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missmonsters2 · a day ago
Between the Lines - Masterlist
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader / Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader / WandaNat x Reader
Summary: Vampire AU. Life has changed drastically since the 1600s. Things are always on the move, and you’ve been very careful to not get on SHIELDs radar. Living on the down-low owning a café, you’re content to live out a quiet existence. That is until the Avengers enter your life.
[Set after the New York Invasion, in CAWS, and goes up to AoU. Canon divergent after.]
Series Warnings: This series will contain smut(**), poly-relationship, and dark themes. Therefore this is 18+ series. If you read further, you are agreeing you are 18+.
Please do not repost/translate anywhere. Reblogs/Comments are much welcomed ♥
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Tumblr media
PART XIV [January 3, 2022]
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wolferine · a day ago
Her Choice
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Part 4 of “Forbidden Fruit”
Summary: Set after “I Deserved That.” Wanda makes her choice and a sacrifice.
Warnings: Language, death
Word count: 1649
You stagger up the ramp of the Quinjet, the last person to board. Clint and Natasha are fighting at the control panel, trying to get the plane up and working. Pietro is seated behind them, his broken left leg splinted and awkwardly stuck out to the side. Carol and her Skrull friend Zelo, whom you had an unfortunately intimate encounter with the day prior, have already left the planet to finish a mission of their own.
Wanda stands by her brother, resting a hand on his shoulder. She turns and sees you, her face lighting up when she realizes you’re safe.
“Hey, are you okay?” she asks, reaching out to you as you walk past.
“I am now,” you say, wiping sweat out of your eyes. Your uniform is in ribbons and covered in dried blood (although not all of it is your own), a testament to the battles you’d just had to fight your way out of.
The mission had been a particularly rough one, despite everyone’s combined abilities. You all had to infiltrate a HYDRA base hidden underneath Lake Superior, and while you managed to stop their operations, it had come at a grave price: the dams above ground had been damaged during the fight and looked ready to burst from the water pressure. Naturally, the Quinjet was parked near the shoreline, which would soon be underwater once the dams broke.
And most conveniently, the Quinjet had been damaged in the previous day’s dogfight, significantly decreasing its reliability.
You shove your way next to Clint and Natasha. “What’s wrong with this hunk of metal now?”
“The thrusters aren’t working,” Natasha answers, jabbing at random buttons and switches.
“So fix it,” you say unhelpfully.
But she’s too preoccupied to bite back at you.
Through the cockpit windows, you see gigantic cracks fracturing apart the dams. Water shoots through in torrents that would sweep trucks off their wheels.
“The power’s down, too!” Clint yells, slapping his palm on the dashboard.
Wanda watches as everyone crowds around the control panel, arguing and yelling in panic. More water gushes from the fissures in the dam, causing the lake level to visibly begin to rise.
There was no way everyone would escape if she didn’t act. But if she did act, it would require her to make the ultimate sacrifice. She isn’t worried about herself, but her girlfriend—and to an extent, you. Her eyes rest on the back of Natasha’s head, wishing she could call out to her, but knows she can’t. She looks at you next, a pang in her heart for the love she would never be able to give you.
Blinking back tears, Wanda quietly slips away and heads down the ramp.
“We’re gonna need some kind of external power source,” Clint says.
“And where the hell are we going to get that?” Natasha snaps.
“Wanda,” Pietro pipes up suddenly. “Where’s Wanda?”
You and Natasha turn around together, surveying the empty surroundings of the Quinjet. 
“She’s outside!” Clint says, spotting her through the window as she ducks underneath the plane.
Natasha sprints towards the ramp, but it closes on its own before she can reach it.
“Lower the ramp! Lower the damn ramp, Clint!” she screams.
The engines boost on and the control panels light up. Clint slams his hand on the button to open the ramp, but nothing happens.
“It’s not working!” he shouts.
You spring into action, running for the emergency handle to lower the ramp. But even when you yank on it with all your strength, the ramp stays sealed shut. “What the hell is going on?” you yell.
“It’s Wanda!” Clint says, and you and Natasha race back up to the cockpit.
Wanda stands in the snow in front of the Quinjet, her hair haloing her face like fire. Her entire body is surrounded by the red wisps of magic, swirling like a storm. Her arm is raised, sending ropes of magic at the Quinjet and powering it on.
Just then, the dam crumbles, sending thousands of gallons of water flooding into the lake. A massive wave rolls towards the Quinjet. You see that it’s high enough to wipe the plane off its wheels and obliterate the entire aircraft—and everyone inside—to pieces. 
“Brace for impact!” Clint shouts.
You grab onto the headrest in front of you and Natasha does the same.
But Wanda turns her head towards the water, stopping it with the flick of her wrist. The water parts around the Quinjet like it’s hit an invisible barrier.
The Quinjet shifts, hovering off the ground through the sheer power of Wanda’s magic.
“We are not leaving without her!” Natasha screams. “Lower the fucking ramp, Clint!”
Clint seizes the steering wheel, wrestling with it to keep the Quinjet level. “I—I can’t! She’s controlling everything!”
“Wanda!” Natasha bangs on the glass of the windshield so hard you’re surprised it doesn’t shatter. “Wanda, what are you doing?”
“I’m doing what I have to,” Pietro says suddenly. You turn to look at him; his eyes are squeezed shut like he’s sleeping. “This is the only way.”
Natasha catches on faster than you. She rushes to his side and kneels. “Wanda,” she says, and you realize Wanda is speaking through her brother, “Wanda, listen to me. Do not do this.”
“I have to,” Wanda says.
“No, no, please don’t.” Natasha rocks back and forth, burying her face in her hands. “Wanda—”
“No!” you yell. 
Outside, Wanda uses the last of her energy to lift the Quinjet high over the water. When she sees that it’s safe, she drops her arms and relaxes, letting herself be crushed by the waves.
You feel it in your chest, like something in your heart had been cut. You fall backwards from the sheer physical pain of it, clutching at your chest and gasping. “She…She’s gone…” you whisper. “S-She’s gone—”
“Don’t!” Natasha whirls around and jumps on top of you, grabbing your collar and shaking you violently. You don’t try and stop her even as the back of your head slams into the floor over and over. “Don’t say that!”
“Natasha!” Clint warns, but he’s unable to interfere, being the only one behind the controls. 
Pietro snaps out of her trance, looking around wildly. But he feels it too, the connection with his sister severed.
You can’t help yourself. You’re in shock to the point that you can barely breathe. “She’s gone…”
“We…We have to go back for her,” Natasha blubbers. “We…We have to…” She collapses on top of you, sobbing and crying into your uniform. You never thought you’d find yourself comforting the partner of the lover who would never be yours. Tears burn your eyes until you can’t see and it feels like something is wrapped around your torso, squeezing every ounce of happiness out of you.
She’s gone.
A week later, Clint calls you and Natasha to his room. You arrive first, finding Clint writing in his journal at his desk.
“I feel like I’m in the principal’s office,” you say, entering his room and standing by his bed.
“I’m glad you think of me like that,” he responds, not looking up. 
“What is this about?” you ask.
“Patience. We need Nat here before I start.”
“All right, whatever.” You make yourself comfortable on his bed.
Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for Natasha to arrive. She looks terrible. Her eyes are bloodshot and swollen and it looks like she’s been wearing the same clothes for three days straight.
“What do you want?” Natasha barks at Clint, completely ignoring your presence.
“Good afternoon to you too,” Clint says, closing his journal and turning to face the both of you. 
“What do you want?” Natasha repeats.
“To talk about Wanda.”
Hearing her name stabs a knife in your chest and you visibly cringe. Natasha clenches her jaw and looks pointedly at the wall behind Clint, refusing to make eye contact with anyone.
“I already talked to Pietro—” Clint starts.
“Just…” Natasha huffs impatiently. “Just say whatever you need to, Barton.”
While she’s always been irritable with you, Clint is her best friend. You know it’s the grief talking, and you’re happy to give her as much space as she needs.
“Both of you need to know that there was nothing either of you could do for Wanda,” Clint says.
“That’s bullshit,” Natasha spits. 
“Wan—She...She didn’t have to do that,” you add, unable to bring yourself to say her name. “Why did she have to get off the damn Quinjet?” 
“Because it was her choice.”
Deep down, you knew he was right. Wanda was too selfless for her own good. That’s why she didn’t deserve you (or Natasha, even). But her selfless act had been at the cost of your heart, and you despised her for that. You hated the hold she had on you. You hated that she belonged to Natasha. You hated that you would never be able to call her yours.
You hated that she was dead.
Clint’s phone starts ringing on his desk. He glances at the caller ID and says, “Sorry, I have to take this.”
Natasha immediately takes this as her cue to leave and waltzes out the door. You jog after her.
“Hey!” you call, and to your relief, she stops.
“What?” she growls, not even turning to face you.
“She made a choice, like Barton said,” you say, coming up behind her. “And she chose you.” You fear you’ve ripped out your soul with the admittance, but there’s no way around it. Wanda chose her, not you, and took that fact to the grave with her.
Natasha looks at you. For once, there’s no anger, no jealousy, no annoyance in her eyes. Only pity, because she knows you’re right. And she feels bad for you, because she had what you so desperately wanted.
But in the end, neither of you get the woman you both love.
Tags: @royalityofmultifandom @dumpaccdontmindme @orangelife @cristin-rjd @youre-a-wanker-number-9 @maria-403 @harleyswanda @furys-eyepatch @username23345 @imfuckinggenius @chasethemoon @m-zne237 @imagine-reblog @hoeforwandanat @madamevirgo @wandasgoodgirl @dumpaccdontmindme @zombies1ayea @marrymemcgrath @sarahthegod @marie45019 @korekiyosredrose @3and30aresoultwins @thewidowsghost
AN: This is not the end of Wanda x Reader’s story. 😈 Stay tuned for the next part.
Click here to be added to my “Forbidden Fruit” taglist.
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avengerswriter4eva · 2 days ago
Convent Part 2 (multiple pairings)*
Tumblr media
Warnings: dub-con; power dynamics; MotherSuperior!Natasha; nun!Wanda; nun!Yelena; nun!Valkyrie; groping; spanking; oral (r giving and receiving); cursing; slapping; dark!avengerwomen; sexual harassment vibes; voyeurism; mommy kink; teasing; masturbation
Pairings: Natasha!Wanda; Yelena!r; (soft)Valkyrie!r; Wanda!r)
Wanda hesitated, her fist pausing just before making contact with the door, her eyes reading the nameplate with trepidation.
Mother Superior Romanoff
“I know you’re out there, Maximoff.” The hoarse voice caught her mid-thought. Wanda sighed, opening the door and meekly entering the room.
“Yes, Reverend Mother?” She asked, lowering her gaze to the ground. Her eyes snapped up abruptly as the older woman chuckled.
“How did Ms. y/n do? By the sounds of it, she had a good time.” The Reverend Mother laughed. Wanda, normally assertive and sarcastic, caught herself blushing by accident, but couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.
“She’s sweet. Somewhat pliable, given the right circumstances. You’ll like her, Natasha.” The redhead’s face broke into a genuine grin as she gestured the brunette further into her office.
“Poor me a drink, will you Wanda?” Wanda smiled and walked around Natasha’s desk, crouching slightly to fetch Natasha’s stash of Vodka. She shrieked only slightly at the sensation of the older woman walking up behind her, close enough that Wanda could feel her breath on her neck, rustling Wanda’s hair and making her shiver.
“Natasha,” she whispered slightly, glancing towards the slightly open office door.
“Let them see,” Wanda felt her knees go weak as Natasha whispered roughly in her ear, catching her earlobe between her teeth. “Is she as special as you are?” Wanda shivered at the compliment, subconsciously pushing herself back towards Natasha’s body, desperate for contact.
“I…” Wanda’s voice was cut off when Natasha’s hand came down firmly on her ass.
“As bratty?” Natasha’s hand firmly rubbed where she had slapped, soothing the burning sensation before gripping it tightly.
“No, ma’am.” Wanda’s voice was desperate with need, she could feel her temperature spiking. She yelped as Natasha’s hand came down on her other cheek harshly.
“That’s not my name, sugar.” Natasha’s other hand moved its way up Wanda’s back, pushing her against the desk.
“Sorry, Mommy,” Wanda gasped as Natasha ground into her, hissing at the sudden friction.
“Did she get you all riled up?” Natasha purred, holding Wanda’s hips steady, refusing to allow her to move. Wanda groaned in frustration as she clenched the edge of the desk in both hands.
“Yes, Mommy.” She groaned as Natasha lifted her habit, her fingernails scratching up Wanda’s legs. Wanda visibly slumped against the desk as Natasha moved away from her, the smirk on her face only growing at Wanda’s visible frustration.
“You want her to please you, don’t you?” She cooed, nearly chuckling as Wanda’s eyes flashed at Natasha’s teasing.
“Yes.” Wanda hissed. Natasha raised an eyebrow.
“Excuse me?” Her voice dripping in warning. Wanda was spared from answering immediately when a knock sounded on the door and Valkyrie walked in. Natasha lifted a finger in warning at the new woman, her attention still locked on Wanda. “We’re not done with this conversation, Sister Maximoff.” Wanda lowered her eyes to the desk.
“Yes, Reverend Mother,” Wanda responded softly. Only after confirming the younger woman’s surrender did Natasha turn her attention towards Valkyrie.
“Reverend Mother, you called for me?” Natasha smirked and nodded.
“You’re up with Ms. Y/l/n.” Natasha ordered. Valkyrie raised an eyebrow but knew better than to argue.
“Yelena’s going to be pissed,” Valkyrie chuckled, nodding in agreement. Natasha laughed.
“Val, y/n isn’t ready for Yelena yet. You know she likes them more…wild.” Valkyrie chuckled knowingly. “See how she responds to that mouth of yours – and find out what she can do,” She ordered, nodding – effectively dismissing Valkyrie from the room. The last thing Valkyrie heard had her chuckling under her breath, shaking her head and almost feeling sorry for Wanda. Almost.
“Ms. Maximoff, it appears that some of my lessons have been forgotten.”
You yelped slightly as the thick Russian accent sounded behind you at the same time you felt a firm hand grip your ass.
“Aren’t you running late, Ms. Y/l/n?” The blonde rounded on you once she let go of your ass as she appraised you. “I thought Wanda said you were feistier.” Your eyes flashed before you realized what was happening, and a slight smirk tugged at the corner of Yelena’s lips. “Something to say?” She teased.
“I…” You gasped as you felt a hand around your wrist, immediately pivoting your focus to the figure who had appeared beside you.
“I promise you’ll thank me later,” Valkyrie chuckled at the blonde, who flipped her off but grinned at the same time.
“In that case, don’t take it easy on her,” she retorted. Her eyes flashed in amusement and slight possessiveness, and she waved teasingly as Valkyrie dragged you away until you found yourself in a darkened, empty office. She instantly had you pressed against the door, trapped between the wood and her body.
“Did Wanda hurt you, baby?” She cooed; her breath soft on your neck as your body clenched beneath her. You frowned at the unfamiliar name of Sister Maximoff at first, but the name suited her. For a moment you felt her fingers inside of you again, and your eyes glazed over.
“No, ma’am.” You whimpered, but almost immediately frowned as the woman in front of you laughed.
“Baby, none of that with me,” she murmured, kissing your neck softly, her hands resting firmly but gently on your hips.
“What are you…” you started as her hands began moving up your legs, hovering right at the hem of your skirt which was, admittedly, far shorter than it should have been. She pulled away from you, a frown appearing on her otherwise flawless face.
“Are you going to tell me no, Angel?” You frowned in confusion. Were you? You sighed as she moved her thigh between your legs, and you leaned your forehead against hers.
“No ma’am,” you breathed, and it was the last breath you took before her velvet-soft lips were on yours, her tongue pushing easily past your lips, gliding over yours.
“Call me Val, Angel,” she broke away from you breathless and your eyes widened as she moved you backwards towards the couch. They widened further as the beautiful woman knelt in front of you, moving your skirt up your legs.
“Shit,” you murmured as Val nipped at your thighs, which parted automatically. She inhaled sharply at your scent, glancing up at you, her eyes twinkling.
“The mouth on you, honey,” she murmured. One of her hands snuck easily up your body and you didn’t hesitate before allowing her fingers into your mouth, sucking immediately. “That’s it, see if that will keep you quiet,” she murmured, sliding your panties easily over your hips with absolutely no resistance. You moaned around her fingers as her tongue slide over you easily before wrapping her lips around you, sucking softly.
Your fingers dug into her dark hair, trying to find a rhythm with your hips that would match her movements. Her tongue dipped inside of you briefly before swirling around your sensitive bud, watching you intently. You were already close. She moaned into you as you dug your fingers tighter into her hair, trying to pull her even closer.
“I…” you tried to warn her, but had no chance as she merely nodded her head slightly as your relased over her open and waiting mouth. She smiled, wiping a hand across her face as she sat down on the couch beside you.
“Did you like that, Angel?” Her voice was soft. Sweet. Almost tender. It was a shocking contradiction to the fierceness that she typically displayed. You nodded, still trying to catch your breath. She cupped your face gently in her hand, brushing her thumb across your face.
“That was…” she smiled, her thumb brushing across my lips.
“Shhhh…I know, sweetheart.” She kissed you softly, and you moaned at the taste of yourself on her tongue. Her hand ended up holding your chin in the exact same way Wanda had, only far gentler. Her next question caught you by surprise. “Did you learn anything?” You frowned, trying to work out what she meant. Noting your confusion, she leaned forward, kissing gently across your neck before whispering in your ear. “Wanda said she promised you that you could touch her, next time.” Your eyes immediately glazed over at the suggestion and Valkyrie chuckled at your reaction. “Do you remember where her room is?”
What felt like only seconds later, you were knocking on Wanda’s door, surprised by her breathy sound as she ordered you inside. You had closed the door before you realized what you were looking at. Wanda was naked on the bed in front of you, her fingers tracing slow, lazy, circles around her clit as her eyes watched you for your reaction. It was immediate, you were practically drooling. Wanda chuckled as she removed her hand, gesturing you forward. You obeyed without hesitation. Wanda patted the bed beside her and you moved forward, sitting gently beside her. You gasped when she traced her wet fingers over your lips, immediately granting them access.
“You want more?” She murmured; her smile wide at your reaction to her taste. You nodded, and Wanda’s hand wrapped around the back of your neck as your braced yourself, hands on either side of her head, as her lips found yours. “Are you going to be a good girl?” She pulled back, her eyes appraising you skeptically. You were lost for her, there was nothing you could do.
“Yes ma’am,” you whisper. Wanda’s lips curl upwards.
“Do you want to make me feel good?” She asked, watching you closely. You nodded. “Good.” She applied slight pressure on the back of your neck, pulling you into her with no hesitation. You almost lost control at the taste of her, fists clenching as you tried to focus on the lewd sounds she was making.
“Fuck, you learn fast, y/n,” she moaned, her hips moving in sync with my mouth as we naturally fell into a rhythm like we had been made for this moment, and this moment alone. “Do you want to make me cup?” She clenched her thighs around your head when you nodded in response to her question, not willing for your mouth to leave her. Her hands clasped your hair as she thrust herself against you.
“Do you think you can cum with me, детка?” You didn’t need to know what the word meant to feel the instant rush of liquid down your thighs. “Come on, baby, please.” Wanda craned her neck to look down at you as your hand found its way between your legs, moaning directly into her and making her legs shake.
“Shit!” She moaned, clenching her jaw, and you felt your release coursing through you at the same moment. She pulled you up the length of her body and you were surprised at the way she curled into you, given her dominance yesterday. “You did so good,” she murmured, he lips brushing over your cheeks as your chests rose and fell in unison. “Can you give me another one, y/n?” You didn’t have time to answer before her hand was between your legs, dipping inside you easily.
“Fuck,” you groaned, Wanda chuckling into your neck. “Now that I know how good that mouth is, you can curse as much as you want, babygirl.”
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My little Whore 18+
An: Off topic but I wrote this listening to classical music don’t question it.
Wandanat x reader
Summary: Wanda and Natasha get Jealous because some guy won’t keep his hands off you. You are theirs no one else’s and you seem to have forgotten it. Sweet ending.
Warnings: Smut, switch reader, switch Wanda, and Dom Natasha. Strap ons, fingering, Degradation with a kinda bratty reader. Wanda has a praise kink because we all know bottom Wanda would. Bondage
Pronouns of reader- She/They
Darling- dorogoy
Tumblr media
Tony Starks famous party’s. All Avengers have to go this one specifically A little accident Thor caused.  it’s a fundraiser and a publicity stunt to make him look better. Everyone here is just rich and powerful it’s so boring. I came here will Wanda and Nat but I can’t find them. So I start to head to the bar.
I see the bartender and said “Hey, can I have the strongest drink you have, please.” “Coming right up ma’am” he replied. He hands me a whiskey and I down it as if nothing. After a drink or two more it is later into the night so I head down on to the dance floor.
The song I’m dancing to has a nice beat and I dance. Then I feel some start to grind against me. “I can’t wait to tell my friends I danced with an avenger. Much less one of the hottest Y/n Y/l. God... you would be such a nice fuck.” He lead over and whisper in my ear. With his are on my waist and face face going to my neck. I am about to push him off of me but before I could he was ripped off of me.
Then someone else was up against me. The smell of perfume with vanilla and strawberries hit my nose. I took a deep breath in it’s Wanda. And then Natasha starts to dance in front of me her arms around my neck. “Did you enjoy his attention you little whore? The way he touched what was ours, it seem like you loved the way he touched you” Natasha said. “I think they did they are such a slut.” Wanda whispered so gently in my ear. They Natasha tilted her hips just right and then I felt it. Oh god she was packing and it hit just right. I let out a groan into Natasha ear on purpose. She eyes meet mine “Just wait you will be punished for acting like a whore in public.” Natasha says. “ why not take her right here? It seems they love whoring their self off. She would just love us to fuck her on the floor.” Wanda says. Dragging her teeth along my pulse point. “Maybe I want you take you to take me right now.” I say. Natasha grabs my wrist dragging me out and Wanda follow right after.
After we get to our bedroom I’m pushed against Wanda by Natasha. “dorogoy it is rude to be a brat” Wanda says. “Don’t call them that, she is a little slut.” Natasha responses. Nat then kiss me it is sloppy for a second. She drags her tongue along my lips asking for access I reject. While Wanda kisses my neck leaving marks that will last but nobody cares now. Nat bites my bottom lip gently and slide her hand in my shirt. Touching my boobs making me moan allowing her access to my mouth. Her tongue exploring my mouth as if it was the first time. Wanda starts to undress. Nat pulls away from me and I let out a whine. “Don’t be more of a brat that you have been. You have been whoring yourself out tonight and I should edge you all night. But Wands unlike you has been a good girl.” She pulls away entirely and starts to go to the other room. “ Don’t do anything while I’m gone, or you will be in more trouble.” Nat says. “Of course Natty!” Wanda says, “I wouldn’t dream of it Nat” I reply.
 Undressed Wanda is sitting on the bed legs while open. I look right at her and god she is dripping. I let out a small groan. “Who made you this wet?” I whispered walking to her. I drop to my knees right in front of her. “Don’t Nat would punish you worse.” Wanda whispered. “awww, you don’t want to be my little slut. I thought you would like to use my face to fuck yourself.” I say. She lets out a small groan while I run my hand up her thigh. “Fuck, stop teasing me before I sit on my face.” Wanda says impatiently. I start to eat her out as soon as she says that. Kitten licking her clit. She grabs my head and yanks my hair hard. “What did I say you little fucking whore? I said don’t tease slut. I will edge you till you are fucking crying and on the edge of passing out.” Wanda says. She pushes my head back and lets out a moan as I start. Then Nat grabs both Wanda’s hair and my hair. “You fucking sluts can’t control yourselves. I was going to reward you Wands but I guess you don’t deserve it.” Nat says.
She takes the restraints she went to get and ties my wrist together. “Wanda, don’t you want to be my good little girl again? Be as loud as you want I’m willing to forgive you. For y/n’s punishment they have to watch.” Natasha says. Then she kisses her with passion. Then pushes her onto and slowly her hands go over here Breast. The tip of the strap bumps her clit and she lets out a groan. “Nat please!” Wanda whimpers “please, what” Nat says. “Fuck, please please fuck me!” Wanda says between moans. Done teasing she thrust into Wanda.
She was a moaning mess and she came quickly. With Natasha thrusting in and out while rubbing her clit. Nat Sucking dark spots on her neck and scratching down Nat’s back. She boobs bouncing with every thrust. She came to her high with a moan of Natasha’s name. Then Nat slowly pulls out and she whimpers. “Good girl Wanda.” Natasha praises.
“Well, since you have took your punishment well y/n. I guess we will fuck you.” Natasha says. She comes over and starts to untie me. “Wanda, go get your strap or did I fuck you to hard? And you once you are untied I want you to undress.” Nat says. “Ok” me and Wanda say at almost the exact same time. “Aww such good girls.” Nat says with pride. Once I was untied I stand up slowly and start teasingly taking off my clothes. Wanda comes back to see this and stares. I slowly take off my bra and then tease my underwear down my legs. “Shut a fucking tease.” Wanda whispers.
Natasha had took off her strap and sat on the bed.” Come here you both.” Nat commands. She pushes me down on the bed her on top of me. Then Wanda standing between my legs tip of the strap teases my entrance. Nat then starts to mount my face. “I’m going to ride this pretty face, are you ok with that?” She asks with a certain sweetness. “Yes!” My voice coming out uncontrollably. She is on my face while Wanda slowly pushes the strap in. “God, you are fucking dripping aren’t you you slut.” Wanda groans. I put hands around Natasha’s hips pulling her down farther.
I suck gently on her clit then start to tease my tongue at her entrance. Wanda is pounding me and rubbing my clit while I moan. My moans entering Natasha making her moan too. Nat hands stuck in my hair as she pulls it and rides my face. Wanda and her dead grip on my hips as she fucks the life out of me. All of this building up to the flood that will be my orgasm. The rubbing of my clit and then Nat finally saying “cum for me.”. Sends me off the edge and Natasha with me. Then I continue even after her orgasm to like and tease. Till she finally pulls away and collapses.
After Wanda took off the strap she comes to lay next to us. “I love you both so much” Wanda whispered so softly I could have missed it. “I love you too Wanda and I love you so much Nat.” I say. “Yah, You know I love you guys too.” Nat says. pulling the covers over us all. This moment in time is where I would forever go back to. The sex was amazing but the moments before and after just as memorable. The thought that these two will be part of my life forever. Helps me sleep at night and knowing they feel the same. The safest I have ever felt laying In their arms.
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hocuspocusbabyy · a day ago
Red wiggly woos’ 🪄 - WandaNat: Rated (T).
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda Maximoff is a single mother and lecturer at Avenger’s University; Natasha is the new psychology hire who also frequently performs a popular bar called the ‘Asgard’. What happens when Tommy Maximoff brings them together?
Originally posted to Ao3:
Warnings: Check individual chapters.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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chaashni · a month ago
Just Roommates
Tumblr media
They are your roommates, and a happy couple and you, their personal toy.
Word Count: 661
Warnings: Smut. wlw. Allusions to threesomes. Not Polyamory. Touching. Groping. Grabbing. Put me in this situation already.
Kinktober: Day 13. Prompts: Free Use + Threesomes + WandaNat
"Babydoll, have you seen my charger?" Your roommate Wanda asked from your left, tapping your butt lightly as you shook your head in a no, biting your lip at the sudden intrusion. Natasha rolled her eyes at the two of you, flinging Wanda her charger before making her way towards you.
"Any plans for today, babydoll?"
"Not really. Netflix and chill I guess." You sipped your juice, eying your roommate and appreciating how her jeans fit on her hips, her boobs perfectly accentuated by her tank top.
"I'm taking my share for that." Wanda piped in, stuffing one of your fries into her mouth and slapping your butt again, a light giggle escaping your lips. 
"Sure, ma'am."
Turning to Natasha, you found the redhead immersed in her phone, typing away. "Any plans today Nat?"
"None too important. I'll be joining you girlies then," she leaned forward, capturing your lips in hers. It was short yet heated, a sudden surge of electricity flowing from her lips to yours. A moan escaped your lips, vibrating right over her mouth when Wanda's hands snaked around your boobs from behind you, squeezing your nipples, her lips breezing past the shell of your ear.
"Get ready. It's gonna be a lazy day." Natasha patted your boob, stealing another quick kiss which left you a little moony-eyed, returning to her phone. Wanda pinched your nipple one last time before she and Natasha were sharing a heated kiss, lips connected to each other as they stumbled into her room, the door snapping shut followed by the piece of wood rattling against the hinges, obscene moans reaching your ears.
That's how these girls were. They were your roommates, each other's partners and they went to uni with you. You found them funny, you found them interesting. Wanda with her long, dreamy, imaginative stories which made you smile and want to kiss her, and Natasha with her dry humor and one eyebrow lift, which again made you want to kiss her.
They were faster.
In the quick span of one glorified twenty four hours, Wanda had made out with you and Natasha had littered hickies all over your front, which you had to work very hard to hide. In the next twenty four hours both of them had taken turns to go down on you, fully savouring you, exploring you. You would find yourself sandwiched between the two girls at night, naked and huddling to them for warmth.
Natasha and Wanda were girlfriends. They were in a relationship, what kind of you couldn't say, but they were in love with each other. You, you were there to spice up the equation, there for them to take out their frustrations and darkest desires on, a toy for them to fuck. 
They played with you anytime they wanted. You would be cooking and Natasha would pull down your pants, fingering you till you came. You would be stuck in a zoom call when Wanda would crawl under your chair and tease your swollen nub, already sore from the time Natasha had fucked you with her strap after you had just woken.
You loved sharing your space with them. Wanda and Natasha loved sharing you.
As you turned on the showerhead, you felt another presence behind you, a set of soft hands snaking around your waist. You let yourself be pushed to the wall, let Wanda spread your legs open and pound into you with her strap till you were a whimpering, crying mess, sprays of water from the shower sliding into your mouth as you wailed with each thrust of her hips, her skin marking yours. With a grunt you came, falling limp in her arms. She pattered light kisses onto you, holding you to herself as you shivered, slowly cleaning you up. When your heart rate was back to normal, she tugged at the base of your hear, lifting your face from where it was nestled against her breasts.
"We're waiting.Stay naked."
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theleoarchives · 6 months ago
y/n, setting down a card: ace of spades.
yelena, nodding and pulling out an uno card: +4
natasha, throwing down a pokémon card: jolteon, i choose you!
wanda, trembling, on the verge of tears: what the fuck are we playing?
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twilight-99-tm · 2 months ago
make them wisely - twilight-99-tm’s 2.5k celebration
Summary: Natasha never stays the night, what will happen when someone else shows interest - college au
Warnings: smut 18+ only you are responsible for your media consumption, drinking, smoking, it gets a little angsty in the middle
A/N: THIS IS A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE FIC endgame will depend on your choices. Thank you guys so much for 2.5k, it’s so crazy how fast i got here and I never in a million years thought I would get such a following. ily besties. so much. (this also was originally a 2k fic but it took too long to write)
Please only reblog this first post so the next parts won’t be spoiled. You guys have no idea how long I’ve been planning this and thank you so much to @wickedmuses​ who has been encouraging me this entire time. ily bestie <3
I was inspired to do this by @caws5749​‘s 1k celebration where she also did a choose your own adventure type story (hers was very cool and is linked here)
No one has permission to repost my work anywhere, if you see it please let me know.
main masterlist | college au masterlist
header made by @wickedmuses
Tumblr media
Natasha has always been straight forward, especially with you. You knew that from the second she strolled into your apartment. Her confidence radiated off her and you were instantly drawn to her.
You threw the last of your clean laundry into your closet just as there was a knock on your door. Glancing over your perfectly and freshly cleaned apartment, you took a deep breath before reaching for the door handle and pulling the door open. 
The air was almost knocked out of your lungs at the girl standing on the other side of the door. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at you, her lips made a popping sound as she pulled the red lollipop from her mouth and reached out her hand, smiling widely.
“Hi, I’m Natasha,” Her voice was sweet and welcoming and the giggle that followed when you didn’t move made your head spin.
“Um, h-hi,” You shook her hand, moving out of the way so she could come into your apartment. “I’m Y/N.”
She walked in, looking around the small kitchen and connected living room. She needed to pretend like she was still making up her mind; she loved the pictures on the ad you put out and after taking one look at you she knew she had to have it. She had to have you.
“Why did the last person move out?” She asked walking through the hallway to the vacant bedroom. “Was it something wrong with the place?”
“Not exactly,” You chuckled, scratching the back of your neck and following her down the hallway and leaning against the doorframe. She looked at you questioningly, tilting her head to the side as she sucked on her lollipop, your eyes dropping down to her lips momentarily before looking back up to her eyes. “She was my kinda girlfriend, but we broke up.”
Perfect, Natasha thought. “Bad break up?”
“For her,” You shrugged. You and Val started sleeping together very soon after you moved in, which went on for almost two years. Until she wanted to commit and you didn’t. She couldn’t take it, you were completely fine with the arrangement you had. Natasha raised her eyebrow at your response, before popping her lollipop out of her mouth once again and turning her body to look at the room. “She wanted to commit, I didn’t.”
“That explains the ‘kinda’,” She moved into the bathroom, looking over the sink then the shower. You moved back into the living room, waiting for her to finish looking over the place. She emerged from the hallway not two minutes after, waving the lollipop stick in the air, now empty. You pointed at the trashcan in the corner and she walked over to it so naturally, you’d think she already signed the lease. “When’s the earliest move-in date?”
“Um, next week?” You said.
“Perfect,” She said with a smile. “How do I apply?”
“You don’t have to,” It slipped out before you could hold yourself back. But if a goddess walked into your apartment asking to move in, you’d probably give her the keys on the spot. “If you want, we can go over the lease and you can pay the deposit tomorrow.”
Natasha smirked and made her way over to you, her hand gripping your chin as she looked into your eyes. 
“You’re cute,” She said, before shaking your head briefly and letting go of your chin. She turned her body and found a sticky note and a pen on the counter, quickly scribbling down her number. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Things were so different back then. You couldn’t see yourself wanting to commit to anyone. And then you got tangled in Natasha’s web and everything felt different. You wanted more. More of her laugh, more of her lingering looks, more of her touch, more of her. It never felt like it could be enough. 
But you knew she didn’t want more, she was completely fine with what she had. You were wrapped around her finger, always ready for her whenever she needed, in turn she tried to deny it, but knew she would be whatever you wanted her to be, whenever you wanted her.
And you hated it. You hated how much you wanted her, which is why you increasingly looked for distractions whenever Natasha wouldn’t find herself in your bed, ready for you. Your phone buzzed with your most recent and most exciting distraction: Wanda.
homework sucks :/ come help me out?
something tells me if I do your homework isn’t gonna get done
i wasn’t talking about helping me with homework ;)
[i’ll be there in a second]
[busy tonight. are you going to delta psi on friday?]
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wandanatsbaby · a month ago
Would God Approve
Pairing: WandaNat x reader Warnings: Orgasm denial, strap-on, father hearing, Church sex, religions @allieson brought this up in a convo so I've written it. 18+ Minors stay away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your moans echoed off the church walls as Wanda pounded into you. Natasha was behind you as she stroked your hair and rubbed your clit.
Your father, the pastor, had left on a business trip leaving you to take care of the church alone.
The second he had left Wanda and Natasha were all over you.
“Fuck Honey. Doing so good for us.” You moaned louder as Nat used her other hand to pink and roll your nipples.
“Wanna cum. Please can I cum?” You begged the pair. Wanda simply laughed at you as Nat hummed in your ear.
“Soon Babygirl. Just a little longer.” Natasha speeds up her movements on your clit making you cry and buck your hips. They had been denying you of your orgasm for a while now and you really wanted to cum.
Wanda was ready to let you cum but knew that Natasha wanted to wait.
“What would your dad say about this, huh? If he walked in here right now to see his little girl getting fucked by two women.” You whined at Wanda’s words and tried thrusting up into her.
“You gonna cum?” You nodded your head and turned to look at Nat.
“Please can I cum Natty? Wanna cum for you and Wands.” Natasha looked to Wanda before smiling.
“Go on Bunny. Cum for us.” With a loud cry of both their names you came.
Outside the church, your father was standing in disgust. And in the sky, God smiled.
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wandanats-wife-quotes · 2 days ago
Avengers at the beach*
Wanda: I don’t want our stuff stolen
*covers it with a towel
Y/n sarcastically: now it’s safe
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marvelfilth · 5 days ago
Perks of the job (18+)
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x f!reader, Wanda Maximoff x f!reader, Carol Danvers x f!reader, Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff, Carol Danvers x Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x f!reader x Carol Danvers.
Word count: 3.8k
Genre: smut (50% plot, 50% porn)
Warnings: porn actress!Natasha, porn actress!Wanda, threesome,foursome (?), vaginal fingering, oral sex, pet names, everyone is horny for reader
Note: i have no idea how production works so just roll with it
Tumblr media
"You got fired?!" Yelena's voice echoed through the almost empty cafe, gaining attention of the barista. You sent him a sheepish smile and turned to smack the back of Yelena's head.
"I quit." You scoffed, sneaking another packet of sugar into the pocket of your jacket.
"What's the difference? You're jobless either way." She pointed out, snatching the last packet from your fingers. She liked her coffee extra sweet.
"I chose to leave. That's the difference." You are fresh out of college, hopping from one job to another, never sticking for more than a few months. And it wasn't your fault. Your last boss was a fifty something man who thought he could get away with his inappropriate remarks. He certainly didn't get away from your lukewarm coffee being thrown into his annoying ass face.
Well, maybe you were fired.
"You know my sister works in film industry, right?" Yelena asked. Although you've never met her, you do know about her sister, she is an actress. You never saw her movies though.
Yelena waited for your nod before continuing. "She's shooting something right now and their production assistant bailed. They really need someone reliable." She fiddled with her coffee, not quite meeting your eyes.
You don't have any experience working in film and you really don't want to disappoint Yelena's sister. The blonde always spoke highly about her and you knew she was her role model. Even though they were stepsisters, you knew they were incredibly close.
So yeah, disappointing Natasha was not an option. But you really needed a job, your savings won't last for long. So...
You looked up when Yelena pinched your cheek and a thought hit you. "You hate your job, why don't you try it out?" You pondered, eyeing her suspiciously.
She withdrew her hand, leaning back against her chair, eyes darting around the cafe. She took a sip of her coffee before she replied.
"Well... Remember how you always wanted to see one of her movies and I never let you?" She sounded hesitant.
"Yeah that's because I'd rather pluck out my eyeballs with a dull wooden spoon than watch them." Your eyebrows shot up to your hairline, not understanding her point. You know she loves her sister, so you don't get why she's not supporting her.
"It's porn, okay?" She yelped and the guy behind the register hurried in the backroom.
"She's a porn actress?!" You screeched, smacking the table with your palm. The old couple two tables away sent you a dirty look. You waved them off, focusing on your best friend. "That's a no. I appreciate the offer, but I don't think I'll be able to work there."
"I'm glad you accepted the job."
After three days of contemplation, you decided to give it a try. Money was great and working hours were perfect. So you let Yelena (who kept dutifully quiet, but had a smug grin on her lips) drop you off at the studio.
"You won't believe how hard it is to find the right person in this line of work." The blonde in front of you smiled warmly, handing you some documents to sign.
"I'm happy to work for you, Ms. Danvers. I won't let you down." You shook her hand and she led you out of her office, beckoning someone closer.
"You must be, Y/n! I'm Darcy and I'll tell you everything you need to know." The short woman tugged you into the array of the corridors, not waiting for your response. You hurried to catch up with her, Carol's laughter ringing in your ears.
"I'm the tech, so if you have any questions about our gear you know who to ask. This guy right here is Thor." She gestured to the bulky man behind the camera. He waved excitedly in greeting, his face lighting up with a smile. You instantly relaxed, he had some soothing aura around him.
"He's our cameraman, super nice and friendly, will beat up anyone who tries to hurt you. That one with the sandwich is Jane, my girlfriend. She's responsible for the sound." The girlfriend in question sent you a small smile before hurrying to the coffee machine. "Our boss, aka Captain, is always in her office when there's nothing to do. Bossy, but nice. I think she likes you already." She sent you a wink, squeezing your elbow. You followed her down the hall feeling extremely out of place, but welcomed at the same time.
"Let the girl breathe, Darcy." A husky voice caused both of you to turn around.
You were greeted with a sight of Natasha Romanoff standing right in front of you in a simple white bathrobe. You could bet your left pinky that there was nothing underneath that piece of clothing.
"I'm Natasha. It's nice to finally meet you, Y/n." She smiled.
The family album Yelena showed you didn't do the redhead any justice. While she looked stunning in the pictures, up close she looked like a goddess. Her red hair cascaded down her shoulders and her forest green eyes bore right into your soul.
"Likewise." You managed a smile in return, your cheeks reddening in response to her intense gaze.
"Is she our new girl?" Another voice came from your right and you turned to it's source, felling yourself redden even more. "I'm Wanda."
Another redhead with stunning green eyes. Cool. You're totally breathing just fine. And your palms are not sweaty.
"Your new girl?" Your voice sounded too hoarse and you had to clear your throat under Natasha's too knowing gaze.
"Carol wanted us to do a threesome for a long time. Said she'll find us the greatest match. I think she outdid herself. Don't you agree, Nat?" Her gaze racked all over you body, lingering on your chest and lips.
"Okay, enough." Darcy noticed your flustered state and took pity on you, pulling you flush against her side. "I don't want Y/n to have a heart attack on her first day. She's Carol's assistant, so calm your tits!" You chuckled awkwardly, but the two women in front of you did not stop their staring. After a second, Wanda looked away in disappointment, pouting slightly.
Natasha looked determined. She sent you a nod and pulled Wanda towards the changing rooms, whispering something in her ear.
"Sorry about that. Now let's continue our tour."
You spent the rest of that day trailing behind Darcy and running some errands for Carol, successfully avoiding the redhead duo. It's not because you didn't like them, it's because you liked them a little too much.
Carol didn't make things easier for you. With a constant smirk and countless winks sent your way, she seemed to warm up to you even more.
Three days passed in a blur. You were lucky they just finished shooting a lengthy video, when you first came for work. It let you adjust to the environment and get to know everyone before seeing them naked.
There were other actresses, of course. So far you've met Valkyrie (who flirted with Carol the second she caught a sight of her), Agatha (she didn't even spare you a glance, stormed right in front of you towards changing rooms) and Maria (she was actually really nice and asked you on a friendly date).
Today there was a shot scheduled for the afternoon and no matter how hard you prayed for it to get delayed, Wanda and Natasha still came out of the dressing room clad in fluffy white bathrobes.
"Can't wait to see your reaction. Do you have a history of passing out under pressure?" Darcy appeared by your side with a cup of warm tea, patting your back when she saw you swallow nervously.
"Darcy, don't you have a job to do?" Carol called out from her seat, saving you from the awkward conversation. You sent her a tight lipped smile in thanks. She shrugged you off, sending you one of her warm smiles, before turning to glare at Darcy. "Put that phone back in your pocket, Lewis or else," she warned.
"Well, I just wanted the whole groupchat to see her reaction. You're no fun, Cap," Darcy grumbled, but hid her phone anyway.
You attention returned to the two women discussing the scene. They were too engrossed in the conversation to notice your staring, but Carol did. She hummed to herself, gears turning in her head.
"Everything's ready, boss." Thor stayed behind his camera, sending thumbs up to Carol.
"Start rolling. Natasha, whenever you're ready," smiling at the pair, the blonde woman relaxed in her seat. She always had that calming aura around her, a sense of steadiness and confidence radiating off her in waves. She tilted her head when she felt your eyes on her, ready to turn to you, but you glanced away just in time, focusing on Wanda.
That was the wrong move.
In the time it took you to take your eyes off Carol, Wanda and Natasha shedded the robes, positioning themselves on the spacious bed. The younger woman laid on the duvet, waiting for Natasha to put on a strap, which she did with unsurprising ease.
You felt your chest burn all the way up to your cheeks, your heartbeat so prominent you felt you shirt shake. Suddenly, you felt a hand grasp your shoulder, making you jump up in your seat.
"First time is always awkward. Just think about something disgusting," Jane advised with a gentle look in her eyes. "I almost quit on my first day, but Darcy convinced me to stay," she glanced up for a second, her eyes widening. "You know I think I need your help in the back room." She ushered you up, shielding the view in front of you.
You realised what she was doing the second you saw the look in her eyes and no matter how much you wanted to save yourself from embarrassment, you wanted to see what was happening even more.
"Thank you, really, but I think it's better to face it all now." You tried your best to sound calm, but Wanda's throaty moan threw your hard work out of the window. You gulped, cursing Jane for blocking the view.
"If you're sure." She cast you one last look before disappearing somewhere on set.
You didn't pay her any mind, your mind blanking out as soon as you saw what was happening.
Wanda was on her fourth, arching her back to meet Natasha's harsh thrusts. Her strap slid easily inside Wanda's waiting pussy, pulling out a hiss from the younger woman. She looked right into your eyes then, fisting Wanda's hair and tugging harshly, so she was fully presented in front of you, soft breasts moving from Natasha's animalistic thrusts.
Tears trailed down Wanda's face as she whispered something under her breath. "Please", you heard her faint voice. Looking up you saw her already staring at you. She bit down her lip, her eyes rolling from pleasure. You could see her struggling to keep them open. The woman behind her slid her hand across Wanda's stomach, hoisting her up so you could have the perfect view of her gushing wet pussy.
You subtly crossed your legs, glancing around to see if anyone noticed the state you were in. Thankfully, no one seemed to pay you any mind, everyone was too engrossed in the scene.
Shutting your eyes, you took a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself to continue observing the couple. You almost wished Carol would tell you to go and make her coffee (although she never did that, claiming she was perfectly capable of making it herself, and even going as far as always making sure to bring you one too).
You finally opened your eyes to see Wanda staring at you pleadingly, her eyes brightening up when she saw you biting your lips. Her body was shaking from pleasure. The only thing stopping her from falling back on her fourth was Natasha's vice grip. The older was was not far behind, her juices sliding down her own thighs. She was grunting from pleasure and had the audacity to wink at you when your eyes finally landed on her face.
"Enjoying the show?" She mouthed, tilting her head just enough so that cameras won't catch the words.
Standing up from your chair you looked away, gaining attention of Carol. Her brows furrowed in concern as she stood up as well, motioning for Thor to keep on filming.
"Y/n, a word?" She whispered in your ear, seemingly as not to disturb the scene in front of you. Her left hand barely grazed your waist, but it was enough to send shivers down your spine.
You looked away from Wanda's tear stricken face and wondered why Carol wanted to leave in the middle of the shoot. "They can handle themselves." She pulled you with her, her hand on the small of your back, leading you to her office.
Tumblr media
"Sit." She gestured to the guest chair in front of her desk and you wondered why she took you here.
Are you in trouble?
"I have a proposition for you." She was all business now, looking over the documents she pulled from the drawer. She looked magnificent like that, relaxed and leaned back against her leather chair, the sleeves of her white dress shirt rolled up to her elbows, reveling her toned forearms.
"I'm not going to sugar coat this. I want you on the other side of that camera." Her request sent a chill down your spine. A particularly loud moan from down the hall reached your ears, making you blush furiously.
She pinned you to the chair with her gaze and you squirmed in your seat, reminded of your arousal yet again. She looked down at the movement and you were thankful for the desk between the two of you.
Her eyes flickered back to you with a knowing twinkle.
"I'm not sure I understand." You whispered, clinging to the last bit of hope for... What were you hoping for? For this conversation to end? Or for her to confirm your suspicions? You remember all to well the first and only conversation you had with the redheads. Carol was looking for a girl to join them. They wanted it to be you.
The older woman turned to the mimi bar on the windowsill, pulling out a bottle of water. "Drink. You look thirsty."
You took it with no hesitation, tips of her fingers barely grazing your own. She moved to sit on the edge of the desk, her leg brushing yours. You gulped down the water and cleared your throat.
"Natasha knows how to take care of good girls like you." She eyed you up and down, her fingers tilting your chin up. "You're a good girl, aren't you?" Her thumb brushed against your lower lip, pulling it from between your teeth. You let out a breath, clenching your thighs. Her eyes focused on the lower part of your body. "Want me to take care of that?" She slid her hand down your body to the hem of your skirt, dipping lower to massage your inner thigh. Your heart was beating out of your chest from her ministrations. "If you want me to stop, say the word and I won't bother you ever again. But if you want me to fuck you like you deserve, you have to be a good girl and open that pretty mouth of yours. Speak." Her finger brushed the fabric of your panties and you buckled your hips, moaning at the feeling.
"Please..." You finally found your voice, grasping her arms to keep her in place.
"Please what?" She bit down your earlobe.
"Please fuck me." You whimpered, spreading your legs in invitation.
She let out a low chuckle, pulling away a bit to enjoy the look on your face. "Now there's a good girl."
She grabbed you by the back of your thighs, pulling you up only to put you down right on the edge of the desk, spreading your legs and inching closer until she was right in front of you.
"Take off your shirt." She pulled your panties to the side and dipped a finger into your dripping cunt, pulling out a deep moan from your lips. You hurried to get rid of said item, throwing the shirt away. Her other trailed up to your bra, nudging it up until your breasts were on display for her.
She pulled out, teasing your clit. You clenched around nothing, whining at the feeling of emptiness. "I need more, please," you gasped. Grasping Carol's jaw you pulled her into a deep kiss.
She let out a moan when your tongues met, her thighs clenched so hard, you were glad to not be between them.
"Fuck, Y/n," she grunted and slid two fingers inside, pumping them slowly. She trailed kisses down your neck to your breasts, teeth scraping at your nipple, forcing you to fall back on your elbows. Your back arched from pleasure and you had to bite down on your hand to keep yourself quiet. Your hips bucked into her strong body, grinding down on her hand, legs wrapped around her waist to get her even closer.
"Don't hide those pretty moans," Carol whispered in your ear, adding a third finger, her thumb circling your clit with a slightest pressure. You were rapidly growing closer, your eyes rolling back from her words.
She fucked you hard and deep, pressing your body against the table. A tear slid down your cheek from the overwhelming pleasure, your walls clenching around her fingers as you were ready to cu-
"Carol, we need y-" Natasha's voice rang through the haze and you pressed your face in the crook of Carol's neck, trying to hide your face from embarrassment. You couldn't possibly see it, but Natasha's gaze slid down your body, stopping when she saw you clenching around Carol's fingers.
Wanda trailed in after Natasha, oblivious to what was happening in the room, and stopped dead in her tracks when she took in the scene in front of her.
"Leave." Carol turned to glare at the pair, tightening her hold on your hipbone. You whined at her voice, still too aware of her fingers buried deep inside you and her thumb gently tracing your clit in a stark contrast to her harsh tone. Wanda's eyes snapped up to your face at the sound and you met her stare, clenching around the blondes fingers.
"And if she wants us to stay?" She directed her question to Carol, but her eyes never left yours.
Carol looked down, gently nudging your chin up. "If you're even slightly uncomfortable say the word and we'll be gone," she whispered so only you could hear her, making sure you understood every word.
"Don't go."
Almost if she was pulled by a rope, Wanda hurried closer, stopping right beside Carol. You didn't dare to move, ready to take whatever she was willing to give.
She took Carol's hand, pulling it away from your pussy and sucked her juice coated fingers, moaning at the taste. She never once looked away from you, enjoying the moan that escaped your mouth at the sight.
"She looks so pretty like that, doesn't she?" Natasha nibbled at your earlobe. You didn't even notice her coming up behind you. "Don't you want her pouty lips on your pussy?" Her hand trailed down your stomach to reach your clit, softly pinching it. Your hips buckled into her palm, thighs still clasped around Carol's waist, who watching the scene with hungry eyes.
"Yes, please." Tears of pleasure slid down your cheeks. Natasha wrapped her other hand around your throat, pulling you back against her body.
"Don't be so greedy, Nat." Carol grasped your hips, rooting you in place.
Natasha scoffed at her words, her fingers trailed down and finally entered your waiting hole. The feeling of her long fingers moving inside you made your eyes roll. You reached behind and grabbed her hair, tugging her face against your neck. She hissed from pain and harshly bit down on your neck, pulling a deep grunt out of you.
"Know your place." She gritted out, slapping your thigh.
"Don't be mean, Nat. She'll learn soon enough." Wanda softly massaged your breasts, trailing gentle kisses up the other side of your neck. "She'll be such a good pet for us." Her kisses inched closer and closer to your lips, untill she finally reached her destination. She softly bit down on your lower lip and pulled you in a passionate kiss, her quick tongue exploring your mouth, leaving your own taste on your tongue.
"Now show me how good you can be and don't cum until Natasha allows you to." She completely pulled away, turning around to face Carol.
She unbuckled her pants, tugging them down. You choked from the sight of the blonde falling back on the chair with parted legs, Wanda's head buried between her legs. Your eyes trailed up to her face. Her eyes clouded with pleasure, falling shut as she pulled Wanda's face closer.
"You really like to watch, don't you?" Natasha bit down on your earlobe, tugging it with her teeth. "Fuck, I knew you were perfect the second I laid my eyes on you."
She pulled out, adding a fourth finger as she dived back in. You hissed from the stretch, your back arching from the slightest bit of pian.
"Shhh, pretty girl, I know you can take it." She pushed deeper, burying four finger into your aching hole, letting you adjust before resuming her pace. "They look so good together. I wish you could see yourself right now, spread out for me, crying and whining from pleasure." Circling your clit with her thumb, she used her other hand to tug your leg on the table. "Let Carol enjoy the view."
Your head fell back on Nat's shoulder, a scream rippled through your throat from the change of the angle.
"Come for us, malyshka."
You came with a loud cry, clenching around her hand you clasped your thighs closed, keeping her still moving hand inside. Your vision went black and the only thing you could feel was her fingers moving gently inside you, easing out with each stroke.
She gently pulled out, nudging your mouth open with her fingers, so you could clean them up. You opened up with no hesitation, letting her gently fuck your mouth with her fingers.
"We are keeping her." Wanda smiled at Natasha when you finally opened your eyes, cupping your jaw to trace your cheeks with her thumbs.
"When did you-" you struggled to form a sentence, too stunned by her sudden closeness.
"Shhh." She kneeled before you licking your pussy clean, pulling a hiss out of you every time her nose brushed against your sore clit. She pulled away with a grin, softly massaging your thighs.
"Can we go back to my place? I'm kind of tired and in dire need of sleep." Carol stretched on her chair, sending you a sleepy wink.
"You're too soft," Natasha scoffed, still hugging you close to her body. "We'll go to my place."
Tumblr media
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temptationsbrew · 15 days ago
No going back
Pairing: Dark!Wandanat x Reader
Full Request Here / Summary: When you were lost on a mission Wanda and Natasha's world came to an end. Natasha buried herself in her grief and Wanda buried herself in the darkhold. The team has to fight her the more dangerous she becomes, but when she's caught; she lures Natasha to the dark side. They spend years causing chaos in the city, but when you're found with amnesia, the women are at a loss. Wanda can bring you back, but will you still love them for who they are now?
Warnings: 18+ dark fic, smut, violence, character death (some more people die), strap sex (reg and cum filled), degradation kink, blood, praise kink,
a/n: Hope you don't mind that I deviated just a little anon. My mind just kind of ran with it. It's mostly in Natasha's pov until the end cause it gets messy trying to write too many. Hope you enjoy and thanks again!
13,367 words | Masterlist | Requests are Closed
Tumblr media
Dying was a part of the job. Natasha's faced that fact her entire life, but she wasn’t prepared to lose you. Paralyzing fear gripped her heart as the bomb went off, shaking the ground beneath her feet. She watched temporarily frozen as the building you were in collapsed to the ground, taking out anything and anyone in its vicinity. The only thing that knocked her back into action was Wanda’s piercing scream as she ran towards the destruction.
She sucked in a breath and sprinted on top of what was left of the building. She clawed away at brick and rock screaming your name at the top of her lungs. It didn't make sense, this was only supposed to be a retrieval mission. There wasn't supposed to be a bomb.
Her heart stopped seeing a limb peeking out underneath a slab of concrete. Her muscles burned as she tried with everything she had to lift it and let out a desperate scream when it wouldn't budge. Wanda’s magic flew beside her and relief filled her chest as she lifted and threw it to the ground. It wasn’t you, but the ache returned knowing that you were still lost and buried underneath. Their eyes met and she could tell the witch was as desperate as she was. She ignored the pain and lifted whatever she could. Her throat burned the more smoke she inhaled but all she could think about was finding you. She prayed to a god she didn’t believe in, that your heart was still beating in your chest.
"Damnit!" She exclaimed, finding another body that wasn't you under slabs of rock.
She leaned down to check for a pulse when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.
"Let me go." She panicked, fighting like hell to push them off but she was surrounded by green limbs and she was ripped away. "Let me go!"
Her head whipped to the sound of Wanda’s screams and she saw Steve grabbing her witch's arms, forcing her back.
“Bruce, let me go! We have to keep looking.”
“Another bomb is going to blow.”
“I don’t care!”
The explosion was larger than the last. Her head flew back against his chest and she winced as they flew across the air, and onto the ground. Her ears rung painfully and her head throbbed as she gasped for air. Blood pooled in her ear and she flinched finding the source knowing she would need stitches. Her blurry vision began to sharpen and she sat up ignoring the protest in her limbs, wiping crimson off her fingertips. She caught a flash of red hair in the distance and her heart once again dropped to her stomach.
"Wanda," She choked out.
She crawled against the ground, ignoring the pain in her side until she was met with Wanda’s body.
“No, no, no. Not you too. Open your eyes, lyubov.” She pleaded, tapping her cheek.
Wanda groaned and her blurry eyes opened to see Natasa's wide with panic as she checked her body for serious wounds.
“I’m fine. We have to find her.” She winced, sitting up.
“I know. She's still-"
Natasha choked on her words as she looked towards the destruction. There was nothing to look through. Just a pile of rubble and ash where a building once stood.
"Nat, what is it?" Wanda asked, turning to see what made her stop. “No, no. Y/n!”
She felt her tears before she knew she was crying. Panic left her body and was replaced with a sharp pain of grief she wasn’t ready to accept. You were still alive they just had to find-
“Come on. We have to go.”
Natasha glared and jerked back from Bruce’s touch.
“We’re not leaving until we find her.” She hissed.
He ducked his head and she wanted to punch him for the pity that swam in his eyes.
“Nat, Tony’s drone checked the area for any remaining sign of life.”
“What are you saying?” Wanda asked, with wide eyes and Natasha shook her head not wanting to believe it.
“I’m sorry. Y/n didn’t make it.” He said, looking away. “but there’s still more work to be done.”
“Fuck that," The witch sneered, "You don’t know that!”
"No one could have survived that!" He argued but stumbled back when he was met with red eyes.
“Wanda, he's right.” She choked out, lowering her head in her hands as sobs wracked her body.
Firm hands grabbed her face and she was forced to look into green eyes as her witch wiped away her tears.
“No. Listen to me, don’t give up. We’ll find her, lyubov.”
She wanted to believe her but you were gone and there was nothing any of them could do about it. She wanted to scream, the pain she felt was overwhelming. She knew Wanda was starting to feel the same as tears welled in her eyes and fell into a heavy stream as she pulled Natasha into her arms.
Death was always a part of life, but hers ended the day they lost you.
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
On the eve of the one-year anniversary, Natasha drank herself to sleep as nightmares of you and Wanda plagued her mind. The day she lost you was the day she lost Wanda too.
No one saw how consumed the witch was in the darkhold until it was too late. Natasha blamed herself. Losing you was too much and she buried herself in the pain, trying to distract herself with work. If there was a mission she was on it and if anyone needed paperwork to be done, she volunteered. She was so overcome by her grief that she hadn’t paid attention to the woman she loved. The woman that was still here on this earth. None of them knew the exact moment it started, but four months after your death is when it all unfolded and Natasha lost everything.
The team started to get word of experiments happening all over the city. Necromancy was what Strange called it. It was gruesome and surreal seeing the dead walk the earth. Things got worse when they discovered not only were the victims being brought back from the dead but they were taken and murdered. Used at guinea pigs. Whoever was committing the crimes was a ghost. They were always one step ahead and brought upon many late nights for the team. It wasn’t until later that Natasha started to suspect her girlfriend.
Wanda was always gone, she barely went on missions, and when she was home she was cooped up in the room she used for her studies. Whenever Natasha asked what she was doing, she would wave her book and close the door. She never told the team, but she found a rune on one of the bodies. A rune that looked very similar to one she’s seen Wanda create. She blamed her denial on her grief. Just like everything else.
Soon after, they found the place the experiments were being held but when they entered the building nothing could have prepared them for what they saw. Wanda was hovering above the ground, the darkhold in her possession as the scarlet consumed her. There was a woman strapped to the table pleading for her life as Natasha slowly approached her.
Wanda didn’t seem surprised by their arrival, if anything she was annoyed. Natasha was beside herself as she begged her to understand. She tried to explain that she had it all wrong, that instead of trying to find your body and raise you from the dead she needed to find a way to obtain your soul and put it somewhere else. She just needed more time. All those lives lost were for nothing and Natasha couldn’t see past it. Couldn’t understand how Wanda had become a killer in your name. When Steve tried to let the captured woman go, the witch lost it. It was a fight that still haunts her to this day. The look in Wanda's eyes before she flew away destroyed her. She saw it whenever she closed her eyes to fall asleep.
The team tried to keep track of her but months passed and they never seemed to know what her next move was, but they knew she was up to something. Natasha could feel it the closer it got to the anniversary of your death.
When Strange showed up a week before, she wasn't surprised. He tried to explain what Wanda was planning but none of them truly understood it, just that it was bad and she needed to be stopped. He and Wong were at the head of the team as they were the only ones who stood a chance against her. And the rest fell in line.
Today was the day Natasha dreaded. She stood on the balcony, hangover ripping through her skull, and the thought of fighting Wanda again ripped her to pieces. She wanted to be angry at her for making her do this on the anniversary, but she knew her witch had always been sentimental.
She clutched her necklace in her hands as she took a shaky breath. It was the one you and Wanda got her for your three years of being together. Wanda joked that one day it would be a ring. The memories were painful but they were all she had left.
“It’s time.” Steve said, knocking her out of her thoughts.
She ducked her head, tucked the necklace into her suit, and pushed off the balcony as she tried not to show how badly this was getting to her. She still loved Wanda deeply and the idea of hurting her twisted the knife further in her chest that this was all real.
“When do we leave?” She mumbled.
“Now. She’s already started.”
She folded her arms and looked towards the skyline. The team took it hard at first but in the end, she was the only one who still thought she could reach her witch and make her see reason. Even if she got Wanda to stop; she knew she’d already done too much to go back now.
“Are you sure you want to do this? You can stay.”
“No. I don’t want to do this, but I know-
A red beam flew into the sky making her choke on her words. The sky grew dark and she could see Wanda’s runes being painted across the sky.
“We need to go now before we’re too late.” He said, grabbing her arm.
They ran towards the quinjet being the last ones to hop inside and Tony took off towards the red beam. It grew steadily and pulsed the closer they got. Natasha jumped at the sound of a blood-curdling roar and Tony barely dodged just in time as a creature flew past the jet.
“What the fuck was that!?”
"This is way worse than we thought." Wong mumbled.
"We need the others." Strange agreed, sending out a signal.
Another creature flew the past jet and Natasha's eyes widened when its claws barely missed the wing.
"Care to explain!" Steve said.
“We told you. She’s opening a portal to another dimension.”
“You said another dimension. You didn’t say hell!” Bucky exclaimed.
The jet landed and they ran into the field as Wanda hovered above them. The portal pulsed and grew the more she chanted and Natasha gasped as she felt her magic crackle in the air. She tried not to focus on how beautiful she looked, but she failed. Wanda was otherworldly when she was fully in her element.
“We don’t have to do this witchy. You can stop what you’re doing and we can still talk this out.” Tony said closing his helmet.
Wanda lowered herself to the ground and tilted her head.
“You’re too late.”
Natasha shivered at her tone. There was no hint of emotion and she stared at them as if they were irrelevant. The team stood in their stance ready to attack and she took a deep breath. She tried to keep it together but red eyes met hers and she faltered in her steps. Her heart stuttered in her chest as Wanda winked.
Steve made the first move but the witch was ready. She barely flinched as her hands raised and flung him across the field.
“Anytime now, Strange.” Tony said, dodging her attacks in the air.
Creatures flew above their heads and some landed on the ground as they roared. Bruce took charge fighting them head-on and Strange formed his hands and began a battle with Wanda. Wong teleported behind her and they attacked her from all sides. More creatures slipped out of the portal and Natasha focused her attention on them. Thanks to Bruce and Tony she had a weapon that stood a chance.
She was growing exhausted and her limbs ached every time she dodged, terrified of being hit by its claws. She managed to take one down but another threw her on the ground and pinned her shoulder. It snarled and bared its teeth as it roared in her face. Its talons dug into her flesh the more she struggled and she knew if she didn’t think quick this could be the end for her. She tried to use her staff but its tail pushed it out of her grasp. Its jaw descended but her life didn’t flash before her eyes. Instead, she thought of you. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh. She stopped struggling and prepared to let go when the creature was blasted by scarlett energy and killed on impact. Natasha gasped and her eyes met Wanda's, but the witch caught a hit to the shoulder making her hiss as she focused her attention back on the men giving everything they had. Golden portals appeared and more sorcerers came through them to assist. They took charge of the creatures and some fought by Natasha’s side. There wasn’t time to feel relief that Wanda saved her life and there wasn’t time to face the fact that she was so willing to die. She took out her frustration on the creatures and ignored the burn she felt in her shoulder.
She pulled her staff out of the beast's neck when she heard a gut-wrenching scream. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw Wanda holding Wong in the air. His head disturbingly faced the wrong way as it hung and she dropped his body to the ground with a thud. Strange muttered a language she didn’t understand and the blast that hit Wanda stopped her heart. More sorcerers began to chant and they threw blast after blast while others worked on closing the portal.
"No, that's too much." Natasha chocked out.
Wanda fought back, but the more they surrounded her the more she was hit. Strange threw a powerful one she wasn't quick enough to stop and she fell to the ground in a heap. Natasha felt her world end all over again. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her and collapsed beside her witch.
“What did you do?” She growled, glaring at them.
“Natasha, she needed to be put down."
She ignored Steve and checked for a pulse. It was faint but it was enough to make relief flood her chest as she pulled her head onto her lap.
“We need to take her back to the tower before she wakes up.” Steve said.
“I know.” She hissed, wiping strands of hair from the witch's face.
She still looked like the woman she knew and loved. She hadn't realized she’d been crying until a drop landed on Wanda’s cheek.
“I can take her.” Bruce offered.
Natasha nodded and let him pick her up as she stayed on the ground trying to make sense of what just happened.
“The woman you love is gone. I hope you know that.” Strange said.
“Would you abandon someone you love?” She asked, looking up at him.
“She killed the person I love.”
Natasha shifted her gaze to Steve picking up Wong’s corpse and she lowered her head as more tears fell.
“You need to let her go.”
“I can’t.” She whispered.
He sniffed as he held off his own tears and opened a portal back to his home.
“Then soon, you’ll be gone too.”
The golden light dissipated as he stepped through the portal and she flinched when Bucky’s hand landed on her shoulder.
“Come on. We need to get everyone checked out. That looks pretty nasty." He said, gesturing to her shoulder.
"I'm fine." She said, standing up.
The ride back was silent. They strapped Wanda down in case she woke up and collard her so that she couldn’t use her powers. Natasha narrowed her eyes at the device knowing how much she hated it and reminded her of hydra. No one listened when she objected and no one listened when they kept it on, threw her in a cell, and chained her to the wall for good measure. She couldn't blame them but she still tried.
After her shoulder was healed by Bruce's machine she ran her fingers over the new scar. Just another one to add to the collection. She made her way down to the holding cell and stayed with Wanda throughout the night.
She watched her chest rise and fall and the possibility that Strange was right never entered her mind as she stared at her small frame. Despite all the evil she’s done, Natasha's heart still swelled in her chest when she crinkled her nose in her sleep, or let out a sigh as she shifted. When their matching necklace fell out of her blood-red suit, she knew she was still hers. Still her Wanda.
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
She couldn’t remember drifting off but when she woke up she was met with a pair of green eyes as the witch sat cross-legged on the mattress.
“Morning, Sleepyhead.” Wanda smirked.
Natasha bit her lip and shifted to sit in front of the glass.
She took her in, taking note of the ways she's changed in the last six months. Her hair was dark brown and took Natasha back to when they first met. It was longer than before and slightly curled. Her muscles were more defined and new rings brandished her fingers. She had a scar above her lip and one that ran down her collar bone. She wondered how she got them.
"Spell gone awry." Wanda said, sighing.
"You do that now? Read people's minds without their permission?" Natasha teased. She wasn't upset but she liked the smile it put on Wanda's face.
"How else am I supposed to know what you're thinking, lyubov?"
"You could just ask." She stammered and willed her racing heart to calm down. She didn’t think she’d hear her say that ever again.
Wanda chuckled and tilted her head.
“I’ve missed you.” She confessed.
Natasha sucked in a breath and fought off the tears that threatened to fall at her confession. “I miss you too.”
Wanda hummed and narrowed her eyes. Natasha tried to duck her gaze, but it was impossible when the other woman could read her so well.
“You’re still in pain, after all this time.”
“Aren’t you?” Natasha asked.
Wanda chuckled darkly and leaned back against the wall.
“No, and you don’t have to be either.”
“What do you mean?”
“All you have to do is let go. You’re holding on to so much pain and for what?”
Natasha stood and shook her head. She made it seem like it was as simple as ripping off a bandaid. The pain she felt consumed her every minute of every day. She tried to let it go but no matter what she did something reminded her of you or Wanda and she would spiral back into the pit she dug for herself.
“It’s not that easy-
“But it is.” Wanda said, walking towards the glass wall. “I control it. It doesn’t control me.”
“How? By killing people?” She sneered.
“No, moya lyubov. Though I won’t lie, that has its own kick of adrenaline." She husked, and Natasha tried to ignore the heat that grew between her legs.
Wanda smirked knowing her all too well and ran her finger over the glass. "It’s simple. I do whatever the fuck I want whenever I want. I’m not controlled by those merry band of idiots like you let yourself be. I’m free Nat, and you can be too.”
Natasha's head swam but she didn’t let herself indulge in the fantasy the witch was offering. It couldn’t be that simple.
“Why did you do it?” She asked, trying to change the subject.
“Do what?” She asked, quirking her brow. “I’ve been kind of busy, detka. You need to be specific.”
“I know why you killed all of those people in the past, but I mean tonight. The portal, the creatures.”
She saw a flicker of emotion in the witch's eyes but just as quick as it appeared, it was gone.
“To see if I could.” She shrugged and Natasha scoffed.
“You’re joking right?”
“My powers are growing and I like testing their limits.” She said, tugging at the collar.
“You killed, Wong.”
“Wong was just collateral.”
“He was a person.” She argued back.
“He was weak. You however are not, but you’re letting them make you weak, Natalia. You’re letting them ruin you.”
The use of her real name made her snap her gaze to the brunette who looked like she was having the most casual conversation. She started to pick her nails as if she was bored and Natasha grew frustrated.
“I am not weak.”
“Then prove it.” Wanda sneered back.
Natasha opened the cell and stormed inside. She stalked up to the brunette invading her space. She could feel the other woman's heat and she tried, she really did but her gaze shifted to her inviting lips.
When the witch smirked, she snapped and connected their lips in a bruising kiss. Wanda moaned and tangled her hand in her hair pulling her closer and the other landed on her throat. Natasha growled pushing her against the wall, removing her hand to pin it above her head. She bit down on Wanda’s bottom lip and smirked when she tasted iron. She took advantage of Wanda's gasp and swiped her tongue inside her mouth controlling the kiss. She lowered her hand from her cheek and grabbed her neck, squeezing as Wanda whimpered and pulled back so she could catch her breath.
“There she is.” Wanda panted, licking her split lip.
Natasha connected her forehead with hers and released a shaky breath as she let go of her neck.
"I shouldn't have done that."
"Don't get soft on me now, Nat." She said, pecking her lips.
Natasha whimpered and tried to pull back but the hand in her hair lowered to the nape of her neck and kept her there.
“Leave with me.” Wanda husked.
“I can’t.”
“You can.” She argued, “It feels so much better, lyubov. No more pain, no more suffering. Just you and me, together.”
Natasha was so tired of feeling this way. The routine she put herself in was more suffocating than the walls she lived in. Every day she hated her life more and more with each breath she took. She was sick of wanting, of missing, of longing. She wanted it to end, and Wanda was offering it to her on a silver platter.
“You promise?” She whispered.
“I promise, and when you’re ready, you’ll help me lay waste to the people who took everything from us.”
Natasha whimpered and pulled her into a kiss softer than the last one. Wanda grabbed her waist pulling her flush against her and her hunger grew as the witch moaned and tightened her grip. She nipped and sucked her lips, loving the feel of them on hers again after all this time. It took everything in her to pull away but she needed to act quick. She knew they would want to more her witch soon.
“Wait here.” She said, pulling back.
“Not like I can go anywhere.”
“Smartass.” She quipped, tapping her cheek.
Wanda smirked and Natasha pecked her lips once more before leaving and closing the cell.
The spike of adrenaline she felt as she walked through the tower made her feel more alive than she has all year. She nodded to anyone that passed and made her way to Bruce's lab. Thankfully no one was inside and she easily found the keys to the collar and the shackles, tucking them in her boot.
“Natasha? What are you doing in here?” Bruce asked in the doorway.
“I was looking for you.” She said, leaning over on the desk. She internally smirked as his eyes landed on her breasts. Too easy. “I wanted to see if you were alright?”
Bruce sighed and dropped his files on the desk.
"I'm ok. Just a few scrapes and bruises." He said, cleaning his glasses.
"That's good." She said, gliding to the door, "Oh, how long are we keeping Wanda here?”
“That’s something you need to ask Steve. He’s talking with Fury right now in the conference room.”
“Fury’s here?”
“No, but he’s on his way.”
“Good.” She said, walking out the door.
“Hey, Nat? How are you doing?” He asked.
She sighed and faked a forlorn look as she ran her fingers through her hair.
“Not great.”
“It just takes time Nat. I know this year hasn’t been easy on you with everything.”
“Yeah. One day at a time right?” She said, smiling softly.
“One day at a time." He said, smiling back.
Natasha almost felt bad as she left his office. She forgot how easy some of them could be to fool. She noticed agents began to scramble and she picked up her pace knowing Fury had to be close by. They had to leave before he arrived; he always carried backup collars just in case. She took a different route to the cell to not raise suspicion and found Wanda laying on her back mimicking her magic as she rolled her fingers.
“Took you long enough.” She teased.
“You're such a brat.”
Wanda laughed and sat up as Natasha opened the cell.
"Only a little.”
"You were over my lap enough times because of it." She said, smirking.
Wanda rolled her eyes and sighed as Natasha removed the collar and the shackles, freeing her from the magical suppression.
“Fuck, that feels better. I hate those things.”
“I know.” She said, tripping the wire. “So what’s the plan?”
Wanda pretended to think as she wrapped Natasha in her arms.
“Let's see, I take you home.” She husked, kissing her cheek, “Show you all the other things I've learned over the last six months.”
Natasha growled and grabbed her jaw.
"And who have you been practicing with?"
"No one, lyubov. I just like seeing that fire in your eyes." She said smirking and pecking her lips.
Natasha shook her head and tapped Wanda’s ass making her laugh.
"You are so going over my lap later." She said, narrowing her eyes. "but I'm serious. What grand exit do you have up your sleeve? I know you've been thinking about it."
“How about we just walk out the front door?” She said, winking and pulling her along.
Natasha knew Wanda always lived for dramatics, but she could admit she was looking forward to seeing the witch in her element again. There was nothing like watching Wanda use her powers.
As they walked along the corridor, they stumbled upon a young agent. He stood frozen in shock as he stared at Wanda and his eyes widened at their combined hands.
“Boo!” Wanda exclaimed and laughed as the kid dropped his clipboard and ran. “One of yours, lyubov?”
“Shut up.” Natasha mumbled, rolling her eyes.
An alarm blared throughout the tower but they kept their leisurely pace. Agents ran up to them left and right but with a wave of Wanda’s hand, their bodies met the wall with a deafening thud. One stood on shaky legs and Natasha shivered as Wanda held him up in the air.
"Please don't" He choked out.
Wanda smirked and threw him down the hall. His body crashed through the wall and screams rang out as more agents charged towards them. Natasha decided to get it on the action not wanting her to have all the fun and fought the agents that up until now were her students. Turns out they still have a lot to learn. Those of them that were still alive that is.
Excitement spiked through her body as she fought by Wanda's side. She found herself wishing she left with her the first time she asked. As the last body dropped to the ground, she wiped the sweat off her brow and grunted when the witch pushed her against the wall.
"Someone looks like they're enjoying themselves." Wanda teased, licking beads of sweat off her neck.
Natasha moaned and tilted her head to give her more room as she nipped and sucked her pulse point.
"I haven't let go like that since the red room."
Wanda hummed nipping the mark she made and bit her lip as Natasha gazed at her through hooded eyes.
"Any regrets?"
"No. It - it feels good." She confessed.
"You'll feel even better later when my heads between your thighs." Wanda husked and pulled her into a searing kiss. Natasha moaned and pulled her closer, but she heard shouting in the distance. Fury's jet was close. She shook off her blood lust and pushed against her chest.
"We have to make it out of here first." She said.
Wanda sighed and grabbed her hand. They made it to the common room and the team stood in shock dropping their stance.
“Nat, what are you doing?” Steve asked.
She looked at Wanda who gave her a wink. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that this is what she wanted. She needed to wake up and her witch did that. Made her see that there was another way. A better way.
“I would say I’m sorry, but for the first time in a long time – I feel something more than pain.”
Wanda raised her hands and her scarlet flew across the room throwing them all back and destroying the room as furniture flew and glass shattered. Steve held his side as he fought to stand up and Tony was knocked unconscious.
"This isn't what Y/n wanted." Bucky groaned, getting to his feet.
"Well she isn't here, is she?" Natasha glared.
“Nat, don’t do this. Please.” Bruce choked out.
“Hold on tight.” Wanda said and wrapped her arms around her waist. The brunette kissed her softly before hovering them above the ground.
“Don’t worry Brucey. I’ll take good care of my girl.” She smirked and flew them out of the tower.
“What the fuck just happened?” Bucky said, shaking his head.
“I don’t – I don’t know. Maybe she was controlling her." Bruce said, trying to wrap his head around it.
"No. She chose this.” Steve rasped, “We lost her too."
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
“Shit. We lost them!” Sam grunted, landing on the ground.
“What do you mean you lost them?” Tony asked.
“I don’t know they just - fuck!” Steve exclaimed, throwing down his shield.
“Cap, did you just say a bad word?”
“Let’s just head back to base. We aren’t going to catch them tonight.” Steve said, shaking his head.
Natasha chuckled as she watched them from the rooftop. They’ve been on their trail ever since she left with Wanda, but they could never catch up to them. Wanda has spies all over the city. She planted a seed of devotion in their minds and they did whatever she told them to. Natasha liked to call them her minions but the witch hated it, saying it made her seem too cartoon villain for her liking.
The past three years they’ve been wreaking havoc on the city for fun but also as a distraction. Their real work was miles away in Washington and the merry band of idiots were none the wiser.
“I never get tired of seeing them scramble.” Wanda said, wrapping her arms around her.
"Steve even cussed.” Natasha chuckled.
“What do you say we go home and I’ll run you a nice bath?” Wanda said, kissing the side of her neck. “You worked hard today, detka.”
“Only if you join me.”
Wanda hummed and nipped the curve of her neck before stepping back and opening a portal to their home. The penthouse was on the edge of the city overlooking the water. The first time Wanda took her there, Natasha couldn’t believe she’d been so close the whole time. Her sneaky little witch.
“I can’t wait for tomorrow.” She said, enjoying the warmth of the water as Wanda rested in her arms.
“Me neither. I’ve been wanting to lay waste to them all ever since the building collapsed.” She said, looking up at her. “but I didn’t want to do it without you.”
“I’m glad you waited. I just wish it didn’t have to take so long.” She said, running her hands down her body.
“I know, but we had to be smart. If they knew we were coming they would have gone underground.”
“Funny enough that’s where they’ll end up anyway.” Natasha said, chuckling darkly.
The government always had a way of covering up their tracks but it only took Wanda six months to find out who really planted those bombs.
The mission that made them lose you turned out to be a cover-up made by Shield. A virus was in the building that should have never been created and got in the wrong hands. Shield wanted it destroyed without the knowledge of them ever creating it. They succeeded but in turn, destroyed the lives of the two women in the process.
The plan took a lot of maneuvering. Over the years, Wanda planted her minions in every department of their headquarters, and hideouts. All It would take was one command and the bombs they planted would be ignited. It was only fitting it was on the anniversary of your death. Come tomorrow, Shield would fall in one fell swoop and the two of them would be far away, sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.
“That feels nice.” Wanda said, leaning her head on her shoulder.
Natasha smirked and ran her hand further up her thigh and cupped her center.
“Does this feel nice too, lyubov?” She asked, running her fingers through her folds.
“Yes, don’t tease.” She whined.
“I’ll tease if I want, detka. I think I’ve been a little too giving.” She said, circling her clit.
Wanda bucked her hips and splashed the water as she sought out her fingers.
“Out of the tub.” Natasha commanded.
Wanda sighed and did what she asked. She wrapped herself in a towel and passed one to Natasha.
“There’s no such thing as too giving.” She said.
“There isn’t?”
Natasha smirked and dropped the towel. Wanda trailed after her as she walked into their room, but Natasha pushed her onto the bed as she made her way to the closet.
“If that’s the case. I don’t want to hear you begging me to stop.” She said, walking towards her with her favorite toy harnessed around her hips. Wanda shuffled up the bed and Natasha crawled over her running the strap up her thigh.
“Stop making me wait and fuck me.” Wanda moaned, bucking her hips.
The redhead growled and wrapped her hand around her throat.
“You think I’ll give you what you want if you piss me off? Is that it?”
“N-no. I’m sorry.” She whimpered.
Natasha chuckled darkly circling the head around her clit before dragging it through folds and to her aching hole.
“My bratty little witch.” She said, thrusting in the tip. Wanda moaned and arched her back trying desperately to push more of it inside. “So powerful outside of this room, but once you're underneath me you just want to be put in your place. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Nat. Please.” She whimpered.
Natasha thrust her hips bottoming out inside her and set a brutal pace.
“Oh, fuck!”
Wanda wrapped her legs around her waist and clung to her shoulders as she pounded into her.
“That’s it, detka. I want to hear you.” She grunted.
“Nat! Harder, please. I need you.”
Natasha growled and snapped her hips, pushing her cock deeper and deeper inside her witch as she moaned and bucked underneath her.
“This hard enough for you baby girl? Want to be fucked like a dirty whore?”
“Shit, yes! Fuck me, don’t stop.”
Wanda threw her head back and screamed as Natasha pinched and pulled her clit roughly between her fingers.
“I love it when you scream for me.”
Natasha raised herself on her arm and grabbed the brunette's hip as she kept her pace. She loved the sight of her witch's breast bouncing and her pussy sucking her in as she fucked her. She gripped her tighter wanting it to bruise and smirked when Wanda’s thrusts lost their rhythm.
“Gonna cum for me brat?”
“M’so close, Natty.” She moaned.
She leaned down and sucked the mark she left on her last night and moved to the side to add another one. Wanda whimpered clawing down her back as she sucked her sensitive flesh between her teeth. Her name fell off the witch's lips and she smirked as they rose in pitch.
“Cum on my cock, detka.”
Wanda screamed her name and her back arched as she spasmed underneath her. Natasha pulled back slowing her thrust and pinched her clit as it twitched in her fingers. Wanda pulled her down into a kiss moaning into her mouth as her orgasm continued to wash over her. Natasha never let her come down and pulled away from her lip as she lifted up her leg, and picked up her pace.
“Fuck, Nat!”
“Still so tight.” She groaned “think I’ll get something bigger next time.”
Wanda moaned and bit her lip as Natasha smirked down at her.
"Would you like that detka?" She teased.
"Natty, please." She moaned.
“What do you need lyubov?”
“You know what I want.”
“Fucking ask for it.” She said, grabbing her throat.
“Your cum, Nat. Give me your cum.”
Natasha chuckled and smacked her cheek making her whimper as her head whipped to the side.
“Is that any way to ask for my cum, slut?”
“Please, I need it. Please, Natty.”
“My little witch is so desperate.” She said, grabbing her jaw. “I bet your needy little pussy is clenching around my cock.”
Her thighs slapped against the curve of her ass and Wanda could barely keep her eyes open. The grip she had on Natasha’s hips tightened as she teased her with just a spurt of her cum.
“More.” She whimpered. "please."
Natasha smirked and leaned down brushing her lips against hers.
“I’ll give you my cum, detka. Don’t you worry.” She husked and snapped her hips filling her walls with cum.
A feral moan ripped out of Wanda’s throat and she closed her eyes as another orgasm washed over her.
“Shit, Wanda.” Natasha groaned feeling hers close behind.
She tucked her head into her neck and rutted against her as her clit rubbed against the strap.
“Cum for me, Nat.” She whimpered and the redhead's hips faltered in their pace as her orgasm crashed down on her.
“Fuck, detka.” She moaned as Wanda bucked her hips helping her ride out her high.
She littered Wanda’s neck with kisses as she came down and pulled out. She watched as her cum leaked out of her pussy and smirked as she panted trying to catch her breath. Wanda opened her mouth to speak but was cut off as Natasha flipped her over.
“No more.” She gasped.
“What did you say, little witch? There’s no such thing as too giving?” She smirked, thrusting in from behind.
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
“Morning, lyubimaya.”
Natasha smiled as Wanda kissed her cheek and she pulled her into her lap.
“Morning.” She said, pecking her lips.
“Anything new on the radar?”
“I was just about to open a file that one of your little minions acquired.”
Wanda rolled her eyes and gestured for her to open it. It was cctv footage of what looked like the front of a cafe. Steve and Tony were in the frame in the middle of a mission when Bucky suddenly ran into the frame pulling someone into his arms.
“What are we looking at?” Wanda asked.
“I don’t know, let me enhance the footage.” Natasha mumbled.
She zoomed in and cleared up the image and her heart dropped to her stomach.
“No. It – No, that’s not possible.” She said.
Wanda narrowed her eyes and reversed the footage. The two of them watched as Bucky ran into the frame as the woman exited the shop. Natasha paused the footage, swallowing thickly as she zoomed in. It wasn’t possible but it was staring her in the face, along with the matching necklace that rested against her chest.
“Y/n?” She whispered.
“No. This is a trick.” Wanda sneered. “And on the day that she - Where the fuck did they get this?"
“I – I don’t-
Wanda stood up and began to pace.
“She’s dead. That isn’t her. She’s dead.”
“It’s her. She’s wearing our necklace.”
“How is that possible! Bruce said the drone detected no one alive!”
“Fuck, Wanda! I know!” Natasha said, snapping.
She instantly regretted it when she saw the look on Wanda’s face. For the first time in years, she watched the brunette crack. Her face scrunched up in pain and tears welled in her eyes but she didn’t let them fall. Natasha stood up pulled her into her arms.
“It’s a trick.” Wanda whispered. “It has to be.”
“Hey, look at me.” she said, pulling back
Wanda’s wide eyes met hers and Natasha could see them hardening the more her mind spiraled.
“We’ll find out later ok, but right now we have a job to do.”
Wanda nodded and her face was once again was hard as steel.
“Let's end this.”
They were perched on top of a skyscraper with Shield headquarters positioned a few blocks away. Once the first set of bombs went off the agents would scramble underground and later that day once they thought they were safe they would set off the rest. They would finally bring them to their knees.
Natasha waited for the signal with Wanda by her side. She tried to get her mind off of the footage but she couldn’t. None of it made sense. If someone planted an edited video they must have known they were up to something, but if they did the headquarters would be empty. Instead, everyone went about business as usual. She was starting to grow restless when a flash caught her eye from the building across the street.
"It's time." She said.
Wanda’s eyes glazed red and she raised her hand. Natasha's body flooded with warmth, feeling the crackle in the air as she rolled her fingers and chanted under her breath. Her eyes shifted back to green and the first bomb went off.
The explosion took Natasha’s breath away. The second made the ground underneath them shake and the third took her briefly back to that night four years ago. She let out a shaky breath and enjoyed the sirens blaring in the distance knowing they would have no one to rescue.
Wanda opened a portal and brought them closer to a building just outside the blast radius. Like clockwork, the Avengers appeared. Their faces shared a look of disbelief as they surrounded the explosion.
“It was them. They did this.” Tony stated. He retracted his suit and sat on the ground with his head in his hands.
“Can you blame them!” Bucky hissed.
“No! You knew Steve. You knew that Shield planted those bombs and you just watched as Natasha moped around the tower for a year!”
Natasha clenched her hands into fists. He knew the whole time and made her work for them anyway. She briefly wondered if she worked beside the man or woman who made the call to end your life so casually. She counted to ten and told herself not to go down there and kick his ass. There were more pressing matters, but she was finding it difficult.
“I didn’t know what to do!”
“You could have been honest! I can’t even be excited that my best friend isn’t dead because she has fucking amnesia, Steve!”
Wanda’s breath hitched and Natasha’s jaw dropped.
“So she’s really alive.” Wanda said, but her voice was somber.
“Can you both just shut the hell up? People died today!” Tony exclaimed. “And more will die if we don’t fix this.”
“How?” Bucky asked.
“I don’t know, but we need to find them. Something tells me this isn’t over.”
“You got that right.” Wanda hissed.
“What do you want to do?” Natasha asked.
“I want to see for myself.” She said, opening a portal.
They entered the common room glancing around at the new furniture. Natasha had half the mind to ask Wanda to destroy it all again.
“Bruce will be with her probably running tests.” Natasha mumbled.
They stalked through the empty tower and came across the glass room. There you were, hooked up to wires on Bruce’s chair. You looked the same, a new scar on your brow but you were their Y/n. They both took a moment to take you in. They never thought they’d see you again and even though you were so close it didn’t seem real. Wanda's jaw flexed and Natasha could practically feel her mind spiraling.
“What are you going to do?” Natasha asked.
“Look into her mind, see if I can bring her back.”
“Are you sure you want to? What if you do and she hates who we are now?”
“We’ve been without her for four years, Natasha. What’s the rest of our lives.” She mumbled.
The redhead could tell she didn’t mean it and had one last shred of hope just like her. If she brought you back and you wanted nothing to do with them it would be like losing you all over again. She wasn’t sure if she could handle that.
“She doesn’t deserve to be trapped in her own mind. If she hates us then we’ll deal with it. Just like we did the first time.” Wanda said, reading her mind.
"Yeah. Like the first time."
She took a deep breath and pushed open the door.
“Y-you can’t be here.” Bruce said.
“We have every right to be here.” Natasha said, rolling her eyes that he just now noticed them. He operated in a glass box for fucks sake.
He jumped to pick up his phone, but Wanda waved her hand and crushed it.
“Holy shit." You mumbled, pushing yourself further against the chair. "Who – who are you?”
Natasha smiled softly hoping that would ease your fear and it seemed to work when you let your shoulders drop. She can’t remember the last time she did something just to make someone else feel better.
“It’s alright. We don’t want to hurt you, milaya.” Wanda said, stepping closer to you.
“You’re eyes are red.”
Wanda bit her lip to stop herself from smiling and shifted them back to green.
“They do that sometimes.” Natasha smirked.
You smiled shyly and Natasha felt a familiar ache return to her chest.
“We heard you have amnesia?” Wanda said.
“I um – yeah. Bruce was trying to see if he could fix it.” You mumbled.
“I’m sure he was.” She deadpanned, “Mind if I give it a go?”
You nodded as she approached you.
“Wanda stop! You could hurt her.” Bruce said.
“I would never hurt her!” Wanda hissed.
He backed away and Natasha glared at him as she walked to the other side of your bed.
“It’s ok. She’s really good at this kind of stuff.” She said, placing her hand on your shoulder.
You nodded and settled as the witch placed her hand on your forehead. She swallowed down the feeling of being so close to you again and tried to focus.
“We have company, detka.”
Wanda turned her head to the door to see the team rush in. She waved her hand and encased the room in her scarlet stopping anyone from getting inside.
“Holy shit.” You gasped.
“That’s not the only trick I have up my sleeve?” She winked. “You’ll feel a little pressure but it won’t hurt if you give in to it, ok?”
Wanda closed her eyes to concentrate and entered your mind. It was filled with an average life. You woke up, went to work, and spent time with your friends. She pushed down the anger she felt when she saw you possibly had a girlfriend and pushed past the last four years to go deeper. There was a heavy fog that she had to fight her way through. She reminded herself to be gentle, wanting to keep her promise to never hurt you. She made it past the barrier and there you were. Memories of your life as a child, getting your powers, Fury recruiting you, meeting Wanda and Natasha for the first time and falling in love with them. Wanda saw it all, felt it all and she couldn’t stop the tears from falling this time. She tried to push your memories past the fog, but it wouldn’t budge. Something was stopping her.
She pulled out and stepped away as her mind caught up with her.
“Did it work?” Natasha asked.
“No. Something is forcing them to stay buried. I just need to find what it is.”
Natasha looked concerned and it threw her off.
“What, Natalia?”
“You’re crying.” She said, wiping her cheek.
Wanda huffed and pushed her off.
“I’m fine.” She said, turning back to you.” Do you feel ok? I need to go in one more time.”
You nodded feeling groggy but you were in no pain. For some reason you trusted her.
Wanda's breath hitched.
"I'm glad you trust me." She said, clearing her throat. You gasped wondering how she knew that. Before you could ask Bruce cut you off.
“Wanda stop! You tried once that’s enough.”
The witch sighed and tilted her head as he folded his arms across his chest.
“You know, I never promised not to hurt you.” She said, rolling a red orb between her fingers. "In fact, I've been itching to since the last fight. Your thoughts about my girlfriend are disgustingly loud Bruce."
He scoffed and folded his arms as he leaned back against the wall.
"Don't hurt him." You whispered, placing your hand over hers.
Wanda gasped and jerked back. Your touch was too much for her to handle right now.
"You care for him?" She asked bitterly and you chuckled.
"Not really. I just met him."
"Then why not." she challenged.
Natasha chuckled at the interaction and how flustered it was making Wanda.
"It seems like you're in trouble with those guys out there so why add to it by hurting him?" You shrugged.
"Solid Y/n logic." Natasha teased.
You blushed and Wanda shook her head.
"Fine, whatever just lay back, milaya." She mumbled.
Bruce shifted and Natasha's eyes were hard as steel as she warned him.
“Back off.”
You sighed once her hand rested on your forehead. She entered your mind and went straight to the fog. She focused on it, feeling a slight hum as it began to clear. She saw you in Shield, unconscious with cuts all over your face and body.
“What do we do?” An agent asked.
“I don’t know. She saw too much, we can’t just let her walk. She’ll tell the others.”
“We can’t just kill her.”
“I never said that, but we can make her forget. Give her a whole new life as a civilian.” He said.
“What if they find her?”
“In a city with millions of people? They think she’s dead. They won’t go looking.”
A device was put over your head and with the twist of a dial, your mind was wiped clean. Once it was done the agent pulled out a gun, destroying the device as it sparked and smoked.
Anger tore through Wanda as she pulled out. She hasn't felt this angry in years and she was itching to direct it at the man in the room and ones outside of it.
"What is it, lyubov?" Natasha asked.
“Sheild did this to her.” She spat.
“What are you talking about?” Bruce asked.
“They wiped her memories because she figured out they set the bombs in the factory that night.” She sneered.
Bruce looked away, as guilt washed over his face.
“What do you mean? What bomb? What’s shield?” You asked. Your chest rose and fell quickly not understanding what was going on.
“It’s ok, kotenok. Just breathe.” Natasha said, rubbing your shoulder.
“We need to leave.” Wanda choked out.
“My powers won’t be able to reverse it. Not without causing her pain. We still have a job to finish.” She said.
Bruce snapped his head towards them and his jaw dropped.
“The explosion was you. I should have known.”
“Look I don’t know what’s going on but I want my memories back. I don’t care if it hurts.” You said.
Natasha cupped your jaw and you shivered under her touch.
“Are you sure?”
“Please. I always felt something was wrong but everyone told me I was paranoid and my girlfriend blamed it on me working too hard.” You said rolling your eyes.
Natasha felt like she’d been slapped. She remembered her place and released your jaw. She saw Wanda tense beside her but she made no move to comfort her. She knew when her girlfriend was like this nothing could ease her tension until she had her alone.
“I won’t do it. I don’t want to hurt you.” Wanda mumbled.
“It’ll be over in a second.” You argued.
“No, it won't. It’ll take much longer than just now and it’ll feel like your brain is being cut open-
“I don’t care.” You huffed.
“Well, I do!”
"My god - Why?!”
“Because I love you!” Wanda exclaimed.
Your mouth opened in shock and Natasha bit her lip to stop from laughing at Wanda’s exasperated expression. It reminded her of the time the three of you got together. It was eerily similar to the same argument all those years ago when you were completely oblivious of their love for you.
“You love me?”
“I shouldn’t have said that.” She said shaking her head.
“But you did so clearly that means we were a thing before this. So that must mean you want me to have my memories back too. Sounds like a win-win all around.” You said, cheekily, but Wanda wasn’t amused.
“Oh, you are definitely still in there, detka.” Natasha said chuckling.
A pulse hit Wanda’s barrier and Natasha rolled her eyes seeing Strange prepare for another strike.
“Looks like you don’t have a lot of time left.” Bruce said.
“Who is that?” You asked.
“A thorn in my side.” Wanda stated, raising her hands and opening a portal. “We have to go Natasha. Now.”
“Take me with you.” You said, standing up.
Wanda’s mouth opened in shock. The determination in your eyes was addicting. Natasha remembered all the other times you got this look, but now wasn’t the time to stroll down memory lane.
“Absolutely not.” Wanda said.
“She’s right. It’s um – not safe with us.” Natasha mumbled.
“Oh please. Tell her the truth. You’re murderers.” Bruce sneered.
“They deserved it.” Natasha shrugged.
“You really have changed. I wanted to believe that you could still be in there somewhere and maybe I saw a glimpse just now with Y/n, but the Natasha I know would never say something like that.”
“You never knew me, Bruce. Not really.”
“That’s a lie and you know it.”
“Someone's still sore Nat left him high and dry. It's been ages Brucey, you need to get over it.” Wanda teased.
The assassin chuckled darkly and walked over to her. You took a step forward to join them but Natasha’s hand met your chest and her face instantly softened.
“You have to stay here.” She said, aginst every fiber of her being that wanted to pull you through the portal with them.
The pout on your face almost cracked her resolve, but she stood strong and took a step back.
“Oh, and for the record, Y/n. I love you too.” She winked.
They watched as your mouth gaped open and you vanished along with the portal. Natasha reached out but Wanda dodged her and made her way to the kitchen.
“If you ask me if I’m ok I’ll put you through a wall, Natasha.” She said, grabbing a bottle of vodka from the cupboard.
Natasha chuckled and wrapped her arms around her from behind.
“Have you forgotten that I love you? Or am I only allowed to show it by fucking you?” She teased, kissing her neck.
Wanda sighed and sat the bottle down and grabbed her hands in her own.
“I'm sorry. I’m just on edge.”
“Of course you are. So am I.”
Wanda turned around in her arms and snaked her hands around her shoulders.
“I don’t know what to do now.” She said, biting her lip.
“You don’t want to finish the plan?”
“I do. God, Nat I do, but I also know that if she gets her memories back that she’ll-” She sighed and closed her eyes as her emotions pushed past the wall she built for herself over the years. “I don’t want her to hate us.”
“I know, but we don't have any control over that.”
“So what do we do?”
Natasha led her to the couch and pulled her onto her lap.
“We finish the plan, see if Bruce has made any progress and we go from there.”
They waited until nightfall. They knew especially after their little visit to the tower that Shield would go underground. They had too much hubris to think anyone would know where their hideouts were located. They changed locations only once after Natasha left three years ago and she’d thought Fury would be smarter than that.
They tapped into the camera feed that Wanda’s spies planted and they waited. They watched the agents run around like rats in a trap as the clock ticked down.
When the time came, Wanda chanted low under her breath and bomb after bomb went off like clockwork. All that was left on their monitors was static. This time Natasha gave into the memories.
"It won't do you any good to do that." Wanda said and cracked open the bottle of vodka and took a swig before passing it to her.
"I know, but it doesn't hurt anymore." She said taking a swig.
She welcomed the burn and turned off the monitors. It would take them years to rebuild for those that were still alive and they would remember this day for the rest of their lives. They'd have to deal with it, just like they had.
“You still thinking the Caribbean?” The witch asked with a smirk.
“I don’t know. I’m kinda thinking Santorini.”
Wanda hummed and laid her head on her shoulder.
“You want me to do it don’t you?” She whispered.
Natasha ran her hand through dark strands wanting to comfort the witch. She wanted you back, that much was clear. There was no guarantee you would want them too, with or without your memories, but the thought of you walking around the way Shield designed pissed her off more than anything. They both had the freedom to choose how to live and you deserved that too.
“I don’t like the thought of her being in excruciating pain, but yeah I want you to do it.”
“Just give me time, ok?”
“Ok, detka.” She said, kissing her crown.
Natasha knew It was hard for her. All she had to do was watch and she knew she would feel the same if she was the one inflicting the pain.
“Thank you.” Wanda whispered.
She raised her head and captured her lips in a searing kiss. Natasha took the bottle from her hands and placed it on the table as Wanda crawled into her lap.
“Let me help you take your mind off it.” She whispered, kissing down her jaw to the curve of her neck. Wanda sighed and yelped as Natasha picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
Constant knocking woke Natasha up and she scrambled out of Wanda’s arms and walked to the door. Her breath hitched when she saw you through the peephole. She opened the door quickly and pulled you through it.
“How the hell did you find us?” She asked, looking down the hall.
“Relax, they don’t know where I am.”
Natasha scoffed and grabbed a tracer from a drawer. She ran it all over you and took a breath when it didn’t detect a tracker.
“How did you find us?” She asked, folding her arms over her chest.
“I saw the apartment through the portal thingy and recognized the layout. My um- my girlfriend lives in the building.”
“What’s her building number?” Wanda asked entering the room.
“Why so you can kill her?” You said, quirking your brow.
Natasha chuckled and Wanda narrowed her eyes.
“She was followed.”
“Of course she was.” Natasha deadpanned.
“But I snuck out!”
“Your thoughts are loud, little one.” Wanda said, running her hand down your arm. “Did they really think sending you would make us turn ourselves in?”
“Yes, but that wasn’t my plan, which is why I didn’t tell them where I was going.” You said smugly.
“Which is also why they followed you.” Natasha teased.
You gaped as you watched them move around the room collecting equipment. Wanda opened a portal and Natasha walked through without a word. The front door broke down and Steve and Bucky ran through but stopped short when they saw Wanda with her hand raised.
“You coming or what?” She asked and you nodded sharply and walked through.
“Wanda.” Bucky said, with pleading eyes.
“She’s safe with us and you know it.”
“It’s not too late.” He said.
“Too late? You both know the raft would be a vacation for what they'd want to do to us.”
“What are you going to do with her?” Bucky asked.
“You can’t keep her against her will.” Steve said.
“If she wants to leave we’ll let her go.”
“I’m sorry.” Steve said when she started to walk through.
“It’s a little too late for that too, Cap.” She said and closed it behind her.
The safe house was a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods. Natasha actually preferred it to the penthouse but they needed to stay in the city where they could be close to the targets. She watched you with amusement as you walked around the cabin inspecting everything. You were just as curious as you were before. The familiarity of it sent a pang to her heart.
“Where are we?” You asked.
Wanda gave you a pointed look and you rolled your eyes.
“Are you hungry?” Natasha asked, pulling items from the fridge.
“No.” You said, sitting down at the table.
They moved around the kitchen in tandem as they made breakfast. The domestic scene was jarring compared to what you’ve been told about them the past couple of days. The fact that these women killed so many people confused you. They didn’t seem dangerous or unhinged. If anything they looked sad.
“Why did you do it?”
“Do what?” Wanda said, flipping pancakes on the stove.
“You know what.”
“They were responsible for what we thought was your death.” She shrugged.
“But I’m not dead.” You said, stating the obvious.
“No you’re not, but they still erased you from this world one way or another.” Natasha said, putting a plate in front of you, “I know when you’re lying, detka. Eat.”
You chuckled nervously and poked the pancakes with a fork.
“You really think we would poison you?” Wanda asked.
“I don’t know honestly. The Avengers told me all about your, ya know.” You said, making a stabbing motion.
“And yet, you came through the portal anyway.” She countered.
“Yeah I still don’t know why I did that, or even wanted to come the first time.” You said shaking your head.
Everything was so confusing. All you knew was you felt drawn to them. You figured that made you crazy.
“You’re not crazy, lyubov.” Wanda said.
“Right. The mind-reading.” You mumbled, and your cheeks flushed under the witches smirk. “So what now?”
“You mean you didn’t think things through when you entered a portal to god knows where with a witch and an assassin?” Natasha jested.
“Ha ha, but no. I just want you to reverse whatever it is those assholes did to me.”
Wanda sighed and poured a glass of juice. Natasha smirked as the witch pretended you hadn’t said a word and sat down next to her to eat her food. You pushed your plate away and walked over to the stubborn woman.
Wanda looked startled when you planted yourself on her lap and wrapped your arms around her shoulders.
“Y/n, what are you doing?”
“It’s rude to ignore people you know.” You said.
“I um – Nat?” She said, whipping her head to the redhead.
“Don’t look at me. The little one clearly wants your attention.”
Longing flickered in Wanda’s eyes and she shook her head, trying to push the feeling down.
“You can’t do this. It’s not fair.” She choked out.
Your eyes widened and you got off her lap, wiping your sweaty palms on your sweater.
“I’m sorry. It just - it felt natural. I won’t do it again.” You said, ducking your head.
Wanda cleared her throat and stood up from the table and briskly walked into the bedroom.
“Shit.” You mumbled.
“It's ok, milaya. This is complicated.” Natasha said, cupping your cheek.
“I think that’s an understatement.”
“Yeah. I guess it is.” She said, rubbing her thumb over your cheek and left to follow after Wanda.
The witch was pacing in their room and Natasha leaned on the wall as she watched her process her thoughts.
“Is she trying to seduce us or something? Is that their stupid plan?” She hissed.
“No, lyubov. Even without her memories, Y/n would never do something like that.”
“Than what was that!”
“You heard her, it felt natural. That’s a good thing Wands. Maybe parts of her are starting to slip through.”
Wanda scoffed and Natasha grabbed her shoulders to still her.
“She’ll want to go back.” She whispered.
“You don’t know that.”
“Don’t I? I’ll put her memories back, she’ll leave and go back to them and we’ll be without her again.”
“What if she stays?”
“She won’t. She’s – she’s good, Natasha. Her heart is kind and loving and pure. We’re tainted.”
Natasha knew everything she said was true but she still had a sliver of hope.
“She may still love us anyway, but we won’t know unless we try.”
Wanda sucked in a breath as she calmed her racing heart. Her fingers twitched needing to punch something but she focused on Natasha instead and gave in.
“Fine.” She said and walked out into the living room before she changed her mind.
You were sitting on the couch playing with a loose strand on the pillow in your lap.
“I’m so sorry Wanda. I-
“I’ll do it.”
“You will?” You asked, shocked.
“Yes, lay down on your back.”
“There’s a joke on the tip of my tongue but I’m guessing this isn’t the time for it.” You said, biting your lip.
Natasha chuckled and sat down on the floor next to you.
“Still our Y/n.” She said, and you blushed.
Wanda took a deep breath and placed her hands on your forehead from behind.
“Please forgive me for this when I bring you back.” She whispered.
You looked up at her with sincere eyes and it made her heart stutter in her chest.
“I will.” You whispered.
Red tendrils released from her hands and you closed your eyes as she entered your mind. Wanda pushed past the fog but as she pushed the memories forward your head felt like it was on fire. Natasha held you down as you screamed and Wanda winced willing it to go faster. You thrashed as the pain grew more intense and Natasha held you down.
“How much longer?” She asked.
“Almost there,” Wanda choked out.
Your wails pierced her heart but she held on, getting every last one until the barrier was broken and your memories were at the forefront of your mind. She took a shaky breath as she released the scarlet and your eyes cracked open to see them both with tears in their eyes. You sat up wincing as the dull throb in your head increased and time caught up with you.
They held their breath waiting. You hadn't made a sound and they were starting to wonder if it worked but you stood quickly and turned your back to them.
“Please say something.” Natasha said.
Your shoulders dropped and you shook your head.
“I don’t know what to say, Nat.”
Wanda released her breath but the ache in her chest continued to grow. She knew you were crying by the sound of your voice.
“If you want to leave-
“Stop, Wanda.” You said turning around. “You don’t get to take the easy way out.”
Wanda ducked her head and the women stayed quiet as you processed your thoughts.
“How many people?” You whispered.
“We didn’t exactly keep count.” Natasha said and flinched when you scoffed.
“Did it feel good? And don’t lie to me.”
“Yes.” Wanda said.
“You were gone and -
“So what? You decided to go on a killing spree!” You exclaimed.
“It wasn’t exactly a spree.”
“I swear to god Natalia if you keep being a smart ass about this.” You said, shaking your head. “It doesn’t make sense. Any of it. God Wanda, you told us once that you’d rather have the world burn than let anything happen to us but I didn’t think you meant it literally.”
Wanda pursed her lips and looked away.
“Well, I did.”
“I just don’t understand how this happened.”
“You died.” Natasha said, wiping away a stray tear.
“You grieve and you move on.” You argued.
“They needed to pay for what they did.”
“Well, you sure as hell made sure that happened.” You scoffed.
They felt the same, they looked the same but they’d changed so much from the women you knew four years ago. Your mind was a mess trying to catch up.
“So that's it, you don’t love us anymore?” Wanda asked, and you knew she was reading your mind. Normally you would scold her but the look on her face broke your heart.
“Of course I love you, how could you even ask me that?” You said, walking up to her. “I just think you loved me a little too much.”
“I don’t regret it and I’d do it again! They took you away from us. They – fuck Y/n you have no idea what it was like that day. You were just gone! The love of our life was just gone.”
Wanda sucked in a breath as tears escaped her eyes and you wiped them away. You pulled her into your arms as she sobbed against you. Natasha was trying to keep it together but she broke the second you pulled her closer and she buried her head in the curve of your neck.
“It’s ok. I’m here.” You said. “I’m sorry I ever left.”
They held you tight and you cried too. You mourned for what they lost when they lost you. You meant what you said to Wanda. You still loved them and you knew you would love them no matter what they’ve done.
---------------------------- ☾------------------------------
They were still the women you’ve always known but they were different. Darker. You fell in love with that part of them too. Wanda was more mischievous and Natasha was more dominant. It was a new normal that you quickly fell into, but one thing stayed the same. They both loved teasing you.
“Nat, please.” You moaned.
She was buried inside you to the hilt but she refused to move for what felt like hours. Wanda rode your face for the third time before she collapsed beside you to catch her breath.
“You hear that Wands, our dumb little cock whore wants me to fuck her.”
Wanda chuckled and licked her cum off your cheek humming at her own taste. She decided to have her fun torturing you and played with your breasts and clit as you squirmed underneath them.
“I don’t know Nat, I don’t think she’s earned it yet.” Wanda said, kissing the side of your neck.
“I’ll do anything please, just fuck me.”
“Anything?” Natasha teased, thrusting her hips.
“Yes! Anything, please.” You stammered.
You were drenched. You felt your slick on the sheets underneath you and they loved how desperate they made you.
“Say the magic words.” Wanda teased.
You whimpered biting your lips as the words flooded your mind. Over time they started to corrupt you little by little. You were hesitant at first to join their sprees but you started to enjoy yourself. The only rule you had for yourself was no killing and they were ok with that but they would make you admit their violence turned you on. Just hours ago Wanda snapped a man's neck from touching your ass at a local Greek bar. You tried to hide your lust but they knew you too well.
“Come on, little one you know what you have to say and you get my cock.”
You moaned as Wanda pinched your aching clit.
“I like it when you- fuck.” You panted as she chuckled darkly and pulled it between her fingers.
“What was that?” She cooed.
“I like it when you kill for me.” You moaned, and Natasha snapped her hips fucking you at a brutal pace.
“That’s our good girl.” She grunted.
Natasha gripped your waist and you cried out as the head of her cock brushed your walls. You bucked your hips whimpering as your aching hole finally got relief.
“It feels so much better now doesn’t it?” Wanda said, rubbing your clit.
“Yes.” You whimpered. “so good.”
Wanda grabbed your jaw and connected your lips. You moaned in her mouth as she bit down on your bottom lip drawing blood. Her tongue licked it away and you chased her with your own as she grabbed your neck.
“You're so pretty like this, little one.” She said squeezing.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you grew lightheaded the more she held on and your walls clamped down around Natasha’s cock as she pounded your pussy.
“You gonna cum, detka?” She asked.
You whined as she released your throat and air-filled your lungs. You opened your mouth to answer but all that fell from your lips were moans as the coil in the pit of your stomach tightened painfully.
“Our dumb little baby can’t even speak.” Wanda teased
"You got to ask for it. You know that baby girl." The redhead husked.
“Wanna cum.” You choked out.
Natasha smirked and slapped your cheek the same time Wanda pulled your clit and you cried out as your orgasm crashed over you. Tears sprang from your eyes as you twitched in their arms. Natasha never slowed her pace and you felt another wave hit you as Wanda sped up her movements on your clit.
“Fuck, that’s it. Cry for us, detka.” Natasha moaned.
Your throat felt raw when your screams subsided. You tried to push Wanda’s hand away when it became too much but she pinned your hand down to the mattress with her magic.
“Please too much, I-
A moan ripped from your throat as you felt Natasha's cock flood your walls with her cum. Your back arched as you came with a cry. Their names fell from your lips as Natasha quickened her pace and Wanda's lips wrapped around your sensitive nipple.
“Nat more.” You moaned.
Wanda chuckled against you and Natasha pushed more inside, fucking it deeper with every thrust.
“Thought it was too much?” She teased.
"It is, but it feels so good." You whimpered.
Wanda pulled your clit and your tears fell as the pain added to the pleasure you felt.
"Our dirty baby." She husked. "be a good girl and give us one more. If you do we'll let you have a turn with our friend in the other room."
"We know how much you want to, detka." Natasha said.
You bit your lip as you turned your head towards the door. You could only imagine what they'd already done to him. Bruce was the worst tail you've ever seen. You all knew the minute he was in town and they led him straight into a trap. You knew by how much blood was on them whenever they left the room that he was barely hanging on. The thought of having a turn sent a pang straight to your clit.
"It's ok, baby. You can start small and still stick to your rule.” Natasha grunted.
“I - please, please.” You whined as she sped up her thrusts, the slaps echoed in the room the harder they became.
“After all the knife I plunge in his heart will be the thing that kills him.” Wanda husked.
You moaned as she licked your cheek and you came with a cry as your girlfriends smirked down at you. You whimpered as Natasha slowed her pace and your walls twitched and pulsed around her.
"Good girl." Wanda said, pecking your lips.
"I want the big knife." You whimpered, biting your lip as you gave in to the hidden desires your girlfriends planted inside you months ago.
"You can use whichever one you want, kotenok" Natasha said, leaning down to kiss you. You hissed feeling more sensitive by the second. “We’ll never get tired of making you cum, but you need a break don’t you?”
“Yes.” You chocked out.
“Only 'cause you were so good while you warmed my cock, lyubov.” She said, smirking as she pulled out and threw the harness onto the floor.
Wanda cuddled up to your side and Natasha cuddled up to the other, kissing your cheek. You were starting to drift off being surrounded by their warmth. You buried your head in Natasha’s neck and Wanda rubbed your sides as she tangled her legs with yours.
“You did so good, baby.” Natasha said, and you melted under her praise. “And don’t worry about tomorrow we’ll walk you through it.”
You sighed feeling your walls flutter as you thought about it and Wanda chuckled rubbing your hip.
“Fuck little one. With a mind like that, you can take charge of the next one.” She said, nipping your shoulder.
“That good?” Natasha asked and you blushed burrowing deeper in her neck. You pushed back against Wanda's front and the witch moaned tightening her grip as she pushed her thigh into your aching center.
“If you keep that up you’ll be too tired to have any fun tomorrow.” She husked.
“Then stop teasing me and let me sleep.” You jested.
Natasha chuckled and kissed your crown.
“We love you, little one.”
“So much.” Wanda said, kissing the nape of your neck.
Your heart skipped in your chest as if you heard it for the first time.
“I love you too.”
You drifted off to sleep, perfectly content in your girlfriend's arms. Tomorrow would be a turning point for you but you knew as long as you had them by your side everything would turn out ok. For better or for worse.
a/n: I can not express enough how fun this was to write! Hope you all enjoyed it
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cashewsaremyfavoritetho · 4 months ago
the great thing about marvel is that now all of your favorite ships and head canons are actually canon because of the multiverse
like dr strange hopping through the multiverse being like wow look at all these gay btches this is great
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crackedoutwalnut · a month ago
Debris (Natasha x Wanda x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: To say Carol Danvers is absent in your relationship would be an understatement. However, when she steps too far out of line and risks your wellbeing, Natasha and Wanda scramble to comfort a devastated Reader.
Word Count: 4,419
The argument started when you ran into a former high school friend at the bar. You and Carol had been out on a date night to celebrate her return from a successful mission. Your girlfriend was always off saving galaxies or destroying intergalactic armies, which doesn't leave much time left over for you. Not that you minded, of course! Her work was important, and you couldn't dream of keeping her from it. However, this meant that you savored every moment you had with her.
She had gone off to get the both of you another drink when your friend approached. You had been eager to catch up with them, seeing as it had been years since the two of you last spoke. Rushing to hug them, the two of you excitedly started catching up.
You were opening your mouth to ask another question about their career when Carol came storming up to the booth you were sitting at.
Giving her an excited smile, you waved her over. "Hey babe, this is F/n, my friend from high school. We were just catching up," you introduced.
Your friend gave Carol a slightly starstruck smile and waved, "Hello, it's incredible to meet you. When Y/n said she was dating the Captain Marvel, I couldn't believe it."
Your girlfriend gave them a carefully neutral face, an expression she only made when she was particularly upset about something. "Well, I'm glad you two got to catch up; however, we have to get going."
You gave her a slightly baffled look, "We do?"
Carol let out an incredibly stiff chuckle as she shouldered on her bomber jacket, "Well, it's getting late, and I don't really like staying up all night getting drunk."
You glanced down at your phone's lock screen; it was 9:15. "Well, if you're tired, I suppose it would be okay if we left," glancing over at your friend, you offered them an apologetic smile. "Sorry, F/n, but it appears we are leaving."
Your friend waved off your apology and pulled you into another tight hug. "It was amazing to see you again. We should catch up sometime, yeah?"
Grinning, you pulled away, "For sure, keep in touch." When they turned to walk away, you felt Carol tightly grasp your hand. Once she had your hand securely in her grasp, the hero immediately started tugging you towards the door.
Wincing, you stumbled to keep up with her determined strides. "Babe, can we maybe slow down a bit? The Uber will still be there in a few minutes, I promise." Both your request and your joke went ignored as the woman continued to practically drag you down the street. Your confusion continued to mount into panic as Carol promptly stormed right past your waiting Uber. "Carol, I think our driver was back the- what the fuck are you doing?!" You let out a loud yelp as your girlfriend silently hefted you into her arms and shot into the night sky. Scrambling to find solid purchase around her neck, you shot Carol a shellshocked glare.
The blonde seemed set on maintaining her pointed silence as she flew- a lot faster than you would have liked- towards Avengers Tower. So, you squeezed your eyes shut and buried your face into her shoulder, trying your best not to peer down at the ground far below. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Carol landed in front of the Tower. Without bothering to glance in your direction, she haphazardly dumped you onto the sidewalk and stormed into the building.
As quickly as you could muster, you followed behind her on the shaky legs of a newborn calf. The last time Carol had flown with you, it had been your first date together. After you nearly had a mental breakdown mid-flight, she had quickly agreed to ask for explicit consent before doing so ever again. Well, at least you thought she had decided to ask for permission; apparently, that agreement had expired.
After gaining your footing, you felt anger building up inside you. Why was Carol so upset all of a sudden? She had never been this petty before, at least not without an obvious reason. You stomped into an empty elevator. She had not bothered to wait for you. "JARVIS, please take me up to Carol's floor," you requested snippily.
"Right away, Miss Y/n," the AI replied. You waited until the elevator slid open before storming through the main room and into yours and Carol's shared bedroom. Inside, your girlfriend was pacing the room in her bra and boxers. Normally the sight of the blonde's abs would be enough to have you tackling her onto the bed in a second. Currently, you barely gave them a second glance.
"Do you mind telling me what the fuck all that was about?" You snapped.
Carol paused her pacing to shoot you a look rarely saw from her. Captain Marvel was furious. "Who the hell was that, back at the bar?" She replied venomously, ignoring your question.
Your eyes widened as realization set in. "You threw a tantrum back there because you were jealous?" You questioned, tone rising in volume.
"Answer the damn question! Who was that, and why were they practically eye-fucking you right in front of me?"
You stared at the woman in disbelief, "I already told you, F/n is my best friend from high school. And to be clear, they were not eye-fucking me. They gave me a hug."
Carol scowled and stopped her pacing. She pivoted to face you and crossed her arms over her chest, "Listen, I know I'm gone a lot. Trust me, if I could stay and be with you 24/7, I would, but that doesn't mean you can just go off flirting with whoever the hell you want! Especially not right in front of me!"
"Oh my God, you are acting like a child!" You threw your hands in the air. "I wasn't flirting. We were discussing their new job; how is that even remotely flirtatious?"
Carol rolled her eyes, "Oh right, like I'm supposed to believe you lean in that close to talk about someone's new office job."
"Listen, I don't know if your just stressed from your mission or why the hell you have decided to act like this, but-"
Your girlfriend cut you off by storming closer to you. She was an imposing figure on a good day; however, it wasn't until that moment that you truly felt scared of her. She towered over you, her stance solid and tense. "I'm 'acting like this,'" she held up air quotes, "because I don't like it when my girlfriend feels up random ass people at the bar."
You stepped away from her, "You're irrational, Carol."
Carol pointed a hand at your chest; it was glowing from the heat of her just barely restrained photon blasters. "It isn't irrational when my girlfriend is acting like a complete whore!" Her voice rose to a scream. Then, time moved in slow motion as the unnatural heat from her palms exploded just above your head. Chunks of drywall and debris burst throughout the room. You dove backward, falling onto the dirty carpet with a pained scream. Blood dripped from cuts of varying sizes along your arms, legs, and face. Your ears rang slightly as you looked up at the shaking form of Captain Marvel. Her face was distorted with horror as she gazed down at your quivering form.
"Baby, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do that, I swear-"
Your entire face scrunched as tears streamed down your now dust-covered cheeks, "Don't you dare. First, you cut short the one night I get to spend doing something other than worrying about your safety because you're acting like an irrational bitch. Then, you fly me into the air without asking, despite knowing how much I hate that. Then finally, you decide to try, and fucking kill me," stumbling to your feet, you glared at a now sobbing Carol. "You should have stayed with the Kree, Danvers. You have got more in common with them than you ever had humans."
You pushed past her and strode out to the main room of the floor. You started to approach the elevator when the doors abruptly slid open. Tony, Steve, Natasha, and Wanda rushed out of the box, suited up and ready for battle. Tony had his repulsor cannons raised as he looked around for the source of the explosion.
You were quickly swarmed by Wanda and Natasha as they checked you over for injuries. "Y/n, what the hell happened? Why are you bleeding? Is Captain Marvel dealing with the enemy?" Wanda asked, scanning her eyes over you worriedly.
You wiped the tears from your eyes as you stepped away from the two women, "Lower your weapons; there's no threat." The four heroes glanced at each other with baffled expressions as they hesitantly lowered their respective weapons.
Natasha slowly stuffed her handgun into its holster, "If there's no threat, then why is your bedroom wall missing?"
Just then, Carol decided to come rushing out of the room, "Y/n, please, I'm sorry. I swear I never would have done that on purpose-" She slid to a halt at the sight of the other Avengers.
Steve Rogers crossed his arms and stepped forward, "You did this, Carol?"
Natasha looked between you and the blonde, "You better start giving a damn good explanation for what the fuck happened to her, Danvers."
Carol ignored the assassin and stepped forward; her tearful eyes were locked on yours. You flinched as she approached, stepping back closer to where Wanda and Steve stood. "Baby, please, I never meant to hurt you. I was just upset; it will never happen again, I promise." Before Carol could even consider taking another step, Wanda had wedged herself between the two of you. She acted as a wall of security, her eyes glowing crimson as she glowered at the blonde. Steve wrapped an arm around you and pulled you even further away from the other captain.
The witch stepped closer to Carol until she was practically nose to nose with the woman. "I know you think you're tough shit, Captain," her Sokovian accent was thick with venom as her voice quivered with barely restrained anger. "But I assure you I can knock you down several pegs if you even consider touching Y/n again." Her hands glowed with wreaths of scarlet as she poked her finger against the blonde's chest.
"Please, I just want to talk to her," Carol explained, peering at you over Wanda's shoulder. Your gaze was fixed on the wood paneling beneath your feet as you sunk against Steve's protective arm.
"No, you are going to leave right now, and you are not going to return to Earth until you are given explicit permission to do so." Carol looked as if she wanted to argue; however, when you refused to meet her gaze for a second time, she nodded. Carefully, she stepped around the witch and stalked towards the elevator. Pausing, she looked back at you one final time before allowing the doors to slide shut behind her.
The four of you stood in silence as you continued to burrow your gaze into the floorboards. The love of your life had just left for good, and you couldn't help but feel like a coward for feeling devastated by it. You should hate her; she had nearly killed you tonight. Still, you wanted nothing more than to chase after her and beg for her to stay.
Natasha glanced over at Steve and Tony, who were staring at the elevator in awkward shock. "Wanda and I can handle it from here."
Steve gave you a hesitant look, "Are you sure?"
Nat rolled her eyes, "Yes, we're sure, men are terrible at handling breakups, now shoo." Begrudgingly, the two men turned to leave. Once they were out of sight, Natasha carefully approached you. "Are you alright, Hun?" You shrugged dejectedly. You firmly bit your tongue, trying everything within your ability to keep from sobbing like a toddler in front of the two strongest women you know.
Wanda outstretched her arms and gave you an empathetic smile, "Would it be okay if I hugged you?" she asked. That did it; your dam burst. Letting out a croaky sob, you nodded, your face twisted with grief. Wanda tutted softly and pulled you into her arms. Her hand reached up to cradle the base of your head as she rubbed your back with the one wrapped around your torso. You desperately wanted to stop getting snot and tears on your friend and work colleague's shirt. However, you were drunk and tired, and all you wanted to do was get lost in those soft strokes running up and down your back.
You sniffled and peered up at Wanda. "How much of it did you see?"
The woman grimaced and pulled you tighter into her arms. "A lot of it; her thoughts were incredibly loud. I'm so sorry."
Natasha sighed, "Let's get you upstairs. You're probably tired, huh, sweetie?" The stoic woman's voice was gentler than you had ever heard it. You felt her presence shift closer to you as she placed a warm hand on the back of your shoulder. As if on instinct, you leaned into it. You opened your mouth to speak; however, only a pathetic whimper slipped out. Your face burned hot with shame at the two women seeing you in such a state. You were a SHIELD agent, goddammit; you dealt with loss every day. So, where was that fire now?
If Natasha and Wanda were disgusted by your disgusting display of weakness, they did not comment. Instead, the telepath simply maneuvered you in her grip so that only her arm was wrapped around your waist. You melted into her like caramel left in the sun. Once you were sandwiched safely between Natasha and Wanda inside the elevator, you felt your voice return to you.
"Wh-where're we going?" You murmured.
The woman holding you squeezed your side gently, "To our floor."
Furrowing your brows, you squinted up at Wanda in confusion, "Why? Wouldn't it have been easier if I just slept in Carol and-" you swallowed before correcting yourself, "In my room?"
Wanda flashed a gentle smile and crinkled her nose in amusement, "Sweetheart, your bedroom is covered in dust and debris. Not to mention the giant hole. We would never let you sleep in those conditions."
"But what about-"
Natasha cut you off with a soft pinch to your upper arm. "Shush you. Stop being so damn stubborn, and let us help you get over that bitch."
You winced at the insult, stilling, feeling a tad defensive of the woman, "Can we not insult her, at least for now?"
Wanda scoffed, her grip around your waist growing firm and protective. "I don't see why not, considering what she called you."
You practically heard the scowl that formed on Nat's face, "What did she call you, Y/n?"
You shrugged sheepishly and gazed down at your feet. "It was nothing..."
You heard the witch next to you let out an angry guffaw, "It was far from nothing. She called you a whore."
You felt Natasha's entire body go still at those words. Daring a glance, you saw her face contorted with rage. "She what? I'm going to slaughter that bitch. If she ever-"
Panic started to mount in your chest as Nat ranted on; you clutched tightly at the side of Wanda's shirt, desperately seeking a solid, safe place to hide. Normally, dealing with an angry Avenger was just another day on the job. Tonight though, it was too loud, too hostile, too much. You didn't realize you were hyperventilating until Wanda was wrapping her other arm around you. She pulled you back against her chest and allowed your head to burrow under her chin.
Unbeknownst to you, Wanda sharply nudged Natasha's calf with her the tip of her boot. Natasha's angry monologue was cut to an abrupt stop as she beheld you, shaking and whimpering in her girlfriend's arms. Pursing her lips guiltily, she gently cupped the back of your neck. "Hey, I'm sorry. Everything's alright now, kotenok; you're safe. Everyone's calm, I promise."
The elevator door opened with a ding as you continued to bury yourself in Wanda's arms. You nodded slightly and let out a shaky hum at Nat's words, still not moving from your hiding place. Wanda grinned softly and carefully started to maneuver her way into the apartment. Her arms never left their place around your waist and upper back as she allowed her girlfriend to lead the way. It wasn't until she gently guided you onto a bed- her bed- did you pull away from her.
"What are we doing here? I want to go to bed."
Natasha shot you a strange look, "You are in bed?"
Your eyed widened, "I can't sleep here. Where will you guys stay?"
Natasha snickered, "We've slept on surfaces far worse than a sofa, Y/n." You opened your mouth to protest; however, the assassin swiftly shut you up with a stern look. Pursing your lips, you looked down at your lap like a scolded child.
Wanda gently cupped your cheek, "Wait here, detka. I'm going to get something to clean up those wounds. You nodded and watched as the woman disappeared into the bathroom that branched off of the master bedroom. Natasha sat down next to you on the edge of the mattress.
"How are you holding up?" She asked, her eyes sweeping over your hunched form.
You simply shrugged in response. The vodka shots you had taken earlier at the bar had finally started to wear off, leaving the full weight of the situation to press on top of you. Carol was gone. And this time, it was permanent. Your worst fear had come true: your captain was gone, and she was never coming back. Your face twisted once more as a fresh wave of tears streamed down your dusty cheeks.
"She-she's gone, Nat." You should hate her; she called you a whore over something you hadn't done in the first place. For fucks sake, she nearly killed you! So then why did the thought of never seeing her again hurt so bad? Natasha sighed and outstretched her arms. Taking it as enough of an invitation, you collapsed against the woman and let out a chest-aching sob. "She's gone..." You repeated quietly.
"I know this isn't going to be an easy adjustment for you, sweetie. But, just know Wanda and I are going to be here for you the entire time. You won't have to be alone through this," Natasha murmured, her nails gliding up and down your back comfortingly. The two of you sat in that protective embrace for what seemed like hours.
You only pulled away when Wanda strode back into the room with an arm full of first-aid kits, pill bottles, and band-aids. She set them on the foot of the bed and gave you a sheepish smile. "I didn't know what we would need..."
Nat snickered and nudged Wanda playfully with her foot, "Jesus Wands, she has a couple cuts and bruises. It isn't like she's bleeding out."
The witch shot her girlfriend a playful glare. "Shut up and start disinfecting the cuts on her legs." She tossed a towel and a bottle of disinfectant to the assassin.
Nat smirked, "Yes, ma'am." You sat between them, awkwardly staring down at your lap. You had since shifted away from Nat and settled cross-legged on the duvet. The assassin glanced up at you with an apologetic smile, "This might sting a bit."
"I'm sure it will be- shit!" You cut yourself off with a hiss as you felt the cloth dab at your scrapes.
"Told you," she replied with a playful wink.
In a mock display of petulance, you crossed your arms over your chest and stuck your tongue out at the woman. Nat flicked the side of your knee in response.
Wanda rolled her eyes fondly, hiding her grin behind her hand. "Alright, children, that's enough. Now, Y/n, I need you to hold still for a moment."
"Wh-" your question was once again cut short by the feeling of a cold washcloth against your cheek. Scrunching your face in confusion and discomfort, you shrank away from the cold fabric.
"I need to get this dust off your face and arms before Natasha starts tending to them," the witch explained.
"Yeah but, can't I do that myself?" you asked.
"I suppose," Wanda conceded, "However, after the night you have had, you should not have to."
Sighing, you gently nudged the towel away, "Look, I appreciate this and all. But, I think it would be best if I just took a shower. It's been a long evening, and I need some time to think."
Natasha considered this before standing, rag clasped in her hand. "Of course, you hardly had time to breathe before we were dragging you up to our room."
"It isn't that I don't find it incredibly sweet because I do. It's just," you ran a hand through your debris sprinkled hair, "a lot. Losing my long-term girlfriend so abruptly and so permanently has put me into a kind of shock that I need a moment to drag myself out of."
Wanda nodded in understanding, "Of course, take all the time you need. We will be here when you are ready."
"Thank you both, I mean it. I don't know what I would do without you two."
In the shower, you found yourself staring at the greyish water that ran off your body and down the drain. Chunks of paint, drywall, and dust had managed to coat every follicle of hair on your scalp. Your nails and fingertips violently massaged the mess out of your hair. Once you got it to an acceptable degree of cleanliness, you grabbed a loofa from a hook on the shower wall and soaked it with lavender honey body wash. You grit your teeth slightly as you lather over the many cuts littering your skin.
If you ever had any doubt that Carol Danvers was one of the most powerful Avengers, they had been thoroughly blasted away alongside your now nonexistent bedroom wall. Sighing, you leaned your head back to scrub at our collarbone. The thought of your destroyed bedroom brought another gut-wrenching question to your mind. Was it even your room anymore? The only reason you were allowed to have a floor in the Tower was because of Carol. Now that she was gone, where would that leave you?
A large part of you knew that there was a slim chance that Tony would ever actually kick you out. However, that didn't mean that it wasn't a possibility. You weren't an Avenger, nor were you an asset to him or anyone else on the team. Sure, you were a SHIELD agent, but there were plenty of other agents out there. Your chest tightened painfully. Your shower thoughts were continuing to close in on you when a knock sounded from the door.
Jumping, you peaked your head out from behind the frosted glass door of the shower. "Y-yes?" The cracks in your voice were painfully obvious.
"I'm leaving some of Nat's sleepwear on the bed; we will be in the living room if you need us," Wanda called.
"Th-thanks Wan! I'll be out in a sec!" You replied hastily, scrubbing at your teary eyes.
As promised, an oversized red t-shirt and a pair of silk pajama shorts were neatly folded on the bed. The smell of Natasha's cologne brushed your nose as you slipped into the well-worn shirt. Sighing, you allowed the familiar scent to fill your lungs for a moment before stepping out of the bedroom. You felt nerves creep back up your spine as you entered the living room. There, Natasha and Wanda sat beside each other, a blanket draped over their laps. Natasha's arm was wrapped around her partner's neck as she idly scrolled through Netflix.
Having heard you approach, both women turned to face you. Wanda offered you a tender smile, "How are you holding up, sweetheart?"
Shrugging, you fiddled with the hem of your shirt. "I don't know; I already miss her so much."
Natasha sighed, "Come here, please?" she requested gently. You shuffled over to the couch. The two women scooted aside to leave a space between them. You sat down in the provided space; immediately, Wanda set part of the blanket over your lap. Shrinking down further into the sofa, you stared down at your lap as Nat began to speak again. "When I heard you and Captain had started dating, I almost couldn't believe it."
You glanced up at her, "What do you mean?"
The assassin pursed her lips, "Carol is not known for her commitment. She's a great soldier to fight alongside. However, she is not the kind of woman who will ever put her lover before her work. Even if she had not fucked everything up the way she did, that wouldn't have changed that she could never provide you the full extent of love you deserve," Natasha wrapped an arm around you and pulled you against her. "Everyone noticed how distraught Carol's constant long-term disappearances made you. You barely eat or sleep when she's away- which is most of the time- and you can barely stomach to watch her leave when she is here."
You glared furiously down at your lap as you processed Natasha's words. "So what are you saying? She never loved me in the first place?"
Wanda cupped your cheek and guided your gaze to meet hers, "We are certain she truly loved you, Y/n. That is not what Nat is talking about. You were the most important person in Carol's life. However, you deserve someone willing to act on that adoration. Someone who will be by your side at the end of each and every day."
You glanced between the two women you were sandwiched between. A smile settled on your lips as you burrowed yourself closer to the pair. "Yeah, maybe you're right."
Natasha leaned down to kiss your temple as she wrapped her arm back around you. "Of course we are."
Wanda settled her arm on top of Nat's. Softly threading her fingers through your hair, she smiled. "No one will ever hurt you like that again, Sweetheart. Not while we're around."
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