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#warm ups

“Not sure why, but hearing Shoma saying he hates/doesn’t like bugs (in one YT video from his channel) and remind that Yuzuru save bugs and flies from the ice during practice is so curious.”

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Before you, maybe I didn’t understand the idea of lovesick – how I try and fail to frame feeling gutted as a good thing. shark fin and seaweed, a wet pier, and you – a tender but heavy hook. this is not the decay the words make it to be, but the gnawing of it. the consumption. how salt stains whatever it touches. I’ve written more poems this summer than I did all last year, and I can’t separate watching the stars without feeling the hood of your car underneath me. Can’t say your name in conversation without tasting sunset. truly, I don’t mind. I wish I did. it all feels too sweet in my hands. there are only negative phrases for this. invasive. absorbing. overwhelm. the bad words / the best feelings.

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I’m in the mood to read your palms. legs crossed on your carpet, another too specific playlist in the speakers, beats drumming out slow.  your left hand cradled in my lap as I search my phone for where I saved lessons on chained life lines. I’m in the mood to tell you your biology’s fortune. how I’ll trace my pinky across the heel of your hand, smile in how far your love line reaches, like it’s stretching past your skin. I’ll tell you about the career you’ll pick up in a year or three, your mount of moon saying you’ll always find contentment in creativity, how your fate and intuition line tangle. maybe I’m just in the mood to trace you – this small city blueprint of your life, where all these engraved roads will take you. how what I mean to say is I hope your future might save a place for me.

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So, on twitter, there’s a theory that Amity’s dad might be a werewolf, so I just simply ran with it. There’s also a frequent theory that Amity’s Dad might actually not be AS bad as the mom, so I want to explore the idea as well.

One of the best things about Owl House is that it treats curses as metaphors for chronic illnesses. Thought it would be neat to treat lycanthropy the same way.

Also, an excuse for me to draw a fight between two cursed fantasy people, where both Alador AND Lilith try to protect Amity… by seeing each other as an enemy…

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In case anyone wants to know what I do for my warmup pieces

I have a calader that you rip off a page daily.

Today is the tenth so I warmed up by drawing on the ninth

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