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[wangxian glaring at each other]

lan sizhui: are they fighting again?



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MDZS Japanese audio drama S1 Extra: Lotus Seed Pod. Flashback to when everyone were still kids: Gi Ei talked about Ran Zhan all the time, Ran Zhan thought about Gi Ei all the time. 🥰

Adorable art by Minatu (Twt: @minahomine)

MIMI FM official link (raw):

Chinese audio drama S1 extra at Maoer FM site:

Novel chap 125:

MDZS Q Ep 8 (kinda): WeTV and Youtube

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(episode 43, or better yet, wangxian rights)

first we get highly competent Wei WuXian, discovering all the secrets from the song and the “probable” reasoning behind it all. a true detective.

then we get so many beautiful wangxian scenes, I can’t even count them all.

Lan XiChen telling him the reason Lan WangJi was punished 😭😭😭😭 and then we have the memory of it happening, and lwj is just repeating what wwx said about right and wrong 😭😭😭😭😭😭

but let’s be honest, on the novel, the reason for the revelation is even better, right 😏😏😏

the whole story with lwj’s parents never really made a lot of sense. they were punishing the woman and the leader was punishing himself, but in the end, the ones that really suffered were the kids.

and I like that Lan WangJi learned to think for himself instead of believing everything Lan QiRen said, even if it brought some hurt.

but that punishment was terrible.

one thing that was not super clear for me, when lxc is telling the story to wwx, is he warning wwx to keep away from his brother so he doesn’t get hurt (like he did at lotus pier all those years ago) or is he telling wwx that his brother is already head over heels with him and he better not hurt him? (I know what the novel says, but the show I’m not so sure)

THE SONG AND THE DONKEY!! (the only thing missing is wwx thinking about having a child with them)

MIANMIAN 💖💖💖💖💖 I love that after all these years, she’s still defending wwx!!!

my heart is breaking for lxc, he trusted jgy for so many years and now he doesn’t know what to think anymore. (but I think instinctively he knows wwx and lwj are right, otherwise he wouldn’t be helping them)

(my question is, when did lwj rescue A-Yuan?)

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Secretly Rich WWX, Wangxian

Modern setting where Lan Wangji, part of the rich Lan family, begins dating low income Wei Wuxian much to his uncle’s dismay, wwx is loud and messy and nothing like the refined upper class and much less the refined and behaved ways of the Lans, he talks to lwj about this but lwj is stubborn and resolute on his relationship with wwx.

In an effort to show how serious he is on wwx, lwj takes wwx as his +1 on an important dinner where all major rich families will attend, lqr only hopes it teaches lwj how out of place wwx is from them.

However both get the shock of their lives when wwx not only dances between the refined ways of the high class while also being his charming self, he knows the foods, drinks and can hold his own with any conversation thrown his way

It gets all cleared out when they Jiangs arrive and this is the only time wwx really throws protocol to the trash when he screams Shijie! And runs straight to Jiang Yanli’s arms, and she welcomes him gladly!!! Along with a pat to the head from Jiang Fengmian and a punch on the shoulder by Jiang Cheng which everyone knows is the young heir’s way of affection.

Turns out wwx was adopted into the Jiang hosehold and was raised as a spoiled upper class boy, the spoiling mostly done by Yanli and JF, however there was always friction with Yu Ziyuan so the moment he hit 18, wwx decided he didn’t want to burden his adopted family anymore and took on his own path, the Jiangs still paid for his college and still sent him money afterwards but wwx didn’t want to take more from them so he lives only by his own salary and keeps the card with all the Jiang money intact so really he has saved up enough… he plans to use it all on Yanli’s wedding or on the future ceremony whenever jf wishes to retire and pass the company to jc

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MDZS Q Ep 10: Hi, welcome to my new avatar. Like what you see? Me too.


Just wanted to point out Lan Zhan went across towns (maybe), traveled long distances (probably) and swam across oceans (unlikely) just cuz he heard Wei Ying was night-hunting in some town so he wanted to get there in time to save him from a tentacle monster.

Of course he denies it when Wei Ying asks him if he was worried, but his traitorous ear is the best lie detector.


At least he got a hand hold for his troubles. Lan Zhan’s sleeve was blocking the view but the sound effect never lies.


Also for a sec I actually thought Lan Zhan somehow turned Wei Ying into a pretty girl, or at least into crossdressing as a girl and I was astounded by his powers. (spoiler: that’s not actually Wei Ying, yes I know the eye color should’ve been a tell but I was momentarily too surprised to notice)


MDZS Q is on WeTV app every Thursday, 8 pm PST, Youtube later. VIP gets one ep ahead.

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Just curious – are there those of you who would want to read my Untamed fic series if I posted it here on Tumblr? (Currently, I post it on AO3 and link it here – which I would continue to do, regardless – but I worry my posts about it are getting lost because of the whole Tumblr Hates Outside Links thing).

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the staircase scene (episode 42) when they say that wwx deceived lwj. 👏👏👏👏👏 and wwx automatically says “yes, I’ve deceived him”, but at the same moment lwj says “nope, I’ve always known he was wwx” 😭😭😭😭😭

wwx was protecting lwj the way he knew how. attracting all the hatred towards him, and let other people walk free. he says “I’m used to it”. it doesn’t mean he likes it, but he knows how important lwj’s reputation is to him.

but lwj decided that it was enough. he shouldn’t be used by it. he shouldn’t have to deal with everything on his own.

and their eyes actually said much more than just that

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