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Tonight! @danyellewolf
Comedy & Music Night. Video by @therealgustavocamargo 🙏🏼✊🏽

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“Icewing knows her loyalty was tested by the Dark Forest, and that she failed. But she has learned from this and I do not doubt her now. She has always been a good warrior. I would like to give her the chance to be one again.”

Icewing is a lightly-built, white she-cat with blue eyes.

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This scenes from ‘Hammer of the Gods’ (2013) has just to many different expressions of Ivan’s Ivar the Boneless. 👌👑 He & Clive Standen shot this film just before they went on to star in 'Vikings’. In fact, our big man is such a tall & strong daredevil & ready to do fight scenes that a Viking warrior role suits him well. 💪 Happy Throwback Thursday! 😊 .
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