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#wangxian fic rec

❤️A Flower That Blooms In Adversity

by thunderwear

M, 51k, wangxian, WIP

Summary:  How many times can one learn to love again?

Or Lan Wangji stumbles his way into finding another piece of his heart.

My comments:  F E E L S. I’m warning you now. Gaaaah, my heart. So Lan Wangji and his ducklings end up in a situation with a woman giving birth just as she’s dying (The circumstances are tragic, and you might cry. I did.) Jingyi has not-so-quiet hysterics in the distance and Lan Sizhui and Lan Wangji do their best to help. And… Lan Wangji’s parental instincts are triggered HARD, and the mother makes him promise, and then there’s a cathartic talk with the very wise old great-grandma, and I’M IN LOVE. Time-wise, this appears to be shortly before wwx resurrects.

Story says 1/1 but Author says they might add on if there’s interest. (Hint: There is interest.)

ETA:  Eyyyy, now there are 4/8 chapters, I’m so DELIGHTED. Chapter 2 shows us some itty bitty lwj (who loves babies, and is hurting because of his dead mama), which is awesome. And then wwx returns and thinks, of course, that lwj must have a weirdly permissive wife back in Gusu, letting him take their infant on night hunts.

As a hint for what’s to come, Author says, “Coming up:  WWX: Wow, i can’t believe lan zhan kissed me because he misses his wife” … so I’ll just go ahead and add the oblivious wwx tag now.

Excerpt:  (This story has the BEST intro ever:)

Lan Wangji didn’t typically panic, but if there was a time that panic was appropriate, it was now though, of course, he tried not to show it, even though he felt like he was doing a poor job of it, especially in the face of this young woman who was straining through labor in the dead of night surrounded only by trees, corpses, young, clueless cultivators, and Hanguang-jun, whose skills lay more with taking life than bringing it into the world.

He wished Wei Wuxian were here.

Wei Wuxian would know what to do. Both with the horrifying scene between the woman’s legs and the way she had tears leaking from the corners of her eyes as she bit her lips to keep from crying out. Though, any noise from her would have no doubt been completely drowned out by the distressed cries emanating from Lan Jingyi, who, though banished to the edges of the encampment for causing a ruckus, was still having trouble keeping calm. If it were any other time, Lan Wangji would punish him with handstands once they returned to Cloud Recesses, but he couldn’t really blame him now. He also wanted to scream.

accidental baby acquisition, single father lan wangji, light angst, canon divergence, lan sizhui is the best boy, lan wangji is a good dad, tenderness, love in its many forms, found family, family feels, parent-child relationship, brief depictions of childbirth, pining, domestic, fluff, wise old woman, grief/mourning, 13 years, the end of 13 years, lan qiren is a sucker for babies, wwx appears in Ch. 2, oblivious wei wuxian, WIP, favorite @theuntamedfics

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Old Foreshadows

by protos_metazu_ison

M, 15k, wangxian

Summary:  The young man leaned forward, elbow on a propped up knee. “You are all respectable cultivators,” he said in a lilting tone even as the veritable army below pointed their swords at him. “Was this really the best way you could think of to get my attention?”

With the threat of the Wen sect looming, the other major sects decide to summon the aid of a man they’d killed centuries ago: the Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian.

My comments:  Oooh, this is intense. Like, things are presented in the summary as kind of a joke only they’re really, really NOT.

Wwx comes into a room full of cultivators, all of whom thought making mo xuanyu sacrifice himself for the greater good was a viable option. They don’t start out on the right foot at all. (On the other hand, the underlying current is that wwx is laughing at all of them. Primarily for being such short-sighted idiots. But also, through his antics, he makes them see what a gruesome and unethical path they’re carving through this war.)

Story is in three parts. The first just deals with a passive view of wwx, a frightening and powerful demonic cultivator of old, called up to ask for something they… don’t quite realize they were asking for.

Second part is more focused on lwj, and how he sees what is happening. It’s much more human, and then leaves you hanging with a very big What If.

Third part… it’d be Spoilers if I told you ;)

universe alteration, parallel universe, yiling laozu wei wuxian, bamf wei wuxian, sunshot campaign, rating for violence, reincarnation, yiling patriarch, role reversal, immortals, immortality, angst, powerful wei wuxian, no smut, soulmates, getting together, jiang cheng cannot believe how stupid the people around him are, happy ending, fairy tale feel

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I’m Going Out (Gonna Make A Name For Me And You)

by cosmicmilktea

T, 17k, wangxian

Summary:  The Chief Cultivator’s Herald. Wei Wuxian is not quite sure when they started calling him that, but as he traipses through beleaguered towns and villages, as he finally starts to build the world that he and Lan Zhan have always vowed to build, he finds that he doesn’t mind it so much.

He doesn’t mind being anything at all, as long as he is Lan Zhan’s.

Wei Wuxian goes where the chaos is in Lan Wangji’s stead, and finds a home in the process.

My comments:  Ahh, this was lovely and so satisfying. Of course wwx doesn’t just need to wander, he needs to work, and to help, and discovering all the less-esteemed letters for help to the Chief Cultivator (those that the postmaster never passed along and was just going to burn), gives him a path, and focus. Together with lwj, they plan a route to cover all calls for help, and wwx is lovingly supplied and packed and monied and sent on his way.

He works among the little people, who are very grateful, and helps in whatever ways he can, and they adore him, Hanguang Jun’s Herald. So he makes friends, finds PASSELS of small-sect juniors and trains them on night-hunts, and slowly begins to recognize where the little-people troubles result from systemic fissures that lwj can address as Chief Cultivator.

Wwx is oblivious (always) but lwj’s worry when he helps control the spread of a plague and then again when he’s hurt by a forest spirit slowly begins to open his eyes. (No, seriously, even the random juniors who flock around him are laughing at him.)

post canon, chief cultivator lan wangji, mentor wei wuxian, slow burn, sickness, rogue cultivator wei wuxian (sort of), night hunts, adorable juniors, pining, oblivious wei wuxian, doting lan wangji, sect politics

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Alexandria by LilyMaxwell

Modern Setting: Science Fiction - Time Travel   Status: Completed  Chapters: 7 │ 
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Historian!Lan Wangji x Cultivator!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s Summary:

So much has been lost to the fire. So much history, so much knowledge, so much of the soul. And then there he is, beautiful and ancient and loved by Time. He almost looks alive. What kind of person was he? What kind of life did he lead? Lan Wangji wants so much to know, it’s a physical ache. If only he could…


Wei Ying is from a time of sword fights and honorable sects. But when he wakes up from an ice slumber, he’s a thousand years in the future of a world that has moved on without him. He learns as much as he teaches the attentive, serious and precious scholar he calls Lan Zhan.

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Play It By Ear by aroceu

Modern Setting: Teachers AU - Gaming - Social Media AU   STATUS: Completed  One shot
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian ( Music Teacher/Gamer!Lan Wangji x Art Teacher/Gamer/Youtuber!Wei Wuxian)

#Secret Identity #Animal Crossing #Internet Famous WWX #Colleagues To Lovers 

Author’s Summary:

In the virtual airplane flying over the island, appropriately called Yiling, Lan Zhan watches as bits and pieces of the island load in. There are many Statues of David, a gothic teacup ride, and, from what Lan Zhan can see, an entire field of spoiled turnips.

hanguang-jun @hanguangjun
Do you need turnips to sell?

timmy and tommy in a trenchcoat @yilinglaozu
oh! no haha! 😅 those are from a while ago but my brother insists i keep them there
for the ~aesthetic~

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all the dreams you left neglected by LinguisticJubilee

Modern Setting: Kid Fic  STATUS: Completed  One shot
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian 


Wei Wuxian is scraping burnt rice off the bottom of his pot when his doorbell rings.  “It better not be A-Qing,” he grumbles to himself as he starts towards the door, wiping sticky rice goo off his hands as he goes.

Wei Wuxian glances through the peephole.  His visitor is a teen boy, maybe A-Qing’s age, wearing an expensive coat and rocking slightly on his heels.  Wei Wuxian rolls his eyes and opens the door.  “Did A-Qing send you to tell me the dog is loose again because she’s too scared to do it herself?”

The kid’s eyes go wide.  “Oh!  Hello.  Hi.  It’s you.  Um, no, I don’t know A-Qing, and I didn’t see a dog loose anywhere, I’m just here to—Hi,“ he says again. The kid takes a deep breath, and says all in a rush, “I’m your son.”

Wei Wuxian slams the door shut.

What the fuck!“  Wei Wuxian shouts, pulling at his hair.


When Wei Wuxian accidentally makes himself an enemy of a powerful and murdery criminal, he disappears to protect his family.

Thirteen years later, Lan Sizhui drags him back.

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down by the water by astrolesbian

Modern Setting: Beach AU - Surf AU  STATUS: Completed  Chapters: 3 

♥ Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Surfer!Lan Wangji x Surfer!Wei Wuxian)

#Friends To Lovers  #Childhood crushes meet again as adults #Complicated Family Relationships #Meeting again at the right time #Mutual Pining 

Author’s summary:

Lan Zhan blinked, and pushed his wet hair off his forehead as he slid off his surfboard and stood upright. Wei Ying was standing on the beach, holding a pair of sandals and staring out, his sand-covered bare feet carefully out of reach of the actual water. There was a strange, mournful twist to his mouth that faded when he saw that he wasn’t alone, replaced by a warm smile. “Lan Zhan, is that you?”

“Mn,” he replied, and walked up to meet him there in the middle of the sand. Privately, he thought, who else would it be?

Wei Ying laughed. “I thought so, but I wasn’t sure. You looked good out there.”

the “almost everybody lives in a small beach town” au

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secrets of yunmeng’s lotus lakes by cy_anne

Rating: General | ABO AU | Mermaid AU | Status: Ongoing | Chapters: 15 | Word Count:  62566
Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Cultivator!lwj and Mermaid!wwx)
take note of the tags/warnings: heed ch.9 for warning, author puts in note for areas to skip if needed!

Author’s Summary: The clear water brought out the shades of darkness to the Jiaoren’s tail. He was truly beautiful. His scales were black as a coalescing mist of resentful energy. Hints and splatters of those scales ran across and marred the clear, white skin of the Human torso. The tail itself was the length of two grown men, swaying back and forth across the surface of the water as if the Jiaoren wished to lazily swim.


The multitude of fins were a translucent black, with a dark garnet red ombre at the edges at the end with spots of overlapping red tinge distorting the clean edge and darkening the red to the colour of blood in some places.

The Lan Sect are called out to deal with what villagers think is a corpse in the river. It turns out to be something much more exotic than that.

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A Terrible Drawing of A Cat by kuro

Modern Setting: College/University AU   STATUS: Completed  One Shot

♥ Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (College Student!Lan Wangji x College Student!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s summary:

Lan Zhan should really know better. And yet, he unfolded the paper.

Lan Zhan, are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

He crumpled the message with prejudice and glared at Wei Ying without bothering with a reply.

Based on the prompt “You’re the one in class who has tattoos all over their arms and piercings and everybody’s scared of you and one day I catch you watching cat videos and doodling in the middle of a lecture and wow you’re a dork." 

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the soft animal

by cafecliche

T, 5k, wangxian

Summary:  “You don’t think that’s strange?” he says. His voice, his new voice, is familiar now. But sometimes it almost startles him, hearing it come from his mouth. “It’s been nine months. I’ve used them almost every day. I should know how long these legs are.”

(Or: Wei Wuxian has a plan to train Mo Xuanyu’s body. The results aren’t quite what he expects.)

My comments:  Ah, this one made me feel a little wistful. It’s hard acclimating to a new body, and doing so means relinquishing the old. Wwx doesn’t recognize his limits, and lwj is worried. This will not be an easy path. (They get there. They get there.)

post canon, introspection, character study, hurt/comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, baby lans, meditation, physical limits, doting lan wangji, taking no shit lan wangji, best husband lan wangji, podfic available, @cafecliche

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Where the Lonely Ones Go

by CSHfic, VSfic

T, 24k, wangxian

Summary:  “When did you arrive?” Lan Zhan asks, but he’s looking at the child in Wei Wuxian’s arms, and the question is clearly, who’s baby is this, and maybe, should I be concerned?


Accidental (haunted) baby acquisition

My comments:  Aiiiiee, this was great! Wwx gets to a city, meets a toddler (well, she’s maybe about 3?) who everyone says is cursed, sees ghosts out of the corner of his eye, and there are some very strange fierce corpses lurking about. When lwj and the juniors connect with them (a very timely meeting, in the middle of a battle where wwx’s efforts to use his flute are hampered by carrying the kid), lwj is… not at all taken aback at the concept of wwx with a child.

The little girl is ADORABLE, just a ball of energy and creativity and a great fit for wwx. She’s gonna raze Cloud Recesses when they get there. It’ll be awesome.

accidental baby acquisition, case fic, kid fic, night hunts, fluff, established relationship, mystery, homelessness (OC), street kid, POV fwwx, doting lwj, superstition, domestic, haunting, parent-child relationship, found family, adoption, feel good fic @voidcenturyscholar and @klabautermanns

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Something Yet to Learn by Glitterbombshell

Post Canon STATUS: Completed  Chapters: 4 
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian

Author’s summary:

“Wei Wuxian,” the man grits out, and he pauses with one hand reaching for the door handle. The disciple who had come in to speak to Lan Qiren brushes past him and exits the pavilion without a backwards glance. Wei Wuxian turns back to Master Lan, one eyebrow tilting up in question. “An urgent matter has come up,” Lan Qiren says, every word sounding like it’s being forcibly dragged from him. “His Excellency requests my presence. Their current instructor is ill, I was meant to take over classes for today,” he continues, gesturing towards the tiny juniors. He swallows heavily, and the next sentence sounds bitter. Choked. “I cannot leave them unattended.”

Wei Wuxian just blinks at him.


Wei Wuxian is asked (under duress) to babysit a class of tiny Lan cultivators for just a few minutes. A few minutes turns into an hour, turns into two hours, turns into an impromptu literal field trip and now there’s an entire class that is weeks ahead of their curriculum, their most junior disciples have apparently imprinted on Wei Wuxian like baby birds, and Lan Qiren has no one to blame but himself.

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  • sleep in your bed - 12.3k - Across the table, Jiang Cheng looks up from his study book and rolls his eyes heavenward like he’s seen this circus too many times already. And sure, Wei WuXian has slept in the campus library before, but this is the first time a handsome stranger with angry eyes has called him out because of it.-                                                     or; Wei WuXian has a tendency to fall asleep in places where he shouldn’t. Lan WangJi disapproves. 
  • nothing gold can stay - 10.3k -  Before Wen Chao can throw him into Yiling Burial Mounds, Lan Wangji finds Wei Wuxian.
  • your heart, two doors down - 9.5k - Lan Zhan and Wei Ying start off as neighbours but soon find themselves fitting into the spaces in each other’s lives like they were meant to be there all along.
  • Until It’s Dark - 120.9k - Lan Zhan finds out. It changes everything.
  • beneath six layers of silk - 12.5k - While exorcising a haunting, Lan Wangji gets cursed with a brand of honesty, and is forced to speak his every thought out loud.
  • the meaning of the ritual - 8.2k - When the entire cultivation world turns against the Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian makes a risky gamble— he’ll agree to participate in an ancient ritual for cleansing the spirit, so that his character can no longer be called into question. The catch? He has no idea who his partner for the ritual will be.
  • Marital Claims - 5.8k -  Nobody seemed to believe that they’re married, so they just went with the flow. For years.
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crying like a fire in the sun

by cl410

T, 10k, wangxian

Summary:  Wei Wuxian leaves the Jiang Sect after he’s ejected from the Cloud Recesses lectures, unable to bear Madam Yu’s abuse towards him and his siblings any longer. 

My comments:  Ha, I was cruising #rogue cultivator wwx and found this, and it was everything I’d hoped for. And also, here’s the tantalizing A/N from the end of the story, and if it doesn’t make you want to read it, nothing will:

If you’re wondering, Baoshan Sanren’s letter to Madam Yu went something like: meet me in the pit, bitch. Also your kids belong to me now.

canon divergence, rogue cultivator wei wuxian, runaway wei wuxian, everyone lives/nobody dies, brief homelessness, not madam yu friendly, post students at cloud recesses, angst, grandmother baoshan sanren, found family, family feels, proposal, wedding negotiations, fix-it, balls to the wall unashamed fix-it, very satisfying, @i-like-plan-m​​

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All your waves and breakers by ilip13

Modern Setting: Pandemic / Quarantine Fic STATUS: Completed  One shot

♥ Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian

#FriendsToLovers #GettingTogether #Pining #Depression #Anxiety #HappyEnding 

Author’s summary: Wei Ying huddles even further into himself and looks at Lan Zhan through long, enchanting eyelashes. “Is it really okay that I stayed for so long?”

I love you, the words refuse to spill from Lan Zhan’s mouth. I missed you so much. You could stay forever and that would more than okay.

“You are always welcome here,” Lan Zhan says instead. Maybe one day, on a better day, he will say the actual words that he wants, means to say.

Five times Wei Ying asks to stay, and one time Lan Zhan does the asking.

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Twisting Twining

by nirejseki

no rating (I would say G), 7k, nie mingjue & nie huaisang

Summary:  The Nie sect’s ancestors were butchers; that lowly heritage is well known and widely celebrated, much to the not-entirely-concealed disdain of some of the more refined, gentlemanly sects. Butchers at home and butchers at war – everyone knows that.

What’s rather less well known is that the third sect leader, colloquially known among his descendants as ‘that idiot’, rather heroically saved an imperial princess in battle and then – and this was why he was that idiot – married her. She was a proper princess, too, the true-born daughter of the emperor; other sects might see that as a good thing, since for all that cultivation sects saw themselves as being above petty things like the politics of the common folk, a princess was still a princess.

The Nie did not.

The reason for this was quite simple. What does a cultivation style that already incorporates an increased chance of death through anger most assuredly does not need?

The blood of the eight-clawed dragon, that’s what.

My comments:  Ahahaha, after first chapter (which adorably shows nmj carting around his ‘lazy’ little brother until the dragon reveal) mostly a series of short glimpses into what life would be like with an nhs dragon in it. Pretty hilarious, actually. 

shapeshifters, nie family backstory, dragons, dragon nie huaisang, humor, shapeshifing, brotherly feels , implied/referenced child abuse, @robininthelabyrinth

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so you’ve been robbed by a museum

by yukla

M, 6k, wangxian

Summary:  Wei Wuxian’s messiness comes back to bite him in the ass, a thousand years later.


“Why are vampire stories always I Want To Drink The Sexy Neck Milkshake and never two vampires texting about the passionate letter one wrote to the other in 1863 but never sent that the other just saw in the Smithsonian’s fall exhibition on Love Through the Ages and what the fuck, Claude, why didn’t you say anything” AU, but with immortal cultivators.

My comments:  Lol, just what it says on the tin. They’re so cute. And so dumb. Bless. 

modern au, immortality, immortals, pining, mild hurt/comfort, humor, light angst, getting together, modern cultivators, jiang cheng is a good brother, self worth issues, insecure wei wuxian, supportive jiang cheng, idiots in love, oblivious wei wuxian, oblivious lan wangji, @yuklaa

*I am as sure as I can be that this is all official art;  but I’ve never watched the anime, so I can’t say for certain.  If I’ve reposted anyone’s art here, please let me know, so I can replace it with something else.*

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this river runs to you by sundiscus

Modern Setting: Magic AU - Modern Cultivation STATUS: Completed  One Shot

♥ Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Dragon!Lan Wangji x Curse Worker!Wei Wuxian)

#Dragons #StrangersToLovers #MutualPining #ModernWithMagic 

Author’s summary: Framed by the soft morning light, sleek hair swept back and pale blue robes not even slightly rumpled, he looks almost inhuman.

He looks like the last person who should be knocking on Wei Wuxian’s door.

In which Wei Wuxian is a curse worker secretly searching for a lost dragon, Lan Wangji is his new assistant, and the two things may not be entirely unrelated.

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a many-splendored thing by netrixie

Rating: Mature | Post Canon | Status: Complete | Chapters: 2 | Word Count:  14737
Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian ( more background) 
take note of the tags/warnings; this fic is a focus on xichen and his time in seclusion/trying to deal with that 

Author’s Summary: It’s better this way, he told himself. Let them forget the useless First Jade. Let them forget my name. Let them forget me so that I can live out my days as I deserve— in silence, as payment for lives taken; forgotten, in payment for lies believed.

I am no one.

I am nothing.

The shadows reached out and curled around him.

We are waiting.

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FANART:   Mo Dao Zu Shi | The Untamed

by fandom MXTX and Multicultivation 2020

E, fanart, wangxian, nieyao, jiang cheng, Junior OT3

Summary:  Modao|The Untamed Arts collection. Not SFW!

Сборник арта по Модао/Неукротимому.

1. Лань Ванцзи/Вэй Усянь | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Wúxiàn
2. Вэй Усянь/Вэнь Жохань | Wèi Wúxiàn/Wēn Ruòhán
3. Не Минцзюэ/Мэн Яо | Niè Míngjué/Mèng Yáo | Jīn Guāngyáo, Лань Ванцзи/Вэй Усянь | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Wúxiàn, Цзинь Лин/Лань Цзинъи/Лань Сычжуй | Jīn Líng/Lán Jǐngyí/Lán Sīzhuī
4. fem!Лань Ванцзи/fem!Вэй Усянь | fem!Lán Wàngjī/fem!Wèi Wúxiàn
5. Цзян Чэн | Jiāng Chéng
6. Цзян Чэн | Jiāng Chéng
7. Лань Ванцзи/Вэй Усянь | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Wúxiàn

My comments:  delicious, veeery unsafe mdzs fanart.  A collection on AO3 from various artists of quite risqué fanart.  Y’all enjoy!

Fanart collection, on AO3, approach when no one’s looking over your shoulder, since it is not safe fw

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