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#warrior cats designs
glitter-pastel-foxes22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i was gonna upload these separately,but i thought it鈥檇 be better to post them together lol. anyways,i finally made refs for my leafpool and squirrelflight designs. also my version of squilf is a munchkin cat,it just suits her imo. i was also inspired by moonkitti鈥檚 squilf design lol. and i spent way too much time designing leafpool,cause she鈥檚 my fave lmao 馃槀 also these designs are free to use with credit.馃槉
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the-erins-forgot2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tom - 67 moons - Thunderclan Elder (Retired Warrior)
Spark: Thorny Defense - Smallear is able to make his fur stiffen into a hard protective shell covered in thorn-like spikes. This shell can withstand most physical attacks and will harm opponents recklessly swiping at him. However this shell also limits Smallear鈥檚 mobility due to its weight and stiffness.
Son of Littlestep 鈥
Brother of Rockfall 鈥
Mate of Speckletail
Father of Lionheart and Goldenflower
Smallear has always been the type of tom to hate being ordered around by others. In his younger moons he would always be the first one to pull pranks on others and do reckless things for dares, and though he鈥檚 matured a lot since then, he still enjoys a little insult fight here and there. Despite many viewing him as a bad influence, kits and younger apprentices love listening to his stories, mostly due to his very frequent use of swear words and other crude language. After his brother鈥檚 recent death, he鈥檚 been a lot more quiet and withdrawn, snapping at cats for very little reason.
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cinderheartss22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Archeye. I always liked this dude, he seemed a bit like... the Whitestorm of Shadowclan鈥檚 prequel era. His design is inspired by both velo and ursiday who imagined him as a chimera and i love that idea. Excited to see him in the Exhiled from Shadowclan graphic novel!
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bigiswarriorcatsdesignsa month ago
Tumblr media
Brokenstar is one of the most fearful characters in Warrior Cats. I tried to transmit that kind of feeling with the design.
More information:
o聽 Brokenkit is said to be bigger than their foster siblings in canon, so I will maintain that. He is bigger for a kit of his age, but when he gets older he stays almost normal cat size (as if he had grown up faster)
o聽 Apart from his broken tail (which only has movility on the first half) I also drew him always hunched, with his head lower than his back. His lower jaw is slightly on the front, with lower teeth permanently visible and has a yellowish tone like Yellowfang. He also has a short muzzle.
o聽 聽His fur is always messy and ragged, just like Raggedpelt. His thick hair also makes him look larger than he actually is.
o 聽 When he got his nine lives, just as it鈥檚 supposed to be in leader鈥檚 ceremonies, he got marked from Starclan, with all its gleam visible in his eyes, reflecting the light of stars. He keeps that gleam in his eyes after becoming blind.
o聽 Yellowfang鈥檚 attack blinded him as she punctured both of his eyes severely, with his right eye almost missing. He recieved more wounds in several parts of his body, like his head, in Tigerstar鈥檚 treason, some time before dying because of the death berries.聽
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bigiswarriorcatsdesigns2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bluestar. She鈥檚 really interesting as a character, as you get to see how much pain she had to bear in life and how her struggles deeply affected her.聽
This design is highly inspired on wcanimated鈥檚 design聽
Here鈥檚 some extra information:
o Her muzzle marking resembles a flame. I thought it would be a cool detail considering that she was Firestar鈥檚 mentor (as if she was the one that 鈥渋gnited鈥 him and turned Rusty into Firepaw) and that it hints Goosefeather prophecy about her (鈥滾ike fire, you will blaze through the forest . . . but beware鈥 even the most powerful of flames can be destroyed by water鈥).
o Her hair has always been kind of messy, as if she didn鈥檛 take much care of it and how she looks. It is when she becomes a deputy that she starts to style her fur in a more elegant look and focuses more on her clan duties.
o 聽 When she got her nine lives, just as it鈥檚 supposed to be in leader鈥檚 ceremonies, she got marked from Starclan, with all its gleam visible in her eyes, reflecting the light of stars.
o After Tigerstar鈥檚 bretrayal, she stops caring about herself. Her looks are messy and she hardly sleeps or eats. When she stops believing in Starclan, the light inside her eyes become dimmer. She also grows white hair on her whole muzzle, including her chin.聽
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firestars-twolegs13 days ago
Tumblr media
I almost forgot to design her 馃様 I'm so sorry miss
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bae-mona month ago
Tumblr media
gave her some traits of goosefeather to remind she鈥檚 related to him聽
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