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crossed the world with these empty hands (24010 words) by spookykingdomstarlight
Chapters: 6/35
Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén/Mèng Yáo | Jīn Guāngyáo/Niè Huáisāng, Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Original Male Character(s), Minor or Background Relationship(s)
Characters: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén, Mèng Yáo | Jīn Guāngyáo, Niè Huáisāng, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín, Lán Qǐrén, Luó “Mián Mián” Qīngyáng
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Artists, Non-Linear Narrative, POV Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Established Relationship, Pre-Relationship, Getting Together, Demisexual Wei Wuxian, Angst and Fluff and Smut, LWJ’s horniness for WWX accidentally turns him into a sex god with everyone except WWX (sorry WWX), Happy Ending, Weddings, Separation Anxiety, Family Drama, Dysfunctional Family, Self-Worth Issues, Casual Sex, Alternate Universe - College/University, Background Jiang Cheng/Luo Qingyang/Wen Qing, Temporary Long Distance Relationships, Relationship Pressures and Stresses, Insecurity
Series: Part 2 of undone (the spreadsheet song)

Lan Zhan sometimes wanted to ask him why he flitted from style to style, approach to approach, technique to technique, but he suspected the answer would never be a satisfying one, at least not any answer that Wei Ying could give verbally.

He suspected, or hoped maybe, that one day all of this work would synthesize into something grander than any one of them, something that others would never be able to question, but that day was not yet arrived and Wei Ying didn’t see the need to rush it. Perhaps he didn’t care at all.

Chapter 6 is up now!

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One of the many things CQL / The Untamed portrays exceptionally well is the beauty, thrill, comfort and bliss of just being together with your partner, the quiet moments.

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So I finally put my MDZS fic in a draft on Ao3, but I have like…. actual anxiety at the idea of posting it. Like I’m legit terrified that it won’t be good. I think this is the first time I’ve ever hid a story in the drafts.

😣 guess the only way to get over this is to just do it. But yikes my stomach.

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Aaaah hello! I’m so happy to be your giftee for this exchange! :D

Hmmm, so when it comes to “Found Family” - Lan Wangji and A-Yuan, of course, Sizhui. That’s not even a question.
But also: the Wen remnants, especially Wen Qing and Wen Ning.

Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli, of course. One might argue that they are family since Wei Wuxian was adopted by the Jiangs, but the way in which Jiang Fengmian and Madam Yu accepted him so lovingly (sarcasm off), but the Jiang kids did? Yeah.

Later? The Juniors, and Lan Xichen. Lan Qiren…I guess that depends on how their relationship would develop, so I’ll leave that up to you.

I’d say for Lan Wangji - Wei Wuxian himself. Sizhui. The Juniors.
if you’re into AUs, then there’s the possibility of extending the Found Family for him to Yanli too - there’s no way she wouldn’t look at him and go “of course he’s family”. If Xichen was to get a partner, they could also become found family for Wangji.

That got pretty general, didn’t it? I’m sorry about that. XD Please feel free to poke me again whenever you need to know something! ♥

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Under the laden pomegranate tree, Wei Ying glimpses the figure of a sleeping man resting on a bed draped in silks and blue gentian skeletons, with his arms folded across his breast like a corpse laid out on its bier for burial. His pale pink lips are curved up in a quiet smile, and for a moment Wei Ying almost forgets that this palace is supposed to be the underworld; but a closer investigation proves that the young man’s chest is not moving, which means he must be just as dead as everything else down here, even the gentian flowers.

“Who are you?”

He squeaks and whirls around so quickly that he nearly falls down the stairs, dragging himself upright at the very last second by clinging to the side of the bier.

“I’m no one!” he shouts, before gasping in shock as a youth with a face almost identical to the corpse’s comes into view. The newcomer has a straight white mouth and paler skin, despite the fact that he is alive while the other man is not, and his hair is bound back from his face with a blue silk ribbon round his forehead, while the corpse’s brow is clean and bare.

Brothers, Wei Ying realizes. One dead and the other alive, and one in the underworld of his own free will while the other is trapped here with him.

Everyone in the heavenly courts can recite the tale of the war god, Nie Mingjue, and his beloved Lan Xichen–because nearly two decades ago, for the god of wealth sought to murder Lord Nie and seize his spoils of battle, and he would have succeeded if Lan Xichen, the principal deity of healing, had not thrown himself between them and taken the blow in his husband’s place. Heartbroken, Lord Nie slaughtered the god of wealth, Jin Guangshan, and devoted himself to raising the child Lan Xichen left behind: Lan Jingyi, the half-Nie godling of mischief, born not three days before Jin Guangshan’s golden jian tore through his father’s throat and broke their little family in two.

But the strangest thing about the whole business was that the god of the moon disappeared when the earth split open to reclaim Lan Xichen, and no one has seen him since–not even the lord of temperance, who was uncle to both Lord Mercy and the moon god, Lan Wangji.

The moon went dark on the night Lan Xichen died, because Lan Wangji was lost with him, and now Wei Ying thinks he might have figured out why. 

“If you are truly the young lord of the spring,” Lan Wangji begs, gesturing helplessly at his brother’s sweet, smiling face, “then you–can you put life back into my Xiongzhang, Master Wei?”

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“The contract said I had to marry him, Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying gasps. “Never did it say that once wed, I had to remain so for any length of time past the wedding bows!”

“Stop!” He feels the cry rip itself from his throat, as his arms tighten around the man he loves more than life itself–more than his own life, certainly, and he screams out again and again as Wei Ying tries to tear himself away and make for the high window. “Wei Ying, please, please–”

“Move aside, Lan Wangji!” his zhiji howls. “I’m not–I can’t–”

“You will not have to,” Lan Wangji vows fervently, turning Wei Ying by the shoulders so the two of them stand face to face: Wei Ying in his wedding red and gold, and Lan Wangji in mourning white, since his beloved’s engagement to Jin Zixun felt like a death of the worst kind, and watching the wedding take place was like being entombed alive. “Your bridegroom will never enter these chambers tonight, if I have to die for it.”

The next morning, Lanling Jin nearly calls for war at the unprovoked slaughter of their second young master, Jin Zixun, and the forceful abduction of the second young master’s new bride–because Jin Zixun choked to death on a cup of poisoned wine before leaving his wedding banquet, and in the meantime Wei Wuxian had been stolen away from the bridal bed with nothing but a bloodied set of fingerprints on the sheets to prove he was ever there. The bed itself had been rent to pieces with the blade of a spiritual jian, which ruled out Wei Wuxian as the guilty party–but whatever blade it was left traces of silver behind on the ruined bedposts and blankets, a mark so distinctive that Lan Xichen fell to his knees and wept when he saw it.

And it is this that convinces Jin Guangyao that Jin Zixun’s killer–and Wei Wuxian’s kidnapper, to Sect Leader Jiang’s strange relief–could only have been one man, and a man who has more cause to wish his cousin dead than even Su Minshan does.

“They will be long gone,” he says, when his father’s guards prepare to hunt the murderer down. “Do you really think the lot of you will walk away with your lives, if you dare to do battle with Lan Wangji?”

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