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wanda-walker · 6 months ago
Escolha o seu casal favorito! ♥
Tumblr media
John Walker e Wanda Maximoff, o agente americano e a feiticeira escarlate <3
Particularmente falando, são meu casal favorito de todo o MCU!
Tumblr media
John Walker e Sharon Carter, o agente americano e a agente 13 <3
Eu shippo muito eles, são muito lindos!
Tumblr media
John e Olivia Walker, casal oficial da Marvel. 
Eu não shippo muito, mas ok, vale o lugar na lista.
E você??? Qual seu favorito??? Comente aqui :)
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neon-vials · 2 months ago
A Patriotic Threesome
Relationships: Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff x John Walker (brief)
Word Count: 544
Rating: Explicit 18+
Warnings: John Walker, threesome, anal sex, oral sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids)
Tumblr media
Steve was quite possibly the most handsome person Wanda had ever seen. His features, and muscles, and voice - all things that made him practically the perfect American mascot.
But then Wanda met the "new" Captain America, John Walker. 
He wasn't as tall as Steve, rather grumpy, and had been going through a divorce with his wife at the time. 
They were both interesting in their own ways, though a part of Wanda would argue that Steve was the far better man - she had a soft spot for Walker too. 
Wanda didn't know how it happened, but she found herself one day thinking about what it would be like to have both of them inside of her. 
Things progressed, and she decided that she needed this fantasy to become a reality. A few short conversations later and Wanda found her legs wrapped around Steve's, his body against a door as Walker pounded himself into her ass. 
Wanda gripped onto Steve, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he supported her and kept her upright.
"Is this what you wanted, doll?" He asked, a low moan working its way into his words as he spoke.
The man behind her let out a moan as well, however Wanda noted that his noise was far more gruffer than that of the man that she knew so well. 
"Yes- Oh God- Yes, this is what I wanted." Wanda moaned out, feeling herself become closer and closer to cumming. 
"Cum for us," Walker muttered, pressing himself further onto her so Wanda was sandwiched between the two men. 
With one final moan, Wanda came, moaning out "Captain" that was used for both of them in the process.
Slowly, they both pulled out of Wanda, Steve carrying her to the bed and laying down on it. 
Wanda wondered what they were up to, since neither of them had finished yet. But she remembered everything she had described to them - what she asked them to do.
Steve sat her up again, bringing her onto all fours with her head near the edge of the bed.
He delved back into her glue pussy, Walker standing before her and starting to thrust in her mouth.
Wanda couldn't help but moan around him, gagging as he fucked her mouth. 
She felt so full with the both of them inside of her. 
As Steve neared closer to his release, he began to rub circles around her clit with his finger. Wanda's moans around Walker's cock brought him close to his own orgasm.
This set off the domino effect.
As Steve worked Wanda to perfection, she came around his cock for the second time. The squeezing off her walls caused him to let out a rough moan and cum deep inside of her. And the increasing vibrations of her moans against Walker's cock caused him to cum down her throat.
They both pulled back from her, and Wanda eyes watched the both of them. After a moment Steve sat beside her, Walker getting dressed & leaving off to god knows where. 
"I hope this doesn't mean you prefer my new successor over me."
"Oh my God - nobody compares to you." Wanda whispered, shaking her head and pulling Steve to lay beside her. "You're irreplaceable, my captain." 
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wanda-walker · 6 months ago
WandaWalker não é um sonho meu, obrigada Marvel!
Eu já shippava horrores, depois de ver esse quadrinho, minha cabeça explodiu e tive que fazer essa imagem! Wanda e John serão sempre meu casal favorito, razão das minhas melhores fanfics ♥
Tumblr media
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wanda-walker · 6 months ago
WandaWalker ♥
(Eu tinha dito que ia parar de postar, mas quando a saudade bate eu volto, haha)
Tumblr media
Como resistir a esse casal? Não dá, sorry.
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wanda-walker · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Eu amo WandaWalker de todo o meu coração, mas não resisti shippar SharonWalker também. Mais alguém gosta desse casal?
Wyatt Russell e Emily são tão lindos! <3
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