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#warriors OC

I am very proud of these drawings so here, into the Tumblr pit they go. Featuring my OC Newtstar, the leader of RainClan, and her extended family. 

First picture, left to right - Silvertongue, Fieldpaw, Newtstar, Bonepaw, Finchsnow. The flowers on the graves are, left to right, gladiolus, sweetpea, sweetpea again, and honeysuckle. 

Second picture, left to right - Tawnybird, Newtstar, Streamspark, Beavertail, (on the bottom) Muddykit, Puddlekit, Snailspring. 

The quote is from Alfred Tennyson. 

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Lion strike: she’d say it was squirrel or something very thunderclan-like but secretly it’s deer, she once found one in the woods and decided to try it out and she loved it.

Soft sky: he adores sparrow! It reminds him of when he was a kit and he would eat with his family.

Fiddle star: they enjoy the taste of trout surprisingly, it bought back old memories of when they were a brand new leader and they shared some with the old river clan leader, spotted star, they hope that when they finally die from there sickness they’ll get to share it again.

Rain star: if you asked him what his favourite food is he’d take a bite out of you for daring to ask such a question. He’d never admit but he’s favourite is mice as it reminds him of his old mate, honey whisker.

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