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#wanted to get one more out for october
yeet-motherfucker · 3 months ago
i like my job but uf they put me in charge for the night one more time I'm gonna start making them pay me like a manager
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#my post#October hills#the lore is stored in the tags#SO#IVE DECIDED THE DVS ARE NOT TARGETING GHOSTS#they have nothing to do with ghosts! there just happens to be a lot of dead people in this forest rip. so dvs r actually trying to escape fr#from the dream dimension and cause chaos and bring about the end of the world. not that they really WANT to end the world but. they would.#they are forces of chaos unmatched by anything. comes with being nightmares personified. and the wizards are trying to beat them back into#their little hole and make them go away. it’s mostly just Austin tho. bcus ✨prophecy✨. yeah they recently created a rift and burst through b#but the prophecy is old. like OLD old. but how r mg and gg involved then? I present u with: mg and dd r doing their usual walking in the#woods for no reason as they usually do and come across some dvs. dvs attack them. they happen to be close to rorys car. rory shows up and#kicks the dvs asses and they bond. then mg decided they have to find out wtf a dv is and realize ‘wait that wizard prophecy is REAL?’ and#theyre like ‘fine we can beat up a few dvs if we come across them. they could not have u seen my kids they’re so short and weak. the dvs r n#not their main concern tho. they’re doing ghost shit they don’t care about this.#I still need a name for my demon vampire things so. feel free to help. please. they are nightmares come to life.#OH SHIT HOW DO THE DREAM CREATURES COME INTO THIS. they have to be involved!! dcs live in the woods but sometimes they go into Ck towns#and idk what they do. they’re not like all powerful or anything. ones a narrator. ones a guide. ones a kid. that’s it. ooh I could make#Jasper a dream kid instead of a ghost. he IS from a dream after all. that’d be okay but I feel like I need more than 3 ghosts. do I guess#he stays a ghost. okay I’ll move him tho bcus I’m getting rid of the human summer camp nearby. it’s just stupid. it also allows me to expand#ok Corvid kind towns: they’re just normal towns. but in the woods. they’re mostly secluded bcus they don’t want people to notice that theure#Weird. but like they’re not cut off from the world. they go out. also the reasoning for mg having their own house is that like birds they#kinda kick the young out at a certain age. but since they’re PEOPLE the kids (I say kids 10 yos r not being kicked out it’s at like 16/17)#live in groups. the groups can be family or friends or anyone really. it’s neat#anyways this is the first time I’ve looked at oh in FOREVER#SORRY FOR LEAVING#:D
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averbaldumpingground · a year ago
The ship drifted, pummeled by asteroid debris, most of the crew knocked unconscious. Ember sat at the controls.
They were still lightyears away, maybe a couple of lifetimes.
The life support system blinked violet. Ember wondered if there was a breach in the hull. The ability to repair it was beyond her programming.
The console that she'd plugged herself into had been damaged from the shock to the ship's electrical systems. Even adjusting for what she observed on her way to the bridge, the vital sign outputs were useless.
Her fingers hovered over the interface. This went against her core programming too. But she could justify it as falling within her parameters, couldn't she? It was not like they could prevent it.
Captain Alvaro remained motionless at the navigator's station, the blood from his head wound congealing. Ember watched him, noting the shallow irregularity of his breath. He should have deferred to Reynolds.
Except Reynolds had been monitoring the generator when the third of the large asteroids hit. She was unlikely to have survived the malfunction.
But there was a chance, wasn't there?
Ember continued to stare at the blinking light. It didn't matter if there was a breach in the hull. She could override her own programming. She severed her connection to the computer and, with a pause, she decided.
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pepprs · a year ago
i make the same post in a different way almost every day butlike god. i am fucking crazy. squidward im insane.jpg if u will
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drunk-poets-society · a year ago
writing so many couple-y things and more on the way, all of a sudden hit me with a tidal wave of yearning. man, i just wanna be LOVED goddammit 
#like i just#i don't even know#like i'm not single right#but my boyfriend and i have't talked in MONTHS#and now you must be thinking 'anne what the fuck' and i KNOW its bizarre#but the thing is my phone is BROKEN and he doesn't have social media and i didn't bother to memorize his number#and moreover we like don't have feelings for each other#like romantic ones#i mean i like him an awful lot and we're on the same level of existential nihilism and we like really get each other#but i'm not in love with him#ya kno. i mean we've been seeing each other since october and i love talking to him and going out with him and all that#but now i just think of him as a really good friend of mine#and i don't want to lose him because we click and get along so well#but i just don't see a romantic relationship going anywhere as  opposed to a platonic one which i think has a whole lot more potential#because he's just SUCH A GREAT GUY OK and i know that it's both of our faults for not even trying to get in touch#despite the fact that we're literally in a relationship which has gone on for half a year#but how are either of us supposed to you know get in touch#the situation is pretty sticky and impossible and we can't even meet now#and i think he thinks that i've ghosted him because i went without any warning#but i didn't know that my phone would get fucked up so bad#i don't even know how i'll explain all this to him he probably hates me now#i think i'll break up with him but keep him as a friend if he wants to stay#i just want to love someone and want someone to love me back goddammit#i wanted to do it since a while back actually because we really don't have that much time for a relationship#he's going to fucking med school and i'm just too focused on becoming a historian#both fields which require hours of study and research maybe med a little more than history#so this was doomed to fail from the start unless we started living together which would be a very nice and ideal thing tbh#but it's pretty much impossible because of where we live haha#omg sorry this was so long and i probz overshared quite a bit but that's life soz
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rilaxkuma · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lol well, I want to use one of these pictures to announce when gates are open come October but 🤣 Had to share this.
I'll use an edit of it anyway for when it's party time. Doing my best! Island is a mess rn lmao but its coming along~ 🥺 so happy.
Oh p.s. I caught this giant clammu thing and I was about to crai™️ because it was SO HARD TO CHASE DOWN.
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mattmaesonnatural · 2 years ago
I’m currently 64,445 words into my WIP about two hockey players who were friends and teammates first (2 years) then start randomly hooking up because they they travel a lot and are lonely and it’s just bros helping bros to which they start falling for each other.
which leads to them beginning to date. Then them breaking up at the end of the season for the struggle of their jobs (doing poorly during the season) and emotions on that neither of them are out to A) their families and B) the world so they go their separate ways
but only for them to see each other again at a world tournament a month later and slowly get back involved in each other’s life over a one month span which tells about Person A’s coming out went better than expected and person B’s went really really bad and they kind of get back together but they then after the tournament they go on vacation with each other for a month (they become exclusive during this trip) but they go with some friends (who are also teammates who slowly find out about them and one teammate who isn’t all that approving about their relationship but it all gets resolved in the end) and this is where I’m COMEPLTELY STUCK AT WHAT TO DO NEXT FOR THIS.
Is it a cop out if I have them outted on a public scale? (They are two men btw)
Is it the easy way out if I have them break up again for shock value? (Just to show them how much they really do need each other. I kind of already did this but I’m running out of ideas)
Or should I come up with something better?
My end goal is really them over coming obsectles to prove that they are better together and than apart and that they can handle things life throws at them well managing their jobs. I want them to be a team within a team.
This point in the story I’m at it is the end of June 2018 (this whole fic spans over 1 year in time starting at October 2017) so this is middle of the off season I want the story to continue till September 2018 for training camp and pre-season but I need something major to fill in that gap. And I’m strugglingggg. (I hope some of this made sense if not just ignore thank u)
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majohour · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
#y'know............... i did feel the strong urge to put up a post about how much this class was kicking my ass earlier in october or so#but for some reason i refrained although it was very true and remained true and now that i've officially turned in my essays#and am now done with the class i am left with the unhelpful hindsight that not once did this class ever stop kicking my ass#it was truly a rush against times to get the essays done and even though i did finish them they were so clearly still drafts#and i'm going to get such a crappy grade on them i might as well accept that upcoming c or d grade RIP#one essay was clearly better written but just as clearly unfinished and the other i had more fleshed out but it sounded sooooo underwritten#there was no winning here but i got them in (TWO MINUTES BEFORE THEY WERE DUE) and now i've got a presentation to finish up#but i'm suffering so i had to make a meme about it and even though it's not very relatable i want to be able to laugh at my suffering ok#and let me say i've taken another college history class before on greece and ap history classes#but none of them whooped me as hard as this class did and maybe it being online was a huge factor but idk#i was working on the daily for this class and it's going to be hard accepting that upcoming c or d grade because i've got a high b right now#but i know those essays sucked and are going to bring it down bigtime and never again i tell you#i'm kinda frustrated at myself now for not filling out that online thing my uni has for students to grade their classes and leave feedback#because i really want to put my two cents into what should be known about this class#these tags are getting long but i still have quite a bit to say i'll make those posts when i'm finally free for sure#college
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