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inkskinned · a month ago
the watermelons were 30% off, and i thought about buying one, and thought about the price of gas. watermelons are my favorite. my birthday is the first of july - for years now, instead of a cake, we stick candles in a chilled watermelon. since it's not my birthday and i only get paid monthly: i open and close my budgeting app.
they're going to restart student loan payments soon. did we ever get another stimulus check? it's been hot in the northeast, hottest-on-record. it went up to 99 today, in may. droughts are coming.
i get in my car and drive for two hours just to see my family. we share breakfast on small plates. later my mother and i fan ourselves on the couch while she watches a video i made.
one of my childhood friends just became an aunt. another one just got engaged. the stormfront is moving in and all the leaves are folding over themselves, impatient in the wind. the world is thirsty here, the birds are panting. i watch my neighbor come outside and set out plates of water for them, humming in her light way. two weeks ago, i sent out a text to my friends - wanna skive off work and come to the beach? and got oh fuck yes. i took my meetings from my car, blaming internet connectivity. we laughed around picnic foods and went in water too cold for feeling. i lost a scrunchie in the waves that crashed over me; spent the next week shaking sand out of my hair, giggling.
i pierced my ear again, just for fun. at a bar afterward, i tried to take pictures in the bathroom. a girl saw me and asked about it. she demanded i pose for her so she could get the right picture for me. there's tumbleweeds here, and i keep picking ticks off of my fawn-colored greyhound. i'm babysitting an australian shepherd this week; the two of them are sitting side-by-side, faces turned to catch the wind of my single box fan that's working overtime. i text people about swamp coolers because i grew up in the south. later i get a text saying oh before i forget, here's that recipe you asked about.
i'm full of anger and fear and loathing. the air is sticky and there's tornado conditions brewing. for weeks now i feel unfocused, lazy. too tired for sense and too awake for resting.
the bartender and i make fast friends. at the bottom of my check, he writes, "thank you for being kind. you were a bright spot on a hard night."
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dr-paint · a month ago
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etakeh · a year ago
OKAY listen up, this is a thread for all my cold friends out there who aren't used to severe cold. HOW TO LAYER, A GUIDE TO STAYING WARM, USING ONLY CLOTHING YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE, NO FANCY SILK UNDERWEAR OR WHATEVER.
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(link provided)(but I’m sure she won’t mind if you donate to whomever you feel like helping, if you are in a position to do so)
(transcript in read more)
OKAY listen up, this is a thread for all my cold friends out there who aren't used to severe cold. HOW TO LAYER, A GUIDE TO STAYING WARM, USING ONLY CLOTHING YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE, NO FANCY SILK UNDERWEAR OR WHATEVER.
1)YOUR FEET. Wear at least two pairs of socks: one tighter, thinner pair, and one looser, thicker pair. If you can do three, do a thinner pair, then midweight, then thick. Below: dress, midweight, and thick socks in the order you should put them on.
2) YOUR LEGS: wear whatever your preferred underwear is. Now put on a more fitted long sleeve shirt and more fitted tights, leggings, athletic pants, bike shorts, compression pants, whatever you've got.
Over these, put a narrow pant that is a little loose around the inner layer. Depending on how you typically wear them, jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, or even dress/work slacks can work for this.
If you can, put a THIRD layer over these that are your biggest pants. Generally pajama pants, sweatpants, yoga pants are going to be the best for this layer. But whatever fits in whatever order is your best bet!
TOP: again, wear the underwear you are typically most comfortable in: bra, undershirt, whatever. Now add a fitted long sleeve shirt. Tee shirt, turtleneck, compression shirt, waffle weave, henley, whatever.
Pick another long sleeve shirt that is a little looser than this one to put on over it. A fitted sweater, sweatshirt, or looser tee shirt, buttondown, or henley is good for this stage.
Now (and since I know you're smart you probably guessed) get a bigger, looser shirt to put over this. A big sweater or sweatshirt is best!
HEAD: A lot of heat escapes through your head so KEEP IT COVERED! Keep a hat on at all times! The best kind of hat to wear is a thick, knitted cap that is not too tight, or a loose one over a tight one. If you have something lined, even better!
Hats with EAR FLAPS are awesome, as are earmuffs. If you don't have earmuffs, you can use big noise cancelling headphones in a pinch.
HANDS: Hands are super complicated because you want them free to do stuff but also it is very easy for your fingers to get too cold/frostbitten so you've gotta protect them! I recommend a fitted pair of gloves with a looser, thicker pair of gloves or mittens over them.
YES you can use gardening gloves or work gloves for one of these layers if that's all you've got. RUBBER gloves, on the other hand, are not good insulators.
If you really need your fingers free for using devices or work or whatever, get fingerless gloves or cut the fingers off a pair of gloves or mittens you don't care about, then wear these under your bigger mittens/gloves.
Protip: if you don't have a pair of gloves you can mangle to make fingerless gloves, cut holes in an old sock you've lost the mate to!
Now that you're covered head to toe, here are a few more tips:
-You can keep adding layers for as long as you have clothes! Just don't make them too tight: you want to trap air between the layers because it adds extra insulation.
-Wear a scarf or two! You can wrap your head in a scarf if you don't have a hat or need extra warmth.
-If you don't have s scarf or run out or scarves, a pair of sweatpants or flannel pajama pants will do in a pinch.
-It's okay to suspend a no shoes in the house rule during extreme cold. I am one of those people who thinks wearing shoes in the house is gross but they will keep your feet, which are susceptible to frostbite, warmer if you run out of options.
-Pockets are AWESOME and will actually keep your hands warmer, especially pockets close to your belly or butt! Your butt gives off more heat than you think!
-DON'T GET WET if you can help it. If you do, dry off and change out of wet garments.
-IF you don't have boots, thick socks pulled up over the bottom of your pants will keep cold air from getting to your legs. If it's wet out, plastic shopping bags inside your shoes can help.
-Be forgiving of yourself if it's too cold to change your clothes! Stay warm, even if it means dropping hygiene a little. If you need to change clothes, you can sit under a blanket until it warms up and then change under the blanket.
-You can also change out of many of your bottom layers inside your outer layers if your outer layers are loose enough and you are dextrous enough. Otherwise, do the blanket trick.
-Use chapstick on EVERYTHING. Your nose and fingers and toes and ears can get chapped too. If they feel chapped, put whatever balm/ointment/stick you have on them!
-Your eyes can get too cold! If you go out, put on sunglasses or safety goggles-- whatever you have to protect them!
-And finally, just remember that staying warm is more important than looking good. Go to the store in a blanket cape if you have to (a thing I've done). Wear the embarrassing sweater your great aunt gave you.
Take care, stay warm, and feel free to ask your friends from the North for specific advice if you need it! And hey, if you like this thread, please consider giving to Austin Echo or other area organizations helping homeless people right now.  https://www.austinecho.org/get-involved/donate/
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opia-jpg · 5 months ago
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gender is stored in gerry :]
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impiousgherkin · 4 months ago
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litteral blorb from no show :o Lil warm up !!
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yufei · a month ago
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More warm ups
If you like what I do, consider supporting me on Boosty
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sun-citadel · 5 months ago
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Silent Princess | Warm Up
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justinepush · 25 days ago
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Blue Diamond redraw
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greyhands · 4 months ago
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Today's warm up : Cove Holden (step 4) from the game "Our life : Beginning and Always"
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luxmoogle · 21 days ago
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Warm up sketch..
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sharpieshepie · 2 months ago
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Morning snow
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inkskinned · 3 months ago
thinking of how many traditions stem from bread, from dough, from sharing food. how many times we as a species come back to this small gratitude. how we tie it into grief, into celebration, into early mornings. how we sigh into it, how we seek to change it. the other day i made a meal that only me and maybe 2 other people on this planet know about - my friend made the recipe up; it's a weird conglomeration of foods he calls spicy perfect. i keep thinking that somewhere is another college kid accidentally stumbling on their new favorite "whatever's in the fridge". somewhere someone is making their grandmother's old pie recipe. every time i'm cooking, someone else in the world is cooking too, probably. and isn't that just sort of beautiful? this quiet, necessary skill - to make-something-good. to make something filling.
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dr-paint · a month ago
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aaaaave mariaaaaaaaaa~
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caffeinewitchcraft · 2 months ago
“You know, it’s tomato tomato.”
She stares. Are they joking? “It’s toMAYto toMAHto.”
“That expression. You said said tomato twice, but that’s wrong. It’s supposed to be both ways people say it.”
They laugh. “That’s stupid, there’s only one right way to say it.”
“Then why even use that saying?”
“Because, like there being only one right pronunciation, it’s my way or the highway.”
“You could have just said that—“
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schuylerpeck · 29 days ago
could we be bored? lay out on opposite ends of the couch, our legs bare in the sticky July heat, the whir of a box fan blowing kisses from the corner. could we be happy in our doing nothing; find bliss, wonder, in our repose? pick up a song between us and stretch it like a clothesline from the kitchen to the living room. could we be at peace in the quiet, watching the rain come in, finding a dusty puzzle at the back of the bookshelf? could it be enough, to be bodies at ease, knowing there will be days the clouds will gather, but having this, a steady beat, this breath of contentment to come back to?
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cobacou · 7 days ago
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look at this cat
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hrwinter · 5 months ago
Kara dancing at or with Lena
Reporters often ask what it's like to know Supergirl, to be friends with her, what kind of intimate knowledge Lena Luthor is privy to being in the inner circle of the Super Friends. She demurs, she omits, she avoids because she can fathom what they're angling for; something juicy about Kara's love life, something embarrassing about her tastes, a secret, a scandal.
But no one ever asks her about the dancing.
And Lena knows all about the dancing.
There's the carrot in a blender, a dance Kara and Alex made up together where Kara remains stiff at first before jerking faster and faster at more violent and violent speeds. You can infer the rest.
Then, there's the Mariah Carey big arm, a Christmas classic. Kara snaps her arm huge above her head, a perfect parabola that ends right at the beat of the chorus. It is done without fail every time any single in the entire fifteen album discography plays.
Then, there's the Stevie Nicks Witchy Woman, one of the most embarrassing for Lena to witness as it involves Kara swaying at her, both arms out and smiling wide as she pretends to cast a spell.
The National Parks Dance, one that only appears to be inspired by a particularly beautiful scene of nature. This involves a lot of booty shaking.
The Blink 182 Jump, which seems reminiscent of an early experience, possibly middle school, where Kara might've gone through a metal rock phase.
The Heart Beat, another embarrassing time for Lena, where Kara presses both palms over her heart to the tune of very heavy eye contact while she beats her hands to the rhythm of the song.
And then, of course, the full N'Sync Bye, Bye, Bye choreography. No explanation needed.
Lena's seen it all. Too much, perhaps. There are many more, unnamed dances that comprise quite a bit of straight arms, flailing, jumping, ice skater-like spins, and knees lifted beyond hip level. Many, many jazz hands. Lena's seen Kara's body contort beyond the realm of physics, beyond the capacity for human movement. She's seen live action Disney Princess renditions at Karaoke that would take your breath away. And they always, always make Lena's heart flutter, her cheeks pinken. They make her laugh, uncomfortable, pained almost as her emotions roil. What are they? She's not sure. She's envious, in a way, then sometimes shy, singled out, special. She's captivated, enchanted, can't look away. It's only Kara, Kara, who's able to reduce her to such a confused state.
At the wedding, Lena's already born witness to the sprinkler, the fishing line, the cabbage patch, and a kind of improvised Irish jig. Esme can't stop laughing. What Lena doesn't expect, however, is for Kara to extend a hand to her. The music is slow, and she wrangles Lena into her arms after an initial, albeit entirely for show refusal. Kara knows Lena can't dance, but Kara doesn't care. Regardless, this is new, Lena thinks. They've danced at bars, at clubs, where Kara lingers in her space, a kind of unreadable look on her face, but the way Kara's looking at her now is not accidental. It's intentional, her fingers squeezing slight at the base of Lena's hips… it feels like a prelude.
And well. Lena won't be sharing this with any reporters any time soon.
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kbluebirdart · 7 days ago
Twilight time. maybe the blood moon might rises tonight?
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Ah well, This was just a random idea to experiment with color to eyes!
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greyhands · 2 months ago
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Some Nate's warmups I finally took the time to put some colors on.
Read more for close ups :
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lemonpoppppp · a month ago
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❤️ red rabbits let's go! ❤️
(this one's for u @tinakitsch! ^-^ )
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