearly understands what was happening minutes ago - as you leave. 
"I imagine you are Wanda." Comments the boy. "Y/N hasn't shut up about you since the summer started."
Wanda smiles, but you grunt. "Dude."
He laughs, nodding down the hall. "Go on, I'll tell your friends you left. And our boss that I didn't see you too."
"Thanks, Simon."
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wandasnats · 2 days ago
i am just a freak
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you isolate yourself until you become increasingly more paranoid, you stumble into something you’re not meant to see
warnings: abuse, implied r*pe/noncon, ptsd and trauma so *TW*
pairings: wanda/nat x gn!reader (afab)
this scene from the movie still baffles me cause why would she do that
days pass and you barely leave your room. you know that they don’t want to see you, well at least not tony. wanda and natasha try to get you out of your room, but you really don’t want to see anyone. you spend all day in bed, barely eating, only sleeping. dreaming of the horrible things you’ve done and why you don’t deserve to be an avenger anymore.
it’s been four days of you just staying in wanda’s bed. you’ve wet the bed twice and had to remove the sheets, stuffing them under the mattress with your shorts. it’s late on the fourth night when you hear some movement out in the hallway, almost as if someone were throwing pebbles at the wall next to your door.
you immediately panic, irrationally thinking that patrick has found you and is coming to take you back to the farm. you start to shake, climbing out of the bed and peering into the hallway but you can’t hear anything anymore. stepping out into the hallway, you rush across the hall to natasha’s apartment.
she leaves the door unlocked in case you need her or wanda, but you haven’t needed them yet. well, its more like you refuse to bother them. but after hearing movement you want to be safe, and you know they will keep you safe.
you pad barefoot along the linoleum floor to natasha’s bedroom, hearing some panting coming from inside. peeking in, you can make out the faint outline of their bodies moving together. they were having sex, if wanda’s moans of pleasure weren’t a dead giveaway.
wordlessly, you slip into the bedroom, climbing onto the edge of the bed that was opposite the couple. you stare up at the ceiling while they continued to make love next to you, not noticing your presence. and to be honest, you weren’t really paying much attention to what they were doing either.
you finally figured out where some of the others went at night when you were invited along in the middle of the week. you, watts, and your friend zoe had ended up outside of a large home, far larger than any one human would need.
watts had briefed you on what you would do. first, you scope out the house, make sure you know where all the occupants are. next, you cause a distraction, throwing pebbles at the windows worked just fine. once you had successfully distracted the occupants, you’d slip in through any open windows or doors.
watts took to turning on the treadmill in the sunroom, knowing it would get the owner’s attention so you could successfully swipe some food and a few valuable objects and get out of there before being caught.
it was your first break in, and now you understood where they got their money from. the night filled all of you with adrenaline, and when you returned to the farm, the three of you joined the others in the men’s room.
you all stripped yourselves of your inhibitions, getting intimate together. you were with watts, shirt flying over your head, crotch grinding against his denim clad hard on.
it didn’t feel right but you weren’t necessarily sure what felt wrong anymore.
that wouldn’t be your final break in, just one of many. all of which would end the same way, a big orgy between all of you while patrick would watch from the stairs, not that any of you were really aware.
your last break in would end badly though, and it would be the reason you finally gathered the strength to run away.
“jesus christ! what the fuck? y/n?” you’re pulled out of your reverie by natasha’s angry voice. The light turns on and you sit up, taking in the two women covering themselves with the duvet. “what the fuck is wrong with you?”
you move back, your heart beating fast in your chest. this was like the pool all over again, but she looked genuinely angry now.
angry enough to hurt you? you really hoped not.
“y/n what are you doing in here? you can’t just climb into our bed when we’re having sex.” wanda explains, she looks angry too but her voice isn’t as mad as natatasha’s.
“i… I’m sorry i… I thought…” you stammer, moving back and shrinking into yourself, knees pulled up to your chest.
“what? you thought what? that laying here while we have sex is fucking okay?” natasha slips her shirt on quickly and you flinch. “what the fuck is wrong with you?”
“y/n sex is private, you can’t just come in here when we are busy okay? it’s not normal.” wanda explains, brushing her hair out of her face. you nod frantically. “i need you to understand that. do you?”
you nod again, confused and hurting and still so afraid. you can’t even meet wanda’s eyes.
“well?” the witch prods, looking at you expectantly.
“i can’t walk in when you’re having sex…”
“because its private and its not normal...” your voice cracks and you must look pitiful because wanda sighs, her anger fading away. she pulls you down to lay against her stomach.
“okay y/n, just lay down.” natasha finishes putting her clothes on, she still looks angry but she doesn’t say anything else to you. she just watches you, sitting down on your other side.
“detka, why did you come in here?” she asks after a long moment and you sniffle, glancing at her meekly.
“i thought… someone was in the hall and i got scared… but i came in here and the bed was big enough so i just…” you don’t know what else to say. wanda and natasha share a glance and the widow stands up.
“friday? has anyone been in the hallway tonight.” she asks the ai, going to grab her gun.
“other than you, miss maximoff, and mx. y/l/n, no one else has been on the floor.” the ai promptly responds and natasha puts her gun down.
you wince, you were sure that you had heard the sound of tapping. you were sure that they had found you. now you must look absolutely crazy to the two women.
and maybe you really were.
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cthulhus-curse · 12 days ago
Hi, you (obviously) dont need to write this if you dont want to. But, what about Villian wanda and Hero reader, where wanda and R are fighting and R ends up in like a compromising position and Wanda fucks her but is so cocky and degrading about it, "who wouldve thought one of earths 'mightiest hero's' is actually just a desperate slut who needs to be put in her place" 😵‍💫.
Heroes & Villains - Wanda x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Gif not mine, credit to creator
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1,773
Warnings: MoM Spoilers, Smut, Humiliation, Degradation, Magical Strap-Ons, Reader Has Chavez’s Powers, Semi-Canon Compliant, Choking, Dub-Con, Forced Orgasms, Magic Use, Slight Mommy Kink | Minors DNI
A/N: I love how this perfectly aligned with MoM, so now it’s just a mini rewrite of the movie
Summary: While fighting the Scarlet Witch at Mt. Wundagore, she takes the upper hand, causing you to pay dearly with all you have.
It wasn’t until the moment where you truly needed him that Strange, once again, let you down. You had opened a portal for Wong to get to safety while zombie-Strange fought Wanda alongside you, but once he realized she was far too strong to beat, he was gone.
The lifeless body ceased its fighting before Wanda flung it across the temple. It flew over the edge into the depths of the mountains. He no longer dream-walked, you noticed, as he willingly allowed himself to remain immobile and be attacked by Wanda. 
When facing the Scarlet Witch herself without any support, you felt your heart racing. She stared at you with dark, green eyes which were surrounded by a blanket of red. Not making things scared you in life after having grown up hopping from universe to universe, but seeing the woman don such macabre mannerisms was much more different – your fear was immeasurable in her presence. 
“What a coward that man is. He gets the girl, saves his friend, but leaves his little plaything behind,” Wanda chuckled as she strode towards you. The clicking of her heels boomed across the stone walls. All you could go was remain frozen in your place as her dark fingertips carefully glowed in red. “Well, I suppose you can be mine now. It’s been an awfully tiring past few days. Maybe some girl time can do us both well.”
“You’re insane,” you growled with the last bit of confidence you could muster. Opening up a portal would be far too risky – the last thing you wished for was to send the Scarlet Witch to another universe she could destroy. So instead, you stood your ground and fought back. “I’m nobody’s property. Now come here and let’s get this over with. I’d rather you kill me than listen to one of your stupid speeches.”
Wanda tilted her head and mumbled ‘hm, feisty’. She eyed you with amusement, not caring about the way you held your fists up offensively. Once she got too close, you made your move. One of your hands moved forth with unabashed strength. It would land on her face once again, you hoped, as a means to buy you enough time to send her off somewhere that would not result in any casualties.
But before the star at the end of your punch could materialize, you felt yourself grow powerless. 
The redhead was far too powerful in comparison to any being. She rolled her eyes and yawned as she used her magic to bring your movements to a halt. Chaos magic surrounded you, leading you to scream, cry, and beg, while the woman set you over the table at the center of the table. Wrists were bound with a scarlet hue tightly. Even if you attempted to kick yourself to freedom, she was far too strong for your own good. 
“Aww that’s adorable, darling. You didn’t think I’d really let you hit me again, now did you?” Wanda teased. She let out a cackle, her eyes roaming over your body that squirmed in place. The more you wished to get out, the more your bindings burned against your wrists. “My little wannabe-Avenger has some fire to her. As much as I like that, I need you to calm down for me. I can’t have fun with you if you refuse. Well, I actually can.”
“Let me go!” you wished to retort loudly, but all that came out was a defeated whisper. “Just take my power and finish it.”
“Oh I will do that too, but first let’s have some fun, shall we?”
The world appeared to shift as Wanda got on top of the pillar. In an animalistic way, she crawled to where your body was laying, her red hair sprawled down her face as she hovered over you. She reeked of blood and pure insanity, yet you found yourself drawn close. When leaning down, her lips brushed against your own as your body was suffocated by hers. A knee was brought up between your legs. At the immediate touch of it, your cunt throbbed with desperation – Wanda could only smile proudly at the success of her little experiment. 
“Who would’ve thought one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, a girl with such mind-blowing powers, is actually just a desperate slut who needs to be put in her place.” Wanda’s tone was filled with eroticism. Her words drooled over your ears as your breath hitched. “Now imagine what Steve would say if he saw you like this. Just look at how easily you let me get to your head without meaning to do so. It’s fucking pathetic.”
With the flick of the wrist, both of your clothes were gone. You were left to feast your eyes upon Wanda’s nude body which slid against your own. Tender nipples grazed your sensitive skin. Although the rocks underneath your back caused you great discomfort, you didn’t care. Feeling the older woman snake on top of you, hands gripping your waist as lips trailed between the valley of your breasts, was all you could focus on. 
Wanda allowed her mouth to tease you. Small nips were placed throughout your chest before she explored further up. For millennia, she was everywhere. Teeth dug into your skin as her hands spread your thighs apart. While black fingernails gripped you with might, her mouth left various kisses on your jaw before reaching her goal. 
“Little baby needs some discipline, doesn’t she? You need me to show you how to behave, darling. As adorable as it is, it’s also quite funny I must say,” Wanda mumbled against your lips. “Don’t worry, I promise it will hurt.”
As her mouth pressed against your own, the woman flicked her wrist once again. You were far too busy enjoying the way in which she danced against you, sweaty bodies interacting as a harness appeared between her legs. It carried a glowing red dildo at its center, one which was much larger than anything you had yet taken. 
Her tongue swirled across your lips, silently ordering them to part themselves. Although you attempted to fight for dominance, Wanda came out on top. Her dominant hand sneaked down to her dildo, which twitched as she slid her hand along it. The tip was slick with a makeshift essence she wished to fill you with. 
“Time to be mine forever,” Wanda announced before her eyes turned dark. The head of the toy pressed against your drenched entrance without warning. You were unable to writhe away as your mind turned blank. You shared red eyes with her, who came into your mind, pushing your legs apart given her magic. “I’ll turn you into a brainless little cockwhore for mommy.”
Wanda instantly pushed her hips forward. The dildo stretched your entrance which was all wet and throbbing for the taking. Velvety walls took in the lengthy cock, hugging it with an absolute might without daring to let go. It was embarrassing to show off such arousal. Juices dripped down from your pussy and onto the stone table. 
“Wanda, wait-” you cried while relentlessly being stretched. The woman bit down on your bottom lip harsh enough to draw blood. Even as you attempted to push her off, your brain made you do otherwise. Wanda had infiltrated your thoughts and prevented you from denying her advances. When she kept going inside you, all you did was wrap your legs around her body to keep her close. “Wanda!”
“You’re so fucking tight, you fucking bitch,” she growled. Her magic allowed her to feel every moist twitch on your pussy. The warmth that wrapped around her faux cock made her let out low grunts as they filled your ears blissfully. “So stupid. Did you really think you could win against me? I’ve been watching you for months, Y/N, across several universes. I know you better than you do yourself. After all, mommy knows best.”
She prevented you from speaking as you instead substituted words for loud moans. Your hips desperately moved against hers. A mix of pain and pleasure shot through your body, the toy only thrusting itself much deeper inside your hungry cunt. Sloshing sounds along with the stench of sex filled the air. 
Wanda whispered what were spells scribbled along the walls. Her voice was thick with her Sokovian accent as eyes dripped with need. She leaned back and admired her handiwork – her newfound plaything wriggling her body beneath her own, skin slick with sweat and requesting more with desperation. 
A hand found itself wrapped around your throat. Wanda smiled, something devilish and unhinged lying beneath. She had to hold back a moan, biting down on her lip, before squeezing. You grasped for air while being choked. The redhead’s nails only dug deep into your skin in retort. Your face turned red in a matter of seconds – your blood pressure rising as you sought to breathe properly. 
“Not so powerful now, are you?” Wanda teased. Her movements did not cease. She kept on driving her cock further, not stopping even as a small bulge formed on your lower abdomen. It was created by the pressure of the tip, twitching and all, which pressed against the depths of your pussy. “Time for the grand finale, my cumrag.”
You gasped when you felt warm spurts of white fill you up. Your cunt was coated with faux cum. With an arched back, your eyes widened. Her thrusts never ceased while Wanda fucked your pussy relentlessly with her cock still pulsating inside you. 
“Fuck…” you whimpered as you felt yourself coming down the edge. It was involuntarily, something which Wanda forced upon you with a smile. “Wanda that feels so- ah!”
You came undone as an orgasm ripped through your body. Wanda’s black fingers glowed with red as she forced the action. You weren’t ready yet, but regardless, she coerced you into it – the way in which the Scarlet Witch tilted her head, watching intently as you came, made you shudder with further need. 
“You’re fucking pathetic,” Wanda snarled. With her dildo still deep inside your pussy, she pulled herself back. Your body sagged over the altar, spent and used. A smack came down against your face, harsh enough so that your face would sting even days later. “Mommy’s little fucktoy, eh? I suppose I’ll bring you back home with me.”
With Wanda still deep in your subconscious when she grabbed you in her arms. There was no memory of life before her. She was your new owner, your mere reason for life. Your entire existence would forever be devoted to mommy whether you liked it or not.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @slut4wanda, @official-peter-parker, @chaoticevilbakugo, @natasha-danvers, @onetruwhore, @ilovehotactresses, @natsmcu, @royalityofmultifandom, @wandanatvoid, @marvelwomen-simp, @boo---bs, @mommyslittlebaby, @naslt, @alana-debnamcarey, @harkn3ss, @bigfinsquidd, @raspburrythief, @midnight-lestrange, @forever-a-diamond-bitch, @fxckmiup, @xxromanoffxx, @desperate-gay, @lovelyy-moonlight, @bookfrog242, @nothotsheadmilf, @urgfcallsmemommy, @froufrousnowman, @meshuganna, @i-am-anachronism, @scarletblink, @ripofflizzie, @androgynouscloudenemy, @thenazwife, @wizardofstories, @sayah13
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