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thatoneaspie · a day ago
WandaVision AU - “Post Mom-tem”
By thatoneaspie
| Synopsis: After Wanda takes down the Hex around Westview, NJ, Vision dies. She thought she would find herself alone, but on the contrary: she’s now pregnant. (She never had the twins in the Westview storyline). “Post Mortem” means “after death” in Latin. |
Tumblr media
It’s mid-day, and Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau are having lunch. It’s been almost a year - nine months to be exact - since they’ve seen Wanda, and nine months since the Westview anomaly was solved.
“That was insane,” says Jimmy, still in disbelief. “I mean, Agnes was the villain all along - total crazy twist, gotta give props to the writers ——”
“Hush.” Says Monica, out of nowhere.
“Tough crowd. Sheesh.” Jimmy sighs.
“No. Really. Something’s wrong with Wanda.”
Jimmy is shocked by this statement, as Wanda has been completely off the grid since what happened at Westview. He’s silent for awhile, but can’t contain it.
“How do you know—- I mean, even if she is, how the hell would you even find her?” Jimmy asks, sipping on some iced tea.
“I think I know where she is.”
Jimmy spits out his drink. “And why are you just telling me now?”
Monica looks visibly annoyed for a moment, then softens. How would he know what she could do?
“Since the Hex altered my DNA, I have a connection with Wanda somehow - sometimes I can feel what she’s feeling. But I can’t pinpoint where she is, until just now - it must be really urgent.”
“You better go, then!” Jimmy starts, but Monica is gone before the end of the sentence.
Sighing, Jimmy takes the check. “She better get the next one. I don’t make the big bucks.”
Tumblr media
Monica finds herself in the middle of snowy mountains at a run-down cabin. The high-pitched hum of the tea kettle can be heard inside. Then, she hears someone groaning softly.
Inside, she finds Wanda, dressed in white sweats, on all fours, and her hair tied up in a messy bun. Sweaty ringlets of hair frame her hardly visible face. She is breathing mechanically, almost as if run by a machine.
“Wanda?” Monica says hesitantly, making her way towards her. She kneels on the ground and puts a comforting hand on Wanda’s back.
Wanda is nothing like Monica saw her last. The Scarlet Witch was now vulnerable, on the ground and unbelievably exhausted.
“Monica.” She breathes.
Wanda turns over, a visible effort, and begins to breathe heavily again. One hand takes Monica’s, gripping it tightly, and the other makes it way toward her hyperextended stomach.
She’s pregnant.
And not only pregnant - but in labor.
Tumblr media
“Wanda — when? How?”
It seems that it’s difficult for Wanda to talk, but she manages an explanation.
“When I took down the Hex, Viz was gone, and I thought that was it... but as soon as he... died, I noticed a bump... and here we are. I have no idea how it happened, because I can’t control reality outside the hex... and I’ve spent the last 9 months trying to figure it out and have gotten nowhere. He must have left them for me... so I wouldn’t be... alone...”
She begins to cry, doing her best to fight off the emotion. She’s too tired, and the labor so far has worn her out, so she lets the tears come.
“Wanda... hey.” Monica gently puts her arms around Wanda and lets her sob into her shoulder. “It’s alright. I’m here... you’re not alone, Wanda.”
“I can’t do this... I can’t have these babies without Vision.” Then her face contorts into one of pain, and she begins her controlled breathing again.
“You’re going great, Wanda. Just keep breathing like that. You can do this.”
“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”
“You can. And you will, because your babies need you. If not for you, and if not for them... for Vision.”
Wanda looks up at Monica. The bags under her eyes are more evident than ever, and her green eyes show understanding. She nods and then goes back to breathing.
“Hooo. Heee. Hooo.”
Tumblr media
After another contraction subsides, Monica slowly leads Wanda to the small bed in the back of the cabin. She helps her change into a clean gown, and coaches her through her contractions.
“No more... please. I’m sorry for what I did at Westview...” Wanda screams, but to no one at all.
Monica is unsure what to do with this response. Wanda seems in a trance, that only subsides after her most intensive contractions. Maybe Vision did leave her the children, but is someone else... maybe someone uninvited, involved as well.
Could Agatha be torturing her again somehow?
There was no time to dwell on this theory; it was time for Wanda to start pushing.
Monica props her up on the bed with pillows behind her back, and holds her hand from the end of the bed.
“Wanda, it’s time to push.”
“God... it feels like I’m being ripped apart. And Agatha literally tried to rip me apart...” She laughs weakly.
Wanda pushes for several hours, unbelievably spent, but determined to meet her children. Monica’s hand is almost broken by the end of it.
Monica delivers them both safely: two beautiful and perfect baby boys.
“Tommy.” Wanda says sweetly to one of the sleeping babies. Monica has never seen this side of her before; so gentle, so protective.
“And Billy.” Wanda says, looking to the other sleeping boy in Monica’s arms. Her eyes suddenly glaze over with a vacant look.
“Vision loved that name. Billy.” She looks over at her baby boy again and strokes his cheek. He always wanted to be a dad.” She wipes a tear away and sniffles.
“Maybe... maybe Vision is a dad.”
Wanda looks at Monica, her eyes accusatory but purposely vague. “What do you mean?” She whispers.
“These boys are obviously Vision’s, that we’ve worked out... but it’s impossible for him to leave you pregnant after death. So maybe... he’s still alive.”
Wanda puts her hand to her mouth in disbelief. “How did I miss that? Oh my god...”
“Either that...” Monica thinks to herself, “or, Agnes is using these children to torture you again, and Vision is really dead. But if that’s the case, why do the babies look so much like him...?”
“There’s only one way to find out.” Wanda says determinedly, “I need to call in a favor.”
“And what might that be?” Monica asks.
“Dr. Strange.”
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thatoneaspie · 2 days ago
Incorrect WandaVision Quotes
(Modern Family Era)
Billy: Tommy! You’re the WORST!
Tommy: I’m not the one who cries when I lose in MarioKart.
Billy: ...
Tommy: I also don’t place 13th when there’s only 12 racers.
Tommy: Case dismissed.
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thatoneaspie · 3 days ago
Incorrect WandaVision Quotes
(50s Era)
(Wanda walks out in her white gown, on the assumption that it is their anniversary, but actually, it is dinner with Mr. Heart)
Vision (pulling Wanda aside): Oh no.
Wanda: I thought... oh no, Mr. Heart -
Vision: No, that’s not it.
Wanda: Well, what else? At a time like this?
Vision: I’m you look so dashing in that gown that... I think I’m... feeling something.
Wanda: What? That’s impossible.
Vision: It was until now. My god, I must be the first synthezoid to experience this.
Wanda: ...
Vision: I believe this feeling is what humans call... aroused.
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littlewinchester15 · 3 days ago
I love how as Wanda’s mental health gets worse and worse, her hair gets lighter.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notice the huge change from Civil War to Infinity War, sis needs therapy.
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thatoneaspie · 4 days ago
Incorrect WandaVision Quotes
(Modern Family era)
Vision: So, you’re telling me that you’ve been watching our lives on a broadcast in the form of a sitcom?
Darcy: That pretty much sums it up.
Vision: Wow.
Darcy: For what it’s worth, the show’s pretty good.
Darcy: I definitely ship you guys.
Darcy: And I may or may not be writing a fanfiction about the show as we speak.
Vision: “Ship”? As in a means of oceanic transportation?
Vision: And what is “fanfiction”?
Darcy: ...
Darcy: Maybe it’s better that we don’t continue this conversation.
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thatoneaspie · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
My great great great grandmother after taking down an enemy aircraft in the Civil War (circa 1865).
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shit-post-things · 6 days ago
THE VISION - A Character Playlist
A collection of songs that encapsulate Vis' character.
Tumblr media
The Vision. Born in Brooklyn, in May of 2015. Sophisticated vibranium synthezoid containing the AI, JARVIS. Holder of the mind stone. Lover of Wanda Marya Maximoff. Father to Tommy & Billy Maximoff.
Other Aliases: Vision of Hope, The Most Sophisticated Sentient Weapon Ever Made.
Always Forever - Cults
As the World Caves In - Matt Maltese
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Falling In Love - Cigarettes After Sex
I Found - Amber Run
Lay All Your Love On Me - ABBA
Marjorie - Taylor Swift
Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns
The Ascension - Sufjan Stevens
Tuning Out - Bastille
(+ more on playlist. Constantly updated.)
Likes & Reblogs are very much appreciated <3 Follow for more!
Note: Wanda & Pietro playlists to come
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ezhilmozhi · 6 days ago
How doesn't Darcy Lewis go from political science major to getting a PH. D in astrophysics? Or not.
She says she's an astrophysicst and says she's Dr. Darcy Lewis. But she could be doing Dr. Jane Foster's basic work while having a a PH.D in political science.
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homosexual-pineapple · 7 days ago
Has someone done art of Wanda and Vision as Bert and Mary Poppins? I think it would be stellar .. 😌
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amayajanelle · 7 days ago
Favorite ships part 2
1. Jay and Erin
2. TC and Jordan
3. Ben and Evie
4. Logan and Camille
5. Joe and Cecile
6. Four and Tris
7. Wanda and Vision
8. Raven and Devon ( they need to stop playing and get back together )
9. Lily and Oliver
10. Ty and Tinka
11. Booth and Bones
12. Leo and Piper
13. Rapunzel and Eugene
14. Olivia and Spencer
15. Finn and Marceline
16. Asher and Jordan
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