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A concept: Instead of Endgame having Scott go with Tony and Steve in their time heist mission, Rhodey is the one to go with them - because last time Tony got stranded in space for weeks and, going even further back, “I said next time you would ride with me, remember?”


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Rhodeytony seasons of love master post of headcanons

What I didn’t miss too many days and decided to make up for it this way, not at all!

  • Rhodey is a rocket scientist and Tony is an engineer so you would expect that if they followed the recipe for fireworks, everything would be A-Okay. But of course, those two genius boys can’t ever let anything be simple. So when they try to make fireworks for Rhdoey’s family fourth of July party, there might have a close call with Tony’s fingers and the grass in Rhodey’s yard is burned to the crisp. Mama Rhodes is Not Happy.
  • Rhodey doesn’t often get drunk without Tony, but during the era between Ultron and Civil War where Tony is retired, Rhodey is a new Avenger and they miss each other terribly, the team makes Rhodey drink two shots of Nat’s too strong booze, and he maybe leaves him a voicemail before being wrestled into sleep. “Toooooony,” he whines into the phone, “I love you. I love you very very much. Did you know that your friends are the best? Because they are! Sam, you are the best! Tell Tony you are the best. No, but for real though, I miss you. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. You should leave your stupid Malibu house and come live with us. Your friends are the best. And you are the best. It will be so fun. And then I won’t miss you anymore…” The next morning Tony calls him and tells him, “that’s the worst way you could have asked me to move in with you” but by the afternoon boxes start showing up.
  • Tony is often up by 3 AM so 3 AM voicemails aren’t uncommon, even if Tony hates leaving them (”it’s not 1993 who has an answering machine?”). He especially stays up and leaves voicemails when Rhodey isn’t there to drag him to bed. He’s usually a little bit manic, and just a tad longing at that time. But Tony’s sane enough while leaving them so it’s mostly just ramblings about Rhodey’s suit and its modifications and muses about Tony hijacking a military plane to see him. Rhodey sometimes uses them as a way to relax when he’s away and missing his husband.
  • None of them knit the ugly sweater. Roberta does. Tony cries when he gets his first ugly sweater from her because he knows more than anyone it’s a right of passage into being a Rhodes, and he finally gets a family. Tony wears the sweaters all the time because it fells like knowing someone cares for him. Rhodey, however, isn’t that touched by the ugly sweaters, and resumes to be seen with them. He doesn’t touch Roberta’s ugly sweaters on any day but the extremely cold or laundry day. That is why Tony is Roberta’s favorite.
  • Neither of them screams first in the haunted house. Our two prankster boys pull all their resources in Halloween and create a haunted house out of their MIT dorms, making everyone scream. Some of the things they invent for the house shouldn’t even be possible so people scream more than at any haunted house because they are convinced there’s magic involved. It makes Tony and Rhodey fall to the ground laughing.
  • Rhodey pulls Tony back in for the lazy day. Not only because Tony’s mind is so busy that he gets up way too early because he’s dreamed of an equation, but also because Tony gets up way too early for the time he fell asleep, and Rhodey wants to make sure his boyfriend gets at least some sleep. Besides, Tony needs to learn what a lazy day is and Rhodey wants cuddles when he’s finally home.
  • Tony is on the fall festival’s planning committee out of spite (one of the students there KICKED HIS CHAIR) and pure mischief and makes sure to ruin it in some way every year, or at least antagonize everyone else. He and Rhodey scheme every year how to torture the planning committee.
  • Tony wins Rhodey a stuffed platypus at the carnival and Rhodey wins Tony a faulty tape recorder. I have this exact scene in road trip fic.
  • Tony is the ice skating pro because he was a dancer as a child and part of his training was ice skating, but even he can’t skate without falling on his ass with how tightly Rhodey is holding on to him. Tony never takes Rhodey ice skating again, but him, Natasha, and Jeanette all have fun while ice skating together. Rhodey is upset about not getting ice skating dates with his boyfriend anymore, especially with how tight he gets to hold on to Tony in the ring. But he still likes to watch videos of Tony mastering the skill.
  • Rhodey makes the best hot cocoa! He learned the secret recipe from Mama Rhodes and will not share it, not even with his husband. Tony always pouts over not getting the recipe (”you’ll butcher it, no way”) but he’s happy to have his husband to make it for him, because it tastes like heaven and he’s the luckiest person on Earth for it. The Avengers also enjoy Rhodey’s hot cocoa in the winter and also try and figure out the recipe. None have succeeded so far. Mama Rhodes is delighted by so many superheroes enjoying her recipe.
  • Cuddling ensues when they get snowed in. Tony hates the cold and the boredom it all entails so he’ll leech on to Rhodey for warmth and entrainment. Tony sort of gets on Rhodey’s nerves by the end of it, but he finds Tony super cute when he falls asleep on his chest. It ends with Tony making himself so insane he creates robots to shovel all the snow away. It somehow works. 
  • Tony doesn’t much like the holidays because they bring back too many bad memories but he finds how Rhodey’s excitement adorable. Rhodey’s near childlike joy at getting presents on Christmas morning makes the holidays bearable for Tony. Rhodey insists they create their own traditions (like his parents did) when they get together and rent their own apartment during their MIT days, and so they create a few. During Thanksgiving dinner, they each get to make one dish and they order the rest of dinner to make up for the lacking food (Rhodey only made the turkey Tony only makes the cranberry sauce). Their tree is purely for decoration as they exchange gifts privately with each other, and it’s a rule that they must make all the decor for the tree. As they grow up and get more family members, the thanksgiving tradition is stopped but they leave the Christmas ones and create a few more traditions. For Thanksgiving, their small tradition is getting each other a gift card for a restaurant they recommend, a memory from the old times. They never eat at the table, but instead set up a buffet and allow people to mingle on the couches while they eat the food. Tony does the shopping for Thanksgiving and Rhodey does the cooking, except the cranberry sauce, because it’s easy and Tony can handle it. For Christmas, they have a lazy day in bed instead of wake up to see their presents. The Avengers might leave them presents under the tree but Tony and Rhodey only care about the gifts they give each other. Every new bot gets its own sock stocking and they let the bots decorate their socks. They both leave the suits in a random square in New York with the sign “they want to be dressed for the season!” and watch the different creations of Iron Man and War Machine “snow”men. It happens a few years in a row.
  • Rhodey hides the mistletoe right above Tony’s workshop door because he knows Tony’s always there and he’s one of the only ones allowed in, so Rhodey’ll get plenty of kisses. Plus, he gets some adorable pictures of Tony kissing his bots.
  • Tony hides the mistletoe in frequently-used spaces (notable mentions: Fury’s drawer when he leaves his pencils and the hanger on which Clint hangs his arrows) because he’s a little shit, and wants everyone to hate him. “I’m going to make you some of my hot chocolate, Tony,” Rhodey says as he opened the cupboard for the pot. Tony desperately tries to hide his smirk, “okay, hubby.” It takes a few minutes before Rhodey says, “fine, I’ll kiss you, but no hot chocolate for you.”
  • The season which reminds Tony of Rhodey is spring. Because Rhodey is just as lovely and beautiful as the season is. Spring reminds him of Rhodey’s passion and intelligence, the way everything turns green so quickly reminds him of how quick Rhodey is to develop an idea. It reminds him to pick flowers for his husband and finally being in the season to buy Rhodey’s favorite fruit, strawberries.
  • The season which reminds Rhodey of Tony is winter. Because Tony hates the winter. He hates Christmas and snow and rain. He hates the cold and the blackouts. So whenever something especially winter happens, like snowmen building or Christmas shopping, Rhodey thinks with a fond smile “oh, Tony would hate this”.
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Previous Chapter Sixteen: Confessions 

Chapter Seventeen: Kaleidoscope of Memories 

2017, Five weeks into rescue.

He fell backward. Wind whipped across his back before he crashed into something hard. The impact knocked the breath out of him leaving him gasping. Black spots spotted his vision but his hearing was clear. The ice was cracking underneath him. At first it was small fissures in the frozen water, but they joined with other cracks and fractured out to create bigger, more damaging weaknesses.

It was without a sound that the ice gave way and water enveloped his body. The dark liquid bashed the ice against each other. Small pieces floated in the hole where Peter was. His clothes were laden with the cold water. His limbs shocked into immobility at the vast temperature decrease. He sank from the weight. Water pooled over his face and nostrils unheeding of his attempts to climb onto the ice. The water was merciless in its pursuit to claim Peter.

He sank until he was emerged under the ice, his arms and legs floating, clothes baggy around his frame. Peter looked up from below at the ice he had, what felt like seconds ago, fell onto. Bubbles escaped through the hole he created and he wondered if his younger self would have appreciated it or if he would have been disappointed the bubbles disappeared into the air. It didn’t matter now. Red tendrils of blood floated around him infusing into the water. At least there would be something left of him here after he was gone.

His back settled against the sand and one last torrent of bubbles left his mouth as his lungs contracted in protest. A slow tide moved him back and forth along the bottom of the lake. For a moment, he was a child again being rocked be a soothing rhythm in a crib. Sand moved underneath him stirring with his movements. His limbs were too heavy to move. Peter closed his eyes instead of watching the ice above.

The particles of sand swirled around him, mingling with the blood in the water before settling on his person. Some rested on his hands palms open in the water and others settled lightly on his closed eyelids. Peter was finally in no pain. He couldn’t remember how he ended up here or why he had feared the water so much before. It almost was like being hugged by May. He tried to smile at the thought, but then he thought of Rhodey and Tony. Their concern and selflessness in the face of danger. He tried to open his eyes for them, to fight one more time but he was powerless against the slowing tide of this strange, underwater world.

The last sand fell at a leisured pace through the water coming to land on Peter’s forehead. Time slowed in this underwater world filled with silence until, when all was quiet, it stopped.


2017, Four weeks into rescue.

The day was brisk. Cold, crisp air soaked into their lungs with every step they took. Peter, Rhodey, and Tony made their third circle around the lake. From their vantage point on the path they could see the snow racing against the wind on top of the ice. Peter shivered and broke his stare. He rubbed his hands together trying to get rid of the gritty texture rubbing against his skin but when that didn’t work he began to run laps around his two companions.

“You’re a strange kid, you know that?”

Tony smiled at him as he passed them in the front. It wasn’t exactly a solution. The grit remained under his gloves, against his legs no matter how much he ran. He tried not to glance back at the lake but a foreign compulsion forced him to with every circle.

“Must be nice to have all that stamina.” Rhodey commented.

“I have to expend this energy now or I won’t be able to sleep later.” Peter whined between jumping jacks. Why couldn’t he enjoy the day? He’d forgone eating breakfast even with a rumbling stomach. But the thought of eating anything, even Rhodey’s mouthwatering waffles, made him flinch.

“We could always have Rhodey read you a lullaby, He does voices and everything.”

Rhodey smacked Tony on the shoulder. Peter smiled despite the sour taste in the back of his mouth. His eyes wandered behind them to the lake almost iced over. He continued to stare until Tony put an arm around his shoulder. Did he know Peter was about to walk toward the water? Did he see the shadows in Peter’s eyes?


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I love Sam Wilson and James “Rhodey” Rhodes but we can’t ignore that the MCU treats them as nothing more than the black best friend and fandom treats them even worse. I demand vindication for these two great characters who have been dismissed, undeveloped, undervalued and vilified by racist writers and an even more racist fandom. I have hope for the Falcon and the Winter soldier but I have been let down before.

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Requested by: anonymous

Request: Can you do a Klarion x Reader where the reader is Stephen Strange’s daughter and they live in the avenger universe and they have a secret family like Clint Barton and the avengers need a place to stay on the down low and Stephen leads them to his daughter’s place, (like a small mansion) and you can decide what happens next


The Avengers stared at the small gothic mansion in front of them. The sky was no longer it’s blue color but a crimson red. The lawn was well kept, with a few bushes trimmed into different shapes of monsters. The team looked at Stephen, confused as to why - or more like where - did he bring them. They’re supposed to be on the down-low and going into a mansion doesn’t seem like it’s going to do the trick.

“Strange, where are we?” Tony asked. 

“My daughter’s place” Stephen sighed, walking toward the home. 

“You have a daughter?” Bruce looked at the garden. “And she lives… here?”

“Yeah, and where exactly is this place?” Steve added. Stephen didn’t exactly tell them where they were going. He just teleported them all here without a word. 

“This is an interdimensional world that lies between time and space” Stephen explained. “Only a few are able to access this place, one of them being me”

“The others being…” Natasha stopped walking once they reached the front door.

“Wong, my daughter herself, and…” Stephen rang the doorbell. “Her husband”

“So not only do you have a daughter that we didn’t know about, you also have a son-in-law” Tony looked at his teammate. Stephen gave him a look that told them that there was another member to this family. 

The front door opened wide and a little girl smiled wide at them with wide eyes. The team looked at each other in shock as the girl jumped into Stephen’s arms. “Grandpapa!”

“Hey there kiddo” Stephen chuckled. “Is your mom here?”

“She’s in the library,” The girl nodded. She glanced at the other adults. “Who are they?”

“They’re, uh, my friends” Stephen put her down. “Can you take us to your mom?”


The girl walked back inside the house. Stephen looked at the others, giving them a small smile, as he led them inside. 

“Is no one going to talk about how she’s blue?” Sam thought out loud. 

Stephen ignored their muttering. It’s been a long time since he last visited you. He’s been busy with the Avengers and protecting the world’s reality. The last time he visited you was when your daughter turned three. She’s six now. 

“Mommy! Grandpapa is here with some friends” Your daughter called as she opened the large library doors. 

Books flew around, organizing themselves into their correct shelves. A large globe floated in the center of the room with smaller globes circling around the larger one. Muttering and shuffling could be heard behind it. The group of heroes walked around the central object to see a pile of books stacked amongst each other. 

“(y/n)?” Stephen coughed. 

“Dad?” You popped out from the mountain of books. You glanced at his companions. “And guests?”

Steve took a step toward you, reaching out his hand. “Hi, we’re the -”

“Avengers. I know” You shook his hand. “It’s an honor to meet you all”

“Are you done mommy?” Your daughter climbed through some books to reach you. 

“Almost” You took her in your arms. You glanced at your guests. “But it seems like I will have to continue tomorrow”

“What, uh, what exactly were you doing?” Tony picked up one of the books. It flew out of his hands and went back to another stack. 

“I protect the reality of different universes” You walked out of the mess you made. 

“Different universes? As in the multiverse?” Bruce looked confused. 

“You didn’t tell them?” You glanced at your dad. 

“This was last minute” Stephen sighed. 

You nodded. “Well, now all of you know. So why the sudden visit?”

“There’s a certain situation back home and we have to keep a low profile” Natasha grabbed your attention. 

“Good thing you came here then” You waved your hand and the books began to go back to their spots in the shelves. “It’s been awhile since this little demon had any playmates”

“My daddy’s kitty ate the last ones” Your daughter grinned. 

They all looked at each other with wide eyes. You chuckled awkwardly, assuring them that her playmates were rats. Your daughter laughed at their reactions. You shook your head, smiling, and then went to show the heroes around the house. 

Paintings and artifacts covered the halls. As they walked into the living room, the Avengers noticed the large family portrait hanging on the wall above the fireplace. You were sitting in a chair with your daughter on your lap while a young blue-skinned man stood beside you, holding an orange tabby cat with red eyes. Part of the man’s hair was shaped into horns and his gaze looked devilish. 

“Your husband looks friendly,” Rhodey commented. 

You glanced at the painting. “Oh. He’s kind when you get to know him. He’s the one that built this place”

“He doesn’t look like any alien or human I ever met” Thor sat down on the sofa. “Which realm is he from?”

“He’s not from our universe” You smiled. “He’s from another universe that’s quite similar to our own”

“Oh cool! Does that mean he knows our doppelgangers?” Peter asked out of excitement.

“You mean there’s more of us out there? Oh great. That means that there’s more than one Tony” Rhodey sighed while the team laughed. 

“Then those universes are blessed to have one of the brightest minds on their Earths” Tony smirked.

“Actually, that universe actually doesn’t have any of you” You chuckled. “But they do have their own heroes and villains”

“Really? Like who?” Steve raised a brow. 

“Well, there’s Superman. He’s basically Captain America but he’s from an alien planet in that universe known as Krypton and is the symbol of hope” You began to explain. “Then there’s Batman, who’s like Mr. Stark. He’s a billionaire philanthropist who uses his money to fight crime with cool gadgets”

“Let me guess, he’s dressed as a bat” Tony didn’t sound impressed. You nodded. 

“And Wonder Woman!” Your daughter chimed. “She’s an Amazon princess from Temscria”

“It’s Themyscira, sweetheart” You patted her head. 

“Yeah! She’s really strong!” The little girl went to grab her doll of the female hero. She showed it to the heroes. “She’s my role model!”

“That’s pretty cool” Clint smiled at her, kneeling down at her eye level. “Is your dad a hero too?”

“Yes and no, right mommy?” Your daughter glanced at you. 

“Klarion is… chaotic neutral” You shrugged. “He’s a lord of chaos and oftentimes acts like a child. He does whatever he wants, only caring about what benefits us”

“And how do you feel about that, Strange?” Tony snickered. “Family dinners must suck when knowing that your daughter married a criminal”

“I actually never met him” Strange went to sit next to you. “They eloped and when I went to meet him, (y/n) told me that he was busy working for this organization and wouldn’t be back home anytime soon”

“He’s been around lately, but you just missed him” You rested your head on your dad’s shoulder. 

You met Klarion when you were practicing your powers and had accidentally teleported yourself in his universe. He was the first person you met, which wasn’t that helpful as he wasn’t even from his Earth. The two of you became friends, and then lovers, and then husband and wife. Then five years later, you had your daughter. 

You still remember how your father looked when you told him about Klarion. He was shocked like any other protective single-dad, but you’re pretty sure he had an inner meltdown when you told him that you had eloped. You’ve never seen your father look so calm before. It was quite terrifying. 

“Well, enough chit-chat. I’m sure all of you are tired.” You stood up. “I’ll go get you some refreshments”

You left the heroes all alone with your daughter. She had gone up to Clint’s lap, shoving her other hero dolls to his face. Natasha smiled at her best friend having to deal with Strange’s grandkid. The others looked around the room, staring at the family photos and old paintings. They chatted amongst themselves until your daughter hopped off of Clint’s lap and rushed to her grandfather. 

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Stephen asked. 

“Daddy’s home” She smiled. 

The fireplace burst with red flames. A figure emerged from the fire. Klarion stood, holding Teekl in his arms. The cat jumped out from her master’s arms and went to your daughter. Klarion glared at the strangers. He waved his hand, a ball of flame appearing on his palm.

“Devil, come here” Klarion glanced at his child. “Who are you people?”

“Daddy, they’re grandpapa’s friends” Your daughter hugged her father’s legs.

“Grandpapa?” Klarion raised a brow at the child. 

“You must be Klarion. Our meeting is beyond due” Stephen stood up. 

“Oh. You’re (y/n)’s father. I thought you would be taller” Klarion extinguished his fire. “Devil, where’s your mother?”

“You’re home early” You walked in with a tray of drinks. “I see you finally met my father and his companions”

“Yes. Why are they here?” Klarion glanced at every one of them.

“They need a place to stay for a couple of days” You handed them each a drink.

“Well, as long as they don’t disrupt my work” Your husband took a drink from the tray. “If you do, I’ll make you my new toy”

“Klarion.” You glared at him. “Behave”

“When am I not?” Klarion chuckled. “I’ll be in my office. Don’t interrupt me”

“Oh no you don’t” You stopped him from walking away. “This is the first time you meet my dad and you want to lock yourself up in your office? No way. Socialize”

“But (y/n)” Klarion whined. “I have work to do for the Light”

“Screw the Light. They can do without you for a day” You dragged him to sit down. “Spend time with your family for today”

“Alright” He sighed, knowing full well that he won’t be able to argue with you. He could never win against you. He gazed at his house guests, noticing how they’re dressed. “So I’m guessing that all of you are heroes”

“We’re the Avengers” Thor said in a proud voice. 

Klarion rolled his eyes. The heroes looked at Stephen, not knowing what to say. Stephen crossed his arms. From what you had told him about your husband, he was expecting someone to be less rude. He opened his mouth to say something, only to close it again once he saw your daughter walk her way toward her father. 

“Daddy! Did you bring any presents?” She climbed onto his lap. 

“Oh! How could I forget!” Klarion snapped his fingers. Your daughter’s clothes transformed into a vampire costume. Klarion lifted her into the air. “And now my little devil has turned into a blood-thirsty beast!”

“Rawr!” She giggled. 

“No no no no, little devil. Vampires do not roar. They hiss. Like this” Klarion snarled his fangs at her, his eyes glowing red. “Hissss”

“Oh” She mimicked his action. “Hisss”

“Now mortals will cower before you” Klarion set her down. 

“Look, Grandpapa! I have wings” She held her cape up so Stephen could look at it. 

“I see that” Stephen chuckled.

“How adorable. She reminds me of Loki when we were younger, minus the stabbing” Thor smiled. 

“That’s because I locked the knives away” You sighed. The heroes looked at you with concern while Thor just nodded with a smile.

Klarion snapped his fingers again, transforming her costume into puritan clothing. She looked down in surprise and turned to her father. Teekl strutted over to her, rubbing her body around the girl’s legs. Klarion handed his daughter a smaller version of his spell-book. He noticed your surprised gaze and smiled. 

“I think it’s about time we teach our devil the family business” Klarion took the girl into his arms.

“Well, if that’s the case” Strange waved his hand, changing your daughter’s clothes into the traditional robes that the masters of the mystic arts would wear. “I think she should learn her mother’s side of magic first”

Klarion frowned. You immediately recognized the look in his eyes. Before your husband could even open his mouth, you changed your daughter back into her original appearance. You went to take her from Klarion.

“I think we should start her off with basic spells first” You booped her nose. “Are you excited to start using magic?”

She nodded her head. “I’ll be just like mommy and daddy!”

“Aw. Now I want a kid” Natasha smiled. Clint looked at her with a questioning gaze. She frowned. “Don’t worry. You’re still my favorite child”

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Thank goodness for that”

After a while of sitting around in the living room, and the Avengers explaining their situation in detail, you started showing them to the guest rooms. They all seem like nice people, and your daughter gets along well with them. You couldn’t help but think that it’s good for your father having these people as friends. Ever since the accident and becoming a mystic art master, he became strict. He still had his sass and humor, but you could tell that he was more serious than ever. So seeing him around your Earth’s famous heroes felt nice.

You smiled as you watched Klarion tuck your daughter into her bed. He and Teekl laid beside her, reading a storybook with her. It was moments like these that filled your heart. Klarion is often gone, and you rarely go out to protect your daughter from the Light, so whenever he’s home, you feel the most happiness. He never fails to shower you both with love and affection.

“I still don’t get what you see in him” Your dad walked past you. He had gone down to grab a glass of water and noticed you standing by your daughter’s bedroom. He peaked in, spotting the domestic moment.

You turned to him. “But you still like him”

“I may not approve of his attitude or chaotic nature, but -” He let out a deep sigh, smiling at you. “He does make you happy and I could tell he’s good father”

“I know he’s not the easiest to get along with, believe me, but he’s really a good guy” You smiled back.

Strange wrapped his arm around your shoulders, and the two began to make your way down the hall. “I would still kill him if he ever hurt you and that precious little granddaughter of mine, but I know you would beat me to it if that ever happened”

You laughed in agreement. Klarion even knows that fact to be true. He’s been on the opposite end of your fist before, and doesn’t want to be there ever again. Giving you this home was just proof of that. Klarion had created the space to be a sanctuary for the both of you. It’s meant to be a place where you would be safe from all of his enemies, where he could be truly himself around you, and where you two can simply live in harmony with one another. It’s a hide-away from both your worlds.

“Are grandpapa and his friends staying forever?” Your daughter yawned while Klarion put away the book. 

“No. They are only staying for a couple of days or weeks” Klarion stroked her hair away from her eyes. “Why? Do you like them?”

She nodded. “They said that I could call them my aunts and uncles”

Klarion froze. The little girl yawned once more and rubbed her eyes, mumbling a goodnight to her dad. Klarion wished her sweet nightmares and walked out of the room. Teekl stayed behind, finding her spot beside the girl comfortable. He glanced into the room one last time. A small smile made its way onto his lips.

He always imagined that when this house would be full, it would be full of little ones and loved ones. He knew that his family would never leave Limbo Town, but he figured your family would suffice. He may find the heroes to be annoying and boring, but seeing you smile wide and your eyes glisten with joy, he could never wish these people harm. For they are family, and they are always welcomed to your lovely home.

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