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#wangxian prompt

Secretly Rich WWX, Wangxian

Modern setting where Lan Wangji, part of the rich Lan family, begins dating low income Wei Wuxian much to his uncle’s dismay, wwx is loud and messy and nothing like the refined upper class and much less the refined and behaved ways of the Lans, he talks to lwj about this but lwj is stubborn and resolute on his relationship with wwx.

In an effort to show how serious he is on wwx, lwj takes wwx as his +1 on an important dinner where all major rich families will attend, lqr only hopes it teaches lwj how out of place wwx is from them.

However both get the shock of their lives when wwx not only dances between the refined ways of the high class while also being his charming self, he knows the foods, drinks and can hold his own with any conversation thrown his way

It gets all cleared out when they Jiangs arrive and this is the only time wwx really throws protocol to the trash when he screams Shijie! And runs straight to Jiang Yanli’s arms, and she welcomes him gladly!!! Along with a pat to the head from Jiang Fengmian and a punch on the shoulder by Jiang Cheng which everyone knows is the young heir’s way of affection.

Turns out wwx was adopted into the Jiang hosehold and was raised as a spoiled upper class boy, the spoiling mostly done by Yanli and JF, however there was always friction with Yu Ziyuan so the moment he hit 18, wwx decided he didn’t want to burden his adopted family anymore and took on his own path, the Jiangs still paid for his college and still sent him money afterwards but wwx didn’t want to take more from them so he lives only by his own salary and keeps the card with all the Jiang money intact so really he has saved up enough… he plans to use it all on Yanli’s wedding or on the future ceremony whenever jf wishes to retire and pass the company to jc

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Wangxian Arrangied marriage + Bodyguard AU prompt

You’ll find many similarities between the previous generation and mdzs’ main generation but is because of reasons

The 5 great sects joined to defeat Xue Chongai(?) with the help of rogue cultivator Baoshan Sanren, once he was defeated BS and her cultivation partner Lan Yi were able to secure the Yin Iron, however BS had no intentions of staying in the earthly realm and LY was going back up into her mountain with her, thus at the end of the war it was given the task to protect the Yin Iron to their adopted daughter, Cangse Sanren, she had fallen in love with a servant from the Jiang clan and was not planning to go back to the mountian with her mothers, thus they created their own sect.

(LONG A/N: The sect will be named the Wei sect because the author [me] of this has doubts, preferebly it would be her sect but if it’s hers then it would be the Cangse Sect, right? But… she is Sanren just like Baoshan Sanren, is it a title? Is it her name? Cangse is her last name right? She just shares the Sanren with her teacher but then is it a title? Idk someone please figure it out also how does Cangse Wuxian sounds? I’m loving it but I’m more used to Wei Wuxian and since I’m making this because I don’t plan to fully out it into a fic then take whatever path you like to imagine but for better understanding we’ll keep it as Wei)

A few years pass and Wei Wuxian, their son, heir and chief disciple has taken his task of protecting the Yin Iron so dutifully in fact he has begun studying resentful energy (RE for short from now on) and has now even succeding in controlling it to some extend, for this RE is not inherently bad, so wwx is in no danger of spiraling into mental collapse but it is naturally very powerful so wwx needs to learn to control it and not exceed his abilities otherwise it can blow up on his face, (and he has accidentaly blown up some stuff).

One day, when wwx is finally in marriagable age, they receive a letter from the Wen sect with a marriage proposal. The Wen leader that fought alongside the rest of the clans died a few years later after the war so for the last years it has been ruled by his son Wen Ruohan and he is offering his son Wen Chao to marry wwx, wwx’s parents are a bit weary because under WR’s rule the Wen sect has become a bit more hostile and he has several times in the cultivation conferences shown his interest in the Yin Iron, now it seems he wants an in into the sect through marriage, (since the Wei sect kept the Yin Iron then the Wen sect is not as powerful).

They send back a message saying they have already booked an arranged marriage for his son. Having said this it is also near the time wwx is sent to Cloud Recess to study, a few weeks into the schooling, CS and WeiC go over to CR to talk to Lan Qiren, they explain the situation and mention him that shortly before wwx came to class, back at their home while night hunting they detected an intruder that was there to kidnap wwx, luckily they caught him even before wwx was able to see him, CS and WeiC then have decided to ask for help from the Lan clan.

The Lan’s are well known for their self restrain and cleansing techniques, so in order to keep the Wen’s plan away and also as a way for wwx to be able to control RE better thanks to the Lan’s ways, they want to engage wwx to Lan Wangji since he is closer of age and since wwx is the sole heir to the Wei sect, that would mean lwj would have to move to the Wei sect.

(wherever that is, um Yiling? yeah I’ll say Yiling because why tf not? No Burial Mounds tho, because I say so)

Also a a second task, they want someone strong enough to protect wwx if the Wens ever try to do something again, one of CS’s request is that this not be told to wwx, she spoils him too much and doesn’t want him to feel worried that he is being targetted so for wwx this should just be a marriage agreement, lwj on the other hand will know why and his duty to protect wwx.

LQ isn’t exactly happy to give away his precious nephew over to them, over to Wei Wuxian however for some reason his nephew Lan Xichen is ecstatic and smiling more than usual, they had suggested a rather slow time for planning all of this but LX was the one who proposed that once the classes were over they would send lwj back to them to start his bodyguard duties at once while the actual wedding could take it’s due time.

Telling wwx he has an arranged marriage was probably the hardest thing for Cangse Sanren, she never wanted to tie her son down, she always wanted him to find true love the way she did but she kept repeating herself is for wwx’s safety however she was heavily surprised that wwx accepted it with a smile, the boy just says he is happy he’ll be able to tease lwj for life and that he will have a spouse that matches his abilities. At this point both parents realize that their son can be amazingly smart but also amazingly dumb and oblivious so they are even happier at the match.

lwj on the other hand doesn’t know how to think, on one hand wwx is wwx and he is insufferable but on the other…

No, he stops thinking about his feelings, this is a duty assinged to him for the greater good of not just the Wei and Lan sects but also for the cultivation world in general, his duty only is to protect wwx, nothing else. LQ gets more disturbed with how much bigger LX’s smile has become.

Unfortunately for lwj (or is it?) wwx’s teasing goes double after they know they are engaged, in fact everyone knows they are engaged because wwx Can’t Shut Up, he also has taken more liberties and is now touching lwj, even pouncing on him everytime he sees him, making LQ being this close to a qi deviation and a bigger smile from LX. Classes end and just as promised lwj goes to the Wei sect.

As expected the Wens aren’t very happy about it, however CS says she will always look for his son’s happiness over political alliance, it also helps it is now very well known how wwx is basically plastered all over lwj and back in his home he drags lwj everywhere, so while the dumb boys still haven’t figure out their feelings, it is obvous enough to keep the Wen’s paws away from wwx. (Also the people at Yiling are now even TIRED because wwx can’t shut up and everyday they hear “Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan!” non-stop, whenever any of his parent’s go to take wwx back into their home is a blessing to their ears)

Of course it doesn’t take long for lwj to stop seeing his engagement as a sect duty, after slowly but surely falling deeply in love with wwx, this is personal now, he won’t let a single bad thing touch even a hair on wwx, he even makes sure to distract wwx and then go beat up any kidnapper in complete stealth. This also includes furthering his own cultivation, since wwx is still carefully experimenting and learning about RE then is up to lwj to make sure wwx stays safe and he’s usually playing his guqin whenever wwx is doing his experiments and soon even he is closely involved.

The Wens know is a lost battle so they just don’t bother anymore, also an inner revolt means a new sect leader arises and with him his two children, Wen Qing and Wen Ning that become good friends with wwx.

It doesn’t take long for Wangxian to be officially married and if wwx figured out he likes lwj and that lwj likes him back the day before his wedding then it’s no longer his parents’ problem but lwj once they are married.

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Concept: Wangxian Modern DnD AU

Lan Zhan was a powerful and reknowned… after school dungeon master, respected his for his fairness and encyclopedic knowledge of supernatural creatures. He often inserted himself in his campaigns as a spectre that followed the group around - sometimes helping out when being corporeal enough to do so suited his dungeon-masterly agenda.

Enter Jiang Cheng & Wei Ying. Jiang Cheng was invited to join the group. The older brother, Wei Ying, was not. Lan Zhan was willing to accept the uninvited guest when the older boy took the time to draw the character on his sheet, an archer, in great detail, but the young DM soon regretted his leniency. Wei Ying was pretty but he also had no fucking attention span. And once they started playing he kept requesting for his archer to attempt to kiss their qhostly guide. Lan Zhan had given a firm “No.” at first, but after a few more requests he broke down to, “Fine. Roll for initiative.” and glared as he handed over the dice.

A triumphant grin when Wei Ying was successful. A mortified glare from Jiang Cheng. A smirk from the Nie kid who played as a really hot chick.

“What?” Wei Ying asked innocently, “Maybe it would give me special powers? Ghostly arrows that can travel through walls? I don’t know! Seems good to have a ghost on your side!”

Jiang Cheng immediately challenged the archer to a duel. And killed him.

“So I’m a ghost now, right?” Wei Ying asked, sticking out his lower lip in a pout that made Lan Zhan’s blood boil.

Everyone glanced worriedly at Lan Zhan, silently asking him to say ‘No’ with their eyes.

“…Roll for initiative.” Lan Zhan caved.

Wei Ying was not successful. But he stayed and sketched while his brother played so they could walk home together.

At the end of the afternoon he slipped a sketch to the dungeon master - an undead archer and a ghost kissing at the base of a waterfall, with what appeared to be a phone number floating in the water. The Dungeon Master blushed, folded the paper in half, and tucked it into his book. Wei Ying smiled and waved as he left, wildly surprised Lan Zhan hadn’t crumpled it up and thrown it at him.

(They end up dating - obviously. Wei Ying is never allowed to play again, but he always comes to their games anyways to sit with his boyfriend - often whispering ideas into his ear throughout the game. He also draws maps for Lan Zhan’s dungeons, and character sheets for the less talented artists. And he still draws an Archer and a Ghost kissing from time to time when he gets bored.)

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disclaimer: this is the crackiest thing I’ve ever written, I feel shame, but I am also intoxicated. 


They were fleeing an angry mob.

An actual angry mob.

With pitchforks. And torches. And some of Wei WuXian’s own talismans, like that wasn’t completely fucking ironic. 

He, along with Lan XiChen and Lan WangJi, were fleeing from an angry mob, who didn’t want the Yiling Patriarch to interfere with their lives (despite him trying to stop a coup that would leave a horrible villain in charge of the already disadvantaged and poor region, he swore on his sister’s grave!), and they were hurling talismans Wei WuXian had invented in his firstl ife at their backs, as if it was somehow reasonable and acceptable to use the Yiling Patriarch’s talismans against him. 

Wei WuXian had gone under cover when he’d first (drunkenly) overhead hushed talks about overthrowing the current leader of the region. Wei WuXian had been fine with that – the place was an actual shit-hole, and he’d lived the Burial Mounds for a couple of years – because they could do with someone a little more worthy in charge; someone to bring them a little more prosperity and safety. 

But then he heard the plans the usurper had in mind, and he decided he couldn’t let that stand. So he struck up a conversation with those men from a region that had been too far away to be involved in the wrongdoings of jgy and therefore certainly hadn’t seen him in the new body he inhabited, and within two weeks, he was pulled in front of their leader, who was all too eager to hear his opinion.

And then, because fuck his life, word had reached Gusu about the coup. Wei WuXian wasn’t sure how it got that far or why the Lan Clan would get involved, but he found himself in the arms of one Lan SiZhui, who exclaimed how much he’d missed his Wei-qianbei and all hell broke loose.

The juniors (the fucking juniors – Wei WuXian loved them unconditionally, but boy did they mess this one up for him) went one way, Wei WuXian’s beloved Hanguang Jun and respected Zewu Jun took him another, and the two groups fled. 

Wei WuXian would have swooned at having Lan WangJi swooping down to save him if his own Golden Core was just that little bit stronger to sustain a full flight out of the city. As it was, he was left with Lan WangJi’s hand gripping his wrist, dragging him along behind him as they tried to put some distance between them and the increasingly angered mob.

When they’d reached a quiet alley a few blocks from the civilians, the Twin Jades allowing Wei WuXian a moment to breathe, a plan formed in Wei WuXian’s mind.

It was a horrible plan, possibly, but the only one he could think of that would buy them the time needed to get the fuck out of there with as few pokes from a pitchfork as possible.

He looked right at Lan WangJi and voiced what he never thought he would.

“You should kiss me.”

“Young Master Wei…”

“Brother,” Lan WangJi interrupted Lan XiChen uncharacteristically, and stared down Wei WuXian. “Let him explain.”

“You’re Lan WangJi! You’re the honourable Hanguang Jun, the Chief Cultivator! You’d never lower yourself to kiss someone as horrible and despicable as the Yiling Patriarch.”


“Wei Ying has a point,” Lan WangJi said simply. “The general population would see it as dishonourable to be so intimate with the Yiling Patriarch. It will surely dissuade them of his identity.”

And just like that, he stepped into Wei WuXian’s space, cupped his face with his hands, and dragged him into a kiss. 

It was nothing at all like a kiss Wei WuXian expected from Lan WangJi. It was deep and biting and wet, all tongue and teeth, and Wei WuXian found his fingers grasping onto Lan WangJi’s arms, just trying to hold on as his mouth was so assaulted in the most pleasurable way imaginable. 

Who’d have thought that Lan WangJi would be such a passionate kisser? Not Wei WuXian, that was for sure, not that he had such thoughts as the life was kissed from him by a man most considered to be too stoic and frigid for such a kiss. 

Wei WuXian was left weak in the knees when Lan WangJi finally released him with one last nip to his lower lip. He was dazed, but also left in complete awe over Lan WangJi’s kissing prowess. 

What an excellent idea he’d had. 

“WangJi,” he heard Lan XiChen say again, though muffled, as if the Lan sect leader had his face buried in his hands.

That made sense, Wei WuXian somehow reasoned. He’d never want to see Jiang WanYin just take another person’s lips like that. 

It took a moment for the rest of Wei WuXian’s brain to return to him. He imagined it was somewhere in the stratosphere, which was a safe distance away, because Lan WangJi kissed like a demon, which was utterly unfair because the angry mob chasing them were so convinced that Wei WuXian was the demon and Lan WangJi was the perfectly respectable human, but oh, how they were wrong. 

“WangJi,” Lan XiChen said, again, and they both turned to look at him. He appeared a little dejected and so much like his uncle. “I believe the plan was to kiss him in front of the mob, not in private.”


Fucking oh.

Lan WangJi grabbed Wei WuXian’s wrist again and dragged him out onto the main road, right in the path of their pursuers, and claimed Wei WuXian’s lips in his own again. 

It hadn’t worked, it certainly had not worked, because the mob believed that the villainous Wei WuXian had enchanted their beloved Cheif Cultivator (really, how powerful did they think he was?) and attacked him harder, but it did lead to a very interesting conversation to be had while he and Lan WangJi rode Bichen back to safety once they were clear of the mob and free to fly away. 

And that, of course, led to more kisses Lan XiChen tried his hardest to not see.

prompted by @only-1-a

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Amnesia was a bitch of a thing.

Wei WuXian couldn’t for the life of him remember what not having amnesia was like – that was the whole fucking point of it, right? – but he knew that if amnesia was a person, it would totally be a bitch. The bitchiest of bitches.

There was something, hidden behind the giant (unnecessary) privacy screen in his brain, that told him that he knew at least two women who’d berate him for using such gendered language. One of them was fairly terrifying. He thought she might have had something to do with needles. 

And they would have been right to be upset with him for thinking of his condition that way. 

He would have paid attention to the women in his imagination getting upset with him if he wasn’t already struggling with the panic-inducing fact that he had amnesia.


Was that a thing he did before? Was he the kind of person who had panic attacks or get anxious over the thought that he might’ve left a candle burning near the bedding and his home was probably burnt to a crisp?

He didn’t know if he was, but he certainly was becoming that person.

What was his home even like? The clothes he wore weren’t anything too fancy. In fact, they appeared to be travelling clothes. Did he have a home, because he looked like a traveller, as far as he could tell. 

The people in the village where he’d woken up all appeared to know him. They called him Wei-gongzi and thanked him for ridding them of the yao that had bothered them for weeks.

At least that gave Wei WuXian a start. He knew his name, Wei WuXian, and he knew that he’d taken care of a supernatural problem. 

That didn’t clear up whether his ailment was supernatural, or if he’d received an unkind bump to his head that knocked the memories loose and out. 

No one at the village could assess him, so he was sent to the nearby city. 

Qinghe, they’d called it, and he apparently knew the Sect Leader of the area.

How these people knew so much about him, he had no clue. It probably had something to do with how some of the villagers had looked a little apprehensive around him, despite him having saved them from the yao. At first, Wei WuXian had thought that he could’ve used a little more gratitude for being a supernatural arse-kicker and for losing his memories for them, but the looks he received from many of the citizens in Qinghe made him question that. 

He was well-known enough that he was given a pass to head straight to the Unclean Realm to speak with Sect Leader Nie, who was very different to what Wei WuXian expected of a sect leader.

He looked flummoxed by Wei WuXian’s condition, fanning himself with one of the most beautiful fans Wei WuXian had ever seen. 

To be honest, though, he wasn’t sure if that was true. How was he to know if he hadn’t seen any better fans? But he felt like it was true, so he didn’t try to tell himself otherwise. It was the most beautiful fan he’d seen. 

Once Sect Leader Nie had gotten over the shock of Wei WuXian’s diagnosis, he’d called for a physician. The physician checked him over and confirmed that it was physical, not spiritual, and, given Wei WuXian’s Golden Core, should be healed in a week or two. 

That calmed Sect Leader Nie considerably, then he closed down palace business for the rest of the day to spend time with his poor, old, dear friend.

He brought him up to date with all the information Wei WuXian requested – no, he didn’t really have a home, but he had a somewhat home base, where he’d stay for a month or so to refresh before heading out again as a rogue cultivator; yes, he did have family but he was estranged from them, something about a dead sister; no, he wasn’t married, but he might’ve had a kid, though no one was too sure on that one. 

He confirmed that a member of the Lan clan was on his way to take him back to his so-called home base in Gusu, but was still two days away. 

Wei WuXian spent those two days with Sect Leader Nie, learning all that he could about himself and the world around him. He learnt that the people in Qinghe looked at him the way they did because he had started a war, a war that he had lost and died in, only to have been brought back over a decade later to, and that was where it got complicated, prove that someone else was also responsible for his puppet’s actions and to avenge the death of former Sect Leader Nie, but the current Sect Leader Nie couldn’t tell him who’d organised his return. 

Honestly, Wei WuXian got the feeling that it had been Sect Leader Nie, but he couldn’t be so sure because the other man didn’t seem that switched on about such things.

And then the two days were up and Wei WuXian was woken early by an attendant and brought to the main hall to say his farewells when his eyes landed on someone who made his whole body tingle.

He couldn’t, for the life of him (because, remember, amnesia was a bitch, bad, A-Xian!) remember who the man in white was, but he knew he was important. He knew he was someone he’d definitely come back for, someone who made his heart soar and his breath catch in his throat, and all of the horrible feelings he’d felt about his dead sister and estranged brother and possibly-but-not-probably son feel less horrible, because he was there, with Wei WuXian, and alive and smelt incredible and looked even better.

And, really, he didn’t even know the man’s name, but he knew it, he knew it, and so he had to say it out loud.

“I think you might be my soulmate.”

The beautiful man’s face reddened, his eyes widened just that little bit, his kissable lips parted, all before he got his reaction back under control. His face slipped into passivity, and Wei WuXian doubted he could have read it if he didn’t know this man (who he couldn’t possibly know because of the amnesia) so fucking much, but he could see that the man was pleased with his statement.

“I am, Wei Ying.”

And, oh, that wasn’t a bitch of a thing, was it?

prompted by @only-1-a

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“Can you please, hmmm, I don’t know, put a shirt on?”

The other man, the source of his distraction and current sexual frustration, blinked at him. “I am wearing a shirt.”

Wei Ying couldn’t believe the audacity of this man. Yes, alright; he was wearing a tank, but it was tiny and his shoulders were broad and nice, and his collarbones were just there, all present and utterly bitable, and his arms…

Well, his arms held a tiny baby that was very obviously trying to snuggle into his pecs. 

Ovaries that Wei Ying didn’t even have were screaming out to him to procreate with this stunningly gorgeous, strong, child-cradling man.

Which was a silly idea, really, because the child in the man’s arms was the man’s child. He’d already done with the procreation. 

And it wasn’t as if Wei Ying was without a child of his own, either. He’d adopted a beautiful little boy not too long ago. 

“I apologise if this is inappropriate. He spat up on me when I got him out of the car and I don’t have spare shirts on me.”

Beginner move, really. A-Yuan hadn’t been so small when Wei Ying had adopted him, but he’d had plenty of experience with A-Ling to know that spare shirts, towels, nappies, wipes, pacifiers – literally everything – had to be in every car and bag and pocket if possible. 

“Well, from one dad to another, you gotta get on that.”

He did that thing where he blinked at Wei Ying again with confusion.

At least he was pretty, Wei Ying figured.

And not married, if the lack of a ring was any indication. Perhaps he was such a rookie because they had joint custody. It was a sucky situation, if that was the case. 

“He’s not mine.”

Given that they were waiting for their prescriptions to be filled late at night at an all-night pharmacy, Wei Ying wasn’t sure he was too comfortable with that statement. There was something creepy about all-night pharmacies, and some stranger claiming that the baby he was holding wasn’t his, made it creepier.

It totally sounded like he’d just picked this kid up. 

He should have felt his attraction lesson at least a little bit. His non-existent ovaries weren’t on board.

The man was just too gorgeous.

“I’m not his father.”

That wasn’t an improvement. 

Down ovaries, down.

“He’s my nephew.”

Wei Ying let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been keeping in. “Oh. Oh! Well, I’m an uncle, too.” It looked like he was the one being judged by that point. “Not of the kid I mentioned earlier. My sister has two-year-old and I adopted a four-year-old a couple of months back. I’m here to pick up something for my A-Yuan. And I’m Wei Ying.”

Ovaries were good to go. By that point, though, Wei Ying was certain it was no longer his fake ovaries in charge, but his actual, real dick.

The other guy, the total not creepy, not-DILF nodded his head. “I’m Lan Zhan.”

Lan Zhan. 


Wei Ying was pretty sure he’d heard of this guy from his sister. Her brother-in-law had a kid with his two partners, one of which was a Lan, and all three new dads had come down with the same flu. She’d told Wei Ying that she’d volunteered to take A-Song in while his dads recuperated, but the offer had been turned down in favour of Lan Huan’s younger brother, who’d just come back to China after living abroad for ten years. 

Oh indeed.

“Well, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying said, his lips slipping into a flirtatious grin that just got sweeter when he saw Lan Zhan’s eyes drop to them and a thin blush reach his ears, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

prompted by @only-1-a :)

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Prompt 40: A gentle kiss that quickly descends into passion, with little regard for what’s going on around them.

‟Diedie, you need to hurry up; or else, we are going to be late to Granduncle’s banquet,″ Lan Yuan worried, arms crossed over his chest, as he patiently waited for his father to finish what he was currently doing so he and the rest of the family could leave the Jingshi and head toward the Hanshi.

“A-Yuan, your Lan is showing! We will be ready when we will be ready,″ Wei Wuxian tutted as Xiaolian, who was sitting in front of her father as the latter was combing her hair, shared a look with her twin brother.

You see, today was Old Master Lan’s birthday and some of the Lan elders and both of his nephews and their respective families were invited to a small family banquet.

If Wei Wuxian wasn’t a fan of such events in general, his four year old twins enjoyed to listen to the older adults talk and talk for hours as they ate bland Lan food.

They truly were Lan Wangji’s children through and through…

Yet, if Lan Yuan and Lan Xiaolian enjoyed spending their time in such a way, Lan Lirong, who was more like her Diedie, wasn’t able to stay still for more than a few minutes at the time.

And luckily, with Lan Qiuyue who was only a few weeks old, Wei Wuxian had the best excuse to be able to leave such a boring event early.

"Aiya A- Lian, if you don’t want your hair to be messy today, because you know I am not as talented as your Baba when it comes to styling hair, you’ll need to stop moving for a bit,″ Wei Wuxian warned as Lan Lirong happily toddled toward her father and her older siblings.

Five minutes later, the little family was finally ready to leave, when soft footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

‟Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said at once as soon as he crossed the threshold of the Jingshi, Lan Qiuyue, their youngest daughter, in the crook of his arm.

The two weeks old looked even more tiny than she really was in her baba’s arms. Her big grey eyes were wide open as she silently stared at her siblings, who gathered around Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian swiftly got up, brushing his pants as he did so.

After all, he wasn’t used to wearing white clothes in general, but for such family events, he didn’t mind making an exception.

"Are we ready to leave yet?″ Lan Wangji inquired as he gave Lan Qiuyue to Wei Wuxian; the baby blinking a few times at him as he cooed at her.

Meanwhile, Lan Lirong walked up toward Lan Wangji, before she clutched his leg tightly.

Lan Wangji was quick to grab her by the waist and to put her on his shoulders, the toddler giggling loudly with delight when she found herself perched up high.

"Lan Zhan, baobei, your ribbon is slightly crooked,″ Wei Wuxian declared a few seconds later as the twins exchanged some curious glances. ″Let your husband fix it,″ he added joyfully as Lan Yuan decided to sit on the floor next to his twin sister.

Wei Wuxian then gave them both Lan Qiuyue to hold, checking that they were supporting her head correctly, before he turned toward his husband.

Lan Wangji tilted his head as Wei Wuxian stood on his tiptoes to set his forehead ribbon to right.

Soon, Wei Wuxian’s tongue was poking at the corner of his lips. ‟Here, Lan er-gege, you look as pristine as ever now,″ he said as Lan Wangji couldn’t stop himself from staring at him lovingly.

His husband was so pretty.

Careful not to let Lan Lirong fall, Lan Wangji closed the distance between him and his husband, before he pressed a soft kiss on his lips.

But, as it was always the case when the of them kissed, they couldn’t be satisfied with just a small peck.

Soon, Wei Wuxian wrapped his arms around his husband’s neck, opening his mouth to deepen their kiss.

He reveled in his husband’s warmth. Lan Wangji was such a good kisser…

As Wei Wuxian happily welcomed his husband’s tongue inside his mouth, moaning with delight, their three older children let out a disgusted cry, bringing them back to reality.

As they parted, Lan Lirong was rolling her eyes, while Xiaolian was trying to hide Qiuyue’s eyes.

″Now we will definitively be late to the banquet,″ Lan Yuan chimed, before both of his fathers shared one last tender gaze as the whole family burst out laughing.

After all, there were far more worse things than being late to a family banquet, weren’t there?

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y’all! i’m about to hit 700 followers (which might not seem like a feat considering how old this blog is) but…thank you! 

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Modern day Cinderella

Person A is an artist who occasionally post videos of drawing a stranger and gifting them that drawing.

It’s usually received quite well just the occasional odd look. But this time their muse (B) gets off of the train before they even get to say hi. They decided to post the video anyway with the joking capture “Does anyone know my Cinderella?”

What they didnt expect is… the video blowing up and a huge word wide search for their muse beginning.

“ A little birdie told me I’m your Cinderella… does this mean your my prince charming ?”

“Well, if the picture fits!”

Bonus: they knew each other from high school but A didn’t recognize B

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In the early morning light

(Check the reblog to read it on AO3)

Prompt 34: Snowflakes

Lan Wangji was sitting alone in the main room of the jingshi, with a piece of paper placed in front of him and a flickering candle by his side, as he tried to put on paper all of the emotions that he was currently feeling.

It was still relatively early and snow was falling outside, making the Cloud Recesses eerily silent in the morning light.

This was soothing, since yesterday had been a long and very eventful day.

So eventful in fact, that Lan Wangji still hadn’t been able to process everything that has happened yet; because yesterday, Wei Ying gave him not one, but two precious gifts : their son, Yuan, and their daughter, Xiaolian.

Not that their son A-Yuan’s birth had been a surprise in itself, considering that Wen Qing had planned the surgery that would bring him to the world almost three months ago already and that Jiang Yanli had been present to comfort her little brother all through it…

Still, their little Lan Yuan was born as the sun had set, entering the world with a loud cry and a twin sister no one was expecting at all; not even Wen Qing, who had monitored Wei Wuxian’s pregnancy since it’s early days.

Hidden behind her twin brother, close to Wei Wuxian’s newly formed golden core, Xiaolian had spent a comfortable 40 weeks before she had followed Lan Yuan into the world.

After the twins’ birth, Jiang Yanli had helped Lan Wangji clean the jingshi and her brother, before she had left with her wife around the early hours of the morning, swearing that she would come back to help the new fathers later that day before Jiang Cheng’s visit to the newborns.

As soon as Wei Wuxian had been placed to rest in their bed, clean and with a healing salve applied on his fresh wound, he had fallen asleep, just like their precious little twins, who were sleeping by his side in a wooden crib Lan Wangji had commissioned from an artist in Caiyi Town months before their birth.

Overwhelmed by happiness and not wanting to disturb his family’s rest because he was not able to sleep himself, Lan Wangji had gone to the main room to think and work.

As he glanced outside, thick snowflakes still falling as they covered the grounds surrounding their home in a thick blanket of snow, he heard a tiny sound coming from his bedroom.

Thinking that the sound might come from his beloved husband and fearing that he might be in discomfort, Lan Wangji quickly got up and slowly walked toward their room.

As he glanced inside it, he saw that his husband was sleeping still, carefully wrapped in the silky blankets of their bed.

At his sight, Lan Wangji relaxed slightly.

He did not seem in pain at all.

Lan Wangji was about to return to the main room, when he heard the low-pitch sound once more.

It was coming from one of the twins.

Curious, he padded slowly toward their bed.

The twins were both very small and bundled up together in one of Jiang Yanli’s handmade blankets, their little noses almost touching.

Lan Wangji’s heart swelled at their sight and when Xiaolian’s little nose scrunched up as she let out another tiny sound of discomfort, he felt worried at once for his daughter.

What could possibly bother her? After all, with Wei Ying, they had fed her and her brother barely two hours ago.

Yet, when Xiaolian complained once more, Lan Wangji bent forward and carefully grabbed her.

She was so small, and he was so inexperienced, he was worried that he could possibly hurt her; and yet, if she protested a bit at first, she calmed down as he pressed her against his chest, the beating of his heart soothing her at once.

She was warm and she smelled nice too. A mix of clean linen, milk and a bit like his husband too.

Her tiny lips were pursed.

They looked like Wei Ying’s and she had his nose.

She was a mix of them both and she looked absolutely perfect.

But, as she complained once more, her delicate features frowning slightly, Lan Wangji knew what he should do next.

He began to hum a song and she relaxed at once.

This was the sight Wei Wuxian woke up to a while later that morning : his husband, sitting in the corner of their room with their newborn daughter in the crook of his arm as he hummed her their love song, while their son was still asleep.

And outside, the snow was still falling.

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Kiss prompt 46: A lingering kiss before a trip apart.

Read it on AO3: And it goes on

Wei Wuxian winced slightly as he tried to sit up in his bed as soon as he woke up from his restless nap.

His abdominal wound was still rather sore, which wasn’t that surprising at all, considering that it had been but a few hours since Wen Ning had performed a delicate surgery on him.

You see, today, Wei Wuxian’s beautiful daughter Lan Qiuyue was born, a whole month before her due date; surprising both of her fathers who had other plans for the next few days.

Wei Wuxian was supposed to go night-hunt with their oldest son Sizhui and his friends in Qishan, while Lan Wangji, the current Chief Cultivator until his older brother would feel well enough to reclaim the title, was supposed to leave for a highly important diplomatic mission in Lanling; something he absolutely couldn’t postpone any longer.

Not with Sect Leader Yao, Sect Leader Li and Sect Leader Ouyang constantly on his case, newborn daughter or not.

Of course, because of the poor timing of their daughter’s birth, Wei Wuxian tried not to make his husband worry too much about the fact that he would need to leave the Cloud Recesses, while his husband had barely healed and would need to take care of their newborn child all by himself for a few days on top of it.

Yes, Wei Wuxian was a bit worried about it all.

Yet, so far, Lan Qiuyue had been the prettiest and sweetest baby girl of Gusu.

She currently was blissfully sleeping, all wrapped up in the delicate purple blankets Jiang Cheng had gifted to Wei Wuxian on his last visit to Lotus Pier.

With her plump little lips slightly pursed and her tiny fingers curled close to her face, Qiuyue looked too precious for words.

Wei Wuxian was slightly biased, but to his defense, he had carried the child for close to nine months next to his reformed golden core, so it was fully justified.

A few seconds later, feeling more awake by now, Wei Wuxian moved slightly to the side of the bed in order to get a better look at his sleeping child.

But this proved to be a bad idea, since he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a yelp as he felt some tension on the stitches that were holding his wound close.

He held his breath as he let the hurt go, Qiuyue sighing softly in her sleep.

‟Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji quickly called from the other room, alarmed upon hearing with his keen ears that his beloved was in pain.

In the blink of an eye, he was already by his husband’s side.

‟Wei Ying, I can still try to find a way to cancel this trip,” Lan Wangji said with worry as he sat down next to Wei Wuxian, careful not to make the bed move too much. ‟If you don’t feel well enough, I- ,” he began, before Wei Wuxian tenderly placed a finger on his lips in order to silence him

‟Ayia Lan Zhan, are you saying that the Yiling Laozu can’t withstand some pain and a crying babe at once?” he exclaimed as Lan Wangji barely blinked at him.

Wei Wuxian leaned toward him. ‟Lan Zhan, we will be fine, really. Wen Ning will stay with me in the jingshi until your return and A-Yuan is sure to come visit his meimei with Jingyi, Zizhen and Jin Ling soon, ” he whispered against Lan Wangji’s lips, before he gave him a lingering kiss.

It was soft, loving and full of promises and if Lan Wangji was still worried about leaving the Cloud Recesses for a few days, he felt more at ease of doing so by now.

A while later, as they parted from their kiss, Lan Wangji brushed one rebellious strand of hair behind his beloved’s ear, before he gazed lovingly at their daughter, who was smiling in her sleep.

‟Don’t worry, husband, we will still be here when you will come back to us,” Wei Wuxian said fondly, before he leaned back against his pillows and he let out a happy little laugh.

And it was the truth.

Two days later, when his Excellency came back from his successful trip in Lanling, he was greeted by the sight of his smiling husband and their lovely little daughter.

And this time, he was not going to part from them any day soon.

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The not-friend

Person A has a child © that meets B for the second time now, so of course A asks whether they remember their friend B. The kid nods but stating their not A’s friend. A+B try to assure their friendship but C ignores it cause “otherwise you wouldn’t say those things about one another when the other isn’t in the room.” Before things escalate tho they’re interrupted by their friends.

From then on both believe the other actually dislikes them - only the kid has been smart, observant and not blinded by love enough to look right through that. “Of course the other complains about me when I’m not there. How stupid am I? They’re probably trying to play nice so to not upset our mutual friends.

They start avoiding each other.. it’s not that easy. Everytime they do meet it’s awkward and just small talk and the fact that the kid had started calling B “not-friend” isn’t making it easier. It’s a constant reminder of what the other truly thinks of them.

Every try to get C to call B by their name (and plea to stop asking for them) is just fruitless and even MORE emotionally taxing on A.

This all gets solved a couple of months later though when their friends decide to watch a movie together (kids included). In the end the on-screen pair becomes a couple and announce they’re now boyfriends/girlfriends and C just screams


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That makes me so happyyyy ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much! Id be happy to write more for this universe but I have nothing planned currently!

Zizhen really does deserve some loving though… Haven’t really thought whom I’d pair him with, maybe LXC or JGY, though I wouldn’t mind borrowing JC again either 🤭 so many options…

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☆Kiss prompt 4: An accidental brush of lips followed by a pause and going back for another, on purpose.

There are no accidental meeting between souls

Wei Wuxian was a genius.

Or so he thought, since he had come up with the perfect plan to finally escape from his latest punishment.

After all, he had copied the entirety of Righteousness for three times already and asking him to do so for another twelve times should actually be considered as an attempted murder.

Which was why he was going to fool that fuddy duddy Lan Wangji today, before he would run away from the Library Pavilion.

With his newfound liberty, he would then go to the back mountains of the Cloud Recesses with Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang to hunt for pheasants.

Truly, his plan was flawless.

‟Aiya Lan Zhan,” he called from where he was sitting, his brush still in his left hand as he pouted. ‟There’s a problem with my inkstone.”

Lan Wangji, who was reading across from him, took the time to finish his page first, before he looked at him blankly. ‟You still have three pages left to copy for today.”

Wei Wuxian shook his head and tutted. ‟Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! If I don’t have any more ink, I won’t be able to copy still,” he argued as he scratched his nose. ‟How disastrous,”he wailed, convinced that he sounded absolutely shattered by the mere possibility of not being able to do his punishment anymore.

Of course, he wasn’t.

No one in their right mind would want to copy the Lan sect rules on the daily.

Well, no one except Lan Qiren and his precious little nephew Lan Wangji, that is!

‟Mn,” Lan Wangji commented, his voice sounding somewhat doubtful. ‟How can it not work now, when it worked perfectly well earlier?”

Wei Wuxian tried to seem outraged by his answer. ‟I’m not an expert whereas inkstones are concerned! If you don’t believe me, why don’t you come up here to see for yourself?” He challenged him.

Lan Wangji gave him and unimpressed look, before he softly placed his book down on the low table and he graciously got up.

For whatever reason, Wei Wuxian’s throat felt dry as Lan Wangji slowly walked up toward him, before he knelt and sat on his left.

‟I still don’t see what is wrong with your inkstone,” Lan Wangji said after a beat and Wei Wuxian was so entranced by his scent, a mix of cleanliness and sandalwood, that he almost forgot why he had asked Lan Wangji to come sit next to him at first.

‟The ink has suddenly dried off,” he stammered, his heart beating more rapidly in his chest, which was very odd. ‟ For sure, you’ll need to give it a closer look. I think that it might have been cursed,” he added as an afterthought as Lan Wangji slowly leaned forward to study it more closely.

Seeing that his plan seemed to work so far, Wei Wuxian bit his bottom lip so as not to burst out laughing, before he quickly got up in order to push Lan Wangji out of the way and to run outside as fast as possible, just as he had planned earlier.

Except that instead of pushing Lan Wangji toward the table with his hands, like he had intended to, his foot caught in the low table and he ungracefully fell forward, his forehead bumping against the top of Lan Wangji’s head, making them both tumble down in a mess of limbs.

Even more worse, as Wei Wuxian fell on top Lan Wangji, his lips brushed against his.

They were full and slightly chapped and a for a moment, it seemed as though time had stopped as Wei Wuxian slowly pushed himself back up with his forearms.

His head was spinning and his heart was racing as Lan Wangji glanced back at him through his thick eyelashes.

His lips slightly parted.

Behind them, the sun was slowly setting, lighting the inside of the Library Pavilion in shades of gold and orange.

Wei Wuxian took a sharp intake of breath, before he closed his eyes, licked his lips and leaned forward, slowly brushing his lips against Lan Wangji’s for a second time instead of running away as fast as he could as he was supposed to.

He could feel Lan Wangji’s lips move in time with his and he wasn’t sure who had shifted position first, but his hands ended up cradling Lan Wangji’s face as Lan Wangji tangled his right hand in his unruly hair and his left arm snaked around his waist, pulling them close together.

I should be in the back mountains already by now, yet this is even better’, Wei Wuxian thought as he parted his lips and Lan Wangji’s tongue slid into his mouth, deepening their kiss.


‟I don’t understand why he’s not outside yet! I thought that he was supposed to meet us here before the sun had set?” Jiang Cheng muttered grumpily as he and Nie Huaisang subtly sneaked behind the Library Pavilion to catch a glance of what exactly was going on in there. ‟Lan Wangji is truly exaggerating with his punishments!” he barked as they finally reached one of the back windows of the building.

Yet, as the two of them cautiously peeked through the window, they were met by a very surprising sight.

Instead of copying rules pitifully, Wei Wuxian was sitting on Lan Wangji’s lap and the two of them were kissing passionately.

‟Wanyin-xiong, forget about pheasants! Why hunt in the back mountains when you can hunt directly within the main part of the Cloud Recesses? Wei-xiong just caught himself one of Gusu’s most prized specimen instead,” Nie Huaisang commented with a laugh as he hid his smile behind his fan and Jiang Cheng gasped and gagged next to him.

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A piece of cake

C, A’s sibling: -and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

A: Urgh. I’m sorry about them. Siblings…

B: they can be…. a lot sometimes.

A: Don’t even get me started. Especially C! Urgh.. older siblings, man!

B: umm…. I gotta confess something… I am the older sibling, actually.

A: Are you saying I’ve been fraternizing with tHe ENeMy?!?

B, smirking: Oh I hope we will never be enemies!

A: Too late! You have betrayed my trust! Buuuut it may be earned back with a piece of the cake you supposedly made. I’ve heard so much about it after all. It’s only fair.


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We all start as strangers

Today was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining brightly, the sky was clear and the sand was warm in between Wei Wuxian’s toes.

Beautiful girls were building a gigantic sandcastle in front of him, while two teenage boys were playing with a kite very close by.

Truly, it was a blessed day and what was even better was that a very handsome stranger was sitting on a bench just a few steps away from where he was currently standing.

With confidence, Wei Wuxian brushed his wild bang to the side and strolled toward the man, his ponytail swishing with every step that he took.

‟If you don’t mind me asking, what is a handsome man like you doing around here?” he asked with a dashing smile as soon as he reached him.

The handsome man hesitated for a moment, before he quirked a questioning eyebrow at him.

Undeterred, Wei Wuxian batted his long eyelashes at the handsome man, seductively tilting his head to the side. ‟ Gege, what are you doing around here on this beautiful day?” He repeated as he placed one hand on his hip and began to toy with his hair with the other like the real flirt that he was. ‟Except keeping an eye on cute girls, that is,” he added with a wink.

The stranger’s face remained unchanged for a few seconds, before a discreet smile appeared on his features.‟Looking at cute boys too. I guess,” he replied, before he gave Wei Wuxian a slow once-over.

Wei Wuxian’s cheeks turned pink.

He cleared his throat, clearly thrown off guard by the handsome man’s flirting, before he licked his lips invitingly. ‟So bold, gege.”

‟Mn. Not that bold. This is bolder,” the handsome man stated, before he leaned forward and he placed a fleeting kiss on Wei Wuxian’s lips.

The teenage boys who were playing with their kite close by stopped what they were doing for a moment as they exchanged a few pointed looks.

‟Well gege, I was expecting a bit more,” Wei Wuxian pipped up as he pulled back from the kiss a second later.

Yet, he barely had time to breathe, since the handsome man already came back for more.

And this time around, the kiss was more demanding than the last as the handsome man grabbed  Wei Wuxian’s butt and  he gave it a firm squeeze.

‟Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed as he pulled back from their kiss, cheeks flushed red and feeling slightly breathless. ‟We are not supposed to know each other!”

‟Wei Ying loved it,” Lan Wangji smugly commented, before he went for a third and a fourth kiss, this time involving tongues and daring hands.

Wei Wuxian gasped into the kiss, wrapping his arms around his husband’s neck as Lan Wangji’s hands adroitly found their way inside his clothing, unashamedly caressing warm skin with his broad palms.

Close to them, the teenage boys had definitively stopped what they were doing by now.

One of them even had his cheeks flushed red, while the other was gaping at the scene.

Yet, Lan Wangji barely sparred them a glance as he grabbed Wei Wuxian by the waist and he threw him over his shoulders as soon as their kiss ended.

‟A-Yuan, keep an eye on your meimeis for a bit, will you?” Wei Wuxian declared as he was whisked away by his husband toward their house, where they would no doubt enjoy a delightful afternoon tumble in the sheets while their precious twin girls were playing in their sandbox and their teenage boy was babysitting them in their own backyard.

Lan Jiali and Lan Xiaolian  glanced curiously at their older brother, before they continued to build their sandcastle as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

‟Your dads are weird,” Lan Jingyi commented as soon as Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji had vanished inside their home.

And Lan Yuan could only nod at his best friend’s words.

They were.

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