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#wandavision spoilers
mr-poire12 hours ago
I just rewatched the 3rd Pok茅mon Movie (Spell of the Unown: Entei) and I couldn鈥檛 help but notice some funny parallels with WandaVision of all shows (Spoiler ahead for both if you haven鈥檛 seen any of those) !
A girl struggling with a recent loss in her life suddenly finds herself with a newfound power.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She creates a fantasy world of her own to escape her feelings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This world is based off fictional elements that are dear to her heart from her childhood.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She abducts people and makes them play the roles that she wants and needs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The mystical power used to create her universe starts expanding and engulfing the whole town at one point, escaping her control, and is only stopped by her accepting to embrace reality.
There鈥檚 even a scene where children age themselves up as a way to accomplish their fantasy in both !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyway, just a silly thought !
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homicidal-toothpaste12 hours ago
It was -REDACTED- all along,
It was -REDACTED- all along !
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thatoneaspie13 hours ago
Tumblr media
My great grandmother confronting President Nixon about the Watergate Scandal (circa 1973).
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Reality Check - Chapter 13 (The End)
So technically, this is the end. But it's also... not? I'll explain later. As for now, here you go. This is the end to Reality Check. This is the ending I have had planned for over a month :D
Wanda glided down with Agatha in her grip, releasing the magic once they got to the ground.聽 Agatha crumbled, out of breath from the fight.聽 Wanda walked up to her, the red magic in her hands slowly disappearing.聽 "Good girl," Agatha said.
"So, what now?聽 You just gonna lock me up somewhere?"
Wanda shook her head. "No.聽 Not somewhere.聽 Here."
"Mmhmm.聽 I'll give you the role you chose.聽 The nosy neighbor."
Agatha's eyes widened.聽 "No.聽 Please!"
Wanda walked closer towards the witch.聽 "I'm sorry," She half-smiled.
"No, you're not.聽 You're cruel." Agatha spat out.聽 You rolled your eyes at the woman.
"This is a pretty nice punishment for someone who nearly stripped Wanda of all of her powers and killed her," You said under your breath, causing Loki to laugh.聽 Using some of his magic he was able to heal the wound slightly, giving him enough energy to sit up and watch the scene unravel.
Agatha began shaking as Wanda got even closer.聽 "You... You have... You have no idea what you've unleashed!聽 You're gonna need me."
"If I do, I know where to find you," Wanda smiled.聽 She placed a hand near Agatha and used her magic to turn her into Agnes, the nosy neighbor once more.聽 The smile on Agatha's face would have been convincing had it not been for the anger and fear in her eyes.
"Hiya hon," She greeted Wanda, "Say, that's some kinda getup you're wearing.聽 Did I leave the oven on, or is that just you, hot stuff?" She chuckled.
"You live here now.聽 No one will ever bother you."
"Okey dokey, artichoke."
"I'll be seeing you, Agnes," Wanda began walking away.
"Not if I see you first, hon," She grinned, laughing.
Wanda went to greet her family and began talking to them.聽 Monica decided to back off, going to see Hayward and Darcy.聽 Darcy had stumbled out of the ice cream truck, revealing that it was her who crashed into Hayward's ATV.聽 You laughed, shaking your head at the antics.
"What's so funny?" Loki asked.
"Nothing," You smiled.聽 "It's just nice to see everything going back to the way it should."
Loki nodded.聽 "I have to get out of here soon."聽 He looked up at the sun, tracing the magic that still sealed them into town.聽 "The offer still stands if you're up for it."
You leaned your head against his shoulder, to which he responded by leaning his own against yours.聽 It felt nice.聽 Normal.聽 "I have a different offer for you, prince."
"Oh yeah?聽 And what do you suggest?"聽 He asked.
"Should we ever meet again, I will join you.聽 But for now, I have some unfinished business to deal with.聽 If you ever come back to this timeline, come find me, okay?聽 It doesn't matter if it's a year from now or ten years from now."聽 You pulled your head away to look up at him, watching the way the sun hit his green eyes.聽 "I'll drop everything and come with you."
Loki seemed to be pleased with that response.聽 "It sounds like a plan," He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, bringing you in for a side hug.聽 You wrapped your own arms around his waist, embracing him for a final time.
Looking out into the distance you could see Wanda give Monica a nod before leaving with her family.聽 You smiled sadly, knowing this would be the last you would see of them together.聽 As she left, the barrier slowly started to close in.聽 She was saving just a little time for herself.
You stood up, giving Loki a hand as he followed suit.聽 He looked down at the wound on his chest as Monica walked up to the two of you.聽 "I take it you don't want any more help with that, huh?" She asked.
"Well, I would appreciate it, but I don't think I'm going to be around here much longer."聽 You laughed, knowing that Monica still didn't know that he was real and not just a figment of this reality.
"Fair enough.聽 I'll see you later, Y/N."聽 Monica began walking away from the scene.聽 You and Loki chose to walk away from it too, deciding to go home.
The house remained, though the modern items changed slightly.聽 They were exactly what they were before the town was caught under Wanda's magic.聽 You chose to stay outside, deciding against going inside.聽 "It's still someone else's house.聽 I can't go back in there now," You shook your head.聽 Loki understood and stood in front of it with you.
"I suppose this is goodbye then," He said, looking at the barrier that had just recently brushed past through the two of you.
"I guess it is," You said, looking down at your clothes.聽 They were back to normal, the ones you wore before you were sucked in.聽 Loki was in a new suit now, one that helped him blend into his surroundings more.
"Should we ever see each other again, I'm holding you to your promise, love," He said, taking your hand and kissing the top of it.聽 You laughed lightly.
"I expected nothing less, Loki."聽 He began walking away from you, out into the unknown.聽 Whatever he had planned to escape, he didn't tell you.聽 You could hardly watch him though, instead, choosing to walk in the opposite direction.
Your paths may divide here, but you knew one day they would cross once again.
Tumblr media
A year had passed and you decided to visit New Asgard.聽 Valkyrie was king now and everyone seemed at peace.聽 After the events of Thanos and the "New Captain America" as made by the U.S government, everyone seemed happy.聽 The bad times were gone, leaving only good moments for everyone.聽 Everyone had family, friends, and love to share.聽 You didn't though.
You saw Wanda one more time before she had gone off to isolate herself in the country.聽 She took the Darkhold, a book Agatha had, and chose to study it and learn of its powers.聽 You were concerned about leaving her alone, but she asked you to trust her.
Monica said that Hayward was arrested shortly after the Maximoff Anomaly after falsely accusing and framing Wanda of stealing the Vision's body.聽 There was video proof of him having Vision still even after Wanda created the false reality.聽 Monica is now the director of S.W.O.R.D, though she's currently off on a mission to find Captain Marvel.
You, on the other hand, had nothing to do at the moment.聽 Thor may not be here, but you decided a trip to New Asgard would be best just to see how everything was going.
You loved seeing it, but a part of you felt a sort of regret for not going with Loki.聽 He was right.聽 You weren't used to a simple life.聽 You craved adventures and you craved knowing more about your powers.聽 It's hard to put your powers to use when there are no bad guys to聽 fight.
That is, at least that's what you thought.
And then he came.
Doctor Strange came through a portal, greeting you quickly.聽 He seemed out of breath, as if he had been fighting.聽 "Y/N," He said, looking around at New Asgard.聽 Asgardians that were around the two of you quickly shuffled out of the way, afraid of what was happening.
"Strange, what are you doing here?" You asked.
"It's a long story.聽 But I need you to come with me.聽 Wanda has gone tampering with the multiverse.聽 I need your help."
"Strange, I don't know about this-" You stopped when you saw the man behind Strange.聽 It wasn't hard to recognize him when he looked exactly as he did a year ago.
"Hello, darling."
@emberfulclass @momoneymolife @high-priestesss @hailey-the-heathen @mochminnie @dpaccione @intricate-melody @lindseyrae20 @storminateacup15 @ilovemollyweasley @bookgirlunicorn @chims-kookies @austynparksandpizza @yikesdameron @littleladdty @three-eyed-snail @kymera-casterwill @justsomerandompersonintheworld @followthepastelcloud @11mb0 @carolinesbookworld @from-hel-i-with-love @grimalkynslee @boywivlove @prettysbliss @youreobsessedwithmarvel @th3gl1tt3gram3roff1c1al @luthien-t @lokilove3000 @treblebeth @weclassygirl @justfangirlingaround @drpepperobsessed @how-does-this-work @prideofnewberk @matterdontminduntildone @brynthebulldozer @shittyfuckinweeb
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vd-movies15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wandavision (2021)
Episode 3
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff.
Paul Bettany as Vision.
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themonkeycabal15 hours ago
check this ouuuut bear1na tumblr com/post/647587994826604544/wandavision-by-riana-mckeith (i did my best to see if they had a tumblr, thus far it doesn't ~look~ like a repost) The animation styles made me die and live and die again
Oh my gosh! Those are so adorable. I love them all. And A+ dedication to the theme. Totally going to reblog them next. Thanks, anon!聽
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monsterfuckerenthusiast16 hours ago
spn fic where it isn't a fix it fic, instead a character just goes completely wandavision and creates an alternate reality where they can be with their loved ones again and that's it.
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Reality Check - Chapter 12
Tumblr media
Honestly, almost made it one big final chapter, but I decided against it. I liked the ending of this. The final chapter will wrap up everything and tie it all together. Enjoy! The final chapter will probably be up tonight if I'm not too busy. (By the way, look at this adorable gif!!)
Wanda began by throwing a huge blast of magic at the woman, causing her to stumble.聽 She stayed standing as the three of you watched her absorb the magic.聽 When you turned to look at Wanda, a shocked expression on your face, you could see her hands turn to a dark grey color.聽 "Wanda," You drifted off, unsure of what to do.
"You can't defeat me, Wanda.聽 Every time you use your magic against me I will merely take it from you.聽 You aren't using this magic properly.聽 I'm here to take it and do exactly what it's meant for.聽 I take power from the underserving.聽 It's kind of my thing," She smirked.
The redhead didn't hesitate to use her magic to lift a car, throwing it at Agatha as hard as possible.聽 You almost wanted to laugh at her move, but you chose to go after Agatha beforehand.聽 Both you and Loki ran across the street, making your way to the woman.聽 She had crashed into a nearby house.
When you made your way to the crash site you found her nowhere to be seen.聽 Instead, you saw a pair of shoes lying similarly to the scene from an old movie.聽 "Cute," You said sarcastically, "But where is she now?"
Loki started using his magic to trace her.聽 "There should be enough residue to find her still." Green magic started to lift from his fingertips, leaving a trail behind them as they moved down the street.聽 Upon turning around though, you couldn't care about where it was leading.
Instead, you saw Wanda being lifted off the ground by something white.聽 It looked almost exactly like Vision.聽 He had both of his hands pressed against the sides of her face.聽 Afraid for your friend, you shouted at him.聽 He turned to look up at you, his blank stare sending chills down your spine.聽 "Let her go!" You yelled, using your telekinesis to throw a heavy pot at him from one of the neighbors' gardens.
You expected it to work, giving Wanda enough time to break free from his grasp.聽 However, he swiftly placed Wanda in a chokehold with one hand, catching the pot in his other.聽 He dropped the pot, allowing the ceramic to crash and break into a million pieces on the concrete.聽 Before you could make another move, something rushed past the White Vision.聽 The flurry of red and silver gave away to you exactly who it was.聽 Real Vision.
Wanda landed on the ground kneeling, trying to catch her breath.聽 You rushed over to her, helping her up.聽 "Are you alright?" You asked.
She nodded, unable to speak just yet.聽 Loki walked over to the two of you, placing a hand on your arm.聽 You looked up at him and he pointed to the trail of green magic.聽 "I hate to interrupt this precious moment," You nearly rolled your eyes, "But we need to follow that if we want to find her."
Vision came back to the three of you, looking directly at you.聽 "You're far more powerful than you ever showed.聽 I can detect the level of energy coming from you right now and it's incredible."
You laughed breathlessly.聽 "Well, there's a lot you don't know just yet about the world, Vis.聽 We'll have to catch up one of these days."
He smiled slightly before looking back at Wanda.聽 "Where are the boys?" He asked.
"They're in the house, safe. Vision, I should've told you everything.聽 The moment I realized what I had done."
"It's all right, Wanda.聽 I know why you made this world but this-"
Wanda interrupted him, "I can fix it."
"Can you?" Loki asked, causing both you and Wanda to glare at him.
Suddenly, you heard something from above you.聽 Looking up by the roof of a house you could see Agatha.聽 You looked back at Loki, who was shocked to see his magic had lied to him.聽 "Rerouting magic.聽 It was too easy.聽 I see the God of Mischief can't even figure that one out," She said.
Agatha looked down the street, seeing the path of destruction that was caused by both Vision and White Vision.聽 "Oh, this is awkward - your ex and your boyfriend together at the same party.聽 Not even your friend can help you get out of this one.聽 Who are you gonna choose, Wanda?"
"Vision," Wanda turned to look at her husband, seeing the hard gaze that was set on Agatha in his eyes.聽 "This is our home."
"Then let's fight for it."
Vision went after White Vision while you saw Agatha disappear, taking off to downtown Westview.聽 Wanda looked over at you before following her.聽 "Y/N, be careful."
"You do the same, Wanda," You said, watching her fly off after the witch.聽 You turned to Loki, who still seemed shocked that she was able to reroute his magic.
"Loki, we have to go help Wanda," You said.聽 Loki looked up at you and you could see the trouble in his eyes.聽 "What's wrong?"
"Y/N," He started, "There's something I have been meaning to ask you.聽 I want to do it before it's too late.聽 I worry that when this is over I won't have the time.聽 Mobius will come after me as soon as the barrier is lifted."
You tilted your head in confusion.聽 "What is it?"
"Run with me.聽 Once this is all over I'm getting out of the T.V.A.聽 I want you to come with me."
"What?!" You exclaimed.聽 "Loki, I can't just leave this world-"
"That's your fear getting to you, but yes you can.聽 Tell me, what do you expect to do once this is over?聽 Go back to your simple life?聽 You never had one, Y/N.聽 You don't know what it's like.聽 After everything you have experienced, do you really think you can go on with a life where you can relax and go about your day?聽 You couldn't even do that in this one.聽 Even in this, you sought out a mystery that laid before you," He motioned to the world around him.聽 "If you go with me I can promise you that we will see the unimaginable and do the impossible."
You couldn't say anything in response.聽 His eyes pleaded with you to go with him.聽 You backed away.聽 One step.聽 Two steps.聽 You stopped when he realized what you were doing.聽 "I can't, Loki.聽 I'm sorry."
"Why not?" He asked, anger forming in his eyes.聽 You couldn't tell what he was thinking.聽 It was hidden away so that you couldn't decipher why he was acting this way.
In reality, he genuinely wanted you to go with him.聽 He knew that he would be all alone if he went by himself and he knew he would need a companion.聽 The selfish side of him understood what it meant if he had you though.聽 Power.聽 The Phoenix Force would have the ability to give him everything he wants if he knew how to play you.聽 He truly loved you, but he knew that having the Phoenix Force on his side would be the gateway to eternal freedom and power.
"I have Wanda and the rest of the Avengers.聽 I can't just leave them, Loki!"
"I promise you they will be fine after this," He assured you, walking up to you.
"And how do you know that?"
"I just do," He said.聽 "I assure you that they will be alright.聽 Just-" He stopped himself, looking out to the boundary.聽 "I don't want to leave without you by my side." He placed a hand on your arm comfortingly.
The sincerity in your eyes is what made you consider it.聽 For a brief moment, you were considering accepting his offer.聽 For a small moment, you thought about running off with him once you defeated Agatha.聽 A lifetime of adventure with him seemed like a dream come true, especially after what happened to Loki.
What happened to Loki.
Your Loki.
You blinked a tear away, looking up at him.聽 "No," You smiled.
Loki frowned upon your response and asked, "No?聽 Why not?"
"Because you're not my Loki.聽 And I'm not your Y/N."
"Why does that matter?聽 Y/N, we need each other.聽 You know we do," He pressed on.
"No, I don't.聽 Because I just remembered what time you're from.聽 If you're from 2012, Loki I knew you well enough back then to know that what you're saying now is untrue.聽 I love you, I do, but this is not the way we can be together." Your smile turned into one of sadness, accepting that you wouldn't get your happy ending.
"I'm sorry Loki," You said, pulling away from him.聽 "But I have to go help Wanda."
Before you could run off to downtown you heard a loud creaking noise.聽 You looked up, seeing the barrier of magic around the town glow a fiery red.聽 It started to dissipate slowly before you, causing you to freeze in your place.聽 "What is she doing?" Loki asked.
"She's freeing the town," You whispered.
You ran as fast as you could, watching the barrier heal itself as you did.聽 Twisting and turning through the many streets of Westview you could hear Loki calling after you.聽 You knew he was following you, but you couldn't stop.聽 You had no idea what was going on with Wanda.
You finally made it, watching many vehicles rush into Town Square.聽 Wanda, Vision, Billy and Tommy were all preparing to fight.聽 Wanda was telling them something, but you couldn't hear because of how far you were from them.聽 White Vision started gliding down behind Vision.聽 "Vision!聽 Behind you!" You yelled.
Vision looked up and flew towards the other Vision, both fighting once again.聽 You saw them crash into the nearby library as Wanda looked over at you.聽 "Wanda, focus on Agatha.聽 The boys," You motioned towards Loki, Billy, and Tommy, "And I have this."
Before she could respond the soldiers that were outside of the ATVs rose, flying up into the air with purple magic surrounding them.聽 "Same story, different century," Agatha began, "There will always be torches and pitchforks for ladies like us, Wanda."
You glared at the woman, "Try this torch then, Agatha!"聽 You exclaimed, sending another blast of energy at her as you did before.聽 She let go of the men, instead directing her magic to create a barrier.聽 It wasn't enough to absorb all of the power, causing her to stumble and fall.
"No!" Wanda called out, saving the men using her magic.聽 They were cushioned by it before slowly being let down onto the ground.聽 You ran over to the three of them.聽 "Wanda, go after her," You nodded.
Wanda looked down at Billy and Tommy. "Boys, mommy will be right back." She took off into the sky, following Agatha.
You and Loki looked around the sight before you, shielding the boys to the best of your ability. "Hey!聽 We can help!" Tommy said, grinning.聽 You looked down at him and smiled.
"I know Tommy, but if your mom knows that I let you fight the military off all by yourself then she'll kill me," You winked.聽 "But you can have a little fun."
Billy used his powers to delve into the soldiers' minds, causing them to freeze.聽 Tommy used his ability to disarm every single one of them while taking a few of their accessories.聽 To make sure they wouldn't have access to the firearms again, you were able to use your powers to turn them into wood.聽 Unfortunately, it used up a lot of your energy, causing you to pant.
"Transmutation?" Loki asked.
"It's a work in progress," You said, bending over and placing your hands on your knees.聽 "I needed to make sure the boys were safe though."
Loki looked up, eyes widening when he saw Hayward approaching with a gun.聽 You looked up, following his line of sight.聽 "No, no, no!聽 Stand down!" You heard Monica yell.聽 She ran in front of Billy and Tommy shielding them from the gunfire.聽 Loki stood in front of you, shielding you from them as well.
Bullets left the barrel, hitting Monica at full speed.聽 However, they went right through her before falling to the ground with a soft thud.聽 One bullet flew right past her, going right for Billy, who stopped it just in time.
Before you could listen to what Monica and Billy were saying to one another, one final bullet exited Hayward's barrel.聽 It flew directly at Loki, striking him in the center of his chest.聽 "Loki!" You yelled, watching him fall back from the impact.聽 You caught him just before he hit the ground.
Loki groaned in pain, placing a hand on the wound.聽 Blood began to rush out of it, causing his suit to stain.聽 You placed a hand on top of his, pressing down on it.聽 "Loki, why did you do that, you suicidal idiot?!" You yelled, frustrated by his actions.聽 It warmed your heart that he was so willing to protect you but surely he should've known that you would be alright.
"What?聽 I can't be your prince in shining armor anymore?" He let out a tired laugh.聽 You shook your head, hearing a loud crash behind you.聽 When you looked up you could see an ATV crashed into a building thanks to an... Ice cream truck?
Deciding that it was less important you focused back on Loki.聽 "Stay down, Loki.聽 I may be tired but at least I'm not the one with a hole in their chest."
"Dad!" Billy and Tommy yelled out, running over to Vision.聽 He flew out of the library window.聽 Monica started following them before crouching down to your level.聽 She looked at Loki's wound.
"He'll be fine, Y/N," She said, taking a part of her shirt and placing it over Loki's wound.
"I know he will be.聽 He doesn't die that easily unless he wants to," You looked down at Loki, who was now weakly smiling at you.
"You flatter me too much, darling."
"Perhaps.聽 But we have more important issues." You looked up at Agatha and Wanda who were on a rooftop.聽 Both seemed to be in a trance, fighting each other's power.聽 Clouds started to form overtop, the sky turning red.
You stayed kneeling by Loki as you watched the two witches break free from each other.聽 They flew up into the sky as Wanda started throwing magic at Agatha every which way possible.聽 At times she missed, causing it to strike the barrier.聽 "Mom!" The boys cried out in fear of watching their mother die.
Monica ran to Vision and the boys, wrapping her arms around Billy and Tommy in a comforting hug.聽 Vision began flying up to help Wanda.聽 As he got close she used some of her magic to restrict him, pushing him back to the ground.聽 "Wanda, what are you doing?!"
You watched as she continued landing blows on both Agatha and the barrier.聽 "Vision," You called out to him.聽 He turned to you, confusion in his eyes.聽 "She needs to do this alone.聽 Trust her."
Vision looked back up at his wife, worry settling in quickly.聽 You stayed close to Loki, trying to focus some energy into him.聽 You may have exhausted your powers trying something new, but it didn't mean you couldn't try.聽 A transfer of energy could be enough for him to use his magic to heal himself.
You watched as Wanda's movements began slowing down.聽 The loud claps of thunder rolled in as Agatha cackled loudly.聽 Wanda came to a stop in the air, drained of her power.聽 Anger started coursing through your veins, bringing back some of your energy.聽 Loki grabbed a hold of one of your hands, giving it a gentle squeeze.聽 You looked down at him, smiling.
You couldn't hear what Agatha was saying, but the clouds cleared up enough that you could see the barrier fully.聽 "Runes," You whispered, "She was making runes."
Magic started pulling away from Agatha, returning to Wanda.聽 You watched as it consumed her figure.聽 "Oh, my God," You whispered under your breath.聽 Loki watched as the magic cleared around her, revealing an entirely new outfit.
"The Scarlet Witch," He announced.
"She's finally here."
@emberfulclass @momoneymolife @high-priestesss @hailey-the-heathen @mochminnie @dpaccione @intricate-melody @lindseyrae20 @storminateacup15 @ilovemollyweasley @bookgirlunicorn @chims-kookies @austynparksandpizza @yikesdameron @littleladdty @three-eyed-snail @kymera-casterwill @justsomerandompersonintheworld @followthepastelcloud @11mb0 @carolinesbookworld @from-hel-i-with-love @grimalkynslee @boywivlove @prettysbliss @youreobsessedwithmarvel @th3gl1tt3gram3roff1c1al @luthien-t @lokilove3000 @treblebeth @weclassygirl @justfangirlingaround @drpepperobsessed @how-does-this-work @prideofnewberk @matterdontminduntildone @brynthebulldozer @shittyfuckinweeb
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welldonekhushi21 hours ago
A Reality | Part 4
Tumblr media
馃毃 Note: This story is HEAVILY based on the series "WandaVision", so before you read this, it contains a lot of spoilers, so skip this chapter if you don't wish to be spoiled! And yes, this story will be in parts! So I hope you enjoy and, keep noticing the details!
Summary: Part 4 of "A Reality"
Warnings: Can angst count again? But, also a glimpse of how Tony got his powers.
Before the start of this story, an advertisement begins.
Creating a lot of a mistakes in your life? That people have also started to hate you? Do you want a chance to lessen them once at for all?
Try out, the Jericho! A way of removing your mistakes in the push of a button! It also helps you to change your mind, and start a new life finally in a place of joy.
Reversing your mistakes and bringing back what you left.
The Jericho, be mentally healthy.
Whatever happened to Tony in the real world, it kind of haunted him now. Each and every horrific moment he spent out his made up reality was suddenly crippling him inside. Tony was inside his room, trying to cope up with everything that happened to him lately. Not to his surprise, he got up from his bed, and used his levitating powers and with every object in the room, it whirled around him, breathing heavily while the memories hit him hard.
"Did you know?"
The betrayal.
"Pep.. did you..?"
"I don't find you interesting anymore, Tony. Find someone else for your size!"
The rejection.
"Howard and Maria Stark died in a car accident in Long Island, New York, by a mysterious presence still need to be investigated."
The abandonment.
"You just fight for yourself."
The mistake.
"You were born to be a Wizard. The Scarlet Wizard. The mind stone has given you ultimate powers superior than any other being! It makes you special!"
"Special? More like.. a curse."
The realisation.
All these voices of others calling him a monster, a murderer, worthless and a villain. Tony could have screamed it all but he just caged it inside his heart. Hoping that it won't burst out, he focused of forgetting the past and better to live in his created reality.
He thought of taking a walk outside, where he didn't actually say anything to his mother that he was leaving for a while. He just stepped outside for a bit till the moment things went worse. The reality was slowly crippling apart. He couldn't understand anything that why would it be happening, but now he started to see others gaining back their memory. He looked in terror, while the neighbour, Ms. Smokey approached the engineer and looked at him in pain.
"Mr. Stark.. do you really have to do all this..? Knowing this is your truth..?" Ms. Smokey's lips quivered. "Do you really think you are fixing everything by doing this?"
Tony look worried for what his neighbour said, but he didn't respond anything and prepared to leave. He tried to avoid every person around the area but they kept coming back.
"Mr. Stark, you aren't doing it right! You are supposed to be back with your Y/N!" The man said, in pain too.
Tony pushed him away, and got stopped by another man. "You need to accept the truth, Mr. Stark. Life can be harsh, but we have a right to fix it all."
"You aren't doing this right."
"You need to come back!"
"The world needs you no matter what!"
"You are living fake." The old man on the wheelchair whispered loud enough that Tony could hear and make him more scared. Doing this, he couldn't sustain the pain and wailed in desperation with tears. He grasped his hair in frustration, as everyone too clenched their heads. They fell down on the ground, not able to stop the action Tony was currently doing.
He opened his eyes, filled with tears and saw that everyone started suffering the moment he did that, so he brought them all back to normal and altered their minds, making them into his reality, like the normal neighbours.
"What are we even doing here?" The lady shakes her head.
"I think we should leave if we are right here?" The old man croaked.
"Yyyabba dabba do, then!" The young man runs away, Tony still being devastated but calmed himself down.
"It looks like my inner mind was trying to do all this. To explain me." Tony said to himself, seeing the neighbours leaving. There, he also runs back home.
As soon he entered, he never believed there was someone waiting for him..
Maria and Howard were in the living room couch, looking all stressed and worried. Tony felt a strange presence that was going to happen but can't try to think what. They saw him arrive, and don't look surprised.
".. Mom? Dad? Are you.. okay?" The son said worryingly, but the parents looked at each other and then to him back, increasing the suspense.
Back in the real world, everyone in the Avengers Tower were having breakfast in the morning, and all quiet, while Y/N, who just kept on glaring at her food, meanwhile Nat tries to cheer her up.
"Y/N, you alright..?" Peter asked, and Y/N just gave a nod.
"God.. it's so messed up. We literally never thought this would happen." Clint pressed his forehead.
".. I think we're really misunderstood about him.. he wouldn't do all this, creating a big fake reality like a sitcom, unless it was for a reason." Sam shook his head.
"It's my fault. I shouldn't have been brainwashed by HYDRA, and done all this. I really wanted to apologise him but.. I think it's too late." Bucky said, in grief.
"It's not your fault, Buck. The problem is that how we're going.. to finally let go of a problem that Tony has created." Steve dropped his spoon in the bowl and laid his back on the chair. "He isn't understanding. Living in a fake reality and bringing back everything what he'd lost can't fix anything. It's more like putting more fire to the chaos."
"Steve can you please let go of your ego for one second?" Natasha tried to calm her anger down by stopping Steve. "You don't know Tony any better."
"Yes I don't. Neither anyone because he never told his story. One cannot really tell their personal lifestyle publicly, because criticism is common, and that's what he's getting. Whatever actions he has done he's getting the result of it. We're just fighting for the right."
Suddenly by Steve's words, you chuckled. Everyone at the table looked at you confused while you too dropped your spoon. "Shut up."
"What did you say?" Steve didn't hear what you said and by force you got up your chair, bursting all your anger.
"I said SHUT UP!" You cried at the captain, shocking everyone. "It's the truth you don't know ANYTHING about Tony, so you'll just torture him like he's nothing to you, and frame yourself that you're the true hero of America."
"Y/N, calm down-" Peter tried to put you down but you didn't listen.
"Don't stop me, Peter! I know what this man wants! He just likes to seperate someone's life like that, just using him because he's a billionaire and he won't care about anything, and think he's even is not a human like us, right?"
"I never said he's not a human, it's just that-"
"Then why the fuck you will consider him an OUTCAST to the Avengers?"
You pushed your food away and stormed towards him, pointing a finger. "All because of you, if you would have respected Tony's opinion, this would have NEVER happened. If you would have told Tony earlier that your friend murdered his parents, before he gained your trust, this wouldn't have happened. You waited for the right time to do all this DIDN'T YOU?"
"Y/N, it's not-"
"Lies, lies AND LIES! YOU JUST FUCKING DETACHED SOMEBODY FROM MY LIFE AND IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU, CAPTAIN ROGERS! YOU MADE HIM FEEL WORTHLESS! YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD HIS FEELINGS! THIS AVENGERS IS NOTHING BUT.. HELL!" You shouted at the Captain, taking all your frustrations out while you break down in tears. You cannot handle the pain. It was too much.
"We were about to be married, you know that? But thanks to Captain America! The hero who had created a mess that it finally ruined someone's life who gave you million chances to your actions, but you? NONE." Nat stood up from her table and took her to her room, meanwhile you turned around to Steve, looking defeated.
"I trusted you Steve. But I never thought.. you will reveal your true colors this time. You just fight for yourself. You made me lose the love of my life." You turn back and let Natasha take you to your room, and everything went quiet and silent. Your voice echoed inside Steve's head, which was now bringing him into a feeling of guilt.
"I.. deserve this. I think.. Y/N is right. I never understood Tony. Since he gained those powers I distinct myself from him knowing he was dangerous. But.. what can I do? Everyone knows.. he has the power of the Mind Stone. Not every person can gain this ability like he has. I'm a jerk, yeah."
Bucky comforted his friend, by placing his metal arm on Steve's back. "Y/N has a right to spit out her frustration and it's not your fault. We know what she's suffering. And I promise that I'll take care of her no matter what."
"The Accords literally shattered us, Steve. Literally.. I wonder what really is trying to break us apart like this. First the fight, now it's a fight with the mind." Clint sighs.
".. I think we can only fix this.. when we finally get together."
"You mean, stop being against the Accords?"
"I understand that whatever we did beyond our power was unforgivable and destructive, but we can finally learn to fix it all, without keeping differences. And maybe.. I can have a chance to apologise to Tony.."
"But.. what if he didn't apologise you?"
Steve stood there quiet, having no answer further. He too was not sure if Tony will ever forgive him, because he broke his heart in Siberia, and now he was making him feel guilty, now living in completely different worlds.
"Mom..? Dad? What's wrong? Tony asked, looking worried.
"Uhm.. darling I.. I and your dad heard some noises in your room and I thought.. that you might not be feeling okay.." Maria said while being worried for her son.
"No, mom. I'm alright? I was cleaning my room that's why. And how would I鈥 OH MY GOD!" Tony turned away in fear, as he sees the dead bodies of his parents, bleeding to death. Remembering prior the car accident, it haunted him again.
"What happened Tony?!" Howard and Maria got up their couch and reached him, who was panicking still of that little illusion. "Mom.. dad.. are you, alright?"
"Yeah, son. Why do you say that?" Maria rubbed his head gently.
".. I don't want you to leave.." Tony started tearing. "Please.. stay with me.."
Howard shakes his head and makes Maria hug him with love. Tony sees his parents with him together, joining the hug while he washed out all his sorrows. He slowly opens his eyes, with the tears falling down his cheeks, where his eyes illuminate a light and bringing a different atmosphere.
鈥 Timeline, Age of Ultron 鈥
The fight during Sokovia, the Avengers were trying to hunt down Baron von Str眉cker hiding out in his facility. Tony was on the quest to find Loki's sceptre deep within the labs, securing it finally. He reached the place, looking at the stone glowing brightly at it's attached staff. Tony stares at it for a while, the beauty of it amazed him. The moment he could take it, suddenly one from Hulk's smashes, the sceptre crashed to the ground, dropping the stone.
Tony backed off, groaning in annoyance. "Way to go, Banner." He picked up the sceptre, but the problem was, the stone was still on the hard ground. He had nothing else to pick it safe, even, considering it only as a "stone" because that's the Iron Man's ideology. He looked quite troubled before picking it up but as soon he touched it, nothing happened.
As normally, Tony picks up the stone in his hand, chuckling at himself. "Wow.. that's why Loki wasn't able to control me? Dang, Reindeer Games.. who knew that you were that lost?" His laugh was only for moments till he started to feel his hand going heavy. He looked at it, to see the stone powering up. It broke into the color yellow, attaching itself to Tony's skin, grasping him all. He tried to remove it, but the stone just spread through his veins, making Tony groan and then shout in pain. His entre body illuminated in such way he cannot imagine. He didn't even knew that it might have been a mistake that he grabbed a stone with dangerous power. All the lights in the room flickered and the electricity short circuits.
The other Avengers who were still fighting, heard Tony's cry. It was so powerful that even outside, it was audible. Thinking Tony was in trouble, they finish off and rush to the laboratory.
As Tony held the stone tight, and shouted in pain. His eyes met a聽 flash that as he saw through it, a floating figure with a coat tried to approach him near, much to Tony's shock. As he tried looking at it, the face looked very similar. But it was all hidden.
Before Tony can try to react, he passed out on the floor, dropping the stone, which stopped glowing as the human contact was lost, ending the scene.
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Wanda: [exasperatedly] It was difficult, so you鈥檝e just given up.
Tommy: Exactly.
Tommy: [to Billy] See, I told you she鈥檇 understand.
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love-loki-laufeysona day ago
Falcon and Winter Soldier Producer Teases Season 2 Possibilities
Tumblr media
鈥淸The decision] came about sort of as the series was launching, but it was something we were thinking about even as we were making it 鈥 not because we think, 鈥極h my God, it鈥檚 so great,鈥 but because it does feel a bit more dramatic than some of our typical stuff. As this is sort of our first foray into television, even if it鈥檚 Disney+, we thought [the category placement] was appropriate for what the show is trying to tackle.鈥
Even though Moore pointed out that Marvel聽鈥渁lways wants the possibility鈥 for more seasons for the Disney+ shows, the head executive played coy about a potential sophomore run for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He only聽teased聽the fact that they 鈥渄efinitely kicked around ideas鈥 about it:
鈥淲e鈥檝e definitely kicked around ideas because we always like to keep thinking about where things can go, but we also, frankly, in the crush of the pandemic, we鈥檙e just trying to finish the show and make sure it got out in a timely matter. Hopefully, at the end of this season, you will see the potential for what we could tell in a subsequent season.鈥
Moore also discussed the future of WandaVision, pointing out that it's a 鈥渟how you can only do once鈥 since Wanda 鈥渃an't go back into that reality.鈥
The producer then acknowledged the fact that the story of the Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-led project has the potential to be revisited.
They talked about it, that's something!
I'm not saying it's definitely happening, but there are talks! Something to be excited about! 6 episodes is really not a lot, and the story is so rich and Seb and Anthony get along so well, I think they too will fight for it.
Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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missmissery13a day ago
new here
hi!!! I鈥檓 new on Tumblr and I don鈥檛 really know how this works, but聽I'm excited to be here :) I love films, shows, the mcu and Taylor Swift <3 I hope someone sees this and wants to follow me, I鈥檓 looking forward to share my interests in this place. English isn鈥檛 my first language, sorry in advance for the mistakes :D
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vd-moviesa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wandavision (2021)
Episode 1
Paul Bettany as Vision.
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