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Not just walls, we need walls fitted with barbed poisoned wires. There are wolves out there that for sure needs to be kept at bay. None but love enters home, none but family enters in. The world is getting more and more scarier these days. Not believing in monsters? Try humans! The downfall and moral degradation is beyond any mark. Greed has become the universal currency. Corruption the universal attire. Plotters day and night to rob our children of their innocence, teenagers of their goals, and adults turned into slaves of this system just to make their ends meet. A world that’s built on exploitation. A media that’s hell bent upon deception. Governments engaged in wars of all kinds - seen and unseen. End result: a fucked up world.

So safeguard yourself and the ones under you. Build walls, in every sense, from every predator - known and unknown…

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Arundhati Roy

The invasion of Iraq will surely go down in history as one of the most cowardly wars ever fought. It was a war in which a band of rich nations, armed with enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world several times over, rounded on a poor nation, falsely accused it of having nuclear weapons, used the United Nations to force it to disarm, then invaded it, occupied it, and are now in the process of selling it.
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you look like just another bloody kid 

holding a gun too big for you, 

part of a war you shouldn’t know about yet. but 

kids are fighting the wars of the future 

because no one else will defend their rights to be themselves.

but this is real guns and real knives

and real teenagers being shot by the real police 

these are real kids for whom a peaceful childhood 

is a passing memory

fighting their own wars 

hanging onto whatever they can keep of their lives

holding a gun that still looks big in your fragile hands 

we’re still too bloody young for this.

the thing is that i’m still just only eighteen

and it’s not my job to save the world. 

the grown ups are procrastinating and procrastinating

 and we will pay the price in pollution, blood, 

and a predicted global temperature increase 

of three degrees in the next ten years  

it’s not our job to fix everything - we’re just kids! 

we’re skipping out on college for protests 

because this education i’m paying nine thousand pounds a year for 

won’t do anyone any good if the world is on fire, 

when half our coastal cities are flooded 

and hurricanes tear up the rest

you have the privilege of not believing in climate change 

because it’s not you that will live 

with the consequences of what you have not done.

this is not my gun.

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Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection

U.S. Army Motion Picture Service. Ten 15 cent Admission Coupons.  

This coupon book is sold with the clear understanding that it is not transferable and is subject to confiscation if presented by other than the person to whom it was sold. The unused portion of the book can be redeemed only on presentation of evidence of death, discharge or transfer.

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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley

We are at war with Covid-19. We are at war with terrorists. And we are at war with the drug cartels.

This is the United States military. You will not penetrate this country. You will not get past jump street. You are not going to come in here and kill additional Americans.

…We will defend our country regardless of the cost.

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I had a dream that I was in the middle of a battle and my ex ran up to me saying it was so good to see a familiar face. He had been limping and asked if I could help load the pistol he had snagged off a body. So, as I am loading the gun I tell him how, ‘when a girl says no and a guy proceeds to have sex with her that it’s rape. Even if you are in a relationship with her and you tell her it is ok.’ His face went serious before I shot his other leg. I then said, “rapist” and walked away.

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إذا جاءكم نبأ الكورونا في سوريا فتذكروا الفئة الوحيدة التي كانت تدخل وتخرج إليها بدون أدنى قيود.. لا تنسوهم من دعاءكم أيضاً
المسكية، دمشق القديمة في 29/2/2020
Meskieh, Old Damascus on 29/2/2020

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Hi Wednesday

1.04.2020, weigh: 152lbs

Today i had cheat day! 💙🔥

Today I ate salted chips and some sweet flakes with milk, which can be up to 600kcal. Sometimes I need a day not to have seizures. But :

  1. 10:30 AM omlette with cheese, ham and tomato + tost bread (288kcal)
  2. 2:40 PM Apple (48kcal)
  3. 3:15 PM spinach-cream souse my recepture with rice nuddle (482kcal)
  4. 8:00 chips and flakes (+-600kcal)
  5. I drink two coffe with 150ml low fat milk (72kcal)

Wather💙: 3000ml

Sport: a quick walk (-222kcal)

Sport: Energy joga (-100kcal)

Total: 600kcal+890kcal-322= 1168kcal

Have a nice day 🔥💙

Edit: I ate one and half dumplings to dinner! Kcal are ok, but I forgot write this

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#Repost @drjcofthedc with @get_repost
This week has been a long year for many across the country. We hope we can bring you a little smile, laugh or a reminder of the year 2000 with this middle school dance classic. #chacha #chachaslide #tiktok #wewillsurvive #danceclassic —
#coronavirus #covid #covid19 #nyc #newyorkcity #nuevayork #health #crisis #war #doctors #nurses #healthcareworkers #pandemic #doctors #GovCuomo #MayorDeBlasio #thankyou #salute #stayuseful #votingmatters #vote #Biden2020

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happy april fools, heres a list of things i can see strife doing to annoy his siblings today

  • embarrassing campy fridge magnets on wars big arm. when he tries to take them off he finds out they’ve been glued there
  • countless bottles of sun tan lotion arranged on the floor of death’s bathroom, like how people arrange solo cups on school floors during senior pranks
  • somehow smuggling an entire mansk into fury’s room. no he will not tell anyone where he got the mansk
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