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#warm colors

I have risen from my grave!

Hopefully I will ad more of my art here but I put this on twitter so I might as well put it here too. Welcome back, everyone. 

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This is my first drawing this year! It took me three days to finish it, now I’m going to rest for a few days hehe


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What do you think about yellow, orange and red pallet? 🧡💛❤️

I tried a new texture for this illustration too!

Hope you like it!

I’ll share some new things that I’ve been trying with you soon ☺️

Have a nice Friday! ✨

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Given Sharp - Honey Marmalade

Drew my friend Given Sharp for her Birthday!! Yay!! (^w^)

Given is not only an amazing actress, but also an awesome artist too!! Go check out her out on IMDb and check out her artwork as well! It’s lovely! (^w^)

Given’s IMDb

Given’s Instagram

Given’s Art Instagram

Done with Clip Studio Paint EX
January 21, 2021

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This Swedish apartment leaves very pleasant feelings. Everything is so heartful in it: how gentle sunlight falls on the walls and furniture, how the kitchen is decorated with country touches, how light pastel shades in color scheme fill the space with comfort. The apartment feels so alive, personal items as decor look nice and add sincerity to the interiors. Charming home!

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ots mah birthday :D spending mh birthday

i like how my birthday is on a Monday and ots the worst day djdhnf

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