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#wangxian art

Wei Ying slowly opened his eyes. They widened at the sight of several small floating orbs of water passing by his face before merging back into the water on the other side of Lan Wangji. He blinked at Lan Wangji for several moments then sat upright.

“You can control water?” he exclaimed, the force of his movement almost breaking Lan Wangji’s concentration keeping them steady on the water. He wobbled astride Lan Wangji’s tail and had to grab at his sides to steady himself.

“Mn,” Lan Wangji said, drinking in the pure joy and awe in Wei Ying’s expression.

He was always so easily delighted by the things Lan Wangji could do with his jiaoren spiritual energy.

“Lan Zhan, that’s…”

Lan Wangji reached for the energies flowing through the water again, closing his eyes to concentrate better. He had managed much more than little balls of water when he had been practising alone, but Wei Ying was such a distraction he wasn’t sure he could manage more if he could see Wei Ying looking at him with such wonder.

- A Charming Distraction

This has been a collab looong in the making. @fleetofshippyships and I decided that she would write a drabble, and I would draw for it as a joint kind of thing, and it was such a fun thing to do!  It’s all based on a joke about someone mentioning a whale in her main merfolk series…so there might be more random whales making random appearances in the future.

This whole story verse she’s conjuring up with her Merman Lan Wangji AU has my whole heart, and I will never tire drawing for it, no matter if it is as a collaboration, or if it’s just me reading her fics and screaming “I WANNA DRAW THIS” after every single damn scene. XD

Thank you so much for wanting to collab with me on this, love! :D

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