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#wandavision spoiler
i-sudoku · a day ago
WandaVision: Westview being taken hostage by an untrained powerful witch, Darkhold turned up, magic battle
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: The Flagsmashers were about to attack GRC in New York
Stephen Strange:
Tumblr media
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Wanda: [sees somebody doing something insane]
Wanda: What an idiot.
Wanda: [sees it's Pietro]
Wanda: Oh wait. That's my idiot.
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aspiestvmusings · 13 days ago
WandaVision: Details
The devil is in the details aka the small things I noticed on the show 
Not all these little things might've been intentional. Some may be just lucky coincidences. But even the ones that were not planned can be seen as such now (we can "make" them "canon")
Details, Easter Eggs & more: 
"Previously on WandaVision" 
With each episode Wanda's voice gets more tired & weaker as she says this line at the strat of each new episode of her TV sitcom. (is it cause Agatha is feeding off of her magic/powers... draining her of energy? Is it cause she's becoming more aware of the reality and gets depressed because she cannot fix things?)
There are hexaginal shapes everywhere on WV. 
When Vision is trying to break fere of the hex in ep 6, but the energy starts pulling him back in (cause he is part of the hex & exists only within it), he is falling part in pieces in the shape of hexagons (hexagos aare also part of his robot body...the circuits, the patterns on the metal)
On the page in the Darkhole, which tells of the Scarlet Witch, there are many "hidden" details (same with the page next to it). One of those details is that there is a hexagon behind the image of Scarlet Witch (suggesting that her magic is hex (shaped) magic
Several opening scredits sequences & the final frames of the episode of the sitcom Wanda was airing from the hex had hexahon shapes. Dots, which if connected, form a hexagon around the moon in ep 2. Wanda & Vision's faces framed in hexes for final frame of episode 1, 2, 3
There is a hexagonal shape added to Wanda’s new Scarlet Witch the center of the outgits “collar” there is a hegagonal (mindstone) shaped detail. 
Stages of grief
The whole series is an exploration of the stages of grief. Wanda going from denial to anger to bargaining to depression, and finally, acceptance. Of losing Vision. But also of losing...everything & everyone, finally accepting the losses,  and of who she is. 
Magical Colours
The colours of character’s powers/magic: Wanda = red, Agatha = purple, Vision = yellow, Billy = blue, Tommy = green. Monica = whatever colours she is seeing & hence absorbing? White Vision = blue (from the “Stark-ish triangle” stone replacing the mind stone)?
Magic & Science
Wanda = magic & Vision = science. To sides of the same thing/coin. As Thor put it: "Your ancestors called it magic, but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same." And in Dr. Strange it's also mentioned how science & magic both exist in the universe. He was born a "robot", she was born a witch. They are connected by the MindStone..which is part of both of them. Wanda & Visions magician (stage) names in epsiode 1x02 reveal Hex Visions state - he, like his stage name suggests, is kind of an Illusion. Inside the hex he is very real (made of bones, and blood, and skin, and vibranium... but outside the hex he “vanishes” &  Wanda’s stage name Glamour is a reference to magic (another meaning of the word) & hence her being the magician whose magic has created this hex world. 
During her single-day pregnancy Wanda is seen eating different fruits: orange (getting the nursery reaady scene), pineapple (braxton hicks contractions scene)... & Dr. Nielsen was comparing the growth of the fetus to the size of different fruits.... & that pineapple is probably the same one Agnes broyght over at the end of ep 1 when the Harts were dinbner guests at Wanda & Vision’s house. 
I don’t know the significance of this, but it’s a detail I noticed that seemed... oddly consistent to me. Everyone in Wanda's sitcom family is wearing a wrist watch basically the whole time.  Wanda, Vision, the twins (Billy & Tommy) were all wearing watches...all the time...during the whole hex experience. Why would she write that into her magical hex sitcom script? I wasn't sure why I kept noticing them wearing watched all the time, and why would it matter. (Maybe pre cellphones/smartphones it was just a thing one did)
The secret project Hayward was working on, named "Cataract" is so obviously related to Vision (go look up what the "disease" cataract means regardin eyes & vision: it can cause doible vision & it "clouds" your vision). It was a wordplay...refering to doublle vision & to couding the vision... 
The banging noises that wake up/scare Wanda & Vision at the start of episode 1x02 and that they mistake for wind/tree branches are, most likely, the drones that SWORD is sending into the hex & that keep disappearing. But.. it's also a callback to the time when she was watching the sitcom episode the scene is based on...on TV as a kid, when the missile hit...
Grief & Drowning 
According to Monica the person who controlled her mind was a woman, and she claims (she thinks) she heard Wanda's voice telling her what to do/controlling her. She says the person contolling her mind seemed to be sad, morning... We know this all fits Wanda. And Monica's description of the feelings she felt durig the mind-control matches Wanda's description...exactly: its grief, drowning her... This was exactly how Wanda descibed her grief to Vision in ep 8 flashback....
Monica's powers
When Monica is trying to enter the hex, again (after the truck is rejected by the hex) we see her "split" into all her different forms/characters/personalities - Monica, Geraldine... and in the end all the different "Monica's" combine & she has finished her transformation into a "mutant"
Exceptions to the rule
Based on the info we have we can assume thta only two people/things entered the hex without the hex re-writing them: Agatha, and White Vision. We have no info on how Agatha go into the hex or when exactly did she arrive. But she seems to have gotten there before Monica & Jimmy did. Whether she got "sucked" into the hex without it changing her OR she used some kind of magic ( which case Dr. Strange & other powerful magicians&witches can enter the same way). We are also not told how White Vision entered. But we have to assume he "phased" through the hex barrier (because he can adjust his density, and Monica's space truck didn't work cause they miscalculated the density it seems). Yet what is interesting is that the hex seemingly did not change him. Yes, the decade was almost correct; it's supposed to be around 2013 in the hex, and 2023 in reality, so almost correct. But I still found it interesting... Agnes cannot be controlled
It was obvious that Agnes was not under Wanda's spell in ep 6 when Vision found her sitting in the car close to the hex barrier. Everyone else was almost frozen, but she could interact with him, move, drive away. Just another trick to make Vision want to explore what's outside of hex (leave the hex) Wanda would use her magic more (and Agatha could feed on it). I wondered why he didn't pick up on the trick...
You cannot control everyone
Agnes lets Wanda know that she/you can't control children. Wanda doesn't seem to know this in the beginning (as she's trying to make them stop crying). But it seems she also cannot control Vision, because he is evolving & he is his own character, not her puppet. In ep 6 she is surprised that he goes off script (that's not what you're supposed to...) & in ep 7 she tells the kids that if he doesn't want to be there (at home, in the hex) she can't do anything about it. That's after she has told him in ep 5 "Can't I?" when Vision tells her that "You can't control me like the others."
Wanda’s making it l up “on the spot”
Every time Wanda's made aware of another aspect she follows the "new script". She is writing the script based on what she has learned, what's in her subconsious. She is writing the scripts based on her memories - references to her past & to what the people of WV say...she builds the story around these details, but changes the settings...
Wanda didn't write the whole on her own. She was making the story up on the way (making it up as we go along). She drew inspiration from her own past, and from what was going on around her. She wrote the ideas people were giving her into the next script. (all for the children = pregnancy next ep; no children in WV = kids all out for Halloween) When an “issue” was pointed out to her, she “wrote” about it, she tried to “fix” that part of the story. 
All for the children
The people of WV did it all for the children. To see their kids again. Cause their kids were in “isolation/quarantine”...locked in their rooms & they could not see them. 
And it also serves as planting the idea of kids into Wanda’s mind. Which was Agatha’s goal: she nudged her towards creating life/kids (reading seduction techniques magazine articles, making everyone chant “all for the children”, etc)
In episode 3 sitcom opening sequence, when we see Vision build a swingset (for the kid) in the backyard he adds 2 swings + a seesaw to it. Clear indication that they will have twins.
Wiccan & Speed
Billy is seen wearing clothes with space & spaceships, and there is a telescope on his side of the twins room. The colour of Billy's power is the space stone. Also Billy is wearing red/blue colours & Tommy green colours usualy. The colours of their powers & superhero "powers".
Also...due this is probably mostly so because of the comics (and Billy & Tommy’s powers in comics), then interestingly within the MCU Wanda gave her kids her & her twin brothers powers - Billy has “telekinetic powers” & Tommy is “fast”. In a way one could say that she recreated them based on their abilities. But...she also gave her Hex Vision her brothers superpower, speed, in her dream world... 
There is a poster with sportscar on the wall above Tommy's bed in the twins room. This is reference to Tommy's power...speed. "Speed" is also his comic-book "superhero name"
Billy's abilities
From what we've shown Billy seems to have abilities similar to his mom, Wanda [and Tommy similar to his uncle, essentially these are Wanda & Pietro re-born...she modeled their abilities after her and her brothers, because she still missed & greived her brother, too.] He can read minds & do other tricks. But one thing that we've learned is that he can see & hear (telepathy) not just what's happening now, but (near) future. When he "sees" their mother in trouble in the town square hes seeing events that havent happened yet. Which means...that he can sense what's coming when Wanda & Vision are saying goodbye to the twins. He knows. But he says nothing.
In ep 6 Vision makes an X with his hands (as he's trying to show that he's gonna be the only thing standing between trhe trees & the TP). & In the same/next scene Fietro says that he's "got the XY gene". A hint at X gene. X = mutant genes. Also X (in roman numerals) means 10, and that’s the age both Wanda’s & her twins powers started manifesting more strongly...
The Nexus commercial in ep 7 means several things. In comics a nexus beings have access to all the multiverse & Wanda/SW is a Nexus being. In MCU (AoU) Nexus Internet Hub in Oslo is the place where Tony goes in search for answers. Also in MCU (Thor: TDW) the nexus of all realities is a gateway to other dimensions. 
Commercial break
The commercials, to me, seem most about Wanda's trauma. Sure, they seem to also kind of represent the infinity stones, and their colous (watch = green/time, soap = blue/space, towels = red/aether=reality...), but it's mostly just her life story. The toaster is the blinking Stark missile that she & her brother waited to explode for 2 days when they were 10. The watch is the experiments done to her & her twin. The paper towels are about the unintentional mess she created in Lagos with her powers... But the commercials seem to shift  from the past towards the current situation in hex & the future later on: the shark & the yoghurt (Agnes &  Wanda), the nexus pills (her being a nexus being, who is currently a mess)... And, interestinly the turn comes with the Hydra soak, which refers to the Mind Stone experiments, which revealed the goddess within her...the vision she saw...of her future self.
Vision appreciating Wandas outfits
I half-expected Vision to make a comment on Wanda's new Scarlet Witch outfit, but I get it why they didn't add that line. Because the focus had to be on the goodbye more.
In 1x01 Vision keeps commenting on Wanda's stunnig outfit (What are you wearing? What are you wearing? That stunning outfit...)
In 1x02 Vision makes  a comment on Wanda's magic act costume (body). She's Glamour.
In 1x06 the tables are kind of turned, when Vision says that he knows Wanda appreciates his Haloween costume look (she loves mexican wrestlers) and thats why she gave him that outfit to wear
Double meaning 
The dialogue "What is going on?" - Wanda / "You are!" - Geraldine  in ep 2 has double meaning.
Wanda is asking Vision about what is going on with all the weird things that happened to/around her that day, but Geraldine is talking about her/them being the next act to go on stage. was also the revealing answer to the question “who” is behind aall the things happening. 
 You don’t say “Flourish”, just do it: 
   "Flourish!" - Vision/Illusion  "You just do it, you don't say it out loud, honey." - Wanda/Glamour, ep 2. 
This, actually describes Wanda's powers! She, unlike Agatha does not have to say the magic words out loud to do her magic. She just thinks it & does the trick/the trick happens. Vision was in Agatha's role & Wanda in her own role during their magic act - Vision kept saying Flourish! before each of his tricks, while Wanda just "fixed" each trick without saying a  word...just thinking of a solution & moving her fingers...and it happened. We were given a visual explanation early on the show already!
Too much/Not enough
"Oh, no, too much!" / "Oh, no, ot enough!" - Wanda, ep 1 (overcooking the chicken & turning it to eggs) - this scene kind of describes her inability to use her powers correctly, not being able to control them. Either over-doing it, or avoiding using them.  
"Oh, did I do that? I didn't mean to." 
Another line by Wanda in ep 3 & another reference for her creating the hex without meaning to. Another reference to her power & magic abilities and her not controlling it completely...accidentaly using her powers without meaning to.
"It's kinda fluttery" 
Wanda, ep 3  describes the feeling of the baby/babies kick ...and by thinking & describing the feeling as "fluttery" she makes the fake butterflies decoration above the crib become real & flutter (fly). Another visual clue that her power works automatically... (meaning: she can think her food tastes sweet, and as a byproduct accidentally a bag of sweets appear on the table...) 
The house plant
The first thing in the room that glitches after Wanda sits down to eat & watch TV in ep 7, is the plant that Agnes gave them as a house-warming gift in ep 1. You can still see the ribbon on it. It goes from the small plant into a "tall tree"...
Transmutation 1
Monica's sword badge turns into the "sword shaped" necklace. The hex/Wanda's power changes it to that when she enters/is sucked into the hex.
Transmutation 2
Monica's helicopter drone that she sends in when she & Jimmy first meet outside the hex is turned into the "Stark industries" toy copter (the only coloured thing in the b&w world by that moment when Wanda finds it]
Breaking the 4th wall
Monica literally "breaks four walls" in episode 3/4, when Wanda expels her from the hex: the wall of the room, the wall of the house, the picket fence around the house, the hex wall). Shes literally breaking the 4th wall at one point.
Curse words
There is no cursing on WandaVision, the TV show Wanda created. All the curse-words are turned to non-curse-words. Best example is the moment when Darcy is being overtaken by the hex in episode 6, and though she starts to say “fu--”, she ends up saying “fudge” instead. 
The name of the WV movie theatre...both in Wandas sitcom & reality, seems to be "Coronet", which basically translates to "Crown"
Now playing [in the movie theatre] 
In ep 6 the films playing the the WV theatre are “The Parent Trap” (about twins, separated from parents) & “The incredibles” (about a superhero familly). 
In ep 8 (flashback to hex creation) the movies playing in the treatre are ´”Big Red” & “Kidnapped” [both in colour] - both referring to Wanda & her red magic and “kidnapping” the whole town...putting it under her spell...
Metal scratch
During the episode 8 scene when Vision is giving an interview, sitting in the chair, outside the funnel van, he scratches his head at one point & you can hear the sound of metal being "scratched". He's made of metal, so...  PS. Loved this little audio detail they added.
Originally I was pretty certain it was Agnes who was trying to keep Vision away in ep 7, creating all those roadblocks and distractions. Divide & concour. Cause since he's a robot she doesn't seem to be able to really control him. But neither does Wanda. So...perhaps it was neither Wanda, nor Agatha... just his own quest for answers... But then again...since Wanda writes the scripts for the hex, then the roadblocks & kids crossing roads and all that was probably her doing...subcociously...
The cereal box design tells Vision & Darcy's journey in  episode 7. It's a maze, with a "goal" at the center, and circus elephant in the outside. They start at the barrier or the hex, and need to reach the center (where Wanda & Agnes and that basement are).
Pain it red!
During ep 5 sitcom opening credits we see a brush surrounded with red "power sparkle" colouring the family picture. This is a reference to Wanda & her magic creating this Vision, this family, this hex reality. We've shown a visual clue for who created him in this hex-world & who created this hex world.
  Big Red:
The name of the chewing gum in ep 2 that gets stuck in Vision's gears is  reference to Wanda (big red power) being behind all of this. Though we've not told if it got stuck because Agatha messed it up, or was it only a reference to Wanda, and her red magic controlling him.
Vision is often seen reading/holding a newspaper in the sitcom episodes. In episode 1 the front page news title says "Little baby June's first word tickles mother Sue." In episode 5 the top of the front page reads "More dramatic details about the lights in the sky" 
Lights in the sky
In episode 5 the headline on top of front page that Vision reads says "More dramatic details about the lights in the sky..." (the scene where the dog is introduced). This is most likely a reference to the lights SWORD has set up around the hex perimeter. 
“To grow old in. -V” 
The message Vision leaves for Wanda on the property deed, on the plot he brought for build a house on, to move to & live & grow old in ...together. This is why she makes it a sitcom through different decades (not stuck in the one ep of the one 1950′s/1960s show she used to re-watch endlessly as a kid). She is granting him his final grow old together. And in the end...she takes the hex house down also decade by the camera circles around the everything disappears. She did it “for us” (read. them) and for him. She gave him the experiences he had expressed he had not had: “I’ve always been alone, so I don’t know the difference, I’ve never lost anyone...” (he lost the twins & was his final experience...).
“Home is where you make it” 
This is the towns slogan on the WV sign. This is also esse ntially a hint at Wanda literally doing that...making/creating a home for herself & her family...within this town, under the hex she put up...
House of M W
The shape of the house (the foundation) is in the shape of M or W, depending on from which side you're looking at it. This is most likely a reference to the comic "House of M" (the series has taken inspiration from this one, too). But since this house is Vision's gift to Wanda, then it's most likely supposed to be W for Wanda....within this WV shows story.  
Decade by Decade
The scenes where Wanda & Vision were saying goodbye to the twins & to each other had many little important details. During the final goodbye scene between Wanda & Vision the hex/Wanda is taking down the house/room layer/decade by layer/decade around them. 
Turn off/on the lights:
The scenes where Wanda & Vision were saying goodbye to the twins & to each other in ep 9 had many little important details. Wanda turning off the lights in the kids room & the living room was like her turning off the hex. It also symbolises her "turning off" the soulmate & kids she created. Vision turning the light back on after Wanda turns off all the lights in the room = indication that Vision (P.B.) will whatever form/way.  As the camera moves away from them & the house we see that the lights are on both downstairs where Vision is with Wanda & upstairs...the boys bedroom. Indicating that some way, at some point...these three will return... to Wanda/to MCU (as the post credits scene also hinted to us).  It means they are not completely gone...they will return.  
Secondly... it also represents the two sides (chaos & order... evil & good) in Wanda. Wanda choosing darkness by turning off the lights, but Vision turning the light back on & telling her to choose the good side... not succumb into the darkness (grief, evil)  
And’s a callback to the time when (her) Vision said that he just wants everyone to see her as/the way he does - not just evil & someone to be feared, but as more than just that... and now this Vision was seeing all of her...
That’s what the scenes with the lights meant symbolically.
Married Vs Single
"The death rate of single men is twice that of married men." - Agnes, to Wanda (when discussing seduction techniques) inep 1 = This one might hurt the most. Because Vision died twice as a single man & will die once as a married man. So this is literally just another description of MCU truth for Wanda. [also... IDK if they got engaged by IW or did Wanda find evidence of Visions plan to propose. Cause while she could just mourn the loss of the possibility of a future they'd had, everything in WV makes me think their relationship had realy progressed]. Single Vision died 2x in IW, married Vision dies 1x in WV.
Vision’s fate: 
I suspected since early on that Vision would once again sacrifice himself...for others. Cause both Vision & Wanda seem to know/suspect he cannot exist outside hex/he's (still) dead. I mean...Vision's look says "I know why", when Darcy says she doesn’t know why he can't exist/go outside the hex. To their knowledge he cannot survive/exist outside this this form. And I was partially right... Vision agreed with Wanda, but it was untimately her decision to “sacrifice” him/her save others. 
A single tear:
As Wanda & Vision are saying goodbye we see him shed a single tear. Some say they saw a single tear fall from Vision's eye in IW just before Wanda destroyed the stone, but I missed it. This is to show the evolution & completion of his journey to become more human. This "machine" can cry. [Yes, it’s also areference to the comics] 
I put a spell on me?
Wanda either put the hex spell on herself, too (minus the mindreading) OR she just had temporary amnesia... because at first (ep 1, and ep 2, partly ep 3 too) she acts like one of the characters on her show. She's unaware she's in a show or that somethings wrong. First doubts come with their dinner guests asking them about their past story, and hearing strange messages on the radio. But at first she's asking Vision "what's going on". She is not aware at first that this is't actual reality or that she's behind this. Her subconsious, and Agatha, are trying to hint at it, though. But everything points to her becoming aware of the hex & herself being behind it at the end of episode 3. This is where the perspective changes. We move from "inside" hex to "outside" hex. We move from Wanda to Vision.
Lost signal
Could SWORD losing the signal in ep 7 have to do with the world going from analog to digital at about the time period he WandaVision show had reached by then? (around 2009) Maybe they just didnt figure that out? Or maybe Wanda or Agnes cut the signal to outside world...for some reason.
They're asking for you
When the agent-turned-skrull tells Monica "They're asking for you in the movietheatre"  in the ep 9 end credits scene the meaning of it is: "fans have been waiting for the next Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau/skrull" film to be released in cinemas. ;)
1x09 Cliff - I think Jimmy's FBI buddy Cliff is for "cliffhanger"
1x03 Doctor Nielsen - The Doc (who luckily didn't arrive on time, becausze he's probably not a real doc, just cast in the role by Wanda's spell) is named for "neilsen ratings"
1x06 Janelle Sammelman - The name on one of the headstones that Wanda throws Fietro at read "Janelle Sammelman". This is a real person, so a nod to the shows casg & crew - J.S. is a 1st AD on WV.
These are just some of them. The show was filled with details, easter eggs, nods/references, and more small significant bits... These are the ones I remembered at the moment (when writing this post)
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‘But what is grief if not love persevering?’
This one line stole my heart 😭💞
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the-golden-dragoness · 27 days ago
Me: who’s been messing up everything?
Wandavision: it’s been Agatha all along!
Me, knowing full well that Agatha is the antagonist because I’ve heard the tiktok audio everywhere: :O
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fancyfrogg · 28 days ago
WandaVision AU where instead of Agatha wanting to take Wanda’s power she sees how much more powerful Wanda could be if she had proper training and offers to become Wanda’s mentor, citing her own experience in being too powerful for her coven’s comfort. (And also realizing that if she can’t take her out she could influence what her power is being directed at but shh) But it’s also so that she can continue her legacy of dramatic villainy. Imagine Agatha standing off to the side like “You’re doing amazing sweetie.” As Wanda chucks a car at Hayward. It would have been so much more fun than just I WANT THE POWER. It was already kinda set up too with Agatha keeping Wanda from listening to Monica.
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laufeysodinson · 28 days ago
wandavision completely fucking destroyed me that eNDING PLS MY TEARS
i filmed myself watching wanda and vision talk at the end and wow rly BRAVO ELIZABETH OLSEN AND PAUL BETTANY that was AMAZIGN i need 5 weeks to recover from this pls
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aspiestvmusings · a month ago
The things that were never fully explained or answered on the show.
Some will be answered/revealed in future MCU projects, but some might forever remain a mystery. 
What happened to the beekeeper from ep 2? Did he become one of the characters on the sitcom? Was he thrown out of the hex like Monica? Did he get erased from existence? Was re has “rewind” aka went back to the sewers & has been looking for a way out ever since? Is it possible that she turned him into a poster in the library...seen when Visions enter the library for their “word battle”? (because this is the only bee reference I’ve noticed & that poster was not there during the ep 2 neighborhood watch meeting, so...) Did he turn into the ice-cream guy in ep 3? 
Who was the missing witness protection person Jimmy was searching for? Why did he or anyone else mention him again? Did the “sitcom case” take priority or what? Did he see the person on the show, but never mention others/viewers...because he has to keep their identity a secret? Did we never see the person?
Unless it’s random...just to get the story starting, I see three most likely options:
a) Ralph Boehner - he is an actor or his new identity is an actor. Is he a skrull? (people keep saying he cant be the witness protection person, cause the headshot indicates he’s an actor & when you’re “in hiding” you don’t get assigned a cover/alias where you go out & be visible like actors on auditions. But... that headshot was old...of younger “Ralph”, so I’d say still possible & his cover-story is that he was an actor, but failed, and he doesn’t do that anymore)
b) mailman - he seemed sketchy to me til the end. Is he a skrull? Is he the witness?
c) “Vision” or “Wanda” - it was just one of Hayward’s have  a reason to set up the camp  & all that. Hence why Jimmy couldn’t find any info on him...why no-one he contacted knew anything.
What was the “memory loss” of those two cops & the missing persons relatives/associted all about? As Monica put it: why did these others people have no memory of WV or the missing person, but she & Jimmy did? Who & how was controlling those people or why didn’t they remember? (the cops thought the place is EastView, & a place like WestView does not exist. And others thought that the person X from witness protection does not exist even if he was supposed to be their “family member”) Why did some remember & some not? Everyone on the base seemed to be aware of the place, but pehaps it was somehow erased from everyone elses memory and/or existence?
Is it some sort of memory loss? Brainwashing? Wanda’s/someones mind-controlling? Something else? Agatha’s doing? Maybe she erased their memories/made them mix up things when she arrived to the hex & wanted time to investigate on her own before others arrived?
Fietro is Ralph, Agnes husband? The house is his, Agatha just took over & made him move to the “man-cave attick”? But who is this Ralph anyway? Does that headshot indicate he’s an actor? And that he was just cast in a role...much like Trevor Slattery was in IM3 (I personally loved that twist...maybe cause I love Ben Kingsley!). But perhaps there is more to him...than just a joke name? Or does he have that headshot cause he’s the witness protection person? Is his cover-story that he’s a failed actor (who has old headshots of himself,  but doesn’t act anymore)? 
What’s that gonna be like? What will Ralph think of this stranger living in his house, calling him her husband... Did Wanda trap her into the same house & role? Did she cast that spell correctly - will it work after hex is gone (based on her quick learning curve I'd say yes...the made sure the role extended also outside the hex). How will the townspeople react to her? Will they recognize her as an outsider... if she really did come there only after Wanda created the hex? Or are they only mad at Wanda & see Agnes as their hero? Will they remember the events of WV anomaly...or not? Based on Wanda’s promise “no one will bother you”, I’d say everyone will just remember Agatha as the nosy neighbour Agnes & no-one will know/remember seeing her fly & do witchy stuff?
How will that work? Were the peoples memories not wiped, so they know/remember that they saw this person fight Wanda, saw her powers? Will they know she's  witch, even if one "locked inside a character"? Will they then see her as their hero, freeing them from Wanda & try to free her from this "punishment"? Is there a witch among them who will try this? Will they go look for someone who could do that?  Does the line "no one will bother you" mean that everyone will act as if she is Agnes & that's how it'll work. And where will "Agnes" live? And what will she do? 
Will Jimmy & Monica handle that side? Giving her a "fake identity" (Is Agatha the missing witness protection person that no ones ever heard of? And Jimmy's search was a scene cut from the future, trandsported to the past/present?) Cause unless  Monica & Jimmy handle that side it's just gonna be weird...a 400-year-old witch with no ID just showing up in a random guys house climing she's the wife & "moving in" just like that...
But...since she seems to known a lot about the book & darkness then I’d say Wanda needs to consult her at some point. Or...since the broach was still part of her outfit...perhaps it serves as a key to help break Wanda’s spell and set her free. Maybe she’ll get help from someone?
When Wanda turns Agatha into "Agnes, the nosy neighbour" to play the role...forever, why does she not change her broach/why does the broach not change along with the rest of her outfit? Did she decide to not change it or did something prevent it from doing so? It's the broach Agatha took from her mom (a wicth) after killing her, it's the one she's worn throughout her stay in Westview.
IF Agatha told the story correctly & she arrived to WC after Wanda created the hex...cause she sensed the magic, then how did no other witch seem to sense it & why was she able to enter the hex and do it without it altering her mind? Why exactly did the hex not affect Agatha in that way? How Was Agatha able to come there & bring her book with her?
When did she set up the secret witch-cave in the basement? Was it just an illusion...created as a show for Wanda? Or did she do all that during the frist episodes/days? Or was the basement real & already there? In that case...whose house is it & what’s that all about?
She seemed to know certain details. Were those all public knowledge (death of her brother, etc) and hence she could access the info? Did she “see” it through Wanda’s dreams & nightmares...that every person in the city was “watching in their heads”? Or did she use some kind of magic or tricks? Or have some ..sources? 
Though she seemed to know some details she was also unaware about many others, so...IDK. Possible that she knew of the bits that were public knowledge... from news, newspaper articles...
Was the purring & insect/bird eating just one of Agatha’s illusions/tricks, or is there more to that cerature? If it wasn’t just your regula pet then my money is on it being a Flerken (Goose...because Scratchy!)...which would make either Agatha and/or Ralph a disguise. Or some sort of familiar or scary monster...turned into a bunny by Agatha. Cause no way that’s a regular pet bunny... it eats insects/birds! 
PS. The creators have confirmed that there were plans for the rabbit. There was a scene shot that revealed its true identity. The bunny was supposed to turn into a demon. But that scene was cut...for reasons. 
OK...we got one more skrull revealed (one of the FBI is a skrull) in WV. We got two in FFH...which happens 8 months from now in MCU. Who else?
But are/were there more...and we just don’t yet?
What was really up with the pizza-delivery-guy turned into messenger (aka Wanda’s script csting her in several roles & him doing three jobs at once, being always on the move, never getting to rest - mailman, courier, delivery guy...for different companies)
I do not know if the mailman is also Jimmy's witness protection person (a courier/pizza delivery person might be a nice low-key job they would set up for such person?], but it does seem that Wanda cast her in all "delivery" roles. So he was pulling tripple-duty: mailman, courier... so he was exhausted, because he was always delivering something somewhere. Working many jobs at once. But... mostly I think the mailman was one of the chracters on a loop. While the people at the edge of the city were on a short loop...repeating the one move over & over, he seems to have been on a wide range loop. He was circling the town all the time. 
But... mostly I think the mailman was one of the chracters on a loop. While the people at the edge of the city were on a short loop...repeating the one move over & over, he seems to have been on a wide range loop. He was circling the town all the time. But mostly, his lines were on the loop. In the final episode he repeats his very first line. Meaning he was fed only like 5 lines of dialogue and after each was used once, he started from the beginning again. This is why he says "Don't shoot, I'm just the messenger" in ep 2 & again in ep 9.
Was Dottie a red herring presented to the viewers in reality & MCU reality? By shows creators for us & by Agatha for Wanda and those watching Wanda’s broadcast? Was Agatha just trying to mess with Wanda, draw direction  away from herself by pointing to someone? Cause she claimed Dottie is the key to everything in WV? When she wasnt...based on what we learned. Was she really just used as a misdirection by fool Wanda (and us)? 
Based on the Season Finale it seems she was just a misdirection? But perhaps there is a reason that she seemed to be the one & only WV person, who after being freed from the mind-control didn’t attck Wanda right away, but instead tried to “bargain” - she was just asking to be able to hug her daughter. She wasn’t afraid of her like the rest - she even suggested their kids could become friends... She seemed to be the only one of “main cast”, who somewhat understood her. Why? Only other person who did was Monica - other superpowered individual who had just experienced loss & was grieving. Is this was connects Dottie with Wanda? Is this the reason she tries to talk it out first? 
I found it kind of interesing & weird that when they identified Phil Jones (the piano guy) as Harold Proctor they did not automatically identify Dottie (the wife, Sarah), too? Cause they put Jones info on the board, but Doddie does not get any identification. Why/How? Did they not think of at first assuming that "couples stay together", so first to check the identified peoples family members? Or did they try to do that, and in some cases it turned out to be not helpfull? Meaning that in some cases couple/familys were not kept together [would not fit Wanda's sitcome fantasy world as perfectly?] I just found it so strange.
  I do think the identification data was kept from the board for one reason only... to have that Agnes/Agatha reveal be "surprising" to regular viewers. because comic fans & TV-viewer detectives could sense that twist coing, but regular viewers probably could not.
Where did Darcy really go at the end? Why did Darcy actually not stick around after hitting Hayward with the car? What is she really doing? Is she one of the people who are actually skrulls? Was she missing in the end just because they tried to keep the cast to minimum, so room for “side characters” cause so mjuch was hapening? Or is there a plot reason?
Yes, this was the result of real-life scheduling issue...due to covid. But...will they also write it in as something more/other in a future MCU project? Claiming she left early for a bigger reason?
What was Hayward & SWORD really up to? In the past few years he'd changed the focus to creating/buiding sentient weapons instead of just observing. What else were they building besides "new vision"? That hangar could fit a whole spaceship or more... And why does it seem that Hayward got his hands on some Stark tech (or something similar), considering the triangular "stark reactor" on his re-built Visions forehead. How did he get his hands on all this tech? Did Stark trust Rhodey, & Firy, who trusted military & Maria & SWORD, and hence certain things were made available to them? And who works for Hayward when they were able to re-build Vision in week (from parts to whole, paintjob done, arc reactor added to head...), cause someone who knows their stuff must work for him. Who, how? Who is the "scientist" who connected that "stark reactor" to re-constructed Vision's a way that it works?
  Why do some viewers keep saying that Hayward shooting the kids came out of nowhere, and was like turning the helper to a villain in that moment? Um... can a story really be interpreted in so very different ways or did they miss something? The dude tried to use a "missile" on them already in episode 5! His goal might've been to get Wanda, but the target was not alone. In that specific scene the twins are right by her side.
  Hayward is not the good guy, because he planned this all along, he tricked Wanda & the others. He lied about things, he edited footage to manipulate facts. (yes, Wanda did the same with her broadcast, I know & understand). He had his own secret agenda & he manipulated Wanda, using her grief (he admits he knows what state she is in) to manipulate her to bring Vision back online/to life. He put on a show for Wanda & tried to get her to "feel" to get her to use her power to power up his new weapon. When she doesn't do so, he has to find new ways to get her to use her powers to get what he wants. And in doing all this he goes against Sokovia accords & Vision's will. 
Sure, part of his behaviour seem to come from fear (about the threats that universe hass seen) & desperation regarding the chaos the world had been past years, but his motivation is made cler pretty early on - he wants that pat on the shoulder from big boss. He will not stop at anything to create a sentient weapon, manipulate info/date...etc. His manipulation directly lead to the hex events - he put those ideas into Wanda’s head...but he was willing to take the risk. Just like with White Vision...he was aware they might not be able to control him (still under our control? yes, still ours) but he wanted his weapon so bad he was willing to risk it...knowing that Wanda’s powers often backfire & cause trouble. 
Who caused the glitches during Wanda's pregnancy & while she was giving birth? Was it Wanda (her subconcious...her losing control of the illusion for a moment)? Was it Agatha trying to mess up things? Was it (partially) the kids already presenting their powers...from the womb? Was it the secret big bad that was never introduced within the show (Agatha's partner/master)? 
If we assume that the red she tried to use to make the stork disappear represents her magic then it not working suggests that it was the kids behind it, because she cannot control the kids. (though she probably could't control Agatha's "messing up everything" magic either)
“This is all for the kids...” I do not think this had anything to do with Wanda’s kids. After the finale it seems to me that those chants were all about the kids trapped in their bedrooms... kept away from their loved ones. The kids Wanda put in isolation/quarantine...for the duration of her sitcom (minus letting then out for Halloween..) 
The “actors” were just begging her to let them see their kids. They were playing their roles, and doing it all for their kids. Since she didn’t cast any other kids, but everyone asked about chid characters she created two...whote the parts for her twins to enter the story. To me this is confirmed by “Dottie’s” plea to Wanda..
But for Wanda’s mind it translated to a different message, too, because Agatha wanted to plant ideas in her head. So while the “cast” was taling about doing it for their kids, Wanda got the idea of kids of her own thanks to Agatha’s meddling and planting those ideas into her head (she’s like a marketing department... making her buy into the ideas she planted in her head thoughout the write them into next episodes...)
How & why was he there, not in Wakanda or some Avengers or Stark facility? 
I do think that why he was there makes sense. Vision died in Wakanda during the Thanos Snap battle. Tony was in space then...and would not return for the next 3 months. Bruce & all other Avengers were defeated & the world as a whole was in ruins & in chaos.
  IF the Sokovia accords dicdated that the Visions body (vibranium) belongs to US government, then that is how & why he went to SWORD right away. But it is possible that initially he stayed in Wakanda (til Tony's return) or was kept somewhere else. But even though Tony & Avengers were not always agreeing with the government, then SWORD was lead by Monica's mother Maria back then, so it is possible they trusted her, cause Fury trusted her. That's the first reason why it makes sense he wold be kept there.
  I do think that since Tony & Avengers considered him as their friend, and "human", and he had a lliving will, and they knew that Wanda was his next of kin, and she had been dusted, then that is why they did not "bury" Vision. It was not their decision. It makes sense they would keep him hidden until Wanda's return, who would give him a proper burial when she'd return. Because the team, together & seprately were all quietly working on solutions how to undo the snap...
Also...since they considered Vision "human", then I dont think any of them wanted to keep his body in ther home or office (why he wasnt in Tony's garage or at the Avengers HQ probably). Because bad guys would probably come looking for the 3 billion dollars worth vibranium there first & they probably did not have the energy to deal with that. Also...they might have decided to not simply bury the vibranium simply because of the worth. Cause they did not want some bad guys dig him up & sell him to parts...for the vibranium.
  There are several options why he was at SWORD. But I think it makes more sense that Tony & co did not bury him (not their was Wanda's & Vision's decision...and we do not know what exactly his will said about that). It also makes perfect sense why they did not keep him at Avengers HQ. Because based on Hayward's comments he wasn't moved there after Endgame battle & destruction of the headquarters, but had been there all this time. I’m prerty sure Tony & co honoured Vision’s wishes not to be brough back to life AND to leave the funeral for the “widow” to arrange...since they all were hoping for & working for the return of the blipped...
He was tracking Vision & vibranium all along. He might not have known how there was a Vision in the hex, when he had the actual vibranium in his lab, but he saw a Vision, and since 6 million worth of vibranium is better than 3 million worth of vibranium, and 2 sentient weapons is better than one (he probably was not aware that they weren't completely real?). Since Wanda "created" an actual body made of vibranium, wires, blood, bones... it was possible to track it. And I guess Hayward did bring the best to the scene, cause Darcy figured out a way to see inside the hex (discovered the broadcast), but other experts in that "clowncar"seemed to have figured out things, too.
What happened to White Vision? Where did he go (when he flew off)?  This is the original Vision - the one made of vibranium, a mix of Jarvis + Ultron + Tony + Bruce + other elements....minus teh mind stone. The one Wanda fell in love with. He has the physical body, he has the memories. He had his memories, but could not access the file...until Hex Vision unlocked access to that file & those memories. He remembers everything...up until Thanos. The only part missing is the Mind Stone...but as we learned in A3... he can survive without it, cause theres still a lot of “him” left without it. But he is probably still missing one element...the emotional connection w. Wanda (”soul”), hence I don’t see WV reuniting right away in next fim/project. What is he now? He recognized that he is (a) Vision & he, too, is the real one.
Did all the data coming in at once just overload his operating system & he needed to cool down? Did he go to find answers to Wakanda...where the vibranium in his is from, where he “died”, where he remembers Shuri separating the differents parts of regain the missing bits...)? Did he go on a search for a mind stone? Did he still have that command “destroy Vision & Wanda” on his to do list Hayward gave him...and he went to destroy...himself? Did getting his memories back make him realize that if he wants to re-connect to Wanda, he needs the mindstone? Because while the team theorized in A3 that he can exist without it, I kinda think that Wanda & Vision connected “through” their shared element...the mind stone. I do not know if it has to be physically on his forehead. Maybe the “energy” from the piece inside Wanda will be enough? But...I do think that just like with the disassembled Vision at SWORD Wanda can not feel the White Vision...hence they had him leave, not stick around. 
Based on his eyes changing from robot to human after he gets his memories back I’d say he is free of SWORDS control. This is why I think he just went to search for the truth/answers. Because... when Hex Vision wanted answers, he went to look for them from the “outside world” & to do that he had to go past an OCTAGON - the “stop” sign before the hex border. And the Colourless Vision flew through an OCTAGON shaped glass ceiling to get out of there. Hayward said “He really wants out, doesn’t he?” when Hex Vision was trying to break free from Hex & “Wanda’s control” to find answers and to help people. I think this is exactly what this new version of Vision did. And the similar shape as an “exit point” symbolises this. “I want to break free” was the song paying inside his head. 
My main guesses are:
a) this Vision either went to Wakanda...where the vibranium his body is made of is from...and where he died... and since Shuri is back after the Blip, he might go for his “scan”... cause Shuri can provide him with more answer on himself. 99% 
b) that he followed the command from Hayward & since he know knew who he was (I am Vision), he destroyed himself. He now knows that he is Vision (he realized that he is Vision...which is more than original Vision did. His identity at first was I am...), so he is self aware...  0,1% possibility
c) or other options are that he just needed time to process everything and/or his returned memories told him he must leave Wanda time to go through some things... Too much data process at once, system overload...when Hex Vision overflooded him with all the memories...
I am still unsure how to read the moment where Hex Vision awakens White Vision... was he just giving him access to the secret memory dat/files or was he also trnsfering his own memories with Wanda/his soul into the version he knew would remain while he would be gone?
But if we are to believe that just like we the MVU universe doesn’t know about him until months later (Spidey 3, Dr. Strange 2), then most likely answer is Wakanda.
What is the origin of Wanda’s kids really? We saw that she actually did create vibranium for Hex Vision’s body. Cause the two Vision were equal in every way & SWORD tracked two vibranium objects, so...he is a copy of the original in a way. So she can create things from “nothing” (unless it’s actually not nothing, and she’s pulling the materilas from somewhere or something... cause even in MCU laws of physics should exists/apply?) So did she create the kids from “nothing”? Or are the kids real in a way that 50% of their origin comes from Vision. We know Vision can take human form. We know this Hex Version had maybe even more human in him (of blood and bone) than original? And...we saw Vision CRY. He can cry, so if he is able to produce tears...whose to say he can’t produce other bodily fluids? To get technical about it. Maybe in this fictional superhero world things that are impossible in real world aren’t so? Maybe “robots” can evolve to be able to actually have offspring...even if said robots themselves are confused about how that’s possible (ep 3)?
But...then we have Wanda thanking the kids for choosing her as their mom &  that post end scredits scene with SW reading the darkhold & hearing her kids cal her for help. Was it her memory? Was is a dream? Were they actually calling for her help..cause they’re stuck..somewhere (other dimension?) This, along with all the devil/nightmare etc references throughout WV seems to hint towards the MCU taking more than just loose idea from the comics. Maybe Wanda did...knowingly or unknowingly use "Devil’s” soul to create her kids? Cause... Fietro was under Agatha’s control, and she knows the history, so why would Fietro make those “demon spawn” references otherwise? I’m thinking the MCU & MOM might go that route...that this is how they were created...
But... I do think that even if this is the route MCU takes (copying comics), the end scene of WV showed something very important. Wanda, Vision, Billy, Tommy...they became a family. And if they are not actually biological offspring of Wanda & Vision, then that end scene showed us exactly what makes a family, and a parent. Who did the kids call mom & dad? = Wanda & Vision. Because these are the two people, who are their parents, because biology doesn’t make one a parent. 
And we saw Wanda seeing what a wonderful dad Vision was. From the “proud Papay-a” joke...til the “I’m proud of you” & good night kiss... His journey was complete - he was experiencing the loss of  loved one (throwback to their old conversation on grief)
Where are the kids? What did Wanda hear in the end credits scene? Is it her nightmare? Is it her “imagination”? Is it real & the boys are “trapped” somewhere & actually calling for her & she can sense them...from another place & time (whoi took them & where are they in that case)? Is she trying to bring them back/re-create them...but this time without the restrictions of the hex (get the spell right, not cast a flawed one that had limitations)
If the boys are “alive” then what happened to the Hex Vision? Does he, too, exist somewhere is some form? Is he trapped somewhere, too? he now just a memory...without a physical form (until she re-creates him, again, too...when she’s learned how to do it without flaws like tying his existence to a dome)?
Where was Dr. Strange during the events of WandaVision? If Agatha could sense the hex/spells, then why & how could Strange not? Why was he not there? Why wasn’t he monitoring the situation? Or...if he was (just not shown to us yet) then I hope we get his POV on the situation. Or was Wanda somehow blocking him from sensing the anomaly and/or her? (then we have to wonder how Agatha sensed it or is she sensed it at all..cause how did she enter the hex & remain herself & uncontrolled? - can & does that happen/apply only to “superpowered beings”?) Cause I was surprised that we did not get a direct reference to him (no post credits cameo) considering his role in MCU... And I cannot wait for it to be explained in MOM.
Was he aware of the events? Was he busy with bigger issues and hence didn’t intervene? Did he monitor the situation from afar? Did he not intervene for a purpose (cause he looked further into future when he still had the time stone & knew how it ends etc)..because he needed this to play out..just like he needed Endgame events to play out? Perhaps he was playing the long game, and did not deal with it, because he needed Wanda to become the Scarlet Witch.... a more powerful being that he is? Pehaps he is aware that he needs her on his team to fight aginst a threat he alone cannot win against? So he had to let everything play out as it did...for Wanda to accept her true identity & become SW?
What is that cottage about? Is it supoosed to be more like Thanos retiring to countryside after “doing the universe a huge favor”? Or more like the end of 2008 Hulk film, when HUlk goes to a cottage in the middle of nowhere to learn to control his power (anger)? Or is it more like a reference to Evil Dead and the cotttage in the forest with a “dark” book inside. 
The heroes & villains in superhero stories always end up living in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, kind of “off grid” after “the big event” - Hulk at the end of 2008 Hulk film, Thanos after his Snap, Tony after losing to Thanos, but getting Pepper (and Morgan) back.... and now Wanda after Westview...
Is this supposed to be the mountains from the comics? Is this supposed to be Wandas MCU homeland? Or is this suppsoed to just represent a secluded location where she learns about herself, her abilities, etc?
When did Wanda start to realize what she’d done & when did she become fully aware? This was not fully answered/exlained, but based on everything I’d say the turn happened in ep 3 with birth of twins + mention of reality + throwing the outsider out. Though she censored the broadcast already in ep 2 & she & Vision  both started to wonder why they can’t remember things in ep 1 already, I thought that both the plot and the commercials suggested the turn happened then. She loses control of some of the things as the birth takes a lot of energy from her. Then she hears a reference to past & reality, and that awakens her. But I think that only after she looks at her hands in a “what have I done” way when she sees the destruction after throwing Monica out does she start putting the picture together...that she did this.
But...she does not understand or know the real effect of it on the people, and the ramification of her actions until that moment in the town square in ep 9 when Agnes has freed the cast from her mind control. Her eyes are opened to the truth only then. And the moment the truth hits her...she takes action: first she attacks herself for what she did (but since everyone feels everything she feels then by choking herself she is also choking everyone else) & she starts tearing the hex down. First attempt is interrupted...for reasons. But she sets things right: she can’t take it back, but she can stop it from going on. Even if it’s not a happy ending for everyone. For people of WV it’s just like a bad dream..when it’s over they realize none of it was real. But for her & her family.... it’s not that kind of a show (with happy ending).
She goes through the stages of grief with her take on the sitcom reality: first denial, then anger & bargaining, and in the end acceptance.
What this story told us is that Wanda is a fast learner. And though she doesn’t have an actual teacher/guide, she learns “on the move”. Agatha reveals her secrets & trade secrets to Wanda by bragging about her knowledge & tricks... which Wanda quickly learns to use against her,
I am still unsure if they’ll go "Wanda becomes evil” or “Wanda chooses to be good” route. Will her story copy Agatha’s or will she do as she said she’ll do... that she is not like Agatha. Her mom realized she cannot be good. But Hex Vision knew she can be good & even tells her “Be good” in ep 6. And she herself, after realizing the damage she’s causing, immediately tries to fix it (taking the hex down when she is told her pain is hurting others) I can still see it going either way.
I’m not sure if she as a fast learner will be able to fight the darkness or if her maternal instinct will make her make rash decisions. Will she attempt to help her kids & cause another “accident” & hence Dr. Strange must come to save the day? Or...will she turn to him for help/he will offer his help to her? But either way...seems that MOM plot will be linked to her trying to save her kids from whereever they are trapped/bringing them back...safely (remember: Agnes hinted that there was a way to bring Vision & Kids to life in a safe way...without making their existance dependant of the hex....she will try to find out what that way is.
I kind hope she will be good... not turn full villain. Because... her origins story and whole storyarc, to me, seems done so similarly to Tony. Both considered threats & villains by many - govermńments, civilians...who they’ve unintentionally hurt. Both journeys strongly connected to loss & grief. Both carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Tony turned his life around when he became aware of the concequences of his actions...even if he still made mistakes on the way... and I think they’re gonna go similar route with “Wanda”
But I think her role in MoM depends mainly on one thing - if MCU/Feige considers the TV show to be part of the full story, or separate. If it’s part, then IMO she won’t be the villain. definitely not intentional, and possibly even not unintentional (cause that’d be having her go through the exact same arc she did in WV). And I hope they dont follow the comics story here in detail, because that’s not surprising. If they’ll do what happened in comics after she “lost her kids”, then we know exactly whats gonna happen, but I expect to be surprised. And since MCU likes to do their own twist on the stories, not copy everything exactly as in comics, I hope we get a surprise twist here, too. Cause I’d be more impressed if they kept her on “learning to understand & control her new abilities to not make the mistakes shes made in past” route instead of repeting the same mistakes she’s already made (letting a villain mislead her). 
Why did Wanda not leave  a small hex around her family & the house...keeping the fake reality up? At least until she figured out a way to keep them alive outside?
I am not 100% sure I understood why that was. But I believe it was explained with two things mainly: Agatha’s lesson on magic that explained some things & the fear of outsiders. Agatha told her that the fake reality she created was & would always be broken & one a spell is cast it cannot be changed, so the only way was to “undo it”, because “changing” was not an option.
And outside force like Hayward would come & try to get their hands on her creation - the millions of worth vibranium, the superpowered individuals they could turn into weapons. And..she also knew that their happy home could not be there anymore, because in the eyes of WV people she/they were the evil, so they’d turn on the mini-hex.
Also...though she created Vision & the twins (whether in their fake reality the boys were created "naturally” or she used some kind of magic... is irrelevant here) she cannot control them - they were separate of her since start, and had free will. They would not stay inside the hex & fake reality...they would search for way out... for example, because they were looking for answers...beyond the world they were restrained to...
Sure, it seemed that when Agatha freed the townspeople from Wanda’s control during the final battle & the hex was still up, they were free of her control, so it kinda seems it would’ve been possible to untangle the hex & mindcontrolling of the people from the rest? But...IDK... 
I think that this is another philosophical question...just like “which ship is the real one” & “which Vision is the true one?”. There is no one singular answer here. She is made of chaos AND order. She, like every human has good & bad in her. And I think seeing her as only/just either 100%r good or 100% bad means not looking at the whole picture. There is no singular “answer” here...for none of the characters. 
I think Vision was able to explain it the best to us...throughout the series. She did not intend to do this, she was not aware of doing it, and it all being subconsious...but despite that what she was doing was wrong.
The people of WV see her as evil/villain. Should they? Shoud they fear her? How & Why was no-one beside Monica able to empathize with her? Has none of them lost anyone? Was the mind-controlling worse than anything other they’ve experiences in their lives? Why did they UNINOMOUSLY turn against her? For them it was a week of “pain”, and there was an end to it. 
I can understand & “empathize” with both Wanda & people of WV. Both have suffered & been hurting. 
What she did was wrong. The people should not just forgive her right then & there and move on ike it was nothing. But if this was the final push for her to start to understand her power, then good can come of it. What happened is simply because she did not understand or know how to control her powers. She did not anticipate that by simply crying or “feeling sad” she can change reality. That her feelings affect reality essentially. Normal people when grieving sometimes lash out on people around them...she cannot do that....cause when she does it “imprisons” peoples minds and makes them her puppets...without her knowing this happens....basically.
After she became aware of it, partly, she kept the freality intact for a few reasons: she had to grant him his final grow old together, she had to finish the script/story. No one else mourned Vision, no one else “cared”. Secondly...she was not fully aware of what it did to the cast of her show (it only become obvious to her at the end). And Monica said: theres no knowing what will happen if they make rash decisions (what will happen to those inside & those outside the hex)...Wanda probably didn’t know either. 
IF they make her the villain, then how about this twist (not following comics) - why not make her NIGHTMARE? Because it’s “her thing”...she intentionally or intentionally gives people nightmares. Others can feel her feelings & see her nightmares... Just use the name, but change the villain.
It’s the same reason why IMO she can’t just keep the hex intact just around their dream house...because there will always be another Hayward. Another government and/or villain, who wants to use Vision and/or her (superpowered individuals) as weapons, etc. 
Especially now, when Tony is not alive anymore, and the Avengers have been “disbanded”, she could not stay & be used as a “weapon”. So she fleed, and set up her own quarantine stacation. And I truly believe that her plan was to learn to understand her powers first. She did the only thing that would not hurt innocent bystanders... she removed herself from the world. Cause her powers aren’t contained by prison walls. And until she learnbs to understand & control them being on trial or prison might make her feel strongly gain and accidentally cause the next hex event. To avoid that happening she must learn to control the powers first... 
But I do believe that either unintentionally or intentionally (cause she tries to take shortcut to get her kids back) she makes mistakes along the way. The book “overpowers” her or something... That is a possibility.
To draw parallels to our real world.... I know families who have been separated because of the current state of world and who have not been in the same house, city, country or even continent...for months. Separated by “quarantine”.
As Billy noted in 1x07 Agatha's house is quiet & Agatha herself is quiet on the inside...meaning he cannot hear her, he cannot read her mind inside the house. And he likes being in there because elsewhere it's "noisy" (in his he can read minds). We know that Wanda cannot read Agatha's thoughts & cannot control she does with other WV people, but it's never explained how or why. And as Fietro/Ralph notes in 1x09 to Monica - no-one can hear her screaming... from inside the house...and I think it applies to the whole house not just to the "soundproof" man-cave. 
Meaning...he is aware that the house if protected from the outside. But how  & why is that? How did Agatha protect the house from Wanda's spell/hex? How does that all work? How was she able to presumably enter the hex (without being changed), and create a space free of the spell within the spell? How did her book help her accomplish this?
Speaking of the house... why is there a safe room (man cave) in the attick? And a witch cave in the basement? Did Agatha create both environments or were they there when she moved in? Whose hosue is this really & why are there weird rooms in there? If this is Ralph's house then why does he have those places in his house? And what happens to Agatha's items after hex goes down? (the witch books, the rabbit..)
  I do not fully understand these comics themes like magic and such. So I don't fully understand what the show is telling (this fantastical magic is a myth, not science-based to me) But...if we assume that Agatha told the truth when she said that once cast, a spell cannot be broken then, then that still does not mean that other magic cannot happen within the hex. All the  powered characters proved that - Wanda & Agnes were both able to add or change things within the hex. So this is how & why Agatha was able to put her own spell on Ralph/Fietro, and their house. This is how & why Wanda could expand the hex. It didn't erase the original spells code errors, it just added more code to the spell.
It just did not change the original spell where she re-created Vision, and tied his existence to the hex...which became the stage for their sitcom. It didn’t affect the spell connecting the existence of her family to mind-controlling the “cast” into playing the roles written for them.  
No, I'm not looking into the things she messed up during Wanda's sitcom filming. Instead I am looking into the similarities & differences between Agatha & Wanda. And whether Agatha is the "bad guy" or the "more neutral teacher". Cause their stories are similar, it's obvious they made them similar in many ways. In 1693 Agatha has gone & misused her powers because she doesn't understand them enough (it's left unclear if on purpose or by accident). This is essentially what Wanda does in 2023. Agatha's own mother does not believe she can be(come) good. Wanda's guide in all things (her moral concience) Vision never loses his faith in her and that even though she has misused her powers she must not have meant it, and that she can fix it ("Be good, Wanda.") Agatha, on the other hand, seems to urge her to use her chaotic powers...which, as we know, she knows all she knows the issues that come along with them.
  So while in many ways she's been a teacher, and a guide, and a (grief) concellour to her during the hex, it does seem that she has only taken those roles for self gain. She is after the power, because that is how she becomes more powerful, and because she thinks she is more deserving of it that her/others. Even after she finds out that Wanda is destined to become the Scarlett Witch she manipulates her into using her magic. Her main motivator is left unclear - does she want Wanda to use her power and bring on the chaos the prohecy in the book says OR if she wants to become the SW herself. We saw that in 1693 her own mother was about the receive a "witch crown",  but Agatha drained her of her power...yet not receiving a crown herself. Now history repeats itself. She sees yet another witch get the crown instead of her.
  And part of me thinks that one part of her motivation is jealousy of these others being chosen insted of her. Though at the same time there are also references about her being just a messenger - doing the simple work for someone else (either she's a willing partner, being "blackmailled" into doing so, or used without her knowledge). She seems to want to avoid Wanda making her mistake of using powers beyond her knowledge...not repeating her mistake. She also seems to envy her cause what has taken her centuries to learn through hard work, she can do without even trying. And she also seems to at times "grieve" and want to bring someone important to her back to life, too. I get so many different and a bit conflicting readings from her. I am still unsure what her real motivation and plans are. Or what role she really played.
  Her plan is to "steal" Wanda's power. That's her goal since the start. But...first she must learn more about what it is she's encountered. Who is Wanda, what her powers are about, and so on. This is why she meddles with the sicom. She is doing everything she can to  make Wanda use/show her powers. She also sets the snowball rolling on the kids theme. For an undisclosed reason she needs to know what powers Wanda has, and if she can create things/life from nothing, and/or bring back the dead. This is why she reads her the women's magazine article & manipulates her to think about kids (the seduction techniques article, making Dottie & everyone chant "for the kids"). She, for whatever reason, wants Wanda to show her powers, and create life/kids. We're left to assume she needs to see them grow up fast, too. She kills the dog just to see if the kids will age themselves up again and to see if Wanda can/will bring back the dead. We can assume why she wants all this, but the real reason/plan is never revealed to us.
  Agatha promises a solution - how to fix the hex, and she knows Wanda is easily tricked, because of her denial & state of mind. She misleads Wanda, because unlike Wanda she knows there is no fix, because "once cast a spell cannot be changed/fixed". Agatha's behaviour is strange. At times it seems she made these mistakes herself, and is now trying to guide Wanda, to not repeat her mistake. Though for some reason she also does not explain what it is that she did, or why & how to not epeat her mistakes (in using magic you've not  mastered yet) Agatha is just like a vampire, but instead of blood she feeds on others powers. I though that in a way Billy & Tommy discussing if Uncle P. was a vampire can be considered a litte funny nod to this idea. Because she is essentially a "power-draining vampire"
Agatha was behind many of the things happening inside the hex (which itself was created by Wanda). She manipulated events to keep it going longer. She kept hinting at kids so that Wanda would create them. She "started rumours" (hinting at Dottie being the key, Monica being outsider), making Wanda question Monica, etc. She came up with tricks to make Vision more suspicious. She did everything she could to separate Wanda from others (divide & concour) - she sent Vision to look for answer from beyond (The Truth Is Out There! such a Mulder thing) She had her kick Monica out. She "hypnotized" Ralph & used him as a pupet. When everything else failed, she kidnapped her kids, and then trapped her in the basement where her powers wouldn't work. PS. The fact that Wanda fell for such trick (a villain using her mother instincts and her kids to trap her) is why I am not entirely sure that fan theories about MoM are correct. Would she let another villain trick her again...even if the Darkhold makes its reader "mad" & hence not logical at all... 
Also, I'm thinking it was Agatha who deleted the cops memories of Westview (if we assume she really did come from outside the hex then it makes sense she "met" the cops who came to investigate...)
I do think that Agatha's mother was correct - she is not good. Maybe she let the Darkhold compromise her, maybe she just chooses to be not good, because no-one saw her as such, so she started not just seeing herself as "not good"; but became such way. She discovered the hex and she (unlike Wanda, the SWORD team, Vision, townspeople) knew what had happened since the moment she arrived, yet she shared the info with no-one & didn't try to help anyone...because she had her own agenda. She constantly kept messing with the hex & events, which lead to more hurting to people. She caused the rift between Wanda & others, she made Vision go looking for answer, which lead to Wanda expanding the hex. This was Agatha's goal all along. She needed her to use her magic as much as possible, to show her what she can do, to give her evidence on who she is & what she can do (how she did this, how she was able to do this). None of it was cause she really cared for the townspeople, or Wanda, or her family. She's the bad guy...with a few good sides. But mostöy she helped because it advanced her own plan & end goal (get more magic for herself, become more powerful by making those she deemed unworthy powerless)
IMO her goal was not really to get Wanda to the moment when she lets everyone go & frees everyone and ends the “torture”, but to get what she herself was after. It doesn’t seem that she did the “therapy” sessions and all with the intentions of the townspeoples wellbeing in mind. Though she and her motives remained unclear, it seems that she did...all of the things she did...for her own personal gain. Cause how dare some baby witch with no training or studies do better than her...someone who has had to spend centuries studying to achieve even a fraction of what Wanda can do without any effort?
It seems that this house is Ralph's house, because the bills are in his name (with water/eletricity usage going way up just recently...after long low numbers...suggesting that the house was he was dusted & just came back). But what's up with the house? Why would he need a man cave like that, when Agnes is not really his wife & he is actualy the only person living in that house...until hex? And why does he have that weird basement? Who is he really? And what's his story really? [Or was the basement an illusion Agatha showed Wanda & it doesn't really look like this?] 
And if that's his real name, why laugh at it? Something is definitely up with "Ralph". Is he the witness protection person & that was his file...for him to learn his new identity, and not a reference that he's an actor and that's his headshot? And his powers were never explained. We're left to just assume that Agatha gave him the ability through the necklace. But we've never actually told if she can do that kind of magic. That's why I don't think he's just a random Ralph. But I don't also think he's "from multiverse". Though it is stil possible...
  There are things that suggest he's the witness protection person. And then there are things that speak against it. The funny name ( he an adult film actor, and hence the name?), the strange safe room in the house (unless Agatha created it & moved him there & soundproofed it, then it was already there...). The overdue waterbill (with spikes on usage in Feb & Sept-Oct 2020?...when i's supposed to be around Oct-Nov 2023...) seem also interesting. If the wrong year is an error from props, then ok. But if it's not, then this guy just took over some guys house & identity who used to live there..until 3 years ago... around the time SWORD changed their meaning...
I do think that unless they're trying to double-trick everyone & a reveal is coming in further future that he was actually the other Pietro, it's most likely that he isn't & was never meant to be. But I also think there's more to him than just some random Ralph, whose house Agatha took over just because it was next to the one Wanda created. I do think the name might be the directors nod to a character on a tv sitcom he used to be part of the cast (creators love to add little nods to people & things they know & like into their works). But putting his name + Agatha's bunny + her comment that there's no taming Agnes comments together... that's a tripple adult joke...
And, untimately, I think this character being just Ralph was supposed to be about the viewers going through the same experience as Wanda. Wanda is pretty messed up, so when a stranger shows up to her door, and claims to be her brother, she at first embraces it. Because she really wants it to be true. But slowly logic takes over, and she becomes suspicious, and questions the actual truth. For Wanda he kinda looks similar, and he has the brothers abilities. So she accepts the lie as the truth...for a second (they did the same with White Vision in ep 9...when for a moment she thought it's her Vision...because she wanted it to be badly). I do think that this was one of the reasons behind this character. I do think that within this show it was always supposed to be about the veiwers being confused together with Wanda. Which...does not mean there's not more to him that'll be explored in the future. And they might still turn it into a multiverse plot twist, but for now, I think it worked the way it did. Especially since they did leave it open with all the little weird details (laughing at his own name, etc)
And it worked...we, like Wanda, wanted to believe “the lie” so badly that we convinced ourselves into believing he is Fox Quicksilver. This is why I personally loved this reveal. And I don’t get the upset. Because this works so much better with the shows theme. It shows how powerful “suggestion” is, and how easy it is to trick the human mind. 
If Agatha is able to free everyone from Wanda’s spell (as demonstrated in the finale), then why didn’t she do it sooner/right away?
Is it cause she didn’t fully understand what was going on soon enough? We know that Vision didn’t free everyone right away after ep 5 was because freeing them meant causing them feel pain, and Vision is all good. But what’s Agatha’s excuse/explanation? If she considers Wanda’s mind-control as wrong, then why did she not help the people if she could? Because she had her own agenda...she needed her to keep up the illusion in order to get what she wanted. And she was doing it all knowingly.
Agatha has no right to judge Wanda here. Vision & Monica do/have. People of WV can. The damage Wanda caused was an accidental byproduct of her grief (when she cries everyone feels it & cries..without her knowing...she can’t affect others emotions), but Agatha planned everything with full knowedge of what she was doing. She is the villain who seems to have good intentions. Wanda is the hero, who seems to have bad intentions. One lead by good, other by evil.
I think that the reason Wanda seems to be hostile towards Monica, while she seems to be determined to help her at any cost (to herself) is all about reality vs hex-ality. If you pay attention then the moments that "anger" Wanda during this sitcom freality are the ones where something from actual reality gets through to her freality. Jimmy's radio message in ep 2. The beekeeper in ep 2. Mention of Ultron in ep 3. The drones. Since Monica represents the reality that is ruining her fake reality, does not fit in, is a deviation from her script, then she is trying to edit it out. Monica is trying to connect to Wanda because of the grief connection (she has similar experience due to what happened with her mom & the blip). Wanda is also probably not completety sure she isn't on the same team as Hayward is. She might focus her anger towards her cause in her mind she represents SWORD.
  Also...some bits are making me think that Wanda sensed that there was an outsider in her dream-world. That there was an enemy among her neighbours/friends. But...she either could not identify them, or Agatha mis-directed the suspicion at others on purpose, making her mis-identify the threat. Cause what Wanda tells Geraldine before she kicks her out is actually, in reality, applies to Agatha.
Also...from production POV...the reason they had Wanda physically attack Monica, and not others is because shes the only "random" person with powers. So she's a worthy match. And they used this to set up her powers, and showcase them. Once it was decided Monica was part of the shows story, and she'd get her powers, that was it. She had to exit the hex (2x enter + 1x exit), and Wanda is basically the only one who could make that happen (throw someone out). So from that POV it was just a means to an end. The ep 7 fight was to show us & Wanda more of her powers.
Did Wanda see WestView as being in ruins & people all alone & sad when she was driving through the city becase of her own mental state (when she arrive there)? Was she projecting her own feeling to others & hence saw her own feelings in others? And in reality the city was not in the state she saw it? Because based on the finale the people of WV did not seem as sad & city as much in ruins as it looked to her? Did she accidentally project her feeling on others...for real? Is this what happened? 
When the hex goes down the city is still “rusty” (boarded up houses, no shine), but the people might not have been as un happy as she perceived? We won’t know...
Was her perception accurate or incorrect?  Not answered, really...
Though it seems that the engineer friend was the lady she met up with, who brough Monica the vehicle to enter the hex, I am still a bit unsure about her not being just the messenger, because Monica originally says “guy”...which kinda hints towards a male. So that, to me, was also left a bit open ended...
Who is this other FBI agent Ciff who Jimmy calls to help. Who is this? I don’t think it’s anyone important. I just think that this is yet another meta joke. He is calling Cliff Hanger. #Cliffhanger lol 
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aspiestvmusings · a month ago
Parallels, Callbacks, Foreshadowing... 
Wanda/SW doing “astral projection” - reading a book while “another her” is making tea at the same time VS Dr. Srange astral projecting himself in his film as he was studying. 
Wanda sitting on the porch in the countryside after everyone calls her a villain after her actions VS Thanos in his countryside cottage after the snap. Smilar aesthetic VS Hulk going to a cottage in the middle of nowhere at the end of rhe 2008 film to reflect on the damge he did + learn about his powers. 
Wanda vs Agatha VS Tony vs Thanos: Agatha cheering that she has won, ready to direct her power (Wanda’s power she “drank”) against/at Wanda & then nothing happens has the exact same energy as 2014-Thanos snapping and just the hollow noise happening... The realization of the villain that their opponent has outsmarted them, using tricks (”magic”) - misdirection. If you’re not powerful enough or don’t have as much knowledge as the other, you can still win...because misdirection works. All those powerful & evil characters have one thing in common = they think they are “inevitable”, but they always fall for the tricks played on them. In here knowledge is not “power”, but weakness as it overboosts the villains confidence. Flourish! 
I want to break free... Hex Vision wanting to get out of the hex & free from Wanda’s “mind control” (she can’t control him, but she tried). He wants to find answers, and help people in 1x06 VS White Vision after regaining his memories (but most likely not his soul & humanity & connection to Wanda) wants to get away, to break free of Hayward’s mind control (hence letting other Vision unlock his memories). He most likely wants to find answers, and help himself & others.... 
In ep 2 Vision's (stage name: Illusion) magician in their magic act uses the word "Flourish"" as his magic word [instead of abracadabra] before/after every trick VS In 1x09 Jimmy Woo says "Flourish!" after he uses the magician trick (he learned from Scott Lang) to free himself from cuffs. It is a reference to Jimmy watching "WandaVision" & hearing Vision say that because, as WAnda points out, you don't say the word out loud when doing your magic tricks. Hence it’s not a reference to just Jimmy being a magician..since Antman film, but to that ep 2. 
In episode 2 Vision as "Illusion" wears a cape as part of his magician outfit VS part of the real Vision's outfit is a cape! (that he originally added to his costume in AoU after seeing Thor’s costume & cape)
The show starts with Wanda & Vision arriving to WV in 1950s as characters & doing everything they can to hide their identity and powers from everyone. Being afraid that everyone finds out about their secret... [until they start to realize that somethings wrong & what Wanda did...] VS The whole family walking through WV as their superhero outfits. Not hiding the true selves from anyone. Coming in terms of who they are. Works both as MCU development & reference to sitcom development of how “ideals” have been portrayed on screen.
Wanda's birthing screams & energy spending: Wanda "giving birth" to Vision in ep 8 flashback VS Wanda giving birth to the twins in ep 3. I feel like in a way her subconcious was reminding her of the "birthing pains". 
Wanda mind controlling Agatha - giving her “nightmares” in WV ep 1x09 = is so similar to how she mindcontrolled Tony in him “nightmares”. Sneaking up on them...  VS what Agatha did to Wanda in ep 8 looked similar...she “mind contolled her” and showed her a story...she wanted her to see (her origins...) Both mentioned that it was easy to do, because the controlled person was so full of doubts that it didn’t tke anything to make them “see things”...
Vision telling Wanda in a past film that he wants everyone to see her the way he does (the way Monica does in WV) - that she is not simply a villain, not someone to be afraid of like the WV people are after the hex, as the world was after Lagos... VS The Hex! Vision telling her that "I just wanted to see you” & “and there you are”... at the beginning of their goodbye scene as the hex goes down...
Wanda & Visions final goodbye scene being them standing in front of a window ...the end of their journey together VS The Wanda/Vision scene in Scotland...the first scene that reveals their relationship to also of them standing in front of the window...  Visual Parallels 
WV series setting up the next decade/phase looks a lot like IM  films setting up first decade/phase. Both more character centered & more character driven spries & journeys. favourite kind. WV setting up Wandas journey VS IM setting up Tony’s journey. Question is... will she choose the “hero” or the “villain” path. Go Tony’s route, or opposite? Time will tell. 
In ep 9 when Wanda throws a car at Agatha & goes to check on her, we only see her/the witches boots under the car VS The classic image of the Wicked Witch of the West’s boots/shoes under the rubble in Wizard of Oz.
Visions co-worker, Jones says: "I wore a turtleneck" in episode 1x02, when Mr. Hart is firing him VS Vision wearing a turtleneck as they say goodbye to the kids & to one another in 1x09 
In ep 8 flashback to the day Wanda arrived at Westview, and was driving throgh the town, she saw the people she cast in supporting roles in her show. Among them was Jones' (Harold), who was putting up an add on the billboard about teaching piano lessons VS In ep 2 Jones was playing the piano during his performance on the talent show. 
Wanda driving through WestView as she first arives in reality - the town & the people seem in a non-happy state (people alone & depressed, town in ruins, she alone) in 1x08 flashback VS Wanda & Vision driving through WestView as they first arrive in the TV freality (everyone fake-happy & not alone, buildings & businesses flourishing  in 1x01
Vision as the magician Illusion using the phrase "fllourish!" for his magic tricks (that Agatha messes up & Wanda corrects) in the TV-freality in 1x02 VS Wanda after seeing the state of the town & people (that to her seem like her own experience) making the place flourish (alive again)! in1x08 flashback
In episode 1  Agatha introduces Wanda to the womens magazine named "Glamorous" as there is an article there about "seduction tecniques". They read the article/magazine together...Agnes plan to trick Wanda into creating kids VS In episode 3 we see Wanda reding the same magazine (but a different from 1970s) as she relaxes on the sofa while the hoover is cleaning the house by itself. [PS. The title of the womens magazine in eps 1 & 3 nd Wandas stage name Glamour in ep 2 are actually references to the words other meaning... magic]
In 1x01 Vision tells his boss Mr. Hart that no, he does not have a skeleton, when he's asked if he has a skeleton in his closet VS In the 1x02 sitcom opening credits we see Vision go through walls & floor/ceiling. As he moves downstairs from the closet we see wht appears to be a spider/a villains mask & spiderwebs there. And... bones. 
When Monica blips back in the 1x04 flashback scene she encounters a doctor/person in the hallway who says to her "Do you have a phone? I have to call my wife" VS In episode 1x05, when Vision unlocks Norm's mind from Wanda's control, one of the things he says is "Where's my phone? I have to call my sister. (She's taking care of our dad. He's sick)." [and we remember fro Endgame that after being bipped back everyone wanted to call their loved the 1st thing they did...] 
Wanda throwing a car, her car, at Agatha (when she can't use her power directly againt her) to stop her in 1x09 VS Wanda throwing a car at Iron Man/Tony in CA:CW to stop him.
In ep 8 Agatha tells Wanda "And here you are (making breakfast for dinner)"  VS In ep 9 Vision tells Wanda at the start of their final goodbye scene "And there you are."
In ep 1 the Harts comment that Wanda made "breakfast for dinner" when they see the food prepared for this surprise event VS In ep 8 when Agatha is holding the twins on a leash she mocks Wanda for using her super powers on simple things like that, saying "...and here you are making breakfast for dinner"
In 1x01 Vision saves the day by calling Wanda covering the bosses eyes with her hands " a traditional sokovian greeting" when she thinks she's welcoming her husband home VS in the 1x08  flashback to her childhood we see that her mother covers her eyes with her hands the same way. Yet another subconcious detail from her real life.
We learned during the ep 8 flashback to her childhood that Wanda’s powers manifested (probability hex) at age 10. It mightve been the first time she “properly” used her magic abilities  VS When Billy & Tommys powers manifesting (Billy: mind reading + “seeing the future” & Tommy: speed) in more concrete way when they are 10 -year-olds... PS. 10 = X (roman numerals) = X-gene (mutants)
In ep 1 Wanda says “my husband and his indestructible head” (as a comic lline)...but VS Vision’s destructed head... aka Thanos ripping the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head in 3: IW, and in doing so “destructing his head” PS. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME TO ADD THIS ONE, @ecstaticreverie
Ms. Hart keeps saying "Stop it!" (with more & more concerned voice) as Mr. Hart chokes in 1x01 VS Wanda keeps saying "Stop it!" (with more & more concerned voice) when she sees Visions body being a machine in the 1x08 flashback.
The Mind-Stone shape: The hexagonal shape of the Mind Stone in Vision’s head VS The shape of the Mind stone painted on the “cabinet of mysteries” in ep 2 used for their magic act VS The mind’stone shaped detail in the center of Wanda’s new Scarlet Witch costume’s “collar”  PS. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME TO ADD THIS ONE, @ecstaticreverie
During the 1x08 flashback scene to a time  after the events of A1: AoU we see Vision enter Wanda's room at the Avengers compund through the wall, instead of the door, d then they have a meaningful conversation about grief. VS In the movie CA:CW we see Vision enter her room through the wall...instead of the open door... as Wanda & Steve are talking about the events of Lagos...This is where Wanda says "Vis, we've talked about this [entering though door instead a wall]"
During the ep 3 sitcom opening credits we see Vision build a swingset for the kids-to-be, but it falls apart VS During the ep 8 flashback therapy scene at Avengers compound Wanda & Vision are watching Bryan Cranstons character on a sitcom on TV build something & it falls apart (falls on him, hurting him...and Vision asks qhy it's funny)
Vision quoting Shakespeare in WV 1x02: “All the world’s a stage & all the men & women merely players..” VS a role in a Shakespeare play  mention related to Trevor Slattery in IM3
In ep 4 one of the specialists in the truck tells Darcy (after she tries to question him) "We'e not supposed to talk" VS In ep 7 Wanda tells the director/person [Agatha all along] behind the camera "You’re not supposed to talk", when during her sitcom a voice from behind the camera replies to her.
Darcy’s fist & last scene had similar energy. We first see Darcy in a militay vehicle, on the way to the hex base. She comments that “we got a full cown car”, when she realizes they’re bringing on top experts from every field. VS When Wanda’s expanding hex traps the base everything is turned into a circus...and agents into clowns etc. VS Darcy uses the “clown car” to stop Hayward. She rams his military vehicle as he tries to flee with the funnel ytruck/clown car (it’s changed shape, but since it in reality the same kind of miitary vehicle it can stop Haywards car)
In ep 5 Hayward "shoots" at the kids & Wanda, when he lets his guys take over the drone Monica is using & fires a weapon at the family VS In ep 9 Hayward actually shoots  the kids (from a gun), when Wanda puts the twins in charge of dealing with the military.
Hayward asking Jimmy about Wanda’s superhero name in ep 5: “No funny nickname?” VS "...and that makes you The Scarlett Witch" - Agatha "giving" her the funny superhero nickname in 1x08. this context it seems more like royal title than a superhero nickname.
Wanda giving Vision the meat tenderizer (it looks like a small hammer) & him holding it in WV ep 1x01 VS Vision lifting & giving Thor's hammer (Mjölnir) to Thor in A2: AoU
Episode 1 ends with Wanda creating wedding rings for them..from "nothing" VS Episode 9 ends with the wedding ring on her finger being the last thing that disappears after she's taken down the hex & "re-absorbed" the energy of the Mind Stone she created him from. We can still see the ring on her finger a moment after the yellow has disappeared...and then that's gone, too
The newstories on the screens et SWORD lobby are all about the snapped people being blipped back & families reunited & celebrating etc during both Wanda's visit we see in ep 8 flashback AND Monica's visit we see in ep 4 flashback. [Wanda's visit happened earlier, but the door had been replaced before Monica's visit... that had to be next later] 
During a flashback memory scene in ep 8 to a time when Wanda was a volunteer for Hydra we see her watching a tv show/sitcom "The Brady Bunch" on TV where a little girl with blonde hair in braids is putting her doll to sleep VS In episode 3 when Vision on practicing changing diapers he's doing it on a (girl) doll with braids..tied with similar red bows as the girl/character on TV. The same exact doll.
Wakanda is located inside a giant protective dome/bubble - an "invisible" energy field protects it & the barrier stops intruders VS Wanda creates a giant protective dome/bubble (hex-shaped) around WestView - an "invisible" energy field that stops people from entering or exiting...
The “fallen/hurt/dying pose” parallels: Vision in A3: IW after Thanos killed him VS Vision in WV ep 1x06/1x07 after exiting the hex & falling apart VS Monica in WV ep 1x03 /1x04 after being thrown out from the hex VS Nat in A4:E after falling on Vormir… #VisualParallels
When Agnes introduces hersef to the new neighbours she brings a plants as a housewarming gift in WV episode 1x01 VS This is the first things that glitches in episode 1x07 as Wanda “loses control” of reality
SNAPS: "Sugar Snaps" is the name of the breakfast cereal Wanda eats in 1x07 VS  “SNAP” is part of the add on the billboard in WV 1x08 flashback scene when the hex take sover the city VS  Thanos snapping his fingers in A3: IW & wiping half of he universe "out of existence" VS  Agatha snaps her fingers in 1x08 when she disappears from the audience seats VS In ep 1 Agnes says that “this menu can be done in a snap” to Wanda 
The heart drawn on the wall calendar on the date Friday, August 23rd was an abbreviation & was referring to Vision's boss & his wife coming to dinner in 1x01... when neither could remember the significance of the heart or date. Also... "Who needs to abbreviate?" (when theyre both superheroes) VS The heart Vision drew on the property deed of the land he bought for them. Next to the text "to grow old in" - V. (abbreviating his name) in the 1x08 flshback VS The heart on the calendar on the Date Wednesday the 10th in the opening credits for Wandas sitcom freality in 1x07 VS The heart on top of a building in the 1x02 episode sitcom intro
In ep 8 flashback Wanda says "I can't feel you", when he cannot read/feel Vision & the Mind stone (connection) as she is trying to connect to the dissected parts of Visions physical form/body VS In A3:IW when Wanda is trying to read the Mind Stone during the scene at the hotel in Scotland, she says "I just feel you" (not what the stone is trying to warm him about) VS In A3: IW as Wanda is about to destroy the Mind Stone & Vision along with it, he tels her to not worry, cause she could never hurt her, and adds "I just feel you"
In ep 9 when Wanda meets White Vision he puts his hands around Wanda's face, and she in her delusion expects that this is  her Vision & he's just doing "their thing" (when they can share a "mindstone link" like that), but instead this machine starts squeezing her face/skull...because it has been given the order to destroy/kill Wanda VS In the end of episode 9 as Wanda & Hex Vision are saying goodbye she puts her hands around his face (doing "their thing"...trying to feel him as long as his face is the last thing to disappear with the hex) and doing so lovingly. 
In ep 7 Monica lands the "hero landing" after Wanda "throws" her into the air VS In  ep 9 Wanda lands the "hero landing" when Hex Vision attacks White Vision who is trying to crush Wanda's skull VS In ep 9 Hex Vision lands the "hero landing" when both visions fall to the gground & create a crater into a road. 
In the ep 8 flashback Wanda descibes her grief as "I'm so tired. It's just ike this wave washing over me...again & again.  It knocks me down, and when I try to stand up, it just comes for me again. And...its just gonna drown me." to Vision VS Monica describing the feeling she felt under Wanda's mind control in the hex as "There was this feeling keeping me down. This hopeless feeling. Like drowning. It was grief."
When Vision was born in AoU he flew to the window....and saw  reflection of himself. This is how his journey in MCU in this form began  VS The scene with Wanda & Vision saying goodbye by the window in ep 9 starts with Vision moving to the window (before Wanda joins him) to look at the hex world shrinking outside & seeing his own reflection on the glass). His last scene in this form was a direct parallel to his first scene(s).  #visualparallels
Wanda & Vision saying say hello again some time & some place at the end of WV 1x09 (the scene by the window is similar to the scene we were introduced to the couple) VS Wanda & Vision at the beginning of A3: IW having a conversation by the window, in Scotland (the "I just feel you" scene)  #visualparallels
In episode 2 when the sitcom world goes from b&w to colour, the camera circles around Wanda & Vision...making a 360 degree trip around the room VS In episode 9 as Wanda & Hex Vision are saying their final goodbyes in the saem living room the camera circles around them...doing several 360 degree circles around the Wanda/the hex takes down the house layer/decade by layer/decade...  #visualparallels
Wanda & Vision family watching TV  every night before going to bed in Wanda's TV freality on WV VS Wanda watching TV with her family in Sokovia - the last happy memory before trauma hit her (1x08 flashback scene) VS Wanda & Vision first bonding at the Avengers compound whilw watching TV together (1x08 flashback scene). He's learning "being human" with her help & she's learning about dealing with her trauma.
In ep 8, when Agatha takes down the "walk on memory lane" illusion & Wanda finds herself in her basement, she hears her twins [Billy & Tommy] calling for her "Mom!" because Agatha has kidnapped them... VS In the post end credits scene when we see Wanda make herself a cup of tea + read the Darkhold at the same time, we/she hears her twins [Billy & Tommy] call for her "Mom!" It is not revealed if she's just having a "nightmare" of that moment from ep 8 or is she imagining it, or is she hearing them for real...calling from somewhere [other dimension] 
Vision's plan was for them to move from big city to a small town, build a house & start a family/life together. Grow old together (even if he as a synthezoid presumbly doesn't grow old like Wanda as human would. Though maybe his human form could & perhaps she as  Nexus being/witch can/will live for centuries..but they didn't know it back then?) as he had planned their life together in IW (making me suspicious if they got engaged or something...) as revealed in WV 1x08 flashback to the property deed that lead Wanda to WestView VS Wanda creating a sitcom world where decades change...she literally created an alternate reality where they live his plan for them..they grow old a small town... as seen throughout the WV show...
Wanda seeing Vision dressed as the WV character, but looking exactly like when he died in A3: IW w. the mindstone ripped out... in WV 1x04 VS Wanda seeing Fietro dressed as the WV character, but looking exactly like when he died in A2AoU w. the bulletholes in the shirt in WV 1x06 VS Peter seeing Tony as an Iron-Zombie rising from the grave in the illusion Mysterio created to play tricks on him in SM2: FFH
Wanda seen as "evil” by her castmates..when she thought she did nothing wrong. She did not understand her power & as a byproduct she hurt others...unintentionaly & unknowingly...and now seen as the villian by WV people & world...more.   VS Agatha seen as bad by her coven...when she thought she did nothing wrong. But she was messing with power that she didn’t fully understand. The question here is will Wanda’s journey ahead copy Agathas or will it be the opposite? Will she choose to go toward “good” or “evil” path? Agatha’s own mother did not believe she could be good. “I can be good.” / “No you cant.” Wanda had Vision, who had always seen the good in her & she had Monica, who could she the good in her, too. As Vision once said: “I wish to understant it (the Mind Stone). The more I understand it, the less it controls me.” If we adopt this to Wanda & replace stone with her power, this is a powerful lesson...that she’s carrying  his message within her. He keeps being her moral compass even if not physically there...the memories remain. Vision’s "Be good, Wanda.” combined with the other truths he’s told her as her moral compass might and possibly will help her learn from Agatha’s mistakes. Because at the end of WV she chose the ”good side”, like Tony did at the end of IM. So I see them not copying her journey from comics, but making it a bit different. While in Agatha the book overpowered her, Wanda will overpower the book. Time wlll tell which route they actually chose for her.   Wanda & Agatha - analysis TBA 
Wanda in WV her character journey starts saying “you don’t get to say who I am... I decide that” mimics Tony’s character journey start, when he says “I am Iron Man” - he makes the decision to decide who he is, define himself (everyone was caling him a superhero, Iron Man...but he then took how everyone perceived him in his new role & made it his own). VS Carols’ origin story - she chose to “stand up” & define herself VS Monica’s origins story - she decided who she was & didnt let the Hex chnge her. VS  What we see with (White) Vision also references this kind of, cause this new re-born Vision comes to a realization on who he is "I am Vision” Wanda & Tony - analysis TBA
There are many more, but those are the ones I first noticed & the ones I remembered to write down. 
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hear me out for a second…
the new scarlet witch costume + dark hair
Tumblr media
(credit goes to @black-widow134 )
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Someone pointed out that Billy can read minds and so he probably read his mom/wandas mind about what was going to happen to him and tommy (sort of like spiderman in infinity war and the snap) and I am NOT FUXKING OKAY
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Watch "WandaVision Pitch Meeting" on YouTube
Spoilers for WandaVision.
@doctorofmagic, i think Ryan George and the audience shared a certain disappointment of someone not appearing in the finale.
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