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oflopez · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
isn’t that ANTON LOPEZ ? they’re FORTY-SIX & part of the LOPEZ (Father) family. i hear they’re  + PASSIONATE &  - CALLOUS, but i always see them blasting  VIVIR MI VIDA & MARC ANTHONY whilst they PLAN FOR THE SUMMER GAMES . .
full   name  :  anton jose carrizo lopez
nickname  :  mr. lopez + captain +
gender   /   pronouns  :   cismale +  he  /  him
birthday & age  :  janurary 12th, 1976 + 46
occupation / education  : owner of the log jam pub / retired captain of the U.S air force
sexual  orientation  :  heterosexual
romantic   orientation  : demisexual
birthplace  :   hospital outside of heron lakes
languages spoken  :   spanish + english + french + some russian
ethnicity  : cuban + guatemalan
zodiac  :  capricorn sun + cancer moon + taurus rising
mbti  :  ENFJ
enneagram  : the challenger
inspiration  :  red forman / that 70′s show + raymond holt / brooklyn nine-nine + dr. house / house M.D + chandler bing / friends
label  : the luminary
likes  :  working out + gardening + bartending  + hosting parties + pranks + dark liquor + being a sarcastic dad and makin dad jokes 
positive traits  :  loyal + charismatic + passionate +
negative traits  : stern + blunt + sarcastic + witty + he is the trope “looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill” tbh + controlling ... mainly to be protective
face   claim  :  oscar isaac
height  : 5′10″ + 177 cm
eye   color  :  dark brown
hair   color  : black
distinguishing   marks   /   tattoos /   piercing’s  : various scars all over from training and being a hardworking dad who is accident prone
significant other  :  mrs. lopez ( wanted connection )
parents  :  mariana carrizo lopez + santiago reyes lopez
siblings  :  tba.
children  : tba.
anton was born the middle child (subject to change if more fam members apply) to marina and santiago lopez. everyone who lives in heron lakes calls them abuela and abuelo lopez -- they are kinda legends, but that’s just the family name. anton was a bright boy, he loved his little town and the memories he got to make. he sometimes wasn’t the biggest fan of the pranks, but he learned to get the other families back .. in his own way.  
as he grew into a teenager, he became the “heartthrob”  of heron lakes. all of the girls had crushes on him and wanted any excuse to go over to the lopez’s cabin. hewas kinda cocky about this, though his eyes were always set on of the daughters from Erdoğan family (could be the mom now or an aunt??). pursuing this relationship, the two dated from fifteen until they were both nineteen. the relationship ended when she expressed she wanted to see other people, explore outside of heron lakes. 
anton didn’t take it well. he really did love her ... even pictured them possibly settling down in the future. acting like he wasn’t bothering him, he began helping out more at the bar, not enrolling in college and staying in heron lakes.
 when he was twenty, he met a woman who was visiting with her family from a couple cities over. the two hit if off, his heart becoming mended as the two got closer. within a year the two were married, having their own cabin right by the one he grew up in. his wife a few months later had their first born. 
when 911 hit, the young twenty four year old signed up for the air force. it was a very hard decision, leaving when his future was just getting started. leaving his pregnant wife and their toddler, but the town would take care of them. for the next eighteen years he worked his way up, becoming captain. it came with setbacks and a lot of emotional distress, especially after he retired. suffering from ptsd, mainly horrible night terrors, anton attempted to hide it from his family. after a bad nightmare, one where he became physical with one of his children.. he agreed to get help.
presently he spends his time working at the bar and taking care of his family, his parents especially as they are getting older. his blunt and strict nature isn’t his children’s favorite thing, but they thank him when they kick the other families butts in the summer games. continuing on working on his ptsd, he continues to stay out of the drama within the families. easier said than done. 
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 days ago
Steven Moffat was a war general who my brother and I worked for. He commanded us to murder and preserve the bodies of two enemy generals. We did so and presented them to him, he was very pleased.
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thunderboltfire · 5 days ago
I'm intrigued by the picture of grinning Igna, so 19 and/or 42 and/or 60?
19. what sparks genuine, unadulterated rage in them? Usually, injustice and unnecessary suffering. Igna is still an idealist at heart - that's what's drawn her to become a Wanderer knight, and she has a really bad time being thrown into a very dark time in a history of the realm she lives in. The scale of waste of life during the war is especially frustrating to her, because she can't do anything to stop it. Witnessing terrible events causes more of a blistering frustration and ongoing stress to her, than an actual rage, I think. What'd cause her to go completely feral and throw herself head first into the fray would be her friends and/or steed being in danger. 42. Can they dance? Igna knows a few basic dances from her region, but doesn't know any courtly dance. She's a quick learner though, and I'm pretty sure she'd pick them up quickly, should she need to. I wouldn't call her a talented dancer, but she enjoys dancing when there's an occasion to. She grew up in a secluded location and hasn't visited too many courts during her squirehood, so while polite she may seem a little rough around the edges in comparison to those with courtly education. 60. What do they have faith in? what keeps them believing? That's a good question! Igna was definitely thought out as a religious character, altough the details on what - or rather who - she believes in remain vague. What really pushed her to pursue a Wanderer's career, was a sense of duty - her whole family on her mother's side guarded the interdimensional borderlines, her father was a Wanderer. A part of her decision to walk similar path to him was her need to prove herself, a part of it was a belief that people willing to work hard to make a difference will always be needed, whether they work with a sword-wielding arm or via diplomacy. That, and the hope that the world can become better at all. Wanderers by definition took up unthankful duties that were very much needed, but brought next to no glory: being mediators, guardians of hospitals and civilians in the time of conflict, also monster slayers.
Igna's resolve has been thoroughly tested when a rare, but recurring event, called the Invasion happened, and she herself was revealed to posess spellbreaking abilities. From day to day, from a fairly anonymous Wandering knight she became a useful pawn on an almost global war chessboard and practically an assassin sent out to target specific enemy wizards. She wasn't thrilled by her new role, to say the least, but she was left with no choice. She tries to uphold her vows the best she can - she reminds herself that she keeps fighting for the ones who cannot defend themselves, and hopes that thanks to maintaining possibly fair and kind attitude she will keep making the right choices. She holds on desperately to that notion, as having experienced trauma, seeing the world change before her eyes and still being young she cannot always say in earnest she knows who she is anymore.
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obsidiennes · 5 days ago
Bambietta’s Military History
yeah so I promised some stuff about Bambietta’s military service in the Thirty Years’ War so here we go:
being born in 1614, Bambietta was only 4 when the war began in 1618, but the war had four major phases: 1. the Bohemian Revolt (1618–1620), 2. the Danish intervention (1625–1629), 3. the Swedish intervention (1630–1635), and 4. the French-Swedish War (1635–1648). Bambietta was involved with the third phase, the Swedish intervention
an accomplished archer and swordswoman who’d practiced with a bow and blade from a young age, Bambietta chose to go to war both for religious reasons and because it seemed to be the only way to escape the dreary and parochial village where she grew up and the life laid out before her. she went off at the age of 16, posing as a teenage boy, and proving hard to best by any available swordsman she was sent to the front
Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly, had developed quite the reputation to this time and his forces were in something of a lull after the Battle of Lutter, and Bambietta was attached to them in 1830. she had respect for the man himself, who was described thusly: “Small in stature, but fierce in appearance, Tilly was a stern disciplinarian.”
in 1831, she was involved with the atrocity of the Sack of Magdeburg, where the city was put to the torch and some 20,000 people died in the fires, which is the entire reason Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Burnin’ Heretic” is a song for her. although she had little concern for the citizens of the city, some of the excessive things she saw nonetheless revolted her; this was where she first started killing men
she was present at the Battle of Werben to no great effect, essentially just watching proceedings before the Holy Roman withdrawal
she almost died at the First Battle of Breitenfeld in hand-to-hand combat during the final phase of the battle, and her Quincy powers only fully awakened when she was retreating on foot from cavalry, saving her from being cut down and allowing her to flee
she exercised her new powers heavily in 1832 during the Battle of Bamberg as revenge, and likewise during the Battle of Rain, after which she deserted when Count Tilly died from injuries sustained during the fighting, seeing little more hope for success without him
having just turned 18 prior to that battle, she would wander alone to seek answers as to the nature of her Quincy powers (committing more than a few murders of brigands, marauders, mercenaries, and anyone she just generally didn’t like the look of because Germany during this period was awful) and would eventually come into contact with other Quincy and through them, agents of Wandenreich. by 24 (1638) she would finally receive a Schrift from Yhwach (despite him being comatose at the time) and become a Sternritter, at which point she essentially stopped aging
when you see this reaction to Jugram:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is literally her having a war flashback, because he’s reminding her of Count Tilly
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amuseoffire · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This takes place during and in the aftermath of the Dominion War)
(Also I started a new blog for Star Trek and sci-fi, @theomegadirective, I might throw up more of these two on there)
Theo's an Orion who joined Starfleet to pursue xenozoology. She feels conflicted about leaving her unstable homeworld, especially considering the apathy--if not outright complicity--Starfleet/the Federation have toward the Orion slave trade and piracy.
Bakri's a Cardassian who hides both his assigned gender at birth and his quarter-Bajoran heritage, the latter of which only shows in his softer ridges and distinctly non-Cardassian curly hair. He took on a male identity and joined the Cardassian Guard early on in life. While he seemed as brutal and dogmatic as they come, he nevertheless broke away from the Guard and fled Cardassia when the Obsidian Order intelligence agency was destroyed in 2371.
The two of them meet when he asks for asylum from the Federation and Starflee. He docks at Deep Space Nine, wounded, with his shuttlecraft moments away from a warp core breach. He stays on the station while Theo’s ship the al-Battani (captained by Nesrin Ciziri) is refitted for war with the Klingons and, later, the Dominion.
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jsabspinkhorsepro123 · 8 days ago
The Day We Lost Our Paradise (Blixer’s Backstory)
Tumblr media
(Well… it’s finally time
Here it is, Blixer’s backstory.
I have been DYING to talk about this for forever now, and today is the day!
This is the first part (other then Annhil’s, which will be one of the last despite it being the first timeline wise-) of how Paradise became anything but a Paradise, enjoy the angst!)
It was a bright sunny day, that Blixer was planning on spending in bed.
Too hot to move was his excuse.
… but unfortunately for the preteen someone pulled him out of bed, making him yelp as he fell to the floor with a clunk.
He glared looking to the culprit, his older brother Coalesce.
“You fucking suck.”
“Mhm, get your ass up mom made breakfast.”
He rolled his eyes, getting off the floor. “Yeah yeah get out-“ the eldest left Blixer to get ready, who put on his favorite baseball shirt and old tennis shoes.
He had better ones but he was attached to this pair deeply.
Mainly cause it was his friend’s first gift to him-
He slid down the railing grinning as his mother yelled at him not to do that.
Tumblr media
“Sorryy-“ he said (he wasn’t sorry at all) jumping into the chair.
“Good morning sweetie.” A middle aged woman said running her fingers through his messy hair.
Her look was foggy, his memories falling to put together the patches of her face.
He swatted her away, thanking her for the food eating the sweet pancakes.
She smiled, going back to doing the dishes.
“What you going to do today Blix dear?”
“Going to the park with some friends. We’re gonna play some baseball.” He said chomping the last pancake quickly.
“Sounds fun, say hello to Nova for me!”
He gave a thumbs up quickly running out the door. Well least his brother had his back in making him get up to do things. He wasss gonna cancel but hey he was already up.
He walked through the streets waving to shapes as he passed by them. He looked to the park, taking a deep sniff of the smell of pine and freshly cut grass.
Call him weird, he doesn’t care.
He grinned seeing the others up ahead, waving to the 3.
Nova, his previous rival
Tumblr media
Veela, the newest to their weird group
Tumblr media
Nock, Veela’s boyfriend and his first real friend.
Tumblr media
They all waved back, glad to see him as he hurried over
“Heya guys, we practicing for tryouts still?”
“No way in hell! It’s way too hot.” Nock inquired, which Blixer agreed to.
“Yeah honestly, have to agree.”
“We were all just gonna search for a lake to chill out in the woods! Sound good?” Asked Veela, holding a bag, most likely containing towels and sun lotion.
“Sounds great!” Blixer said excitedly, them all beginning to walk.
“Your hair’s messier then usual. Did you get caught in a hurricane?” Teased Nova, to which he rolled his eyes.
“No casanova, I didn’t.”
She snickered and smirked to the nickname. “What, jealous I have more of a men’s build than you?”
“Hah! Bitch you wish!”
The other two rolled their eyes at their bickering, as slowly they found a lake. “Perfect!” “… Mayybbe we should’ve gotten bathing suits-“ Nock acquired, to which Blixer slapped his back.
“Nonsense! We got towels and surely will be dried by the sun!”
Nock slapped him back playfully. “Ah fuck off still should’ve-“ Nova snickered at them, helping Veela set out the towel. The boys took off their shirts, Nova taking off her bandana careful placing it in the bag as Veela only put her legs in the water for now.
Blixer hated how every time Nova showed her arms he had trouble looking away.
She looked so pretty, and strong. He just told himself it was him admiring her muscles, she worked hard for them after all.
“Take a picture kitty, it’ll last longer.” He heard a tease, making his cheeks heat up lightly.
“S-Shuttup I wasn’t looking at you!”
She only smirked, though sparing him dropping it. The other three jumped into the water, Veela yelling at them as they all burst into laughter.
They hadn’t a clue how long they were out there for, all they knew was that their clothes were sticking to them uncomfortably and Veela was lightly sunburnt, somehow-
“Maaybbe if you put on enough sun lotion you would’ve been fine Vee.” She teased, putting on her bandana as the other girl huffed.
Nock snuggled against her, her smiling nuzzling his cheek.
Blixer made a fake gagging noise which got a laugh out of Nova.
“YOUR just jealous you don’t have such a wonderful lover by your side.” Nock said smugly, making Veela lightly blush. He only rolled his eyes in return, getting up
“Cmon we’re all dried, let’s get out of here.” They all agreed packing up the stuff and beginning to walk back to town, them all calm and happy.
“Think, in just 4 years you’ll be a King…” Nova said to Nock, who nodded quietly.
“It’s… a bit of a different thought than I’m used to thinking…” “Why? We all know you’ll be a great king!” Blixer cheerfully said, everyone agreeing to that, making the demon smile. “Aw, don’t get sappy on me now-“ They all laughed to that, seeing the tops of buildings in view.
They smiled, about to walk into the town…
Then Blixer smelled something
“… g… guys?-“
“N-No I, I smell it too-“ Nock agreed, the girls confused trying to smell what they were referring to. … then once they understood it they froze.
“Is- is that-“
They ran quickly towards the town.
“No no no!”
“No NO NO NO-“
Blixer said clutching his head
He mumbled desperately over and over squeezing his head trying to squeeze the memories shut almost.
They only returned twice as strong.
The town was on fire. Dead bodies littered the ground, almost all of them corrupteds with a few pures.
The kids all almost threw up, but instead ran in opposite directions to quickly go search for their families. Blixer tried desperately to ignore the sounds of gunshots and screams from around him, only running to his house.
He burst into it, not seeing fire thank god, and hurrying around.
“MOM! COALESCE!” He screamed loudly quickly searching around. The place was completely trashed, which just made him search quicker and harder. “JUST FUCKING ANSWER PLEASE!” He called out, more scared then he had ever been in his life “… B… li… x… er..?” He heard a soft female voice call out, him quickly going to it.
He froze though once he saw the sight.
His mother, had about 3 bullets through her chest, bleeding nonstop as blood trickled down her mouth.
“… M… Mo… m…? N-No I-“
She shushed him weakly, giving a bloody smile in return.
He collapsed, slowly walking on his knees to her, looking around.
“H-Hold on-“ he quickly grabbed bandages trying to tightly wrap her up,
“Sweetie… there’s no u-use…” She said weakly, softly touching his cheek.
Tears ran down his cheeks as he quickly shook his head
“N-No- your, your gonna be o-ok- I-I-“ she weakly hummed to him, hugging him
He sobbed endlessly, curling up into her.
“N… Not… your… fault, d-dear-
… l… love, y… ou…….”
He heard a deep exhale, and began to hyperventilate.
“N-N-N-No no no no- m-m-mom please g-god-“ he choked out shaking her trying to get her breathing again.
He must’ve tried for hours… before he realized it was hopeless.
He failed.
He failed his family… his mother had died cause he wasn’t fast enough to get here in time…
“I-I-I’m sorry… I… love-“ he burst into more sobs curling up to her
He must’ve laid there for hours, his tears like a waterfall, before turning into a weak trickle.
He didn’t even care as he heard the others hurry up, gasping in horror.
Their voices were so far away as he felt Nova’s strong arms wrap around him whispering things, most likely assurances.
He barely noticed as he buried his face into her chest, shaking and having trouble breathing.
He didn’t notice as he was picked up, brought away from the danger, and the bloody mess that used to be his mother.
Blixer looked at the sword in his hands, tears streaming down his face.
Remembering everything, was like hell to him.
Something his mind never stopped it’s constant bloody reminders.
His ear ached, as if to remind him of what happened.
His friend Nock grew colder then he’d ever believed he’d see, as his crowning was never realized. He had to become king in a far off land, filled with horrors, and struggling to pick up the pieces of their town, and the few that remained.
Blixer searched endlessly for his older brother, and once he found him he honestly half wished he hadn’t…
Blixer, holding his M4A1 in hand, stepped up to his old home, looking around.
His mother’s body was gone, till he found her buried in the back yard, in a crudely dug grave.
The place seemed to have been inhabited, making him angry.
Those pures took their land, then they take his home??
He would rip their land back as soon as he could.
He shook his head, heading to the two Treeangles staying in the shadows.
He wished to see them before he left once again.
He heard chanting and voices, peering to the hill.
He froze
A few corrupted were tied up, in front of a firing squad, as a Pure mage was chanting and using magic…..
On Corrupten’s tree.
He was frozen in horror, before looking down at the corrupteds, and noticing he recognized a few
… One making his blood run cold.
In front of him was his brother.
They were going to kill him.
“STOP!!” He screamed hurrying over, shooting his rifle.
A shield stopped the bullets going through, the Pures only smirking at the sign.
“Alright men! Take your aim!” The general yelled, as soldiers did so,
They were going to kill him right in front-
He hit the shield with everything he had in him, yelling slurs at them.
He looked at his brother, the tears in both of their eyes falling slowly to the ground, like time itself had stopped.
He saw his face go from one of fear, to a weak smile of contentment .
He saw his mouth form words, that he just barely caught.
‘L-o-v-e y-o-u
D-o-n-t e-v-e-r g-i-v-e u-p’
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“COALESCE!!” Blixer screamed as the firing squad shot, them all falling to the ground, blood falling out of their heads.
Anger and grief covered his senses of morality and sanity, busting down the forcefield.
… he saw the man snap the tree from the ground, as half of the wonderful diverse colors of Paradise disappeared, the tree snapping into 3 triangles.
He saw them laugh, as he felt he could almost hear cries of sorrow and pain.
Honestly, he can’t say he remembers much after that.
Just, the sounds of bones snapping, and screams before they were cut off.
Then, the feel of three pieces floating in his hands, as they shrunk to fit, and him picking up his brother’s body, making a promise to come back for the others as his feet walked back to camp.
When he came to, he felt… empty
He heard the cries of horror, anger, betrayal, disbelief, grief… and hopelessness as he showed the bodies, and the Treeangle pieces.
Those, monsters had torn out the tree of ONE OF THEIR GODS out of the ground.
They had killed innocent corrupteds… for what?!
Some bullshit about them being “superior”, despite the fact that they also killed some of the pures that lived with the corrupteds in Paradise?
Despite the fact that before everyone was welcome…
After the news was given, and Nock began gathering up war plans, filled with anger and hatred, and Blixer slipped away, feeling broken, empty and gone.
He sat on his bed, in the makeshift village they had made in the woods far from Paradise, looking at the blood on his hands feeling bile rise in his throat.
He heard the door open, and the boots walking over to him.
“… I… are you alright Blixkitty?” He heard a familiar voice say to him softly.
Usually he’d blush to the nickname, and scold her, but he was only quiet.
“…” Nova walked over to him, sitting on the bed next to him. “Blixer, nothing I say will make it better, I know that. But no matter what, I will always be there for you, alright…?”
He teared up, nodding and crying burying against her.
The now 16 year old held his, friend, crying into her chest. She lightly hummed, wishing she could do more for him.
But all Blixer needed right now, was to be in her arms.
Tears ran down Blixer’s face as he struggled to breath.
He missed her.
He missed the old him.
He missed THEM…
…. Veela and Nova was dead, and Nock was now a monster. He wasn’t the best friend he could tell anything to.
He wasn't the man that stood up for him or called him stupid jokingly helping him get to his feet.
… He let hate get the best of him.
‘You aren’t much better off.’ The voices said, him quietly agreeing, looking at the cloth in his hands.
“… I… I-I’m sorry, my love… one day, one d-day Paradise will be ours… then I’ll be ready to return to you.” He whispered quietly, letting tears stream down his face.
One day….
One day he’d advenge them all.
Tumblr media
(*Sips Blixer’s tears*
Well uh, darkness is clear-
I want to be clear, this is NOT his entire backstory.
This is the main parts, I kept some parts out to be discovered in one, the ask book, two some oneshots (there’s a oneshot telling on how his arti became cracked out) and three, other’s backstories as well.
Another thing I want to make clear, how Nock looks when he’s young is different from his adult self (more then most people-) so this isnt his canon look in LLN-
Anyway, I feel so good finally getting this done you have no idea-
Hope you all enjoyed!) 
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one-abuse-survivor · 12 days ago
Yo, dissociation here from the pits of hell known as Russia in the current political situation!✌🏻 Honestly I knew they say that the brain is adaptable, but I didn't know it was to this extent. Essentially, the crisis is still in full swing - also I think there has been a lot of messaging in most of the big very advertised films that have come out in the past..... Fiveish years? which can be summarised with "trust the government and sit on your asses while taking any hardship it causes, also fight for the behalf of your country for essentially nothing, just because we told you to", which makes me wonder if it is a P*tin propaganda thing or a this entire "operation" has been planned for a long time - but at this point I have just accepted the situation and am vibing. I have my first exam in a week, and at this point every day someone in my circle has a panic attack about failing. I look at it this way: either I do well and get into a in the capital for free (oh also they screwed over EVERYONE applying for uni and now like 20% of the free seats are inaccessible and now I want to 1917 these bitches even more (for "I don't want to go to prison" reasons this is a joke)), or I do poorly and get into uni in another city while getting to ditch my abusive family early. Any words of encouragement before my final school exams?
And besides that, we have to deal with organising a concert for the school (a DAY before my first exam!!) and rehearse the waltz for the ceremony and dancing in heels is such shit, you won't believe it, if you have the opportunity to dance in heels DON'T TAKE IT it's horrible.
On another note, there has been a rift in tantrum land today: my brother and mother had an argument that got so violent and heated I thought they would kill each other over the whole... War thing. And believe me, a confrontation between a die-hard loyalist who believes that everything is fine and a person who looks at any sources other than government propaganda is a very explosive thing. My brother literally threatened to write a thing to the government that would send my mother in jail! Now, both of their opinions are shit, but that is a new low, even for them. I didn't even think there was a low to sink to, we're well pass the "Having threatened to murder family members multiple times" low and that is already six feet underground! Gods, I'm going to need so much therapy when I get out.
Good thing is I used that to get out of her bad graces - because this morning I dared to.... Go and eat breakfast in my room. No, literally, she went and threw a tantrum because of that. What the fuck. How am I, a wreck under an extreme amount of stress with a schedule more hectic that a doctor's (I'm still going to med school btw, even with the possible risk of getting drafted, because I didn't fight my entire abusive family on it for nothing) and with a fucking van of trauma I drag behind me daily more stable than these two fucks! Seriously, they act like emotionally stunted five year old and I am tired of it>:(
(Honestly, when I said "I want my teenage years to be more adventurous", I didn't mean "I want to live through a global pandemic and a war that exposed just how rotten the political core of the country is and have to hide everything about myself from beliefs to my raging queerness while trying to escape a violently abusive house", but oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Also I think I might get some more info and attempt to run away to another country in 1-2 years, but that is only if the info I get is the most fortunate. Wish me luck!)
As you can see, this one actually didn't turn out to be this heavy. Have a nice day!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
Hi, nonnie! I'm guessing it's late for words of encouragement regarding your exams 😅 it sounds so stressful to have to organise a concert right before your exams start! I definitely will pass if I ever get the chance to dance in heels—I honestly can't even stand while wearing them 😂
Your brother and mother sound horrible to live with, it's no wonder you're tired of it :( I hope you can go go uni and get away from there soon. They sound so volatile and violent, and it's no wonder you carry so much trauma around, between them and your country's political situation/queerphobia (plus the pandemic... Ugh). I really hope you can get therapy to help you handle this all in the future, and that you find away to leave the country safely and live somewhere where you feel safe enough to heal.
Wishing you the best of luck with that and sending so many positive thoughts your way ❤️
I hope you have a nice day too!
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howlie-aesthetics · 12 days ago
Finnish volunteers join an SS treasure hunt in 1943, orchestrated by a Vatican bishop. As the journey leads them ever deeper behind the eastern front, Myllykoski, a would-be priest, has to decide if the mission is a calling or a curse.
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zica-supercharger · 14 days ago
//under read more for: politics, war. blacklist the following topics or unfollow me if you don’t want this type of content to be shown on your dashboard
holy smokes, government of indonesia. you ain’t shooting yerselves in the foot no more-- ya’ll just goin’ for the head now
government suppression of media never ends well. it is also an indicator that wartime is inevitable and has to be prepared for
granted i’m living in a neighboring country, but i still have a good reason to be worried
this gunna go live worldwide eventually
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coreofgold · 16 days ago
Honesty Hour:  Arthur: What would you consider your biggest failure? 
“My biggest failure. . .the war between Morgana, my sister, and .  I could’ve done more. . .to help her.  I could’ve went against my father more, could’ve seen how magic is bad only in the holder not itself. . .but I didn’t.  And now. . .the war happened and I couldn’t free magic like I wanted to in the end.”  That is something that will haunt him to this day
Tumblr media
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The Warner siblings were confirmed to be cats, which caused a civil war.
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You might have forgotten us, the blast and the horror you saw/read about Palestine, But I really want you to know everything you saw and read after the 2021 blast is still happening. I'm a 2-time gaza bomb blast survivor and life is hell out here. Please read my story on my blog(pinned post)and come to my aid. I'd need up to $300 on or before Sunday to get a stamp as quick as possible. Which is the first step to my liberation, as low as $1 from you will reduce the heavy amount, If you're not in a financial place o donate pleae help reblog. Thank
I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through, but unfortunately I can't spare anything. Hopefully someone else will be able to, though
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lasplaga · 25 days ago
Carrd update, PSA for ya’ll since this is important for those who don’t obsessively read the prequel / sequel translated guides;
Added that he is a Spaniard but of direct North & West African Descent ; partially assimilated to European culture but not by choice but as a matter of survival 
Added to personality sheet he suffers from PTSD due to extreme religious / ethnic persecution & crusades 
Updated his backstory to reflect The Salazar history dating back since the 15th & 16th century 
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screamingeagle · 26 days ago
      “ Sho... da way I shdole dahd danhhk wash, ” Max began, hunching over his meal. Despite it just bein’ some shitty ration chicken... it was damn good chicken in his eyes. Better than some of the slop in the kitchens, bless his comrades’ fuckin’ souls, “ ... mph-- shom good-ash chihhgen-- anyhoo... ” The soldier licked his fingers a little, annoyed at the bandages he still had to wear on them-- but damn it, he was gonna savor this shit! Peering up, he grinned like an idiot-- ‘course, after making sure he didn’t have anything in his teeth. What were you gonna take him for, an animal?
Tumblr media
      “ I schnuck ouhh, goh shom rashhonsh-- annnnh... shome gunsh-- heahh’ehd ouh, ahn-- mmph-- BOOHHKED IT foh dah dahngk-- gohh in, drohhbe dah fuhhgher t’a dah Cap’un...! An’, uh... hah’d... loshha meh’icul bihsits... ”
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somewherebetweenrage · 26 days ago
@shieldretired​ sent me CAUGHT for Steve to catch Erik in their arms, after Erik collapses in the aftermath of using their powers for an extensive period of time
   Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, the retreating front line miles and miles away; everything felt fine, everything felt safe. Until it suddenly wasn’t. Erik knows more about warfare than a typical teenager, knows more about guns and bombs and death than anyone ever should, but he still experiences a moment of heart-stopping terror when the truck ahead of them explodes into flames. It’s pure adrenaline-fuelled instinct that has him flinging a hand out towards the heated metal fragments, mutation stopping them in mid-air before they can make contact with the truck he and Steve are in. The driver’s quick hand on the wheel swerves the vehicle to the left and brakes, flinging Erik against the side of the truck and forcing him to release the metal he’s holding, each piece dropping to the ground with a soft thud.
   Shock-filled silence.
   One breath. And another. And another. And another.
   And then the spell is broken, a confused mess of shouting and scrabbling for door handles. Erik ignores Steve’s instruction to stay in the truck, too-big boots hitting the dirt road as he takes off in the direction of the explosion. He has no idea if the men in that truck are alive — he doubts he can help them whether they’ve survived or not — but it’s not them he’s heading for. Carefully skirting the edges of the carnage, the boy comes to a stop on the road just in front of where the truck had been; he has no idea if he can do this, but he has to try.
   Eyes drift shut, and with a deep breath, Erik lets his metal-sense unfurl ahead of them, dipping beneath the dusty soil of the road to seek out any more landmines that await them. His powers have no finesse, no fine skills whatsoever, but none are needed as he drags a metal cylinder out of the ground and hurls it off to the side, flinching as it detonates in a neighbouring field. Another two swiftly follow. The fourth one is a struggle, the difficulty of distance and the distraction of approaching footsteps making Erik lose focus badly enough that the mine explodes in mid-air. The mutant can feel the presence of one more further down the road, just on the very edge of his senses, and without stopping to heed anything Steve might be saying he reaches for it. Fists clench as mutation strains against the weight, determined to unearth it through sheer force of will alone if he has to, desperate to help, to prove himself worthy of rescue. With his body and mind pushing the outer limits of endurance, muscles taut and head aching, Erik blacks out the exact moment the fifth landmine detonates.
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gardenofgods · 29 days ago
Genshin Impact Verse - Lunala
Tumblr media
Name - Lunala Age - Many millennia Residence - Sumeru, wandering occasionally Vision - Hydro Weapon - Crescent Pike (Polearm)
After escaping from the wrath of Ultra Necrozma, Solgaleo and Lunala ended up entering the world of Teyvat. There, they were found by the Archons of the Sun and Moon, the couple having seen them enter through a wormhole in the skies above.
Despite having passed, a mysterious force brought Lunala back. Whether it was the power of the gods, the energy of the Leylines snaking in the earth below, or something else entirely, she wasn’t sure. She awoke to a new world around her, and new faces.
Neither of them had a place to call home any longer, and Teyvat would be their new home. The god and goddess, that they would come to know as Sol and Selene, allowed them refuge with them. Lunala was still recovering from taking Ultra Necrozma’s attack head on, and Solgaleo wasn’t keen on leaving her side for more than a moment at a time.
It took some time before she was fully recovered, but the moment she was able to get up and move around more, she took the opportunity. The two of them spent a lot of time around the archons, telling them stories and tales of their home dimension. Selene took up Lunala as an apprentice of sorts, teaching her how to fight with weaponry found commonly in Teyvat. Monsters and bandits ran amok in the land still, despite the presence of the gods.
Lunala eventually became an emissary/diplomat of Selene, as well as a protector of sorts. She would attend diplomatic conferences and meetings in her stead when needed, or attend them at her side as a bodyguard. She did a lot of traveling between Fontaine and Inazuma as well, Selene not wishing to be apart from her beloved Sol for longer than necessary.
Lunala and Selene grew very close to one another, Lunala considering her to be a best friend. She could come to Selene with any problem, or any request, and the goddess of the moon did her best to fulfill it. Lunala was one of the first people that learned that she and Sol were trying to have children of their own, news that overjoyed her.
Truly quiet, and peaceful lives, up until the Archon War broke out across Teyvat. It was bloody, and it was ruthless. Lunala witnessed countless archon from both Fontaine and Inazuma lose their lives, cut down or sealed away for eternity. In the chaos, Selene immediately left for Inazuma, desperately worried about her husband’s safety and wellbeing. Lunala stay put in Fontaine, using her power to confirm Solgaleo was safe.
She made as many preparations as she could for when Selene returned, helping people escape the wrath of the gods, and preparing food and shelter for everyone she could. What felt like weeks passed before Selene returned, with Solgaleo also. By the way they had looked, especially the haunted expression Selene wore even still, Lunala could only assume what had happened. Sol had been killed.
There was no time to truly mourn as one should for such a loss. Lunala tried her best to keep tabs on Selene even more, not wishing for the same fate to befall her. As desperately as Lunala had tried, she couldn’t dissuade Selene from leaving in order to help more people of Fontaine. She accompanied Selene each and every time, except for one day, when she slept for a bit too long after a long night.
It would be the day Selene, too, would lose her life. Perhaps it was planned, the other Fontainian Archons not wanting to pounce with Lunala there, or it may have just been bad luck. Either way, when Lunala awoke in a panic and rushed to find Selene, she was too late. The goddess of the moon had been killed, the stars that twinkled in her eyes all but gone, similar to Lunala’s wings dimming when she had died. No matter how much she begged and pleaded, Selene wasn’t coming back. The same forces in this world that had given Lunala a second chance weren’t giving Selene the same courtesy.
She and Solgaleo both mourned over the losses, an anguish and pain that cut deep. The two people to extend a hand to them and offer them an opportunity in Teyvat to thrive had been killed.
It wasn’t long after before the war came to a close, with the Seven now decided. The remaining Archons truly pitied the two of them, and from that pity, Lunala received a Hydro vision from Fontaine’s Hydro Archon - a friend of Selene’s previously. Lunala also had saved Selene’s polearm, but she couldn’t bear to use it.
With the two of them having visions now, and nothing left beyond one another, they decided to travel across Teyvat. Thousands of years passed, and in their travels they had bear witness to many beautiful, and horrible things. The fall of Khaenri’ah is something Lunala still can’t stomach even thinking about. As horrible as she felt for thinking in such a way, she was glad Selene and Sol weren’t alive to witness it.
In current time, they’ve settled down in Sumeru for the most part, Lunala enjoying the lush forests and plant life the region has to offer. They’ll also still travel across Teyvat from time to time as well. Strangely enough, Lunala has seen a pair of travelers from time to time, ones that feel... oddly familiar, like old friends, but surely it means nothing.
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