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Don’t Know What To Say The Monkeys Won’t Do “The Monkey Song” (1993)
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theyadis011 · a day ago
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The Warner sibs having a sleepover 💫
Collab I did with my talented
artist @/tyrmberry (instagram) , I did the sketch and Talis did the coloring!💗💕
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mattdevil · 5 days ago
Why did they do the mime dirty in Wakko's Wish???
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depressedaroace · 8 days ago
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This meme was made for the Warner siblings
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beuxpatawn · 10 days ago
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The Warner Siblings!
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cf56 · 10 days ago
No brainer
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c-o-z-m-o · 12 days ago
them <3 
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random0shitz · 23 days ago
i go to bed for 6 hours and wake up to Baffy and their children, the Warner siblings
today is a good day
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poltergeistsoup · 29 days ago
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“What are your pronouns?”
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pumpbump · a month ago
Season 3 is nearing completion
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acmeoop · 27 days ago
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The Warners Escape “De-Zanitized” (1993)
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iamvery-confused · a month ago
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Hmm.. question’s, but first I put a colored version and non cause I couldn’t decide if , I would like it colored.  Anyways this is a sick dot , I was thinking all day how would dot if she’s sick because there’s not a lot of fanfics , and science I do remember watching the show on Netflix when I was smaller. But I can’t seem to remember if there was any info on this.  So my question is how do you think dot would act when she’s sick, because I drew this and I am still clueless?  Let me know
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bribris-things · 2 months ago
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Best girl wanted to drop by and say hello :3
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redpandafluff · 2 months ago
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This is a quick comic I drew of Dot and Wakko arguing, the scene is from Heathers! This is also my first post.
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pyggy-baby · 2 months ago
When I asked about the bubbles, I meant like, if you would touch him, would you feel those bubbles?
Yes!! You'd be able to feel it was smoother than the rest of him (they have no fur), but you'd not get a specific 'this is a bubble' feel.
This influx of Sakko questions has me so happy omfg,,,
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cf56 · a month ago
In-Universe Wikipedia page for Yakko
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Transcript for easier reading:
Yakko Warner, from Wikipedia, the free encylcopedia
Yakko Alvin Warner (born March 1, 1929) is an American toon actor, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for playing a fictionalized version of himself on the animated variety show Animaniacs.
Among the first generation of cartoon stars, along with his brother Wakko and sister Dot, Warner made his on-screen debut in a series of black-and-white short films from 1929 to 1934. While these shorts, especially those made alongside their more famous counterpart Buddy, were generally well-received, the Warner trio's controversial style of juvenile metahumor ultimately saw them pulled from Warner Brothers shorts. This was followed by a 59 year hiatus which saw Warner appear in only a few obscure government propaganda films, until his television redebut in 1993's Animaniacs. In contrast to his previous work, this show received nearly universal praise, leading to a revival of his and his family's careers and spawning a vast multimedia franchise. As part of his work on Animaniacs, Warner lent his voice and image to several other projects, including video games, comics, and soundtracks. In 1998, he starred alongside Wakko and Dot in the Animaniacs feature film Wakko's Wish. This was followed by another hiatus from most acting projects until the 2020 Animaniacs revival series. Warner also briefly cameoed in 2021's Space Jam: A New Legacy.
Warner and his siblings were the subject of the 2021 documentary WARNER: A Tower Life, which revealed details of Warner Brothers' harsh and allegedly abusive treatment of the toon stars over a period of 92 years. This film has been credited with renewing interest in the Toon Rights Movement, which seeks to legally grant toons full citizenship, earning them the same basic rights as humans.
1 Creation and early life
2 Career
2.1 1929-34: Early work with Weed Memlo
2.2 1934-91: Locked in tower
2.3 1991-98: Animaniacs
2.4 1998-2018: Suspended animation
2.5 2018-present: Animaniacs revival
3 Personal Life
4 Controversies
5 Filmography
5.1 Film
5.2 Televison
5.3 Video games
6 Awards and nominations
7 References
8 External links
Creation and early life:
Yakko Alvin Warner was conceptualized, drawn, and brought to life on March 1, 1929, in Burbank, California, on the Warner Brothers studio lot. Animated primarily by Lon Borax, a Warner Bros. employee who would later be institutionalized, Yakko and his siblings, Wakko and Dot, were created with the intention of starring alongside Buddy in his pre-existing series of cartoon shorts. These "Warner-Buddy" shorts were initially well-liked by studio executives and enjoyed moderate success. This led to the approval of a new series of shorts starring the Warner trio alone, all overseen by their first director Weed Memlo. These shorts critically bombed, being panned as (image cuts off)
Yes, I know I used "lended" instead of lent in the original image. There's no spellchecker in inspect element.
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c-o-z-m-o · 12 days ago
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warner sibling images because sibling energy
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