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#wanting love

Is it so bad?

Is it so bad to be seen with me in public? Do walk down the street holding my hand? To look at me like I matter to you? To not use me?

So many relationships I’ve had end up a secret and I want to feel like I matter in someone’s life. Is that so bad?

I’m told I’m not ugly, believe it or not I can’t comprehend that. I’m told that I give amazing hugs, I do believe this because my inner love seeps out with each hug. I actually put effort into it.

Can just once in my life someone tackle me in a hug and continue hugging me for a while because they love me and want to be near me.

I miss just being able to lay next to someone while we look up and just talk about random stuff. I love goofy conversations next to the person I love.

I think knowing your Twin Flame and knowing you can’t be with them is worse than yearning for a Twin Flame. Sigh…does anyone just wanna talk to me…that’d be nice. I’d love to get excited again about random stuff.

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Usually I’m not the type to really care about being in a relationship…. but lately I’ve been feeling rather lonely and I just want my own lovely partner to cuddle and kiss ;-;.

My ‘’type’’ I don’t really have one… but usually they aren’t into me… and the type of people that are into me aren’t usually my type which sucks…. ;-;

Also I’ve seen SO many cuties here on Tumblr who are so my type and I’m just like… *CRIES ON THE FLOOR*

I really hope one day that I can get my own loving partner <3

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